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→ Sunday morning, while working outside in my yard I distinctly heard three bursts of full auto fire. It sounded like the shots were about a mile away, however I could not tell the exact spot where the shots were fired. But, one thing is certain, and that is that someone nearby has full auto weapons.

→ New FBI Surveillance Backdoors : According to one news report, FBI officials have been meeting with Facebook, Google, Microsoft (which owns Skype and Hotmail), and Yahoo, among other companies.

25,000 FPS Handgun Cartridge : In 2005, Smith & Wesson filed a patent application for a “high velocity ammunition system and firearm.” The abstract stated the bullets fired from this handgun would achieve muzzle velocities in excess of 25,000 fps!

Number of Americans Working Past 65 at All-Time High : For the first time since the government began keeping track of the numbers in 1981 — and probably the first time ever — one in nine American men over the age of 75 was working in April. This must be some of the change Obummer talked about during his first campaign…

The long shadow of Barack Obama’s identity crisis. : The Washington Post has obsessed over an incident in which Mitt Romney allegedly cut the hair of a fellow high school student. The mainstream media paid plenty of attention to George W. Bush’s “irresponsible youth,” and speculated about whether he had used cocaine. Yet, the MSM has essentially ignored Barack Obama’s admission in his autobiography of cocaine use, of attending Socialist seminars while in college, and of being drawn as a young man to Marxists and Communists.

Robert Reich to Graduates:  “You’re F*cked!”   “The job market you’re heading into is still bad. Fewer than half of the graduates from last year’s class have as yet found full-time jobs. Most are still looking.  That’s been the pattern over the last three graduating classes.”

→ AT AMAZON, $5 Off a Select $25 Stanley Tool Order

Another gang beating in Baltimore. : the victim was white, and the attackers were all black. In Thursday’s reported assault, Guglielmi said the 19-year-old victim was white and the attackers were all juvenile black males. Yet, more “proof” that racism is only a white thing… i.e. only white people can be racist or commit hate related crimes…

→ Makes me sad : Half of Florida high school students fail reading test.

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  1. Good morning pack! Great news, got the little turkey that hit my car. Will be going today to get estimate on damage. Neighbor actually left a note on hubby’s truck asking that we work something out.
    Went to a book sale at our local library Saturday and bought a book called Survivors. The book was published in 1976 and its by Terry Nation. The book is about a pandemic and how the survivors try to rebuild after the sickness is over. Great read and gave a lot of good ideas. Just thought you all might want to know. I couldn’t put it down and finished Sunday. Kinda helps to paint a picture of what life would be like. I would be happy to send the book thru the mail to anyone that would like to read it, but not sure how to go about doing that. Would be kind of fun to send it amongst the pack and leave little notes to each other. A thought anyway.
    Have a great week pack, things are looking up here!

  2. village idiot says:

    A full auto weapon might indeed by legal, MD. I shoot at the range pretty often, and on occasion a guy and a couple of his friends are there and he shoots a full-auto Thompson. He says he has a license for it, and I have no reason to doubt him. You have to jump through some hoops, but the ATF does allow ownership of full-auto weapons.

    • Yep… takes you a $200 permit per weapon.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      All NFA items (such as full auto weapons) must be registered with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). Private owners wishing to purchase an NFA item must obtain approval from the ATF, obtain a signature from the Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) who is the county sheriff or city or town chief of police (not necessarily permission), pass an extensive background check to include submitting a photograph and fingerprints, fully register the firearm, receive ATF written permission before moving the firearm across state lines, and pay a tax. The request to transfer ownership of an NFA item is made on an ATF Form 4.[14] Many times law enforcement officers will not sign the NFA documents. There have been several unfavorable lawsuits where plaintiffs have been denied NFA approval for a transfer.

      I’m certain that M.D. is aware that full auto weapons can be legally acquired and used by citizens. I would still share his ‘awareness/interest’ if I heard someone discharging one within a mile of my retreat.

      Who is out there? Potential friend or well armed foe?……..

  3. worrisome says:

    Having a bad knee is giving plenty of reading time. I downloaded the “Amateur” in the White House book that came out last week. Eye opening and should be required reading for every voter. I am a little over half way through it and our way of life will be gone if left to Obama, Michelle and Valerie Jarrett. I pray that there are enough people that have seen the light and will not vote for this for another 4 years.
    On the fact that no one can read in Florida? It is very sad, but those that can’t read are easily lead, and that appears to be what a large part of our politicians want.
    MD, the gun thing……………that is what my neighborhood went through last summer and why we have gone to all the expensive steps this year to hopefully gain a little more safety. Good luck, hope you can figure out at least where it is coming from, then you know where to put your efforts.
    On another note, the 9th District out here and the Fed Bankruptcy judges are all off to frolic in Hawaii for a week or two. Wonder if it would be cheaper if they just stayed there on a permanent vacation!

