Orlando Shootings: More To Come, What To Do

by Joe Alton, MD, co-author, The Survival Medicine Handbook

In the sad aftermath of the Orlando shootings that killed or injured more than 100 people, it has become clear to me that we’re in for a rough ride for the foreseeable future.

You might think that the “success” achieved by Omar Mateen in executing his terror event was a fluke. The sheer number of casualties was the most ever on American soil. The complexities of Mr. Mateen’s relationship with the community, having apparently visited the PULSE nightclub on multiple occasions, must make this a rare circumstance, right? Wrong.

The shooter’s assessment of his target as being a “soft” one was deadly accurate. A crowded venue, maybe all in one large room with limited exits, some allegedly padlocked. At 2 o’clock in the morning, many club-goers must have had some drinks, and weren’t exactly in a condition to be situationally aware. Likely, no one was armed. It was a massacre and, worse, a blueprint for massacres to come.

Those who support Mr. Mateen’s philosophy will look at this event and marvel at how much damage a single gunman can do. This can only encourage others of like mind to do the same. How many nightclubs are there, gay or straight, that’ll be crowded on a Saturday night in the average city? How many club goers will be ready for the next gunman? How many establishments will act to boost security in the face of this horrible tragedy? I’ve answered these questions myself, and I am saddened.

The Islamic State giving credit to this terrorist will seem like a badge of honor to those who wish us harm. They see cowardly acts as courageous. They see mayhem as morality. They know that most Americans have gone soft, and that’s a hard truth.

We now know that mass shootings can occur anywhere, anytime. They can occur in churches, schools, nightclubs, and at holiday parties. They can occur at 2 in the morning and they can occur in the middle of the day. What would be your response if confronted?

The natural response for most people is to do nothing. You’ve heard me talk about “normalcy bias” before. That’s the tendency for people to believe everything follows a pattern and that the day will proceed normally because it always has. When a terrorist event breaks that pattern, however, the unprepared brain takes time to process the new situation. People will think that the sound of gunfire is fireworks, or anything less threatening than an assassin out to kill them.

A person without a plan of action typically follows the herd. If fifty people around you drop to the floor, your natural tendency is to do the same. Cowering in fear under a table in plain view of the shooter isn’t a recipe for a good outcome. But having a plan will give you a better chance of getting out of there in one piece.

During an active shooter event, what you do in the first few seconds may determine whether you live or die. Give yourself a head start by always knowing what’s happening around you. We call this situational awareness. Know where exits are. Know where the gunshots are coming from. Know who appears nervous or suspicious in your immediate area.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But in this era of people immersed in their smartphones, few are situationally aware and become easy targets for the active shooter.

Run, Hide, Fight

If you find yourself in the middle of a terrorist event, you should remember these three words: Run, Hide, Fight. Just as “Stop, Drop, and Roll” can save the life of someone on fire, “Run, Hide, Fight” might save the life of someone under fire. This is the order of the actions that you should be taking in an active shooter scenario.


Most people will hide as their first course of action. You, however, should run away from the direction of gunfire immediately, leaving through those exits you’ve been mentally marking. This will make it less likely you and the shooter will cross paths. Forget about collecting your stuff, it will only slow you down and, let’s face it, it’s just stuff.

A kind of paralysis may occur when you first realize what’s happening. This is normal, but running away from the shooter increases your distance from them, and makes it difficult for them to hit a moving target.

A good citizen would yell for others to follow and prevent others from entering the kill zone. Don’t try to move or otherwise help the wounded, however. You have to get out of there; becoming the next casualty does no one any good. Even the police will leave the injured for after the shooter has been neutralized.

(One very important note: If you see law enforcement, don’t run up and hug them. Get your hands in the air, fingers spread, where officers can see them. They need to know you’re not the threat. Follow any instructions given and leave in the directions the officer came from.)

Once you’re in a safe area, call 911 if rescuers have not yet arrived.


If there’s only one exit and the shooter is standing in front of it, running might not be an option. Your next choice is hiding.

You have to get out of the shooter’s line of sight, but hiding under a table in the same room as the shooter is a very bad idea. Get into another room, preferably one with a door you can lock. If there is no lock, put together a barrier with desks and chairs. Turn off the lights, silence your cell phone, and stay quiet behind an additional barrier like a table or in a closet. If you can quietly alert authorities, do so.

By accomplishing the above, you’ve just made yourself a harder target to acquire for the shooter, and he wants to do his damage as fast as possible. He’ll likely pass you by to find easier targets.


What if you can’t run, and there is no reasonable hiding place? You just might have to fight your way out of there. This strategy isn’t always doomed to failure. You still might be able to drop an attacker even if unarmed. Three unarmed men were able to do it to a shooter on a train in Paris. It’s a last resort, but it can work; it did there.

If you don’t fight, the shooter will have a clear shot to your head and death is likely. If you fight, you’ll be harder to hit with a fatal shot. Any type of aggression against the gunman would disrupt their “flow” and possibly put you at an advantage. If you can, approach him from the side or rear, and go for his weapon.

