Update to my article and remembering “Operation Fast and Furious”

Update:  to my recent post “Are recent mass shootings false flag events to gain support for a repeal of the Second Amendment? 

”After publishing this article, some folks saw the need to contact me just to let me know that I was crazy, out of touch and completely wrong on every point… Of course they had no answers, other than what they had been told by the media… Yep, the main stream media now that is a reliable source of information.

Anyway, I did not say that the attacks were false flag events – I don’t know if they were or not. What I said was that both of the shootings had the earmarks of such, and that there is a lot of unanswered questions. And the police threatening to arrest anyone reporting anything but the official version of events did not help curtail theories of what actually happened.

And let’s not forget about the recent “Operation Fast and Furious” where Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and the Obama Administration sent thousands of “assault weapons” across the border into Mexico where they were used to kill an unknown number of people including American border patrol agent Brian Terry.

Well, if you remember when  the Mexican drug cartels started killing people by the truckload with those guns that the ATF had provided them, the gun banners,  here in the U.S. started calling for tighter gun laws in the U.S. to curb the “gun violence” in Mexico (I think Senator Feinstein was one of those).

Then it was leaked in the press, that the guns being used in the murders and mass killings were supplied by the ATF and the United Stated Government . Also see this article from CBS news Documents: ATF used “Fast and Furious” to make the case for gun regulations

Folks I don’t know about you but that looks like a false flag to me… and as we all know history repeats itself…

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M.D. Creekmore is the owner and editor of TheSurvivalistBlog.net. He is the author of four prepper related books and is regarded as one of the nations top survival and emergency preparedness experts. Read more about him here.


  1. The truth about JFK being assassinated will never be known. Lots of witnesses, one film and one audio recording. Mix truth and mis information to discredit anyone who doesn’t spew the ‘official’ version.
    Too many unanswered questions on Sandy Hook that aren’t being addressed for me. the rifle being found in the car then a few days later a rifle was used in the shooting is the biggest and then the reported second shooter chased and caught in the woods, what happened to that person?

  2. M.D., you’re not crazy nor did you refer to possibilities as facts.

    Just finished reading “Terrorist University.”

  3. Well said. Like many other events that have taken place over the past 50 years or so, there are way too many unanswered questions, and many still-classified government documents relating to these events. What is it that we are not being told and why?

    The sad thing is that even if you give proof that some of what’s in the official story is a lie, many people still refuse to believe it.

    In their defense, most people have been so “programmed” to believe what they are told, that anything that is very outside that box is extremely hard for them to even accept. None of us like to believe we’ve been duped or have been living a lie, but unfortunately, most of us have been there at one time or another.

  4. M.D. I read your post when it came out and Im still scratching my head as to why some people could not realize you where asking ?s God bless semper fi Cowboy

  5. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Si, senor. Wonder if there are any of those free guns left? Lets see, we armed Iran and funded the Contras. We armed Mexican cartels. We have now armed the Iraqi and the Afghani people. For all we know we armed Egypt and Syria. But Americans are to be disarmed. Hmmmm.

  6. I hear you brother. Its kinda funny how the exact same people always looking for government conspiracies when the “opposition ” is in power are mysteriously quiet. I noticed it most with my own Democratic /Liberal family and I have always been the Republican /right leaning veteran. As I have gotten older I realize the problem is its all BIG government. Doesn’t matter if they have an R or D they are more concerned with staying in office, paying back their sponsors and CYA. More importantly the bureaucracy is unaccountable and corrupt as they come. Its not empty paranoia when there is plenty of history to support this viewpoint.

  7. MD, I’m always skeptical about people who know things to be one way only, like those bombarding you. I don’t know either about the events, but in these troubled times I take nothing for granted any more. The government that I grew up feeling protected by I now feel threatened by. We are on a path that can only lead to a bad place. Be ready, be vigilant.

  8. Old USAF Nurse says:

    You aren’t crazy. You wrote clearly and posed reasonable questions. Sadly, most people FEEL instead of THINK. The results of years of conditioning.
    Thanks for what you do, and hopefully you can continue for a longtime.

    • USAF Nurse,

      Thank you…

    • Good reply Old USAF Nurse. I agree – it’s never a bad thing to ask reasonable questions in a calm quiet intelligant manner. Don’t think I’ve ever seen you post on here before – welcome aboard! Would love to hear some of your nursing suggestions/experience!

    • You are so correct Nurse. Progressive ed has taught several generations of Americans to use their reason not to interpret reality but to justify the actions taken based on their feelings, whims and wishes. It is government that introduced prog ed to American schools. Now it’s time to get government out of education entirely.

      • Grumpy Vermonter says:

        Old USAF Nurse, you are SO right when you speak of people feeling instead of thinking! I have an “almost-brother-in-law” (sister and him aren’t married, but have lived together for a long time) who attacked me both on Facebook and sent me abusive emails when I posted to Facebook that I mistrusted Islamists and our government. He accused me of hatred, then promptly spouted off about me wanting to go kill off some local Muslim friends of his with my “religion and guns”. Huh, no hate there! I tried to calmly explain each time with factual information, and links to actual news links to back up my frustration, but he wouldn’t have it. No, no – his feeling that he was right was more important than my factual information. This is blindness. This is what we are up against. Madness! Now a rift has formed between my sister and myself because rather than get him to apologise for his disgusting verbiage, she told me that I was “intolerant”. More madness!

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          I had the same situation with family members. DH and I are considered extremists, hate mongers, racists. If you have knowledge and convictions that are not tolerant or PC, then you are subject to attack.

        • Old USAF Nurse says:

          It shows how powerful the dark side actually is when families are torn apart by irrational thoughts and speech. I’m sorry to hear of your situation. I think “we ain’t seen nuthin yet.”

