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Spreading the word1. Veteran Arrested For Asking Cop To Show ID : “I was pulled over on November 19th and arrested within three minutes of first contact, without having done anything illegal.”

2. Two-Thirds of Americans Live in the 4th Amendment “Exemption Zone” : “Last week, Judge Edward Korman—a Reagan appointee to the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York—confirmed that federal authorities can search the electronic devices of any American within 100 miles of any border without the need to obtain a warrant.”

3. 10 Genius Food Hacks For Kitchen Mastery : “There’s two things everyone does: they cook and they eat. Sometimes those things can be a burden, so why not make both easier? Here are 10 genius food hacks for kitchen mastery.”

4. Flu outbreak leaves 9 dead at Barnes-Jewish Hospital : “Nine patients ranging in age from mid-20s to mid-60s have died from complications related to the flu at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, according to the hospital.”

5. Grand Door Prize – Henry U.S. Survival AR-7 : “Columbus Prepperfest is pleased to announce that it has secured a Henry U.S. Survival AR-7 as the grand door prize for the show. Drawing will be held Sunday afternoon at 2pm.”

6. Free survival summit : Free five day online survival summit – check it out.

7. Rising interest rates risk stock-bubble burst : “As interest rates begin to rise, the danger intensifies that the current stock-market bubble could burst with disastrous consequences to retirement savers with 401(k) and IRA accounts.”

8. Frustration grows days after W.Va. chemical spill : “Frustration is mounting for many of the 300,000 West Virginia residents who’ve gone three days without clean tap water.” No need to prep, nothing is ever going to happen here – I wonder how many of these folks will still be saying things like that after this event…

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  1. Hunker-Down says:

    #1. No lights on the bicycle; throw him in a cage! Cops don’t need to show ID to anyone, they got guns, protection from their brothers and the judge has their back. He never said ‘yall’ once on the video, so the Gainesville police knew he was from up North 🙂
    I hope his case goes viral.

    #2. Just like N. Korea. There, you get shot, here they throw you into the legal system and suck all your money out of you.


    #7. Quote “if interest rates were to rise, as many economic experts anticipate – with yields on the three-month treasury rising to approximately 4 percent by 2018 and 10-year Treasuries to approximately 5.2 percent – interest payments on the federal debt will increase to $505 billion in 2018 from the current level of $255 billion.”

    That means the monthly interest on our debt will double. We cant pay the $255 billion interest payments so interest on interest will push the system into hyperinflation.

    #8. I pray for the victims.

  2. 1. I saw the video a few days ago and left a slightly sarcastic comment. Ive left my opinion of armed and badged gang members here often enough that i wont repeat it.

    • Nebraska Woman says:

      BC, one of my friends is chief of police in a mid-size city. 100,000 or so. He will not hire any arrogant young men/women; he goes for mild-mannered personalities. In his 10 year tenure, he received about 20 complaints on personell. You need to hire the best people for the job and let them do it. I have never been stopped, but when my friends who are getting up in age are, they are treated with respect. Most officers work alone, but back-up is nearby if needed.

      • Im very happy for you. Its very hard to make that sound the way its inteneded,completly without sarcasm. 30 plus years as an over the road driver who never got tickets,never drove over my hours and kept top notch equipment ,taught me one thing about those who enforce the law. They are all crooks,liars,bullies, sadists,ego maniacal, some of the biggest law breakers, and have gang like tactics and mentality. The biggest danger my wife and i ever faced,in any city large or small, was cops. My own little town is a perfect example. Not long ago i said what im going to repeat here,but i left links to it on another thread. We had our police chief get arrested by the state police for pulling people over and demanding cash payments. This was a 30 year veteran of policework. no telling how many lies he told or lives he ruined. Last year my town hired a cop who was fired from the town of haughton La for assault and racism. He lasted abouit a year here before he was accused and found guilty of the same thing in our little town and was fired. He is now a cop in the town of hodge La. they just move bad cops around. In my lifetime,ive met far more dirtbag lying dishonest nutbags cops than decent law enforcement officers. I avoid them like the plague. They bring nothing but heartache and grief into peoples lives. see, and i said i wouldnt go into it again. ;(

        • Nebraska Woman says:

          I remember your stories and I am wondering where our friendly cop on the corner is now that I am older. I grew up with the police-is-your-friend mentality.
          Any department is only as good as its leader. With leadership, good moral leadership, lacking in all facets of our government from the top to the local, I’m not very optimistic about our future.
          I do, however, really respect our local village cops and state troopers assigned to our area. We have 4 of the best here.

