What did you do to prep this week?

Welcome to our new Sunday edition of “What did you do to prep this week”! I hope that everyone, has had a good week with plenty of prepping tasks and goals completed…

Okay, before we get started I would like to say a big thank you to Bonnie N, Tony A, and to Worrisome for their wonderful donations this week via PayPal. Worrisome sent an email asking that her donation be used to help Faith (my chiwawa mix and sidekick) recover from her ruptured disk, and that is what it is being used for.

Some of the money has been used to buy supplements to help Faith in her recovery – A daily vitamin supplement, Glucosamine joint care, fish oil and brewers yeast all formulated for dogs except the fish oil and it is same mini-gel cap that I take, but I only give her one a day.

I would also like to thank everyone for their prayer – I would guess that she has had more prayers sent up to heaven than any other dog in history. Thank you so much.

She is getting better – even though she isn’t walking on her own yet, she is regaining touch sensation in her feet and legs. I can now touch her feet or gently pinch a toe and she will pull her paw back. This a big deal and a huge plus for her chances of walking again.

Her pain index seems to be low most of the time until I have to take her outside to pee, then I can tell that her pain increases, mainly, when I carry her. I use a rolled up towel placed under her stomach to hold her up and to keep her back as straight as possible.

When she urinates she pulls both of her legs up toward her body to keep from getting any on her feet, this is another good sign… She also pooped this morning!

Praise the lord and thank you to the Wolf Pack… She will recover fully and she will walk again God willing.

Okay, let me see… prepping this week… sorry folks, not a lot to add this week with everything that has been going on with my dog.

My book “31 Days to Survival” is the featured product on the cover of the new Paladin Press catalog. With both of my books “31 Days to Survival” and “Dirt-Cheap Survival Retreat” being listed on the Paladin Best-Sellers list on page four.

What did you do to prep this week?

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  1. Hope all is well with the Pack – and glad to know Faith is doing better! Will continue to keep you and her in our thoughts and prayers.
    Pasta, pasta, pasta… otherwise known as a sale on pasta at Kroger.
    Bought two shelves for the storage area to help with the organization.
    Bought some lamp oil and wicks.
    Tested a pottery oil lamp we bought, it works fine.
    Canned some green beans and carrots.
    Cleaned out the main garden and mowed it in prep for turning it over for the winter.
    Turned over the side garden and removed the dead herbs, etc. Tilled it and got it ready for the fall garden. Planted 36 cabbage seedlings and 4 broccoli seedlings. Got the bed ready for the garlic that will be planted shortly.
    Found a local person who trains horses to drive, will be contacting them later this winter about getting three or four of the hayburners broke to drive.
    Bought some junk silver – 20 more dimes.
    Read Founders – it was .. okay. Defintely better written than Patriots but not as much useful information, although there was some. Wasn’t a waste of money but wasn’t quite as useful as Patriots or Lights Out.
    Took Saturday mostly off and went on a motorcycle ride with my husband. It was a gorgeous day and a gorgeous ride. Sometimes you gotta take a break and recharge your batteries from work – both prepping and non-prepping.

  2. Glad to hear the good news!! God Bless!

  3. recoveringidiot says:

    So glad your dog is improving, prayer lifts us all including our best friends!

    I have not done anything of note except buy another .45 I really didn’t need but I think will be a nice addition to my hardware savings account.

    Here is something to get your blood warmed up,
    I got so bent out of shape watching that video I had to go clean firearms.

    Hope everyone has a great week and God bless us all.

    • Encourager says:

      I live in Michigan. I am ashamed of Dearborn’s law enforcement. The worst part of that video was the children, their filthy language, and their throwing concrete chunks, stones, bottles and even milk crates at these people. They surrounded them on all sides and went nuts. Then the police show up and tell the Christians that they have 17 blocks to patrol and cannot (would not) protect them. This, in the USA? Oh, yes. Every year it gets worse. Dearborn is a shame to the rest of Michigan.

      It will get worse.

      • axelsteve says:

        Michigan Is experiencing what hapend in London England. Unfortunitly we let it happen.From what I have read in the past, Islam has radical training camps in Michigan as well.

      • Encourager says:

        I spoke to a friend I really respect and she and her family were at the Dearborn event. She said the so-called Christians (she is also a Christian) who were attacked were very obnoxious, screaming that the Muslims were all going to hell, getting in their faces, saying nasties about Mohammed ~ which is not the smartest thing to do surrounded by Muslims. It was nice to get a different view. That still did not condone what happened, but explains it better.

        I can’t see Jesus doing what those so-called Christians did.

    • BlueCaribDreams says:

      I have seen that same video. It makes my blood boil! …On top of that, my GF sent me this post from Mike Huckabee’s Facebook page which made my blood turn from boiling to steam… I copied and pasted this from his website which shows the facebook posts…

      “Mike Huckabee
      A demand for new laws restricting anti-Islamic speech…and it’s not in the Middle East. It’s in the Mid-West. A group of Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan, rallied Friday to demand the passage of blasphemy laws to criminalize speech that hurts “the religious feelings of Muslims” because it incites hatred and violence. Apparently, if you criticize any other religion and get a violent reaction, it’s the fault of the people who reacted violently; but if you criticize Islam and someone reacts violently, they think we should arrest the critic. If you think that doesn’t sound like America, you’re right. But it does sound like the New York Transit Authority. They just voted unanimously to ban subway ads that might incite anger after a Muslim commentator from MSNBC vandalized a pro-Israel poster. Obviously, her violent reaction was the sign’s fault.
      For more of the Huckabee Report, visit MikeHuckabee.com”


  4. BlueCaribDreams says:


    That’s great news about Faith! I’m glad to see a little improvement in her, any you are doing a good job with her. Keep up the good work.

    Worrisome… May God Bless your soul for your kindness


    • BlueCaribDreams says:

      Oops, I forgot to add my preps!

      Ok Wolfpack, this has not been a good week for me to be able to prep. It wasn’t until saturday that I was finally able to spend some time with my preps… I bought a solar battery/phone charger from REI, the Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus ($30 cheaper than buying from factory) http://www.rei.com/product/834125/goal-zero-guide-10-plus-adventure-kit-with-solo-flashlight … Bought 1 more day worth of water for my family of 4 … tried to get an old Colman 3-burner stove to work, I think the primmer is busted 🙁
      Not much this week, but every little bit helps. Hope all had a good week.


      • Old Coleman 101; the most common fix is dried out leather washer on air pump. Remove retaining clip from pump assembly, open pump by turning stem 60° widdershins. Remove pump body and cap and oil leather light machine or turbine oil is best, gun oil or oil from the dipstick of your vehicle will work. Work oil into leather and limber the seal up. Push the leather back into pump housing with the cup towards the fuel reservoir. Seat cap on pump body so the holes line up for the clip. Attempt to reinstall clip, pick up clip and go find pliers to finish pump job. By doing this prior to going out and needing the stove your chances of getting the pump working are much better. Next Coleman 102 how to clean the generator or replace every three decades.

  5. glad the pooch is mending, md….we took the week off. did receive the ammo i ordered from freedom munitions, haven’t had a chance to try it yet. thats about it, recharging our mental and physical batteries. going to take a ride up on skyline drive in a minute. prayers to those that need it, pooches included. oh, the polls are wrong, romney is going to pull it off, the entitled will be shocked and riot. brace for impact.

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      River, it’s why I’m getting ready. Considering nothing so far With a petition for a new judge in the Trayvon Martin Zimmerman case something will eventually heat up things, we will see how things go with the election. I’m making a Vegas trip to pick up a few things I can’t get in PRK after all the overtime from 52-60 hour work weeks.

      After watching Revolution on NBC while there are things I don’t agree with I recognize the fact that if things truly went down that ammo won’t be available if LE, military or hoards of gangs grab what’s at the shops leaving what we have on hand as that’s it folks.
      That and I need more arrows for the bow and sling bows.
      I’m trying to print up everything on flash drive I can.

      • Charcoal, willow is best. Sulpher, the garden stuff for roses will do. Saltpeter, hardware store stump remover. The Cabela’s 1858 NMA still goes on sale for around $200. The Tap-O-Cap is getting hard to find but in a pinch those plastic ring caps will fit a #10 nipple (the kind you’ll find on the remmie Cabela sells) A mold for .454 conicals is nice but round ball is easier to seat with the ram on the gun.

        • BAmaBecca says:

          charcoal, sulphur and salt peter??? I’m lost….

          Could someone please explain to the blonde?? lol

          • Cliff in Douglasville says:

            Recipe for black powder (basic gun powder)

            • Shhh, just basic gardening and barbecue supplies. Nothing to see here. Nothing to worry about, no need to be alarmed. Nothing here to confiscate or loot.

            • BAmaBecca says:

              Thank you Cliff in Douglasville. So stump remover is actually saltpeter?? I saw some sulpher in Tractor supply today that was on clearance, but it felt like little pellets instead of the yellow powdery stuff that I remember it being.

              You guys are a wealth of info…thank you so much!!!

            • Jarhead 03 says:

              AZ its for the petunias lol

        • Hunker-Down says:

          Adult toys! What amounts of each work best?

        • Jarhead 03 says:

          AZ, my uncles and gramps used to make it and I got in trouble for making and using it in high school. Officer that caught me said I can get a whoopen from my dad or get arrested.

          I actually took some time debating that one and when I reminded my dad he told me to find something to do with the last pieces of pipe and I made some of that mix at school in chemistry lab. I snuck out, went to the local dam and got caught by the Park Police and he brought me home. I couldn’t sit down for two days because I snuck out and into the dam, not for making them something that brought a few trout up to the top lol.

  6. Thomas The Tinker says:

    It was said by someone more intelligent than me that “.. You can tell the humanity of a man by the way they treat their animals…” I’ll add Pets! Your ‘baby’ is a living thinking breathing feeling creature … your doing a good thing.

    • Ahoy there the Tinfoil Manor…good to hear from you…so good to see plans/dreams are happening right now for you guys…congrats again…cheers.

  7. Hey Everybody,
    I posted this topic last week to see if anyone had any ideas or input regarding burying 275 gallon IBC totes for water storage. I have 4 of them, and they will be orientated in a square pattern. I will place them on either gravel or cinder blocks, and reinforce the sides will 4×4 reinforced plywood, protected by 6 or 10mil visqueen for moisture damage. The top cover will rest on the top of the IBC cage, utilizing the vertical weight capacity. Access will be hinged covers to either side of 2 totes, and from an aerial view resemble a “T-top”. Water will be accessed through the top 6″ cap via hand pump. Any input/considerations are welcome, and thank you to those who commented last week. Take care everybody.

    • Thomas The Tinker says:

      L.A. Mike: The weight of the ‘dirt’ will cave in the sides of the tanks even with the alum. cage. Don’t do it! We shore up anything more than 4 feet down for good reason. Disturbed earth compresses with a force of about 700 lbs. per sq. foot. Hard to believe isn’t it. You must ‘shore’ up the space around the tanks. Not just a box around the lot of em but a cross support between them to shore each wall against the subsidence of the other wall. Next time you see the utilities digging a trench for a line.. take a look at the portable shoring they slide into the hole.

      • L.A. Mike says:

        Thanks for the insight. I had the idea to use railroad ties to brace the sides and cross brace from side to side. Still in planning.

  8. Hunker-Down says:

    It’s good to hear that Faith is responding to your kind care.

    Well, I was lost all day yesterday with no posts to read but today should be good.

    The DW had to have her hand X-rayed at a walk in clinic. There, the ‘doctors assistant’ told us about a cheap source for elastic bandage wrap (the crinkly stretchy blue stuff), called “Vet-Wrap”. He said we could find it at the tractor supply store. We found it in the horse medication section. You can get a 4 inch wide, 5 yard long roll for $1.47. When shopping at the pet store we found the same thing for almost five dollars and I suppose Walmart charges more for ‘human’ bandage wrap.

    This year rabbits, ground hogs, skunks and chipmunks dined on our garden. Because we had to replant all our pole beans we fenced one section with a two foot high, fifty foot roll of chicken wire fence that costs $19 for the roll, Next year we need to protect our two 24 X 4 raised beds. While nosing around at the tractor supply store I found the same fencing for under $6 a roll. It must be an out of season price. Look around, you may be able to find the same bargain this fall.

    We will be away for 3 days, visiting the DW’s older sister. I don’t know how I am going to handle 3 days away from grousing at the daily miscellaneous entries. Catching up when we return will be painful.

    If we use an ammo box from one of the sporting goods stores, would it make a good container to store cash and bury it in the yard? We already have a test going with PVC pipe, and the thought of an ammo box seems attractive. What do you think?

    • Hunker-Down, good find on the bandages! I’m going to look for them at our local farm store next time I’m in there – that was a hole in my preps, so yay!!! 🙂

    • i am sorry- i thought everyone knew about Vet wrap- i have used it to bind my ankle when i sprained it while horseback riding- it grabs your hair though after you pull it off but is less bulky than regular wrap- i carry it in my BOB- also in case you didnt know there is a product called LIQUID FREEZE for horse and rider – it instantly numbs your skin- and my aunt uses it regularly for her arthritic knee- i carry a small spray bottle in my pack- you can get it on amazon.com and refills

      • mama, do you think the Liquid Freeze would help kill shingles pain? I have a son who just got the shingles and he is in terrible pain.

        • it might- but be ready to wash it off quick- it worked on my mosquito bites but when i tried it for sunburn i thought i had died!!!!
          just use a little on one area first

        • DJV, my DH has shingles once before we met. After seeing some customer testimonials, I decided to get some Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap here (see reviews):


          And also some bentonite clay from Redmond Clay. (will post link separately; computer’s acting up).

          We haven’t had to test either of these ourselves, but figured they both had other good uses so it was worth having some on hand.

          Hope your son finds relief quickly.

          • DJV, here’s a link to a page with general info on Redmond’s bentonite clay.


            There’s link to a free download with a booklet of customer testimonials of how they have used clay (including on shingles).

            *MtWoman and others, y’all may be interested to see that, in the comments on the free download page, someone also mentioned their experience using the clay on a brown recluse bite.

      • I'm A Prep Kat says:


        My thought exactly. I’ve owned horses forever, and thought everybody knew about vet-wrap. I keep it in the first aid kit, the car, my office – everywhere (Smile). My DD also keeps a roll in her bookbag. She’s on the track team and wraps her knee with it before practice. It’s good stuff to have.

        Will have to look for the liquid freeze, tho. I think I could find some good uses for that!

        • it is great for bug bites- after they have bitten you- but NOT good for sunburn!!!!
          i used to find it at the feed store but have to order off amazon now

      • Hunker-Down says:


        I’m getting old and behind the times. The last time I owned a horse was 1951 (my dad bought it for me).

      • Arizona Feed has vet wrap on sale this month $! off.

    • H-D,
      I would worry that the ammo can could be picked up by a metal detector. I think I’d stick with the PVC (unless you’re storing PMs in the PVC, in which case it could be detected as well).

      • axelsteve says:

        I have a paintball plastic ammo can that works well for real ammo. It is not sealed with a gasket though so you will have to improvise. Maybe wrap it in a plastic bag with ox absorbers?

    • I would think a metal ammo can would rust. You could try a plastic one. But in that case, a PVC pipe might be more air tight if you cement it shut. (and cheaper).

      I would hide cash in a tin inside the wall. Maybe inside a fake electrical outlet. But always in a tin or thick plastic because mice will make a nest with it unless you make it a mouse proof container. That way you avoid humidity. If you’re worried about your own house becoming inaccessible to you, maybe try hiding it behind a light switch or in a fake junction box in another building, or up in a tree like inside a bat house. Just anything to keep it out of streams of water.

    • I have a PVC ‘safe’ I’ve buried on my property. It’s 4″ PVC and buried under a rock. The rock is in an area infested with copperheads and scorpions. I don’t think anyone will bother it and snakes don’t bother me.
      The opening is simply a threaded cap. It’s been in the ground for about 3 years and not a drop of water nor bug has been inside. Just off the top of my head I would think the access to the ammo can would be much larger than required for 4″ PVC.

  9. It is so good to hear about Faith’s recovery, but with as much prayer as we all sent, it was inevitable!

    This is asking for advice, since I have a lot of faith in you all as well.

    I got a letter from GEICO yesterday. I worked for them for 6-1/2 years, and so was owed a little retirement. I thought when I turned 65, I would get about $115 a month. Turns out it would be $371. They have offered a lump sum annuity of $32,154.

    Since I am only 55, if I take it, I will have to pay a 10% penalty in addition to about 23% tax. However, the remainder would pay off my debt entirely, except for the mortgage payment, and handle a few things around here that I really need to have done, and leave me an additional $520 a month.

    What do you all suggest?

    • mountain lady says:

      Michele, I am probably to worst person in the world to give financial advice, but as with gold and silver, if it is not in your hands, you do not own it, and besides, the world financial system will probably not hold together until you are 65. Just my personal thoughts on the matter, please do not take as financial advice, lol.

    • Hunker-Down says:


      Looking ONLY at a very long term strategy, think about the following;
      The government is printing massive amounts of money. Hurtful inflation is on the way. If your debt is not at a fixed rate of interest, I would pay it off now, anticipating a much higher interest rate as time passes. Any debt that is at a fixed rate of interest is best left to the future where you can pay it off with cheaper dollars.

      What value to you will that additional $520 a month have if its purchasing power is cut in half or worse?

      If your home mortgage has a variable interest rate I would pay whatever it takes to convert it to a fixed rate, even if it means going to a different bank.

      Because of the coming inflation you might think of replacing any old appliances, fridge, furnace etc.

      Paying off the mortgage may not be the best financial move to make but it sure gave me a lasting feeling of freedom when we paid ours off 13 years early. I’ll take freedom over maximizing the dollar every day.

      Think about hedging against the coming inflation by purchasing some gold or silver.

      Inflation is a real estate investors friend because she will be paying off the mortgage with cheaper dollars; buy an apartment building.

      Sorry for making things even more murky.

    • Take the money and run! 🙂

    • Michele:
      In normal times I would say keep your pension. These are not normal times. I have to strongly agree with mountain lady and Hunker-Down. Because Helicopter Ben is printing so much money, there is a strong chance of inflation coming our way. If that happens, what seems like a decent amount now will not even get you a hot-dog. Just my opinion. God Bless, Cos

    • Michele, If you can get rid of any debts that have variable rates of interest, you should do so. $371 a month will not go far if you are still paying on debt. Secondly, make sure you have the lowest interest mortgage you can get, and be careful what you pay in closing costs. As far as any funds left over, make a list of needful things and repairs, prioritize and get to work on them. Costs for anything are on the upswing, be it lumber, hardware, paint, storage products, etc. Anything you can do to solidify your well being…….do it.

    • Michele,
      If those debts are credit card ones or other high interest loans I would take the lump sum to pay them off.
      Not knowing the future, that $371 a month in 10 years when you turn 65 can be nothing compared to paying off debts now.


    • Sadly I would say to cash out. If the economy trucks in the next choke of years then you may regret not having used it for something more productive.

    • Michelle,

      Please look into taking the annuity in “equal payments.” It’s my understanding you can accept funds in equal payments over a period of at least 5 years or until you reach 59 1/2, whichever is longer. My mom did this when she retired early with her 401K. You might want to consult a financial adviser on this, better to pay someone a few hundred than give away a third of your money. Check Dave Ramsey site for recommended financial advisers in your area.

      Good luck and congrats on the windfall!


    • Michelle,
      Cash in hand would be quite attractive to me. I would be very tempted to take the $32k. If your sure about your calculations, I think I would take this opportunity to clear the debt and make sure the government doesn’t get it all. I was just wishing I could get to some of my retirement dollars last week!

    • Most of you had the same opinion I did, but I think it’s always good to get second (and third) opinions, because sometimes others see things I don’t.

      $520 a month even for a few months could really put my preps into overdrive.

      One of the credit cards is currently at 23% interest. I will certainly be glad to pay that one off. The others are at a much better rates, 13 for one, and 0% for one, and all were run up with home repairs and upgrades (the place was bank owned and a 15 year rental – so was not in the best shape when I bought it in Aug 2008). All my appliances are only 4 years old, except for the heat pump – which is 24 years old, but I rarely use it. I will get someone out to clean it and do a good tuneup.

      My home is a fixed rate of 3.85 for the next 3 years, then 4% for years 4-26 (it will be paid off in year 26 – maybe sooner if I put some of the extra money to the mortgage).

      I sincerely appreciate all your well thought out answers and suggestions. I will consult the financial advisor at my credit union, but think I will take the lump sum (even though I’ll be giving the Feds and CA over $10,500 between them). Expect my WDYDTPTW to get really exciting starting in December!

      • Michele, good for you! Hope it works out .

      • Michelle – You might want to think about taking the lum sum and investing in solar power. There is a 30% tax deduction on purchasing solar – that’s 30% off your taxes, not off your income. You might be able to offset the entire tax penalty with the credit. Best of luck whatever you decide!

