Will Martial Law Be Declared before Trumps Inauguration to Stop Him from Being Sworn in as the 45th President of the United States?

Well, folks, it’s almost here… the day that Obama and his family are supposed to leave the White House and a new president is sworn in as the top political figure in the country, however, it may all be brought to a halt via martial law.

Today, Hollywood has-been Rosie O’Donnell calls for martial law to stop Donald J Trump from being sworn in on January 20th, 2017 and why most of us could not care any less about what this washed-up “celebrity” has to say about anything, she is still seen as “the Trump nemesis” in Hollywood and in far left liberal circles, and I’m thinking that she might be “spilling the beans” regarding the plans of the far left and the powers that be.

“FULLY SUPPORT IMPOSING MARTIAL LAW – DELAYING THE INAUGURATION – UNTIL TRUMP IS ‘CLEARED’ OF ALL CHARGES,” O’Donnell wrote in response to a Twitter user who suggested the U.S. military take control of the government until the president-elect can prove he has no financial ties to Russia.

After all, they have tried every other plot and maneuver to stop Trump from being elected and when that failed they have tried everything else to stop his being officially sworn in and taking office as the 45th president of the United States.

What else can they do to stop what they view as their worst nightmare come true and that is a U.S. president that can not be controlled by the super wealthy elites such as George Soros and Bilderberg attendees who really pull most of the world’s political and economic strings for their own power and greed.

A quick look at the news being spewed forth by the media overflows with headlines and details of different groups who oppose Donald J Trump being sworn in that plan to cause civil unrest before and on inauguration day and my thinking is that they may be planning to use that planned mass civil unrest as an excuse to have Obama declare martial law which would stop Donald J Trump from being sworn into office.

Donald Trump may have won the presidency, but if the throngs of demonstrators across the country who oppose him have their way, his Jan. 20 inauguration will be fraught with disruption and massive civil unrest.

And let’s not overlook that Madonna has shaved a Nike check mark into her pubic hair as a call for women to join the 1 million woman march against Donald J Trump, yep that will get the marchers going, really, what are these people thinking?

They throw temper tantrums claiming that Trump objectifies women and then they tweet stuff like that, really! How’s that going to prove your point? It’s just silly but shows how crazy and out of touch these used up has-been Hollywood celebrities are.

I think that it’s mostly, a call for attention from the useful idiots who knowingly or unknowingly help further the agenda of the wealthy elites such as  George Soros and Bilderberg attendees.

Will the planned protests be used as an excuse to declare martial law and deny or postpone Donald J Trumps Inauguration?  I don’t know if it’s going to work or not but I think that that’s what they are planning on – it’s their last hope to stop a Donald J Trump presidency.

One thing is for certain and that is that we will know in a few more days…

Five Predictions for the Trump Presidency That Should Keep You Awake at Night

We can all agree that as president-elect Donald J Trump will have a lot to deal with when he takes over the office, and  we hope that he does well and does everything that he can to bring the country back to where it needs to be, unfortunately,  I think it is too far past the tipping point to be brought back to center.

The best that we can hope for is that president Trump will be able to cause a slow down of what’s coming thus giving us more time to prepare for what is the ineludible outcome that we will have to deal with and that is economic collapse, major terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, and eventual nuclear war with Russia…

Below are my top five predictions for the next four years of the Trump Presidency…

1. A Huge Increase in Well Organized Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Soil 

During the coming Donald J Trump presidency, I look for a HUGE increase in terror attacks on U.S. soil by ISIS as well as from the domestic far left (such as BLM). As we know the U.S. Government acting under the Obama regime has been funding, arming and supporting ISIS in Syria and in other parts of the middle east. Under Obama, we have also had an open border policy and this policy has allowed hundreds of ISIS members and their supporters into the U.S. were they have been freely able to organize, plan and train.

This is why we have not seen any major attacks (like 9/11) on U.S. soil since Obama took office because the Obama regime has been supporting ISIS and their efforts in the Middle East.

When Trump takes office, the funding will stop and the support will stop. President Trump will go after their training camps in the U.S. and safe havens and they will retaliate via large-scale attacks here in the U.S. via mass shooting, bombing, and other tactics that will result in hundreds if not thousands of Americans being murdered. I also look for far-left domestic terrorists to plan and perpetrate similar attacks but on a smaller scale.

