Monday Miscellany

1. CT Cop to Gun Owner: “I Cannot Wait to Get the Order to Kick Your Door In” : “John is among hundreds of thousands of Connecticut citizens who are exercising mass civil disobedience against not only a violation of their rights expressed in the Second Amendment, but also in the Connecticut State Constitution.”

2. DEPUTY ACCUSED OF ILLEGAL STOPS : “A rural Nevada sheriff’s deputy is accused of stopping travelers on a lonely stretch of U.S. Interstate 80 and confiscating tens of thousands of dollars for the county without bringing charges, according to two federal lawsuits.”

3. New York Man Facing Manslaughter Charges for Protecting Family from Burglar : “A New York Man is facing manslaughter charges after he did what any normal man trying to protect his family would do – stop a gun wielding burglar form entering his home.”

4. Think the ammo market is about to get better? Think again : “The real issue this year is the ”ongoing” powder shortage. It is going to be worse this year then the last two previous years.”

5. Obama Nominee For Surgeon General Says Banning Guns Is Part Of Medicine : “His group, which has been dubbed “Docs vs. Glocks,” has pushed Congress to ban “assault” weapons and “high-capacity” magazines.”

6. Measles Outbreak Confirmed In New York City : “The New York City Health Department is investigating a measles outbreak after 16 people have been confirmed with the highly contagious disease in Manhattan and in the Bronx.”

7. 30 uses for wood ashes, you never thought of.

8. After the Collapse: Six Likely Events That Will Follow an Economic Crash : “The US government has run up trillions of dollars in debt, and given the recent debates over the country’s debt ceiling, we can rest assured that neither Congress or the President will act to curtail spending and balance the budget. We will continue adding trillions of dollars to the national debt clock until such time that our creditors no longer lend us money.”

9. We’re Going to be Hit with a Tsunami of Inflation : “On the effect of Obama Care on the economy, Schiff contends, “The employment base is collapsing; so, the tax base is collapsing. The budget deficits are going to get bigger than ever. They just voted to raise the debt limit, but they didn’t actually just raise the limit–they suspended it. So, in fact, the sky is the limit. They can pile on as much debt as they want to because right now, there IS no limit to the amount of debt we can have, which means we are going to get a lot more debt. Everybody thinks this is good news. . . . Why is that good news? Maybe that’s good news if you are a gold investor, but it’s bad news for everybody else.”

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  1. #5: They keep poking that bear.

  2. Since it seems to upset the law enforcement boot lickers here,Ill just include these lovely videos.Police theft and corruption,is nothing new and happens in every town, big or small.

  3. This is sort of off topic but Sunday while driving to church my DW and I were run off the road by a 18-wheeler and ended up hitting a rather large tree at 50 mph. Needless to say we were both injured and the Nash Rambler we were riding in is totaled.

    As the 18-wheel truck roared by us I did notice that it had Tennessee plates on it, thus proving that anyone who drives/has driven an 18 wheeler at any time, and/or lives in the state of Tennessee is a suspect and can not be trusted as they are some sort of evil!

    I know, I shouldn’t blame the actions of a few on a whole group, but this is my opinion and still is an “open forum” isn’t it?

    Go with God and make your whole life a prayer, bye.

    • Ghost:

      You push your tongue any farther into your cheek it’s going to pop out the other side……

      Sorry to here about your wreck. At least it sounds like you were driving a vehicle with some substance to it. A KIA would have been totaled, killed the occupants, and hardly barked the tree.

    • Hope your wife is ok. Pity,I really loved the old ramblers.

      • P.S. I completely respect your right to say what you believe, and as often as you like.

        • Rider of Rohan says:

          Crap, my mother had a green Rambler that I was embarrassed to be seen in. Oh, that I had saved that thing. Also my Camaro, but that’s a touchy subject.

