Staying healthy before, during, and after SHTF

This is a guest post and entry in our non-fiction writing contest  Melinda G

Being a prepper guarantees many things: you will always have a generous supply of rice and beans, you will never have an “empty” spare closet, and every bakery within a twenty-mile radius will be on “bucket alert” just for you. While most Americans are busy watching the newest reality TV circus – preppers are gearing up for what will soon be an actual reality. Economic collapse and social unrest are just a few of the possibilities.

Most preppers will have enough food, water, and defenses to get them through the rough patches of a disaster. A lot will even have a few antibiotics, bandages, and maybe even a suture kit “just in case”. However, there is one thing that no amount of money, food, or ammo can get you. It is something that I believe a lot of preppers might accidentally overlook. This one valuable, priceless thing is health. Without it, even the most highly trained survivalist will falter.

During a SHTF situation health will be even more important. Disease will be rampant, and doctors will be hard to come by. There are a few things you can add to your stockpile that will keep you healthy throughout any situation. One of the most important health preps everyone should implement into their everyday life is cod liver oil. Fermented cod liver oil is even better. It is said that the great Roman army was so strong and undefeatable because they regularly ate fermented fish sauce.

Fermented fish, especially cod liver oil, is chock full of vitamin A and D. These essential vitamins help repair and build strong bones, teeth, and skin. Vitamin D in particular has been proven to prevent many types of cancer. I was able to heal a long-standing cavity simply by adding cod liver oil to my daily routine (I know, I didn’t believe it either, but it works). Cod liver oil is also full of omega 3’s which are missing from most Americans diet, and will be in scarce supply during a SHTF situation.

There are some cod liver oils that come pre- mixed with high vitamin butter oil (which helps the body absorb the cod liver oil better). The advantages of this type of supplement are two-fold : they provide vitamins, and also the necessary fat that may be missing from ones diet during a disaster. Cod liver oil can be stored for at least two years, and does not need refrigeration. There are some interesting stories of cod liver oil healing every type of disease known to man. If you research Dr. Weston Price you can see all the studies on cod liver oil he performed, and understand why he believed cod liver oil to be the most important food for health. It should definitely be a staple in every preppers inventory.

While cod liver oil can help prevent and even reverse some diseases, there is always the possibility of an acute infection. An acute infection happens quickly, and needs rapid treatment. Many preppers stock antibiotics, and this could prove to be dangerous. Antibiotics suppress the immune system, and also kill off some of the good bacteria, thus lowering your resistance to future infections (which could turn into antibiotic resistant strains). Antibiotics surely have their place in life and death situations. However, in most cases antibiotics are much too strong, and unnecessary for most infections.

Before antibiotics, doctors commonly prescribed colloidal silver and other natural anti-bacterial/fungal remedies. These methods tend to work better, because they kill the infection while boosting the immune system. The best natural antibiotic, and the one doctors commonly prescribed before pharmaceutical antibiotics is colloidal silver. Colloidal silver has been proven to kill over 600 different types of bacteria and fungi. Colloidal silver can be purchased relatively cheap, or one can even invest in a simple colloidal silver maker. Two other great natural antibiotics are oregano oil and goldenseal. They can also be purchased cheaply and make a great stockpile antibiotic.

Another extremely important supplement to stockpile is vitamin C. Vitamin C neutralizes all types of toxins and boosts the immune system. This is especially important if your preps include a lot of canned items. It is well-known that the amount of toxic BPA in canned items has increased rapidly over the years. Vitamin C actually clears out BPA toxins which can build up after eating a lot of canned food. A person cannot overdose on vitamin C, and high doses seem to produce greater benefits. More importantly, vitamin C is necessary to prevent scurvy, which could become more common after a disaster.

Vitamin C is fairly cheap to obtain, but you must be careful about which type you choose. The typical grocery store brands tend to have additives. The best type of vitamin C is sodium ascorbate, which is a neutral form of vitamin C. The sodium neutralizes the acidity in vitamin C, so it is much gentler on the digestive system. Of course vitamin C works best as a preventative, but prevention is what we should all be aiming for. A good starting point is 1000 mg, and then increase the dose as one might feel necessary. If you would like to read a good book detailing all the studies on vitamin C, “Curing the Incurables” is a great start. The entire book focuses on the different diseases vitamin C can cure, with studies to back up the claims.