2. Trump Will Flip-Flop and Call for and or Support “Assault Rifle” and Full Capacity Magazine Bans  after another Mass Shooting

I’m sure that this prediction will ruffle a lot of feathers and I hope that I’m wrong, after all, I did vote for Donald J Trump, but I only did so for one reason and that is that I knew he had to be a better choice than Hillary Rodham Clinton.

A turnip would have been a better choice than Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Okay, here it goes… I predict that if there is another mass shooting with the shooter using a semi-auto “assault rifle” with a 30 round magazine that Donald J Trump will turn on the Second Amendment, the NRA, and his voters by calling for more gun control in the form of semi-auto bans and limited magazine capacity.

Yea, I know… he said he was pro-gun and a firm supporter of the Second Amendment while he was running for office and wanting your vote… but he wasn’t always a supporter and in the past has openly called for semi-auto bans and for limiting magazine capacity.

In his book “The America We Deserve” Donald J Trump wrote: “I generally oppose gun control, but I support the ban on assault weapons and I support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun.”

I know a lot of folks will argue that he has changed his views on gun control and an “assault weapons” ban… well folks, he has changed his stance on a number of key issues over the years and who can guarantee that he won’t change it back again when the body count goes up after another mass shooting…

I hope that I’m wrong, I really pray that I am on this one, but I think that if put under pressure by perceived public and media outcry on the issue such as would be the case after another major mass shooting that he will flip-flop again on the gun control/ban issue and call for more gun laws and or complete bans on certain firearms and limiting magazine capacity.

3. Another Cold War that Could Turn Hot

We were told by the mainstream media that Trump is a puppet for Putin and the Russians and that Russia hacked the election which resulted in a Donald J Trump victory – all nonsense and government propaganda coming for the Obama regime and the controlled media of course, but that doesn’t stop the sheeple from believing such B.S. because unfortunately, they believe everything they are told on the nightly fake news broadcasts coming from the mainstream media.

The election of Donald J Trump did postponed war with Russia comparative to the election of Hilary Clinton who would have had us at war with Russia in weeks if she had been election/appointed.  However, the threat is still there and I predict a further breakdown in relations with Russia under Trump during his term.

I think that President Trump will be extra stern and un-wilding toward Putin and Russia to prove the mainstream media wrong in regard to their claims of him being a puppet for Putin and the Russians.

Also, both Trump and Putin are hard headed egotistical personalities and both want the best for their country and both countries want to be the main dominating world superpower and will do what it takes to reach that point of power and influence.

Heck, it looks like a new nuclear arms race is already underway and Trump hasn’t even been sworn in yet… Trump, Putin both seek to boost their nuclear capability.

4. No Decrease of Illegal Domestic Spying on U.S. Citizens and Most likely an Increase Instead

I don’t see any decrease or roll back of any of illegal domestic spying on U.S. citizens under a Trump presidency and most likely we will see an increase and of course, just like under Obama it will be deemed as necessary for our “protection” from the “terrorists” the same terrorists that the government should be watching, arresting and or exporting back to whatever craphole they crawled out of.

Trump has already called for “closing off parts of the internet to limit militant Islamist propaganda” whatever that means and urged a boycott of Apple products over the company’s refusal to help the FBI unlock an iPhone associated with last year’s San Bernardino, Calif. shootings.

And let’s not forget that he supports the unconstitutional stop and frisk policy and a mandatory death penalty for anyone that kills any law enforcement officer. The later is very dangerous and naive because such cases should be judged on a case by case by basis… i.e. what if the police officer was trying to kill you because his wife left him for another man and the officer thinks that you’re him during a traffic stop and just wants to end you for it and you have to defend yourself with deadly force against the law-enforcement officer – should you get the death penalty for defending yourself just because your attacker wears a badge… No, you shouldn’t – each case should be tried on an individual basis…

“I imagine (Trump) is going to be a guy who is probably going to mandate backdoors,” said Hank Thomas, chief operating officer at Strategic Cyber Ventures and a veteran of the National Security Agency. “I don’t think he’s ultimately going to be a friend to privacy, and the fearful side of me says he will get intelligence agencies more involved in domestic law enforcement.”


