What did you do to prep this week?

Good morning pack – I hope we’ve all had a great week of prepping. 😀

Before we start with this weeks “What did you do to prep this week” blog segment, I’d like to thank Connie H, Ken J, Stephen M, George M, Lisa F,  Dianna H, Thomas C, and John F for their generous donations via PayPal this week.

Thank you all so very much for your support. I and the Wolf Pack appreciate it greatly – thank you for helping keep The Survivalist Blog.net up, running and free for everyone… :yes:

I would also like to thank everyone for their prayers – Faith (my dog) is getting a little better everyday, she is now able to stand by herself and is walking. She still isn’t completely normal, and will fall if she tries to go fast.

I’m still using the towel under her stomach to help her hold her balance, but thank our lord she is doing better… I have faith that in a couple more weeks she will be able to walk normally on her own. :clap:

My mother always told me “The Lord answers every prayer… sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes no and sometimes not yet”. I have a great mom.

Okay, let me see… what did I do to prep this week?

Besides the normal day-to-day work around my place (I don’t want to bore you with the details of my shoveling chicken poop) not a lot this week.

I’ve saved my “prepping funds” hoping to save enough in a few weeks to buy a larger gun safe (I like this one – but it’s not going to happen. I’ll have to go cheaper… a lot cheaper, Under $1,000 cheaper 🙁 ).

Okay, let me see here… what else…

Paladin Press sent me several new books (they send me their newly published books and DVD’s to get my feedback) including Eating On The Run, Living on The Edge, Creating The Low Budget Homestead and Arming For The Apocalypse. I’ve not had time to read all four books in detail but they all looked like good additions to the survival library during my initial flip through.

Max Velocity (great pin name!) also sent me copies of his two books – Contact!: A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival, Rapid Fire!: Tactics for High Threat, Protection and Combat Operations.

Well folks, that’s it for me this week… What about YOU. What did YOU do to prep this week ?:-)


  1. Greetings Pack
    This week we made a run to BJ’S and Walmart to restock goods that we used up,and got some extras for stock. Rotated our gasoline, had a $1 a gallon discount still cost $85 for 30 gallons. My order arrived from Amazon,5 books:
    31 Days to Survival by MD
    Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag by Creek Stewart
    Survival Retreat:Total Plan for Retreat Defence by Ragnar Benson
    Country Property Dirt Cheap by Ralph C Turner
    Adventures in Paracord by Nicholas Tomihama
    also got 100 feet of desert camo, and 100 feet of black/reflective paracord and a bandolier that holds 56 12 gauge shells.
    Also picked up a Barnett folding slingshot and 250 1/4″ shot, a 7 pack of Bic lighters,and an assortment of fishing gear,hooks,split shot,swivels,line for customizing our BOBs.
    Did some work in the garden and yard. Replaced some meds that were out of date.
    Hope everyone had a safe and happy week!

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      Big D, I have a couple of those slingshots. I like using 1/2″ marbles and steel shot. 3/4″ – 1″ rounded rocks work well with the larger pouch.

  2. Black Rosé says:

    Well I’m the ” I need canning advise” from last week. I am glad to say I ended up canning 12 quarts of beans. We have opened a can eaten it and we are still here, so I guess I canned them right. Thanks everyone for the advise.

    This weekend, I went to the shooting range and used a gun for the first time ever. It was a 22 which I really liked. I also tried a berretta not sure of spelling. I did not like that one, I wasn’t expecting it to be so strong and I almost got a black eye. Lol.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Good for you, Black Rose. Everyone has to start somewhere. Hope you have many new experiences. And I hope most are successful.

      • Petticoat Prepper says:

        Black Rosé

        Pick up a copy of the Ball Blue Book. It will walk you through all things canning. Plus, it’s got tons of recipes.

    • Go for it Rose , I had never canned in my life and got out my moms old Presto from the 50’s and got it checked out and now have about 75 half pints, pints and quarts canned up . Got some great pickles, green beans , tomatos, pear butter, peach jam, and some peach syrup that was supposed to be jam but did not set up but still tastes great on french toast. Peaches, pears, pork loin , beef, meatloaf , chicken, pinto beans. I like the smaller jars like the half pints for just a meal for one, can take a jar of the beef and heat up and then thicken the suace and put over noodles and the pork makes a great sandwich. When I do a batch of something new I will spice half one way and the other half another way to see which I may like better. Just follow the rules and keep an eye on you pressure and times. I have found the sweet spot on my stove now after I get pressure up where to put the heat where it just holds for how ever long I want. I found the first three or four times I was checking it every 5-10 minutes and then got it tuned in so don’t have to worry about too much now. It just like anything else the more you do the more comfortable you will be with it.

    • Cosmolined says:

      Black Rose:
      I taught my sons on only .22’s for the first few years, until they could consistently hit pop cans with pistols at about 30 feet.
      Using a larger caliber, in my opinion, will tend to make the shooter flinch instead of aim. When you shoot, focus only on the front sight, breath and squeezing the trigger. Happy shooting!
      God Bless, Cos

    • Black Rose,

      I am glad you came back and that your canning turned out well. I started shooting last year with my dh’s Baretta bobcat. I did not like that gun at all–it was very difficult to shoot with accuracy. It sounds like you have had a productive couple of weeks–canning and shooting.

  3. Howdy Pack! This week I was sick for two days with some kind of mini-flu. I had a fever and sniffles, and then the fever went away and I had a sore gut (probably just stopped up) for another day. I consumed a lot of ginger and cayenne and garlic, and maybe that helped. I had to take a day off work, but I made up for it.

    My fitness boot camp is at an end, and now I have to make myself exercise in the mornings.

