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Spreading the news one blog post at a time!

Spreading the news one blog post at a time!

1. How to record police encounters without losing your video : “Technology is a double-edged sword. It has enabled the government to become more intrusive than ever with its online spying capabilities. However, cheap and discreet recording devices make it much more feasible to hold cops on the street accountable.”

2. 4.9-magnitude earthquake rattles central Idaho : “A 4.9-magnitude earthquake shook central Idaho, flinging items off walls and scaring residents but otherwise producing no reported damage or injuries in the sparsely populated mountain area.”

3. Deadly Yellow Fever Mosquito Resurfaces In Menlo Park : “A deadly mosquito that hasn’t been seen in the Bay Area since the 70s has been detected in San Mateo County.”

4. Why The Feds Chickened Out On A Nevada Ranch : “There were a few specific reasons why the feds chickened out in the Nevada desert…”

5. Lawmaker Hopes To Force Decisive Vote On Openly Carrying Guns Without A Permit : Rep. Micah Van Huss hopes to force a vote in the House to let Tennesseans carry guns in the open without a permit. The proposal has already passed the Tennessee senate. Rep. Micah Van Huss hopes to force a vote in the House to let Tennesseans carry guns in the open without a permit. The proposal has already passed the Tennessee senate. (Image via Rep. Van Huss’ web site)

6. Volcanoes All Over The Ring Of Fire Are Erupting Right Now; Is The U.S. Next? : “Unfortunately, the mainstream media in the United States pays very little attention to seismic activity around the rest of the world unless it happens in a heavily populated area. But the truth is that we have been witnessing some very unusual things lately.”

7. The U.S. Dollar: Currency Masquerading as Money : “People consider Federal Reserve notes, U.S. dollars, to be real money. This includes their digital equivalent in bank and credit card statements and Treasury-issued base metal coins. As a unit of account, all goods and services, and land and labor are priced in U.S. dollars. Declared legal tender, Federal Reserve notes are the country’s medium of exchange.”

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  1. #6 – I’ve been reading about a lot of earthquakes in the ring of fire area lately. Now, I’m not a geologist so I don’t really know if there really are a lot more or if I’m just seeing more articles about things that are relatively normal out there.

    So is it just me or does there seem to be more geologic activity in the ring of fire?

    • Mike:

      I have not plotted any of this activity, but it does seem like it is increasing in frequency. They got my attention with CA, Peru, Chile, Nicaragua, then back across the Pacific to the Solomon Islands with 2 more. This just can’t be good.

      • If this is warning signs for things to come in that region, I hope it only takes people like Diane Fienstein and her ilk and leaves the good folks alone. We can only hope.

    • I always take offence at the people that phrase these things as “its only a matter of time “. Of course it is. It’s only a matter of time till I stub my toe,trip and fall down or get old and die also. Are we getting closer to a major event? Yes we are as everyday puts us further from the last one and closer to the next one. Is it coming in our lifetime? Who knows. Nature moves in a different time frame than we do, the 100 or so years we think is a long time to live is less than a blink in the fabric of time. These things will come when they come and trying to predict them is just silly IMHO. Do I try and prepare so I can be ready if it happens? Of course I do that’s why all of us are on this site. I worry much more about what humans will do than I worry about nature.

  2. sdawgarmy says:

    All i know is its been about 20 yrs since last major one in CA and i would think the clock is bout to strike twelve for those folks. I expect katrina type of behavior with the next one.

  3. Concerning the shootings in and around Kansas City, I’m calling shenanigans here, we have shootings on our hiways (21) one fatality, and this one yesterday with the Jewish centers shot up 3 fatalities, and all this with a vote for nulifacation of all federal gun laws on the docket. Seems strange doesn’t it? Especially with Rory Ellinger and Jill Schups (D) calling for a ban on all high capacity mags and ammunition devices and firearms? I mean really now its only been a week!

  4. riverrider says:

    the feds just made a tactical withdrawal. they will be back. from what i can decypher , the blm didn’t give the cows back, they were TAKEN back by the people. rest assured, old dirty harry won’t let them get away with this. he’s got money to make and chinese palms to grease, so he has to be back. have you noticed the media blocked out the bundy story after a cursory bit piece. pretty obvious they were told to drop it. if you had illusion of free press, you can wake up now.

  5. 2) I found a map site that is automatically updated with recent activity. There are separate maps for earthquakes, disease outbreaks, forest fires, and a bunch of other topics of interest to the pack. Check it out:

    globalincident dot com

  6. Well if the caldera in Yellowstone goes, prepping will no longer be a concern of any of us, conservative measurements is that it is 40 miles across, it will make a really big bang for sure!. what we might experience are a lot more earthquakes, causing fires, and droughts making them hard to control.
    our money is a joke, and there is very little I can do about the situation, funds are tight or I would have stocked up a lot more by know.

    I do not think we will see any national gun laws or even executive orders, not until after the election in November, the forces of evil will try to make thing look like they are legit, before they go otherwise, in the mean time, maybe freedom loving states will do the right thing and make it easier for good people to protect themselves.

    If you are concerned with a police stop, you could rig up a hidden camera system in your vehicle, and no matter what you do, you must always be polite and do what the cops say, it does not matter if you are right and they are wrong, they can and will arrest you or worse, this is not the time to make a stand.

    I followed pretty closely the BLM harassment in neighboring Nevada, has a lot of Harry Reid all over it, it is not over, they do not want the attention, so they will pull back and try something else.