5, A Major Long-lasting and Far Reaching Economic Collapse

Right now, even before Trump has taken office the stock market is up and there have been reports of companies who are planning to move back to the U.S. from abroad and of others who are postponing company moves since Donald J Trump was elected and I think that if not for the agenda of TPTB that Trump might be able to postpone the coming economic collapse. However, TPTB and the far political left want Trump and the “Trump movement” to fail and they will do everything in their power to see that that happens even if that means collapsing the economy (or starting a nuclear war with Russia).

The powers that be (TPTB) do not want a strong, United States of America because a strong U.S.A. will stand in the way their plans for a one world government. The U.S. and world economic system are set up to crash and those holding the strings can crash it at any point in time that they see fit and what better time than during the Trump presidency…

And in the words of Michael Snyder from the economic collapse blog “The truth, of course, is that the result of the election did not somehow magically alter the outlook for the U.S. economy” and that my friends is the fact no matter how hard to swallow. We are still nineteen plus trillion dollars in debt and that debt figures out to be more than 110% of total US GDP.

The statement below from thelastgreatstand.com sums up the current economic situation and eventual outcome realistically…

“Trumphoria,” a phenomena describing people who were once preparing for the impending global collapse, but have somehow been duped into believing that a Trump presidency can turn around decades of poor monetary policy. Those people are sorely mistaken! That’s not a knock on Trump’s ability either. The simple fact is that our nation has accumulated the largest mountain of debt the world has ever seen, and as Dr. Willie explains, our status as the World Reserve Currency is almost at an end.

The best outcome President Trump could hope for, would be to prolong this debt bubble for as long as possible, but that would make the ultimate outcome even worse. On the other hand, he could try to deal with the crisis right away, but that would mean an extraordinary amount of pain for the whole country, something he’s not likely willing to do for political reasons, regardless of how much it would help in the long term.

I predict that the economy will collapse during Donald J Trump’s term as president – whether by design and on purpose by TPTB or under the massive amount of debt that just keeps growing, the economy is going to crash and it will do so while Donald J Trump is in office.

The U.S. economy will crash under Donald J Trump, not because of him or his policies but because it’s already crashing. We have already passed the point of no return and there isn’t anything President Trump or anyone else can do to stop it (slow it down maybe, but not stop it) and combine that with the fact that TPTB aka the Globalists want Trump to fail and we have nearly a 100% probability that the economy will collapse under Trump.

Okay, agree or disagree those are my top five predictions for the Trump presidency. Please leave your thoughts and comments below…

Fish Antibiotics Are Getting Banned…RIGHT?!

Since the new federal guidelines regarding livestock, medications came out there has been a controversy as to what will be restricted and to whom. Some folks are saying that as of January 1st, 2017 you will no longer be able to buy the types of “fish antibiotics” that are commonly stockpiled by preppers, while other say that there is nothing to worry about and that it’s just all overreaction causing needless panic among preppers…

Below are two well thought out points of view.

And another point of view: These 5 Fish Antibiotics are GONE Jan.1! But that ain’t all…

My advice is to go ahead and stock up now that way no matter who is correct you’ll still be covered, because as I always say, “It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it”.

If you want and need fish antibiotics then you can get those here now.

The System Is Set To Crash, All Currency In The Banks Will Disappear

Could Electoral College Still Make Hillary President? Democrat Operatives Are Trying To Do It

Should you stop prepping because Donald Trump won the election?

Since Donald Trump became the president-elect, I’ve gotten several emails from readers asking me should they stop prepping now that Trump will be the next U.S. president (we hope)… It’s like they think that all our issues and potential disasters will be magically fixed with a stroke of the Trump pen.

No all our issues and potential disasters will not be magically fixed with a stroke of the Trump pen.  All our problems as a nation and threats such as economic collapse, natural disasters, coronal mass ejection (CME) and pandemics will not just poof and disappear and be all better when Donald Trump takes office.

Folks he isn’t God. He is a man just like all the other presidents before him and isn’t going to magically fix all our problems. I’m not even sure that he is going to stand by most of his campaign promises after he takes office… I really, truly hope that he does, but I’m sure. All that we can do is wait and see…

I hope he at least tries to deliver on what he promised voters to get elected and does manage to make some changes for the better, but I’m not going to put any faith in that happening until I see it actually happen.

