Normalcy Bias… Are you normal?

This guest post by Worrisome and entry in our non-fiction writing contest.

I have been wondering about why so many people seem so incapable of seeing all the changes that are happening right in front of us.  Why instead of so clearly seeing that things are slowly going ever so wrong, they doubt themselves or refuse to believe that there is anything different happening or that they can do anything to effect change.  In reading 299 Days, the author speaks of normalcy bias as a problem between him and his wife, and candidly many on this blog speak of spouses and children that “just don’t seem to get what we are seeing”.  And so I decided to write a bit about it.

The reason why is straight the Wikipedia website……

“The normalcy bias, or normality bias, refers to a mental state people enter when facing a disaster. It causes people to underestimate both the possibility of a disaster occurring and its possible effects. This often results in situations where people fail to adequately prepare for a disaster, and on a larger scale, the failure of governments to include the populace in its disaster preparations. The assumption that is made in the case of the normalcy bias is that since a disaster never has occurred then it never will occur. It also results in the inability of people to cope with a disaster once it occurs. People with a normalcy bias have difficulties reacting to something they have not experienced before. People also tend to interpret warnings in the most optimistic way possible, seizing on any ambiguities to infer a less serious situation.

The normalcy bias may be caused in part by the way the brain processes new data. Research suggests that even when the brain is calm, it takes 8–10 seconds to process new information. Stress slows the process, and when the brain cannot find an acceptable response to a situation, it fixates on a single and sometimes default solution that may or may not be correct. An evolutionary reason for this response could be that paralysis gives an animal a better chance of surviving an attack; predators are less likely to eat prey that isn’t struggling.

The normalcy bias often results in unnecessary deaths in disaster situations. The lack of preparation for disasters often leads to inadequate shelter, supplies, and evacuation plans. Even when all these things are in place, individuals with a normalcy bias often refuse to leave their homes. Studies have shown that more than 70% of people check with others before deciding to evacuate.[2]

The normalcy bias also causes people to drastically underestimate the effects of the disaster. Therefore, they think that everything will be all right, while information from the radio, television, or neighbors gives them reason to believe there is a risk. This creates a cognitive dissonance that they then must work to eliminate. Some manage to eliminate it by refusing to believe new warnings coming in and refusing to evacuate (maintaining the normalcy bias), while others eliminate the dissonance by escaping the danger. The possibility that some may refuse to evacuate causes significant problems in disaster planning.

Not limited to, but most notably: The Nazi genocide of millions of Jews. Even after knowing friends and family were being taken against their will, the Jewish community still stayed put, and refused to believe something was “going on.” Because of the extreme nature of the situation it is understandable why most would deny it.

The list of citable examples of a sinking nation are endless…..

As some of you know I live here in California where things are definitely degrading….

  • The state is broke!  Cities are going bankrupt… San Bernardino, Stockton and Vallejo.  Taxes are going up. Sales taxes, income taxes, gas taxes, dmv fees, new and additional taxes on paint and lumber   products.
  • The unemployment level is higher than the national average.
  • Every city and county is laying off fire fighters and police officers.  Many   cities won’t even dispatch cars now for simple situations…you want to file a report about someone breaking into   your car?  Go to the web and type it up yourself.  And don’t expect anyone to ever show up to talk to you about   it.
  • Most every state, county and city employee has been   promised a huge pension that the retirement plans cannot honor but they continue to make the “promise” as if it will all work out.
  • San Juaquin Valley Farmers have gone bankrupt in record numbers   because the terrible trio, Babs Boxer, Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi shut off   long contracted water rights in favor of a smelt.
  • There is no lumber industry and the fishing industry   is definitely a ghost of its former self.  But the marijuana industry   is the actual leading cash crop in many counties. THAT industry pays NO taxes AND most involved also   use food stamps and such as a cover.
  • I happened to be driving around Santa Rosa, California   a few days ago, the decals on the police cars doors have missing letters in them, as in P_li_e.  The city streets there are so bad that your   teeth rattle driving on them.


  • We all know prices are higher………
  • We know that less than 1000 people in DC are making   unreasonable and irresponsible decisions every day.  Our system of governance and laws make overturning their   nutty decisions a long and arduous process with inconsistent results.   (ObamaCare, anybody?)   And this nation of sheeples keeps re electing them because they would rather watch football and have better knowledge on the statistics of every play   and every game than educate themselves about their futures and what their politicians are   doing.
  • Now we have a huge gun control controversy both at   the states level and at the federal level.  Despite a majority of citizens voicing concerns,   it is possible we will lose our right to defend ourselves.
  • We have watched and waited as the dollar has become near worthless   and our country’s financial status in the world become a joke.  We have watched and waited as our leaders have allowed   our borders to leak. We have watched and waited while our leaders plotted   mayhem with Fast and Furious.  We have stood by and allowed our   leaders to get away with allowing the killing of an Ambassador in Libya.    We have watched and waited while ObamaCare has become the law of the land.  We are watching a Congressman   trying to pass a law to allow a President to be in office for longer   than 2 terms.  We are watching the Fed and our Treasury department   swap x’s and o’s and call it “Quantitative Easing”.  We have watched and waited while less than 1000 people, leaders   supposedly in DC, have buried us in debt.  We paid zero attention when our political leaders made it legal to   detain a citizen of this country indefinitely.  And now, we are watching and waiting as gun control becomes the latest   freedom to die.

Come on folks, quit doubting yourselves, it is here and it IS happening!

This nation and its citizens have become paralyzed by the Normalcy Bias.  We don’t want to think that this great nation is declining. We don’t know what to do about it, we feel overwhelmed and helpless, so we do nothing.  Or worse, many are vilifying those who are beginning to voice their fears and they mock those that are making attempts to get away from it.   You can look to your televisions, the late night comedians or the Piers Morgans if you are doubting yourself at all on this one.

In Germany, there came a time, when the government demanded its citizens turn in their guns.  After which 2.2 Million Nazis began rounding up Jews and any other groups they deemed a threat or they just didn’t like and started exterminating them.  They terminated the lives of 6 million people.  Had each family kept their gun and taken two or three Nazis out when they came breaking down their doors, the Nazi party would not have been able to grow to 8 million before the end of the war.  Do the math folks, 2.2 Million Nazis, 6 million Jews….Dominating by fear and intimidation, those 2.2 million fervent “believers” waged such a war of intimidation on the masses that they caved! And the Jews died because they refused to believe it could possibly happen.   The United States and most of Europe did not respond.  Why did they not?  Normalcy Bias. Believing the unbelievable is a monumental mind change.

