Monday Miscellany : Police Brutality Edition

police11. Obama Militarizes Police To Use As Legal Foot Soldiers During Civil Unrest : “As the government grows–along with the ever increasing amount of Constitutional rights they violate–it appears as if they have been planning something all along to keep citizens in line. Anticipating that one day Americans would become fed up with the government’s mandates, they have been militarizing police on an unprecedented scale.”

2. Glen Beck Warns of Increasingly Militarized Local Police Forces: ‘How Does That End?’ : “Glenn Beck on Thursday voiced his concerns over increasingly militarized local police forces, saying there seems to be a growing pattern of police overstepping their bounds, and that it could make for a “very bad combination” down the road.”

3. Maryland Cop Kills Dog : “The “officer” apparently cut across the family’s yard en route to another house to ask about a burglary. In the process, the family’s Chesapeake Bay Retriever did what dogs do: It defended its turf from the unknown intruder. So the cop shot the dog.” Cop trespassing on private property shoots owners dog… Cops, just like elected officials, should be bound by the same laws as everyone else, but we all know that isn’t going to happen…

4. Woman Forced to expose her body and remove bloody tampon as 5 Male Cops Watch and Joke : “CHICAGO — A woman is filing a lawsuit after being deeply humiliated when a group of male police officers forced her to strip on the road, joking about her body as they forced her to remove her bloody tampon.”

5. Americans Killed by Cops Now Outnumber Americans Killed in Iraq War : “Cops have killed well over 5,000 Americans since 9/11. Many of these killings have occurred during no-knock raids, which have risen by 4000% since the 1980s. Iraqi insurgents, by comparison, have killed around 3,500 Americans in Iraq since 9/11 in Operation Iraqi “Freedom.” It is not just Iraq. The number of Americans killed by police also now exceeds the number of Americans killed by Afghan insurgents. Afghan insurgents have killed around 2,000 Americans in Afghanistan since 9/11 in Operation Enduring “Freedom.” The police are getting paid with our money to go on shooting sprees and they are killing more of us than the terrorists from whom they “protect” us.”

6. Dire Civil Liberties Predictions For 2014 : “As we come to the end of a year that saw revelations about massive government spying programs, horrifying stories of police abuse, and brazen violations of the Fourth Amendment, I thought I might offer my own grim predictions about where civil liberties are headed in the coming year.”

7. Or course they were – Police officers who beat homeless man to death are acquitted : “Two of the police officers who beat and killed Fullerton, California homeless man Kelly Thomas were acquitted on all charges yesterday. Thomas was unarmed. He also suffered from schizophrenia.”

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  1. I’m not too sure how I would handle a cop killing my dog. I’d imagine they would be forced to kill me too.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      My response would be: my dog was trying to protect me, he shot my dog to get to me, I was in grave danger, I shot him in self defense.

  2. In my tiny little brain, all of the above are just symptoms of a greater problem which is running wild in this world. As St. Paul wrote in his letter to the Ephesians, 6:12, “We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this age,…..”. (NKJV)

    Now if that does not describe what is going on I don’t know what does.

  3. Just as stated in number six, it will get worse… Much worse.

    I do not see how it can get better without 1776 part two. However, as a nation, I am afraid we are going to just bend over and take it. All I know is it will either be more bloody than the War of Northern Aggression, or too many able bodied Americans will walk peacefully to the camps.

    • Nebraska Woman says:

      I just finished A. American’s Going Home series…Book 3 will give you his view on what these camps will look like.
      I, if alone, will not go gently into that good night, I will NOT. However, my 94 year old mother, if sent, would not survive long. Honestly I would go with her.
      People have forgotten personal honesty, personal accountability. Especially those in power.
      But do not worry! Our AG who belongs in jail is there to protect us. TDL who needs to be his cellmate will take is oath of office seriously and do his job.
      Those weapons of mass destruction are out there…somewhere…in our own back yard. Just do not put your dog there.

