What did you do to prep this week?

Before we start with this weeks super-duper “What did you do to prep this week” blog segment, I would like to first thank Oren P, Bonnie N, Gary K and Jarhead 03 for their support and generous donations via PayPal this week. Thank you all so very much, your support is greatly appreciated.

I would also like to thank Bam Bam for sending me a big box of her homemade soap for my birthday – thank you :cake: . It is the best smelling package that I’ve ever opened, Bam Bam you should start selling this – you could start out by selling to friends and co-workers then you could approach local store owners and merchants. Remember the key is in the packaging, if it looks good then folks will buy it.

Also please keep those in the path of hurricane Sandy in your prayers – folks this is a big one that has the potential to cause a lot of destruction. Folks this is why we prep, and I hope everyone is well prepared for this storm …

Okay, what did I do to prep this week?

  • Worked on and updated my security system (sorry, folks but I can’t go into details).
  • Put together more “care packages” to help others in need. Besides the usual food (instant oatmeal, 5 lb bag of rice, canned fruit, hard canddy) and water I’ve also added a small copy of The New Testament and a copy of The Ten Commandments to each.
  • Added 25 cans of dog food for Faith’s EOTWAWKI survival kit.
  • Two bottles of Tea Tree oil.

And our friends at Paladin Press sent me copies of several or their instructional DVD’s and two books including – The Hayduke Silencer Book, Mantrapping, Tactical Combat Casualty Care, Mission-Essential Off-Road Driving 2, and Combat Knife Throwing. My pick of the lot is Tactical Combat Casualty Care excellent instructions as is the norm for The Crucible.

Well that’s it for me this week – what about YOU? What did YOU do to prep this week ?:-)

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  1. BlueCaribDreams says:

    I have been eagerly wanting to share this, my only prep for the week (besides daily increasing knowledge)…
    Ok, what did I do this week? I welcomed in a new prepper to the world! At 1:01 am on Wednesday, my GF had emergency C-Section, resulting in a 4lb 8oz little girl to be known here as “S”. Yes, I know she is small. S came 6 weeks early but she is 100% healthy! We are still in the hospital due to high blood pressure in GF, but may go home today or tomorrow. S will be here for a few weeks max.
    I won’t bore you with details but this all started with a routine checkup on Monday morning.


    • congratulation! glad all turn out okay.

    • Wow Blue…congrats!!! 🙂 That’s a BIG “little” prep.

    • robert in mid michigan says:

      congrats and great to hear good health

      love to hear this type of news
      something to smile about in a world dominated by bad

      god bless and good luck

    • Oh, congratulations! A prepperette!

    • Congratualations!!!!!!! Wish the best for you and your family, and may they get strong and healthy very soon!!!

    • worrisome says:

      Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! Be the BEST daddy you can BE!

    • Copperhead says:

      Congratulations!!!! What wonderful news that S is healthy. God’s blessings to you, GF and baby S.

    • Grannytraveler says:

      Congrats! Glad to hear everything is going well.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Congrats to you and GF. Hope you have put in lots of diapers, desatin ointment, formula, cereal, orajel, and baby toiletries. “S” is lucky to have a preppin family! God bless.

    • Soggy Prepper says:

      Congratulations BlueCaribDreams! A 4lb 8oz reason to keep prepping! I pray mom and baby stay healthy and everything continues without incident.

    • BlueCaribDreams:

      Well congratulation! But what’s the problem? When I was growing up they told us women in China gave birth, then 20 minutes later were back in the mud picking rice. 😉

      And yes, life as you know it is over. You now have a walking (well crawling) talking (well squawking) reason to prep!

    • Congrats!

    • Blue,


    • BlueCaribDreams says:

      Thank you all for the kind words!
      Greatfully S is improving daily at a faster rate than even the Dr’s expected, but the GF is not “out of the woods” yet. The event with my GF that caused the emergency C-Section (Severe Preeclampsia) is still out of control. GF’s blood pressure is still very bad (173/102) and so far, meds are not helping. We still have another type to try, but cannot breast feed while on those.
      Once again, thank you for all for being so kind and positive!


      PS., Thanks G-Ma, I knew I was forgetting something… Orajel!!!!!

    • Congratulations to the new family. Yes, it sucks to leave your new darling in the hospital, but use that time to your advantage and get some sleep while you can.

      • Encourager says:

        Sleep??? Shall we break the news to him that for the next 6 weeks, at least, there will be very little of that??? We all went through it Blue, you WILL survive, lol!!

    • HomeINsteader says:

      I don’t think anyone here would be bored with anything you share about our newest little prepper, “Miss S”. Congrats! Best wishes! Praying that Mama heals swiftly and enjoys that little bundle of blessing.

    • Congratulations!! Little girls are such fun!

    • Candy In Nebrask says:

      Congrates to you and GF

    • farmmomwannabe says:

      Congratulations! I’m so glad to hear she is healthy.

    • Petticoat Prepper says:

      Awesome! Congrats to both mom and dad. Don’t worry about her size…she’s bigger than I was! I was in a hurry to get here, emergency C too; I’ve been in a hurry ever since. When those long nights of crying seem to never end just remember that you will blink and she’ll be moving; mine just did. It goes so fast, enjoy every moment and jot down all the to die for stuff she’ll say because you won’t be able to remember all of it.

      Best prep of the week! So happy for you both. Welcome little S!

    • Suburban Housewife says:

      Aww. Congrats on the new little one and prayers for your GF.

    • Congrats to you both. What a blessing!

    • Congratulations on the safe delivery of little Miss S. “S” doesn’t stand for Sandy, does it? LOL Now that name might be infamous before this storm is over.

    • Congrats Blue! All the best!

    • Belle Prepper says:

      Congratulations, and best wishes for the quick recovery of your GF.

    • Congratulations! Best wishes for good health to your GF and little S.

    • BlueCaribDreams says:

      As of 11:00pm CT, the GF is out and back home… 1 down and 1 to go! Unfortunately, we live 90 min away from the hospital so only able to drive there once a day to see little “S” 🙁 She is getting stronger everyday so it shouldn’t be too much longer!
      Once again, Thanks to everyone for the kind words, best wishes, and prayers! It made a big difference during those long sleepless nights.


