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1. A Missing Plane & Missing Nukes – Is There a Connection? : It is believed the plane was hijacked while searches for the missing plane and it’s passengers has turned up nothing. It has also been reported that the plane was diverted and “investigators are actively pursuing the notion that the plane was diverted “with the intention of using it later for another purpose. Now, the reminder…. we also have missing nuclear warheads, reported back in late 2013. ”

2. Snowden to SXSW: Here’s How To Keep The NSA Out Of Your Stuff : “Edward Snowden, the former NSA contractor who blew the lid off the NSA’s secret data collection programs, addressed a crowd at South By Southwest yesterday from his new home in Russia. While he touched on several topics throughout the hour-long talk, he returned again and again to the importance of encryption in maintaining privacy.”

3. How much should I plant to feed my family : “When you really start thinking about gardening in terms of raising enough food to sustain yourself and your loved ones throughout an entire year, it can be hard to comprehend just how much you should plan on planting. Most of us have no idea what a year’s worth of home-grown food even looks like.”

4. State TV says Russia could turn US to ‘radioactive ash’ : “A leading anchor on Russian state television on Sunday described Russia as the only country capable of turning the United States into “radioactive ash”, in an incendiary comment at the height of tensions over the Crimea referendum.”

5. $100B withdrawal from US Treasury bills hints at Russian move : “A record $100 billion in withdrawals of Treasury bills is raising speculation that the Kremlin and Russian oligarchs are yanking their money out of the United States to avoid upcoming sanctions over Ukraine.”

6. If you have an Android smart phone then I suggest that you read this, this, this and this. Then go and install this, these and this.

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  1. seeuncourt says:

    #3 if you don’t have the readers digest book Back to Basics, go find it. It is a great book and one that has timeless information. I have used it continuously here on the homestead. Run, don’t walk…lol.

    • seeuncourt,
      Agreed +10 on the book.

    • Absolutely! I bought that book used on Amazon a while back. It covers everything. The best DIY book I’ve ever purchased.

      • suburban housewife says:

        I am looking on Amazon for the Readers Digest Back to Basics book. There are 2 – One has a yellow cover, one has a green cover and says second edition – then there is one that looks really similar, says it’s third edition but is by Abigail R. Gehring.
        Which one is the right/best one?

        • seeuncourt says:

          Mine is the yellow covered one. I can’t compare it to the others though, anyone else?

          • TR from CA says:

            The yellow one by readers digest is the best one. I think it is more detailed than the one by Abigail. I found my copy last year while cleaning out my Grandmothers house. I think it was one of the best treasures that she left behind.

      • Chuck Findlay says:

        I found Back to Basics at The Good Will Store a few years ago, it was the best $1.50 I ever spent.

        Another very good book is “Public Works” by Walter Szykitka.. It is possibly the best book on doing things around the homestead. As good as Back to Basics is Public Works is much better. It is as big as a medium city’s phone book. It covers everything you could think of, and a ton of things I never thought of.

        How it got it’s name is that the book is full of public domain information (Mostly 1950 to 1974 government pamphlets on how to do things.) that the author compiled into one book. Today we would just go look for PDF files online to download. But being a 1974 book, PDFs were not around. And it would cost a fortune to print all the stuff in this book.

        I bought it on Amazon 2-years ago and I read it at least once a month. It’s got small print because there is a lot of info to put in one book.

        You can’t expect to get a pristine copy of Public Works, it’s 40-years old and a paperback book.My copy was torn up a bit, but I took clear contact paper and covered it so I could use it without the front cover that was torn 1/3 of the way, from coming off completely.

        The contact paper works great on old books, I have used it on several older well-used books. Just make sure you cut the contact paper larger then the book and wrap it around the book cover so it gives you a soothe edge and the most protection.

        (Just wondering, why is it called contact paper when it’s made of plastic? They should call it contact plastic…) Either way, it’s great stuff to help old books see more life.

        Here is the Amazon link to it.

        If you buy a lot of older books in bad shape call your local library. My local library put on a free class on rebuilding books, it was a free 4-hour class that was helpful and interesting. Every city library has a person that repairs books, even if your local library doesn’t offer classes you could very likely talk to this person to get pointers. After all who doesn’t like to share what they know to help others?


