Prayer request

Dear Sir,we would like you and the wolfpack to Pray for my west tn family we have been targeted by CPS because we homeschool and live off grid. Somebody reported my kids had a dirty face so they come In my house without a warrant to check. I called the law and everything checked out ok but CPS give me a scrap piece of paper with a app. To come to a state office to sign papers.

There were no official paper work seen or giving to me so were not going. By the way we live on a farm and my 9 year old son raises chickens so I informed the CPS agent my son and daughter don’t have a dirty face but might have chicken poop on their boots. We worry about new Madrid over here and now the CPS.

Thank you N Graves

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  1. Done. Praise God, walk in the Spirit, and be filled with Love, Hope and ever increasing Faith that God is in control.


    • Or with a warrant, or at all.

      • see if you can get the sheriff on your side. since when is a dirty face a crime?? they are just fishing. repulse them. don’t answer any questions. they will twist your answers against you.
        praying for you all.
        also there are those trying to set precedents all over the country so they can eventually outlaw homeschooling altogether.
        lawmaker capri cafaro here in ohio put forward a most egregious law proposal to rein in homeschooling parents. it raised a hue and cry but i know they won’t stop trying until they get their dirt done. she may have put forward the bill just as a bell wether to find out how strong the opposition is in order to be getter prepared to undermine it. only God can save us.
        i know it is scary. i educated my own daughter entirely without state interference because i did it ‘illegally’ although it is legal in God’s eyes. and in didn’t hesitate to lie or mislead if necessary. ‘the wise man hides himself in time of trouble.’
        praying for you.

      • Some states there doesn’t need to be a warrant if there is a complaint of active abuse or neglect. Parents have to let them in to check.

        • NEVER let them in, EVER! REGARDLESS of what some unjust law says If someone comes to kidnap your children because of a “dirty face” and you let them in. It’s bull#@$. UNREASONABLE search and seizure- can’t make an unconstitutional law stick. If states can make laws which override the probable cause requirement for searches or seizures (in this case home inspection or seizure of your children) then why have the constitution?
          “Some states there doesn’t need to be a warrant “- The CONSTITUTION does NOT exempt “Some states”. People who simply roll over and go along with unconstitutional laws are just as guilty as those who violate the constitution and our natural rights by MAKING such laws and ENFORCING such laws….

          • Amen, I did not show up for the public meeting under a attorneys advice. You only have rights if you exercise them.If they come back they better bring a warrant with the law. DON’t TREAD ON ME!!!

  3. Prayers are sent with more coming. As a former homeschooling mom (my kids in college now), I understand your fears and concerns.

  4. Our sons were home schooled. Prayers on the way.

  5. Dear Lord: Please give this family the wisdom and strength to raise their family true and straight. Please bring them the aid they will need to overcome the hurdles of managing home schooling and make sure that folks come into their lives that can help them at the appropriate times to offer up the lessons that they may not be able to deliver well themselves.

    Lord? If you see that the children need help that is unseen by us or their parents, please provide it in a loving way. Being poor and off the grid is no crime Lord, many fine people have come from such humble beginnings. Please take care of this family in the best way according to you.

    I ask this in Jesus name….

  6. Frugalmom3 says:

    From one homeschooling family to another- we will definitely pray for you!
    There was a bill proposed here in Ohio that would have given a state worker the authority to assess homeschooling families on whether we are fit to teach our children. It didn’t make it far, praise God, but just the mere thought of some one coming into my home who knows NOTHING about my family or how we teach our children to see if I am doing it to some arbitrary standards is ridiculous. We have nothing to hide but that does not mean I have to prove it to you by giving up my rights as a parent and an American.

  7. Proverbs 15:8, (NKJV) “The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to The lord, But the prayer(s) of the upright is His delight.”

    Stay strong, it’s just the beginning.

  8. Draq wraith says:

    Take a lawyer with you to the cps. You see under the affordable care act they don’t need a warrant to enter for welfare checks.

  9. Mary in mn says:

    You need to contact
    Home School Legal Defense Association

    They are a legal protection agency for homeschools
    Let them know what is going on. They can help.

