Monday Miscellany

1. He has my vote – Ted Cruz wins presidential straw poll at Republican Leadership Conference : “Ted Cruz, R-Texas, has won another straw poll, boosting his national profile and elevating his name among potential 2016 presidential contenders.”

2. Some people are just stupid – Public believes solar panels will drain the sun’s energy : “A satire science story from (1) has gone viral after warning readers that solar panels are draining the sun’s energy. The most remarkable thing about the story is not its hilarity but rather the fact that so many readers took it seriously.”

3. Must be that hope and change stuff we heard so much about from B.0. – The Velocity Of Money In The U.S. Falls To An All-Time Record Low : “When an economy is healthy, there is lots of buying and selling and money tends to move around quite rapidly. Unfortunately, the U.S. economy is the exact opposite of that right now.”

4. The cure? Grow your own foodU.S. Food Inflation Running at 22% : “After five years of the federal government telling the public that despite a $3.5 trillion increase in monetary expansion, the inflation rate is below +2%, the Department of Agriculture (DOA) just warned the American public that the consumer price index for food is up by 10% this year.”

6. World Bank sounds alarm on rising global food prices : “World food prices rose in the first quarter of the year for the first time since their all-time high in August 2012, driven by rising demand in China, drought in the United States and unrest in Ukraine.”

6. Obama’s Police Force: Militarized Government Agencies : If they can’t disarm us, they will certainly out-arm us.This is the same government that descended on the Bundy ranch in full assault gear long before any militia showed up to help the Bundys. They hid behind berms and watched the family through scopes while fully armored.

7. Virus experiments risk unleashing global pandemic, study warns : “Public health experts have warned that controversial experiments on mutant viruses could put human lives in danger by unleashing an accidental pandemic.”

8. It’s about watching us not “them” – Edward Snowden Censored 9/11 & Boston Bombing Segment

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  1. riverrider says:

    i’m surprised the repubs had sense enough to go with cruz. they have been actively hammering tea party candidates nation wide. here in va., they tossed the rep nominee to the wolves and enabled a hillary demorat to take the governorship. i have no use for the establishment repubs. they can pound sand……food, that is the key. it was food prices that precipitated the arab spring uprisings. when a days wages won’t buy food for the day, it’ll all come crashing down. that time is rushing at us at 22%.

  2. nick flandrey says:

    Food prices, for just 2 items I paid attention to:

    Bacon, up %15 in 2 months.

    Spiral sliced ham, up %13 in just 2-3 months

    priced at Costco.

    Between inflation and the virus that is killing piglets, I’m stocking up. I’m considering another freezer just for meat. The only thing stopping me is I don’t have a secondary source of power at my secondary location. No room at my primary location.


    • Can the meat. There are chances of power outages and our freezers will do us no good.

      • nick flandrey says:

        Hi Doc, I’ve been following the pack’s discussion of canning meat but it is still beyond me at the moment. I don’t have the time or space for it, or the skills. It’s something on my list though. My garden this year (first time beyond just peppers and tomatoes) won’t have a bunch of can-able stuff either. I will probably pickle some peppers, and I picked up some pickling mixes that I want to try on the Costco mini-size cukes. I need some jars though. There is always something more to get or do…..


        • Nick, if I was in your shoes, I would look into water bath canning and dehydrating. Those tomatoes and peppers along with some staple produce from the market would work wonders for prepping. Use a Ball canning book and locate recipes for canning diced tomatoes and sauces. You might find something to do with water bath with salsa if your altitude is not above 1000 feet. You can make all kinds of pickles including substituting peppers for cucumbers for a sweet relish. My late husband said it tasted better than any cucumber sweet relish. I freeze diced peppers and onions. I dry all kinds of veggies especially onions, peppers, celery, slivered or diced carrots, and cabbage.

          Just don’t let the small garden hold you back on prepping. There are ways of working around the limitations.

          • nick flandrey says:

            Thanks for the encouragement Docj. Canning opens up a whole new realm of savings and prepping, but it does have some learning curve and gear requirements.

            Until recently I was prepping for short term local disaster only. (up to one month without much change in lifestyle, slightly longer if needed.)