This next set of remedies is for the ladies, but guys feel free to read on. Women inherently have a lot more health issues to worry about, and a SHTF situation can turn these issues into hardships. There are several ways you can prepare for these hardships. First of all, I think every woman should have a set of at-home urine strips. A set of 100 of these strips can be purchased for under $10.00. These strips will tell you if you have a bladder infection, and they are just as accurate as the ones in the doctor’s office.

If you are prone to UTI’s two great remedies you can stockpile are D-Mannose and Uva -Ursi, both of which are natural remedies. Uva-Ursi is still commonly prescribed for UTI’s in Europe, and is very effective. D-Mannose is a derivative of cranberry, and flushes out most bladder infections. D -mannose works on 90% of UTI’s which is why I suggest Uva Ursi as well, just in case. Again, the problem with antibiotics is they kill good bacteria, making it harder for the body to fight infection. This is why women who have one UTI, tend to get into a never-ending cycle of antibiotics and more UTI’s. The body never gets the chance to build up the good bacteria.

Two more common ailments that women suffer from are yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. Both can be cured with boric acid inside vegetable capsules. This was actually the standard treatment before modern medicine, and it had a higher success rate compared to antibiotics. You can buy a bottle of boric acid for a few dollars (it’s perfectly safe) and fill a size “00” vegetable capsule with the boric acid. Insert it vaginally and it will dissolve inside. You should do this for ten to fourteen days straight. This usually clears up both BV and yeast.

Another inconvenient problem women have to deal with is menstrual cramps. An extremely effective and simple remedy for this is blackstrap molasses. As simple as it sounds, one tablespoon of this liquid can cure even the most stubborn cramps. It is a well-known cure in the alternative medicine arena. Blackstrap molasses can store for several years, and the price beats over- the- counter medications.

A few other great remedies to stockpile for health are apple cider vinegar and baking soda. Baking soda is an excellent remedy for heartburn, indigestion, and gas. Just take a tablespoon in water and it usually clears up. Apple cider vinegar is another well-known natural remedy, and has been used successfully for arthritis pain, candida, overall aches, indigestion, etc. Apple cider vinegar is also used by many to increase energy levels, assist in fighting colds and flu, and to help with allergies. Both of these remedies are easy to store, and under ideal conditions can last several years .Apple cider vinegar is also an excellent hair wash and conditioner. Baking soda can be used to brush your teeth, wash your hair, and clean just about anything. So even if you don’t use these two remedies for health, they can still be highly beneficial during a SHTF occurrence.

To survive in any situation you have to be able to think clearly and move fast. You can only do this if your body is healthy and strong. All the food in the world won’t matter if your body cannot utilize it. Most of the health preps mentioned here are affordable, and can/should be used every day to boost your immune system. The better shape you are in – the better your chance of survival. Even if dung doesn’t hit the roof, you will still be better off than most Americans. Your body is a temple, and a healthy temple can withstand anything.

Note: All data and information provided on this site is for informational purposes only and reflects the personal experiences of the author. While all information is true and complete to the best of our knowledge, we can give no guarantee as to the accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of any information on this site and will not be held liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its use.

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About M.D. Creekmore

M.D. Creekmore is the owner and editor of He is the author of four prepper related books and is regarded as one of the nations top survival and emergency preparedness experts. Read more about him here.


  1. Melinda G:
    Thank you for another informative article on health. These articlels are full of information that I don’t readily have. I also appreciate the suggestions for things to stock, what to look out for, and what their possible uses are.

    Thanks for taking the time and putting in the work!

  2. With all due respect to this author, as a Medical Professional of over 30 years, I find this article to be a mix of unsubstantiated mumbo jumbo, and “health food store” nonsense. That is my opinion.

    I’m sure others will defend it, and most likely end up attacking me for exercising my free speech rights….so be it?

    • K Fields says:

      As a medical professional, why don’t you give the article some “constructive” criticism for the rest of us to ponder instead of just assuming you’ll be “attacked for exercising (your) free speech rights?” If you have read this blog for a while, you know that we don’t always agree – but very few times does that result in personal attacks and those folks who stoop to personal attacks normally don’t last long here.
      My first question to you would be – is there anything in the article that is actually harmful? If so, what and how?
      What specific recommendations are “mumbo jumbo” in your opinion? The taking of vitamin C and D, I think, has been “medically” proven as helpful to most people (I know my oncologist has had me taking vitamin D since a tumor was diagnosed).
      As a medical professional, you’re in a position to provide actual guidance to readers – how about doing so.