    I wanted to go to the Machine Gun Shoot in Knob Creek, but didn’t make it there due to being a bonehead and not leaving early enough. So instead I started decluttering, filled a large box with crap I don’t want anymore, and put away the air conditioner and the fan. Was listening to some St. Hildegard of Bingen music while decluttering. The Pope just promoted her to Doctor of the Church. She was one neat lady – composer, scientist, major theologian of the 12th century, and she had apocalyptic visions that are now getting some attention because of the SHTF.

    One of my roommates is moving out, oh joy, I need another roommate. Just in time for the poo to be approaching the fan. I might try to see if the other roommate might want to officially move his GF here and have her pay rent. Since she’s here pretty much of the time anyway. Or maybe I’ll try and get another bookkeeping client. I just don’t have the will to be interviewing strangers to live with me right now.

    I’ve been buying wool things in anticipation of having to keep the heat lower to afford it this winter, and today I scored a skein of blue Merino wool at the thrift, so I think I might make a gaiter or a hat with it. I also got a nice pair of stripy wool pants. It’s time to make room for the rocket stove heater project. I need to get rid of around a 24 square foot area of crap in the living room.

  4. Plant Lady says:

    I may have posted bits and pieces of this as replies on other posts over the past couple weeks…
    Breathing a sigh of relief – finally added the long-planned 26,000 sq. ft. of new growing space to our present 23,000 sq. ft. Yippee – I won’t have to break ground with a shovel and rake. The 3 new areas will be ready to plant come spring. One area is for permanent foods – berries, grapes, hops, asparagus, rhubarb, horseradish, herbs, etc. This winter going to start working on clearing out the larger trees on an acre on the east end of the original garden. And then maybe next spring will finally have our pigs and goats and can rotate them through to do the finish clearing. That will give us about 2.5 acres for growing – that might be almost enough. Gosh, I want goats and pigs so badly. I have two sheds I can use for girl and boy goats, I have all the cattle panels/fencing/posts for a permanent paddocks and movable pens along the treeline. I even have goat feeding troughs and mineral blocks. Driving me nuts – there is my “dream goat” on Craigslist right now. Nubian doe, black with white ears, great bloodlines, in milk, for $250. But with MIL to care for, not enough time to devote to livestock, especially milking.
    Got in our first ever walnut harvest! 3 walnuts (hehe). Hey, better than none…and I was starting to wonder if they would ever start bearing. It has been 12-15 yrs. since Gramps planted the seedlings. Now each year we can look forward to a larger harvest.
    Ate our first yellow raspberries – yum! Huge and luscious. Have some red ones coming along, too. Never had fall raspberries before – quite a treat in October in this climate. Don’t know if the rest will develop, we were down to 24 degrees two nights in a row.
    Got the winter salad garden (ok, gardens) planted at just the right time this year – mid-July. Everything is growing very well, producing plenty for us and the chickens. Have had to cover/uncover the gardens for the past couple weeks due to cold nights/mild days. I say “gardens”, but they are two 4’x10′ raised beds, right outside my front door.
    I recently got snowed on for the first time this year (sigh). Lightly, and none stuck, but boy, sure hate to see it start.
    Got the second 10-yard load of stonemix (limestone) spread with my trusty rake. Hubby needs to re-drag the new parking area/chicken coop area south of the new barn so I can finish raking out the sod. Then I can order the (hopefully) final 10-yard load of gravel to spread in those areas. Hoping we can get the coop moved next weekend. Will be much closer to the house, lined up with the new barn along the drive. Half as far to carry water in the winter, protected from the north winds by the new barn, and right along the drive & parking area so less snow clearing. And a clear easy shot from my front porch for predator control (both two- and four-legged). When TSHTF we are going to want to keep our livestock real close…they will be worth more than gold!
    The winter wheat has sprouted! With any luck at all, that little plot (121’x56′) may reward us with 5.5 bushels of wheat. At 60 lbs. per bushel, that would be about 330 lbs. Hubby has already been practicing with the scythe!
    We are reaching a couple new stages in prepping – first, we need larger storage containers! I had been storing my chicken and dog food in big galvanized trash cans (that each hold about 2.5 bags/125 lbs). I got up to ten of those, then I started getting the 55 gal. food-grade barrels (that each hold 5.5 bags/275 lbs). Now I have twelve of those and am eyeing silos with green-eyed envy, since I don’t even have my goats or pigs or sheep yet! And I only have 20 chickens so far – but we will need 75-100 if we want to eat chicken at least once a week. And last year we made 40 gallons of cider (30 gal. juice/10 gal. hard) from three mature and 3 just starting to bearing well apple trees. I wonder just how much fruit/juice/cider we will have to store when the 56 new trees start bearing? OMG…if 6 trees can produce 40 gallons, 60 trees might produce 400 gallons! A good thing, but you can see the dilemma…400 gallons would need 800 half-gallon Ball jars! Or more feasibly, eight 55-gal. barrels. And probably that many more for beer and and that many again for wine.
    And second, as Michele mentioned above, with the new growing areas we will need pounds of seeds rather than packets. Planned to plant meal/flour corn in the new area west of the pond, 226’x41′ (9,266 sq. ft.) Seeding at 1 lb. per 800 sq. ft, would need 12 lbs. of seed. At $18.60 per lb (if you buy more than 5 lbs.) that is $223! But, that area may yield 18.6 bushels, which works out to just over 1,000 lbs. Ok, I need a silo…or three…at least (hehe).
    And have come to the realization that one root cellar isn’t going to do the trick. I am pretty sure we need four of them! One for veggies, one for fruits/cider, one for beer and wine and one for cheese. Or one the size of a walmart distribution center divided into 4 sections (hehe).
    We made a little cider last weekend. Sure aren’t many apples around this year! Only one of our 6 older trees bore any apples and we were lucky to get those. Our state is of one of the top producers and this year we lost 98% of the crop. Got 2 pails off our tree, 2 pails of apples from a friend and 4 pails from a stranger. I was driving and saw apples on a tree and on the ground so I just stopped and asked if he had any use for them. Had my brother drop off a 1/2 gal. of cider for him.
    That really drove home how scary it will be to grow all our own food. To be secure, we can’t just plan on growing one years worth of food each year. Two or three years worth would be far safer…because you never know what will do well and what won’t. So that means we will need to have enough growing area and seed on hand for a few years, and enough for multiple seedings each year in case you need to re-plant because of late/early frosts, insect/animal damage, drought/flood, etc. Plus would be wise to plant and save multiple varieties of everything you hope to grow…differing varieties will grow better some seasons.