If you have help, all should attack at the same time from different directions while hurling objects that he has to dodge. At the PULSE nightclub, there were probably drinking glasses and bottles handy, not to mention hundreds of cell phones. The gunman is probably not James Bond: he’ll duck or flinch and not be able to handle multiple threats at once. Imagine a half-dozen people charging you while throwing stuff at your head. Makes for a pretty nervous terrorist, I’d say.

If you’ve disrupted the shooter or, better, gotten the weapon out of his hands, inflict damage on him until he is out of the fight. Tough, I’ll admit, but these are tough times; commit to your actions.

Luckily, few people will find themselves in the midst of a terrorist attack like the one in Orlando, but you can bet more are coming. Having a plan for active shooter situations is galling to some, but it’s part of life in the New Normal. Those who are prepared will have a better chance to survive terror events and many other disasters in the uncertain future.


  1. Good article. Thank you.

    I was talking with a friend, a retired bosun, this morning about the Orlando shootings, and he commented that he couldn’t understand why apparently no one attacked the shooter, even when he was reloading.

    My thought was that no one had the correct mindset, and that brought up Zero Tolerance in schools, which so far as I can figure out, is designed to teach children from a young age to be submissive in the face of bullying: Slugging a bully who has slugged a kid will result in the victim getting the same punishment as the bully. The only acceptable response to assault is submission, and hoping the Authority figures will punish the bad guy at some point in the future. Self defense is explicitly forbidden.

    That may be the single most important lesson schools today teach. Today and ever since Columbine. That was 17 years ago, so the current young bar goers would have been as young as 4, and perhaps as old as 17 when the Zero Tolerance ideology hit with a blast all over the country. Have a pistol charm on your bracelet: Suspended. Chew a Pop Tart into the shape of Florida? Suspended. Point your finger and say Bang!? Suspended. Slug an assailant? Expelled.

    The schools have, with no debate, taught an entire generation that submission in the face of physical violence is the only acceptable response.

    Does anyone think that lesson of submission to violence has no effect when the child grows up? If unsure of the answer, ask a good German or Polish Jew of a certain generation, if you can find one. Or a bar goer in Orlando. They don’t have to be gay: An entire generation of school children has been taught to be submissive in the face of assault.

    That lesson is the one embraced by the gun banners as well: The only proper response to violent physical assaults is to take away the victims’ ability to defend themselves. To them, gun owners are the REAL problem, not the assailants.

    It’s the same Zero Tolerance ideology: Daddy/The Principal/The Police are the only proper responders to violence. People who are able to defend themselves are the SAME as the criminals in their book. Armed victims ARE the problem.

    Self defense is a criminal act.

    What a great lesson to teach kids.

    • Bwhntr61 says:


      That is an excellent abbreviated explanation of the plight socially we have created in this new cowed era of early 21st century America. The founding fathers would scarcely recognize what their descendants hath wrought, and frankly they would be astonished at how low we have sunk. This submissive line of thought has actually been inculcated in our system before Columbine, but it has certainly accelerated since that event.

      • Thanks, Bwhntr61.

        ” This submissive line of thought has actually been inculcated in our system before Columbine, but it has certainly accelerated since ”

        i agree. It had been going on, but I think it took off exponentially because of Columbine, soon followed by other school murders.

        I can empathize with an over reaction after such horrible events. I can cut school boards a lot of slack, for about 6 months because people were quite understandably freaking at the idea their children could be gunned down at school. Maybe even a year, given that other shootings followed Columbine. Possibly 2 years, tho that is pushing it into the term of complete institutionalization of awful policy. However, they went berserk, and appear to me to have never backed off in 17 years.

        Teach children to be passive in the face of violence, and you necessarily create a generation of adults who are also passive in the face of violence. Schools teach lessons. Lessons learned.

        Teach passivity at violence, and what does one get but passivity in the face of mere official corruption? Hmmmmm….

    • mom of three says:

      Thank you for writing this I hate our public school’s, they really are making it harder for kid’s to stand up for themselves, I’ve always told my kid’s if anyone hits, or slaps, or anything of that nature to push, kick, and hit back, I got into an argument with the principal, because a first grader on the bus just slugged my step son, for no reason so he punched the kid back he was a second grader, they told me he had to walk to school for the rest of the week, I drove him what happen to the kid who started it not a damn thing. I ended up calling the superintendent of schools, told them what happened they got to the bottom of it and the first grader, was off the bus for a week because he started it. I’m sure the school’s, will be damn happy when we are finished with school, because I don’t and won’t allow my kid’s to be victims of the schools policies…

      • You seem to have flunked Passivity 101. So did your step-son. Good for you, mom of three.

        My DW and I went to see “Captain America” last week, and one of the more subversive themes was “Stand up for what you believe in, even if the whole world says you are wrong.” It’s a good lesson for a young kid who has been told by The Authorities that he was wrong for defending himself against violence.

