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Armed vigilante groups policing 2 Mexican towns : “Several hundred civilians have taken up arms in two towns in a southwestern Mexico state and are arresting people suspected of crimes and imposing a curfew, leading authorities to promise to reinforce security forces in the area.” I thought guns were banned in Mexico?

Obama’s ‘kill list’ critic found dead in New York City : “Prominent American blogger and computer prodigy Aaron Swartz, who spoke against US President Barack Obama’s “kill list” and cyber attacks against Iran, has been found dead in New York.”

Sen. Schumer Asks Gun Retailers To Stop Sales As Congress Debates : “Sen. Charles Schumer says retailers that sell “assault weapons” should stop offering them for purchase while Congress discusses gun regulation legislation.” Same socialists – different day… Schumer has been after your gun for the past 20 plus years nothing new here…

NRA President: White House Won’t Pass Assault Weapon Ban : “I would say that the likelihood is that they are not going to be able to get an assault weapons ban through this Congress,” NRA president David Keene told CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Charlie Daniels – Precedent Teaches Us The Left Really Wants ALL Our Guns : “They will take what ever they can get now and continue to chip away until all you can legally own to protect your family with is a baseball bat.”

Ted Nugent: Obama’s gun-control plans ‘psychotic’ : “Rock legend and gun-rights activist Ted Nugent took the Obama administration to task Sunday evening for pledging to make gun control a priority, telling a radio host the president’s plans are practically “psychotic.”

Real gun threat: Illegal-alien street gangs : “According to the FBI, criminal street gangs – mostly comprised of illegal aliens – are acquiring high-powered, military-style weapons to potentially engage in lethal encounters with law enforcement members and citizens alike.”

U.S. gun sales hit a record high since Obama’s re-election : “The president has proven to be a boon for gun sales. In the four years since Barack Obama was first elected president in November 2008, an estimated 67 million firearms have been purchased in the United States. That’s more than were sold in almost seven years before his first election.” M.D. adds : Read some of the comments posted below the article to get a peak into the far left-liberal mindset.

U.S. may default on its debt half a month earlier than expected, new analysis shows : “The U.S. government may default on its debt as soon as Feb. 15, half a month earlier than widely expected, according to a new analysis adding urgency to the debate over how to raise the federal debt ceiling.”

Guns off the street? Fleet of cop cars robbed of weapons in Kansas City : “Is it really all that easy to just get weapons off the streets? It’s hardly a challenge in Kansas City, Missouri, where six law enforcement vehicles were robbed of weapons in a single morning this week.”

Can America Survive If Americans No Longer Agree On A Core Set Of Shared Values? : “What does America stand for? That question is a lot more complicated than you might think. Our Founding Fathers established a Republic that was based on a set of shared values that were embodied in the text of the U.S. Constitution. But today, many of our politicians openly disregard the Constitution whenever they want and it has become fashionable to mock the U.S. Constitution.”

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  1. The Last American says:

    I missed the “What did you do to prep this week” piece, as I was out of town selling my last remaining Glock 19’s at a gun show. My Kids and I were able to make enough to buy us all matching Smith 686’s and have enough left over to pick up a Marlin 1894C lever action in .357.

    Found two very good survival items at our local Farm Store. First is an instant Cappacino mix made by Victorian Inn. High in caffine, the powder is fine enough to disolve in cold water, very drinkable, no need to heat it up like regular coffee. Good SHTF stuff.

    Second is canned jam, also at the farm Store. Unlike the jams you buy in the store, this is in metal cans, like the old C-rations, should store on a shelf for a long time.

    Went to a “Men’s Card Night” at the VFW Friday. When you pay to get in they usually have a poll and door prize. This month’s poll question was on gun control. The 2 choices were, #1 Give up your Guns to the Government or #2 Come and try to take them. #2 won with 100% of the votes!

    Dangerous old men

    • riverrider says:

      indeed. i’ve made the rounds of the net this morning, folks are getting serious about this thing. we should too. time to play cowboys and politicians. apparently tdl got to walmart, they won’t be restocking ammo or black rifles anytime soon, if ever. i say vote with your cash, as in take it elsewhere. by local if you can….as i type the talking head is yapping about the debt ceiling, indignant that he would be held to the same standard that he voted to hold bush to. and just how is it that everytime he flaps his lieing lips about nothing the media sees fit to interupt normal programing like it was a declaration of war or something. i got words for both of them that can’t be printed here. i hope folks stand behind their big talk about the 2A and send tdl back to kenya. he’s threatening to cut off my pension feb 15, maybe he’ll get his cut off soon too. us old vets don’t take kindly to being screwed. nuff said.

