Five Predictions for the Trump Presidency That Should Keep You Awake at Night

We can all agree that as president-elect Donald J Trump will have a lot to deal with when he takes over the office, and  we hope that he does well and does everything that he can to bring the country back to where it needs to be, unfortunately,  I think it is too far past the tipping point to be brought back to center.

The best that we can hope for is that president Trump will be able to cause a slow down of what’s coming thus giving us more time to prepare for what is the ineludible outcome that we will have to deal with and that is economic collapse, major terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, and eventual nuclear war with Russia…

Below are my top five predictions for the next four years of the Trump Presidency…

1. A Huge Increase in Well Organized Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Soil 

During the coming Donald J Trump presidency, I look for a HUGE increase in terror attacks on U.S. soil by ISIS as well as from the domestic far left (such as BLM). As we know the U.S. Government acting under the Obama regime has been funding, arming and supporting ISIS in Syria and in other parts of the middle east. Under Obama, we have also had an open border policy and this policy has allowed hundreds of ISIS members and their supporters into the U.S. were they have been freely able to organize, plan and train.

This is why we have not seen any major attacks (like 9/11) on U.S. soil since Obama took office because the Obama regime has been supporting ISIS and their efforts in the Middle East.

When Trump takes office, the funding will stop and the support will stop. President Trump will go after their training camps in the U.S. and safe havens and they will retaliate via large-scale attacks here in the U.S. via mass shooting, bombing, and other tactics that will result in hundreds if not thousands of Americans being murdered. I also look for far-left domestic terrorists to plan and perpetrate similar attacks but on a smaller scale.

2. Trump Will Flip-Flop and Call for and or Support “Assault Rifle” and Full Capacity Magazine Bans  after another Mass Shooting

I’m sure that this prediction will ruffle a lot of feathers and I hope that I’m wrong, after all, I did vote for Donald J Trump, but I only did so for one reason and that is that I knew he had to be a better choice than Hillary Rodham Clinton.

A turnip would have been a better choice than Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Okay, here it goes… I predict that if there is another mass shooting with the shooter using a semi-auto “assault rifle” with a 30 round magazine that Donald J Trump will turn on the Second Amendment, the NRA, and his voters by calling for more gun control in the form of semi-auto bans and limited magazine capacity.

Yea, I know… he said he was pro-gun and a firm supporter of the Second Amendment while he was running for office and wanting your vote… but he wasn’t always a supporter and in the past has openly called for semi-auto bans and for limiting magazine capacity.

In his book “The America We Deserve” Donald J Trump wrote: “I generally oppose gun control, but I support the ban on assault weapons and I support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun.”

I know a lot of folks will argue that he has changed his views on gun control and an “assault weapons” ban… well folks, he has changed his stance on a number of key issues over the years and who can guarantee that he won’t change it back again when the body count goes up after another mass shooting…

I hope that I’m wrong, I really pray that I am on this one, but I think that if put under pressure by perceived public and media outcry on the issue such as would be the case after another major mass shooting that he will flip-flop again on the gun control/ban issue and call for more gun laws and or complete bans on certain firearms and limiting magazine capacity.

3. Another Cold War that Could Turn Hot

We were told by the mainstream media that Trump is a puppet for Putin and the Russians and that Russia hacked the election which resulted in a Donald J Trump victory – all nonsense and government propaganda coming for the Obama regime and the controlled media of course, but that doesn’t stop the sheeple from believing such B.S. because unfortunately, they believe everything they are told on the nightly fake news broadcasts coming from the mainstream media.

The election of Donald J Trump did postponed war with Russia comparative to the election of Hilary Clinton who would have had us at war with Russia in weeks if she had been election/appointed.  However, the threat is still there and I predict a further breakdown in relations with Russia under Trump during his term.

I think that President Trump will be extra stern and un-wilding toward Putin and Russia to prove the mainstream media wrong in regard to their claims of him being a puppet for Putin and the Russians.

Also, both Trump and Putin are hard headed egotistical personalities and both want the best for their country and both countries want to be the main dominating world superpower and will do what it takes to reach that point of power and influence.

Heck, it looks like a new nuclear arms race is already underway and Trump hasn’t even been sworn in yet… Trump, Putin both seek to boost their nuclear capability.

4. No Decrease of Illegal Domestic Spying on U.S. Citizens and Most likely an Increase Instead

I don’t see any decrease or roll back of any of illegal domestic spying on U.S. citizens under a Trump presidency and most likely we will see an increase and of course, just like under Obama it will be deemed as necessary for our “protection” from the “terrorists” the same terrorists that the government should be watching, arresting and or exporting back to whatever craphole they crawled out of.

Trump has already called for “closing off parts of the internet to limit militant Islamist propaganda” whatever that means and urged a boycott of Apple products over the company’s refusal to help the FBI unlock an iPhone associated with last year’s San Bernardino, Calif. shootings.

And let’s not forget that he supports the unconstitutional stop and frisk policy and a mandatory death penalty for anyone that kills any law enforcement officer. The later is very dangerous and naive because such cases should be judged on a case by case by basis… i.e. what if the police officer was trying to kill you because his wife left him for another man and the officer thinks that you’re him during a traffic stop and just wants to end you for it and you have to defend yourself with deadly force against the law-enforcement officer – should you get the death penalty for defending yourself just because your attacker wears a badge… No, you shouldn’t – each case should be tried on an individual basis…

“I imagine (Trump) is going to be a guy who is probably going to mandate backdoors,” said Hank Thomas, chief operating officer at Strategic Cyber Ventures and a veteran of the National Security Agency. “I don’t think he’s ultimately going to be a friend to privacy, and the fearful side of me says he will get intelligence agencies more involved in domestic law enforcement.”


5, A Major Long-lasting and Far Reaching Economic Collapse

Right now, even before Trump has taken office the stock market is up and there have been reports of companies who are planning to move back to the U.S. from abroad and of others who are postponing company moves since Donald J Trump was elected and I think that if not for the agenda of TPTB that Trump might be able to postpone the coming economic collapse. However, TPTB and the far political left want Trump and the “Trump movement” to fail and they will do everything in their power to see that that happens even if that means collapsing the economy (or starting a nuclear war with Russia).

The powers that be (TPTB) do not want a strong, United States of America because a strong U.S.A. will stand in the way their plans for a one world government. The U.S. and world economic system are set up to crash and those holding the strings can crash it at any point in time that they see fit and what better time than during the Trump presidency…

And in the words of Michael Snyder from the economic collapse blog “The truth, of course, is that the result of the election did not somehow magically alter the outlook for the U.S. economy” and that my friends is the fact no matter how hard to swallow. We are still nineteen plus trillion dollars in debt and that debt figures out to be more than 110% of total US GDP.

The statement below from sums up the current economic situation and eventual outcome realistically…

“Trumphoria,” a phenomena describing people who were once preparing for the impending global collapse, but have somehow been duped into believing that a Trump presidency can turn around decades of poor monetary policy. Those people are sorely mistaken! That’s not a knock on Trump’s ability either. The simple fact is that our nation has accumulated the largest mountain of debt the world has ever seen, and as Dr. Willie explains, our status as the World Reserve Currency is almost at an end.

The best outcome President Trump could hope for, would be to prolong this debt bubble for as long as possible, but that would make the ultimate outcome even worse. On the other hand, he could try to deal with the crisis right away, but that would mean an extraordinary amount of pain for the whole country, something he’s not likely willing to do for political reasons, regardless of how much it would help in the long term.

I predict that the economy will collapse during Donald J Trump’s term as president – whether by design and on purpose by TPTB or under the massive amount of debt that just keeps growing, the economy is going to crash and it will do so while Donald J Trump is in office.

The U.S. economy will crash under Donald J Trump, not because of him or his policies but because it’s already crashing. We have already passed the point of no return and there isn’t anything President Trump or anyone else can do to stop it (slow it down maybe, but not stop it) and combine that with the fact that TPTB aka the Globalists want Trump to fail and we have nearly a 100% probability that the economy will collapse under Trump.

Okay, agree or disagree those are my top five predictions for the Trump presidency. Please leave your thoughts and comments below…

About M.D. Creekmore

M.D. Creekmore is the owner and editor of He is the author of four prepper related books and is regarded as one of the nations top survival and emergency preparedness experts. Read more about him here.


  1. except for war with russia, it seems you may be on the right track.
    depends on how the globalist thieves decide to treat the new president [if he even gets into office].
    and i do think the leftists, after decades of preparation, may be thinking about outright terrorism instead of just manipulation.
    they are all destined for hell, but they will continue to make life on earth hell for as many of the rest of us as they can.
    the evil one is alive and active, and his minions are many and merciless.

    may God protect us!

    • Amen…

    • Author hit the nail on the head. I too, voted for trump as the better choice, but, I have had the feeling ever since that Trump is a deception. Just sayin’.