          Get ready for more frequent and vehement attacks from all sides.

          • Grumpy Vermonter says:

            Odd as it may seem, I’m actually using peoples’ reaction to my way of being as a gauge of how they fit (or don’t) into my life. It works rather well. Sadly though, I’m finding that a good deal of my family doesn’t fit. And not only that, neither do most of my old “friends”. Which leaves me with the knowledge that most preppers don’t like to group together so there you go I’m a bit on the hermit-y side, but do like to chat with like-minded folks so thank God for the Internet. I’d be really snorked if the little minds that are trying to be Big Deals take control of it!

        • Grumpy Vermonter:

          I have a liberal family member who refuses to come to my house because I have guns. To date, I haven’t lost any sleep over it.

  9. “And the police threatening to arrest anyone reporting anything but the official version of events did not help curtail theories of what actually happened.”

    Cite your sources or it is Alex Jones BS.

    • timmy,

      Trust me my source is never Alex Jonnes – it was all over the news as it was happening. Watch the video in the link to poat of the police chief…

      • “Trust me my source is never Alex Jonnes [sic]…” -M.D.

        “I never said that the shooting were false flag events, just that both had the attributes of such an event. Just asking questions, but then as we know the powers that be do not like questions…
        But many others are asking the same questions publically such as;
        Natural News : http://www.naturalnews.com/036586_false_flag_survival_protection.html
        Joel Skousen : http://www.worldaffairsbrief.com/

        Alex Jones : http://www.prisonplanet.com/

        The Daily Digest : http://www.thedailydigest.org/?p=1127

        Who are you crappin’?

        • timmy,

          Does the fact that Alex Jonnes has asked some of the same questions make him a source? No.

          I love it when people read the blog for months watching every word looking for something to complain about… Proves they have to much time on their hands…

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            I hate that some readers think that firearms owners, or preppers, or conservatives, or Pack members are all cut from the same cloth.
            I agree with some statements and disagree with others, but I always learn something. And I feel comfortable discussing my concerns here.
            The trolls are just everywhere in society.
            Thanks for your hard work and all the blog and the Pack has added to my sense of well being.

            • Tactical G-Ma

              MD – THANK YOU for keeping this blog going, for keeping us informed and focused!

              And also for asking pertinent questions about the false flags, which presents to anyone who is willing to think -too many unresolved/unanswered questions about what we have been told/fed.

              – Has anyone read Natural News: The confirmed discovery that at 1hr58:41 of the Dark Knight Rises movie, Commisioner Gordon is pointing to the words “SANDY HOOK” on a map of the Gotham area OR that both fathers of Lanza (Conn) and Holmes (Aurora, CO) were scheduled to testify in the LIBOR scandal??

              If that is too far-fetched for folks, the mysterious 2nd shooter handcuffed in Conn woods is where? And why can’t the police/coroner get their facts straight on which guns/rifles used and which were left in the trunk??

              Really, I am JUST asking….the horrific damage has been done, the pain can’t be taken away…but things just don’t add up.

          • Encourager says:

            …too much time on their hands and they are NOT prepping, for anything!! All their time is spent criticizing, mocking, and complaining. Geesh…get a life, trolls! This site is about prepping and supporting one another in doing so. If ya don’t fit in perhaps you should find another blog to blather on.

        • Wild Weasel says:

          Then prove it the other way if you disagree,then just spouting off. It’s ok to rebutle but if your going to then put some fact behind it.

          • Wild Weasel (Anything to do with F-105’s?)
            How can some one prove that something that never existed never existed?

    • Ahh, Timmy Timmy Timmy- all you’ve got to do is let your fingers do the googling and you’ll find the articles about that topic, so don’t be a coward by trying to intimidate MD. Do your own search and you may get your eyes opened.
      Speaking of BS- aren’t you kind’a calling the kettle black, here? Cite your sources where it wasn’t said.

  10. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer , only – where does the government fit in to that equation ? Think of some of the past “sacrafices”
    our leader’s have allowed to fill their agendas ! We need clarity not cover-ups !

    • (chuckling, Jim) Government has never been your friend and never will be… government never sacrifices, just we pawns do.

    • Put not your trust in the Princes of the world, for they will frig thee up and so shalt their governments, even unto the end of the earth.
      –Stephen King, “The Stand”

  11. The Gulf of Tonkin was another false flag. Operation Northwoods was also going to be a false flag but didn’t get put into action. Other nations have also done false flags in order to have excuses to prosecute war: Operation Ajax, for one, in Iran.

    • Whoops, tOperation Ajax was us too.

    • I don’t post very often but I had to reply to the statement about the Gulf of Tonkin being a false flag. I don’t know if it was or not and I doubt if anyone else does. What I do know is I was a 20 year old Petty Officer Third Class serving on board the USS BON HOMME RICHARD (CVA-31) in August 1964 and was in the Gulf of Tonkin that night. I stood with friends and watched the light flashes from the explosion just over the horizon. We also launched aircraft in support of the action. Was it a put up deal. You tell me but have some proof.

      • Bob, you obvious;y dont know what you saw that night was a fireworks show celibrating Ho Chi Minhs birthday or you are under the influence of the msm or you are just stupid.
        Thank you for your service.

  12. Makes me sad when people depend on the mass-media for accreditation of current events. It was clearly obvious in your previous post that you were merely suggesting an alternative view that has risen a few questions. If you are not able to grasp all the views then your final opinion on the matter will be biased. It is a lot easier to cope with the lies than the truth itself…Maybe this is why so many people just watch the news.

    • AEP
      But what the msm says must be true!
      They said there was a second shooter in the Sandy Hook woods so there must have been one. They said he was handcuffed too.
      They said the colorado guy was wearibng body armor so he must have been wearing body armor.