  2. For the first time in a while we have had a busy week.
    1-lbs lard
    8-lbs Pinto Beans
    8-lbs Great northern beans
    15-lbs White Rice
    9 packets of yeast
    4 pack of serrated steak knives
    2 piece bamboo spoon set
    20 gallon mylar bags
    80 300cc oxygen absorbers
    10 2000cc 02 absorbers
    stored the corn seed we saved this year
    worked on a couple of grab and go buckets

    Doing a lot of praying for those on the East coast.

  3. Again, until we move there will probably not be any major preps in the near future. Right now we are just getting ready for the next period of concern at out house, 7 Nov thru 19 Jan, 2013.

    This week we did pick up some conventional food items for the pantry (beans, candy, drink mixes, and powdered lemon juice), some trade items (such as cheap lighters and disposable knives), stocked up on what prescription meds we could, and picked up some hunting ammo and some gun parts.

    Our biggest “acquisition” was in books: 21 vol. set of Annals of America and The Jefferson Lies (review to come soon). We also found boxes for #10 cans @ Rainy Day Foods (LDS Cannery is about 1/2 the price but not close enough) and a 1500W DC inverter w/direct battery connection clamps (1saleaday.com).

    We also sold off some items that were excess to make money (and room) for more preps.

    Those of you who are in Sandy’s path are in our prayers; looks like you may be checking out your preps! This coupled with the political situation is making me glad that I did what I did, when I did it. (I have a BIL that lives in NJ and is planning on going into NYC for work tomorrow – thinking he might get in but not out. Foolish mortal!)

  4. NorCal Ray says:

    Good Morning Pack, Spent the day yesterday doing preventive maintainance on the vehicles. Did inventory on preps for 3 days. Made a new spreadsheet for them.
    A friend was having his house foreclosed on and was short $400.00 so I gave it to him and he gave me a new Savage 110 cal.30/06 w/composite stock, AccuTrigger, & a Leopould 3-9×50 Hunter Scope on it. It only had 10 rds. thru it so I think I got a pretty good deal.

    As for other preps here they are:
    270rds. .30/06 FMJ Ammo
    4 x 10 rds. .45acp Birdshot
    4x50rd Boxes .44mag Ammo
    3x25rd Boxes .410 Hunting Ammo
    .38spec. Speed Loader
    24rds. .22 Calibre Darts
    500rds .20 (5mm) Pellets
    20 Bullets 150 & 165 grn. .308 Dia
    18v Cordless Drill / Driver
    6pk #2 Bit Drivers
    160pc. Metric Nut & Bolt Set
    Spare Fan Belt for Tracker
    1 gal. Coolant / Antifreeze

    All those on the East Coast who may be affected by Hurricane Sandy, you are in our prayers. Watch your backs all. Take care.

    Savage 110 AccuTrigger 30/06 w/Scope
    270rds. .30/06 FMJ Ammo 1
    24rds. .22 Calibre Darts 2
    .38spec. Speed Loader 1
    500rds .20 (5mm) Pellets 1
    4x50rd Boxes .44mag Ammo 4
    3x25rd Boxes .410 Hunting Ammo 3
    20 Bullets 150 & 165 grn. .308 Dia. 20
    4 x 10 rds. .45acp Birdshot 4
    18v Cordless Drill / Driver 1
    6pk #2 Bit Drivers 1
    160pc. Metric Nut & Bolt Set 1
    Spare Fan Belt for Tracker 1
    1 gal. Coolant / Antifreeze 1

    • NorCal Ray says:

      don’t know what happened here. Somehow I ended up with two separate lists.

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      NCR, looks like a great week. I did a tune up on the car before I did my Vegas run but looks like I may do an oil change the day before the election if I have to bug north.

      • NorCal Ray says:

        Jarhead 03,
        That sounds like a plan. I will get with you on Tues. to discuss the other stuff we talked about. So you know, you are always welcome here if need be.

    • livinglife says:

      Savage and Stevens are often overlooked as good weapons.
      Good call on the screws/hardware, something I need to add.

      • NorCal Ray says:

        Thanks, I have plenty of other Hardware but am extremely shy on metric stuff and that is what most cars, as well as other things use nowadays. I am going to stock up on some more inthe near future.

        Savage makes a very accurate rifle. I had a 110a in .308 that would shoot 3 shot cloverleafs with all three touching at 100 yards with open sights. Of course that was in my younger days. I doubt I could do that with a scope now.

  5. Hi Wolfies!

    Happy Birthday MD! And what a nice thing for Bam Bam to do! MD, putting bibles in the gift supplies is a good idea.

    Not a lot new here in the redwoods. I thought it was going to be too dry this year for any fall color, but it is happening and for California…pretty! We had some rain and some cooler air and that puts me in mind of soups, stews, lasagna’s etc. So the crock pot is on and company’s coming! Made some roasted garlic & sundried tomato beer bread to go along with dinner, ‘twas fun. And now it is time to start gearing up for the crazy Thanksgiving that always occurs here at the homestead.

    Got in lots of the stuff I ordered last week and the week before, went for a little target practice yesterday. BIL finished tiling the outdoor shower, looks pretty cool! Did a lot of autumn clean up around here and pulled out a lot of the garden. Repotted some of the herbs and brought them inside to a sunny window, most are doing well, the sage however, looks not so happy.

    I can honestly say that this knee is finally on the mend. Actually got through 4 of the last 5 nights with no pain and have walked every day at least ½ mile. Found an incline to go up to help strengthen it and the dogs and I have been enjoying our peaceful little hikes.

    Have been hearing gunfire on the mountain. Neighbors are wandering around up there checking things out. Haven’t seen any cars come or go so it is curious.

    I have been watching the politics get sillier and sillier and more and more desperate. Will be glad when it is over and we are facing whatever it is we are going to face. I read someone on the east coast that was working for the GOP got beat up and garroted at his front door. There was other malicious mischief going on… church signs defaced, nails scattered in a tea party meeting parking lot. Heard someone was bussing Somalis into the voting booths in Ohio, many of which weren’t citizens. All I could think about was what terrible things may come if the tide turns against tdl. And yet, the more that crazy stuff is done, the more he needs to be removed.

    My east coast family is heading towards the cabin to wait out the storm. First part of them left yesterday to go up and open things up and turn things on. They will make a party out of it. Thank God every one of them has a week’s vacation built up. One of my west coast daughters just cancelled her trip to New York and I just heard that they plan on closing down the subways there. Out here on the west coast, there was a 7.7 earthquake in Canada, some tsunami warnings went out and there were high tides in some areas. You just never know what you are prepping for and when you might need it. For me it is always fire, earthquake and flood first. Then I worry about the local crime issues and then economic upheaval, etc.