    • One advantage of revolvers and lever action rifles over semi-autos is that you have a tendency to shoot less ammo. So your overall cost of prepping with them, including the cost of magazines, is considerably less.

      Most people look down on 38 Special ammo, may preferring the 9mm. 158 gr bullets moving at around 800 fps is just as damaging as 115-124 gr moving at 1100. If you reload, 38 Special is easy and components relatively readily available.

      I really like the shorter, pistol caliber lever guns. I have a 357 and a 45 Colt, both with 16″ barrels and in stainless steel. Handle very well, travel well, and shoot more accurately than a revolver (at least for me). I have one in my GHB gear all the time.

      • JP,

        I was wondering why the only ammo left was .38 special. I tried shooting my son’s .38 and didn’t like it at all-my hands were not strong enough to work it.

        • Bam Bam:

          Like all other ammo it’s going to depend on the gun. I have an “air-weight” 38 Special, but I prefer my steel and stainless steel 357’s. They handle the recoil well, as they are heavy, where your semi-auto takes up some of the recoil in moving the action. Then put these in a 357 lever gun, and it’s like a loud 22 LR. There’s recoil, but it is manageable by almost anyone.

          As with ammo shortages in the past, 38 Special seems to be available in one form or another. I don’t feel that a “battery” isn’t complete without at least one steel 38 Special.

          • WYO Ryder says:

            hello – can someone answer this please:

            will a glock 32 mag .357sig fit a glock 32C .357sig mag?

            also, is there a ‘shelf-life’ or stability issue on shotgun shells that are 15-30 yrs old? (stored in cool, dark area)

            Thank you for your help

            • WYO Ryder:

              Both Glock 32’s use the same magazines. The “C” version is just a compensated version of the standard 32. No difference on the internals, sights, and magazines.

            • Thomas T. Tinker says:

              Cool… Dark… Dry…

      • Cliff in Douglasville says:

        I have 2 Ruger super blackhawks with 7.5 inch barrels in .44 Magnum. I fell upon a Winchester 1894 lever action .44 Magnum with a 20 inch barrel. If I had a holster and a hat I would look like cowboy crawling down the street (those things and extra ammo are seriously heavy). I like commonality of caliber.

    • Thomas T. Tinker says:

      A wonderful revolver Sir… got some ‘thick-ugly-orange’ fingernail polish and coated the ramp on the front sight. Lines up fast. They make a great night sight for any revolver that has a pinned front sight. Love a good solid revolver!!!

      Took a ‘snubby’ course two years in a row to learn how to run one right. Look into ‘speed strips’!! these are very portable and can actually be faster than a ‘loader’ if practiced.

  2. Mystery Guest says:

    You could surmise that they will not at the start forcibly take guns away. They will do it piecemeal. Regulations alone can cripple.
    We also knew that gangs were going to be a problem as they already are.
    67 million firearms are not enough. We have to remember that a lot of the purchases were repeats if not repeats of repeats. 67 million would be about a quarter of the US. Not good odds I would think. Yes, I realize the numbers that are out there that haven’t become a number for contention.
    That compound (“Citidal”) sounds great on the surface but who is to govern it at the amount of ?like minded? people who have grouped together????? I hope it works for them. What if it becomes a big soap opera with all the trimmings?
    I am trying to figure out how just family members would get along trying to survive and buck the system.
    All in all figure we have no idea what is going on and I bet the ones in charge have no idea ither. We have to wait for the hammer to fall.

    • Mystery Guest,

      You also need to take into account that folks with a carry permit don’t need a background check. There’s a lot more folks with guns than the numbers would suggest, as the only folks who get checked are those with no carry permit and those who buy from a store.

      • Cliff in Douglasville says:

        Having a carry permit, at least in Georgia, saves you the 5 or 10 dollars they charge you for a background check and that money can add up pretty quickly. I got my permit about 12 or 14 years ago, have renewed it once since and the total investment was about $110. They’ve gone up and next renewal will be in the 80 or 90 dollar range. But, if you add it all together it’s about 200 bucks and I’ve bought enough guns over the last 12 or 14 years to have overcome the cost and have made money if you look at it that way.