    • Ditto, I asked a friend of mine who is a teacher, thats he mentioned that organization.

      Fight fire with fire!!!!!

      Then call TheBlaze, AlexJones, everyone with a bully pulpit to get the word out there.

    • Stealth Spaniel says:

      Good advice! I did a term paper on HSLDA and they are fantastic! Of course, it galled the teacher no end that I had nerve enough to stand up for home schooling. I pointed out that Lincoln, Edison, and Twain did quite well for themselves without benefit of a “proper” teacher. This is all about Child Protective Services and their agenda. Having been a foster parent, their agenda is very scary!

  10. N. Graves:

    Done. What our government’s do in the name of “protection” is invidious. We had a couple, who are now back in TN, that were trying to adopt a little (read undersized and young) boy. The CDS dragged them back and forth, while sending the boy back to live in a physically and sexually abused family. They finally prevailed and the boy is doing great! It gets my righteous anger flowing whenever I hear of these things.

    There are so many children who are actually being abused, physically and sexually, malnourished, used, and totally unloved out there, there should be plenty of legitimate work for them.

    • I get seriously annoyed with this as well.

      Checking out a dirty face? Seriously? Kids get dirty faces while out playing.

      I used to be an eligibility worker in Sacramento County, CA. I had the unlucky duty of doing the intake for a father and his kids – after the youngest son had been abused – taken into custody repeatedly and repeatedly given back to his abusive mother, She finally killed him.

      Why CPS can’t take care of children who are REALLY and literally abused, instead of harassing families because the child had a dirty face is beyond me.

      • used to be a social worker. lots of these useless state ‘workers’ only go where there is no danger to themselves. honestly, they are afraid to go where there are truly abusive parents.
        it is easier to harass the innocent.

  11. Have a few friends and family who are Pastors, as I once was. More and more I’m hearing great concerns about coming persecution of Christians, by this government.
    Each year in Orlando Fl. Dr. R.C. Sproul hosts a Pastor’s conference which usually draws 5,000+. This year’s topic can be paraphrased as , “Dealing with the coming persecution of Christians in America”.

    The goal is to push The Faith out of the public domain, much like it is in China, Russia, and other Marxist countries. What I find most alarming is that this offensive against The Church comes as much from the Libertarian Right, as it does from The Left, as well as the Homosexual movement.

    • While there is the atheist branch of libertarians, that basically want to make all religion illegal, that doesn’t apply to all of us, Ghost. And frankly, I think that makes them non-libertarians. But what do I know.

  12. Get some legal advise. In some states, if you don’t submit lesson plans and the like or there is a complaint, and you don’t show up to the appointment, child and family services (or whatever it’s called in your state) can come in and take the kids.

  13. I would recommend becoming a member of Homeschool Legal Defense. Once you’re a member, you call them when/if CPS shows up at the door. They will tell you what to do, which often means not letting them in and handing the phone to CPS. They know the laws in all states. They will represent you if there are any actual charges, too. Highly recommended!

  14. GoneWithTheWind says:

    This isn’t about homeschooling or dirty faces it is about someone in the community that is pissed at you. Do not ignore the appointment. Not all the people who work in this field are jerks. Talk to them and if they see no risk to the children you should have no problems. A guaranteed way to have a problem is to start a fight with them. We took “custudy” of our grandchildren 6 months ago and our CPS was involved. They asked to come by to check out our house/environment and of course we said yes. We have told them they can come back anytime they want to. We apparently satisfied them because we haven’t heard from them since the initial visit. You might dislike the intrusion nto your private lives but it is easier to satisfy them that everything is OK then it is to stand your ground and insist they have no right to question anything you do. They usually will consider that to be a red flag and that yu have something to hide.

    • I agree. They have to investigate any suspicions of child abuse or neglect. I do not blame you for not letting them in your home, that is your right. But they will follow up, no matter what. The only way homeschooling might be a problem is if you broke the laws in your state. Here in VA we have to file religious exemption and that excludes any other requirements, or if you file under other statutes then there ars other requirements.
      Will say a prayer for you and yours.