But I do know that just because he was elected all our problems aren’t going to just “poof and gone” and then we are all living in utopia once he takes office. No, it’s not going to happen… we have too many problems and have fallen way too far down the rabbit hole for it to be fixed without MAJOR changes and cuts in spending and other changes that most people aren’t going to like.

Lot’s of folks, myself included, believe that we are in just as much or even more trouble now than before the election because all Economic Indicators Are Pointing Towards A Depression…

And that The Central Banks will Ban Cash, Raise Rates, Crash It All…

Many people also say that Donald Trump Inherited the Economic Collapse 2017 and that there is nothing he or anyone can do about it…

So no, you should not stop prepping, sell your guns and go on vacation or to the strip club just because Trump won the election, no instead you should double up on your preps because the collapse is coming sooner rather than later. Stock the pantry and the ammo it deep – you’re going to need it.

Learn To Fix It Yourself

by Karen L

Being able to repair things is a useful skill to have – believe me, when you’ve knocked your iron off the ironing board repeatedly, it’s awful handy to know how to fix it. Tackling simple mechanical objects like an iron or (my recently fixed) Foodsaver vacuum machine can be intimidating, but with certain exceptions, you can do it.

First off, find out everything you can about your non-functioning device. Find the manual (you did keep the manual, yes? Got it at a garage sale? Time to Google!), check the manufacturer’s website, check sites that have manuals for sale if absolutely necessary. You might find that instructions for your device aren’t readily available. Fear not; much of what is inside an appliance is just air, and there is no magic dust, just mechanical and electrical/electronic parts.

The safety nag: never, never work on anything while it’s plugged in if the cover is off or there is the possibility of getting shocked. Electricity is your friend, but it also has a nasty sense of humor and loves to zap you. Keep water out of electrical devices when you clean as well. In a pinch, if you have to, a barely damp Q-tip, moistened with rubbing alcohol helps dig out crud and gunk.

Never force things to fit; having to press hard or use a screwdriver to move a latch to get something to fit isn’t forcing, trying to get things to go where they don’t fit or belong with the potential to break is. Take care if you are using any tools that have sharp edges; you can cut yourself with a screwdriver, so work away from yourself, not toward your body. You do not want to be driving your husband through a 25 MPH residential district at 40 MPH, panicked and looking for someplace to get his punctured hand fixed, like I did once.

A muffin tin or pie pan is useful for keeping parts from rolling off the table, and paper and pencil or pen is useful for making a note of where things go, like ‘long screw goes in upper right hand hole looking from front’.

The first step (and hardest, believe it or not) is to get the case off or open it up. Once you’ve done that, stop and look at the guts of the thing. Make a diagram of where things are in case you get interrupted, or take a picture. Doesn’t have to be technical – you can put ‘black pump gizmo’ on your diagram as long as you understand what it is.

You already know what isn’t working, so next, try to figure out just what you are looking at. In an iron, for example, you have something that holds water to make steam, something to heat the water, something that lets you set how hot the water is, and tubes to get the water from the filling inlet to the water tank and thence to the steaming ports, plus where the electricity comes in (the cord).

The reason for doing this is because you need to find what isn’t working, and if the iron isn’t heating you don’t need to focus on the fancy steam gizmo that lets you shoot a shot of steam, you need to find what heats the water and the path it takes.

Here’s a more detailed example. My Foodsaver II was acting funny while it was vacuuming a bag, and then completely stopped heating and sealing bags. This renders the device unusable, and since I had things I wanted to vac-pack, I needed to fix the thing a.s.a.p.

I took it into where I had decent light to work with, and it being unplugged already, began by taking off the bottom of the case. I set aside the screws, which were all the same length, and gently removed the bottom. Inside, I noticed that there is an electrical transformer on one side, some wiring, some tubing, and what looks like a pump.

I also noticed that there was a partial blockage of one of the clear tubes that goes from the inlet in the device where you put the open end of the bag to the pump itself. Solving at least part of the problem, then, was to see if I could get the blockage out because that’s an easy potential fix. I found the ends of the affected tube, removed it from its fittings, blew out the offending blockage and replaced it.

