Monday Miscellany News Brief

1. Confirmed: DNA From Genetically Modified Crops Can Be Transferred Into Humans Who Eat Them : In a new study published in the peer reviewed Public Library of Science (PLOS), researchers emphasize that there is sufficient evidence that meal-derived DNA fragments carry complete genes that can enter into the human circulation system.

2. Engineered to fail: Why war, drugs, prisons, health care, debt and education are all theatrical scams designed to fail : “More and more people are wondering today why systems of American government and corporate enterprise don’t seem to be working. The education system fails to educate, the health care system fails to create good health, and the border patrol isn’t even allowed to protect the border. Why are these systems failing the American people over and over again? The answer — which may surprise you — is that many systems are designed to fail from the very start.”

3. Incurable chikungunya virus spreads in US, at least 6 states affected : “US health officials are on high alert as a mosquito-borne virus that yet has no cure has struck six of the US states. The virus called chikungunya causes severe joint pain which can last for years.”

4. Sandy Hook Redux: Obama officials confirm that it was a drill and no children died : “It was done to promote an anti-gun agenda.”

5. Right after “Sandy Hook” I wrote this article : Are recent mass shootings false flag events to gain support for a repeal of the Second Amendment? and a lot of people (people who believe everything fed to them by CNN) attacked me, threatened me and some left the blog for good, now after the emotions have settled a bit a lot of other folks are looking at this more closely.

6. Introducing the newest tactic for governments to raise cash : ‘Creativity’ isn’t usually a word associated with ‘government’. Words like stodgy, bureaucratic, and incompetent are typically more appropriate. But there is at least one area where bankrupt governments in particular tend to be exceptionally creative—finding unique ways to steal people’s money.

Current Economic Collapse News Brief

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  1. JP in MT says:

    Interesting article on Sandy Hook. I’ll have to look into it more.

  2. axelsteve says:

    on number 6 . There goes the theory of putting money into the bank for safety.Can`t put away some money for the kids.

  3. Jersey Drifter says:

    I agree with JP in MT,
    #4 and #5 are interesting. Sometimes things just aren’t what they appear.

  4. Nebraska Woman says:

    When you first mentioned, MD, that you believed Sandy Hook was a false flag, I started looking at all the evidence. I believe you are right. Something happened, but it wasn’t what was reported in the “news.”

  5. Tactical G-Ma says:

    1. Just say NO to GMO! Just say NO to GMO! Just say NO to GMO!

    As for the rest – My mother always said believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see. There are people so skilled at deception, they are practically untouchable.

    • @TGA,
      Or all of the topics are “Active Measures” designed to confuse the American people and turn us against ourselves…..?

  6. riverrider says:

    sandy hook- where are the wounded? there’s always wounded, yet not at sandy hook. even benghazi left 33 wounded. i didn’t finish the article. did they mention that several of the parents have won the lottery since, one of them twice? what are the odds of that? why were they in such a hurry to bulldoze the place? i saw that guy in the woods too. two cops run up to him and stand there for hours just chatting with him. this stinks to high heaven.

  7. Mystery Guest says:
  8. This might be off topic, but I would hate to see any of the people here hurt. June 19th, this Thursday, is the date that Lincoln freed the Slaves.

    It is also a day when young gangs of Blacks commit violent acts against Whites for revenge. FYI

    You can find more info on this at the “White Girl Bleed A lot” website.

  9. Encourager says:

    #1 – Why I buy only organic as much as possible and absolutely NO GMO stuff!

    #4&#5 – If this is true, heads should roll!!! Absolutely disgusting! I was very suspicious when they tore down the school building almost immediately, and there was no police tape nor evidence being seen brought out. Who were the parents who cried on TV about their children dying?!

  10. GoneWithTheWind says:

    DNA from GMO can be absorbed into your body!! Oh, the horror. I assume that means that all these years DNA from “natural” foods have also been assimilated into your body. You may actually be a heirloom tomato underneath that human face or a Whole Foods carrot.
    Seriously do you take this kind of spoon fed propaganda as truth. It was intended to scare you. Scare you so that you would join the other luddites in their fear of GMO foods. I assume they know their target audience and sense that none of them are smart enough to think about the obvious fact that if GMO DNA could be assimilated that none GMO DNA would as well.

