Mormon Cannery Raid in TN a Fabrication…

If you have been concerned about the report by and that a LDS cannery in Tennessee (the cannery was not named nor was the contact person) had been visited by the Feds looking for customer lists, please watch this video report.

This is why, I don’t get excited anymore about stuff like this… Do your own investigations because many of the conspiracy theories posted online are exaggerations or complete fabrications to get links from other sites and to drive traffic back to their “breaking the news”.

LDS Nashville Office address and Phone Number

  • TN Nashville Office 107 Twin Hills Drive Madison, TN 37115 PH: 615-854-3616
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  1. Looks like are following in the steps of Alex Jones and spreading a bunch of BS with a few truths thrown in to make it believable…

    • I would hope that they would stick to thier very important Primary Purpose and not drift off so far.

    • man do i hear an wife and i listen to alex nearly every day simply because theres nothing else to listen to while we are working. but we both realize that he is about 80% self promoting sensationalistic BS,and 20% stuff you wont here anywhere else.

      • HELEN SABIN says:

        I am a writer for a local paper in Colorado Springs, Co and was checking out this claim about the FBI. I called the LDS and every cannery I could find in TN to see if the FBI raid was true and they say no, which echoes the video above. I would ignore this group – the oath keepers – in the future. They are lying to promote their own agenda!

        However follow the Gibson Guitar scandal – a big supporter of Obama and the Democratic party is a major competitor of Gibson and he hasn’t been raided even though many of his guitars include the “forbidden” wood from India.

        To say our government is as corrupt as the oath keepers is mild.

        Keep looking for the truth! Do your own research, calls, etc.

    • As most of you probably know by now oathkeepers has pulled the “story” claiming that their “source” at the cannery (they never say which cannery) has retracted their statement. So they are blameless for posting false information.

      Could it be that they did not expect anyone to verify what they were saying and when their lies were found out they came up with this ploy of more lies to save face and their credibility…

      • When you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Oathkeepers obsesses over federal agents raiding people and creating lists, so they heard a story that was in no way confirmed or substantiated other than someone telling them (via email most likely) that someone told them that someone at a cannery said it happened. Oathkeepers frothed at the mouth and went with it. Everyone in the survivalist blogosphere did, without simply making a phone call to one of the two canneries in TN. If they made a bloody phone call and adhered to the most basic of journalistic standards they wouldn’t look like fools for promoting an urban legend and crying wolf. An organization like Oathkeepers needs credibility for when the ‘sh’ really goes down. They also came out with a heroic story about some soldiers being surveyed about whether they would fire on Americans, and how one soldier stood up against the idea and was jailed. Oathkeepers admitted it was “unconfirmed” but ran with the story anyway, as did many others. Of course there is no evidence at all several days later that any of it happened, and again they took the bait.

        • REX,
          Quote, “They also came out with a heroic story about some soldiers being surveyed about whether they would fire on Americans, and how one soldier stood up against the idea and was jailed.”

          As I read this, I somehow thought my story made news. There is a certain amount of truth to this sort of questioning. I served 12 years 1986-1997 with the 75th Ranger Regiment. During the SOCOM buildup we were told the Chian of Command (CoC) wanted to establish a baseline, and in order to do so E5 and up were required to take a psychological exam. The first 300 plus questions were redundant nonsense, but the last 25-35 questions were about bearing arms against US Citizens. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I sat there in amazement for a few moments, then stood up and asked the shrinks from the Pentagon to explain to me the relevance of the last part of the test. It was obvious they, the shrinks, were dodging my question. So I restated the question and was ordered to sit down, by someone not in my CoC. I refused to do so, as I was not about to let this go. I stated, “I refuse to answer such questions.” (The questions were tricky scenarios and quite frankly, I didn’t know how to answer them.) Then my PSG told me, “You will sit down and do exactly as you are told to do so.” Later I was reprimanded for creating some sort of outburst, which seemed way over the top to me, but I just went with it and took my ass chewing. For those that don’t believe the ranks are composed of “Sheeple” guess again! The irony of this is, most of those I once served with are, or were, the leaders on the War on Terror. Fortunately I was medically discharged before the real brain washing began.

    • Be careful what you dismiss as spreading BS.
      First, Alex Jones is usually highly verifiable and responsible journalism. Just because it sounds “Weird” to someone who’s new to real news, doesn’t mean anything. Much of his stuff comes from other news sources, his team has just mastered consolidating it.

      And on Oath Keepers… Personally I think what most likely happened… There was an overreaction to someone walking in and asking casual questions. Other cannery employees and Church HQ would not hear about every single walk in and customer, and this one alleged agent just caused alarm to someone individually because of a couple out of the ordinary questions.

      The feds have been doing things like this in other cases, so it is not out of character.

      I have a very hard time believing oath keepers would make something up out of thin air. I just don’t believe it was a stunt done on purpose, just a careless mistake at worst.

      To know if a story like this may or may not be true, you have to understand someone’s overall agenda. And there’s enough government concern over people with food storage that they’ve put it into legislation and have had it in other Homeland security documents over the past few years.