    • That’s why I want at least several years of food for back up. I kept thinking, what it TSHTF in the fall. It would be almost a full year before the garden started coming in – and what if one year the garden didn’t produce at all – or only a few things. Gotta have 2 or more years food storage.

  5. Prepping Preacher says:

    this week we:
    received our new 5-tray dehydrator plus 2 additional trays for the one we already had;
    were given a bushel of apples;
    bought an apple peeler/corer new @ BB&B(Bed Bath & Beyond), a bow saw for $2, 4 lengths of poly cord for $2ea, a 30ft pipe warmer for $4 and purchased 10 55gal steel drums with removable lids @$15 ea at least 6 of which i’m reselling @$20 ea; my intension is to make 2 2-bbl wood burning stoves – 1 for our remote property dwelling and 1 for our planned greenhouse…

  6. AussieGuy says:

    Another lean week without a lot of funds to spare, but have had a productive weekend selling some other items on ebay as well as privately. Going to put a nice dent in our debt balance.

    On Saturday my prepping buddy called inviting me over to show off some gear he had picked up at a local army surplus store that was having a clearance sale. I decided to check it out myself the next day (with DW’s blessing no less) and was able to snare a small waterproof day pack, army entrenching tool (collapsible shovel/pick thing), 2x water bottles, 2x kidney cups, and 2x water bottle pouches and a flashlight, all for less than the regular price of just the entrenching tool. Could have spent a lot more and may call them and see if they are willing to prolong the sale prices for a few days.

    Now that the kids are back at school it’s time to do another thrift store run and see what’s come in over the holidays. So many little comments that people make here that have me paying so much more attention in stores like that these days. When someone says they picked up a $0.50 can opener I think, “Oooh I should be looking out for stuff like that,” so even if it’s a small thing, keep listing them, because some of us are still getting to grips with the fundamentals and every comment is valuable.

    • village idiot says:

      Hey, AussieGuy, saw that parts of Oz got some late snow. I wish we would get an early one to run all these mosquitos off. And yes, all those little everyday items one doesn’t think about very often can and do come in handy. I bought a few mechanical can openers myself, just to be sure. Good to know you’re still at it. A little at a time adds up. Take care on your SOTP, as chloe says.

  7. Not much in preps this week. Did some plumbing work for my sister. Worked to unplug the kitchen sewer line at the homestead.

    The wife has never payed much attention to things that I say. Apparently her contacts that see the world much as we do. She has asked for a BOB for both of us and for the critters. Explained the difference between the BOB and a GHB. She is out at work as much as yours truely. She even asked for more ammo. She isn’t doing anything to get where we need to be, but she is thinking along the same lines. She has been listening to the things I talk about too. Finally.

  8. Managed to get a few things, I’ll probably have to “reply” with stuff I forgot:
    Red lentils & barley
    Kosher salt
    Worcester & A1
    Tomato paste (small cans)
    Dry chicken noodle soup mix
    Soup (canned) (hey, $1/ea)
    D batteries (long-storage)
    Beeswax (still need to order wicking)

    Drats, I forgot to get more sterno and quinoa at BJ’s.

    Prices everywhere going up up up. And Wally’s no longer carries Great Northern TP. Aargh. Well, maybe the dh will have to suffer w/Scott Soft.

    • Ha, that was quick. I forgot the dozen rings & lids, plus another dozen lids. Too bad I now have a flat-top stove. I’ll have to poke at steam canners to see if okay to at least maybe can pints. Stupid stove.

    • What kind of wick goes well with beeswax?

      • Jarhead 03 says:

        GA Red, with beeswax candles you want to use thicker wicks that are slow burning due to the wax burning at a slower rate than regular candle wax.
        This has been my experience. You can look for the thicker braided wick as well. If you go to any specialty craft store ask them for the slowest burning wicks.

        • Thanks! I’ve been doing lots of reading online about candle making and just got overwhelmed. There is a Michael’s craft store near me, so I will check with them. I have an experiment I’m contemplating that involves the wax coating that comes on Baby Bel cheese. I know the stuff burns. I know I eat a lot of cheese. I also like to reuse and re-purpose stuff, so why not make a candle?

          • Careful, I suspect there’s some plastic in there, too, on some cheese coatings.

            None of the craft stores I’ve been to (Michael’s and Hobby Lobby) carry square braid wicking. They do have some that’s okay for paraffin and soy candles.

            For most of my beeswax candles, I’ll like do narrow rolled. Hopefully, the dh kept a few pieces of poplar lumber. It’s very tight pored as it wasn’t pickled, which will make it easy to brush on the wax. Just hope there’s some pieces that are wide enough.

          • Hey, GA Red, remember when we were all kids and we made candles out of melted crayons?

            Here’s a wick chart for beeswax. Hope I can make it fit below. Anywho, pure beeswax burns much slower and cleaner than i.e. paraffin. Square braided (cotton) wicks best for beeswax. Usually have to order online. Choices are waxed and unwaxed; depends on how much time you have to spare. I’ve no doubt that my beeswax from Michael’s has paraffin in it, natural beeswax doesn’t mean 100% (typical Michael’s junk), so I’ll use wicking that burns a bit faster. Burn rate is in grams/hour. Sometimes have to experiment to get exactly right.