            Taking the long view means a whole new level of prepping and food storage and a ton of skill building. The simple bulk of longer term food storage is astounding. At the moment, I’m “selling” the idea to the DW as “pre-buying” our normal needs, since she can easily see the food inflation, and the real monetary inflation. Coupled with the bad news about California agriculture, smallest beef herds, and piggy virus, she’s onboard with stocking up. BUT we recently had a conversation where she asked me how long a period of time I was shooting for. The upshot is, I’m on the edge of marital harmony with the sudden increase in storables and the (unprecedented) garden taking over chunks of the back yard. Adding canning to the mix might be counter-productive at the moment.

            I’m pretty well prepped in most areas, for my previous goals. But for the expansion in my outlook, well, baby steps 🙂


            • Sometimes baby steps are the wisest steps to take. Good prepping. Soon DW will notice how good it feels to have some control over the inflation.

    • Spudweb says:

      yep, I do the grocery shhopping for my family and can say that prices are up (or packages are smaller) for nearly ALL of the staple items and comfort items. Ground turkey price is up about 40%over the last 12-14 months, as is bacon, ground beef (meat of any kind really), even cookie prices have risen around 20%. All of this while gas is double the price pre gallon it was when this nutcake took office. It seems to be a concerted effort to crush the middle class because, let’s face it, we are not only buying our groceries but we are buying the groceries for welfare recipients as well, and the rise in prices do not really affect the rich all that much now do they?

    • tommy2rs says:

      Look at the Sundanzer line of battery powered freezers. No they aren’t cheap but depending on the size needed they aren’t totally unreasonable. With a solar panel or two to keep the battery or battery bank charged up power outages won’t be that big a deal where frozen goods are concerned. Hey who wouldn’t want ice cream during a zombie apocalypse.

      Of course canning costs much less to get into and preserves food longer. Not so good for ice cream though….lol

      • poorman says:

        You mean all that ice cream I canned is no good?

        • nick flandrey says:


          That’s why I have the freeze dried ‘astronaut’ icecream for the kids.

          And making it in a salt water bath isn’t TOO hard.

          Jeez, that’s another thing to look for at the estate and yard sales…


    • UrbanCityGirl says:

      Picked up spiral, twice glazed ham today at Aldi at $6.00 off per ham.

      • nick flandrey says:

        How much does it come to per pound? The costco ham is awesome and it’s at $2.49/pound.

        I haven’t been to an Aldi since I moved from the Chicagoland area, 30+ years ago. Do they still charge a quarter to use a shopping cart?


        • UrbanCityGirl says:

          The one I got came to just over .80cents per pound. It was their double glazed ham. It’s in the oven now for dinner.

          I often buy their regular hams at 99 cents a pound (no glaze) but thought this would be a nice treat. As a general rule, they hang a sign on the door just after holidays for $5 to$6 off the hams.

          I just discovered Aldi last year. They do take quarters for the carts and you bring your own bags. This all confused me so much at first.

          • nick flandrey says:

            Wow, that’s cheap. I will have to take a look at Aldi again. I remember it as mostly off brand canned goods, loose on pallets, and weird stuff I didn’t know how to eat.

            To save 1/2 on HAM would be awesome.


  3. Spudweb says:

    #6 just shows that when WE THE PEOPLE stand together we can and will prevail against the criminal element in D.C.

  4. Hunker-Down says:

    #2. Solar panels sucking…. Not to worry. We have invented a system to return the energy sucked out of the sun by solar panels. It is a solar reflector aimed directly at the sun, powered by audio beams of the B.S.. emanating from D.C. You can almost see the results, it’s that poop colored spot on the sun, seen after staring directly at it for at least 3 minutes. To protect your eyes, before looking at it, go to Amazon and purchase an arc welders face shield.
    #3. The velocity of money. There is a big disconnect between what the federal reserve wants to do to fix the economy and what the government is doing to stifle it. In the gap is private business being strangled by ‘control freak law’. Businesses are shutting down due to the cost of government controls and the effect is no jobs, no money velocity.
    IMHO we are in the first period of a major depression.

    #4. Food inflation at 22%. What about the cost of home utilities? Gas for the car? At our house, we are in a depression, and its only beginning. When Joe Lunchbucket cant make enough money in a day to buy groceries for the day; war. Get ready.

    #6. Obamas Police Force: Will there ever be another presidential election in this country?

    #7. Virus experiments: Yes, they are looking out for our health welfare. Just as the federal reserve is looking out for our financial welfare. Biological warfare is not in the charter of any of those groups. Nothing to see here, move along.