      I still believe that there is some small piece of truth in all this.

  2. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    I encourage everyone to stay focused on what is real and what is not and prepare accordingly. The world offers more than enough challenges without false boogiemen and scare tactics. The discussions of politics and hatred seem to come easier than those of skill and usefulness. There are those who will lead folks that away because they themselves have an agenda Matthew 7:15

    Knowledge is Power, Practiced Knowledge is Strength, Tested Knowledge is Confidence

  3. More people than Oath Keepers have been duped in this world.
    It could possibly been something that snowballed and they ran with it.
    I know nothing of Oath Keepers. I try to stay with a limited amount of information coming in and that can be trusted or at least have a give or take method of assessment.
    But one should wonder why the LDS church would be picked over a business that does keep records and would be more condusive to arm twisting and them then handing over peoples information.
    But listen I would not put it past the big boys starting such a thing as getting information and giving us problems.

  4. Thanks for posting the video. I usually take these type of reports with a grain of salt, but it was a good OPSEC reminder.

  5. It’s really sad that all this is happening right now with this story. But just remember that down in New Orleans during Katrina, the “authorities” DID OPENLY go around and confiscate weapons. It’s a documented fact.

    So, even if this story is false, don’t think for a moment that the Feds or others, won’t try this one day of they think it’s the thing to do.

  6. Greg in Nashville says:

    I was at the Nashville (Hendersonville) TN cannery today with a group and I asked the manager about the story today. I too, was told that it was false. The manager told me that when they heard about the story they checked with the other TN cannery and nothing like that happened there either.

    I posted a correction in the comments section on the story at Oath Keepers and have send the Oath Keeper’s an e-mail asking them to retract or correct the story (with information that would allow confirmation).

  7. breadmomma says:

    Thanks MD for clearheaded thinking…I have always been, and was raised to think for myself…don’t know much about Oathkeepers, Rawles or many of the other folks out there…I love this site because it has intelligent folks on it and for the most part, the fear mongering is on other sites…I really come to this for the informed and kind exchanges…
    like the Russians, trust but verify…with a strong emphasis on verify…
    and my mom taught me ” if you can’t say something nice about someone, keep your trap shut”. I find it rude and distasteful to bash folks of differing religious views, Jews, Christians, Atheists or anyone..our country was founded on freedom of religion. So it is on this site, that we can find support and comfort and information and help without the crap of the other sites…
    Again, thanks MD!

  8. TruthKeeper says:

    This is like the TSA check points in TN (I think that one was also started by Oathkeepers) more BS to get traffic to their site see the following link:

    Looks like they are taking lessons from Alex Jones the master BS artist.

  9. Nice job calling this one out. So many SHTF blogs and sites blindly report bogus “news” without fact checking. All that does is reinforce the perception that preppers are a bunch of conspiracy minded, doomer porn nut jobs. The powers that be are doing enough to discredit us without our doing their work for them.

  10. Take everything, both this and the original report, with a grain of salt. Lots of misinformation coming from all directions. Take the information, process it, and prepare. There is just too much weird stuff going on to blindly ignore everything, but also to believe everything. Interesting times we live in now.

  11. charlie (NC) says:

    Thanks for the update and correction however, “just because you are paranoid does not mean you aren’t being watched”. grins.

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  14. There is a whole lot of fake “news” out there. Check out this youtube channel:

    Here is an interview with Ed Chiarini:

    This is all quite disturbing when one comes to realize that things like the oathkeepers are also fabrications created by actors who also play roles in many other “news events”.

    Welcome to a whole new world. You’ve just glimpsed behind the curtain. Once you know what’s there it becomes more and more easy to see.

    • are you saying that Oathkeepers are a fraud? c

    • I’m not sure the dallasgoldbug link wasn’t simply a naked anti-Bush or anti-Republican attack. Two points: Since when does the government NOT have the right to explain their position?
      As for the government putting out videos on events upsetting the media has it occurred to you that the media has completely fallen down in their constitutional mandate of getting the truth out there so citizens would be informed? The media today is nothing more then a mouthpiece for the left. maybe if they started doing their job the government would not need to do it for them.

      • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

        “The media today is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the left.” Right on, Sweet Pea!

  15. We were at the Hendersonville TN cannery this morning and they were quick to say the story was a complete fabrication, totaly untrue.

  16. Fred Flinstone says:

    What is a “complete fabrication”???

    If the question was asked, did Federal Agents VISIT an LDS cannery and ask to see a list of customers, that would be one thing.

    If on the other hand the question was asked, Did Federal Agents RAID an LDS cannery, that is an entirely different question that might get you an entirely different answer.

    In the video the lady said both things. But which did she ask??? Furthermore there are two canneries in Tennessee. But she only talked to one of the canneries.

    Furthermore the initial report was that it was a man that contacted by Federal Agents, not a woman, and yet it was a woman on the phone who answered.

    These are major logic technicalities in the Video, that can cause a person to question the accuracy of the Video.