        • Orwellian States says:

          I have a Tennessee carry permit, but I still have to go through the background check every time.

      • And good ol Confederates that are going to with or without some yankees permission .

      • Im surprised… I’ve got an LEO ID and I still had to go thru a background check. Of course I wasn’t worried… new that is one test I would pass. 🙂

        • In Wa still get NICS check with cwp but can walk out with a new gun same day, dont have to wait the 3 days.

    • Before any of you contemplate giving any money or your name to that Citadel project, read what Sipsey Street Irregulars has to say about the guy who is pushing it, “Sam Kerodin” (which is one of 4 or 5 pseudonyms he has used, not that Penny Pincher isn’t also a pseudonym)

      This Kerodin guy is a convicted felon for security blackmail. He brags about his acquaintance of street thugs in DC. His other website (the blue colored one) has what I see as a thinly veiled murder plot against all who voted D or R (?!?! that’s like 98% of voters) once the SHTF, and he also seems to have been taking orders for advertising in a ren-fair magazine that he never actually published, which might be fraud or might not.

      Not only that but he was insinuating that he had the endorsement of Rawles, who just this week both denied it and removed his brief mention of the Citadel from his website.

      Kerodin touts a firearms manufacturer called III Arms as if he owned it, but as a felon of course he cannot own firearms let alone manufacture them. So again, deception of one form or another. One wonders if III Arms exists except on paper/internet. It is my understanding people are pre-ordering guns that have never yet been made and there has been some delay. Does anyone here have a III Arms gun, or do they know anyone who is actually part of that company?

  3. I wonder how many shotguns and rifles were stolen from the police cars? I would love to be a gun dealer and tell little chucky schmuck why I am still selling guns while the talks are going on.then I would leave a Ted Nugent guitar riff recording on his answering machine.

    • Cliff in Douglasville says:

      There have been several reports over the years of officers leaving assault rifles at the scene of a standoff. They lean it against the tree when things are over and never think to pick it up before they leave and when they come back it’ll be gone. Every time they post an article on the news that says you can’t buy ammo for that rifle so please return it to the police but I’ve never heard how often they get one returned.

      • riverrider says:

        a few years back theives hit a warehouse used by the richmond, va. police dept. got away with hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammo and hundreds of body armor, thought police said no guns were taken. right…..

  4. Over the last 3 days I have found sources for ammo and magazines. Quantities were limited and availability disappeared quickly. If you are in “need” then I’d keep looking, online and in stores, and keep checking back.

    • Cliff in Douglasville says:

      I just received a shipment of 7.62×39 from Cabelas. They were 4.99 per box of 20 (FMJ) and with a code they show on their site you can get $5 shipping on orders over 90 dollars. Took less than a week to come in. I also got in an order of 7.5 French ammo from Midway USA, fairly prices, inexpensive shipping (UPS) and quick turn around. There is still ammo out there at reasonable prices. You just have to look for them. I was luck on the 7.62×39 to get any but was very happy with the 7.5 French since it’s an uncommon caliber. Also, both places have in stock 30-30, 30-06, .308, 44 mag, 45-70 and other popular hunting calibers at good prices. Think outside of the box and stock up on ammo for your other guns instead of just being wound up trying to get the .223 and p-mags.

  5. livinglife says:

    Mexicans can own a .22 rifle legally,nothing larger. Unsure about shotguns but allow hunters to bring them in. You need to buy your ammo locally to appease the Federales…

  6. riverrider says:

    ps: okay you missed the boat on that new ar15? start stocking and learning how to use THERMITE. its the only legal-to-possess means of destroying stuff we have left at this point. it can be found on ebay,amazon,gunbroker and others. if this thing goes hot stryker, mrap, m1tank, m113 and m2/3 bradley armored vehicles will be used against us. better be ready to defeat them. you can’t punch holes in them short of a fifty cal, but you can cut off its air supply. toss a thermite charge on the air intake(usually on top,under a grate), it’ll shut the thing down. the crew will have to bandon the vehicle eventually. or they can be hit while they’re parked. send a pretty girl to distract 🙂 get some large GOOD boltcutters,lop off the lock on the hatch,toss in a molotov. tangles of wire can wrap up in the tracks as well, requiring the crew to get out and clear it. a few rounds fired requires the crew to button up the hatches, making it much harder to see. look for and target the periscopes and cameras. once blind, vulnerable. please, by all means, give the crew an opportunity to escape unless they engage you. a trapped bear fights, hard. remember these are your son’s and daughters, misguided maybe. given a chance and propper education most will be on your side, the rest will likely just go home. don’t make enemies unless you have to. recon your areas now. get out your bugout/get home maps. note cameras, antenna, police/fire/armories, distribution warehouses, fuel depots.note choke points, bottlenecks,swamps. note where the police etc eat lunch, shop, live. cache some of your supplies if you can. buy a little extra for the resistance. recon a place to run, and the route. try it in dark. these things can be done now before the bullets fly, and cost little. nothin happens, you got a little exercise. registration,confiscation,extermination