      • Hunker-Down says:


        If you have a mortgage with a 4% cap I would let it ride and wait for the cheaper dollar that inflation will bring and slowly pay it off. Same for the 0% loan. Eliminate the others.

        How about taking out just enough cash to pay off the high interest rate loans, then use the lowered monthly payments made to you for preps?
        Then hide the credit cards (AND NEVER USE THEM AGAIN!!), but keep the accounts open. Sometimes closing accounts will lower your credit rating.

    • Michele:

      I understand the comments about paying off debts with inflated money. I have chosen to get rid of debt, versus paying it off later with inflated money.

      Last quarter we put $600 in each of our Roth IRA’s. At the end of the quarter our balance was $150 lower than at the beginning of the quarter. And they charged me $10 for the privilege.

      As a result, we chose not to add to our IRA’s and take what we could out, without penalty, and pay off more debt. Our goal is to be out of debt by next summer. At that point I’ll again look at investing.

      Investing is really meant to be done with your excess capital. Over the last 20 years we have changed that to investing while still in debt. When we try to use something in a way it was not designed to, it usually does not work out well.

      Having debt requires that you have income to service that debt. We didn’t feel that it was worth paying the interest, and hoping that the investments would start to make money and make up for what it was costing us (lack of growth + fund fees + interest on debt). For us, cashing out was the thing to do.

    • Michele,
      I’m not sure I understand your numbers. I don’t see how in the world an annuity that would pay you $520 a month, especially after you’ve paid a penalty and taxes, unless you’re talking about money freed up from the paid off debt. Aside from that, I tend to agree with the rest of the folks here-worse inflation is coming, and it makes a lot of sense to pay off the debt and take care of the other things you need to do. I am not sure if the lump sum payout could be rolled into an IRA to avoid the penalty and taxes-I think that is the case. If that is the case, you could then do as Sunny suggests, which would avoid the penalty, though the amount coming out each year would be added to your income and be subject to tax.

    • Michele, I recently cashed in my 401k took the penalties and taxes, used the money to pay off all our debt, get a few items, and keep a little in the bank. I really don’t know if either the money or I will be here in 22 years. For now it has given us a lot more freedom and a welcome peace of mind.We do have some gold and silver, and plan to get more when possible, as a safer investment thats more tangable. The Lord has given you a gift ,pray on it and he will help you make the best choice. In my humble opinion it is an opurtunity to have your own peace of mind.
      Good luck

    • Take the money and RUN! You can always work for someone else after, even if you take the money.

      On paying the debt: It’s better to avoid paying 6% (or whatever you are paying) interest than to try and make 1% interest, so paying off debt is better than keeping the debt and trying to stick the retirement money into an interest bearing vehicle. Your tax bracket won’t be lower unless you stop working, so you might as well pay the 33% tax haircut and get physical possession of your asset, then pay the debt and turn the rest into emergency money or PM’s or land.

      I really think that either the dollar will collapse or we’ll have a big depression, and being rid of debt is awesome if you have questionable cash flow. In the case of a collapse it’s possible you could pay your debt off for pennies on the dollar by cashing in PM’s, but there is the other possibility of the crash being so bad that nobody can do anything with PM’s due to either chaos or government PM confiscation.

      If I trusted the government and the dollar more, I would probably have told you to roll it into a self directed IRA and then use it to buy real estate in the IRA. But I don’t trust them and I don’t think the cost of real estate is going to rise anytime soon.

    • PrepPhoenix says:

      I’m new to the Pack, but here’s a thought. You could likely take the lump sum option and use some to take care of debt and roll the remainder into an IRA. There are some IRAs out there that deal with physical gold. Might be worth checking into it.

    • Hi Michele,
      I’m not saying that that’s the way to go but I had a similar situation this year and took the lump sum and purchased property, steel and lead futures as a way to defend said property. The property purchase offset some of the tax penalty. If you take the lump sum now and make a large purchase of home improvements or something tied to tax credits you may actually come out much better than if you wait.

  10. I cant tell you how happy i am to hear the news of faiths improvement! ill keep praying. i have all the components for a wood gas stove and im headed out to my shop after one more cup of joe, to start that project. i also have the wood to build a much more substantial and more easily secured door for the back side (the side thats away from my house) of my shop.i would have that done already but it started raining yesterday and still is.

  11. This week was light on purchases. I really only made 2 that would qualify. I had some collectable coins that I traded for 90% silver. And for those of us with a sweet tooth in our preps, I picked up and put up 2 packages of M&M’s Candy Corn variety.

    I did spend most of the week looking for a new BOV. I really could use one with an automatic. I have a 2002 Dodge 2500 diesel which I love. It’s perfect for our needs. So I have been looking for a 2000-2002, 2005-2007 (early model) in the same 3/4 or 1 tom configuration. I need one with an 8′ bed, auto, and diesel engine and that combo seems to be real tough. I did try to deal on a 2006 but it must come with a couple of ounces of gold hid in it somewhere as the dealer wanted $7,000 too much for his and $2,000 too little for mine. That’s how these things go.

    Hope the Pack is doing well, and look forward to the reports.

    M.D.: Glad to hear Faith is doing better. Our prayers are still with your personal Pack (you have 2 other dogs?). Keep up the good work, and thanks for helping all of us get better prepared!

  12. School House says:

    I can’t believe another week has gone by. It has been busy this week trying to get over the summer that will never quit and preparing for fall and winter.

    What I did this week:

    Picked up the 22 pistol I bought 2 weeks ago.

    Split 2 cords of wood and stacked. Only about 4 more to go.

    Scored 2 dump truck loads of broken concrete from a driveway and patio someone is replacing. Graded around the chicken coop 6 foot for a walk way & will start laying the pieces next week. It will keep the squirrels from tunneling in and stealing the feed. The rest will be used to make walkways.

    Saved some seeds from some heirloom pear tomatoes. Never have done this before. After they are dry I will try to sprout a couple to see if they are any good. I also have a desert bird of paradise that I collected some seeds from. They have sprouted, I will start planting them along the chain link fence as a hedge.

    That’s all for me this week… ADIOS…

  13. This has also been a busy week for me also… Went to a flea market and picked up a Snap On air impact for $40…Greased bearings on my trailer I haul my tractor on, bought a deck belt for my zero turn mower, picked up a Coleman liquid fuel lantern at an antique shop for $8 and that was my week outside of working…Going to look at a Woods brand bush hog tomorrow…Hope everyone has a blessed week…Stay safe, prepare and stay on watch!

  14. On the advice of another wolfpack member, I checked out from my local library, “Herbal Antibiotics” by Stephen Harrod Buhner. This book had a few chapters that were almost over my head in detail, but the bottom line is that bacteria is becoming more drug-resistant and there is no new antibiotics in the pipeline. For an introduction to Buhner’s book, he has written an article published in the September online issue of Herb Companion,

    His book is worthy of adding to your library just for Chapter Nine, “An Herbal Formulary” for 200 herbs, how to prepare both fresh and dried plant material.

    Also, a new book I added to my library is “Making Plant Medicine” by Richo Cech. Richo owns the Horizon Herbs farm in William, Oregon and in this book he offers medical uses for over 100 herbs and how to prepare them. His farm grows many of the herbs mentioned in his book and he sells fresh seed and live plants thru his website.

    Also, for fun here is a link to How to make your own Ginger Ale, http://www.learningherbs.com/ginger_ale_recipe.html and Root Beer, http://www.herbmentor.com/20081126_3/

    • Oh, I forgot the Apple Pie Moonshine recipe link, great if you live in a state that sells 190 proof Everclear Grain alcohol. Be sure and read the comments following the recipe for variations.

    • Sounds like I need to get the new edition, Marebear.
      Blessings to little Faith and all our furfaces (that’s what we call them) who give us comfort, companionship and sometimes protection.

    • MareBear, Being an Oregon native, and not recalling the town of William, I did a search (inquiring minds want to know) and discovered that 20% of the population grow only one herb. Now I know where Williams, Oregon is. Thanks, Jeff

      • Jeff, Glad I’m not the only Oregon native that didn’t know where Williams, Oregon was.

        • Quote : Comment: Jeff, Glad I’m not the only Oregon native that didn’t know where Williams, Oregon was : could that be because most people that really know the town call it Bill.

  15. It’s great to see sweet little Faith has some sensation back and can eliminate waste. This bodes well for her nerves maintaining function.

    For preps: still waiting a food delivery from Healthy Harvest (from their going out of business sale). Planning on taking a Handgun 101 class on Oct 11 followed by the class that will lead to a carry permit. I don’t have a weapon now, unless you count the samurai swords my father brought back from Japan. I cherish those, but don’t count them. My goal is to determine what I actually have and go from there. Another goal: fitness. I’m way out of shape and need to make some changes in that direction.

    Best wishes to all. After reading these posts for a year I feel like I know you all. Stay strong, stay well, stay prepped.

  16. I have had a stressful week. My hours at one job were cut in half. Two days later I was offered another job that exactly makes up the difference–and now I don’t have to drive 100 miles once a week but I do have to work Saturday mornings. My dh is having knee surgery in two weeks. He will be out of operation for a month. My dog has some kind of allergy and we have a second appointment tomorrow with the vet. And my mother came to visit.

    I did nothing to prep this week–other than survive. LOL

    • Some weeks that’s all any of us can do. Congrats on the job!

    • Prayers going out for you and all your family members, Bam Bam! Look what we did for Faith – surely we can get your life back in the comfort zone! Hang in there, hon! 🙂

    • I’ll add you and your husband to my prayer list.

    • Wow, Bam Bam, does the ‘makes up the difference’ job factor in your your savings on commute time and gas? Sounds like you’ve also decreased your risk of being caught 50 miles from home at an inopportune time.

      Will add your DH to my prayer list for a successful surgery and a quick recovery.

      • Lantana,

        I didn’t even think about the savings on the commute time and gas. The commute for this job is 10 minutes–and that includes walking from the parking lot to the building.

        • Saving two hours on your commute in a sense offsets two hours of your Saturday morning shift. If you get 30 mpg and gas is $3.50/gal, cutting out 400 miles from your commute is like getting a tax-free $40 gift card each month.

          Plus, WDYDTPTW just moved to Sundays–coincidence? I think not. . . .

          Bam Bam, I’d say you’re entitled to do a stompin’ chompin’ end zone dance!

          • LOL, Lantana. I will save my stompin’ chompin’ end zone dance for Saturday if we beat LSU.

            I started the new job Tuesday and it went great. All has worked out for the better.

    • Soggy Prepper says:

      Our GSD has been horrible with allergies. I’m thinking grass and something air born at this point. Bad allergies as with the pustules on his back that break, scab and flake off with black skin. I rummaged through my “apothecary” and found prednisone. For the last few days I’ve tossed one down his throat each day and his skin is FINALLY clearing up and the wounds healing.
      I don’t think prednisone is a great thing to keep giving him so I’m going to ask the vet if Atopica is a cyclosporine would be as effective. We go to the vet in a couple weeks. DH said never again to a purebred! lol
      Prayers for your DH for a successful knee surgery and prayers for you with your mom visiting! 🙂

      • Soggy,

        My mom’s vet said this year has been the worst he’s every seen for allergies. We take Max in tomorrow for a steroid shot. Thanks for the prayers.

    • Thank you all. Your prayers are much appreciated.

    • Bam Bam…surviving IS the best prep… cheers.

    • Bam Bam, you are added to my prayer list. So sorry to hear about the DH knee surgery and the dog allergies! It does seem like when it rains it pours!

    • Encourager says:

      So glad you got another job! Will pray for your DH…and the visit with your mother and your furry-faced family member.

    • BAmaBecca says:

      congrats on the job BamBam!

  17. Surviving in Ky. says:

    Hello Pack, Hope everyone had a good week. I didn’t get a great deal accomplished this week. I made several orders yesterday, I will give an update next week. Dehydrated and ground more peppers; HOT is all I can say. Will make the chili interesting this winter. Dealt with a trespasser yesterday, hope he finally got the hint. I believe he is digging ginseng but told a tell about a lost coon hound, for 2 weeks?????? Give a break! Heard ginseng is up to $900 a pound, not sure if that’s true; but sure hope he doesn’t think the price is worth it. Zero tolerance for liers or thieves. Enough of the ranting. I did mange to package several items in mylar bags, beans, hamburger helper and mac & cheese. We tried some TVP with the hamburger helper, not a bit fan. To the pack, would bullion cubes help with the taste? If so, I need to stock on some more! lol About it from my end, God Bless Pack and keep watch on world affairs. I worry with the direction we are headed.

    • Surviving in KY, please be VERY careful about using or stockpiling TVP…it is made from soy, and recent research has found that an abundance of soy in our diets can cause its own set of medical problems (especially for those with digestive problems or gluten intolerance, as well as older women as it tends to mimic an over-abundance of estrogen, not to even mention thyroid issues for both men and women). See http://www.foodrenegade.com/dangers-of-soy/

      When TSHTF, we need to keep our bodies as healthy and strong as can be, because we probably won’t have today’s medical care to fix anything that might go wrong. Always best to store food in as natural a state as possible. Fermented soy doesn’t carry the same dangers as non-fermented soy, which is what TVP is.

      • Surviving in Ky. says:

        Petnumber1, Thanks for the info as well as the link. I won’t be stocking any more TVP. Thanks again!

      • I would add about the TVP that you should look to see how the “sausage” is made – they make the soy frothy with some kind of solvent and then extrude it through a nozzle, dry it and break it up into pieces. If you must have soy, it would be better to get non-GMO organic soybeans and just eat them as soybeans. Even better would be to get any other kind of beans (lentils are good, you can eat the sprouts and they’re quick to cook) and just eat them, instead of bothering with something that is so processed with chemicals.

        • Hunker-Down says:

          Penny Pincher,

          Dry soy beans taste like dried gasoline.

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            What I want to know is how do you know what dried gasline tastes like! LMAO!

            • HD What you need to do is grind it into a paste then grow a culture in them till you have a Tofu. Then they taste like curdled gasoline.

      • Thanks for that info, Petnumber1. I haven’t stocked any TVP, but I didn’t know that it could cause problems, either. Alsways good to know!

      • Encourager says:

        Don’t forget that unfermented soy acts like estrogen in our bodies. Children, especially boys, do not need that hormone as they are growing. Soy is in so much of our prepared foods and I truly believe that is why little girls are developing so early. And what man needs too much estrogen in their bodies? Read the labels!!!

    • Bullion would make it too salty, unless you add extra pasta.It might be easier to work up your own “helper “recipe. Then bullion would not be added to the salt already in a high sodium product.and instead of adding regular salt you might want to consider adding a “no salt” salt replacer ,that is high in potassium, to balance out the salt in the bullion. a little of both salt and potassium, goes a long way. Both can be used in electrolyte replacers for the sick who are loosing excessive fluids.
      A little pasta, dehydrated peppers, onions and garlic will go a long way to disguise a multitude of errors! and..Keep it simple, It’s easier to duplicate.Real meat will fix the flavor, but I understand why the TVP, but I hope, you know that soy affects men’s testosterone levels and excessive amounts will convert to estrogen, causing a voice change and may cause hair loss. Knorr has a 2.2 lb jar of chicken, beef and tomato bullion granules available at most big box stores at a reasonable costs. about 5$, I buy chicken bullion this way, it’s easier to mix in recipes and a single jar will last me about a year, well beyond the date listed. Just keep it sealed. Hope this helps.

      • Surviving in Ky. says:

        Thanks Sw’t Tater, you and Petnumber1 have been extremely helpful. I hope the rest of the pack reads this. Thanks again!

  18. i am glad your little one is doing better. she is still in my prayers.
    most of the prepping this week went to restocking the pond. we added 400 catfish, 100 shell crackers, 400 brim and 400 bass. all we need now is a gully washing rain. i decided to target practice yesterday and i was just about as sorry as i could be. everyshot was one to two inches away from the bullseye. i’m going to have to practice more this week. i hope everyone as a great week and take care.

  19. M.D.
    I’m happy to hear your dog is getting better. With the Packs prayers and the Good Lords Help hopefully she will have a full recovery.
    I’m not sure what is going on but I treid posting 2x last week and othis is the second time I’ve tried posting today.

    Dropped D.D off at UCLA last week. Met up with a So.Cal pack member. D.W. & D.D. were impressed. I would like to thank this person for taking the time to meet with us. We all are resting easier knowing she will be in good hands in an emergency.

    As for preps, here we go:
    AMMO & Reloading
    40rds. .223 Hollowpoints
    20rds. .223 50grn. Soft Point
    3 x 5rd. boxes 12 ga. Slugs
    3 x 5rd. boxes12 ga. #4 Buckshot
    Aquilla ,22 CB Long Target 50rds.
    2 x 50 rds. .22Long CB Cap Target (Winchester)
    10rds. .45acp. CCI Snake Shot
    4 boxes Non-Lethal Buckshot & Slugs
    36 x.50 Minie Rds. For Blk.Powder
    1925rds. .22cal Domed Pellets
    1lb Canister Unique Powder
    .38 Spec. Lee Loader
    Casing Lube
    2 Primer Feed Trays for LoadAll II
    Holster for .45acp
    8 Mag. .45acp Pouch
    First Aid , Health & Hygiene
    Potassium Iodide 2 Courses
    Insect Sting Wipes
    Rafting First Aid Kit
    CampingFirst Aid Kit
    2 Bars Hotel Soap 2
    Bucket Toilet Seat 1
    Doody Bags 1
    Food, Prep, & Procurement
    4x 200 ct. Emergency Meals Buckets
    4pk. Roast Beef
    Chili w/ Beans 8pk
    2 Mountain House
    Texsport Single Burner Propane Stove
    Frog Spear
    Fish Spear
    PSE Compound Bow 45-70lb. (Craigslist 10.00)
    Light & Warmth
    Emergency Candle
    5 Non-Benzene Fire Starters
    Light Stick
    6 Heat Packs
    3 Toe Warmers
    2 x 2 1/2gal. Folding Water Jugs
    Katadyn Water Purifying Tablets
    BPA Free Water Bottle
    Pri G 1/2 pt.
    Emergency Sewing Kit 1

    Thats all for this week folks. Have a great week and watch your backs.

    • I am totally jealous! BTW, the flashlite I bought from you yesterday is FABULOUS. Can I order two more and just have you mail them, since it’s such a long drive for you to come up?

      • That’s a heck of a week, Ray. What kind of flashlight was it?

        • It says on it both “Cree” and “Bill Sport”, so not sure. It is 160 lumens, has both wide and narrow focus, comes with a Lithium Ion battery, and charger and an adapter for AAA’s – all for $15.99. I walked all around last night with it – and I live where it’s really dark – at least until the moon came up.

      • NorCal Ray says:

        Thanks Michelle.
        I’m glad you like it. I didn’t have any doubt though as I really love mine. I’ll call you later and get the shipping info. By the way you are getting the last Two. There won’t be any more until January. I went through 1000 in a couple days less than a month.

    • Holy Cow Ray, that looks like a year’s worth of supplies! Glad the DD is settled down south and is being watched over.

      • NorCal Ray says:

        Thanks D2.
        I’ve been very busy. It is a very scary economy right now.
        On the trip tp L.A. and back about 780 miles round trip, we counted 218 big rigs. That is not alot of Trucks. Normally all of the rest stops are full to overflowing with Big Rigs. There were actually lots of empty spaces in each one we passed. SCARY!!!
        Even my wife commented on the lack of traffic and she is normally oblivious to her surroundings and that was even scarier.

    • wow…….wish i could do that…..

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      NCR, love the flashlights already getting some use out of them. Put one in the GHB with my other flashlight. Gave one to my gf.

  20. Petticoat Prepper says:


    Glad to hear Faith is healing!

    I feel like I’ve had a good week prepping. I had a bump in the road which I saw coming, in that my DD moved out this week. She was pretty excited to move into her first place and while I feel a bit sad – I’m actually excited for her. Without realizing what she was doing, she told me she’d found a huge (25lb) bag of rice at a good price and thought “Mom always has this in the pantry.” So she bought it…. 😛

    Mid week brought me a windfall of free apples, 120 lbs of them. So I got another 5 gallons of hard cider working and put up 22 pints of applesauce. The lady said she’s got lots if I’d like more; gee let me think.

    I had a good bit of tomatoes ripen with more to come so I managed to put up this week 16 pints of roasted tomatoes and 19 pints of wanna-be V8 juice. Which my DH said is the best tomatoe juice he’s ever had. May need to put up more of that! I also had to buy more pint jars. Couldn’t believe that. It means I’ve put up over 470 jars this season as that’s what was empty when I began this year.

    Dried more zuc’s and cherry tomatoes and I’ve now reached the half gallon stage. Plums are falling from the trees like crazy and I’m starting on drying and canning those this week.

