Prepper News Brief March 17, 2017

1. Like we needed more proof that gun bans and restrictions don’t work…

Europe’s illegal arsenal: Incredible picture of 10,000 firearms including anti-aircraft machine guns and MORTARS seized from Spanish arms gang. Via the Daily Mail.

2. Planning to take over the world…?

It Begins: Bots Are Learning to Chat in Their Own Language. Via Wired.

3. Is the U.S. getting ready to bomb the poop out of the North…?

N. Korea blasts U.S. bombing drills in S. Korea. North Korea on Thursday condemned South Korea and the United States for “escalating nuclear attack threats,” citing the participation of U.S. strategic bombers and the nuclear-powered USS Carl Vinson in joint military drills in South Korea. Via NK News.

4. US says ‘strategic patience’ on NK is over…

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Friday declared that the existing “strategic patience” approach is over, saying all options including military action are on the table. Via The Korea Herald.

Meanwhile… Tillerson Doesn’t Rule Out Preemptive Strike on North Korea

The real question is what happens next after the bombs are dropped…

5. Illegal Immigrants are going hungry so Trump won’t deport them…

Good. It isn’t the taxpayer’s responsibility to pay for the food of people who are here illegally or otherwise. We need to do away with the welfare state, period and especially for people who are here illegally and trying to milk the system. Read the article via the Washington Post, but don’t expect them to have the same view as I do here.

6. More hate crimes from the violent left…

Pro-Trump radio host Michael Savage claims he was assaulted while having dinner with his toy poodle Teddy. Via The Daily Mail.

7. Michael Savage Following Alleged Assault: ‘It Is Clearly Open Season on Prominent Trump Supporters’

Is this war? It sure looks that way… time to go armed my friends. “It is clearly open season on prominent Trump supporters,” talk radio star Michael Savage told Breitbart News one day after he was reportedly allegedly assaulted at a restaurant in Tiburon, California. Via Breitbart.


A third commercial poultry breeding operation in Tennessee has tested positive for avian flu. Via The Associated Press.

9. Venezuela seizes bakeries amid bread shortage…

Venezuela has a bread shortage. The government has decided bakers are the problem. Via The Miami Herald.

10. Beijing Goes Global: China to Expand Marine Force by 400%; First Overseas Military Base Almost Complete…

Not only have they been busy constructing their first combat-ready aircraft carrier, the Chinese have also been developing new aircraft to accompany it. Of course, a navy can’t really exert much military influence if it doesn’t have soldiers to deploy. That’s why Chinese officials have recently announced that they are preparing to rapidly expand the ranks of the People’s Liberation Army Marine Corps. Via SHTF Plan.

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  1. tommy2rs says:

    Texas Fishermen Shot on Border by Suspected Cartel Gunmen
    Pinche narcotraficantes, matenlos a todos hasta el ultimo que quede.

    And just because there should be something to laugh at before the weekend
    Friends in Safe Spaces. COUNTRY SONG by Chad Prather and Steve Mudflap McGrew aka Larry the Liberal

  2. 10) The Chinese aircraft carrier is a joke. It cannot carry as many planes and due to its ski jump/ no catapult, the planes cannot carry even half of the ordnance an American plane can carry. So I guess its not a carrier but a carry less. Lol

  3. No. 8, They don’t care. I had a large raven in my yard that was severely ill. I called the local animal control office to have someone come out. They reluctantly came out and by the time they arrived the bird had died. No amount of telling them about bird flu would convince them that they should really take it and have it checked. Best they would do is pick it up and dispose of the body.

  4. 9) Let them eat cake.

  5. #5 “Free stuff is toxic”. Toxic for those being stolen from, and toxic to those who are being encouraged to be unproductive and uncreative. $150 won’t last a month?! I bought 1500 lbs of wheat for $150 (from the local elevator, during harvest). Eating 2 lb / day (3,000 calories)=750 days.

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