Somebody Picked the Wrong Girl

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  1. Good preparedness & 2nd amendment video. Large part of life/preparedness is to be aware…trust your gut instinct (somethig doesn’t feel right, then probably isn’t). Police & Military (I’m 3rd gen. vet) are not able to protect you hence 2nd amendment. Gun grabbers be damned, I am reponsible for protecting: self, family, country from all enemies foreign or Domestic……by any means!

  2. I was taught not to wait for someone to faint! If he came through that door, he should have been dead meat. He could have attacked her instead of fainting. He was asking to die.

    • They were being political. This is appealing even to gun haters. The girl makes the big tough man (criminal rapist) faint. Notice the door didn’t even splinter – they didn’t want to arouse any bad feelings.

      But I agree, if anyone kicked in my locked door they mean to do me and my family harm and there will be no hesitation and no no warning.

      I would like every American to see that video. Who could tell me that law abiding young woman should not have the right to protect herself like that.

    • PGCPrepper says:

      I would just accept the message as conveyed. Besides, no one knows how they would respond in a situation like that unless experienced. So easy to be an armchair QB. She actually saved a life but still conveyed a powerful message which was the intent with the commercial. Would the ad be more effective if she would have blown him away?

      She displayed just the amount of restraint and I felt that she would have easily eliminated the threat, if needed. If you would prefer better graphics, go rent a Stallone movie.

      • I agree. At this point it is all a propaganda war – remember, we are dealing with people who are making decisons based on emotions, not common sense, so we have to approach them with that in mind. Ask yourself “Would more blood being shed – no matter how justified – help our cause or hurt it?”

  3. Something about a hot girl with a gun makes me go yum!

    Wasn’t it crazy at the weakness of that door?

    I agree Aunt B

  4. Hunker-Down says:

    Interesting safe. Does anyone know the maker, so I can google it? Thanks.

    • Mine are called “mini vault”. I’ve got 2, one for momma’s side and one for mine. Need another one for where I usually sit.

    • Encourager says:

      The safe reads your fingerprints. The problem with it is that if you are nervous with fingers shaking or even sweaty, it won’t open the safe. My son had one and got rid of it. In an emergency, you need a safe that opens every time.

  5. Mystery Guest says:

    I love good movies with happy endings.

  6. Whatever. Bad guys don’t faint. Did Doomsday Preppers produce this, because they screwed it up too. They could have made this so much better than they did.

  7. Here is a prime example that “Gun’s don’t shoot people, people shoot people” or in this enactment people did not shoot people, they scared the crap out of someone without firing a shot.
    If the powers that be who wish to disarm the common citizen get their way, that scenario could have been completely turned around and ‘she’ could have been on that stretcher with her head covered rather than the perpetrator being cuffed and strapped.

  8. Excellent video. Must share.

  9. Rustymater says:

    Great commercial. Wish I thought to get one when I got out of college. Every gal should think to do the same.

  10. My wife uses a Remington 870 12 gauge. That way when she “racks a round” it is audible through the door. (Not to mention the sound translates in pretty much every language.) Doubt the guy kicks it in after hearing that sound. If he does, he’s been fairly warned.

    The Springfield XD 40 is a back up just in case.

    In our state, you don’t have to wait for the S.O.B. to faint. Upon entry, he’s a dead man.

    I told my wife years ago, if a guy is crazy enough to get past the locked gate, get past the dogs and try the door – shoot him before he makes it into the house.

    In our state, she would be justified. But even if she wasn’t, I would rather her judged by 12 than carried by 6.

    One last thought. To me, firearms are the ultimate feminist tool. It’s about the only method I can think of that puts the average sized woman on equal footing with the average sized man in combat. To take that tool away from women wholesale (as in handgun bans) can be viewed as a sexist move to disenfranchise women. My opinion.

  11. Grumpy Smith says:

    Good Girl, no Victim here!

  12. She was way too close, in only a few steps he could have gotten to her.

  13. Now that’s my kind of woman. LOL

  14. Atta girl!!

  15. That makes me feel all warm and deadly inside…….

  16. Pineslayer says:

    I am sending this link out to the ladies in my life, big smile here. That is my oldest girl, except she would just plan on using her hands and feet first ( big temper ), she would be a real drag with a bat 🙂 As it stands she is a great shot and I wouldn’t want her to be pointing at me. Glad she likes me.

  17. You sound like a bunch of immature kids.

    • How so?

      If you think we are just engaging in cop-and-robber-fantasy-thinking than I can see why you’d say we’re immature. Maybe some of us do have issues being a bit fixated immaturely on that.

      But if you seriously consider that there are over 90,000 REPORTED rapes a year and According to Statistics U.S.A., there was an average of 3,600,000 home invasions annually between 1994 and 2000. Then you may understand for those of us with wives, children, and loved ones at home we want to protect them.

      Also, Amused, if you consider the friends and family that some of us have that have been through these situations then being “amused” seems a pretty horrific and inhumane reaction. Maybe you live in a gated community where you imagine you had no need to worry, some of us live in the real world where this can, will, or has happened.

      Maybe I just misread your very brief comment.

      • Encourager says:

        MikeM, no, you didn’t misread it’s very brief comment. It is a TROLL. Always trying to offend, disrespect, belittle, mock sane people.

      • Amused Redoubt says:

        No, MikeM, you were right. It is the cowboys-n-indians, shoot-em-up mind set you find on so many sites that I find amusing. So many people so ready to take a human life, at least in the abstract. Funny how that kind of talk never comes up in the company of those who have had to actually defend themselves or loved ones — it is not a happy memory, even when the outcome is a ‘good’ one. I have only support of anyone who has suffered injury or assualt at the hands of another, no disrespect meant there. Obviously you have the seen the trend I am speaking of as you recognized it right off.
        Encourager – not everyone who disargrees with you is a troll. You DO support freedom of expression as well as the right to bear arms, right?

  18. Patriot Dave says:

    If I had a daughter, she would look like that.

  19. All things being taken into consideration, I think the commercial gets the point across and is well done. The real anti-gun critics really don’t have anything to complain about (except on general principle that it would be more righteous for her to be raped/murdered than to hurt that misguided/misunderstood man).

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