  15. Lauri no e says:

    I will be praying.

  16. N Graves,
    Prayers sent, and continuing! Please check out your rights/responsibilities regarding CPS appointments. I had children placed in my home because parents didn’t show up for appointments. They didn’t stay long, but families were disrupted and children were frightened. NOT ONE of the children placed with me for any length of time was there for a dirty face….what a ridiculous charge. Anyone with children in their lives knows they (and we) can have dirt smudges from valuable and legitimate chores. We try to wash up, but sometimes someone misses. Oh well! Good luck and please let us know how it goes.

  17. I had a preschool/daycare for 4 years.
    You do not have to let them in; which is why they ask, may I come in??

    I had a situation of a mask we made that had staples on the sides of the elastic and the kid must have slept in the damned thing or what??/ I don’t know but he had marks on the area beside his eyebrows, temples, and said I did it–I have no idea if he said that but CPS did come to my house with the complaint–they have to, it is mandatory to follow up.
    A few days later, I received a phone call; the charges were ‘unfounded’, that is the word used. He also told me I was doing a fine job and keep up the good work(that remark had to have come from the CPS employee)…so all was good.
    You can say no when they ask.

  18. Hunker-Down says:

    Prayers are on the way. Let them look whenever and wherever they want. Put your ‘rights’ in your back pocket for the sake of keeping your children. Loose this battle so you can win the war. Ask Jesus to show you how to do it.

  19. mindyinds says:

    Prayers of protection, wisdom and peace to you.

  20. N Graves,

    You are definitely in my prayers. I home schooled my son in Kali, so this fear was always in the back of my mind.

    HSLDA is a real blessing. It costs about $10 a month. You really should contact them and see if they can help.

    I ask the Lord to bless you with the gift of discernment, so that you may listen to him and choose the right path to peacefully end this government intrusion as quickly as possible.

    May God bless you and strengthen you and your family through this trial.

    A kid with a dirty face is cause for concern? They get dirty, you clean them up. Then they get dirty again. You help them clean up. Repeat over and over.

    I guess that I should also pray that the reporting party is given the gift of discernment.

  21. I understand your fears. My first job out of grad-school was with CPS. I stayed there less than a year, but I know how they work and I know how they think.
    Based off of what you wrote, I’d say CPS isn’t your enemy at this point. Someone contacted CPS and made a report. They legally have to send someone to your home to investigate. This type of non-immanent threat case would likely give the assigned investigator up to a week to investigate.
    They have to come to your home, at that point the best thing you can do to make them suspicious and frustrated with you is to refuse them entry. If you plan to lawyer up and dig your heels in, they’ll be back within 24 with a court order and a police escort; they are very easy to obtain for CPS.
    You have to keep two things in mind, CPS workers have WAY more work than they can ever hope to do, and that agency has the highest turnover of any state job. That means two things: 1- the investigator is probably hoping that nothing is wrong so they can close the case, and 2- they are most likely inexperienced and possibly more ambitious.

    They are there to assess whether or not there is a threat to the child’s safety and well being. If your home is legit and you’re not doing anything wrong and don’t give them a hard time, they will be gone and your case will be closed quickly. If they have reason to doubt, it will be drawn out.

    That said, I want to close with these notes: 1- the amount of power that these typically inexperienced persons have is scary, 2- there is an exception to every rule, sometimes you may encounter an investigator that hates their life and takes it out on you; those were referred to as “removal queens” within the agency, 3- the agency has red flags that unofficially increase the likelihood of child endangerment, homeschooling being one of them, 4- I wouldn’t be concerned with your home being “off grid”, chances are the investigator won’t have a clue. They are trained to look for things in the home or around the property that suggest that you have a meth lab or, like previously mentioned, have something that represents a legitimate risk to the child, 5- (and this is probably the most unfair and they will absolutely never admit this to you) if you have a case with CPS, which you do, even if you are cleared of all wrong doing, you will still have a case on your personal file that stays with you for life. Having a case on your record, guilty of something or not, you are henceforth viewed as a higher risk.