    The whole thing with the new EMT technology was of interest. I wonder if we are the only one that knows how to do that right now. What an edge that would be with someplace like Iran if it was.

    Please keep safe everyone, take care of each other if you can. There is no finer group than this Wolf pack, we cannot afford to lose anyone!

    • worrisome:

      In Montana the Democrat trying to get reelected as Senator is doing so poorly, they are spending big bucks for promoting the Libertarian candidate calling him the “real” conservative.

      • Actually this should go to riverrider. Sorry for the misdirect.

        PS there are skid marks on my ceiling over what’s been going on in the last 6 weeks, and it’s getting bad enough that I may have to have the ceiling completely redone (after Nov 6th).

    • worrisome, what do you mean by “EMT” technology, I’m missing your point. Nothing new, I’m usually clueless. Jeff

      • Should have been EMP tech, sorry to confuse Jeff……….

        • Soggy Prepper says:

          North Korea has emp techknology. You can look it up on the web. I think the last time I noted in news that they tried it out was March 2011.
          I couldn’t find anything more currant then that, but I’m sure they’ve been working on improving it.
          I don’t think they have the means to move a missle close enough to the U.S. to use it on us, but Iran does.
          Now, could Iran actually get a missle on a ship to get it close enough without being blown up first, I don’t know.

          From my very, very (very) limited understanding of EMP’s any country with nuclear capability has the potential of delivering and EMP attack. It is just detonated in the atmosphere, not the ground.
          N.Korea has actively tested for an EMP attack and it worked to some degree (see the link above).

          Any one in the Pack can chime in on this that knows more, it would be appreciated!

          Maybe TDL would just watch on tv and do nothing.

    • Warmongerel says:

      My understanding of EMP is that it’s a nuclear detonation above the atmosphere. The electromagnetic waves cascade down in a line-of-sight wave and destroy any electronics, using their metal pathways as an “antenna” that delivers an overload current to destroy their components. Our electrical grid would serve as a perfect antenna to distribute the pulse to all of our electrical stations, blowing out their transformers – thus destroying our electrical grid for many years to come.

      Being line-of-sight and above the atmosphere, any country that could simultaneously launch as few as 4 or 5 nuclear bombs above the atmosphere and detonate them in strategic spots could take down the entire United States. North Korea and soon Iran will have that capability. Among others.

      The only thing that will help you is to have pre-computer equipment to use, or “harden” what you have against EMP.

      By sheer luck I started collecting old, 1930’s tube type radios many years ago. I have about a dozen of them and, from what I understand, they should work fine.

      I also have a beautiful 1967 Cadillac Calais that doesn’t have any computerized equipment. If an EMP hits, at least I’ll be cruising in style. 😉

      My suggestion would be to find some pre-computerized equipment and stash it away. You can get the old, wooden radios for under $100, and many of them have shortwave bands. And buy some 1960’s (or older) vehicle and keep it in running condition.

      Remember: that great generator that you have isn’t going to do you much good if all of the stuff you’re going to run off of it is fried. And you might want to make sure the EMP isn’t going to fry the generator itself.

      • One can only hope & pray that even the idiot Islamists aren’t so stupid to do such a thing. Example: A major EMP attack centered over the US between Mississippi River and Atlantic Ocean would yield most if not all nuclear reactor sites having problems shutting down and then the problem of keeping rods cooled. TEOTWAWKI for the idiots, too. But I don’t doubt they lick their chops in anticipation!

        • Why would any country use EMP, when all they have to do is take down our computers with a series of hacks? Our enemies have hacked into the banking system, various electrical grids on East Coast and more, in the past 2 years. Consider how much of our daily lives are effected by computers. Even heart pacemakers and
          defilibrators have computer chips. Newer passports have computer chips.
          EMP has potential to destroy those who used it. Computer hacking only destroys the hacked.

          • Lynn,

            In that I work for a large financial institution in a fairly senior technowlogy roll, I ten tell you with certainty that percieved “hacks” have been very minimal and are really limited to two things
            1) employees selling customer information
            2) DDoS attacks which have been very very minimally successful at all.

            When you are talking about an EMP, you are talking about frying the data centers of many many large businesses on top of the imopact to small businesses and individual people. Tehn if done in the vicinity of nuclear power plants whichrequire constant supervision and intervention, as Mari pointed out you are in serious risk of meltdowns. In many ways, this could make a nuclear detonation in the atmosphere much worse than one on the ground.

            An EMP is 100,000 times the scale as the collective impact of every computer hack in history.

  6. Prayers said for folks in “Sandy’s” path. Thankful for the west coast not getting hit by a tsunami also. Sure hope people are prepped! I didn’t get alot done this week…had to buy tires. Used coupons and bought extra TP, Spam, Chili, and tea. Ordered a book on artisan bread baking but haven’t received it yet. Guess that is it for me. Everyone have a safe and blessed day!!!

  7. riverrider says:

    i’m glad faith is still healing m.d., couldn’t live without my mutts either….fairly slow week here. picked up 2 more security lights, set up sensors, got a automatic gate closer and a deep cycle batt for that, filled several gas cans, picked up a couple extra cans for diesel and filled them. got couple bags of DE, lime and a 50lb bag of salt, as well as an extra gallon of chain oil. oh, scored at chinamart a brick of cci “quiet” 22lr ammo and two of “tactical”. got in a little range time with the dw. don’t know what happened to her skills, remedial training will be required, soon……been watching the bengazi thing unfold. suffice it to say i am convinced that tdl had full eyes on target but sacrificed those american lives for his muslim brothers. he and everybody watching it happen are traitors and whatever happens to them next is well deserved. on a side note, they relieved the admiral of the carrier strike group in mid ocean(unprecidented in naval history) for “poor leadership judgement”. being 29 yrs prior military, i translate that as he stood up for the americans under fire in libya. from the media, crickets. one fox correspondent stated in tears that “the media has become the enemy of democracy”. their hypocrisy knows no bounds, nor does my anger. we are in deep pooh-pooh people. i apologize for the rant.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      You said it. We are in it up to our necks!

    • Soggy Prepper says:

      Don’t apologize riverrider, Never apologize for speaking out on atrocities done against Americans, especially by those that are in a position to do something about it, like the president who actually watched in real time the slaughter of those Americans. It’s disgusting.