          • SurvivingInIdaho says:

            I agree 100% with you Nebraska Woman. It flows downhill and therefore really depends on the top cop. But to take it a step further I think a lot of time the local politics, economics, and other social factors influence the top cop as well as Morals.

            I lived in Las Vegas, NV (or NorthEastern Southern California as I like to call it) for many years. I knew some really good cops there but most of them were young, arrogant and hot headed. I think a lot of it comes from them being young and getting power for the first time. The problem is that the top brass doesn’t do anything to tamp that down. The older cops would even complain about the young guys and it caused problems. LV is improving but they had the highest number of Officer Involved Shootings per capita in the entire country for years. And none of them were ever found guilty…there was a great piece done by the LVRJ which dug into why the problem existed in LV. You can find that here:

            The reason I share that link is because I think it was one of the rare, decent pieces of investigative journalism done by any of the large papers anymore and maybe some of these same problems that plague LV are part of the problem in other PD’s across the country.

            I now live in the American Redoubt and I really tip my hand to a lot of the local Sheriff’s Office. I have gotten to know quite a few of the deputy’s and a number of the SGT’s and have even met some of the higher brass on occasion. Most of these guys are definitely prepper-minded and prepper-friendly. They have the same concerns about the future of this country as we do and how their families will fare. And I truly believe that most of them will be on our side if there is ever a line drawn in the sand, that they will not uphold illegal policies and laws against the populace.

            So I think there are a lot of bad cops out there, but there are a lot of good ones too. If you find that you live in an area and a force plagued by a lot of bad ones you may want to consider what local influences are making them the way they are and consider how that affects other things in your life. Might be time to move.

        • Hunker-Down says:


          A long time ago I moonlighted for a man who managed 600 apartments in a middle class Chicago suburb. He has a policy of never renting to cops, lawyers or judges. They are not a protected class so they cant get him for discrimination. He says they consider themselves above the law and always attempt to break the lease they signed.

    • Hey BC. Just saw on my local news that 2 ex local cops were acquitted of beating a local homeless man to death. Defence attorney made statement that ” They were just doing their jobs the way they were trained”. Check it out. Lookup KellyThomas, Fullerton Calif. What a crock of crap.

      • SoCalPrepper says:

        I saw the verdict this afternoon. I’m totally stumped at how the jury failed to find excessive use of force, at a minimum. The DA is actually quite good and I listened to the audio of most of the trial. Declining IQ in the jury pool…

        • The scary part is that I live in Fullerton. Declining IQ in jury pool plus crooked local government. Like I said What a crock.

  3. In the small town I grew up in I went to school with at least half of the cops on the force and I know what they had done and were capable of, that being said, nothing is served, you win no medals, you hurt yourself and just look damn foolish when anyone pulls the “they don’t have the right to do this to me” or ” they must do this” stuff with police. You lose every time. I also believe that you get more flies with honey than vinegar, being a little nice and respectful can make a problem go away.some of these guys are drunk on power, and some of them are burned out, and some of them are just trying to do their job. You never know what you are going to get, so know your rights, but be respectful. Remember that the officer in front of you may be getting his paycheck out of your pocket, but right now he is in charge of the situation.Give him the opportunity to be professional.If he is not, try to document to the best of your ability what has happened, and if need be get legal assistance, but remember you are not helping or protecting your family if you end up behind bars”proving” you are right.

  4. I do not have a cell phone.If I ever get it reinstated I will have it password protected.I will not use it for soscoal media or anything like that and will not have a large contacts app for it. People turn a simple phone into more of what a phone should be.

  5. #8. A small peek at things tom come. Where’s FEMA?