            Wick Size Burn Rate Application
            #6/0 4.59 1/4″ – 1/2″ dia tapers
            #5/0 4.87 1/2″ – 3/4″ dia tapers
            #4/0 5.54 3/16″ – 1/2″ dia tapers
            #3/0 6.11 1/2″ – 3/4″ dia tapers
            #2/0 5.98 2″ – 3″ dia pillar
            #1/0 6.96 1″ dia pillar
            #1 7.33 1″ – 2″ dia pillar
            #2 7.46 2″ – 3″ dia pillar
            #3 8.09 3-1/2″ – 4″ dia pillar
            #4 8.83 4″ – 1-1/2″ dia pillar
            #5 9.96 5″ – 5-1/2″ dia pillar
            #6 10.25 5-1/2″ – 6″ dia pillar
            #8 11.02 large outside containers
            #10 12.72 large outside containers

            • Mari, thanks for the wick info. I am putting up old candles into new jars, etc, and re-wicking things. I was really wondering about sizes.

            • Thanks for the added info Mari. I’ll keep this in mind. I have tons of crayons left from my daughters’ young days too. My mom used to save the ends of tapered candles then melt them down to make new candles (but I don’t remember ever actually using them). I have lots of glass jars I was planning to use for jelly until I read that sealing with paraffin was no longer a safe way to seal your jelly. I was thinking of making container candles. I know there are some safety issues with them as far as breakage, but it is an experiment and I’m thinking of doing it outside with an electric burner from an old popcorn maker my mom had. (Like I said – I like re-use and/or re-purpose things.) I’ll check out the links you posted too.

            • JP in MT & GA Red — please note that the wick chart I did is for beeswax and maybe soy or veggie or citronella. Other waxes require different wicks, like maybe flat braid wicks that might be available at someplace like Michael’s. One website w/decent wick charts is http://rusticescentuals.com

            • Jarhead 03 says:

              Mari, thanks for that info! I’ve been making them since I was a kid and made a few from beeswax and was always told thicker wick or braided.
              I as well love using crayons and when friends have said they were going to throw them away, I suggest having their kids learn to make candles. At 39 I sometimes think in the lucky kid growing up with a dad that lived during the Depression to teach me these things as well as friends of the family that were into arts and crafts.

            • Warmongerel says:

              I know next to nothing about this subject, but the WalMart here has flat, braided wicks for oil lamps, and they’re dirt cheap. I picked up a whole box of them for my lamps for about $5 if I remember correctly.

      • For dipped or narrow rolled, it’s #1 square braided. That’s mostly what I need. I can’t remember what # if making votives. I’ll check that when I order and post it out here.

        So far, I’ve got 4 or 5 lbs of beeswax, using Michael’s coupons for 40% or 50% off. Comes in handy too for waxing thread or for rubbing into molds before pouring in molten lead (ah yes, the good ole days of watching daddy.)

      • Here are two sites to look at re wicking for beeswax:

        Sorry, I make into links here at work. Might be easiest to copy first part as url and then add the rest to go in further on the websites. Never hurts to check more than one site due to much conflicting info out there.

  9. I"m A Prep Kat says:

    Hi Pack,
    It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted because prepping has been very slow. I’ve been crazy busy at work and funds haven’t been available. I do what I can with what I have and leave the rest until I can manage. I did get to an apple festival this weekend and have another half bushel of apples to put up as sauce or butter. That’s one chore the kiddos never mind helping with.

    I received 12 Deleware chicks last week. I haven’t decided if they are going to replace old layers or go in the freezer. My girls are on a work stoppage. I have 24 layers and am only getting 4 or 5 eggs a day. Most of them are molting right now, and of course the days are getting shorter. I’ve reset the timer on the coop lights, though, and hopefully this will help. Going to set a big stock pot in the yard and tell them if they don’t start laying again, they’ll be next in the “hot tub” lol

    take care, y’all.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      The old ‘stock pot’ motivator. Hmm… That should do it.

    • Kat, they always slow down while molting. However, they only dependably lay eggs for two years, the third is spotty. I too have a light on a timer in the hen house which goes on at 6 am until about 8 then of again at 6 pm until 9 pm. The light helps a lot!

  10. SurvivorDan says:

    Went up a mountain — 9157 ft. Built a new knife target. Went fishing. I successfully did NOT prep! Sometimes ya gotta take a breather and smell the foxglove (but don’t eat them….no). This week….it’s on!!!

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      SD, I agree. I call that a mental prep lol.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Disclaimer: Not promoting less prepping. I’ve just been battling with the Prepping Jones that makes me spend nearly all my time and spare loot on prepping with little relief. Need a break once in a while. This week I will intensify my stock piling / prepping / parsimony /cheapskate / paranoid / crazyasaloon/ hoarding efforts!

    • Plant Lady says:

      Went up a mountain = exercise = prepping
      New knife target = honing handy skills = prepping
      Went fishing = food acquisition practice = prepping
      You can’t get away from it even when you try! (Hehe)
      Prepping isn’t just buying, it is also doing!

      • SurvivorDan says:

        Oh no! I was prepping?
        How about if I find a nubile companion and go to a hotel in Vegas for the week and just party? Can’t make prepping outta that! 😉

        • Plant Lady says:

          Nubile companion in Vegas = practicing urban survival skills in a hostile environment while polishing the skills needed to repopulate the earth after TSHTF = prepping (hehe)
          Just partying = improving stress reduction techniques to improve your efficiency, and you simply MUST practice for the “End of the World” party coming our way soon…it is bound to be a doozy! And yep, that is prepping, too! If you aren’t really good at stress reduction, how will you be able to function during/after TSHTF?