    Furthermore, how likely it it that Oath Keepers, and Police Education Organization, would mess up something as simple as what was reported, namely that two FBI agents asked about a customer list???

    Whether the incident really happened or not, this rumor, or actual event, highlights the fact that the Federal Government has an inordinate interest in peoples food storage.

    The politicians in California are trying to make storing food illegal, in other words storing food would be considered a terrorist act, potentially punishable by law in the future. That can not be disputed, even if the visit to a Mormon cannery in Tennessee by Federal Aganes can be disputed and might not have ever happened.

    • Fred,

      Sometimes the truth is harder to believe than a lie. Lies are so much more interesting…

    • Fred, if someone accused you of a crime would the accusation be sufficient proof to prove that you did it or would have done it if you did not do it???

      • Fred, I’m with you.

        SweetPea, it’s more than an accusation, it’s a federal *pattern*, whether this one incident is exactly as it seems or not, it isn’t out of character. This is the problem. And agents walking in and asking is definitely a huge difference than agents raiding.

  17. SrvivlSally says:

    Bah, humbug!

  18. I learned a long time ago that most of what and Alex Jones “reports” is BS, fabrications and lies. I have personally checked the facts of several of their “news reports” that where in locations in or near my area and they were false or misleading. They have to keep the conspiracy theories going without a constant supply they would be out of business and have to go get a real job.

    • Same Here.
      While I agree 100% with OathKeepers original message I have to wonder what the hell is going on over there. The world has enough real problems without making stuff up.

  19. Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

    Glad the story is false. But what really bothers me is that it COULD have been true. Let’s not forget that preppers, vets, and others have already been labeled as potential domestic terrorists by this regime. I would not be surprised by anything they do.

    But you’re absolutely right, MD, we need to do our homework, and I didn’t do mine.

  20. We all make mistakes, I personally believe Oath Keepers are a genuine group, although this story may have a bit of untruth, you can bet that the Gov. knows anything and everything they want about their people. As a former Law Enforcement officer, we had a list countywise of all persons with their C.C.W. permits on our laptops, just an interesting bit of the knowledge!

    • Copout,

      “We all make mistakes” you must be joking. yes we all make mistakes in life that is a fact, but OathKeepers reported that their claims had been verified by them as truth. has lost all credibility with this one and as have you with your “We all make mistakes” comment.

  21. Also, could anyone direct me to a Christian preppers site, as well, I would too be able to interact with liked minded folks without the foul language and unnecessary disrespect. Not to say M.D. this is the case here.

  22. See my post in the current “WDYDTPTW” thread about a *new* program rolled out by law enforcement to aid citizens in reporting “suspicious behavior, defined as anything that “make you uncomfortable”, etc. One of the places on their list (and in the video) that’s looked at for possible terrorist activity is garden and farm suppliers. Something for us gardeners and farmers to keep in mind, especially if we have missing fingers and stock-pile food and guns. I offer this here because it’s in the same vein as this concern about the gov looking at LDS buyers lists. And don’t forget the ‘raids’ (swat with guns drawn) on raw milk providers and a guitar store. Sheez….what a mess. Never thought I’d see this day.

    • I’m stumped by the missing fingers reference unless the feds are looking for Yukaza thugs.

      • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

        The feds claim that missing fingers could indicate a person has been working with explosives. I guess they don’t realize that missing fingers could also indicate somebody is a woodworker, a butcher, or a snake handler.

      • People who experiment with explosives tent to make mistakes and blow off fingers or get killed till they figure out proper techniques… luckily a good percentage of the bad guys never quite learn the proper methods.

        On the garden and farm supply stores I suspect they are looking for very large purchases of ammonia nitrate – fertillizer or an ingredient in some explosives.

      • Missing fingers means bomb maker.

        • Kate in GA says:

          Missing Fingers are often found on people who served in the Field Artillery branch of the US Army. No bomb makers there.

      • I used to date a guy who lost 3 fingers in an industrial accident (got in the way of a punch-press, he’d deliberately disabled the safety mechanism so he could work “faster”). My sister lost the end of her finger down to the first joint from a dog bite (they reattached it but it looks really wonky). I had a friend who lost a few fingertips from having his hand accidentally slammed in a car door as a baby. People lose fingers (or parts of them) for all kinds of non-bomb-making reasons!

  23. Sorry about the typos…tired today.

  24. Sadly, perhaps this was a “red herring” planted story that would be used to discredit serious organizations and honest information sources. It may have been used to scare a lot of preppers towards “knee-jerk” reactions. Finally, it could have been cooked up by some fools just to jerk everyone’s chain for a laugh.

    Unfortunately, whatever the purpose it did give many a “warning” or a wake up call on their preparations and overburdened the Monmon canneries and churches with lots of needless phone calls and wasted time spent on clarifying the truth of the issue.

    Perhaps what is necessary for some news organizations is to verify news stories via multiple source prior to distribution. It also serves notice to many organizations, news groups, and web sites to stop posting news from their “hidden” or unmentioned news sources as some news stories will prove to be pure manure!