      • I agree with you on the “To go or not to go” scenario. Is it best for my children to go in the run and hope to find a group of true Patriots or to go to the camps. My first instinct is hell no not alive. But could I do that to my babies (5,6,11) or worse let the Fed. Or if we did go underground how long could we survive before we found relative safety, were captured, or succumbed to the elements or starvation or injury.

        This is a deeply personal question many, if not all, of us are struggling with. Yet, it is one not discussed often.

        • Nebraska Woman says:

          If my children’s survival depended on my survival, I would have to think deeply about that. I see your situation clearly.
          I have read that in WWII, Jewish people when forced into this situation, would often split up, with one parent going with the old ones to certain death, and the other parent taking the children to the woods.
          We must always remember that people in positions of power do not have honor. What did the Nazis understand about honor?

          • The movie ” Defiance ” was based on real life events and characters . When the Germans invaded Russia , they were worse than in western europe , and two jewish brothers decided to resist , but the method of how was different . One decided to take in as many jewish refugees as possible and go to the woods , the other decided on the immediate approach of joining the Soviet partizans . Good movie for thought .

        • dave bernal says:

          I would rather die on my feet, than on my knees!!!!!

    • All I can say about the results of the wrong side winning the civil war is ” How’s it working for you now ? “

    • riverrider says:


      • NWGhostRider says:

        Amen River, Once you go in a camp you are at their mercy, it is far better to struggle, fight and possibly die. At least you will let them know your life will not be cheap.

  4. These assertions about stickers and coffin liners are a few years old and keep popping back up from time to time. The stickers are a hoax (and easily defeated if they weren’t), the coffin liners exist but aren’t necessarily a bad thing, as the fedgov prepares for many possibilities and pandemic has happened before. Perhaps we’d be glad they had these things one day; I hope we never need them though.

    As far as the Main Core List goes, I would like to see someone leak the contents of the list, rather than just claim it exists. I don’t doubt it could exist, Nixon also had an enemies list and we see what is happening with the IRS already. But if someone could actually leak it, perhaps along with phone conversations discussing going after this one or that one, that would be the end of this president’s power I think.

    Corruption exists. It’s more blatant in other countries, and as this one heads towards becoming a third world country we will see more and more problems with police and other officials.

    I think one of the best vaccines against becoming a victim of police brutality or official harassment is to either make friends with a cop or to be known as civically active or “lawyered up”, however you decide to accomplish that. Also, hide your assets (put them in trusts or companies) if you have a lot of property. Local officials won’t try to steal from you if they don’t know you have something to steal.

    If you must fight the Man, then lawyer up and gird up in advance, and realize you are walking into a dirty fight.

    • I’m not trying to be a Pollyanna, there is definitely a scary trend towards a police state going on. It’s obvious they are preparing for SOMETHING and they’ve been doing so since before 2001. Most likely the idea started out as continuity of government in a collapse, although the erosion of civil rights bothers me very much, since once there is no peaceful recourse it’s bound to get sporty.

      I think that most big players in this don’t want a sudden collapse. But perhaps they realize they can’t stop it, only postpone it and arm up in the meantime. The longer they postpone the inevitable, the longer we have to prep as well.

      I don’t think they were expecting the Tea Party. Heh.

  5. I saw two police officers throw a man in the street Saturday evening, I do not know what happened before, so this only what I saw, the two cops threw him in the street just like in the old western movies, throwing a drunk out of a bar.
    This morning, a homeless man told me that he was arrested last night and the police officers ruffed him up, took his drivers license, his cell phone and his keys, and did not return them. Now I know I am only hearing one side of the story, but I am hearing these types of stories more and more.
    I do not like that police departments are getting former military equipment, and that their swat teams are getting bigger and bigger.
    I also do not like all of the raids in the middle of the night I am hearing about, without any cause to believe that it is justified.
    The killing of dogs is just nuts, a brute force weapon to show the homeowner that they can do what ever they want. It sickens me.

  6. Rider of Rohan says:

    Remember when Obama said he wanted a civilian force to equal the military. Did anyone think he was kidding? I sure didn’t, and now we have it. To think it won’t be used is naïve.