      • I expressed my opinion, sorry if something I wrote offended. The practice of Medicine is an art, not a science. If you get three Professionals in a room, you will often get three opinions. I stated my opinion on many long years of study and over 30 years of practice. I am also married to a medical Professional as well, we met over a Cardiac arrest. I’ll write no more.

        • K Fields says:

          I don’t think anyone took offense, well, at least I didn’t, but even art critics will normally give reasons why they feel the way they do if they wish those opinions to be respected.
          I’m sure, based on your 30 years of practice, that you have your reasons for saying the post is “mumbo-jumbo and health food store nonsense.” All I was hoping for was that you would take the time to share those reasons with the rest of us.

    • Tinfoil Hat says:


      All due respect to you, but instead of sitting back and throwing bombs (any numbskull can do that), how about trying to use some of your medical expertise to HELP supplement the article? You’ll find that arrogance and elitism go over like lead balloons here, while respectful and MATURE critique are welcome….

      • In the 1900’s a weight loss pill was marketed to the public. You took it once and within weeks began to drop off the pounds. It was a tape worm.
        That’s is an example of what passes as unrestricted, or untested medical advice. (mumbo-jumbo)
        If going to school makes me arrogant, I ‘m sorry that you feel that way. You seem not to understand medical ethics or the Doctor/Patient relationship. Oh and thanks for the numbskull comment, I’m just expressing my opinion.

        • Zeke what was it specifically in the article that you found mumbo-jumbo?

        • Zeke,

          I tend to be skeptical about things like colloidal silver. In advocating the use of such products, few new age practitioners cite peer-reviewed studies establishing the effectiveness of such remedies. But I agree with K. Fields and Tinfoil Hat that if you know of studies that disprove the effectiveness of such remedies, that would be very interesting. It seems that with your background you would be able to explain why such remedies are fools gold. It is much more interesting to explain why something doesn’t work than to simply give an argument from authority (I’ve been in the medical profession for 30 years and this stuff doesn’t work). Say more. And do note that I am not poo-pooing your comments because you disagree. I am asking for a grounded reason for your disagreement (hopefully other than the fact that no credible scientific evidence has been advanced which establishes their effectiveness).

        • Ok! It’s time for the “old man” to throw in his two cents worth. In my almost 60 years as an adult I have had shall we say; “close ties with the medical profession”. My father knew the “medical professional” that came up with and dispensed the weight loss tapeworm pill. He was an MD.

          More people are KILLED by “medical professionals” in hospitals in this country each year than we lost in Viet Nam in ten years with people trying to kill us. I myself have almost been a causality of the “medical profession” twice.

          The hardest thing for a “medical professional” to admit is that there MIGHT be something out there he/she wasn’t taught in Med School that actually works. I still have many friends in the “medical profession” and most are now a little more open minded to something not in the medical books that might actually work. They will at least investigate it before screaming “mumbo-jumbo” or “witch doctor BS”.

          Son, don’t scream I’m wrong, then turn and walk off. That’s a sure sign that you already knew you could not prove your point. It’s ok to tell me I’m wrong, but then tell me WHY I’m wrong. Help me to correct myself and become better. That’s really what we’re supposed to be doing in the “medical profession”, helping each other become better in health and in spirit.

          Please let me hear from you. I already know you disagree. I want to know why. I want to know how to make it better for you, others and me.

          With a brother’s love,

        • Vitcresearch says:

          I am a nutrition professional (I have a four year degree from an accredited university in nutrition and dietetics). The information in this article is indeed accurate and the author a well informed and educated professional. You can fact check all this information with the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, but you must already know that as a medical professional. This information can be very useful to those preparing for major disasters.

          I just love the “medical professionals” who believe that nutrition is “mumbo jumbo”.

          • MtWoman (N Central Texas) says:

            If Melinda G is “a well informed and educated professional”, why then did she not state her credentials? And why has she not chimed in to some of the discussion here herself? A response from her would be appreciated, and would add to the discussion.