    • k. fields says:

      From what I’ve read and heard on the radio, FEMA’s response was actually very good – getting bottled water to National Guard distribution points within hours of the declaration of a Federal Emergency and over 350,000 gallons in tankers to the affected area by the following day.

  6. A member of Flutrackers from Texas has compiled a list of H1N1 deaths this season based on obituaries and other published reports. Just in Texas there have been 114 deaths. There have been 26 deaths in Dallas County. (This is one of the few counties nationwide that require doctors to report adult influenza deaths.)

    If one person from Texas can keep track of flu deaths in his state, you would think that the CDC could keep track of flu deaths nationally.

  7. Donna in MN says:

    1. I agree with rjarena. Badge number is on his badge, and if I want his name, I would ask, “what can I help you with, officer______________?

    2. If those border patrols want to check my $1.49 solar powered calculator, they are welcome to it.

    4. No flu deaths reported in my state yet, which makes me wonder why?

    7. Rising interest rates will affect paying back our debts and will cause a downward spiral of our economy.That’s why the fed prints fake money- it keeps the interest down by making it look like we have lots and lots of money compared to our debt….but they are trying to print a little less, which causes interest rates to go up a little. Printing money for a long time will soon collapse us, and if they stop printing, it will still collapse us. A no-win senario.

    8. I would think collecting rain water would be what people do now. It does rain there….Taking water pipes upstream of the spill for clean water would also be a solution I haven’t seen yet..

    • MorePooperThanPrepper says:

      Donna, you know know more about living and surviving on one’s own than I expect I will ever even have a chance to read about or learn.

      But I think most people would disagree with your take on the connection between money supply and interest rates. The Federal Reserve gets to both “Loan” money to the big banks (print) and control the interest rates. If they think inflation is becoming a problem (for them I guess – because it is already a problem for me) then my understanding is that they will raise interest rates which should contract the effective money supply.

      All that said I am certainly no economist.

      • PGCPrepper says:

        The favorite word in an economist’s vocabulary is “unexpected.” How long would you last if that was your response report after report? Rhetorical.

      • Donna in MN says:

        I follow the bouncing ball.

        With more money available by printing money,(a large money supply) interest rates decrease. They use the printed money to buy bonds and sell them. Rates were kept down low because we have to pay interest on that debt and its supposed to stimulate the economy, which it hasn’t done well. If the Fed wants to raise interest rates, it sells securities and cuts down printing. This adjusts the federal funds rate —

        This has created a stock market bubble when interest rates are low and prints lots of money, it shows the dollar is weak and money can’t be made on interest so investors flock to the stock market. The Feds have a balancing act to perform but what they do may have the opposite effect they wanted.

        How the Fed works
        Peter Schiff’s blog
        cnbc. com

        It is hard enough for most people to understand how the fed works, they can look it up if they are interested.

  8. #1 This would be an excellent opportunity to sue the city (or county) and a civil lawsuit
    against the pig.

  9. If you haven’t had a laugh today, watch this video. (If you like cats and dogs, you will love this.)

  10. #8
    I am in the affected zone. Glad I had been following this site. Baths have been skipped but plenty of water to drink at my house (without asking for help). I hadn’t thought about toxins until now. I am rethinking longterm water treatment. Glad to see assistance going smooth but water was off the shelves within the first hour. o and found out the old well pump was dead. Lots of people with separate source of water giving to others was a good thing to see.

  11. SoCalPrepper says:

    #7 – so…if the stock market really isn’t a viable long term option, and bonds / money market accounts are only going to pay me 1/2%….and inflation will make that money under your matters useless….what do we do?

    Silver maybe? But people have to be willing to accept that as payment or in trade. Barter items? Something else?

    I’m relatively early in my career (starting 7th year) so my 401k isn’t very exciting, because I just started at a company that actually has a 401k available. So I’m doing 5% per year, which lowers my tax liability, but I won’t count on it alone for retirement. I’m also a new-ish prepper (maybe 2 years?) and feel like I have a great start on food, supplies, defense, shelter, etc. but I’m having a hard time figuring out the best way to protect assets.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      Who knows how the financial system will collapse or how it will react to a national disaster? Our approach is to put a little into cash, a little into PM’s and if we were younger, a little into the stock market via 401K with the max employer match percentage.
      Have a backup for your backup. If cash wont work, try PM’s. If PM’s wont work, try cash. If neither work, a Glock is a another level of backup.

