What did you do to prep this week?

Good morning pack – I hope we’ve all had a great week of prepping. 😀

Before we start with this weeks “What did you do to prep this week” blog segment, I’d like to thank Connie H, Ken J, Stephen M, George M, Lisa F,  Dianna H, Thomas C, and John F for their generous donations via PayPal this week.

Thank you all so very much for your support. I and the Wolf Pack appreciate it greatly – thank you for helping keep The Survivalist Blog.net up, running and free for everyone… :yes:

I would also like to thank everyone for their prayers – Faith (my dog) is getting a little better everyday, she is now able to stand by herself and is walking. She still isn’t completely normal, and will fall if she tries to go fast.

I’m still using the towel under her stomach to help her hold her balance, but thank our lord she is doing better… I have faith that in a couple more weeks she will be able to walk normally on her own. :clap:

My mother always told me “The Lord answers every prayer… sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes no and sometimes not yet”. I have a great mom.

Okay, let me see… what did I do to prep this week?

Besides the normal day-to-day work around my place (I don’t want to bore you with the details of my shoveling chicken poop) not a lot this week.

I’ve saved my “prepping funds” hoping to save enough in a few weeks to buy a larger gun safe (I like this one – but it’s not going to happen. I’ll have to go cheaper… a lot cheaper, Under $1,000 cheaper 🙁 ).

Okay, let me see here… what else…

Paladin Press sent me several new books (they send me their newly published books and DVD’s to get my feedback) including Eating On The Run, Living on The Edge, Creating The Low Budget Homestead and Arming For The Apocalypse. I’ve not had time to read all four books in detail but they all looked like good additions to the survival library during my initial flip through.

Max Velocity (great pin name!) also sent me copies of his two books – Contact!: A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival, Rapid Fire!: Tactics for High Threat, Protection and Combat Operations.

Well folks, that’s it for me this week… What about YOU. What did YOU do to prep this week ?:-)

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  1. Been a real slow week in the prepping department since other activities have kept me pretty busy.
    Bought rice, cocoa powder, instant potatoes, soup, coffee, beans, chicken and toilet paper for the stash.
    Sold some more books we no longer need to a local bookstore – picked up a book on dairy cows to add to the library.
    Ordered seeds from Baker Creek and Seed Savers Exchange. Also joined Seed Savers Exchange.
    Ordered a couple of cookbooks dealing with using food storage.
    The big purchase was a set of reloading equipment for the guns. Finally found a set of Lee equipment at a price we liked. This also spawned my motto for the weekend “The new responsible is turning down buying new guns in favor of buying reloading equipment.” Which is quite true and actually pretty important, when you get down to it.
    While at the same gun show, picked up some paracord and some army issue can openers. The hubby was very excited about finding the can openers – he swears they are the best things ever made or something like that.
    Put up some of the storage food into buckets and sealed them in with oxygen absorbers in the mylar bags. Also put up the salt and sugar into buckets without oxygen absorbers. Found out that I can order more oxygen absorbers through the LDS – thanks to another blog (http://teotwawkiblog.blogspot.com/2012/10/prepping-on-40-week-food-storage-week-1.html#more) (hey, is that you Jarhead or is it another person, I totally understand if you don’t want to break opsec … just been wondering)
    Continuing cleanup on the storage area… we now have to find a spot to set up the reloading equipment… argh!
    Had planned on getting to the Amish bulk store this week, but car problems ate my time and my consulting jobs ate the rest, basically. Did watch the latest Revolution episode finally – really – 15 years after and you can tell the dog breeds?? ARGH! Also watched the second episode of Last Resort, which was pretty decent if a bit implausible also. I must confess I still need to watch the first season of Walking Dead, so no way I can get into the new season just yet. I’ve only managed to see the first episode. I guess I’m not that into zombies… I’ve read sci-fi and fantasy all my life and the zombie thing is just another fad … like the vampire fad and the dragon fad… so I have a hard time watching/reading zombie stuff (Although World War Z was pretty good if not very prepping oriented). Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox now… yikes!
    Finally sat down and figured what we’d probably need in terms of toilet paper storage. That was a scary number. I finally decided on 100 rolls per person per year – which is probably a bit high but in this department, better to be safe than sorry!
    Sorta prepping related, I also picked up some more paperbacks of classic sci-fi for the library. I need to make sure I have plenty of reading material…
    Glad to hear Faith is doing better! Will keep you and her (and the rest of the Pack) in our prayers. Keeping an eye on Turkey and Syria still… but not focusing exclusively on that as there are so many ways things can go pear-shaped …

    • M.D. Great to hear of the pups progress! It is sad to lose a friend and I am glad that it did not happen. Not much this week, just a bit of ammo. I am scraping up cash for a dr visit so that is my preps for this week. Shtf pup got fixed last week and her shots are all done.

  2. riverrider says:

    glad to hear the doggy is getting better…not much prepping this week. life gets in the way sometimes. took delivery of all the stuff i ordered last week, ran the barbed wire around the top of the fence. thats about it. plan to make up for the slack week today/monday with runs to sam’s, northern tool and the mill. times running out folks. preps, get’em and test’em, now.

    • Cold Warrior says:

      Could not agree with you more. Is it me, or does it seem like almost the whole World is on fire?

      • riverrider says:

        cw, i don’t think its you. feels like the perfect storm is brewing. all we need to complete the picture would be news that aliens are coming as well 🙂

      • HomeINsteader says:

        It’s NOT just you, CW; and “you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!”.

    • Faith Dossett says:

      I am so glad to hear that your Faith is doing better; I’ve prayed for her and for you. Hopefully, it won’t be long until she’s moving around much better; but any progress that she makes is a blessing.

    • i actually took my 32 round magazines out of my get home/bugout bag and loaded them and put them back. i keep my keltec sub200 folded up in it. the more i hear the news,the more convinced i am that time is growing short for preparing.

    • Tinfoil Hat says:


      You need to slack off the slacking soldier!! Sleep when you’re dead!!

      Just kidding my friend. Glad your fence nightmare is almost through.

      • riverrider says:

        th! good to hear from you man! congrats on the winning post. i’m trying to tighten up, but the weather isn’t co-operating. that and i’m having to dip into my backup funds to continue. this non-inflation we’re having is killing my fixed pension. hope you are well.

      • Surviving in Ky. says:

        Hey Tinfoil, Glad you’re back with us. How has everything been going? Hope you got your dish up and was able to watch Big Blue Madness or did you buy tickets? Hope you’re about settled in.

    • village idiot says:

      Hey river, what’s up? Yep, life does get in the way. I’m making my last minute plans for food buying, everything else is too late to worry about. It either hits or we get a little more time. I’m praying for a little more time, but the sheeple are getting restless.

      We were in a Denny’s in Fayetteville, Ar., this weekend, and some woman tried to pick a fight with my wife because she said my wife was looking at her. Duh…the heifer was making a spectacle of herself, we were all looking at her. Another guy threatened violence because his order wasn’t getting there fast enough. Another couple walked out because they said our order got there ahead of theirs, and they had been there longer. They had, but the order they sit down in front of us was theres, the waitress just sit it down in front of us so she would have room to give them their plates. I’m not making any racial statement here, but all these people were black. We even had a mixed-race young lady with us as she is one of the DD’s friends, and we wanted her to see a big time college football game. These people are entitled, and when they don’t get what they want, they will become violent. Much quicker than one thinks.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        VI, RR,
        I lived on Long Island when the towers came down and the anthrax scare was going on. Of course, Plum Island is just off the coast. You could stir the fear with a stick. We were just waiting for the big event. Some of us got very sad but some got certifiable. Those folks aren’t known for patience anyway and things broke out at gas stations, grocery stores,etc. And road rage was prevalent. My guess we will see some of that everywhere.

      • HomeINsteader says:

        Now imagine living 10 miles from a city that is 80% these kind of people.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          That’s why we sold and headed south. After DH got so sick, I didn’t feel I could take care of us up there. I am thrilled to live in the sticks with my peeps nearby. There is good money in the metropolitan areas but am sooo happy that the biggest traffic jams we have here is at 12:15 pm on Sundays 🙂

      • VI, That’s why, when we talked about what to do right after an event, I was saying I want to be prepped enough to stay away from these people. Sometime between day 1 and day 3 they are going to start screaming about “Where’s my ……” and “If somebody don’t fix MY problem RIGHT NOW, I’m gonna start tearin’ stuff up!” I have a very low tolerance level for that kind of stuff. Best for me not to be there.

      • riverrider says:

        vi, yes certain groups are getting grumpy. not so bad in my area yet, but thats why i moved from the previous place. it wasn’t just the times, its a permanent attitude that comes with “squeaky wheel gets the oil”. the louder they get, the more they get their way. there will be a day of recconing soon enough.i hear on youtube they want a race war……..i’m topping off foods and mainly suring up defenses. setting up floodlights, sensors and cameras, ordering sand and berm building materials, and thinking sustainment like chix/goats but i haven’t made the leap yet on those. some stuff i can’t do until the balloon goes up though like hardening the house and digging traps. hope it holds off til jan or later. should be set by then, or closer at least. next rainy day i’m installing 12v led lighting in the entire basement and 12v sockets to hook up chargers and things. holidays coming up will put a crimp in things tho. take care brother.

      • Jarhead 03 says:

        Village, I’ve had that happen to me where someone in a bar, club or even Denny’s tried to start a fight by saying I was starring at them. After trying to talk my way out of it and not working well I pull a mouth guard out and say if we are going to do this let’s get it over with, I have to be somewhere. They’ve always backed down and if there was more than one I smile and say I have 8 friends with me (doing the math deviding how many lead friends for each) and have (x amount for each of them) but you first. They tend to back off and the one time they called the Police I informe them I was threatened and was willin to fight one on one and as his friends wanted to join in I called their bluff but had no weapon. Never been in trouble.

        It’s why I now live in a quiet area but that said, the local Police and Sheriff did a major raid closing down a ten block radius to get anyone trying to get out. It was a gang/drug ring bust that was very successful and glad they did it.

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      River, what’s the cost of barbed wire running you? I’m considering buying some fencing in sections i can install in the event things get bad, another barrier to slow the zombies down.

      • riverrider says:

        j, about 40 bucks a 1300′ roll for barbed wire, about 140 bucks for 330′ of woven wire. i like the 15 to 18 gage bw because its sharper and wraps around you like an octopus:) you can run it out about 4 times the length you want, cut it and it springs back into a concertina type coils. very hard to get thru w/out hanging up.

        • Jarhead 03 says:

          Sounds good. I used to have concertina wire but sold it to a client at a substantial profit. I think I’m going to look for some. If I can place that in front or back or enough to cover the Intire property that wod be great.

          • riverrider says:

            j, might run into liability issues with concertina wire, plus dod has mandated surplus concertina be destroyed. that said i’ve found its sold by the ton on pallets. good luck.

  3. Been busy disassembling a poorly constructed 20×24 carport. It had to be carefully disassembled because its attached to my house and I’m trying to save as much of the lumber as possible so I can use it to build a hen house. Going to orange depot today to get some shingles and repair the roof that the carport was attached to. Made a gasified stove out of cookie tins and cooked bacon and eggs on it. It was 50 cents for both tins at a yard sale. Well this is not really prepping but I got no one else to tell that might give a hoot. Southernprepper1 not only subscribed to my channel but featured my channel on his! That’s been the high point of my whole week,,,, besides waking up with a heart beat every morning. Hope everyone had a great week.

  4. To add to the gun safe. I realized a couple months ago that my gun safe has a electronic lock on it so if the EMP hits theres no guns for me. I will be looking to sell this one and buy one with a old school dial combo lock. I bought my safe before I was in to the prepping world.

    • ive read about people who thought they could protect the digital lock from EMP by placing a metal coffee over the mechanism. you might give that a little research before you go through the trouble of replacing it.

    • perhaps you should consider a serious grounding cable

    • Ours has a digital keypad, but to prevent permanent lockout if the batteries fail, the keypad can be removed and a regular key used to unlock it.

      Any chance yours has the same? You could likely get replacement keys from the manufacturer.

      • Thats a no on the Key. I did find out that the lock may be able to be replaced by a locksmith and I just happen to know a guy.

      • I would think one could put a couple of quick release clips into the two wires that run from the electronics unit to the lock. Then one could attach the electronics and open the safe. Then lock the thing and put the electronics into a metal cage for storage.
        I haven’t looked at mine in a while (Yes, I have one that has electronics only), but will take a looksee when I get home. I have another safe that has the electronics plus a key. That’s where I used to put my guns and ammo before I sold them all. I’m gonna rely on government handouts after SHTF 😛

  5. Cold Warrior says:

    My mother-in-law passed away this week. I only mention this because of a link MD posted one day this week. She (Mom) had been in a coma for 24 hours, but suddenly woke up when my Wife got to her bedside and told her the following: ” I went to a place that was too wonderful to explain. There I saw my own Mom. I asked to stay with her, but she told me I could not go “home” until You, my daughter, got here”. She died later that day.

    The only survival item I purchased this week was a trailer to pull behind my truck and a scope mount for an AR-15, (gosh I wish that I still had my guns for defense!)

    The most important item you’ll need for survival, is a copy of God’s Word.

    • Cold Warrior says:

      And The Holy Spirit in your heart, least I forget.

      • Petticoat Prepper says:

        I’m so sorry for your loss…I’ve been missing my mom something awful lately.

      • riverrider says:

        cw, i’m sorry for your loss my friend.

      • Leonard G. Anderson says:


      • Cold Warrior. Sorry about your mother inlaw. Aside from mother inlaw jokes it is hard to lose a good one.My mother inlaw passed about 10 years ago and I stll miss her at times. She is one of the reasons that I am looking foward to the resurection.

    • Your family is in our thoughts and prayers… so sorry for your loss but how wonderful that your wife got that message!

    • So sorry for the loss of your mother-in-law, Cold Warrior. What a blessing that your wife was able to say goodbye, and to hear her mother share that.

    • Cold Warrior,

      What a beautiful story to share. Gives us all something to look forward to. When my Dad passed, he was in hospice. They explained the different stages of death. When he got far enough along in the process, he would be asleep for hours on end and then wake and tell us very similar things. He told us not to be sad for him to go but to be thrilled knowing he would be in such a place with all of his friends and family members who went before him. He had lost his brother when he was 13 and when he “came back” from seeing him, he was smiling from ear to ear and was anxious to get back to him. His death was an overwhelmingly beautiful lesson for us all. I’m so glad you MIL shared that with your wife. Now she can be at peace and will never fear the unknown.

      There is a fabulous show on the BIO channel called I Survived Beyond and Back. It is first-witness accounts of going to the other side and returning. One of my favorite shows.

      Thanks for sharing.

      • Conmaze,

        Thank you for recommending the TV show. I downloaded it for my dh who list a 24 year old son two years ago–almost to the week. The show helped reaffirm that his son is in a better place. Thank you.

    • Petnumber1 says:

      Cold Warrior, I’m so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. But glad she got to see her daughter before she passed into the glorious next world! It’s so interesting that you mention this, because for some reason, this week I’ve read two (and pre-ordered a third) “I came back from heaven” books. Why? No clue. They just hit me in the face this week. Hope your wife is doing okay – I lost my mom a few years ago, and I know how hard it is and how long that pain lingers. Hugs to both of you!

    • My condolences to you and your family.

    • A few of you may know that my wife had been seriously ill with liver cancer. The people at Hospice decended upon us like a swarm. The spiritual advisor was a wonderful gentleman, a preacher, I believe. The day she passed she was obviously in a coma and in serious pain. Hands clinched and moaning very loadly. This gentlemen quietly told me she was waiting for me to tell she could go. I knelt at her side, took her hand and told it was ok to go. In 20 minutes she was relaxed, hands unclinched and stopped moaning. 20 minutes later she was gone. Who’da thunk it?

      • Carl,

        Your story just brought tears to my eyes… I’m sorry for your loss, but she is now in a place where there is no cancer or pain. She can be and is in peace.

      • Sw't Tater says:

        About same thing happened with my DH’s first love. It happens often, but still blows me away.Our GOD is an awesome GOD! He created these human beings with so much emotion and tenderness…they will even bear the unbear-able pain to wait.. for their loved ones to say …”.It’s Ok, I Love you and I’ll be ok, because I don’t want YOU to hurt anymore.Take care of yourself now.Prayers are with you in your healing.

      • Carl…I had that experience with a friend; I know how that is. I send you some love.

      • I’m so sorry for the loss of your dear wife, Carl.

      • Carl
        God bless you and your wife.
        It’s amazing what people can endure and what can put them at peace.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        This sharing just stunned me.
        Sorry for your loss, brother.

      • Carl,

        I had the same experience with my mother.

      • Oh Carl,
        So sorry for your the loss of you wife.

      • I lost a husband to liver cancer as well and understand what you are going through. I was reading the Psalms to him and when I got to the verse that talks about our sins being as far as the east is from the west, my husband grabbed that promise and left me to be with the LORD. I always thought that was a fitting way to go home.

    • Belle Prepper says:

      So sorry for your loss, Cold Warrior

      • I"m A Prep Kat says:

        Very sorry for your loss.

      • so sorry for your losses, I had a wonderful friend, who in his last days, saw “wondrous things” as he told his daughter. My grandmother also waited until my mother told her to go to Jesus, we would be alright. She passed a short time later. Our God is so good!

    • Hunker-Down says:

      Cold Warrior,

      The ways of God are above human understanding.
      Prayers for all.

    • Cold Warrior, Carl,
      Thank you both for sharing. Prayers go out for you.

    • HomeINsteader says:

      She left this temporal world, CW. She lives forever in the eternal world – never to know the sorrows of this world again; I have every confidence you will see her again. Blessings, in His name!

  6. A week of fixing things.

    Small problem with the roof – fixed. Fire wood racks – fixed. Fountain – fixed. Cameras into cul de sac adjusted, one on ingress so we can see into driver compartment more clearly; one on egress so we can read license plates better. Cameras facing streets both ways changed out for higher definition so we can see who is going up and down the road as there is nothing above us except national forest. They found out what was wrong with my SUV and fixed it so I will continue to hope I can keep it another year. Put on new windshield wipers and had the tires rotated. Had some fixes done on the drip system in the garden.

    Got in an order of ammunition
    Got in an order of silver
    Got in a manual chopper/blender thingy so I won’t have to rely on knives to chop up vegies and such if there is no power
    Got my nephew one of MD’s recommended Leathermans….BIL liked it so have ordered him one.
    Nephew and BIL put some sort of a sealer on the garage floor. They did a wonderful job! Looks good and cleans up like a breeze.
    Got in an order of Bear Creek Soups.

    MD, I am so glad Faith is doing better! God is good and your mom is right! My rescue off the side of the road, Hope has turned a big corner since last I wrote. Obviously beyond being on the mend and into being a terror! She has joined my other dog and the neighbor’s in romping all over the back yard. The neighbor has her sitting on command; and about 75% silent on command, she is a girl…….now that she seems to have found her voice she seems to need to have the last word. She hates a regular collar so she has been moved to a harness/halter thing…..and in that she walks on a leash pretty well. I am still her point of safety and anytime she feels fear or threat, she comes and lays on my feet and covers her eyes. We are hoping we can get her over this. She is still shy with any new men and has to be introduced. Trust issues are likely to be lifetime according to the vet. It has been 4.5 years since I had a puppy underfoot and a lot longer with one growing this BIG. She is a chubby thing……..made chubbier by an amazingly thick fur coat with an arctic undercoat. Mostly black and brown. And feet the size of China! BIL is building her a dog house with a heated floor…….think the heater floor is overkill but he insisted. I think being inside come winter is going to be uncomfortable for her.

    Politics. Watched the debate. CNN says Ryan won…not sure what I think. I do know that I found Biden’s laughing and being dismissive over the Iran nuclear threat juvenile…especially in light of his remarks on Libya where they did not know that there had been a request for security. In one case, he ‘thinks’ he will know, in the other he is giving himself a pass for ‘not’ knowing. The information on Obama’s ring is disturbing and that one online news site WND.com has a lot of information on Obama’s past that, if true, makes most of his life one big lie. If it is not true and they are publishing this stuff…shame on em! OH BTW Biden? Syria is much much larger than Libya…..just sayin.

    I found this website for growing your own yeast. Thought y’all might be interested…seems pretty simple. http://www.tacticalintelligence.net/blog/how-to-make-homemade-yeast.htm

    Law enforcement and the drug task force popped a big garden in the national forest about ½ mile due west of the area we struggled with last year and the year before. The area directly above us remains clear due to our watchfulness I am sure. This garden was tipped off by my neighbor who has been walking his dog and driving on all the country trails here and saw someone dropping off groceries to a couple of apparent illegal aliens. He also got a description of the vehicle and a license plate number and got a good look at the driver. LE took out a nice size haul…and about $90,000 in cash in the tent along with multiple weapons. Also had some meth ingredients but no finished product. Say what ya want about all the health benefits of marijuana……I am here to tell you that these grows on YOUR national forest land, destroys the streams with fertilizer and pest killer run off; they litter the forest with their garbage and they pollute the streams and land with their sewage. AND they are NOT about doing something “good” for the world in health………..people are making lots and lots of $$$ that they are not paying taxes on. They also cause forest fires.

    Have a great week folks! We could have some scary times in the very near future……..Be prepared and stay out of it all if you can. Prayers to all!!!!!!!!

    • in an instant, the illegal grow operations could be eliminated and replaced by tax paying, government regulated , legitimate farms, if we could get the laws changed that make a plant,illegal. im no pothead ,but i would like the choice to smoke it or not,just like the choice i have to consume alcohol or not. i don’t consume alcohol,but believe everyone should have the right to choose what they ingest. how screwed up is it that cigarettes are legal and marijuana isn’t?

      • BC I agree with you , big govment has taken away too many choices that we have. Here in my state they have a proposition coming up to greatly increase the tax on tabacco and one of the main reasons is to get people to quit and make it harder for kids to get them. What about just raising your kids right and taking responsiblity for yourself. If they try control somthing by taxing ,etc what is next, candy, soda, potato chips??!! You know I am personally against abortion but I don’t feel I have the right to tell someone else not to. When the hell will people and govt stay out peoples lives and just let them live the way they want as long as it does not hurt anyone else.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        For years root docs and MDs prescribed cannibas for severe menstral cramps amongst other ailments. The reason it will probably never be legalized is because Pharmaceutical companies can’t patent it.

      • bctruck
        I agree completely. Here in north-western CA, marijuana production is such a gigantic part of the economy, it is insane that growers aren’t being taxed and they have to constantly live in a quasi-illegal status.

        • Actually, the growers who have enough people with the correct licenses, who ‘peddle’ their crop through the dispensaries and pay taxes on it, are not in quasi-legal status, they are considered a legitimate business – BECAUSE the state gets its taxes.

          • Michele –
            Sorry, but at least here where I live, it’s still quasi-legal. Legal by the State and local ordinances, but still illegal according to Federal regulations. Here, you can get “licensed” by the County Sheriff’s Office, get “tags” from them to mark your licensed plants and still get arrested and have the crop destroyed by Federal agents. And then, what can you say in court? The very records that you must keep to be “licensed”, will cause you to be convicted!
            So, the result is, most growers don’t get the “license” and keep all transactions strictly in cash and off of anyone’s records.
            To me at least, it is simply crazy…

            • K added to that, I have a question as you are so right on on your local vs state vs federal remarks………I want to know who gets the spoils in these cases……..all that land, all those cars, all the personal property that gets confiscated? Does that end up in Fed hands because only the Feds are supposedly enforcing………..gets real murky on that side of things.

      • I think it is always difficult to figure out what the government, especially federal, should regulate or legislate. Who’s to say what is in the best interest of the public, right? Public safety is important as is our safety and well being from living in a moral society. I think these issues are often easier to decide for ourselves, but not so easy to decide what we all should agree on and make legal or illegal. I believe this is why some politicians are labeled flip floppers when they are moral and ethical. They can change their mind on those type of issues regarding the public good just as we often do, even if they still have the same personal beliefs they always did. The issues of harmful or mind altering substances, immigration, and abortion are just the tip of the iceburg with these issues.

      • riverrider says:

        not to mention hemp(non thc) is a high yeild cash crop useful for everything from rope to jeans to medicine, but since it can’t deliniated from maryjane by sight alone, atf won’t allow its growth. george washinton made his fortune growing hemp it is said.

      • Tinfoil Hat says:


        I’ve no use for potheads, junkies, or other addicts. Signs of a weak mind.

        But I do have to agree that, it’s there life. If they wanna waste it, it violates my principles to say they can’t.

      • bc, it would also take the crime out of it and so the big crime syndicates and the greed. As to its use? I have never used so can’t speak to the merits of it’s health benefits……… I do know that steady use can sure dumb a person down……..have seen that in some of the work that I do.

        • i’ve used it in my youth. i liked it. if it was legal,i would smoke one every once in awhile. I hate alcohol. I hate its taste,its results when consumed by people,but i think everybody should have the right to choose what they inhale or drink.I hate cigarettes also,but i think people have the right to smoke if they so desire and the government should keep its nose out of what brings people enjoyment or relaxation,or pain relief.