Now, because of the exceptional events of madmen, the citizens of the United States are all being branded as incompetent and criminal and not capable of handling weapons.  As in so many other areas of our Constitution, we are about to become the victims of yet another breach in its tenants.

Normalcy bias needs to take a back seat, we need to put ourselves in the driver’s seat and get to work! Getting ourselves prepared is primary, but we need to recognize that it is not enough.

We must reach out and begin to change the minds of those in the middle that think they are powerless and are continuing to “wait and see”.  The progressives have a huge head start on us.  They are in our schools and colleges, unions, political forums, etc.  We need get much more active, put our money out there to support groups that are deemed of like determinations, and be much more active in forming small groups that can come together in common cause to effectuate change.  That is why I found myself 2.5 hours from home in Santa Rosa, Ca the other night, listening for myself to the crowd surrounding Mike Thompson on the gun control issue.  I talked to other people that were there, we decided we are going to get together for coffee and discuss which groups we can help and how we can help them.  It has to start somewhere.  And you know the saying……….’no matter where ya go, there ya are”.  Everyone has a small circle of influence.

Look at MD and how he has grown his blog.  We can all speak to our neighbors, co workers, church and club members and share our philosophy.  Even when they don’t want to listen, you might be able to quietly slide a thought in on them that will niggle at them sometime later in the middle of the night. Don’t bow your head to ridicule or dismissal.  Hold your ground, don’t be a jerk about it, but HOLD.YOUR.GROUND! Start learning and teaching, speak up and don’t back down.  Do it when you are sober, do it when you have calmly collected your thoughts, but it starts with each of us doing “more”.  The time is now and the who is YOU.

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  1. So true the sheeple can not see the forest through the trees. First thing everyone can do and it’s not that hard is to get rid of the propaganda box called T.V. We did it last year as we decided one we were sick of paying for this garbage. Two it’s like a drug you turn it on and you just get sucked in our daughter who is 12 now used to come home from school and just zone out for 3 or four hours watching mindless trash promoting consumerism sex and greed. Now she tells us on a regular basis I am glad we don’t have a T.V. anymore I like to read, play games and go outside so much more.

    • worrisome says:

      Good point. What you feed your mind often starts with the tv.

      • Thanks for the great post worrisome!!!

        • Grumpy Vermonter says:

          We got rid of the evil box years ago, and haven’t looked back. I never knew about this view of the world until I met my dear hubby, and I thank God for him every day. Knowing about this all scares the beejeesus out of me on a daily basis, or royally angers me – or both at once, but it’s important to know and knowledge is power.

          Worrisome, this is a great post. Normalcy bias is a great term for the deer in the headlights stare I get from my family, and I think I’m going to start using it to get their attention and start the conversation again. May I have your permission to print your post to give to them? I don’t think I could put it any better than you have.

          • worrisome says:

            Grumpy Vermonter, please pass it on…….it is something I have been working on and thinking about for quite awhile.
            Ya know, sometimes you look back over the years and think you may have romanticized your past and that things weren’t all that rosy back then……..and maybe you are in denial about the changes, but when you start listing them and thinking about what prosperity used to look like and what hard work accomplished and how it isn’t happening now…….. well, sometimes ya just have to admit it, things are spinning out of control, and financially we are circling the drain………

          • Grumpy Vermonter says:

            Thank you worrisome – God bless you for writing this and helping this way!

  2. Worrisome, great article! I sent it to a non-prepper friend in CO and this is what she wrote back:

    “This is so absolutely great…. Wow, does that explain so much….”

    It would be great if she joined the pack!

    Thanks for taking the time to write this 🙂

    • worrisome says:

      Hope she joins up and perhaps we can be supportive to more folks getting ready to change their thinking. Thanks to MD for this blog…….it does a lot of good!

  3. Worrisome:

    Great post, my friend. I still run into it. Part of the issue with many that I talk to is:
    1. “This is just temporary”.
    2. Are so “busy” that changes are not in their plans.
    3. Have not had to be “responsible” in the past, so really no concept of handling their own problems.
    4. “There’s nothing I can do to “fix” the problem”, so it’s just best if I ignore it.
    5. “What will my friends think?” Like their friends are going to help them when they fall on hard times. (I grew up with the “what will the neighbor’s think” mentality both with my mother and my 1st wife. I found that those people who’s opinion was so important were of no help when I was in need. I therefore stopped caring what they think.)

    I have some folks I know who are what I call “Prepper Lite”. They plan for there to be problems, but if they last more than a month or 2 they are going to be in the same boat and those that have done nothing. The fact that things may RADICALLY be altered has yet to become a real possibility for them.

    • worrisome says:

      All True JP, keep you the good work and thanks for the comments

    • Just talked with my 69 your old ( I’m a young 60 year old) sister is Las Vegas She has always thought my wife and were “nuts” because we began prepping with the y2k scare. We slowed down for a while but have been pushing forward in the last 4 years.
      She was complaining about the economy and her social security checks being less, and something should be done against gun violence. I asked her if she was following what was happening in DC and she said she is “too busy” to watch “that crap”. When I hung up I realized she didn’t have a clue, even though I have been trying to get it across. My point is she “likes” the normalcy and can’t comprehend anything else. She is a born and raised MT ranch girl now I’m afraid she is a sheepple. Thank God my wife of 25 years is like minded of all of us.

      • Thank God for your wife, and I am sorry about your sister…..

      • My parents are the same way. I gave up trying to get them to see the light. Now I don’t even talk about what I do anymore, and I try to keep it on the down low so I don’t have to hear the crap from my father saying.

  4. mountain lady says:

    Worrisome, thanks for putting all my thoughts on paper. I have been wondering for a long time, if all my thoughts are wrong, because when I express them, I am looked down upon. I have a friend that got angry when I used the term “normalcy bias”. Imagine that, and you know how hard it is to function where I live. In this community, so far, I am the “lone wolf”. I have not given up, I just don’t even know where to start.

    • worrisome says:

      Mountain Lady, your thoughts are NOT wrong. Don’t allow anyone to look down on you. Any prepping you do is better than the other fellow’s 401k and bank account if it all comes down to useless money. At least you will be able to stay warm, will eat and have some skills to make the next garden. It is coming, it is big and you cannot doubt yourself! Stay the course and yes, those that don’t want to think will get angry and will mock you… doesn’t mean they are right. Means that they don’t want to think about anything and want to continue to be taken care of. Biggest step any of us make is facing the fact that we should take care of ourselves. Stay Strong!