      I’m actually shocked that there is not more of a public outcry! Is America so far gone that people don’t care this administration allowed this to happen and actually Prevented help?! TDL is a traitor to America and needs to step down. He did nothing and that is a dereliction of duty and he’s an abomination.

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      River, looks like you had a good week. Got to hold those zombies back lol.

    • RR:

      As part of the old saying goes: that’s not rain water I feel running down my back!

    • HomeINsteader says:

      I’m with T-GMA and Soggy Prepper – no need to apologize. Keep that fire in your belly – we just may need it!

    • Warmongerel says:

      No need to apologize. He is a disgrace to this country and a cold, narcissistic little man. How could any normal person sit & watch their fellow Americans being murdered…and then just go to bed so as to be rested up for his fundraiser in Las Vegas the next day?

      In 4 years he hasn’t done one thing to help this country. You’d think that if it was just sheer incompetence or stupidity that he’d accidentally do something helpful once in awhile. Which says to me that it’s intentional.

      Remember: Marx said that it was necessary to destroy the existing system so that it could be replaced with Socialism. Marx advocated armed revolution, but <a href="http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/823368/posts&quot; Gramsci came along later and showed how Communism could be voluntarily implemented by subverting family, education, the media, popular culture, religion, etc. Sound familiar? Read the link. It’s chilling.

      OK…now I’m done ranting.

    • ozhillbilly says:

      Very well said. The first thing I thought of when I heard of the Admiral’s dismissal was he stood up for our people over there and the second thing was his career is probably over. Personally, I’d rather die trying than the alternative. I hope the folks out there that really know what happened will grow a backbone, step-up and do what’s right.

    • I have been hearing about this for the last week – the hubby subscribes to Glen Beck TV. The mainstream media is the biggest reason there is very little public outcry – they aren’t reporting it so the average person doesn’t know. Unfortunately, when you try to tell them about it, they don’t believe it either because they aren’t hearing it on mainstream media.

    • I agree, Riverrider. No need to apologize.

    • No need to apologize as far as I’m concerned. There are many persons of power running around with no clothes on and even many of the grown-ups know it.

  8. MD, Tea tree oil is great. Don’t know if you have tried it but Olbas oil is great to have and use also. I keep a supply of arnica gel to use on sore muscles and joints too.

    • Re: Tea Tree Oil,

      I melt 1-2 Tbs. beeswax in 1/2 pint of olive oil, and then add about 1 tsp. tea tree oil to make a salve. That works great as a lotion for both humans and dogs. I use that when Max (my GSD) gets hot spots. I used to use Bag Balm but this salve works better.

  9. It’s turned full fall here – running the pellet stove and hoping any Pack members in the Northeast aren’t too troubled by the storm. I will admit to feeling a bit smug about being a prepper after watching the news coverage of folks waiting in line for generators, water, food, lamps, etc. We’ve already got that covered! I certainly would not want a crisis to hit, but it is nice to feel that at this point we can handle a week or two weather disaster about as well as one could hope to. (I lived on the Gulf Coast for almost 20 years, so I’ve been through a couple of hurricanes and before that a few blizzard/ice storms up here in the Midwest, so I’m somewhat experienced with the whole weather disaster thing…)
    This week’s preps are the usual purchases of food – beans, some rice, and then, because we’re getting close to a year supply of the “basics” I started getting some “filler” – bought more canned chiles, some pimentoes, condensed milk, tea, etc. Hit a sale at Kroger on pudding mix and cake mixes. More canned fruit bought – Kroger also had a sale on canned pineapple – 11 for $10!
    Got a bunch of our bulk spices out of canning jars and into mylar bags for easier storage.
    Ordered some 3600 calorie bars from EE.
    Began work on assembling some “kits” in used kitty litter buckets (which we clean first!). Already have two first aid kits built, next am working on a couple of “tool” kits and then some toiletries ones. The idea is that if we have to leave in a hurry for whatever reason or if we’re going on a short overnight trip we can pick up a couple of these and pack them into the car as well as the bug out bags. Just giving us a bit more supplies than would be in a bug out bag if needed. I’m thinking I’ll end up writing these up as articles for MD… perhaps with pictures.
    Started in on organizing the non-food preps – need more shelves.
    Hubby and son began reloading ammo – we went to the range and shot some of it and it mostly worked. Obviously a learning process, but it’s a good skill to have.
    Mom is having eye surgery tomorrow morning really really really early, everyone wish me luck in not shooting the nurses and doctors – I hate hospitals and the way they treat folks like we’re all idiots. Having to get up at 3:30am isn’t going to help my mood either.

    • Copperhead says:

      Prayers that your Mom’s surgery goes well. Also, for you for patience with the hospital folks! 🙂

    • farmmomwannabe says:

      Victoria S, Prayers for your mom’s speedy and complete recovery, your entire family to have patience with supportive and helpful attitudes for Mom, you, each other.

      • Mother is home, and I didn’t kill any nurses or doctors. Actually, they were quite good until the end, when they rushed us out of the recovery room … I would have preferred a bit more time to get the 80 year old semi-invalid coherent before having to get her into a car… but… whatever.

        Thanks for the good wishes!

  10. Please say a prayer for Marcus Lattimore, the South Carolina football player who was horrifically injured during Saturday’s game with Tennessee. This looks to be a career ending injury. And the young man was expected to be the first running back picked in the NFL draft this year.

  11. Cold Warrior says:

    Dry/Oven canned 30 more lbs. of rice, also 20 pts. of lentils. Topped off all of my ammo boxes and got a small amount of silver.

    DW and I are trying to draw up a survival plan depending on Nov. 6th’s out come. Would very much like to know what others are thinking about this?

    Good people died when they could have been helped, and then the disinformation started. “It’s all about a u-tube video”….remember?
    Now Obama is saying that he gave the order to save Stevens and the others. If so, why are they dead?

    Let’s find out what happened, as the next time it could be one of your loved ones. God Bless

    • Cold Warrior,

      After a lot of prayer and watching Obama 2016 my dh and I are both switching our votes to Romney. I am still moderate to liberal in many of my views, but I think Obama is trying to sell us (and Israel) out to the Muslims.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Cold Warrior,
      Ours and our neighbors plans are to stand-by and are ready to dig in for at least 90 days. We are so far off the beaten path where we should be okay as long as we stay put if there is unrest. Beyond that we plan on being good citizens and living our life as usual.