          • bctruck,

            I’m not a pot smoker, but I have done research on the subject (alternative medicine) and according to my research marijuana is much safer than just about everything that the pharmaceutical companies produce and the doctors prescribe.

            It is not physically addictive (unlike the pain meds from the doc) meaning someone can smoke it for years then stop with no physical reactions (some people do have mental withdrawals – it’s in their head). Also a person cannot overdose smoking marijuana again unlike the meds from the pharmaceutical companies’ and their drug pushers in white coats.

            If I had an illness and needed something for pain control I would definitely “roll a phatty” before I would start taking something like OxyContin or Hydrocodone.

            • mountain lady says:

              MD, I think your open mind is what I like about you the most. I don’t grow or use, but I do help a friend at harvest time. Most of the growers around here do it for medical reasons and to sell enough to survive. We have an unreal unemployment rate in this county and rather than lose their homes and everything else, a lot of them have turned to growing. A few of the greedy ones got raided a few weeks ago, but the small growers were left along. Tolerence is a good thing.

      • Our “smokers”, you know those 16 year olds with chronic back pain, and their suppliers are back on the ballot next month. We went from 35,000 “patients” to 3800 within a year of turning back the law.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          Back in the day, one could smoke a pound and barely feel it. What I have read, the hybridized plants are rich with THC and are very powerful. I have seen irrepairable damage from drugs and it has always started with a little weed. But legal drugs are extremely dangerous also, if misused.

          • Tactical G-ma…you are so right. The sensimilla that’s grown today is a powerful thing.

            • I saw a program a while back on the transition from moonshine making to pot growing in the mountain areas of Kentucky and W Virginia. They discussed how the “farmers” are doing their own cross-breeding to make better/more potent plants.

      • sometimes I think ciggerettes and all form of tobacco should be illegal.

        • I"m A Prep Kat says:

          As a Ex-smoker, i know how addicting cigarettes can be. That said, I have been buying a carton here and there and vac sealing them in plastic bags and storing them in the freezer. Imagine the barter value they will have!!

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          Of course tobacco should be illegal but can you imagine if it had become illegal back in the ’70s? Our economy would have really suffered.
          If I were king:
          If you didn’t use tobacco, 10% tax reduction.
          If you were normally weighted, 10% tax reduction.
          If you never used alcohol or recreational drugs, 10% tax reduction.
          If you exercised regularly, 10% tax reduction.
          If you had good cholesterol, another 10%.
          If you have never been guilty of anything against the law, take off another 10%.
          Limit all public assistance to a four year limit unless disabled.
          Give subsidies to citizens who grow/produce their own food, power, and routine medical care.
          Maybe positive incentives would work better? Who knows?

    • “OH BTW Biden? Syria is much much larger than Libya…..just sayin.”

      worrisome – I didn’t follow the debate, so I’m probably missing something here but I think you got that backwards. Libya is MUCH larger than Syria – like close to 10 times larger.
      Syria is about the size of North Dakota
      Libya is larger the Alaska

      Glad to hear your new dog is getting better, I was simply amazed when I read the posting of her arrival to you…

      • Petnumber – green tomatoes chopped fine and put with peppers and such can be done up and canned into pickle relish. I can guarantee, you won’t be able to tell the difference when you get ready to use it.

      • K.fields. yes I did get it backwards when I wrote it. Biden was saying that the reason we were not going into syria is that it was soo much larger than Libya. I just put the wrong country in the wrong place in my sentence. He was using the size of the countries as reason for different methodology in how it was being handled. Sorry folks did not mean to confuse 🙂 On the pup, me too! For the condition she was in, all involved seriously considered what her future would be like and whether we were doing the right thing saving her. Somehow, Homeinsteader’s remarks and giving her the name Hope, kind of decided us on the path we were going to take. At the moment it would seem we have made the right choice. At this moment, she is sitting on my left foot and it is going numb…what a chunk!

        • You certainly made the right choice on the pup!
          And thanks for the explanation of the Syria comment – I can just imagine Biden saying that…

      • SurvivorDan says:

        Syria is more than three times ‘larger’ than Libya in terms of population.

    • village idiot says:

      Busy week, worrisome. Yeah, I watched the debate, and was disappointed. Biden was a buffoon, and Ryan was barely able to get anything in edgewise what with Biden interrupting and the Host playing the part of inquisitor-in-chief. But that’s what the country has come down to.

      As for marijuana, I hate the crap, and always have. I’ve been around people who use it, and what I observed is that it does a couple of things. First, it takes ambition away from young people. They don’t want to do anything but smoke pot. Second, and this has now been proven by recent research, people who regularly smoke pot lose 10-20% of their mental abilities. Forever. Once it’s lost, it never comes back. And then there is the unknown danger that pot does to the lungs. I haven’t seen any definitive studies, but it can’t possibly be good for them. Too many bad unknowns for the stuff. I know this, rampant drug use is a sign of the end of a culture, so I’m pretty sure we are done whether it’s legalized or not.

      • Village……….I just don’t know personally enough about it. My family and I have never been interested. The kids were exposed to people using it in high school and thought they were losers. I have a dr. friend that does prescribe pot for some of his patients that are undergoing chemo and have some pain and nausea…….but even he thinks it is overhyped as a medical aid. Having said that, my exposure where I live is all about the kind of people participating in growing it..their lawlessness, the carelessness, the pollution of the streams and forests and the guns……..my God the guns………normal people cannot enjoy their own tax paid national forests for a walk without a potential confrontation. The creeps hunt out of season, they shoot at nothing for the fun of it and bullets go zinging past our homes…….dogs in the neighborhood disappeared before we all went to work on our protections systems. So for all those reasons……… I.WANT.THEM.GONE!

        • worrisome…you can thank the Mexican (and South American in general) cartels for any big pot gardens. The days of small, personal patches are gone.

          When I lived in a wilderness area in Cal, I learned all about all of it. Back then it was all fun and games for the most part, with just a little “cops & growers” games. But much more dangerous stuff is going on now.

          And before anyone gets their knickers in a twist, I was NOT a grower or personally involved in the process. But one had to know about all that to be safe where I was.

          Had a forest fire flush out a group of a dozen “patch-watchers” close to a place I lived. A line of 5 large black SUVs was waiting for them on the road when they reached the bottom of the mountain. They were carrying guns…LOTS of BIG guns…as they ran for the vehicles. I had had no idea they were up there, only about a mile away from where I was living.

          I don’t envy you being held hostage to the threat of violence and danger that you are dealing with.

          About the use of it: I personally know 3 people whose lives would be nightmares if they didn’t have it to use medicinally. As I see it, what’s the difference between it and many of the drugs doctors prescribe? Opiates for pain?

          But I get that when it’s used for “recreation” there are real dangers. But so it is with alcohol too.

          It’s truly a conundrum.

          There must be more money in fighting “the war on drugs” than what could be made legalizing it…although I find that hard to believe.

        • My only real exposure to pot was by watching my older sister. She had what we call “social anxiety disorder” and horrible migraines.
          She started with pot, that led to cocaine, then she moved in with a drug dealer, then heroin, then she died.
          When she was sober, she was an amazing dispatcher for LE. She was on duty in west texas when baby jess fell in the well. When she wasn’t sober, she was a terrible mother in spite of being a kind, loving person.
          The way I see it, pot helped take her life and her chance of happiness, so I am very antimarijuana.
          God bless you all.

          • village idiot says:

            I’m sorry to hear about your sister, Patti. I well remember the Baby Jessica miracle and wonder about her yet today. I hate pot, just don’t see anything good coming from it, and that’s how I feel, same as you. God bless you as well.

            • i feel the exact same way about alcohol. it destroys families, innocent people are injured when a drunk gets behind the wheel and goes for a spin. in my opinion,it brings nothing but misery into this world,however, i will go to my death proclaiming your right as a human to consume whatever beverage you desire and to smoke whatever plant you like, whether its cancer causing tobacco or pot. saying pot leads to cocaine and drug pushers then death is like saying food led to me being fat.

            • BC…….I feel as you do about it all! I won’t defend any of it, alcohol, pot or other illegal drugs and have family that got into prescribed pain killers and have nothing good to say about them either. But……….it is a free country and people are given free choice. But in my neck of the woods, free choice ends at my property line………and illegal activity in the hills above me when it impacts me and mine……..is gonna meet with some resistance. Somebody zings a bullet by my house and I am gonna respond. Somebody shoots my dogs and I am gonna respond. Some illegal cretins from central hell hole south america pisses in the creek that runs by my house, I am gonna respond. Some doper thinks he can steal from me and mine, I am gonna respond…………well you understand……..I have personally had enuf of the illegal stuff. And I don’t think that there is the political will to legalize pot in any case…..

            • VI,
              Thank you for your kind thoughts.

            • BC and worrisome:

              I agree. I don’t like the government telling me I CAN”T; I don’t mind them telling me I shouldn’t (because….).
              I am tired of illegal activities that are “overlooked” by the local LE; so if they won’t and it impacts me, I will.
              Legalizing pot, like ours was, supports the government dependency plan, it just numbs people, many of whom don’t need the help to be clueless.

  7. The Prepper says:

    Happy Sunday pack! Got a bunch done this week. Purchased and tested out the Eco Zoom stove MD recommended. Great prep, though I ican’t believe how fast it burns through wood. Definitely need to start to stash more limbs and branches near the wood pile. Second, I started learning how to smoke and cure meat. Can’t wait until I get the smoking (low and slow style) process down pat. Lastly, I ordered a bunch of fruit, nut and berry trees. They won’t ship out until December / January, so I have some time to start digging holes and prepping the soil. That’s it for me. God bless each and everyone that reads this blog!

  8. Hello Pack!

    MD, great news about Faith. Sounds like she will have a full recovery with time. Patience is a virtue that is the hardest to achieve. God continues to give me “lessons” on that one. I guess I’m a slow learner. (o: I will say it comes easier with age….I continue to pray to perfect it well enough that He is satisfied with me so He doesn’t feel the need to keep testing me!

    I haven’t done much in the past few weeks (month/s?) or at least it feels that way. I am in the process of cleaning out/reorganzing two sheds to make more room for important stuff. Got some pallets from work for platforms to stack buckets of dog and chicken food and bales of litter for the coop. Still trying to find more room in the house for food storage without it looking like a bodega. Quite a challenge.

    Fall garden is finally planted and doing great. Canned nine pounds of bacon bits and pieces I got on sale. Bartered an old, unused dog shock collar system with my handyman for some insulation work needed under my house. Dirty job I didn’t want to tackle myself. Should get done in the next few weeks before cold weather sets in.

    Picked up a lot of canned fruit and veggies on sale the last few weeks. Again, where to store it? Also bought bed sheets and comforters on deep discount sales. I have made the decision that I am done canning chicken! I think 150 pounds is enough. Time to move on.

    DD is going to try making soaps. We already do the dry laundry soap and LOVE using that. She’s gathering supplies slowly but surely. I will have her refer to Kate in GA’s blog and Bam Bam’s posts. Thank you, ladies.

    I’ve been laying low on watching/reading news. I find myself getting too anxious too often… panicky. It doesn’t help anything. We all know the state of affairs and that’s enough for me. I keep doing what I can do no matter if I’m scared out of my whits or not. I’d rather the latter and prep peacefully and trust in God and His timing.

    I’ve been reading the blog regularly. I have to admit I get very stressed out from this too. It seems some folks are getting quite heated regarding the candidates, religion, etc. I grew up with a father who ranted regularly on these very topics and pushed family and friends away and did some irrepairable damage to relationships. A form of verbal abuse? Many a night I laid in bed listening to the arguing and yelling. Stuck with me as very bad memories.

    As a young kid I learned that I absolutely CANNOT change someone’s mind by getting angry, telling someone they are wrong and I am right, they are stupid for their beliefs, calling them a liar or other names. Even if I believe all of the above are true, they have their own truths and believe in them just as strongly as I believe my own truths. I simply walk away with my opinions intact and focus on what ideals we share. I agree to disagree and WALK AWAY. God works with each of us in His own way and in His own time. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and beliefs and that is what makes this country great and life diverse. God is my judge and that is His job, not mine. How dare I think I am capable of such power and that I need to take over for Him as though He’s not capable. I step back and bow to Him.

    Everyone is on their own life path. Jesus gave the all important instruction to love my neighbor as I love myself (Him). There is no caveat that this is only true if my neighbor is like-minded. I always remind myself that God is in charge of EVERYTHING, including all of the people and situations on earth and in the universe and I am only responsible for me.

    Stepping down from my box now and wishing you all abundance of peace, health and safety in these turbulant times. Stay focused and keep praying and keep prepping. Live proactively in all you do and be the very best example of what you believe. God bless.

    • Petnumber1 says:

      Conmaze, thank you SO MUCH for saying that. I, too, have been getting overwhelmed with all the vitriol, hate, blame, and ugliness surrounding politics. I’ve just been stepping back and reminding myself that God has a plan for all this, despite what we stupid humans do. He knows much better than we do, so no point in getting upset about it….just let go, and let God. Easier said than done, of course, but I’m trying hard! Sounds like you are too – so thanks again for the reminder. 🙂

    • Conmaze…+100. Thank you for articulating some of how I feel too. It’s gotten very ‘heavy’ here on the blog. I don’t come here as much as before. I miss the times when prepping info was the main focus, and politics and religion were more of an aside. IMO, it’s strayed WAY away from that, and there’s too many political & religious posts to wade through to find that now.

      And this is a great reminder; thanks: “I always remind myself that God is in charge of EVERYTHING, including all of the people and situations on earth and in the universe and I am only responsible for me.”

    • I appreciate your comments. We can all still be strong in our own convictions and not shy away from them even while letting others do the same. Respect and tolerance don’t require apathy.

      I have decided this election to pray often, but especially before the debates for the candidate that will do the best for our country to do well. I won’t say who I think that is, but even if you are undecided you can still pray for that to happen.

      Praying for leaders of any kind to be wise and do a good job is always a good thing to do as well. We need all the help we can get. We may prep for the worst, but pray and hope for the best!

  9. PreppingMomma5 says:

    This weekend was all about guns! And never in my 31 years did I see that coming 🙂 Hubby had to travel out of state to go to the Notre Dame football game for work (seriously), so I hauled the 5 kids north 4 hours to my parents. We sighted in my .270 for this fall’s deer hunt, which will be my first. I bought a Savage with an accu trigger which I am really liking but find that I need to make the whole trigger thing smooth. I tend to first pull the accu trigger and then pause to limit movement and then fire instead of one smooth action. I fired 9 rounds, and by 7 it was hurting. But I was able to get a group of 3 less than an inch apart, so I was pretty proud of that. And then I bought a Ruger SR9c and worked with that too. The first 7 rounds I had a stovepipe every single time and I started panicking that something was wrong with the gun. But my dad fired with zero problems, and he had me work on my grip and being conscious of taking my finger off the trigger as soon as I fired, turns out I fell victim to limp wristing, which I had never heard of before, but got everything sorted out by concentrating on what I was doing and then it was second nature and zero more problems. I have to admit it was so much fun to shoot the pistol I went through 50 rounds before I knew it. As pretty much a yuppy thus far in my life, my dad said that if he didn’t know better I was having fun. I told him I was turning into a redneck right before my own eyes! I can’t wait to practice again.

    • Handguns are a blast.

      At some point you might give long range shooting a try, say around a hundred or a hundred twenty-five yards. Obviously, it’s slow fire, and you need a dry dirt background around your target so you can see where the bullets are impacting, but you might be very pleasantly surprised both at how accurate your pistol is and how well you can get on target, especially man-sized. Prone position helps a lot. The dirt gives instant feedback. The distance forces you to concentrate on fundamentals. Success builds confidence.

      I do it because it is a lot of fun, but it could have practical benefits at some time if you are caught out without the rifle. With some practice, you can do a lot more than keep an assailant’s head down at a hundred yards, even with a defensive style handgun.

      I like 1911s, but they are expensive to shoot in .45ACP (I don’t currently reload), but a .22 conversion unit makes an incredible difference in cost of practice. Dunno if you can get one for the Ruger, tho.

      Have fun!

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      PreppingMomma5, I have not seen a .22 conversion for the Ruger P90 and had looked for years. I you are looking based in the conversion I suggest the 1911. Another reason is that Ruger is slowing down production and eventually ending production on the P90 so parts will be an issue. I stopped buying parts and mags for mine.

    • Shades of Green says:

      I just starting shooting also. I had never picked up a hand gun in my life so I went to the shooting range and the gentleman started me out on a .22.I did okay. All my shots hit the target so he had me move to a .380. It was alright but I didn’t feel like I controlled the gun very good. He had me try 3 different 9mm. I shot a glock first, did pretty good on concentration of shots but was always on the lower left side of target. Then tried a S&W 9mm and did a little better. When he had me do the Ruger SR9c my shots were almost dead center and totally centered. He said newbies never shot that well, that I must be a natural at it. I was so excited, I called my husband and told him I didn’t know if he should be proud of me or scared. He just laughed. I took myself to the gun show in ATL the following weekend ( DH was working ) and bought myself that very gun ( Ruger ). Since then I have shot it at the range for the past couple weeks. My DH had me take my gun apart and put it back together about 5 times when I cleaned it so that I would remember how. He was right and I can do it easily now. One gentleman at the range was shooting a AR-15 and he let me shot it also. He loaded 3 shots and showed me how to site it then I told him where I would shoot on his target so that we would know I was aiming good and I hit it with 2 of the 3 shots. Man that was a loud gun but fun. I have done this all on my own so that I could help protect my family if need be and it has been very empowering to know that I can do this. Keep it up,as will I.

      • PreppingMomma5 says:

        Glad to hear that it is working out so well for you! I have to admit it was such a thrill to shoot. I have yet to take mine apart yet, but watched it being done and I think it will go okay. Good luck with everything!

  10. Slow week here for preps also. Tranny went out in the truck. Picked up two more Cold Steel pieces to put in kits . Two more pieces of cast iron cookware and more canning jars all used.

  11. Great news about Faith! This prayer stuff works.

    Again not much prepping due to upcoming vacation and that has made me feel really antsy. With the fast changing times I feel so behind already, but I need to see my folks and they need to spend time with me, none of us are getting any younger.

    I did get to the thrift shops yesterday and picked up a few more various sized canning jars, I can never have enough of those.
    Herbs I ordered have not come yet. I did purchase 2 antique cookbooks pretty cheap. They are from the late 1800’s. I have quite a few and besides enjoying reading them I learn how people cooked back before processed food.

  12. I have a question for the pack. I’ve got a bit of cash in regular spendable coins (not nickels, copper pennies or silver). Should I hang on to it ‘as is’ for when SHTF or trade it in for lighter weight paper money?

    • Cosmolined says:

      If you can afford to, keep the coins. If all else fails, the metal has value, paper is good for the bathroom and starting fires. Cos

    • I took my coin jar down to the local Indian Casino (they will count the money for free, and turned it into bags of rice, etc.

    • Petnumber1 says:

      Ladyhawthorne, my thought is that it’s not a bad idea to have a variety of money on hand. After all, none of us know what’s going to happen when TSHTF, and the stuff we don’t think we’ll need may well turn out to be exactly what would be most helpful. I’ve got a bucket of “regular” coins (like you), some paper money in various (mostly low) denominations, and some silver.

      • Hunker-Down says:


        If the dollar is devalued it may be cut in half, or worse. I think coins would not be affected. I would keep the coins as a backup to the bills.
        Methinks I should take my own advice. Ha.

    • I collect nickels. My eyes are too shot to squint at pennies. I try to get more nickels in my change and every once in a while I buy a roll of nickels at the bank. Nickels are almost all copper with a little nickel plating on them, and they’re worth more than 5 cents in copper.

      When they start debasing the nickel I think it’ll be steel, which will be easy to weed out with a magnet.

      Anyway, if they re-value paper money and leave the coins alone (i.e. issue “new dollars” worth like 10 or 100x the old ones, the nickels will still equal 20 of them to 1 new dollar, i.e. they’ll be worth more relative to the old dollars. If the dollar collapses entirely, we still have the copper content.

      You can do this with pennies too, but it’s frankly not worth my time to sit there with reading glasses on squinting at pennies. I have noticed, however, that the new shiny ones are starting to really take the place of the old ones whenever I get change. People are hoarding the old ones.

    • robert in mid michigan says:

      from what i have heard and i wish i could tell you where i heard it when a country starts to devalue their money the coins go with it, however when they finally level out they normally just rering the cash and keep the coins at it is such a huge investment to make all new coins.

      the uero took years of other countries kicking out the coins so that they would be available when they changed over. so thier is some precadence for this but as with all things financial its a gamble you could end up holding very valuable coins but at the same time you could be holding a few dollars that are now worth pennies.

      mt advice is if you can afford it hold on to the, escpecially the nickels and the copper pennies as they have a descent melt value atleast.

      keep prepping
      keep praying
      hopefully we are the crazy ones
      because i really dont want to be the smart one

  13. Petticoat Prepper says:


    I’m so happy to hear Faith is doing better! Thanks to your mom too for her sage words…DH made an announcment yesterday morning concerning what remains of our ‘joy’ producing items that will need to be sold. In my mind I tell myself it’s just “stuff” but…I’m not taking it well. I’m holding to Proverbs 17:28 “Even a fool when he holds his tongue is counted wise.” (paraphrased)

    This has been a busy week. The rain has arrived and I’m hoping it doesn’t stay for long given that summer didn’t start until August! I’m very pleased with my week due to the fact that I’ve been spurred into action and gave myself permission to spend a bit of saved cash with coupons on preps.

    I bought two, 4 shelf storage racks at almost 50% off; each is rated to hold 700 pounds. I’ve been relocating my ‘pantry’ and working on an inventory this week. I’d like to have pretty much everything in one spot, neatly organized so I can see what I have. I realize that’s not very opsec but I’ve rather limited space so I’m hoping to ‘hide in plain sight’. I’m happy to say I’ve a year of green beans (mostly from my garden), corn, canned potatoes, pickled beets, coffee, and tomato products. I was surprised to find I’ve over a year of rice and not nearly as many dried beans as I’d thought. Sugar is down due to canning season so I’ll need to pick that up.

    I was gifted with some paste tomatoes and ancho peppers both of which I’ve dried. I also added ten more pound of dried zucc’s. I did manage to can another 18 pints of tomatoes and I’ve got close to 30 pounds of green ones. Picked 48.5 pounds of plums and am turning that into plum wine for Chinese food. Racked and bottled 18 blackberry wine.

    First part of the week I bought some salty snacks to add as I’ve found my family craves these types of things when under stress. Reviewed my sugar snacks (candy) and am glad it’s Halloween time as we’ve managed to dent that prep, after trick or treat sales with coupons should round that out. I’ve added 12 pounds of oats to ‘pantry’, 4 Dijon mustard, 72 rolls TP, and 6 pounds of corn starch.

    With the help of a handyman, I hauled just shy of 1,400 pounds of yard debris off to the recycle place from my yard and gardens. Finished painting the house and washed the windows. Plus I managed some revenue generating work to top up the kitty. The rains have descended and I’m now trying to finish 2 quilts before Christmas. I still want to catch a couple of salmon so I’m eyeing some fishing on the rivers. With the rain they will be heading out of the bays and upriver soon. I can’t tell you how much I want a couple of them in the freezer. DH surprised me with 12, yes…12 packages of razor clams!!! They are nestled in the freezer minus one we had for dinner.

    I’m not sure what’s spurred me forward but I’m bubbling with energy right now and frantically trying to get tons of stuff done. Maybe it’s just seeing an end to the canning season and I’m looking forward to a slowdown in my work load?

    I ordered a baguette bread pan this week. What with winter coming I know I’m going to be baking bread again and I’m always whining I want this silly pan. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B003SZBSUK/ref=pe_175190_21431760_M3T1_ST1_dp_1 I have a really great bread book that makes artisan bread pretty easy. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=artisan+bread+in+five+minutes+a+day It’s a no knead, no fuss book and my family loves the bread. The pan arrived yesterday and I made clam chowder and hot fresh bread last night for dinner!

    Saturday my DD has her first bodybuilding competition so any kind thoughts the pack might lift up for her would be appreciated. It’s a state competition but her trainer has asked her to do a national one as well. She’s hoping to find a sponsor; a couple of girls have already done so and are making some good bucks. So, prideful mom with fingers crossed.

    MD I just wanted to say thanks for this blog. I was standing in Wally World trying to remember what was in the laundry soap recipe when senior-itis set in. So…I jumped on my phone and ran to this blog so I could pull up the info. I added enough this week to make 3 five gallon bucket of it. Humm…guess I forgot to add that to WDIDTPTW! I appreciate all the help and friendship of The Pack.

    Well, I’ve definitely rambled on enough. I hope everyone had a better week than they did last week. I pray for blessings on each of you and for all those in your hearts. Prep hard. Never give up, never surrender!

    • Petticoat, where did you find the heavy duty shelves? I’m interested in picking up a couple for myself. Was it a chain or local store?

      • Petticoat Prepper says:

        Bi-Mart, sale ends Tuesday night. JTT Resin 5 Shelf Storage Rack $29.97 They had the 4 shelf on sale last week, I may try to pick up a couple of these. Sorry MD, don’t really want to give them a free ad but…. Love these racks no tools to put together.