  4. riverrider says:

    md, sunday morning same here. kinda makes me nervous that somebody that close might have me outgunned. do i reach out, or hide better? did you notice the little blue u.n. helmets the chicago riot troops were sporting?….osama claimed in his book that he was born in kenya,raised in hawaii until 2007, then it mysteriously switched. az attorney gen is demanding to see the birth cert from hawaii or remove osama from the ballot, but 8 weeks later nothing but a threat from the feds to sue. i saw a “copy” on tv way back and it looked like a kid changing his grades on his report card. i didn’t believe the birthers till now. sic semper tyrannus.

    • Ya and Sheriff Joe is still pursuing that , now hes raising money to fight holders campaign against him . Sheriff Joe always wins because he’s smart enough to follow the letter of the law and not exceed it . in his own words ” Im here to enforce the law , you dont like the law ……. then change it “

    • SurvivorDan says:

      sic semper tyrannus

  5. newgranma says:

    I am new and have been reading. As I have been away from home for months have not been able to even start prepping. A friend sent me an alarming e-mail, thought I would post a link about the fact that a gentleman (cough, cough) named Soros has been purchsing many of the gun companies in the US. He is agreat supporter of O. He believes citizens should not have weaponsw. perhaps this is the reason it is so hard to get ammo that I have been reading about.

    God Bless and keep on prepping.

  6. robert in mid michigan says:

    law enforcement have something going on? any class 3 weapons dealers, owners, could be good or bad depending on what side of the law has the auto.

    fbi thing have long thought they were doing this either trying to get access to thier info or trying to figure out how to do it themselves.

    have long known i will be working still when i die. dont like it but its the truth. hopefully i will be doing something i enjoy.

    obama hasnt told the truth since he started running for senator, what amazes me is that none of the media veted him when all this has been known from well before his run for president. i have read his books and what they are concentrating on is a lot of the minor things in thier. the press is not on ourside they have thier own agenda. if they are willing to lie for him what else are they willing to lie about.

    with the doj saying that its whites who are the racist doesnt surprise me at all. ill stand by my earlier comments on this list, and what i believe and that is god made all of us and he made mankind in differant colors, apperantly he doesnt care and so it should not matter to me.

    judge a person by thier charector and not by the color of thier skin
    god bless
    keep prepping not looking good

    • Well , I dont assume to know what god wants , thinks , or intends so I think for myself , and choose to self segregate . It goes way past skin color ……….and no we are not the same .

  7. MD,

    We hear gun fire all the time along with house rattling explosions and pay no attention to it. The Armed Forces EOD school is a few miles from us and they are always rattling the windows and doors. Every time the folks on Eglin test the gatling guns after depot level maintenance those 20mm and 30mm cannons tend to get loud. At night the Special Ops C 130 gun ships periodically try to blow up this part of Florida. Then all the other munitions testilng done around here gets the place rocking and rolling. Those bunker busters feel like an earthquake. We are continually straightening our pictures from the rattlking. I look at it as the sounds of freedom.

    • Eagle,

      I too hear gun fire just about every day here, but not full-auto. No military bases nearby either… Behind my property is nothing but forest for several miles that connects my property to a national forest (120,000 acres). Never hear any shooting of any kind from behind my property it all happens in the valley 1-2 miles away.

      • WESTPAC says:

        Being originally from TN, my take on it would probably just besome good ole’ Boys who discovered where to buy a conversion kit and are letting her rip…

        Being retired military, with more than your average Bear’s experience…a complete waste of ammo, but Boys must have their toys.

        I’m sticking with the basic self-defense/hunting four (.308 bolt action, 5.56 M4 version w/some of the bells & whistles, .45 cal revolver/.22 cal target pistol/+ other pistols, and last but not least, a few shotguns…was that only four? Ha!

    • If you are in the vicinity of Eglin, I’m about just north of you. 😉

  8. tommy2rs says:

    When is full auto not full auto?

    Lol…you can burn through a hundred round drum mag pretty quick this way. Even Sportsman’s Guide is selling them these days.