      Do we get to choose what is msm truths and what is deciet? Or maybe just wrong?

  13. riverrider says:

    i’m with you m.d. …i was shot down over bosnia. they listed it as a hard landing due to mechanical failure. when we insisted we saw tracers coming up to meet us, they sent out a sf team to “investigate”. they came back and said it was “celebratory gunfire” from a wedding. umm, well thats funny, they don’t get married at night there because theres no electricity,its dangerous to travel at night, and besides that the tracers were following us and intercepted us in the air. the mechanical failure was severed hydraulic lines. no, i’m sure our gov wouldn’t lie to us, no way….that said we’re in a pickle now. her “grandfather clause/registration will derail the patriot uprising i was hoping for. i’ll be a wanted felon from then on i guess. wanted felons do bad things. i hope they took that into account. sic semper tyrannus!

    • riverrider,

      Yep, believe only about 5% of what you’re told and that should put you on the edge of truth…

      • The trick MD is knowing which 5% to believe. I wish I knew how but I aint smart enough. Till then I don’t jump to conclusions that easily.

        • Ron,

          Do you own research and look for your own truth… declassified documents are great because they show what has been done before and if they’ve done it before they are still doing it in some form or another…

    • – i love my contry but fear my goverment- what a true statement. God bless . semper fi Cowboy

    • Grumpy Vermonter says:

      Sh*t, riverrider! Sorry that happened to you – and probably a ton of our other servicemen and women. Thank you for your service, all of you! The government doesn’t care maybe, but we sure as hell do, so thank you again. Man, that is just depressing. I just have to keep remembering that there exists a Being inside and outside us so all-powerful to whom these nasty people who have such egos as to think that they do or will control others must look like tiny little black, ugly specks of dirt. Sub-atomic black specks of dirt, needing to be put through the wash and cleaned up. I hope you’re ok?

    • RR:

      Just goes back to what “is” is.

  14. Gary in Bama says:

    Some times things add up like this 5+5=10 IN this case its 2+4+3+1=10 the end results are the same .false flags are rarliy a straight line but the math adds up.Your opinion is your right and i agree with you. Some people want to believe our goverment would not muder kids.They may have or may not but i think some one is stagging these atrositys for their own agenda.A shame so many familys are hurting

    • Gary in Bama,

      No they would never risk harm to their own citizens or our children oh wait “U.S. Admits Bio-Weapons Tests” reports CBS news…

      • Read it again MD. The article does not show that they took risks with the American Public. In only one occasion did they “later” found out that a material they thought was inert was not for a very small percentage of people.

        • Ron,

          I’ve read it several times – am tired of trying to reason with folks on this stuff if you think that the federal government would never harm you, lie to you or put you at risk thats great. Be happy my friend…

          I find the following parts of the article telling… How you came to the conclusion that the federal government did not put any one at any rist is beyond me…

          “Defense Department acknowledged for the first time that some of the 1960s tests used real chemical and biological weapons, not just benign stand-ins.”

          “The tests included releasing deadly nerve agents in Alaska and spraying bacteria over Hawaii, according to the documents obtained Tuesday.”

          “The military reimbursed ranchers and agreed to stop open-air nerve agent testing at its main chemical weapons center in the Utah desert after about 6,400 sheep died when nerve gas drifted away from the test range.”

          “The documents did not say whether any civilians had been exposed to the poisons.” Of course they didn’t…

          • Ron:

            I would be very careful of assuming something, just because it is not specifically stated. I spend many years interpreting and writing government documents. Some times what is NOT said is more important than what is.

          • riverrider says:

            ron, haven’t you heard about the vd experiments the gov admits to doing on a large group of black men, during ww2 iirc, without their knowledge nor compensation? how about the bikini attoll testing without telling the men they were exposed to lethal radiation? agent orange? these are ones they admit to, eventually.

            • Just talking about the article linked to.

              I know too much about the other topics that you mention and and a few more. M
              uch of it not politically correct.
              Just because everyone thinks its true does not make it true.

  15. Does anyone remember the famous line, “…that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”? Mr. Lincoln was a very inspired man when he wrote this. I’m not sure he realized just how inspired he was, but his words may become prophetic. When a government is no longer of the people, for the people and by the people, its days are numbered.

    We are governed by elitists who think they know what’s best for the terrified masses, the sheep who lost the concept of self-reliance and giving a hand up, not a hand out. Our country changed when the people lost the concept and drive to rely on ourselves first.

  16. private idaho says:

    hey big jim the govts already in our back pockets and in our bedrooms how much closer do they need to be?

    • private idaho:

      Somehow, the mental picture of the government checking out my aged, overweight, nakedness in my bedroom puts a smile on my face. I actually have some pity for the person that has to view that tape.

  17. As Ben Franklin said, We have given you a republic , if you can keep it. Im afaid we have lost it, maybe we can get it back. God bless semper fi Cowboy

  18. MD, I think I got what the message you were trying to get across. I must say, the way I took what you wrote, it made perfect sense to me. At least I thought I did until there were so many that seemed to question the message. I took it that we were supposed to listen to the MSM, the gov folks, and all the people out there who are spreading their version of the stories, then form our own opinions by sorting through all the info and deciding what makes sense, considering all the “facts”. Maybe I’m wrong here, that’s happened a few times before (joking). I’ve come to believe that one should always consider ALL the known facts and become educated on matters through research and reason, not myth and speculation. One shouldn’t believe everything we read! I read that somewhere one time.
    Hope Diane Feinstein (sp) doesn’t get her new years wish.


