Police Officer Exposes The Unanswered Questions Of The Sandy Hook Tragedy

This is a great level-headed interview, but unfortunately, I doubt that the many unanswered questions will ever be addressed with any proof to back up the “official” reports.

Part One

Part Two

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  1. I’m not sure we’ll ever get the answer.

  2. livinglife says:

    Too many official versions and too many sheep to question the latest version and forget the previous.

  3. I pray to God they are wrong. I feel ill thinking that a single insane person could do something like this. I feel terrified and, I don’t even know the words to explain, crushed in my soul (?) To think it was anything more.

  4. This puts a new spin on things.

  5. Just read a Blaze article trying to debunk the Sandy conspiracies. The one that sticks out most in my mind and you may not want to read this if you’re tender.

    Humans and I mean any humans from birth will attempt to protect themselves from harm. Even in the face of such danger as being shot. A room full of kindergartners would not be a static target. None of these children were wounded. Even if the shooter had a 30 round magazine at a range less than 2 feet per child he would have missed some shots. That means he would have had to reload. At the time of reloading any number of children could have laid still and pretended to be dead. They could have bolted out the door or windows. Shooting in an enclosed area with that much glass and shooting at moving targets it’s the glass that always gets it. Not to mention ears ringing with noise or powder stinging your eyes. I’m finding it very difficult to believe he was able to transition magazines or weapons without one of the little ones getting out the door or window. So I weigh what I’ve seen in my life with the official story on Sandy Hook, and something stinks, even if the Blaze doesn’t think so.

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