    • yeah , the liberals won a victory against the hellfire trigger company, that used to be legal as well , and you could fire a 3 shot burst when you could still get them . Thank god bumpfire is a shooting technique and not really a device , therefor they cant regulate it 😉

  9. Texanadian says:

    Look up bump firing an AR-15. Looks and sounds full auto. OTOH, someone shooting on full auto is going to kill a lot of leaves and waste a bunch of ammo. Give me a semi or bolt action any day.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Waste of ammo…mostly true. But full auto or three shot burst can be effective in certain circumstances as in CQB when assaulting a structure or taking out an entrenched position.
      But most of the time Texanadian is absolutely right. Hard to control a hand held weapon on full auto.
      Shoot up a lot of sky and dirt…..

  10. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the birthers are correct; and yet, it seems to me that when Obama was running for the nomination against Hillary Clinton, the Clintons would have torn up every square inch of Heaven and Hell trying to get dirt on Obama. There are no people fiercer than the Clintons in pursuing what they want, and generally getting it. If they didn’t turn up anything indicating that Obama wasn’t born in the US, I suppose it’s possible that maybe he was. Nevertheless, it is still absolutely disgusting how the MSM drools at his feet. It’s very sad to see a children’s fable, The Emporer’s New Clothes, become a reality in our country.

    • Why do you think Hillary was thrown the Secy of State bone to chew on? Actually I think it’s possible that the Clintons really run Obama from “behind the curtain”. If she has dirt on him, he might be blackmailed, do their bidding and she keeps her mouth shut. It would be like a 3rd term for Slick Willie.

      • I hear ya , but seriously ………. I would rather clinton was back instead of this guy . At least he left office with the federal budget in the black and not glowing red .

        • BILL did have a flat line on debt BUT why? the internet made the economy of the world explode. And Newt was speaker, who forced him to have a balanced budget. This isnt a bump for newt i dont care for him personally either. He can take credit for his terms in office, will yobama take any credit for his 3 year 5 trillion and growing ,term?

    • riverrider says:

      gwen, the clintons just leave a trail of bodies. nobody to kill in this case:)

    • Hunker-Down says:


      The Emperor’s New Clothes tale has been on my mind almost daily for the last two years. Depressing. Disgusting.

  11. I have a question for the Pack. I have been wrestling with this for awhile I would love your input on the subject.

    A while back I was following my dream and was working towards breeding reptiles for a living. I had turned my hobby of 20+ years into a business. Then all of a sudden we were constantly having to battle washington because they were bowing down to the special interest groups and trying to make what we loved illegal. They finally got 4 species passed and while what I worked with didn’t make the illegal list some just barely slid by. Between that and some end runs with the special interest groups and state government I waved goodby to my dreams and sold my business (Feb 2011)

    Then several months ago I saw where the DNR in MI decided to make all heritage hogs illegal to keep. Those that decided to keep them were now felons and they were raiding suspected farms to make sure no heritage hogs were on the premisis.

    Between the two I got to thinking about putting up an eight foot privacy fence all the way around my acre of land. Now my acre is more of a rectangle and my house is roughly centered front to back. I could toss a rock from my front porch and hit the gravel road in front of my house.

    My thoughts were I don’t need ANYONE in my business and if they cant see what I’m doing then they wont know cause I no longer talk about what goes on at my place. I can see one day AR deciding to make animals that I may or may not keep illegal or for that matter…. heirloom veggies that I may or may not keep illegal.

    Then I get to reading sites like this one and it gets me to thinking about security in a SHTF scenerio. And I have to wonder if an 8 foot privacy fence along the perimeter is a good idea. Mainly cause I wouldn’t be able to see people gathering to storm my place.

    What are your thoughts on the subject. Should I build the fence or not?

    • YES ! building a fence is always a good idea . People are nosey and a person deserves their privacy . Then I would plant trees all along it on your side of the property line for even more privacy and the benefits of shade in the summer . I dont know whats up with Michigan , those people turning stalinist or what ? Did you read about the cell phone search law they have for the cops to download all your data ? You guys better get off your ass and start petitions against the laws , vote the state people out before you turn into a little Nazi Germany in the middle of the US .

      • riverrider says:

        i understand the hog thing got overturned at the last minute by a bunch of farmers protesting. that is great and what needs to happen everywhere. time to stand up for what we believe.

        • Sorry… you’re getting bad intel. The battle is still going strong between the DNR and Bakers Green Acres

          And his fellow farmer the McKindricks. You can real all the updates there on his site. He also has a youtube channel under the name bakers green acres and posts about the situation.

          • riverrider says:

            sw, wow, the msm strikes again, thanks for the update! maybe the pork industry should halt shipments to mi for a while n see if it still gets passed.

          • Wont do any good since there is also some of the big time pork producers there in MI and they are kinda backing the bill that was passed.

