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This guest post is by  Scott G and entry in our non-fiction writing contest .

This is an issue that has consumed me for some time and it took a while to finally find something that actually works. I’ve tried many of the natural herbs for pain control, and while I did get just a bit of relief, I never got any significant relief. None, that is until the last few months.

Just a bit of background on my own pain situation. Because of the fights I’ve been in as a cop, I’ve sustained a bit of damage here and there. In 2003 I finally had surgery on my neck. The doctor fused C5 – C7 and prescribed lots and lots of pain killers. Unfortunately, I became addicted to morphine. I didn’t abuse the drugs, but I became addicted anyway and it wasn’t until January of this year that I finally had the guts to go through withdrawal. To say it was hell on earth would be a slight understatement. It’s kinda like saying, “I dropped the atomic bomb and it went off.” It leaves a lot left unsaid.

When I got off the morphine, I discovered that it had been masking other damage to my spine. I have some pretty bad osteoarthritis in my lower back and shoulder. The lower back problem is my own fault, but my shoulder is my dad’s fault: genetics. I began doing research into pain control techniques and tried a few, but nothing worked. I flat out refused to go back on narcotics for pain control, so I kept digging.

For quite some time I suspected that the weather had a major impact on my pain, but I didn’t quite know why until I found a web site that talked about barometric pressure and pain. I began keeping track of the weather and my pain levels. I found that the temperature had no effect on my pain levels. Nor did stable low barometric pressure, however, FALLING barometric pressure made me want to scream from the pain. High pressure felt great.

Here is part of the chart of my pain levels. I kept track of the pressure twice a day, 7AM and 7PM.

Date Pressure Pain Level
3/30 1019 mb 6
1020 6
3/31 1020 6
1021 5.5
4/1 1025 5
1024 5
4/2 1024 5
1026 4.5
4/3 1027 4
1025 5
4/4 1022 6
1019 7
4/5 1018 7.5
1013 8
4/6 1010 8
1008 8.5
4/7 1010 8
1011 8
4/8 1010 8
1012 7
4/9 1014 7
1016 7
4/10 1020 6
1021 6
4/11 1018 7
1016 7.5
4/12 1015 8
1013 8
4/13 1016 7
1017 7

During this time, I was frantically looking for something to help me. Nothing worked. Not a single OTC med, other than aspirin, helped and even then, aspirin only dropped my pain level a notch. Finally, I remembered something a health food store owner told me about an amino acid called DLPA and pain control: DL-phenylalanine. It is a two part amino acid: “Left Hand” and “Right Hand.”

In my research, I discovered that there is an enzyme in the body that inhibits the release of endorphin, our body’s natural pain killer, when we experience pain. DLPA blocks this inhibiting ability and allows our body to release enough endorphin to deal with pain. I’m a skeptical person and always take a wait and see attitude when trying new things. I ordered some DLPA and WOW! I was flat out flabbergasted at the results.

4/14 1018 7
1017 7
4/15 1016 5 Started DLPA
1016 4
4/16 1019 3
1016 3
4/17 1018 3
1015 2.5
4/18 1018 2
1014 2
4/19 1013 2.5
1012 2
4/20 1016 1
1018 1
4/21 1021 0
1023 0
4/22 1018 0.5
1019 0.5
4/23 1020 0

Needless to say, more often than not, I wake up with no pain. The end of the day I always have some pain, but now my body is able to rejuvenate itself and I feel great the following morning. Well, my wife also suffers from lower back arthritis pain, so I started her on DLPA. She got the same identical results. She is now able to go through the day in little to no pain. I also started my son on it for his arthritis with the same results.

Now, a couple caveats: it does not work on acute pain, only chronic pain, so if you’ve got a broken arm, it won’t help. It also does not work on nerve pain. Also, if you are under 21 years of age, pregnant, nursing or are allergic to phenylalanine, don’t take it. There are a few “learned” detractors about the stuff, but they are full of B.S. The stuff works, especially for arthritis. Not only does it work, but it becomes even more effective the longer you take it. There is absolutely no way to OD on the stuff and it isn’t toxic. It also helps control depression.