    Friday I managed to check off an item from my ‘bucket list’. I’ve always wanted to go out on the ocean and fish. I did a 5 hour bottom fishing/crab trip. 7-8 foot swells, 2 foot winds and about 17 feet apart. I did great! I LOVED being out there. Although those aboard who didn’t do well with thier tummy’s were very happy to eat the ginger snaps I brought!

    I saw two porpoise break the surface 3 times swimming in tandem. I caught 9 black sea bass 5 of which were big enough that I wanted to keep them. So I’ve vacuum sealed the filets and bagged the carcass for future crab bait and they are in the freezer. I pulled up 8 big, full dungeness crab, they were yummy! Plus, best of all (could have been better if the season was still open so I could have kept it) I caught a 15 lbs Chinook salmon! I’ve never caught such a big fish before. He ran over the surface for about 30 feet before diving under again. The morning sun glinting off his body while the water sprayed up like a slomon water skier!!! I’ll see that fish in my head for the rest of my life. Yep, my arm was slightly sore the next morning, he put up a good fight. Well worth the $81.00 I spent to go out.

    I was so jazzed my 85 yrs old buddy who was with me and fishes like that all the time just laughed and laughed. My DH is now thinking we’ll do a bay trip (he get’s sick out on the ocean) and go salmon fishing. I guess his mouth started watering once our buddy confirmed I really did catch that Chinook.

    Hope all in The Pack is well. Continuing prayers for all, including Faith.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Deep sea fishing is my favoritest thing ever to do in the whole world. A bad day fishing is better than the best day at work!
      I am so glad you got the opportunity.
      You are also awesome with the preps.
      Keep it up and God Bless!

      • Jarhead 03 says:

        Tactical G-Ma, not sure if you saw my reply to a question last week.
        It was about RPGs. If not, I suggested against the steel shutters as they wouldn’t stop it and if they hit the wall of the house they would go through that as well. Best defense would be a fence line. When it hits the fence it will detonate and yes shrapnel will disperse but you prevent the actual damage from the projectiles true damage by way of a shape charge which sends a liquid or moltent metal through the armor and then disperses inside. The fence was used at many fire bases in Vietnam, many base camps have been setting it up when available on perimeters and the Stiker Vehicles the Army uses are going from a steel cage to a steel cable netting that works like a chain link fence. Hope you see this.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          Thanks for the clarification. I’ve tried to stay informed but quite frankly, so much was happening so fast I couldn’t quite grasp how all the crap was happening almost simultaneously. Correct me if I am wrong, Some really rich people are supplying and training some very dangerous Muslim mercs and sending them to lots of Muslim communities to incite, train, and arm other Muslims in the name of Jihad and either the locals join or die. And these jihad people are as well or better equipt than our military. And they have real good intel as well. Is that about right?

          • Jarhead 03 says:

            Tactical G-Ma, funding for them has always been that way. The problem is there were some terrorist groups that we had no problems with and in fact we helped aid the Chechnyan Muslims for over 30 years, sent them weapons and they loved us until 9/11 when Bush cut the aid and told the Russians they are now on our list. That put them in the fight against us because the Russians were using air burst and chemical weapons against them and we no longer stood up for them.

            Other groups get money from rich donors that believe in the cause like in Boston and other east coast and some west coast towns where bars are used to finance and funnel money to Ireland and in places like San Diego, Houston, Detroit, Chicago etc where money supports Muslim activities be it here, Africa or the Gulf. The average terrorist is college educated and idealistic and the average fighter has some education an a stage of high school compared to preconceived notions that they are mindless idiots that we’re told to strap a bomb on.

            There has always been a threat of sleeper cells and where I work we are reminded every day. Just like with the 50s-80s with Soviet KGB and Spetznaz as well as nuclear war we can’t stop living and only prepare the best we can with what we got.

            The most likely targets are public transportation, schools (universities), companies that produce weapons for the military and water (damns and reseviors) so those that live in small towns and back woods are way at the bottom of the list because it won’t generate the casualties or damage like a subway or train at peak rush hour would.

    • LOVE deep-sea fishing! So glad you had such a good time! I’d do it every day of my life if I could! 🙂

      • Petticoat Prepper says:

        Tactical G-Ma and Petnumber1,

        Thanks! I’m dying to go again, DH is talking guide in one of the bays for Chinook maybe next weekend. Fingers crossed!

        Thanks too for the pat on the back for preps. Season is winding down and as the old saying goes…”gotta make hay while the sun is shining.” Tried out my homemade V8 juice for bloody mary’s this morning, super good!

    • Encourager says:

      Petticoat Prepper, would you be a sweetie and post the recipe for the almost V-8 juice? My hubby loves V-8 and we still have lots of tomatoes.


      • Petticoat Prepper says:

        Tomato Garden Juice Blend

        22 pounds tomatoes
        3/4 cups diced carrots
        3/4 cups chopped celery
        3/4 cups chopped green pepper
        1/2 cup chopped onion
        1/4 cup chopped parsley
        1 tablespoon salt (optional)
        Bottled lemon juice or citric acid

        Wash tomatoes; drain. Remove core and blossom ends. Cut into quarters. Combine tomatoes and vegetables in large saucepot; simmer 20 minutes, stir to prevent sticking. Press mixture through sieve or food mill. Stir in salt, if desired. Heat juice 5 minutes at 190 degrees F. Do not boil. Add 2 tablespoons bottled lemon juice or 1/2 teaspoon citric acid to each quart jar. Add 1 tablespoon bottled lemon juice or 1/4 teaspoon citric acid to each pint jar. Ladle hot juice into hot jars, leaving 1/4 inch headspace. Adjust two piece caps. Process pints 40 minutes, quarts 45 minutes, in a boiling water canner. Yield: about 14 pints or 7 quarts.

        From Ball Blue Book

        I think a bit more carrots, celery, green peppers, onion and parsley would be good but all in all, it came out great.

        • Encourager says:

          Petticoat Prepper, thank you so much! I copied it out for my files. Ended up using a lot of tomatoes for tomato soup, but when the green ones turn red, should have enough if I halve the recipe.

        • Petticoat Prepper
          Thanks for sharing ! Can’t wait to make a batch. Saving this recipe

  21. So glad to hear Faith is making progress.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      How is DH?

      • TActical G-Ma, he is much improved. He has finished the antibiotics. We still have no test results, but he also has not had any more of those episodes of being out of his head. Maybe the infection could have been causing it? But I am really anxious to get some results from all of those tests. It’s a good thing it wasn’t life or death (at least as far as we know) or he would be dead by now! Geesh!

        • So glad to hear of your DH’s improvement, DJV!

        • DJV….good to hear re hubby’s health has improved. The test results hopefully will allow treatment so this doesn’t occur again…and I did consider that it was life/death symptoms. Stay strong and prayers for both of you…cheers.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          Thank goodness. will keep ya’ll in my prayers.

  22. Imagine that. the first time I get to be first to reply. I feel great. I got some more shelving installed in my basement storeroom but ran out of parts needed to finish the job. I can’t get out on my own to do any shopping so will have to wait till next Saturday when my favorite son (OK, so I only have one son but he would be my favorite even if I had a dozen) comes back to spend the day with me. I sealed up a half case of CCI Mini Mag .22 LR ammo in a moisture/air proof sealed plastic box. Have a half case of Winchester .22 LR to similarly seal in a like container. Ordered a scope mount and a few other accessories for several rifles. Other than that, did absolutely nothing other than have lunch at a newly opened eatery. Enjoyed the day with my son. My best to all. MD, hope the little
    one continues to improve healthwise and will be running around the home site very quicklly.


  23. Grannytraveler says:

    Haven’t done too much this week. Low funds. Have been checking thru my “stock”. It’s running pretty low and I need to do some more shopping. This is the lowest that my food stores have been in a long time. The good thing is that I have been using up all the canned food items with dates that ended up within the last 12 months. I did splurge on one item though, I bought some Manuka honey. It is expensive but I thought I would get some for my first aid supplies especially after reading how well it does with community acquired MRSA. I am willing to give it a try. Has anyone in the pack ever used it?

  24. XZombieMommyX says:

    Not a whole lot here. Just stocking up on a few things we were running low on: toilet paper, paper towels, dog & cat food, litter. Got a year’s worth of pool supplies. A few extra canned goods.

    Organized my prepping supply closet, and started organizing prep area in the garage. That’s going to be a long project though, LOL.

    Scheduled electician to install 2 security motion lights. I’ll be happy to have those areas of the house/yard lit up.

    Still reading One Second After. About half way through.

    Have a great week wold pack!

  25. Homeinsteader says:

    Spent several days sweating and working on BOL; gettin’ there! Met newest neighbor – he’s o.k., even if he is a d*1* Yankee!!! ; )

    Stayed away from internet and all the bad news long enough to recharge batteries and reload ammo! Ready.

    It’s all good.

    • owwww!!!! your freind, Connecticut born and raised bctruck.

      • Judy, another one says:

        bctruck we forgive you! You did see the light though and moved to Louisiana! This comes from someone who is 3/4 Johnny Reb and a 1/4 [email protected] Yankee born in Kansas and still living there. LOL

  26. Lets see what did I do; entered a contest to win prep goodies from BioLite. http://promoshq.wildfireapp.com/website/6/contests/292817
    Downloaded sheetmusic and harmonica tabs in pdf to my Kindle Fire. Doctor visit went well, more meds for tummy. Still gathering supplies and test gear for BioLite stove TEG test. Watched Sunday on CBS story on smart phones intrigued me, if I may allow me to paraphrase Max Ehrmann’s “Desiderata” (((((If you compare your phone to others, you may become vain and bitter for always there will be smarter and simpler phones than yours.)))))(apologies to Max and all that love his writings) On a similar note my favorite tee shirt quote, “Max says I should listen to you, what’s your story?”

  27. i feel my big BOB is okay but have recently starting running errands with my aunt who is not a prepper and so have started making a mini GHB to fit in my purse and also to make a school approved one for my oldest grandchild and am working on one to travel with when we go on an airplane. i have all my non bulk items marked and stored- just need to do my bulk items, which will be put off until i get back from a family emergency type trip i need to make this coming week. if anyone has any ideas for compact items in your purse let me know- i found some small vaseline at walmart and have starting packing tampons for many uses…..even though i have no use for them in their normal use anymore…..i also found an older type lighter that i am going to carry- i feel it is safer than the disposable ones they sell nowadays.
    i am glad to hear your little friend is doing better

    • I would recommend a P38. I keep one in my purse, in my car, at my desk at work, in my BOB, in my GHB and several in my kitchen cabinet.


    • I agree on the P38 I have one in my wallet. Other things I carry in my wallet 3 prethreaded sewing needles, from button thread to an upholstery needle and heavy duty thread. A single sided utility razor with the cardboard cover. A fresnel lens pocket magnifier (a dollar at
      http://www.bestglide.com/fresnel_lens_firestarter.html also a good place for larger belt pouch and BOB goodies) for larger purses or belt pouches a 55 gal lawn trash bag or two can serve as shelter or sleeping bag plus emergency luggage. A painters 3 mil drop cloth is a handy dollar investment. Paracord is nice but surveyor string stores smaller 30 yards coiled in a BOB is handy. Dollar store ponchos will not only keep off the rain, but harvest drinking water if tied to a frame/tree/car with string. (Nylon surveyor type) Salt, sugar, ketchup packets are chock full of electrolytes for emergency hydration drinks.

  28. Well for MD- list. I keep with getting the one item week challenge I gave myself. So today I grab 20lb’s of rice for 9.98. Now on to the other prep’s this week.

    1- 15watt solar panel at harbor freight for 48.00
    1- 100 charge controller at 27.98

    6 pack of chicken ramen noodles
    6 pack of beef ramen noodles
    2lb coffee
    1 jar 48oz of Apple Sauce
    3 cans of potted meat. ( I love this stuff even though I know it isn’t good for me.)
    3 boxes corn muffin mix
    1 bottle of vanilla extract
    1 can of chunk chicken breast
    1 can of mushrooms
    1 can of spaghetti sauce
    1 can of tomatoes.

    I took care of trimming the hedges and cutting away dead limbs on the few trees we have here. I got 1 1/2 wheel barrows of mulch from them as well.


  29. Got back home last week and found that my stocks of wine, coffee and chocolate had been hit pretty hard by house sitters during my absence, so my first priority this week (besides attending equilux celebrations) was to re-stock those items as quickly as possible (luckily National Coffee Day was yesterday and a number of places had 20% off deals going). But, boy oh boy, do I wish I could tolerate cheap wines! No one had ANYTHING good on sale that I could find.
    Returned home mainly because this coming month will mark my 40th year of prepping here in Northern CA and a celebration is definitely in order – which, come to think of it, also means M.D. must be having an important birthday coming sometime soon! If I remember correctly, I moved here from Tennessee to start prepping (or retreating as it was called back then) just about the same time you were born back in Tennessee, M.D. I’ll be sure to raise a toast to you my friend! And maybe I’ll send you some good fiction to read over the coming winter. Your comment last week rather saddened me. To think, with all the great literature, prose and poetry mankind has produced over the centuries, that folks would feel they don’t have enough “spare time” to enjoy it says more to me on the current state of affairs than any web link ever could.
    Homestead was fine in my absence, always seems to be good people around to lend a hand when needed. Although I normally travel for a couple of months during the winter every year, this was the first time in a long while house sitters had to actually “work” the place during growing season (although only in a limited way). They had a few problems and, I think, were surprised at the actual amount of work necessary to keep this place going but did really well. New calf is now pretty good sized and mama and my old mule are as protective of her as ever. Hogs aren’t as heavy as I thought they would be but then I remembered more folks had been drinking the milk and eating more (from the limited garden area they were keeping up) than I would normally consume, so their rations had been somewhat cut this season. Since I just give the meat away though (I only keep them to do the composting of leftovers and to turn-up/fertilize garden plots) it doesn’t really matter much.
    Glad to note the blog seems to be doing really well (lots of readers) and though I haven’t had a chance to look at all the postings I’ve missed, I hope to be up-to-speed soon. It’s good to be back.

    • mountain lady says:

      It is also good to have you back. Some of us were wondering how you were doing, and now we know.

    • Schatzie Ohio says:

      Glad you are back as we missed you.

    • Interdum feror cupidine partium magnarum europe vincendarum. Actually, some test results back in April weren’t too encouraging, so I figured it was kind of now or never to visit some old friends. Started in Germany by reviving an old tradition of celebrating my birthday with some guys I used to work with there. It’s always great tongue-in-cheek fun (my birthday happens to be April 20th and a couple of them are ex-WW2 German military). As they are now in their nineties, they spoke much more readily about the war and their role in it than they could back in the days we worked together. Very interesting perspectives and I’m so glad I got to spend that time with them.
      Spent a couple three months just bumming around Europe/North Africa, mostly reliving old memories. Looked for Llsa at the Sunday Jazz sessions at Rick’s in Morocco but never found her, played tourist in Egypt and Jordan just for the hell of it, dropped in on a CA neighbor’s daughter in Israel and lounged around on some Greek islands for a while. Hit the Formula One race at Monaco (and even won a bit of money at a casino – a real change for me), attended the race/party at Le Mans, eventually bested my old time going around the old Nürburgring (Nordschleife) circuit by about 20 seconds (took 4 runs though. I had borrowed a friend’s new BMW motorcycle and they are MUCH faster than my old R60/5 is and yes, it scared the crap out of me. Had to hug my old R60 once I got home to assure it I’d never replace it, you know how temperamental motorcycles can be if they feel unappreciated), spent Bastille Day in Paris playing a Woody Allen character by wandering the back streets all night (but never saw Hemmingway), attended a couple more Formula One events, and hung out with friends at some great French, German and Italian wineries. Eventually headed south to see some old buddies now living in southern Africa, then east to say hey to some musician friends in Australia followed by a quick stop in Japan (had to see the sunrise from the top of Fujiyama for some unknown reason – but who am I to question such things). The climb almost killed me – well, not the climb, but the quick altitude change necessary to get to the top by sunrise. But it was worth it! Then back home again. Now, of course, I’m starting to think of all the places I’ve never visited and wondering – is there time for another trip?

      • Encourager says:

        Wow, you must be half way through your bucket list! I am green with jealousy! But you are so right ~ NOW is the time to do those things. Time slips by so fast it hurts.

      • K Fields….did you see evidence in those places you visited of the troubles we preppers talk about?

        • Good question, Mt. Woman.

        • I’m probably not the best person to ask but if you have specific questions, I’ll be glad to answer them as best I can.

          Every visit I make to Europe, I always compare the atmosphere to the time I was living there full-time. During the years I was working in Germany, U.S. Forces marked vehicles were having bombs planted in them (constant warnings on Armed Forces Radio and in Stars and Stripes on what to watch for BEFORE you start your vehicle), an American general was kidnapped in Italy, the American Unit Commander had an RPG fired into the trunk of his Mercedes while on way to work in Heidelberg, Al Haig (NATO Commander) was almost killed by the Baader-Meinhof terrorist organization and a bomb was detonated in the area frequented by Americans during Oktoberfest. Just outside Europe, Muslim extremists kidnapped the American ambassador to Afghanistan (Adolph Dubs, who was later killed), Saddam Hussein came to power in Iraq, IRA bombings were occurring in England, the Soviet Union moved troops into Afghanistan and, of course, our embassy in Iran was overrun and hostages were taken.

          During this last trip, I could travel freely in those countries I wished to visit without “terrorists” making threats and carrying out random bombings, Most borders were no longer guarded and at those places you needed a visa to enter, you could usually get one right there at the crossing (if you’re American) and I didn’t need a second passport to travel in North Africa because my regular one had an Israeli entry stamped in it (or vise versa). The constant jet fighter patrols that used to always be so persistent were nonexistent. Large troop movements (which were a usual sight years ago) were not seen at all during this visit. So, to me, looking over the decades, things were much improved.

          Talking to people, the atmosphere was more laissez-faire than what I experience on this blog (no one seemed to be worried about WWIII or other “end of the world” scenarios). There were visible protests in Athens, but there seems to be protests in Greece every time I have visited (mostly by government workers who feel short-changed), and protests in Egypt (which WAS something new) but protesting has always been a part of the political landscape in Europe. Violence was pretty minor though, and I never experienced any threatening behavior simply because I was an American even in predominately Muslim areas.

          Folks generally seemed cautiously optimistic (at least those I spoke with) and it certainly wasn’t due to a lack of information. They were well aware of the financial problems as well as the religious and nuclear disagreements, but didn’t seem to experience them as insurmountable or leading to “the end of the world as we know it”. Of course, everyone wishes jobs were plentiful and energy/food costs were low, but they’ve never had the type of life we, in the U.S. took for granted for so long, so that alone may explain it (our “bad times” is more like their “normal”). As we’re seeing here, it’s the lower classes that are suffering most, especially in Greece. Compared with my last visit 3 years ago, I saw a lot more small shops out of business and a few large ones such as ship builders in Greece completely shuttered. But most talk was about the upper classes being seemingly unaffected by the downturn, feeling those folks are a part of the political system that caused the current problems all at the workingman’s expense. The talk reminded me a lot more like the Wall Street protests in New York last year (but with the speakers being older and used to working for what they had in life) than the “political” discussions here on this blog.

          Maybe due to these feelings, our Presidential race was always an interesting topic, but not in a way most readers here would like. All seemed astonished on how close the polls actually were and numerous questions were asked on why anyone would vote for Romney. He seems to be seen as a return to older, failed policies that brought on the 2008 financial problems and his heavy financial backing from banks and Wall Street firms do a lot to enforce that belief (and I can only imagine what the reactions would have been like if his 47% comment had been made public during my time there). I can sum-up the general consensus I encountered by repeating the statement a German man at a beer garden made, “Americans are afraid to move forward. They are like the child who runs and hides in his nanny’s skirts after seeing the new classroom on his first day of school.”

  30. mountain lady says:

    MD, very good news on little Faith. Will continue with the prayers. Did not do any prepping this week, except for reading and listening.

  31. Tactical G-Ma says:

    It is good to know Faith is improving. Will continue to pray for you both. And congratulations on your prestigeous accomplishment of making front page. EVERYONE should have a copy of 31 DAYS TO SURVIVAL and constantly review and refresh their procedures and acquisitions.
    I didn’t do much this week:
    Bought a couple flats of beans and ready to eat soups.
    Picked first of the pecans from four trees. Got them stacked in trays drying.
    Hit some yard sales where I found a firefighter helmet complete with shield, insert and neck flap for $5. I don’t know why I bought it but you never know.
    Read a bit more of Without Rule of Law. I want to know what the most devious might do in hard times. Was rather icky this week with all the allergens. Finally we got rain so the crap in the air should settle.
    My greens and lettuce are coming along nicely.
    Added sterile tongue depressors and sterile individually wrapped qtips to my meds.
    Poured the stored gas in the truck and lawn tractor. I cry when I pass the gas station and see the prices. There is absolutely no reason for gas prices to be so high and they will probably go higher as the refineries switch over to making winter fuels.
    Sometimes it is tough staying cheerful.
    Well I will do what I must. And hope everyone and their loved ones are better. I keep praying and I keep prepping.