          • I do think that building a fence is a good idea, however will it bring more attention your way. Down the road from me, someone put up a 8 foot-ish fence completely around their property. Dont know why, but even my curiosity is spiked. Everyone that lives in this area is talking about it, or at least all that I speak to. I wasn’t the one that brought it up either. Makes you wonder what he is hiding. Just thought you might want to know. I have neighbors, and my plan is to plant trees surrounding my property. This is not only for privacy, but for dust control.

          • Due to a very large Hickory tree by the road… I cant get complete coverage with an evergreen fence. That hickory just sucks up the moisture and most grass wont even grow under it. Even then… someone will wonder what your hiding because you have a wall of trees. I dunno **shrug**

      • robert in mid michigan says:

        we are becoming a nanny state unfortunatly.

        i yell scream holler and even kick but i am the minority in a town dominated by the prison system. they know who butters thier bread and well i am out of luck. fortunatly daughter graduates next year and we have to move anyways i can look elsewhare. still want wyoming but the wife says no way to cold in the winter.

        have to stay in the area for atleast another year as my kids have gone to one school thier whole lives where i went to 22 and my wife went to 16 so we want the kids to know that kind of stability.

        all i can say in michigan is call your reps constantly, talk to your friends and relatives and have them call and to try and to get them pass the massage along.

  12. Uncle Charlie says:

    I didn’t vote for Obama but he is NOT responsible for EVERYTHING. I hate to break it to everybody, the world is in a world wide economic malaise. It started before Obama and will continue regardless of who is elected president and regardless of which party controls congress. We have a multi-millionaire (8 million) vs a multi-multi-millinaire (230 million) running for president. Does that tell you something? Everyone in the senate is a millionaire. Since I’m writing this from Louisville, I will refer to local politicians. Mitch McConnell (R), the senior senator from KY and senate minority leader has a net worth of 27 million even though he was not rich when he started his life long career as a US senator. The man must be a genius to amass that fortune on a government salary! I’m sure that insider information or crafting legislation to favor his stock holdings had nothing to do with it. The local congressman, John Yarmouth (D) is worth 9 million but at least he got that before he went into politics. Do you think the average citizen is going to helped by either party? Both parties represent the rich, although the republicans do it a little more blatantly. Every time congress passes a new tax law allegedly to make it fairer, is somehow always seems to benefit the rich. At least Ronald Reagan increased the capital gains tax to 30% to make it more fair but that didn’t last long because congress is bought and paid for by the rich. As Romney honestly stated, he broke no law only paying 13.9% tax on his $20,000,000 in capital gains. Of course it is the tax law that allows venture capitalist to return their INCOME as capital gains. Even Warren Buffet point out the inequity of his paying 15% on his millions earned and his secretary paying 30% on her earnings. As least he gives billions away to charity. We need to take the money out of politics but since the Supreme Court has ruled that money is free speech and the corporations and unions are after all people, what chance to we have. Super Pacs just compound the problem as the money is anonymous. Will all this in place, the rich will continue to control ad infinitum. So if it makes you feel better, blame in on Obama. As usual come next election, I will be voting against somebody rather voting for somebody, but I don’t expect things to change except for the worse until the global mess clears up if it ever does. History shows that it does, I can only hope to see it in my lifetime but I’m not getting any younger.

    • village idiot says:

      Uncle Charlie, I had a long response, but I changed my mind and deleted it. Let’s just say that I disagree with much of what you said.

    • alikaat says:

      “Both parties represent the rich, although the republicans do it a little more blatantly.”

      Uncle Charlie… I have to agree with you there. Though both parties pay a lot of lip service to how they are working for the middle class… it just doesn’t follow through with actions. One sends our money to the wealthy… the other to the poor. Either way, the middle class gets squeezed. Seems that is the one thing the two sides can agree on. I’m tired of having to work so hard to support other people and have less to spend every year that passes, no matter how many more hours I put in or jobs I work. In my entire life, I’ve never worked just one job at a time… I’ve always worked at least two – one full time, at least one part-time – but in the last few years, even that is not enough.

      Actions speak much, much louder than words, and in my mind, both parties speak way too much.

      Time for some action, no matter who wins the next election.


    • Uncle Charley
      Slick willey got credit for the economy of the 2 terms he served, the internet made the world economy explode and the speaker made him sign a balanced budget. obama has made some things worse. I have been out of work a long time but survive because I dont spend what I dont have. No country ever spent itself into prosperity. If 100% of the income from the top 10% was confiscated we still would not make it work. We cant go back to Jimmy cartes policies. Carter has the highest IQ of any president, but wasnt a great leader. The good news for Carter, he is no longer the worst leader this country has had!
      I dont claim to speak for the wolf pack but if polled many would say they will vote against yobama but are’nt really excited about the MIt-wit.