I don’t quite understand the dynamics of it, but L-phenylalanine without the D will not work. It is the combination of the two that works. I started out on 2000mg a day and at the end of ten days, my pain levels usually never got beyond 1. Then, according to my research, I actually lowered my dose. I’ve finally stabilized my pain levels to an average level of 0.5 by taking 1500mg every three days. Now, if at first you don’t get any relief at a certain number of mg, up the dose until you do. If after four weeks you don’t get any relief, stop taking DLPA because you are among the 15% that it doesn’t work on.

I order my DLPA through Swanson Vitamins. You can look it up. This is the cheapest place I’ve found. They have a variety of manufacturers, but I go with the Swanson brand. It’s the cheapest and is effective. Type in, “dl-phenylalanine” in the search box and it will bring up their brand.

Happy pain control.

Now, on to other natural remedies that actually work.

Topical Antibiotics – Anti-fungal – All Around Good Stuff

Tea Tree Oil : Based on my own personal experience, Tea Tree Oil is number one for topical antibiotics and anti-fungal. This past year I had a horrible fungal infection in my left ear. It had a two week life cycle. The fungus would grow causing a bacterial infection. My ear canal would bleed and plug up from all the gunk in it. I would clean it out with an ear syringe every day. About ten days later, the infection would clear up and I would be fine for about four days. Then the cycle would begin again.

I went to my doctor who prescribed me several ear drops, none of which worked. He tried about three or four different drops with no results. This cycle went on for about nine months until I got the bright idea to put a couple drops of tea tree oil in my ear. First off, let me say that this is PAINFUL! However, I only left the drops in my ear for a half hour. The fungal infection has not returned since I did this.

For burns, there are two products I highly, intensely, strongly, etc., recommend. Both are manufactured by a company called Melaleuca based out of Idaho. The first is their Melagel. It is tea tree oil infused in beeswax and some other stuff and is 100% natural. It promotes healing of burns and helps to kill the pain. The bees wax keeps the oil from evaporating.

Renew hand lotion : The second product is Renew hand lotion. This stuff is absolutely amazing. Let me tell you a story about serious burns. In 2000, I had replaced the radiator in my car and forgot to hook up the fan. I drove my family to the grocery store and noticed that the engine was overheating. I opened up the hood and poked around. I didn’t notice that the overflow reservoir was bulging.

My ex was standing near the reservoir when it exploded in her face. It was like watching Linda Blair projectile vomiting. A 300° stream of coolant hit her square in the face and chest. The skin on her face simply sloughed off. The doctor told us she had 2nd and 3rd degree burns. He told us there would be extensive scaring and she probably would need skin grafts.

When I got her home from the emergency room, I began using the Melagel and Renew lotion on her face. I did this three times a day for two months. By that time her face had completely healed without any scarring, nor did she need skin grafts. You couldn’t tell that she been horribly burned. The only thing that did occur was that the super-heated coolant bleached her teeth white.

Another little tidbit about the Renew lotion. I have moderate eczema on my face and the only thing that has helped keep it under control is cortisone lotion. That is until I began using the Renew lotion. The stuff is very effective at controlling the redness and associated pain.

There is only one catch with Melaleuca. You’ve got to be a member to get their stuff. If you want more information, you must go through a business representative… like me (shameless plug). If you want to know more, ask MD for my email address. It isn’t expensive at all and there are hundreds of products.

Jellybush honey :  This stuff is fantastic as an antibiotic. Smear a bit on wounds and they will not get infected. It also helps with stomach ulcers. Doctors have found that about 60% of all stomach ulcers are caused by a pesky bug called Helicobacter pylori. It usually takes an antibiotic to get rid of this, but jellybush honey works. You want to get honey that is at least 15+ULF, but 20+ULF is best.

