Monday miscellany

1. Obama Exploits Zimmerman Verdict to Attack Second Amendment – Statement by the President : “We should ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to stem the tide of gun violence that claims too many lives across this country on a daily basis. We should ask ourselves, as individuals and as a society, how we can prevent future tragedies like this. As citizens, that’s a job for all of us. That’s the way to honor Trayvon Martin.”

2. NAACP urges civil-rights charges for Zimmerman : “The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has called on the Obama administration to pursue civil rights charges against George Zimmerman.”

3. Snowden documents could be ‘worst nightmare’ for U.S. : “The U.S. government should be on its knees every day begging that nothing happen to Snowden, because if something does happen to him, all the information will be revealed and it could be its worst nightmare.”

4. GMOs: Researchers debate the safety of genetically modified foods : “Seventy percent of items in American grocery stores contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Studies that have been done on different animals – and also reports from farmers – seem to suggest health issues, including intestinal problems, inflammation of the colon…and problems with the kidneys, the liver, the lungs,”

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  1. riverrider says:

    1) why should we be honoring a dead thug at all? shouldn’t we be honoring zimmerman for saving society from the thug? i don’t get it. how can any sane person look at the FACTS and come up with “honor trayvon”? guess i answered my own question…
    2) no surprise there except that i thought the jury would jail him and the naacp wouldn’t be interested. Va’s naacp head surprisingly said it was the right verdict and was promptly hailed as an “uncle tom”. what kills me is people saying zim shouldn’t have followed tray. well tray shouldn’t have circled back around on zim. either way, you have no obligation to die so a thug can live. i replace the “p” with “v” for victims… the black rapper said on tv yesterday, “ten brothers were killed by other brothers this weekend in chicago,wheres your outrage?”
    3) like i said, he hasn’t let anything out. i had heard everything and more from open sources long before. he must have something though. uncle sure wants him in custody badly. maybe he has the roswell tapes, lol!
    4) gmo’s prove we have no power whatsoever as voters. time and again reps bring this up and it gets shot down quicker than snoopy and the red baron.
    5) thanks for letting me get this off my chest m.d. ! now its off to cut grass all day,ug.

  2. Regards #4: I have read in several independent sources that the following are the U.S. food crops that are universally GMO — corn (except popcorn and organic corn), soy beans (except organic ones), beets (including sugar beets and beet sugar) and wheat (except organic wheat).

    I understand that big business agriculture in the US produces patented, genetically modified, disease-resistant crops as an alternative to using expensive pesticides and a way of decreasing crop loss and boosting their profits. They are able to make this work because we the public willingly buy their products and our representatives in government listen to Big Ag’s lobbyists and make sweetheart legislation for Big Ag (again we the people tolerate this).

    What does this mean for you? If you buy snack foods made with wheat flour or corn meal (corn chips, Cheetos, crackers…), breakfast cereals (Corn Flakes, Wheaties, Frosted Flakes…), corn oil, pasta made in the US, anything containing high fructose corn syrup (candy, soda pop, catsup, salad dressings, BBQ sauce, jams and jellies …), canned or fresh beets or anything sweetened with “sugar” not specifically labeled “cane sugar” then you are consuming GMO foods.

    What’s a person to do? Packaged organic food is about 30% more expensive than food not labeled organic and there is no guarantee that the organic label is accurate. I buy imported Italian pasta when possible and reasonably priced (Costco sometimes has it) because the Europeans wisely banned sale of GMO food in Europe. I serve home-cooked rolled oats porridge as a non-GMO alternative to boxed breakfast cereals (costs less too). I do not buy soy milk unless it is labeled “organic” (hoping for the best that the label is accurate). I make popcorn at home rather than buying salty snack foods made from GMO products (costs less too, but I sure miss the Doritos). I now read the ingredients list on labels carefully and do not put into my shopping cart anything containing high fructose corn syrup (if the manufacturer is too cheap to use real cane sugar he does not get my business).

    As best I can find out, the kinds of widely available, affordable foods that are not yet GMO are dried or canned beans and peas, raw white rice, exotic grains (wild rice, spelt, kamut, quinoa…), real cane sugar, oats, dried herbs and spices, olive oil, cannola oil, any form of coconut, most fresh fruit, fresh greens (except beet greens), most root vegetables (except beets), most vegetable “fruits” (except corn on the cob) and cocoa powder (check the ingredients list on chocolate candy because it usually contains high fructose corn syrup).

    Do I eat GMO foods? Yes, but a lot less of it than I used to. I really like Mexican food, so I still eat tamales, enchiladas and other stuff made with masa, hominy and ground corn flour. But you won’t find me buying anything with high fructose corn syrup anymore — which cuts out most of those expensive snack foods, soda pop and processed/high cal/high/salt/high fat convenience foods. And that whole grain wheat in my food buckets — most of that was labeled organic when I bought it by the sack (hoping for the best here).

    • worrisome says:

      Great info Linda. I am just starting the research…you filled in a couple of questions. Thanks

      • k. fields says:

        worrisome, a good place to start your research is with the “Non-GMO Project”.
        You can get up to date information that is backed by substantial research including listings of specific non-gmo products currently on the market.

    • Linda,
      I was getting ready to go off on one of my GMO tirades and Miss Linda you said it so beautifully!
      Without all the anger I usually have for the subject. Thank you for sharing some of the foods that you eat that are not GMO.

      The Fox article was a gross understatement. The amount of GMO products in the grocery store is much more than 70%. Also, GMO’s have been around a lot longer than they quoted. Don’t forget the meat livestock is heavily fed GMO crops. Another whammy. Cattle, pigs, and chickens do not normally eat the cheap GMO grains they are force fed. There meat is not healthy because their bodies produce toxins from the toxic foods! They should be grass feed. It is what they eat!
      Monsanto was given permission in 2011 to allow Round Up Ready Alfalfa to be grown in the US. The biggest feed of our dairy industry.

      They forgot to mention that the GMO crops are also Round Up Ready (patented name) and that they are doused with Round Up not once but twice during the life cycle of the plant.
      The plant is genetically modified to withstand the Round Up (a by product of chemical manufacturing). The herbicide than kills the competing plants but also destroys the beneficial micro organisms in the soil. It poisons the soil for up to two years. Healthy soil and clean water are the foundation for all life on this planet. How can we eat healthful food that is grown in dead soil? Fertilized with petroleum by products.
      The bees, birds, all life is affected. Even (especially) us.
      Make no mistake folks, we will see the effects and proof of these foods toxins. I am not a scientist but I KNOW some of the disorders and health problems were are having are because of this devastating filthy practice of destroying our food.
      Take a look at the vets and their children that are having problems years down the line with Agent Orange. The same company that produces GMO seeds and Round Up.

