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1. And How Many Bullets Do You Need? : “Think  about that for just a moment.  It took a dozen or more cops, who are  trained professionals, who practice on at least a weekly basis with their  firearms, to fire 200 rounds before he finally died.”

2. FBI Investigated Boston Terror Suspect Two Years : “The Federal Bureau of Investigation investigated the older Tsarnaev brother two years ago over possible extremist ties, an FBI official tells Fox News.”

3. Miranda Rights Not Read to Boston Bombing Suspect : “A Justice Department official says the Boston Marathon bombing suspect was not read his Miranda rights because the government invoked a public safety exception.”

4. 17 Unanswered Questions About The Boston Marathon Bombing The Media Is Afraid To Ask : “Will we ever learn the full truth about the Boston Marathon bombing? Personally, I have been looking into this attack for days, and I just keep coming up with more questions than answers. At this point, I honestly have no idea what really happened.”

5.Americans ‘snapping’ by the millions : “Terrorism. Chaos. Fear of the future. In the age of Obama, America is undergoing a “fundamental transformation” – that much everyone knows. But what few seem to realize about this transformation is that the sheer stress of living in today’s America is driving tens of millions to the point of illness, depression and self-destruction.”

6.Gun Shows Across the Nation Draw Record Crowds, Even After Toomey-Manchin Bill Fails : “Gun shows across the nation have experienced record turnout, even as the federal gun control push has hit a major roadblock.”

7. China confirms 102 H7N9 cases, 20 deaths : “The National Health and Family Planning Commission said in its daily update on H7N9 cases that a total of 102 H7N9 cases have been reported in China, including 20 that have ended in death.”

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  1. Mystery Guest says:

    1. When the authorities suffer from the “Bonnie and Clyde” syndrome of overkill there is never enough.
    2. Well lut-te-tut. I guess if they talked to anyone they would be next.
    3. Miranda seems to have broken up with the authorities. She found someone else and she seems to not want to try to work on a relationship with anyone.
    4. 17 unanswered questions. What happened to the other 183 that we are asking?
    5. Hard times does not cause this. Hard times, unsure times, iffy times makes you stronger.
    6. Thank God!!!!!!!!!!!
    7. The enemy you can’t see.

  2. 1. Well, for us homeowners who are awakened in the middle of the night, we would only have to reload 29 times to fire 200 rounds. That’s safe enough!
    5. I don’t care what any doctor, scientist or anybody says, the base cause for all of this is the fact we are an ungodly nation by govt wishes!

  3. axelsteve says:

    ! I need as many bullets as I want to have. How many tattoos do you need? How big of a rim on your car do you need?How many amps on your car stereo do you need? How fast of a computer do you need? What kind of cellphone do you need?What I need is what I can buy and I don`t need your approval.

  4. Thousands of local,city,county,state, and federal cops searching for the second bomber and it took a civilian to call in the tip that got him captured.
    They can’t file charges yet because they can’t tie him to any terrorist organizations yet…if they don’t he’ll have to be charged as a civilian… and they didn’t even mirandise him.
    Once again, thanks to Pat Toomey for showing his true colors to the people that voted him into office by turning his back on us and not only voting for gun laws but sponsering and co-authoring the bill!

    • riverrider says:

      he was outside the perimeter that the cops set up to begin with. he’s a citizen, therefore by right can’t be charged under the enemy combatant clause, legally. the talking heads, in their zeal, again choose to ignore the very laws they set up, some of which are unconstitutional from the start. …i can’t speak for toomey, but from what i read he was just trying to get a decent deal for gunowners because he thought we would be screwed worse otherwise. but i could be wrong,don’t know the guy.

  5. riverrider says:

    the majority of cops seldom practice and only qualify one a year, some depts every other year. and its hard to hit someone when you don’t stick your head up to aim……what the talking heads seem oblivious to is the fact that MIRANDA is not a right, its advising you of your rights under the fourth and fifth amendments. you have these right anyway, whether they read miranda warning to you or not. if he invokes his rights and is refused, they are in a world of hurt.the case could even be dismissed by the judge for misconduct. additionally, if the punk gives up the goods on someone else, it would not be admissible in court against that person because the info was gained without miranda and he was denied his rights. its called “fruit of the poisonous tree”. so they are shooting themselves in the foot. give him a lawyer, tell him he’ll fry if he doesn’t wave his rights, he’ll sing, everybody’s happy.