    • Amen

      • hardball harry says:

        lets all preach the gloom and doom for the nation, But first you people must grow a pair of balls, im not a war monger and i despise being close to that situation, but there will come a time in most of our lives where we must stand up for ourselves our family s and country or be killed, which one will it be for you???

        • Better to perish in the struggle for Freedom than survive to see defeat.

          • ” Are you, are you, comin to the tree ” It’s called the Hunger Games and we are all players, but are we being played? is Trump President Coin, who believes he can use the existing corrupt system to somehow make Panem a better place? When in the History of man kind has that ever happened? “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” Blood must, and will be spilled. It can’t be stopped until the Tree of Liberty is refreshed. I pray we die well. Sempre Avanti.

  2. I don’t see Trump’s Second Amendment view changing. His views changed in large part due to his sons, who are very influential.

    Economically a collapse may or may not happen, much depends on the speed at which policies are implemented that make energy production easier. The US was on the precipice of an energy boom before Obama’s energy policies helped cripple production.

    • KBinKY,

      I hope you’re right about Trump’s Second Amendment views not changing again… we will see after the next mass shooting I guess…

    • Thx for article MD. We, who live in this federation of states, have been truly blest! Blest to the tune of being 5%ers….that is, about 95% of all peeps ever having lived have lived under the yoke of oppression! The actual #’s are different, but I make my point.

      A very Merry Christmas & a Happy Joyous & Free New Year’s wish to all!

      Regarding the article, nicely done, here’s my 2 pfenigs worth….

      I don’t see nuclear war being likely. But it may happen, so we prepare….. If one studies ‘the shadow ring’ conspirators, one sees toward the outer ring, or circles w/in circles, the communists…. They hold great power, having entrenched themselves in the power structures of every nation on Earth (sadly, this includes the USA). They don’t enjoy complete control here, but it’s growing. Looking further in towards the inner circles, one sees the ‘banksters’. Very much ‘globalist’, they hold much control over the communists. Not total control, but a great amount.

      By withholding American foreign aid, the communists’ strangleholds would greatly wither (examples: the UN & Export/Import Bank). Trade w/communist countries also aids & abets their collectivist economies (which fuels/funds their war machines).

      Those things said, the banksters would like to have complete control w/o nuclear war. The devestation would cripple the banksters lust for loot & power. So nuclear war would not be in their interest. They wish to take over, not utterly destroy, the means of production/trade.

      The biggest reasons our red friends have increased their nuclear strength is due help from our Presidents’ Administrations from FDR thru today. (Anybody who was in the military can dial up, & enjoy, from a ‘used’ military person’s perspective: From Major Jordan’s Diaries on you tube. The content is NO LESS THAN STUNNING! It covers transfer of materials during WW II to Stalin’s minions-w/a little bonus primer on the KGB here. These include fissionable materials, weapons development plans for same, whole factories, planes, ships, munitions, US Mint Plates to print war currency-which the Russkies used for their own purposes, vodka, silk stockings for their ladyfriends, etc.). Both IKE & JFK limited our development of nuclear capabilities via nuclear test ban treaties w/the USSR. WTF! Are these examples beyond stupid? It’s treason in my book! Which brings me to Hillary (gag)…. I’m sure we are all aware of her dealings w/Russia recently regarding uranium mines. There are other examples, too many to mention here.

      I do hope the Trump admin will bring back the arms race. Particularly nuclear. Being THE tough guy on the block keeps the also rans @ bay. Thereby keeping the likelihood of the devestation minimal. Remember, the commies wish to cut the Earth’s population to about 20% of its current numbers.

      I’m suspicious of Trump, as I see some of the ‘swamp things’ of the phony right wing bent gathering around him. Largely from the Council on Foreign Relations; these pretend right wingers merely approach totalitarianism from an angle different than the O Bombers & Clintons & FDR’s, etc.

      Regarding gun confiscation (the term gun control a propaganda tool to lead US incrementally toward citizen disarmament), I say: ‘I’m from Missouri’. Show me! I remember him agreeing in one debate on rules regarding no fly lists. Get involved in a good neighborhood watch program. Get to know local gendarmes & let them know you have lawful intent. Got a ‘Constitutional Sheriff in your county? Well, get cracking. Isn’t Patreus a gun grabber?

      Regarding another Cold War becoming hot…. Possible, but there’s talk of US merging our interests w/Russia. Wasn’t that the objective of Communism to begin with? World domination via 1 government? Got UN? Get active in getting this absurd abomination out of the US! More importantly, stop US funding of the UN- directly or indirectly via foreign aid, much of which goes back to those asshat bureaucrat leeches! If we increase our might, the cowardly commies will back off.

      A big part of the Cold War & where we’ve been ‘whupped real mean’ are the inroads of Cultural Marxism. Divorce (its effects on children paramount), porn, social programs, LGBT, drug war, gangs, (include foreign gangs such as MS 13 & Barrio 18, for they will prolly be the leaders in violence here. Along w/BLM & Huey P Newton gun clubs) fostered by MSM propagation of same. These are but a few examples. Lenin said: ‘first we will take Eastern Europe, then the masses of Asia, then Africa, then South & Central America. Then America will fall like a ripe grapefruit (aka snowflakes or trans whatevers) into our hands. A country STRONG in its morals can’t be corrupted from within! So I ask what’s the moral base of the USA devolved into? Decay, I say. Please don’t support those who support decay! End cable & satellite TV subscriptions (aka bundling supports fake news & entertainment outlets). Do your best to get out of debt! Target & Home Depot? Not I! Pray!

      Re: economic collapse. How many US citizens do you know who are NOT dependent on federal handouts/regulations of one form or another? Seems everyone has been turned into a ‘serf’, doesn’t it? So a collapse will be a great tool by which to further shackle once sovereign citizens. That’s one of the great parts of this blog- we’ve learned to think outside the ‘little boxes on the hillside’ (from a 60’s protest song, protesting higher education’s turning of young minds into fodder/slave labor)….. Educating ourselves & determining whom we may trust will help. Prolly the only person free of gov’t domination is the drunk living under the bridge- if he distills & grows his own.

      No ez answers to economic collapse, but critical thinking says we’ve been ‘sub conciously enslaved’ into thinking of the economy as a national economy. IT IS NOT! It’s my economy, it’s your economy, it’s the individuals economy! Break that socialistic yoke. You got the tools!

      Get involved w/others of like mind. Don’t sit & jaw & bitch…. Bitching does nothing! My work this past fall w/local political org was very telling….elections coming up in the Spring here…..

      Bobbo off soapbox. Luv ya guys!

      • Hi Bobbo, You made a lot of good points.

        “but there’s talk of US merging our interests w/Russia.”

        One interest we DO share with both Russia and China is our vulnerability to Islamist totalitarianism and terrorism.

        If we worked together on that single, complex, issue, I think we would be better off than not doing so. We had very little in common with Joe Stalin’s USSR but we allied temporarily to fight the Axis Powers.

        So far as I can see, until now we have chosen to empower the Islamists by allowing or actively helping the overthrow of anti-democratic, authoritarian, but fervently anti-Islamist regimes in Libya, Egypt, Iraq, and Syria, without any realistic plans for replacing them with something better for the US.

        So far as I can see, overthrowing the Assad family in Syria doesn’t make any sense if the desired outcome is a stable, anti-Islamist government, because there is no way to control which of many factions wins the civil war.

        If we accept, as Trump claims he does, that we should be looking at all options through the lens of “what is (probably) best for America”, our foreign policy over the last couple decades would probably have been far different.

        Overthrowing Iraq did what? Eliminated the primary bulwark against Iranian expansionism throughout the Middle East, and, under the Obama regime, created a power vacuum which allowed the rise of ISIS. Obama could not have done that if Bush II hadn’t overthrown Saddam Hussein with little reason to think that the Iraqi people would embrace a secular or even moderate Islamic democracy.

        Instead of asking himself “”What is probably best for America?”, Bush II seemed to think that overthrowing Hussein was a wonderful thing for the Iraqis which would INEVITABLY be good for the Middle East.

        While it is true that the videos of Saddam Hussein getting pulled out of a hole in the ground did lead to Libya giving up it’s weapons of mass destruction programs -no small thing- we then rewarded Khadaffi for his co-operation with the US by allowing his overthrow and video sodomization with a bayonet.

        We can be sure that while other dictators will think about Saddam Hussein being pulled out of a hole, they will ALL remember front and center that cooperating with the US resulted in the cell phone video of Khadaffi’s brutal death.

        Through all these events in which multiple US administrations acted, no one seems to have asked, or at least answered in a realistic way: What is in it for us? What is the desired long term result? What are the chances of that result being the actual result? What are the effects of some other result?

        I really don’t see any serious upside for the US to the overthrow of the Syrian government no matter who wins, and if the Islamists win, it will be yet another calamity for the US AND for Europe as tens of millions of refuges walk and float north and west into a Europe which will be overwhelmed with sheer numbers.

        Europe is in big enough trouble now. Imagine if thirty or fifty million more Arabs move in. The governments of Europe do not have the courage, the brutality, or even the inclination to stop them before they settle in, unemployed, unemployable, unassimilating, and demanding support or else.

