Now that is a nice….. rifle!

Now that is a nice AR-15!

Now that is a nice….. rifle!

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  1. Indeed, very nice….rifle.

  2. VEREY nice “rifle ” !!! Cowboy

  3. tuesdayissoylentgreenday says:

    If not for the expense of half of everything I have …. I would try to get one of thoses….

  4. Gary in Bama says:

    I think its the ass ets that make the rifle so noticable! !

  5. Hey!!! How’d y’all get that picture of my wife?????? LOL…

  6. kind of an odd way to carry it.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Yeah yer right axel. At the least she should have it slung on her right shoulder for access. On second thought…..she can wear it any where she pleases……

    • Actually it’s a great way to carry it. All she has to do is pull it forward with her right hand to a “shoot from the hip” position. Then with the right hand on the grip raise it up to the shoulder while putting the left hand through and around the sling so that it’s wrapped around her left forearm. If the sling is adjusted right there is enough tention in it then for a very stable shooting platform. When the shooting stops simply unwrap the left forearm and use the right hand to push the rifle down and back to the carry position again. Works great if your sling is long enough. That’s the way I carry mine most of the time, I just don’t look nearly as good doing it.

  7. Really? Well, you certainly would love my wife’s ….rifle then. This one lacks enough ….rifle butt to handle the recoil IMO.

  8. Hunker-Down says:

    Rifle?…..What rifle??

  9. gotta love israel.

  10. Does this rifle make my butt look big?

  11. SurvivorDan says:

    It’s not the outfit. Or the butt. It’s how one accessorizes….

    Okay….it is the butt.

  12. I knew I shouldn’t have looked, now I’m gonna have The Cramps – “Bikini Girls With Machine Guns” playing in my head all day.

    On second thought….. it’s worth it

  13. Some pics just beg to be shared. I’ll bet no one tries to steal her purse!

  14. I like to imagine the look on the smart a$$’s face when he goes to swat her behind and finds that!

  15. Thomas T. Tinker says:

    ? I gotta ask! Is she actually getting in line for something? Wrist band at the beer garden… Speed dating event… maybe out cruising for an old boy friend? Maybe just in the mood to be left the hell alone…

    Chime in here ladies!!!!!!!

  16. Additionally, the caliber is small and the tolerance is very tight, but for whatever reason there seems to be plenty of wiggle room…

  17. You’re all not really talking about the rifle, right?!?

  18. That is truely an ass-ault rifle!!

  19. And I’ve got a big banana magazine she can put in it too!

  20. that’s why I love Israel

  21. You guys are awful, lol

  22. sometimes im absolutely ashamed of my gender. i mean women have worked so hard to gain equal rights and break through the glass ceiling. don’t you think this young lady has a dad that would be pissed at a bunch of dirty old guys ogling his daughter? can we have more of these pics,,,,, you know just to add a little flavor around here. i swear i wont ogle,,,,,,,,,,, very long.

  23. look at those nice sleek curves and lines on that baby. the girl is nice too

  24. Uncle Charlie says:

    A good example of open carry where legal. It would be a shame to conceal it.

  25. Ohhhhh, ladies, you must know by now that men are DOGS!!! If you truly knew what bounced around in our minds at any given time of day or night you would be, well, shocked, with an accompanying eye roll as evidenced by the female response to some of our rather thinly vieled references to the picture. Women may think those comments and references are crass. Men appreciate the humor and the thought that goes into some of those witty comments. I think it was Billy Crystal that said, “Women need a reason to have sex, men just need a place”. It is so true you would be shocked!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. charlie (NC) says:

    Caption for the photo:

    Is that a banana clip in your pocket or are you just happy to see me.

  27. Notice that the other people in the picture are NOT running away in fear for their lives because someone in proximity is carrying a gun!
    She can stand watch for me any time.

  28. Uncle Charlie says:

    Gentlemen, and I use the word loosely, I guess we’ve have enough fun at the ladies’ expense, so to coincide with St. Valentine’s day tomorrow, here’s a gift for your sweetie that’s close to her heart.,d.eWU

  29. Encourager says:

    I have seen this picture of the woman before. I believe it was taken in Israel. There, everyone carries! Especially those in the military, even when they are off duty.

  30. I wonder if she would be interested in an extended mag I have ?

  31. Wow! Where can I find one of those?

  32. Same reason men like women dressed in leather…..
    They smell like a new car ..!

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