    We need solid info in these anxious times….now, distortions and lies. Many of us recognize the major media as bias, but independent news sources can become just as invalid or bias, if they are not careful and open about checking sources, stories, and revealing influence or commerical supporters.

    I hope Inforwars (which posted info on their Youtube site) and OathKeepers (the originators of the news story) can clarify or post retractions on their stories ; especially so our trust in their validity is not eroded.

    Best wishes to all.

    • Ahhh! So now with absolutely no confirmation and no information this story was “planted” to make Oath Keepers look bad! But wait! But wait! The total lack of any proof of this “planting” should be considered a warning or wake up call. Could you be any more paranoid?

      • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

        Maybe not so paranoid, Sweet Pea. Afterall, the Fast & Furious gunwalking program was originally set up as a way to add extra regulations and restrictions to American gun ownership.

        The whole anti-Tea Party rhetoric was started in an effort to discredit Americans who want their government to be less intrusive and more responsive to the people’s needs, not the politicians’ desires.

        So, if Lawrence is paranoid so are a lot of us. Crooked govt makes us that way.

      • I didn’t get the impression that Lawrence was jumping to conclusions. He was speculating on possibilities and also said that maybe some fools cooked up the story for a laugh. He also went on to say that news outlets should maybe verify their stories with more than one source before they post so they would be more accurate.

  25. Hey MD, this raises a further followup question. Perhaps time for ALL of us to start a discussion (or even web site spostings) about how to determine valid and false news stories.

    How to determine if news stories or intelligence is bogus or what is those unamed government sources some sites mention with wild stories are really in fact false or even just “made up”?

    The problem today is some people who scream about the “ignorant sheeple” are some of the ones who who do not analyze or use critical review of news items produced by alternative media or alternative information web sites. We have “brains” people. We need to use them.

    We also need to start listed those false organizations and disinformation groups who have made claims only to see them never come to past.
    …recall the Y2K scare/
    …recall the world was to end on May 2011?
    —recall the claims that George W. Bush would order marshall law just prior to the 2008 election?
    …what about those impacts by Elenin in September of 2011?
    ….need I go on?

    it would be great to have a central web site or database to false claims and those that made them.

    Any thoughts?

  26. With too few answers and far too many questions, it’s sad there are those who feel the need to fabricate garbage that might then dissuade some from then following what is real. As more world leaders, mainstream journalists and ‘experts’ mention the possibility of ‘economic uncertainty’ or a ‘collapse’ they lend credence as to how much closer to an event we really are. Of course living in CA we can always get ready for the Big One if the experts are wrong on the world economy.

    Common sense will lead those with eyes and ears open (such as readers of this site) to filter out the erroneous information and prepare as best their circumstances and resources allow. With information and careful planning prepping becomes a win, win regardless of what the future holds. I’m more prepared this week than I was last week but not as ready as I’ll be next week –just like you.

  27. Has anyone tried to check out the facts with a third party? Oathkeepers says one of their people found out about it. The video says they only checked with the LDS Church. Sounds like he said, she said kind of argument.

  28. MD,

    Thanks so much for exposing the truth on this matter. Apparently there are some agitators out there that were successful in convincing Oath Keepers that the story was valid. That said, as bloggers – or as I like to say, online journalists – we all have a responsibility to vet the truth. Sometimes all that it takes is 10 minutes and a phone call or two.

    For the cynics out there (myself included), I have to wonder whether these same agitators had an agenda whereby they were going to prove that the alternative media was a crock – full of bogus innuendo and attention-grabbing but false information. For me it is sad to suspect that there are those out there that are trying to discredit those of us that work very hard to expose the truth.


  29. In a world of instant information and a rush to be first the truth is often the first casualty. I had a history teacher once tell me to read what the left wrote as well as the right. They eventually write about the same thing and reach similar conclusions, therein lies truth. Conspiracy theories thrive about a government when people reach the point they feel they have lost any control over its actions. Where are we now? In today’s world the major complaint is government inefficiencies. Conspiracies demand that you have your stuff in one pile. That makes conspiracy an oxymoron. Now, I think it may be more of an Overton Window thing. You’ve seen GB speak of it. Are there people with agendas to change America? Always has been, see Hamilton vs Jefferson, it is our collective duty to be involved in these choices.

  30. And who says that whoever was visited hasn’t become fearful for their safety?

  31. It is also of concern that some people “want to believe” and some people will still continue to believe.
    But most of all, almost all of us see a government that is capable of doing anything. That is my biggest concern.

  32. I have heard of “oathkeepers” from some of the guys at work. I have not really looked into them to much but I agree with their original charter.
    That being said :

    I have to laugh at this whole situation and the back and forth about the validity of the article and the “investigation” of the truth.

    I would think you would need to ask yourself a few questions, such as:

    Is it possible that the government would be interested in such a list?
    Wold they send Feds to get such a list?
    Would the LDS give up such a list?
    They would have to. There is no privacy laws concerning such list and a fed warrant would be easy to get based on the patriot act.
    Would LDS as a business not want people knowing they “had” to give up the list?
    Does it change anything as far as prepping?
    Not in my eyes. I will still prep the same.