        So on the issue of Syria specifically, and the spread of Islamism in general, I hope we do make common cause with Russia and China.

        • Chuck Findlay says:

          I really don’t see any serious upside for the US to the overthrow of the Syrian government.

          Yep, no likely upside. Nature hates a vacuum and removing one dictator (s) will result in another one filling his place and you never know if it will be a good one. Mostly it’s not a good one.

          We (the USA) have been meddling in other countries leadership for decades and so far haven’t done so well. You would think we would learn, but our politicians are not the sharpest knifes in the drawer.

  3. If you are right about even one or two of these, well all I can say is “God Bless America” and keep on keeping on.

    • If terrorist attacks increase, economic collapse, or gun crack down, then we won’t be voting again. First time we voted since Reagan to keep Hillary out. Others hadn’t voted in years until recent. People will lose hope and realize politicians cannot fix anything worth fixing. Preparing family and living low key, forming support groups with trusted friends will be priority.

  4. Patriot Farmer says:

    I think the economic collapse was in the works long before this election. Over spending, massive debt and never ending corrupt and glutinous government have decided our fate long ago. I don’t think Trump will change his mind on the Second Amendment. Too much of his support comes from Second Amendment supporters. If he acts and loses us his will have the right and left against him and his presidency will be over.

    • Glutinous government, what a concept! Teacher I know on European vacation w/students. ALWAYS clamoring for MORE! Posts on FB decrying American principles, loves the Progressive side. I see this habitually out of bunglingrats I know.

  5. I believe you are right in all of that. We prayed for Trump and I was so happy about his win, but as I was celebrating and thanking God on driving to work that morning, I suddenly was hit with “do you think the devil/Illuminati is going to lay down?” I am sure even Hillary is smiling – thinking of what will actually happen to this country. Well, I will continue to pray for our country and seek God’s intervention to stop the devil’s plans.

  6. I just want my PM shorts to go through the roof!

    • Me too! Been getting my butt handed to me!

      • PrepperDoc says:

        Misery loves company. I’ve misguessed the Trump effect also — if he is able to shift the national attitutde towards HARD WORK ETHIC away from VICTIMHOOOD HANDOUTS…..then we have a better chance at some growth….

        Wish I had listened more to my own advice in the Prepper Investment Index….had I sold some of my precious metals funds earlier in the year I would be much better off than currently….oh, well. I never fully exited the market so I’ve benefited to some extent from the Trump Effect.

        I have to run my end-of-the-year numbers about now, and maybe I’ll rebalance a bit. Buy a bit more of whatever is down and sell a bit of what is up. Happy to see my long-held predictions about bond funds being vulnerable to interest rate rises, are FINALLY coming true.

        • Yeah, PrepDr….bonds have downsides. Their reality not the common misconception. Thankfully, we have the omnipotent Fed to help us! Sorry, cynicism.

        • Hi PrepperDoc, quite right about bonds and PMs. I’m holding off my scheduled purchases of PMs for probably at least a couple more months. Maybe more.

          While prices are way off the ten year highs, they are still WAY above the ten year lows. A couple years of good economic news might actually drop prices back to the long term lows.

          In that case, I plan to be buying a LOT more with the same number of dollars. I’d be delighted if gold went sub-$500/ounce again, both because I could buy more, and because it would be suggesting that people around the world would be quite optimistic about the future.

          Same thing for silver, of course.

        • Thinking of PMs, does anyone have an opinion on the new Canadian Maple leaves in various denominations? A couple years ago Canada started an anti-counterfeiting measure by engraving very fine radial lines on both sides, and microengraving the last two digits of the date on the front. It seems to make counterfeiting by casting virtually impossible as you can’t cast such fine detail. I think the Canadians made a meaningful improvement over all other countries modern bullion coins, AND they sell them at a lower premium than other countries sell theirs.

          People who are looking at modern bullion coins in either silver or gold should take a look at them.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      I’m not short on PM’s; but actually own quite a bit both physical and paper. My physical is growing a bit every few months, and my paper was purchased (now down a bit) as a hedge against my equities. Overall my investments are down only about 6-8% in total, and with most of our income this year being tax exempt we just took another distribution that will in essence be tax free. Since the new insulation will give us a $500 tax credit, I had to do something to not waste it, so our liquid assets will be improving by about $7000. It’s a good thing to have assets; but, even better to manage them in such a way as to keep away the tax man.
      One thing for those of you who have paid off or are about to pay off your mortgage, make sure as you are celebrating that you look at your entire situation financially, since losing the big mortgage interest loophole, does change your tax situation more than you might realize. It’s still IMHO a good thing to be free and clear; but, that extra cash flow needs to be managed properly to avoid sending your planning, sacrifice and good fortune to the tax man.

      • Yeah, now that I don’t have a home interest deduction, I am a little concerned about how that is going to affect me. Part of my income is tax free (VA disability), but most is not. Actually, I will be able to claim about six-months worth for 2016, but that will be zero for 2017.

        I don’t trust the economy right now and I am reluctant to invest in anything. The stock market is just aching for a tumble and precious metals worry me too.

  7. I have wondered why we haven’t had more terrorist attacks and what you say makes perfect sense to me. I also think that Trump could have been put into place just to quiet down the “patriots” and lull everyone into thinking things will improve now and possibly keep them from rising up against all of this until it’s too late to do so. I voted for him too, for the exact same reasons you did. But I am by no means confident that he can or will do the things he promised.

    • I am reassured by the fact that he is now quite friendly with both Nigel Farage and Arron Banks (of UKIP and Brexit fame). You would have to be very clever/devious/consistently energised to fool even one of those. No, I really believe people should not be concerned about Trumps patriotism at least. Same can be said about Bannon and Sessions I guess.

  8. Tina Gallagher says:

    What a bleak outlook. I believe you’re wrong, and we all hope you are. An economic downturn may be around the corner or staring at us thanks to obama’s messing with the economy for 8 years and the “$15 min wage rage.” As for war with Russia, Mr. Putin isn’t stupid. He knows war with the US would cost his country dearly and the suffering would continue for decades to come. Trade is better than war. China is ignored in your predictions, and I believe they are a bigger threat than anyone else on this planet. clinton named them as “most favored nation” and set them up to get nuclear weapons technology. Has NO ONE paid attention to their “program?” We should be allies with Russia (or will be forced to be) if China decides to march on the world. And I hope I’m wrong, too.

    • Ronald Beal says:

      Russia is not the greatest threat to the USA. However, if the Generals and Politicians continue to tell Russia how fast we can destroy them and the Western massing along the west border continues to build, Russia may change its view of the US. Taking the option of not conducting the first strike off the table is another arrogant move by the US. How much will a foreign country take before feeling threatened with total destruction by another country? Indicating we will strike first limits the options of Russia. They may be forced to strike first to save their country. Otherwise, there is no reason for Russia to ever strike first. America’s arrogance will be our destruction.

      • OhioPrepper says:

        I Think it’s America’s lack of leadership in the world that will be our destruction.

      • So you are saying we should let the world know we will wait until attacked to do anything? Hmmm I seem to remember a little war called Vietnam were we handcuffed our soldiers with the same concept that they could only fire if they were fired on first. Didn’t work real well then either.

  9. Dan Benson says:

    Praise God for someone who has ears to hear and eyes to see. I would add that almost everything Trump campaigned on will not happen. He will attempt to lock down the boarder but there will be no mass deportations and there will be no wall per say. The Clintons get a pass. Yes there will be a huge economic reset, with a trigger event of a massive terror attack that will be 9-11 x 5. The resulting chaos will lead to the assault rifle gun ban, then all the patriot and militia groups may rise up and then incomes the intervention of foreign troops, allies that Trump is already trying not fight with but make deals with. This, no matter how it turns out will not end well, your spot on.

    • Hi Dan, I hope that whatever happens, the feds are at least wise enough not to allow in foreign troops. I think that would touch off all-out civil war. No holds barred, take sides or else be treated as on the other side, civil war. Anybody in any kind of uniform would be treated as having taken a side. The whole country would be a free fire zone.

      Having seen that once (Lebanon in 1975 and 1977), I have exactly zero interest in seeing it here. It would be time for many to do the Bug Out to Another Country time, just as many Lebanese did.

  10. There are a lot of things going on now that Trump has little or no influence upon. After all, he isn’t the Prez yet. Still, he is getting some positive things done.

    However, even if he keeps his promises, repairs relations with Russia (remembering that Russia ALWAYS thinks of Russia first), builds the wall (Pink Floyd will get a new increase in album sales for The Wall), and bombs ISIS back into the stone age (with infantry a necessary support).

    There are tons of other matters floating around out there that will require his attention, such as the Israel/Palestinian issue, rebuilding our relations with countries that Obama damaged (e.g., Israel, UK, Thailand, and others). Trump will also have to do something about China both on a business and military basis (and I think getting a little friendlier with Taiwan and Vietnam will help there). He has to get our own military back on their feet (I think he has big plans for the Marine Corps in particular).