  19. WireNut I think you hit the nail on the head Cowboy

  20. New Albany IN did a gun buy back this week. They spent $50000 on guns. $200 for pistols, rifles, and shotguns, and $300 for assault weapons. They were out if money in 90 minutes, people were joking that they sold crappy, broken guns for $200. They also said no questions asked. Wow, that means a crack head can break into your house, steal your guns, then sell them to the police dept for 200-300 bucks a piece and not get locked up?!!
    Just thought I’d let you know how awesome it is nowadays.

    • Cole,

      Sounds like the perfect “fencing” operation for the crackheads lol the antigun folks are so stupid… but dangerous…

      My advice if they have one of these in your town and you have any junk firearms that are worth less than they are offering take then in and use the money to buy better firearms or more ammo.

  21. Alittle2late says:

    Unfortunately M.D. this is the price you pay for running this blog. Meaning, you put out your opinion/thoughts based on fact and the trolls beat ya to death with here say and empty threats. Please keep doing what you are doing. The pack has your back. (rhyme not intended)
    I love this country it’s why I joined the Marines many moons ago.I’m ashamed of what our government is doing to US and everyone else in the name of humanity/our best interests.If I’d not seen with my own eyes what I have, then I might be a little skeptical. There are some very evil persons making decisions for us. The “fiscal cliff” is only the beginning, get ready folks (I hope I’m wrong). God bless

    • Alittle2late,

      Thank you – I’ve learned to let it just roll off most of the time.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        I kinda liked hearing different perspectives. (Even the less plausible ones.) The exchange was quite thought provoking. I was once again reminded to take nothing at face value.

      • Grumpy Vermonter says:

        Geez, I lurk for quite awhile then alluvasudden I post three times. But just wanted to say one more thing and that is M.D., because of you last night I joined the NRA and I didn’t even have a gun. I had a PS90 last year and it was a zippy little thing and now I regret asking my hubby to sell it, but it and my Glock scared me! Guns in general scare me, but now I’m determined to learn to use them and use them well and I wrote to Ms. Feinstein last evening in my own usual sweet fashion (which hubby immediately changed so I wouldn’t go to jail, damn) and then got my email back anyway because I wasn’t a Californian constituent. I’ve been busy bothering my senators: Sanders (Socialist), Leahy (Democrat) and Welch (Democrat). Wish me luck, but it makes me feel better. You’ve gotten me off my butt, along with Walid Shoebat. I thank God for both of you, and other warriors for freedom.

        • Grumpy Vermonter,

          If you you’re just learning to shoot, I suggest you take a class or have someone help you to learn the basics. I also suggest starting out with a .22 until you get used to shooting then you can move up to a more powerful cartridge…

          • Grumpy Vermonter says:

            Thanks for the suggestion; my hubby is a long-time shooter of all sorts of things so I have a good teacher. He’s pretty patient – a good thing.

            • Encourager says:

              Even if he is extremely patient, Grumpy Vermonter, sometimes it is better to take a class from a stranger (as long as it is a NRA instructor, that is). We tend to listen better to an official instructor as we tend to tune out our spouse on occassion…just sayin’. You can always have your spouse fine tune what you have learned in the class. Oh, also, you will be able to take a CCL class so you can conceal carry. It is worth the money.

            • Grumpy Vermonter says:

              Good point, Encourager. Hubbs said he has a friend who is a gun instructor who has taught for Sig and Smith & Wesson so I’ll see if he has any classes coming up.
              He thinks it’s a good idea as well. Maybe I’ve been “especially” grumpy lately and he thinks he’d rather his friend deal with me?
              Well, what with all the nonsense going on, I wouldn’t blame myself!

        • Grumpy Vermonter:

          Isn’t it interesting that because you are not from California she doesn’t want to hear from you, yet she’s will to pass laws that effect you?

          • Grumpy Vermonter says:

            Yeah, now that you say it that way, she should take my email shouldn’t she? Two words just crossed my lips silently just now, but I must be nicey-nice to the computer keyboard. Hubby says the ultra-left is responsible for more deaths than any other type of government in history, and he knows his history. So I’ll just say some folks have some pretty hefty karma coming when it catches up to them.

          • None of these California Senators or Congressman will take an email out of their zip code. Might confuse them to find out that other areas of the country are not as loosey goosey as they are. I don’t know whether other area elected officials block out of area messages or not.

  22. MD,

    you are spot on and thank your for having the guts to speak your convictions and present well thought out points for consideration.

  23. How I wish people would look at info with an open mind….REALLY look at it, THINK about it, and not just follow the BS they’re fed by MSM.
    It seems folks have a very short memory, especially when the talking heads change the story they’ve already told us. People pass this off as members of the media trying to get the scoop on each other, and giving us erroneous information. Sure, this happens…but all the time??
    Was the cops chasing 2 shooters through the woods on VIDEO erroneous info? What about Lanza supposedly carrying his brother’s ID? Is this true at all? How about the media SHOW us the ID? Get an interview with the brother. How about the media PROVE the crap they feed us?

    Look at all the situations where the stories have changed to fit an agenda. Look at all the unanswered questions about several different incidents, including OKC & 9/11…even Obama’s citizenship. Questions they don’t want to answer are ignored, and/or the people questioning the “official story” are deemed conspiracy theorists, or worse…racists.

    Is it coincidence that the last 3 ‘big’ shootings all involved a Bushmaster? Within hours of the Sandy Hook shooting, NY governor Andrew Cuomo was demanding a “crackdown on guns”. Now the nut shooting the firemen in NY, also with a ‘Bushmaster’. US Attorney of WNY, William Hochul Jr. announced today that a young lady who was a former neighbor of the shooter, supposedly bought 2 of the guns for him. Her family says the 12 gauge was stolen from her car, and they are being set up. There’s no mention yet where he got the .38. BTW, William Hochul Jr. is husband of Kathy Hochul, outgoing Dem Congresswoman (she replaced the infamous Chris Lee).