      • +1

      • Well said. Don’t worry about being the “lone wolf”. I fall into that category as well. If folks can’t handle the truth… then I don’t need em cause they will just bring me down.

        I’ll do my thing on my own until I find a lady of like mind.

    • Mountain Lady,

      Know that when you are “looked down upon”, that it is only because those people are too uninformed and/or too frightened to admit – even to themselves – that this whole house of cards is going to come tumbling down.

      It’s a matter of “when”, not “if”. There is, quite literally, no way out of the hole that our elected leaders have dug for us.

      Look at those fools and just smile sadly and nod, because they are the walking dead.

  5. I’m not normal, probably never have been. 99% of those reading this blog aren’t normal. Normal is the base line of a population, the average, the usual.

    Do you do what the average person does, most of the time? Didn’t think so. Getting people you know to let go of the normalcy is almost impossible, unless there is a tragedy or event to snap them out of reality.

    • Judy, another one says:

      My thoughts also. I have never been ‘normal’ or ‘average’ even as a kid. Because I know I’m not ‘normal’ or ‘average’ I learned a long time ago to shut-up and walk my own path. If someone asks why I’m doing something I will discuss it but otherwise mum’s the word.

  6. Encourager says:

    Worrisome, thank you for taking the time to write this. I wonder what it will take for the average person to give up their ostrich syndrome.

    We cannot just bunker down and prepare for disaster for only ourselves. We need to keep talking, being persistent, keep trying to wake them up. Even if 1/3 of a community prepared for a disaster and had 3 months of supplies, 2/3 of the community would expect you to ‘donate’ what you have to ‘save’ them. Which dooms the entire community.

    I was on another site a few days ago that I haven’t been on for 5 years because I got tired of the trolls. I received a ‘we want you back’ email so decided to check them out again. It is a Christian discussion site. Well, I bit the bullet and wrote a post about prepping and Christianity. Whew, nearly had my head chopped off! “You aren’t trusting God to take care of you!” “God will rapture us before that happens!” “You are way off base and being an alarmist!” were some of the recurrent posts. I had one guy say he thought I was right, that he has been thinking of putting aside some food but hasn’t gotten around to it. Then I had a few post that I was right on; that there were MANY Christians prepping, that God was calling many to prepare. I WAS able to give some basic instructions to one person on how to start so hopefully others will start, too. All in all, very, very frustrating.

    • Mystery Guest says:

      Yes, God will take care of us. That is why we prep. I don’t think the rapture will come when those Christians think it will. We may have to see a lot before Christ comes for us.
      Prepping is our manna from heaven and they had better wake up. And even though God rains on the just and the unjust, they may find that there is a drought at their place.
      I rely on God for everything. But he gave me a mind, two arms and legs he figured I should do some things to be able to withstand all worldly adversity.
      If we can’t get through to them just think of the trouble God has.

    • kitchengirlgte says:

      We cannot even do our prepping without depending on God to give us what we need to prep so you ARE depending on Him. Without His help, the money to buy the preps won’t be there nor will the garden produce the food you need to put aside. He is the one who gave Pharaoh a dream and Joseph the ability to interpret the dream to prepare during the 7 years of plenty for the 7 years of famine. To me, prepping is part of using the resources given to me by God wisely; part of being a good steward which is what Jesus said we should be.

    • worrisome says:

      but encourager? you reached one? That is one more that didn’t want to wake up yesterday. God is all around us, talking to us, leading us, helping us…………..God asks us to take care of ourselves in any/every way possible. And to help those around us that listen. Jesus had a tough time with getting people to listen to Him, we just need to keep trying…. and trying. Help ones that you can see need help, try to drop a seed when you can, try not to get so polarized nobody wants to even speak to you about it………..think that is key.

    • Encourager:

      Your opponents have a opoint about the Rapture. The only problem is that I have not found anywhere in Scripture that says whether it will be a Pre-, Mid-, or Post-Tribulation Rapture. I can find where it talks about it, but not when (compared to the Tribulation).

      I believe in the Rapture, and a Pre-Trib Rapture would be the best possibility. But as I told my Paster, what if it is one of the other 2? How many will loose their faith or abandon Christ if you teach Pre-Trib and it’s a Post-Trib? How many will take the mark? Is it worth the risk? So far, he just thinks I’m a little too radical, but he understood where I was coming from. He just disagrees and won’t consider the other possibility.

      • Millie in KY says:

        JP, check out a site called This gentleman has a degree in theology and has written recently several very easy to understand posts on the Tribulation. He feels the rapture will take place before. That is my hope, I don’t know if I can take the things like what the Germans did to the Jews. He wrote some very good things before the election but after the election, he said America chose and now he would concentrate on what was to come and not do so much political commentary. He’s good, he has links to what he says and I enjoy reading his common sense figuring out of what is happening.