  32. So glad to hear your little friend is doing better!

    I picked up 6 lbs of macaroni, 2 lbs for $1
    12 cans of stewed tomatoes, 2 for 88¢
    4 jars bouillon powder, 2 for $3
    several pounds calabacita squash to dry, 57¢ a lb.
    One 3 liter bottle of water, 18¢ – it was limited to 1 at that price, dang.
    2 bottles cranberry capsules.
    a beef roast to cook and can $3.09 a lb.
    a bag of unbleached bread flour so I can start learning how to make bread in the machine.

    Have two gallon size and four 2 liter size bottle to fill with water.

    Made some black bean taco soup middle of last week and canned up 6 pints of leftovers. Then took the leftover bit and made another pot for 7 pints with yellow beans and then added a can of butter beans to the leftover and canned up 6 pints with that. Only a 1/2 pint left to go with a sandwich later.

    Ordered a selection of herbs for making medicinal remedies.

    • Lady, that black bean taco soup sounds great, can we have a recipe????!!!

      • Taco Soup is one of those recipes that can change according to what you like or have on hand.
        I started with 2 cups leftover cooked rice (brown & wild mix cooked in broth) but you can start with dry rice of any sort to equal 2 cups cooked.
        1 can of black beans (rinsed)
        1 chopped onion
        1 pint canned tomatoes
        sliced smoked sausage, I used a half of one of those U shaped packages
        a handful of quinoa
        a handful of barley
        a half pint corn (you can add more but I can’t tolerate too much of it)
        a few jalapeno slices for heat
        1/3 cup cream of something soup mix (or one can of cream of whatever soup)
        and a package of taco seasoning (I used homemade mix)
        And plenty of water.
        Cook till all items are done, of course it’s better the next day!
        This is easy to change up with hamburger or chicken, swap out types of beans or lentils and you could add green peppers but I was out.

    • I made black bean soup – once. Hubby and brother just loved it, even had some for a late night snack after supper. The next morning they told me that although it was fabulously good, it had been christened with a new name…Purple Colon Blow! hehehehe They begged me not to make it again, as it was so good they wouldn’t be able to resist…

    • Also ordered some fish antibiotics to be prepared just in case those fish get any UTIs like I did earlier in the week. Cranberry juice did the trick for me but I hurt like hell for 2 days.

      • Sw't Tater says:

        AZO urinary symptom relief…@ Wal type pharmacy OTC, abt.8$. relieves pain in couple hours.active ingred, is pyridium. turns p orange., can also use cranberry caps…to cut sugars from juice.

  33. I scored at the second hand store yesterday. Found a set of 3 brand new Foodsaver vacuum lid containers in various sizes, with an extra hose, extra “universal” lid that fits multiple glass jars, and a Foodsaver video, 2 separate vacuum canisters, (one with another universal lid), and one that came with a wide mouth vacuum adaptor and hose attachment. All for $7.50! I also discovered a Debbie Meyer hand vacuum sealer in a box put away that I’d forgotten because I thought it was a cheapo that probably wouldn’t work, I’d got it second hand but it was brand new with 30 or more bags. Also discovered in my storage room a tall vacuum canister that I thought would work how I’ve read described, with putting an odd size jam jar or canning jar inside and the vacuum created around it and released would seal the jar inside. Unfortunately that didn’t work. 🙁 I tried different tightnesses. I don’t know what the trick is, or is it the vacuum sealer itself. It did create a vacuum in the the outer container that I could hear releasing. Disappointing!

    I bought a brand new copy of the new book End of Days on impulse from a local shop with the idea of doing a giveaway on my free prep book blog. The cover sounded great, but the reviews I saw on Amazon were rather mixed. Should I still do the giveaway or return it and get something of a more How-To nature? Guess I shouldn’t be so impulsive. I still want to read it, but for myself, I would have borrowed it from the library just for cost reasons.

    I wanted to say a big thank you to Chloe for her long helpful posts on the WDYDTPTW from week before last that I don’t think I got back to comment on in time. You are quite something. I am saving them. Thank you!

    • Natalia, I don’t know anything about that book, but just because it didn’t suit everyone who reviewed it doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be a good prize.

      Who knows, it might be just the thing that the lucky winner needs to catch a reluctant spouse’s attention.

      Speaking of catching attention, I think a link up from your blog would be a great addition to Homestead Revival’s monthly Preparedness link up I mentioned further down–with a few clicks, your hard work would be available to even more folks who’d appreciate knowing about the free e-book opportunities.

      • Thank you for the great tip, Lantana. I was very excited to read it. I’m not sure how I can do it though, it is very specific about posting things I have done this month to be more prepared, in the areas of Food Storage, Emergency Preparedness, and Sustainable Living. “Your comment or link up MUST include something you did this week to be more prepared.” I certainly did something this week but it was just finding books for myself and others, rather than anything very concrete. I can’t think how I can link up without seeming spammy. Maybe they have a resources list. I must check that site out A LOT more. It looks wonderful. 🙂

        • Natalia, how about starting your next (Oct 2?) post with an introduction like this and linking it to the challenge:

          “Welcome to PrepUtilityVehicle! I’m a gal trying to be more self-sufficient, and always looking to stretch my budget further.

          For example, my September thrift store expeditions turned up [a boxful of Food Saver attachments] for only $7.50. That’ll help put food in the freezer when the Thanksgiving sales start!

          To build knowledge and skills without spending a dime, I’ve also continued wading through each day’s free download offerings from Kindle for e-books on preparedness topics. To save my friends time hunting for themselves, I started posting what I find each day here. You can see today’s Kindle freebies below.

          Thanks to Homestead Revival for letting me join their Preparedness Challenge link up–hope you find something that helps you.”

          Natalie, I’ve followed that monthly preparedness challenge about as long as I’ve followed MD’s blog, and I think that crowd would appreciate knowing about your daily reports, like we do here–it’s certainly not spam!

          • Thanks so much, Lantana. I will use your wonderful example as a template for ideas! I already spent a while working on it, but ended up going to a farm with the kids and picking 100 lbs of tomatoes, and it was getting late to get it posted for today. So I saved it to work on for tomorrow. I don’t want to post about this too much here as it’s not relevant to MD’s blog, but keep checking mine and there’ll be something special. 🙂

        • Dear Natalia, I recently backed up all my E books (90% free thanks to your hard work) from my kindle to a laptop. Setting aside the fiction (which although fiction a discerning reader can gleen a lot from) the amount of reference material is truly amazing. Your work is a valued prep, never doubt that. I recommend your site to all serious preppers. Your newsletter is like a gift of valuable books, I open with eager anticipation. Please take your candle from under the basket and proclaim your work for the asset we all know it to be. Also never doubt my gratitude to you for all the knowledge you have gifted us.

          • AZyogi, thank you for your encouragement. You are so kind! It really helps so much to hear things like that, I wonder sometimes but now it feels worth it! 🙂

      • Okay, I just saw that their Barn Hop (not the same linkup you mentioned so I didn’t read all the way through right away) does say you can write a blog post about “something of interest that will help benefit fellow homesteaders.” I still feel spammy posting on that, maybe someone else could (or maybe I should just get over it. 😉 ) Thanks for that really great tip. I will ponder for a while on what to do. 🙂

    • thanks Natalia…am glad I can contribute in my own way…we are such a diverse and multi-talented/skilled bunch, that we all benefit in turn…

      and don’t worry about not being able to get back in to comment…same thing happens to me…and time seems to get away from me as well – and glad to read how others have also noticed how quickly the next week rolls around on here.

      And I also save some of the assorted pack’s recipes that are posted…we all benefit…we each all bring our own individual prep info to the table so to speak…catch up next time…cheers.

      • You live on your own at the moment Chloe, don’t you? Can’t remember why I thought so but didn”t you say something? I think if I lived on my own I would especially love to be on here chatting more. I love it anyway actually but I might just do it a lot more. Thanks again for blessing us with your time and knowledge! 🙂

  34. M.D. so very glad to hear that Faith is doing so much better. Still including both of you in our prayers.
    Prepping for us is slim this week and probably until the end of Oct, have a craft fair then that we are getting ready for, everyone cross your fingers that we do well. The more that we make at it, the more that can go into preps. 🙂 Everyone have a blessed week.

  35. Rob in Ontario says:

    Glad your little side kick is getting better M.D. — not much done again this week- picked up 120 rounds of 7.62×39- had frost here last week and the leaves have reached peak colour – not looking forward to this coming winter. I think we are in for one heck of a wake up call soon. Any one in Ontario that wishes to chat I give M.D. permission to forward my email address. Thank you God Bless

  36. Hello, Friends!

    First, I’m SO relieved to hear that Faith is on the mend! Bless her little heart (and yours too, MD, for being such a wonderful “parent”). Best news I’ve heard all week!. 🙂

    Now, not an overly productive week as far as prepping is concerned – I’ve heard rumors that there are going to be mass layoffs at my company in January, so I’ve decided to put as much $$$ into savings as I can, and then reevaluate after the election. I don’t think my job is in jeopardy, but the layoff is to “maximize efficiency” (in other words, we have a lot more chiefs than we need), so those of us in management may well be at risk. Ironically, usually it’s the frontline workers, but in this case being management-level employees at risk, if I’m really, really honest with myself, this would be the right decision, for the employees, the customers, and the shareholders. So while of course I’m terrified (I’m a single, older woman – where the hell am I going to find work????), I also have to be fair and in my heart of hearts, agree that if it happens, they made a good and fair call. So oh well, no sense in worrying about it – I’ll plan for the worst, hope for the best, and try not to lose sleep over it.

    Even if the “worst” happens, I’m in decent shape. My company has always been very generous with severance and health insurance continuance when we’ve had job eliminations in the past, and since I’ve been there almost 15 years, I’m not too terribly worried. I also have retirement funds, which I’d rather not touch, but if it came between me and starving, I certainly would. I also have a big batch of company stock vesting in March. If I get laid off in January, it’s a crapshoot whether they will factor that into the timing, but I suspect they will – as I said, they’ve always been very fair and generous in their dealings with employees.

    So with that said, I’m going to continue to pick up food on sale, get my Berkey, but otherwise just stuff the extra cash in my, um, “burial plot” out back.

    This week:
    – Made and canned 18 quarts of high-protein, high-antioxidant dog food. This is the first time I’ve canned it, so will be interesting to see how it turns out. Although I usually use rice in her food, I didn’t this time because of the danger in canning rice – I’ll just cook up 3-4 cups of it each weekend and mix 1/2 cup in with her breakfast each morning. The canned food should last her a little over a month, so I’m thinking about canning more the next several weekends so I can build up about a 3-month supply. That, along with her kibble, should keep her going for awhile.
    – Picked up more canning jars and extra lids. I buy them from CAL Ranch (it’s a farm store similar to Tractor Supply but not as big), because all during the canning season, they put their canning supplies on sale, which brings them almost down to the WallyWorld price. But I like that store because it’s only a block from my house, they all know me there, and they tease me mercilessly about all the crazy questions I’m constantly asking about gardening, homesteading, chickens, etc. They’re a good bunch, and it’s regionally-owned so I don’t mind paying a bit more. When I walked in yesterday to get the jars for the dog food, the manager saw me coming and yelled across the store, “Pints or quarts?” LOL 🙂
    – Bought 20# local, organically grown onions. Now have to read up on the best way to store them through the winter. Last year, I only bought 10#, threw them in the garage in a bag, and they were fine until about May. These, I’d like to be a little more careful with.
    – Picked up a quart of figs and will be making strawberry-fig jam this afternoon. That’s the last of the jam for this year.
    – Picked up a few more things for my great pasta sauce extravaganza next weekend. I’ve been buying the meat on sale, organic veggies at the co-op, and cutting everything up and freezing it in advance so all I have to do next weekend is throw it all together and can it.

    The garden is on its last legs. Still getting tomatoes, and still a few more pumpkins and winter squash out there, but everything’s dying a slow and unattractive death. 🙂 I was going to dig up and compost most of it this weekend, but ran out of time with all the canning. Will try and get to it next weekend or maybe the one after, and get the garlic planted and the rest of the beds turned over and mulched for winter. I also want to make PVC “cases” for the little irrigation system I built for the raised beds last spring – right now, it’s just vinyl tubing going to a couple small sprinklers in each bed, but I want to surround each of the lines with hard PVC so the freezing and thawing hopefully won’t damage the lines too much as the soil shifts around. I already have the PVC cut to the proper lengths and the elbows and adhesive – all I have to do is find about 3 hours to go out there, drill the holes in the bed walls, and put it all together.

    Hope everyone is having a good, productive week, and feeling well!

  37. Lawrence Roberge says:

    Money running short-gotta keep balance with family needs.
    Dry canned one box of tea bags, four pint jars of lentils.
    Will till up garden and plant canola for green manure.
    Still learning skills.
    generator to be hooked up next week! Yaaah
    Everyone keep your powder dry and keep planning and prepping.
    Lots of predictions of events getting HOT (political, international, economic, employment, etc.) for October.
    Finally, PRAY!
    MD, best wishes and God bless.

    • Lawrence, how do you dry can your tea bags? I am a tea person and I have lots.

      • Lawrence Roberge says:

        Sewist, Use a Ball canning jar-quart size can cotain 100 packed tightly tea bags with an oxygen absorber. The jar can be he older glass top-bail wire canning jars-which these are great for dry stuff such as tea bags, grains, cereals, etc.).
        Keep otu of light and extreme heat and you are good to go!
        Best wishes.

  38. Bought a TCP 380 on sale for $199 at Gander, our second. Planted gr beans, lettuce, tomatoes, kale, collards, and spinach. Replaced two pieces of standard window glass with impact rated 7/16 glass on the back porch. [ 2 sheets of glass -laminated with a .090 polybutalene clear liner] Very tough stuff, you can’t get through it with a sledge or an axe. I will stop a 9 lb 2×4 traveling 35 mph without any trouble, as a matter of fact 3/8 impact will do that too, so my guess is it would stop that 2×4 at 50mph or better.

  39. Hello Pack. MD, glad to hear that your 4 legged companion is doing better.

    No purchases the past 2 weeks due to a lack of funds. However, during the same time did get some range time in. Wife, both sons, a buddy and a neighbor were all requesting help that put heavy demands on free time. Managed to finish reading a book on homesteading and started reading a book on mini-farming.

  40. Good to hear your dog has been getting better.

    It’s been a pretty big week for me. I wanted a good varmint/hunting/defensive gun. I purchased a Ruger Mini 14 all weather model.

    Also got a bunch of mylar bags and oxygen absorbers. This weekend bought a crapload of rice, dried beans and split peas, salted peanuts and dog kibble and am going to seal them in the mylar bags with the oxygen absorbers.

  41. M.D. Fantastic news about Faith, hope the recover continues and picks up speed, but take it slow as not to risk any reinjury, will keep the prayers coming your way.
    Not much here did not spend any money on preps this week , seems to be a common thread with the pack this week. Made some fire starters out of cardboard and parrafin and packed some lint in pill bottles for starters also. Spent most time on preps this week by watching videos on you tube and other sites. Mainly on solar set ups, medical things etc.
    Been looking at and planning for a small cabin if my dream homestead does not have any housing , really like a 16×24 plan with a loft on each end.
    Well the first POTUS debate is this week and hope Romney does as well as Gov Christie thinks he will. Sure hope the turnout for Obumer is a lot less this time than in 2008 as some of the sources are saying since the “newness” and change are not in the mix as much for the college age liberals and the minority factions as it was in 2008. Belive it or not folks but it is just 36 days until we get to EXCERSICE OUR RIGHT TO VOTE!!!
    And remember if you don’t vote you have no right to bitch about what you get after nov 6.

  42. Prayers are being said for all of those in need and amens for those who have already received blessings.

    I haven’t done much prepping in the last few weeks because I’ve been ill and out of commission with a bad back. I’m finally feeling almost normal again so it’s time to pick up the pace and make up for lost time, almost a month of doing nothing!

    I did finally complete my handgun training today – the best part – the range! It was so much fun and I loved it!. I felt very comfortable in a controlled area and feeling no threat. I guess that’s where I mentally need to be for now to get comfortable with the guns. I did great shooting. The other trainees couldn’t believe I had never shot a handgun before. I hit in the mark on Every. Single. Shot. Woot Woot I actually amazed myself! Even when we were 25 feet back. I did all of the training on the Glock 19 and it performed beautifully and if I were going to get a gun just to keep at home it would definitely be the Glock. However, it’s way to big for me to carry. (I wear little girl’s size 12/14 pants) and the Glock would never fit in the pockets! I hate carrying a purse so that option wouldn’t work either. The trainers were giving me their own personal carry weapons to try (all were 9mm) I am now torn between the Taurus PT 709 and the Smith & Wesson Shield. Both felt good in my hand, small, slim, but I liked the trigger pull on the S&W better than the Taurus. Big difference is in the price. I’m afraid that for now I will let finances rule and will probably go for the Taurus. Next I will be taking the shotgun home defense course. Can’t wait!

    Now, for other prepping I did this week – I cleaned out my plots in the community garden, sprinkled some lime, fresh layer of compost and mulched all of the paths. Now I’m ready to plant and hopefully will get most of it in this week a little at a time each night after work. It’s still just so hot here that I can’t get a handle on timing. I have a feeling it is going to go from summer weather straight to freezing cold with not much in between. Have a line on getting some sugar cane to plant in my yard. Never saw it growing before and they are beautiful! As much as I want to get moved out of the community garden, having been out of commission so long I haven’t gotten my home garden set up yet. Definitely will work on it when the weather cools down and will move everything over for spring/summer garden. I’ve also decided to buy a small greenhouse that I can easily put up/take down as needed mostly because of the uncertainty of the weather. A friend has the 8 x 10 Spring Gardener and after three years she still loves it and it’s held up well. And it happens to be on sale on Amazon.com right now.

    I dehydrated and powdered another four dozen eggs and bought more canning jars to get ready for my 40 pounds of Zaycon chicken breasts I will be picking up on Monday evening. Chicken legs and thighs are on sale here for 89 cents/lb, chuck roasts bogo and frozen veggies 50% off. Trying to stock up as much as possible on food before the prices skyrocket. Also ordered two pails of instant powdered milk for cooking and powdered butter. I want to make sure I have plenty of all of the basics to hold us over. Hold us over for how long is always the big question, as we all know.

    Pack prayers for Faith seem to be have been heard – no surprise there! I’ll keep them coming. And DJV and DH, you’re always in my thoughts and prayers. Cos, prayers for peace and understanding in your home and your DS’s health. Worrisome, hope you’re mending well. Plant Lady…well, the list goes on and on. To save some cyberspace for others, if I don’t list you by name, please know you’re still in my prayers. Please keep us updated and to all pack members, add prayer requests if needed. We’re all here for each other and I know it makes me feel useful if I know there’s something I can do to help. God bless.

    • Thank You Conmaze!
      Folks are talking to me again, so that’s a small improvement. I’m not pushing anyone about it now. God Bless, Cos

    • Conmaze… I know nothing about the Taurus, because I bit the bullet and went with the S&W. And I love it! Fits my hand, trigger is easy to pull, and it is small enough to put in a coat pocket, etc if you have your concealed weapons permit. Over time, it should NOT be your only self protection, but it is a great start. Just my opinion, and I usually avoid giving any weapon advice. Thanks for your thoughts on the knee, and I hope your back issue resolves soon! ’tis horrible to have a back problem……!

    • Hope you feel better soon!!! You got a lot done for being sick! 🙂

    • Conmaze, fall’s a great time to start a Back to Eden garden, and that style of planting could save a lot of wear and tear on your back.

      We planted a stick of a fruit bush in summer 2011, just in a corner of the yard. It’s done well, but when we laid down newspaper and mulch to make a bed around it six weeks ago, it took off.

      Now we’re converting a much larger area. By spring, the soil should be fertilized by the decomposed matter and easy to work, thanks to the earthworms attracted by the moist ground.

      • Lantana,

        We’re definitely on the same page! That’s what I’m planning for my yard garden – Back to Eden! It just makes so much sense. Raised beds are easy enough, but add this method to them and gardening is a breeze! I did a test spot in my garden plot this summer and it worked great. I’m all about easy. I watched the rest of the gardeners turning over their soil with shovels or tilling. Made me whince to watch them. (o:

    • Conmaze,

      Good job on the gun course. I just love my Glock 19. My dh got me one for Christmas last year. We looked into getting him one this year and the price went up by $100. We couldn’t believe it.