        • MentalMatt says:

          Really? MD, if you don’t want us posting on your site, please, just say so, I’m serious, if I’m not welcome on this site, with this onslaught just tell me……

          • MentalMatt,

            I’m lost… why do you think I don’t want you posting on the site? If I did not want you to post I would just ban you from posting, by blacklisting your IP address, email and name… I have no idea what the problem is on your end – when did I say anything to you about posting here or even commented on one of your comments… What are you talking about? And have you ever thought about sending me a email instead of posting stuff like this in the comments…

            • JP in MT says:

              I’m wondering if he went straight to “moderation”. I was surprised today when one of mine didn’t.

        • axelsteve says:

          I had a roommate when I was single who became a corrections at san quention. He was late for work on day for some reason so he was doing 85 or 90 on southbound 101.A chp pulled him over and said,I have no idea those old Ramblers could go that fast.The chp asked him if something was up at s.q. My friend told him that something hapend and there is a big lock down.The chp let him go.

      • tommy2rs says:

        I was particularly fond of the Ramblers fold down seats myself. As a teenager I used to borrow my grandfathers for date nights as my microbus and it’s foldout bed was too well known by fathers in the area.

    • Donna in MN says:

      I’m sorry to hear about your accident. I hope you and your dw recover from your injuries.

      Darn Trees! They always run right in front of our cars.

    • Ghost I hope you and your DW are ok . But you need to be nice too

    • Well Hell that’s it!!!!! I calling my congressman right now!!! The obvious problem is with all those damn TREES, we must get them banned now!! Pretty soon they will attack children in school buses and we sure can’t have that! They let their leaves fall all over the ground and then they get wet and make it slippery, you could break your neck walking down the sidewalk!! There are probably more people killed by trees, leaves and falling limbs than guns in this country so they must be taken care of!!

      • Trees also have had us convinced that they consume carbon dioxide and provide oxygen. Only those who are inclined to accept the status quo would be had by such nonsense. I’ve found through extensive research and listening to Alex jones, that the illuminati, Elvis ( who is still alive ) and the man on the grassy knoll are part of a world wide conspiracy to pull ute our brains with tree spewing carbon monoxide, thereby dimming us down ( not much of a walk according to my friend ghost) and taking over the world. I’m not totally opposed to the idea because I still love the king.

  4. Ammo: I saw something yesterday about the Ukraine stopping all shipments of outgoing ammo, for now. Can’t blame them. It was talking about 7.62 ammo, I’m assuming they mean 7.62×39, but it could also affect 7.62x54R. If you use it, and want more, you might want to start now.

    • Thats ok , Russia is the biggest producer by far in ammo exports of that here , the Ukraine just only recently started shipping exports of that to us , will not affect much .

    • Just so everybody knows , All the Ukrainian ammo that was coming in , were made by Russian owned factories in Ukraine ……there may be more to why they are not or can no longer make the ammunition , than what they are saying . The fact that Russian troops are on their soil already and holding border exercises , seizing factories owned by Russian businessmen , and continuing production without consent , may not be the smartest thing to do in their situation . Either way it will affect us very little …………unless we piss off the Russians , then it will suck and be the end of cheap 7.62×39 .

  5. In no order, because I am still out of whack from the time change, Powder shortage- I don’t know if there will be a future powder shortage, I DO KNOW that because of silly out-dated regulations (they never remove a bad out-dated reg. do they!) a shipper can only transport to each receiver(i.e. retail gun shop, private buyer) 100lb. of powder per delivery. Now there is no regulations on how many units or tonnage of primers that can be shipped, ammo(rimfire or centerfire) just powder. I know retailers in my area that have huge back orders of powder, receive orders every week, but are getting only 100 lb at a time, one of the guys at the local gun shop said that if everything they had ordered came in, it would take 3 deliveries a week for a year to catch up.
    Yea, more stories of bad cops, I don’t doubt them, But what can we do? be careful? be aware? I think most of us here already are.
    The economy is going from bad to worse? A big yep on that, I know it is hurting me in a big way now.
    And surprise!,surprise!, surprise! Another Barry appointee is against guns, Can’t say I didn’t see that one coming!