          • SurvivorDan says:

            Lol. OK then….I will bury myself in a large cache tube for three days and nights and just meditate.

            I know….I would then be practicing my stealth techniques for escape and evasion during EOTWAWKI scenarios.
            I give up. Lol. 😉

        • Jarhead 03 says:

          SD, why not? I did lol, my gf is 11 years younger than I am and is on board with prepping so besides all the fun of drinking, eating and other sin city fun I was able to get some mags, the Berkey and Berkey filters as well as other zombie preps while there. And unfortunately a new phone lol too much of that Jack Daniels Honey drink.

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            That stuff is good for you! See you got your vitamin c, and you won’t get scurvy. Then the honey has natural anti-bacterial properties. Then if you’re still sick, with enuff JD you won’t care.

            • Jarhead 03 says:

              Tactical G-Ma, love the perspective lol. Btw, I was looking for your comment on cigarettes and I can’t believe how many people still smoke and while in Vegas I got the dirty looks from a group of Chinese smoking cigarettes as their disgust of the 255 pound gorilla smoking on a George Burns cigar blowing smoke their way lol.

              I was waiting for one of them to say something and my reply was going to be “oh how I wish you could see the plume of smoke I’m imagining on your country from a few mushroom cloud and picturing Walmart goin out of business”

              It sound funny as I was drinking some Makers Mark.

              Glad I’m not running for POTUS lol

  11. Hunker-Down says:

    I have a question for the pack.
    Yesterday one of my flashlights broke after turning it on about 20-30 times. It used 3 AAA batteries.
    I have seen recommendations for Sanyo rechargeable eneloop batteries and plan on getting some. They seem to be available in only AA and AAA sizes.

    I plan on standardizing on the Maglite LED 3-D as it seems to be a nice club, is sold everywhere, and the latest version is supposed to have 131 lumens. I don’t like those ‘tactical’ flashlights on-off switch on the bottom end of the handle; you cant hold a bangstick in one hand and turn the light on with the other hand. I saw one flashlight priced at $325, but the Maglite is at the top of our budget (and that’s before buying the batteries).

    What is the best, reasonably priced rechargeable D battery?

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      HD, I own the older rechargeable Maglite with the regular light bulb instead of LED and very happy with it. It was my “go to” flash light for bumps in the night for years and I still have it set close by in the front room near the couch I sit in if I had to grab a weapon fast and can’t get to the pistol or blade. It’s about the size of a three or four cell and makes a great impact device.

    • HD get the c and d adapters that eneloop sells , they are cases you put one of the aa batteries inside to put in your stuff that uses c and d batteries . I was going to by rechargeable c and d’ but for the price of a couple c or d’s you can get 8 or more aa or aaa. I now have 2 doz aaa and 3 doz aaa rechargable and the adapters I need for the stuff that takes them. Just google eneloop on amazon and you can get some pretty good deal. Just make sure to link thru M.D. so he can pick up a few cents also!!!

      • Hunker-Down says:


        Thanks, I overlooked the c and d adapters.
        I have M.D.s amazon link in our favorites list.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      I’m confused. As a user of ‘on-off switch on the bottom of the handle flashlights’ . Your thumb is on or near the button ‘cuz the flashlight is held inverted from a typical flashlight grip. ‘Course I always have several large Maglights as well. They do make good serious social encounter bludgeons. 😉 However, having a small tactical light on your person at all times (readily available; as opposed to the big Mag 50 feet away in your vehicle) will only supplement owning the big Mag.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        The small tactical lights can come with impact bezels which amplify their effectiveness as an impact weapon or gouging weapon. Hope you take another look at them. Ask a pro why they carry them. You might decide they are worth having.
        But, hey….personal preferences. I certainly wouldn’t want to be clubbed by a three sell MagLight. 😉

      • Hunker-Down says:

        My panic, high adrenaline reaction to grabbing any object to defend myself with does not end up with my thumb on the bottom of the object. I always have to use 2 hands to maneuver a flashlight such that my thumb ends up on the bottom where the tactical on-off switch is. That is a fumbling waste of time. If it needs to be used as a weapon, the thumb on the bottom is a weaker grip than a ball bat type grip.
        I defer to your point that the pros prefer the switch on the bottom, but I’m just a fumbling old civilian.

  12. akalls001 says:

    When I was in the Army we got to eat quite a few “C” rations……from the early to mid 50’s…this was early 70’s…..expiration dates are great, but it don’t mean the food is bad past that….canned goods anyway….and I believe the LDS kinda agree on how long canned goods will last, but perhaps they mean home canned….we are canning apples, beef, turkey and will be going on to ham and pork…..also working on a smoker….Dad built one using an old refrigerator when I was a kid and I do remember it-we had to peel the maple he used for it….and seeing as how my experiment with the sand point didn’t work out as planned I started looking for a portable well driller……and as luck would have it, a friend told me another friend had one and it is now in my garage being readied…..it stood outside in the rain for 10 years so the pipe on the slides are rusted together but will have that fixed soon…..amazingly, the gasoline engine started on the second pull….so, hopefully I can get the wells drilled this week and then it is just a matter of dropping the sand point and pipe down the 2″ hole it will drill….found buckets and gamma lids at Menards….save on shipping as the closest store is only 35 miles away and we go thru/by/there several times a month anyway…..and MD, glad the hear the pooch is getting better….we don’t have pets-the wife is allergic-but I know how attached one can become….

    Lewis in MN

    • SurvivorDan says:

      I too ate those old rations in the 70’s. Many were heavily IRRADIATED so they kept for decades. Many foods are now irradiated and the process was first approved by the FDA in 1963. I think the old food I ate was treated in the early experimental process to be tested on soldiers. Ain’t it always that way? I ate peanut butter that was older than I was at the time. 😉

  13. MENTALMATT says:

    Good to hear from you Tinfoil.