    • Petticoat Prepper says:


      I am not as small as you but I too have the problem with conceal carry. I bought the Tarurs PT 709 slim added a CrimsonTrace lazer and bought a Remora IWB holster. It works for me. I seem to hit slightly left and low with it and apparently it’s me at fault. That said, I’m hitting not exactly ‘center of mass’ but close enough, at 30 feet I can cover all shots with one hand. At 21 feet or less, I don’t think I’ll miss. Look into the Remora holsters, I’m really liking mine, very comfortable and no belt required. $30 at the local gun show.

      My DH has a Stoeger, used to be a Beretta (sp?) Cougar. It’s a mid sized pistol and extremely easy to handle. At 30 feet I’m almost dead center with it and almost one on top of the other. He’s teasing me as I’m talking about buying one to add to my side of the gun safe. With a soft loose vest I could carry. It’s very reasonably priced.

      • Petticoat,

        That’s still impressive at 30 feet. Twenty-one feet is what we focused on the most and sounds like you’re good there. Thanks for the heads up on the Remora holster, I’ll check them out. If you’re dead center with the Stoeger, must be something about the size/weight of the Taurus? I’m sure someone in the pack can help you figure out how to overcome or compensate.

        • Petticoat Prepper says:

          Thanks Conmaze,

          My gun club doesn’t offer 21 feet, wish it did. I’ve read on line that the Taurus is left and low for most everyone. I think it’s the size and long trigger pull. The guy at the gun shop told me to use the end of my finger to pull the trigger and that seems to help quite a bit as I’m much closer. Mine ‘kicks’ much more than my DH’s gun, he swears it’s almost like a 45. I’m gaining on it. I’ve only been shooting since mid January. One ‘how to’ class (looking to repeat and do a couple more) and several days at the gun club. I just need practice….300 rounds at a time….. 😛

    • Conmaze…wow, you still managed to get a lot done even with a bad back…prayers that you are back to full speed soon…cheers.

    • Thank you so much, Conmaze. And you are in my prayers too.

  43. Bought my wife her second weapon in two weeks. Last week, I bought her a Ruger LCR 38 +P for personal carry and she went to her NRA home firearm safety class Yesterday and will be applying for her CC permit this week. Today, I bought her a Browning Buck Mark Contour URX .22 to hit the range. Went ahead and bought 5 boxes of 550 rounds and will forego football next Sunday for each of us to hit the range. Contemplating the next weapon after she gets used to firing the 22 semi and a few rounds on the 38 mini. Only have a circa 1900 12 gauge, hammer lock, break action (of course) shot gun so…..maybe a mossberg pump 20 or 12….but will need a bigger cal. pistol as we progress.

    Started filling the garage with TP and got my first stock of food from shel-Reliance. I hope everyone is prepared for the BS that can occur if my dreams come true and the Campaigner-in-Chief gets booted from office. Please be aware but do not be afraid to do what’s right for our Country.

    • PGC , you know if people were doing the same thing to Obumer signs and stickers they would be called racist, prejudiced , anti american etc ,etc. Funny how the liberals can stamp all over other peoples rights but if someone tries the same thing on them they scream bloody murder.. Funny you don’t see jesse or al defending Romneys rights and organizing people to protest the destruction of the PRIVATE PROPERTY of these individuals.

    • axelsteve says:

      Kinda funny how intolerant the libs are and how they are all for freedom of speech as long it is what they agree with.

  44. We’ve been getting some much needed rain. Enough that I’ve seen some farmers mowed for a late cutting hay since most only got one cutting this year. Our fields have greened up and able to stop feeding hay.

    Cleared off the garden, tilled up and planted rye. Has come up to a nice carpet of green. Planted spinach,kale,chard. My late green beans have 2″ beans so there is hope. Supposed to be in 70’s all next week. If frost threatens can easily cover them. Over 40# onions. Noticed some of them spouting but the heirloom Dakota Tears have extra thick brown skins and are keeping really well. Thought I’d cured them all long enough but maybe not.

    Woodpile coming along. Started with 40 huge log to cut and split. This retireees are way glad they invested in log splitter! Pa refused to go thru with hernia surgery so he can’t do much in the wood lifting department so son and I are doing most of the splitting/stacking. Kinda as much fun to see it pile up as it is to count full canning jars!

    Lost our 15 year old English setter last week. Seems odd to not have her greeting me when I go out. She was a sweetie. Was failing the last few months and we were glad she died in her sleep. Our Corgi seems lonesome without her. He is 10 years old and going deaf.

    Proud to announce I finished my first adult sized sweater. Only pulled the one sleeve out 3 times before I was satisfied! Just a simple cardigan for me to throw on when needed. Never did anything but kids stuff before and a mountain of mittens.hats, scarfs and afgans. Now on to mastering socks.

    Leaves starting to turn here. Haven’t found many black walnuts past this summers drough. Deer constanly in our garden and orchard. Left the one pear tree crop for them. A real grainy variety not worth canning. Soon,hopefully, we’ll have venison in the freezer.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      So sorry for your loss.

    • I am so sorry to hear about your furry angels. I’m still not over Milo and he died in December. Hugs to you, family and Corgi.

    • Dee, I’m sorry for the loss of your pup, but thankful that she was able to pass away snoozing peacefully in her loving home. Give your corgi an extra cuddle from me.

    • I was just cussing the black walnuts a few minutes ago. One almost beaned me when I went out to feed the animals, gonna have to start wearing the hard hat while out on the deck again….lol.

    • Dee, sorry to read about the loss of your furry family friend…even though they can’t speak, they just get right into our hearts. till next time.

    • Dee, so sorry to hear about your dog passing. I know it will be a big adjustment. For you and the Corgi. I’m going to pray for your peace and comfort.

  45. MD, glad Faith is beginning to improve……patience and prayer will make all clear over time. Sometimes we have to stop working on things and just be…it sounds like you put your energies where you should for the week.

    I am going to have to begin the search for a new or late model vehicle. My 10 year old SUV with many many miles is becoming unreliable. I had hoped to get another year out of it, but something is wrong with the cooling system and it may not be worth fixing. We will see, but I am getting to where I am afraid to drive very far from home. Stopped by and took a look at a 1961 Ford pick up. Tires were good, engine was new, upholstery was original and in ok shape believe it or not, new mats, new radio and someone had repaired the bed. Price was $7500. I drove it and determined it will need some work on the steering and have asked a mechanic friend to take a drive by to see what he thinks. The pick up is not going to be a main vehicle, but it would be one that would not be affected by an EMP. Does the pack have any thoughts to add here?

    Food: Talked to the butcher about another ½ of a cow. Looked into getting another freezer. Canned pizza sauce and spaghetti sauce with all of my tomatoes which are still producing well in the garden. Bought some boxes of Rice A Roni and Mac and Cheese because they were a deal. Bought some pork loins to try to can, price was such they will be a good experiment. Rotated my water supplies. Putting together a big list for Costco. Also ordered some cleaning items through my local grocery store. I buy them by the case.

    Ammo: Bought some items through Dirt Cheap. Going to go looking for a couple of additional weapons this next week.

    Bought some hand garden tools. Hedge Clippers, Branch Snippers, etc. And got extra batteries for the drill and the saw.

    Purchased a few coins, nothing much, but it all adds up.

    Did rehab on my knee everyday again and it is beginning to feel better and I am putting more weight on it all the time. Walked up and down the driveway everyday several times to keep it loose. Still hurts and I am not sleeping well yet.

    Friends came by and tested the generator for me, running around checking the connections to make sure things like the pump on the well would work and the basic supply to the fridge and freezer were working as well. They also did a service on the furnace and put in a new filter for me. Friends are good!

    Was out of town with family in the bay area yesterday and last night. I have a grandson heading off to the military tomorrow. While we are having a terrible time letting go, he is being so patient and good to us when it is obvious how eager he is to begin his new life.

    I am saying prayers for MD’s puppy and for all that have mentioned different ailments they are working on! Power of prayer is a wonderful thing. My lil puppy Hope is continuing to improve, not up to playing much yet, but showing more interest in all things around her. And is feeling good enough to be chewing pretty much anything that comes her way  The neighbor is going to start working with her sometime this week. Enough so we can see how she responds and we can determine what her tolerances are considering her recovery issues. She is still showing reluctance around men and would rather come sit on my feet and cover her face with her paws, so it will be slow going I think. And with regular food she is turning into a little porker!

    I had to take a break from watching the news this week. Most of what is going on is increasing my anxiety and kind of making me sick. I go by the name worrisome for a reason. Hang in there Wolfies……….we need each other!

    • Worrisome, thanks for the update on Hope…and good to read your knee is improving…cheers.

  46. So happy to hear your good news ! Never a doubt about the power of prayer , prooves that God has Faith in his heart ! Your a good guy M.D. !

    Recieved my houge zombie-x glow in the dark stock for one of my 10-22’s.
    It may be silly but w/ the silver scope ,50 rd. banana mag.,camo sling , a
    muzzle break ,blued bbl. and reciever….I think it’s neeto–yeah I said neeto !
    Also, got a cold steel 17″ kukri w/ sheath and I restoked all my canned goods that I’ve been having to use up datewise .

    Can’t wait to take my zombie gun to the range ! best wishes packmates !

  47. Newbie here but have been reading for several weeks and enjoying the articles and feedback. My preps are concentrated on water then food. I’m doing what I can with a very limited grocery budget of late but the hubby surprised me this week with a supply of long term meats (my biggest worry) and veggies. We are preparing for our first real garden next spring and are experimenting with growing potatoes this fall.

    Earlier in the year we planted three pear trees and three blueberry bushes. The trees look great and the blueberries are hanging on. I bought a couple of herb plants over the summer, started some other herbs a few weeks back that are growing slowly and ordered a set to start upon arrival.

    Another big prepping thing for us is cleaning and organizing our basement to make storage easier. I’m burning old papers and adding the ashes to the garden plot.

    Beyond that, doing what I can reading and learning. Thank you all for being here.

  48. Dee, I’m sorry about the loss of your little buddy. 🙁

  49. shepherdgirl says:

    Glad Faith is doing better!
    We were very busy this week. We canned 12 pints of salsa. We made alot of purchases: 2 butane stoves on sale at Honeyville, and fuel. Also some camping supplies and 2 back packs. We bought extra food at the grocery store for storage and also ordered 3 food storage cookbooks. Hopefully I can get ome more canning done this week.

  50. Hi to the gang. After reading what some of you have prepped this week, I feel as if I am not a prepper at all. Oh well, will just keep plugging along.

    Picked up a pair of those Insta Bulbs that have been advertised for the past month on tv.If you have not seen the advertisement, they are a light bulb and take four AA batteries and can be attached where ever you wish with the adhesive on the back of the case. If desired you can just carry around with you where every you need light. I am impressed with the amount of light they give. Price is 10.88 per pair at Rite Aid store. Think price might be cheaper if ordered from the tv adds. Just passing along the info. MD hope the little girl continues to improve. Bill

    • Cosmolined says:

      Brother Bill:
      Just have to correct you on the definition of “Prepper”. It is NOT what you have or what others have done. It’s your awareness of reality and doing as much as you can, when you can. God Bless! Cos

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      Bill, I always say what you add is better than what you had. Be it purchase, fix, read, print or anything to better yourself is better than what you had. That is prepping.

  51. Hi Pack well not much this week our youngest DD got married Sat. so thats been takeing alot of time energy money ect… Ate the first of our chickens eggs mmmgreat. Also picked up a 100ct federal 40S+W pack and a few tubes of toothpaste at WallyWorld. Glad to hear Faith is doing better MD. We have dogs and they are like kids to us.

    • Congrats to the happy couple, pjwilly–and to the hard working parents!

    • Cosmolined says:

      When I went to Arkansas, my cousin had chickens. Their eggs must be radioactive or something!!! (The yolks are not yellow like chickens raised in cages, they were orange.) Sure hope I didn’t eat healthy….. God Bless, Cos

      • Sw't Tater says:

        They are supposed to be orange!…THAT is healthy. Must be feeding thm lots of good quality food.

  52. So glad to hear Faith is doing better! Nothing like prayers answered, even for our furry children!

    Well, all that research paid off before going to the auction. Stuff went WAY high, as in $24.00 for a QUART of honey, $21.00-$24.00 for bottles of homemade wine. (according to those prices we have $600.00 brewing now) But we did get a barely used 300 gal Rubber maid water tank for less than 1/2 price. With that and a deliver from a friend of a “tote” we up our water storage by 575 gallons this week! Almost up to 1000 gallons of potable water storage or garden watering.

    199 jars of jam, tomato juice and jalapeno peppers canned went for $3.00 a jar! One women bought 199 jars! I may be wrong but that sounds kind of high.

    Other than that we are trying to decide if we should pull my 401k account and pay off the house or invest in more food and storage. Anyone with a suggestion is welcome!

    Taught my youngest how to make laundry soap. She was thrilled!

    Hope everyone is well. Prayers to those who are in need. Love this pack for all the help and prayers we extend to each other.

    • CR…perhaps the person who bought the 199 jars of home canned goods saw the value in them, eg…didn’t have to spend any time in garden, then preparing and canning the non GMO and perhaps totally organic goods, also, no chemicals etc all for under $600, plus, has added to her number of canning jars as well…good value for the money. I would have done the same.

      And yes, the price you mentioned for honey was expensive…and going up on my SOTP as well…$7 p/kg here…last lot I purchased was at $5 p/kg. cheers.

  53. Bought a DVD on suturing techniques, both my son and I are learning
    2 -#10 cans tomato from Emergency Essentials $22.95 each! good deal
    2 cansolidators from Shelf Reliance to help organize my cans
    3 packages of Thrive Express meals
    Been cooking, dehydrating and grinding 11 year old pinto beans for instant refried beans
    Dehydrating tomatoes, peppers
    Bought a 160 lumen flash light from NorCal Ray
    Just now ordered the two books Marebear suggested – they look great – thank you Marebear for the suggestions
    And – met a great guy, that at first glance looks promising. He’s not a prepper as far as I can tell without blowing OPSEC, but if it works out – he will be!

    • Make him earn his place in your heart, girl–only the best for our Michele!

    • Keep us posted on the Mr. Michele candidate! Oooh, I’m excited for you! I had a coffee date with a guy I met and, well, he was very nice but just not my type and absolutely no “spark”. I may be getting too old to worry about those sparks anyway. Had to laugh when thinking about dating again. I used to worry about how long to wait to introduce to my DD, how long to wait to be intimate. I may be older but I still have worries. Now the big worry is how long to wait before I show him my preps LOL Actually, it’s not so funny because if things didn’t work out, guess who’s going to knock on my door wtshtf. I really don’t like the thought of having to kill someone I know. So the answer I came up with is I will never reveal all of it and only some of it if he shows me his first!

      • Conmaze…LOFLMHO…’how long to wait till I show him my preps…’.

        And no, you’re not too old to worry about those ‘sparks’ either…wait for the sparks – you have so much fun and joy in you to ever settle for less. cheers – and am still LOL…

      • I absolutely agree about not telling or showing him my preps, unless it gets serious enough for him to fill that empty drawer – or buy another dresser.

        Don’t think of it as dating, and if you find someone worthy of you, or would like to see if that person is worthy of you, think of it as getting to know a new friend, keep it casual and don’t get stressed (OK, so I’m not the best one to talk here).

        For me the answer about getting intimate is until I get to know him pretty well, and run a few checks. I’m the type that is terrible with boundries, and it seems like the minute I become intimate, it slaps on a set of blinders. Besides, its so much better with someone you are in love with.

        I also get the no sparks. About a year ago, I was introduced to a really nice man, who had many wonderful qualities, and would have made a wonderful caring husband. The problem was, while he was smitten, I wasn’t attracted to him at all, and let it go on for over a month hoping he would grow on me. It didn’t happen.

        As to when to introduce to DD – as soon as you think there MIGHT be any potential at all. Family and friends are much less blinded to a potential mate, and almost always a much better judge of character, because they are not involved. Much easier on your heart, if they see real problems ,to get out before you fall deeply in love.


    • Petticoat Prepper says:


      Ok, where did you get a DVD on suturing techniques? Long ago I worked for a veterinarian and I’ve been trying to recall all the suturing I saw but I think my wheels are rusty! Could use that DVD.

    • riverrider says:

      m, thats great news, but don’t “settle” .if you start seeing things that don’t look right, get out quick. you’ve got too much going for you to take any guff off a man. if i weren’t married i’d be beating a path to your door myself. theres plenty of us “nice guys” out here we’re just harder to find cause we’re not “players”. good luck, you deserve it.

      • Thank you. I would not settle. I know I have waaayyy too many good qualities and am extremely good to the men in my life. Someone will be very lucky to have me, and I’m determined to find someone that I’m lucky to have as well. Even if I never find the right one, I like my own company, so I’ll be fine either way.

  54. Glad to hear your furbaby is doing better. Praying for a full recovery.

    What we did for prepping this week…filled in empty spots on the food pantry shelves. Dehydrated vegetables for soup mixes (celery, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, etc.). Tried making my first fruit leather. It turned out so well, it didn’t last long. Now, when I find applesauce on clearance, I’ll be buying it all up. Plan on buying more leather inserts for my dehydrator trays. My husband and I sat down to make a list of skills we wanted to learn, but realized we pretty much had it covered, between the two of us. The only thing we need, we can’t afford to buy right now, more weapons.

    We also moved our water storage (cases of bottled water) from outside in the garage (where it’s visible whenever we open the garage door) to along one wall in our bedroom. We need to buy more, but we also figured out a plan for rotation, using 3 different locations.

    Either earlier this week or maybe late last week, I made hard tack. Really simple recipe: 4 cups flour, enough water to make a paste, I think it took a cup and a half because it’s gluten free flour, and a teaspoon of salt. Roll it out to about a half inch or slightly less. Cut into squares and poke with a fork several times. Bake 30 minutes at 350 degrees, turn over and bake another 30 minutes. i sealed them in seal a meal bags, 4 to a bag with a beef bouillon cube. It made 5 packages of 4. I also made survival bread with oats last week, so this goes with it. Bread in an emergency when no other is available.

  55. I hope the Pack has been well. I have been absent most of September with work and other hobbies and family activities dominating my time. I have been in touch with a few of the Pack via e-mail and lurking a few times. I don’t think the world or our country’s situation are improving so I am more determined than ever to stay prepared and get more people on board. Prayers to all in need. Here is what I have done that I can remember:

    • Took my youngest daughter to a local preparedness fair and she learned quite a bit
    • Received my security camera set up form 1saleaday.com. Will ultimately have this at my retreat.
    • Picked up 2 X 200 servings food pails from Costco with a 20 year shelf life. Also picked up some canned corned beef, chili and Vienna sausages from Costco. Great deal so check with your local store.
    • Received another Can of Provident Pantry egg mix.
    • Received 4, 9 in 1 survival tools form 1saleaday.
    • Went to Harbor freights and picked up a reciprocating saw and some other odds and ends.
    • Set up CERT to come and present to our HOA. CERT now is looking to do a special training just for my subdivision.
    • Bagged 25 lbs of rice in 1 gallon Mylar bags and stored in the food grade buckets.
    • More hotel supplies from my work travel.
    • Hate to admit but I started reading Founders.

    Also I have done a bunch of organizing of my stores.

    Stay safe everyone and I will keep checking in on everyone!

    • wow d2…you are doing so well at your constant steady pace..and I’m with you on the view regarding the global situation…have been reading all I can re Europe (Spain and Greece street protests etc). I imagine what if that was happening here – and what would I need to do/have etc to manage/muddle my way through it…and so I too have been busy the past few weeks….cheers…catch up next time.

      • Thanks Chloe. Was thinking of you this week as I am about to make my second batch of dehydrated jerky. This time of the spicier variety! Hope all is well down under!

    • d2 prep, great list of preps!

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      D2, lOoks like we have been putting in some hours and what work we can.
      I have been working and prepping so much that next week in doing a Vegas run. Will think of you as I grab some goodies from the hotel.
      On the way back I may hit a specialty store for PRK excluded items. I ordered my second Berkey (travel Berkey) and a couple extra filters to be delivered to the hotel.

  56. OOPS – forgot. Canning jars on sale, $7 a doz for pint sized so got 6 doz.

  57. So happy to hear that Faith is doing better, dontinued prayers for her and the rest of the Pack. Not much in the prepping dept. funds being low, but I did manage to pick up:
    2 4packs of canned corn
    5 cans ravioli
    3 4packs mandarin oranges
    3 6packs of candles
    It is still too hot for growing things, but I am starting this week on my “porch” garden. See how much I can harvest from pots and hanging plants.
    Found a reasonble source for camping gear, saving pennies for that.
    Saving as many glass jars as possible to store my rice and dried beans, peas, lentils, etc.
    The best thing to report is, I got the job!!!
    Praise the Lord! He is good.