      Why is it that the US and Canada are the fattest countries in the world?
      Why is it that we are one of the the last to hold out against the monster Monsanto?
      We want it cheap and we want a lot of it.
      We don’t care how we get it just so long we get it.
      We think if it is on the grocery store shelves it is safe to eat.
      We think if it comes from a Pharmacist it is safe to take.
      We believe that the USDA and FDA have our best interests at heart.
      Why is so much money being spent on denying the Truth in Labeling Campaign? Why not just put right on the nutritional label? No biggie right?
      We get very angry when we discover we are being poisoned. In our beautifully designed clean grocery stores with isles and isles of everything we could ever want if we could pay for it.

      I remember when I became GMO aware I cried in the store. A box of Kleenex crying with snot and everything. I pulled hundreds of items off the shelf to read the ingredients. I asked the clerks if they realized that everything they were selling was toxic. I went through the checkout line with puffy eyes and a full wallet.
      I felt like a bad parent. Why didn’t I see earlier?
      Stay away from HFCS. The only safe sweeteners are cane sugar, honey and stevia.
      Sometimes I have doubts about the honey because the bees are so subjected to the pest and herbicides.
      I buy my raw honey from a guy who has 2200 hives that live on 3000 acres of his own organic hay and crops. He does not rent his bees to the monocultures.
      Good food is out there. You just need to look.
      Though maybe not for long. The GMO crops are so prevalent that we may never have the naturally occurring heirloom seed of our forefathers again. Cross pollination, contamination are everywhere. Experimental Monsanto wheat that was supposed to be destroyed is growing wild all over the country.
      I have always wondered if employees and CEO’s of Monsanto eat the foods they franken create or feed them to their children?

      • Oh, and don’t forget that Organic doesn’t always mean non GMO.

      • worrisome says:

        I am wondering about cane sugar even……does anybody have facts on that one? If not gmo, is it doused in pesticides during it’s growing cycle? Most of you are way ahead of me on this one

        • Worrisome, if it says ‘sugar’ it is probably a mix of sugar beets (gm) and sugar cane, ‘cane sugar’ is suppose to only be made from sugar cane. Now of course that is assuming you actually trust the companies. You will notice that sugar cane will generally cost a dollar or so more than sugar.

          Pesticides are used on sugar cane, and I do think the organic option would be better, but right now is way out of my price range. I can usually find conventional sugar cane on sale in the 4 lb bags, where as organic sugar is usually twice the cost for half the product. So for me, it is an area of compromise.

          • Lantana says:

            The best price I’ve seen on organic can sugar is about $11 for 10 lbs. at CostCo, TG.

        • Sorry Worrisome,
          I should have been specific. ORGANIC cane sugar. Google agrichemicals and cane sugar. You will never buy it again.
          I grow my own stevia and I do not know if they spray it when grown commercially. They probably do.

          • Lantana says:

            Awww crumb, MamaJ–there go my Mexican cokes. . .

            • Lantana,
              What does your Mexican coke have in it that is bad? Besides rum? giggles

              • Bam Bam says:

                Mexican Coke is the best. I have a coke addiction.

                • Bam Bam says:


                  My avatar is a puppet of a ferret on cocaine–my students say I am as hyperactive as a ferret on cocaine. 🙂

                  • LOL! I always wondered. You girls better stock up on Mexican Coke. Does it have real cocaine in it like the old days?
                    Must Google it now!

                  • BamBam;
                    I thought it was your bird after you gave it a bath, an used a blow dryer on it’s little body. Actually felt sorry for the little birdie 😉 Who knew it was on a soda pop hi……
                    Actually, I like your avatar………it is so different!

              • Lantana says:

                Lol, lessee. . . . the label says carbonated water, sugar (which is going to be cane sugar since it’s made in Mexico), caramel color, phosphoric acid, natural flavors and caffeine.

                I think cane sugar sodas are a big improvement over HFCS/sugar beet sodas. We don’t drink soda often, so I’ve just ignored the last four ingredients (though manufacturers getting more creative in what they call “natural flavorings”).

                If cane sugar carries a high pesticide load, maybe it’s time to learn how to make kombucha or water keffir.

                • Sooo…Lantana and Bam Bam.
                  I looked at ALL your ingredients and have a verdict.
                  We have no way of knowing where the cane sugar came from in your cola. The natural flavorings are a trade secret. No way of knowing that either.
                  But, In my humble, (in aGMO Nazi kinda way) option. Clearing throat……drum roll plz……
                  Drink your coke and love it! Life is short and you aren’t going to make Monsatan any money.
                  From what I can see the Mexican version is WAY better for you than the US HFCS version.
                  Or you can try to make your own. SHTF, you might get rich if you can figure it out.
                  I think I will stick to iced tea. Unless you have some rum to go with that coke.

                • The Mexican Coke is SOOOOO much better! I even had my daughters taste test it. They all love it too. They screwed us all up when the went to the HFCS and tried to brand it “New Coke”.

              • axelsteve says:

                Mexican water.

        • Lantana says:

          Worrisome, one other point about sugar and its sources. When a food label for something produced in the U.S. says sugar, it’s almost certainly beet sugar. Because we produce beet sugar, and the gov’t has put tariffs on imported cane sugar to protect the domestic beet sugar and HFCS industries.

          For something produced outside the U.S., “sugar” on a label generally means cane sugar. With different growing conditions and widespread sugar cane production, other countries have not had the ability or incentive to grow beets or corn for sugar.

        • DesertDiva says:

          GMO, had no idea!!!!!! Holy crap, I couldn’t pay for the education I get here. We do eat organic meats (rancher raised/hunting) but am VERY concerned with the chicken and fish I buy. Do not buy prepackaged foods and cook almost always from scratch. I wash and wash produce as God knows what was sprayed on it. What a great group of educated moms/dads out there.

          My son had/has ADHD (he is 26) and when he was little the doctor gave him adderal and I only gave him the meds once. We both hated it. Unfortunately in his later years he found an alternative. I know it was some of the foods he ate. I did take him to a homeopathic doctor but my DH thought he was full of it. God bless you all as parents, I wish to hell I didn’t bury my head in the sand. Now I am crying!

          • Please dry your tears……We have all been through it and will not let our families suffer an longer.
            You are already one step ahead of 98% of the consumers in this country!
            When your son was little not even the Naturopaths had a clue and no one would listen. Monsanto was and is a snake in the back door. They snuck it in on us and we had no idea.
            They were able to do this because we became so removed from our food. We no longer had to provide for our needs other than drive to a grocery store.
            Not your fault. Now you know.