            And I will re-state my concern about the simplistic presentation of and lack of information about these remedies. Any good health practitioner who writes about remedies…and I said “good”…will list references to backup their recommendations. I, myself, have 30+ years experience with natural remedies, and I would never consider posting an article without references.

          • It’s so true your last sentence. I know a college educated dietician who wouldn’t eat farm fresh eggs because the “yolk was to yellow”!!?? This is the person who makes up the menus for the local hospital.
            My dad just got out of the hospital (he is 77) and his appendix ruptured and the doctor gave him a sheet of foods he could eat. Nuts were on the list!? So my non thinking dad went home from a week in the hospital and ate nuts by the handfuls. That too is stupid on so many levels!

        • SurvivorDan says:

          Wow Doc. I think you must be having a stressful day.Of course what day isn’t stressful in the health field. If you read back over the sequence of comments I think you will conclude that no one meant to ‘attack’ you. (well, perhaps the little ‘numbskull’ thing might offend). I know practicing medicine means having a busy schedule but we really could use your expertise if you can find the time.

        • Dean in Michigan says:


          Hopefully your education has taught you not to be so arrogant at times when you have to PHYSICALLY defend yourself.

          You have yet to offer any constructive criticism. You have, however, reaffirmed my belief that many doc’s are spoiled

    • axelsteve says:

      Kinda reminds me of when I was a kid. My mom is a retired rn and I used to be amazed on how many (medical professiopnals) were smokers. How stupid is that?

      • Yes, it is stupid. I’ve also know both Drs and Nurses who where drug users as well, How stupid is that?!
        If folks want to leave the health of their famlies and themselves in the hands of untested treatments, it’s on them. When people are ill often they get desperate and will for grab and believe anything. Sometimes con-men take advantage of these poor souls and sometimes the Con’s treatments result in death of the patient. The “health food” industry is a multi-million dollar operation.
        I’m sorry if devouting over 1/2 of my life to the service of others makes me a d-bag. My advice is that you print the article out, take it your own Doctor and discuss it with them. O.K?

        • SurvivorDan says:

          “…..print the article out, take it your own Doctor and discuss it with them. O.K?”
          Now that’s good positive advice Doc. I’ll do that. Thanks.

          • Survivor Dan, I don’t know what you problem is? I don’t know you, or your medical history. Only a fool like yourself would attempt to give advise over a blog. Anything more than what I wrote and I would have to bill you, but a loser like yourself I’m sure wants all the free stuff they can get. Adios.

  3. Melinda G.
    Excellent article. I totally agree you can have all the bb&b but if you don’t have health…
    Also coconut milk powder is fantastic for getting the fat everybody needs in their body to lube the joints etc. Cod liver oil is excellent but the coconut milk powder worked better for me. Bragg organic apple cider vinegar with “the mother” is excellent for UTI’s as well. The bad “bugs” can’t live when apple cider vinegar is flushing the system. Vitacost carries Bob’s Red Mill Aluminum free baking soda for inside the body uses the “other” baking soda is great to stock for all other uses. Another fantastic product is enerfood I am positive a person could take enerfood and live for days, plus you can use it as a meal replacement and save “the stores”. It also is an alkalizing formula and gives immediate energy. Again, great article.

    • Did you mean Aluminum free baking soda or Aluminum free baking powder. I’ve never seen baking soda that contained Aluminum compppounds. It’s formula is NaHCO3 and consists of only Sodium, Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen (essentially water).

  4. JeffintheWest says:

    The Roman Army’s invincibility probably had a lot more to do with their weapons, armor and tactics than it did fermented fish sauce (or “garum,” as it was known in Latin), but aside from that, you are spot on with your recommendations! Great article! (I’m forwarding to my SO, who is very much a home remedy kind of lady!)

    • Actually from what i understand the roman army’s weapons werent all that great their swords had a tentancy to break/bend and the handles for thier shields would sometimes break under pressure. Anyways thats what i was told from a metal smith friend. Take it with a grain of salt.

  5. Great article Melinda. Sounds like you knew my grandmother. Thanks again.

  6. Wow, boric acid as opposed to Borax?
    Just checking to be absolutely sure.

    This might gross you out, sorry if it’s too frank:

    For vaginal bacteriosis, I also recommend garlic pills (the stinkless kind). Bite or poke a little hole in a capsule, and put one of them in the vagina twice a day. That BV will be gone in less than a week. I recommend poking a hole in the capsule because otherwise during the day it might fall out before it melts. You can use plain garlic, but I find that it burns. If you do that, tie a string around the garlic first so you can get it out later more easily.