        And here is my “normalcy bias” to add to the discussion. Last night, here in KY, I left the tv on all night on the local station because they predicted terrible weather. I’m usually ok with this. I awakened around 3:30 to the weatherman (they regularly do a program all night if the weather is bad and they think there may be tornadoes, for which I am grateful since I live miles away from a tornado siren in the country) telling us that there was something, almost certainly a tornado and rotating clouds not too far from Nashville. So the normalcy kicks it. It will be all right. This is a slow moving storm system, it took forever to move. I live about 2 hours NE from Nashville, they mentioned a city just to my SE and said “this thing is expected to end up at this city and continue in the same direction”. Ruh roh. So I tried to decide what to do. At the time we were on the front end of the storm and winds of 39 mph. Then the wind died down quite a bit and there was lightning to the south of us. We live in a tied down double wide and DH was not at home. It began to rain, not hard, just normal rain but the weatherman in the bedroom tv started to say “take shelter safely.” Normalcy still reigned in my mind. Then he mentioned my highway specifically and named roads nearby and said “we see rotation here”. Well that got me to going. I put on my tennis shoes, my coat, grabbed my phone and a flashlight and headed for the old house about 300 yards away which has a small basement. As I got to the back door, Tabitha, one of my dogs, said “I have to pee, can I go?” The leashes were there so I put the loop around her neck and off into the dark we went. The old house is creepy. I keep things in there for a future indoor garage sale. It’s derilect (sp) but has a basement I can access. A dog would be good company. There are spiders. Down into the dark we went, narrow steps, the house has electricity but damned if I knew where the switch was. Tabi did NOT want to go in there. But she did, it is in the nature of dogs to be with their humans. I have crates in the basement for the dogs but really, I was a bit panic’ed. There were spiders. I sat on a concrete block and called DH and said “start praying and stay with me”. There were spiders. I hope they were praying, too. Then it got kind of calm and I thought “this is it” but really nothing, no rushing train, the yard light was still on that I could see thru the window. There were spiders. The rain slowed down to a drizzle. After about half an hour, I told DH “I’m going back”. The flashlight was dying. There were spiders. The tv said that the storm had moved on and really just before the actual band of color on the radar hit was the worst, about an hour or two before. I dried off and got back into bed. and remembered to thank God for His care and protection. And I learned. I need to move some water down there to drink. It would give me something to do at least. I need a chair and I need to spray for spiders. There were spiders, you know, down there. I don’t know how I would get all my dogs down there quickly so the next time we see something like this coming, they will sleep down there and I’ll just have to be late to work to bring them back to the house or to take them down. I will have to buy more crates, though, what we set up was crates that can hold three at once but with us in attendance. So will be searching yard sales this spring for more crates. I felt TERRIBLE leaving them but they were mostly all crated and I was really frightened by what the weatherman said. The bad thing is that they always cry “wolf, wolf” and we never know. I will see if DH can hook up a temporary light down there so I don’t have to sit there in the dark with a flashlight. Flashlight, more crates, water, bowl for dogs (they can share), chair, spider spray. Maybe a blanket but I would not want to leave it down there with the spiders.

        • Millie in KY:

          I do not doubt that there are a lot of folks who believe in Pre-Trib. They can point to Scripture to support their position, just as I can point to Scripture to support my point. My point is we just don’t KNOW. So should we plan for best case or worst case. If it is Pre-Trib then I have some supplies that others can use as I will not need them; if I’m right…well, it’s each individuals choice. Will we be saved from the Tribulation or have we been warned what it will be like, and therefore been forewarned and empowered to prepare appropriately? Each must choose their path.

        • Oh Millie, I was right there with you! You faced your fears and weren’t set upon by spiders. You go, girl!

          • Millie in KY says:

            No Way, well, it was face the spiders or learn how fly without wings… 🙂 We have brown recluse and black widows down here, that worried me more than anything. And if one landed on me, I would have done the Aracnid Dance and been waving my arms and learned how to fly before a tornado ever got me!

          • Might think about adding this to your, ahem, “bug out ” bag. Not making light, just couldn’t resist the pun, the black widows and brown recluse are nothing to mess about with.


        • Encourager says:

          Millie, am I wrong or do I get the distinct impression you do not like spiders?? LOL!! Not that I blame you. DH woke up a few weeks ago with spider bites up and down his leg. Had to have happened when he was in his jammies because he had some on his butt too. He is so allergic to ant and spider bites, poor guy. Gave him Ledum and Apis for 3 or 4 days.

          I hate spiders, too. I vacuum them up and then change the bag. They are really bad in my sewing room, although not as bad as usual because I put an Osage Orange in the room (they don’t like them).

          • Grumpy Vermonter says:

            OK Encourager, what the heck state do you live in that you have so many spiders INSIDE your house?!? Crikey, I’d be packing to move if we had them in the BED for pete’s sake – gives me the willies just to read this! Oh geez, now I’m going to be thinking of this all day – I can’t imagine them crawling over me while I’m asleep….

          • Encourager says:

            Grumpy, I am sorry to give you nightmares (or should I say day-mares?)!! We live in Michigan. In the country. Where creepy crawlies get in the house in the fall and live here all winter. We usually have to vacuum up ladybugs and box elder bugs all winter, but this year (probably the drought last summer) we haven’t had more than a dozen.

            DH could have been bitten sitting on the sofa; he had his jammies on and no underwear. He had a string of bites going up his leg and on his bum.

          • Encourager says:

            We see these almost clear spiders inside the house year ’round. They can be tiny – 1/4 ” up to 1″ big.

        • Poor Millie. Repeat after me. Spiders are our friends. Spiders are our friends. Spiders are our friends.
          Send the hubby down there to do a sweep and spray for you. Then go down there with him and make it your own. Clean it up, put plastic on the floor and walls if you have to. Some chairs and crate of stuff. Spidier repellents.

          • Millie in KY says:

            Hehe! Mama J, I think it was more that it was dark, creepy, worried about a tornado going over and wiping out my house and my dogs and there were spiders. The flashlight was dying and I know we have black widows and brown recluses in KY. I do the arachnid dance now and then (when you walk thru a spiderweb) but I usually give spiders a wide berth. I think it was the combination of things that set me off on the poor things. My dad, who was a conservationist (and also a chemist) way before Al Gore was, forbade us to kill spiders because they ate bugs and he was all for that. We lived in Florida and bugs galore! I’ll have to write about him and some of the things he used to do. Amazing man!

      • JP
        After study of the issue, I am strongly pre-Trib believing that the Bible and God’s nature points in that direction. That said, I don’t think I or most of the folks that I know who share that belief will lose faith or abandon God if we are incorrect. We understand that there is difference of opinion within the faith on the issue and that we may be wrong — God’s answer is always the right answer no matter what we think anyway.

        As for normal — growing up in a mess of a family all I ever wanted to be was normal. When I grew up and reached that goal, I learned how terribly boring and soulless it can be — normal stinks, I joined the different and set apart folks long ago and there is no way I’m going back.

        Plus, you just have to be totally blind to not see the storms that have already formed and are off in the distance just waiting to be blown our way.

    • Alittle2late says:

      I don’t think God wants us to be lazy or blind, and just sit back and wait for it to happen. To do nothing is wrong. Any attempt to help yourself and others, pass or fail is better I think.