  6. Rider of Rohan says:

    #3-If there is an attempted break-in of your home, it’s wise not to chase a suspect and shoot him in the back. I can’t think of a single place that probably won’t get you charged with a crime, even in states with better gun laws than NY.

    #4-I was in Wally World yesterday, talked to the Sports department guy, and he reported they got 10 bricks of 500 .22 shells in Sat. The same 4 people bought all of these shells, and have been seen at every Wally in the general area buying all the .22 shells. It’s obvious what’s going on. They have an insider at Wal-Mart telling them when the stores will get the am-mo, then show up at truck time and buy as much as the store with allow, which in this case is 12 bricks since they can all buy 3 bricks each. Since the store only got 10 bricks, they bought all of it. Then most likely they head to one or more local gun shops and sell it for a profit. Then the local shops add their profit margin and .22 shells are $50 or more a brick. I’m getting tired of this crap.

    #9-I went to Walgreens Sat. night to buy a tube of toothpaste, and the price was $4.79. For a tube of Crest toothpaste. The plain paste, not the fancy varieties. That was a shock. I went to Wal-Mart yesterday and bought 10 tubes for $1.96 ea. Things are starting to heat up, it’s time to speed up the preps.

    • On your #4 – Some of the backlash is starting. There were a number of $50 bricks left over at the last show I was at.

      • Jersey Drifter says:

        JP around here, show I went to Saturday, CCI 50 count was selling for $20, well that was what he was asking, not many takers. A brick of Remington 525 count was selling for $60, and they were selling.
        Guess it depends where you are.

    • “chase a suspect and shoot him in the back. I can’t think of a single place that probably won’t get you charged with a crime”

      Exactly, Rider. Shooting a fleeing suspect is crime: The criminal has ended whatever action may have justified deadly force. Too many people think they have a right to shoot a guy who is no longer a threat. They don’t. Period. End of story.

      Now, if the shooter can make a plausible case that the criminal was not fleeing at all, but moving to another position from which to continue his assault, the shooter might have a case for self defense, but he is going to have to demonstrate that to a jury. Victims do not have the right to execute fleeing criminals.

      If the story is accurate, my sympathy is with the shooter, but it sounds like he went beyond what any state allows. You can’t use deadly force against a criminal who is no longer an immediate threat.

  7. Donna in MN says:

    1. A lot of holes have been dug and covered in CT.

    2.-3. Bad cops, Bad cops, whatcha gonna do when they come for you? Bad Cops, Bad Cops.

    5. Obummer will try to illegally appoint this marzist when Congress is on vacation while Republicans will keep it in session.

    7. # uses for ashes not mentioned
    a. Used for ink in writing with a quill pen when walnut husks are not found.(Diary of an early American Boy)
    b. Ash cakes, using hot white ash and placing biscuit type patties to cook directly on the ash.
    c. Use wood ash on wet newspaper to clean soot off of wood stove window.(works great)

    8. Not mentioned in article when Martial law comes, they can confiscate your supplies, so hide your stash.

    9.Not everybody thinks this is good news with no debt ceiling! Since 64% to 71% of the people polled say this is the wrong direction, it is the lame stream media with their Soviet style propaganda who thinks it is good news.

  8. Buttoncrazy says:

    Good Afternoon, Everyone. Ghost sorry about your car wreck. But not all Truck Drivers are that bad. My husband has been driving a truck since 1966,started at age of nineteen. He has 30 years of no accidents with two major companies. There have been accidents where the other person ran into him in his truck. In the trucking world if you did cause the accident, it is called a non- chargeable accident. One of those accidents was when a young girl ran into the back of his trailer, she was following too close. I do know there are bad drivers out there on the road. I have ridden with him in his truck,you would be surprised what drivers will pull out on the road. I am finished with that rant. The person doing our taxes, called we owe federal taxes. Our social security was taxed at 85% because of our income for last year. This was the first year we both drew social security. My husband is still working part time. We need insurance for me. I am not 65 years old yet. Cobra insurance would be a $1,000.00 a month. As long as he works at Wal Mart insurance is $130.00 a month. #7 Was great info. Love this website.