  6. 1. As many as I feel necessary to barter with when the time comes bullets have a better exchange rate than cash.
    2. Hmmm… Lee Harvey Oswald was under investigation by the FBI too after he returns from Russia.
    3. Here is where the NDAA comes into play to remove the Sixth Amendment of the United States at the whim of “our fearless leaders”… NDAA needs to be repealed.
    4. Yeah, there are a lot more than 17… What happened to citizens that refused to allow police enter their homes in a “door-to-door” search attempting to maintain their Fourth Amendment right?
    5. Stressed, depressed, ADHD… What about GMO food contents contributing to ADHD? People losing jobs and exceed the unemployment benefits time limit that provide false statistics… that certainly has no impact on stress or depression!
    6. Shocker! It has been said before… Obama has been one of the all-time best salesmen for guns in the history of the US.
    7. We will be hearing more on H7N9 to be sure

    On a side note, there is still ongoing news blanket on ‘The Boston Bombing”… I am more concerned as to what this subject is being highlighted for so what other measures of legislation can pushed or passed under the radar? Maybe CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act)… and what else?

  7. I was rather hoping that with the defeat of the gun bill in the Senate, that things would calm down a little. Got a show here in May that I’ll be set up at, so we’ll see.

    • Nope, Obama said he will just use executive orders to clarify some laws, such as doctors being required to ask if there are guns in the home and requiring that info along with other gun data be reported to the federal government.
      Which directly violates several laws and provisions in Obamacare.
      So even if they pass laws that prohibit something they can just go back and change them with the swipe of a pen without debate?

      • axelsteve says:

        I would tell my doctors that my guns were lost in a boating accident back in the 70`s

  8. What eveidence is showing when people are stressed and snap is a lack of morals–the unimformed country has elected a radical bent on making people angry, full of hate, and he is blaming Christains for their own follies, causing confusion and bringing about a socialist-marxist state.

    When I saw this leader carrying Saul Alinsky’s book, “Rules for Radicals,” in a photo 4 years ago, I knew his exact agenda. Therefore, as long as people go down this societial decay that Obama wants, there will be more troubles and sorrows. I feel 2015 will be a pivotal time- to join this demon or go the narrow path.

    • I doubt it will take to 2015, I suspect earlier. I choose the narrow path, even if it means my life… I will not kneel to the beast, I will not take the mark in or on my body (even though we have accepted the mark on / in our drivers licenses, credit cards, passports and the like).

      • Mystery Guest says:

        I think it will take a while longer, 2015 is as good a mark as any. I have had this thought of having 2 years to prep coming on me almost daily. I never have had such be impressed on me like this has. I just cannot shake it.
        Now 4 months have passed so that leaves 20 months. Not a long time to get our prepping done to any extent of completeness.
        As far as the things you listed as types of the mark they can almost be dismissed as childs play. But they do give a person a good deal of concern. When they came up with the idea of putting tracking chips in old people that wander about I almost choked.
        Yes, one must stick to the narrow way.

    • Mystery Guest says:

      I have had the feeling that we only have till about 2015 to prepare for whatever.
      For some reason I believe it will take all concerned to get all they intend to do in play by then and then we are in for it.
      So all I can say is get to prepping, hard and heavy with however much money you have to do so.
      I still pray and hope we have to sit on our preps and nothing happens in any capacity.

      • worrisome says:

        Donna, I wonder if it will happen in 2014 if they think that they can’t get more like minded candidates into office.

        • mountain lady says:

          I wonder if we will make it through this year. Of course, that might be a tainted view because of where I live. Good ole Cali, lol.

      • WYO Ryder says:


        I too, believe that POTUS will do something big and bad in 2015 (right before the election) so he can declare martial law and stay in office to ‘protect us’. I am praying for the extra couple years to get better prepared. I do think that they are ready now though…say, if something ‘unplanned’ happened (pandemic for example), then POTUS will just get to hit us earlier. So I am prepping as much as I can afford to just in case. And praying, I’m praying alot!

  9. 200 rounds is easy to go through when everyone in sight of the target fires a few rounds in the targets general direction. Hitting the target is optional.
    200 rounds is also easy to go through when you don’t know how to fire a weapon while wearing 60lbs of protective gear that limits freedom of movement and have a helmet, goggles and possibly gas mask to obscure your vision and screw up cheek welds and sight pictures.
    200 rounds is very easy to go through if you know you don’t have to pay for the ammo, there is more in easy reach and you do not have to account for where the stray rounds go.

    • What happened to the days when the police had to account for every round?

      • I think those days disappeard when the police stopped being police officers and started being militarized.

    • Patriot Dave says:

      “Hitting the target is optional.”
      “do not have to account for where the stray rounds go.”
      keystone cops.
      Someone had calculated that the ammo purchases ammounted to about 5-6 rounds per citizen. Unless they stand people in front of an open grave, they will need a lot more.