    • I need him on my team.

      • riverrider says:

        sw, i am:)

        • riverrider says:

          oh forgot. safehouses. establish with family/friends now, and routes to get there. maybe pick up a few expired plates for your vehicle from the junkyard or where ever. (i think i’ll steal them from the free sh!t army). hope my f150 doesn’t balk at having a prius tag on it 🙂 those thermal casualty blankets can help reduce the effectiveness of their flir systems(forward looking infra-red). get them now while you can. get going folks, the time for handwringing is over.

        • Im talking… a team locally.

    • Cliff in Douglasville says:

      I think you meant tannerite which is available on ebay and the other places other than thermite. The tannerite can be set off with a direct hit by a large caliber bullet. The thermite is strickly controlled, electronically/electrically ignited and will burn right through a tank right to the ground. We used it in the military to destroy cryto racks and gear. We set charges on top of the metal equipment racks, wired them together, set off the charges and get the heck out of there because it gets really hot really fast.

      • riverrider says:

        nope, thermite. two part mixture.requires magnesium ribbon to light it. available by the pound. will not go bang, even when shot…. burning thru a tank, exactly!

        • Cliff in Douglasville says:

          Wow, just goes to show that I can learn something new everyday. I used the military thermite in practice to melt through equipment racks and that is the form I was familiar with. I never looked in to how it was made and further research shows how to do it. Wow, interesting. Tannerite, also available on ebay and at gunshows will only blow up when hit with a bullet. You can make your own but it’s expensive and the thermite looks to be very cheap. Don’t need it to go boom if it melts through stuff and I’ve seen blocks of it in action (don’t look at it while it’s burning. Thanks for teaching an old dog a new trick.

        • Yep – Just thoroughly mix 3 parts aluminum powder to 8 parts iron oxide by weight. Both are available from any number of paint stores.
          Take 4 parts of that mixture and knead into 1 part play-doh, stick in a magnesium ribbon (available from amazon), slap it on anything you want to destroy (or weld – which is actually the reason I learned to make it) light the magnesium, and back away.
          Loads of fun for girls and boys…

    • Dont forget the Spetsnaz operatives Putin will sent to help destroy our government , I’m sure they will have a few things we may need ;D

    • Thomas T. Tinker says:

      Have you ever tossed a ‘paint ball balloon’ at a windshield???

      • Ohhhh I love the way you think. Time to stock up on paint ball equipment. Doesn’t take long to coat a windshild with a paintball gun… and it his a longer range than hand tossin a ballon.

    • Isn’t thermite just half rust and half aluminum powder? I’m not a chemist, nor do I feel like blowing anything up, but if the recipe is that easy how can they stop anyone from making some?

      There is a book on called “How to Kill Tanks”. To get books for free on scribd, make a throwaway email at some free email service, use it to sign up for scribd, and upload one ebook. You can also just create a document yourself by typing into the box they provide for that, if you don’t have an ebook on your computer. You can then download ebooks all day long, until they ask you to upload another ebook.

      To find lots of ebooks on scribd with survival or guns as topics, find one, then look to see if the poster of it has a collection of several and mine their collection. I have noticed that the gun ones seem slightly harder to find than before, but I did find about 20 the other week.

      I also read somewhere that it takes 3 strands of barbed/razor wire (rather than 2) to snarl up a tank. They have to get out and cut it, where a tank can run right over a 2 strand barbed wire fence. I’m assuming this corresponds to some commercially available kind of fencing on a roll that ranchers buy? So maybe the 3 strand is taller?