      • Grumpy Vermonter says:

        Millie, boy do I hear you about spiders! My job until last January, 2012 was weatherization (yep, an Obama “green” job before I knew about Agenda 21 and all this green crap). In that job, I had to crawl into tiny spaces under homes (big, fast spiders), attics (hornets, yellow jackets, dead animals and small fast spiders). Now we live in a trailer as well and have spiders underneath and do have the brown recluse and I have to go under there a lot to do repairs.
        My suggestion to you if you are able is to go over there with strong lamps or a few large flashlights, a broom or two, some trash bags or boxes and clean up that cellar. Wear a close-fitting cap, a turtleneck with long sleeves, close-fitting gloves, pants and boots, with the gap between gloves and sleeves, boots and pants taped with duct tape. Then go down there and whisk off the beams, the walls, the corners and floor and make it inhospitable to those spiders. If there is moisture down there you might help things by putting up some dessicants. Keep switching them out until it doesn’t smell musty down there. This will help greatly in the spider dept. Put a big plastic tote down there that has things you need in it: water, some food bars, some dog bowls and a bag of their food, a blanket or two and a tarp, a couple of powerful flashlights that can stand on their own, and spare batteries at the minimum. Keep the tote spider free and clean by duct taping the edges where the top and tote meet. Make sure you have NO gaps. Just my 2 cents – good luck and God bless.

        • Encourager says:

          Great idea, Grumpy! I looked up natural repellants for spiders and found the following:

          Orange Oil
          Peppermint Oil
          Eucalyptus leaves
          Hedge Apples or pieces of Hedge Apples, also called Osage orange
          Pennyroyal on a scrap of cloth
          Baking soda (sprinkle it around)

          • Grumpy Vermonter says:

            If I lived where there were lots of spiders coming indoors, I’d up the ante a LOT. I think I’d use everything I could except for the essential oils, as I have cats and they can’t tolerate those safely. Maybe a flamethrower to boot 🙂 At the very least, I would go around every single room in the place and caulk the ceiling joints, the floor joints, the windows and the wall corners with a flexible clear caulk. Take that, you spiders!

        • Millie in KY says:

          Oh, Grumpy, thank you, of course, the tote is a great idea! There is just a tiny bit of water down there, it’s only about 8 x 10 or so and the stairs are in that space. I will be better prepared next time. I have failed my first evacuation, but have learned loads from it. I was in complete denial, no, a tornado was not going to hit here, no, I was not going to get out of my warm bed to go thru the rain 300 yards to shelter in a creepy house, no, I could take pillows and get in the closet, yeah, the dogs would be fine, yeah, I was just being a wuss and worrying too much. I have had time to reflect on this and realize that tiredness and fear really affected my decisions. And also affecting this was the fact that January is a very low tornado month. There was one that touched down and flattened a couple of barns and blew some cars around on the highway about 30-40 miles north of here, though.
          Encourager, those are great ideas, too, I need to lay in a supply of oils, I used to have a bunch but used them up and just never got around to replacing them. Thank you all!

          • Grumpy Vermonter says:

            Millie, I just had another thought about that cellar. If the walls can be made dry enough, you might want to use some cheap white paint on them to make it easier to see any spiders that may come in and have your hubby get rid of them more easily after you do the initial cleanup. If you are going to be using this cellar as your safe space, it would make it less stressful for you maybe to do so.

  7. Well done Worrisome!
    Even I find myself standing alone, or sitting in front of my computer open mouthed, blinking because I can not believe the events are transpiring right before my eyes. We can’t trust the truth from the media, or most of anything on the internet. It all becomes so confusing.
    Personally I SEE how bad it is everywhere. Folks buying a 1.50 in gas with change. The amount of people in line to use the coin sorting machine. The embarrassment of a mom at the market when the debit card is declined. Or the pregnant meth mom with 6 dirty kids filling out WIC orders.
    The elderly in wheelchairs who are brought to the store on the Senior bus. They have very little in their cart at the first of the month.I fear they can’t afford to eat. I try to get in line in front of them, and ask the checker to secretly gift them with the extra bag of groceries I “accidentally left”.
    The amount of folks filling the parking lots of the thrift stores waiting for them to open.

    Look at Sandy Hook. Have the majority of schools changed their security? No. Normalcy Bias at it most dangerous.
    That one percent chance that something that horrific will not happen to us! Sandy Hook thought the same way and they have been CRUSHED into oblivion.

    The Jones family in suburbia can’t be bothered with securing food stores or prepping because they are too busy with the SUV they can’t afford, a huge mortgage they have no business having, soccor practice, music lessons, appointments and jobs. They do not want to looked at with disdain for being the paranoid family down the block who tries to organize neighborhood drills for a disaster scenerio. The fear paralyses them into inaction.

    While delivering Girl Scout Cookies to my girls families I am appalled at the way some of these children are living. They are mostly poor with drug addicted mothers. Terrible housing, horrible smells, little children with barely enough to eat. Some cry when there is no school because they will not get hot meals. School is their safe place. Isn’t that horrifying? A target rich gun free zone is their safe place.
    The first month the food stamp cards are not refilled, these children will be the first to suffer the most because their parents will not be able to provide for them. They will never see what is transpiring in front of them because they are weak. Generations of women giving birth to children that they have never had to provide for. The new normal.
    Driving around to these homes when it is 5 degrees and it scares me to peices to think of the folks that will freeze to death. One family using their oven to heat their trailer.

    I often think of The All American dream and how it will soon be gone. The days of children safe in their schools, squeals of laughter. Plentiful jobs for anyone who wanted to work. Picnics, family vacations, buying a first home, families with two parents sitting at the dinner table with their children.
    When I find myself overwhelmed from all of it, I give myself the “gift” of a day or two of Normalcy Bias, or take a “break” from the neverending stress and fear of the unknown and when will it all hit the fan.
    Did I do enough? Why didn’t I buy that? Or, I wish I would have had time to do this.
    I usually snap out of it within a day or two. Ready to conquer that next item on the preppers endless list.

    • worrisome says:

      Mama J, you, like me are cursed with the power of observation. One I spoke with recently discussed delivering Toys for Tots at Christmas time to houses with a satellite dish fastened to the eaves of the dwelling and nothing in the living room besides a 55 or so inch flat screen television. I go to the grocery store and see other weight women with under fed children wearing 1/2″ salon done nails, carrying the latest in cell phones, driving a newer SUV and using the food card and bitching when it won’t cover some luxury she wanted. Then the next one in line, obviously the working poor carefully counting out their cash and coupons to see how far they can stretch the budget………..makes me sick.

    • Mama J – I love the ‘forgotten’ bag of groceries, bless you! We were on food stamps once when my husband lost his job. The shame was almost unbearable, but 3 hungry kids gave me courage. Now that we are on our feet and able to help others we do. This is an honorable, non-shaming way to help others, and I am gonna steal your idea! Thank you!