      • Old Country Boy says:

        Yep, told my kids never start a fight but always defend theirselfs. Son #1 had older kids Picking on him. Quick conference with new principal that problem stops today or tomorrow son brings bat and Dad standing behind. Principal says, but Dad says 3 against one requires equalizer. Problem solved.
        Son #2 several years later takes souvenir bat and corrects problem on bus. Yep group of older kids against one. Problem solved. Dad knows bus driver, bus driver saw, no issues, next time take it elswere.
        Daughter takes no crap. I tell GS one needs to protect oneself and never start fights. Yep just love those schools

        The best defense against an ambush is to charge the ambush, but most people can not, so they need to do what is in their best interest. It takes a special breed to put others before his or her self.

        • Hildegard says:

          It has been said that over 200 shots were fired. Even with 30 round mags, he reloaded at least 6 times.

          • Northernwolf says:

            So he shot that many times ,think on this there is talk that he was not alone how could anyone possible carry that many mags.and have the time to reload.there are some witnesses coming out to say they heard more than 1 shooter.
            And what is not being mentioned in the news that over looks the fact that this Mateen got his guns legally and was part of homeland security.no all you hear is more gun control,so how does that work if this guy followed the law to get the guns how would more control have stopped what he did.and the FBI already knew about him but was told to stand down
            The control is for us

          • Right is RIGHT-wrong is WRONG says:

            He also had a Glock 9mm.

      • Mechanic says:

        My children were taught very young not to take anyone’s crap. Don’t you dare start trouble, but kids shouldn’t be bullies victims. Hit them, as hard as you can. If they want more give it to them. Even if they lose people will think 2x before giving them a hard time.
        You are absolutely correct the younger generations have been taught to wait for the first responders to any situation. First responder means anyone other that yourself. Sit and
        wait for “the authorities” to handle it.
        Sad days. I look at some younger dare I say men these days in disbelieve. Weak, passive, gutless. Makes for easy pickings.

      • I always told my kids that they were not to be the ones to start a fight, they were not to be the first to throw a punch, or shove or kick. However, if someone did it to them first they had my permission to fight back. Bullies only understand one thing and knocking them on their keester tells them very clearly who won’t stand for being bullied. The current system in schools only teaches the bullies that others can’t defend themselves and teaches the victims that they have to be passive and take the bullying or they will be the ones punished. Wrong, wrong, wrong. I’m female and have never put up with bullying, always fought back, sometimes got in trouble for it, but what the hey, I wasn’t a passive victim who cried myself to sleep at night.

    • Hildegard says:

      You forgot–“Now eat some more SSRIs, like a good citizen”

    • You are so right. Its a bad place the left has helped put us in. Its our responsibility to teach our children right from wrong. Show by example. Yes take the time show them how to take control of a bad situation. If there’s ever a time to know this stuff it’s now. That was a good response to a great, but sad article. Thank you

    • Defense apparently is no longer considered an obligation.

    • I have always said that the reason education is so important to the liberal agenda is the fact they know if they can get the kids mind, brainwash them into being submissive whimps they have future society right where they want them. To whimpy to fight back. This social experiment is a success in their eyes for the very fact that nobody had the backbone or intestinal fortitude to fight back. This not only applies to the physical realm of life but every aspect of it. If education was really important to them and they want kids to have an education why are our schools turning out and graduating people that can’t read or write or do simple math?

      • Hi DOC, I agree about the education agenda. People need to provide some balance on school boards. That is a long term project which will take a lot of volunteer effort.

        As far as this event goes: at least at the moment we don’t actually know that no one counterattacked the guy. It is at least possible that one or more did so but was gunned down. We may never know. What we do know is that no one counterattacked successfully, and no survivor has yet reported seeing anyone try.

        I went to art school in New York city back in the mid 1980s. Most of my male classmates were gay, and I can imagine some of them counterattacking if they had time to realize what was happening. One of the heroes of 9-11 was a gay guy on United Flight 93 who helped lead the attack on the hijackers. He and others had the mindset, and they succeeded, even though they all died doing so.

        Gay or straight, how one responds is largely a matter of mindset. If one or two people had started shouting “Attack! Attack! Attack him!” they might have had a chance with several at once. Maybe someone did. Maybe we will never know.

        It might be good for all of us to ask ourselves: “If I am in a situation, what should I do?” It could be in a movie theater, a bar, a museum, a sport stadium, or a sidewalk. Define different situations. What would be a good response in situation X? Y? Z? If you have two small grandchildren with you, your response might be very different from the same situation if you are alone. And so on.

        • Thomas The Tinker says:

          “it might be good…” +1 Sir! I’m insane ( ask the DW ) I run plot lines in my head everywhere we go, afoot or a HondaBack. It makes ya far more aware of your local geography and those in it.

        • A lot of people think that “gay” means “passive, wimpy, pansy.” Definitely not true in the majority of cases. When your life and the lives of others are at stake, sexual orientation means nothing. I think the Orlando shooter was gay himself (there is evidence to indicate that) and was probably told by some Imam or other muzzie that if he committed an act of terrorism, Allah would forgive him and he’d get his 72 virgins, etc. “Religion of peace” my red, white and blue ass.

    • The Lakota Sioux at Wounded Knee would disagree that the Orlando shooting was the biggest mass shooting in American History. The government showed up to take away their firearms and killed over 150 people, mostly women and children.