    I think all parties involved have a portion of the truth and somewhere out there is the real deal. But does it really matter? Keep doing what you have been doing and stay or the right side of your local laws and you should be good to go.

    • Authorities could indeed demand such a list but without a search warrant, LDS official could simply say “no, please leave”.

      • If the prima facia for their search is terror the they can evoke the patriot act and no warrant is needed.

        More over the point is that due to recent legislation being passed it is very simple to label a “prepper” as a “person of interest” in a domestic terrorism investigation.

        Part of the criteria is stocking more than a weeks worth of food, armed with multiple weapons, military style weapons, stocking ammo, pretty much anything “normal” prepper does.

        I don’t beliieve the mass round up are coming right now but could it happen? Sure with the right “incident” the Feds could get nervous quickly and impose various “special orders”. Just ask world war 2 era German/Japaneese Americans.

        I will continue to prep,hell I’ll keep using the credit card to do it. If there are list out there I am sure I am already on them. Don’t be fooled to think you aren’t as well. The issue is not if or even which list you are on. The question should be what will you do if they come after the people on the list.

    • Spec.
      The LDS cannery and other LDS food outlets are NOT “businesses” per se. They basically break-even. They were originally set up for members of the church. It is only recently that nonmembers have started availing themselves of food storage items that the church provides.
      Also I doubt if they would care one way or another whether someone quit buying food there because they released a list. If the FBI came there they would have affirmed it when asked. Why would you even go any further. A warrant would have had to be obtained and presented to the manager, it would have been public big-time by now. Since they said just the opposite ( that the story is false ) , your theory does not hold water. It seems so transparent.

      Just a question, but are you related to the witch burners from Salem, or old Gov. Boggs from Missouri?

  33. I have to say that it doesn’t matter to me whether the story was true or not. What does matter is that it opened my eyes to the possibility that at some point and time it could be true. I will no longer be purchasing any of my preps with my debit card at any brick and mortar stores but will be using cash instead. That way, if a list is ever asked for, my name will not be on it.

    • All of my transactions at the LDS cannery are cash, both for OPSEC, and to keep them from paying the percentage for use of the CC.
      I’m not too concerned with most of my other purchases because stores like Aldi and GFS sell lots of bulk food to organizations and restaurants, so you can get lost in the mix there, assuming someone even has access to the pertinent information.

  34. Folks, this one was important. For all of you trying to get America back to the Constitution, you MUST verify your info before passing it on. One bad piece of info puts everything into disrepute. I get a LOT of emails that even 60 seconds of googling will show to be untrue, yet people pass stuff on. It really makes me angry, as if you were PLANNING on hurting the prep folks, those sounding the alarm, you couldn’t do any more to hurt the cause.

  35. M.D.

    It looks like OathKeepers has pulled the story. From their site;

    “We have pulled this story about the Mormon cannery being visited by federal agents because the source of the information at the cannery is now denying that he ever told us that event occurred.

    From now on, we will NOT post any such story based on what we are told by other people unless, and until, they are willing to go on video or at least on an audio recording with their info. That way, in case someone starts to crumble under the public attention or other pressures, and wants to deny what they told us, we have video or audio proof.”

    Looks like they are telling another story to cover-up the first one… A obvious attempt to save their reputation. To late for that, they have been found out as BS news.

  36. Jim (Ohio) says:

    Just to bring it to everyone’s attention, the Patriot act allows federal agents to do warrantless searches, and imprison those individuals who report/leak information relating to the search/visit. Perhaps the manager had an unpleasant phone call/meeting with the federal agents after the story broke and subsequently changed his story? I don’t think the Oathkeepers would make something like this up…

  37. I don’t view Alex Jones as spreading half truths and certainly don’t apply that to Oathkeepers. They have pulled the story because the individual at the cannery who contacted them has now denied he ever spoke to them. Something is going on here for sure. Either the feds got to this person or there is a campaign of disinformation underway. I don’t think we ought to start impugning the integrity of some who are trying hard to do things above board. As I ask my wife last evening: If I got one thing wrong, does that mean everything I’ve said is false? I hope everyone will connect the dots and realize we are in peril from government. In 2008 I was mostly asleep but I heard enough to believe Obama was not going to save America. He was going to crash it. I’ve since learned he is a puppet. We need to stay on target and realize there may even be ‘insiders’ on all web sites, posting comments, whether it be preparation sites or Alex Jones.

  38. Scott (SC) says:

    Cannery ‘managers’ would not buckle to such a threat. It isn’t an open store. It is closed access. The whole story just wreaks of lies.

  39. Scott (SC) says:

    “The source” in “The cannery”
    Oath Keepers should reveal the name and cannery location.

  40. TheEagleKeeper says:

    This is just a bit of information to chew on. Oath Keepers is a reputable organization of active duty military and law enforcement, as well as military veterans and firefighters, who have stood up to say they will not deny their oath to the Constitution, and to the American people.

