Monday Miscellany

1. White House wants immunity for telecoms that surrender customer data : “American telecoms already have legal immunity when they cooperate with the government’s warrantless wiretapping, and they may soon be in the clear when they supply customer data, too.”

2. CDC confirms first case of MERS virus in American : “Health officials confirmed the first case of an American infected with a mysterious virus that has sickened hundreds in the Middle East. The man fell ill after flying to the U.S. late last week from Saudi Arabia where he was a health care worker.”

3. And for the truth about the unemployment rateObamanomics: 92 Million Americans Not Working : “The US labor force shrunk by more than 800,000 people in April. For those of you in Rio Linda, that means 800,000 people stopped looking for work or quit working. The labor force participation rate declined or decreased to 62%. That is the lowest it has been since 1978. What that means is only 62% of Americans of working age have job. But despite all of this, the unemployment rate has plunged from 6.7 to 6.3%. That just doesn’t make any sense. Well, it does, if you know how they calculate the number. They simply don’t count the number of people who have given up trying to find a job. It’s that simple.”

4. 5 Things the New “Low” Unemployment Rate Doesn’t Show Us : It’s no secret why the job rate hit a low – nearly a million Americans gave up on looking for work altogether last month alone. In its official statistic, the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not include people who aren’t looking for work as “unemployed,” meaning that millions of people who have been discouraged by repeated rejections and a poor economy are conveniently left out of the equation entirely.

5. US Economy Is A House Of Cards — Paul Craig Roberts : “The US economy is a house of cards. Every aspect of it is fraudulent, and the illusion of recovery is created with fraudulent statistics.”

6. Rob Schneider Tells Chris Stigall: We Are Sliding Very Fast Towards Fascism : “There’s not one segment of business under the Obama administration that hasn’t been hurt…he attacks for-profit schools, which is totally an elitist thing from a guy that went to Harvard. I think for free, by the way,” Schneider said.”

7. Right to farm being stripped from Americans : “Michigan to criminalize small family farms with chickens, goats, honey bees and more : In the latest stunning assault on Americans’ right to grow their own food, the freedom-crushing state of Michigan has ruled that local governments (cities, towns, counties) can now ban any animal they wish from small residential farms. The move opens the door to the mass criminalization of backyard farms and small, residential farming operations where people might keep a few goats or honey bees for food security.”

8. Bundy neighbors to militia: ‘We need you to leave : “Congressman Steven Horsford of Nevada, who represents rancher Cliven Bundy’s district, talks with Rachel Maddow about the strong desire of his constituents, Bundy’s neighbors, to be rid of the idle, armed militia members still occupying their community.”

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  1. Rider of Rohan says:

    #1-Bail out of your smartphones. I bailed out of wireless, too.
    #2-This is a way worse disease than is being reported by the media, and will likely become endemic in the US. Any reporting on the spread of this disease will be suppressed by the gov’t.
    #3-Not only did almost 1 million people drop out of the workforce, but there was an actual overall loss of jobs in April on top of that. Yet the rate somehow dropped significantly. Don’t believe anything from this regime.
    #7-I linked to that story last week. The town I live in has always banned any farm animals, but gardens are permitted. There is a nationwide movement to force people out of rural areas and into approved areas in large cities. Look at the Agenda 21 map, these fascists want control over everything. The EPA is proposing a water grab as well, basically taking control over all bodies of water, even ponds and tanks on private land, dry stream beds, and man-made ditches that carry water. That includes the ditch in most front yards. A vast army of new EPA agents will be needed to enforce all these new regulations.
    #8-As soon as people leave, Bundy is history. And people staying on private property at a ranch are not “occupying a community”. The fact that the guy appeared on Rachel Madcow tells me all I need to know.

    • riverrider says:

      ror, there are strange things going on with this. in canada and italy, patients presented with ebola symptoms, yet the desease turned out to not be ebola, but “ebola-like organism”. . in va. several cases of hunta virus last month turned out to be “hunta-like”. swine flu in nova turned out to be “swine flu-like”. this sets my spidy senses off. i suggest that we are seeing the beginnings of biological attacks, deadly strains altered to weaponize them. oh, and number 6, no not sliding. hauling a$$ toward fascism……on a good note, both places i went today i got very positive comments on my “a little rebellion now and then is a good thing” t-shirt. one of the guys pointed me to his truck plates in the lot, which said “aclu sux”. every tenth car and third truck here has gadsen plates now. 1.6 million nfa transfers last year….think i see a trend developing, lol.