    Of course, the big elephant in the room is the economy. What can he do, and how fast can he do it? As stated in Point #5, there are powerful people out there that want the US to fail big. Sadly, many of them are so-called Americans. It almost makes me want to see certain people “disappeared.” But that usually leads to the ubiquitous slippery slope.

    Time will tell. January 20th can’t get here fast enough for me to see where things may head.

  11. Well, like I said several times before…..No one person can fix in a short period of time what took probably over 40 years to destroy. Also, to a great degree, the people of the U.S. today seem to be overall ignorant of what has been taking place. Ethics, morals, the idea of hard work….are gone in many areas. Look at the schools….and that includes our colleges…..all the damm socialistic crap they are pushing, This thibg with Project Head Start for example….. You mean to tell me parents can’t teach their kids basic thing?? Instead….they ship them off to some “warehouse” where some damm shrink fills their heads with all kinds of garbage. Seems the only thing that matters is that as long as there is a boob tube for people to watch and as long as some talking head tells folks how to live the present sense of “wellness” is all that matters. In truth, it appears that each successive generation is more stupid than the preceeding one.

    • PrepperDoc says:

      Very well said

    • Parents COULD teach their children these things they just don’t bother or at least most don’t. Most of them have the same ethical and moral values as their kids which is MEME. In a lot of ways I think that a collapse would be a good thing as it WILL weed out these types and reset value’s. That said I abhor the thought of the millions that will suffer and die while that is happening

  12. I think you will find that Trump is very much royalty (for real) and he is one of them (Globalist). The game is still on, make no mistake about it. I don’t believe Trump is for the people and I don’t believe he EVER will be.

    He, like so many other, politicians and leaders, is not for the average ‘Joe’. He’s part of the ‘game’. Don’t be deceived. Stay alert at all times forever, and especially when things look too good to be true, because that’s when they’ll strike. En guarde!

  13. MD, this is a very well thought-out article & predictions. Thanks. I became a prepper mostly b/c of #5, which will continue. I tend to think that a pres has relatively little influence on the economy. I do wonder, if Trump nominates 1-3 conservatives to the US Supreme Court, as he has promised, will that affect any of these 5 predictions??

  14. Though I am not a Trump supporter whatsoever, I agree with most of this wholeheartedly. Except the whole Obama supporting ISIS thing. I think that’s more of a “I’m not going to be the president that starts World War 3” kind of thing and he just kind of did what he thought would keep the peace as peaceful as it can be while you’re dealing with people like ISIS members.

    As a strong Hillary stan, even I’m giving him a chance. I’m not strongly against Trump, I just don’t trust his ability to think things through before he does them. My main problem with him is that he says and does things when they are most convient to him without thinking them through. So I believe that his inability to consider consequences may be a problem if he is faced with large choices. Anyone could do that, but with him, its more impulsive and problemic so that’s why I’m worried.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      Ummm, outside of first hand knowledge of recent supply drops too ISIS of modern up to date equipment, and what the various non mainstream sources have published with evidence…and information received from my Kurdish friends…our government has been supporting ISIS and many more terror groups for decades. At least as long as what they do benefits them (our government)

  15. 1. ‘A Huge Increase In Well Organized Terrorist Attacks On U.S. Soil.’ First off it’s spelled YUGE. Second while I don’t discount attacks occurring and some may even fall into the horrific category. I am not so sure about a lot of attacks. Reason being is this. Successful attacks on US soil would have given a lot of mojo to their recruitment efforts. So I think that if they had had the capability they would have done so. Pointing to their efforts to encourage sleepers and self radicalized types to attack churches over Christmas. If they have large sleeper cells in the US I don’t really see the point in them waiting for a new president. We know Trump would put some serious whoop A** on em and Hillary probably would have also. They would have had better results with our current President.
    2. ‘Trump Will Flip-Flop And Call For And Or Support “Assault Rifle” And Full Capacity Magazine Bans After Another Mass Shooting’ and ‘4. No Decrease Of Illegal Domestic Spying On U.S. Citizens And Most Likely An Increase Instead.’ Of the 5 listed these two are the more likely and long term the worst case scenario.
    3. ‘Another Cold War That Could Turn Hot.’ Again not likely with the Trump ‘America First’ policy. If Trump turns our focus inward Putin stands to gain a lot from working toward better relations with Europe. Russia has huge untapped resources that Europe would love to help exploit.
    5, ‘A Major Long-Lasting And Far Reaching Economic Collapse’ I’m proudly wearing my TIN FOIL HAT on this one. I do believe that economic collapse is the only way to try and bring this country to the globalists heel. So this one is # 1 on my book.
    Happy New Years Pack

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      Definitely he will flip flop, he always has and shoot, even Reagan passed legislation against “assault weapons”

  16. My opinion on these are;
    1 Collapse is possible due to the condition the country has been left in. He will try hard to fix the issues.
    2 War with Russia will not happen, however, war with China,N.Korea and Iran is possible.

    China because of economic and the armed islands in the China sea.
    Iran & N. Korea because they are unstable.
    3 Firearms will have the same as current, as he see’s what gun restrictions has done in Chicago and new supreme court Judges may affect State regulations as they are unconstitutional.
    4 Terrorist attacks will increase, thanks to the importing of terrorists by the current administration. Maybe he will deport the problem and/or remove their training camps.

    I know I am being optimistic about this but, we must have hope for our country.

    God bless America

    • Prepared Grammy says:

      I live in Southern Illinois. (Think Shawnee National Forest) We are sick and tired of Chicago ruling our state. I personally only know one person who used a firearm unlawfully. He was on drugs and murdered a man. Nearly everyone here has firearms and uses them legally. Chicago is a perfect example of what happens with strict gun control. Around here, people think twice before they try to harm someone. We’re armed and know how to shoot. Even the kids take hunter safety courses and can shoot. It’s part of our culture.

  17. Libs R Loons says:

    Personally, I think that Obama will use any one of the “national crisis” that he manufactured to declare martial law so he can remain in the WH and keep the status quo. I pray that he proves me wrong.

    • LRL, if Obama declares martial law, there will be a civil war much worse than the first one. Therefore I think that will not happen. I thought it would happen if HRC won because she would do gun restrictions or attempt confiscation.

      • Almost There says:

        LRL & Thor 1,

        I am thinking what you are thinking LRL. Anything to stay and put America in the worst position in history. Would not put it past him. He’s done despicable things for 8 years. This would top them all…. keeping his “legacy” of lunacy. Whining lowlifes, the likes of Lindsey Graham and others who keep complaining about Russia hacking, they need to get over it, stop whining and get voted out next go round. They’re just a bunch of spoiled brats that are going to cause us to go to war over something that hasn’t been proven, only talked about by MSM, giving no sources of the information. All made up. They need to do their job instead of doing NOTHING about Obummer’s fake birth certificate. What about all those laws he signed as the fake prez? That alone should make America rise up against the tyranny that has gone on.

    • It would be great if Obama could stay. It would spare the country from the very stupid and mentally disturbed rump.

      • It would be great if you could drop dead.

      • Libs R Loons says:

        Speaking of “mentally disturbed”…see comment above by “Dr. X”. Your comment also begs the question of why are you liberals so obsessed with other men’s rumps…oh, wait!

        • LRL, isn’t Washington DC a sanctuary city??? Lol
          Silly Kenyan. Check the birth certificate. Bwabwa.

      • Jesse Mathewson says:

        I dont understand why so many people have to be so rude to each other. It helps no one and nothing. The entire idea of a republic/democracy is the freedom to chose what we will, honestly I havent seen in history or present day any benefit to any side winning other than the real people in charge continuing to get richer and the rest of us continuing to get screwed.

        or maybe I havent seen the good…cause…it aint there.

        • jesse,
          i think it was mark twain who said if voting made a difference we wouldn’t be allowed to do it.

          maybe that is right.
          i write to our senators and get replies essentially stating that they are gonna do what they want and thanking me for my concern.

      • OhioPrepper says:

        Dr X,
        Are you by chance a psychiatrist who has had the opportunity to examine Mr. Trump? If not, then your observation:

        It would be great if Obama could stay. It would spare the country from the very stupid and mentally disturbed rump.

        May just fall under the category of it takes one to know one.
        TDL has been a disaster for this country, from the economy and the destruction of health care, to the creation of ISIL and diminishing the standing of our country on the world stage.
        Anyone who can’t see that is a prima facie case of delusional.

    • That’s just not going to happen. The thought is just another made up pipe dream of foil hats that have to be afraid of something. And no I am not a troll and have been posting on this site for years. We all need to focus on real possibilities not the sky is falling garbage.