      As far as the problems with the attacks on our representatives abroad: I think that the second the first protest was uttered and the first object thrown was too late to send in anyone. And who in their right minds hires the fox to guard the chicken coop? Must we (the USA) make the same mistakes over and over again. Our ambassadors, envoys, and military are targets for the crazies. The military are in most cases are prepared to engage. Our representatives abroad have a very important job to do and deserve the best protection we can provide. Shame on this Administration for hanging them out to dry and shame on them for not at least doing something punitive to the communities in which these crimes occurred.

      • riverrider says:

        tac, the military was not there due to hillary’s hatred of them. she has no use for them in her utopian world. however, there was enough firepower in the region to take over a medium to large country, much less ward off a few terrorists. spooky was said to be overhead, that alone could have ended it. everybody in the room when the request for help was denied needs to be sent to the firing squad. any real soldier would have stood up, taken charge and delivered the help. its clear tdl has undermined the military by installing lapdogs in place of generals. they too should be shot. the only good news is the live feed went to too many true americans to cover up. imagine yourself hunkered down in a craphole under fire in the ‘stan and knowing you commander in chief won’t send help for you because a muslim might get in the way. tdl just angered 400k+ vets, many of whom are “unstable”. i wouldn’t sell him life insurance for a while.

      • Warmongerel says:

        No offense, Tactical G-Ma, but it has been definitely established that there was no protest beforehand. That was a supposed “misunderstanding” by the Administration. One that they kept repeating for 2 weeks after the real facts were known.

        This was a flat-out military-type assault on the compound. And it lasted for about 7 hours. There was plenty of time to get some kind of help to the Americans who were murdered.

        I’ve heard that there were C-130 Spectre gunships an hour away. Those things are tailor-made for a situation like this.

        If you go through the actual timeline and the facts that have come out, there can be no other conclusion that there was no help sent because of purely political decisions related to the upcoming election.

        I’d agree that the Administration should be ashamed, but it’s been obvious for a long time that they have no shame. It’s power-at-all-costs to them. Or, as Karl Marx said, “The end justifies the means”.

        • From minute one, my thought was they wanted Stevens dead or they really didn’t care enough to do anything that looked like rocking the boat. Why would forces have been taken away in the first place?

          I hope the Un-American bunch is voted out and they don’t do much more damage before Jan 20. In the meantime, I’ll watch my back, thank you.

    • worrisome says:

      Cold Warrior, not sure about the other two, but Bam Bam was making comments about the film 2016 and how important it was to her and her husband’s vote. Most people of either party would like to continue to vote with their party. It takes time, research, etc to reach a point where things begin to weigh in the balance. To someone like me, party loyalty is pointless, I want to make my decisions from my heart and not through a party point of view. But others have different ways of reaching decisions, it is the US and that is what we fight for. Some of us came to the conclusion that Obama was a fake early on……for others, it takes time. Anyway, I believe that I read that Bam Bam had made the choice to vote for Romney.

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      And I knew you wouldn’t last two weeks before you had to insult someone in the Pack. Cold Warrior, you obviously have issues and issues with certain members but how about a little civility? You attacked Mt. Woman last time pretending to be her and now you are back. What is your major malfunction attacking (female) Pack members? You arent man enough to attack men? How do you live with yourself calling yourself a Christian yet berate and belittle an pretend to be others? What are you 12? I’m seriously tired of your childish ways and you having to create new ways of coming back. Why don’t you just move on?
      M.D. I apologize but I am seriously tired of this idiot attacking members of the Pack. You can delete my post if you like and I suggest the Pack not respond as I just did.

      • Jarhead 03 says:

        M.D., thank you so much. When I reread the post I thought I was seeing things lol. Just looking out for the Pack. If you wish to remove my post, that is ok by me as well.

        • LOL Jarhead. I told my dh you stood up for me. He said to tell you that Bam Bam has her own Glock. (I guess you would have to know me in person–not many people get into verbal duals with me.) Thanks for sticking up for me and the rest of the pack.

          • Jarhead 03 says:

            Bam Bam, understood but since he has attacked others in the past including MtWoman changing his name to be like hers and changing it again to attack others I’m fed up with it. He obviously isn’t a man and I have no doubt you can handle your own. My dad (NC born farmer and deacon) taught me to come to the aid and defense of women or those that can’t defend themselves as well as calling someone out for what they truly are. Can’t change years of parental teaching of respect and curtasy towards others. That “man” needs to be taught some manners.

            • Jarhead,

              I respect your integrity.

            • jarhead 03, i think you are a good man. thank you.

            • Jarhead,
              IMHO, we need more men who want to come to the aid of women. No matter how strong or well armed I may be, I feel blessed by a man who sticks up for women like you do.

            • cosmolined says:

              Glad to see you are still here my friend!
              It also makes me angry when said individual has attacked my friends. I think you are honorable and upstanding for looking out for the Pack. God Bless, Cos

              • Me too. My stepdaughter was over yesterday, and we asked her how her date went. She went out on a date with a Marine. She said he was kind of wimpy. My dh and I just kind of looked at each other and smiled. He could not have been a total wimp because she is going out on a second date with him.

                Now how many people could I tell that to who would laugh? That’s why you need to stick around Jarhead.

            • SurvivorDan says:

              I don’t know exactly what happened to you Jarhead.
              But when I first started (about a year ago) checking out this site and a couple of others some obnoxious jackass began impersonating me and insulting folks and being a condescending cretin. Out of all three of the authors of the blogs I followed only MD made the effort to vet the real me by making certain it was my e-mail address. (I make it a point to only use that particular one here.) Thus weeding out the troll. I hate trolls. I always appreciated MD’s efforts and am very loyal to this site as a result. Not to mention I actually learn a lot here. And the Pack isn’t too bad either….for humans. Hope you stick around Jarhead.

              • SurvivorDan says:

                Okay, I think I get it…someone else may have been trolling and attacking pack members and Jarhead took offense. Rose to their defense. Very gallant.
                Marines… Comrades are attacked and they’re the first fellas to rush into the breach…..it’s their nature and training. Hoo-rah! 😉

                • Tactical G-Ma says:

                  I think it is possible, besides mean spirited people, trolls might be HLS, FBI, XYZ, etc. looking for para military or subversive groups. I think it is good that the moderator (M.D.) allows the comments thru to see that we are honest law abiding people concerned only with disaster preparedness. What say you?