    These folks are truly Liberty and Freedom’s Allies and stand for what this country was founded on.

    With that said, there can be individuals in any group who are crackpots or even willfully make an organization look bad after joining it.. just to discredit and divert it from the mission.

    If you own a handgun, and you had issues with the Brady Bill when it was first implemented by Reno and the Clinton administration, you will remember the law was challenged all the way up to the supreme court. The Sheriff who called the government to account and said they were encroaching on States rights by forcing them to invoke the Brady Law was Sheriff Richard Mack.

    Sheriff Richard Mack is on the Board of Directors of the Oath Keepers.

    It is not a crackpot organization, and it deserves respect as a strong member of the Liberty Movement and the movements to stop federal constitutional encroachments.

    For Liberty

  41. SrvivlSally says:

    I was just over at the site and they have said that they pulled the article because their source is now denying that they ever told OathKeepers (that). This is no different than when a person says one thing and later recants, so I doubt that the organization is trying to do anything wrong. It makes me wonder if the source was just trying to use such a story to draw attention and possible sales or (?). The organization is openly admitting to what is going on so there is no reason to see them in a negative light. And, they have decided to be a little more careful in the future.

    • SrvivlSally,
      Do you honestly think that those people at that LDS cannery (remember this is a church run) would make up a lie like that in order to sell more food which they barely break even on? You need to rethink your position a bit before you accuse the LDS church of a lie.
      Do you even realize how offensive that is?

  42. The story has been retracted, and Oath Keepers will NOT be embarassed this way again.

    “We have pulled this story about the Mormon cannery being visited by federal agents because the source of the information at the cannery is now denying that he ever told us that event occurred.

    From now on, we will NOT post any such story based on what we are told by other people unless, and until, they are willing to go on video or at least on an audio recording with their info. That way, in case someone starts to crumble under the public attention or other pressures, and wants to deny what they told us, we have video or audio proof.

    We get all kinds of scary intel, all the time, and we rarely pass it on because we don’t have confirming documentation. In this case, we were relying on a confirmed eye witness who is now denying it. We will not do that again without a recording.”

    • That’s a good idea! Always be sure you get the correct scoop.
      Also make certain that you are getting the scoop from someone who is AUTHORIZED to give scoop.
      Anyone can say anything, no telling whom you heard your bogus information from, but I will bet my fortune against your fortune that it was not an authorized person from the LDS church….wanna bet?

      Now that it is obvious that the you got the story wrong, you are trying to deflect the blame to the LDS cannery…..that just ain’t right, I don’t care who you are. Man-up

  43. If Oathkeepers members are really all about upholding the Constitution they should be on the front lines protecting the #OWS protestors from the police who are trampling on their 1st Amendment rights. Of course they aren’t doing that…if they start, please, let me know.

    • templar knight says:

      Yep, just like the #OWS protesters were all about upholding the Constitution when mayors and police in most major cities trampled on the 1st Amendment rights of Tea Party protesters by making them PAY for their right to protest. Oh, wait…..

    • Some of them are. We have people VERY active in LA and Oakland. In addition to supporting the rights of people to peacably assemble, they are also trying to guide the anger of some of the young folks away from rich people and bankers in general and pointing them toward the Den of all Bankster Vipers: the Federal Reserve. They are also making a case for restoring constitutionally limited government as the means of overcoming the current corruption rather than some of the Marxist stuff they are being fed by much of the OWS movement.

      • templar knight says:

        “They are also making a case for restoring constitutionally limited government as the means of overcoming the current corruption rather than some of the Marxist stuff they are being fed by much of the OWS movement.”

        Well, good luck with that. The vast majority of what I’ve seen in the #OWS movement is Marxist, Union, Leftist crap that has never worked in the history of mankind. That these folks could fall for that junk doesn’t say much for their intelligence or education. If one can’t look across the pond and see where socialism leads, then one is willfully blind. Of course, history is rife with examples of people who have blindly followed an ideology straight to hell(see Hitler and Lenin/Stalin). But I degress.

  44. Again, PLEASE go to and spend some time watching any of the dozens of videos there that document the production of fake news. Do you make excuses for the people in your life when they LIE to you? Do you demand a retraction? I hope not. You write them off. There are many “alternative news” sources discredited by the information in these videos. There are actors that show up over and over again in fake, staged events. Once you know who they are you can begin spot them yourself. Surely you must agree that if you can identify even one actor who plays a part in a “news event” then the entire event has to be seen as a fabrication. A lie, plain and simple.

    Just look and see. The proof you ask for is before you.

    This is not name calling here. This is serious stuff. No democrat, no republican. No this group or that group. This is not divisive unless someone somehow approves of lying as a strategy. We can all agree in having no respect for those who lie to us. Judge for yourself but look at the evidence please.

    I don’t claim to know why this group of actors is doing this, I just know that they are. And the videos show that most of them are relatives and associates of some of the most influential families in this country.

    Some of these staged events have been seen as very important and have led to government policy changes. To me that makes these people dangerous and even treasonous. Some of the videos are quite shocking and will cause you to change how you look at the world.

