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U.S. banks told to make plans for preventing collapse : “U.S. regulators directed five of the country’s biggest banks, including Bank of America Corp and Goldman Sachs Group Inc, to develop plans for staving off collapse if they faced serious problems, emphasizing that the banks could not count on government help.” Thanks to Gwen C for the link.

Our experience with a solar-powered refrigerator : “Having lived almost 30 years in an off-grid home with no electricity, and no refrigeration, we finally bought a new solar-powered refrigerator. Here are our impressions.” Thanks to “Uncle Charlie” for the link.

New Strain of Swine Flu on the Rise : “Don’t pet the pigs. That’s the message state and county fair visitors got Thursday from health officials who reported a five-fold increase of cases of a new strain of swine flu that spreads from pigs to people. Most of the cases are linked to the fairs, where visitors are in close contact with infected pigs.” Thanks to petnumber1 for the link.

Woe and opportunity: Tales from historic drought : “The United States is in the midst of the worst drought in decades, and the dry weather and soaring temperatures are taking a toll on people living and working in Ohio west to California and Texas north to the Dakotas. Farmers have watched their corn wither and their cattle go hungry. Homeowners have seen their lawns turn brown and gardens wilt. Communities in the Midwest that rarely experience water shortages have enacted restrictions, and businesses are looking for ways to stay afloat as sales fall off. Here are a few of their stories.” Thanks to Gwen C for the link.

Ryan On Guns : “It’s a good record. He has been both rated A and endorsed by the NRA-PVF going back to at least 2002.”

Folks as I’ve said here before “only white folks can be racist” at least according to the media and other liberal groups. Take this guy for example, he is telling black folks that they need to learn to shoot so they can kill more white folks during a race war. What if that was a white guy saying the same thing about blacks?

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  1. You need to resize the embedded video. It’s eating your advertisements when you view it in Firefox.

    That last link isn’t all that surprising. Why in the world would some be pushing for a race war in the US? It won’t end well for them. Never does.

  2. As for the solar frig if you can get your hands on a unit out of a RV or Travel trailer that would be your best bet and cheep. These frigs run on 12volt gas and Electricity. And to top it off they have a freezer.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Nice tip KBRO. Thanks will check it out. Craig’s list, here I come.

    • michael c says:

      It won’t be as efficient. RV fridges will take over a kilowatt a day to run. To put it into perspective – I have a 19 cubic foot fridge/freezer that takes only 1.1 kilowatts a day to run.

      The DC fridge is only taking 65 to 75 watts a day to run.

  3. I liked the info on the solar refer.

    Saw the info on the bank “doomsday” plans. That’s another reason to get away from Bank of America (my mortgage holder).

  4. The thing about the drought (good stories, btw) is that the effects will really set in down the road and some time out. Changes in moisture content of things does not just go back to normal with ‘A’ storm or shower. Here in N Texas, we still have some effects of last year’s drought, now added to by the current drought. We’ve had some rain…in certain areas, but not overall…and some cattle tanks, ponds and lakes now have water in them after being completely or mostly dried up last year. So…people are saying ‘the drought is over’. Not me. The effects of last year’s drought here and the current drought in the mid-west goes deep. Everything changes: the quality of the soil (dried out soil really loses nutrients), insect populations (think pollinators), even air quality. The layers of drought that we are having and the indications that these heat waves will continue concerns me for long term availability of foodstuffs, as well as what they will cost, and for the quality of daily life in general. Dry ground makes for lots of dust; breathing could be a problem.

    I post this because I see little stated in news articles about the long-term effects of these droughts, compared to the initial effects NOW. Perhaps because it would scare folks. But I read deep and see some real troubles coming. And I don’t think there’s relief coming. I could be and hope I am wrong, but all indications from the weather changes around the world show that “normal” is long gone. Patterns are disrupted, and we don’t know what to expect any more. Just watch the TV weather-people to see that! They really don’t know what to say anymore. Of course part of that is from them relying way too much on “computer models” rather than taking a look outside…IMO.

    So…time to ramp up the food stash even more, however possible. I don’t think we’ve seen the worst of it yet.

    I also wonder if when things cool down, that’s when the tornados will show up. Everything is so backwards anyway, wouldn’t surprise me. Last night, some innocuous looking storms came through….with straight-line winds and heavy rain that took many by surprise and took off some roofs….and a broke- and floated-away a whole dock with boats and people.