    #8. I agree.

    • LittleAnniePrepper says:


      Your comments on #2 are hilarious. Thanks for giving me my laugh for the day! I needed it.

    • I thought your #2 comment was great. Then I realized some troll probably read it and ordered the arc welding mask from Amazon. So now I think your comment is priceless. ROTFLMBO

  5. Ted Cruz has my vote! The food prices will keep going up. Food stamps alloted are going down. Not a good senario! Every household on my county road has a garden this year including two houses that never had a garden in the last 30 years!

    • LittleAnniePrepper says:

      You gotta give your neighbors credit. At least they’re doing something about it. Griping about it is fine (I like to gripe – lol), but griping about it AND doing something about it is something else. Good for them.

  6. MD Thank you for the video of the Snowden interview. He makes total sense. He has an analytical mind that sees through the gov B.S. dished out to the masses. Tired of being lied to.

  7. tommy2rs says:

    1. Put no hope in any politician of any stripe. They all lie for a living and have no desire to change the status quo.

    2. Despite their proven lack of intelligence these people are still allowed to breed and vote. Is it any wonder the world is in the shape it is.

    4 & 6a Grow your own meat as well. Even in an apartment one could raise Peruvian guinea pigs for consumption. There’s always a way to feed oneself.

    6b. “If they can’t disarm us, they will certainly out-arm us.”

    This sounds like a job for BC, the Wolf Pack’s Tony Stark

    7. If only those mad scientists could target a virus to take out the terminally stupid. (see article 2.)

    • UrbanCityGirl says:

      I’ve considered meat rabbits but hear they are time consuming. I hope to wait a year to get more time under my belt with the hens. I need to continue to expand our backyard garden.

      Guinea pigs. Gonna check it out, though seems odd to me. Though I find squirrel, etc not something I’m looking forward to eating either.

      • the romans raised a guinea pig like creature in special jars in their backyards. they were for human eating.
        i cannot remember what they are called but that seems like a practice worth resurrecting. now that you have reminded me of it.

  8. JP in MT says:

    The statement about solar power is similar to the one about people with money getting a bigger slice of the pie. Just learn to bake more pies!

    Education is the key. It always has one. Most opinions seem to be expressed to get you noticed by some minority social group. It is a weapon used on the ignorant to get them afraid and bring them more easily under control.

    It’s like ripped jeans and untied shoes. These “fads” were started by people who couldn’t tie their shoes or repair their clothes, to justify their actions/dress. Not for any real reason.

    I prep because I am relatively intelligent, educated, and informed. I have a plan and a reason for most everything I do/buy. I make less panic induced decisions, as a result, things are actually much calmer at home than they were when I would rant & rave about things, but did NOTHING!

  9. #2 — OMG. If I ever wake up and get an inkling that I’m that stupid, I’ll jump.

  10. patientmomma says:

    Well, I did not see Cruz’s name on the Bilderberg attendee list, so he is obviously not an anointed one. However, Muhammad Kasim Reed, mayor of Atlanta GA was on the list…

    EE has freeze dried beef chunks on sale 47% off.

  11. #6 . ” The rebellion thanks you for your donation ” . One DEAD tyrant soldat , will furnish a rebel with a full load out , a good weapon , and other needed gear …………..both China and Russia proved numbers win over technology , WE have the numbers .

  12. Thank heavens for the velocity of money being near zero. With all of the money that’s been printed, the low velocity (read as not being circulated, e.g., spent) is the only thing that’s keeping the inflation from going hyper. Money printed and sitting a a vault doesn’t hurt as much as too much money in circulation.

  13. tommy2rs says:

    Renminbi (Chinese currency) use surges in home of US dollar

    The value of renminbi payments between the US and the rest of the world rose by 327 per cent in April this year from the same month a year ago (see chart) as more US corporations switched to using the Chinese currency to pay for imports from China, according to data from SWIFT, the international currency settlement firm.

    The reasons driving the upsurge are structural and long-term, said Debra Lodge, a managing director at HSBC in New York.

    First, US importers can slash the cost of imports from China by agreeing to trade in renminbi rather than US dollars, Lodge said. Second, a recent surge in the popularity of a host of renminbi-denominated financial market instruments are making it easier for US corporates both to hedge currency risk and to earn an investment return from the renminbi they hold.

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