  58. Tricia in Eastern NC says:

    I received an email last week that I will be required to have a flu vaccine or lose my job at the hospital. I have been a nurse for 19+ years and have never had the flu vaccine. My other job requires me to be at the hospital instructing. Not sure what to do?

    This week I was consumed with tending to children…

    • I think I would tell them it was against my religion or get a job at the nearest McDonalds.
      What happened to it being voluntary?
      Yes, I understand the reasoning behind getting one or I should say theirs, but making it a no choice goes against the grain.

    • Get your immune system up really good, then after the shot, eat a bunch of cilantro (grind up and mix with ground nuts and sundried tomatoes) a 1 TBL a day for a week afterward to chelate the mercury.

      • Oo, Tricia, following up on Michele’s idea, you might also want to look into bentonite clay–it adsorbs heavy metals in your system.

        • Lantana, I bought a container of Diatamacious Earth with Bentonite Clay at Tractor Supply recently. Can it be used to sprinkle in wheat, corn, etc, to keep out bugs? I have read that DE can be used for that, but didn’t know if the bentonite clay added was a problem, Am I correct, in that this is perfectly safe for us to consume? I didn’t want to sprinkle it into anything until I found out for sure. Thanks for any advice you can give me (or anyone else in the Pack)

      • Tricia in Eastern NC says:

        Thank you I hadn’t thought of that aspect if I take the vaccine.

    • Don’t sign the consent form. Tell them you’ll get the shot but not forgo your right to sue their knickers off if you have ANY adverse reaction. Known to have a chilling effect on what is mandatory.

    • Plant Lady says:

      People who are allergic to eggs can’t have flu vaccines, since they grow the substance in eggs…just saying? And allergy testing is real expensive, so they probably would just take your word…unless you have a habit of eating egg salad sandwiches at work (hehe).

      • Encourager says:

        Good point, Plant Lady! And allergies pop up all the time, don’t they? Just make sure they never catch you eating a egg salad sandwich!!!

    • Tricia, is there any way your personal doctor can organize/write a letter to the PTB where you work at the hosp…for you to not have the vaccine if you don’t want it..also, a phone call to your lawyer regarding what other options you may have…before you decide.

      Remember, you do have individual rights, as this may be denying you a choice/free choice – seek out those professional’s knowledge first, at least…

      hope all goes well, and also, Michelle’s post re getting your immune system at its best is correct…

      also, with your current work, you will already have immunity from most of the bugs in your workplace – as you are exposed to them on a daily basis.

      If after exhausting all possible avenues, and go for the vaccine – at least you still have your income. It’s very hard to manage without regular income to pay the many essential bills just to stay in your home, and eat/stay clean etc…

      I understand where you are coming from…when I was nursing, I (and every other nurse) had to have the mandated Hep B vaccine…way back then…

      This is not a simple issue…as we may all be required to make a similar choice one day, e.g., if child/ren not vaccinated they’re not allowed in school, or adults not allowed into workplace (like what is happening in your line of work right now).

      Also, soldiers have a mass of inoculations as well.

      Wishing you all the best with whatever decision you arrive at…cheers.

      • Tricia in Eastern NC says:

        This is a tough decision for me. I was one of those Mom’s that spread out the minimum on childhood vaccinations for my children. (Lots of eye rolling from the doctors). For example I refused to let them receive the MMR and varicella (chicken pox) together years ago before the TPTB decided against it as well.

        Plant Lady–People that have a true documented egg allergy will have to wear a mask in patient care areas for the duration of the flu season. Also if they present with any type of respiratory infection symptoms they are to be prepared to sit out of work for flu season.

        I know this post may seem off topic for prepping this week, however it is something to think about for the changes we all see in society. This income is helping my family to prepare and without it I have a lot to think about.

        I have googled similiar stories and nurses simply refuse and walk off the job after the vaccine deadline; I doubt I will see much of that in this economy. Thank you for your thoughts.

        • Tricia, are all the hospitals requiring that now? I’d always understood that we had such a nurse shortage that y’all had options.

          Any chance you could start a side business drawing upon your skills? Between baby boomers aging, family members taking on caretaking for alzheimer’s patients and preppers wishing they had someone with medical skills in their group, seems like there’d be a market for someone who could help people improve their health and caretaking capabilities.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      If you have any nerve damage, like from diabetes..it is contra-indicated.Can cause guillian B syndrome..in those with neuropathies, especially the ones where cause for damage is unknown.
      .I would tell them I am on an anti-viral as an alternate to it, and I would be on L-lysine. I would be looking for another job.They are not your medical care, but employer…and the twain should never meet!

  59. Judy, another one says:

    Hello everybody!

    M.D. it is good to read your pup is doing better. Said a prayer of thanksgiving for her healing so for and ask for her continued healing.

    Not much happening at our spot in the sun. We are waiting for my retirement check to come in so we can replace some of the stuff we used up over the last month. We will also be heading to the lumber yard to get some rolls of 18″ flashing to see if we can button up a design flaw around the cupola that keeps leaking. If this idea doesn’t work, we are just going to have to rip the cupola completely off and try a different idea. (sigh)

    Everybody have a good week!


  60. Hey pack, whats up? Just finnished a mandatory week of training here in the “D”, (much ado about nothing). My only prep this week is I was able to purchase a 10 oz bar of silver. If Obama gets re-elected which I’m praying that he doesnt the price of metals are going to sky rocket. I cannot believe people would still vote for him? Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. Anyhow M.D. glad the dog is doing much better, when she fully recovers we could always use another good canine dog here in the “D”, take care all.

    • riverrider says:

      matt, good to hear from you brother. keep up the thin blue line, but you might want to take a vacation the week of the election. word on the street is if tdl don’t win it’ll be burning again. keep your head on a swivel, we’re praying for you.

      • Cosmolined says:

        River is smart! If you have time on the books, take the week off or get a bad back for the first two days until you see how things go.
        God Bless! Cos

        • Encourager says:

          Have to agree with Cos and River, Matt. Schedule it now so it is a done deal. If they say no, gosh, I hear the flu is going around town!

          But I know it is hard to make that decision. You would not be a LEO if you did not have the desire to serve and be there for/with your compatriots.

  61. So glad to hear of the progress your pup is making, MD; looking forward to many more positive updates in the days and weeks to come.

    Keep up the good work, Faith–we’re all pulling for you!

  62. Soggy Prepper says:

    Didn’t do a whole lot last couple weeks, probably because I didn’t write anything down.
    I did order the EE wheat grinder special, so I’m waiting for that to come in.
    Also canned 20 more jars of jam and conserves, mostly peaches type.

    Watching the news, it all sucks. I think this week I’ll take my Gadsden flag off my house. I don’t know who will get in this November, but either way, it’s not going to be good.

    Keep praying and keep prepping.
    Prayers still going for all those not doing well in the Pack and also for Faith.

  63. Came out of the cam boot this week and regaining strength in my leg and foot. Went on a whirlwind 900 mile house hunting tour- Drove out to look at properties in East Tennessee and southwest Virginia. Boy am I tired. Also went to a retirement workshop so I’ll know how to act when I get out of the military. Yesterday caught a tent sale at the comissary and got some good deals on soy sauce and pasta. Continuning to house hunt from a distance.

  64. Glad to hear Faith is improving. We all know how dear we hold our pets. Our three dogs rule our house. We hope little Faith will continue to improve and eventually be as good as before.

    We are still up to our elbows settling my wife’s father’s estate. We are making progress though. Now having had this experience makes me realize how much unnecessary useless stuff we have.

    I did manage to do some prepping this past week. I bought 100 rounds of .223, 100 rounds of 12 gauge # 8 shot and 555 rounds of .22 hollow point. I also bought one case of Kerr wide mouth quart jars, rings and lids. At garage sales I found a really nice adult size canvas book bag for a dollar which I plan to make my new go bag. An Army duffle bag for two dollars and my last purchase was two really nice white enamel buckets and six dozen canning jars for $30.00. Oh I almost forgot to mention a Dietz Blizzard Jr. lantern for two dollars and a USA made 10 ½ inch cast iron skillet for one dollar.

    I always want to express my thanks for this site and the therapy I get from reading what others are doing. The encouragement and support are priceless. Thank you all for that. Get well little Faith.

    • S/boy…you got some great bargains…I always like reading about the bargains everyone gets…

      and had a LOL moment regarding your ‘therapy’ comment…so agree – as my DD can only take so much of my prep talk in one sitting. cheers.

  65. M.D. – So glad to hear Faith is doing better. A really good joint supplement my vet recommends and we’ve used is Glycoflex III – you can get it on Amazon.

    Preps for us has been all DH lately, I’ve been too swamped at work. Only thing I’ve done is download kindle books.

    DH has got the garden going full force fall/winter garden. Bought a mess of bullets, a new scope and a shotgun.

  66. Hey Dee,

    thanks for all the afgans you’ve knitted. Those must be the ones I keep finding at the thrift shops. I’ve been collecting cold weather things like afghans, flannel sheets, blankets, etc.

    In the “products keep getting smaller arena” went to Sam’s to purchase the 4# box of Sunmaid raisins. I was suprised to find that the price hadn’t gone up much at all. Then I was suprised again when I saw they had shrunk the contents down to 3.75# per box. Guess I better stock up on some more before they drop the contents down to 3 pounds.

  67. Ok, let me try this again, Had mine almost typed in and computer crashed! .UUUgggH.
    MD, glad your little companion is improving. I have been laying very low lately…mostly just trying to get better.
    I have had a tough three or four weeks, fighting infections, first naturally .Had to go to Dr. on Monday. ended up with another sinus infection , pleuracy and two other bacterial infections..was better until last night.then started getting worse again, using antibiotics and other meds as prescribed. DH became ill with the same symptoms on thursday. Neither of us was able to attend worship services and that is highly unusual.
    Have made a few purchases to fill in some gaps, since this was the week of payday. Spent several hours yesterday doing some research on needed suppliments and sources.Missed the saturday blog, but will adjust .Couldn’t do anything, so had more ‘puter time.
    Gardening and ect:
    The deer have been in our garden, despite an electric fence…they pretty well tromped the cukes and ate very well on the squash… I may get a few more yet, but have planted a few in the window sill, and will put them in a protected container, maybe under a sun lamp! I want some Zucchini bad! The persimmons are not ready yet but our three trees are producing well despite a lack of care. and one of our neighbors is prolific. I will have to fight the possum and coons to get them first.
    The nut trees to which I have access did not do well this year, water lack…I found a new patch of everlasting, which is beautiful, just not dry yet, so asthma treatment.. will be in good supply this fall..I had forgotten about the re-seeding last fall.and it is abundant…The purslane has re-seeded in several areas….where I wanted it and where I didn’t! LOL..
    DH is on board for getting our garden prepared early this coming year..
    .and is taking an active role in planning and preparing the soil for a less weedy and more productive process next year..
    . I was watching a video yesterday:re the scarce-ness of small game in some areas. They seem to be rebounding some here, have been low for three or four years…due to wild turkey… but not what i want to eat…possum on the half shell and old greasy possum…several deer had twins this year, the overall herd that cross our land regularly is down.
    I always start by getting prescribed medications in, because of the variance in costs from month to month. Last month we had to change pharmacies, because the big box store did not care whether ours were filled or not, on the upper levels. Local Pharmacists were ordering medications and they were sending a limited supply to other stores.So I have succeeded in getting these back to the correct date for fills.
    I was able to help a family member get together some lists for priority items. ..and another friend to get started.
    I made up and printed out laundry detergent recipe for a new neighbor that has many economic and physical challenges…to help her free up money for some preps, for the impending train wreck.
    I was able to find some bargain bin items at a couple of different re-use stores. 5 cans sterno @50c each, a full size comforter ..aka dog recliner for our bed., a couple of notebooks for printed info. 50c each.
    3 shirts for DH, 3 blouses and an open front sweater and lightweight jacket for ums. a spare percolator,2 sets of sheets and 6 extra pillowcases.50$ for all.
    I replaced the cough drops and vit c drops used this last two weeks
    . Food items…Dry items in for freezer treatment.
    ….25 cans assorted tomato products,
    12 cans green veggies/39c ea./limit, 5 cans yellow veggies.
    12 lb sugar,+ 2 large bags of splenda type sweetener,
    9 lb Oatmeal,(all but 2lb in storage.)
    3 boxes of salt
    ,3 small containers of bay leaves and one of onion powder.
    .5 pks of spagetti sauce mix,
    3 cans cheese sauce, 5 lg cans filled milk
    3lbs dry lima’s, + 3 lbs rice,
    .6bx mac and cheese, 3lbs pasta shells.
    3 bx apple cinnamon muffin mix(..new product ( 2 to storage, will have to add more cinnamon and splenda when I cook them)
    I Went to Pacer check with MOM got good report, she has an irregular pulse rate of 60-68 without the pacemaker on…just a year or so ago, she had a pulse so slow they could not turn the pacer off…then she went on the natural regimine of codliver oil, vitamin e, ALA, and CoQ10. She has a little more energy, despite having the west nile about 8 wks ago.
    That’s about it, Take care of yourselves, Keep on Keeping on,! and Keep on Praying for our nation…and each other, I” do the same!

    • Sw’t Tater, feel better soon! Praying for you. But man, you got a lot done, even sick! 🙂

    • Petticoat Prepper says:

      Sw’t Tater,

      The deer ate my entire garden a few years ago and I gave up on having one. However, this year I tried again. I bought some short 4 foot plastic electric fence poles and strung 3 wires for an electric fence. Then I got some peanut butter and salted it like crazy. I took some cooking foil and tore it into strips about 2 inches wide and 6 inches long. I folded each strip over a wire and twisted to keep it there and painted a big, big hunk of salty peanut butter on each one.

      The deer just loved that salt ladened peanut butter until their little tongues got bit by the fence. Took a couple of times but by golly they have stayed out of my garden!!!! Get ’em good next season!

  68. Mostly gardening this week. Transplanted red lettice, romaine, and kale into the main garden. Turnips and chard are doing well. Those two can hold up all winter if it doesn’t stay below freezing too long. Worked on kitchen and cooking materials. Bought a nice, like new teapot at a garage sale. We drink a lot of tea, both hot and cold. There is nothing like a cup of hot tea on a cold day. We like coffee, but at times it can’t compare with tea. We have a large stock of tea in mylar bags that keep it really well. Worked with three friends on a lunch-type get together with other friends.

  69. Glad to hear Faith is getting better. My dogs are like my kids and I know how devastating and helpless it sometimes feels when they are hurt. Still keeping you two in my prayers. Now what did I do, I got a new flashlight, the Life+Gear 200 lumen model. It’s built well and produces good light, it seems promising. I also planted a bunch of herbs from seed, I will end up keeping them inside through the winter. Started drying some basil, parsley, mint, sage, and pineapple sage. That’s it for me.

  70. Picked up 2000 rounds of ammo. Talking with dh about buying a 10-22. Collecting stuff to do a bunch of mylar sealing. Pasta, beans, bacon & ham tvp for salad sprinkles. Bought 20# of bacon to can. Still reading up on compound bows. I will get one when I feel I can make a quality decision.
    I guess ds is on the mend. Separated shoulder/collar bone. Couldn’t even drive, couldn’t shift a standard (safely). He is NOT a good patient. I’m not a patient nurse either.
    Inventoried the b.o.b. had borrowed a couple items, needed to replace, & added/changed a couple things. Still too heavy. Got a couple things I could ditch if need be.

  71. Warmongerel says:

    Glad to hear the pooch is doing better. As much as mine annoys me sometimes, I’d miss her if she were gone.

    – Bought more camping/survival gear (folding saw, fire starters, emergency blankets, wrist rocket, etc.)
    – Ordered a Volcano stove for cooking and heat – major concern here in MN
    – Practiced tearing down & reassembling one of my 9mm’s
    – Found a local gun range so I don’t have to leave town when I want to shoot.
    – Learned a whole bunch about generators and found an inverter that I’ll buy when I can.
    – Cleaned up my Gamo Big Cat pellet gun for small critters. Sighted in the laser sight.
    – Went grocery shopping. About 1/3 of the bill was for prep supplies.
    – Looking into getting firearm safety certificate for my daughter so she can come to the firing range with me.
    – Reading, reading, reading. Always learning. Quite possibly the most important part of prepping IMHO.
    – Put more water away.

    Not bad for a “newbie”, I guess.

    Good luck & God bless.

    • War Mongerel…welcome to the pack…and yes reading/learning new skills etc is so important…cheers.

    • Encourager says:

      Welcome to the Pack, Warmongerel. Yes, not bad for a newbie, lol! Better than I did!

  72. Michele, Natalia, Victoria and other bloggers in the Pack (or anyone feeling lucky)–

    Homestead Revival’s monthly Preparedness link up has a giveaway for 6 #10 cans of dehydrated veggies–to enter, link up to a preparedness post on your blog or leave a comment about something you did to prepare in September.

    No affiliation; just thought the winner might as well be from the Pack. Here’s the link:


  73. SurvivorDan says:

    Got lucky at Walmart. As I was buying a box of 100 #7 1/2 12 gauge and a 550 rd brick of Remington 22, the friendly clerk tipped me off that he would be bringing out a small case (500rd) of Remington jacketed 9mm right after lunch – $99.85. Couldn’t resist that. Yes! I admit it. The ammo monkey is always on my back! 6) 44 gal plastic totes and 6) 6qt minis (for meds, vitamins, 1st aid stuff and such), case of beef stew, a case of baked beans, misc. vitamins, anti-biotics, first aid gear. Still building up my secondary preps stash. Not a bad week for my off season.

    Been practicing my cooking skills and throwing knives at my new straw stack. The cooking practice is ‘cuz of the loss of TheFormerMrsSurvivorDan’s cooking skills. The knife throwing thing is just for fun not self-defense. It rarely pays off to throw knives at your attackers. Even if you hit ’em, it would probably piss them off into a berserker rage and hand them a weapon to do you harm with. I doubt I will ever throw a knife at and nail a bunny. But then again, one never knows………

  74. Greetings Pack,
    M D, Glad to hear Faith is doing well!
    This week we finally got finished up with the fall cleanup. Placed an order with amazon for a few books and items. Did some more shopping for food and supplies and gear. Not much but a little at a time is what i can do for now.
    Have seen a ton of very nice deer these last couple weeks, its gonna be a good season.
    Hope everyone has a safe and happy week.

  75. Jarhead 03 says:

    This week was another busy work week. Pulled a72 hour work week in 5 days.

    Prayers sent out to the Pack and family.

    Water preps:
    6 cases 35 pack water
    1 case six 1 gallon bottles
    1 case gatorade

    Weapons prep:
    The Nikon 3-9x BDC zeroed in on the 20″ AR 15A2. Bullet compensator set at 100, 200, 300 and 400 yards. Spent a day in the desert last Monday zeroing it in, due to terrain I couldn’t zero 500 yards so I did a Kentucky windage guesstimate. Who knows when I will hit a 500 yard range.
    Set a quick disconnect mount for the 4x scope on the M4  that does well keeping a good job holding zero out to 200 yards. 300 yards hits well within 4″ from the prone with no bipod so I’m not complaining.
    Tested the sling-bow at an archery range on Tuesday. Got some cheers and jeers from people. I was shooting at the end keeping my distance and some wanted to try it. One guy complained it won’t shoot like his custom bow and my reply was his bow won’t shoot like my 24″ bull barrel AR varmint rifle so what’s your point? He walked away. The range was happy they had a new shooter, it had ten people there.

    Printed Satellite pics of rail road tracks, trails, water storage  tanks, reservoirs in the area. Printed game trails, hiking trails, lakes, rivers and streams in the foothills and further up in the mountains.

    3 flashlights from one of our Pack members from North Ca.

    Food Preps:
    Grocery bag full of MRE crackers, peanut butter, jelly and cheese from a Marine friend that hit the desert with me.

    Other preps:
    Finally got the security screens installed on the doors with insert pins into the metal door frame so it has 5 points on one side. The door handle side has the deadbolt, handle knob and a slide lock at the top and bottom so it’s a 4 point secure on that side. It would take a heavy duty truck with a tow strap and hook.
    Handyman cut and installed my window security inserts and latches.
    Paid the handyman a really good bottle of Gran Patron Platinum.

    I’m burnt out from work but managed to get some things done this week. Take care! Changed my email address if you need to get a hold of me let me know.

    • Jarhead03
      Interested in where/how you found the detailed maps to print?
      Searched for this, unsuccessfully. I authorize MD to release my email to you.
      Thanks for the info- have a great week,

      • Jarhead 03 says:

        Lynn, I used Google maps at work. I put in an address of a nearby business instead of mine and then do a wide view of the area. I’ve studied my area pretty well and know the foothills and local mountains well.

        I take pictures of the area and print it taking a highlighter and marking trails. I have a great printer at work so the quality comes out.

