Poll Question : what’s the longest shot that you’ve taken with a rifle?

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  1. It was actually more like 375 yes. Shot a deer in South Dakota with 300 win mag. I got the Arkansas guarantee on that one. I got to keep both halfs. I shot an elk at 325 yes in Colorado with 3006. 180 grain bullet thru the pump hose and took off top of heart. Pictures to prove it. He still had enough energy to jump straight up turn 360 degrees and take 2 steps before he fell over dead.

  2. For long range I like the 22-250 can consistently hit varmints out to 500-800 yards and the longest was about 1000. I paced it off so may be off 100 up or down…

  3. Oldalaskan says:

    As a teen ager I killed a ground hog in PA with a 30REM. at 50 yards, White tail deer and moose at 100 or slightly more yards and the most dangerous of all animals at 500 yards confirmed.

  4. Up until last weekend, I would have said 250 yds. We went to the NRA Wittington Center in New Mexico with some friends. This place is amazing. 38,000 acres of wilderness and shooting ranges.

    At the end of Sunday… My friend, who owns a gun shop and dozens, if not hundreds of guns, and I went to the long range silhouette target range to shoot rifles. There were steel targets at 100 meters, 225 meters, 350 meters and 500 meters. After firing more than a hundred rounds… mostly at the 500 meter targets with a 270 and a 7 mm… we decided to go get the 338 Lapua and try the white buffalo up the hill at 1025 meters / 1123 yds. This is a 16ft x 10ft steel buffalo painted white with a 16 inch “movable” black circle where the heart would be.

    It was pretty windy so it took a few shots to site in the scope… but once it was dialed in, we could hit the 16 inch center with accuracy.

    Although it was fun to hit the 16 inch target at 1123 yds… the highlight of the weekend was shooting 6 out of 6 200 yd silhouettes at the small pistol range with 357’s and 44 magnums. it is a blast to shoot 600 ft with a big pistol.

  5. ps. we are going back in 2 weeks. The place is incredible!

  6. Mal Mann says:

    with handguns:
    200 meter rams 2 of 5 with a 357 w/ factory ammo. Some were hits, but the rams didn’t fall down.
    400 yards at a gong with a scoped contender in 223 – hit regularly – even my mom could ring the bell. That was a fun gun.
    300 yards with a scoped 44 magnum Redhawk produced hand-size groups – say 3×5 inches

    With a rifle, 600 yards during DCM high-power competition with a loaner Garand w/ iron sights – don’t remember my score, (marksman? whatever the lowest rating was) but I did get enough hits to not embarrass myself completely – around the middle of the pack.

    • Mal Mann,
      I have the .223 for the Contender also, and have taken groundhog at 125 yards. Have you ever tried 7mm TCU. It’s a wildcat that is as accurate as anything I’ve ever shot. I used to shoot it for metallic silhouette.

      • Chuck Findlay says:

        I’ve been shooting a 14-inch 7-TCU since the 1980s. it is the most accurate firearm I own. I also use to shoot at IHMSA shoots all around my area. Lots of fun to shoot against / with all the other guys.

  7. hvaczach says:

    I put 500 because I have taken that shot at deer and have even hit one at over 425 I would guess and after a 2 mile track and a two mile drag with the guts in it (forgot my knife in the truck) I wouldn’t ever take it again. 400 plus on deer leads to alot of wounded lost deer, these shots were taken when I was a cocky teenage and early 20’s with a brand new 300 win mag, and tons of I will show you how far I can shoot vigor. The cockiness and vigor have faded with age and the rifle was sold to prevent shoulder bruising. Now with my new cartridge of choice 30-06 I don’t step beyond 300 yards and shoot most my deer inside 100. Probly my best shot was actually this year, took a running shot at a coyote and hit his hind leg he limped for about another 80 yards then sat down and looked back roughly 325 out and I tatored him in the head. I am certain there was a large luck factor as I am a proficiant shooter but no Annie Oakley.

  8. Patriot Farmer says:

    I shot a fox at 637 paces with the Remington 700 action with a 26 inch bull barreled .223. It took two shots.

  9. Higherview says:

    The longest shot I have made on steel was at 1000 yards. On live game it was just at 650, which I consider unusually long for a living creature. If circumstances are not perfect or required (as in a wounded animal – this was a bull elk wounded by another hunter) this would not be an ethical range, excepting varmints. I have made other other one shot kills in the 450 to 550 yard range. These included pronghorn, elk and mountain goat and eland. (The vast majority of big game animals harvested were under 250 yards). We have matches which include steel gongs out past 1300 yards, and I practice from ground positions out to 1000. We can get first shot hits on steel out to 700 yards regularly and out to 900 often. Learning the wind is one of the most useful benefits of shooting at distances regularly. I have learned to shoot pretty well in 5-10 mile an hour winds by practicing on gongs and using both a rangefinder and wind meter when needed. But “doping” the wind gets easier with practice, as does range estimation.