Grape seed extract :  I have high blood pressure and circulation problems in my calf muscles. I heard about how grape seed extract helps to lower blood pressure and improve blood circulation. Since I’ve been trying to stay away from the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S., I have been looking for natural ways to get healthier. About ten days after taking the extract, I noticed that the pain in my calf muscles began to decrease and my blood pressure has dropped significantly. Try it out.

Brigham tea/Mormon tea :  I grew up on this stuff. My mom forced it down my throat every time I got a cold or got sick. I’ve done some research on the stuff and now I know why Brigham Young told the Mormon pioneers to use it. It is an ephedra plant and is a specific for the flu and asthma. It opens up your lungs and promotes easier breathing.

If you live in the high deserts in the west or Arizona, you can simply go to the nearest bush and cut some for yourself. You can let it dry or use it green. It works either way. My mom steeped the stuff for an hour then sweetened it with honey. With honey it doesn’t taste bad. She gave it to me every four hours until I got better.

There are so many other herbs and such you can use. I’ve used Valerian root to help calm down my ADHD son and daughter. Garlic is great for warding off infections as well as pesky neighbors who want to talk to you, and, of course, vampires. Too bad it doesn’t work on the government.

Anyone else have any suggestions that they have actual experience with?

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  1. I forgot to add something to the blog:

    For problems with lice. My kids got it one time and I put a teaspoon of tea tree oil into their shampoo. I left it infor a half hour and it killed the lice and eggs. Tea tree oil is a great incecticide.

    • Judy, another one says:

      Lavender essential oil works wonders in preventing lice infestations, also. I put a few drops in the daughter’s and I cream rinse. She had a slumber party for her birthday one year. One of the young ladies had lice. Daughter was the only one who didn’t end up with lice.

      Lavender also works wonders healing the skin. Great for mental health in small quantities (two or three drops on a hanky). Lavender is one of the few essential oils that doesn’t need to be diluted with a carrier oil. So if you find tea tree oil’s smell a bit much look into lavender.

  2. Scott G;

    Thanks for the info.

  3. HomeINsteader says:

    Looks like some really good info here, Scott G. Thank you!

    Barometric pressure changes have the same effect on asthma sufferers as on pain, unfortunately.

    ” There are a few “learned” detractors about the stuff, but they are full of B.S. ” – you have this response from a few no matter what natural treatment you are talking about; – there are always people out there who have bought the Big Pharma lies hook, line, and sinker; the medical community thanks them, as they are the backbone of their prostitute to Big Pharma business. (The same people who have done NO research on the facts of drugs OR natural treatments, other than to read what the prostitutes have posted online or in their “medical books”.)

    Thanks for the info – looking forward to trying some of these pain solutions!

  4. Thanks Scott, for this info. I have arthritis and my stomach does not tolerate effective doses of any arthritic drug. The last thing I tried to use was a suppository, and even it produced intestinal edema. What have you found in regard to intestinal tolerance. The DLPA..does it matter, for tolerance or effectiveness- if it is taken with full meal or on an empty stomach? I have kept tea tree oil but have not used it much. My family is grown, but this may help my extended family.

  5. Sw't Tater says:

    I would like to know more about the burn remedy.(amounts and costs, how much of this remedy did you use to treat that serious burn? I would rather give any proceeds to a member of the wolf- pack than an hurry..sounds like that stuff would be good to have on hand for a substantial burn..I usually use vanilla extract or aloe for a small burn and have been fortunate not to have one like you described. I’d like to have my teeth bleached, but not at that expense!LOL

    • Get ahold of MD and ask him for my email address. I’ll send you the information.

      • How do we “get a hold of MD”??? Is it you or md that is the person with the sales affiliation ?

        • Deeann,

          Look up at the navigational links near the header there is a link “contact” click that to send me email. And no I am not affiliated with the product.

        • You need to know that I couldn’t care one tiny bit if you buy Melalecua products or not. I don’t go to anyone and hawk any products. If you are interested, fine, if not, that’s entirely up to you.