      • Thomas The Tinker says:

        Good point Emcomm …. single shot breech loader… those troopers had all the time they needed…. so did Mateen… but then again they did it again in Waco didn’t they…..

    • Penrod, very good analysis. Also an excellent article I passed on to family and friends.

    • kataliny says:

      OMG! You hit the nail on the head, you put my thoughts to words perfectly! Why the hell didn’t anyone fight back? We have been conditioned to believe if we do, we’re bad. So what! People will think what they want any way, so self preservation seems to be a bit more important these days! I wish you were wrong too! We need to pray and stay alert!

    • laura m. says:

      Agree with you, besides the Orlando male patrons being cowardly gelded sissies like men in the EU taught in the schools also, doing nothing over seas about Muslim invaders over running their country, raping, mayhem, etc. One more terrorist attack before this Nov. means I will sit out the election knowing our gov. is pushing it by allowing Muslims in and refusing to shut down Mosques used as terorist stronholds, and that Trump cannot stop it (too late now). Ref to: refugeeresettlementwatch.wordpress.com

  2. If guns are illegal, they will just use bombs. Wow what a thought and those are already illegal.

    • Red Tower says:

      And assault weapons are already banned. Hmmm. But he got his Sig Sauer legally.

      • Even though he had been investigated by the FBI 3 times for terrorist ties and another gun shop called the police for him wanting body armor and bulk ammo. Then called someone speaking Arabic. Hmm

      • Right is RIGHT-wrong is WRONG says:

        Hey RED TOWER are you sure it was a Sig? I thought it was a Glock 9mm.

    • Guns are illegal in France… Didn’t stop anything there did it?

      • Axelsteve says:

        they try to outlaw guns here they will just use bombs which are probably more effective in large crowds.2 bombers could go in 1 facing the crowd and the other facing the street. or one on each end of the crowd and let them go.The normalcy bias sucks in ,you would think the media would be banging away on what happend and who did it.

    • Thor, that’s what I’m afraid will be next up and most likely next targets will be even more public.

    • Thomas The Tinker says:

      Scary thought Thor…. A few lbs of most any explosive in an enclosed space like that club…… This conversation is getting…. scary….

    • Curley Bull says:

      Thor 1 has brought up and interesting subject. One of you that is good at research look for the details of the truly worse death toll at a school in U.S. history. It happened in Massachusetts using bombs. It was a long time ago and is either being ignored or completely forgotten.

      • Hi Curley Bull, My initial response seems to have disappeared, but it was in Michigan, outside Lansing, in 1927. The school board treasurer went off his rocker, murdered his wife, filled the school basement with explosives and detonated them during school hours.

        “killed 38 elementary schoolchildren and 6 adults and injured at least 58 other people…. Kehoe killed his wife and firebombed his farm, then detonated an explosion in the Bath Consolidated School, before committing suicide by detonating a final device in his truck. It is the deadliest mass murder to take place at a school in United States history.”

        Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bath_School_disaster

        • Penrod,
          I am sad to say that I have been part of what you described. I never thought of it in that manner. I believed that we were protecting our smaller more weak children, but, now I can see it as a lesson I wish I was not part of . Gun access for children had us running scared. I was a pacifist until my eyes were opened and now I can see that I was soooo wrong. All I can say is “Forgive me for being blind.”

  3. Daddio7 says:

    I am still waiting for a second by second account of what happened. Three police officers engaged the shooter. He ran into the building, why didn’t the police follow him in? For the first three hours no one with a gun died, what does that tell you?

    • Hildegard says:

      As with (other than white) common criminals, the leftists blame everything but the perpetrator.

  4. Thomas The Tinker says:

    I know I’m in the Choir loft here…. Here we are again…. (the Media) hashing over the ‘tools’ used for the most part. Important to be sure. The author of this post make a cogent point in that few in the club are know to date to have done anything other than freeze or run. The one ‘bouncer’ I watched interviewed…. acted! Former Marine. Knew what gun fire sounded like and had the nerve to move through it and John Wayne a door to let approx 70 souls out of the kill zone. I would like to hear the stories of those who remained inside.

    I attend a facility that trains ‘active shooter’ reaction/action skills. I have some questions for them this July.

    They use the same thought… Run Hide Fight…. You may die all he same… I’d hope that I would act when I had the chance to act… I would hate to know that I went out like a sheep.

  5. It seems to me the whole “run, hide, fight” mentality is flawed. I would subscribe to the idea of teaching people to “run, fight, hide.” If you can escape the situation, do so. If you can’t, attack. If attacking is not an option – say due to your proximity to the shooter – then hide. Hiding is little more than hoping you don’t become a victim.

    • Hildegard says:

      I’ve been told that if possible, I should use the paging system and announce “SHOOTER! SHOOTER! SHOOTER!. Now THAT would NEVER induce panic. I’m surprised some pissed off temp hasn’t done that yet.

    • Thomas The Tinker says:

      Mike: I agree. It is flawed. I carry. I Will .. run .. to cover. I will defend the first hard angle I can find. I have no fantasies beyond that point. The Marines taught me to charge the ambush and that served me well the only time it happened. Yadayadayada… nobody knows until the ‘event’ heats up. Run, Cover, Defend the angle. Hope its enough.