        After the wide area shots I zoom in taking pictures of how to get to the river that’s flows to a local dam from the mountains, a local resevior with ways of gettin there by road and along a no longer functioning railroad to the back by hiking trail. There are several hiking trails in the area within miles that have ponds, streams and within a 5-10 mile hike are two resevior dams that are accessible by foot or bike so I could load up the bike trailer with 5-10 gallons a trip.

        I printed the smaller up close pictures aligned them so they can be be placed side by side continuous. I laminated them so they are waterproof in the event I had to go out during rain.

        On the game trails I printed all the them as general area so that you can see the trails as thin lines and then highlighted them before laminating them.

        For further up in the mountains I have both satalite photos and topographical maps. The satalite photos I write in the grids to use them as a realtime or as close to realtime photo as a reference especially if I haven’t been on the trail or haven’t been on it in a while.

        From my military days topographic maps were good. It when we got aerial or satalite(as good as they were then) it was a good reference to the area we were going into be it city, desert or woods.

    • Surviving in Ky. says:

      Hey Jarhead, Looked like a productive week for all the hours you put in. I have been considering putting together some supplies for a grid down situation to strenghthen the doors and windows. I am going to stock up on some window material but have decided to go with a steel tube with slots in it, which will slide over large lag bolts with washers. All the doors have reinforced dead bolts right now but that wouldn’t be enough for a determined forced entry. I going to go ahead and speed up the preps because we were told about a “softening in the schedule” this month. I won’t go into detail about what industry I’m in but orders typically pick up in the fall and winter for companies to speed their capital money. I am in a mid level management position and can see the writing on the wall. The new managers over the last few years were all smiling and patting themselves on the back a couple of months ago when the projections came in for next year. They ask my opinion and I told them it was pie in the sky sales opinions. They looked at me like I was being all negative and had a bad attitude. Those same people looked at me yesterday with nervous looks and started asking questions. My industry is typically 6 months ahead of any slow down and 6 months later in a recovery. All I can advise the pack is in my opinion, my company is starting to see what I believe will be our country’s next slow down. I am going to say a pray for everyone and advise you to prep in earnest. God Bless!

      • Petnumber1 says:

        Surviving in KY, I concur. I’m seeing the same thing in my industry, which is at the cutting edge end of the spectrum. If things are drooping here, it’s going to be freefall in about 6 months, I’m afraid. 🙁

        • Jarhead 03 says:

          Petnumber1, I’m in the Public Sector “sort of” and I have seen how people have transitioned in their attitudes and been fortunate to see the good and ba in people. I’ve seen over the last year people that wore business suits now wearing security uniforms. Some people woke up and grabbe their boots and got back on their feet and some waiting as long as they could before the unemployment ran out. It’s a rougher world and those of use with open eyes will see the accident ahead and swerve while others slam into it.

          These 60+ hours a week are getting to me I’m becoming philosophical lol

          • Petnumber1 says:

            Hang in there, Jar – been there, done that with the 60+ hours/week, and I feel for you. Make sure you take care of YOU when you do get a break! 🙂

            • Jarhead 03 says:

              Petnumber1, I’m counting down the days to Vegas lol. Found out I don’t have to come in early on Sunday so it’s an 8 1/2 hour instead of 12 1/2 hours.

              We are expecting rain Monday in my area so the plan is leave Sunday night after work so I don’t have to deal with the idiots on the road.

              As soon as I get there I’m getting a drink and a massage, that’s a mental and physical prep lol.

        • GeorgiaBoy says:

          Thanks for the heads-ups, Surviving and Pet. That’s valuable real-time information.

          • Petnumber1 says:

            LOL, have fun, Jarhead – you need and deserve it. Vegas is only 6 hours from me, so it’s a nice interlude when things get to be too much up here and it’s too cold to go to the mountains. 🙂

      • Jarhead 03 says:

        Surviving, I saw bits and peaceable of the debate and even CNN clearly called Romney the winner. I’m concerned not the POTUS would do something stupid, I any POTUS would have fought to stay in it would have been “W” but I’m concerned about the people that were promised an easier life, free handouts at our expense doing something “if” POTUS is not reelected.

        I have friends that are close to the social activity grass roots groups an many of them don’t like either guy from what I see but if the Occupy movement which is still there reorganizing according to friends associated with Occupy as well as LE friends, things could hit the unprepared sheeple fast and hard.

        If people don’t go to work, unions falter, people protest as prices are already sky rocketing with gas, pork, beef and milk things can ignite faster than some predict. I’m going to make a Vegas trip to be ready for what’s around the corner.

  76. Hi y’all! I helped teach another Appleseed this weekend. Met some nice people and got promoted one more level. I got to be Line Boss this time which is the guy who yells the commands and holds the stopwatch. I liked yelling! Maybe I should have been a drill sergeant. I might have enjoyed it. Maybe minus the throwing the trash can down the barracks steps part though. I talked to a woman who had been in the Army and she said the sergeant did that to her barracks too. (maybe it’s a requirement or something)

    Before that, I canned tomatoes, and found a pickled green tomato recipe I think I’m going to try this coming week. The final piece of my sewing project stuff arrived, so I have to get cracking on that too. I re-lost the 2 lbs I gained the week before, but this weekend I blew my diet because the range had meals for sale, and I didn’t exercise because I was putting in 14 to 16 hour days between Appleseed and driving. So I have to double down this week LOL.

    I need to get back to sleep, I have to wake up at 4:30 a.m. G’night y’all. MD I am glad your dog seems to be getting better.

  77. Buuurr in Ohio says:

    Trained, trained, trained my dog… he is getting very big now… vet says he is almost 50 pounds… halfway to his goal weight and only 15 weeks old. He has broken himself on the local squirrels, raccoons and cats so in the event of disaster we will have meat at least. Oh, I should mention he learned fetch in one try and will bring anything back to me, even food items. For some reason dog food from my hand is far tastier then the mound of it in his bowl.

    Added some Indian pickles to the store… most people don’t think of them because they don’t know of them or like the spice but they are great. They are generally a salt preserve of a very mixed amount of fruit and veggies (mango, ginger, lime, and citrus that ironically taste like root vegetables with a kick). They are cheap and if you have an Indian store in your location (most cities do) you can buy up this stuff for super cheap. Me and wife picked up 20 cans yesterday… shelf life of forever…almost.

  78. Hello to one and all…

    MD, thanks for the update on Faith – good to hear she is slowly on the mend…prayers for you to continue to be able to patiently care for her and all her needs until she is fully healed.

    To all those who are healing…Encourager…hope you are able to resist bending over until you’re all healed, Worrisome – good to hear you are almost fully mobile again, Cliff, know that I am thinking and praying for you all, DJV…concerned regarding your DH’s symptoms, please keep us informed as to progress on health care, Conmaze, et al…have read all the posts and prayers for all continue.

    I have been sorting/purging stuff…and packing more stuff into mylar bags and buckets, like bicarb soda and coarse/fine salt (need lots of salt for salting fish) have been reading up on this and many other forms of dehydration after grid down.

    Also found a great preppers site…called preppers.com – will link it below this post.

    Also, at Miles Stairs site – copied and pasted lots of gardening info.

    Purchased more beeswax – now $4 p/kg.

    Wheat is $27.50 x 20Kgs bag – however, was able to buy a bag from another supplier for $18…only bought one bag to see how clean it was first…

    Found another supplier for Washing Soda instead of paying $75 p/25kg bag, will be picking up 2 bags for $48.50 ea later this week…(it’s already Monday afternoon here as I type this).

    Epsom salts is $14 p/20kg bag…that will be decanted into a plastic container later this week.

    Tried that hydrogen peroxide (oxyclean) laundry powder again the other day on my white cotton bed throw…excellent clean – so bought 2 more 15kgs bags and decanted them into plastic containers as well.

    Went through my 2 bum bag EDC bags – to check all flashlights okay, and added more batteries to the packs.

    Granny J posted late last week re canned cheese manufacturing moving to middle east from Aust’a…checked it out…they are expanding their operations…and I took the opportunity to order some more cheese/butter…

    More P/jelly for cotton balls as fire starters, even though I am now at the stage where I am looking for lengths of the correct type of timber so I can start a fire with a bow drill…and am still learning how to identify the different trees that grow around me…so much to know – so much I never knew I didn’t know…

    More ziplock bags – can’t have too many of these…great for individual rolling of clothes, socks, knickers/bras and keeping things dry in BOB.

    Every time coffee (freeze dried, ground, beans) go on special I buy some and then mylar the bags – price keeps going up.

    Same with Iodized salt – I buy 1kg min’m each time I go shopping.

    Plus onion flakes, and granulated garlic – these are so lightweight for the flavour punch they deliver.

    Priced a liter of chain and bar oil $8.49…am going to look at Stihl chain saws this week…just a small one that I can handle easily for a short while at a time.
    More cloth tape and 2 rolls of duct tape.
    1 x 62 pack of assorted ‘O’ rings
    more packs of medical gloves
    3 packs of 24 LEMSIP caps.
    2 pack of cotton string – will make more candle wicks.
    3 x solar lights with a ‘AAA’ battery in situ.
    20 x ‘AAA’ batteries.

    Set up another bird feeder – looks like a chook feeder and this time I can top up the funnel and let them all have their fill, instead of filling the other feeder 3 times daily…and will get another bag tomorrow..now they have 2 feeders to choose from, as too many, and some of the larger parakeets won’t let the other smaller p’keets feed from the other side – so glad God has provided so that I can fill the feeders.

    So many birds coming and going and feeding here all day – they start before it’s full light and still here as it starts getting dark…and I love watching them – very relaxing and restful.

    Fuel in my area is $1.49 p/litre unleaded.

    Also, checked out some others areas with fresh water – and we decided to swim in the creek with the dogs…however, was cautious of my knee, as rocks covered in silt, so sat on the rocks near the bank, then moved sideways till into the rapids and then bumped/jumped on my bottom along the smooth rocks towards the deep swimming area with help from the current…for some reason my DD couldn’t seem to stop laughing at the sight of me doing that…

    Other than that, same ol’ same ol’ stuff.

    Welcome to all the new cubs, if I missed welcoming any – know that am so glad you are all waking up…and taking steps to prep.

    I see it as a blessing to be able to see and act on the events we see occurring globally.

    take care, and till next time…

    will be posting links to some websites I have been – hope they may be of some benefit to the assorted pack…cheers.

    • Cliff in Douglasville says:


      Glad to see you are making the progress you are making.
      It has been an interesting week around my home. I went in for a CT scan on Wednesday and had a pretty horrific reaction to the dye. Never bothered me before but they had to do a fast push on it for this test and it messed me up pretty soundly. I did manage to make it back home and am waiting word from the doctor on that test.
      DD has moved to Florida to be with her boyfriend (he’s active duty Navy and right now floating around some where on an Air Craft carrier probably heading to the vicinity of Iran but he is only scheduled to be out 30 days). DD quit her job teaching after a school shooting and being threatened by 6th grade girls that are much bigger than she is. She’s looking for work and I’ll keep her going as long as she needs the help.
      DW sister got married to a friend of mine a few weeks ago. She has been living in her mothers home for the last 11 years while the mom is living in the mountains with her dying husband. Mother in law came down for the weekend and for a doctor visit and told them first they could buy the house, then she said she could have the house and in the next 15 minutes said they had to be out of her house before next weekend. I love having dysfunctional family.
      On the good side I felt pretty good on Saturday and took my hot rod to a car show (I have a 1923 Ford “T” bucket hotrod with big motor and really big tires and it makes the ground shake a little bit when it rumbles by) so I got to hang out with other old people and have a fun day.
      For preps I picked up another 25 pound bag of sugar that I need to get in to buckets along with 2 more 50 pound bags of popcorn that also need to go in to buckets.
      My mental inventory of ammo was going bad since DD and her boyfriend came up and I let them take a few handguns and such to the range and gave them ammo and they ran through about 250 or 300 rounds. I set up a table and got out all the ammo cans and loose boxes and stuff that I had hid and realized I have a lot of ammo in calibers that I don’t have anymore. Trying to decide if it is better to keep it for trading purposes (common calibers), buying a firearm that can use them or just selling them off for something else. Probably less than 10,000 round that needs to either have a purpose or live else where.
      Got in my big berky filter and 3 cases of Mountain House food and got a discount so I picked up a nice k-bar knife. Not quite sharp enough for shaving but sharp enough to put another scar on my thumb (don’t ask how I know about the shaving). Also got in 4 of the new Mountain House buckets with pouches of food and got them squirreled away.
      I am losing weight and may have to go back to wearing suspenders to keep my pants up. Noticed when i went to church that there was excess room on one side of my trousers and it was drooping because that is the side I carry my handgun on and even though it is against the law to carry in houses of worship I talked with the pastor and with the senior leaders and they all agreed that they had rather have armed members in the church in case a nut job comes in and wants to hurt someone and since they know my military background and my stand they are fine with it and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one carrying.
      Just got off the phone with the heart doctor and I’ve got to go now and make an appointment with a heart surgeon. If I don’t show up for a while either I’m in hospital or in the ground but I’m doing my best to leave a solid base for my family and extended family to get through the next unpleasantness.
      Take care, keep your powder dry and your pantry full and don’t believe anything you don’t read here.

      • May God watch over you and guide the hands of all who will be involved in your care. Will keep you in our prayers, Cliff.

      • Cosmolined says:

        Cliff in Douglasville:
        May God protect you and yours, may He heal you and guide the hands of your Doctors…. (Sure hope you don’t have a bad week next week! )
        My troubles are like dust in a strong wind in comparison.
        God Bless! John

      • Praying for a good recovery for you, Cliff!

      • Cliff…wow, good to see you are taking things in your stride…and know about the reaction to contrast dye – I had the same thing happen to me many years ago…had hives/scratching, could barely talk etc… and they kept me on the trolley to the side of the glassed in area so they could keep an eye on me till the department closed…yes, you were lucky…and amazing that you were able to drive yourself home.

        Shocking re the violence in schools…we are seeing similar things here as well…but certainly not to the same extent as on your SOTP…good that DD decided that her life was more important then being in a position where more abuse/violence is guaranteed to keep happening…and yes as parents, we still like to help our children financially when possible…

        Had a big LOL at the dysfunctional episode…I can relate to that.

        And when I finish reading all the posts, will search and see that your Ford Hotrod looks like…enjoy all that you can while you can…none of us are taking anything with us…so, good to see you are taking time out to have fun.

        Perhaps some of the pack near you may be interested in buying some of that ammo off you…if supplies are getting harder to access…just never know…

        keep us informed on your health issues…as you can read, many of the pack also have family with health issues – and yes, I too am trying to leave my DD in as good a position as possible for the many varied possibilities…

        So good to see that you are still prepping no matter the circumstances…and I do pay attention to the news from the pack…because a lot of the developments on your side eventually filter over to us here…so the time delay gives me a heads-up so to speak.

        Have you had any routine blood tests lately…may explain the weight loss…

        Will continue to pray for your full recovery…as lots of family depending on you – and I know you feel the weight of that responsibility…catch up next time and God bless you and your family…cheers.

        • Cosmolined says:

          Just a correction, I’m taking my International Harvestor M1 Garand and a can of ammo with me, just in case. God Bless, Cos

          • Cos…LOL at your post…because I immediately saw a picture of a sugarcane harvester in my mind – International brand…however, understand what you are referring to…

            and will also have to do a search to see what it looks like…and with all the internet surveillance on my SOTP…that search will no doubt raise a red flag for the PTB that are watching/recording all keystrokes on laptops etc…God bless you too…hope your son’s health has picked up. cheers.

      • Encourager says:

        Praying for you Cliff!

      • worrisome says:

        Cliff, praying for the best in outcomes! Hope that you have to go through to get on the path to healing will be gentle on you and that you come back to us healthy and happier!

      • Cliff, God bless you and keep you. I am praying for your health.

  79. This site also has patterns for moccasins…


    any handymen…solar distiller…depending on quality of water.


    also, detailed instructions for biodiesel from vegetable oil/s


  80. And this link deserves it’s own post…this is chock full of good articles…too many to mention…cheers.


  81. I found a part time job and picked up some canned goods on closeout.
    I need advice, we are thinking of filing for custody of my husband’s niece then adopting. I have no idea of what to do after getting certified as a Foster parent. We have been praying a lot and are worried about mother in law’s interference. She DOES. NOT need to have her, I don’t let her take my kids now. But she thinks I will let her take this one. I have no idea why she thinks she can take one of my kids if I don’t let her take the other ones.

    • Cosmolined says:

      I’m sorry, but I don’t have any idea what to do with such a heartbreaking situation. My hopes are for the niece. Do Not Give Up on giving her a chance for a loving family…. God Bless, Cos

    • JL, if the child’s parents are living, their parental rights will have to terminated before someone else can adopt the child.

      In some cases, the parents cooperate with the termination proceedings. If they refuse, you can petition the court; if the court finds the parent(s) to be unfit (most commonly due to neglect or abuse), they can terminate their rights involuntarily.

      Check the webpage for your state’s Department of Family and Child Services (or whatever agency has these responsibilities in your state). That will help you understand the process in your state before you contact an adoption lawyer.

      Also, many local or county bar associations have a monthly ‘pro bono’ night, where people can call in with a legal question and talk to a volunteer for no charge.

      If your question is too complex to answer on the phone, or outside the volunteer lawyer’s area of expertise, they will at least be able to point you in the right direction. So check out your county’s bar association to see if there’s a pro bono night coming up.

      God bless you all for being willing to take on the role of parents to your niece, and godspeed in those efforts, JL.

  82. Prayers for Faith this morning. I hope this day sees even more improvement!

  83. I actually did something to post in here! I built one (of several,hopefully) wooden box for planing potatoes, and I planted a potato in it. Also planted several seeds for plum trees. Dug dirt for the potato box out of an already low spot, so I can plant cattails there (you can eat those).
    Good day to you all.

    • Good for you! All those little steps add up. Wish I had a place to grow some veggies.

    • Madrob…had a chuckle at your post…in a good way…and so glad you are having fun with your prepping…I didn’t have much success with my potato plants in a container…next time will try a hessian grow bag – so will be interested in hearing how your harvest goes…cheers.

      • Some of my family members used old tires to grow potatoes. They laid the first tire on the ground, filled it with dirt and planted the tater. When it got up to about 8″ they placed another tire over that and filled it in with dirt leaving a few inches of green showing. They ended up with something like 6 tires stacked up. Then they simply kicked it over and gathered taters. Apparently it worked pretty well, but I didn’t see the produce, they just told me about it. I did see the stacks of tires though.

  84. I'm A Prep Kat says:

    Glad to read the pup is getting better. My heart goes out to you. I don’t know what I would do if my amazing mini poodle were in little Faith’s place.

    For preps, I was gifted 6 cooking pumkins and a box of canner tomatoes, so I spent the better part of the week end in the kitchen. I have to find a deal on canning jars – I’ve put up more this year than ever before.

    I have decided that I am not supposed to have a fall garden. Someone left the gate open and the chickens got into the garden and ate all that was green! The cat ate the seedlings I had started in the window. I don’t know if I have time to get anything else started.

    The saffron crocus are coming up. I’m expecting a good harvest this year. Maybe I can trade saffron threads and chicken manure for fall/winter greens. Hmmm.

    That’s it for me. Take care, Y’all

  85. Hello Pac,

    I’ve been out of it most of the summer as far as posting anything. Did manage to read a few. Missed ya’ll. Been a lot going on, but have done some prepping.

    For all those with sick and/or lost four-legged buddies, my prayers are with you. As some may remember, I lost my buddy Max last spring. His mother, Maggie, passed shortly after and a coyote got the DW’s toy poodle in June, just a week after I got a new pup, Charley. I guess you could say Charley was a rescue. I was visiting a friend in Marshall when we heard the screech and squealing. A truck had hit him. When I got to him, he rolled over on his back and looked at me as if to say; “What took you so long? I’ve been waiting for you.” I took him to the vet and he had no serious damage. Lost the pad off one toe and that has healed up nicely. He was about two months old and weighted 15 lbs. Took him back last month for shots and he was forty-two lbs. Don’t know how big he’s going to get, but we’re bonding quite well.

    We did purchase a 3,300-watt solar generator this summer and I’m working on my BOV. Restocked/rotated most of the canned goods. Had a fair garden, but lost my blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. Picked up 1k 45acp, 1k 62gr 5.56 and 250 rnds 12ga. I also taught six disaster preparedness classes from Longview to Shreveport. Still can’t get over how many people have that “if I can’t live the way I’m used to, I don’t want to survive” attitude. Sadly for me, some of them know where I live.

    Until next time,
    Matthew 24, I Timothy 5:8

    • Oh, I also picked up another 10 lbs of Community Coffee in the 1lb vaccum sealed “bricks” and two cans of green coffee beans. Am also working on the hot shower on the go system.

    • Hmmmm, so we have Faith, Hope. . . and now Charley.

      Rex, don’t know how big your dog will be–but if I’m reading my scripture right, looks like yours will be the biggest of the three. . . .