  14. Jarhead 03 says:

    Late posting due to my vacation in Las Vegas and coming back to work all screwed up and people complaining that I was out and things didn’t get done.

    So first of all, prayers sent out to the Pack, family and pets.

    Zombie preps:
    Magazines for the AR/M4, G21 and 10/22
    2 x Cold Steel Rifleman’s Hawk got the second at half price
    Barnett Ghost 350 Crossbow, 3x scope and twenty 125 grain 20″ bolts
    A brass paperweight designed to fit my hand and knuckles.

    Water prep:
    Travel Berkey
    Filters for the travel Berkey and Big Berkey
    100 ounce Blackhawk bladder for the GHB

    2 9 ounce pepper sprays
    2 holsters for the pepper spray to mount on belt or pack

    Hotel Goodies Prep:
    2 hand towels
    1 beach towel
    2 rolls of TP
    2 bars of soap
    1 shampoo
    2 notepads and pens

    Lost my cell phone while out on the town and had to replace it which cut into preps I planned on picking up in Vegas. Still had a good time getting away from work. Even did the Skyjump twice at the Stratosphere Hotel which was a blast at 855′ and 108 stories. Have a good week everyone!

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      Forgot to mention that I dried out the habaneros and Red Carrabien habaneros. Total of 60 total.

    • You trying out for the next edge-of-space jump Jarhead???? 🙂

      • Jarhead 03 says:

        MtWoman, I would love to do something like that. I’ve skydived twice and when I saw the photos I thought wow, and I’m happy enough to jump off 108 stories lol.

        In all honesty my reason to jump was my gf wanted to do it and I agreed. I jumped and she backed out at the platform. There is o refund for backing out but they allow someone to take your place and I hate to see money wasted. She accused me of being happy she backed out lol.

        • Well at least she gave it a try. I would too actually, even though I have a heights “issue”. I like to confront my “issues” when I can. I just think it’s amazing that that guy did what he did…from the edge of space…and we could WATCH!!! I watched the whole thing live on TV. And good on you for taking the leap. It’s energizing to do things like that isn’t it? 🙂

          • Jarhead 03 says:

            MtWoman, yeah it was great and she actually wants to try and said she will attempt it every time we go which means I may have to jump each time if she backs out lol.

            As for the jump, yeah it was a great jump and helped advanced technology testing in the event of an evacuation of a space launch. We learned two things: 1. It’s possible to jump and break the sound barrier and 2. Red Bull has a better Space Program than we do!

            • Jar…LOL on the Red Bull comment. Seems many “privateers” are doing better than NASA, including Virgin space projects (as in Virgin mobile).

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          I misread your original entry cause I was so jealous you didn’t take me with you to Vegas! You actually jumped from 108 stories high? Were you high? Glad you got your adrenalin shots!
          I’ll just get my adrenalin rushes by driving in Georgia! Haha!
          Seriously, glad you had a good time.

          • cosmolined says:

            Tactical G-Ma:
            Don’t confuse yourself with Jarhead03/Man Mountain.
            If things went South, he’d just bounce and dust himself off.
            Just my 2 cents. Cos

            • Jarhead 03 says:

              Cos, adrenaline is a powerful drug. For the next 12 hours I didn’t feel any aches in my knee or back lol. Did it sober and didn’t have a drink until a couple hours after the jump.

            • cosmolined says:

              I’m a coward. After Every jump, I had to empty my bladder after checking for arms and legs working… It was never fun. Cos

            • cosmolined says:

              For the folks who are new here, I was a U.S. Army S.F. Jumpmaster. I have 32 parachute jumps from C-130’s,
              C-141’s and Huey 1H-D’s. ‘Nuff said.

            • Jarhead 03 says:

              Cos, the jump descent is at 45mph from jump to about 20′ then slows down. Remember the 255′ tower at Benning where they pick you up on the chute and drop you? It’s about 3.5 times that except you jump instead of it lifting and then dropping you.

            • Jarhead 03 says:

              Cos, You have my respect for jumping that many times. I’ve got a few static jumps, one tandem skydive and one solo skydive under my belt. I went through Ranger school as a “leg” and was injured so all of my jumps were outside the military.

            • Well Mr Cos…and you’re here to tell the tales!!!!!

          • Jarhead 03 says:

            Tactical G-Ma, I am an adrenaline junky. I have drive in Savanah, Kingsbay and Atlanta you are right, wow is it some driving lol.
            Maybe one day we have a Pack get-together and a Class III state or prepper friendly state is the best way to go.
            Tennessee or Kentucky may be best.

            • Tactical G-Ma says:

              I’m a born and raised Ridge Runner. My DH says I am such a beeatch cause it’s my first full week in shoes! So, TN and KY are ok by me.

              And Cos,
              I had no idea you had such impressive credentials. When I was a girl, I spent summers near Bragg and was always impressed by the rounds falling from the planes. Now I live near Benning and am still amazed by the jumpers.

    • Surviving in Ky. says:

      Hey Jarhead, Glad you had a safe trip, well if you consider jumping off of a 108 story building safe. lol All I can say is better you than me. If I’m going to be that high I want to be in something with wings and one big engine, preferrably two; going at a high rate of speed, like mach 2. Good job on preps! Didn’t get much accomplished as my back went out and had to make another trip for an adjustment. Been slacking on the exercise and I think it caught up with me. Back in the Gym soon. Deer hunting this weekend, muzzle loader season opens Saturday. You also sound like another supervisor I see in the mirror every morning were everything turns to crap when I’m out. Seems everybody forgets what they’ve been trained to do and then no one can make a decision. Best of luck on getting it squared away. Have a great week!