            • k. fields says:

              Mama J –
              I don’t think anyone “snuck it in on us”, people have been warning for a long, long time about the effects of the overuse of chemical fertilizers, broad spectrum insecticides, herbicides and more recently, GMO’s – but few of the general public cared. Those giving warning were vilified as liberals, socialists, commies, anti-farmer, anti-business and thus anti-American.

              As you stated earlier, “(The general American public) want(s) it cheap and we want a lot of it. We don’t care how we get it just so long we get it.”
              That applies not only to food, but manufactured goods, energy, etc, etc, etc. and I doubt it will change any time soon.

              • K. Fields,
                Once again you are totally correct!
                I was brought up in a middle class household with hot dogs, apple pie and rocket pops. My mother had no idea what we were eating was bad for us.
                Her sister was a hippy that was a vegetarian and spent most her time protesting and made a career out of going to college. I thought she was the coolest chick that ever lived. No one listened to her. Except me.

                They used to smoke in the house and in the car. Drink and drive. Spank their kids when they needed it. We didn’t even have car seats.
                They were the first full generation to have grocery stores.
                I have been vilified and called all those things you listed an more protesting GMO’s, Most people do not care.

          • Bam Bam says:

            Desert Diva,

            Check out Zaycon Foods. I keep bringing them up but I love the fact that their meat doesn’t have steroids or antibiotics, and their beef is grass fed (until it gets to the slaughter house). We have six year old girls starting puberty because of the hormones in the meat.

            • k. fields says:

              One question I have concerning Zaycon beef – they say, “The beef cattle have a grass diet which is supplemented by grain after they reach approximately 700 pounds.”
              Seeing how a beef usually weighs around 1400 pounds (or more) when slaughtered, that’s a lot of “grain weight” that may be coming from GMO corn and soybeans.
              Since Zaycon beef is not listed as a verified non-GMO product by Non-GMO Project,
              I wonder about the grain supplements they are using. Do you have any info?

              • Bam Bam says:

                K. Fields,

                You know, it never occurred to me that the “until they reach 700 lbs.” was misleading. (I didn’t know how much cows typically weigh.) Now you’ve got me curious. I will have to look into it.

                • K.fields;
                  I am sure MamaJ can back me up on this one.
                  Cattle are raised to 700lbs+, when they are slaughtered for beef you loose 1/2 the body weight with the removal of head, hide, and internal organs(700-350=350), then when you remove the bones you lose another 15-20%(350-70+/-=280), then added in the shrinkage from hanging to age the meat is another 8 to10 %(280-28=252lbs). So you can see your steer just went from being 700lbs down to 252lbs rather quickly.
                  That is why they raise them to certain body weight. If cattle are grained it only for 30 days. Then they are removed from the grain 30 days prior to the butchering, grain is used in marbling the meat you purchase. That is it nothing more, hope that explains this question.

                  Before all this garbage on the grains we would grain them before the butcher took them to the freezer.

                  If I raise a beef it is given NO grains, just raised on hay and what mother nature provides. If you think $3.50 a pound is high for grd beef, just imagine what the rancher who does not grain their meat would/should charge you for a 1/2 of beef. We tried to keep the price down for family members-$1.75 to 2.25lb hanging weight(before bones are removed & shrinkage has occurred)& they paid their own cutting an wrapping…..we lost money every time. Yet our families had meat, we no longer raise our beef, the cost for us is to high.

                  • k. fields says:

                    Thanks for the info Becky.
                    What I was wondering though, was whether the cattle raised for Zaycon were fed GMO grains or not. I couldn’t find that info on their website.
                    Although under the info on their milk, it is specified that the dairy herd is not fed GMO grains – seems like they would make the same statement on their beef if it were true.

                    • k.fields;
                      Call the company, I have and they are really nice people. If they can not answer that question, I would hope that they could direct you to whom could answer that for you.
                      Just to let you know I stopped feeding our livestock the wet cob it use to have a honey mix put on it, it is the one that is altered to my knowledge.

                  • Becky,
                    True Sister. Though I will admit my husband is the expert on the cattle.
                    I am the pig/poultry lady. We butcher when the steers/heifers are around 700-900 lbs because that is when we are out of pasture. We don’t like to hay over the winter unless it is dairy.
                    We don’t sell beef, only raise it to eat ourselves. We raise for ourselves and two other families (our kids).
                    Actually you can tell by the size of the steaks how big a beef is when they butcher it. My husband says the average weight of the steak you see in the grocery store is 750 lbs, I will take his word for it.
                    My family is fond of the grass fed only meats as we eat a lot of big game. It has a gamier taste to it. I can tell right away when an animal has been fed grain.

                    We pasture our pigs and feed very little slops or grain. Some silage and garden/kitchen scraps. The same for them, We butcher in the fall or early winter. 240-260 lbs on the hoof.
                    Does anyone know of a breed of pig that is all bacon?
                    The poultry is grass/pasture fed after the other livestock and the average is 5.-6 lbs for the Jumbo Cross. 3-5 lbs for original breeds.
                    I have butchered organic grain fed Jumbo Cross at 8-9 lbs. It is weird but the gonads on the Jumbo roosters are ginormous. Mutated.
                    But I could feel my cholesterol go up after eating the meat. Just didn’t seem right. They are only cross bred but feel like franken chickens.

                    • k. fields says:

                      Mama J,
                      That’s interesting that the average store beef weight is 750 pounds. I had no idea it was so low.

                      My only experience is with my little jersey/angus crosses which usually hit the scale at around 850 pounds when butchered at 20 months or so and yield about 45 – 50% of that weight.

                      I had assumed the large beef breeds would weigh half again as much when ready for market – thanks for setting me straight.

            • I have been a faithful customer of a Zaycon for over 2 years now, but after politely asking about the beef recall (National Beef 50,000 lbs recalled 7/31/13) My comment and another few people’s comments were deleted and I am no longer allowed to comment on the page. This is after they responded stating “This does not affect our meat (This is not current).” Apparently they thought I was talking about the recall from June..Either way, this is indicative of a company that has something to hide. After doing some googling, I’ve learned they handled the “pink slime” issue the same way, deleting comments etc. Someone said they wouldn’t use Zaycon again after “their owner went’ off the deep on FB”.. Very interesting indeed. National Beef is the supplier that has been stamped on all the beef I’ve purchased through Zaycon, and they are on their second recall in 2 months. YIKES!!!

