Paul Harvey – Freedom to chains

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  1. Yep.

  2. Rifleman336 says:

    I miss Paul Harvey he always did have a way with words!!!

  3. Beans-N-Bullets says:

    Mr. Harvey can not be beat, there is no one on the air at this time that would make a pimple on his back side. I true miss listening to his broadcast, the younger generation may never get anything as good. The radio host out there now that think because they can talk loader then you makes them right are just too much to even listen to, even if they are informed and do know what there talking about I cant get passed there ego’s. Mr. Harvey is the original rock star, he could get the deaf to listen.
    Thank you Mr. Harvey

  4. Paul Harvey told it like it was and usually was always right. Its too bad nobody pays attention. God have mercy on we the people of the United States.