  13. Ahh, Baltimore! How I miss thee…not.

    Keep an eye on Baltimore. Future events there will be a litmus test. Black majority, meta gun-control city with a small liberal white population.

    BTW, thanks for steering me to Lord Bison’s a few month’s ago.

  14. Uncle Charlie says:

    Village Idiot: That’s perfectly OK. That’s what America is all about. We’re all entitled to our opinions. I just think that our present system is more like an oligarchy rather than a democracy even though it is dressed up as a republic. Let me know what you think. I’ll probably hope you’re right and I’m wrong. Old age has made me cynical. I’ve always been called a pessimist. I just got off on a tear when several people seem to blame everything on this president or this administration when I think it is much more complicated than that. I voted for McCain, but I don’t think we’d be any better off if he had won and maybe knee deep in Syria or Iran. Remember Wall Street donates to both the republicans and the democrats. Would that otherwise make sense unless I was right, even a little.

    • riverrider says:

      uncle c, you are right in that our goverment has been going wrong since it was started, just as jefferson predicted, thus the second amendment. the problem is us, the people. we shoulda stood up to the gov every ten years or so to keep it in line. now we truly have a monster on our hands instead of a mouse.

  15. Just a heads up for the Pack, two tourists have died here in the last three days. Both while on hikes, the first one the temp was high 90s, the second was like 104. It is dry here, that’s why we call it a desert. Drink lots of water, take half again as much with you as you think you’re going to need. If you have drank more than 2 liters you need electrolytes in your next bottle even if it’s just two packs of sugar and 1/2 of a packet of salt. Powerade and other drinks come in ‘straws’ to treat a 500ml bottle. I like these at about half strength, as well as the premix hydration drinks. Please take the heat seriously, or it might take you.

    • There is a fantastic hydration fizzy tablet out there called NUUN , it works and has very little flavor . It was designed by a group of pro cyclers, triathlon athletes , and hikers because the market was lacking and had to many cool-aid type thirst quenchers and none of them were adequate .

  16. Donna H says:

    Headline not reported–As threatened last year, now I read that many countries dropped using the dollar to buy oil and are using swaps to get it from Iran. When this spreads, this is just one of the biggest reasons for a collapse of the dollar when people don’t want to use it or invest in it anymore, and a collapse of the bond bubble. There sure is a lot of rumble out there with another recession or worse.

    This is why this web site is important…. to prepare you for any crisis, but most wide spread one in the nation that would affect the unprepared, would be this senario.

    • Donna H
      Other news not reported, the AA rating we saw drop for the USA dropped again, It wasnt the headliner the first reduction made. The quality of vidiots coming from Fla graduates is a sampling of the mainstream.
      Like soilent green we’re fed what they want us to know. Is that why the federal govt is just called the “fed”?

  17. Uncle Charlie says:

    Jet, I’m with you re: Bill Clinton. The dems always boast about what a great job he did on the economy. The only job he did was a monumental snow job on Hillary. If Daffy Duck would’ve been president, nothing would’ve changed. The economy is a lot like the weather. Everybody talks about it but nobody can do anything about it. Big business has record breaking profits but but we still have high employment! Many people say fewer regulations would improve the economy, but again, big business has record profits. They don’t hire because they don’t have to. They cut out a lot of waste and found it to be profitable. Thats been know to happen before. I worked for a corporation in the seventies and they were closing branch offices all over the country because they got carried away when times were good but then had to be more cautious and frugal. That always costs jobs. You every wonder why the stock market often goes down when unemployment decreases? I have a good friend who is a well respected PHD economist, and he’s just guessing half the time (but won’t admit it). While we can learn from history, we certainly can’t predict or change the future. It will take time, lots of time to get the world and this country out of this economy malaise (technically no longer a recession except for the un and under employed). Remember the Great Depression. It took time, lots of time and a World War, and war won’t work any more.

  18. Hunker-Down says:

    Uncle Charlie,
    The real flight of money out of my pocket is (as much as honest economist can) accurately measured by standards used before 1980.

    One economist on a radio show said that if those standards were in use from 1980 to now, social security payments would be double what they are now.

    My conclusion is that we have been in a depression for the last two years.
    The way people are statistically dropped from the unemployment rolls now will allow the unemployment rate to decrease EVEN IF THERE WERE ZERO JOBS. The numbers are heading toward zero unemployment but they will change how it is counted before the sheeple see the light.

    What level of product are the public school teachers producing?
    We are a nation of herded nitwits lead by egomaniac pea-brains.

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