  2. Donna in MN says:

    I think the lost plane was a suicide/murder by the pilot. No nukes.Too much coverage on it, too much speculation. I turn off the news if this is all that’s being reported.

    What raises suspicion would be incripted communicatipons and unless you write your own encription data, they will decifer anything offered in the public domain eventually.

    That’s a big garden for one person. I don’t have the sunlight, so wild substitutions have to suffice for me.

    Russia can turn us to radioactive ash? What about mutual destruction? What about the radioactive ash clouds from it killing all the Russians, Chineese, Europe, and the stupid reporter?

    Of course pull out all your funds from foreign banks. Anyone would if there was a threat for weeks from this dl to confiscate their funds. If the people want Crimea to be anexed to Russia, let them fall into a new Stalinist regime.

  3. I was just discussing #1 with a buddy this weekend.

    So we think that if terrorists wanted to sneak things into the U.S., then a good way to do it would be to hijack a plane from another part of the world, repaint it/put another flight # on it, then fly it to the least secure/smallest airports in the states with a cargo full of whatever. Now you got whatever/whoever on American soil with a chance to sneak it away.

    Any validity to this, can it be done with an intelligent and determined foe?

    • k. fields says:

      Theoretically possible but a 777 would be an unlikely candidate for such an operation. The plane is simply too large.
      It is about 200 feet long, has a wingspan of about 200 feet and if you include the tail, it’s about as tall as a 6 story building – not a good choice if you were in stealth mode.
      As for finding a small/unsecured airport in the US – well, that would be tough as the plane would need a very long runway to land, probably a minimum of 6,000 feet. If you wanted to take off again, (and this is in my opinion one of the reasons against thinking the plane was hijacked and hidden), you would need close to a 9,000 foot runway. Some abandoned Military sites may work but a plane that large would be almost impossible to enter US airspace with without being noticed.

      • Do you know how high these planes can fly? Would it be possible say, for a plane like this to fly as high as possible and get as far as say, the eastern seaboard (D.C. area) or the large L.A. area and drop and detonate a nuke high in the atmosphere for an EMP effect?

        And would it be able to do this before it was detected, they tried to communicate with it, and shot it down if and when they determined it had malicious intent?

        • Survivor says:

          I work on the FAA flights system network. Trust me when I tell you, you would never get that plane into US airspace undetected.

          I was at a site once so far back in the sticks they had to pump sunshine to us. The radar screen showed current air traffic above my head. I saw at least 20 aircraft, but outside saw and heard nothing.

      • A 777 needs 7,200 feet under the right temperature and wind conditions and abandoned runways deteriorate quickly.

      • Very good points, not to mention the fact that aircraft that big require transponder codes. , Any unidentified aircraft using a wrong transponder code entering US airspace should get a not so nice look see from some fast movers. Unless it’s a false flag.

        • I think this plane was hacked from the ground and this was a test flight to make sure it could be done. Once the hackers were sure it would work the dumped the plane in the sea to hide the evidence. The next phase would be to take over a large number of planes and fly them into targets on the ground at the same time.

          • Jimoutofthebox,
            So they hacked it from the ground (nearly impossible) in the middle of the ocean and then flew it around on regular routes for 5+ hours, and then dumped it. OK!!

            • Tactical G-Ma says:

              Klingons and a tractor beam.

              Unless autopilots are now networked.

            • Modern airliners use computers to control the airplane. They accept inputs from the pilots and covert the inputs to control surface changes. These are very advanced machine controllers. They can be programmed to ignore inputs from the pilot and auto pilot and fly a course much like a cruise missle and the pilots couldn’t do anything but set and watch. If the program could be loaded on the ground it wouldn’t take any more than a few bytes of data from the sat phone link to initiate. It couldn’t be done by a kid in his bedroom but I bet the russians have the skill level to pull it off.

  4. As we all know, a weapon by it self is harmless. It takes a person, with the will to use it, to make any weapon dangerous. Be it a tooth pick, or a nuke. I believe that Putin, has that will.