    • We thank everyone for their prayers. We did not go to the appointment.I did call and now the CPS wants to meet in a public place to sign papers, due to me calling the law. I am joining HSLDA but will not be a member in time for tomorrows appointment and no local attorneys will advise me of my rights.I am concerned about what I should sign.

      • I don’t know what state you’re in, but the laws are pretty similar from state to state. Here is a REALLY good place to start if you want to know what to expect:

        Hope this helps.

      • worrisome says:

        N graves….never sign anything you do not understand. Ask for time to review it with an fatty if you question it at all. If this is not an emergency there should be no reason for them not to give you the time. In the meantime if your cell phone has t h e ability to record do so.

      • CountryVet says:

        Just read CAREFULLY. Sign NOTHING that in any way admits any form of neglect, wrongdoing, or that gives them any form of authority over your children of you. It may be nothing more than a statement that they came to your house- THAT WOULD NOT BE A PROBLEM. I am not an attorney, but if faced with any form of incriminating paperwork, I would notate on the coversheet that you decline to sign and state that you can sign nothing without the advice of an attorney and ask for a copy of the paper. Stall- It sounds like that you will soon have legal support. Like I said though, it may be completely innocent. BUT- Just be careful and take someone with you such as your pastor, etc. (someone NOT a family member) and if at all possible use the record feature on a cell phone to record the meeting. Even a photo of the paperwork from a phone could come in handy later. A typical CYA scenario. And VERY important, if you do sign something- do NOT leave without a copy of what you signed!!!! Get a copy of whatever it is to attorney as soon as you can. DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT! I have seen CPS at its best and I have seen it at its worst. Just depends on who you get and the mood that they are in unfortunately. Go with the attitude that they are there to help and proceed with that attitude until something shows you otherwise. Just don’t be steamrolled.

        You and the children are certainly in my prayers.

  22. worrisome says:

    That should have been attorney truly hate spell check

  23. Contact the HSLDA – Homeschool Legal Defense Association –

  24. Western_Reservist says:

    Fight fire with fire.

    Get an attorney; call your local County Bar Assn, or Lawyer Referral Service or Legal Aid Society.

    The only thing bureaucrats understand is a “counter-attack.”

    Don’t sit still or “take it.” Demand your rights.

    Say nothing, sign nothing agree to nothing.

  25. mom of three says:

    This is why we finally signed up for the ACA, because my husband, thinks this will be the next route, the states will take and come and take your children away.. Agenda 21, anyone!

  26. A really good practice when home schooling keep a folder with a copy of your state’s home school statute, copies of how you meet those requirements, if any, and test scores if required. I doubt most CPS employees know the law and by providing them those copies it would stop an investigation in its tracks and prove that you know and your rights. Luckily we never had that happen but I always worried about it since we did less desk work than hands on in the world schooling.

  27. Prayers going out to you and your family. I wish you luck with the homeschooling. I admire folks that are able to homeschool.

    I am trying to understand though, if u are in W TN why are you worried about New Madrid? Is something going on there I haven’t heard about yet? I live in the area. Just wondering.

  28. My prayers to you for strength and fortitude.

    Please do not meet with them, even in a public place, without legal counsel. The fact they now want to meet in public place, is a signal they are trying to manipulate you into signing something – by showing trust.

    Do not admit to anything, do not sign anything, not even a simple form documenting the public meeting – It sets a legal precedent indicating potential guilt.

    I fought a similar battle with my ex, who is a lawyer, and I got legal counsel through Legal Aid Society BEFORE talking to anyone. It made all the difference.

    The CPS must respond and investigate all calls. The problem is that sometimes those calls turn out to be revenge calls anonymously sent by some jerk, and then innocent families get harassed for no reason.

    Be calm, quiet, professional, and patient when dealing with these people. Know that this problem may take some time to resolve, and that you will get through this.