    • k. fields says:

      Gone with the wind,
      Although your comment may have been tough-in-cheek, you are actually correct!
      The study listed was never about GMO foods at all, mearly about finding that circulating cell-free DNA could be present post-digestion especially in light of certain diseases (such as inflammatory bowel diseases).
      Essentially the studies showed that some folks with some bowel diseases seem to have more plant cell-free DNA in their blood than people who don’t have those conditions although EVERYONE has foreign cell-free DNA in their blood. We pick it up from viruses, bacteria, inhaled pollens and food – especially raw and unprocessed foods.
      If the study had been looking at the population as a whole, it’s likely conclusion would have been those folks eating what we would consider the “healthiest” diet (raw or minimally processed foods), would have the greatest amount of the foreign cell-free DNA found in their blood.
      Does it do you any harm? It’s unlikely. In fact, in one of the blood samples tested, the relative concentration of plant DNA was higher than the human DNA, and the subject was perfectly healthy.

      • GoneWithTheWind says:

        Your digestive system breaks up food into molecules. Like a single molecule of sugar or a protein molecule or a molecule of water. They have to be at this smallest size to pass through the small intestine walls and into the bloodstream. There are no chunks or undigested cells or even partial cells passing through the intestine walls. A strand of DNA is too big to pass through the intestine wall. Furthermore it is made up of amino acids which would be broken down into molecules by the digestive process. The result would be molecules of Guanine, Adenine, Thymine, etc.; the building blocks of DNA and other body tissue. The various molecules would be “fragments” of DNA or meat or celery or whatever but it is a stretch to claim that these could quite possible reunite and become DNA again of corn or something. I think the study is bogus or even mre likely the study actually happened but it was studying something else and some eager natural news reporter “interpreted” something in the study that feed his bias and reported his interpretation as fact.

        • k. fields says:

          “According to the standard paradigm large macromolecules consumed with food cannot pass directly to the circulatory system. During digestion proteins and DNA are thought to be degraded into small constituents, amino acids and nucleic acids, respectively, and then absorbed by a complex active process and distributed to various parts of the body through the circulation system. Here, based on the analysis of over 1000 human samples from four independent studies, we report evidence that meal-derived DNA fragments which are large enough to carry complete genes can avoid degradation and through an unknown mechanism enter the human circulation system.”

          That is a direct quote from the study in question. The studies, as it is a combination of separate work done in Hungary, The Netherlands and the US, were looking into how this was possible.

          Yes, these are real studies.

          No, there was no mention of GMO’s in the studies and no research has been done, that I can find, that will confirm or deny DNA fragments from GMO’s will act in this way. The headline posted here is completely bogus and written, like so many other “alternate news” headlines, specifically to further an agenda that has no basis in fact.

          I’m continually surprised that otherwise sensible people here continue to accept such headlines without bothering to conduct even the slightest amount of research. I don’t know which is worse, the sheeple who accept the MSM without question or the sheeple who act exactly the same way towards stories posted by “alternate news” sites.

  11. exile1981 says:

    On the sandy hook thing, I find it suspicious that the school had so few kids in it and the ones killed were all new to the area not people who had been part of the community and they all moved away after. It stinks.

  12. #1 Here is a nice alternative.

  13. 4. Sandy Hook Redux: Obama officials confirm that it was a drill and no children died : “It was done to promote an anti-gun agenda.”

  14. 4. Sandy Hook Redux: Obama officials confirm that it was a drill and no children died : “It was done to promote an anti-gun agenda.”

    The article linked here is patently false paranoid delusional conspiracy theory crafting. Real children died, real teachers died, human beings all. Adam Lanza shot his mother, 20 children and 6 teachers then committed suicide. The article is as credible as the FEMA camp nuttiness.

    • k. fields says:

      I have to agree Anon. Anytime someone states that they have information from “unnamed sources that are very close to this administration” that “told me quite a bit, and some of it I can’t reveal to you” – red flags immediately go up for me. What, is the information one of those, “I’d tell you but then I’d have to kill you” things?
      And hired actors? That should be easy to prove. Find them and confirm their background. Interview the “parents”. Interview the neighbors. A false-flag story like that, if proven, would be the scoop of the century. There are plenty of accredited world journalists who blatantly hate the current US administration who have the sources and finances to blow it open – IF it were a false-flag operation. And yet, like 9/11, the Boston bombing, FEMA camps, etc. “THE TRUTH” remains hidden except to those few who somehow know all.

      • Hunker-Down says:

        k. fields,

        The fact of the matter is (I have been chomping at the bit to use that phrase) the MSM has an agenda and telling the truth isn’t it.

        The fact of the matter is (I have been chomping at the bit to use that phrase) the previous statement does not support or condone conspiracy theory or fact.

        The fact of the matter is (just practicing to talk like a politician) I’m just yanking your chain.

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