    Saturday I posted about something many of you had not heard of, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, or SCO.
    The PTB in Russia and China have been captured by a new political doctrine known as Eurasianism, or “The Forth Political Theory” . It’s not Communism of Nazism, but has elements of both. It has two major pretexts. # 1. Empires are better run as Dictatorships than Republics, as history is filled with examples of successful Dictatorships. #2. For Russia to great again, it must forge a new Empire consisting of all the major countries of Asia. Thus the membership of the SCO, Russia, China, ect.
    According to the father of Eurasiaism, who also happen to be Putin’s top advisor, taking the Ukraine, and splitting it into 3 smaller states is the key to success for the SCO.
    And like Iran and the Chinese military, the Russians see a world war with The West ,and our defeat, as inevitable.

    If you doubt what I’ve written here, please do your own research, and you’ll see that I’m not making any of this up.

    Revelation speaks about a Beast rising out of a sea of humanity with 7 heads and 10 horns. Is the SCO the “Beast of the East”? Let he who has eyes, see?

  5. #4. I think this was either an overzealous reporter who is excited about Russia’s demonstrated dominance over the US, or somebody spoke out of turn.

    I don’t think this will go nuclear, nor would China vs. Taiwan. Now North vs South Korea and Iran vs. Israel would.

  6. #5. I think the bond dump/money pull was a demonstration of resolve. I did read an article about how many industrialized nations are actually more afraid of the SEC than our military. MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction used to refer to nuclear weapons. Now with our intentionally intertwined financial systems, it means something else.

  7. #1. IF this was a terrorist plot, it has gotten little press from some group taking credit for it. That makes me want to lean towards another purpose or individual/small group attempts. Big groups want the press coverage to instill more fear.

    • JP,
      I’m thinking it may be the precursor to some terrorism plot, as in collecting equipment for the future. On 911 no group took credit for the planes being hijacked; but, waited until the planes had been used as missiles. This could end up being something similar, with a longer time horizon, but then again, I think mearly everyone, including you and I, are simply speculating.

    • worrisome says:

      JP, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if there is a whole lot of into NOT being released on this. The talking heads are out there running around like chickens trying to find a lead…………..thinking that they are only releasing what they want us to know.

  8. k. fields says:

    #1 – I don’t think the plane was hijacked and hidden – it’s simply too large not to be noticed. It’s not like the thing can land and take-off from some little dirt airstrip.
    #3 – Wow, I certainly hope that no one follows that planting guide thinking they could feed their family for a year from it. You’ll be working yourself crazy trying to maintain that garden for a minimal amount of nutrition. The reader submitted articles here have been much, much better.
    #4 – Guy sounds like certain “broadcasters” here in the US. Good to know we’re not alone in that respect.

  9. tommy2rs says:

    Even with the world in turmoil it’s still St. Patrick’s Day so
    “Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Daoibh” (Happy St. Patrick’s Day)

    An Old Irish Blessing

    May love and laughter light your days,
    and warm your heart and home.
    May good and faithful friends be yours,
    wherever you may roam.
    May peace and plenty bless your world
    with joy that long endures.
    May all life’s passing seasons
    bring the best to you and yours!

    • suburban housewife says:

      Tommy2rs –
      Now there is an Irish blessing I’ve never heard before – I like it! and a Happy St Patrick’s Day to you! and everyone else here too

    • tommy2rs,
      Or a very simple one I heard often from my maternal Irish side of the family. May ye be in heaven an hour afore the devil knows your dead.

  10. CountryVet says:

    #1- I think we will see this plane again with its original markings and it will “appear” that it still has its passengers. No one is going to shoot down this plane it they think that the passengers are on it. With today’s audio technology it will be very simple with an adquate number of voice recordings of each passenger to maintain the illusion that they are alive. The “ultimate weapon” aka Trojan horse.

    #3- This is not too far off of what we actually plant. The numbers seem a little high of a few things and a little low on some others, but could easily be adjusted to fit most families of 4. I presume that the squash number incudes winter squash which wuld make it a realistic number. We plant less sweet potaoes, but have sunchokes and Irish potatoes. We also plant chard, rutebega, and mustard greens. A garden properly set up with raised beds and mulched with shredded paper (with unplanted areas covered with cardboard and shredded paper), and watered wtih soaker hoses will require much less time to maintain than you can imagine. My husband and I easliy work it with me working full time. I start all my seedlings.