                  • SurvivorDan says:

                    Very good point G-Ma.
                    Some of them do seem to try to incite insurrectionist speech or at least anti-FED speech.
                    I have exploded about the lovely FEDs a time or two but when I go too far, MD stops me….for my own good.
                    Not that I don’t admire the Beltway elite. THEY do have our best interests foremost on THEIR agendas. Hee-hee….
                    Seriously. Like most of us, I just want the Gov’t to leave me alone, stay out of my business, take no more than 50 – 660% of all I earn and allow me to pursue my own prepping happiness.

              • HomeINsteader says:

                And you’re not too bad, either, SD – for a Neanderthal. Hugs! ; )

      • I read Cold Warrior’s comment and I didn’t take offense. Actually, I thought he was encouraging the more liberal minded members of the Pack to take a closer look at Obama, especially after the attack on the U.S. Consulate.

        • Bam Bam,

          I know a lot of folks take offense when singled out… Glad you didn’t. Sometimes keeping the peace here can be confusing….

          • M.D.,

            No problem. I am a rather outspoken liberal when it comes to social issues. So I guess I can’t complain if I am singled out. (Hey, make sure you use a soap holder with the homemade soap. If it sits in water, the bar will dissolve. I was going to include one in the package but I forgot.)

            • Cold Warrior says:

              Ms Bam Bam, I was not attacking you or anyone else. Thank you for understanding that. What I was saying was that all of us need to drop our points of view and look at what happened objectively, because it appreas to be very bad.

          • We always appreciate your efforts. Glad to hear the progress Faith has made, I know that is the best birthday gift you could receive. Hope it was a happy day.

      • Cold Warrior says:

        You are very touchy for a Marine aren’t you? First off Jarhead, unless this is your blog, you have no business even being in this.
        #2 I express my opinions, Others do the same. I’m a conservative christian, if some body wants to call me that, well O.K., because that is what I am.
        If folks express a liberal point of view, “They are liberals” how is that attacking anyone? Posting that you are a Marine, does not mean that I’m attacking you, try some logic.
        # 3 Most of the rest of what you posted is plain nonsense, pure and simple and I really don’t care how you express your need to play tough guy. That’s your making up for whatever you lack. Also if any, ANY of the Liberals on this site have a problem with what I post, like Bam Bam, they should have the grace to speak to me themselves. (Hear that?)
        #4. As a combat Vet of two wars and a retired Clergyman, I was trying to make the point that the Libya thing is about our guys not getting the support they deserve, and that it was not a Liberal or Conservative problem, but an American problem. That we need to drop our Parties and rally around our grunts.

        Now if you see that as an attack on yourself, tell somebody you cares, O.K.?

        • Jarhead 03 says:

          Col Warrior, or Jim or what ever you want to call yourself by the week goes by. You have a history of attacking members of the Pack and it’s not a mater of how thick my skin is but about common courtesy.
          You are right it is not my blog, you are right you have freedom of speech and you have the right to be a douchebag.

          So why is it you attack members of the Pack?
          Why did you pretend to be MtWoman?
          Why do you on occasion change your name to attack members?

          You ask why I get involved? Attack one member of the Pack, and others protect the Pack.

          I could care less how many tours you served or if you were a clergyman. My father was a deacon and never once attacked someone of their beliefs, never pretense to be someone he wasn’t just to attack them I switch their words around. A good person is a good person and you sir are not one.

          I’m calling you on it and if it offends you TOO BAD, you attack other member of the Pack I make it my business until M.D. asks me to refrain or leave. Unlike you I haven’t had to hide who I am or change my name to pretend and offend.

          I will continue to do this EVERY time you decide to insult or attack a member of the Pack just because you disagree with them.

          • Jarhead, glad you spoke up!

          • cosmolined says:

            Jarhead 03:
            SPOT ON SIR! Attacking fellow members should be banned at the very least. Using someone else’s name because you are a sneaky little turd should also get you banned.
            I wonder if M.D. doesn’t read every post or if he does this
            to increase the volume of responses….. Cos

            • cosmolined,

              There isn’t enough time in the day to read every comment in detail – I skim the comments for vulgarity, and questions addressed to me. I also have a list of trusted commenters and I sometimes post their comments without reading. They have earned that trust.

              You should see some of the stuff that doesn’t get posted – I delete an average of 20 – 30 comments per day without posting. Nope the system isn’t perfect, but it works pretty well most of the time. To be honest, I think some folks let it (a troll) get under their skin far more than it should.

              I mean, who gives a crap what some troll thinks. We are planning to survive major disasters or a complete system break-down here on The Survivalist Blog.net but we can’t deal with some random troll on the internet disagreeing with or agitating us.

              I do my best to block all such comments but once and a while one will get through – read it if you want, laugh and move on with what is important… prepping.

            • What would we do with Trolls in a SHTF situation? 🙂

            • Mt. Woman,

              We would have to shoot them. Look at the Walking Dead. Should Rick have let the Trolls (prisoners) live? No, that decision will come back to haunt them. The previews showed that someone left the gate open. My guess is that the two prisoners he didn’t shoot left the gate open.

              Perhaps we need a code word for “Don’t feed the trolls”. What do you all think? Perhaps “Bang Bang”?

            • Tactical G-Ma says:

              I have sometimes read comments i really don’t know how to interpret. Sometimes I wonder if people (trolls) seeking out subversive types are trying to encite an unhealthy reaction. Some questions and topics a person would be wise to answer only in a PC manner lest be misunderstood. Saying one won’t answer because of OPSEC could be misunderstood. JH , if you are stepping back because of offending remarks or even if because you don’t like how M.D. edits the blog, I do hope you will reconsider because we must strengthen our wits as well as the other aspects of disaster preparedness.

              • Tactical G-Ma,

                “I have sometimes read comments i really don’t know how to interpret.”

                I know that feeling… I’m often left scratching my head while trying to figure it out. I’ll read a comment see nothing wrong post it then get an email from someone demanding that I remove it for some reason. I often have to ask why they were offended because I don’t see it. But then I have a thick skin after seven plus years of running this blog.

                • M.D.,

                  Given the number of posts I think it is remarkable that we don’t have issues more often. It seems like we have troll issues only about once a month. That’s pretty good in my book.

                  I think you do a great job M.D. (But then again I have thick skin too.)