  7. Gunrunner says:

    I help my parents run a small partime gunshow business. We all have weekly jobs and do gunshows occasionally. The fear induced buying is hard to watch, people are spending money they do not have. I try to accommodate their wants but more try to fulfill their needs. Part of this mass buying is on junk, everyone wants the cheapest stuff available. My grandad always said you get what you pay for…..Prepping for emergencies is smart thinking, one quality item is better than ten pieces of junk to me. So be careful out shopping, especially at gunshows. The impulse buys don’t always payoff in the long run . We have done shows for thirty years now and have quite a clientele . The good dealers can be found, and buy as quality as you can afford……

  8. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    I wish I had confidence in NRA prediction, but I’m pretty sure there will be an EO of some sort issued on this, and the courts will take their time reviewing it. Plan on some type of restrictions, especially on magazine capacity. I’m pretty sure it would be on new sales like last time – confiscating those already in public’s hands will be EXTREMELY difficult to justify – that is just plain stealing.

  9. worrisome says:

    Here’s one for ya…………..someone on the blog wondered the other day about Walmart………now ya know…..

    • Just another reason not to use China -Mart. Luckily I have several other options in my area that I already use that aren’t any farther away. But then, everything is long drive from me so I try to do all the shopping once a month… Doesn’t hurt that I really, really hate going into town anyway.

      • Agreed. Looks like I am going to have to start making a special trip to go shopping vs just swinging by chinamart on my way home. Drawbacks of living in the sticks I guess.

        Guess it’s time to see what my other options are in the large town about 40 mins away from me.

    • Walmart is now denying that report. I tried calling for quite a while earlier to check out that story myself and couldn’t get through. Could it be that WM is concerned about losing business?

      • They should be… because they have lost mine. If you read the comments at the end of the story… several posters said they confirmed it with their walmart or by calling the main office.

  10. The “citidel” sounds good on paper (or web page as the case may be) but I have way more questions than answers at this point to even consider something like that. I like the concept, but reality is often way far away from the ideal.

  11. georgeislearning says:

    whats prolly gonna be bad is when all these folks buying guns they will never use for the most part start reselling them to well who ever. Person to person with no bg checks. They wont be able to get enough ammo to learn to shoot and practice correctly. Just nuts.

    • georgeislearning says:

      The guns stolen from the cops cars would be laughable if it weren’t so dam scary. Criminals will find a way to break the law no matter what. Thats why they’re called criminals.

      We can’t stop anything if we could it would be hard to get crappy mexican dirt weed. According to a friend of a friend who met someone at a store, its not. Not hard at all. Infact theres more mexican dirt weed then there is dirt.

      Lets take a look at syria for a second. The “rebels IE normal folks on the street” fighting against a governemnt that is bombing them from the sky and using snipers to shoot at them as they wait in bread lines, well according to our media who really knows whats happening. But to my point, we’re supplying the rebels with guns and such to fight the government. I wonder who will be the force to supply us. Will it be our own military, a break away group of our military, the police or a similer break away group, will there be a behind enemy lines type situation. I never would have thought about this as I was growing up listening to bruce springsteen singing born in the usa. Times sure have changed. May God bless us in these times and the times to come.

      • In every civil war , the military divides …………it was the same in the first one , and in almost every nation that has a civil war ……will be the same here again . Only good thing is that our generalship is incompetent , you are not exactly going to see Patton calling the shots .

  12. georgeislearning says:

    MD I wanted to share this link with the pack if some didnt know about it. What a wealth of info aboout the founding of our country and more. Its the library of congress so much stuff its fantastic

    Also I was listening to David Barton last night on It was very educational wanted to share that with the pack if they want to try and pick up his show its on again tonight.

    Heres david Bartons bio

    Just very educational to me thought I would share

  13. HomeINsteader says:

    Well, now, here’s something to think about. Our BOL is covered in wonderful, tall, hardwood trees. I love my trees!
    I can remember reading stories written well after the fact of the same situation occurring in the former USSR after the Revolution, and again, after the wall came down. People just doing whatever it took to simply stay warm. Yes, I think we will see this in our country.

    Greeks Raid Forests in Search of Wood to Heat Homes

    Tens of thousands of trees have disappeared from parks and woodlands this winter across Greece, authorities said, in a worsening problem that has had tragic consequences as the crisis-hit country’s impoverished residents, too broke to pay for electricity or fuel, turn to fireplaces and wood stoves for heat.

    As winter temperatures bite, that trend is dealing a serious blow to the environment, as hillsides are denuded of timber and smog from fires clouds the air in Athens and other cities, posing risks to public health.

    What do YOU think?