  18. I don’t foresee Trump doing anything against the Constitution (second amendment). Now the economy yes I do see a crash there, both in that they (globalists) want to switch to the Chinese Yuan, there is a bill that has been signed allowing the government to seize our accounts. I doubt if aTrump government would but who knows.Then there is the what will be 21 trillion dollar debt, I don’t think that can ever be paid. Add to this doom and gloom liberals are now prepping, something Republicans have done for years and have down to a science. The only reason I can think of is they want to have guns because they are afraid of something. Scared shitless is closer because I used to talk to a few libs and they preferred the strobe flashlights. I never thought of Trump as a savior, a better choice yes, and still do.

    • No We Didn't says:

      The debt is ALL based on FRAUDULENT use, and should be charged to thr Rothchild and Rockefeller ‘s who set up the ystem to get rich off the poor ppl.

  19. Jesse Mathewson says:

    China is the new world superpower. Russia will continue to support them behind the scenes, and the usa will keep on with its terrible foreign policy ending with most americans simply giving up when the time comes, shoot, most already have.

    Other than that, yep you are right on

    • Jesse Mathewson,
      The U.S., China, and Russia are all “superpowers” and all three want to be the main number one dominating superpower in the world.

      • Jesse Mathewson says:

        Agreed, though China is properly positioned in numerous ways, including but not limited too a fast growing population and multiple “ghost cities” built in several very strategic locations.
        Hence my assertion regarding this being the age of China.

      • China is running out of potable water. And once the 3-D printer becomes cheap enough for every household, China’s manufacturing will take a huge hit. Their economy has already slowed down.

        I do not foresee war with Russia. Trump is much more interested in domestic policy than foreign policy. There is simply too much to be gained for both the U.S. and Russia in economic incentives to get entangled in an unnecessary war.

        Finally, I don’t see a major depression hitting the U.S. Trump wants to bring jobs back to America. He wants to invest in America. Romney had a great idea of having a tax holiday for U.S. multinationals that want to repatriate earnings, provided they invest in America. This was a great idea. It is about time we start spending money in America instead of giving aid to this country or that country.

        We should expect an increase in terrorism. Once Trump takes office, Russia and the U.S. will take out ISIS and ISIS will scramble like the cockroaches they are.

        I don’t see Trump turning against the Second Amendment. Remember that Republicans have control of both the House and the Senate. If Obama couldn’t push through gun control measures, what reason is there for thinking Trump could with a more conservative Congress?

        • There are lots of reasons a war could start with Russia including a false flag by a number of organizations inside the U.S. government to make it look like Russia did it. And TPTB want a war between the U.S. and Russia so they will do whatever they need to do to get it started and what better time than under Trumps watch. And they are both already talking about another nuclear arms race…

          As for the gun bans, didn’t say he was going to get it through only that after another major mass shooting he would support it.

  20. I’ll agree, MD. Regardless which “GOP” got in, half the slide is behind us and we’re gaining speed.

  21. Only God knows what our future brings. He will either cause or permit. There are two prophecies regarding Trump’s presidency only one can be true. Either God will use Trump to bless America again, or judgment is coming. Keep prayed up, stay in a state of repentance for no-one knows what our future brings. May you have already accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

  22. God bless us in 2017, regardless (or in spite of) of who won the election. MD pointed out 5 very realistic scenarios that I hope never come to fruition. Realistically, a wall sounds great for keeping bad people out and presents a physical barrier that one hopes would dissuade the common person, but our open borders and lack of enforcement of existing immigration policies leave us more vulnerable than our liberal media outlets would ever admit. There is no accountability on who is still here and shouldn’t be and no plan to find them anytime soon. They’re here, the terrorists in training, just waiting for an opportunity to hit us where it hurts.
    We are one mutation away from a serious bird flu. Several diseases once never heard of in our country for 50 years or longer remain rampant in countries where our US Military serve. The standard of living in those 3rd world countries is one EMP away from sharing that culture with our own. Several countries have the technology to do so.
    We are scrapping our national healthcare plans, and rightly so, however, the turmoil in peacetime for what or isn’t covered is nothing like what we’ll experience when we lose the dollar and our ability to get credit is gone. We should not quit looking out for ourselves either. We are in trouble and in order to survive, we have to be aware of what’s coming our way. CBS, NBC, CNN and other “trusted media outlets” haven’t told truths in years. Stay frosty, bury those assault rifles, and keep your mouth shut while your at it as becoming a target now can be detrimental to long term survival.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      Mrs. B,

      CBS, NBC, CNN and other “trusted media outlets” haven’t told truths in years.

      Very true. Clear back to the spin Walter Cronkite put on the Tet offensive.

      Stay frosty, bury those assault rifles

      First of all, I own no assault rifles, nor do most folks and why in heavens name would I bury them?
      Get them out and practice with them, en. Mass, and then in a real pinch we may have a chance. To do otherwise is IMHO cowardice, and I will let one of the founder speak on that matter.
      If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better
      than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not
      your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May
      your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our
      countrymen. – Samuel Adams, 1776

  23. No We Didn't says:

    I agree with most of this post… except your estimate of ISIs fighters here is far too low. closer to 100 thou. than one Thou.
    I believe Donald Trump Loves this country just as much , if not more, than Obama Hates the Americans. How do we know O hates us? Look at the fruit he has produced…division and hate, killing in gun free zones, killing of innocents and fake shootings to force an anti weapon agenda. A disarmed population is helpless they want us like pre WWII Germany.

  24. George Tirebiter says:

    It’s important to remember that the Order is very patient, with game plans that span over a hundred years.
    They’re willing to play the Hegelian dialectic back and forth, like they’ve repeatedly done with the Liberal/Conservative, Blue/Red, Democrats/Republicans, Capitalists/Communists, and as they just did with Obama and are now doing with Trump.
    1. Concocting the Terrorist theme was one of the Order’s most productive achievements so far, so it will indeed continue to be utilized to herd the sheep in whichever direction the Order wants them to go. This theme has been multi-purposed in order to advance many of the desired goals.
    2. The so called ‘assault’ rifles will more than likely be taken away, since the Order wants as little parity as possible, should they need to engage the wage slaves. They aren’t interested in taking all guns away at this time, since allowing people to own guns lets them believe that they’ll eventually use them to secure their freedom and this allows the Order and their minions to gradually take enough control of the public mind that the guns will never be used to overthrow their controllers. Which is where we’re at today……with wage slaves just killing other wage slaves.
    3. A hot war may certainly be created by the Order, just as they did many times in the past, including WWII, WWI, and The Civil War.
    But it’s important to be aware that just like the prior manufactured wars, a war with Russia is a war with a supposed enemy that’s actually in on the game. Yes, occasionally a controlled leader goes off the reservation and has to be eliminated (remember Kennedy?), but most of them are in it all the way, and Putin is not going rogue or he’d already be taken out.
    4. The Order is all about spying, which is why they control Intelligence agencies in every country. So there will definitely be more surveillance under Trump or anyone else who happens to be selected as CEO of US Inc.
    5. More than likely Trump has signed on to shepherd the population through a substantial economic downturn, that, of course, he will be blamed for. He’s like the pied piper leading the sheep to slaughter. More and more Alt News sites are getting clear signs that he’s in on the game, but they’re following the piper anyway. More Hope and Change….snake oil in a new bottle.
    Don’t be fooled here…..this is just another operation by The Order.

    • Yes! Very very patient!!!! Guided by Lucifer, who vies for eternity. But his head will be crushed.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      You and Alex Jones must be drinking the same water.

      • Anonamo Also says:

        You must LOVE Alex Jones…Anytime a person writes ANY- thing you disagree with, you blame it on listening to Alex Jones… MMMMHHHHUUUUMMMM…Maybe I SHOULD listen to him, Must be a good reporter. He MUST give proofs, or someone would have succeeded in stopping his casts…on fraudulent info alone… OH WAIT, they have not shut down main stream media, so it is not LYING or Mis information that is the target, but TRUTH….Just Observing N’ Sayin’

  25. thelastword says:

    All of you are wrong. The man has been anointed for this very hour. The hand of God is with him. The enemy has tried to stop him at every turn to no avail…Why? Because they are fighting against God and he ain’t no fool like a man. Watch, be amazed, then be ashamed because y’all didn’t believe God could still restore America!