              • Monika;
                Just saw the notice through a friend. We are going to in the future purchase a beef and split it, it then it will be processed through a butcher I know. It will cost a about $1.00 more, but I know if it is in his shop what I buy and what I receive will be mine. I also have known him for over 40+years, his butcher shop is one of the cleanest I have ever been in. He does not process the beef or hang it during hunting season for deer. He wants to make sure there is no cross contamination. Just when I thought I had a found a company that was trust worthy now makes me leery.

              • Encourager says:

                Thanks, Monika, I have been tossing around the idea of ordering beef and chicken from Zaycon since so many here like them.

                But…each time I had this ‘check’ that said wait. So glad I did! I will continue to buy local, grass fed beef and organically raised chickens. Much more expensive, but since I just got some test results back showing liver problems (I rarely drink so was in complete shock), I am doing ALL I can to safe guard my body and mind.

          • DesertDiva;
            Most of the Pack have learned that Zaycon foods offers the best in the grd beef, chicken, polish dogs, hot dogs etc. You can find them under their name.
            If you have never tried their hot dogs just imagine a hotdog that smells like old fashion hot dogs from the 50’s-60’s we ate as kids……no additives. Next time I am ordering two boxes…yum!
            BamBam, I believe was going to try their milk. Check with her to see what it tastes like.

            • Becky,

              Zaycon is conducting research to see where to conduct a trial run of the milk sales. If they have the milk around here, I am going to try it. I haven’t tried Zaycon hotdogs. I am running out of room in my freezer. I need to get another freezer.

              • BamBam;
                A great excuse to purchase another freezer. Years ago I researched fridges and freezers that worked off of solar. Recently on a Bunker Busters(?) I saw chest freezers & fridges that were put into the under ground homes/bunkers. If memory serves me correctly, they were using a trickle charger of/or around 2amps, maybe more. Worth looking into for the future.

      • Mama J I have had the same thoughts about the honey. So many people spray their gardens with who knows what. Even though I buy my honey locally, what pesticides are in that honey? Although, I do believe local is still better then the grocery store option.

        For me, when I first heard about gmos I got mad. Fighting mad. Then the guilt kicked in over what I have been feeding my kids.
        I get upset about a lot of stupid things people do, but when it comes to gmos I really have to wonder if there is some kind of reset button and even if there were if it would really work.

      • Encourager says:

        What is really scary? Driving by a field of corn and seeing the farmer wearing a Hazmat suit. He can’t breath/be in a field that he has sprayed with whatever but harvests it and sells it so a company can put poison on our grocery shelves? We now hit the recycle button on the air conditioner in the car when we see spraying going on.

        BTW, organic foods should be safe and probably are. The problem that was discovered at Whole Foods, UNFI and other so-called wholesome groceries/distributors was that the food labeled “Natural” was found to be made with GMO grains. There is now a certification that companies can use called “Non-GMO Project Verified Product”. Look for that sticker.

    • Technically we do not have any gm wheat that is in the market. Now of course, by now, we all know that monsanto had test fields, and that a farmer in oregon had some growing on his field. Although one has to wonder about the fact that it was only found on one farm and only in a very small percentage. I am not blaming anyone for anything but find the amount and the timing very interesting.

      • The GM wheat has been found in Oregon (two places), Kansas (the farmer sued) and Colorado. That I know of so far. It must be other places too. I don’t know how they tell if it is GM or not by looking at it.
        Monsanto can sue the farmers that have crops that cross germinate with their demonseed. They don’t care if it got out. Besides wheat seed doesn’t escape on it’s own, now does it?

        The owner of the flour mill where I buy my wheat berries and flour told me that most of the wheat farmers try to sell to him is garbage. He inspects the wheat fields he buys from himself. He knows what is sprayed or not.
        This man cares about his food, his family and his community. He knows how picky I am and will give the best price he can for clean grain. I hope he stays in business for a long time because I will be sad if he leaves me. Yes, I will take it personally if he dies.
        I feed a lot of the cracked wheat berries for animal feed because I know they are clean. They are cheap. $6.00 per 50 lb. The organic grain from the feed store is $36.00 per bag.
        I grow a lot of my own feed anyway. Seed plants.

    • Another Linda says:

      I read somewhere that most canola is also GMO. So that means canola oil is off my list. All I use for shortening any more is olive oil, coconut oil and butter….and the butter’s kind of iffy since the cows were probably fed GMO feed and given rBGH to make them give more milk.

      • Another Linda, if you can’t get pastured butter from a local dairy, Costco carries Kerrygold.

    • GoneWithTheWind says:

      We have been eating GMO corn for about 30 years. ZERO evidence of it ever harming any human or animal. HFCS derangement syndrome is a result of not paying attention is science and chemistry in high school. It is simply sugar! Made from GMO corn of course but simply sugar in a syrup form. The manufacturers do this because it is mostly used by commercial food companies and the liquid form is easier to transport and to handle. It isn’t “high fructose” in fact is was designed to be like table sugar. The apples and oranges and other fruits you eat are “high fructose” but somehow the HFCS derangement sysndrome ignores this basic fact. So we pray at the alter of fruit and other real foods which are high in frctose but turn up our science ignorant noses at a product that is basically the same as table sugar because in the 50’s some ad executive choose to call it “HFCS” because back then fructose was considered a good thing (it was in fruits after all).

      • GWTW,
        I was waiting for your trolling ass to show up. We were having so much fun talking about how Monsanto doesn’t even try to hid their crimes against humanity.
        But like a bad case of herpes you always show up.
        Take a few years to get back to us on some real research. If your GMO HFCS addled brain can process it.

    • Encourager says:

      Linda, Europe did not ban GMO foods. They ruled if it is GMO, it must be labeled.

  3. I believe a substantial portion of canola production is now GMO, Linda.

    • As best I can find out, canola oil was created in Canada through selective breeding of the rapeseed plant to remove some of the objectionable components that gave the oil a bad taste (and some claim toxicity). This is different from gene splicing/GMO (artificially combining genes from difference species). I’m not a botanist, so I’m just going with most knowledgeable sources I can find that don’t seem to have a political agenda or a profit motive.

      Thankfully there are other choices of vegetable oils besides canola, corn oil and generic blended vegetable oil. I’m a big fan of the moderate use of old fashioned saturated animal fats despite all the bad press they get from the “food police” (many of whom have touted artificial sweeteners and other fake ingredients for years as heart-healthy choices). As a traditional Southern cook, I think just about everything from black-eyed peas to shrimp gumbo is improved with a spoonful of bacon grease.

      • tommy2rs says:

        Yup, bacon grease is for eating, canola is for light. Makes a great oil lamp and is much cheaper than olive oil or lamp oil for that purpose.