      • Jarhead 03 says:

        Surviving, yeah I had what’s normally a three and a half hour drive turn into a seven hour trip due to a hail storm. There were two tractor trailer accidents on the 15.
        As for jumping it was something else.

        As for work yes, I deal with a bunch of Premadonas that swear they are it yet expect me to do everything.

      • Jarhead 03 says:

        Surviving, I’m seriously considering buying a muzzleloader. I had hunted once with and used to hit the range with an older friend of the family and the one I loved was a carbine model, slightly shorter barrel, rifled barrel, adjustable sights and the old moon clip indents to mount a scope.
        Just thinking if things got so bad that I eventually ran out of ammo I have plenty of lead that I have from fishing, lead blocks and wheel tire balance weights.

    • riverrider says:

      j, man you are a prepping ANIMAL! well, guess thats most marines tho, nothing half way done:) thats a good thing of course. holy crap batman, 855 feet? u da man!

      • Jarhead 03 says:

        River, it was a blast jumping! As for prepping I was sad I had to buy a new phone. Ecause there were a few other things I wanted to buy that I can’t get in PRK, oh well I’m planning a trip in February.

  15. village idiot says:

    Another week of slow preps. Worked 50 hrs., made a weekend trip to NW Arkansas to the Arkansas-Kentucky game. Spent enough money on that to buy a mound of prepping supplies, but whatever. We went up on top of Mt. Nebo near Russellville, Ar., yesterday and looked at the wonderfulness of God’s creation. That helps one keep things in perspective.

    I did add a couple of mags, and other related items from CDNN and Wally World, but nothing earth-shattering. The news doesn’t leave one with the impression things are improving, or even have a chance to improve. I read that the land is so dry in Kansas and other parts of the Wheat Belt that winter wheat crops can’t be planted. I noticed that there is an appeal for winter wheat to be planted around here, and that in response winter wheat is in fact being planted. That’s the only good news I could find.

    I will be in Little Rock the next two weekends for volleyball tournaments, so little chance of doing any heavy prepping. But can go by Sam’s and stock up on more food items.

    I’m happy your dog is better, MD. Sorry for the rambling post, but not getting much done leaves one wishing for more. Take care, everyone.

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      Village, my dad called that Gods country. My da lived in Russelville for years.

      • village idiot says:

        J, if it wasn’t for that dang nuclear power plant there, it would be just about perfect. Looking down on the Arkansas River Valley from either Mt. Nebo or Petit Jean are seeing Arkansas at its finest. I will also say the drive from Fayetteville to Alma on I-540 was beautiful as well because the leaves are changing just to the north of Alma.

        • Jarhead 03 says:

          Village, I know the plant wasn’t there when my dad lived there that’s for sure. My dad used to talk about 40 acre rock and some of the caves were set up to be used in case of an invasion durin World War II. I’ve never been there but hear its beautiful up there. Guessing the plant is near that area as well.

          • village idiot says:

            Yep, J, when you are sitting in the rocking chairs on the back porch of the Visitor Center at Mt. Nebo State Park and looking out over the river valley, the nuclear plant is down and off to your left. The cooling tower is quite obvious, the buildings housing the reactors(there are 2 of them), not so much. I’m really looking forward to the time these things wear out, hope to live long enough to see them dismantled. A coal or gas powered plant would suit me just fine, and there are huge reserves of natural gas in the area, most all of it being shipped up north to people who want to do away with it. Pisses me off to no end.

            • Jarhead 03 says:

              Village, looking at the fireflies. Oh wait, those are bees that were exposed to the power plant; never mind lol.

    • riverrider says:

      vi, gotta smell the roses while they are still bluming.

      • cosmolined says:

        Do roses in Arkansas glow at night normally?! LOL, Just kiddin’.
        My cousin lives in Russelville. To get to their home, I drive by the river where a half dozen or so folks are drowning worms. That is my goal in life! (Has nothing to do with her fried chicken…) Cos

        • village idiot says:

          cos, I crossed the Arkansas River at Dardanelle, saw lots of folks fishing, more than I’ve ever seen there. The water levels on Lake Dardanelle looked about normal, but the river was extremely low, so I guess they are holding water in the lake. Got all them fish trapped in shallow water is the explanation for all the fishermen, I guess. You better hurry before they get them all caught up. Otherwise, it’s fried chicken for you. LOL.

  16. GeorgeisLearning says:

    Check this video out about making a knife. I got interested in it and will attempt to make one, (soonish) There are some other great videos as well about the topic. Looks cool. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROVXVDlCdH0&list=UUXyMGOok0GsVLfltiCOX4Qw&index=5&feature=plcp

    Great week
    I have been trying to buy only American made products as we talked about before. Its quite hard to actually do. Not impossible but hard and some what expensive.
    My wife is totally on board and we’re doing what we can to help American workers.
    Harbor freight is a no go on any item.
    Walmart has some American goods.
    Lowes well I went there and was able to buy some terro ant poison made in America
    You just gotta look around and see. The trouble is are we going to be lazy and not look or make the time and look. Up to you.

    Good luck to you on all your trials.
    PS wasn’t that space jump neat! amazing stuff

    Have a great week all

  17. worrisome says:

    I got this email from someone today that I trust. This is about what happens to you if you are not insured in the next few years….