  14. M.D., glad to hear Faith is moving!

    On the road to word home today, so the emails will be filling my box.

    Finally got an order in to Botachtactical.com. Got 3 pistol & 3 rifle mags coming.

    My Bose for the TV is at the house (came the day I left). So I get the Bose radio back!

    We will be stopping in Spokane to stock up on some freeze dried and LT foods. I can save about 20% at the Walmart there and pay no sales tax. Hope they also have the 5.56 I like (last time I didn’t bring enough money).

    The news is not good. Got my head on a swivel and can’t got a good read on what is going to happen. A number of my sources are being REAL careful about what they are saying.

    Gave up looking for a newer truck. Just getting ours paid for. I’ve got some upgrade ideas. That might be a smarter way to go, long term.

    Our business is picking up. More income is good. Since it’s not our primary income source, all increases are “preppable” ( debt reduction, PM’s, B/B/B’s, etc.).

    Glad there is no inflation, that means the 1-2% raise for Social Security/Veterans will go farther! Not counting food, energy, and raises helps keep the index low.

    Guys, not sure where this mess is going, but I hope we get to Feb with major issues. The reaction of the masses and the PTB, are going to be critical. I’m just going to keep digging holes, filling them with preps, and keeping my head down.

    Prayers and Blessings to The Pack.

    • Just got back and going through the 315 emails.

      Did a little shopping on the way back from the coast. No ammo deals I was looking for but did p/u some FD and buckets of Oats.

      Too the new NV camera with us, but no chance to play. I’ll have to do that this week and report.

  15. Candy In Nebrask says:

    Been busy canning and dehydrating. Found a deal of 120 lbs of wheat for $20.00 from a local farmer. Well worth it even though I had to clean the grasshoppers out of it, but after buying it we found out we now have 4 yrs worth of wheat with what we had stored. Now I can cross that entirely off my list for awhile. Found a meat slicer in great shape for $0.50 at a yard sale. Hubby is buying me a 2001 Dodge Durango now I can haul everyone in 1 vehicle and haul the camper. The camper has now been re-plumbed and re-wired, new fridge and a bunch of other stuff. We now feel safe to use even in the winter. Found Grandson Hiking boots in brand new condition for $0.50 and he loves them, he thinks they make him run and climb faster..lol Gotta love kids. Canned up 60 lbs of hamburger and taco meat. 30 lbs of ham. stored 160 lbs of rice on sale 20 lbs for $10.00 so been stocking it like crazy. Figure on payday getting 3 more bags and that should take care of us for 3 yrs. with the prices going up on storing what we use the most of. Son in Law finally built me steps to the cellar and evened it out to where I now have my buckets stored on pellets, that cleared some room in the house. Next project i am going to have shelving units made in my prepping room so I can store more buckets of food and my dehydrated items so they are at hand instead of running to three different rooms for the stuff I need.
    For Christmas my daughters and I are making rag dolls and meals in a jar for the families in the community that we know need an extra hand but cant afford it. One daughter is making scarves and I am making dish scrubbies to give out as well. Since I switched over to homemade scrubbies I have saved $10.00 in the last 4 months. isn’t much but it adds up. Had 1 lady tell me she used hers for 15 yrs before it wore out, so i figured they would make good gifts. We are trying to figure what would be good gifts homemade for boys. Any suggestions??

    • Sw't Tater says:

      Candy, what are the dish scrubbies made from? is that the ones from the veggie net bags..like onions come in?

      • Sw't Tater says:

        For boys…few ideas..Socks, winter hats, gloves, moccassins- if you have that ability. a sling shot and target, with safety instructions. Instructions and contents to make a lamp and camp stove for the family, for older ones….

    • riverrider says:

      candy, be sure to check the front wheel bearings on the durango. they had a bunch go bad at just a few miles. mine went out at 40k. i read some went at 20k. wheel, tire, and all going down the road ahead of the vehicle. not a good feeling.

    • Petnumber1 says:

      Candy, wow, you’ve been busy – good girl! When we were kids, the gifts my little brothers loved the most were the slingshots their grandpa made them. Of course, this was before video games. 🙂 But it would still be cool to go out in the woods and practice – my brothers literally spent hours out there (and my youngest brother slept with his). 🙂

    • For Boys – small quilts or blankets, or even bed size. personalized funky pillow or pillowcase. Also those knit winter hats with the little braided things down the sides or on top. My teen boys have liked the above items. Also many wear leather or braided type bracelets or necklaces.

    • Black Rosé says:

      How do you make dish scrubbers?

      • Candy In Nebrask says:

        Dish scrubbies are made out of #4 worsted weight yarn. not the netted stuff. The netted stuff gets all nasty and hard to clean out. These you just pop in the washer hang to dry to keep the stiffness. I put mine in the dryer and they still work just fine. If something is caked on really bad I just let it soak a little longer. Still have dishes for 9 people done in 30 minutes. I will post a link for them. Takes like 15 minutes to crochet 1 with kids stealing the yarn from you and a 8 month old trying to climb onto your lap…lol


        Has a lot of patterns on it.

  16. m.d. i’m happy to hear your little one is doing better. hopefully by the end of the month she’ll be back to her old self.
    d.h. and i spent yesterday reloading bullets then spent the afternoon target practicing. i did a little better than last time. dh is getting ready for deer season but i think the older he gets he’d rather just sit in a tree stand and look at the deer rather than shooting one.
    we have to make a run to “little rock” this week to a neuro specialist so our prepping will be curtailed for a few days. i hope everyone has a great and safe week.

    • i hope all goes well with the specialist Pam. dont forget to stop at brown’s country store in benton,on your way home. tell them im sorry i havent been by for the buffett in a while.

      • bc, should i bring you back some lunch?

      • BC the only problem I have with Browns Country Store Buffett is I always feel like crap when I leave because I have to try everything to “get my moneys worth” !!! Not a good thing when I usually have to drive 3-400 more miles, tend to want to take a nap 30 min down the road.

        • george,you must be in the DFW vicinity? im down near shreveport.

          • No I’m way north of that but my sister lives on the west side of the dfw metroplex get down there 2-3 times a year and Benton is always around lunch time…Had to stop going to Browns , trying to lose some weight and get in shape for shtf!!!

  17. Recent purchases: AR-15, working on accessories: mags, ammo; 6000 pellets for pellet gun, several books including the Max Velocity ones MD mentioned. Skills: Continuing work on cooking theory to move beyond home cook stage.

  18. M.D. Fantastice news on little Faith getting better slowly, glad to hear the Pack working more miracles.
    Started to really think about medical issues and alternative healing methods this week. Seems like my young body(51) developed a moderate to mild case of shingles this week. Started last weekend with some painful bumps on my head, headache, and cruddy feelling. By wed had more rash show up on my forehead and temple so started doing research on the internet and found a picture of a guy that looks almost exactly like mine but his proggressed to his eye. That got my (don’t like to go the doctor butt) to the doctor pronto. On three different meds now but think I will take the first half of next week off and take it easy since I am not feeling okay just not sleeping well due the pain on the side of my head and I sleep on my side so can’t get comfortable. Would not like to go thru this after shtf w/o modern meds , but think I need to look into alternative healing books for when shtf. Looks like I will catch up some of the 185 books I have downloaded to the kindle thanks to Natalie and preputilityvehicle website thanks Natalie!
    One thing I did get done was canned up 12 pints and 12 half pints of porkloin since store ran whole boneless ones on sale for $1.49/lb and just could not pass that up.

    • george,

      Having had a mild case of shingles myself, that is one thing I want to avoid at all costs! A friend lost sight in her eye from it. There is a vaccine for it, if that is something you believe in. They are now giving them at Walgreens. I got one. Never again!

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Did you have a problem with the vaccine cause DH and I have been considering it.

        • G-Ma,

          No problems here. I know many don’t believe in vaccines, but I, for one, will get them if it can prevent something so painful and potentially life altering, whether we are facing a fan event or not. I am all for natural prevention and healing, but God forbid it doesn’t work and by the time I get to the doc and take the meds it’s too late – if there is a doc and the meds are available!

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            Thanks for clarifying. Because of vaccines smallpox and polio are diseases of the past. I am going to get one.

      • Conmaze I am definitley going to look in to the vaccine, how much was the shot at walgreens????

      • I got shingles about 4 months after I got separated from the now ex. Most miserable time of my life. I had it on my stomach, lower left. I was active duty Army at the time, and I just had to live with it. The stuff they gave me was a topical, but it was only for the symptoms. Guys if there is a vaccine for this, GET IT!

    • Sw't Tater says:

      I have a friend that took 100 mg of L-lysine, 2 x a day for 5 days and her shingles began drying.., and became less painful…she continued them until all blisters dry. Meds from Dr did not help her case… Now takes 500 mg 2 x daily for preventative. This is available at almost every small dollar store and drug store. It is a natural amino acid. It is already present in your body and is a natural anti-viral….Just sayin’.. There are other natural anti virals as well. Check out oregano, for starters…

      • Excellent information, Swt, thanks so much!

        • PreppingMomma5 says:

          As a former microbiologist before all my kids, I definitely lean pro-vaccine, I do respect people’s decisions not to even if I disagree though. Not vaccinating used to be quite safe for people because of something called herd immunity- everyone around you had the vaccine and so the disease couldn’t establish itself in the community, thus you were safe. But now so many people don’t vaccinate that old diseases are starting to pop up in alarming rates. Add in the combination of people traveling so quickly around the world that new diseases can be established much more then in past times and the fact that many countries do not have vaccine programs in place and you have a great situation for disease to move fast and cause chaos compared to the old days. Even the old days just 10-20 years ago. From my personal perspective, I would get updates or any new vaccines possible, because if the SHTF, vaccines will be a thing of the past and it won’t take long for those diseased to come roaring back. I would especially check your tetanus booster, it can kill up to 50% of people, although it’s generally in the 20% range. To be fair, don’t get the vaccines if you are sick at the time, or especially if you have a fever. Wait until you are healthy again before taxing your system with anything that may be a live vaccine. Often we take things for granted, when I was in college the chickenpox vaccine was new and all of us micro students kind of laughed at it because it is true that these companies make tons of money off of vaccines and the like. However, chicken pox kills upwards of 30,000 people a year in the world, and my guess would be much more in a SHTF scenario. That same virus also causes shingles but at this point in time if you or your child were vaccinated for chicken pox I believe you still need the shingles vaccine. Even the Plague is still around. A few people in the US get it every year. It is very treatable with antibiotics, but that will be something we don’t have if the SHTF, and then imagine what could happen again. Diseases definitely rank at the top of my worrying in a scenario like that. Sometimes having too much info. can drive you crazy! When I traveled to Africa and was out in the bush seeing all sorts of things my mind was frantically going through every African disease I could think of. And then you come down with a cold and you assume Ebola instead of just a general virus!

          • I do most vaccines but I did not get the chicken pox vaccine for my children because of the required boosters every ten years. My two younger girls and I had it when I was 30. I had been exposed several times as a child but never got it. I did not want them to be 30 with no booster and get it. My youngest has already had shingles and I’m not sure about the shingles vaccine.

    • George:

      Several years ago, my father had shingles. His was on his side and back. Very painful even with medication – on a gravel road I couldn’t drive slow enough to keep from jarring him. My aunt got shingles and hers did get into one eye. Extremely painful. Between when my dad got shingles and my aunt did, a friend got them. Her doctor prescribed something for anxiety (his idea was that stress could aggrevate the shingles). While I didn’t see her on a daily basis, she seemed to recover the quickest of the three. Taking a few days off and relaxing (try not to stress about anything) is probably some of the best medicine you could take.

    • George,

      I just prayed for you, and know the pack will also. My grandma got shingles and lost 60 lbs she was in so much pain. Losing the 60 lbs was great, but not a great way to do it. Hugs and loving thoughts sent your way.

      • Thanks Michele and everyone else, I think I am thru the spreading and the doctor has me on the valtrex and prednisone and an antibiotic and that seemed to start drying them up on friday-sat. When I got a spot on my right eybrow that was what made me get t the doctor. Them pain seems to be geting a little less each day but seem to concentrate on it more when trying to sleep, no other distractions. Now I just have to keep myself from picking at the scabs , being a guy we all know they heal better if you pick at them!!! All I know is I don’t want to get it agian and sure ashell don’t want to try to fight it after shtf.

    • My x-wife had shingles she used a tea (tisane) on her rash externally. We would soak cheese clothe in this in the refrigerator and apply as cold compresses. Here’s a free book on Arnica doesn’t mention it for shingles but does list it for rashs. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009JDUJQE/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B009JDUJQE&linkCode=as2&tag=paspr-20

      • Suburban Housewife says:

        thanks for that link AZyogi – I snatched it up – just starting to try to learn alternative medicine and cures, herbs and oils n stuff – thanks

      • my wife had an amazing case of shingles that went from her ,uhhhh,,, front,all the way around to her back. i never felt so sorry for a person in my life. the pain she was in was excruciating and there was nothing i could do. the doctor gave her something called neurontin,that seemed to give her some relief.it left scars on her it was so bad.

    • 185 books is a lot–but I have over 10 times that. (eek!) You are doing a much better job of specializing! Thank you for the feedback, and you’re very welcome. 🙂

      • Well I have only been checking your site for a couple months so give me some time to catch up!!!!

      • NorCal Ray says:

        I have 2500 books on my Kindle. In large part thanks to you. I was going o reply to todays question onyour blog however I couldn’t figure out how. I check it daily and if I see a book I want to download I read Amazon’s description. You could streamline yours and not put the description and it wouldn’t bother me.

  19. My order from Mountain Rose came in this week. I will be tincturing Burdock Root and Dandelion root separately and then combining equal amounts for a dosage of one dropperful twice daily between meals to see if it will help with my psoriasis. I also bought Hawthorne berries to tincture for my son-in-law. Combined with Valerian Root, Rosemary Gladstar suggest the combination will lower blood pressure. My son-in-law is on THREE prescriptions to lower his blood pressure and they aren’t working.
    I have a lot of faith in the healing properties of herbs, as I once was on 4 prescriptions drugs, one for cholesterol, two for blood pressure and a water pill for water retention. In the last three years of herbal treatment under the direction of an herbalist, I no longer take any prescription drugs, except Metformin for my diabetes, and all my “numbers” are now normal.

    I had an opportunity this week to buy some silver. At a local estate sale, I bought 12 sterling vintage teaspoons of various elaborate patterns, all weighing from 3/4 to 1 troy ounce, priced at scrap value. Also, ran into an antique buddy who specializes in jewelry and silver and was able to purchase some “junk” silver coins and some .999 rounds. He gave me a good price of 23 times face value on the smaller denominations and $29.00 for the silver dollars.

    This week I made the decision to no longer buy any commercial corn or corn products. Unless I can buy organic corn for grinding (which I can) and locate a farmer who isn’t growing GMO corn, then its out of our diet. I have avoided anything with high fructose corn syrup for a long time as well as all commercial salad dressings. The only oil I use is a high quality olive oil, even in baked goods. By the way, white vinegar is made from corn and I would never use it in any pickling recipes.

    The only other prep I made was to ask DH to make sure he has at least three magazines for all his rifles and to increase all his ammo supplies. This was one direction he didn’t mind following.

    I hope my rant helps someone, thanks!

    • Oh, one exception to my ban of GMO corn products, at this time I am unable to ban beef, chicken, and pork fed with GMO corn until I relocate to Western NC from here in Central FL. Once I move and buy a freezer, I will seek out farm raised animals that I can buy their meat in bulk. Asided from that, I gave up all farm-raised seafood because they too are fed with GMO corn.

      • Sw't Tater says:

        Have you tried the Bitter melon 15 days a month, to refresh pancreatic activity?… and THANKS for the rant on all the corn products,.
        .. I believe that every person who develops a product that is genetically modified should be required to use him/her/ their complete family as test subjects…of course after animal tests conclude safety…and the human test should be no less than 20 years. I kinda believe that would stop the testing of unsafe products on the american public.
        . I did not realize about vinegar… and I use more of it for cleaning than cooking, so I guess that is good, at least…. I have been trying to reduce our intake of GMO corn…But we must Know that GMO corn is just the first one of many products…and it is not the only thing that is genetically modified, just the thing we have the most knowledge of in food sources….but I am sure our family is still getting much more trash in our food than we want. Between that and the arsenic in the rice..I am being careful to include a cleanse of milk thistle for each of us for several days each month…to help our liver and kidneys get rid of it… Keeping sugar low is also supposed to reduce the growth of unwanted growth.

      • We are buying grass-fed ground beef. A little more expensive but worth it.

      • Petnumber1 says:

        Oh wow, Marebear, good for you!!! Seriously – it will be so good for you and hubby, and even SIL to stay far, far away from almost all of the industrialized food grains (and meat). I gave industrialized meat up about a year ago, and I just feel “better” – lighter…I don’t know how to describe it. I also gave up industrialized wheat a week or so ago, and I’ve been sleeping better and have lost a bit of weight.

        I took the liberty of looking for some farms that produce grass-fed meat in central FL, and found several – go here: http://www.eatwild.com/products/florida.html That will at least keep you going until you relocate!

        • Petnumber,

          I just checked out this website. There are a half dozen farms within 20 minutes of where I live. I would really like to check out a couple of these farms. I am feeling the need to secure local sources of food and to get to know the people who are growing/raising that food. Thanks for the list.

      • Soggy Prepper says:

        We were going to buy half a beef from our son’s Boy Scout leader. They asked if we had ever had grass fed beef. We said no. They gave us some ground beef and it was absolutely disgusting, the smell of it cooking was revolting.
        We graciously declined purchasing and he and his wife laughed. They said grass fed beef is something you have to get used to if you weren’t raised on it. I will only purchase grain finished beef. Venison and elk are great and we eat that no problems, the grass fed beef though has a distinct flavor our family could not handle at all.

        • We’ve been eating grass-fed beef for about a year with no strange odors and no strange flavors. It sounds like you may have had some bad meat – not sure though.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      For high b/p I saw …on Dr oz last week or two, to use Hibiscus tea-2 cup daily, yogart, green leafy veggies, increase high potassium foods, Dark chocolate, garlic one clove per day..(.these thin blood )

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        One of my DD’s had high blood pressure and she bought several differnt herbal teas in the brocery where the main ingredient was hibiscus and drank a cup in the am and another in the pm and in several weeks it brought her blood pressure right down. No other meds.

      • Sw’t Tater, By-the-way I love your name. I, too, would like to rid my diet of all GMO foods, corn is just the beginning. My herbalist has formulated a personal tincture for me that includes milk thistle and bitter melon. She also usually has Burdock root in it as well, but the only thing is her formula has eight to ten herbs in it and I feel I’m not getting enough of the Burdock root in that tincture. Burdock root is very safe, it is used as a vegetable in Japan as well as bitter melon in a different country. I have suggested Celestial Seasoning’s “Raspberry Zinger” herbal tea to anyone who complains of High Blood pressure. Hibiscus is the first ingredient listed in this tea. Thank you for your suggestions!
        GA Red, We are also looking in North Ga, as well as Western N.C. to relocate. When people ask why, I tell them I want to get closer to my food source. There are many vegetables that have a hard time growing in Zone 9 in this heat and humidity. Corn is one of them.

    • I didn’t know white vinegar was made from corn! Thank you for telling us! I basically only use it for cleaning, but I don’t want to encourage the GMO industry so I will quit buying it altogether.

    • Has anyone tried rice vinegar for pickling?

      • MtWoman, Both Red Wine Vinegar and White Wine Vinegar have been adjusted to 5% acidity so they are interchangeable with white vinegar in your canning recipes. I have used red wine vinegar for Pickled Beets and like it better than apple cider vinegar. I will be using white wine vinegar for pickles. It will cost more to use these substitutes but my health is important as well.
        Also, good water is important and I have used Spring water to make my Pickled Beets since I have awful city water with fluoride. One of our mandates for house hunting is well water which we will have testing before closing on the house.

    • I’m thinking it would be easier to find non-GMO rice than corn.

      • The flavor would be different for the pickles but more important would be the acidity. In order to be safe pickles need to be canned with 5% acidity vinegar. Most rice vinegar I’ve seen in well under 5%. I believe apple cide vinegar does not contain corn and what I’ve seen on the shelves is the 5% variety.

    • I didn’t know about the vinegar but as I just use it for cleaning I’m not worried. We don’t eat processed anything (or as near as I can get to anything) and hunt or fish for all our meat. I was surprised that my grocery bill didn’t really go up purchasing what I can’t grow from a local organic farmer. It just got reallocated from the grocery store to the farmer.

      My preps this week were to finish making another bushel of apples into sauce, drying the remainder of the apples & drying bananas, making jerky out of the remaining venison in the freezer & going turkey hunting (unsuccessfully).

      My hours were cut at work again. One week I can have as many hours as I can work and the next I’m barely getting 20. So, other then that prepping has been suspended until the next time I get a few consecutive big checks from working.

  20. Tactical G-Ma says:

    So glad to hear Faith is improving. This goes out to everyone. Daily chores, like mopping floors, weeding the garden, cleaning and caring for livestock, doing an oil change, and washing clothes are essential preps. Don’t forget to take care of what you have while planning for future needs.

    My preps this week were few but a lot of money spent and time consumed.

    Purchased and received a portable greenhouse but have yet to set it up. We should have at least two more weeks for sure before the earliest frost. The turnips and turnip greens are doing great but my lettuce and romaine are bad. I will start more when the greenhouse is up.

    I continue picking up pecans every other day. DH cooked up a big butt and made enough pulled pork for 2 meals and then I froze two qts. Bought a marble mortar and pestle. Hope to start working more on tinctures and herbal meds as next big project. Made a doz. pints each of Peach Pie Moonshine and Ka-loo-ahh. I made up (2) one gallon jugs of homemade grand marnier. It takes six months to fully infuse the orange zest. But will be worth it. I still want to pick up a few other bottles of rotgut and one or two good stuff. These are all barter. I finally got my Just Water filter kit (MM) but thru Amazon. I am so leary of shopping on line except through the long standing accounts. Got some additional pads and leads for my tens machine going into the med kit.

    The past week I have been remiss with my shooting and physical training. I just needed a break.

    My widowed sister turned 70yo this week. So for her birthday present we gave her two bags of canned goods for her cupboard. She lives just down the road from us, so if anything serious happens, we will be taking care of her or moving her over here. She is in very good health but has limited resources.

    Eldest DD announced she and her family are moving to their BOL. Will be more primitive than they are accustomed to and eldest son is angry and wants to stay here but we are in the middle of nowhere here and there are no kids for miles. Youngest DD gets married next month. A lot happening there. We will do what we can to help.

    Many of the local churches, including mine, are studying End-of-Times. I’ve chosen not to attend. I’m as ready to go as possible so I’ll leave that to the academians since I have attended before.

    And I am tired of politics-local and global. Having the Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta confirmed some of my worst fears. Certainly, justified our prepping.

    I picked up two different almanacs and started reading them. Now I have 4 books going. I’m easily distracted.

    My last comment is regarding TV shows. I just finished watching seasons one and two of The Walking Dead. Season three starts tonight. If you take out the zombies, I could see things going more like that after TSHTF. Revolution is pure fantasy and is targeting fans of The Hunger Games.

    Just wanted everybody to know that I haven’t taken to samplin’ my recipe yet. But, if DH keeps screaming at the TV the way he has during the last two debates, I may become a heavy drinker!

    God bless you all. You and your families are in my prayers. And, as always, keep prepping.

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      Tactical G-Ma, I am getting my first pay raise for one year in the position soon and I’m going to start putting some away to buy a home or at least some land up in the mountains on the opposite side from the LA area. I want to get out of state but have ties to my immediate family compared to my extende family in Texas, Tenn, Ark, Georgia and NC. Most of them aren’t on board except for those that served in the military or LE. My sister has Cerable Paulsey so if something happens to her and her husband bails (not the sharpest tool in the shep to world events outside of sports) I would take care of them.

      I’m watching 28 Days After while writin this and agree, some shows can give us an idea of things to be and these shows like The Walking Dead, Revolution and the apocalyptic movies are indirectly causing people to prep.
      That’s why the CDC jumped on the zombie wagon, my gf thinks I’m prepared for the zombie apocalypse lol.

      My gf and I were ecstatic to see them selling bikes and even to see a steam engine train on Revolution.

      As for the debate it looked likes two kids that couldn’t get along on the school yard interrupting each other and borderline name calling. I’m tired of it already, as I’m voting for Romney I despise the man but voting for him anyways because Obama has to go.

      I’m goin to be adding a bit more liquor to the preps. The good stuff for me and the cheaper for barter. I have enough for maybe two years if I had one shot a day on the good stuff and enough of the cheaper rotgut for medicinal and topical use for a six months if I selectively bartered it. I want two years of good liquor and a year or two of rotgut.