      • TTT,
        In SC it is illegal to carry while drinking, so unless I’m the DD I leave my Glock locked in a secure place in the car. At work we have also had Active Shooter training, run, hide, fight /run, cover, defend. The bottom line is to stay alive. And although I won’t be armed with my weapon of choice, like the article said,, you can always find a weapon.

        • Thomas The Tinker says:

          You sure can…. always…. Again, however, you may end up dead all the same. No illusions. No Rambo. No Movie rights. No nothing. Character. Training. Fear. Courage. Bleet like a sheep or growl like a Dawg!

  6. Anonamo Also says:

    I read another article, said if you are in an active shooter situation, count yourself as dead already and do what you can to change the outcome…If already dead can only improve..
    It is a sure thing, if you do not do nightclubs or bars you will not be in a nightclub shooting or a bar fight.
    .Does that mean I change where I go? If there is a gun free zone, only the criminals will have guns. I do my best to not go or have reason to go there.

    • Red Tower says:

      Reminds me of the old joke:

      A man went to his doctor and told him, “Doc, I hurt my arm in three places.”
      The doctor responds, “Stay out of those place.”

      Given that our modern world is getting dangerous for people, whether it’s going to be a bar, or church, or mall, or school, or grocery store…We need to start following the advice my DD and my uncles gave me when I started college. “If you don’t want to get into trouble in a bar, or walking through an alley after dark, don’t go to a bar or walk in an alley after dark.” There are some places we have to go, but we can watch the other stuff. Improve our situational awareness when we are in church, or at Wal-Mart. Be prepared to fight or flee if necessary. I know the fleeing option is hard for some to swallow, especially if you are more used to running towards gunfire. And that instinct to protect others is hard to overcome, but simply–if you cannot positively affect the outcome of the situation–if there is not opportunity to take on the shooter/attacker and actually succeed, you need to leave the area. This puts less stress upon the authorities when they do arrive, as you are one less person they have to look out for.
      If you must hide, be ready to come out fighting. Hiding goes against the grain for most of us, but if you must, and you are discovered anyway, you might as well come out fighting.
      More wisdom from the uncles–if you think you’re going to die anyway, take them with you.

      • Thomas The Tinker says:

        Red Tower…. One of the first things they will tell you in Active Shooter training is that YOU… do not owe anyone your life. Being gallant is a nice thought…. unarmed and gallant is … a nice plot line in a movie.

    • Right is RIGHT-wrong is WRONG says:

      Hey Anonamo Also two divisions of ROKs (South Korean soldiers) went through their own funerals before they went to Vietnam because being dead before the fight took their emotions out of the battle and emotions can get you dead when fighting for your life. For many years after Vietnam when entering a building like a restaurant I would look for the biggest windows and the back door and if I could not see the backdoor I would go to the restroom first and find it. The thinking at the time was if we get hit people are going for the front and back doors where I was going to throw the biggest thing I could find through the biggest windows and get out quick as I could even if I got cut in the process. Now I am (after reading the above article) will be looking for things to throw at the shooter before I set down. Hot coffee, in the coffee cup, plates, squeezing ketchup at them, chairs, salt shakers, and anything not nailed down. I would read as many articles like above as I can and find classes on active shooters and train train train and practice practice practice. Had a 357 shoved in my face in West Palm Beach Fl. Mar. 7 2012 in a Denny’s Rest. and told to get on the floor. Went to the floor and after having a scary thought that the guns (other guy had a AK47 and put everybody under tables in center of rest.) were real and this is a real robbery my plan bubbled up that if I was going to be shot (and the shooting WAS going to start in my mind) he was going to have to shoot my ass and the bottom of my feet because that was all he was going to see as I ran off. They were in and out in 5 minutes with no shooting. The 357 had robbed before because his arm was straight out holding the 357 and as the 357 went right his eyes went left so either you were looking down the barrel of the 357 or you were looking at his eyes no matter where you were standing and if he had told me to go poop in the corner I would have said how high and how much SIR. The only thing different if it happens again is that I would lie on the floor where I could see his feet because you know where he is moving around and an opportunity may present it self for something different.

  7. Cato Uticensis says:

    Nice article needed to help implant in thought for general bread and circus society.
    Non common sense, emotional over gun regulation; kills humans.
    Concealed carry is inalienable self preservation.
    From my experience, Nature and Nature’s God, when in the seconds of self preservation, with concealed and practice, truly is the equalizer and generally, ends all threats to one’s life and others, immediately, without reliance on 911.
    In my experiences, 911 was useless based solely on response time.
    Malo periculosam, libertatem quam quietam servitutem.
    Translation: I prefer the tumult of liberty to the quiet of servitude
    Thomas Jefferson, 1787
    Cato Uticensis

    • I think people need to train themselves on how not to panic. The ability to keep calm will help you assess the best alternative for staying alive. Unfortunately I think many people went into a panic and were not able to proactively think about options.