    • riverrider says:

      you should see what bosnia looked like after the war. the little old ladies went out far and wide picking up twigs to heat/cook with. sad to see an old woman bent over with a load of branches on her back walking the miles to home. they sat there all night feeding one twig at a time to the fire.

      • Rocket stove mass heater, burns less wood. Pretty much only takes sticks, no big logs. You can make one to heat your home (but I would test the CO emissions from it or any homemade wood stove)

    • That should be legal in every country provided the person is of sound mind to make the decision . In some states , it is a legal option for terminally ill patients . Had a cousin with lung cancer that did that , he got his affairs in order , said goodbye to his wife and kid , then they gave him the injection .

  14. States look to pass weapons bans on their own

    Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York has hammered out a tentative agreement with lawmakers to ban ammunition magazines that carry more than seven bullets and to further expand the state’s assault weapons ban, the AP reported Monday. (The governor’s office said the deal had not yet been reached.) The governor was seeking a comprehensive bill that would also extend background checks so that all gun buyers must undergo one even if they are buying a weapon from a private seller.

    Other states were also mentioned…

    • Lol…come the revolution we know where there won’t be much resistance.

      Laughing even harder at forcing gun checks on private sales. Yeah that’ll be enforceable.

      • tommy-
        The “no private sales” has been the law here in CA for a number of years now.
        The “enforcement” comes mainly from disallowing advertising firearms for sale unless you have a FFL, and having all “gun show” sales go through a FFL holder.
        Would some people still sell a firearm to their neighbor directly? Sure, but not that often – most people are honest (and I’m not talking “sheeple” here) and will obey a law, whether they agree with it or not.

        • most people are honest (and I’m not talking “sheeple” here) and will obey a law, whether they agree with it or not.

          Like the people did with Prohibition and are doing with marijuana laws?

          • “Like the people did with Prohibition and are doing with marijuana laws?”

            Actually tommy, yes.

            The 18th amendment prohibited “…the manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors…”. It did not prohibit consumption! Most US citizens abided by the law and were not involved in the manufacture, sale or transportation – some were, but MOST were not. A lot of people still drank, but that wasn’t against the law.
            Marijuana is much the same. I live in northern CA, an area which is recognized as being lenient on marijuana, and yet estimates range from only 8 – 12% of the population here is involved with it (use or cultivation). Again, MOST of the people obey the law. Would marijuana use be more wide spread if it was sold the same as cigarettes and alcohol? There is no way to be sure, but my feeling is yes – if you could purchase it at the grocery, more people would use it. It’s the fact that it is illegal that is keeping the numbers low.

            As I stated, I feel most people in the US are honest and will obey the law.

  15. Thomas T. Tinker says:

    Gawd almighty this slope is slippery as hell…………


  16. Hey MD , that header with the red looks good !

  17. Sw't Tater says:

    yes, everything will “necessarily”go up in cost…including everything you need to live, even at the most base level…remember we are the rich, who are living with higher standard than the base of all society.It is not sufficient to help them to raise their standard…the nation that rescues the rest of the world… but we Must be brought down below where they are now…it is part of the one world plan of the illegitimate children of an ancient ancestor. order to do that they must reduce our numbers, so voluntary euthanasia is not a surprize…forced euthanasia is coming….for whatever reason? old,? sick, have kidney failure?wrong color skin or eyes?, ethnic background?you believe something, like the Bible? then there are the questions who determines what is old, sick? justifiable? just think on these things… wasn’t this part of what our ancestors came here to get away from? is more of the sucide by police type incidents that have been happening it’s animal hoarders,…next month?whom?…someone who has put out a video that they will not be disarmed.? …someone who questions the dictator? after all it’s happening in other places…people being found dead, dying suddenly of massive heart failure and etc.
    IMHO, those people setting up a city unto themselves are just putting targets on their backs…and there has already been speculation on whom will be trying to break such community effort.
    I’m glad this forum is here, it allows us to know others see the need to have basics for our families, and we are not alone in making decisions and researching things we can do with limited resources.
    …if you watched his highness today-we know the grandstanding has begun.. another .campaign mode is already in full motion..once again and the disrobing of every right we have is in action, except one bend over and spread em”.
    Lies will be taken by many in high places to protect our constitution and bill of rights…and they have declared already and actively trying to remove those papers as “outdated”.

  18. Okay M.D.:

    Quite a change to the banner. Definitely clearer look.

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