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Unemployed in Tenn. at lowest point since 2008 : “The number of unemployed Tennesseans is at its lowest point since the economic meltdown of 2008.”

TN bill would charge federal agents for enforcing gun laws : A Tennessee lawmaker Rep. Joe Carr is introducing legislation to stop the federal government from enforcing a ban on semi-automatic weapons in the state. “We’ve had enough, and enough is enough,” Carr said. M.D. Adds : If you’re in TN let our state reps know that you are in full support of this this law.

Tennessee Gun Laws : “Tennessee gun control laws are considered to be some of the least-restrictive in the United States.”

School Shooting in Tennessee That National Media Did Not Report : “The following incident happened at a high school only minutes from my home in East Tennessee. I am sure that no one outside of our immediate region has ever heard the story, because the only person who was shot-and killed-was the gunman.”

TN lawmaker wants to make new gun control proposals – if passed – illegal : “State Rep. Joe Carr is proposing a state law to make it a crime in Tennessee for federal agents to enforce any effort to ban firearms or ammunition.”

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  1. Tom Shelton says:

    I am very glad TN is taking action against the federal gun grab. As for the armed officers in our schools, I know that Unicoi County now has officers in every school and I have heard that there will be a bill submitted in the current state legislative session making it mandatory for all schools in the state to have armed officers onsite to protect our children. I would expect it to pass overwhelmingly.

  2. I’m not convinced that arming teacher is a viable deterrent unless they have A LOT of training. However, I am for armed security in the schools, coupled with enhanced barrier security for the building.

    Retrofitting current schools is very expensive, and should be left to the community as far as deciding what they need and are willing to fund. New construction should be made with increased security measures included. They can be put in and many made so that they are not obvious.

    • j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

      I’m reluctantly in favor of putting a pair (or at least ONE) officer in our schools for several reasons:

      1) When seconds count, the police are minutes away. Well, at least one will be present on site, giving (hopefully) accurate information on what is occurring.

      2) If students are ‘bullying’ a student, there is a witness to it that knows the law (hopefully) and can stop it before it escalates.

      3) The officer would also have more opportunity to become aware of exactly who the potential student troublemaker(s) are, and would (again – HOPEFULLY) intervene and turn them around before they get out of hand.

      Maybe it is all wishful thinking, but I’d sooner spend my tax money on this measure than paying unemployed people to stay that way. Don’t mean to sound harsh there.

      • j.r. guerra in s. tx.,

        I personally think it is a good idea to have a armed “resource officer” in every school as well as other unobtrusive security measures. We all know the “Gun Free” signs don’t work.

        • wow… that red is really bright.

          **gonna go get my shades**

        • charlie (NC) says:

          I have a family member who retired after a career as a high school football coach and athletic director. He is dead against
          armed resource officers in the schools. He said it was too expensive, the schools can’t afford it. I said “they can afford to pay the football coach can’t they?” He didn’t like that much but it stopped the arguement.

          It’s ridiculous to say that a school that can afford 40 or 50 teachers, 30 or 40 teachers aids, a principal, 3 associate principles, a guidance councelor, a nurse, a couple of librarians,
          several janitors, coaches, athletic directors, school bus drivers, etc. can’t afford to pay one off duty or retired cop to provide the students with the same level of security as shoppers at the mall.

          It is unlikely any of those resource officers will ever need to fire a shot or even draw their weapon. The simple fact that they are there, it is known that they are there and that the school is no longer a gun free zone is enough of a deterent to keep the sick punks out.

          Anyone every heard of a deranged gunman walking into a police station and opening fire?

          • riverrider says:

            plus 1000! in some cases the mear presence of another gun led the shooter to off himself. its not like the shooters are navy seals going in all tactical. they walk right down the hall like they own it, because they do, for now. a semi-disabled vet like myself would be just the antidote for their sickness.

          • “Anyone every heard of a deranged gunman walking into a police station and opening fire?”

            Yes. Two cases I know of — Detroit and Chicago.

            Deranged is deranged.

            • Rob:

              But don’t they have laws in place to protect them from that? Isn’t it illegal? Yet, they did it anyway. So how did those “gun laws” protect the victims?

              This is the problem I have with more, “more restrictive” “gun control laws”. Even the latest “blast from the past” that Sen Feinstein is trying to pass off on the Senate. Nothing in her law would PREVENT the acts of terror that were perpetrated. They would simply make some items, currently legal illegal, making potential criminals of people with no criminal intent. Additional laws imply that criminals would be intimidated by a piece of paper into not committing crimes. Oh that that would be true! Reality simply shows us that this is not true.

  3. MountainSurvivor says:

    I heard that, back in the old days, schoolchildren packed heat, were not required to have concealed carry permits and were very skilled at using their six- and eight-shooters. Today, they are forced to leave their brains at the schoolhouse doors.

    • mindyinds says:

      I know 2 old-timers (in their 80’s, one has now passed on) who took their rifles to school, no problem. One told me he shot pigeons on the
      way home for his family’s dinner. We’ve gone so far around the wrong way.

  4. Encourager says:

    M.D., noticed a typo. Above the search box, the word should be “Find it here” not “Find it hear”.

  5. I graduated HS in 1976 and knew of several “guys” that brought guns to school. They couldn’t “legally” bring them into the school, but they were in plain sight in the gun racks in their pickup trucks. To the best of my knowledge there was NEVER a problem with the guns being in the parking lot and if the kid had taken the gun out of the car and tried to bring it into the building the biggest problem would have been the a** whipping he would have gotten when he got home. That sort of thing wouldn’t happen today, it would be child abuse to whip a child for doing anything, no matter what the reason. Is it just me here, or has anyone else suspected a link to the fact that we can’t even mention the Bible, the Ten Commandments, or morals in schools and the increase is “incidents”. We can’t tell the kids that they shouldn’t be having marital sex before marriage, we let every kid that tries out for the sports team on the team, we “teach” them that there are no consequences for making bad decisions, we don’t hold people accountable for their actions. Sorry about the rant here, but I obviously have “outdated” opinions and “beliefs”, but I have been in a school more recently than 1976. I taught High School for 4 years before I decided I couldn’t stay there any more, and most of that was based upon the Administration Staff not because of the crappy and entitlement attitudes of the kids and their parents, that of course did make the decision to “leave the profession” quite a bit easier. Looking back at my time teaching I wonder how I managed to last for 4 years in that environment.

    • Sorry for all the typos. I guess I should learn to proof read what I type before I hit submit. I did want to add that I would like to see signs posted outside schools saying that students and visitors are not allowed to be armed, but that all Teachers and Staff should be considered to be armed.

      Not saying that all of them ARE armed, but letting people know that they might be. Students and Teachers should be instructed to discuss which teachers/staff are/are not armed or even if they, as an individual, are “licensed” to carry or not. Kind of a Second Amendment Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell.

      • Once again READ before hitting Submit.

        That should have said that they SHOULD NOT discuss who is/isn’t armed.
        Sorry MD, I owe you some Overtime pay for the repeated posting tonight.

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