  26. OhioPrepper says:

    My late brother had degrees in Economics, History, and Political Science, and he too had the opinion that the country is past the tipping point. A good friend of ours is a successful business man and small town banker, and he and I both think, perhaps incorrectly, that we can be pulled back with the right actions. While he does not have quite the prepper mentality that I have, he has significant investment in PM’s as do I, although in my case probably not enough.
    When you state:

    is economic collapse, major terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, and eventual nuclear war with Russia…

    I think the economic problems are likely; but, I think the new administration who knows how to call the enemy by their name, avoiding the politically correct games the left has been playing, may help stop any major terrorist actions against us.
    In the old cold war, we had a common idea with our major opposition, called MAD or Mutually Assured Destruction, a strategy that worked for decades, since both sides knew the retaliatory power of the other, and neither was suicidal. I think afirst strike on both the US and Russia from rogue states like North Korea or Iran probably represents a much larger threat in the short run.
    I’ve addressed your #1 with my mention of elimination of PC. See something, say something I think will work better when no one is afraid of being called some ‘ist’ or ‘phobic’ name. Personally I never have been.
    On your #2, I have hope that with information available to him, he will see the folly and failure of gun control. Ohio governor John Kasich once supported anti gun measures, and in his absence from Ohio, governor Ted Strickland signed our CHL (Concealed Handgun License) into law, amidst the predictions of every traffic accident being a gun fight. That of course did not happen, and Kasich who looked at the facts on the ground, has been a staunch supporter of our gun rights, signing numerous improvements to our CHL law over the years. My hope is that DJT will do the same, as he appears to have done for other things.
    Keep in mind also, that if president Trump does backtrack and as I’m now hearing, continues to use twitter, he can be directly twitter bombed by every citizen, and he also has established persons in the NRA that will continue to communicate with and guide him on 2nd amendment matters.
    On your #3, I have already addressed it. The old cold war stayed cold, and I think that the only reason the current Russian bully is so arrogant is that he knows TDL is a spineless wimp.
    On your #4, I suspect you could be correct, so it’s time for everyone to get their Raspberry Pi or other Linux system, and equip them with tools like GPG and teamspeak, Nautilus, or PGP Phone to make encrypted communications available. While the NSA can probably decrypt anything given enough time, we can all make it as difficult as possible with inexpensive means.

    On your #5, you could be correct, and that is in part why we all prep and have as many self reliant resources available as we can. I have spent significant sums of cash in the past few years, with more coming, since hard resources, even those not as PM’s will in any case be useful.
    Trumphoria to me is a misnomer and most of us know that it only buys time to prepare harder, gain more resources and skills, and enlarge and strengthen our networks.
    There have been numerous collapses over the years and all of those economies have recovered over time, as I think will ours. It will no doubt be a bumpy ride in the transition period, so everyone needs to tighten their belts and hold on, while prepping like heck.
    As many of you know, I had my own TEOTEAWKI event in January 2015. A month in the hospital and months recovering and still some lingering effects that will probably not go away; but, even with all of this, I don’t lose sleep at night, perhaps because of it. Seeing your life rhetorically flash before your eyes, gives you a perspective, that although not any different than what I previously had, gives one a little more staunch retrospective. We are none of us getting out alive; but, what we do in the meantime can still be important to each of us and all of us.

    • I’m a single female on a limited income and I wouldn’t even know how to start prepping.

      • Almost There says:

        Hi khill,

        Welcome to the site. Just by asking the question, you have already started. That’s where we all started…

        There are many single folks on here. There is much information here where you can put a keyword in the search box and the host has created a few lists to look at. Many of us have limited amounts that can be put towards prepping, but we still find ways to do something each week. We have a post on here each week (on Friday, go the “Home” page and scroll down and you will see it) where, those who care to, share what they’ve done and what may have hindered progress. Once you start getting into it a little more, things around you will look different. We find things for free on Craigslist, shop the local discount stores, go to yard sales, make check off lists. Here are a few links from our leader that will help get you started. You can always ask questions and someone here will be glad to help answer it for you. It doesn’t take any money to get started, there are lots of reading material that can be done just by searching the internet. Hope this helps.

        Take Care and hope to see you asking questions.

      • khill:

        the best way to start is when you are ding your regular shopping. If you buy 2 cans of something you use regularly, buy 3 and put the spare can up away from where you normally store your daily food.

        After a while you will be surprised at what you can put up for yourself.

        I also watch sales like a hawk. If it’s something we use “daily” I stock up based upon they frequency of the sale (they are usually cyclic).

      • Anonamo Also says:

        That is where I started. I don’t think many of the ppl here are independently wealthy, all have some kind of challenge… was limited,4,000 $ a year income. tough. Just buy one or two things each time you shop that are extra.This can be an extra pound of pasta ,or beans, hot cereal.If it is dry put in freezer for 10 days. take it out and drop it in a vermin resistant container, to make room for next buy.
        Next time get several single serving cans of some kind of meat you like… can be vienna, chicken, tuna.or peanut butter.
        .3rd.. time get 4-5 cans of vegetables. Before long you will have extra food stores. Don’t forget to watch for buys on Toilet Paper. one of dollar stores has 32 rolls for 10$,. should last a single person minimum of 25 weeks,
        Watch sales and buy the sales to help stretch your income. If coupons are available they can help. Save all jars, bottles, coke and juice containers. sterilize with bleach drain, dry and fill with water. ..set in bottom of closet. 3 days of no water and you need no food. Use the water in canned vegs as part of water supplies in hard times. This will get you started.
        Start reading this blog go back in archives to read on items you wish to learn about… try skillet stretchers article…put in search bar.

      • OhioPrepper says:


        I wouldn’t even know how to start prepping.

        You’ve already taken the hardest step in determining that you need to do something and coming to this site is a great start.
        Your next step will be coming up shortly in an article I’ve just submitted to our host. Hopefully our host won’t mind me giving you a peek at the title:
        The very second step for starting your prepping adventure -The Threat Matrix
        Come here, check out all of the resources, and by all means ask questions. There are probably very few if any subjects that someone or more like more than one of us can’t help you with.
        Welcome aboard what can be the beginning of a fun and rewarding journey.

      • There is an article on the site of the first 10 things to do. I would start there. Welcome to the site. Don’t be afraid to ask questions we have all started somewhere and are in different stages of preparedness so just start somewhere. buy some extra food or water this week when you go to the store, research some articles on being prepared. do a little each day or each week and you will get there. IMHO the world ain’t ending tomorrow .

        • khill,

          Welcome to the site. As has been stated, ask questions and there is likely nothing that can’t be answered by the pack. Things as simple as shopping for sales, to canning, to firearms, medical matters, or Ham radio can be found here.

  27. Chuck Findlay says:

    As far as his views on guns changing I have no idea what he will do. I knew gun control was coming back in the late 1980’s and made decisions to minimize it’s effects on the guns I owned so unless we have a very strict set of laws I will survive it.

    I do think his election has staved off WWIII and that Hilderbeast would have driven us to it. This alone makes him the right choice over her.

    Both Trump and Putin wanting the best for their county, well yea, that’s what they are supposed to do. Lets hope they both can do this and still work together.

    I think TPTB may try to crash the system (economically) and blame it on Trump. At some point all of us know a collapse is in the cards, TPTB may decide to get it over with while Trump can get the blame. And like gun control, I’m reasonably ready for this as like many here I have been expecting a crash for years and have been making decisions accordingly. I hope it holds off longer, but how knows? I don’t know how it has held off for so long as it seems it should have already happened as conditions have been ripe for it for quite a while.

    • OhioPrepper says:


      so unless we have a very strict set of laws I will survive it.

      I’m not sure what laws they could pass now that we all couldn’t survive.
      Even it they were to take a page from Senator Diane Feinswine’s wish list of “hand them all in”, I suspect most of us would not comply, and the smart ones on either side I think know this.

  28. TexasScout says:

    I don’t think 3 and 5 will happen, but the rest, well….

  29. I am on track with every thing you have laid out…..except, I won’t believe Trump will be put into office until I see it. I hope and pray is in not killed or that some catastrophe enables Barry …I mean Obama to call off or postpone the Jan. 20 transition and call marshal law. I am not counting the chickens until they are in actually in office. …..Frankly with regards to economic collapse ….I’ll be surprised if we make it to March 2017.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      Ass arrogant as he is, I think that TDL understands that actions like martial law under some lame context would not work, nor would he fair well. I think that is why he is using his pen to make millions of acres of land unavailable for any development that was reported here earlier. Now it’s been announced that Nebraska is about to receive 502 additional refugees, all fully vetted of course 
      He may not use martial law; but, he is sure using the pen as a pointed stick and poking millions of us in the eyes with it.
      Legacy I think will not be kind to him; but, I suspect former president Jimmy Carter is celebrating, realizing as this year finally ends, that perhaps he wasn’t the worst president of the United States in the last 50 years, after all.

    • Constitutionally, on Jan 20, 2017, once Trump is sworn in, B. Hussein has all of the legal authority of an ex-president, i.e., none. He can declare martial law all he wants, but once Trump has been sworn in, no military unit or federal law enforcement agency has to obey Obama, or any orders he gives through the chain of command.

      Under law, the President only controls ONE military unit directly: The Marine Corps Band. And seeing as the Band is not a combat trained unit, but instead is made up of professional musicians (with a very few support staff exceptions), that unit would be of no use to Obama except to play music as he is hustled from the White House by the Secret Service.

      • Almost There says:

        Zulu 3-6,

        LOL… But we still have 19 days before that day comes. I wouldn’t put nothing past the Elitists to do something to keep that from happening.

        • AT,

          I really believe that the majority of federal LEOs and military personnel can’t wait for Obama to leave. I know the Secret Service wants to see the backside of him as much as they can (since they’re stuck guarding him for life).