  21. I posted this yesterday, but more people read this, and some of these are great deals, so…
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    Spelt – Pouch $2.69 (46% off)
    Split Green Peas – Pouch $2.69 (45% off)
    Taco TVP – Pouch $3.79 (46% off)
    Vegetable Risotto #10 can $22.79
    White Flour – Pouch $2.09 (46% off)
    White Rice – Pouch $2.49 (45% off)
    White Sugar – Pouch $2.69 (46% off)
    Whole Egg Powder Pouch $4.69 (45% off)
    Whole Wheat Flour – Pouch $2.19 (45% off)

    • Michele,

      They do not advertise on The Survivalist Blog.net so this is free advertising for them and not really, fair to our paid advertisers. So remind them to advertise here when anyone places and order – if they don’t want to sponsor the blog and the Wolf Pack then I won’t be able to giving them any more free advertising like this. I’m doing it this time because it might help readers fine a deal and save a few bucks…

      • SurvivorDan says:

        If I order anything from them, I WILL give then an earful (email full) MD. Oh, just noticed that I will be ordering them through Michelle and then e-mailing them a heads up about advertising on the best blog.

  22. PGCPrepper says:

    Ordered 60 silver American Eagles and continued rotating my distilled water and vodka stock. :-). I think silver and gold will drop in price though as I think Romney wins. The price of coal stocks have gone off the charts. I’m also looking for a .22 air rifle. Loved the recent posts.

    • Cold Warrior says:

      I like your idea of rotating your stock of Vodka, does Tennessee Whiskey, (George Dickel) also need the same treatment?
      Let’s see, it’s winter, so if I start now, my stock will be fully turned over by Spring!

      • Petnumber1 says:

        Oh yes indeed! Rotating the “recipe” is definitely a good thing – especially now, LOL! 🙂

      • SurvivorDan says:

        Am currently rotating my stock as I type. I like to be diligent about my spirits rotation schedule.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          Sounds like you got your priorities in line. Just pace yourself. 😉

          • SurvivorDan says:

            Have Spartan drinking regimen. I never drink before 5PM and never drink two days in a row.
            Pace myself? I always pace while drinking and ranting about the Feds. 😉

            • Hunker-Down says:

              Too obsessed with fed ranting to have time for drinking. 😉

            • Tactical G-Ma says:

              Now is the time to get you something to sip on, light a fire under the galvanized horse trough, and let Calgon take you away. Ranting only screws up your health. After your mini-va-ca, go to your party’s HQ and cover your car with party stickers. Shake hands with anyone who you get near and tell them why you are voting for your candidate and then VOTE. Continue to prep for the worst and pray for the best.

            • Jarhead 03 says:

              SD, I guess that’s better than drinking on days that end in Y or between 0000 and 2400 on any given day lol.

        • Jarhead 03 says:

          SD, any concerns with the quality of those perticular preps you can ship it to me for annalysis. I will rerun the empty bottles with a good or bad quality review. Let’s start with any high quality liquor first lol.

          • SurvivorDan says:

            I don’t know about giving over my highest quality liquor Jarhead…..rather partial to all my Thunderbird.

    • >>I think silver and gold will drop in price though as I think Romney wins. <<

      Could well be. I bought a few gold eagles in 1980 when Reagan was running against Carter. In fact, I think I bought a couple right after the election.

      The price plunged shortly thereafter. Bad timing, but I was a beginner.

      The problem is figuring what what is going to happen in the future. If you can do that…

      My feeling is it's reassuring to have some gold and silver if you have none, but not to go overboard when prices are at long term highs.

      Unless you are absolutely sure things are only going to get a lot worse. A lot of people have lost a lot of money on that bet. Buying a little at a time over a long period makes a lot of sense. A "little" being defined by one's own budget, of course.

      • PGCPrepper says:

        Well, I bought just over 2000.00 worth and shorted the silver ETF/Stock by a lesser amount. If tangible goes up, I’ll make a little and it goes down I’ll cover my short effectually getting a better price for the tangible. I’m not looking at as my main investment; just want to own some. If Im right though, I’ll keep trading the stock and have more prep money.

  23. NorCal Ray says:

    Happy to hear Faith is getting better. Your Mom is correct. The good Lord always answers our prayers. It may not always be the answer we want but he always answers them.
    Went to L.A. Thur & Friday to take care of business. Pulled a d2prep and got a bunch of Hotel Goodies. Signed a contract with a major PREP Company. I am now selling over 9000 prep items, mainly to stores.
    Picked up a true 72hr kit for 2 people from them. It actually comes with enough Food & Water to give both people 1250 calories each and 1/2 gallon of drinking Water per day. It also has water purifying tablets etc. A good First aid kit and a hygiene kit among other things.

    On To my preps for this week.
    10pk. Chicken Soup
    1x 200 Meal Emergency Bucket
    Steak Jerky 12 oz.
    8pk Chili w/ Beans
    10pk. Green Beans
    8pk. Canned Chicken
    8pk. Corned Beef
    8pk. Black Beans
    8pk. Baked Beans
    American Flag 3′ x 5′
    2000 ct. 5mm (.20) Pellets
    30 roll pk. Toilet Tissue

    Costco’s prices have really gone way up, inflation is here big time.
    They have shrunk there Kirkland brand from 36 rolls of T.P. to 30 rolls and kept the same price.

    Watch your backs folks, take care until next week.

    • Cosmolined says:

      Darn it Ray!
      I ate vacation on Thursday…. Next time call. Cos

    • Ray, saw the same thing at Costco as regards napkins. The size of the package went from quite large to only 200 in a package for the same price. Crazy times we are living in.

      • Jarhead 03 says:

        Worrisome, I saw the same thing. It’s why I add napkins and other goodies when I hit the fast food places or at the drive through ask for extra napkins and condiments. Costs are going up.

        • worrisome says:

          Jarhead, nice to see ya! Hope your vacation was good! I have officially just become an exploiter of drive through napkins thanks to you! At least a little bit. I am in business so I understand that when a customer takes more than he needs my costs go up…but again I understand why…………the times are crazy!

          • Jarhead 03 says:

            Worrisome, thanks! Glad your recovery is coming along and our local LE and Sheriffs did a huge raid on a local gang covering ten blocks and hittin them hard. My ID from work got me through although slowly getting to work with 5 minutes to spare.

            I’m planning on going back to Vegas in Febraury.

            As for napkins and condiments I do take napkins, plastic utensils and certain condiments that have a shelf life if stored properly. The best plastic utensils are at Wendy’s lol the forks, knives and spoons are thicker than others and individually wrapped. I have a plastic tote for those.

    • Are the 200 Meal Emergency Bucket only in LA? I’ve called half the stores up here in NorCal and I can’t seem to find it anywhere.
      Thanks, NorCal

      • NorCal Ray says:

        No, I’m in Nor Cal also. They still have a few buckets left in the Hayward Costco as of Sat.

      • worrisome says:

        NorCal, can you get it online from Costco?

        • NorCal Ray says:

          worrisome, I’m not sure if you an or not. I also noticed that once they run out they are not ordering more. That seems to be the way my nearest one works anyway.

  24. I am exhausted. My dh is doing better. He is off the Oxycodone and using Tylenol for the pain. He is experiencing some withdrawal symptoms from the pain meds, mostly ringing in the ears and sluggishness.

    I did manage to get 36 lbs. of apples put up into apple butter. I got 23 pints. My dh insisted on helping prep the apples. I can’t believe I let him play with a knife while under the influence. LOL He still has all his fingers.

    Publix had pancake mix BOGO this week so I picked up 14 boxes. We don’t eat a lot of pancakes but they are good for an occasional treat. Walgreens as Scotts TP on sale for $7.49/12 pack this week. I think I will pick up a few more 12 packs this week.

    I worked all four jobs. The new job is going great. I am going to be really busy for the next two months. I do hope to get around to writing the article on pressure canning beans/recipes for beans.

    My birthday is Wednesday. My dh got me a Ruger 10/22 but he has insisted it remain in the box until my actual birthday. LOL (What he did not know cannot hurt him.) I foresee a trip to the range. I would like to get an inexpensive scope for my 10/22. Can anyone recommend one? I have the Carbine.

    Take care Pack and keep prepping. Thank you for all the prayers for my dh. He is making good progress. He starts physical therapy next week.

    • Bam Bam,

      Good news on DH. Will keep prayers going for full recovery and completely successful surgery. Glad the jobs are going well for you. When one door closes, another one opens!

    • happy birthday and that was a great present from hubby.

      • Cold Warrior says:

        Yes, happy birthday. We lived in Fla for 25 years, so it’s nice to read about Publix again. You might try a Weaver on your 10/22, that is what we have on ours.

    • Petnumber1 says:

      Happy birthday, Bam Bam! Hope you have an awesome day, and maybe you can take the day off to enjoy some quiet and restful time? Will be thinking about you! 🙂

    • That’s funny. I bought myself a Ruger 10/22 for my birthday too. How many other women do you know that are happy with guns for their birthday?

    • And, Happy Birthday Bam Bam!

    • Happy upcoming birthday! What will you be? About 28?

      • LOL, K. Fields. I did manage to get in on some of the 60s–albeit by two and a half months.

        • You’re just a baby Bam Bam. 🙂 You were born when I was almost 13.

        • Aw, you’re still just a kid!
          But it’s nice to hear something good came out of the late 60’s. For me, those days were draft, SE Asia and a lot of memories that I really wish I could somehow forget.
          Now though, I can think of you being born and for some reason that puts a smile on my face….

    • worrisome says:

      Happy Birthday early! Glad your hubby is better. Glad you are working! 4 jobs is a lot, but I can understand! I am going to check out the Walgreens…….thanks for the tip.

    • Happy birthday, Bam Bam!

  25. Nan in NC says:

    So happy to hear your pup is getting better. I lost a 15 year old Jack Russell last year after hand feeding her 3 times a day for over 6 months, so I can certainly sympathize with your feelings for her.

    This week I got my OH and daughter new boots, replaced the Ruger 10/22 that my OH sold in our store when we first opened (because we opened on a shoestring and had to have more guns to sell), bought the lower receiver for the 556 AR that we are building, bought 1000 rnds of 9mm ammo and 2 packages of Israeli gauze, and more food and water. I’m hoping to order my crisis cooker Volcano stove next week, and am saving for a manual grain mill and a manual coffee grinder.

    • Petnumber1 says:

      Nan, I’m so sorry to hear about your doggie. Jack Russells are the most amazing breeds, and I’m sure she was so grateful for your loving care!

  26. Hello everyone. Hope your week was productive.

    MD…glad to hear that Faith is better. 🙂

    Well…my father got a sore on his cheek, and wouldn’t go to have it checked out for several weeks. He finally went, and it’s cancer. They are hoping at this point that it’s only a basal cell carcinoma, which usually doesn’t metastasize throughout the body. He’ll be going to have it removed soon. Because he let it go for so long, it’s gotten rather large (about 2.5″ in diameter) and a good chunk of his cheek will be taken out. His not getting it checked out has really added to my stress level. How does one ignore the fact that someone you love won’t take care of himself, and you can’t do anything about it? I suggested he go several times over the weeks it was noticeable. He’s not at a point that the geriatric docs will declare that he needs help, so he carries on, doing things his way, with this kind of result. This was just stupid. If he had gone sooner, the cancer would be smaller. My father is a stubborn, contrary man. I love him, but he irritates me to no end. He is the ‘lie’ to the saying: “No man is an island”.

    -made 16 pints Blueberry and 5 pints Fig jams.

    -gave the church my stepmother went to 2 qts jam: a grape & a plum. They have been very good to my father & I.

    -went through food stash; put together 2 big bags of canned goods, and gave them to the woman who adopts handicapped kids. None were outdated, but were getting close, and I have been buying newer stuff a bit here and there, so have what I need. The canned goods I have put aside are almost all for an emergency; Dad and I do not eat canned goods regularly, except maybe beans or chili. We eat fresh food. So…I had plenty to cycle out. I have a tendency to “hoard” this stuff, out of fear of what may come and coming up short. But you can’t ‘hoard’ food…it goes bad. And there isn’t that much room here either. My stepmother used to emphasize the word “daily” in the Lord’s prayer (“give us this day our DAILY bread”), and told me that she did that to remind herself to have faith like the Lilies in the field. It’s a good reminder, and I am working on finding a balance between ‘hoarding’ out of fear, and simply prepping out of awareness.

    This is a helpful site. If something isn’t working (like your email account), you can check here, and see if it’s a problem with the provider or with just your own equipment/software.

    Season Premier of the new episodes of Walking Dead tonight. I’ve been watching the marathon yesterday and today, and frankly, I have to say: I would want Daryl Dixon on my team. He has mad survival skills. 🙂 Also…does anyone know where/how to get one of those hand-pump blood transfusion things?? Could be handy. Walking Dead is SO much better than Revolution. As far as it’s relevance to prepping/SHTF, I think there are many things covered by it. And “Zombies” could actually happen. I don’t think like they are depicted in the show (some virus or ? that makes them dead but alive), but if there IS a critical mass epidemic…whether disease, radiation, environmental….that makes a huge number of people really sick…well, I believe they will behave like “Zombies”. They will be scared, desperate, & hungry…maybe not for human flesh, but they will want what you have, especially if you’re not infected. I find the show gives me some thoughts about that.

    Not much else to add. I’ve not been feeling well…still….so activity is low. I am SO looking forward to a cooling off; I’m tired of heat and humidity. At least I HOPE we get a cool-off.

    Keep on prepping, keep on prepping, and let’s keep love in our hearts.

    “With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.”
    ~The Desiderata

    And I’ll add a new one this week…a new motto for me: Start where you are, work with what you have, do what you can..

    • MtWoman,

      We will all be praying for your dad… how old is he?

    • Keeping your father in my thoughts… my grandmother had several of those sorts of spots of cancer and they always turned out to not have spread, so there is a good chance it will be fine.

      • Thanks Victoria. I hope that’s the case with my dad…I’d like to have him around awhile yet. 🙂

    • Petnumber1 says:

      MtWoman, prayers going up for your dad. Hope all goes well. Hugs!

    • Mt. Woman,

      I know an herbalist who insists castor oil kills skin cancer and penetrates several inches. It probably can’t hurt to have him put it on until he gets it cut out, if he hasn’t already.

      • Sw't Tater says:

        Ditto, for oil of oregano!

      • Michele & Swt Tater…great suggestions. I just printed out some info about both things, and left it on the table for my father. He is very hard to convince to try anything except what he thinks about on his own. I will tell him that these are suggestions from friends… maybe he’ll be more open to it. I can only hope….

        I found this site that has testimonies about Oil of Oregano for all kinds of things:
        I use Oil of Oregano orally myself.

        Thanks again.

        • Mt Woman, maybe you could tell him that the suggestions came from your online friends who were so appreciative of the wisdom and insight he shared in your interview–and that we were hoping that our ideas would help him like he’s helped us.

    • More prayers for your dad from across the metroplex, MtWoman. . . .

    • MtWoman –
      Boy, it really seems you’ve had a heck of few months! Please take care of YOURSELF.

      • Thanks K Fields…I do feel a tad ganged-up on. But I’m looking for humor to sustain me. Anyone know any good jokes? Knock knock jokes; did you hear the one…jokes; prepper jokes? I think there’s an opening for some “How many preppers does it take to….?” jokes! 🙂 Or “how do you know a prepper” jokes.

    • worrisome says:

      Prays for your dad Mt.Woman. I had my share of that kind of behavior over the last 5 years, first my dad, my mom, my aunt and my uncle. All in that same age bracket. They have all passed on and yet with each one, I can pick a moment when I could have cheerfully strangled them for being the most obstinate of creatures! I came to the conclusion that as much as I wanted to take care of them and help them live as long as possible, their lives were in theirs and God’s hands………and it was not my choice at all. When I finally REALLY put them in God’s hands, it all became much easier when we ran into things like that. I made my suggestions and in prayer turned it over to God. When the love of my life died, it was so much different, he so wanted to live and did everything he could as soon as he could to try not to go……..life is just so tough sometimes.

      • Worrisome…thank you for sharing your experiences. My condolences on your loss of the love of your life. I know that must be hard.

        I work every day on letting go of wanting to control Dad’s life. Why is it so hard for some of us to do that? For me, it’s just so hard to see and know that Dad’s mental abilities are failing and that better decisions could be made than what he is making, yet to not “jump in”. I ‘get’ the handing over to God, but it is hard to do sometimes.

        Thanks for you thoughts.

      • HomeINsteader says:

        I’m sorry, Worrisome.

    • MtWoman, prayers for your dad! And for you too!

  27. Wonderful news on Faith, Thank You God!!!! Not much prepping this week….more surgical bandages, tape etc. No more bullets or beans. Everyone keep prepping and praying. Best to all.

  28. Sw't Tater says:

    AM Glad … Faith and Bam Bam’s beloved are improving. Slow week here… mostly reading and learning…different things, different methods..Jotting down lists of things to be done.. Still not quite up to snuff. Still very low energy, but think I have zero’d in on problem. That’s always important.
    Few bags of pasta, few bags of butte beans,…added to larder.
    Replaced what was used past week, rotated basics with use…picked the 2nd picking of late squash, cooked for supper last night…will nurture them for a couple more weeks..
    .Assisted some awaking from life’s coma..in storage methods…info. The more ppl that are prepared for even short term interruptions….the less likely I will have to refuse someone any help. Been reading the blog, but sometimes get to my mail rather late…depending on computer time, updates and ect… I have two or three observations…related to current events and those “in the news”. My new testament tells me I am to pray for the leaders of our country. I do that without fail at least two or three times a day…That said….That same volume of books also says…Woe unto them that call good evil and evil, good. AND..Mt 6:20-21…or thereabouts..and that we will know a tree by it’s fruits. Being a fruit inspector helps us avoid fruit that will contaminate the whole bushel. When anyone…tells me that Black is white, I can see it is false. I can’t ask God to bless that person, but rather my prayer must be for that person to see the truth of God’s Word …and obey Him…and for the nation and her response to this process.
    …. I took note that many people are saying very little to other persons on this blog…and even noted the number of posts that are down. and lots of persons are preparing for at least a short term emergency- that part is reassuring. One lady was interviewed on local news,said she always had a few extra cans of food on hand.Hope she is prepared to maintain it…as well.
    Hang in there.keep on, Keeping on! Prayers for the safety and health of all our pack, CONtinue…

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Sw’t Tater,
      You wrote that many people are saying very little to other people on this blog and note the posts are down. Can you elaborate?
      I have noticed that there are like sub-cells or interest groups that talk about things they are interested in more.

      There’s the canning and preserving group, the ham radio group, there the gun enthusiasts and an even more specific group of reloaders. There are farmers, ranchers, bankers, lawyers, medical pros. I read them all but I think I am like a lot of members. What I have to add is either redundant or I can’t support my argument without hours of research cause I don’t remember names to cite the facts. I will say there are some really outspoken people I have not challenged when I felt they were spreading misinformation. But I rarely take anyones word on anything without due dillegence.

      But I really would like to know what your thoughts are.

      • Sw't Tater says:

        T g-Ma,
        I just meant that unless something is very necessary, it appears like some people are just not making small talk.
        Several persons have posted losses of valuable equipment. Someone posted they would no longer be sharing equip meant for protection.
        There are “pockets” or very good exchange, showing from my point of view, that this is a very meaningful forum. And I have a true appreciation for the info being shared here and all those who share. That is one reason I go back and re-read posts, over two or three weeks, to glean for info or catch the remainder of an exchange that has specific meaning for me.
        Look at the posting counts of the last several weeks, overall down, probably because so many aren’t glued to the computer on saturday, making small talk,”quick exchanges” The content seems to be stable and growing…I also believe it is because some are just pulling back from posting, maybe it IS because of the redundant info you cited.I do the same thing. If five people have posted prayers offered for a certain member. I have already posted that I pray for the pack and families, all members…so no need to re-post with a ditto. That may be some of the drop in numbers I noted..Also, fall is here,…some people have reduced the activity level preparing for the winter change over in activities…So I was just observing…
        I have not been doing this very long, I was very blessed to find this blog during the time I was learning how to store, and what to store. I have a long way to go, but I am certainly more prepared for an event than I was this time last year, but no where near where I desire to be.there are still some things I just don’t post, mostly in areas I feel I am lacking in…. Some threads I have nothing to add. I expect others are that way as well.BUT wow, what a high reader count! I hope those reading are learning as much as I have.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          Sw’t Tater,
          I have concluded that a few of the pack members know one another in the real world and some have posted so much about themselves they have become vulnerable.

          I think there are also a few prepping snobs who feel us short timers aren’t worth wasting their time. I do appreciate those who are willing to answer questions no matter how dumb.

          On that point, someone was making powdered or dehydrated butter. How is that accomplished?

          • i post when i feel like i have something helpful to offer. im good at only a few things but willing to share what i know when that particular subject im good at comes up. then sometimes i post if i think i can get a chuckle out of folks,because i like to make people laugh.

          • Cosmolined says:

            Tactical G-Ma:
            While I haven’t seen any snobbishness, you are correct that some of us have met and some of us have each other’s email addresses.
            I add to conversations and answer questions when I think I can correct an error or add a suggestion.
            Personally, I love the 870 and have one by my bedside. You chose wisely in my opinion…..
            God Bless, Cos

            • Tactical G-Ma says:

              I certainly appreciate your experience and knowledge. You, as most, are gracious and willing to help others. I especially appreciate that most are sophisticated enough to seperate the wheat from the chaff.

            • Ditto Tactical G-Ma! Cos rules!

            • cosmolined says:

              Thank you both! God Bless, Cos

          • Hey, watch it. No question about anything so serious as keeping your loved ones alive if there is a major problem is dumb. Every question is worth asking and answering.

        • Sw’t Tatter,

          I think the drop in numbers (at least in the WDYDTPTW segment) is that it is now posted on Sundays. It was sure nice to have two weekend days to read this blog. I feel like we’ve lost community.

          • Ditto Bam Bam. And BTW Bam Bam, glad your DH is on the mend and that you’re holding up ok. Sorry I didn’t post this earlier.

          • PreppingMomma5 says:

            This may be paranoia on my part, mostly because I don’t know enough how technology works, but is some of it fear that the govt. may be monitoring this website and tracing all of our usage back to where we physically live? So people don’t comment as much out of fear that US will single them out in a first round of crap? Is that even possible? Sorry if I am sounding too conspiracy theorist. I just honestly don’t know and it is something that I have thought about.

            • HomeINsteader says:

              IMHO, I don’t think that’s it, PM5. Everyone here quickly learns that by simply coming here, you are on the radar. But that’s true if you’re on facebook, Pinterest, the internet, google, and so on.

              I do recall a conversation recently here in which several people (regulars) committed to post fewer “unnecessary” posts simply to alleviate the burden for MD, as he has to do all the site moderation himself, and the numbers are WAY up on traffic…it’s a “happy” problem, apparently!

            • Hunker-Down says:


              The government is storing all electronic transmission for later analysis.

            • Yes, I’m sure the government is monitoring us, but learning and teaching others to provide for themselves and their loved ones is more important to me the government thinking bad things about me – besides, I’m probably already on their radar – how stupid that they think that responsible people are bad.

          • worrisome says:

            I thought about that too Bam Bam…but maybe 700 or 800 posts in those two days are overwhelming our host MD………???

        • Jarhead 03 says:

          Sw’t Tater, I know what you mean and if I may offer my perspective on things. Yes there are some Pack members I specifically exchange or communicate here, a hand full I email and a small group of Pack members I have met.

          Some of us I know have been busy, I and a few others have been working so much, a few I know have been having Internet issues as they have called me or text me. Some have concerns with OPSEC.

          I myself can say I do my best to help any Pack member I can. That said, there are a few I do not interact with due to their past misdeeds in attacking Pack members with ignorance or pretending to be them as well as misquoting or telling lies so it’s in my best intrest not to interact with them when they run away and come back.

          When I don’t know an answer I try to direct them to someone that does or will research it and get back to them. When I am mistaken I do not attack the person and will further research the topic.

          • cosmolined says:

            Jarhead, I posted this a few hours ago, but no joy.
            You, Sir, are correct and spot on.
            I don’t care if the aforementioned individual is insecure,
            or just malicious, he doesn’t rate comments. Trying to hurt Pack members should be reason to be banished… Cos

          • Sw't Tater says:

            I was just thinking..( of all the things that had affected the blog and mentioned the change).about all the recent losses posted, OPSEC,and the change in days of posting, had all affected…with each ones busy lives. There are weeks it is just easier to get sufficient computer time to read thru posts to catch the remainder of exchanges that had started earlier in the week. I enjoy most of the posts, and had caught the fact that several had contacts in person.
            I live in a rural area. I am sure others are preparing to some extent, but I am not sure how much. Certain items just don’t last long on shelves, on certain days.They may just be getting ready and pre-buying groceries before they go blow money for Thanksgiving/Christmas.I live too close to an area where there are frequent killings, all to see on local tv stations- 2 or 3 daily.Killing each over over a 5$ bill or stabbing over the last beer….at least I am off the main drag. This blog helps me keep up with the attitudes, and impressions over the whole nation.That alone makes it worth IT! Thanks for All the comments, You’ve confirmed what I was thinking.DH

            • Jarhead 03 says:

              Swt’ Tater, it’s why I share on occasion what I see going on here in Lost Angeles, PRK. Areas like this since I work an area covering over 200 miles or rail and public areas. I see the good and bad in people. I saw the best and worst during the LA Riots in 92 and when I hear things from the public and LE since we contract the County Sheriffs and work around the LAPD as well as friends in various LE on all levels I relay the info I get and pass it on to the Pack.