      • Linda, they did do selective breeding to get canola, and then monsanto gm’ed it so it is resistant to round up. So something like 80% of canola is now gm.

        • That just goes to show “it’s always something.” Glad no one has figured out how to GMO a coconut palm yet so my coconut oil is still safe.

      • It is mind-numbing, trying to research all this, isn’t it?

        As you mentioned, the Canola Council of Canada website says that canola was developed from rapeseed using traditional plant breeding techniques.

        Since its development, however, they acknowledge that canola was genetically modified to tolerate certain herbicides, and that 80% of Canada’s canola production is now GMO.

        BUT, they say that only one gene was modified, that was a protein and it is removed in the processing of canola into canola oil.

  4. Concerning #1, Why would our President’s wish to honor a pothead, racist, who had burglar tools and stolen items on him when he attempted to murder Zimmerman? Maybe we should throw a parade/party for all of Barry’s “hero’s” serving time in our prisons?

    Calling “Good” evil and “Evil” good usually does not end well with a Holy God.

    • Millie in KY says:

      That was kind of my thoughts, too. I should give up my second amendment rights to honor someone who was trying to take away someone’s first amendment rights (to life). I don’t think so.

    • worrisome says:

      Um Ghost? Have your read Obama’s books? He admits he used many illegal drugs and sold them in his high school and college years. To him, there is a great possibility Travon would have been his son and he would have been proud of that behavior. He certainly is discounting it.

    • Doris Jones says:

      I must have missed the info about Treyvon having “burglar tools and stolen items on him” part. Can you give me a link or tell me where I could read about this? Why in the world was the jury not informed about this? Very interesting stuff in your post.

      • Doris,
        As I recall I read it today on Renew America, but can’t remember who was the author. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

        • The Rev. Cliff Kincade’s piece on the Renew America site concerning a reporter for CNN. Rev. Kincade mentions that both items were found at the crime scene.

      • Same here.

      • Bam Bam says:


        This is all over the news. Here’s a link:

        The real problem is that most of America has been hoodwinked. The media used an undated photo of Martin and then had huge head lines reading “white man kills black child”. In the picture, Martin looked to be 12. The media also referred to Zimmerman as “white” and later (rather than admitting its mistake) referred to him as a “white Hispanic”.

        Consider also that NBC released a tampered version of the Zimmerman 911 call that splices together the statement that Martin was suspicious because he was black.

        Also, consider that the media played down Zimmerman’s injuries rather than acknowledge Martin assaulted Zimmerman–had Martin lived he would most likely have been arrested for assault and battery, and tried as an adult. Martin was 6′ 2″ and 180 lbs. That is a man, not a child.

        People are saying that Martin would still be alive had Zimmerman stayed in his car. Well, Martin would still be alive had his parents put in on restriction for getting suspended from school for the third time instead of letting their “child” walk the streets on a school night. Martin would still be alive if his parents taught him to be respectful of adults instead of assaulting them. Do note that Martin had no injuries except his hands (from punching Zimmerman) and the gunshot would. Martin was not responding in self-defense. He was beating the crap of out Zimmerman and Zimmerman acted in self-defense. This is unfortunate. What is really unfortunate is that dozens of young black men are killed by other young black men every day in our country. Yet the media has to latch onto this case in order to bolster the perception of black victimization at the hands of the white power structure. Well, the days of flagellatory white guilt are over. Martin assaulted another man; he was killed because he made a bad decision.

        • k. fields says:

          Bam Bam,
          Martin was 71″ tall and weighted 158 pounds according to the medical examiners report – not 6’2″, 180lbs.

          I guess I’ll always wonder – if Martin had felt threatened by someone who was following him and ended up getting into a confrontation that resulted in the other person’s death, would he have gone free?

        • Doris Jones says:

          Ghost, OhioPrepper and BamBam,
          Thanks for the information. Followed it up. Amazing that none of this was on ANY of the news shows I saw–and I saw plenty as it was on everywhere 24/7 it seemed.

    • Survivor says:

      Because our president is a pothead racis…

      • Bam Bam says:


        Our president is not a pot-head racist. He hates all Americans equally.

        • Ms. Bam,
          As I recall you got a vacuum sealer a few months back and loved it then. If I may trouble you, what kind did you get and is it still working well?
          I’ve burned up two Seal-A-Meals in the past 2 years and am looking for a replacement.


          • Bam Bam says:


            We purchased the Food Saver V3230 at Walmart. I think it was a bit over $100. If you are military, you could get it on base much cheaper. I am very happy with the product. It is still working like a champ. We have been sealing our meat every since we purchased it. (We purchase meat when it is on sale or from Zaycon. And it’s usually in large quantities.) The only time we’ve had problems is when there are creases in the bags–and this is a problem with the bag and not the machine. We also got the jar attachments in regular and wide-mouth. These are absolutely great. We don’t eat lentils very often. But I keep them sealed so they are fresh.

            I would recommend this product.

            Speaking of recommendations, can anyone recommend a tea pot? We have a Kitchen Aid and my dh is about to throw it out the window–every time you go to pour it, water spills out all over the counter.

            • BamBam;
              Are you referring to a pottery style tea pot or a metal tea pot? Mine is metal and I purchased it Costco, and it does not drip. As for a ceramic tea pot, that one you will have to find a pour spout thats longer than most made today, with a greater arch in the neck. I would test drive an antique one, before purchasing…by pouring water thought it to make sure it is what he wants.

        • Survivor says:

          I stand corrected 🙂

    • axelsteve says:

      Like what tdl said. If I had a son it would look like Travon.Pothead thug wannabe .Doesn`t fall to far from the tree.

  5. worrisome says:

    #1 and #2. No facts required, no evidence presented, due process ignored…all it takes is emotion these days to convict. Bless that jury for holding a line…………over time, Zimmerman will wish he never ever stood up and tried to question Martin’s reason for being in a gated community.
    #3. Snowden is an interesting situation. He like Zimmerman are bound to have set themselves up for a very uncomfortable and possibly short life……..of note, they are both 29.
    #4. GMO’s are just plain scary! The more I read the more confused I get. Back to farming the things I like to eat myself and buying meat locally.

    • axelsteve says:

      I think that much of the Travon demonstrations are overhyped media crapolla! I have seen some things on tv and it seems like the same ol rent a mob. Not many out there iether. They said dozens at one rally. from what I saw maybe 1 dozen.

  6. You know I do not understand how you can be found Not Guilty in a court of law and then continue to be punished for something. I think there should be a law that once found Not Guilty at the state level no further action be that civil, federal

    • or anything else should be able to be brought against you.