      • Zee,
        It is not shameful to use the Food stamp program the way it was intended. As a safety net. Not a lifetime of support.
        Everyone falls down at one point in their lives. Millions in the country have lost jobs at no fault of their own.
        The part that matters is that you pulled yourself up and were able to recover. I am glad you are OK now. Many Blessings to you.

        • Thank you! It was about 14 years ago, but I still catch my breath when I see someone pull out their benefit card. But for the Grace of God…
          Now my husband is self -employed and we (just a few days ago) suddenly, unpredictably lost a major client. Guess what? I am so thankful that the last several months of prepping means we have replacements of all our basics and several months of food to tide us over ’till the season starts again (we are in agriculture supply). Thanks to this blog and the food storage baby step plan from another website (the only two prep sites I visit) we are able to continue life as normal, giving my husband a stress-free base from which to make new business decisions. I cannot thank you all enough for being willing to share your knowledge and time. Thank you for this blessing, and many blessings to you!

          • Zee:

            Reading your story of self-reliance gives me hope. So many are ready to “look to the system” to cover them in situations like yours. When the big one comes, they are really going to be in a furt.

      • worrisome says:

        Zee, welfare and food stamps were originally designed to help people of out temporary situations. Which is where you found yourself. It happens. No One should be ashamed of taking actions to keep your family fed and housed. It is not you that have created the frustration with habituals that develop a belief that they are “entitled” forever…….

        • Grumpy Vermonter says:

          Zee, when I was little, we were dirt poor and living out in the boonies. My dad had a decent job, but he kept my mom in the dark about money and she was always struggling to feed us. She grew huge gardens and made a lot of our clothes. We must have had some sort of assistance, because I remember huge cans – maybe the #10 size- of peanut butter around. She would make bread and we’d have peanut butter sandwiches and beans. She would cook on a sterno stove and I thought it was great, but in reality the cost of electricity was probably too high to use. She was ashamed as well, but like worrisome said neither one of you felt “entitled”. You are to be commended for prepping as well as you have so that you can ride the underemployment wave right now. You sound like you’re further on your preps than we are, and certainly more than many Americans so keep up the good work and God bless.

          • Encourager says:

            We were very poor when I was little. I remember getting dressed in front of the open oven door because the oil tank ran out so no heat and there was no money to fill it. We went to bed with double pajamas and two pair of socks and knit hats on our heads. Mom would make bread, spread it with Crisco and sugar. Had that with ‘Pink Milk”, powdered milk with sugar and red food coloring added. Had that for breakfast and lunch many days in a row. My dad would finally get tired of mom’s begging him to go get some ‘government food’ as she showed him the bare cupboards. We thought it was Thanksgiving when they came back with all that food!

    • They have very little in their cart at the first of the month.I fear they can’t afford to eat. I try to get in line in front of them, and ask the checker to secretly gift them with the extra bag of groceries I “accidentally left”.

      Bless you.

      **two thumbs up**

  8. Mystery Guest says:

    I think we are double jaded by living in California.
    I have seen things change first bit by bit but now it has escalated and those that wish us no good are stepping up the process.
    I think it is the bit by bit of brain washing that has made most not see what is going on. Those that have worked hard to get us into this mind set have worked for many decades to get it to this point. They worked like a dripping faucet, each drip an idea, each drip a person carrying that idea with the tide of each ripple. They worked in the dark and secret and now they have made such headway that they can be brazen with their wanting to subjegate us.
    It could be to late, or it could be just in time for our salvation from all that is going on.
    I have no answers but only have hope that those that cannot see will wake up and take notice and not forfeit their freedoms.

    • worrisome says:

      Mystery Guest, you are right, it has been the slow dripping faucet and in California doubly jinxed. It may be too late already, but I feel like we still have to try, if we wake up one person, one family, perhaps they will live instead of starve to death…….or worse, come for us and kill us for having saved….

  9. What a great article!!! Simply put, the human being is a herd animal. the great majority of people today have never ever had to be totally responsible for themselves. What I mean by that is sure, they have a job that enables them to buy food, shelter, etc. but that is far different from a person that has to grow their own food from seeds they got from the previous harvest. That is far different from those that go down to the local supermarket to get their meat….or even raise their own meat from animals they have bought. Back in time, the only way one could get meat is buy hunting it down and doing the gutting and butchering oneself. Same with shelter. We today have firemen, policemen, etc. that provide for our well being in those areas…..far different that seeing to those things by oneself. How did we get this way? Sad to say….the majority wanted to have it easier, not have to make the hard decisions themselves. Plus, with the industrial revolution, things became easier and easier. Finally, today people have doctors, hospitals, insurance…..not many today are totally on their own hook as far as health care. Add to that this insane thing one sees on TV where the as says “See your doctor to find out if you need this” Sheesh…….!!!

    • Encourager says:

      What scares me are all the ‘side effects’ including death they list after telling you that you need this drug.

      I saw an ad the other day that stunned me. It was a ‘new’ disease, and get this ~ the symptoms were either laughing too much or crying too much. Seriously???!!??

      • Grumpy Vermonter says:

        Yes Encourager, it’s serious. Too serious I’m afraid. It looks like the psychiatrists have all collectively lost their minds, but it smells to me like a convenient way to label anyone and everyone “mentally unstable” so they can continue with their gun grab.

      • WYO Ryder says:

        Encourager – I saw that commerical too. At first I thought it was a joke! Then I thought “well, the uncontrollable laughter part of the disorder would explain Biden’s behaviour in his VP debate last year”

  10. Worrisome, thanks from writing this! I was talking to my finace last night about this very thing. The ostriches are out in force and the sand is getting deeper by the day.

  11. Texanadian says:

    In Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe by Douglas Adams ( a trilogy in four parts) there is an invisibility cloak called the SEP drive. Somebody Else’s Problem. The theory is that they make the spaceship so outlandishly ugly that people can’t believe their eyes and they can’t deal with it. It is somebody else’s problem, so the brain ignores that it is there thereby rendering it invisible.

    Great post by the way.