  6. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    Scott G – another lice remedy is standard cooking oil. Several years ago, my daughter got infected in her elementary school class and Mom told me of this inexpensive remedy. Pour a cap full into hair, comb through, wait half and hour and shampoo out. Wait several days before repeat performance – that pretty much does the trick, unless the same party has not taken care of it by then.

    We appreciate the topic – I’m nearing 50 and I’m noticing various pains here and there. My knee when climbing out my wife’s Chevy Tracker for example. Or my shoulders when pushing hay bales up near the hay barn’s rafters. Use to take me a day to bounce back – now I feel effects for several.

    Thanks again.

  7. momengineer says:

    Quickly dropping barometric pressure is a trigger for my yeah, I’d believe you that it influenced your pain…

  8. Hunker-Down says:


    Thank you for your article. I printed it for my wife. Hopefully many of your recommendations will interest her; she is on 8 ‘big pharma’ meds.

    Questions; What form (pill, ointment, etc) are the different preps in, what are the shelf life and what is your recommendation for packaging them for long term storage? They may be the only thing we have after TSHTF.

    • DLPA has a shelf life of about five years and comes in a capsule. You can get them in varying mg’s, but I recommend at least 500mg. It is sensitive to light, heat and oxygen, so I would vacuum seal the bottles with an oxygen absorber. Until the SHTF, I would rotate your stock every time you go through a bottle.

  9. MountainSurvivor says:

    Bad injuries, sprains, brusings, I have had them all and liquid camphor is one of my preferences. Just rub it on straight from the bottle with a q-tip or cotton ball (wash hands and faucet handles well afterward-it is volatile so it should not be ingested and it tastes horrible so care must be taken), goes to work right away, use it three to four times a day or as often as needed which is when you notice the pain returning-let it dry a few minutes before applying clothing or covering as it does have a strong odor which is not so bad after it dries out. Not all injuries are the same and every person responds differently so what camphor does for one, may not do identically for another. But, it is a healer so it will do something. When I first began studying chi lel qi gong, I learned that the teachers knew about healing with the hands. The power to heal just by using the hands is found not only within Chinese and certain other culture’s treatments, but also in the Holy Bible. To all those who doubt the power of real hands-on healing, it is best to keep opinions to themselves and let every person be free to decide for themselves, as this is America, land of the free (to think what (we) want, when (we) want, how (we) want) and home of the brave (brave enough to stand out from the crowd, brave enough to step in the way of a bullet for another, brave enough to protect this nation). Anyway, I lived in doubt until I gave it a sincere try. Because of the controversy and likely the doubters would try to disprove all of us who know what works for us, all I would like to say about it is that, up until certain things took precedence in my life, it was at my disposal and it worked. Like with all things, every person responds differently so one person will have one result while the other experiences something else.

  10. Phyllis Rogers says:

    Thank you for the info, could you please let me know where I can buy the burn remedy would love to try

  11. If you have HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, do NOT take phenylalanine – it can make your blood pressure skyrocket to dangerous levels. I speak from experience. Any of you who are thinking of taking this for pain control, please, please, please do more research and check with your doctor FIRST.

  12. I was wanting Scots email address

  13. Encourager says:

    Great info, Scott! Would like more info on ordering that burn stuff. I will email M.D. and ask him to forward my email to you. Thanks!

    • Encourager says:

      I meant forward your email to ME. Geesh.

      Scott, where do you get the Jellybush Honey??? What is it???

  14. Wine…copious amounts of Wine.

  15. If you’re familiar with Andrew Weil, you’ll know that his work is tried & true…..for many, but not all. That said, here’s his take on DLPA:

  16. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Thanks for the info Scott. Different things work better for different people. I have seen the grape seed extract recommended several times for high blood pressure. While I have no experience with it, my mother and daughter have had great success using hibiscus tea for lowering BP. I will certainly read up more on l-phenylalanine. I am careful what I try now. Last year I was told by my chiropractor to take glucosamine w/chondrotin and my hair fell out. Just because stuff occurs naturally doesn’t mean it is safe for everyone.
    Self-medicating can be dangerous especially when taking prescription drugs. Just do your homework and know your body. My medical library includes both natural, herbal, and pharmaceutical reference books.