      Looks like my post , posted itself before I was done!!

      • Encourager says:

        +1 George. I agree with you. Once found not-guilty, you are done. Period. If he had been guilty of racially profiling, why didn’t the prosecution use that as another point of conviction? Because they didn’t find any, or enough, reason to.

        I hear Martin’s family may pursue a civil lawsuit. Of course, they aren’t paying for their lawyers, so why not? What a waste of taxpayers money to drag this AGAIN through the courts.

        • midnight1st says:

          It’s my understanding that it is not against the law for a private citizen to profile – just those acting in legal authority, and I’m not sure that it is really illegal for them, they can just get in trouble for it. And, if you want to stay safe these days, you better be doing your own profiling. That is a good part of situational awareness. You may very well be wrong, but better safe than sorry. It’s just another pc push.

      • George,
        As I understand the Federal Law, it is meant to be used generally against government entities. In the Rodney King case, the police were found not guilty at the local level; but were found guilty of Civil Rights abuses, primarily because they were officers of the government and operating under the color of law. An individual with no arrest authority cannot really violate someone’s rights by abusing nonexistent powers. I also understand that the FBI investigated the incident early on, and came to the conclusion that race was not an issue, as in Zimmerman did not perform his actions because of race. This alone should stop the DOJ; however, with the race baiter in chief running the department, anything could happen, as it did when he dropped the charges against the two black panther members who were harassing people at the polls in Philadelphia.

        • Bam Bam says:

          The problem with any federal case against Zimmerman is that the FBI did an initial assessment and reported that Zimmerman has a bit of hero complex but is not a racist.

  7. axelsteve says:

    Just tdl trying to stir up action for more gun control.I think that we should re look at f&f holder.

  8. tommy2rs says:

    Oakland: Police Stood Down As ‘Protesters’ Terrorized Drivers
    Typical useless cops

    America gripped by second night of fury over not guilty verdict for neighbourhood watch man who shot black teenager armed only with a bag of Skittles
    They should have used real bullets, not rubber ones

    U.S. Repeals Propaganda Ban, Spreads Government-Made News To Americans
    We has seen the enemy and he is us.

    How Microsoft handed the NSA access to encrypted messages
    How ya like Windows now?

    If you feel the need:

    Lavabit is probably the most secure, private email service right now
    My personal opinion is that digital security is an illusion. What a person or machine can code and another person or machine can decode.


    Thoughts on the Police Raid on Adam Kokesh – and On His Canceled “Armed March” on D.C.

    White House Escalates War of Words With Fox News

  9. Zimmerman was demonized in main stream media, what about the thousands of other kids age 17 and under killed on a daily basis??? What many people don’t understand is that different media stations want you to believe their propaganda over the other stations propaganda. I don’t rely on any new’s station or newspaper for my news anymore – I watched the Zimmerman trial for myself and gathered my own conclusions. Self-Defense, end of story. Also, why isn’t the NBPP arrested for being a “hate group”, I mean it IS the LAW after all. Anyway…

    Snowden, he made a moral decision that he couldn’t take what his country was doing to it’s own citizens. That takes balls, and I’m glad he did it. If something happens to him – I hope everything is released, not that I am a fan of war, civil unrest, or even anti-Americanism, it’s just that so many people’s moral compass is so far off.

    I’m literally blocking people left and right on my facebook page, I can’t take the “Casey Anthony kills her daughter – not guilty, George Zimmerman kills Trayvon Martin – not guilty, Michael Vick Kills a dog – guilty” picture circulating. Do people really not know the law or how the justice system works? It is not the law’s fault is the state fails to PROVE their case beyond REASONABLE DOUBT. Micheal Vick took a plea deal and killed more than one dog, he also funded the dog fighting and was involved in serious gambling – all of which was illegal. There is a HUGE difference between a almost 3 year old child and a 17 year old! Not to mention that if I hear the word “CHILD” describing Matrin again, I’ll lose my shit.

    Yes, I’m ranting – sorry! LOL

    • Zaeda,

      “Self-Defense, end of story.”

      For sure. If it was not a clear case and there was any doubt at all he would have been convicted in this case. When it first happened the police did not file charges because it was an obvious case of self-defense.

      “Also, why isn’t the NBPP arrested for being a “hate group”, I mean it IS the LAW after all.”

      Racism double standard… Racism seems to be encouraged by the media and government with some groups while being condemned for others groups depending on skin color. When it’s the same no matter what the skin color.

    • worrisome says:

      Zaeda! Rant on………You are absolutely right! I saw that f/b thing and responded………said something like. Vick deserved is time, the one that killed her 5 children was bat shit crazy and needs to be in a mental ward and the other two walked because it was Florida and apparently they do a terrible job hiring anybody that can prosecute. I did what you did, watched the trial when I could. The prosecution was trying Zimmerman and assumption and emotion,,,,,,,,,not on facts. I didn’t watch the Casey mess, i was too sickened after listening for he first couple of days.

    • Zaeda, I am with you on this rant. Oh and dont forget the woman who tried to use the stand your ground law and was convicted. She got 20 years for firing a ‘warning shot’ and isnt it unfair that she is a battered black woman that couldnt get justice. What many news articles are failing to mention is that she ran away to get the gun, he did not follow her, then she came back and fired that shot. She also broke a restraining order after that incident to go to her ex house and get into a fight with him. But poor pittiful her who is convicted and zimmerman is let go.

      • riverrider says:

        how many 17 y/o’s are on death row? doing life w/o ? were they a “child” when they killed? not!

  10. If George Zimmerman had not shot Trayvon Martin and simply had got away after the beat down Trayvon would be in prison now for 1’s degree assault. The only thing making Trayvon a martyr is that he was shot by someone of a different color who stood up for himself. If he was shot by another young black man no one would have cared on bit except his family. The media has done George Zimmerman a good ol fashion lynching and I just hope that he is able to sue at least NBC for some justice for himself ..

    • Encourager says:

      …”of a different color.” Wasn’t Zimmerman’s grandfather black? that is what the news said way, way back in the beginning, right after the shooting hit the news. That sure got buried, didn’t it? It never was a ‘racial’ thing. It was always a self-defense thing. The only way it landed in court was because of pressure for it to be there, not because the prosecution wanted to try him.

      I just heard on the news at the press conference for the prosecutors that they “still don’t believe Zimmerman’s story of self-defense”. So what. You lost so suck it up and get on with your job…oh wait…maybe some of you won’t HAVE a job…

      • Encourager,

        Zimmerman’s great-grandfather was black.

        • I think back in the old south that percentage would make him black also, or whatever words they used back then..