    I am asking you to suspend your disbelief that these people have the power, ability, money and connections to pull these things off, for long enough to watch a few videos.

    You owe it to yourself not to be influenced by these people. It really does matter if the stories are true or not.

    Excepting polite reservations for the troll, I wish you all the best.

    • I went to the link you posted & it has been shut down by Youtube. I wish I could have seen these videos. This is why it is so important to Fight SOPA. If you are not familiar with it, Google it

  45. I suspected it was bogus when the article said Agents demanded records. In my 25 years working in the legal system I’ve never heard of real agents demanding records. They show up with a grand jury subpoena and take the records.
    I wouldn’t fault OK on this. Maybe the person that posted the article. We are constantly the subjects of disinformation by mass media and this is no different.

    Iowa Prepper-

  46. I posted the link of the story to Oath Keepers because that is the first time I have ever seen that kind of story on their site. I have followed the site for years. My apologies if you feel duped.
    For anyone who ever wanted to blow some kind of whistle there is a cost. The big boys in government and business know this. They seem to have an unlimited treasure chest of funds to smear people. Even if you didn’t do something allegation of wrong doing can get you tried and convicted in the court of popular opinion. Take Herman Cain for example. For over a decade women who were “victimized” kept quiet about it. When he was leading in the pols all of them suddenly have an epiphany about “doing the right thing”. It was a message, the message is that psyops works and you could be on the receiving end. Indeed the nail that stands the tallest is always the first one hit. Prep on Wolfpack.

  47. It is my thinking that it was a set up to discredit OathKeepers by those who wish their influence to decline…

  48. Is it possible that it did happen and the cannery people were told to deny it? There are two presidential candidates that are Mormon, and at least one Mormon senator who voted yea for the bill last year controling our food supply. Is it possible?

    • JW,
      No is is NOT possible that it did happen and the Mormons denied it for political or any other reason.
      People like you are the ones that start the muck raking. I dare say there are more patriotic, preparedness minded, survival types in the LDS church than anyone realizes. The very idea that a Church like the LDS would go along with something like this is so stupid and outrageous.
      This kind of stuff makes me sputtering mad.

      • L:ary,

        I am Mormon, and I will tell you that it IS entirely possible that elements of the church would deny this story, especially with a gag order from the feds. Am I saying it happened? No, I’m not. But having grown up in the church, over the years, there has been a growing rift between Mormon patriots, and those that seem to do everything the criminal government tells them to do. The church does all that it can to avoid any confrontation with the government. However, this will change in the future, not only for us, but for everyone, because the tyranny will simply become too overbearing. Perhaps a larger part of the Mormons such as myself would not go along with this, but a spokesman might. I’ve also been following oathkeepers for some time, and they have been very accurate. I don’t think this issue would have even come up without something taking place, even if it was fabricated.

        • Paul,
          The official response to this from the Church says that it did not happen.
          If that response had come from an individual, there might be room for doubt on your part, BUT when the Church Leadership comes out officially and says it didn’t happen, I will have to go along with ’em.

          Now I wouldn’t put anything past this federal government we have now, and I don’t doubt that they might try something along these lines, but you need to apply a tiny bit of common sense to this whole story. It is crazy on it’s face. You seem to think the Church is putting out propaganda for the government. Maybe you should go ask your Bishop when the Church started putting out false information about such things, or indeed anything.

          • No, I don’t believe that the church would put out propaganda for the feds. But if they were given a gag order, they would definitely follow it, as they, like other churches are constrained by the unconstitutional 501(c)3 tax , do as we say plan. And please Larry, the bishop would likely not know anything about this either. I’ve been applying common sense for years, trusting in leadership for most things, but listening to the Holy Ghost for the most vital and important issues. As Joel Skousen stated in a speech he gave to a group of LDS patriots, when everything starts to go south, directions will not come from the pulpit, but from the quiet, yet powerful voice of the spirit. That voice has never misled me. Even if this story is not true, it probably will be soon, and I’m afraid that many blind, government following members, will simply do as they are told, no matter what the issue is, to their own demise no less. I am sorry for this.

    • Yeah, that’s the ticket….the LDS Church is telling lies.
      /sarc off

  49. Just a heads up from Jim Rawles site. He mentions the cannery story with a link to this video on YouTube and both an acknowledgement and a link to this article.

  50. Me in Idaho says:

    The Oath Keepers story is completely false by the sheer weight of its absurdity. The LDS Church has canneries all over the world. And the feds do what… walk into one cannery and demand a customer list? Really? Isn’t that a little small for the feds? Why not raid both canneries in TN? Why not raid all the canneries in the U.S.? Why not simply serve the Church’s leadership with a supeona and get all the lists at once? *Assuming there are lists!* (I use LDS canneries. Sometimes there’s a named signup list, sometimes you’re just part of an organized group and there’s NO LIST.) If the feds are so ineffective that they raid/visit one LDS cannery then we don’t have anything to worry about.