      • SoCalPrepper says:

        I like the Glock as 3rd backup! Having a split of PMs, 401k and cash was the direction I was leaning. And bullets…I have lots of those too!

        • riverrider says:

          one thing is for sure, everything WILL go up in cost. so buy what you need now,then buy what you will need, then buy what you may need. tangibles and land. if you need a new appliance,car, whatever, buy it now at today’s prices. i have watched some things go up 50 and 100% in the last four years. long term food storage is another good investment. think about it as money saved=money earned.

          • Hunker-Down says:

            We did that with our kitchen appliances last year. Cant afford to do the furnace and water heater.

  12. Ohio Surveyor says:

    The chemical spill in West Virginia has opened my eyes. I have a sand filter, then a activated charcoal filter then a Katadyn high volume water filter system. This system was built by me and designed for multi family for multi years. As far a I can tell NOTHING I have would filter the chemicals that spilled into the river in West Virginia. I also can’t find anything on the market right now that would filter the high volume of chemicals released by the chemical company…not even a reverse osmosis system at around (3k). The only thing I can do is pray nothing like this ever happens near me. anyone have any ideas …thoughts??? worse case scenario in a SHTF situation how will I ever know what chemicals were/are being released into the water upstream, let alone try to filter them.

    • distillation may work but I’m not sure. This would also be a long process and use up a lot of fuel to get enough water to do more than drink.

      • Ohio Surveyor says:

        Thanks for the idea. My next mission is finding a “water test kit” that identifies chemicals/petroleum products. The kits I’m finding only test well/drinking water and are not designed for chemicals/petroleum products. I’m thinking of trying the county and seeing if they have tested my creek or know where I can get a test kit. It’s better for me to find out now than to hope for the best later.

        • distillation would NOT work. The boiling temp of the chemical is 1.8 dgrees higher than the boiling temp of water. you would be boiling off the chemical WITH the water and you would have the same thing you started with. If i knew what micron the chemical was, i could tell you if a reverse osmosis system would work.

          • MorePooperThanPrepper says:

            Good call on the distillation BC. Organics usually do vaporize with the steam.

            Powdered activated charcoal is effective at removing these sorts of organic compounds from water. But to be sure how effective for this compound you’d have to test water going in and then coming out of your particular filter.

            I wouldn’t try to treat the water. I’d find another source.

            As far as water test kits, I doubt you could get anything that would be sensitive enough to accurately detect organic chemicals at the low concentrations that they still effect health. You would probably need a gas chromatograph and mass spectrometer which are expensive and sensitive and then you’d need an analytical chemistry degree to use em.

            Water treatment is a complex process and is why people get paid a (relatively) lot of money to do it.

            • k. fields says:

              “Powdered activated charcoal is effective at removing these sorts of organic compounds from water.”

              But in this case you need to remember that the commercial water treatment plant in question, which uses a multifaceted treatment process, issued an unsafe to drink notice when they found the chemical had begun flowing through their granular activated carbon beds unabated.
              They too, had initially hoped the activated carbon would be able to filter it out.

      • poorman,
        If you do distillation then you need to be rather sophisticated, since the VOCs in the water can be concentrated. Initial distillate vapors need to be allowed to vent into the air, since they most likely contain more chemical than water vapor.

  13. Black Rose says:

    Off subject but Foster Farm processing plant is closed again for roaches.
    I finally ordered my first Zaycon chicken. Does anyone know where Zaycon gets their chicken?

  14. Is anyone in Ohio or the area planning on attending the Prepperfest in Columbus this upcoming weekend?

  15. Draq wraith says:

    Bam bam hope you got the FL paramedics death from the h1n1 I posted under your main thread.

    8 it doesn’t matter if the rates go up or not the thing is too high to pay now as it is.

  16. Draq wraith says:

    Bam bam hope you got my link to the that reported a paramedics death from h1n1. His wife is still fighting for her life.

  17. Mathematician Calculates How To Survive First 30 Minutes of Nuclear War

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