  2. Dan Bauler says:

    So the economy is in the dumpster, is this news?
    So the Gov. is spying on us, ditto?

    I figure that they know everything about me, including what time I get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, so who cares?
    This is why I use my REAL NAME AND EMAIL, on this blog. I figure if they come after me, God will get’m good and I’ll go to a better place with my 72 virgins, (do I really need to write “sarcasm”)

    The thing about banning farms, I believe that they did the same thing in Communist Cuba too. Ban something and Ooop’s a black market pops up, wow!

    I thinking that the Wolf Pack outlaw motorcycle gang is sounding better everyday, maybe we can get Bam Bam to design us a tattoo. I nominate Rider of Rohan as Chief, River Rider as second in Command, and Tactical G, as secretary of defense. I’ll be Chaplin of course.

    • Dan Bauler says:

      BC Truck for secretary of Transportation, Hunker Down for chief of OPSEC, Tom the Tinker as head mechanic, anybody else?

      If some of the bullet holes in your truck are not decals, you might be a redneck prepper.

      If your Mother’s funeral expenses included a case of Wild Turkey and fireworks, you might be a red neck prepper.

  3. #6 & #7 — oh, yeah, I saw this comin’. Let’s see how quickly things “progress” before January, which would be after elections and before elected take office.

  4. draq wraith says:

    #2 no further cases found of the virus so the health department claims.
    Person in affected with it came back to the US after visiting Saudi Arabia.

    #1 they been trying to get immunity for years from the courts.

  5. Exile1981 says:

    #8 –
    The locals from town came out to say their congressman doesn’t speak for them and that they feel much safer with the militias than they did with BLM in the area.

  6. Donna in MN says:

    Michigan gov’t has been known for a long time they are animal racists, forcing owners to destroy their animals because they are the wrong breed, including dog breeds.

    Less people working= more taxes on those working. But hey, do what this admin says, quit your job, become an artist or spend time with the kids, or what Uncle Joe said, just take your shotgun and shoot it in the air if you feel threatened.

  7. Good articles on unemployment. It really is that bad. GKids are seeing it first hand.

    The money article ties right back into Saturday’s “Whose Running This County.” We are being manipulated by big money and none of it touches reality.

  8. themem says:

    #1- then under the freedom of information act would I be able to access the records and data of my elected officials – woukd love to read their emails and listen to their phone conversations . QUID PRO QUO – I’ll let them see mine if they let me see theirs.

  9. Jersey Drifter says:

    I got to get out of this state somehow, someway. Even living out here in the ” country” , as it might be, I sure feel lonely with no one like minded around except family. S is going to hit the fan soon I am fearing.

  10. Bwhntr59 says:

    Jersey drifter

    I hear that gun control laws in your state are oppressive. True? I also hear that the Police are just short of Gestapo status. That true also?

    Sorry, not knocking it, this from a few Jersey guys I have talked to over the years.

    • Jersey Drifter says:

      True and true. Gun laws are real bad. You have to have a “NJ Firearms Purchaser Identification Card “. To get one, fill out a bunch of paper work, get references, and pay a fee. If you pass the background check, you get the card.

      But wait it gets better.

      I you want to purchase a pistol, you have the task of more paper work, more references, another fee, and a longer wait to get approved, if you are lucky. If you do get a permit to purchase a handgun, it is only good for I think 60 days. So if you are in search of a collectable and can’t find one in the condition and price range you are comfortable with within 60 days, the card expires. You can apply for an extension if you have a good enough reason, otherwise you have to start the handgun permit process all over again.

      CC for a handgun….forget about it. About the only ones that get one of those are current / former LEO’s.

      As far as the police being just short of Gestapo status, that depends. I have 3 generations of LEO’s on my Mom’s side of the family, went to school with a few, and have meet a few thru work. For the most part they are ok, local and State Troopers. But like anyplace I guess, if you mess up they will come down hard on you.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Saw a little while ago on Twitter that new laws limiting magazine sizes to 10 rds., and banning a number of semi-automatic rifles passed a NJ Senate Committee today. More bad news.

      • Jersey Drifter says:

        Yep….and if Christie runs for the Rep. nomination against Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and the rest, He won’t get my vote. If it is him or Clinton for Pres., I am afraid I will have a seizure or go into convulsions before I can pull the lever.

        • Rider of Rohan says:

          Yikes. Liberal democrat Hillary vs. big gov’t republican Christie. Thanks for the nightmare!

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