  11. Survivor says:

    #1 – There are lots of missing nukes. When the USSR collapsed at least 9 nuclear suitcase bombs were lost.
    #2 – I agree – encrypt everything!!.
    #3 – I approached this firstly as “what does my group want to eat?”. Then took body types and caloric needs into consideration which gave me a rough guess as to how much should be available for each meal. From that I was able to create a recurring weekly menu which outlined what I needed to plant and how much of each veggie to grow. Then I added 10% for next years seed and then added 20% to make sure I had enough food to trade and make up any shortages due to drought or other unforseen event.
    #4 – yea, yea, yea
    #5 – Sending kerry to do anything is the worst thing for the us. He was a failure as a soldier. He was a failure as a politician. So, what does the us government do? Promote that POS. He’s a clueless mouthpiece for the obamanation.

  12. Jersey Drifter says:

    #1 Has anyone dusted off the old WWII maps? The ones that show Japanese and Allied airfields in the Pacific. I know they are looking more in the Indian Ocean, but what if ? Take a long forgotten airfield on an uninhabited island, an airfield made of crushed coral, metal or re-barb mats, or even concrete. If it is over grown, put up some cammo netting and break out the machetes. Then add some yardage to it and you might just have a 777 runway. I should think that there must be a few around within the range of the missing jet that would fit the bill.
    Just wondering !!!
    Seems as good an idea as all the experts on TV that are also just guessing.

    • CountryVet says:

      My thoughts exactly.

      • suburban housewife says:

        I heard on the news that they estimated around 600 places like that where it could land.

        • Really people? Like an airstrip built in the 40’s and abandoned is going to be usable today? And the weight of a 777 is comparable to what WWII aircraft? And think about the logistics of refueling a modern aircraft? Do you really think that someone buying 20.000 gallons of jet fuel to be delivered to Oingo Boingo is not going to go unnoticed? When Oingo Boingo has no storage facility? And no one has ordered fuel since 43?

          • Jersey Drifter says:

            LOL, OK Ron I’ll scratch Oingo Boingo off my list.

            Besides I checked with Amazon and they don’t offer free shipping on 20,000 gallons of jet fuel.

            But I found some skinny Somalia guy that said he could deliver a whole tanker ship full.

          • +1.

          • Jersey Drifter says:

            Also the weight factor would be a problem. I never thought to check that out.

            WWII cargo planes fully loaded or a B-17F with a 17,600 lb. bomb load? I don’t know what the max weight would be with a full load, full crew, full fuel, plus the B-17’s 12 .50 cal. guns and ammo.

            Plus those air strips didn’t hold up well from 500 lb. bomb hits.

  13. I would certainly hope some body in the military would shoot the plane down even if the spineless wonder we have for fearless leader would not give the order. I would hope also if America gets nuked that they would take the initiative to scorch dear old mother Russia off the face of the earth

    • Survivor says:

      Nobody in the military will take that step. The order to shoot down a commercial passenger jet would have to come directly from the president. The current one will be golfing and have no knowledge of events. You can bet money all those people will be on that plane IF it takes to the sky again.

      You’re hoping we destroy cities and kill people if some unknown entity attacks us? Wouldn’t even want any evidence, huh?

      We’re not going to have a nuclear war. That is a no win for the entire planet. No one is going to start that war. The radiation would spread around the world killing the same people who launched the thing.

      In the sixties, I believe, the us set up monitoring gamma radiation to detect nuclear bomb detonations in space by the Soviets. We started and kept getting ‘hits’. Gamma was being released in alarming quantities. Not that it was enough to kill us, it was just so many. The government couldn’t figure it out and by the time it did we were on the very precipice of nuclear war with the Soviets. Their finger was on the trigger thinking our finger was on the trigger. Turned out the gamma was from quasars deep in space. They were discovered by the U.S. Vela satellites that were actually built to detect gamma radiation pulses emitted by nuclear weapons tested in space

  14. Draq wraith says:

    #1 anyone remember James bond tomorrow never dies?
    Well later about 5 years later china reported some stealth material missing. During the raid on Usama one of our stealth helicopters went down. Then there are suitcase nukes that are missing.
    but I also notice something folks haven’t thought about.
    Suppose the reason for the transponder to be going on and off intermittently was it was Morse code. Or perhaps a sex act in the cockpit. Off on off on off on might also have hit the auto pilot.
    Something to ponder eh? Fool thinking he can do no harm having fun on the job winds up killing everyone.

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