      • Jarhead 03 says:

        Tactical G-Ma, don’t forget us candle stick makers lol. I actually do make candles.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          You are far more ambitious than I. (Besides I have a good 30 years of gifted candles stashed away.) You are awesome and the pack keep me going. Like you said. Some feel OPSEC is important as do I. Discretion is the better part of valor. I certainly would not ask anyone to jeopardize their holdings. I am however grateful for the tips and info shared here and should we lose the grid and the net, i will miss you all and still pray for your safety.
          You remember in I think ’74 or ’75 we went to defcon 4 and went into lockdown for like 20 hours or so. I was in a fallout shelter on Elmendorf. Here we are back on that precipice. I hope that Batman and Robin pulls us out of this one.

          • Jarhead 03 says:

            Tactical G-Ma, I’m a pup compared to some of the wiser Pack members. I was born in ’73 but have had my fare share of fears being on the Iraqi border and on the Korean DMZ when the North Koreans refused to allow inspectors to come in then threatening to attack S. Korea with biological and chemical warfare.
            I agree, I have a few members I speak to in California an in a grid down like Revolution, just trying to get 10-20 miles in Southern California I would be dealing with some serious zombies.

            • Tactical G-Ma says:

              Lordy, I have blue jeans older than you! When you become your parents age you can use that line too. But you know it’s not the years in your life that counts as much as the life in your years.
              Thank you for your service. Both places, N. Korea and the Middle East, are scary cause there are some seriously crazy people there. But like you pointed out, So. Cal., Detroit, Memphis, Miami, and so many U.S. communities are potentially as dangerous.

            • Jarhead 03 says:

              Tactical G-Ma, I know what you mean and yes I have used that line with young Marines I meet as well as my nephew and nieces.

  29. Glad to hear that Faith is walking again. That is wonderful news. Our oldest daughter brought home a puppy a few weeks ago after us telling her no several times. I’m hoping to survive the puppy years. I’m more of a cat person and don’t need more mouths to feed but will enjoy having a good dog in years to come. One good thing – she is paying for his food and other needs out of her own pocket.

    As for prepping, not much. I did buy an extra carton of salt – 35 cents – and 8 cans of green beans when doing some light grocery shopping. The youngest is still in high school and killed the grocery/food budget for the week with a last minute school thing. I did locate a cherry tree in the neighborhood for future reference and received an order of laundry detergent – it should last nearly two years and costs about 13 cents a load. Other than that, a little Nandina removal (experiment) in the yard to make room for more fruit-bearing trees and/or bushes – the tiller worked to remove the roots. The hubby also tilled under the leaf mulch we’ve been adding to the garden. The garden dirt is looking good and we will continue to add mulch through the winter.

    Still fighting the remainder of that stupid cold/flu too so not much in the evenings either. Still downloading the free books posted by Natalia and reading as much as I can. Learning lots and contemplating all kinds of stuff.

    Have a great week everyone!

  30. Cosmolined says:

    This week I saw on the business channel that Zacky foods was filing for bankruptcy. (Not sure if it’s true or not, but it motivated me to go to Hell/Costco.) Folks there block the aisles, walk beside their carts and generally are rude…..

    The curse of Costco is, “Only $10, I’ll get one.” Checkout was $451. Ouch.
    Purchased :
    2 6 packs of chicken
    2 8 packs of Pinto beans
    2 8 packs of diced tomatoes
    1 case of tomato sauce
    1 package of 12 D batteries
    2 packages about 5 pounds each of Pork Chops
    1 package of boneless chicken breasts
    1 package of maybe 8 cans of Albacore Tuna
    2 cases of Mobil 1 synthetic oil
    1 package of 4 corned beef hash
    3 40 ounce cans of coffee
    1 case of quart sized double strip Zip-Lock bags
    and a case of 72 pull-ups for my Grand son.
    Also received my order from Mountain Rose herbs. I cannot praise them enough. Maybe 3 days from order to my door.
    Because I don’t know if we’ll be here at Christmas, sent M.D.’s present early.
    M.D., you provide such a service to like minded people. THANKS!

    Hope the pack has a great week. God Bless, Cos

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      Cos, I went in there a few times to pick up one or two items and the looks I get. God forbid the made a 20 items or less line lol.

      • I stop into Costco for a couple of items then head to for a back massage to work the kinks out. Like Cos, I end up going in for rice and beans and come out $400+ later.

        • Jarhead 03 says:

          JP, that happened to me last month when I bought all the cases of water, Gatorade and Airizona Iced Tea. I went in for one of each and came out with 6 of each and two cases of six 1 gallon water bottles. Wasn’t easy.

    • I hate Costco, it absolutely brings out the worst in people. So, when I do go, I keep filling my cart until I can barely push it!

      • Jarhead 03 says:

        Patti, on an average day it reminds me of what the grocery stores look like adjust before the hurricane approaches.
        The gas at Costco even ran out when the prices shot up here in PRK and Costco was 20 cents cheaper than everyone. To save a couple bucks people were cutting in front of each other and screaming when the gas ran out. I avoid Arco because I don’t do business with BP gas but that day I did and paid about $1 more for a full tank without waiting 15-30 minutes to save a buck or two.

        • JH,
          I know, I am in South OC and I had to buy gas at Arco, also. That was something I had told myself I would not do. I had a nagging feeling for weeks to get my gas cans filled and kept putting it off. God tried to help me, but I just would not listen! I paid 4.59 a gallon at Arco the day the Costcos ran out of gas but it went higher by that evening. God bless you and thank you for your service.

  31. Sw't Tater says:

    To Soggy Prepper, re read posts and your dogs allergy problem sounds like the one our dog has had… We believe his allergy is to insect bites. But he was loosing big patches of hair. We put PSORIASIN, on his Boo Boo’s and he gets almost instant relief. I got it at Kroger, wally or one of big pharmacy chains…it only takes a small amt.a couple of times a day. you might want to try it and see if it helps your baby to heal.

    • Soggy Prepper says:

      Thanks Sw’t Tater,
      The prednisone is working great. But I will probably pick some of this up. The shampoo I use on him has coal tar in it too and it definitely does help. Having a cream to dab on sores would be nice.

  32. FreeRangePagan says:

    I”m glad your dog is better MD. 🙂

    Not a lot this week as funds are low and work is long. Lady and I are looking into a cheaper apartment since our landlord is trying to push us out, and we don’t like his attitude. He is very inappropriate when dealing with his tenants.

    I did get to add clothes and a washcloth to the BOB, put up another two liters of water, picked a half bushel of apples to be put up, and organized our medicine shelf so I actually know what’s in there.

    Working on other things, and my birthday is this week!!! SO I hope everyone has a great week. 🙂

  33. We’re all sharing a lovely strep throat and the grandsons also have a cold that was going around their school. I’m doing pretty well, because I drink strep throat tea (vinegar, honey and a dash of cayenne added to hot water) and regularly take my elderberry juice. The others, not so good. My youngest grandson that lives with me is 4 and in preschool has been running a fever since Wednesday night. Friday the only thing I managed to get down him was a popcicle and a little juice. Yesterday morning I started threatening him with the hospital if he didn’t start at least drinking. He did a tiny bit better yesterday. So… bleach in the dishwasher – I’m tired of sharing for the moment 🙂

    Other than that, I ordered and got in “Making Plant Medicine” by Richo Cech, and “Herbal Antiobiotics” by Stephen Buhner, 2-#10 cans tomato powder from EE, a #10 of Sour Cream, #10 of FD chili peppers and #10 of red and green bell peppers, a pouch of Southwestern-Style Chicken and Rice and one of Chili Lime Chicken Rice (to taste to see if I wanted to buy #10 cans) from Shelf Reliance. I also ordered one each of the pouches of clearance stuff, powdered milk, sour cream, apple crisps, pineapple, instant white rice, quick oats, orange drink, potato buds, melon berry drink, mango passion drink, instant black beans and instant red beans. Thought those would go good in either my BOB and my evacuation container (in case I am home and need to evacuate by truck – thanks again to whoever wrote the article about having everything you need for evacuation in one place in the garage).

    Cooked a turkey, had a fine meal then dehyrdrated all the left over white meat (left the dark meat in the fridge for sandwiches and other meals). Boiled the carcas and pressure canned 8 pints of turkey broth/stock.

    Canned 18 pints of hot links and smoked sausage, and have another 9 in the pressure cooker now.

    Dehydrated tomatoes and hot peppers.

    Had a major realization that could have killed my family in a true EOTWAWKI situation. I’m getting ready to put in a new garden area – somewhere between 3/4 and 1 acre. I’ve been buying packets of heirloom seeds, sealing them in mylar bags and freezing them. I don’t know where my head was (OK, I’ll just go ahead and admit here – I’m blonde), but somehow I was thinking that would be sufficient to feed my family. I now realize I need at least several acres, and pounds of seeds not packets and a dependable source of water. We’re all on wells out here – no electricity = no water. I have 5- 275 gallon water containers for drinking water, which are set up so that I can collect rainwater into them, but watering a large garden is another story.

    Many of my mealworms are going into the pupae stage and a few have turned into beetles (which are kinda cute). I’ll be getting a much bigger container soon, because if I needed these to keep my chickens alive, I’d need a ton of them. Will also need to buy a few bags of chicken mash for the mealworm food. You have to admit, not many people can open up a conversation with “I’m growing meal worms in my kitchen”.

    Not really prepping, but ordered 2 cords of seasoned split oak for delivery later today, and someone to come over with a splitter to split the remainder of the black oak my son cut down 2 years ago. The 2 trunks of this thing were huge (over 3 feet in diameter, 5′ for the main trunk), and it’s those pieces we’ll need to have split. I also plan to rent a metal detector to find enough gold in my creek to pay off my house – that’s my story, I’m sticking to it, and believing it with all my heart and soul.

    • Put it on your board! Write the check out to the mortgage company, then in big red print write “PAID IN FULL” accross the check and pin it up there. Well, you already know all of this. Congratulations on paying off your mortgage!

    • Sw't Tater says:

      When you dehydrated your turkey, what temp? how long? does it have to be spicy to keep? ask because, I’ve not did very well with meats…

      • Since it was meat, I put it on 155 degrees (the red on my Excalibur) and did fairly small pieces. It was done in the morning and was pretty crispy – which is how you want it. I didn’t add an spices, I’ll do that when I rehydrate it into soup.

    • Michele, be sure to look into the Back to Eden gardening approach for stretching your water inputs.

      We’ve only got a small patch so far, but the young fruit tree has really taken off since we installed the 4″ to 6″ covering about two moths ago. We’re still behind on rainfall, but the mulch is keeping the soil moist. Can’t wait to put in the next area and see how the veggies do with it next spring.

    • Michele, I hope you like the two books as much as I have. What did you end up doing about the retirement payout? Smart girl using the strep throat mixture, are you gargling some of it before swallowing? I think it was Buhner that suggested it. Also, better if you use Bragg’s Apple cider vinegar.

      • As a matter of fact, I did use Bragg’s Apple cider, because my cider vinegar is not done ‘brewing’ yet.

        I decided to do exactly as the pack suggested, take the money and run. I didn’t put a penny into it, it was purely a company benefit, and if we have a major depression, GEICO might not be there in 10 years when I could collect it. It was the right thing for me when I considered all angles, and you all kind of confirmed that. I should get the money in the first week of December, so I’m going to contact all my creditors and see if the will give me a deal when paying them off (I can dream!)

    • Plant Lady says:

      george: So very sorry to hear about the shingles! If you don’t have them already, have the dr. prescribe Lidoderm patches. They work really, really well on the pain. Non-narcotic, so you can still function normally. It is a topical anesthetic and was developed specifically for shingles. They are real expensive, but everyone I have talked to that used them say they are worth every penny.
      I used them a couple years for permanent nerve damage in my foot and they sure helped me. You can cut them up and cover a few different areas if needed.

      • Plant Lady says:

        Oops-don’t know how my reply to george ended up here?

        michele: yep…i had that same -OMG- moment last year. We got talking about it here. Had really thought a garden 275’x70′ with an “ell” 75’x70′ would be plenty…until I got out the Ball Blue Book, various food storage charts, seed catalogs, etc. and actually did the math. Good heavens! As if that wasn’t enough of a shock, got sidetracked with all the charts and ALSO realized that 87 dozen canning jars aren’t enough for even a year when we have to depend on all home-raised food!
        Did make progress on more food growing area – see my post below.

    • Michele –
      For your garden space, from my experience, you’ll need about 2.5 acres under food production to come close to feeding a family of 4 (2 adults, 2 kids). If you go with cows instead of goats, you’ll need a couple more acres.
      As for water, since vegetables need about an inch of water per week delivered by either rainfall or irrigation, that equates to around 29,000 gallons per acre per week that you have under cultivation. Since, like me, you live in an area that doesn’t get summer rain. you’ll need A LOT of storage capacity.
      Trying to be truly self-sufficient isn’t easy….

      • No it isn’t, but I’m certainly grateful I have all you guys for both information and to bounce problems off of.

        I’m not trying to feed just a family of 4. I have 4 children, and 8 grandchildren, and my mother and brother and his wife – and the neighbors. I figure we are all better off if there are more people around, but at least, if given a little more time, I might have a year or two, and if they want to eat, the neighbors will have to garden too. Every time I look at the massive amount of food it takes to feed that many people for a year, I get terrified.

        • Michele –
          Wow – that’s a lot of mouths to feed! My place has been self-sustaining for a good while now but it took a long time to get to this point and it helps that I’m single and my diet is extremely simple.
          Seems your biggest hurdles will be getting your soil built up so it can sustain intensive gardening and having enough water available to keep things healthy through the summer months.

          The first priority I would have though would not be about food, but sanitation. Since you said you’re on a well, I assume you’re also on a septic system. A system that can handle 16 full-time residents safely will either be high tech or very large (depending on your soil make up) and if large, will heavily impact the area available for cultivation.
          Before planning new gardens, I’d be sure I could provide a safe environment regarding fresh water and waste disposal first. Hope you weren’t kidding about having that gold filled stream to fall back on….

          • Fortunately, I live at the top of a hill, and we all have deep wells, so if necessary, and we had no water (for flushing toilets), we could easily build outhouses. My neighbors and I all have 5 acres, and I thinking if I’m feeding them, they should be willing to help out with the housing of my children. It’s a pretty good assumption, especially since I have pretty nice neighbors.

            I’m looking forward to finding a bunch of gold nuggets in that stream, and if I do, will have another well dug at the bottom of the hill and have a hand pump installed.

            The son who lives with me has a zip line here for the kids, and if necessary, we could move that to haul water up the hill.

            • Michele –
              Sounds like you’ve thought things through pretty well. Is your current well over 200′ ?
              Just remember though, that outhouses need to be sited by soils studies just the same as leach fields. Digging one at an inappropriate site will create more problems than it solves.

          • k.fields,

            We both live in No. CA, so I wonder if we live close enough to meet somewhere in between some day? I’m in the Sierra Nevada foothills near Placerville.

            • Michele,
              I’m on the lost coast between Rock Port and Shelter Cove, but I occasionally head up to Tahoe and over to Reno going past your place. Next trip I’ll contact you over on your blog (nicely done by the way) and we could meet for a cup of coffee. It would be fun.

        • Michele:

          I got a book that might help you with that herd. It’s called “To Serve Man” by Karl Wurf. On the back is a recipe for Texas Chili w/Cowboy. I keep my copy on the table for all those who think coming to my house when trouble starts, and they haven’t done anything themselves, sounds like a good idea. Most get the hint.

          (Course if they are all invited over, then that’s another matter, and I definitely admire the work you’re willing to do for them. Hope they appreciate it.)

          • The neighbors don’t know.

            My kids agree with what I’m doing, but either no one has any money to help out (I think it’s more this than anything) or their money priorities are elsewhere, and I’m the only one footing the REALLY BIG bill.

            I rarely get out to do anything fun, and ‘dinner out’ involves 2 tacos for $1 at Jack in the Box occasionally.

            Bums me out sometimes that I can’t spend my own money on fun things for me, but if things really do go bad, it will all have been worth it to watch my grandchildren grow up big and healthy.

            • I understand. My oldest daughter lives here in town, has 2 GROWING boys and has moved in with her not-boyfriend and his 14 yr old, so extra cash is something they don’t have. Both have past financial problems they refuse to repeat but they are still suffering from the effects of. That plus the apartment they live in is really some, no real storage space.

              That’s one of the big reasons that we are looking for a larger place out of town. Won’t be far, but we need the room. At that point I’ll give them their own storage space at the “ranch” and they can start filling it up. They say they understand the need, but still have troubles looking past today to see tomorrow.

              The other daughter is on the east coast and just pats me on the head and says she loves me, as crazy as I am. She sees the current problems but thinks the government is going to get its act together, then the rest of the country will be able to prosper and things won’t be as bad as I think. What can we do but be a good example and prep on.

              I understand the “night out” comment. We just took our 1st “vacation” in 12 years. Mostly because our youngest was on the west coast, so we hooked up with her for 4 days. Next one won’t be until we’ve moved and all the debts are gone.

          • That is funny! Great sense of humor, although I wonder if the recipe will need to be adjusted for zombie meat.

        • Plant Lady says:

          Yep, that is the subject that gives me nightmares. I can remember sitting stunned for hours after I kept doing the math and it kept coming out with the same huge numbers! I hadn’t bothered really doing the math before…heck, we have 23 acres and (to a non-prepper) a huge garden…bound to already have more than enough space ready to grow lots of food for ourselves and others – WRONG! Luckily we do have more land we can devote to growing and I have a huge head start on gardening knowledge (I once took a certificate course in Horticulture and ended up teaching it after a week)…and I am still seriously concerned. If that doesn’t scare you, it should!
          And while I am pretty worried on our account, I am terrified for those I hear/read talking about growing what they need on a suburban lot or an acre or two…starting right after TSHTF. Gardens don’t just happen – it can take years to gain the needed knowledge, accumulate the needed tools and prepare and learn the growing area(s), before you really “know” what to do when and where, and why. Growing anything is a crapshoot at best…weather, insects, disease, wild birds, animals and karma seem to conspire against you. These old sayings “say” it all on how many seeds to plant to get just one plant to produce:
          English saying:
          One for the rock, one for the crow, one to die and one to grow.
          American saying (paraphrased from several):
          One for the weather, one for the crow,
          One for disease, one for the doe,
          One for bad luck and general woe,
          one for the cutworm and one to grow.
          So what that tells us is we need enough growing area to plant 4-7 times as much as we hope to reap per year, then multiply by 2 or more years. And that doesn’t include orchard/berry/grape areas, nut trees, maples for sugar, livestock areas, livestock feed areas…
          Boy, I would feel a lot more secure with a LOT more land!

      • I’m still trying to absorb that thought – 2.5 acres for a family of 4 (and not 4 adults). I’m going to try to cram as much as I can on my 3/4 acre lot. We’ve already planted some pear trees and blueberry bushes. We’re contemplating what other fruit-bearing trees to plant aside from apples. Our garden area is 20′ by 40′ and the hubby wants to extend it another 10 feet but isn’t sure it will work considering the slope of the yard. In the meantime, I’ll keep buying LOTS of canned goods.

    • worrisome says:

      Time for some sort of solar water heater pump maybe? I have a flo jack, but I am thinking along those lines……..

    • Michele…I keep a wheeled and sealed plastic trunk in an outside building here as my “BOT” (bug-out-trunk). It has 3 days of everything in it: food, clothing, incidentals, meds, etc. It’s a great grab & go item. Glad to see you’re doing the same.

      • Maybe you can rig up some rain barrels with drip iregation lines or soaker hoses, I water my garden with soaker hoses on a timer to be consitent and not wast any water. If you have the barrels you could gradually fill from the well when needed if rain is low. A big 500 or 1000 gallon tank hooked to multiple lines in the garden would give you a good start. You can water the fruit trees with 5 gallons buckets with a couple small holes so it drips out over a day or so so their is very little evaporation. I also water my trees with with a copper “T” about 3 foot tall i soldered together and put a hose end on one top of the tee and pluged the other side and and flattend down the bottom and drilled about three or four 1/8 ” holes at the bottom up each side starting and inch apart in the bottom and push this in the ground down about a foot or two and depending on your tree and root water my trees, if the ground is dry a hard turn it on and then twist it back and forth and let the water help dig you hole gets the water where it needs to be and does not waste any.

    • Michele, ouch, that must have been an awful feeling when the reality of how much to grow hit home!!!

      Have you made any changes to more-intensive planting and using laid-down week barrier & mulch for some veggies to any degree?

  34. Uncle Charlie says:

    MD, don’t you think a 2 hr. fire rating is a little over the top? The size of your BOP would probably be fully engulfed and over is less than an hour. I’ve been looking a safes for a couple of years now and there seem to be plenty of good safes for less than half that price. But then it’s always nice to dream.

  35. M.D. so glad to hear Faith is doing better. Think of her and pray for her every time we tend to our dogs.

    Hubby bought a small cheap tablet type reading system a while back, I mentioned it would be good to have all of our documents on it and in a faraday cage. Turns out that’s what he did and purchased another to use while out of town to read books.

    We purchased
    1 cs. of Ramen Noodels
    1 cs of condensed milk
    a flat of mixed veggies
    2 boxes of lasagna
    44 lbs of Great Northern Beans

    Also discussed that we probably already have the worlds largest dehydrator in our greenhouse. And the fact it would be a great place to put a solar stove to cook with, sheltered and added sun energy.

    Read “Back to Eden”, “Adrians War” this were good to remind us of different preps and weapons. Made me look at some plants that would be useful around the house, etc.

    A little sad as youngest child moved closer to her job but, closer to earth quake ruin and farther from us. Worry all the time about my girls being too far to reach me in an emergency. Can’t seem to get them on board.

    Had a strange experience this week at work. I had to travel to one of our outer offices this week. When I arrived and booted up my computer all was well a few minutes later the internet stopped working, the phones would only work for local calls, and our cell phones were not working. We had power but it sure was eerie! Got phones and internet back by noon.

    I have to tell you the hair on the back of my neck stood up for most of the day!

    Hope everyone is well! Stay safe stack it high!

  36. Warmongerel says:

    Didn’t do too much this week – limited time & money a bit tight. Mostly did a lot of research and learning.

    I did, however, order a few extra mags for one of my 9mm’s. Which brings me to a concern that I have. Both of my 9mm’s use ammo that is hard to find unless I order it online.

    I’m thinking of using them for backups and ceasing to buy ammo for them. I want a handgun that I can walk into any store and buy ammo for. The ones that I’m looking at are:




    I like the Sig, but am leaning towards the Glock because I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. Anyone have any input?

    Glad to hear the pup is doing better MD. Bless the creatures, great and small.

    • Cold Warrior says:

      The only handguns we own is one S&W J-frame .38 revolver and 5 Glock 19’s. The revolver sits in the safe, and a Glock goes with us when ever we leave the house.

    • riverrider says:

      for the price of a sig you can buy a lifetime supply of ammo(how many gunfights do you think you can win?), however maybe you need to upgrade to one that can eat anything. frankly i’ve never had a nine that didn’t eat anything i could get. i’m not sure i’d go .40 because most pd’s are going away from it and most civilians will follow the trend like good little lemmings, thus reducing the availability and increasing the cost of .40. choose between 9mm for accuracy and cost, or 45 for PERCEIVED power and run with it. jm2c.

      • The way the feds are gobbling up all the .40 sw and .357 sig ammo, 9mm should have better availability, but why not get both just in case?
        I’m working on getting as many calibers as i can, so no matter what I run across I should be able to use it.
        The Glock is a very good weapon,reliable,accuate, easy to work on,has lots out there for customizing,but it is double action only with no manual safety.
        The Sig is a great weapon everything the Glock is only more so, it can be fired single action or double action, and has a manual safety.
        But it is hard to justify the price differance in these times.Either one would serve you well,take them each out for test shoot see which one works better for you.

      • Jarhead 03 says:

        Warmongerel, I have been a proud Glock owner since ’94 owning a G22 and now a G21SF.
        As to the ammo issue, 9mm is the most available round on the market followed by the 40. What type of ammo are you looking for that’s the issue? I’m not a big 9mm fan but respect it’s availability, controlled accurate shot placement and cost.
        If you are looking at the Glock 22 I have carried it as a uniformed security and bodyguard for almost 15 years and loved its weight, balance, controlled fire and capacity. Can’t say enough and carried it on many hiking trips before it was stollen. I now own the Glock 21SF in .45.
        Sig makes great guns and fired the 226 in 9 and 40 as well as qualified my 45 carry permit with a Sig 220. Like River said for the price of a Sig you can buy the Glock and plenty of ammo for the same price. I wholeheartedly agree with River.

    • I am really happy with my Glock.

    • Warmongerel says:

      Thanks all.

      I have an old Spanish 9mm Astra 400 (1936 model, mint condition) that is chambered for 9mm Largo, but will supposedly fire any 9mm ammo. I just don’t think that would be a very wise thing to do, though. Having it blow up in my hand sounds kind of unpleasant.

