News and views of the Cumberland Plateau (the Redoubt of The East)

If you’re interested in TN as a retreat location then this post “The East Coast Retreat Dilemma” is a must read.

Sunset On The Cumberland Plateau : video

Fly the Big South Fork River Gorge : video

Tennessee was ranked #1 in this recent list of Best States for Retirement in 2012.

States with the Highest (and Lowest) Taxes : TN ranked as the state number three of the five states with the lowest tax burden.

Tennessee Gun Rights : An Overview of Firearms Laws in the Volunteer State. And from way back in 2009 Tennessee Expands Gun Rights. For firearms training visit Rattlesnake Ridge Training Center and School.

Find properies here… :yes:

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  1. Will forward this information to a friend in that area.

  2. We have looked at property in Tennessee because the prices are definitely better than our preferred area, but have opted against it as the summer temps can be worse than our current location further south. We might have to reconsider.

  3. Thanks for the infor on Tennessee. My husband and I have been considering TN for retirement especially the Cumberland Plateau. Low cost of living especially property taxes (can’t afford them in California anymore) and good gun laws are important to us.
    The Tennessee countryside is so beautiful, I would love to see more articles about your state.


  4. The area around Kingsport in Upper East Tennessee has much milder winter weather than most of the surrounding area, due to its lower elevation.

  5. Tactical G-Ma says:

    It is beautiful and I love summers there but winteris too cold for these old bones.

  6. Thank’s for the heads up on Tennessee, it’s on the top of my list.
    Minnesota is absolutely insane with taxes, property taxes seem to be around 80% less in Tennessee.
    Minnesota winters really suck. Minnesota does not have a castle doctrine, so you have to let criminals have there way or you become the criminal.
    Sales taxes in Tennessee seem harsh though.

    • Wilson – if you consider that you only pay taxes when you spend money and you’re not a big spender, having a higher sales tax rather than all those other taxes is better. In Georgia, sales tax averages anywhere from 6% to 8%, depending on the county. On top of that, I pay close to $4,000 a year in property taxes for my 1961 Ranch style house on less than an acre. That doesn’t even begin to include car tags or the state income tax. The only bad thing I’ve hear about Tennessee is that the school system isn’t that great, but then again, neither is Georgia’s and pretty soon, I won’t be involved in the school system either. Besides, if the cost of living is low enough, home-schooling would be an excellent option.

  7. We live in middle Tennessee and love it.

  8. Encourager says:

    Ohhhhhh, I am so being tempted!! Just got back from a trip through the Smokies and I so loved TN. Groan….in agony here… Only reason we are staying in MI is because of family; but I am sure son could find a job there. And the youngest has already moved to MN…maybe he could find work there too. As for my nieces and nephews…maybe distance would be a good thing. Hmmm…gotta do a lot of praying.

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