    For yeast infections, you can try the garlic, but what works even better is acidophilus tablets, but you want the Ruteri kind that is like the natural acidophilus found in mother’s milk. There’s a few strains of that acidophilus and that one is more likely to kill the yeast. You can both eat these tablets and put them in the vagina.

    You can also dip a tampon in plain yogurt and put that in, but again, that’s not really the best strain of acidophilus for the job. It does bring relief, though.

  7. Dean in Michigan says:

    Thanks Melinda,

    I hadn’t thought about scurvy, and I do have quite a bit of canned food. I’ll look into getting some of those supplements.

  8. I meant bacterial vaginosis. Same thing

  9. Aunt T. Commie says:

    I know that this is off subject, but remenber to pick up extra motor oil/filters, what with the price of oil shooting up. Motor oil will last forever until used and makes a good trading item.

  10. You are talking about cod liver oil having lots of vitamins. I’m just wondering if one of those once a day multivitamins would be as good or a better investment? They seem to have all the vitamins and minerals you might not get when SHTF and a variety of foods are scarce and they’re dry so they last for a long time right? What do you think?

    • Jennifer (Prepping Wife) says:

      Hi Mike! I am no expert and in fact have asked people on many sites which vitamin companies they think have the purest form and have yet to get an answer but I am aware that many multi-vitamins (especially One A Day and other store brands) have a lot of fillers and are not all that great for you.

  11. Great article! I keep several of these items on hand but never thought to stockpile most of them. I’m a true believer in natural health and remedies. Our culture tends to think we can only be healed by lab manufactured chemicals. We need to remember the healthiest cultures live by natures remedies…

  12. MtWoman (N Central Texas) says:

    Melinda…I appreciate your effort at presenting some good ideas of natural remedies to have for WTSHTF. However, as a person who has studied and used natural remedies for health for most of my life, I need to point out that when recommending natural (or any) substances to people, one needs to back it up with enough information, first: to establish your qualifications for suggesting them (credentials, experience, etc.), and second: to give enough information so that they may be used safely.

    Example: Goldenseal. It has many possible side-effects that people need to be aware of: it can cause uterine contractions in pregnant women; it can be problematic for folks with high blood pressure (, and it can also pose serious problems for people who suffer from hayfever type allergies (

    I guess you could assume that people will do their own research, but as a contribution to this blog, where folks are looking for honest, real information, that their lives may be dependent on WTSHTF, it would be better to include more in-depth information, or, at the least, some links to information, rather than just to where to buy. At the very least, some anecdotal evidence would help. Example: “Vitamin C actually clears out BPA toxins”. What’s your source for this statement?

    I also have to take issue with the casual way you make some statements, ie: “Most of the health preps mentioned here are affordable, and can/should be used every day to boost your immune system.” Every day? Really? What quantity? And for how long?

    I don’t like to discourage anyone who is trying to present good information, and I say again: I appreciate your effort. I actually use several of the things you’ve recommended on a regular basis. But it’s really irresponsible to just put statements out without something to back them, especially about natural substances. Many of these natural remedies can interact with clinical drugs and other natural remedies, which is another consideration.

    To conclude, natural substances take as much, if not more, study as clinical remedies do, and should not be recommended lightly, and I am afraid you have done just that here.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Thanks for the warning about Goldenseal, MtWoman, as I have hay fever allergies and am photophobic (hence a large stash of sunglasses).

      • MtWoman (N Central Texas) says:

        SD…it is possible to use Goldenseal even with having allergies. But one shouldn’t do so without guidance from some health practitioner. And there are other remedies that can be used to treat the issues that Goldenseal is used for that do not have the same side effects for allergies.

        One must always be super careful with any medicine, but…in my opinion…especially with natural remedies. I have studied and used mainly ONLY natural remedies for most of my life, and I regret when they are suggested without the cautions being listed.

        I am developing light sensitivity myself as I age. 🙁

        • MtWoman,

          How does one get into that field? I mean is it an actual college degree, a trade, vocation? I’m not really looking into doing it or anything i just find it very interesting.