  8. Bam Bam says:

    One of my students was supposed to be at that club the night of the shooting. She was meeting up with some friends but cancelled at the last minute when she found out her husband got leave.

  9. Tragically, no one even had a gun in their car so they could come back and engage the shooter. Sheeple.

  10. The biggest mass murder in the USA was at Wounded Knee Pine Ridge South Dakota on December 29, 1890 over 150 men, women and children killed..

    • Red Tower says:

      Thank you for bringing this up. So many people forget this.

    • BINGO Charles!! And it was committed BY the U.S. government with NO repercussions

    • No We Didn't says:

      .Okay, Choir!..and that one was by the cavalry which had disarmed peacefully most of the men. about 2/3 of the total count was women and children., they shot some, clubbed some,murdered all…that did not work out so well for the Indians, But if we Hide History and “Nay-nay” the things that happened in the past …We will repeat it..
      .now look at the current history books to see what is left out…. What do they want us to repeat? Does anyone see a pattern here? The attacks that don’t involve arms, involve everything from clubs to knives? once the weapons are gone, Do they come for the kitchen knives and hammers next?
      There will be no stopping point until we are like the Indians at wounded knee.

      • Hi No We Didn’t, “Do they come for the kitchen knives and hammers next?”

        Several years ago I read about a movement in England to ban pointed kitchen knives because they were being used as weapons. Not sure if it was successful or not.

    • Sriracha says:

      Thank you for remembering.

      • Sriracha says:

        Also, Sand Creek…

        • riverrider says:

          and the pequot raid. and a couple of attacks on striking miners and their families in west by god virgina killed upwards of 200 if i remember correctly. govt used air and machineguns on them in a dead end valley. yes, give up your guns, we’ll take care of you. never.

  11. This article is written for the average, unarmed citizen. Yes, I agree, if you have a gun and know how to use it, that will be your best defense if you can’t get away quickly. But, unfortunately most of these active shooters are going to scope out “soft” targets where they are less likely to run into armed citizens.

    • American pacrat says:

      Joe Alton MD
      First of all thank you for the article.
      It made me stop and think of the exits for the shops/business which will be enter to do our monthly shopping. After reading this article I mentally went though the shops I use and positioned each escape route from where I would be in that business.
      The worst part we all let our situational awareness take a vacation trying to get the shopping done so we can return home to our sanctuaries. I will be the first to admit doing it, humans do not like change in their routines. This plan will have to become ingrained each time we enter a building to know where the escapes doors are located just in case.
      No longer asleep behind the grocery cart.

    • Dr., where I shop, I think about where I could get caught and where the shooter is most likely to start firing. A senior citizen here, female, with a CC. I am going to fewer and fewer crowded places these days and doing more shopping online. Too many miles to town, too much gas, too many people! Like the wide open spaces, green hills, and tall trees.

  12. SweetPea says:

    It will happen again. Anyone who is willing to lose their own life in an effort to kill others can do it. They can do it with a bomb, a car a bow and arrows, a machete… We have let the enemy in. Why? Obama is importing potential terrorists and for certain expensive welfare recipients by the tens of thousands, why? Something is very wrong with our leaders.

    • Obama wants to let them in, but what about our Congress? Are they all such wussies that they can’t put their collective foot down and say, “NO”, loud and clear? Oh, that’s right, they are all terrified of being called racist. Good grief, that is only a word!

      I’ve read that a Mexican government official has warned our country that ISIS members are coming into Mexico, gathering & training near the border, entering the U.S. illegally for scouting trips to pick out attack targets and the information is being completely ignored/discredited. Makes perfect sense to me!

  13. An old saying,”Guns Don’t Kill People, people Kill People” a committed terrorist will use what ever is at their disposal. Guns really are not the most effective just the easiest to procure and use, what would happen in this same location if the subject had got in armed with a sack full of Molotov cocktails, or a few hand grenades, or a combination of these items. We just more and more find ourselves not going into places with lots of people, I get a uneasy feeling in crowds.

    • I’ve never liked big crowds and cringe when my kids talk about going to some big college football game…a huge stadium full of targets that could be completely sealed off by a determined group of attackers. The authorities would be hiding behind their vehicles & barricades deciding if it was safe to go in. No thanks!

  14. JP in MT says:

    This is just my opinion…..

    1. Before 9/11 you could hijack an airliner (or other group of people) because we were “trained” that it was merely an inconvenience and not a life-threatening situation that justified violent acts on the perpetrator.

    2. We have been “trained” that matter such as handling a “active” shooter should be left to the “professionals”, as they are trained to use the “appropriate amount” of force to settle the dispute.

    What should we do?

    1. Either accept the fact that this is going to happen again and there is nothing you can do about it (preferred government policy).


    2. Accept the fact that this is going to happen again and prepare to deal with it yourself; either by escape or fighting back. Additionally you should avoid putting yourself in a “soft target” situation without being fully aware of your surroundings and options.

  15. If you run and hide say in a public restroom, a belt can be wrapped around the door hinge and the door cannot be opened from the outside. I recently took a active shooter class and watched the instructor wrap his belt around the door hinge (located at the top) of commercial doors. The instructor also explained that if you throw items at the shooter, it will give time for more people to exit the building. I agree we need not panic.