      As far as a Sig being so much more expensive, at the links I posted above the Sig is actually a lot cheaper than the Glock. Guess I’m kind of confused there. I’ve never bought a brand new handgun, so I’m still getting a feel for prices. All of mine have been secondhand.

      As far as which ammo I want – yeah, it would be nice to have something other than 9mm (I own 2). In the near future, I stand to inherit a Ruger .357 and a S&W .38, so I don’t want to go with those calibers. Like BiG D said: diversify. Hence, the .40.

      But what I really want is something that I can just walk into any store and buy ammo for instead of hunting for hours for it. .40 seems to fit all of those criteria.

      Thanks again for your suggestions. Always happy to learn more.

      • The 9mm largo should not be used with either the 9mm parabellum (9×19) or the 9mm Makarov (9×18) It is close enough to the 9mm Bayard long at 9×23 mm to use that, sometimes called the 9mm Bergmann Bayard. Not to be confused with the 9mm Win Magnum 9×23 as this round is a much higher pressure round and could lead to failure of the Astra. The 9mm family of ammo all shoulder space in the chamber and using a shorter round than intended is bad. Then there is a difference in diameter in some 9×18 is not the same as the rest.

        • Warmongerel says:

          Thanks AZ.

          Yeah, I have a 9mm Makarov, too. Wouldn’t think of putting those rounds into the Astra. That’s the one that my daughter shoots. Nice and small for her.

          The rest of the info helps a lot. I’m still going to get the Sig or the Glock, though. I really need a “normal” handgun.

  37. MENTALMATT says:

    Not much on preps this week, gotta wait till next week when I get paid. The 10 oz bar of silver I bought has finally shipped. I’m watching this economy with alot of nervousness… Hang in there pack

    • Cold Warrior says:

      Matt, you can say that again about the economy! My DW works for a large European own medical company and they are cutting costs and job slots like crazy. I don’t think that they have hired a new employee in over a year.

      “Being concerned….it’s not just for preppers anymore”.

    • riverrider says:

      you hang in there matt, but not too long. thanks for keeping that thin blue line.

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      Mentalmatt, I feel you there. During my vacation/prep fest I lost my phone and that set me back $600 to replace so I am broke until Thursday. Preps and some stored gas will get me through but one or two bills will be late.

  38. MountainSurvivor says:

    It’s exciting to know that Faith is getting better. Got some glass baby food jars to clean out, fill with oil and insert a wick into for using as makeshift lights. May fill them with a clean-burning wax so that they can be taken anywhere without the threat of fuel being lost if they get tipped over. Pulled up keeper onions in the nick of time a couple days ago before rain had a chance to start and they are nearly ready to be taken off the drying rack now. Made a large batch of chicken noodle soup and let the chicken boil long enough to let the meat reach that easy break-apart stage before putting the noodles in. Mighty good on a cold rainy day. Got some whole roasting chickens for .99 cents a pound for canning and storing. Been watching a baby squirrel with a fat little tummy come on up and eat the pet’s food over the last three days. No sense in killing it because it will probably die anyway due to the possibility that it, like those before it, may have an intestinal parasite. One of those that eventually kills it’s host and becomes apparent after it penetrates through the skin. If I want to eat worms, I can always grow my own. Fried, baked or barbecued, they’re always in style.

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      MountainSurvivor, a good tip on eating worms if you have to is raise some chickens or quails and mix in eggs with them. Great protein and cuts out the stigma or mental set backs of eating worms. Did this in survival school.

  39. I actually got quite a bit done this week. I decided to research non-traditional medicine. I bought an essential oil kit from Amazon and researched how to use it. I made a list of all the oils and what they help, including what they will help my family with. There are a few I can’t handle, due to having epilepsy.

    I started (and almost completed) on online Homeopathic course (strictly for personal growth).

    I made a rocket stove (my first), but haven’t figured out what I’m doing wrong on getting it started. I think I just need practice building a fire.

    I ordered some more non-GMO/Heritage seeds for my garden next year.

    I checked on line to see if I could make any of my own essential oils, using the plants/trees in my yard. In doing so, I researched how to make essential oils, and started rose oil, rose hip oil, Rosemary oil and mint oil.

    My son asked if we could raise chickens, and I told him we had to make a coop first. He asked his friend to ask his dad for a couple pieces of plywood and built a small (2 chicken) coop. He got everything but the door put on. So I guess I have to research where to find chickens.

      • I did already get a book on raising chickens (hens). My city doesn’t allow roosters. I’ll check the local feed store when I’m actually ready to buy. Thanks for the link though.

    • Petnumber1 says:

      Loriann, go to mypetchicken.com – everything you need to know about raising chickens is there…including the chickens themselves! 🙂

    • Loriann,

      This is the first year we’ve had chickens. I only have Barred Plymouth Rocks & Rhode Island Reds. If I could do it over again I’d only get the Plymouth Rocks. They seems to be friendlier, better layers & more willing to stay close to home.

      • My mom had scars on her ankles from childhood. She said it was the Rhode Island Red chickens they had when she was a child.

      • I don’t care for Reds either, they can be mean. I’ve always liked Buff Orpingtons, they are both cute, waddle when they walk and very nice chickens. This time around I got things more buffs, Americanas, Black Astrolorps and Spangled Hamburgs for layers, and Silkies and Polish (both bantam breeds) for broody types (to hatch new eggs from the layers).

        • +1 on the Orpingtons. Great hens to deal with, decent amount of eggs, always come when called and plump enough that they usually can’t fly over a simple field fence. Excellent around kids also.

          • I"m A Prep Kat says:

            Odd. the buff orpingtons I had were MEAN!! gave 1 to a friend and it attacked his daughter every time she came near. Good thing they tasted good or it would have been a total wash for me!

            • I came home from work today and found that my chicken run was smashed to the ground (hog wire) and there were 3 dogs inside the pen that had killed all my chickens. I’m still crying and so upset. I had wanted to try Buff Orpington’s so maybe in the spring I will be getting some along with more Barred Rocks. I’m so upset at the loss of my flock. I took such good care of my chickens (especially compared to my neighbors). The only good thing to come from this is that now I get someone else to pay for the pen. Animal control said that since the dogs killed something that the owner will have to compensate me for the ckns, the run & anything else I can think of to throw in. The court date is in a month.

            • Kate,

              That’s terrible news. Hopefully the dogs had tags and animal control is able to find the owners. I would get a few estimates to have a coop professionally built–that way you have something to hand the judge. I wish people would be more responsible pet owners.

            • Kate…so sorry about your chickens! The one thing I know about that is that dogs who taste chicken will do it again. Also: what kind of dogs were they? Did they pose any threat to you?

            • Tactical G-Ma says:

              I am so sorry about your chickens. Hope you make them pay for every egg your hens would have laid and any chicks, etc.

              I love dogs and all animals but some owners just don’t get it. One neighbor frequently just opened their door and let their Marmaduke looking beast run loose. It is a sweet, loving animal but it ran into my front yard and jumped on DH from behind knocking him to the ground. DH is aging and bad heart, bad bones, arthur you name it. I called the owner and told them to get the dog and keep it home or I would put it down. (Fortunately I wasn’t called out.)

              I just don’t know what I would have done if I came home to what you came home to. You were definitely right to work within the law. Good luck. Will be praying for your peace of mind.

            • Thanks Bam Bam. The dogs were tagged and will be cited. I have to go to court and the owner will be cited for property damage. Supposedly, if I have an itemized bill to show the judge I will be compensated. However, that does nothing to help a broken hearted little boy who lost 4 pets in one day.

            • The owners will be cited…not the dogs.

            • Kate, so sorry to hear of your loss. Azy

            • I"m A Prep Kat says:

              Hugs, Kate. I am soo sorry about your flock. I had a neighbor’s dog kill two of my hens last year, but I had no proof.

            • Hunker-Down says:


              I hope the judge awards you a chicken castle and a new flock.

            • Kate –
              I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your flock. Please keep us posted on how everything comes out.

            • Soggy Prepper says:

              So sorry about your chickens! What a horrible thing to come home too. I can’t even imagine.
              Sad to say though, my DH would have shot the dogs. A chicken killing dog is a bad thing and with 3 you have a pack mentality.
              We have a friend that lost a baby llama to a dog pack. She got a couple of them though. a pit and a golden retriever, the other couple got away but they never came back.
              The baby llama made it but had quite a bum leg for awhile and she had quite a bum vet bill!
              No one ever said anything about the 2 dead dogs, no one ever claimed them.
              Sad when people let dogs roam.

            • Soggy Prepper says:

              Gaah, correction to my post,
              “almost” meant to say “almost” lost a baby llama!

            • Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts. I go to court at 9 am tomorrow. Apparently the city moves fast if something is killed. I went this morning and itemized all my expenses that I could to turn in to claim property damage. This afternoon (at 4) when I found out I go to court in the morning, I also found out that I had to have an application to have the ckns. In the time it took me to build a coop & get chickens (a year due to people deciding to keep the birds that promised me 1/2 their flock) the regulations changed. I checked the regulations when I built the coop but not since. So, I may be getting a ticket when I go to court as well as the dog owner. The dog owner will be losing his dogs I do know that. I’m hoping the judge is more focused on a repeat dog violation offender then if I have a free permit. I’m very irritated since I’m the only one (of the chicken keepers on my block) that doesn’t have a fence. So, even though I had the cleanest set up around here because I’m the only one w/out a fence, my birds were killed and I may be fined for being a bird over & not having the free application & permit. Why the city wants to know who has birds I don’t know. I’m more then irritated…I’m p’o’d!! If only I could afford a privacy fence!! All the neighbors willing signed the application where I had to have their approval that I wouldn’t let my birds be a nuisance. If I would have known it would be such a problem I would have killed the dogs…maybe that would have made my blood boil a little less!!!

            • Jarhead 03 says:

              Kate, sorry to hear about that. I’m guessing if the dogs do it again they will put them down but I’m thinking as much as I love dogs, I’d have put them down myself. Sorry for your kid, they should have to deal with that. I hope they award you the maximum possible and come down hard in the dogs owners.

            • Kate,

              I am so upset by what happened to your girls. I’m so sorry. I would be a mess! Oh, and your poor little boy. Makes me want to cry.

              If you decide to rebuild and get enough money to cover the expense of building it, the coop I have is specially designed to keep out predators of all kinds. The coop is the garden coop and you can see it on their website at http://www.thegardencoop.com. I have the plans in pdf that I can send you in an email if you want them.

              Good luck in court and keep us posted.

            • Kate, I’m so sorry about your chickens, and hope everything goes well for you in court today.

            • Thank you everyone for all your good thoughts. I went to court and the judge threw everything he could at the guy. The animal control officer had come to talk to me before court. She said that since the chicken code was so obscure and a code not an ordinance (upheld by the police dep’t) she didn’t even mention my lack of application to the judge. I had called planning & zoning yesterday and they e-mailed me the application and codes. You have to have 30,000 square feet to have more then 3 hens. I have to figure out how much I have. My property is a 5 sided lot so it’s going to take some figuring. If I have more then 30,000 square feet I will have to move the coop but don’t have to have the application. I think I have about .5 of an acre but 30,000 sq feet is .6 of an acre.

              Anyway, the dog owner lost custody of his dogs. The fines for that were about $500+ by the time you added in license fees, leash laws & etc. Then the judge asked how much I figured my property damage was worth. I had my itemized list and he glanced at it and said fine. So the owner has to pay me $720 that I figured it cost. I had thrown in food, straw & etc that I figured the judge would cut out but he approved it all. Payable within 30 days. The guy is on probation because of this so I know I’ll get my money. He was very apologetic and offered to buy me more birds. I didn’t say anything. I did start to cry when the judge opened the file & I saw the pictures of my dead girls all in a row. So I’m very thankful that I wasn’t cited for a hen over and not having an application & that the owner has to pay the cost of a new run. It just doesn’t bring back our sweet girls. I’m now glad I didn’t shoot the dogs as this ruling as made the whole ordeal a little easier.

              Thank you again everyone for the ideas and good thoughts & prayers you sent my way!

            • I am glad things got worked out, and in a timely & positive fashion. This is costing the dogs’ owner. I am glad he was apologetic.

            • Tactical G-Ma says:

              Good news. Justice is served. Still sorry about your girls.
              Your total property size should be a matter of public record. Call your county or city building or property tax department. They should be able to tell you where you can find the most recent survey.

  40. KR Prepper says:

    What’s up All!

    It’s been awhile since I’ve been on. The truck accident kept me back a few weeks, but All is well.

    The same week of the accident I got a job working for an Irrigation company temp. It’s been great and I’m saving up for a van that I will convert in to a Urban Camper/Bug out vehicle. It’ll be a small version of my cabin, with the ability to boondock up to 3-4weeks easily. I thought that it would be better than the truck camper due to space.

    Just this week I’ve also been blessed with a job at a Military Suplus store. I will have major access to tons of gear. So anyone needing anything for bug out bags, or general camping supplies. Please hit me up at [email protected]

    Made pizza with veggies from the garden.
    Caned 36 quarts Tomatoes
    Made 3 quarts tomato sauce.
    Bought prepacked tortilla flour.
    Found gluten free brown rice bread and froze.
    Dehydrated packages of strawberries
    Dehydrated strawberry leaves for tea.

    Set up JuJizsu training.
    Practiced 20 hours archery last week.

    Started weight lifting. Focusing on overall toning

    Finished off bug out bag, needing to buy another backpack, as my standard one is filled to capacity.

    All in all, the studio close brought some challenges, but the freedom that comes from knowing your skills will help others when called upon makes all the difference. Praying for everybody 🙂

  41. Great to hear that Faith is making marked improvement. Our furbabies are just as important as our human babies.
    Let’s see. Did a TON of research on raising goats this week. By the end of next year our plan is to have 10 goats. Meat and Milk.
    My project for the winter, I finalized my design drawings on my Top Bar Beehive, this week, and made my materials list for this. Going to begin with one hive, but hope to expand to several. Never raised Bees before, but I’m looking forward to the new experience, as well as to the honey, and the wax.
    Tilled the garden under, getting ready for the next one. Created a support system for my old Bluberry Bush, out of old PVC piping and fittings I had laying around.
    Removed the wheels from the “almost free” 12 ft. Hauling trailer I bought, and cleaned out the old axle grease from the bearings. Will repack with fresh, once I have the tires re-mounted since they are both flat as a pancake.
    Did my usual Coop cleaning, and did our monthly tip to SAMS. Ready for a new week!

    • Petticoat Prepper says:

      Good luck with the bees! This was my first year. The girls swarmed in June (have a back up hive in case you need one) lost my swarm after collecting it due to lack of empty hive. Bought new queen, girls killed her. Ordered 2nd new queen and they suggested I get some brood to help the girls accept her. Contacted a local bee guy begging to buy some brood. He was very nice and sold me a couple of frames of brood. New queen arrived. Installed into hive along with brood….. Thought I’d move some frames to the empty hive and start a second one. Brushed off girls into empty hive only to find a queen cell…which I broke open. Queen and girls returned to orginal hive and killed 2nd bought queen.. All is right in bee world though and I managed to get 1.5 gallons of honey this year. More hives and girls next year. Best of luck!

      • Oh my goodness. What a mess. I’m thinking of getting bees this spring with a neighbor. What advice could you give me so this mess won’t happen to me! Also, did you do a top bar hive?

        • Petticoat Prepper says:

          No top bar hive. Part of my problem was beekeeping for dummies. I followed his information about feeding the first season and THAT was why my girls swarmed.

          Best bit of advice? Look for a local beekeeping group. I found one here (thanks to guy I bought brood from). Not only are there monthly meetings specific to my area and newsletters…but during swarm season they call around to each member for swarm removal. Yeah! Free bees!

          Other than that? Start getting your hives together now and order your bees this winter. They’ll arrive in spring but don’t wait to order. I didn’t realize the narrow window for getting bees!

  42. Got a second 55 gallon rain barrel installed. Everything worked.
    Cleaned out the first flush pipe. Must do it more often.
    Tested the emergency solar panel – battery – inverter setup.
    Ran the washing machine for one load with it. A OK.
    Last week was the Costco run.
    Too tired to anything more for now. Being 76 limits one.
    Keep prepping.

  43. Petnumber1 says:

    Hi all 🙂

    A very weak week, as far as prepping goes. We had our first hard freeze, so much of my non-work time was spent out in the garden and yard, getting everything ready for winter. All the raised beds are cleaned out, except for a few stubborn tomato plants that are entangled in each others’ cages and refuse to budge. Need a man to help me with those. Going to plant the garlic next weekend. Canned all the ripe tomatoes and put aside the green ones – not really sure what to do with those? But there must be something….

    Yard is cut, fall-fertilized, and the hoses/sprinklers are all put away. The only things left are covering the grandson’s swingset and yard toys, cleaning and putting the patio furniture away, and the dreaded fall deep-cleaning of the chicken coop. Those will be my projects for next weekend and the weekend after. Hope to get back to prepping after that. First thing will be to cut up the pie pumpkins, mash, and freeze them for pie and bread this winter. I also will be re-organizing the garage, and making a “root cellar” inside the garage for all the onions, potatoes, and squash that are curing in the garden. Should keep me busy until November! 🙂

    MD, SO glad to hear little Faith is doing better! The power of prayer!

    Quick question to the Pack – can anyone recommend any nut trees that don’t grow too huge? I can fit one into my front yard, but there isn’t a ton of space. Would appreciate any recommendations. That’s a serious gap in my preps – nuts tend to go rancid over time, so I’d like to have a tree.

    Hope everyone has a terrific week! 🙂

  44. Suburban Housewife says:

    There seems to be a lot of believers on this blog – so I’d just like to say that the Bible repeatedly tells us not to fear, He is with us. Also remember this – one – Matt 24:6
    “It is going to happen that you are going to hear battles and reports of wars.Take heed that you will not be troubled, for it is necessary that all these things should happen, but it will not yet be the end.”
    (Aramaic Bible in Plain English)
    So whoever gets elected won’t have an easy time of it – but I am 100% convinced that just about anyone is better than what we have at the moment! I watch the debates and listen to the news and remind myself of this verse all the time – stuff has gotta happen, He’ll provide and take care of us. But that doesn’t mean to be stupid and not be prepared as much as possible. I also have to repeat that to my self every time I feel like I am just not prepared enough – which is pretty much all the time because I am not prepared enough – as I have come to this prepping business fairly recently. I am better off now than I was when I started and I do my best – what more can be done?
    I don’t know who I am married to anymore – the normally reserved, quiet guy who just sort of snickered at me and my prep stuff has gone ballistic – we took our first NRA handgun class and took our CA permit test last weekend, and he could barely wait to get to the gun store and buy our first handgun! we got a Glock 34 because we can both handle it comfortably and we will be a 1 pistol family for a while. We can pick it up the middle of this week and he can hardly wait. He is in Austria right now and he saw a gun store there he wants to go to. How can he buy a gun in Austria and get it back here – we live in CA for crying out loud! I couldn’t even buy a gun in NC! He called me while I was at Walmart – the first thing he asked me was – am I buying ammo? Not how are you – I miss you -or I love you – nope. Am I getting ammo – !!! LOL

    I am still afraid and uncomfortable with the whole gun thing – but I’ll get there. Mind you we have been married a VERY long time and he has traveled most of that time. This time before he left he brought me his shotgun, showed me how to load it and now it sits next to my bed. What?? Who is this guy?? LOL

    We are working our way slowly thru MD’s 31 days book – v-e-r-y—s-l-o-w-l-y but at least he is on board. We did the skill evaluation and decided we need more first aid and medical skills – so I am going to try to work on alternative – herbs and essential oils and stuff and he is going to try to work on more conventional supplies. We will see how this works out. Also have started trying to figure out how we can get some land somewhere that makes sense – but then we are in CA – so that might be impossible

    So lets see – these are recent – maybe not just the last week as I am just getting readjusted to being home still – I had ordered so many things then left home – now I am getting to try them all out. At the same time stuff has been thrown in the garage and piled up, what a mess.
    Speaking of garage – we have one of those 3 car garage where one little car pulls all the way in and another parks behind it – so from the street it looks like a two car garage. We insulated the door this week but it still gets a little warm in there. I am thinking we need to curtain off the back part. put our preps back there and maybe get a swamp cooler for that section – but I don’t know – I am thinking we have 0-5 years max before we will be in a position that we will be living off what I’m storing – will the food really go that bad that fast? I don’t think it hardly ever gets up to 80 in there – but maybe high 70’s sometimes. I bought a thermometer today so I can monitor it. I don’t know anything about swamp coolers or if that is practical – all I’ve heard is that they are cheap to operate and I can’t think of anything else.

    Took our handgun training and bought a Glock 34 with ear protection and snap caps – no – I did not buy ammo yet. Still waiting to take possession of the gun.

    Canned strawberry/balsamic vinegar/black pepper jam and also strawberry/fig jam

    Used my pressure canner for the first time to can vegetable stock – it was so easy I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to do it – I’ve had the canner for probably 20-25 years!

    Used my new dehydrator for some bananas, and tomatoes and this evening I am going to try strawberry/basil fruit leather.

    Hauled out my old bread maker – ground some wheat in my Vitamix dry blade container and have made several loaves of bread. Next week will go back to Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes and try some recipes in there with fresh milled whole wheat flour – Petticoat Prepper mentioned the book and it is a good one – sometimes I just don’t have room in my fridge for it though

    Cleaned out my fridge and freezer – which hasn’t been done since I started running around the country -since last January or something like that – can you say ICK? Still have to do the pantry and the fridge in the garage – which didnt get closed properly while I was gone and now has mold around the seal – meanwhile also throwing out all the GMO stuff I can – don’t have much as we pretty much stick to organic anyway. But reading labels and tossing as much poison as I can – the last thing we need is to make it thru TEOTWAWKI – then make ourselves sick by eating poor quality food. Sure hope Prop37 passes here. The big companies are campaigning ridiculously hard against it – people should be able to get a clue just from that fact alone – but then again – look who they elect…

    Done lots more but who really cares? – I’m just glad that DH is getting more and more on board, things are getting a little bit back to normal for me and that I can start getting back on this blog and see what you all are doing.

    Glad to hear Faith is improving – I pray that God will comfort and answer each and every one of your prayers.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      SOOO Wonderful… that your DH is on board and enthusiastic! What a wonderful week for your preps!
      We also PRAY that Prop37 passes there! I am glad you are getting to vote on it, we don’t have that honor.

    • AussieGuy says:

      Very true what you say about not fearing, and having trust in Him, but ever since I started prepping I’ve tried to hold it in a prayerful consideration and I always come back to the story of Joseph and how God showed him the meaning of Pharoah’s dream – that there were seven years of plenty ahead, and now was the time to fill the storehouses because seven years of famine was to follow. God asks us to trust Him, but He also expects us to study the times and prepare for what we see coming. (Does that make Joseph the first prepper?)

      • “Trust God… and fill the gas tank”

      • HomeINsteader says:

        Hello, AussieGuy! Depends on how you look at it, I suppose. I count Noah and his family as the “first preppers”; they built the ark, but then they had to stock it – not just with animals, but with foodstuffs and water for humans and critters. Doesn’t that qualify as “prepping”? I say it does!

      • Suburban Housewife says:

        LOL!! I think you are right! but it was a long time ago – a long time ago they called us survivalists – what were we called back then?

    • Petticoat Prepper says:

      Suburban Housewife,

      Sounds like your DH is really coming around! Mine isn’t completely onboard yet but the more he yells at the TV the more he thinks I’m doing the right thing.

      You’re right about the bread dough taking up a huge part of the fridge. I’ve cut the recipe in half to make it smaller and then too I’ve also just done one loaf. But there is something to be said for a no knead bread that tastes this good! Plus come the dark of winter my family really likes pizza made from that dough!

      I only started firing a gun this year. DD was asulted and then later picked up a stalker. I finally decided it was time to draw a line, ‘this far and no farther’. My trainer laughed and told me they were going to call me Bunny as they’d never seen anyone fire and then jump. 300 rounds on training day and I jumped each time. However, I’ve gone to the range quite a bit since then, sent a lot of lead down range and I don’t jump any more. Plus, at 30 feet…I can cover all my hits with one hand. Keep at it, you’ll get it. Never give up, never surrender….

      • Suburban Housewife says:

        Petticoat – I actually hadn’t thought about cutting the recipes in half – duh. Hope to make a few loaves from the book this week. I’d sure like to have seen you shooting – I bet it was cute! That’s some good shooting to be able to cover all your hits at 30′ – i will make that my first goal! I’m not so much afraid of shooting I’m afraid of accidents – or doing something wrong and hurting myself or someone else. I’m looking forward to getting more comfortable with the whole thing.

    • Suburban,
      In order to have your food storage not go stale, eat what you store and store what you eat. If you store rice and beans, eat rice and beans. etc. What I do is eat about half stored things and half fresh from the garden during the growing season. For regular groceries, the ones I don’t buy in bulk, it’s mostly meat and dairy, and the occasional replenishment of a spice I can’t grow. That way the things I eat from storage are only up to a couple years old. Some things keep longer than others. You can look the shelf lives up in any LDS preparedness book – they’re all over the internet in pdf form. Those are very handy books to look stuff up in.