  12. Just gonna throw this out there: I know several fols in the marijuanna growing community. That industry is tanking alongside every other. Prices are 25% of what they were several years ago; and prices for raw materials and labor are going up. My county is so broke we depend on the growers to keep the money in the community, since most are dedicated to buying local (perhaps because local business takes cash? Not sure, but the results benefit my town). None of the folks I know are on food stamps, and in fact give what they can to support other people. I actually prefer to have growers in town than meth folks- and I have heard many lawmen say the same. I would rather my neighbor smoke too much than be a raging alcoholic (though I am personally a drinker not a smoker and don’t approve in any excess other than love). Regardless of what you think of the product, I think the grass-roots (pun alert!) attempts to change the law is interesting, and I support the right of consenting adults doing what they want on their own land. Now that i think about it, the first prepper I met, the one that got me thinking, was a grower. The next one was too. I thought they had been smoking something (sorry, coudn’t help myself) but now I think differently. If I had discounted them all together I would be in a pickle. These folks have skills that I have benefitted from.

    Long story short, there are a few reasons that make the generalization of all growers into unethical slackers unprofitable; might even be considered ‘normalcy bias’ of some sort (big grin).

    • I should add, though, that I don’t live in California. It is such a beautiful state-breaks my heart to think of all that goes on there. Anyway, my very rural, small-time town is very different, so please don’t go out and befriend some crazy dealer on my testimony :). Just feelin’ philosophical today, and thought I would share a different perspective on a curious topic.

    • I am in Colorado and know many growers that are great folks who also sell produce at Farmers Markets. The are nice earthy farmers who care about community, grow for the Farm to School project, grow what they eat, love and care for their children. They are almost all some kind of preppers. If they don’t have huge food stores it is because they eat fresh, they have all the skills and are already self sufficent.
      One young cute couple with dreadlocks, VW van, and the best winter squash and apple cider I have ever tasted, don’t smoke or grow. The husband says, “Don’t need it man, I am high on life.” that made me smile the rest of the day.
      Our law is new and I know alot of folks who are excited to grow non thc hemp this year.
      It is highly interesting watching additudes change so quickly.
      I asked a greenhouse owner if they were going to by more products to cater to the growers and she said “Never!”.
      I laughed out loud and pointed out 3 people in the check out that were medical growers and she didn’t even know it. She said “Oh, they are VERY good customers. One is a retired police officer making a living.

      Appearances are deceiving. The mindset is changing quickly. People who I know were totally against mariguana in any form are not complaining and fighting it any longer because the crime and hordes of hippies converging into town did not materialize. The tax revenue will be welcome to school districts who can possibly get some security in the buildings.

      • That has been our experience too, Mama J. We’re in Oregon, and have had a medical provision for a few years now.
        Now, I want in on that cider thing! I have been dreaming of it for a few months now. 🙂 ~ Z

        • In the fall folks at Farmers Markets in the bring their cider presses and blend different apples to make the most amazing drinks. Crisp, cold, sweet, and tart. Apples taste and store better if they have a hard freeze before picking. It does amazing things in your mouth. You don’t want to swallow. I would imagine that they have something like that where you live.
          The hard cider is even better!

    • worrisome says:

      Zee, here in the Northern Cali Emerald Triangle, it is very different! “Hiding” behind government benefits is “cover” for the local growers, and then these communities are now being overrun by the cartels from Mexico. Naional and State forests are no longer safe to take a hike for the innocent citizens. But yes, marijuana is the leading crop and is a major financial supporter as relates to utilizing retail resources. They pay zero taxes however so the size of local county sheriff’s staff is the same as it was 40 years ago, despite increases in population. This is a total no win situation and is dangerous to the point that some us have taken extraordinary measures to put in security cameras, motion lights, double and triple fencing with barbed wire, etc. Crazy

      • worrisome says:

        I need to add that in the case of the cartels, think twice when you smoke that stuff. It is not “organically grown”! When they bust those “forest grows” they find all kinds of illegal pesticides from Mexico all over the camps. It is in the streams, lakes etc as well. I weary about everyone calling their grows “medical marijuana”, as there is a generous surplus of so called “medical marijuana” that would last a nation 100 times our size for years. That is just a cover for another very important word………..GREED.

        • Good points, worrisome, that is a bad situation. I hope it does not get like that in my neck of the woods. We don’t quite have the lovely growing conditions of Cali, though, so maybe it is too hard to make an easy living here. ~ Z (who is looking at snow this very minute and wishing we had more frost-free dates!)

      • I am curious and have a few questions….Why does California allow medical Mariguana to be grown, but it is not taxed when sold legally to a dyspensary. Or do they just say you may grow it, possess it for your own use and “give it away”. So selling it to an individual is not illegal? It all seems backwards, no wonder you have to worry about criminals in your backyard.
        I know the Cartel and criminals do not follow the law. They never will.
        But are legal growers licensed, or can anyone grow?
        Any amount, anywhere with no regulation?
        Sounds like the State of California and the Feds really screwed that one up allowing illegals to grow and use toxic chemicals on National Forest lands.
        I live next to huge tracts of National Forest and BLM land. Our Wardens and Rangers are so on to everything that happens over hundreds of thousands of acres. You can get away with anything here. Seems they have eyes in the trees.

        • worrisome says:

          Here is how the medical marijaua program works in ca.
          In my county and the neighborhood county, there were several marijuana shops. The feds recently came through and stated to the boards of supervisors, that marijuana was a federally prohibited drug and told them that they needed to suspend these stores or face prosecution themselves.
          Illegals on Federal and State land are arrested when caught, but the % caught compared to the many that successfully grow is small. They do helicopter fly overs in the summer and fall and pick off “some’ of the grows, that does not prevent the use of pesticides at all. Some grows get rep0rted because people stumble over them. In other cases huge tracts of private land (old lumber company interests) get patrolled by hired staff and once in a while they find a grow. Growers buy 60 acre plts, bring in large generators, build houses that appear to be homes on the outside but the insides are covered with aluminum foil and grow lights. Very little “licensed”. All of it, when they are “caught” is “poor us! we are just trying to help out the sick”…….The illegals AND some locals combined were growing for a few years on the mountain behind my house. The diverted water from a local creek to do so. There was 10 of them up in there, with guns, living in an old camper from a pick up. Crapping in the woods, throwing trash where ever they wanted to, using pesticides on the marijuana, shooting indiscriminately and killing deer out of season. They were “caught” when a neighbors dog went missing and another came home with a bullet hole in him. The neighbor started taking hikes around the mountain. When all was said and done, 6 were arrested, 2 deported. It took several trips via a helicopter to haul out the grass, took even longer to haul out the trash oh, by the way, they had poison out as well, because a bear had scared them. They found 15 guns. This is NOT a mellow little garden of 3-4 plants……….it is big time. They had been in business for 4 years at that location.

