Questions and Answers with the Wolf Pack : Need information about this old Smith & Wesson

Question from Kathy

I was wondering if u could give me you’re opinion and expertise on this old handgun that I have. Its a Smith & Wesson 1 and 1/2. On top it says pat. Apr. 8.55 July 5.59 Nov. 22.65. There’s also a number that looks like 9541 and either an 8 or 6. There is no one in my area that I trust to tell me about this gun and if it might be worth anything. I was hoping you could help. I’m going to try to forward pictures not sure if it will work. Its silver with etching, one side is very rough looking one is in good shape. Also has what I think r pearl handles.

old smith and wessonold smith and wesson2old smith and wesson3
Thanks for you’re time. Kathy


  1. what calibre?

    • Your grips are ivory B.T.W.

    • I suggest the Blue Book of Gun Values. It lists the current values of virtually all firearms. It is available at Barnes and Noble.

      This book is updated annually, so get a recent version.

  2. From your pictures I would say it is an Model 1 1/2 in .32 rimfire.. If the other number is the serial number it is a late “new model” . An original barrel length of 2.5″ to 2.75″ would be the rare version. Yours looks to have a 3.5″. Those grips look ivory to me (remember what Patton said about pearl handled grips).

    Value would be some where at $400 up, but as with all collector’s pistols it is up to the market, what the buyer will pay. Although you might be able to find 32 Rimfire ammo, it’s rarer than the gun.

    Now all of this is based upon 3 pictures, so it is all “best guess”. Hope it helps.

  3. I have seen these before they are a Smith and Wesson Model 1 1/2 Pocket Revolver. It takes the 32 smiths and Wesson rim fire cartridge.

    They were made from 1862 to I think 1896 or something like that since yours is nickel plated it is either a second generation or a single action which was the third generation. AS for price I can not help you without actually looking at it. As well check to see if the barrel has rifling or not.

  4. You do have a very nice pistol. Grips can be worth a lot. if Ivory? Second you could get in touch with a museum curator of firearms or the NRA . The NRA has a curator and a museum. They would help you more. Good Luck

  5. Western_Reservist says:

    join the Smith & Wesson Form at:

    They have an “Antique S&W” section helping you identify your revolver.

    Post some pics on this site and you’ll get a lot on informed and professional opinions.

    It’s free!

  6. Thanks everyone for ur comments on my smith and wesson. I’ll check out the book and forum. Knew they were ivory handles not sure why i typed pearl 🙂

  7. The nickel plating and engraving may or may not be after-market. The engraving, though has a high-quality appearance. Your best bet might be to visit a dealer in antique firearms, and rather than ask what it’s worth, ask him how much you should value it at for your homeowner’s insurance. This will likely give you a high-but-reasonable retail value for the weapon.

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