    • On December 23, 2009, President Barack Obama nominated Hochul to serve as the United States Attorney

  24. Heads up! Remington, Bushmaster, and H&R are going up on the auction block. Cerberus is pulling out of the firearms industry. Expect to see the brands sold individually off to other firms.



    From the gun grabber point of view…


    • I know it is a bit off topic, but with no other place to post it and this is related to firearms… Close enough?

    • This is interesting, Cain. The following link is to an article released less than 12 hours ago, pertaining to Remington Arms Co in NY. As strict as NYS is on guns, I had no idea Remington was even in NY. Even more surprising was this info from the article…referring to gun grabber Chuck Schumer.
      “Schumer, who has helped Remington secure Army contracts including an $8.9 million award in 2011 to produce 1,212 M24 sniper rifles, joined the company at last year’s event announcing the move of Bushmaster to Ilion.”


      I wonder if Schumer will fight to keep Remington open.

      • In the 1800’s Remington started a company in New York.
        Currently they are NOT located in NY. check out Remington.com
        In the good ole South.
        With today’s internet everyone can get to the bottom of 98% of all info by using the Library of Congress, National Archives: regarding Govt bills, executive orders..other items in question concerning the Govt.
        Re; companies…search their website. Finding the truth takes just a few minutes. Perhaps if 50% of Americans knew the truth and not media garbage..America wouldn’t be in this situation. Knowledge is power…when it’s true and verifiable

        • It appears Remington’s HQ

          From Wikipedia:
          Firearms Plants: Remington owns two firearms plants. The larger plant is located in Ilion, New York, at the historic site. This plant also is home to Remington’s Powdered Metal Products Division. A new, state-of-the-art firearms facility was recently built in Mayfield, Kentucky.

          Custom Plant: Custom firearms are hand-crafted by professional gunsmiths at the Ilion, New York facility.

          From schumer.senate.gov:

          FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 22, 2011


          Bushmaster Firearms Set To Move Production From Maine Facility To Ilion, Bringing Scores of New Jobs And Economic Opportunity To Central NY

          And…from Remington.com…

          Ilion Firearms Plant & Custom Shop
          14 Hoefler Avenue
          Ilion, NY 13357
          TEL: 1-315-895-3200

  25. M.D. thank you for having this blog site and for making us stop think . Not just react. God bless semper fi Cowboy

  26. So let me start out by saying I’m extremely resistant to conspiracy theory. I’ve only been able to tolerate about 10 minutes of Alex Jones in my lifetime.

    That said, I can’t agree with you more on this MD, something seems extremely wrong, and too easy with this one. I don’t have answers, but I’ll be the first to say that the answers presented so far don’t add up when the questions are asked.

  27. M.D. I want to tell you a story. I was a Firefighter/Paramedic for the largest agency in the state for 18 years. In that time the Media NEVER had a story about what happened on a call that I was on. They would report that someone died when no one did or that no one died when people did. It is all about sales. Even if they would have someone report the story. They would edit it to say something that was not true. Don’t believe anything they say.

  28. Republicans started “Fast and Furious” yet when installed into office, the Democrats not only went along with it, but “upped the anti”. Where was Fienstein and Schumer then; oh yeah, those would be Mexican streets, and nothing illegal from Mexico gets onto California streets.

    • Republicans… Democrats … they all look the same to me.

    • Lol…Yeah but what about the new Nogales port of entry into Arizona?

      and surprise, surprise, surprise:
      California gun sales jump; gun injuries, deaths fall

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      The Republicans started Wide Receiver, which was a program to identify straw purchasers of firearms in the US with the cooperation of the Mexican government. The goal of this program was to prevent guns from entering Mexico and prosecuting straw buyers of these guns.
      The Obama Justice Dept. started Fast and Furious, which was a program to allow guns to go into Mexico and be used in violent crimes so the narrative of US firearms illegally entering Mexico and killing innocent people could be used to justify gun control. The Mexican government was never aware of this program, and no attempt was made to intercept the weapons or arrest the straw buyers. The guns were bought and paid for by the US and were just given to criminals who were allowed to walk across the border with them.
      Wide Receiver was a crime control program, Fast and Furious was a gun control program. One was useful, the other was disgusting for the numbers of innocent people killed and the intention to justify gun control using these murders as evidence. All courtesy of Uncle Sam.
      Feinstein is well aware of Fast and Furious, JP in MT, likely one of those who approved its use. The ends justify the means and all that, you see.

      • HoarseWhisper says:

        Thank you for giving the facts on the differences between the two operations. IMHO, fast and furious was damn near an act of war against Mexico.

      • Rider of Rohan:

        Thanks for the correction, I’m not that up to date on it, mostly from disgust.

        Feinsin’s and Schumer’s attitude just goes with what I’ve said before, with “true believers” the “facts” are variable/flexible depending upon the desired outcome.

        I was thinking about the restrictions she wants to place on weapons. I have a friend with a bolt-action varmint rifle that has both a thumb-hole stock and a removable muzzle break. These 2 items might make this an illegal assault rifle in her book, as these 2 features would be prohibited.

  29. M.D.,

    You know those posts you get with links to Gucci purses, and emails telling you you have inherited 1 million dollars because someone in the UK died and they left no heirs, so you were chosen to receive the money? You just delete them and go on with life, they don’t matter.

    The hateful comments and emails are in the same EXACT class of items. All your posts seem very level headed to me, but of course, remember, I’m probably crazy too for storing up food and taking responsibility for the welfare of my family.