          • Good Grief!
            That is horrible. The worst we have here is people taking big game illegally. Or some gal shooting her husband in the bar for cheating on her with her sister. BTW, they both had kids by him at the same time. The boys are brother cousins.
            We will see what happens to Colorado and Washington with the reefer laws. Thanks for the info.

  13. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Good article.
    When I had kids at home, worked full time, kept up my CEUs, did chores, went to ballgames, church, and the gym, having social time and romance time, if I had 5 mins. A week to hear the news, I was lucky. As a result I relied on DH and people I admired to greatly influence my politics. Although, I had a strong religious and political view before babies. That being said, the rich and powerful have the same problem with 60 hour workweeks, caring for kids, and rubbing elbows with the right people. In NYC I saw tons of people experts in their fields but relied on those they admired to determine how they dressed, what they ate, and how they voted. In other words, money talks.
    I am not making excuses but that is how it is. Many of those will succumb to hardships long before us because hardship is our way of life.

  14. Normal got this country to where it is today. It’s time for the Abby Normals to step up and take charge.

  15. I get a lot of people shunning me for talking about prepping. Even more so now because of the gun control bill. But when they are starving they will be at my door with their hand out. (Or they will snitch on me or others to get grocery money. I think the ones who scoff the hardest will be the snitches)

    I even tried to warn the assoc pastor at my church and try to get them to store some food to help church members who might be broke, but she sidestepped in a very change-the-subject way. So I never brought it up again.

    Their idea of helping the poor is to let homeless people stay there, who have to bounce from church to church each week – so I volunteered to do “kid activities” for that and those people didn’t say thanks, didn’t help watch their kids, just sat there glued to the TV all evening while their kids misbehaved all over the place. I am not a parent, got no backup whatsoever from anyone, and I didn’t know what to do – I was left alone with like 6 unruly kids who split up and went everywhere. At one point some of the kids and I got locked outside by other kids, and there was nobody to answer the church phone. I had to yell up for 5 minutes to get someone to let us back in. That program is stupid and the reason those people are homeless IMHO is they won’t even lift a finger to help themselves or even be polite.

    Another time this volunteer night guard at church overheard me talking about guns, then was sort of passive aggressive with me and locked the part of the church up that my coat was in. It occurred to me that violence doesn’t even need confrontation – someone could lock you into part of a building and just leave you there. Or lock you out.

    This isn’t just people not having time to be curious. This is outright rejection and even a little aggression for various reasons. Maybe I should quit trying to warn or help people. Maybe they deserve what they get if they refuse to see what’s coming and refuse to do anything to help themselves.

    • worrisome says:

      Penny Pincher, yes there will be many refusing now to help themselves and refusing then to help themselves and will continue to wait for Obama and Company to fix their issues… I just point to those still waiting for help from the latest hurricane and say how blind can ya be…………….. But once in a while, there may come one or another that can be talked to, concentrate on those………… many have to have a whole crowd develop a point of view before they will considerg a change to the way they think……….thus why at the moment we are in the fix we are in.

  16. I’m normal , everybody else is F*cked up .

  17. I have never been normal

  18. MountainSurvivor says:

    Very well put.

  19. Excellent post! It may only be January, but I give this the “Post of the Year” award.

    “It could never happen here, so I’ll just go back to watching American Idol. Besides, keeping watch on the people controlling my life is so boring”.

    Bread and circuses. Dancing With the Stars. Nothing has changed in the last 200o years.

    The only change that I would make is the fact that the Nazis actually murdered 10 million people. The horror of the attempted extermination of the Jewish race (understandably) overshadows the other 4 million people whom the Nazi socialists murdered.

    Granted, that’s small fry compared to the 150 million people that the Communists murdered, but it should be noted.

    Thank you, Worrisome. This stuff needs to be broadcast far and wide.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Second the motion! Well done Worrisome.
      My mom said to me last week (for the umpteenth time) that a disaster isn’t going to happen in Arizona. She lets me store preps at her house because I told her I was out of room at my home. Thus I prep for them. She laughs every time I bring more stuff for the spare room (now preps room). Literally, laughs. But I don’t care. When something happens they have a years worth of food, a couple months worth of water and a couple months of cooking fuel. And firearms which they loathe – far lefties that they are. Today we looked at a steel framed 275 gal plastic water storage container at the nursery ($129 – good price) and she laughed again when I bought it.
      “Nothing is going to happen”, she laughed.
      This from a woman who lived through the Great Depression and in war time Japan and it’s disastrous aftermath. I’m sure my Japanese grandfather never saw it all coming…
      I can’t argue with my parents (respect) but I will no longer be silent when I hear the absurd mindless ‘normalcy bias’ of the sheeple. I will make them explain the evidence that supports their head-in-the-sand attitudes (which they can’t) or they will have to admit they are lazy or stupid. Tired of this sh*t.
      Nice article Worrisome. Great stuff.

      • SD, glad to see you chime in here. Again I have been thinking about this for quite a while and I think it plays a huge role in why so many are just plodding on through hoping things will get better. There is not much foresight going on at how many other forces are at work here. Organizations like CAIRE, who advocate for muslim interests here………..they left their own countries for a better place and are now busily trying to bring the beliefs that got them in trouble with them. The illegal immigration problem coming across our border with Hezbollah setting up shop in Mexico. The communist/socialist movement taught daily to our kids. The over reaction to small children when they stick their fingers out and say bang bang. The lack of respect for religion including Christianity in this country………..the 58 million abortions, while screaming how terrible it is to waterboard some terrorist. The craziness is all around us. We need people to start thinking for themselves, seeing things through clearer eyes……..just getting them to think is going to be a major effort. I am glad you are leading your family, all I can say? Is I hope they never need the savings in practical goods you are providing.

  20. “Normal” has never been a word used to describe me.

    I’d take it as an insult.

  21. I’m so far from the traditional, stereotypical concept of normal it isn’t funny. Normal and I aren’t even in the same solar system.

  22. Goofy prepper people who insisted the world was ending Dec 21, 2012 adds to “normalcy” because the media portrays really informed preppers as nuts and incompetent crazy people like these goofballs, not to be believed and ignored.

    Those who don’t prepare and die from the result of a forwarned disaster they could have survived from are called “Genetic Failures”. If a species does not adjust to exteme environments, they become extinct.

    Great article, Worrisome..

    • worrisome says:

      Thanks Donna, I like your comments because in a few words, you clearly stated what is going to happen to so many.

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