      • I just have a hunch that they are stockpiling other things we know nothing about, maybe some Zyklon B or it’s 21’s century equivalent….

  10. On The Lord’s Day my DW and I always go over the past week’s events in light of scripture. This week we came to this conclusion:

    We are going to start building an Arc, because if things get much less Godly in this once Christian nation of ours, and The Lord does not step in soon, He is going to have to apologize to Sodom.

    I am a simple sinner, saved by Grace.

    • Might want to make that Ark water proof or give it skates. God promised Noah he would not destroy the world ever again by flooding. God keeps his promises, so that means Fire or Ice.

    • hi, ghost.
      you’ll think me to be crazy but over thirty years ago i was taking a shower when God let me know that as of that moment america was no longer a Christian nation. must have tipped the balance 51/49 on that day.
      it is finally sinking in to me that we are really in the minority and no amount of letters to senators will make any difference unless it gets us on the terrorist list more quickly.
      i quit writing to them the day i found that a priest friend of ours was being followed wherever he went when john heinz was near. he had written senator heinz a letter protesting his vote on abortion, which was diametrically opposite of his campaign stance which got him elected.
      since then i just pray that Jesus will protect His own while keeping in mind that many of us will surely stand before rulers to uphold the Faith–shortly before we are terminated.

      we can only prepare by prayer and fasting for these eventualities which we must remember to do while we lay in other physical necessities in prepping.
      God bless all of you!
      deb harvey

  11. worrisome says:

    1. You have to wonder, how much practice the cops have when they use that much ammo. Not ever being in a fire fight, I have no idea what it would take to hit a moving target when adrenalin is flowing! BUT sometimes it feels from these episodes we are having that the safest place may be right in front of a group of cops firing. When you think of the bullet holes in the truck in that incident in So Cal and yet they did not hit the occupants, ya have to wonder! Not that I ever want to test my theory

    Having said that, I do support law enforcement and I think this last week around Boston was one terribly stressful mess.

    • PGCPrepper says:


      Check out the last photos with the bullet holes in the pic takers wall and chair, and through his vehicle’s rear window.

      • Patriot Dave says:

        the guy took the photos down. some bs about ongoing investigation. We need to start downloading photos and videos when we see them. We neve know how long they will be available.

    • Worrisome,

      LAPD shot that pick-up 140 (I believe) times. The mother (in her 70’s) was shot twice, one of them in her back. Local news radio KNX 1070 reported a 4.2 million dollar settlement was reached with the ladies today. Their attorney was quoted as saying he was asking for 16 million, but urged his clients to take it so they wouldn’t have to go through 5 to 10 years of litigation. He feared the mother wouldn’t survive long enough to reach the conclusion of litigation.

      The L.A. city council still has to approve the settlement.

      • worrisome says:

        Ah Sirius, you have much more info than I had. I just went from a picture of the truck, which was not the same color nor type of the one they were looking for. Did not know they actually hit one of them.

        • Yea,

          It happened in the city I work in. Needless to say it still has my full and undivided attention.

  12. JP in MT says:

    Ammo Update:

    I was just at a local “box” store (not WalMart). They had CCI Blazer Brass 9mm 115 gr FMJ on the shelf for $13.69/box (50 rounds).

  13. Gimme3steps says:

    I am glad someone else noticed how many rounds and how long it took to take out suspect 1..good grief they said he was walking towards them. Quit farting around and put a high power with a scope on the dude and get it over with..sorry a little rant there…

  14. I think we greatly underestimate the flood of people who will be coming out of these urban areas in the event of a long term collapse. I think the common estimate is small roving bands. Just in the city of Atlanta we have there are over 540,000 people. In the 10 county urban area surrounding Atlanta there are over 4,000,000 people. These wont be roving bands, they will be an army of refugee’s. Small farms and estates will be over run, you cant have enough rounds. It will take entire community’s banding together, burning every bridge and barricading every road to prevent this plague of locusts from looting the country side. Think also that only the most vicious and rutheless will ever survive making it out of the city. This is why it’s so important to reach out to like minded individuals. You cant survive this alone!!!!

  15. Patriot Dave says:

    1. Just a few more. Perhaps the group shoot doubled as a re-cert program too. But hey, they have to use up about 1.5 billion rounds, right? Shoot all you want, we’ll buy your more.