At this point, I decided to check and see if this resolved the problem, so I put the case back on, minus the screws, and carefully set it on the kitchen counter and plugged it in and tried to seal a spare, empty bag. The vacuuming part of the problem seemed to be fixed (at least it worked better with no intermittent stalls/chokes), but still no heating and sealing. Oh, well…back to the repair bench.

The cycle of the machine is to pull out air and then heat and seal the bag of stuff I’m vac-packing, and since the heating and sealing only happens after vacuuming occurs, vacuuming has to be finished before heating can start. Vacuuming seemed to work, but obviously wasn’t finishing. Since vacuuming occurs inside what looks like a little pump (there’s a black knob-like thing I could turn and see that a piston-like device moved in and out, so obviously a pump) the next step was to take a look inside the pump itself.

I removed the set screw from the arm going from the motor to the pump arm so that I could remove the arm, onto which the pump piston was attached, and two long skinny bolts with washers and nuts that held on the pump part onto the mechanism that makes it move. I carefully pulled out the pump piston and looked inside.

Aha! Gunk, plus some tiny bits of something white, like miniscule rice grain bits, were inside the pump. I carefully cleaned out any residue with a Q-tip dampened with rubbing alcohol, then got some fine point tweezers and carefully picked out the tiny white bits, then reassembled and replaced the pump in the machine.

I put the case on to test it again, and this time the machine worked, fully vacuuming and then heating and sealing. The only tools I used were a Phillips screwdriver, fine tipped tweezers and my brain.

Now you might think ‘so what, this is a vacuum packer and I need to fix something else’. Well, the basic process is pretty much the same, no matter what you work on:

Identify the problem
Open up the device
Identify the parts and try to figure out what they do and which ones might be the source
See if you can reconnect, blow out, use a Q-tip on, run a pipe cleaner through
Reassemble to test
Repeat until you’ve fixed the device or determined that you can’t fix it

What if you mess up the device and can’t reassemble it or it won’t work even as good as it did before you worked on it? Well, think of it this way: it wasn’t working properly before. You didn’t lose anything except some time, and gained some experience working on things. Not all devices lend themselves to being fixed by consumers/amateurs, and sometimes all you are doing is forestalling the inevitable: getting a new one.

Now, there are, as mentioned, exceptions to what can be worked on safely or reasonably. Most clocks and watches of the mechanical sort are beyond the average DIY’er, and things that require testing while plugged in may fall in that category because of the difficulty of getting the covers on and off repeatedly (and nothing should be tested with the covers off).

Some devices consist of a lot of electronics or things like lasers (DVD players come to mind as an example of things that the consumer can’t easily fix). However, many devices can be fixed by following this process, and you shouldn’t be afraid to try your hand.

What Would YOU do?

Black Lives Matter supporters have turned violent. You watch the media coverage for days on the evening news. They are pulling Trump supporters out of their cars and beating them–just for having a Trump sticker on their car. They are burning down buildings. Even worse, they are going into neighborhoods and burning down houses. People are scared. One evening a mob approaches your house. You see the string of burning homes in the distance. You can see they mean business. You pull out your AR, give your wife the shotgun and prepare to defend your home and your family. They approach. You see the molotov cocktails in their hands. You see the torches lit. Others are carrying gasoline. They chant, “Cracker gonna pay.” As they get closer, you prepare to defend your home. Then you notice a woman carrying a baby. She is surrounded by men carrying molotov cocktails, torches and gasoline. Do you open fire? What are you willing to do to defend your country? Do you pause to wonder if authorities (and the media) will villainize you? What about the woman carrying the baby?

Hypothetical question from Bam Bam

I’m just so happy, that I won’t have to see or hear Obama or Clinton anymore.

Well, folks I had predicted that Hilary would steal the election from Trump and the American people and there is no doubt that she and her supporters tried to do just that, with rigged voting machines and supporters voting multiple times in her favor, but it still wasn’t enough to stop a Trump victory.

Now all we can do is to continue to prep and see if he keeps his promises that were made on the campaign trail or if he flip-flops on key issues… Time will tell. But one thing is certain and that is that Trump is better than Clinton for the next four years…

I’m just so happy, that I won’t have to see or hear Obama or Clinton anymore.

Ukraine, Russia, WW3,