  10. Texas Gunslinger says:

    When I was living in Idaho, I used to go Coyote hunting in the winter. They had a habit of getting into everything like pulling down newborn calves, etc. So- – – I had a 22-250 Winchester with a 24 power Urtle scope. The pelt wasn’t so hot but the animal was down. Then when I worked for the government, I made consistent shots with a Colt M-16, iron sights at 250 yards. I don’t think I could do that one today. Getting old in the eyes! Those were good days!

  11. Donna in MN says:

    Am I the only lady who shot a long gun any distance? Sigh. Women should be target shooting or hunting for experience in a survival situation. I mentioned target shooting above, but my squirrel, rabbit, quail, pheasant, and turkey were all under 150 feet.

    Where are all the other Annie Sure Shots today?

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      Donna when I was married my X-Wife loved to shoot and did a fairly good job of it. She liked handguns more then rifles. I would say she shot OK. Not great as she did not shoot as often as I did, but more then good enough to drop a bad guy. For some reason she didn’t like rifles, even a 22 did not interest her. at 25-yards (75-feet) she could hit a 4-inch clay pidgin with a 22, 9-mm and 45-auto. Didn’t like the recoil of the 357 Mag so not so well with it. We kept a 45-auto by the bed because she liked it.


    • Actually, Donna, our club has some excellent female shooters. Some outshoot me regularly (but we won’t talk about that, OK?) and that’s with shotgun, rifle and pistol. I think most the women prefer the cowboy shooting rather than IPSC or Steel, while we’ve some really good steel shooters as well.
      Oh, to be young again… sigh…

  12. Curley Bull says:

    Tracker & Onyxtiger,

    1968, 600m, 2 at 50m apart in under 10. I was an Aircraft Electrician.


    Lot of mention about “Old Guys”. A little Texas wisdom: “Never pick a fight with an “Old Guy”. If he thinks he’s too old to fight, he’ll just kill you”.


  13. been hunting for sixty years never shot a moose out past fifty feet in all that time very thick underbrush where I hunt always hunted with a m1garand rifle it never failed in all these years. regards.huntsalone north of the border.

  14. Bullseye at 600 yards with a match-grade M16A2, ammo, and iron sights.

  15. Swabbie Robbie says:

    I live in a wooded and hilly area. Most deer are gotten in about 30 yards. I regularly practice at 100 yards with open sights and some longer with a scope. I prefer open sight for hunting because I can bring the rifle up and gain the sight picture right away. Nothing is more frustrating than when a deer is moving and you can’t target it in the scope as it moves betwee the trees.
    A 30-30 (what I use) or shotgun are adequate for deer hunting around here. I also use my favorite rifle, a 45 cal Thompson Center Hawkin I built in 1978. It is also fine for 100yard to 150 yard shooting. Over that, I don’t trust the 45cal weight.

  16. I dont like long range shooting , its just not enjoyable to me in any way , and dont have the patience for it …..too static , prefer 50 yards or less while moving around .

  17. Curley Bull says:

    Howdy Fellas,

    Some talk here about pistol caliber rifles and lever actions. I’m all for it! My lever guns include 22LR (Henry), 45LC (Henry), 30-30 (Marlin), and 300WSM (Browning). I’m partial to the 45LC. I hunted white tail with a Ruger Blackhawk in 45LC for 25 years (pushing a 240gr SJHP out of 7 ½ inch barrel at 1275fps). I now use that same load in my Henry. The longest shot was at 105yds and I can still claim clean One-shot kills. I’ve taken a black bear with it at about 50yds, but put two in him. We startled each other and I let two fly. In Cowboy Action Shooting, I can deliver 10 rnds of cowboy load in very short order with very good accuracy at 25-30 yards.

    Again, as others have said, it comes down to shot placement reguardless of caliber.

    • Curley Bull says:

      BTW the 300WSM is for open country and for elk or larger and long range.

    • Curley,
      When Ohio first opened up White tail hunting with handgun, it was limited to revolver, and a Blackhawk in .357 was my choice. I did replace the original plow handle grip with a Pachmahr. I have a single six that still uses the plow handle grip, but the .357 and that grip were often very hard on the hand. After hunting many years with that gun and almost never firing more than one shot at a time, I switched to the TC Contender in the same cartridge, and if Ohio opens up the pistol cartridge rifles, will be looking at something in .357 lever action.

      • Curley Bull says:

        OP, the 357 is fine for whitetail. That’s what I started with and still enjoy shooting my old 3-screw blackhawk. I put the super blackhawk grip frame on it and it suited me just fine. I do use a pachmahr target grip on my 45LC blackhawk. It does help with the recoil. I decided to switch to the 45LC for several reasons and again caliber in any firearm is dependent on the shooter. There is no best caliber!