    • Rider my Christian brother,
      I 100% agree with you that Barry would LOVE to have his own private army. My question is, is all of the bad press about Cops being used to frighten the general population so that they welcome Barry’s Commandos with open arms, or is it the real deal. Many think so, I’m just not sure?

  7. Hunker-Down says:

    The post office has bids out for ‘various’ caliber of ammo. Is TDL arming every branch of government? He has purged the military leadership. Will he ever give up power?

    We have allowed congress to ignore whatever law they dislike.
    We have allowed judges to ignore whatever law they dislike.
    The police are just going down that same slippery slope.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      There is now a military component and a welfare component in just about every federal agency. That’s how a gov’t grows, both in scope and in employment. As for Congress, Obama ignores them, and does what he wants. A pen and a phone, and that’s all that’s required for tyranny in these United States. And an ignorant, uneducated, and indoctrinated population whose only aim(other than consuming some drug or another) is how much I can get out of the gov’t for doing nothing.

  8. Are the LEO’s of today any worse than say the Policemen of the 1950’s? Or, are these stories just making news for a political reason.

    We are going through a cultural revolution, have been for decades. One of the targets of the Marxists is always any hero of the old established culture. Why else did Hollywood make a movie like “Brokeback Mountain” other than to smear the idea of an American folk hero, The Cowboy.

    Last Friday someone wrote here that “All Doctors are drug addicts/pushers”. Now do they know this as fact, of did they get their ideas from watching “House”? My DW and I have known 100’s of MD’s in our careers and dam few have been addicts or pushers.

    Look at the treatment Conservative’s get as compared to Liberals in the media. All the Cops I’ve known were more likely to side with the NRA than Barry the Commie. I’m not saying that some of these stories about the Police are not true, just don’t believe everything you read.

    • Ghost,

      Get it straight and stop adding words to help try to prove what you want others to believe – I did not say that “all Doctors are drug addicts/pushers” I said that “doctors are some of the worst drug pushers” although some probably are addicts too. Not all doctors are pill pushers, or perform unnecessary surgery and procedures, but many are and do and that is a proven fact no matter what you want to believe or who you know.

      • MD, this might surprise you but I wasn’t referring to “your” comments on the Pot issue. (Go back and read all of the comments).
        I believe that we are both men of good will and neither of us shade the truth, as we see it.
        I’ve known 2 MD’s who I knew had drug problems, both worked in the field of anesthesia, but neither were pushers. I’ve also knew of an MD who ran a “clinic” that was put out of business for writing too many scripts for narcs, but that’s another story. Not needed surgery, only a full blown Med school trained Doc can make that call, my friend.

    • Hi Ghost, “Are the LEO’s of today any worse than say the Policemen of the 1950′s?”

      I don’t know if they are worse or not. It may be that with the Internet and YouTube we are a lot more aware of the criminals who have infiltrated some police departments.

      I grew up in a prosperous suburb in the 1950s and ’60s, and the police were portrayed as respected employees, and kids’ friend.

      At the same time, the cops in the city (ALL white force at the time) were quite definitely not any black person’s friend. My impression is that the city force was viciously anti-black. Maybe in my suburb, too, but the only black folks were those women going to work in a local’s house, and I guess they got special dispensation.

      Anyway, I’ve had enough personal experiences with police and sheriffs who in my opinion clearly belonged in prison to think that the statement “Most cops are good cops” is a fantasy. If they aren’t actively criminals, they are passively helping the criminals in their ranks by not turning them in and testifying against them.

      I suspect that the Founders, who warned us against the dangers of a standing army, would consider the police forces of America to qualify as that very standing army.

      • @Penrod
        Thank you for your thoughtful answer. I’m pretty much in the same boat as you. Having been portrayed as some sort of “Baby Killer” upon returning from the war in SE Asia myself, I tend to look as any news source with a skeptical eye.