  29. God Bless you and your family. This too shall pass. Trust in the Lord.

  30. Good luck! Every CPS I personally know is actually looking for real abuse or neglect, not trying to bust up good families. They have better things to do than persecute someone they don’t even know. I know from experience that someone has to make a complaint and say they witnessed something firsthand. So the real question is who would make a complaint?? I wish you well!

  31. You are going to need more than prayer when dealing with CPS. This is a very, very dangerous situation that has the full potential to drag you and your entire family through the pit of hell. I suggest obtaining legal counsel and challenge the legitimacy of the report. I don’t care if they wrote the appointment date on a napkin with lipstick, do not ignore any appointment dates with CPS. Your best defense at this point is a strong offense.

    Do not assume for a second that the CPS social worker is there to help. I don’t care how nice they seem or wonderful their smile is, anything they find to their disliking will be used against you in their findings (this includes personal beliefs, political views, religion, possessions, etc). If you are known as a prepper in the community, it may be enough to keep this nightmare continuing on.

    The sheriff and police will not be able to help you. If they arrive with the CPS social worker, it is only to determine if a crime has been committed in conjunction with the report. The moment you open the door to the CPS social worker and the police officer, the police officer pretty much can poke around all they want at that point. Don’t give them any reason to start poking.

    On that note, assume anything you say will be used against you. Watch what you say and how you say it. The CPS officer we dealt with treated us as a guilty party from the very start.

    CPS is under no obligation to close the investigation. They can keep the investigation open from now to eternity if they so choose. You have to force it closed by challenging the report as being falsely submitted and demand that it be closed. Takes typically two weeks for this process to happen. Stay on them if they don’t.

    Once CPS closes the case, nothing prevents another one from being immediately filed against you. Challenge the report as being falsely filed and demand to have criminal charges brought against the person that submitted the report. In Florida, it is a felony in the 3rd degree for filing a false CPS report. Places like Kansas, it is only a misdemeanor.

    It is your right as the accused to obtain a copy of the report filed with CPS. You can go down to CPS and request a copy of the report. It will typically take two weeks for a copy to be prepared. This is where things get interesting. In states like Florida, if the report was filed by someone in law enforcement, healthcare, or education, the filer’s name will be redacted from the report. This means it will be nearly impossible to prove who did this to you as the states deliberately stack the system against those being investigated by CPS. Your hidden attacker abusing the system can keep coming after you until you move out of the county or die. If the person does not fall into this category, you should get their name in the report. If the CPS department redacts the name, ask if the person filing the report falls into the protected category of professions that the state redacts the names on (provided the state you reside in operates this way). If the answer is no and it was still redacted, you will need a lawyer to subpoena CPS for the name. If you get the name, seek criminal charges and sue the snot out of them.

    This private hell is far from over. CPS can close the case, but outsource you to a private third party social worker agency to keep tabs on you. The 3rd party company gets subsidized by the state for their time. The less than reputable agencies will string out their visits to milk the state as much as possible. The one I dealt with, Catholic Charities, damn near went as far as you will do what I say when I say it or I will file a report against you with CPS. They may tell you it is voluntary, but this is a lie. The moment you sign their documents agreeing to their visitation, you will find cutting your arm off with a plastic, butter knife will be easier than getting rid of the social workers. Make sure you get an end date on paper if you get saddled with these jerkies. The social workers with CC kept changing the termination date and never gave a reason why. Took almost 4 months to get rid of them.

    Here is the worst part of it all. If CPS can take your kids into protective custody and farm them out for adoption, the feds will reimburse CPS its operating costs and up to $50,000 in a finder’s fee depending on the type of child that was adopted out.

    Lastly, do not under any circumstance sign any document ‘ending the investigation’ that has in it admission of guilt. Utah is notorious for doing this from some of the account’s I have read. If any agent attempts to force you to sign something or gets pushy, consider it a red flag. Read everything thoroughly and carefully, before signing.

