Mormon Cannery Raid in TN a Fabrication…

If you have been concerned about the report by and that a LDS cannery in Tennessee (the cannery was not named nor was the contact person) had been visited by the Feds looking for customer lists, please watch this video report.

This is why, I don’t get excited anymore about stuff like this… Do your own investigations because many of the conspiracy theories posted online are exaggerations or complete fabrications to get links from other sites and to drive traffic back to their “breaking the news”.

LDS Nashville Office address and Phone Number

  • TN Nashville Office 107 Twin Hills Drive Madison, TN 37115 PH: 615-854-3616


  1. HELEN SABIN says:

    Me in Idaho – Yes you are right – it was false. I called EVERY cannery in TN as I write for a local paper where I live and they demand verification of all “facts” before articles are publihed I could find no cannery that had this supposed visit.

    However be aware that the DEMS are targeting businesses that do NOT support Obama. The FBI raided GIBSON GUITAR and their CEO is a major supporter of the GOP. However, their main competitor is a DEM supporter and their guitars also have the wood from India which was the basis for the Gibson raid but they weren’t raided by the FBI. You might want to read, Throw Them All Out by Peter Sweizer who lists the cronyism engaged in by this current government. And please don’t tell me that they all do it -yes they do but you cannot accept it and allow it to go on. Write all papers, your congress critters, etc and DEMAND a government that stops this waste and corrupt use of taxpayer dollars.

  2. My God, after reading all of this mud-slinging and bashing and accusing, I would nearly welcome NWO Troops to come down the street and drag most of you away to prison camps or just shoot you in the head right there in your drive ways. Wonder how much bickering and finger pointing and mouth flapping would be going on then. I am so sick of my own cowardly, snivelling, cynical countrymen AND WOMEN, that I believe most of you will get what you deserve. I actually heard a listener to a nation wide radio broadcast call into the show and tell the host what happened in TN. Then, within a day, there was a sharp retraction – perhaps by people who had been threatened. Was I there? No, but then again neither were any of you. No, you’re right – no one has ever been threatened to keep their mouths shut and Santa and his wife live in the North Pole and the Easter Bunny lays eggs in a basket for children in the Spring. The OathKeepers have enough of a hard time keeping the shit-head population of complete idiots from slandering them and bashing them constantly – like that shit-head reporter from Colorado Springs – she’s probably a military whore (don’t ever trespass on my land). Why ? Because the people of the United States hate freedom and love slavery. What a bickering bunch of old hags. This is an example of what is wrong with this country. We have the worst criminals in the world running our government and military, destroying what was a wonderful culture, but the old bag of bitches can only sit around and pick and peck at one petty thing after another, accusing, slandering, pecking and pecking and pecking.

  3. I watched the Alex Jones interview with the founder of the Oathkeepers and I don’t remember them saying the FBI Raided the cannery. Just that they entered and asked for a customer list. I may not remember correctly and my limited bandwidth (Hughesnet) prevents me from watching videos until after 2:00 am. But maybe that is the cause of confusion. There is a big difference between raiding and entering to request something.

  4. Anonymous Prepper says:

    We will never know if the truth is being told or not. We know the original story was a fabrication, but we do not know the reason for it.

    We DO know taht Oath Keepers quickly retracted and pulled the story, to their credit.

    Remember people, we are in a war with the powers that be. They have an unlimited budget and an agenda. I would not put it past them to have fabricated this story to make Oath Keepers look untrustworthy and bad, to brak u their ranks, and decrease memberships, and like a few posters here already stated, look untrustworthy. Disinformation like this is standard operating proceedure in intelligence circles to make no one believe an enemy.

    Now sit and use your brains. What does Oath Keepers stand for at its core ?

    That’s right … Law enforcement and military honoring their oaths to protect the constitution.

    That’s the message.

    Don’t let anyone dilute it.

  5. Oath Keeper in Georgia says:

    I just ran across this page and wanted to weigh in. I am an Oath Keepers member, but I am not speaking for the group, just for myself.

    The group gets a very large amount if information from all over the place. I cannot speculate as to what happened on this particular issue. It is true that sometimes stuff goes out that may not have turned out to be accurate, but the vast majority of unverified stories do not get published. As an admin on the FB page I can assure you that we work our butts off weeding out stuff that is off-message or unverifiable.

    For myself, I apologize for anything that has been incorrect or unsubstantiated. Please take it with a grain of salt and don’t condemn the group as a whole. We are human and we do our best and sometimes that means mistakes happen, we are fallible.

    • Hello- I am new to food storage, etc. I live in Metro Atlanta area and am wondering if any facilities are nearby to purchase food, etc. ALso do you need to be a LDS or can anyone purchase. I would be willing to travel in order to have access to the supplys. Thanks so much, God Bless and am looking forward to your response.

  6. Mistakes happen but something didn’t sound right about this story so I did my own checking and found out it wasn’t true. However, do know that the FBI is asking businesses to report any suspicious behavior of individuals who do come into stores if they are asking for guns and food. However, in the area where I live, most people have guns and buy food for a year so the FBI will have a hard time weeding out the good guys from the bad.

    Thanks for posting the story and for correcting it – at least you owned up to it. IF the government would do the same, now wouldn’t that be nice? they put out so much incorrect information that I am at the point where I don’t trust them at all. Just go check anything on the IRS or social security websites – the government won’t stand behind anything.

    But thanks for correcting the info!

    Helen Sabin
    Pikes Peak Region Living Magazine
    Colorado Springs, Co.