    • Please let me clarify the door part to tie the belt around. The instructor tied his belt over the “door closer mechanism” it is a metal arm at the top of the door, he wrapped his belt around it and tied it through the middle where the elbow is.

      Sorry I am not good with technical terms.

      • Thomas The Tinker says:

        Crappolla ND….. you are one in a thousand that has actually done anything to hone you skills.

  16. What you said was very good advice! As a woman who has been near shots being fired twice. Once in a nice restruant that got rob and then walking into work at 645a at a hospital some idiot firing into the parking lot. Both times I froze at first then ducked down. At the hospital I ducked down behind an engine in a car after the hospital I took care to get a concealed carry permit and training. Stuff in coming!

  17. Curley Bull says:

    What can I say other than I second everything Penrod has said with multiple thumbs up. It’s as if he read my mind. I’ve gotten in trouble with the school system more than once bucking this zero tolerance farce and defending the victim.

  18. I was at work when a shooter came in. They locked us in the the shooter! Lucky he just shot in the air.

    • Wow, wasn’t that a great way to handle the situation. But the police were safe outside.

  19. I keep reading from all corners of the media and alternative sites that this was the worst mass shooting in US history. While I agree that this Orlando murderous and shocking shooting was gut wrenching and deserves our utmost sympathy, I must emphasise that this was NOT the worst of its kind. It seems to have dropped into the collective memory hole that at least two other similar incidents preceded Orlando (here, we are talking about mass shootings not bombings etc.) It seems as though there has been a curtain drawn across US history beyond an arbitrary border.
    These atrocities were conducted in 1864 and 1890. The first which occurred in 1864 when some 125 men, women and children, American Indians, were gunned down by cavalry.
    The second was the massacre at Wounded Knee Creek when a party of some 350 Sioux men, women and children were corralled, surrounded by 500 cavalry. The inevitable outcome was that some 300 Sioux were butchered and any who escaped were hunted down and executed.
    The details were written down by Dee Brown in his excellent book, ‘Bury My heart at Wounded Knee’. The 1970 movie, ‘Soldier Blue’ presents Hollywood’s take.
    1890 was only 126 years-ago – how can such a massacre be forgotten by a selective MSM. We have to keep such tragedies alive – the passage of years should not diminish such events. Will the tragedy of Orlando suffer such a fate?

    • Curley Bull says:

      Again, somebody do the research. John D. sponsored a 150 men, women, and children death toll when the miners moved out of his tenant housing, set up a tent city on public land, and commence to strike for better work conditions, better living conditions, and better pay. Thugs were sworn in as law enforcement and national guardsmen, surrounded tent city and opened fire using Browning’s first machine gun. They claimed they were fired on by the miners, but when it was over and some real law enforcement moved in, only ONE firearm could be found. The rest of the miners moved back into John D.’s tenant housing and went back to work. Strike over . . .

  20. So, if the current generation of young people has been programmed to leave confrontation of a shooter to the professionals, how can we raise the young children in our care to not make the same mistakes those at Pulse made this week?

    I suspect that choosing to homeschool where it is legal would help. Probably also marshal arts training and firearm proficiency.

    It’s scary to be raising children in a world where mass shootings can happen. Also scary to know that how a parent responds/teaches the child now may make the life/death difference to the child in an active shooter situation.

    • American pacrat says:

      My sister(youngest)insisted her daughters be trained in Karate classes to defend themselves due to the environment that was growing in this country. The baby has never had to use it, but the oldest daughter was confronted by a student(s) in high school who was going to kick her butt. When they attached her she put them down, of course the school was you ‘can’t do that’ it is against our policies. My sister told them what they could do with their policies. The girls were then transferred to a charter school and we drove them every day in order to remove them out of that wimpy district.

      • Teaching kids that they cannot defend themselves is so wrong, wrong, wrong. Sanitizing history is wrong. Teaching idiotic math is wrong. Not teaching proper grammar, spelling & writing is wrong. A parent’s only defense is to do a lot of teaching at home, providing proper math books, proper history books that haven’t been sanitized.

        • Anonamo Also says:

          If someone wants to investigate Homeschooling there are several older articles, but good ones in this blog, Just go to the archives look up and put in “homeschooling”. The links that I tried all still worked this week… I wanted to check prices, as compared to 25 years ago when I started with my child. Complete curriculum will cost from 100-425 per year, depending on the route you wish to take. It can be done on a shoestring. If you wish to let someone else teach the classes they are available on line, if you have 3 grade and up there is available on computer disc…If you want to do it all the resources are there, including legal help. The cost of 400$ is still cheaper than you can send them to public school. No uniforms, your own schedule, your own routine, no crying kids because of another child causing them trouble.No supplies to buy for the classroom, except what you choose to use.

          • B,
            ‘where homeschooling is legal’.
            it is legal everywhere no matter what any ‘authority’ says. it is your right.
            i never asked anyone’s ‘permission’.
            training children is the parents’ right, duty, and responsibility.
            in that final time God Himself will ask you where your children are. you had better be able to show them approved before Him.
            earthly ‘authority is nothing.
            God’s authority is everything.