    As much as I hate to think that people running the government might have innocent children shot and killed to further their own agenda, I remember that they all took an oath to defend and protect the constitution, and they are doing their level best to dismantle it.

    Apparently, giving their word to do something is no longer enough to do it, and it’s a sad thing that many no longer have any integrity.

  30. concrete termite says:

    In times like now we all really need to remember OPSEC. I forgot what media outlet it was but they said the mother of the shooter was a prepper and that is why she had the guns and ammo. The media was trying really hard to demonize her over owing the weapon. I think she had her reasons for owning it, and they are her reasons. But with us being preppers, we may be looked down upon as crazy gun toting kooks because of what happened. So in these times we need to be more careful about what we say and to who. The last thing any of us needs is people wanting to take our things away that we have worked so hard for. Sometimes a smile and a chuckle is really the only answer someone needs.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Concrete termite,
      I saw an interview of the mother’s sister or SIL (don’t recall). The reporter asked if they had ever discussed prepping and the sis said yes they had.
      IMO, Just because one is a gun enthusiast doesn’t mean they are a prepper. I lived on LI in the Hamptons til 99-07. More than likely she was more like a Martha Stewart clone with a dose of NYC paranoia. Met more than a few of those hobbyists while in the area. Did you hear anyone actually say she was a prepper?

      • concrete termite says:

        Yes the reporter said she was. They said she had “various stockpiles” whatever those may be.

  31. M.D., in reference to your original post way up there at the top, once again I ask the question, “How is it that Eric Holder isn’t in jail?” I would suggest the only thing that has kept him out of the slammer is the President who claimed “executive privilege” for the AG. You’re absolutely right, Fast & Furious must surely be a legitimate false flag event. Holder should go to jail or be executed for treason and the President should at least be impeached and probably worse. Immediately.

  32. Soggy Prepper says:

    Your article was well received by me and everyone I shared it with. The government is NOT to be trusted. They have an agenda, they have stated such agenda and they are in the process of carrying it out. It’s that simple.

    I will never give up my guns, I will never willingly go register a damn thing, anything given will be bullets first. Thousands and thousands of other people agree as evidenced by the guns and ammo sales that have been occurring since 2008.

    I have to credit you with an iron will and a Teflon exterior. No way would I put up with the trolls and continuous attacks from ass hats that you put up with (and delete) to make this blog an enjoyable place to read and comment.

    Thank you.

    Those that don’t agree with your philosophy should leave. Maybe they would prefer the gelatinous michael moores take better?

  33. HoarseWhisper says:

    I believe most questions about these events can be answered without resorting to extreme explainations. Here are mine:
    The State Police gave a ham-fisted warning about arresting people that gave out false information about the shooting…ie, if you went on twitter and said YOU are the actual shooter, or that YOU were getting ready to do a Sandy Hook at another school, they would arrest you.
    I watched one video on Youtube that had a screen shot of the shooter with his religion listed as Atheist/Communist. The picture didn’t look like the shooter, and I still don’t know if it was fake or not.
    In my area, some kid was arrested for making threats at his school immediately after Sandy Hook. Here is article with several incidents listed…
    Somebody was handcuffed in the woods, but let go. Ok, let’s think for a minute. Which is more likely, some innocent person ran into the woods to get away from the shooting and waited there for the cops, or a shadowy ‘handler’ was dumb enough to hang around in the woods long enough to let 2 donut eating, late arriving Officers to chase him down? It should be pretty easy to find the Officers and ask them, face-to-face.
    When the choice is to explain something by malice or incompetence and/or coincidence, my experience tells me that incompetence and coincidence are much more likely. That applies to all of this stuff, the gun in the trunk, the shell casing in the school, the guy in the van with camo, the shadows running by the school, Batman movie, the brothers ID, etc.

  34. MD- yes some are above the law-aka ‘a corrupt some’….also, the larger the crime, the less likely it will be prosecuted-for proof look@ the # of false flag events which have triggered wars during human history, also look @ the enormity involved in ‘The Franklin Cover Up’, given my voracious appetite for reading nonfiction, the multitudinous & despicable crimes described therein are simply the worst one can possibly imagine, save abortion, of all the tomes I have ingested over the years. Imagine child kidnapping for sex slave purposes (in our heartland), infant sacrifice (then mutilation in satanic rituals), drug running, extortion, cold blooded murder of witnesses, etc. Then imagine the local, county & federal authorities covering these horrendous atrocities up, because these crimes reached VERY high in our political structure….for the reason of NOT bucking the system. Or imagine 2,500 POW/MIA’s abandoned by the federal office holders & bureaucrats after they fought gallantly in Viet Nam, then one of the perpetrators selected by a sitting president (touted by the media to be a conservative!)to head the 9/11 commission! The corruption is so vast & the people so powerful it reminds me, simply, of Caligula’s Rome…..the eternal city did prove mortal afterall @ a large price paid for by its citizenry. If one wishes to cry ‘conspiracy nut’, then look @ the credentials of the author (John De Camp), then read-but prepare to be troubled!

  35. iSouthern Blonde says:

    Our biggest worry should be the main stream media and how they cover up real facts and don’t report the truth. When MSM is in bed with the administration and does not report the true facts to We the People, it is scary and the beginning of government controlled news dissemination. I believe that is one of the reasons the election turned out like it did–the people didn’t know or didn’t care to understand the truth. Those 4 young men died in Lybia and DC just watched it happened. Six hours of fighting and calling for help, and their cries went unanswered. MSM didn’t report that. So sad that Americans don’t know the truth.

    • HoarseWhisper says:

      I have to agree. For years I couldn’t grasp why the media had such obvious bias, then I realized the plan. Red diaper babies and youths that are intent upon forcing ‘change’ on society are guided into politics, media, journalism, law, etc.
      They have found a way to help their ‘side’, pretend to be neutral referees, and be paid all at the same time!

