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  1. Mystery Guest says:

    On the recommended products have the Eco Zoom stove, the wonder mill jr, an excaliber (not that model). My daughter has the American canner.
    not that water filter, another brand.
    Don’t drink so the beer kit is out.
    No air rifle.
    But all in all surprised we have anything on a list of any kind.

  2. Wow, that’s quite a list of articles. I am bookmarking that bad boy!

    On a side note, I am wondering if anyone has suggestions/systems for food and water stockpile inventory control. I am a barcoding, spreadsheet wielding geek, so I am inclined to roll my own system since I haven’t found an adequate Android app on the market yet.

    I’m lazy, so a digital system using a phone-based barcode entry system would be preferable to paper.

      • Are there any other alternatives? I wasn’t impressed with Prep & Pantry — but I have an iPad 1, so it may not be the best choice.

        When I get a round tuit, I intend to write my own, but for the time being that particular part has been hard to find.

      • Alas, I have not fallen into The Cult of iStuff (must be that same resistance to restrictions in my tech toys that has me so invested in questioning the gubmint), so this would not work.

        I did some more digging though, and am going to give a product call memento database a try. The developer claims that it can, among other things, allow for editing via Google docs (lifting the platform restrictions I avoid) from an internet-connected device of non-OS specific nature, scanned barcode entry, and submissions via SMS or email.

        I was beginning to worry, because I wasn’t sure what to obsess about this weekend. Now I have a candidate!

    • Jaxun,

      EE has an online inventory. I keep inventory in Excel which is pretty easy for me since most of my long term food supply is in #10 cans. I just have Name, Category (wheat, rice, bean, sugars, etc), number of #10 cans, weight per can, then total weight. I used the LDS Food calculator online as a guide for developing my food storage.

      • EE? Needs some acronym expansion on that.

        My current inventory is in Google Spreadsheet, and I geeked it out a bit with columns for calculating price per serving of whatever I am storing up, calories per serving, and totals out calories per container, with a grand total of how many calories I have in inventory and how many days that amounts to in terms of caloric consumption per day.

        Ultimately, I want to be able to walk into the pantry, grab a couple cans, scan the barcodes and have the backend spreadsheet update the totals when I add or remove servings. I would have thresholds to let me know what to replenish and how much to reach target levels, and be able to extend those target levels as I build inventory.

        This is the kind of thing I do to keep from losing my mind thinking about the decline of western civilization.

  3. I can see where this is a quick and easy system to use, but does it not leave you open to someone peeking in to what you have on hand(homeland brown shirts). Modern tech-knowledge is wonderful as long as it for “your eyes only”. I know mine is old school I have two composition books, and dry eraser boards. Each book is dedicated to the location of what I have in storage, I learned a long time ago new goes to the back and older moves forward. When I get low on a product I write it on the dry board. Then added to shopping list when we go to town.
    Looking at using Excel for inventory control, with paper sheets as back up. We have gone through power outages that leave us without power up to 10 days sometimes, even though we have a generator it is for the freezers, refrigerator and dh tv.

  4. Cool! Did not even know you had a recommended products page.

    • Mike,

      That is why you (and everyone) need to look around a little, I know the content here is great and it’s hard to look past it, but sometimes it’s a good idea to check out some links, the nav menu and sidebars.

      • MD,
        I have been looking around since I joined the pack a couple of weeks ago! My dh is about tired of me saying “I read on the Survivalist Blog today”! LOL I do love this list of top posts. I read 3 of them this afternoon! I read all of the comments, so many of you have been doing this a lot longer than I have and have so much to teach people like me.
        I am careful of what I say and to whom. The subject of the show DD Preppers came up and I mentioned that I was thinking about doing something like that and she looked at me with a shocked look and said: “Are you one of those survivalists?”. My dh and one son are the only ones that knows and that is because they both live here!

        • Texanadian says:

          I know what you mean. I kept sending TW articles and links and she began to wonder if I still had a job. Sent her one the other day and she said she had already read it. The great thread on canning and dehydrating.
          She has always been on board with the preps but is getting more involved.

  5. JP in MT says:

    MD: You site is such a wealth in quality information, I am continually amazed.


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