      • Chuck Findlay says:

        Ohio Prepper I also have several 357 Mags. What I have found is that the 10-inch contender is more accurate then my Marlin 357 Mag. The contender will shoot a one-inch group and the lever action at best shoots a four-inch group. It shoots cast bullets best, but I have been trying to get a tighter group since I bought it in 1987.

        As a side note I recently found the receipt for the purchase of the lever action 357 Mag and my Camp-9 Marlin rifles. The camp-9 was $172.00 and the lever action 357 Mag was $209.00

        Those days and prices are long gone.


  18. I took 10 shots with an M16A2 at 600 yards and hit 4 of the ten. I was at the known distance range at Ft Benning. We were shooting green tip 5.56 ammo, nothing special. I was just happy that i was able to hit the target 4 times.

    • I think that’s pretty damn special. A lot of folks will brag about some fictional once in a life time shot. But I’m sure those other 6 rounds you sent down range were in that o shit I’m being shot at circle. Most conflicts will take place much much closer. If it’s out there that far, it’s probably better to stay in hiding, or keep moving. just sayin.

  19. oldguy52 says:

    Longest was 500 yards on a military range with iron sights. Couldn’t hit reliably at that distance though. Reliably, I could hit out to about 300 That was forty years ago and while my vision was excellent in those days, it is much less so now. I don’t figure on much more than 200 anymore and for that I like at least a 2.5 power scope.

    Honestly, I can’t think of a whole lot of reasons to shoot at things more than 200 yards out. Too much risk of a poorly placed shot. If I can’t get closer than 200 yards my stalking skills most definitely need improvement.

  20. in the forested mountains I call home it is rare to have a view greater than 200 yards at all. most shots (hunting) are taken less than 50 yards due to rough rocky terraign and dense vegetation in the way. its not easy to find a place to even take a long shot.

    around here everything is close range or hidden out of view

  21. recoveringidiot says:

    Many thousands of rounds fired in 1k NRA long range matches. I had days where I could not read the number boards due to conditions and would wait for the (hopefully) younger guy with great eyesight on either side of me to shoot and when his target went down I could find mine and make the shot. Most of these matches were open site only. Admittedly they were sights that cost more than what most folks spend on a new rifle. Adjustable apertures on both ends with filters and light shades. My favorite round was 6.5-308 (later on Remington came out with the .260, nearly the same chamber), it won’t quite the 6.5-284 but I got twice the barrel life with the smaller case and did not give up that much in performance. On days with good conditions I would shoot almost the same scores in scope matches as the open sight matches. Not bragging but I made HM LR classification, there were many guys I competed with that made me look really bad most days. Persistence was my strong suit, just kept trying and learning until I got to the point where I was a “losing” HM. I also fired many thousands of rds in ATC matches starting with standing at 200yd and ending prone at 600yds with rapid fire matches in between. Lots of fun, if you or your 13+ year old kids want to check it out go to your state R&P association and inquire about NRA HP rifle competitions, some will even help with equipment and training for the young folks. I helped with Jr teams back then and really enjoyed it. Long story short, LR shooting is not as hard as some think. I’m not talking about field/sniper work but KD ranges under controlled conditions.
    Go shoot and enjoy.

  22. Chuck Findlay says:

    recoveringidiot ever shoot at Camp Perry? I go there every year for the national matches as it’s only a few miles from me. Not that I shoot, but while most people would find it boring I enjoy watching the shooters. And I always seem to find things to buy in the commercial row vendors. I use to go there for the weekly trap shoots, but not for a few years.

    I also go to the Grand shotgun shoot in Vandalia (sp?) just north of Dayton Ohio. It’s amazing to see all those shotgun shooters competing. There is like 140+ trap houses in a row. Lots of lead being thrown into the air that week. It’s amazing the Dayton airport is close by and planes fly right overhead so close you can almost count the rivets holding then together, and there is thousands of shotguns being fired into the air. No real danger, but it always seemed funny.


  23. recoveringidiot says:

    Chuck F, yes I attended the nationals from 1992 through 2003. You are right, commercial row is worth the drive alone. The first few years I shot the NTI DCM provided the match ammo. The later years I only entered the NRA matches. It was a sight to see 150 shooters firing 10 rd rapid fire strings into lake Erie.
    Do you know if the fur fin and feather (i think I got the order right?) store is still around? They used to have a great reloading supply.

  24. I’ve made successful shots at a paper/metal target at over 1000 yards.
    However the longest shot that I have ever made and successfully taken game was at 830 yards at a Mule Deer. A No BS Pure Luck shot. It was taken before I got into long range shooting and I just threw the rifle up and used a little Kentucky windage, a good guess and a small prayer. Gotta love reloads!

  25. a ground hog at 715 yard ranged 22-250 rimington model 700 bdl 4×12 bushnell scope