Mylar Bags can be reused – don’t throw out those potato chip bags!

Survival tip contributed by Kuli L

used mylar bagI was about to toss some old snack bags that had an aluminized inside, and as I looked at them I noticed the top seal was originally melted shut.  So being of a thrifty nature, I thought these might be reusable.  So I got out an electric hair straightener (which I use to seal commercial food storage bags), powered it up, and used it to reseal the bag.  It was better than the original seal.  Now I use the empty bags to store my rice.  Just drop in a de-oxygenation packet with the food, seal it, done.

M.D. adds: Yes, they can be used – I mention this in my book “31 Days to Survival“. Only problem is that they’re thin and need to be handled and stored with that in mind….

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  1. JP in MT says:

    Thanks for the info. Will pass it on the the DW as she is the Vac bag person here.

  2. My kids eat a lot- emphasize LOT- of Beggin’ Strips, which come in Mylar bags with zip seals. Been saving them for several years to store ammo and related products. Too, they work for storing small batches of kibbles. I’ve considered washing them to use for human consumables, but so far have been too lazy.
    Was wondering if others found them useful as well, and pleased to find I’m not the only one going down this road.

    • EB. Esquire says:

      You feed your kids “Beggin Strips”?

      And I though my mom’s cooking was bad.

      • It ain’t that my cookin’ is b-a-d, it’s that I don’t like cookin’ and it’s easier to open a bag…

    • Wow I want some bacon flavored ammo too!!!!

    • And to think all that you guys got from this posting is that my kids eat Beggin’ Strips… sheesh, talk about wasted pixels! :-\

      • Dan Cooper says:

        When you say, “kids,” you mean your dogs, right?

        • (chucklin’)
          Yes, Dan- my ‘kids’ are the furry four-legged kind that howl at the moon and chase the mailman’s truck.
          (Of course, I realize everyone understood that, but it’s nice that someone asked for clarification. Still, it’s fun being ‘strange’ at times.)
          Thanks for asking.

    • TrailGuide says:

      Oh dear, JSW. I don’t think I can count how many Beggin’ Strip bags I have tossed. Just had to go look to see for myself – yep, mylar on the inside. I might think about washing them, but wonder if you could get that *smell* out. If my ‘kids’ didn’t love them so and do all kinds of being good to get one, I wouldn’t buy them just because they are gross. So who knew, right in front of my nose all this time – LOL!

      Now my little tin brain is chugging on how I can re-purpose them. What awesome tips, everyone. TG

      • Actually, T-G, I think that smell will wash right out since mylar is a sort of metal and probably won’t hold much odor. I’m just the lazy type who doesn’t want to spend much time washing things in a sink (or with a hose, for that matter) so haven’t tried it yet. But, in the interest of science and as a sacrifice to the Wolf Pack, I’ll wash one and see if I can smell the bacon after… gee, the lengths I won’t go to to satisfy curiosity… but really, I think if the kids can smell the bacon after washing, then they may not work for human consumables (except dehydrated bacon- but don’t get it mixed with the kids’ bags).
        Seriously, I like the smell of them and have been tempted at times to try one with my eggs…

  3. Sw't Tater says:

    The generic splenda is also in these bags and re-sealable.
    It is hard to open them ,leaving a sufficient place to heat seal and save the zip seal.But I have utilized duck tape as the second seal on one.It seems ok, but it’s not been very long either.

  4. Ou can also open the bags all the way and cut the side so they lay flat. The shiny side can be used to line a solar stove. You could tap a lot of bags together for a Mylar blanket.

    • F.B. Ross says:

      you can also turn them inside out and wear it as a hat..reflects the sun-water proof-and aliens can’t read your thoughts…

  5. Backwoods Prepper says:

    My wife has used these bags for a couple years now. big wad of dryer lint and a pack of matches. we have these in our GHBs our BOBs. You could also put them in with your homade MREs. We also have toilet paper in them too.

  6. I just wanted to add that I just purchased a Food Saver, and it recommends resealing chip bags right in the manual. Neat timing on this article – now I just have to keep a bag of chips from getting eaten in one sitting to test that out… ๐Ÿ™‚

    ~ Sandy

  7. This is awesome. I’ve never thought of reusing chip bags, etc. Thank you for the great tip!!!

  8. Take your old computer hard drive, seal it well in mylar bag with paper around hard drive – Thus you have a EMP resistant storage container. A little bacon smell is an added bonus.

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