  17. This is priceless information! Thank you!

  18. HomeINsteader says:

    Mixing prescription drugs and natural (herbal) treatments is rarely a good idea; you MUST do your homework to know how they interact – most herbals and drugs do not play well together. For that matter, many drugs do not play well together; I’ve known many people who have experienced serious side effects from Big Pharma drugs, sometimes because of the interactions, even though all were prescribed. And, yes, every “body” is different; what works for one may not work for another. There is only one way to find out, regardless whether you are talking Big Pharma drugs or natural treatments – but don’t mix them without talking to your physician first (although they probably won’t know much about herbals).

    • Most prescription drugs have a product type coding affiliated with them that allows the pharmacist to check interactions. Some interactions with herbals can also be checked. Where the problem occurs are in the different miracle compounds being sold on radio and TV that in many cases make claims as to their effectiveness but rarely list the ingredients.

  19. I normally take 2 grams a day of Turmeric, on bad day or during weather changes I take 3 grams. Seems to help my hands more than anything else and come this spring I’ll be growing my own supply.

  20. Scott,

    Great article with lots of good information. Thank you for sharing your story. And thank you for your service as a police officer.

    Years ago, I got 2nd and 3rd degree burns on the upper body and head while in Florida. I was pumping gas into my truck when a car pulled in nose to nose that was smoking and overheated. The car’s radiator blew before I could get out of the way.

    What I learned from that experience was:

    The people who work Burn Trauma Units are Angels from Heaven.

    Silvadene (Silver Sulfadiazine) is great burn antibiotic cream but you need a prescription. If you can get it, do so. Its a miracle cream.

    Have 4x the number of sterile dressings when dealing with burns – you will go through more than you think.

    Gold colored Dial Soap was the only soap they used at the hospital burn unit while I was there.

    FOILE is an OTC burn cream has benzocaine 5% – helps with pain.

    Arnica Gel by Boiron helps skin nerve pain.

    Burn scars can be covered very well with makeup i- BUT only after they are completely healed – burns need oxygen to heal. Use a powdered base with a damp sponge, not liquid makeup (limits oxygen).

    Thanks again for sharing!

    • Silvadene 2% cream is available OTC from [www.]alldaychemist[.com]. They also have 5% lidocaine ointment for pain at a great price. I’ve placed 3 or 4 orders with them over the last couple years and never had a problem.

      • HomeINsteader says:

        Interesting. I tried to buy Silvadene last year on Chloe’s recommendation and was told I would need a prescription.

    • My ex ws given Silvadene, but the Renew lotion and Melagel were ten times more effective.

  21. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Nancy V,
    Just 2 weeks ago my neighbor burned her hand and all I knew to do was cold water and I had Burn Gel in my first aid kit.

    We took her to the emergency room and their go to topical is Silvadene. Unfortunately, my neighbor is allergic to the sulfa. The Pharmacologoist (also does compunding) said that a good substitute is the triple biotic cream w/ pain reliever (or neosporin w/ pain reliever). The important ingredients are antibiotics and lidocaine or other …caine.
    I am trying now to pick up some silvadene. Will also pick up dial thanks for the info. How about an article on proper first aid and treatment of burns. Especially scaldings.
    Thanks for your post.

    • HomeINsteader says:

      On the “Dial” Soap – it isn’t likely to be anything specific to “Dial”, just antibiotic soap – hospitals use what they can get cheap; it’s highly likely the maker of “Dial” gave them one heck of a bulk deal price, and it’s probably just that simple. “Materials Management” is where most hospitals make most of their profit.

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