    An aside: I get so surprised when I read about people still having ‘pleasure boats’ (and other ‘luxury items’)!! With how things are, I don’t get it.

    • riverrider says:

      digging post holes, i have found dead dry dirt at 3 feet deep here. no amount of rain or storms will ever bring that back. maybe the next ice age.

      • RR…don’t know where you are, but the same is true here…deep hardpan underneath dry, sandy dirt is what we have developing here….and we’re very close to a river. Kinda scary.

  5. worrisome says:

    Mountain Woman, the pleasure boats are still with peeps because they can’t sell them. As for the rest of what you said, you are right on, this is going to be a “new normal” and we might all just get used to it.

    • Well….that’s something to think about actually. If/when the economy tanks more deeply, there’s going to be all kinds of luxury items that people cannot keep/maintain. Interesting thought….all those things abandoned and just sitting around, attracting a bad element eventually. Good thing I live in a semi-poverty area…no-one would think anyone here had anything of value.

  6. About the guy talk’n trash about a race war (God forbid), there as just as many of us White guys say’n nutty stuff as well. Just another loon, maybe but they’re hurt’n pretty bad with a super high unemployment rate.
    I don’t believe that any adult American wants a race/civil war, Black or White. The Tea Party, Gadsden Flag, utube video’s of “young cracker girls” shooting an AR -15, ect. are middle America’s way of sending a message to The Traitor Barack Obama, and his commie czar buddies. “Don’t push us pal”, “This ain’t Cuba and You ain’t Fidel Castro”. It’s sort of like the rattle snake’s warning, “Don’t Tread on Me”.
    So far neither party seems to be listening to the snake, maybe they will hear the growl of a Wolverine better?

    • village idiot says:

      ( ),

      I think MD’s point here was that when a white person does this they are racists, but when blacks do it not so much. It was the double standard MD was referring to.

      • village idiot,

        Precisely. I think ( ) over thought it… Racism should be seen and responded to in the same way no matter it the racist is white or black… Until it is there will always be and will continue to be a huge abhorrence among both blacks and whites.

        • In my youth I used to call Blacks names which were not nice. One day I did it in front of my Grandfather. Having been an actual Indian Fighter in the Arizona territory, “Grandpa Pete” had a special understanding of race relations.
          Anyway I called some guy the “N” word and my Grandpa said, “Before you ever call anyone that again, remember that Black’s always get the shitty end of the stick in this country, so much so that I don’t know any White man who would want to trade places with them”.
          So what he said was stupid. Like any of us haven’t said something stupid or insulting. God judges our mistakes, who cares what the world thinks about our sins?

          • ( ),

            You still seem to be confused as to my point and that is fine and I won’t waste any more time trying to make it.

            So I’m moving on, with one more thought, you mention blacks getting the “shitty end of the stick” I don’t think so, have you ever heard of Affirmative action? How is that getting the bad end of the stick? Yep, some of their ancestors were slaves over 100 years ago don’t you think it’s time everyone got over it? btw my ancestors all fought for the Union.

            Racism is a dirty business, and some blacks folks are just as racist as some white folks. But somehow being black and racist is looked at in a different perspective than if the racist it white. How is a black racist group any better than the much hated KKK? And how is the “N word” any worse or more disgusting than a black person calling a white person a cracker, honky or whitey?

            And how about this stupid jerk

            • M.D.
              It is you who are missing the point. You see a Black man, where you should see an American. Yes a loon, but an American none the less.
              Forget about the what the Left teaches, we all know that it’s B.S. So who cares?
              It’s a damm shame that this guy is so freaked out by the lies coming out of our Marxist media that he thinks we, (you and I) are coming to kill him and his.
              As Ben Franklin once said, “We either “hang together”, or we’ll hang one at a time”.
              Ask yourself this, how would you like to be Black?

              • (),

                Do blacks not refer to themselves as black? Or do they refer to themselves as Americans without adding the black? It has been my experience the black folks spend far more time worrying and referring to themselves as “black”, than white folks ever could. How can black folks expect white folks to refer to them as Americans without the added “black” when they are constantly referring to the fact that they are black?

                Please don’t bother me anymore about this; there is nothing wrong with you being black or being proud of the fact and your heritage. Same for folks with white skin. But sir, I being white or you being black should not be a justification for special treatment (Affirmative action) no matter what your skin color. Just like a black racist should be seen with the same disgust as a white racist. They are the same. It seems like some folks like equal rights as long as they’re slanted in their favor, and no matter how you look at it that is not equal.