  9. Ghost didn’t really get run off the road. He is taking a swipe at me because he wants me to stop talking about bad cops. Unlike ghost though, I fully support his right to say whatever he likes. If I don’t like what he says, I just won’t read it or comment.

    • tommy2rs says:

      Now that’s christianity in action, turning the other cheek as opposed to the passive-aggressive actions of the bible thumper.

    • JP in MT says:

      I thought for sure you’d just agree with him about TN truckers. Aren’t you from another state?

  10. Thanks, MD, for the info. Disturbing yet not surprising. Out in my neck of the woods are many Quakers that insist on non-violence, and Mennonites who, while they may own a gun of some type, would not necessarily use it for self-defense. These are good folks and neighbors. I have concerns for their safety when it comes to shtf scenarios, and pray that they are protected. Thanks.

  11. tommy2rs says:

    If we’re still here and still have a somewhat viable economy in 2015 these may come in handy for storing digital info.

  12. I really want to read the first book of 299 days to preparation but dont want to pay $10 unless its really good. I was reading reviews on it and a lot of people were saying the whole series is like one book broken into smaller books that would cost $100 if you read all the books. Does anyone know how many pages one book is? I read one really good review and the rest were ok. What do u think of the books?

    • Book one is 257 pages and they are the larger paperback books. I have read up to book 4. Now I’m waiting until I can get the whole series and read it start to finish. I’ll start over at the beginning once I get them all.

      It is very well written and very plausible. The main character starts off with his head in the sand, then turns into a prepper, then turns into a protector.

      While I hate having to shell out $100 for the series when two books could have been combined into one and there just be 5 in the series… I plan on seeing it thru and I’ll look for other books coming out from the author.

      However if he pulls another money grabbing stunt I probably wont start on another series.

      • go to your library. ask the librarian for a statewide search for the books you want. they will get what you want if available anywhere in the system.
        then look on amazon if you still want to purchase. there is a link on this site.
        you can get used books more cheaply than new ones.

        • Encourager says:

          I check out most book through the library before I buy them. I can also access all the libraries in MI in a search. Sometimes a book is not worth buying (a recent medicinal herbal book comes to mind. Page-size pictures but hardly any medicinal info included.) Saves me some $$ for prepping.

  13. Suburban Housewife says:

    I’m going to have to stop reading these Misc things. Way too discouraging and depressing. Even the wood ash thing – we have a burning ban in SO CAL – can’t even burn wood in your fireplace from my understanding. Would love to have some wood ash for my gardening.
    As for #5 – this is nothing new. I went my GYN in TX back in the 1900’s ( LOL, sounds so long ago – probably around 1996 or so) and got questioned about guns in our home and my attitude toward guns and was given a packet of anti-gun literature, way back then even. Seems like there was even a questionnaire involved if I remember right. At that time I was terrified of guns and didn’t own anything but the shotgun my husband had as a kid. But I was completely angered at the whole premise – even then I knew it wasn’t anybody’s damn business what I thought about guns – or if I owned any. Really ticked me off – never went back to that Dr. Still makes me really mad. Yep – now I’m so angry again I’m gonna have to go clean something and I hate cleaning.

    Geesh – I gotta quit reading this stuff….

    • Suburban Housewife,

      Sadly, that won’t make it go away because all of the problems will still be there… Sorry.

      • maybe suburban h’wife should read every spring and autumn. cleanest house on the block.
        wish i could get the energy so easily.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      There was a doctor in Texas who questioned you about guns, and gave you anti-gun literature? Dang, post their name so we can get them deported.

    • Yep. The question is already in the electronic medical records that your health provider is now required to use in order to get reimbursed for seeing you. Don’t believe me, ask them. None of my patients own guns so I know it is okay to put no in there when it comes to it

    • Draq wraith says:

      Just wait for the next forest fire once that happens see if they will let you collect wood ash there.