  36. Encourager says:

    I have noticed there are many new names posting here. Welcome to the Wolf Pack, everyone of you! Even if you have been readers only, it is good you are finally commenting. We learn from each other, and that is why this blog is so very important. M.D., you do a great job, don’t you ever doubt it.

    I am almost half through the book “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross, which was written in 1996. I am at the date April 9, 1978 (if you have not read the book, the author uses dates to keep on track with the story, which is mainly about a young man named Henry Bowman as he grows up). At this point, there is this congressman who has just learned about groups of people called survivalists who are ‘hoarding’ food and weapons and – gasp – actually learning how to garden and can their own food…he and his aide figure out a way of legally taking anything over a month’s worth of necessities and give it to the poor. It made the hair on the back of my neck stand straight out!! His devious plan is to use the president to enact The Emergencies Power Act to declare a national emergency to put his plan in place and do it slowly so that the public would never notice what was going on until too late.

    It would be entertaining if it wasn’t so close to the truth and mimicking what is happening today…

    • HoarseWhisper says:

      Another excellent read, and one that makes me think the author has a crystal ball, is The Enemies Trilogy by ex-seal Mathew Bracken. The first one you can read for free on Kindle if you are a Amazon prime member: Enemies Foreign And Domestic [Kindle Edition]. You can get a sample of his writing style in an excerpt here:

  37. Does anyone else find it strange that it seems that when the government did things that appeared to be special interest type things or made questionable decisions, they were made behind closed doors and kind of leaked out.

    Now it seems like the PTB’s just don’t care what we, the general public, thinks. We don’t matter. They seem to get incensed that we would even question them. And their actions are getting more blatant.

    The Black Panthers at the polling place comes to mind. Before they would at least say they were looking into it; now absolutely nothing.

    It makes my pusler itch.

    • Grumpy Vermonter says:

      Hubby says they’re getting blatant because they’re getting desperate. It makes me steam as well. What’s a pusler?

      Encourager, thanks for the welcome. I usually just read, but I can help with questions about some things. I’ve been around awhile and like to make things. I would mention that one thing folks ought to consider getting is an old treadle sewing machine for their place if they don’t intend on bugging out. And polyester thread, which doesn’t rot as easily as cotton. Just throwing that out there… They’re relatively easy to fix up and fun to use and – look ma- no electricity needed. Heavier than hell, tho.

      • Grumpy Vermonter:

        It’s from “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”; it’s what he uses to think with.

      • pusler should probably be puzzler.

        It came from “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”.

      • Grumpy Vermonter…welcome to the Pack, and thanks for the tip on polyester thread. I acquired a treadle machine earlier this year, cleaned off the minimal rust and oiled her up. Now I just have to finish the room I intend to keep it in. I’ve also gotten into the habit of not throwing out ANY old clothes…whether they no longer fit, or are beyond repair. I plan to re-use the material as needed.

      • Grumpy Vermonter, I have a treadle sewing machine, a White, that I bought for $60 at a garage sale. It was used constantly so is in great shape. Now all I have to do is figure out how to use it!!

        • Grumpy Vermonter says:

          Nani, Thanks for the welcome. Hey, you’re thrifty – good for you! I’ve gotta get back into that mindset as far as material goes. I’m just seven miles from a thrift store from Heaven, where the rich bi-, ahem, I mean ladies from Stowe take their cast-offs and the lady who runs the store sells everything for 25cents to $2.00. I’m currently wearing a pair of almost unworm LL Bean flannel lined jeans that were just $2.00. She’s my hero! And I’ve got to remember she’s NOT the norm.
          Encourager, can I suggest you check out the online Yahoo group called Treadleon? It’s run by a former ship’s captain named Dick Wright. He’s got quite a group going – members all over the world – one really funny guy from Britian (a Brit I actually like), who’s an expert on all types of antique sewing machines and has photos of a museum that’ll knock your socks off (that is, if you have a thing for old machinery like I do). I just love how folks used to gild old black-painted iron and curly-cue it… I also have a thing for old tick-tock chiming clocks, but that’s another tangent. Anyway,
          You will learn how to fix up treadles, get belts to work (go to McMaster -Carr and order hollow tubing and double-barbed connectors to make non-slip belts – this knowledge courtesy of a smart guy named Kevin on Treadleon) and so forth. I think the size is 3/8″ o.d. on the tubing, and it’s sooo cheap to have lots on hand. Tons of great info and very caring folks on there. Through them, I met a lady who sold me an industrial set of Singer irons that she refurbished. I went down to lower NH and bought a vintage Necchi electrical sewing machine. Took off the motor, put it onto the table that she had routed out for me, screwed it all together, hooked up my tube belt and – bingo – I have a zig-zag treadle. so. very. cool! Since it’s got a smaller fly-wheel, it’s capable of sewing leather. Smaller fly-wheel, more power but slower. Larger fly-wheel, less power, but faster. I just learned that on the group this week. I forgot who posted it, or I’d credit them, sorry.

  38. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/12/29/connecticut-attorney-asks-to-sue-state-after-elementary-school-shooting/?test=latestnews

    Now there is “four guns, including a shotgun that was left in the back of the vehicle”. And, “Police added that multiple 30-round magazines and hundreds of bullets were also found at the scene.”

    Yet this information come from ” an official with knowledge of the investigation who was not authorized to speak about it and talked on condition of anonymity.” Then why is this clown talking?

  39. americans should be happy to give
    up your guns.
    with the gov. to protect you.
    you have no need.

  40. MountainSurvivor says:

    It is what it is.