                Now I’m done with this…

                • village idiot says:

                  May I say an Amen!

                  • Everything you write is true, however try to look at it from this crazy guys point of view. The Black unemployment rate is like 24%. This guy is being lied to by the media and frightened into believing that we conservative’s want to kill him. Of course his statements are racist. You don’t expect the Commie Media to call it as such, do you?

                    M.D. our nation is getting set up for civil unrest but it will only happen if people react to the pressure.

                    You make the point that Blacks have programs to help them. (Which most of us are sick of paying for) If they are working so well, wouldn’t we both answer yes to the question, “Would you want to be Black in America?”.

                    Gee, how many times did Jesus tell Peter to forgive his brother when wronged by him, 7 times?…no 70×7 times.

                    God Bless and let us both pray for peace between all Americans.

                  • VI
                    No you may not say Amen… What are allowed to say is; “The Traitor Barack Obama is a scum sucking Moslem leech”.

                    • SurvivorDan says:

                      Y’all vented for the day? The heat may be getting to us all.
                      or all the dire news. How about a nothing-but-good-news day?
                      I am going to find five good things, relative to prepping, to comment on .
                      You know………….”Abused dog finally bites his master’s ass.” or “Fuel costs plunge 40% overnight!” or “Obama renounces his American citizenship and moves to Indonesia to run a madras.” or ” $50 football size device can filter 100,000 gal of water!” or my favorite “The federal government begins free ammo welfare program for needy gun ‘nuts’!” Yee-haw!!!!

                    • riverrider says:

                      dan, come back from the light! come back from the light!!!!! man it seems we’re going from the great melting pot to a steaming coldron of angry. won’t be long til the revolution now. pray it don’t turn out like eqypt’s. but i’m with you dan, lets have some good news.

                    • Perhaps it will be like the previous civil war ………but this time the right side will win .
                      Stars & Bars !

                • Perhaps its because they have no linage . None of them can find out who they are or where they came from past the 1800s by in large . Why ? because unlike more advanced civilizations and people s , Africans by in large have no written language , did not develop or value education outside how to sharpen a spear and find ostrich eggs , etc . , didn’t create or explore . They just exist . Whites on the other hand can trace their ancestry back to as far as the romans in some cases . So Blacks are making it up as they go along because their ancestors didn’t give them anything to build on . The problem I have is that they want much more than they are entitled to , they are only 17% of the population I think , the way they scream and moan and paste themselves all over the media , you would think its 50% . I hope everyone does well and things get better for all ,BUT if TEOTWAWKI does happen ………What I do to who will be answerable only to god . Take that how you want to .

            • If affermative action has to exist , then lets start with pro sports ……….whites are not accurately represented , and it is a business after all .

            • OH GOD MD ! your ancestors fought for uncle stalin !!!! ??????? sorry to hear that bud .

        • SurvivorDan says:

          I am not black and, at a glance, I am not white. I am Asian and have no racial prejudices or axes to grind. I agree with MD that racial prejudice and discrimination should apply in both directions. I am a minority and have always found the concept of Affirmative Action to be abhorrent. I taught my kids that it is concept that has outlived it’s usefulness and would best be tossed on the waste bins of history.
          I have heard many African-American talking heads (AG Holder, Dr ML Hill, etc) say that the minority race can not be prejudiced because they have no power. Debatable about the ‘no power’ thing but clearly a double standard which causes continual resentment in white Americans. Nuff said….only prepping subjects will be addressed by me……….the rest of this week. 😉

          • See my friend you got it…

          • worrisome says:

            Couldn’t agree more with both MD And SD, obviously you have taken the time to form a wide focus on the issues, rather than the narrow minded, politically advantaged! It seems such an easy excuse when the times or an issue gets tough to blame whites as rascist for a lack of endeavour on the part of someone black. I agree also that you don’t hear that from asians, they come in here, they work hard and for the most part succeed without giving in to easy and well worn excuses. However on a positive note, I work in a company that is truly color blind and it is wonderful to be working with an administration staff that promotes success no matter what! No special favors, but if you work hard and learn much, your salary, benefits and hard work are recognized and rewarded.