          The Elitists know (or should know) that without the willing support of the rank-and-file military and LEOs, any serious coup is doomed to failure. Most military and federal LEOs know their oaths are first to the Constitution and not to the President.

          Once Jan 20 passes, Obama is no longer president by Constitution. Any order he gives afterward is no longer a lawful order. It doesn’t matter if he declares martial law and declares his presidency extended. There is no lawful provision for that act.

  30. Solani, BC Canada says:

    I see many valid points that you raise in your predictions of what is to come. All of which can/may come true, depending on what triggers are in our future that will/could set these in motion. Only one I’m not worried about is Mr. Putin vs. President Elect Trump. If (IF) Mr. Trump even manages to get into the White house on inauguration day…

    I have quite a few thoughts of my own on what is or isn’t going on and I’ll go full “tin-hat” paranoid and try to put my gut feeling(s) into print… First off, I have PTSD from early childhood and even if that in itself is a royal pain in the ass, it has also given me the “advantage” of having a highly evolved “Spidey-sense”, which has saved my bacon on many occasions. Remember, just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you…

    However much I WANT to believe that Mr. Trump is who he claims to be and has the best intentions he possibly can have for the American people (and himself) he is going to have to do some very elaborate “dancing” in order to get a fraction of the promises he voiced before the election to bear fruit. This is one reason I believe he has gathered some of the most highly ranked military folk into his fold. He is in the position where he really needs to have the military behind him, especially since a large amount of our own military/soldiers have been shipped off to Ukraine among other places and been replaced? by foreign UN troops on American soil… Question: Why are UN (Non-American) forces on US soil? And our own soldiers elsewhere…??? Who is controlling these UN forces?? What aren’t we being told? What is REALLY going on???

    I strongly believe the enemy is already inside our borders and I’m not just referring to the various IS cells… I’m not the least bit worried about what is going on in Syria, Iran, Iraq etc… as I feel it wouldn’t have any effect on the outcome even if Russia, US et al would carpet bomb the territory and build a huge parking-lot for IKEA and I really don’t think IS/ISIS is worried either… They already have their holy warriors firmly (in)planted throughout the world to carry out their plans of infiltrating and spreading their belief in order to take over. Never forget, these people aren’t in any hurry, their wars have been going on for multiple generations, and they have no problem sacrificing their own, if it means they win the larger/final battle…

    Anyhow… Much of this is what my conscious brain WANTS me to believe. Mr. Trump is who he says he is, will do his best to buddy up with Mr. Putin and jointly be a strong force against the elite, China, N. Korea or whomever…

    BUT… My “Spidey-senses” are eating at me, telling/warning me of something completely different… I have the eerie feeling (which is becoming stronger every day) that everything going on right now is staged to keep our attention elsewhere, on the election, the situation in the Middle East et al. and is a smoke screen… solely created to keep us distracted from what’s REALLY going on behind these theatrics. WHAT AREN’T THEY TELLING US???

    I’m far more worried about what’s happening in nature right now. All the volcano’s that are waking up, the rapidly increasing major earthquakes, fireballs/meteors from the heavens, rapidly worsening/frequent so called natural disasters, Multiple dead sea life washing up on our shores for no, or at least what they say no apparent reason…, multiple deep bunkers secretly being built over many years and not just within the US…

    Something else is going on that they/whomever don’t want us to notice/focus on. For reasons it would cause mass panic, chaos, total breakdown in society or whatever… THIS IS WHAT REALLY IS MAKING MY SKIN CRAWL and Spidey-senses tingle all over… IMNSHO (in my not so humble opinion) Something far worse than internal bitching, temper tantrums in the Government is going on and we, the people are being set up to be distracted and watch the “fireworks/light-show”, all to keep our attention away from what we really should be watching.

    • Babycatcher says:

      Yep. I’m with you. The bread is being handed out and the circuses are going on, but where’s the burning started? Hmmmmm.

    • Solani, I think your “Spidey-senses” are spot on. I have been watching what is going on with a feeling of urgent breath holding, waiting for the other shoe to drop. My senses are on Toto, waiting for him to pull back the curtain to discover what is behind it. While many are watching the talking head, on a big megaTV, we are not paying attention to the details. Unfortunately, there are so many details going on behind scenes, it’s difficult to zero in on the ones that will be our downfall. I told my children that nothing is certain about the election until after Trump says “So help me God” and that I believe that Obama will continue to be our “president.” I am praying about this all the time.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      It’s not whether your paranoid, it’s whether your paranoid enough. OTOH, when you state:

      all to keep our attention away from what we really should be watching.

      Just what might that be?

      • Anonamo Also says:

        That was Solani’s point… and question what MIGHT that be.?.. It could be anything from incoming asteroids, comets, planets, anything the government is trying to hide. For starters the weapons that have been developed to form hurricanes, typhoons and cause massive shifts in weather patterns and jet streams…the devises to take info from computers and turn on any electronics without our knowledge and revers the use of speakers and microphones to record info of what is being said in rooms, when we think they are off. Vaccinations that are contaminated with thimerosol and aluminum and other heavy metals.causing seizures, mumps and brain edema according to CDC’s own info… what part of this should not concern us? Our best response could be to mimic what they are doing… make a hidey hole and well stock it and well arm ourselves .
        You must LOVE Alex Jones…Anytime a person writes ANY- thing you disagree with, you blame it on listening to Alex Jones… MMMMHHHHUUUUMMMM…Maybe I SHOULD listen to him, Must be a good reporter. He MUST give proofs, or someone would have succeeded in stopping his casts…on fraudulent info alone… OH WAIT, they have not shut down main stream media, so it is not LYING or Mis information that is the target, but TRUTH….Just Observing N’ Sayin’

        • Solani, BC Canada says:

          Sorry I haven’t gotten back on my thoughts on what “could” be going on. (Or replied to any other posts, I’ll get on it when I’ve once again managed to gain full control of my so called brain or what substitutes as one…)

          I still can’t put my finger on what I’m feeling. I only KNOW deep down in my murky subconscious, SOMETHING is coming. Something BIG, bad and not only one event and no, I don’t believe any of them are avoidable. (yeah, tin hat warning)

          So, I have purposely not replied, due to I don’t know… I’ve needed to take a step back re-group and think… I feel like I’m experiencing “information overload”. Way to many invading thoughts, feelings, “pictures” (internal visualization) call them premonitions or whatever you will, however I’m also very well aware that I am paranoid and I try to do my best to sort through what I believe is/could be just “my normal” PTSD paranoia and what is an actual REAL threat and something I need to act on. Thankfully so far in my life, when the “real SHTF” scenarios have raised its ugly heads, I have instantly reacted without thinking or questioning. This time, I’ve had way to much time to think, way to many scenarios/variables, way to many fractions/people with their personal and joint agendas as well as the deceptive masks they are wearing, create information overload and I don’t know where to look first and “peal back the layers of deception…” Trying to look at everything at the same time, is extremely confusing and makes me doubt myself and my judgement.

          So, these past 2 weeks I have tried to take a step back, research, take in and do my best to get the “feel” of the larger picture, sorting through the multiple “players/people”. (various governments both inner and outer as well as shadow gov/people) Natural or perhaps unnatural catastrophic disasters/events our earth is going through right now and escalating rapidly. To try to put it in simple wording, I have an extremely uneasy feeling of how should I put it? Doom perhaps, mayhem, deception, distractions everywhere, destruction, death from multiple directions flooding my consciousness…

          I can say one thing with 100% certainty though. There is no amount of money in this world that I would accept, which would make me get closer than 600 miles of DC right now and even that would be to close… Way to many “players” with harmful intentions and active plans to act on those. Add to that, the 60+ senators that have opted NOT to go to DC. The “alphabet soup agencies” that we know, have in the past been the ones responsible for both taking out those that THEY deem as threats, those which don’t fit their agenda/play by their rules, as well as “creating” situations which are after the fact, blamed on others in order to warrant war, or in this case WW111 which nearly every major player/EU/NWO/NATO/and others in the world seem dead intent on starting and like a doped up crazed race horse chomping on its bit, pawing impatiently, just waiting for the signal to burst through the gates. Wondering which “country/horse” won’t be able to wait for the start signal, loose control and send the rest of the world down the proverbial toilet?

          No, I’m not worried about ISIS doing any crap during tomorrows inauguration. I have a feeling that they’re just sitting back “passing the popcorn bowl” watching the show as their “creators/founders” will deal with whatever, even if they most likely will take “the blame/credit” for whatever and the “sheeple” will once again believe that spin of the narrative. Hopefully, if that would be what comes down the pipeline, there are enough people that are AWAKE that will KNOW where and who to look for “who dunnit”. I can only see 2 possible outcomes for tomorrow…
          #1. Great day, a few people/snowflakes miffed but at the end of the day, it’s hopefully over.
          #2. Death and destruction leading up to civil war…

          My prayers and thoughts are with the Wolf-Pack, all our brothers and sisters out there, our future President, his family and those that are there to protect/serve and fight for ALL of our freedom/s.
          Stay safe
          //Solani (whom hopefully can take the tin-hat off “The Day after Tomorrow” and chalk it all up to paranoia…)

  31. What has been the direction of the nation since pres. D.D. Eisenhower warned us to beware the military industrial complex? Demican/Republicrat aside, all we have seen is slight variation in policy, the direction (downhill) along with corruption of US Constitution has remained the same. Trump is just a different name to the same game.