  21. Lets give a salute to the gun shop that not only refused to sell guns, body armor and ammo to the terrorist but informed the police and FBI of him for every time something like this shooting happens the left attacks guns, gun owners and gun stores but it was Obama, DOJ and the pathetic FBI that have the blood on their hands for there was a treasure trove of info on this Muslim garbage.

  22. More than 50 dead? Only one shooter? And the guy was not even a special forces professional, but a flaky security guard?! (Who just happened to be on all the National Security radar screens, like so many others now-proven patsies.) Sorry, MSM, that doesn’t pass the smell test.

    It’s funny how almost all “Muslim terrorists” are either ridiculously ultra-competent supermen able to take down skyscrapers and blow up the Pentagon using a couple of package-openers as their only weapons; kill ludicrously large numbers of people in mass shootings without any military training; or otherwise perform amazing feats of mass carnage … or else they are the world’s LEAST competent destruction-wreakers, dufuses who can’t get a match lit to try to blow up their own shoe, or who pack their underwear with sterno camping fuel and no detonator and somehow expect their crotch to

  23. EXplode.

  24. Enzo Pamrona says:

    I seem to rec all that there have been mass shootings with greater number of casualties in US history. Think “Wounded Knee” here.

    Or, od mass shootings prosecuted by the federal government not count?

    • Correct, Enzo. They do not count because they were for the good of the people.

      Much like Waco. Waco doesn’t count, either.

      Just keep telling yourself that and all will be well. Go back to sleep and let our servants run things properly for us. Mmmmmhmmmm.

  25. Maybe it was God’s will to teach us for our embracing of the sick abomination of this whole gay trannie Frank show that had not stopped since Bruce Jenner’s whole deal. I don’t want to see anyone die, I’m just saying God has to be getting tired if our crap. Especially with all the blessings he had bestowed on America, then all we have done is turn our back and mock him.

  26. American pacrat says:

    What amazes me is that the news media continues to harp on the gun issue, and we know why. Better to disarm those who have functions brain cells down to pea shooters so they can control our very move.
    Yes, I am worried. To quote my uncle before his passing. “You no longer live in a FREE country”. He was correct about that statement as he was born in 1911 and lived to 94 years young before his passing. He saw it coming, like many of his generation, and the younger generations that followed were to busy to notice until it was to late.

  27. https://themarshallreport.wordpress.com/2016/06/16/check-out-the-facts-9-parking-places-for-200-to-300-people/comment-page-1/#comment-12964

    check out the truth about a false flag….again!!!

    Has anyone seen, talked to, or heard from a victim family member yet??

    • Hi Jj, I have not personally, but Fox had a couple dozen of them on a night or two ago.

      I am completely satisfied that it happened about as reported, with normal reservations about details being wrong in initial reports.

      • Right is RIGHT-wrong is WRONG says:

        Hey Penrod police are going to release the 911 conversation between shooter and negotiator unedited today (just on TV 6/21/2016) and just out the shooter spent $9,000 in Jensen Beach Fla. buying jewellery days before the shooting.

  28. Mechanic says:

    Too many sheep. Not enough sheepdogs.

  29. I have a niece in Orlando that knew one of the victims. so I do think people died that night. how and why is unanswered.

  30. OhioPrepper says:

    Good article. I’ve been teaching classes with these points and more for years, and I think more and more folks are starting to pay attention. If you can legally carry a firearm, never go without it. I for one never leave my home unarmed, and I simply avoid any place that will not let me carry. There are unfortunately a few exceptions, like the BMV where one must go to every few years to renew ID’s and Licenses. Carrying a firearm all by itself however, is not a panacea. When humans encounter a stressful situation, we all go through the steps of Freeze, followed by Fight or flight. Everyone does this, from the untrained sheep to the highly skilled Navy Seal. The difference in these two ends of the spectrum is the amount of time spent in the freeze state, from standing there and wetting your pants, to an in perceivable time between freeze and action for those who are prepared. The difference has to do with your training and practice, which together defines your proficiency. In the training game we have a maxim. Under stress one does not RISE to the occasion; but, DROPS to their highest level of proficiency. This is where practice and scenario based, real life training come in, or as I once heard, Train Hard, Fight Easy. The amount of freeze time is also based on the so called OODA loop or Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. Those who are proficient run from the first O the A, nearly instantly. A good explanation can be seen here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0hj8h3IoxY.
    As the article implied, when entering a venue, like a restaurant, be aware of your surroundings when being led to your table, looking for possible exits, and hiding places, keeping in mind that hiding places come in two types. Concealment, where they can easily see you, and Cover, which is concealment that can stop a threat like a bullet.
    When we teach any NRA class, we strive to change Knowledge which can be as simple as presentations, books, or videos. Skill, which takes practice, and finally, the often most hard thing to change – Attitude.
    Surviving a situation often means stepping out of the herd, and being brave. Throwing a handful of silverware at the attacker may get you shot or not; but, any distraction goes to your advantage, so always take the advantage.

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