  7. Anyone know how Wells Fargo is doing? Oh and pasta here in middle TN is on sale at Kroger for $.49 if you buy 10.

    • streetrodder says:

      WFC is probably the strongest big bank in the US. It did NOT want any bailout money and was forced into it by Hank Paulson – sign or else. They were the first to buy their way out. They settled the “auto sign” mortgage problem. I don’t have any financial interest in the bank but is Warren Buffet keeps increasing his holdings, it can’t be bad.

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  9. Race war has been going on for years and has been escalating recently . Black and Hispanic gangs targeting whites specifically . It would not surprise me one bit that there would be some very serious factional violence in a collapse . Whites are blamed for everything and the PC crowd wants to condition some sort of guilt trip on us , it only creates more resentment . Blacks and Hispanics like to scream and moan about everything and blame it on us . We dont owe them anything . I would like to point out that Asians are one of the fastest growing minorities in this country ………… dont see them screaming racism every time they dont get their way or blaming it on whites ……..they are too busy running businesses , going to school , working and making a life for themselves . Totally different mentalities than the other two .

    • TR,

      Some folks like playing the victim – it is easier than actually being responsible for their own life and actions. Pulling the race card just makes it that much more convenient. Sad.

    • TR…good point about Asians…AND, they don’t need everything in THEIR language. That is a big thorn for me: people who come here for the opportunities, but don’t bother to learn even a smidgen of English. I wonder how well that would work anywhere else, or if a bunch of us English speakers moved somewhere else where English is not the 1st language spoken, and needed/demanded signage, etc. in our language. I have a real issue with this…can you tell???

      I was driving around an area of The Big City awhile back, that I hadn’t been in for some time, but knew very well, and was appalled at seeing almost every store sign, STREET SIGNS, bus stop signs, etc. in Spanish. I didn’t find one sign in English.

      It’s just not right.

      • No it isnt right , as you know my girl is from Russia , She speaks it to her parents , but not to her children . Maybe Russians are just smarter people than Hispanics . Hispanic culture still hasn’t evolved out of the cave yet . I think they only discovered fire about 200 years ago and started walking upright about 500 years ago .

        • I dunno MtWoman , on second thought , perhaps we DO need a race war to put things back to where they should be .

        • sw't tater says:

          Maybe she should teach it to her children as well. Being multi-lingual could be a very good asset. It’s much easier to learn at a younger age…as opposed to waiting til you’re an adult and trying to learn enough of another language to converse in.

          • Its a respect thing , her children are grown men now . I think one learned it on his own but what I resent is that when asked if you are bilingual they automatically assume its Spanish …………Spanish is the language of the 3rd world . We need to reject it . I do have her speak it to me ( I do understand Russian ) , but thats for selfish reasons , if she speaks English all the time , she will loose that sexy vampire accent that I like so much .

    • axelsteve says:

      Blacks have been shooting blacks for years,it is called black on black crime. Mexicans have been shooting Blacks for the a while also but the presitute media do not cover it since white folks are not doing it. I am not concerned with race or nationality .Unless you are a scumbag of some sort.Like it says int he good book. I believe that God is not partial and anyone worshiping him in an acceptable way is good with God. Or something like that.

  10. MENTALMATT says:

    M.D. I couldnt agree with you more, you want to see the race card played come to the “D”. If I had a nickel for everytime I have heard It’s cause im black, I would be a millionare, living somewhere near you on my own private bunker. It never stops to amaze me that only whites can be racist. Oh and for the record I have some black, and hispanic friends who I would die for. However to some I’m still a racist, I know cause I’m white.

  11. Another point…… If all everyone wants is equality, then why constantly separate yourselves on purpose? Black college, black TV, black miss America, organizations like NAACP, Rainbow Push, so on and so on….. None of that would be acceptable if “white” was put before any of those! Just saying, equal is equal, I’m sick of hearing that BS! People need to grow up and start worrying about what THEY are not doing right, not what is not being done for them!!!!

  12. riverrider says:

    saw a sad thing on fb, picture of a house with “foreclosed- u.s. marine, 3 tours, no bailout for guys like me, huh?” painted on the garage door. then another about 31 dead service members in the stan, not a word in the news, no flags at half-mast for them, same day as colorado. the “gunman” in texas was getting evicted at the time, reportedly apologized for shooting folks before he died…..what a jacked-up society we live in.

    • Yep , and thats the same government that will ask those currently on duty to fire on their own people and EXPECT them to do it .

  13. Texanadian says:

    An article by national geographic from 2008 predicting droughts in the west.

  14. Rodney…… it seems the answer for now is no. So can we move on now?

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