  7. I’ve been waiting over 12 hours for a comment to be approved to post on an MSM website about this case. I’m assuming it’s because I included links, but can’t be sure. I tried 3 times, and nothing posted except the comment without links.

    I’m wondering why was there no problem when T. Boone Pickens’ wife wanted to fence off 500,000 acres of Nevada land for wild horses? It appears her problem was with ranchers’ cattle. The 2nd article, she claims to have the backing of the BLM. Was there no concern for the desert tortoise? Or are there different rules for billionaires?

    • Hi NANN “Or are there different rules for billionaires?”

      I think we have become a nation in which laws are for the little people.

      “Little people” to some extent includes Republican and Libertarian billionaires, but not Democrats. And definitely does not include DC TV hosts who bring a hi cap rifle magazine into DC to show on TV, but does include DC business men caught with an unregistered bullet for a muzzleloading rifle which he keeps outside the District. That is felony for the little guy, publicity for the lefty talk show host.

      If you missed the Businessman with an Unregistered Bullet (not even a cartridge, just a bullet) story, this is a decent place to start:

      Emily Miller at the Washington Times had a series on the case.

      I think everyone involved on the prosecutions side, as well as the judge, are guilty of treason.

      • Hey Penrod…I was being facetious about the ‘different rules for billionaires’. I know full well TPTB pick and chose who the criminals are.
        Thanks for the link about the unregistered bullet. I read about it when it first happened, then never heard any more. The firearms offenders registry is BS!! What an outrage! They’re treating him like a sex offender!
        Let’s keep sharing headlines like this and the NV land grab. It seems people are waking up, and we better keep them awake.

  8. any bets that if the execution of ft hood shooter is postponed he’ll get a presidential pardon …..

  9. Exile1981 says:

    3) – Why is it all the plagues are re-surfacing… that is a rhetorical question.

  10. draq wraith says:

    #4 feds haven’t chickened out they now have a UK fly zone over his head and you know that’s what they did with Dorner then they will love on and kill him the same as they did a mother carrying a baby and baby at ruby ridge ID, the same as they did the branch davidians at Waco tx, or they will just simply bomb him out like the police did at Philadelphia PA to MOVE.

    What state is the yellow fever in please.

  11. Texanadian says:

    Now for something completely different.
    Some good news about the TEOTWAWKI

    An excellent – albeit long article on the fall of the Roman Empire. Worth read after the doom and gloom that normally goes on about the collapse… a quote
    “But these changes did not mean that the West had slid into backwardness. The truth is that most Roman cities no longer served any purpose. They had been funded by the state and existed only for governing: for collecting taxes, administering local rule, and quartering troops. As Osborne noted, “they were centres of consumption, not production, and had no autonomous reason for existence.” In contrast, the towns that arose or survived in post-Roman Europe were centers of trade and manufacturing—as were the many towns in the “barbarian” North, which continued to flourish. The towns and cities of this new era tended not to be large, because there were no state subsidies to pay for daily distributions of free food and entertainment for idle masses. Those people “now were not fed at all unless they made shift to feed themselves,” as the historian A.R. Bridbury put it.”

    • Thanks, Texanadian. That was an interesting article. Glad you put up a link.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      IMHO the author paints a picture of falsehood regarding the ‘dark ages’. I disagree. In his words, “barbarism, superstition, [and] ignorance” and local tribal like wars were part of everyday life. I think that qualifies as being describes as a period of “dark ages”. He makes the point that the disappearance of a leisure class was the cause of the disappearance of literacy. That seems sound.

      My view of a period of dark ages would include barbarism,
      illiteracy, superstition (lack of communication causing fearful conclusions of ones future), ignorance and continual tribal wars brought on by empty stomachs. That’s also my view of our future after TSHTF on a national level, regardless of the cause.

      The author writes;
      “But the myth of the Dark Ages posits many centuries of ignorant misery based on four primary factors: (1) most cities were abandoned and fell into ruin; (2) trade collapsed, throwing local communities onto their own, very limited resources; (3) literacy all but disappeared; and (4) the standard of living of the average person fell to a bare subsistence level.”
      Myth? I think not. My argument; Detroit.

  12. No3

    I was in the army late 60’s and there was an eradication program to rid the world of the aedes aegypti mosquito. There were only a few places where they were left, but when the halt of the use of DDT type pesticides the mission was not completed. The world health organization wanted this mosquito gone because it killed more people by carrying all those diseases than any other vector except the plague carrying flea. Only after they got some control over that mosquito was the Panama canal able to be built.

  13. Jersey Drifter says:

    #2 and #6 go hand in hand. Seems to me every time there is an earthquake someplace, it is followed by another one on the opposite side of the plate structure. For example… one in Chile then one on the other side of the Pacific, one in Japan than one over here, and lots of small ones as all that pressure is released. But it does seem to be more frequent and with all the volcanic activity, something to watch.

    #4 Feds will be back.

    #7 time to get more PM’s, and of course food at today’s prices. It looks like it is going to get really bad. Got to feel somewhat sorry for the ones that have their heads in the sand. They aren’t going to make it un-prepared.

  14. axelsteve says:

    Well the good book states that in the last days there will be earthquakes, valcano Eruptions, Etc and etc. I think that we are in them.

  15. #1. Taser the sucker , hand cuff him with his own cuffs , drop him off behind a supermarket on a pallet , tied up naked and blindfolded , with a broom handle up his ass …………..that’ll learn him . Then take pictures , put on the internet … others can be inspired to do a copy cat .

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