      What you don’t want to have to do is switch to a strange diet, with your stored food, all of a sudden, and have it be stale to boot. Beans and whole wheat have a lot of fiber and if you’re not used to it, it can be a little rough on the gut, especially if you’re not grinding the wheat into flour first. You can also sprout the wheat and then cook it, that helps a bit.

      • Suburban Housewife says:

        Penny P – this whole food storage thing is a bit of a challenge. We eat really healthy, organic and fresh – I go to the farmers market once or twice a week and belong to a CSA (one of the very best things about living in So Cal)- we are vegetarians and half-hearted vegans (for health reasons not political ones) -mostly dairy free at home but just vegetarian eating out. We’re good with the fiber thing. But it’s a little challenging trying to figure out what to actually store in case the farmers markets become unavailable. We’ve been pretty successful gardeners in the past and are working toward edible landscaping now, but our yard is really tiny and we have an HOA to contend with. So I’ve been picking up canned veggies mostly, and now I am trying to pick up extra at the market and dehydrate or can my own since it’s so difficult to find non-GMO and/or organic vegetarian food from any of the usual companies. (I’m still searching and writing them asking about ingredients) – I’m mostly trying to dehydrate my own because I realized that here in earthquake country maybe glass jars of food aren’t the best idea. I’ve read about shelf life for stuff – but I worry that our garage is too warm for my dehydrated and canned stuff. I don’t have a lot yet – still trying to figure it all out.

    • cosmolined says:

      suburban housewife:
      Just an OLD shooter here. If you are starting with a caliber higher than .22, use both the insert ear plugs and the muffs. Only load one round at first until you get the hang of how the recoil is. (I almost got dusted when my son shot my .45 the first time….)
      God Bless, Cos

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      Suburban, I would agree with Prop 37 if it covered everything on food and drinks but they have picked and chose what they will and will not label. It will become another Prop 65 and that will eventually prohibit certain things from coming into the state without paying a penalty or completely ban them if Governor Moonbeam has his way.

      • mountain lady says:

        Jarhead, I agree that 37 could have been better written, but they did not ask for my help, lol. It is still a start, and can probably be acted on again. All GMO should be labelled. Why do we keep on electing idiots like Moonbeam. Maybe no one remembers the past, and so we have to repeat it again.

        • Jarhead 03 says:

          Mountain Lady, I agree! It’s like the school initiatives. I thought 30 was good until Gov Moonbeam supported it.
          As for Prop 32 on Unions and a
          “select few” businesses. In a union man by requirement but not a union guy. That said I’m only against it because it only applies to Unions and a few others but does not apply to major corporations and super PACs. If it applied to everyone I would have voted for it.

  45. Question: What did I do this week: (1) I went to Harbor Freight to buy more tools.(2) Researched and will buy repair parts for my SKS (3) I am rotating all the can food I have to make sure all are still good.(4) Buying more Ammo for target shooting (5) expanding my exercise program. In the coming bad times and later on real bad times, your health is going to be one of your best assets. Am 71 years, don ‘t take any meds, but do try to eat right and take some nutritional supplements.

  46. School House says:

    Another busy week again this week. The biggest thing that happened is except for our mortgage we became debt free. We paid off and cancelled all of our credit cards. I know we will take a hit on our credit score but who cares. The whole idea was to not have credit!!!

    Got the walkway installed around the chicken coop and extended out to the first raised bed I am building out of block. It is a patio type area about 3 foot lower than the rear house area, that I am making into an area for my herbs to grow. I have a rather large roofed area from the coop/fire wood storage shed that I will be harvesting the rain water from for the garden.

    Went to the doctor this week for my annual physical. I am trying out a new doctor and I really like him. I’m not sure but I think he might be into prepping or open to it. I going to find out in 3 weeks when I go back to get the lab results from my tests.

    I walk 1 mile a day and kicked it up to 2 miles a day this week. I also started 1 arm lifts on 5 lb weights. It has taken about 4 days to get to the point where the muscles don’t ache, but it is all good…

    We have about a 12ft. by 20 ft patio cover on the back of the house that is right off the kitchen. My wife thought it would be a good idea to turn it into a summer kitchen. The roof, slab and structural is there so why not. I have an old tack shed way out back I can tear apart and get most of the materials I need. I have left over architectural stone from a fireplace I refaced so I can use that on the exterior. So about 6 windows, a door and some cabinet work and we should be set. This is really going to help with canning, storage and such.

    Well that’s it for this week… ADIOS…

    • Congrats on paying off the debts, School House–that certainly deserves an end zone dance!

      • Speaking of end zone dances, did anyone notice that the SEC has #1 (Alabama) and #2 (Florida) in the BCS standings?

      • School House says:

        Thanks Lantana. It’s been a long road over the past 4 years since I retired ( Didn’t plan on retiring so soon) but it was worth it. Thanks for the pat on the back… School House

    • Suburban Housewife says:

      Wow – Congratulations on becoming debt free – I bet that feels GREAT!!

      • School House says:

        Hi Suburban Housewife…

        It does feel great and like a huge weight has been lifted. It gives you a great feeling of accomplishment also… School House

        I just wish the real estate market would come back around. I would love to dump our place and leave this state!!!

  47. Tinfoil Hat says:

    Hello Again Everyone!

    Glad to hear from everyone again! Well, I’d love to give a big run down of everything thats happened over the last 6 weeks, but it’s just too much to write here, so I’ve begun to craft it as an entry for MDs writing contest, hopefully I’ll have it in sometime in the next two weeks that I’m in VA (for work) with better and more consistent access to Internet.

    This week, DW and I took a belated honeymoon cruise through New England and eastern Canada, where I found a coin shop selling silver Canadian Maple Leafs for $35 American, less than $1.50 over spot (at that time). I bought several.

    Other than that, took a Prepping break this week ad enjoyed time with DW.

  48. Found my family loves some bean dishes I’ve tried lately – this is great to find ways to keep rotating those beans.

    The big butternut squash harvest finally happened and it was 78 lbs off that plant! We’ll see how long they store in cool dark basement closet. I need to plan weekly recipes at least to get them all eaten. Did a recipe with that and quinoa for neighbor in chemo – all those nutrients had to be good for her right?

    Need to find the next area of preparing I want to tackle. I think meds and alternative power…

    • Wow, 78 lbs of butternut squash from one plant? Just saw this article about cooking butternut squash in a crockpot to get the pulp more easily:


      • JJ, I must say, I’m green with envy. You must have planted that vine in a pile of poop to get that kind of harvest from one vine! Butternut squash has the longest shelf life of any of the hard squashes. You can place them in a dark closet or wrap each one in a couple of sheets of newspaper and easily store for two to three months that way. I would oven roasted a few at the time and just freeze the pulp in serving sizes for your family. I store my sweet potato crop in newspaper wraps and they store in my air-conditioned house (76 degrees) here in FL for six months. I bake two racks at a time and freeze mashed sweet potatoes in 1 cup portions for the two of us. Same for Seminole pumpkin and Buttercup squash.

  49. wonderprepper says:

    bought 4 cases of jars half off at lowes.
    bought 20lbs of sugar.
    bought a shotgun.

  50. cheap gun safe? find a dead freezer, most have locks and most people would not think of guns in a garage freezer(they might think food tho) airtithgt, weathertight, mostly vermin proof.

    i use 4 of them for storing freeze sensitive stuff in the garage

  51. Greetings Pack
    This week we made a run to BJ’S and Walmart to restock goods that we used up,and got some extras for stock. Rotated our gasoline, had a $1 a gallon discount still cost $85 for 30 gallons. My order arrived from Amazon,5 books:
    31 Days to Survival by MD
    Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag by Creek Stewart
    Survival Retreat:Total Plan for Retreat Defence by Ragnar Benson
    Country Property Dirt Cheap by Ralph C Turner
    Adventures in Paracord by Nicholas Tomihama
    also got 100 feet of desert camo, and 100 feet of black/reflective paracord and a bandolier that holds 56 12 gauge shells.
    Also picked up a Barnett folding slingshot and 250 1/4″ shot, a 7 pack of Bic lighters,and an assortment of fishing gear,hooks,split shot,swivels,line for customizing our BOBs.
    Did some work in the garden and yard. Replaced some meds that were out of date.
    Hope everyone had a safe and happy week!

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      Big D, I have a couple of those slingshots. I like using 1/2″ marbles and steel shot. 3/4″ – 1″ rounded rocks work well with the larger pouch.

  52. Black Rosé says:

    Well I’m the ” I need canning advise” from last week. I am glad to say I ended up canning 12 quarts of beans. We have opened a can eaten it and we are still here, so I guess I canned them right. Thanks everyone for the advise.

    This weekend, I went to the shooting range and used a gun for the first time ever. It was a 22 which I really liked. I also tried a berretta not sure of spelling. I did not like that one, I wasn’t expecting it to be so strong and I almost got a black eye. Lol.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Good for you, Black Rose. Everyone has to start somewhere. Hope you have many new experiences. And I hope most are successful.

      • Petticoat Prepper says:

        Black Rosé

        Pick up a copy of the Ball Blue Book. It will walk you through all things canning. Plus, it’s got tons of recipes.

    • Go for it Rose , I had never canned in my life and got out my moms old Presto from the 50’s and got it checked out and now have about 75 half pints, pints and quarts canned up . Got some great pickles, green beans , tomatos, pear butter, peach jam, and some peach syrup that was supposed to be jam but did not set up but still tastes great on french toast. Peaches, pears, pork loin , beef, meatloaf , chicken, pinto beans. I like the smaller jars like the half pints for just a meal for one, can take a jar of the beef and heat up and then thicken the suace and put over noodles and the pork makes a great sandwich. When I do a batch of something new I will spice half one way and the other half another way to see which I may like better. Just follow the rules and keep an eye on you pressure and times. I have found the sweet spot on my stove now after I get pressure up where to put the heat where it just holds for how ever long I want. I found the first three or four times I was checking it every 5-10 minutes and then got it tuned in so don’t have to worry about too much now. It just like anything else the more you do the more comfortable you will be with it.

    • Cosmolined says:

      Black Rose:
      I taught my sons on only .22’s for the first few years, until they could consistently hit pop cans with pistols at about 30 feet.
      Using a larger caliber, in my opinion, will tend to make the shooter flinch instead of aim. When you shoot, focus only on the front sight, breath and squeezing the trigger. Happy shooting!
      God Bless, Cos

    • Black Rose,

      I am glad you came back and that your canning turned out well. I started shooting last year with my dh’s Baretta bobcat. I did not like that gun at all–it was very difficult to shoot with accuracy. It sounds like you have had a productive couple of weeks–canning and shooting.

  53. Howdy Pack! This week I was sick for two days with some kind of mini-flu. I had a fever and sniffles, and then the fever went away and I had a sore gut (probably just stopped up) for another day. I consumed a lot of ginger and cayenne and garlic, and maybe that helped. I had to take a day off work, but I made up for it.

    My fitness boot camp is at an end, and now I have to make myself exercise in the mornings.

    I wanted to go to the Machine Gun Shoot in Knob Creek, but didn’t make it there due to being a bonehead and not leaving early enough. So instead I started decluttering, filled a large box with crap I don’t want anymore, and put away the air conditioner and the fan. Was listening to some St. Hildegard of Bingen music while decluttering. The Pope just promoted her to Doctor of the Church. She was one neat lady – composer, scientist, major theologian of the 12th century, and she had apocalyptic visions that are now getting some attention because of the SHTF.

    One of my roommates is moving out, oh joy, I need another roommate. Just in time for the poo to be approaching the fan. I might try to see if the other roommate might want to officially move his GF here and have her pay rent. Since she’s here pretty much of the time anyway. Or maybe I’ll try and get another bookkeeping client. I just don’t have the will to be interviewing strangers to live with me right now.

    I’ve been buying wool things in anticipation of having to keep the heat lower to afford it this winter, and today I scored a skein of blue Merino wool at the thrift, so I think I might make a gaiter or a hat with it. I also got a nice pair of stripy wool pants. It’s time to make room for the rocket stove heater project. I need to get rid of around a 24 square foot area of crap in the living room.

  54. Plant Lady says:

    I may have posted bits and pieces of this as replies on other posts over the past couple weeks…
    Breathing a sigh of relief – finally added the long-planned 26,000 sq. ft. of new growing space to our present 23,000 sq. ft. Yippee – I won’t have to break ground with a shovel and rake. The 3 new areas will be ready to plant come spring. One area is for permanent foods – berries, grapes, hops, asparagus, rhubarb, horseradish, herbs, etc. This winter going to start working on clearing out the larger trees on an acre on the east end of the original garden. And then maybe next spring will finally have our pigs and goats and can rotate them through to do the finish clearing. That will give us about 2.5 acres for growing – that might be almost enough. Gosh, I want goats and pigs so badly. I have two sheds I can use for girl and boy goats, I have all the cattle panels/fencing/posts for a permanent paddocks and movable pens along the treeline. I even have goat feeding troughs and mineral blocks. Driving me nuts – there is my “dream goat” on Craigslist right now. Nubian doe, black with white ears, great bloodlines, in milk, for $250. But with MIL to care for, not enough time to devote to livestock, especially milking.
    Got in our first ever walnut harvest! 3 walnuts (hehe). Hey, better than none…and I was starting to wonder if they would ever start bearing. It has been 12-15 yrs. since Gramps planted the seedlings. Now each year we can look forward to a larger harvest.
    Ate our first yellow raspberries – yum! Huge and luscious. Have some red ones coming along, too. Never had fall raspberries before – quite a treat in October in this climate. Don’t know if the rest will develop, we were down to 24 degrees two nights in a row.
    Got the winter salad garden (ok, gardens) planted at just the right time this year – mid-July. Everything is growing very well, producing plenty for us and the chickens. Have had to cover/uncover the gardens for the past couple weeks due to cold nights/mild days. I say “gardens”, but they are two 4’x10′ raised beds, right outside my front door.
    I recently got snowed on for the first time this year (sigh). Lightly, and none stuck, but boy, sure hate to see it start.
    Got the second 10-yard load of stonemix (limestone) spread with my trusty rake. Hubby needs to re-drag the new parking area/chicken coop area south of the new barn so I can finish raking out the sod. Then I can order the (hopefully) final 10-yard load of gravel to spread in those areas. Hoping we can get the coop moved next weekend. Will be much closer to the house, lined up with the new barn along the drive. Half as far to carry water in the winter, protected from the north winds by the new barn, and right along the drive & parking area so less snow clearing. And a clear easy shot from my front porch for predator control (both two- and four-legged). When TSHTF we are going to want to keep our livestock real close…they will be worth more than gold!
    The winter wheat has sprouted! With any luck at all, that little plot (121’x56′) may reward us with 5.5 bushels of wheat. At 60 lbs. per bushel, that would be about 330 lbs. Hubby has already been practicing with the scythe!
    We are reaching a couple new stages in prepping – first, we need larger storage containers! I had been storing my chicken and dog food in big galvanized trash cans (that each hold about 2.5 bags/125 lbs). I got up to ten of those, then I started getting the 55 gal. food-grade barrels (that each hold 5.5 bags/275 lbs). Now I have twelve of those and am eyeing silos with green-eyed envy, since I don’t even have my goats or pigs or sheep yet! And I only have 20 chickens so far – but we will need 75-100 if we want to eat chicken at least once a week. And last year we made 40 gallons of cider (30 gal. juice/10 gal. hard) from three mature and 3 just starting to bearing well apple trees. I wonder just how much fruit/juice/cider we will have to store when the 56 new trees start bearing? OMG…if 6 trees can produce 40 gallons, 60 trees might produce 400 gallons! A good thing, but you can see the dilemma…400 gallons would need 800 half-gallon Ball jars! Or more feasibly, eight 55-gal. barrels. And probably that many more for beer and and that many again for wine.
    And second, as Michele mentioned above, with the new growing areas we will need pounds of seeds rather than packets. Planned to plant meal/flour corn in the new area west of the pond, 226’x41′ (9,266 sq. ft.) Seeding at 1 lb. per 800 sq. ft, would need 12 lbs. of seed. At $18.60 per lb (if you buy more than 5 lbs.) that is $223! But, that area may yield 18.6 bushels, which works out to just over 1,000 lbs. Ok, I need a silo…or three…at least (hehe).
    And have come to the realization that one root cellar isn’t going to do the trick. I am pretty sure we need four of them! One for veggies, one for fruits/cider, one for beer and wine and one for cheese. Or one the size of a walmart distribution center divided into 4 sections (hehe).
    We made a little cider last weekend. Sure aren’t many apples around this year! Only one of our 6 older trees bore any apples and we were lucky to get those. Our state is of one of the top producers and this year we lost 98% of the crop. Got 2 pails off our tree, 2 pails of apples from a friend and 4 pails from a stranger. I was driving and saw apples on a tree and on the ground so I just stopped and asked if he had any use for them. Had my brother drop off a 1/2 gal. of cider for him.
    That really drove home how scary it will be to grow all our own food. To be secure, we can’t just plan on growing one years worth of food each year. Two or three years worth would be far safer…because you never know what will do well and what won’t. So that means we will need to have enough growing area and seed on hand for a few years, and enough for multiple seedings each year in case you need to re-plant because of late/early frosts, insect/animal damage, drought/flood, etc. Plus would be wise to plant and save multiple varieties of everything you hope to grow…differing varieties will grow better some seasons.

    • That’s why I want at least several years of food for back up. I kept thinking, what it TSHTF in the fall. It would be almost a full year before the garden started coming in – and what if one year the garden didn’t produce at all – or only a few things. Gotta have 2 or more years food storage.

  55. Prepping Preacher says:

    this week we:
    received our new 5-tray dehydrator plus 2 additional trays for the one we already had;
    were given a bushel of apples;
    bought an apple peeler/corer new @ BB&B(Bed Bath & Beyond), a bow saw for $2, 4 lengths of poly cord for $2ea, a 30ft pipe warmer for $4 and purchased 10 55gal steel drums with removable lids @$15 ea at least 6 of which i’m reselling @$20 ea; my intension is to make 2 2-bbl wood burning stoves – 1 for our remote property dwelling and 1 for our planned greenhouse…

  56. AussieGuy says:

    Another lean week without a lot of funds to spare, but have had a productive weekend selling some other items on ebay as well as privately. Going to put a nice dent in our debt balance.

    On Saturday my prepping buddy called inviting me over to show off some gear he had picked up at a local army surplus store that was having a clearance sale. I decided to check it out myself the next day (with DW’s blessing no less) and was able to snare a small waterproof day pack, army entrenching tool (collapsible shovel/pick thing), 2x water bottles, 2x kidney cups, and 2x water bottle pouches and a flashlight, all for less than the regular price of just the entrenching tool. Could have spent a lot more and may call them and see if they are willing to prolong the sale prices for a few days.

    Now that the kids are back at school it’s time to do another thrift store run and see what’s come in over the holidays. So many little comments that people make here that have me paying so much more attention in stores like that these days. When someone says they picked up a $0.50 can opener I think, “Oooh I should be looking out for stuff like that,” so even if it’s a small thing, keep listing them, because some of us are still getting to grips with the fundamentals and every comment is valuable.

    • village idiot says:

      Hey, AussieGuy, saw that parts of Oz got some late snow. I wish we would get an early one to run all these mosquitos off. And yes, all those little everyday items one doesn’t think about very often can and do come in handy. I bought a few mechanical can openers myself, just to be sure. Good to know you’re still at it. A little at a time adds up. Take care on your SOTP, as chloe says.

  57. Not much in preps this week. Did some plumbing work for my sister. Worked to unplug the kitchen sewer line at the homestead.

    The wife has never payed much attention to things that I say. Apparently her contacts that see the world much as we do. She has asked for a BOB for both of us and for the critters. Explained the difference between the BOB and a GHB. She is out at work as much as yours truely. She even asked for more ammo. She isn’t doing anything to get where we need to be, but she is thinking along the same lines. She has been listening to the things I talk about too. Finally.

  58. Managed to get a few things, I’ll probably have to “reply” with stuff I forgot:
    Red lentils & barley
    Kosher salt
    Worcester & A1
    Tomato paste (small cans)
    Dry chicken noodle soup mix
    Soup (canned) (hey, $1/ea)
    D batteries (long-storage)
    Beeswax (still need to order wicking)

    Drats, I forgot to get more sterno and quinoa at BJ’s.

    Prices everywhere going up up up. And Wally’s no longer carries Great Northern TP. Aargh. Well, maybe the dh will have to suffer w/Scott Soft.

    • Ha, that was quick. I forgot the dozen rings & lids, plus another dozen lids. Too bad I now have a flat-top stove. I’ll have to poke at steam canners to see if okay to at least maybe can pints. Stupid stove.

    • What kind of wick goes well with beeswax?

      • Jarhead 03 says:

        GA Red, with beeswax candles you want to use thicker wicks that are slow burning due to the wax burning at a slower rate than regular candle wax.
        This has been my experience. You can look for the thicker braided wick as well. If you go to any specialty craft store ask them for the slowest burning wicks.

        • Thanks! I’ve been doing lots of reading online about candle making and just got overwhelmed. There is a Michael’s craft store near me, so I will check with them. I have an experiment I’m contemplating that involves the wax coating that comes on Baby Bel cheese. I know the stuff burns. I know I eat a lot of cheese. I also like to reuse and re-purpose stuff, so why not make a candle?

          • Careful, I suspect there’s some plastic in there, too, on some cheese coatings.

            None of the craft stores I’ve been to (Michael’s and Hobby Lobby) carry square braid wicking. They do have some that’s okay for paraffin and soy candles.

            For most of my beeswax candles, I’ll like do narrow rolled. Hopefully, the dh kept a few pieces of poplar lumber. It’s very tight pored as it wasn’t pickled, which will make it easy to brush on the wax. Just hope there’s some pieces that are wide enough.

          • Hey, GA Red, remember when we were all kids and we made candles out of melted crayons?

            Here’s a wick chart for beeswax. Hope I can make it fit below. Anywho, pure beeswax burns much slower and cleaner than i.e. paraffin. Square braided (cotton) wicks best for beeswax. Usually have to order online. Choices are waxed and unwaxed; depends on how much time you have to spare. I’ve no doubt that my beeswax from Michael’s has paraffin in it, natural beeswax doesn’t mean 100% (typical Michael’s junk), so I’ll use wicking that burns a bit faster. Burn rate is in grams/hour. Sometimes have to experiment to get exactly right.

            Wick Size Burn Rate Application
            #6/0 4.59 1/4″ – 1/2″ dia tapers
            #5/0 4.87 1/2″ – 3/4″ dia tapers
            #4/0 5.54 3/16″ – 1/2″ dia tapers
            #3/0 6.11 1/2″ – 3/4″ dia tapers
            #2/0 5.98 2″ – 3″ dia pillar
            #1/0 6.96 1″ dia pillar
            #1 7.33 1″ – 2″ dia pillar
            #2 7.46 2″ – 3″ dia pillar
            #3 8.09 3-1/2″ – 4″ dia pillar
            #4 8.83 4″ – 1-1/2″ dia pillar
            #5 9.96 5″ – 5-1/2″ dia pillar
            #6 10.25 5-1/2″ – 6″ dia pillar
            #8 11.02 large outside containers
            #10 12.72 large outside containers

            • Mari, thanks for the wick info. I am putting up old candles into new jars, etc, and re-wicking things. I was really wondering about sizes.

            • Thanks for the added info Mari. I’ll keep this in mind. I have tons of crayons left from my daughters’ young days too. My mom used to save the ends of tapered candles then melt them down to make new candles (but I don’t remember ever actually using them). I have lots of glass jars I was planning to use for jelly until I read that sealing with paraffin was no longer a safe way to seal your jelly. I was thinking of making container candles. I know there are some safety issues with them as far as breakage, but it is an experiment and I’m thinking of doing it outside with an electric burner from an old popcorn maker my mom had. (Like I said – I like re-use and/or re-purpose things.) I’ll check out the links you posted too.

            • JP in MT & GA Red — please note that the wick chart I did is for beeswax and maybe soy or veggie or citronella. Other waxes require different wicks, like maybe flat braid wicks that might be available at someplace like Michael’s. One website w/decent wick charts is http://rusticescentuals.com

            • Jarhead 03 says:

              Mari, thanks for that info! I’ve been making them since I was a kid and made a few from beeswax and was always told thicker wick or braided.
              I as well love using crayons and when friends have said they were going to throw them away, I suggest having their kids learn to make candles. At 39 I sometimes think in the lucky kid growing up with a dad that lived during the Depression to teach me these things as well as friends of the family that were into arts and crafts.

            • Warmongerel says:

              I know next to nothing about this subject, but the WalMart here has flat, braided wicks for oil lamps, and they’re dirt cheap. I picked up a whole box of them for my lamps for about $5 if I remember correctly.

      • For dipped or narrow rolled, it’s #1 square braided. That’s mostly what I need. I can’t remember what # if making votives. I’ll check that when I order and post it out here.

        So far, I’ve got 4 or 5 lbs of beeswax, using Michael’s coupons for 40% or 50% off. Comes in handy too for waxing thread or for rubbing into molds before pouring in molten lead (ah yes, the good ole days of watching daddy.)