          • According to the way the laws work now as far as what race is listed on the birth certificate, it is based on the race of the mother. Mulatto was a term used way back for mixed race individuals but somehow got lost as a legal definition of race. There are old census records that use that term.

            • GA Red,
              So TDL is white and only a “self described” black.

              • Makes sense based on what I’ve read. Of course, he was supposedly born in Hawaii, so I don’t know what they do on their birth certificates.

                Census data is pretty interesting to read sometimes.

          • George,
            Thus the old word, octoroon, meaning 1/8 African ancestry, and considered white.

            • I wasn’t going to mention the word , but from where I from even though it was 1/8th it depended on your skin color if you were called black(negro) or white. Plus the African Americans in some of the towns around me are ten times more racists against each other based on skin color than the white people are.

  11. #4 – Due to health problems suffered by the youngest daughter, we have done a lot of reading on GMOs, among other food issues. It’s one of the reasons we started our garden. It is absolutely unbelievable how GMOs have been allowed to expand so rapidly in the US – other countries will not even allow the import of certain grains from the US due to their GMO content. We suspect that GMOs are the reason so many people are finding that they are gluten intolerant. We buy as much organic as possible and don’t allow gluten or MSG into the house. We are doing our best to keep our garden as natural as possible too. When congress passes a law that specifically protects one company, there is a really huge problem – Monsanto Protection Act. Then again, most of us here already know that, right?

    • Encourager says:

      GA Red, another reason people are becoming gluten-intolerant is the fact that wheat today is so different from the wheat we had back in the 1950’s. It has been hybridized so much that it actually has 500 times the gluten as earlier wheat.

      Also, today’s wheat “contains a toxic and anti-nutritional compound known as wheat germ agglutinin (WGA). According to researchers at the University of Verona in Italy, WGA can cause the intestines to absorb substances from food which would not normally enter the blood stream leading to the development of allergies and dysfunctional immune responses…” (Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 2009 Jun).

      I have decided to buy some organic Einkorn wheat. I will experiment with it to see if I can mill and bake a decent loaf of bread from it. I have found two companies (there may be more) that sell it but the demand has gotten so high for this more primitive wheat berry that supplies can be hard to get. Now, I am not connected to these companies in any way and you should judge for yourself about them.

      They are:

    • +1,000,000 x infinity

    • worrisome says:


  12. Encourager says:

    #1 “That’s the way to honor Trayvon Martin.” WHAT?! Someone please tell me why a pot smoking, assaulting, brat with a record as long as your arm, needs to be ‘honored’?? Did I miss something?? GEESH!

    #2 The man was found not guilty. Get on with your lives. It should be over.

    #4 Another problem that has cropped up feeding animals GMO grains – fertility. Pigs fed GMO grains gave birth to bags of water, no piglets. Cows miscarried. Animals had failure to thrive, costing the farmers huge vet bills.

    When GMO grains were first tested, they were sent to 3rd world countries. Women had miscarriages, became sterile or gave birth to failure-to-thrive babies and most of those babies died, due to lack of proper medical care/availability. I read about six years ago, that WHO was wondering if GMO grain could be used for population control…

    Bees also died after feeding on GMO canola fields. Probably (but I don’t know for positive) because of all the pesticides/insecticides sprayed on the canola that had been altered to be resistant to Round-Up and other products.

    Be VERY careful what you put away for preps, folks. We do organic, non-GMO as much as possible, to the extent of buying organic Einkorn wheat berries that cost over twice as organic White Whole Wheat berries (which I love, makes great bread). Wheat has been hybridized so much the structure of the wheat is not the same. Now they have developed GMO wheat but it has not been approved for release by the FDA. Seeing as many decision-making folk in the FDA are connected to Monsanto and Beyer corporations, I am sure we will soon see GMO wheat.

    • Doris Jones says:

      You have done more for my diet than anything else in a long time. Now most of the food that appears “tempting” will NOT be and I am looking at all the “delicious food” with a very cynical and jaundiced eye. Bet you if we really KNEW what was in most of it we wouldn’t be overweight one ounce. You made my day.

    • In the words of my favorite gentleman farmer Joel Salatin when people complain about the price of organic food

      “Have you priced cancer lately/”

    • Lantana says:

      Encourager, where do you get organic Einkorn in bulk?

    • Encourager,
      I live in farm country and have never heard about pigs giving birth to malformed piglets. Can you cite your source?

      • tommy2rs says:

        This might get you started on a search for sources:

        GM soy linked to health damage in pigs – a Danish Dossier

        • “We will not in future be remembered for being the generation that shed so many tons of chemicals on our fields, but as the generation who willingly sacrificed our children for a few multinational companies’ profits.”

          Discusting…. isn’t it? I have read many like this. And still they are killing us for profit. And we let them.

        • worrisome says:

          Wonder if is connected to that pig flu epidemic going on here in the US right now…

    • SweetPea says:

      “When GMO grains were first tested, they were sent to 3rd world countries. Women had miscarriages, became sterile or gave birth to failure-to-thrive babies and most of those babies died”

      I doubt you can back that up with a citation or any proof at all. Why make shit up???

      • SweetPea – While I haven’t been on this blog for long, I have never known Encourager to “make up shit.” I have also read many articles that discuss studies showing reproductive problems in animals that have been fed GMO grains. I don’t entirely avoid GMOs but I do limit them. Our family has enough problems from foods that are supposedly OK that I don’t trust something until it has been around a REALLY long time.

        • Encourager says:

          Thank you GA Red.

          I, too, have read reports of GE (genetically engineered) foods causing allergies in humans. Oh, maybe I need to spend 10 hours researching that…and post the sites, as if I am writing a dissertation.

          I think SweetPea may work for Monsanto or Beyer or one of the other chemical businesses…

      • Encourager says:

        I went to the site I found the info on, SweetPea, and it was not there. I did read it, I did not make it up.

        Watch your mouth. Stop being such a jerk.

  13. Yeah, Zimmerman should be able to sue someone – literally he took a lie detector test, voluntarily! Passed with flying colors – it wasn’t admissible in court though. I mean, O.J. Simpson was found “Not Guilty”, then sued and lost in a civil trial (which, I happen to think that Zimmerman will end up losing too – for obvious reasons.)

    I have to say this I am not racist – but is it coincidence that Wyoming has the LEAST amount of crime/violence and also has the LEAST amount of black residents? It’s a factual statistic =X

  14. Survivor says:

    No real surprises in any of those features..