    Besides, if you’re going to control stockpiling, you don’t go after the individuals … you go after the distribution channels. Same result at 1/1000th the effort.

  51. HELEN SABIN says:

    Me in Idaho – Yes you are right – it was false. I called EVERY cannery in TN as I write for a local paper where I live and they demand verification of all “facts” before articles are publihed I could find no cannery that had this supposed visit.

    However be aware that the DEMS are targeting businesses that do NOT support Obama. The FBI raided GIBSON GUITAR and their CEO is a major supporter of the GOP. However, their main competitor is a DEM supporter and their guitars also have the wood from India which was the basis for the Gibson raid but they weren’t raided by the FBI. You might want to read, Throw Them All Out by Peter Sweizer who lists the cronyism engaged in by this current government. And please don’t tell me that they all do it -yes they do but you cannot accept it and allow it to go on. Write all papers, your congress critters, etc and DEMAND a government that stops this waste and corrupt use of taxpayer dollars.

  52. My God, after reading all of this mud-slinging and bashing and accusing, I would nearly welcome NWO Troops to come down the street and drag most of you away to prison camps or just shoot you in the head right there in your drive ways. Wonder how much bickering and finger pointing and mouth flapping would be going on then. I am so sick of my own cowardly, snivelling, cynical countrymen AND WOMEN, that I believe most of you will get what you deserve. I actually heard a listener to a nation wide radio broadcast call into the show and tell the host what happened in TN. Then, within a day, there was a sharp retraction – perhaps by people who had been threatened. Was I there? No, but then again neither were any of you. No, you’re right – no one has ever been threatened to keep their mouths shut and Santa and his wife live in the North Pole and the Easter Bunny lays eggs in a basket for children in the Spring. The OathKeepers have enough of a hard time keeping the shit-head population of complete idiots from slandering them and bashing them constantly – like that shit-head reporter from Colorado Springs – she’s probably a military whore (don’t ever trespass on my land). Why ? Because the people of the United States hate freedom and love slavery. What a bickering bunch of old hags. This is an example of what is wrong with this country. We have the worst criminals in the world running our government and military, destroying what was a wonderful culture, but the old bag of bitches can only sit around and pick and peck at one petty thing after another, accusing, slandering, pecking and pecking and pecking.

  53. I watched the Alex Jones interview with the founder of the Oathkeepers and I don’t remember them saying the FBI Raided the cannery. Just that they entered and asked for a customer list. I may not remember correctly and my limited bandwidth (Hughesnet) prevents me from watching videos until after 2:00 am. But maybe that is the cause of confusion. There is a big difference between raiding and entering to request something.

  54. Anonymous Prepper says:

    We will never know if the truth is being told or not. We know the original story was a fabrication, but we do not know the reason for it.

    We DO know taht Oath Keepers quickly retracted and pulled the story, to their credit.

    Remember people, we are in a war with the powers that be. They have an unlimited budget and an agenda. I would not put it past them to have fabricated this story to make Oath Keepers look untrustworthy and bad, to brak u their ranks, and decrease memberships, and like a few posters here already stated, look untrustworthy. Disinformation like this is standard operating proceedure in intelligence circles to make no one believe an enemy.

    Now sit and use your brains. What does Oath Keepers stand for at its core ?

    That’s right … Law enforcement and military honoring their oaths to protect the constitution.

    That’s the message.

    Don’t let anyone dilute it.

  55. Oath Keeper in Georgia says:

    I just ran across this page and wanted to weigh in. I am an Oath Keepers member, but I am not speaking for the group, just for myself.

    The group gets a very large amount if information from all over the place. I cannot speculate as to what happened on this particular issue. It is true that sometimes stuff goes out that may not have turned out to be accurate, but the vast majority of unverified stories do not get published. As an admin on the FB page I can assure you that we work our butts off weeding out stuff that is off-message or unverifiable.

    For myself, I apologize for anything that has been incorrect or unsubstantiated. Please take it with a grain of salt and don’t condemn the group as a whole. We are human and we do our best and sometimes that means mistakes happen, we are fallible.

    • Hello- I am new to food storage, etc. I live in Metro Atlanta area and am wondering if any facilities are nearby to purchase food, etc. ALso do you need to be a LDS or can anyone purchase. I would be willing to travel in order to have access to the supplys. Thanks so much, God Bless and am looking forward to your response.

  56. Mistakes happen but something didn’t sound right about this story so I did my own checking and found out it wasn’t true. However, do know that the FBI is asking businesses to report any suspicious behavior of individuals who do come into stores if they are asking for guns and food. However, in the area where I live, most people have guns and buy food for a year so the FBI will have a hard time weeding out the good guys from the bad.

    Thanks for posting the story and for correcting it – at least you owned up to it. IF the government would do the same, now wouldn’t that be nice? they put out so much incorrect information that I am at the point where I don’t trust them at all. Just go check anything on the IRS or social security websites – the government won’t stand behind anything.

    But thanks for correcting the info!

    Helen Sabin
    Pikes Peak Region Living Magazine
    Colorado Springs, Co.

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