Let’s play name that kitten

Well folks as you know I usually don’t post non prep /survival related stuff on The Survivalist Blog.net, but since it’s Sunday and we all probably need to relax a bit, we’re going to help Bam Bam name her new kitten.

The Kitten in Question

Please leave names and suggestions in the comments below…



  1. EmCee (M.C.) for My Cat.

  2. Sherry G. says:

    The kitten looks a lot like one of my daughter’s. We named her Misty, due to the light grey tips on her hairs . . . Very fitting name, which always drew comments.

  3. BabyBam, or BB
    Or tac, (cat backwards)

    By the way, hi! DH and I are new. I have been lurking for about 4 months. I will introduce us better on the other side. Whatever you name it, if you are like me, you will call it something else by the time all is said and done.

  4. Lynx

  5. Leah Murdoch says:

    How about “Pebbles” if it is a girl?

  6. Becky davis says:

    Donk sounds appropria

  7. Becky davis says:

    Donk sounds appropriate

  8. Petticoat Prepper says:

    I like Spock and Radar…although Shumdit (dumb shit backwards) was my favorite cat I’ve had.

  9. Brent the Seabee says:

    Mr. Splashypants.
    It’s been a favorite of mine ever since it surfaced on Fark.com.
    I’m guessing this name will not be used until I get a new pet myself.

  10. Sw't Tater says:

    Bam Bam,
    It’s a cute kitten..
    I told my DH. what you said about his attitude of attacking a huge dog. He said ” Twerp”… second name will be” Kitty,Kitty”, just like ours…and he/she will also come to that! I like Radar , and Mr. Spock, for male names…tiger/either way. Princess,.Queenie, short for Queen Bee

  11. Sw't Tater says:

    by the way, we needed something on the lighter side! Thanks.for all you do.

  12. for some reason, the name “alistair” came to mind the moment i saw him. (i certainly hope it’s a him!).

  13. Southern Blonde says:

    I like FRED. He looks like a Fred. Named from Fred Flintstone. It seems appropriate for BamBam’s kitty.

  14. ConnecticutYankeeinGeorgia says:

    T.C. ( after the old cartoon Top Cat). Simba (might be better if he/she were orange). Vera is nice for a girl. Ralph or Ralphie for a boy…

  15. Scully

  16. Ms. Albatross says:

    We have a cat who looks very much like this kitten. We named him Rocky – mainly because of the striped tail – think Rocky Raccoon. But if you are looking for a “prepper” name, I suggest Yoyo (acronym for you’re on your own). It’s cute like the kitten and is topic appropriate!

  17. Copperhead says:

    I had a little trouble maker that I call “Mischief” He is now a huge farm cat and tries to keep my other two in line.

    Very cute kitty, Bam Bam.

  18. Oh, thank you, guys. I like Radar, Yoda and Mr. Spock. I’ll have to wait for him to get acclimated to his new digs, so I can see which name suits him the best.

  19. Tigger! nothing else would do for at cat with so much attitude.

  20. OregonMike says:


  21. Awwwww. Thanks for giving that little guy a good home.

  22. preppy. as in prepper kitten! ha ha

  23. “The word “ear” may be used correctly to describe the entire organ or just the visible portion. In most mammals, the visible ear is a flap of tissue that is also called the pinna and is the first of many steps in hearing” (wikipedia) my choice for a name would be PINNA!

  24. how about “BOSS” ? cats look upon their owners as being part of their staff anyway so calling her boss wouldn’t be that big a jump.

  25. MountainSurvivor says:

    Tiger, for all those wonderful stripes.
    Grey, that is what they look like in the photo.
    Romeo, because he is a little charmer.
    Sherlock, as he likes to investigate everything.
    Bullet, if he is a speedy type of guy.

  26. breadmomm says:

    Ears,,cause this kitty has a pair of them for sure.

  27. Iowa Prepper says:

    Goliath gets my vote !!

  28. I’ll follow along with Mr. Data…..name it “SPOT”.

  29. Azrael (Az-ray-el). It was the name of Gargamel’s cat on the Smurfs. Gargamel would also be a cute cat’s name.

  30. Shades of Green says:

    How about “Mouse” . It totally disguies his/ her true personality.

  31. EB. Esquire says:

    With the big ears, you could go with Yoda

  32. SurvivorDan says:

    Tigger or Fang.

  33. SurvivorDan says:

    Tigger was bouncy,flouncy and jouncy.
    And Fang will inspire terror among the sheeple when you scream for… ‘FANG!’

  34. Gone!

  35. Short Round. (cute pic)

  36. And the winner is . . . Mrs. M.

    The baby cat’s name shall be Bam Bam Jr.

    Thank you to everyone who commented. I am glad we could bring a little levity to the discussion.

  37. “Ears”…would fit male or female.

  38. redprepper says:

    kittie looks like “prowler” to me

  39. imperialgirl says:

    Name him Felon….cause he will be a repeat offender thats for sure…

  40. Yoda cause of those ears

  41. akalls001 says:

    Like Gary, I have little love for cats….how about………………..

    Lunch??????? JK

    Lewis in Mn