    2. They were cleared because it is hateful to suspect a peaceful muslim. Even after Beslan.

    3. “Public safety” is a gap you can drive a mack truck through. Between Patriot Act, NDAA, Justice Dept. Memos and regs and this, we now do not have any Constitutional rights left. They can say anyone and everyone is a terrorist or there is a safety problem. Look how fast and gleefully they wanted it to be a white conservative teaparty person. The colonies started the revolution for less than this. We have to stand up for the rights of the seemingly worst of us, or none of us have any rights. If we don’t stand up for his rights, who will stand up for ours when we are accused, arrested, denied bail, denied a lawyer, denied a day in court. This guy is still a “suspect” and innocent until proven guilty. He is an American Citizen. How long he has been a citizen is not relevant. If we don’t like that, we need to look at why terrorist suspects investigated by the fbi are granted citizenship.

    4. Questions 13-17 bother me the most about the saudi connection to our government. Bush sent off hundreds of saudi nationals after 9-11 on airplanes during a no fly period.

    5. Duh, classic psychological studies show that stress makes people do things they normally would not do. How much of our tax dollars went for that? Makes me wanna just …

    6. Because the fuhrer said this is only round one. Plus, he will issue illegal EO’s. It also appears some states are well on their way to banning everything including pointy sticks. BTW: I was sharpening a stick to tie up a plant for support so the stick would insert into the dirt easier. While doing so, I realized the plant is close to the front door, and, it looks harmless and not out of place.

    7. A related story headline said it spread to Taiwan. I am sure it is where ever planes land. So – what will strike first? Flu from China; EMP from NK via China; sell off of our debt by China; replacing dollar with china currency; Iran getting nukes; Mid east blowing up; Europe melting down; stock market “adjustment”; new ____ bubble; more bombs here; I’d start a pool. But, the winner will never be able to collect.

    • Dave,

      You’re dead on about #3. If they refuse Miranda for imminent public threat, wouldn’t it stand to reason that “imminent” becomes less imminent every hour/day/week that passes? The denial of Miranda is just political antiseptic speech used in place of “enhanced interrogation” i.e. torture. I read somewhere that “special” interrogation teams were enroute before he even made it to the hospital.

      I think its a complete travesty of justice. The man (19 means he’s a man, not a boy) is definitely NOT a likeable character, and the crimes he’s accused of are heinous for sure. The keyword here though is ACCUSED.

      If the justice system gets away with this now, how long will it be before any of us with more than 1 small box of ammunition is labeled an “imminent threat” to public safety and we are carted off for “enhanced interrogation”?

      • riverrider says:

        exactly. miranda is not a right, its advising you of rights you already have. no mirandizing him doesn’t lift the burden of his rights, period. i saw a judge let a proven guilty guy go due to “greivous violation of his rights” regardless of whether they used his statement or not. they almost tossed gregory manning due to delaying his trial.

        • RR,
          Correct. You have the right to remain silent except to ask for a lawyer, and all Miranda does is inform you of that right in case you’re ignorant of it. In our world of TV reality I think the biggest problem is that folks don’t know their rights. How many “cop” shows, drag a person into interrogation and talk the truth out of him? Of course if each person simply said, “I want a lawyer”, then there wouldn’t be much of a show, and no drama of the smart cop cleverly getting the dumb criminal to spill his guts.
          BTW, no disrespect of cops here, just the premise of many cop shows.

          • riverrider says:

            yeah, butr its funny how even in these days dumb criminals just keep on talkin themselves into prison. i’m glad they do, but you would think they would know by now to shutup.

  16. Looks like I missed something , anybody hear the BIG Glenn Beck revelatation that was going to shake the foundations of this country???? I didn’t hear any thing anyone esle??????

    • riverrider says:

      just the stuff about the saudi royal family member with burnt hands. he’s not being kicked out as they initially reported. he was supposed to be in college in ohio, but was living in boston. big sis refused to answer any questions on him, even from cogressmen. just more obama corruption….

      • Glenn also talked about the general corruption of the country by the Saudi’s, who fund many mosques in this country, at least some of which teach radical Jihad. Supposed to be more information tonight.

  17. When pressure cookers are outlawed, only outlaw cooks will have one.

  18. riverrider says:

    sunspot capable of x class flares facing earth next 24 hours. huge coronal hole spewing solar winds as well. better fill up them faraday cages…..

  19. PGCPrepper says:

    So Williams-Sonoma actually “temporarily” removed pressure cookers from their Mass. stores. SMH

    “In what can only be described as a posthumous victory for raging asshole Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Williams-Sonoma, the (absolutely amazing) kitchen-stuff company, has pulled pressure cookers–which the Tsarnaevs built into bombs–from shelves in Massachusetts.


    • Ban all assault pressure cookers!

      • riverrider says:

        lol, was that a hi cap canner or a low cap? did it have a black handle and black pressure gage? otherwise its just defensive canner as long as it only has six quarts or less in the chamber…..

    • worrisome says:

      Think I made my last purchase from Williams Sonoma as they are too ridiculous to deserve to be in business!

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