    • Its a bigger problem , in the 1950’s , cops walked a beat , they knew their neighborhood well and knew the people by name , they preferred the term ” peace officer ” to ” law enforcement ” . Now they are as bad as the people they chase , they dont know anybody , and dont want to . Fact is , this isnt Bosnia , we do NOT need the militarization , crap dude , its worse here than in Russia . Seriously , Russian cops walk a beat and a great many carry nothing but a club , yes they have OMOH ( swat ) , or if its really bad , Spetsnaz MVD , but its pretty bad and frankly a disgrace , that OUR cops are more of a danger to the citizens than the cops of our cold war enemy . The time will come when we have every right to shoot a cop , as THEIR highly questionable actions will FORCE a decision , dont give up your guns ( matter of fact , buy more ! ) . This is not easy or pleasant , but it was equally as hard for those that stood at Lexington and Concorde .

      • I pray that you are wrong?

        • I wish I was , but the thing is , in a lot of places in Russia , there are NO cops , that can be good or bad , but another alarming thing is everyday life for the average Russian is LESS regulated than for the average American . Dont get me wrong , that government is also corrupt and wants its money from their people , but they dont feel the need to over regulate every aspect of their lives , it isn’t the Soviet Union anymore , the transformation would shock you, and alarm us at what we are becoming . They seemed to have learned from it , while we are too arrogant to understand that we wont do any better than the Soviet Union did with our brand of that crap ………..hard times ahead , shake your hand on the battlefield .
          Dio Vindis

  9. “Are the LEO’s of today any worse than say the Policemen of the 1950′s? Or, are these stories just making news for a political reason.”

    Gee I dont know, are they armed any different? was Glock even a word in the 50’s,…. did they have “no knock” warrants in the 50’s”.. APC’s running up on peoples lawns with cops kicking in doors for unpaid traffic fines in the 50’s… everything is fine.. go back to sleep, we’ll wake you later when it’s over.

    • Sorry Larry, I didn’t mean to rattle your cage. I guess a .38 to the head hurts less than a .40 from a Glock, or a rap on the head from an old fashion nightstick is just not high tech enough to do any damage.
      I know, you saw all of this anti-police stuff on utube, and everything on the net is real, isn’t it?

      • Ghost,
        I understand and agree with your basic point, “don’t believe everything you hear.”
        However, I also know a family personally, where the father and the dog were shot by police in the yard. The dog did nothing but step over the threshold of his home then get shot, but no one was allowed to treat it and it took a number of hours to bleed to death.
        The unarmed father who also did nothing was shot to death. He died quickly. No charges were filed against the police because the dead father was a pretty rotten fellow. Now I am not sorry he is dead, but he was executed without cause by the police in his own front yard. The police version was that he was ‘acting aggressively’ but that was not substantiated by the neighbors or the family.
        It is a scary world when the police are more dangerous than the criminals, but I fear that is where we are headed.

    • + 100

    • Being a former LEO, I can say I’m pretty disappointed by the new crop of punks…uh, I meant cops with liberal education. Every rookie figures he’s 10′ tall, 10′ wide and covered with hair. It usually takes two or three years to knock that out of him. Unfortunately, so many PD’s are requiring some sort of college degree and the overwhelming majority of colleges are liberal, socialist cesspools. They fill the heads of the gullible with their socialistic, PC, social justice nonsense.

      It’s only going to get worse.

  10. Hunker-Down says:

    When I was about 17, a friend and I left a theatre around 4PM, it was still light, and started walking down a alley next to the theatre, on the way to our car. About 20 feet into the alley 2 cops commanded us to back up against the wall of the theatre and show them our hands. They were very agitated and asked a lot of questions. Seeing that our hands were clean they let us go. They were excited but never drew a gun and treated us with respect. This was around 1958.

    If the same thing happened today, with the reputation of the police, I would probably pee my pants and get hauled off to jail for acting guilty, or just shot on the spot.

    Oh, the cops were in a tizzy because someone threw a brick through their windshield. They didn’t tell us, another bystander did.

    • @Hunker
      One night I was racing a motorcycle with my RX-7 through some back roads. We were hitting 80+mph when a Florida Highway Patrolman pulled me over. He started to give me a lecture on how stupid I was acting but being a young dude I started to smirk and chuckle at him. He them pull out his Colt Python and told me that if I laughed anymore, “I am going to bury your body in an orange grove”. Needless to say I stopped laughing and started listening.
      Every so often I think about that Cop and how he prevented me from killing myself in my Mazda by driving like a jackass. I always thank God for sending him to me that night.