  41. All members of the congress and the senate should serve two terms. One in the government and the other in prison. : )

  42. MD

    While I agree with your assessment of this Sandy Hook shooting being possibly staged by Govt agents, I just cannot seem to get my head around the fact that the Obamites could be that evil as to kill innocent children in cold blood, in frankly horrific fashion, and know one would speak against such a plot, or divulge it. That would mean that these people would be so wholly and unspeakably evil as to be the minions of Hell. I would hate to think we have degenerated to the point of a Nazi Germany or a Stalinist Russia. But I agree it is plausible, however unlikely. But I am totally on board with prepping and have your very excellent book 31 days.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      Nazi Germany was populated by homo sapiens.
      Stalinist Russia was populated by homo sapiens.
      The United States is populated by homo sapiens.


    • Bwhntr57, it does not necessarily have to be obamanites behind the shootings. Have you ever heard of Black Ops? Or the Illuminati? As far as the reference to ‘unspeakably evil as to be the minions of Hell’ ~~ yes, that is exactly where evil comes from. A little evil or a lot of evil, it all originates with satan, who hates all humans because they are made in God’s image and he isn’t. He once tried to take over heaven, become as God. What an idiot. He lost big time. Never under estimate him. He is never happier than when humans are oblivious to him and what he does.

      • Encourager

        believe me your points on Satan are well known to me. because God loves us so he hates us and will do anything to turn man from God. He knows this hurts God because God wants all of us to be saved eternally with Him. I guess I am just a little incredulous that Sandy Hook is what our country has come to, if more than just the actions of one lone nut case.

  43. I’m with ya sure seems like damn good timing ! Anyone that watches MSM is a useful Idiot. See something say something! Hell ya might get signed picture of Janet or Hussein. Whooohoo!


  44. To the fellow posting above does Waco ring a bell Innocent children murdered by U.S govt!


    • China- I do remember WACO and I agree to a point. I do not think they intended to burn everyone to death, but wanted to force them out of the compound. Was this bad policy, yes. But also taken in the context of a couple of ATF agents getting killed by Koreshs’ people it would seem they tossed aside a lot of typical engagement rules. That being said does not excuse Reno and her ATF buddies from their actions. But to get to where you orchestrate the wholesale slaughter of young children in cold blood, at point blank range, is an escalation of evil that is hard to comprehend. If that is the mind set and actions of our current leadership, we are in very deep you-no-what.

      • riverrider says:

        reno was lied to by her own people. they knew her weakness when it came to children. the people controlling tdl have said openly that the ends justify the means and collateral damage is acceptable to get what they want, in their mind for our own good. atf needed the bust because they were threatened with absorbtion into the fbi. in their haste they underestimated their quarry. unfortunately they haven’t learned their lesson. frankly, i am beginning to think the libtards have been brainwashed. by who and to what ends is a mystery to me yet.

        • RR

          Yes that may be the case in regards the ends justifying the means. But you would think somewhere along the line it would get exposed. The MSM does investigate things, and a story revealed like a black flag Sandy Hook would be a major news dish, shocking in its revelation. I cannot believe a Matt Lauer or Diane Sawyer would cover that up. They may be libs big time but are probably not sympathetic to killing kids, no matter the furthering of their anti gun agenda.

      • What happened in Waco that last day was incompetence not intentional evil. They did not know or understand what it meant that CS-1 and other Tear Gas, has a UFL (Upper Flammability Level) and a LEL (Lower Flammability Level).
        In between these two levels almost everything is flammable. Different substances have differnt LFL and UFL.
        Note, these are sometimes expressed as Explosive rather then Flammability Levels.

  45. G.Washington stated that government was force, plain and simple, that it could be a harsh Master unless kept under control.
    The latest congressional documents on F & F have placed the purchase of at least 3 weapons by a regional ATF official, management no less, into the hands of Mexican drug gangs and all 3 found at crime scenes. He has not been demoted or moved, he still collects his pay.
    Like the harsh punishment of the 4 Benghazi fall guys, they were moved to a different office and still work for the state dept., still collect a check and will retire there.

    • Prep now

      I do not trust the govt for sure. I just have a hard time accepting that they would out and out order direct killing of American children, even by proxy, as in a Manchurian candidate type killer. That would mean Obama wept crocodile tears when he was on the podium in the aftermath of Sandy Hook. Pretty good actor, if a lousy president.

      • riverrider says:

        tdl is handled. he probably knows nothing of the greater conspiracy that did this and got into office to begin with. he’s as they say a “useful idiot”.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        IMHO, Mr. Obama’s affectations were absolutely contrived and heavily rehearsed before going in front of the cameras. I’m not saying he wasn’t genuinely saddened by the deaths. What I am saying is the president of the U.S. don’t take a dump without approval from his staff. His words and expressions are heavily scrutinized. TDL is many things but is not stupid.

        • Tac-G-Ma

          Your assessment is sobering, to say the least. I know TDL is a master manipulator but again that bit of acting pales beyond the realm of human decency. I know he wants to forward his vision for America, and perhaps the world, at almost any cost. I just did not think the cost would include willful and despicable murder, even if he knew nothing of it.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          I believe TDL is little more than a groomed pawn. He would not be duplicitous to the shooting of citizens. He does not wield that kind of power. I was just saying that no world leader would make a public address about something so heinous without a detailed script. We already know he cannot put 3 words together without a teleprompter. What we saw was staged but does not mean he wasn’t saddened by their deaths.

  46. Agree that it’s just a little too much of a coincidence and too many unanswered questions on this. It was just creepy how the state police said they would pursue anyone putting our info that was not the official state view. That guy would have gone far in the KGB. The issue is mr state trooper, is that this is America and as long as we have a Second Amendment we will always have a First.

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