    • Encourager says:

      I went to a new doctor and the assistant was going over my info and asking additional questions. With her head down, she asked if we kept guns in the house. I was stunned. I said it was none of her business and why did she or the doctor think it was? She apologized, looked me in the eye, and said they “had” to ask, it was required by the govt. This was last year. When the doctor came in he also apologized but said the govt was doing a survey about small children having access to guns. I said “any idiot that leaves weapons laying around for small children to play with should be shot.” He cracked up. We have gotten along fine…and I never did answer that question.

      • Encourager,
        One of my docs (there are two in the practice) and I often discuss firearms since we both carry, along with one of the nurse / technicians.
        Since a doctor has medical training and licensure, they are generally well qualified to practice medicine. Unless however, they also have additional training, such as an NRA instructor certification, they are in effect committing, malpractice when asking about guns in a medical setting, and I have told that to several of them.

      • JP in MT says:


        This last round on annuals with the MD-type Dr. they were inputting everything into the computer. I just headed them off and said “Where ever the box is…Yes, I have guns. What to see mine?” Since the Dr’s husband is my CPAP rep, she already knows more about me than most. But I thought her new nurse was going to loose it.

        Got a new dentist this last year too, but since his assistant’s grandfather and I do gun shows together, the conversation was not as much fun.

  14. I am hooked on the series! It is probably one of the more accurate account of what may happen. It is not a total collapse but a breakdown of the economy and then the liberal govt pushing its ways on the people, with some good people(conservatives, oathkeepers preppers. etc) fighting back against the tyranny. Each book is 29 chapters which is 29 days thus 299 days. Most books are around 200-230 pages and it is a good read. You will like it if you liked One Second After or Lights Out.. The only thing I do not like about it is waiting for the next one to come out.

  15. #1—I think the offensive instead of defensive position might be in order. Maybe take it to them before they can bring it. Just a thought.

    • military man told me the army has weapons that can literally cut a house in two in seconds.
      don’t ‘take it to them’ cause they will bring it back in spades.
      also those raw young soldiers are not to blame.
      they were raised on self-indulgence and situational ethics.

      switzerland’s army, according to what i have read, are trained to take out the officers first. good idea.
      the troops on the ground- that is ,on your lawn- are run from above. the higher up the worse no matter the political party.
      of course, i think the real answer is to not ‘lean unto thine own understanding’ but to ask God every day to stand down evil-doers and bring His own men into positions of power.
      if we all pray together God’s will will be done here in the usa as it is done in heaven.
      this does not mean hide-head-in-sand. be innocent as dove but as wily as serpent.
      wiliness you learn on this website.
      many thanks to Mr. Creekmore.

      • Not to worry there either guys. Obummer is gutting the military so he can give their weapons to homeland security. This thing is going to go covert before too much longer the the real turd will hit the propeller

  16. JungleMan says:
  17. Draq wraith says:

    Until I figure out how to get a Mobil app to allow copying a link I have to share this typing it up.
    The cop in #1 was placed on administrative leave.

  18. tommy2rs says:

    Found this interesting and fun

    Play find the sniper
    Wired highlights what seems to be excellent nature photographs. Hidden within them are German snipers, well camouflaged. Can you find them?

  19. #1. Good reply ” I can hardly wait till the coming civil war starts , so I can help rid this country from Constitution hating neo – nazi’s like you , with the very same guns that your Communist bosses fear . ” Then give him the Heil Hitler .

    Or ” Ahhhhhh thanks for telling me in advance , I’ll make sure you get the proper reception , got your will made out ? “

  20. Hay B.C, let me start over, I didnt say I disagred with you . I just did not want you and Ghost to have a fight is all.

    • Let ’em fight , both can hold their own in an argument lol .

      • I know im just tired of telling my son that theyre mad at each other they just dont see eye to eye on some things. For some reson he sees B.C. and Ghost as role models- along with the rest of the pack too.

  21. oops typo ment to say not mad at each other

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