      Seriously, congratulations on the new pup, and God bless you for giving him such a loving home.

  86. MD so happy your 4 legged family member is improving. Answered prayers once again.
    Last week has been spent reading, learning, comparing. The Pack has become my #1 reading. Learning so much, thanks everyone.
    Purchased an American made T-Shirt “God Bless America” Plan to wear the shirt everytime leave the house.
    Please pray for our country, our troops, the coming election.
    Back to work

  87. Glad to hear your pup is improving. When I first read about it, I was worried as I lost a dog a few years ago to similar symptons. Mine ended up being a “stomach flop” and we lost him from it. It sounds like yours is on the path to recovery which is awesome news.

    I started analyzing my tool collection for what I could do to improve it for a grid down scenerio. While I have a power tool collection that would make a lot of guys salavate, they won’t be worth diddly squat without electricity. To start, I picked up a rough cut hand saw and I’ve been poking around Ebay looking at “egg beater” style drills. I think I’m going to pick up a coping saw at my next opportunity as well.

    I doubled the size of my garden in preparation for next year, 2 yards of fresh premium top soil and some added to the old garden section.

    The rest of the time has been spent hocking Boy Scout Popcorn with my rugrat.

    Hope everybody else has a great week!

  88. M.D.: Happy to hear that Faith is improving. Yaaaay!

    Not much prepping last week. My back and right leg just hurt too much, never mind I could barely walk. Went to the chiro Sat morn, then remembered it was Alpaca Weekend. I shouldn’t have done it but I did go to an alpaca farm. Just walking hurt like crazy. Never mind that I almost lost my car into a ditch. Whew. Coulda sold tickets for that little situation. The brand new baby alpaca would be even cuter if he were in my backyard.

    For those up north, alpaca is so so so nice — light weight and extremely warm. I sprung for a “thin” pair and a pair of thick socks. Oh, my feet will be so toasty. Now if I could just manage to lose about 25-30 lbs just to get into my alpaca sweater that I’ve had for a very long time but didn’t wear too often.

    I did scope out a sale on Sterno at BJ’s early last week. As I recall, it was about 50 cents each when buying the flat pack of 20 or 24. Gotta get back there. Too bad the dh is back on days, which will make it tough to smuggle in. Might have to skip it as getting up & down the basement steps is really tough right now.

    Poked on the web at freeze-dried / dehydrated food, things that make projectiles move, and another bow.

  89. Hello all,

    Been busy cleaning and reorganizing the garage and shed. Managed to get rid of a good bit of stuff we don’t need and it’s nice to have the extra room.

    Sold our big, old chest freezer and turned around and bought a newer smaller one. It will still hold the 1/4 of beef we’ll be getting soon, plus some. The new freezer is in the basement, as opposed to the old one being in the garage, so we gained some space and upgraded from a pretty old model, so all’s good.

    Made a nice batch of jerky over the weekend. Used a tenderized round steak and wasn’t sure how well it would work, but I sliced it a little thicker than I usually do, marinated in beer, soy sauce and my secret blend of herbs and spices…turned out really good.

    Checked out an XDS, which is new a single stack pistol. Those of you looking for a smaller concealed carry gun that don’t want to go clear down to a .380 might want to take a look. The .45 I handled fit nicely in my hand and felt like a good weapon. Not crazy about the short grip, but otherwise I liked it alot. Already have a Glock and a PJK 9 mm, so I didn’t make a purchase….this time :o)

    Added a few odds and ends to the cache and spent good quality time with my son on long motorcycle rides. As I’ve mentioned before he has Aspergers on the Autism Spectrum. Anyway, wasn’t sure how he’d feel about riding, but after considerable time talking him into trying it, he LOVES it now…I’m really glad about that.

    Take care all,

    • TomFish,

      So happy to hear your son’s reaction to the motorcycle. Now you will have a great thing to do that you both love and you can be together and, who knows, it may open things up a little more for him. Have you ever tried horse therapy for him? Jake liked it but didn’t love it, but I’ve seen it work miracles on some kids.

      Good job on getting the new freezer as it will probably more efficient than the older one. I would love to get one, but I don’t have a good spot to put it (mobile home so no basement and no garage) and I have just plain run out of room. I just purchased 60 pounds of chicken and I have to can it all and I’m just now trying to figure out where I’m going to put all of the jars! Not cool when you have to tell your guests, ooh, careful, don’t step on the meat (o:

      • Thanks, Con

        Yes, we are going to have him try the horse therapy as well. We have a friend whose son has done very well with it. In the middle of nowhere, Nebraska, services are few and far between, so we hope he likes riding horses.

        I’d be happy to share my freezer space with you…but I’m getting a 1/4 of beef this weekend and very hopeful it will all fit!

        Take care,

  90. AussieGuy says:

    Another here with limited funds. I did sit my Firearms Safety Certificate course, so now I can get my licence application in as soon as I can generate a little extra cash. Picked up a small four-man tent, and some butane canisters that one of the big supermarket chains had on special this week, as well as some large storage boxes which will help keep things organised once more preps start rolling in.

    Continuing to identify things that I can sell to address our debt situation. Also having productive conversations with DW about what we want to look for in a new home. Feeling that we would like something more rural with some ability to produce at least a little of our own food. However, with DS having an ongoing, potentially life–threatening medical condition, we also need to be within reasonable reach of a hospital, at least during more ‘stable’ times. I’m also dropping the odd hint that I would like to replace the family station wagon with something with a bit more 4×4 capability. She’s not interested at the moment but six months ago she didn’t have a clue about prepping at all, and she’s at least nominally on board now, so there’s always hope.

    Love and peace to all the Pack.

    • Hi Aussieguy…Big W has a 4-pack of butane cartridges for under $5 regularly in my neck of the woods…best price I have found.

      However, economically…a small refillable can of propane and hose on a 2 burner camp stove is better for a longer grid down scenario.

      Can understand your DW’s concerns regarding the need to be in close proximity to hospital…

      Just take it steady…things will fall into place…compared to where you were 6 months ago you will see how much more prepared and aware you are…prayers…cheers.

  91. MENTALMATT says:

    Riverrider, and Cosmolined, thank you both so much, but I belong here on the front line, (only for two more years), thank you. My dream is only a short time away, I hope to be somewhere around Tinfoil, and M.D. but we shall see what happens.

  92. I’m glad to hear Faith is better. My animals are like my children so I understand your concern.

    Not many preps this week. Canned more green beans & dried more apples & strawberries. I’d never dried strawberries before and am not sure I will do it again. They had strawberries on sale for $1.50/lb. It took 3 pounds to dry enough to fill a pint jar. They are very tasty so maybe if I have surplus next year? If not, we’ll just stick to apples and jerky since those are liked by everyone in the house. My fall garden is coming along and I’m hoping for another month of decent weather so we can harvest things.

    I heard rumors from a friend that seed prices would probably be going through the roof next spring. Has anyone else heard anything?

    Thanks everyone.

  93. Encourager says:

    Hi all! I am embarrassed to even post seeing how little I did this week. We live in a passive solar house so have many, many windows. Decided last Thursday to start washing them; a big job. I did rest between rooms and should have saved the outsides for another day. However DH did do all the living room, greenhouse, office and a couple in the basement – the outsides. Woke up Sunday in such pain, I couldn’t figure out why! I haven’t had tendonitis in 20 years but do now! Getting better slowly after buying one of those slip on protectors. Awkward, but it just tells me not to do what I was doing… such a nag! In fact, DH is in the kitchen learning how to make homemade cream of tomato soup. Sigh, he just burned the onions… well, it is a learning curve~ LOL. Have to get those tomatoes taken care of as we are headed for a hard frost by Saturday night.

    I have started carrying my 38S in my purse so I get used to having it on me. I am looking for some type of holster so I can carry on my person. I may end up getting a different carry gun that isn’t so big, not that my CA 38S is big, but awkward. Any suggestions from the ladies out there is much appreciated!

    We did pick up more food from the food buying club yesterday. Bought a case each of pineapple juice and grape juice, 4 more Braggs Raw Cider vinegar, dates, raisins, and misc stuff that we used up.

    M.D., so glad to hear Faith is doing better. We lost a beloved lab when she was 12. She was walking across the back yard and her back broke. Apparently a bone bridge had developed between two vertebrae (Spondylolysis) and that is what broke, cutting the spinal cord. She was paralyzed in the hind quarters and in a lot of pain. Had her examined and xrayed. The vet came out and put her down that evening. Cried for days. Even though we now have our fluffy faced Labradoodle, I still miss that girl.

    • Encourager,

      Hope you’re feeling better. Just so you know, I don’t do windows (o:

      I thought I’d throw out my 2 cents on the handgun. I know many of the ladies of the pack have the Glock 19, but I’m not sure that they consider it their carry weapon. I love the Glock but way to cumbersome for me. I just tried out some smaller handguns at my training class – all 9 mm’s – and I fell in love with the Smith & Wesson Shield, but it’s a little too pricey for me right now. I’m going to put it on my wish list. My next choice is the Taurus PT 709. It’s small, slim, lightweight and easy to conceal in a pocket or purse. And it is fdefinitely more reasonably priced. I’m sure there are others that will chime in as to some other choices. I would highly suggest going to a local gun shop or gun show to see what’s out there. Pick them up, handle them and see what feels good. If you have a range near you that does rentals, that would be a good way to go too. Hope this helps.

      • Encourager says:

        Conmaze, I really like my Charter Arms Undercover 38S. But it is heavy, even to carry in my purse. I left it home today because I was going into a State building and knew I couldn’t have it in my purse. My purse felt empty!

        I want to find a holster to use but being a woman, endowed, overweight and short, causes all kinds of problems. I know it will fit into my winter coat pockets but I need something for when it is too warm for a coat.

        Thanks for your suggestions – they DID help!

        • i am overweight endowed and average height- i carry several ways- one is in jeans- which i wear most of the time- i carry inside the waistband- small of back with grip towards the right of my body- i am right handed and it is more comfortable than the grip slanted towards the left- i can carry all day this way- also i have a undercover tank with built in holster -similar but not exactly like this- mine is a bit looser http://www.undertechundercover.com/
          i can wear under dress blouses with dress pants or skirts- even under a white shirt you cannot see i am carrying- i carry a kimber 45 ultra carry – if you use the tank top – you need to carry extra mags to balance the tank though

  94. Howdy all. I scored 6 cases of folding paper towels to use for TP when the rolls run out. A cousin finished his fencing project on 40 acres of pasture on the mountain next to my place. We’ve come to an agreement about purchasing some calves and running them on his property. I’m starting with four calves and he’s getting a bull with his calves so we’ll always have a sustainable meat source.
    The Mrs didn’t get the salt like I asked her, so that’s on next weeks agenda. Part of it anyway, I read VI’s article on a cashless society which prompted me to insist on small, cash purchases. She agreed wholeheartedly, so thanks, VI.
    I built the solar part of my dehydrator. It’s a heavy duty thing of beauty. I salvaged a solid glass front door from my house and built the frame out of 2″x6″ treated boards and 3/4″ plywood back. Painted the entire interior black. I haven’t drilled any holes for intake or exhaust yet. Gonna wait til I get the dehydrator part built.
    The Mrs is insisting I build her a chicken tractor for 5 or 6 laying hens. It’s on the list.
    Other than that I ain’t done nothing 🙂

  95. Encourager says:

    I am not supporting either candidate…wish there was a line for “None of the Above, Let’s Start Over” on the ballot. But this was so cool…


    • worrisome says:

      How about a write in………that is where I am going.

      • The only problem with a write in is your vote doesn’t matter and dilutes the chances of the lesser of the two evils. This is a binary system – reps or dems. They won’t allow anything else. So, if you’re leaning right and do a write in that helps the chances of the left to be re-elected.

      • Encourager says:

        I read somewhere the following:
        Write in vote = a vote for Obummer
        Do not vote + a vote for Obummer
        Even if we don’t like Romney, is it better to vote for him anyhow?

        • GeorgiaBoy says:

          I think that is absolutely right- a write in or a no vote helps TDL, and I certainly think Romney is the better choice.

  96. Cosmolined says:

    Just a note on 1saleaday.
    Bought the wife the refurbished(maybe not the right term) computer with the 90 day warranty. It didn’t work. Emailed them last Thursday. Got an answer today along the lines of…” we only resell stuff, contact the manufacturer”. I’m done with them. $530 worth of done. Cos

    • Cosmolined says:

      I spent years doing the “empty hand” thing, (karate). One of the precepts of our Dojo, (school), was “never lose self control or act in a violent manner”. I find that funny because now, 36 years later, I folded the defective computer into fours and who should show up?
      The UPS guy with the notebook from the same site that I bought for my wife…. Otaga, I submit. Cos.

      • Cosmolined says:

        Me again:
        Otaga is a Shinto God. As I understand it, My God, says “No God before Me”. I have failed both of them, but didn’t want to cause a ruckus. John

        • Cos,

          I’m exhausted from working long hours and then canning every night until midnight so that may be the reason I’m not following….the computer didn’t work…called 1saleaday and they said contact manufacturer for warranty….you bust it up….UPS shows up with another computer?

  97. BamaBecca says:

    Well, to say the least, I have MISSED the pack! It seems like I haven’t posted in quite a while , though I don’t even remember when my last post was.
    MD, I’m tickled to hear that Faith is doing better! Still keeping you both in my prayers!

    As far as WDIDTPTW…I have several weeks to report and I’m sure I won’t remember it all.

    I have canned 24 pints of pear preserves. I’m making pineapple jam tomorrow. YUMMM

    made up batches of homeade brown gravy mix, chili seasoning and taco seasoning.

    Planted cabbage and collards

    Got the back of the dually loaded with pecan wood….still have to split it though. Any volunteers?

    got 28 lbs popcorn, 25 lbs of cornmeal and 20 lbs of flour into mylar bags and buckets. Still have rice and beans to do…

    I found a new source for O2 absorbers that beat EE’s price by 5 bucks. I won’t mention the name w/o MD’s permission but I did suggest to them that they advertise here…and I told them to tell you that I sent them MD! 😉

    I dehydrated some bananas for the first time and ended up throwing them away. They turned brown and were kind of gummy. I used lemon juice on them, so not sure what I did wrong. I’m wondering if they were over-ripe??

    Today I put more of my parsley in to dehydrate and will do the rest of the chives when those are done. Hoping my parsley will live thru the winter (it has before) but not sure if the chives will or not.

    bought 10 more buckets to fill.

    I’m working up some recipes for homeade mixes for things like beef stew, chicken soup, red beans/rice, chicken and dumplings, etc. I want to make meal sized pkgs of the dry ingredients. When the shtf, there will be so much to do on a daily basis that I want to try to make mealtimes as simple as possible…for as long as possible. After I finish and test them, I’ll share them here if yall would be interested.

    bought several books: “Ball COMPLETE book of home preserving”, “The Pocket First Aid field Guide”, The Hiking Companion”. I got the last 2 at Tractor supply for 99 cents each…be sure to check out their reduced bins!
    Also found a 1959 “Joy of Cooking” at a yard sale along with a cpl of the thin “A country cookbook’s”. These little books have some interesting tidbits in them including a recipe for homeade crackers.

    Here is their entry for cooking ‘possum: “Thez ugly ole varmints iz gud but you gotta cook az much fat az you can outta them ‘r yo’ mouth will be kivered in fever blisters! Bleed possum furst, then dip in scalding watah wid a handful uv lime ‘r ashes in it. Scrape hit lak a hog…gut…’n be shore to cut out musk glands under front laigs…soak overnight in salty watah. Parboil in salty watah wid pepper (both kinds) added to taste…when tender, bake in greased pan ‘n put sweet taters all ’round him ‘fore cookin’…hit’ll probably take 1 1/2-2 hours to git him jist rite!”

    lol, I got a kick out of that and although I’m from the deep south…even I had to do some ‘siphering to figure out some of what they were trying to say! lol. There’s even a recipe for fried squash blossums. We fry nearly everything here in the south…but I’d never heard of fried squash blossums before! I guess if it can be dredged in flour or meal, it can be fried! lol

    This past week, I have enjoyed the wildlife here in the “deep woods”. My yard is full of squirrels racing around storing up corn and some of last years pecans that I put out for them. I’ve also had deer in my yard on numerous occasions all during the day. My yorkie is having fits to get “at them”. lol I had to chase him down this afternoon because he ran 2 deer out of the garden patch…he chased them into the woods and I had to go hunt for him. I’m sure glad I put a bell on his collar or I’d have never found him! Those deer are going to be mighty tasty in my frying pan as soon as season comes in!
    I had 4 in my front yard this morning…when I went out the door to go to the shed, 3 of them ran away but one of them stayed and just looked at me…and kept eating pear peelings that I’d left out for them. I made 3 trips to the shed before he ever left….and he was less than 25 feet from me! He would look up at me, then go back to eating. I’ve never had that happen before.
    I also planted some radishes and spinach, pulled up the remnants of the tomato plants…and I want to point out something. I planted 3 beefsteak tomato plants this year. At one time I had over 50 tomatoes on those 3 plants. I also planted 3 heirloom beefsteaks….and I have had only 3 tomatoes off of those plants. My daddy had told me that the heirlooms wouldnt produce like the others…and I sure had it proven this year. SO, although I am stocking up on heirloom seeds….I am also buying plenty of the other as well. Just a thought…
    I was also disappointed when I emptied my milk crate that had a sweet potato plant in it. There was one little bitty sweet potato…I’m glad I wasnt counting on those for a supply. I can buy a 50lb bag from the local farmers for 6 bucks and dehydrate them! This is NOT looking good for SHTF food production!!!
    I bought some camo clothing at yard sales. I even bought things that wouldn’t fit. My thinking is that it can be taken apart and used to make smaller clothing, or pieced together to make larger….or used to make coverings for things I might want to hide in the woods, etc. Just an idea…

    This is embarrassing, but…we had some plumbing problems last week, and spent an entire day not being able to use the “facilities”. SO, I used the idea I’d read about here and lined a 5 gallon bucket with 2 trash bags and sat it in the bathroom. It didnt take long for it to get pretty “stinky”. Of course I emptied it several times, but I wanted to point out that if you don’t yet have a plan to take care of the “nasties”, PLEASE get one in motion! It won’t take long for things to get really bad, especially if you have more than 1 or 2 people. Thank heavens DH finally got it fixed…I dont want to have to do that again anytime soon!!!

    I now have 2 -5 gallon buckets of powdered laundry soap…and I am loving this stuff! It smells so good…and its getting the laundry cleaner than it has ever been! I bought stuff this week for yet another 5 gallon bucketful….I dont want to run out! lol In addition to the felsnaptha, washing soda, borax and oxyclean…I also added baking soda, clorox 2 and some of the purex fabric softener crystals to mine…and I love it! If you want suds….add a box of store bought laundry detergent to the mix.

    OK, I know I’ve probably left out lots, cuz I KNOW I’ve been busy as a bee, but I’ll stop rambling. My thoughts are getting all jumbled up! lol

    I haven’t read all the posts yet so I do want to say that I’m sending prayers out to everyone…and thinking about you all even if I’m not here regularly.

    Yall take care…

    • Whew, BamaB, you’ve been busy!

      Just so you know, parsley is a biennial. The way it reseeds, you may have had some volunteers this year that will carry over when your original plants play out.

      • BamaBecca says:

        Thanks for that info Lantana ( I love Lantana the flower btw!) I usually buy the parsley plants, but I have plenty of seed bought up for when the plants aren’t available! 😉

    • Soggy Prepper says:


      If you haven’t checked out chef tess blog please do.

      I have the meals in a jar cookbook, which is fantastic, but chef tess’ blog has tons more and you don’t have to buy her book. You mentioned looking for homemade mixin’s for easy meals. Look no further.

      All you into pantry porn and food storage fetishes can thank me later.

    • Encourager says:

      BamaBecca, I live in the cold north country and our chives and garlic chives are one of the first to peak through in the spring. They are exposed to the wind, too. So you should have no problem keeping them over the winter in the ground. Try putting some of the garlic chives around your roses ~ those nasty aphids hate the smell of them. I don’t know if it is the chives or the garlicky smell of the garlic chives.

      I, too, do not trust all the heirlooms to produce enough. I have put aside a lot of the hybrids. At least they will last awhile.

      You did a lot, girl!!! I am most impressed!

  98. Woot! Woot! The Cajuns are crying tonight. I am doing my Gator dance.

  99. I just got my dh home from knee surgery. I fed him, drugged him and put him to bed. The doc was able to fix everything and he will be as good as new after he heals. Thanks to everyone for the prayers. I am exhausted.

    • Petnumber1 says:

      Thank goodness! Hope he heals quickly, and hope YOU have a chance to get some good rest this weekend – you deserve it!

  100. Encourager says:

    Great news BamBam! Will continue to pray for both of you.

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