      • Here are two sites to look at re wicking for beeswax:

        Sorry, I make into links here at work. Might be easiest to copy first part as url and then add the rest to go in further on the websites. Never hurts to check more than one site due to much conflicting info out there.

  59. I"m A Prep Kat says:

    Hi Pack,
    It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted because prepping has been very slow. I’ve been crazy busy at work and funds haven’t been available. I do what I can with what I have and leave the rest until I can manage. I did get to an apple festival this weekend and have another half bushel of apples to put up as sauce or butter. That’s one chore the kiddos never mind helping with.

    I received 12 Deleware chicks last week. I haven’t decided if they are going to replace old layers or go in the freezer. My girls are on a work stoppage. I have 24 layers and am only getting 4 or 5 eggs a day. Most of them are molting right now, and of course the days are getting shorter. I’ve reset the timer on the coop lights, though, and hopefully this will help. Going to set a big stock pot in the yard and tell them if they don’t start laying again, they’ll be next in the “hot tub” lol

    take care, y’all.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      The old ‘stock pot’ motivator. Hmm… That should do it.

    • Kat, they always slow down while molting. However, they only dependably lay eggs for two years, the third is spotty. I too have a light on a timer in the hen house which goes on at 6 am until about 8 then of again at 6 pm until 9 pm. The light helps a lot!

  60. SurvivorDan says:

    Went up a mountain — 9157 ft. Built a new knife target. Went fishing. I successfully did NOT prep! Sometimes ya gotta take a breather and smell the foxglove (but don’t eat them….no). This week….it’s on!!!

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      SD, I agree. I call that a mental prep lol.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Disclaimer: Not promoting less prepping. I’ve just been battling with the Prepping Jones that makes me spend nearly all my time and spare loot on prepping with little relief. Need a break once in a while. This week I will intensify my stock piling / prepping / parsimony /cheapskate / paranoid / crazyasaloon/ hoarding efforts!

    • Plant Lady says:

      Went up a mountain = exercise = prepping
      New knife target = honing handy skills = prepping
      Went fishing = food acquisition practice = prepping
      You can’t get away from it even when you try! (Hehe)
      Prepping isn’t just buying, it is also doing!

      • SurvivorDan says:

        Oh no! I was prepping?
        How about if I find a nubile companion and go to a hotel in Vegas for the week and just party? Can’t make prepping outta that! 😉

        • Plant Lady says:

          Nubile companion in Vegas = practicing urban survival skills in a hostile environment while polishing the skills needed to repopulate the earth after TSHTF = prepping (hehe)
          Just partying = improving stress reduction techniques to improve your efficiency, and you simply MUST practice for the “End of the World” party coming our way soon…it is bound to be a doozy! And yep, that is prepping, too! If you aren’t really good at stress reduction, how will you be able to function during/after TSHTF?

          • SurvivorDan says:

            Lol. OK then….I will bury myself in a large cache tube for three days and nights and just meditate.

            I know….I would then be practicing my stealth techniques for escape and evasion during EOTWAWKI scenarios.
            I give up. Lol. 😉

        • Jarhead 03 says:

          SD, why not? I did lol, my gf is 11 years younger than I am and is on board with prepping so besides all the fun of drinking, eating and other sin city fun I was able to get some mags, the Berkey and Berkey filters as well as other zombie preps while there. And unfortunately a new phone lol too much of that Jack Daniels Honey drink.

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            That stuff is good for you! See you got your vitamin c, and you won’t get scurvy. Then the honey has natural anti-bacterial properties. Then if you’re still sick, with enuff JD you won’t care.

            • Jarhead 03 says:

              Tactical G-Ma, love the perspective lol. Btw, I was looking for your comment on cigarettes and I can’t believe how many people still smoke and while in Vegas I got the dirty looks from a group of Chinese smoking cigarettes as their disgust of the 255 pound gorilla smoking on a George Burns cigar blowing smoke their way lol.

              I was waiting for one of them to say something and my reply was going to be “oh how I wish you could see the plume of smoke I’m imagining on your country from a few mushroom cloud and picturing Walmart goin out of business”

              It sound funny as I was drinking some Makers Mark.

              Glad I’m not running for POTUS lol

  61. Hunker-Down says:

    I have a question for the pack.
    Yesterday one of my flashlights broke after turning it on about 20-30 times. It used 3 AAA batteries.
    I have seen recommendations for Sanyo rechargeable eneloop batteries and plan on getting some. They seem to be available in only AA and AAA sizes.

    I plan on standardizing on the Maglite LED 3-D as it seems to be a nice club, is sold everywhere, and the latest version is supposed to have 131 lumens. I don’t like those ‘tactical’ flashlights on-off switch on the bottom end of the handle; you cant hold a bangstick in one hand and turn the light on with the other hand. I saw one flashlight priced at $325, but the Maglite is at the top of our budget (and that’s before buying the batteries).

    What is the best, reasonably priced rechargeable D battery?

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      HD, I own the older rechargeable Maglite with the regular light bulb instead of LED and very happy with it. It was my “go to” flash light for bumps in the night for years and I still have it set close by in the front room near the couch I sit in if I had to grab a weapon fast and can’t get to the pistol or blade. It’s about the size of a three or four cell and makes a great impact device.

    • HD get the c and d adapters that eneloop sells , they are cases you put one of the aa batteries inside to put in your stuff that uses c and d batteries . I was going to by rechargeable c and d’ but for the price of a couple c or d’s you can get 8 or more aa or aaa. I now have 2 doz aaa and 3 doz aaa rechargable and the adapters I need for the stuff that takes them. Just google eneloop on amazon and you can get some pretty good deal. Just make sure to link thru M.D. so he can pick up a few cents also!!!

      • Hunker-Down says:


        Thanks, I overlooked the c and d adapters.
        I have M.D.s amazon link in our favorites list.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      I’m confused. As a user of ‘on-off switch on the bottom of the handle flashlights’ . Your thumb is on or near the button ‘cuz the flashlight is held inverted from a typical flashlight grip. ‘Course I always have several large Maglights as well. They do make good serious social encounter bludgeons. 😉 However, having a small tactical light on your person at all times (readily available; as opposed to the big Mag 50 feet away in your vehicle) will only supplement owning the big Mag.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        The small tactical lights can come with impact bezels which amplify their effectiveness as an impact weapon or gouging weapon. Hope you take another look at them. Ask a pro why they carry them. You might decide they are worth having.
        But, hey….personal preferences. I certainly wouldn’t want to be clubbed by a three sell MagLight. 😉

      • Hunker-Down says:

        My panic, high adrenaline reaction to grabbing any object to defend myself with does not end up with my thumb on the bottom of the object. I always have to use 2 hands to maneuver a flashlight such that my thumb ends up on the bottom where the tactical on-off switch is. That is a fumbling waste of time. If it needs to be used as a weapon, the thumb on the bottom is a weaker grip than a ball bat type grip.
        I defer to your point that the pros prefer the switch on the bottom, but I’m just a fumbling old civilian.

  62. akalls001 says:

    When I was in the Army we got to eat quite a few “C” rations……from the early to mid 50’s…this was early 70’s…..expiration dates are great, but it don’t mean the food is bad past that….canned goods anyway….and I believe the LDS kinda agree on how long canned goods will last, but perhaps they mean home canned….we are canning apples, beef, turkey and will be going on to ham and pork…..also working on a smoker….Dad built one using an old refrigerator when I was a kid and I do remember it-we had to peel the maple he used for it….and seeing as how my experiment with the sand point didn’t work out as planned I started looking for a portable well driller……and as luck would have it, a friend told me another friend had one and it is now in my garage being readied…..it stood outside in the rain for 10 years so the pipe on the slides are rusted together but will have that fixed soon…..amazingly, the gasoline engine started on the second pull….so, hopefully I can get the wells drilled this week and then it is just a matter of dropping the sand point and pipe down the 2″ hole it will drill….found buckets and gamma lids at Menards….save on shipping as the closest store is only 35 miles away and we go thru/by/there several times a month anyway…..and MD, glad the hear the pooch is getting better….we don’t have pets-the wife is allergic-but I know how attached one can become….

    Lewis in MN

    • SurvivorDan says:

      I too ate those old rations in the 70’s. Many were heavily IRRADIATED so they kept for decades. Many foods are now irradiated and the process was first approved by the FDA in 1963. I think the old food I ate was treated in the early experimental process to be tested on soldiers. Ain’t it always that way? I ate peanut butter that was older than I was at the time. 😉

  63. MENTALMATT says:

    Good to hear from you Tinfoil.

  64. Jarhead 03 says:

    Late posting due to my vacation in Las Vegas and coming back to work all screwed up and people complaining that I was out and things didn’t get done.

    So first of all, prayers sent out to the Pack, family and pets.

    Zombie preps:
    Magazines for the AR/M4, G21 and 10/22
    2 x Cold Steel Rifleman’s Hawk got the second at half price
    Barnett Ghost 350 Crossbow, 3x scope and twenty 125 grain 20″ bolts
    A brass paperweight designed to fit my hand and knuckles.

    Water prep:
    Travel Berkey
    Filters for the travel Berkey and Big Berkey
    100 ounce Blackhawk bladder for the GHB

    2 9 ounce pepper sprays
    2 holsters for the pepper spray to mount on belt or pack

    Hotel Goodies Prep:
    2 hand towels
    1 beach towel
    2 rolls of TP
    2 bars of soap
    1 shampoo
    2 notepads and pens

    Lost my cell phone while out on the town and had to replace it which cut into preps I planned on picking up in Vegas. Still had a good time getting away from work. Even did the Skyjump twice at the Stratosphere Hotel which was a blast at 855′ and 108 stories. Have a good week everyone!

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      Forgot to mention that I dried out the habaneros and Red Carrabien habaneros. Total of 60 total.

    • You trying out for the next edge-of-space jump Jarhead???? 🙂

      • Jarhead 03 says:

        MtWoman, I would love to do something like that. I’ve skydived twice and when I saw the photos I thought wow, and I’m happy enough to jump off 108 stories lol.

        In all honesty my reason to jump was my gf wanted to do it and I agreed. I jumped and she backed out at the platform. There is o refund for backing out but they allow someone to take your place and I hate to see money wasted. She accused me of being happy she backed out lol.

        • Well at least she gave it a try. I would too actually, even though I have a heights “issue”. I like to confront my “issues” when I can. I just think it’s amazing that that guy did what he did…from the edge of space…and we could WATCH!!! I watched the whole thing live on TV. And good on you for taking the leap. It’s energizing to do things like that isn’t it? 🙂

          • Jarhead 03 says:

            MtWoman, yeah it was great and she actually wants to try and said she will attempt it every time we go which means I may have to jump each time if she backs out lol.

            As for the jump, yeah it was a great jump and helped advanced technology testing in the event of an evacuation of a space launch. We learned two things: 1. It’s possible to jump and break the sound barrier and 2. Red Bull has a better Space Program than we do!

            • Jar…LOL on the Red Bull comment. Seems many “privateers” are doing better than NASA, including Virgin space projects (as in Virgin mobile).

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          I misread your original entry cause I was so jealous you didn’t take me with you to Vegas! You actually jumped from 108 stories high? Were you high? Glad you got your adrenalin shots!
          I’ll just get my adrenalin rushes by driving in Georgia! Haha!
          Seriously, glad you had a good time.

          • cosmolined says:

            Tactical G-Ma:
            Don’t confuse yourself with Jarhead03/Man Mountain.
            If things went South, he’d just bounce and dust himself off.
            Just my 2 cents. Cos

            • Jarhead 03 says:

              Cos, adrenaline is a powerful drug. For the next 12 hours I didn’t feel any aches in my knee or back lol. Did it sober and didn’t have a drink until a couple hours after the jump.

            • cosmolined says:

              I’m a coward. After Every jump, I had to empty my bladder after checking for arms and legs working… It was never fun. Cos

            • cosmolined says:

              For the folks who are new here, I was a U.S. Army S.F. Jumpmaster. I have 32 parachute jumps from C-130’s,
              C-141’s and Huey 1H-D’s. ‘Nuff said.

            • Jarhead 03 says:

              Cos, the jump descent is at 45mph from jump to about 20′ then slows down. Remember the 255′ tower at Benning where they pick you up on the chute and drop you? It’s about 3.5 times that except you jump instead of it lifting and then dropping you.

            • Jarhead 03 says:

              Cos, You have my respect for jumping that many times. I’ve got a few static jumps, one tandem skydive and one solo skydive under my belt. I went through Ranger school as a “leg” and was injured so all of my jumps were outside the military.

            • Well Mr Cos…and you’re here to tell the tales!!!!!

          • Jarhead 03 says:

            Tactical G-Ma, I am an adrenaline junky. I have drive in Savanah, Kingsbay and Atlanta you are right, wow is it some driving lol.
            Maybe one day we have a Pack get-together and a Class III state or prepper friendly state is the best way to go.
            Tennessee or Kentucky may be best.

            • Tactical G-Ma says:

              I’m a born and raised Ridge Runner. My DH says I am such a beeatch cause it’s my first full week in shoes! So, TN and KY are ok by me.

              And Cos,
              I had no idea you had such impressive credentials. When I was a girl, I spent summers near Bragg and was always impressed by the rounds falling from the planes. Now I live near Benning and am still amazed by the jumpers.

    • Surviving in Ky. says:

      Hey Jarhead, Glad you had a safe trip, well if you consider jumping off of a 108 story building safe. lol All I can say is better you than me. If I’m going to be that high I want to be in something with wings and one big engine, preferrably two; going at a high rate of speed, like mach 2. Good job on preps! Didn’t get much accomplished as my back went out and had to make another trip for an adjustment. Been slacking on the exercise and I think it caught up with me. Back in the Gym soon. Deer hunting this weekend, muzzle loader season opens Saturday. You also sound like another supervisor I see in the mirror every morning were everything turns to crap when I’m out. Seems everybody forgets what they’ve been trained to do and then no one can make a decision. Best of luck on getting it squared away. Have a great week!

      • Jarhead 03 says:

        Surviving, yeah I had what’s normally a three and a half hour drive turn into a seven hour trip due to a hail storm. There were two tractor trailer accidents on the 15.
        As for jumping it was something else.

        As for work yes, I deal with a bunch of Premadonas that swear they are it yet expect me to do everything.

      • Jarhead 03 says:

        Surviving, I’m seriously considering buying a muzzleloader. I had hunted once with and used to hit the range with an older friend of the family and the one I loved was a carbine model, slightly shorter barrel, rifled barrel, adjustable sights and the old moon clip indents to mount a scope.
        Just thinking if things got so bad that I eventually ran out of ammo I have plenty of lead that I have from fishing, lead blocks and wheel tire balance weights.

    • riverrider says:

      j, man you are a prepping ANIMAL! well, guess thats most marines tho, nothing half way done:) thats a good thing of course. holy crap batman, 855 feet? u da man!

      • Jarhead 03 says:

        River, it was a blast jumping! As for prepping I was sad I had to buy a new phone. Ecause there were a few other things I wanted to buy that I can’t get in PRK, oh well I’m planning a trip in February.

  65. village idiot says:

    Another week of slow preps. Worked 50 hrs., made a weekend trip to NW Arkansas to the Arkansas-Kentucky game. Spent enough money on that to buy a mound of prepping supplies, but whatever. We went up on top of Mt. Nebo near Russellville, Ar., yesterday and looked at the wonderfulness of God’s creation. That helps one keep things in perspective.

    I did add a couple of mags, and other related items from CDNN and Wally World, but nothing earth-shattering. The news doesn’t leave one with the impression things are improving, or even have a chance to improve. I read that the land is so dry in Kansas and other parts of the Wheat Belt that winter wheat crops can’t be planted. I noticed that there is an appeal for winter wheat to be planted around here, and that in response winter wheat is in fact being planted. That’s the only good news I could find.

    I will be in Little Rock the next two weekends for volleyball tournaments, so little chance of doing any heavy prepping. But can go by Sam’s and stock up on more food items.

    I’m happy your dog is better, MD. Sorry for the rambling post, but not getting much done leaves one wishing for more. Take care, everyone.

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      Village, my dad called that Gods country. My da lived in Russelville for years.

      • village idiot says:

        J, if it wasn’t for that dang nuclear power plant there, it would be just about perfect. Looking down on the Arkansas River Valley from either Mt. Nebo or Petit Jean are seeing Arkansas at its finest. I will also say the drive from Fayetteville to Alma on I-540 was beautiful as well because the leaves are changing just to the north of Alma.

        • Jarhead 03 says:

          Village, I know the plant wasn’t there when my dad lived there that’s for sure. My dad used to talk about 40 acre rock and some of the caves were set up to be used in case of an invasion durin World War II. I’ve never been there but hear its beautiful up there. Guessing the plant is near that area as well.

          • village idiot says:

            Yep, J, when you are sitting in the rocking chairs on the back porch of the Visitor Center at Mt. Nebo State Park and looking out over the river valley, the nuclear plant is down and off to your left. The cooling tower is quite obvious, the buildings housing the reactors(there are 2 of them), not so much. I’m really looking forward to the time these things wear out, hope to live long enough to see them dismantled. A coal or gas powered plant would suit me just fine, and there are huge reserves of natural gas in the area, most all of it being shipped up north to people who want to do away with it. Pisses me off to no end.

            • Jarhead 03 says:

              Village, looking at the fireflies. Oh wait, those are bees that were exposed to the power plant; never mind lol.

    • riverrider says:

      vi, gotta smell the roses while they are still bluming.

      • cosmolined says:

        Do roses in Arkansas glow at night normally?! LOL, Just kiddin’.
        My cousin lives in Russelville. To get to their home, I drive by the river where a half dozen or so folks are drowning worms. That is my goal in life! (Has nothing to do with her fried chicken…) Cos

        • village idiot says:

          cos, I crossed the Arkansas River at Dardanelle, saw lots of folks fishing, more than I’ve ever seen there. The water levels on Lake Dardanelle looked about normal, but the river was extremely low, so I guess they are holding water in the lake. Got all them fish trapped in shallow water is the explanation for all the fishermen, I guess. You better hurry before they get them all caught up. Otherwise, it’s fried chicken for you. LOL.

  66. GeorgeisLearning says:

    Check this video out about making a knife. I got interested in it and will attempt to make one, (soonish) There are some other great videos as well about the topic. Looks cool. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROVXVDlCdH0&list=UUXyMGOok0GsVLfltiCOX4Qw&index=5&feature=plcp

    Great week
    I have been trying to buy only American made products as we talked about before. Its quite hard to actually do. Not impossible but hard and some what expensive.
    My wife is totally on board and we’re doing what we can to help American workers.
    Harbor freight is a no go on any item.
    Walmart has some American goods.
    Lowes well I went there and was able to buy some terro ant poison made in America
    You just gotta look around and see. The trouble is are we going to be lazy and not look or make the time and look. Up to you.

    Good luck to you on all your trials.
    PS wasn’t that space jump neat! amazing stuff

    Have a great week all

  67. worrisome says:

    I got this email from someone today that I trust. This is about what happens to you if you are not insured in the next few years….

    For those presently going without insurance because they are young and healthy or feel that they don’t want to include the cost of health care in their budget, or have been unemployed but too proud to ask for assistance from the government in the form of Medicaid below are the penalties for non compliance in getting health care from somewhere and some how. One note, due to part of the Supreme Court ruling……..several states are NOT going to comply with new Medicaid guidelines and there is presently NO price controls on how much the insurance companies can charge for premium in the exchanges they are presently setting up. The only “price control” so far is that older people can’t pay more than 3 times what young people are paying. More on what it is likely to cost to seek insurance on an exchange at a later time. For now………….. just read this………and digest it. Gail



    2015 = $975.00 PER PERSON, PER FAMILY MEMBER= $3,900 TAX FOR A FAMILY OF 4

    2016 = $2085 PER PERSON, PER FAMILY MEMBER= $8340.00 TAX FOR A FAMILY OF 4

    Penalties will be paid through the IRS at tax time. Failure to pay up on your penalties? Attached wages and bank accounts……….no kidding!

    Also, the owners of Olive Garden and Red Lobster have come out and said that they will cut as much as possible to part time, less than 30 hours per week in order to cut their exposure to Obama Care. Think carefully folks…

    • Hunker-Down says:


      If I were an insurance company I would consider those numbers to be the MINIMUM profit I ‘need’ over and above costs.

    • riverrider says:

      and in 2014 the AARP will become the largest health insurer in the country, making billions. still think they have the senior”s best interest at heart?

      • River Rider, most insurance companies and AARP backed Obama Care…

        Hunker-Down those numbers listed here go to the Federal Government, not to the carriers however.

  68. Warmongerel says:

    Another question: I have access to a lot of what is called “silver solder”. It’s actually used to braze joints on copper tubing together. It’s basically silver-plated tin. However, the plating is 12 – 15% silver.

    The company that I work for doesn’t think that it’s worth it to collect the 3″ – 4″ stubs and recycle it, which means that I can take it all home with me (oddly, nobody else seems to realize this). And, yes, Management knows that I’m doing it so it’s not theft.

    At last check, the scrapyard would give me $44/pound for it. I can bring home probably 1/4 pound/day or more. You can see how that could add up quickly.

    The question is, do I cash it in & buy prep supplies? Do I try to work with a local smelter and have them take a cut in return for the smelted silver? I’m pretty sure that whent TSHTF nobody’s going to want it enough to barter for it.

    Just another odd question. Thanks for your feedback.

    • Warmongerel. I would say that it would depend upon how far along you are in prepping. Water, Food and Shelter and then protection are all first, then work on saving up some precious metals and barter goods. So if you are all done, then turn it into silver, if not, sell it and buy things you need………….. does that help?

      • cosmolined says:

        I’d sell it always. Nobody would realize it has value when TSHTF. Use the money like worrisome advised. Even if a local smelter separated the silver, it would not be recognized as such by the unwashed masses. God Bless, Cos

    • Warmongerel says:

      Helps a lot. I need the cash to buy more supplies. I can do it on my income eventually, but this will speed the process up.

      Thanks, guys.

  69. mountain lady says:

    MD, it made my heart happy to hear that little Faith is getting better.

    No prepping this week, hope to get to town later this week or next.

  70. Got in more canned goods, pasta, sauce, and also got in on the BOGO pancake mix at Publix. Cleaned out more room for preps. Started talking with my mom about prepping, but dad is not an easy man to convince. The job is going well, my feet are adjusting, and my boss is looking to promoting me to a permanent assistant management type position. I can sure use the cash!
    So happy to hear that Faith is better. I pray for all of my pack mates, I just lay my hand on the screen and pray. God is good!

    • cosmolined says:

      Do you know anything about treadles? I seem to have one in my living room….. LAM. (Just a love of old woodwork.) Thank you.
      God Bless, Cos

      • Petticoat Prepper says:


        Tredles…as in sewing machine? I learned to sew on my Grandma’s treadle, it’s actually in my sewing area. Love it a bunch! I think she bought it new. No fancy wood work but 6 drawers and a center one too.

        • cosmolined says:

          Petticoat Prepper:
          Yes Ma’am. A treadle sewing machine. My neighbors had a yard sale. When I saw the joints and engraving on the cabinet, I bought it. No bargaining, just admiration of a craftsman…
          It’s not a Singer, but looks like it’s in operating shape if I can get a new needle and an idea how to work it. God Bless, Cos

          • Petticoat Prepper says:

            Well, if it’s like mine (singer) it’s just a regular sewing machine needle. The trick will be the belt. I’ve not seen one in a sewing store in ages. A quick google search produced several sites, here’s one http://www.etsy.com/listing/28218334/leather-treadle-sewing-machine-belt
            I’ve been thinking of looking for a couple of back up belts for mine. Be sure to clean and oil it inside. These things were really built, next to my ’50 era pfaff of course.

  71. Leonard G. Anderson says:

    Anyone on this in the Rockford Illinois area? Looking for some local wolfpack. Even Chicago suburbs or Madison (which has a nice prepper group Ive been to several times.( http://www.meetup.com/MadisonPreppers/events/86221832/?a=me1_grp&rv=me1 ) Thanks

  72. Tactical G-Ma says:

    This question goes out to all,
    If one has heirloom silver flatware, silver serving dishes, tea service, etc. are they worth anything as barter or is it better to sell it for pennies on the dollar?

    • I know there was a time in the 80s when people were stealing silver flatware and other silver items because the price had skyrocketed. I don’t know about now. I’ve kept what I’ve inherited and use it when possible because I know I will never be able to afford to replace it. Most of the silver serving pieces are usually plated too.

    • mountain lady says:

      I sold some of my flatware to a friend, but all the sterling bowls, candle sticks, etc, and some coin silver spoons from way back, are here, and I think some would be able to be used for barter, if and when it gets to that point. What I sold was at a time when I was flat broke, and needed the money, plus, I got a fair price for it.

    • worrisome says:

      T G Ma, would the more important question be what is the melt value?

  73. Tactical G-Ma says:

    I suppose. I prefer to hand down what few heirlooms I have but if it comes to surviving could I use the silver and silver plate dinnerware as barter or will it be of little value? So, I guess I am asking does it have melt value.

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