  11. ozhillbilly says:

    I have a number of “friends” who are in law enforcement in one capacity or another and when I pose questions to them about the militarization of the police forces nation wide, etc. I either get the silent treatment or they deny it. I guess we can compare it to the “Blue Code of Silence?” Are there any in the Pack that are active or retired law enforcement that would like to enlighten us?

    • riverrider says:

      twenty five years ago i was one. i saw it going wrong then and went full time military. true, not all are bad guys, but enough of them are that the good guys dare not speak up. after all, you rely on the guy backing you up every night. my bil is the sheriff. he says he can’t find good recruits anymore. young nazi’s that quit when they get to the hand-to-hand portion of the academy. he says they never fought anybody before and think that shooting is the answer to any aggression. guess its the same all over. that’s what we get when we don’t spank our kids, and a childhood fistfight is treated like a felony murder.

  12. The new breed of cop isn’t like when I was a cop. Back many, many, many moons ago, we were taught to defend the helpless, not brutalize them. I am sickened by all the stories coming to light about police brutality. I guess I’m too much of an idealistic knight in shining armor.

  13. riverrider says:

    folks, chief justice scalia is quoted saying that enternment camps like the japanese-americans of ww11 are likely again one day soon. let me say this again. never go into a camp. not to save your kids, because you won’t. they’ll only suffer longer and you’ll have to watch them. NOTHING good has ever come out of the camps. yeah, there were a few broken survivors, but how many millions starved or died of rampant desease or were beaten/executed in horrifying ways? ask god for strength and resist. resist with everything you have. its better to die fighting than on bended knee. you’re still dead either way, may as well go out with honor. sic semper tyrannis!

    • Jersey Drifter says:

      +100 Right on the mark rr

      • i think i would kill my daughter rather than see her raped, not to mention other tortures that would be inflicted. once they have you tied up they make you watch and you can’t do anything tho stop it.
        yes there have always been bad cops in my lifetime, although probably not anything like as rampant now.
        i could tell you stories.

    • ………land mines , booby traps , IED’s , and other things were invented for a reason . Body armor only protects the torso for the most part , if you blow off an enemy’s arm or leg ……you have permanently taken him out of actively participating in the field , not to mention the psychological affect of maimed comrades over time as well as the maimed person……they will live , but they wont enjoy it . things that blind a person would have the same desired affect……………….just sayin .

  14. I like the scene in the Godfather , when Michael asks about the cuban guerillas , he said something to the affect ” ….So your troops get paid to protect and the rebels do not ? …….” the rebels will win . “

  15. As I have alot of family in police work and myself am just out of academy. There are things that are blown out of proportion on all of this. Though, there are a few bad apples that make the lives of cops miserable by giving them a bad name, most of them are actually hard working and decent citizens… so please bear the following in mind
    -cops deal with the WORST of the WORST daily for 20+ years
    -EVERY day their lives are in danger
    -media only stirs the pot and gives you “excitable” details
    -videos taken are almost ALWAYS half way through the event taking place (rarely of the events leading up to the cops escalation of force)
    -they have families that are targeted because of their profession

    Cops get a bad rap… being the arm of the LAW sucks, they do not create the laws. That is our politicians, blame them and blame others for electing them.

    Also, when you start talking about cops being used as on ground military for the government. Keep in mind that they are AMERICANS and not all of them will suppress you.

    If you are always being hassled by cops, some questions for you:
    -Are you always doing something suspicious or far out of the norm?
    -Are you doing anything illegal?
    -Are you often around people doing illegal things?

    Yes to any of those will get you constantly “hounded” by the police… decide what you do and decide who you hang out with carefully

    • Thing is , you have to recognize when its time to find another job . I have a buddy that was an ex deputy marshall , and then a prison guard after that , He quit any form of law enforcement , the reason he gave was this ” I didnt like what I was turning into ” ………Its a choice .

  16. Read what will eventually happen in “Unintended Consequences”. Google it, is available as pdf

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