  15. #1. Communists dont usually like due process of law .
    #2. NAACP ( Negros Against All Caucasian People ) needs to be listed and persecuted as a hate group .
    #3. Snowden should get the Congressional Medal of Honor for having the balls to step forward . I hope he defects to Russia and spills everything he knows .
    #4. they are not safe , you have to eat much more to get the same nutrient value than you would with unaltered food .

  16. Tom Arnold says:

    This is probably just my ignorance, but I thought Florida law says if found not guilty with self defense, there could not be any civil consequences. Or is that only if Castle Doctrine is in effect?

    • riverrider says:

      you are correct, but then again fla law said zim shouldn’t have been prosecuted in the first place. the defense said today he is immune but if not trayvon’s skeletons will be fair game at trial, this time.

      • Too bad they didnt make that kid a skeleton a long time ago ……I would gladly go back in time and donat the coat hanger .

  17. For those of us who are at least 100 years old, we might remember the riots of the 1970’s in Miami. I mention it because it was a Latino Policeman who shot a African American teen in a video arcade. (Sound familiar?)
    As I recall the Overtown section of Miami burned for a week. The Cop carried a .357 revolver (with a trigger/action job: hair trigger) and the shooting was ruled an accident. Then the SHTF!

    • Actually the Alverez riots were in 1984, after the Liberty City riots of 1980.

      • riverrider says:

        any excuse will do. i just can’t fathom what i see on the news when otherwise articulate black people go goo-goo over this case. wth? i’ve known a few that would not believe their own eyes after hearing something from somewhere else, but damn. and ol’ holder was up their with mlk’s picture on one side and his on the other proclaiming how doj will be looking into this more. hell he was half a step away from the black panthers all thru college himself. some call them race baiters, i say race whores. willing to sell out their own people for personal gain.

        • worrisome says:

          Holder has come and said he will “investigate” this incident with Zimmerman, but has already decided NOT to bring a case against those in the IRS that messed with the 401c applications…………nor will he go after the Black Panthers who are threatening mayhem. And all of them, Holder, Obama and company are totally ignoring Chicago……………….Holder is an ass.

  18. Portman90201 says:

    #1. I screw up on the part of both of them. Poor judgment on the part of both lead to very fatal dead ends… pun intended.

    #2. I was a kid in L.A. during the 65 riots…. Cop stopped a black man and tried to issue a ticket. To this day blocks of the hood are still scorced empty lots. Nothing has changed after billions of dollars pumped into the Watts area.

    I was Duty NCO at Marine Barracks, Camp Pendalton the night the 68 riots broke out. The base was sooooo very primed to engage! No ….. luck? Nothing has changed.. more empty lots.. more angry people.
    I was living in Toledo, Ohio When the Police and Fireman’s Unions walked out.. 79 I think. Now that was an open invitation for every Thug and Thuggette to show their quality.. burn, loot, rob, the laundry list. Nothing has changed…. folks just like to hate. Lot of empty lots and empty windows even to this day.

    I had just got outta Dodge (L.A.) when the Rodney King riot got underway…. The Third Marine Div. did get a little street time for that one. Lotta folks with out guilt or understanding lost their homes, business, cars, pets, relatives. Nothing has changed… only now the hate is very polarized into neighborhoods, Chinese, Viet, Korean, the East side of the Harbor freeway… Latino vs. the West side of the Harbor freeway… Black….. and more empty lots.

    Not long ago we had I nice lil RACE riot in Toledo, Ohio cause some Neo-Nazis threatened… to march in the olde Lagrange Polish district. I got to see that one. WTOL11 Action Camera on the scene with this news alert. The cops got run off, the EMTs and vehicles were stoned, fire engines stoned. Anyone of non-color was…. not welcome. A few small fires set, one apartment and a bar burned out. What has changed? Another empty lot, more simple hate, the ‘Ghetto’ more defined and growing.

    Well, I’m hopeful…. but still waiting to see what…. may have changed. Wanna see what Mr. Snowdon has to share. Waiting for GMOs to kill off the bees, a bunch of us. Dang MD, I hope my Hierloom seed are enough to get something started if it needs be.

    I’m going to open a beer for a bedtime drinky………

  19. Upon FURTHER thinking, the “New Black Panther Party” should be arrested and charged with Terrorism and hate crimes. Did anyone else hear the actual radio interview where Michelle Malkin calls for extensive rioting and blood shed in “Vanilla”, “Pink”, and “these pigs”.

    Seriously, if that was anyone else, they would be in a federal prison awaiting trial, or am I wrong????

  20. mountain lady says:

    Excellent discussion on GMOs. Pass the word. We tried to get GMO labelling passed here in Kali last election, but Monsanto came in with a lot of money and it was defeated. As you all know, you cannot fix stupid. As for Snowden, he is my hero!!!!!

    • I have a friend who calls them Monsatan. I have gotten in the habit as well.

      As for Snowden, I have mixed feelings. I’m glad he made it common knowledge that the government is collecting data on individuals (that may be used against them later) but I worry about all the other information he is supposed to have and whether it would truly be harmful to the US.

      • mountain lady says:

        Our govt. is supposed to be “of the people”. We should know what out govt. is up to, especially if it is up to no good. The only entity I fear more than my own govt. is that of the United Nations.

  21. Does anyone have a Non-GMO list or website? I’d love to know what products are safest

    • There’s an app for that – really there is. nonGMO is one. Buycott is one that allows you to scan barcodes. Here is a website with a list of non-GMO supporting companies –

      Currently, there are 64 countries that require GMO labeling. Usually, the US is ahead where things like this are concerned, but lately the US has been falling behind the rest of the world in many areas.

    • k. fields says:

      Look at

      Click the tab – “find non-gmo”

  22. Schatzie Ohio says:

    I don’t recall if there was any riots after OJ got off ??? 🙂

  23. Hunker-Down says:

    #1. To stem the tide of gun violence would wreck several industries.
    A; Legalize drugs and dry up the illegal drug trade. Use the proceeds to train individuals to get a job to replace their drug money.
    Lawyers would have a hard time finding work. For profit prisons would go out of business. Hospitals would have fewer patients.
    B; Allow open and concealed carry EVERYWHERE. The cowards will not be able to find an unarmed crowd to fire upon.

    #4. That article is a one sided whitewash of the issue. Bugs are developing resistance to GMO corn and farmers + Monsanto are pouring more insecticides in and on our food.There are 60 countries that prohibit the importation of USA GMO products. We are forced to eat them.

    • HD,
      Not sure how it would affect the hospitals, since I don’t know who and how much they get paid for these related injuries anyway. Another thing it would affect are some law enforcement agencies, primarily federal, like DEA and all of the Joint Task Force money they spread around. Illegal drugs are unfortunately profitable for both sides of the fence.

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