    For those presently going without insurance because they are young and healthy or feel that they don’t want to include the cost of health care in their budget, or have been unemployed but too proud to ask for assistance from the government in the form of Medicaid below are the penalties for non compliance in getting health care from somewhere and some how. One note, due to part of the Supreme Court ruling……..several states are NOT going to comply with new Medicaid guidelines and there is presently NO price controls on how much the insurance companies can charge for premium in the exchanges they are presently setting up. The only “price control” so far is that older people can’t pay more than 3 times what young people are paying. More on what it is likely to cost to seek insurance on an exchange at a later time. For now………….. just read this………and digest it. Gail



    2015 = $975.00 PER PERSON, PER FAMILY MEMBER= $3,900 TAX FOR A FAMILY OF 4

    2016 = $2085 PER PERSON, PER FAMILY MEMBER= $8340.00 TAX FOR A FAMILY OF 4

    Penalties will be paid through the IRS at tax time. Failure to pay up on your penalties? Attached wages and bank accounts……….no kidding!

    Also, the owners of Olive Garden and Red Lobster have come out and said that they will cut as much as possible to part time, less than 30 hours per week in order to cut their exposure to Obama Care. Think carefully folks…

    • Hunker-Down says:


      If I were an insurance company I would consider those numbers to be the MINIMUM profit I ‘need’ over and above costs.

    • riverrider says:

      and in 2014 the AARP will become the largest health insurer in the country, making billions. still think they have the senior”s best interest at heart?

      • River Rider, most insurance companies and AARP backed Obama Care…

        Hunker-Down those numbers listed here go to the Federal Government, not to the carriers however.

  18. Warmongerel says:

    Another question: I have access to a lot of what is called “silver solder”. It’s actually used to braze joints on copper tubing together. It’s basically silver-plated tin. However, the plating is 12 – 15% silver.

    The company that I work for doesn’t think that it’s worth it to collect the 3″ – 4″ stubs and recycle it, which means that I can take it all home with me (oddly, nobody else seems to realize this). And, yes, Management knows that I’m doing it so it’s not theft.

    At last check, the scrapyard would give me $44/pound for it. I can bring home probably 1/4 pound/day or more. You can see how that could add up quickly.

    The question is, do I cash it in & buy prep supplies? Do I try to work with a local smelter and have them take a cut in return for the smelted silver? I’m pretty sure that whent TSHTF nobody’s going to want it enough to barter for it.

    Just another odd question. Thanks for your feedback.

    • Warmongerel. I would say that it would depend upon how far along you are in prepping. Water, Food and Shelter and then protection are all first, then work on saving up some precious metals and barter goods. So if you are all done, then turn it into silver, if not, sell it and buy things you need………….. does that help?

      • cosmolined says:

        I’d sell it always. Nobody would realize it has value when TSHTF. Use the money like worrisome advised. Even if a local smelter separated the silver, it would not be recognized as such by the unwashed masses. God Bless, Cos

    • Warmongerel says:

      Helps a lot. I need the cash to buy more supplies. I can do it on my income eventually, but this will speed the process up.

      Thanks, guys.

  19. mountain lady says:

    MD, it made my heart happy to hear that little Faith is getting better.

    No prepping this week, hope to get to town later this week or next.

  20. Got in more canned goods, pasta, sauce, and also got in on the BOGO pancake mix at Publix. Cleaned out more room for preps. Started talking with my mom about prepping, but dad is not an easy man to convince. The job is going well, my feet are adjusting, and my boss is looking to promoting me to a permanent assistant management type position. I can sure use the cash!
    So happy to hear that Faith is better. I pray for all of my pack mates, I just lay my hand on the screen and pray. God is good!

    • cosmolined says:

      Do you know anything about treadles? I seem to have one in my living room….. LAM. (Just a love of old woodwork.) Thank you.
      God Bless, Cos

      • Petticoat Prepper says:


        Tredles…as in sewing machine? I learned to sew on my Grandma’s treadle, it’s actually in my sewing area. Love it a bunch! I think she bought it new. No fancy wood work but 6 drawers and a center one too.

        • cosmolined says:

          Petticoat Prepper:
          Yes Ma’am. A treadle sewing machine. My neighbors had a yard sale. When I saw the joints and engraving on the cabinet, I bought it. No bargaining, just admiration of a craftsman…
          It’s not a Singer, but looks like it’s in operating shape if I can get a new needle and an idea how to work it. God Bless, Cos

          • Petticoat Prepper says:

            Well, if it’s like mine (singer) it’s just a regular sewing machine needle. The trick will be the belt. I’ve not seen one in a sewing store in ages. A quick google search produced several sites, here’s one http://www.etsy.com/listing/28218334/leather-treadle-sewing-machine-belt
            I’ve been thinking of looking for a couple of back up belts for mine. Be sure to clean and oil it inside. These things were really built, next to my ’50 era pfaff of course.

  21. Leonard G. Anderson says:

    Anyone on this in the Rockford Illinois area? Looking for some local wolfpack. Even Chicago suburbs or Madison (which has a nice prepper group Ive been to several times.( http://www.meetup.com/MadisonPreppers/events/86221832/?a=me1_grp&rv=me1 ) Thanks

  22. Tactical G-Ma says:

    This question goes out to all,
    If one has heirloom silver flatware, silver serving dishes, tea service, etc. are they worth anything as barter or is it better to sell it for pennies on the dollar?

    • I know there was a time in the 80s when people were stealing silver flatware and other silver items because the price had skyrocketed. I don’t know about now. I’ve kept what I’ve inherited and use it when possible because I know I will never be able to afford to replace it. Most of the silver serving pieces are usually plated too.

    • mountain lady says:

      I sold some of my flatware to a friend, but all the sterling bowls, candle sticks, etc, and some coin silver spoons from way back, are here, and I think some would be able to be used for barter, if and when it gets to that point. What I sold was at a time when I was flat broke, and needed the money, plus, I got a fair price for it.

    • worrisome says:

      T G Ma, would the more important question be what is the melt value?

  23. Tactical G-Ma says:

    I suppose. I prefer to hand down what few heirlooms I have but if it comes to surviving could I use the silver and silver plate dinnerware as barter or will it be of little value? So, I guess I am asking does it have melt value.