            • cosmolined says:

              Thanks for the reply M.D.. May I suggest you take Cold Warrior off of the list? He has insulted three of my friends now and pretended to be one while posting rude stuff. Cos

              • cosmolined,

                I did a couple of months ago – but all anyone on the blacklist has do is change IP address to get back through. Trolls tend to start out good to build trust over a few weeks, then bam it starts. They get blacklisted, and then they come back with a new IP and a new name and repeat. I can see why that other guy at that other survival blog does not allow comments or interaction of any type on his blog. But then it is so repetitive and boring… don’t you think.

                • cosmolined says:

                  M. D.:
                  Again, thanks for the response. Most folks here are good people. There just seems to be the one knot head. MtWoman, Bam Bam and Jarhead are my friends. Like Jar, I protect my friends and the folks who have their hands full of life’s problems.
                  For those of you whom I’ve admired and interacted with, God Bless.

                • SurvivorDan says:

                  “But then it is so repetitive and boring… ” Yes it is!
                  That’s why I scarcely go there. Boring.
                  The comments give you a heck of a lot more work but the storehouse of knowledge and input from the Pack is invaluable.
                  Thanks MD.

            • M.D.:

              You do a tough job well. Keep the faith and believe that were (the true Pack) are behind you 100%.

            • Encourager says:

              Mt Woman, instead of Bang Bang, how about a simple “TROLL ALERT!!!” Everyone then replies TROLL ALERT! and no one replies to the troll. That would also alert M.D. to pull the offensive post.

              And M.D., you do a wonderful job with this blog. You are right; concentrate on prepping, not letting some needy, jerky, offensive, idiotic, small-minded, trouble-seeking excuse for a human being get under your skin. There, I feel better!!

        • M.D.,

          I take back my comment. This guy is just looking to pick a fight, and Jarhead was right to call him out.

          • The price of a blog’s success is the inevitable appearance of trolls. Best policy is usually “Don’t Feed The Trolls”. All they want is attention and most live only for the furor they can cause with rude behavior. Sad, pathetic creatures the trolls.

            • tommy2rs, I agree. I think it’s a sign of the popularity of this blog. Trolls know that if they want a large audience to read their crappy 2 cents worth, then this is the blog to be on!!! I think MD should take that as a compliment!
              Also, I will say this, I have always thought that the fact that MD doesn’t filter out everything negative that is posted, says alot about him too. If he wanted to be like the mainstream media, he would only post the stuff that agrees with his philosophy. I have always been amazed at his ability to moderate this blog and let all sides be heard. Says alot about him, and nothing about the trolls.

        • HomeINsteader says:

          Ephesians 4:15

          Speak the truth, but speak it in LOVE.

          We are not to think more highly of ourselves than we should, for each of us has been given a MEASURE of faith:

          Romans 12:3; Ephesians 4:7

          The measure of mercy (grace, “judgment”) we give to others is the measure of mercy (grace, “judgment”) we shall receive on our OWN judgment day.

          Matthew 7:2

        • Hunker-Down says:

          Cold Warrior,

          I have a problem with what you post. You are not christian, you are ego.

          • Cold Warrior October 28, 2012 at 11:41 am

            Dry/Oven canned 30 more lbs. of rice, also 20 pts. of lentils. Topped off all of my ammo boxes and got a small amount of silver.

            DW and I are trying to draw up a survival plan depending on Nov. 6th’s out come. Would very much like to know what others are thinking about this?

            Good people died when they could have been helped, and then the disinformation started. “It’s all about a u-tube video”….remember?
            Now Obama is saying that he gave the order to save Stevens and the others. If so, why are they dead?

            Let’s find out what happened, as the next time it could be one of your loved ones. God Bless
            Jeff asks: Just exactly what in this post caused all this uproar, or are you all seeing something I’m not? It looked like a run-of-the-mill “What did I do to prep this week” post, with a question re: Benghazi. And I have some doubts there myself, troll that I am. or troglodite, I seem to be missing a lot here.

    • Warmongerel says:

      I can definitely see riots occurring if Obama loses. After all, people riot if their sports team loses (or wins). What do you think they’d do if their Messiah loses and their way of life is threatened?

      There are many, many threats of rioting on the internet if Obama loses. Some have threatened to burn Detroit to the ground. No big loss there.

      I live about 30 miles from a major city. If the riots are short-lived, we should be OK. If they last long enough to make their way out here to the suburbs, we should still be OK due to sheer numbers: a lot of houses to loot before they get to mine and, because almost every guy in this state is a hunter, any looters should be weeded out before they get here. If not…I guess we see how well I can shoot.

      My biggest concern is, if rioting occurs, Obama declares martial law. Does anyone think that, based on what his Administration has done so far, it would be beyond him? And that’s when they come for your guns.

      My advice: have a way to stash at least some of your guns before 11/6. Have some pro-gun-control bumper stickers ready and slap them on the vehicles in your driveway. Get some tie-dye shirts and “hippie” yourself up a bit. Tune your radio to NPR. Don’t utter a sentence without including the word, “man” (as in, “Guns caused all of this in the first place, man!”). Call the LEO’s searching your house “fascists”. Put an “Obama/Biden” sign in your yard. You get the point.

      Am I joking? Yeah…kind of. But if they really do come for your guns, giving them a more subtle impression that you’re anti-gun could work in your favor.

      Remember: during hurricane Katrina they really were taking guns away from law-abiding citizens, completely disregarding the 2nd amendment. Most of those guns were never returned to the owners, and none of the LEO’s suffered any consequences for doing so.

  12. PGCPrepper says:

    I just want to tell someone this and would not know who in my normal life I could tell. I am a retired Chief Warrant Officer, U.S Army. I’ve personally briefed a former SecArmy (Secretary of the Army) and worked under then Major General T. Franks in 2d ID (Korea). I’m not a total dumbass; well, sometimes I am. Actually, often times I am. I was on the then-West German border in the 11th ACR in ’89 when the wall came down. I watched the trabants (East German POS vehicle) come across the border. Interesting life.

    But guess what I did today? I just bought my first Ipod touch! LOL. I’m only saying this to impress upon you that I have a pension, no mortgage, no other debt and a fear of being poor and a respect for the stupidity I see day-to-day. I bought this Ipod to set up a system where I can get through nights with “induced” noises in my ears to combat the disruption of my life due to the debilitating tinnitus I’ve mentioned before. My life consists of praying to God and for our country. I’ve been to the emergency room twice this week and had a CT scan and an MRI. I am not going to be embarrassed by asking for a prayer or ten. I am 54 and my wife is 40. She is beautiful in appearance and spirit. Frankly, would just rather you pray for her.