  32. I have had CPS investigate us many times. The schools now days cause so much problems. I wished that we could have home schooled but our work made it impossible. The ones we worked with were very good and did not make problems unless they could find something. I think working with them is the better way to go. Be very careful what you say and make sure you understand anything you sign. They will not have a problem if you say that you want to have anything they want signed looked at. Having someone with you is a good idea and only answer what they ask. Have a way that you can stop each other if you start to say something that is not asked. My wife and I will hold up a finger to remind each other to stop talking. They like you to talk that is when they find out things. Be careful and it may work out fine.

  33. Man oh man. Prayers being sent.

    I have gone rounds with cps before. Lets count them down
    1, someone said there was no food in my house and one of my kids looked “pot bellued and bow-legged” -kid you not, cps showed up for that.
    2, while potty training, one of my kids had an itchy bottom, someone called cps and said my child was being sexually abused
    3, someone called and said my house was ‘unsafe’
    4, my daughter had a rash on her leg, the school called cps and we were going rounds for allegations of sexual abuse- again. This one was probably the most traumatic as my 5 year old had to undergo a physical exam by the state chosen doctor (even though I took her to her pediatrician), my husband got kicked out of our house for 3 weeks. Interesting, I was asked why my daughter would have a ‘pink bruise’ on her leg.
    5, someone said we didnt have electricity.

    So, I so understand how annoying, frustrating, scary, and downright invasive cps can be. The last time I got a knock on the door I seriously looked at the worker and said “what now?” She then went thru her spiel. I could have demanded that she have a warrant (and you can bet your bottom dollar that if you ask for one, they WILL get one, and it will be served with police presence), but I said look, there are my kids, we are in the middle of moving, as you can see my electric is on, I can provide a statement from my electric company saying it has never been off, so obviously it is someone causing problems. She asked a few questions and was on her way.

    The thing is, no matter how stupid it sounds (like a dirty face or a pot bellied bow-legged child) they have to make a visit.

    I agree about getting the opinion of an attorney, but I also suggest not missing that appointment. Although if you can, have your kids with a sitter for the day. Going and listening to their bs is a lot easier then them coming back with the police and a temporary custody order giving them permission to take your kids. And yes, all they have to do is talk to a judge and that custody order is in their hands in less than 5 minutes.

    Again, prayers being sent your way.

  34. chet "catman" travirca says:

    CPS is like a cancer…
    Once they target you, you have to fight them for life.
    My daughter’s life has been a living hell for the last two
    years because of them. All i can say that might be of help
    to you is to document EVERYTHING into a file and throw
    NOTHING away. If my daughter hadn’t done so she would
    have lost her kids. Her biggest regret was not taking my
    advice from day 1…get the best lawyer you can find/afford.
    Its sad but it will be the only way you can ever hope to get
    them off your back. Im old and would miss my grandkids
    but were they mine i would leave the USA.
    Im visiting Ecuador next fall. I retire soon. Working on
    starting a small business there…one that could provide
    the safety for my family that no longer exists for us here.
    Being able to live off the grid opens the door to a lot of
    places for you.
    Good luck, you are going to need it, because prayers won’t
    protect you from that kind of evil.

  35. Encourager says:

    Praying for you!

    When we home schooled, we joined the Home School Legal Defense Association.

    It was money well invested. If you are investigated or harassed because you home school, they will have a lawyer there to represent you for no charge. That is what they do. period.

    Even if money is tight, I would scrape it up however I can. One year costs $120, and if you pay for more than one year at a time, the cost drops. But if you NEED them, they are there.

  36. Mike Hoskins says:

    My opinion only, Today I would not let a warrant enter my home. I don’t trust our government! They don’t abide by laws, should we?

    God bless you in your honest efforts.

  37. heathen_prepper says:

    I will pray for you and yours my friend. Had ny own problems with west TN.CPS. I dropped my sister and her family off at her house one night and as we pulled in we saw the door wide open and property strewn all over the floor. I grabbed my weapon and checked the house while my brother in law stayed in the car with the family and called the cops and reported the break in. When the cops came they called CPS because the house was a mess. Well duh someone broke in and ransacked it! I doubt my anger at the lack of logic helped. We’ll be raying for you.

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