  32. Babycatcher says:

    Interesting read, and I agree with most of it, but I don’t lose sleep over anything. I prep, and work, and God will either protect me and the family in it, or we will go be with Him. We win, either way. Nope, no sleep lost here. 🙂

  33. vocalpatriot says:

    “I imagine (Trump) is going to be a guy who is probably going to mandate backdoors,”
    Oh, then I guess we are to believe backdoors aren’t already mandated, riiiiight.

    • vocalpatriot,

      Apparently, Apple didn’t have backdoors in their iPhone because they kept hounding Apple for the “keys to spy” into all iPhones and not just the one the shooters had used.

      • OhioPrepper says:

        It wasn’t quite that simple. The iPhone has a PIN verification system like many other systems have. If you enter the incorrect PIN, it starts a timer to allow you to enter the PIN again after some elapsed time. Blow the PIN and each time the elapsed time gets longer, and finally after some number of failures, the entire data storage section of the phone memory is wiped clean.
        What the FBI wanted was a load that allows the PIN to be entered as many times as needed with no long timer, which is a very simple addition of a few lines of code. I’m in a quandary about the Apple response. On one hand, they were being principled and didn’t cooperate; but, OTOH, they were served a valid warrant. If the authorities show up at my door or anyones for that matter with a valid warrant and I refuse to let them do as the warrant describes, I will likely be hauled off until my day in court.
        The other side that many seem to have missed on this event is that the FBI then employed an outside company to break the phone, which now means that they have the technology and procedure to break any phone. There are always unintended consequences.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      There are some open source encryption tools that have no back doors; but, any encryption can be broken given enough computing power and time. Those tools are generally free to learn and use. OTOH, back doors may not even be required in a lot of cases since people go to YouTube and other social media outlets and spill all of their secrets. Your name, where you live, who your friends are, and when and where you’re on vacation, are all too often available with little effort.

  34. My thoughts,
    Organized terror: The answer is yes due to the large number of refugees brought in by the administration and strategically placed throughout the U.S. There will be attacks by organized groups in the future similar to the San Bernardino op but not multiple same day, multiple city attacks unless there is a total breakdown in intelligence gathering on all levels of government.

    National Assault weapons ban: The genie is out of the bottle folks. 17 straight months of record gun sales. The current regime had multiple opportunities to do an executive order and didn’t. Why? No support in Congress. Do you think the NRA and other pro gun groups would tuck tail and roll over? It would be tied up in the courts for years if a president tried. What about martial law you say? Who’s coming for them? The Marines? The Army? The National Guard? The single largest groups of Patriots in this country? I served 21 years in the Infantry active and guard. NOT Happening period. The UN? With no combat experienced units? I attended MOUT training. Military Training On Urban Terrain. It takes 1 Battalion to clear 1 city block. It would take multiple divisions for 1 major urban center. I’m not playing the what if game with Chinese or Russian troops. If you folks want to go for it that’s fine. I’m talking conventional war fare, house to house. The 3rd largest army in the world is the state of Michigan on the first day of deer season. Look at history. Australia and Britain are 2 examples. Total bans but gun deaths continue.

    Cold War: Trump is using Putin, Putin is using Trump. Both of them are trying to put the squeeze on China. It’s a delicate and dangerous game for all involved. Look for U.S. troop pullback from countries bordering Russia as a good first sign of easing tensions. Trump put China on notice talking to the President of Taiwan and mentioning tariffs on Chinese goods. We have rogue elements in the State Department and Alphabet agencies with globalist intentions and greed as motivation, not the nation’s interest at heart. This is the danger Trump faces most of all. If his intelligence heads start cleaning house we have a chance.

    Spying: Sorry, it’s here to stay. Good news is certain radical groups will be targeted along with the rest of us. Look for future raids as more proof of Trump fulfilling his promises. The agency’s collect all data period. More good news for the majority of us is they can’t process it all. Look at the Boston and San Bernardino incidents for example. Tread lightly on the net and all other commo. Don’t make yourself a target.

    Economic Collapse: mathematically a given. NO ONE knows when, only God. Can Trump slow it down? Yes he can. He’s appointing people to his Cabinet that believe in the gold standard. Remember the articles on Russian and Chinese gold purchases? The gold standard is coming back into style world wide. Germany and France repatriation of their gold? Governments are preparing for this eventuality.

    In closing I ask you to not give up hope when the man is not even sworn in yet. Good changes have already happened. Carrier, Ford, and Panasonic to name a few. Watch his appointment of the head of the Federal Reserve as to his monetary policy. Pray for his safety and you and your’s. OK, break times over. Get back to prepping.

  35. Obama has caused a lot of trouble for all of us. But it is going to take a long time to fix the problems created. I’m just planning a society reset.and preparing for that.

  36. You’ve taken Trump’s plan for cop-killers out of context. He was specifically addressing those cops killed when not even engaged with the criminals. Sheriff Clarke has said the same thing. And they are both right.

  37. 1. It’s not far flung to see this one happening.
    Soft targets/mass people & casualties/ huge world news coverage.
    2. I hope not. I’d think he’d come down on mass illegal immigration and a stronger Homeland Security & Intelligence.
    Still, with gun sales currently down and ammo costs dropping, this is a great time for acquiring a primary and a good amount of ammo to feed it.
    3. This is something to be scared of. Trump needs to & has surrounded himself with some pretty intelligent people.
    He needs to take good advice from them.
    REMEMBER, Obama would LOVE to leave Mr. Trump with a problem like this. Obama is a punk being kicked out of a store and is going to make a mess anyway he can before hitting the doors out.
    4. I see no way around this one. I see no control over it as an individual. Time is the long haul on this.
    5. Funny, it’s this very thing & the fear of what it would have on us is a big part of how we ( DW & I ) found this very website.
    Already I’ve keyboard banged out my outrage and deleted it…..multiple times for #5.
    I can get so upset over this and blow my BP into a stroke or I still be mad over it and try to prepare for the worst.
    It’s NewYearsEve.
    I’m going to throw a split log in the woodstove,
    Pour two glasses of wine for the DW & I,
    Try to hold a straight face as she’s informed of the body search I have to perform on her before she drinks any……….For safety, of course.
    Then I’m clearing out my loaded muzzleloader from deer season at midnight. Then clean it for next season.
    I took 3 deer with it this year!
    Good Night.

  38. Babycatcher says:

    Happy New Year to All!

  39. I predict we will live in interesting times. ie; long stretches of boredom (where we get on with living) sprinkled with moments of terror (where we all go buy milk and bread). At least Trump’s tweets will give us something to face palm about as we circle the drain into oblivion.

  40. Lynn McGuire says:

    Trump carries a .38 chief’s special everywhere he goes. He is a second amendment warrior.

  41. Encourager says:

    I find it interesting (yet scary) that, again, a so-called famous left-winger called for Trump’s death and it was widely reported in the media, including Facebook. Yet not.ONE.word of condemnation from any MSM. Other posts were “we only have X number of days to stop him!” There is no legitimate way to ‘stop him’ when he has been properly elected by we the people…is there?

    I have never seen such a bunch of moany groany whiny poor excuses for human beings as these people who cannot accept the fact that Trump was chosen over Killery. Suck it up, buttercup!

    I guess threats against the President elect doesn’t count until the inauguration??

  42. Florida transplant says:

    People who kill cops should get death penalty – Trump did not say you should give up right to fair trial.

    Have you noticed that Obama does not comment about murders of cops – but invited BLM leader to White House, said Trayvon Martin could be his son (crininal background, and proven in court that Martin was aggressor), condemned Cambridge cops before he knew what occurred, etc.

  43. Not_So_Much says:

    I wouldn’t begin to know what’s coming down the track. The truth is becoming such an elusive commodity. I will continue to prepare for the worst and hope for the best while I make the most of the time I have on this earth.

  44. We’re in the “ninth inning” of the economic cycle. The global economic wheels are falling off. Armageddon is just around the corner.
    We’re all doomed I tell you! Doomed

  45. Ronald Beal says:

    Well, you’re right on target- all you predict will most likely come true within the nest 4-years. Between Bush and Obama the future has been set. Hopefully, Trump can stall or eliminate those predictions. Any other President would do the same- expedite or slow- not stop. Take out Trump’s name and nothing changes. Thank Obama, the foreign born, Muslim and traitor of America- while the politicians on both side were/are complicit.
    The elite rule America and the American people allow it- gutless, bloated dreamers, nursing on the government teet with no plans of standing up and working for themselves.

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