          • MtWoman (N Central Texas) says:

            Luke…what field is that? If you mean studying natural remedies, yes there are schools.

            • hehe yeah thanks. Thats what i meant. I mean i’m not a flower power person but i do find it interesting. And i do have a couple electives to fill when i start college this fall. Thats why i was wondering

  13. George is Learning says:

    thanks for the great tips.

  14. Colloidal Silver makes a reasonably good topical disinfectant; however, everything I’ve read about ingesting it is pretty unclear in its effectiveness. Contrary to popular belief, modern antibiotics were not developed to make money for the pharmaceutical companies, bit to cure previously incurable diseases. All three forms of the plague (Yersinia pestis) can be cured with modern antibiotics, but we saw historically what happened without them (death of nearly 1/3 of the world’s population). Alternatives to modern pharmaceuticals, like certain typed of herbal remedies are probably a good thing to know and use when the modern equivalents are unavailable, but keep in mind that a lot of the progress in modern medicine had as much to do with understanding the nature and cause of disease, as the treatments. Once we knew that bacteria caused illness, instead of bad air (Malaria) or evil spirits, we learned to take proper precautions in sterilization (boil your drinking water) and contagion (cover your mouth when you cough). An understanding of nutrition also aided in this progress. Vitamin C from Ascorbic Acid tablets, or Citrus Fruit, or Rose Hip tea can aid in prevention of scurvy, and in general, a well rounded diet and exercise, plus basic sanitary precautions (like washing your hands thoroughly with soap) can go a long way toward keeping us all healthy.

  15. Schatzie Ohio says:

    When we were young our mom would give us cod liver oil mixed into orange juice. To this day I don’t care much for orange juice.

  16. worrisome says:

    Good article! I printed it and am going to save it in my file! Thanks,

  17. SurvivorDan says:

    Lots of good tips that I will have to look into. You reminded me that I am woefully inadequate in my vitamin supply as I have only 2 months supply for three people. Will remedy that tomorrow.

  18. sml flash says:

    I’m going to quit lurking and finally ask a question. I have been thinking about prepping for a while and now I’m finally going to stop thinking about it and getting my butt in gear and actually do it. But i digress. My question is a bit off the subject but is about water filtration. I have been looking at the berkey systems and wanted some feedback on which one to purchase. Some pros and cons from those of you who have used them would be greatly appreciated.

    • I have the Berky Light – with LED light stand. This filter is made from see through plastic. The ability to see how much you have (without lifting lids) inside – keeps you from under/over filling it. Being able to see – when you are pouring is also important, so you can tip the filter to get the water near the bottom. The housing reminds me of 2 “Absopure” water jugs, one on top of the other.

  19. MtWoman (N Central Texas) and Ohio Prepper, you have both made very good points. I trust that Melinda will take these to heart and hopefully resumit her article latter. I think (always get in trouble when I do that) that she does know about these things.

    Rex (East Texas)

  20. Melinda…thanks for an informative article…already have some of the items you mentioned…and they definately have their place in my SHTF stores.

    Have never heard of enerfood before…and am going to find out more about it…and never knew that blackstrap molasses helps with cramps – my DD will be interested in that…so thanks again – and for the time you put into this article…cheers.

  21. George is Learning says:

    I plan on taking a lot of vitamins then dehydrating my urine , taking the powder that will be left and then injecting the zombies with the mixture , curing them and thus saving the world from the coming zombie hordes of doom.
    Yeah you can thank me now
    🙂 just to bring a smile to someones face and to those who only can create a scowl, sorry to be you.

    Any info is good and anyone who just takes something they read on the internet as fact without doing a wee bit of investigation on their own might want to look at their lives and see how others have controlled them up to this point.

    btw my plan to cure the zombies will work. I read it on one of the “internets” some where.

    🙂 now go out and make some cash , spend some cash and help this country.

    • Southern Blonde says:

      George is Learning—LOL! Hilarious and too funny 🙂
      Thanks for making me smile today.

  22. SurvivorDan says:

    Sorry George but your zombie remedy doesn’t work. I tested the formula on the first Mrs. SD and she’s still a brain eating zombie.

  23. SurvivorDan says:

    Don’t any of you ladies get your knickers in a twist. Just kidding about the former missus. I actually have a lot of respect (and fear) for the first Mrs. SD. Heck, she put up with me for 12 years…….

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