    All that to say this, my prep work every week has a huge bias towards Tina. In the last month, I sold my home in the city (Richmond, VA) and took the proceeds and paid off our mortgage in our current home. I have no debt at all. I figured I could splurge on an Ipod. I did stock up on distilled water. I rotate water. Whatever. Other than that, my prep this week is prayer for my mom who has had two strokes recently, my Country, and that there is a heaven for the likes of folks like this.


    • PGCP,
      Thank you for your service. Men like you are what made this country great and give me hope for our future. Tina is blessed to have you.
      I will pray for you and your lovely wife. and your mom. God bless.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Congrats to you and Mrs. PGC on being responsible for your financial security. You did not say whether or not you had children. I have 4. 2 with BS’s, 1 with a Masters and 1 with a JD. I have 8 grandchildren and have a tough time saying no to my pretty fabulous family. Otherwise, I would probably be better off financially but could not and would not trade them for anything. I do want to thank you as I do all the men and women who serve our nation and a special thanks for making a career of defending our way of life. That is the real sacrifice. I know as DH did 25 in the Nav.
      I too suffer from tinnitus and have earbuds and tunes beside my bed. I wonder if you have exhausted the medical community for help. There are a lot of different treatments from hearing aids that cancel out the ringing to meds. I am taking a seizure med that has helped me so much and usually only have troubles when my allergies are at their worst. If you haven’t sought out several specialists I suggest you keep trying, for that young bride’s sake if not yours. Good luck and god bless.

      • Encourager says:

        While taking classes at a Community College in American Sign Language, our first class was ‘Introduction to the Deaf Community’ in which we had to write a paper and do a presentation. I chose to write about drugs that cause hearing loss. I was shocked during my research about how many OTC and Rx drugs not only cause temporary or permanent hearing loss, but how many cause tinnitus (these drugs are called Ototoxic drugs). I am sure there are more by now as this class was 5 years ago.

        Steptomycin, Cipro, Valium, Zoloft, Prozac, Elavil, Effexor, Celebrex, Zyrtec, Atenonlol, Allegra, Claritin (actual all OTC antihistamine drugs), Codeine, Vicodin, Nexium, Prevacid, Aspirin, Ibuprofen – Advil, Motrin, Nuprin; over 743 drugs are known to be Ototoxic.

        Any of these common drugs can cause or worsen any tinnitus.

    • riverrider says:

      prayers and amen chief.

    • worrisome says:

      Well I certainly hope that your medical issues resolve well and I don’t think you have much chance of convincing Wolf Pack members not to pray for you if they want to (smile)

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      PGC, welcome to the Pack

    • Copperhead says:

      PGC Prepper. My prayers are certainly for you and to be free of your tinnitus. I can relate a little bit. Many years ago the Drs. gave me humongous doses of aspirin for arthritis and my ears have rung loudly ever since. I have radio or t.v. on all day long to help cover the ringing. I am just now catching up on all the Wolf Pack posts from this last Summer, (busy with the farm and gardening) so am not familiar with your story, but I can sure empathize. I am sorry it is so bad. You, and your wife, will be remembered in my nightly prayers. God bless.

    • Hunker-Down says:


      I ended up in Stuttgart when the wall went up, 10th DPU from Ft Bragg.

      That IPOD will suck hours out of your week.:)

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      PGC, I have lived tinnitus since ’91 from combat and training. It’s rough and hard to deal with at times especially when you are in quiet areas. I feel you there.

      • axelsteve says:

        Jarhead. I have a friend who lost over 50 percent of his hearing during desert storm. The army tried to get him to come back for this one.

    • PGCPrepper:

      Congrats on the payoff. We’re close, but not quite there.

      I was fortunate that neither the DW or I came out of the service w/tinnitus. I was in maintenance and she in operations (morse code). No combat operations but concrete rooms with rack fans kicking out a low hum 24/7. Most morse operators have hearing loss after 10 years. She came through 22 years with no loss or coffee addiction; amazing!

      Mine was slight and on/off. Since I retired and the stress level dropped to near zero, it’s almost all gone. Don’t remember the last attack.

      You have our prayers for your illness. I have a lot of friends who are currently in the hospital or undergoing treatment for very serious conditions.

      I take it you know my friend, Jesus. Give him your worries, and remember that he won’t give you anything you can’t handle. It’s all for a purpose, we just may not know what that purpose is.

    • HomeINsteader says:

      Yes, PGCP – THANK YOU! (For your service and your patriotic heart!)

      Have you tried any natural treatments for the tinnitus? I don’t have any way of knowing what causes yours, of course, but it CAN be as simple as a mineral deficiency, such as zinc (and there are others). You may want to do an internet search for “natural tinnitus treatments”, and see what you can learn.

      Why distilled water? I hope you aren’t planning on drinking this? Not recommended. All the minerals have been removed. Have you been drinking distilled water for a while? If so, that might explain the tinnitus (mineral deficiency).

      Just a few more things to think about… : )

      • PGCPrepper says:

        Thanks everyone. Actually just go back from the ER. I sleep about two three house each night and sometimes it catches up. HomeINsteader, I use the distilled water for sinus washes. Read it’s best as the nasal cavities might not like our water, filtered or not. My tinnitus is debilitating to such an extent it can’t be drowned out but oft times it’ll be a little lessened an I can get distracted with white noise. Just testin things.

        Been to three ENTS, hospital four times, Acupuncturist, PT for TMJ Syndrome, allergist, normal PCP about five times. Tried the hearing aid, tried allegra; tried Grapefruit seed extract, clove oil and Apple Cider Vinegar for candida since I’v known to have gluten issues. I wont bore you with the rest but I been researching for over seven months. Now I have a wireless headphone system hooked to my new ipod, plugged into my lap top so I’m going to test this for a few hours tonight. Thanks you all for your prayers. Will catch up with other’s presps tomorrow.

        • PGCP,

          Have you looked into using essential oils? Here is a good combination for ringing in the ears. I have never ordered from this company. I just wanted to include the mixture of essential oils that would work. Perhaps someone else in the pack could recommend a reputable place to get it.


          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            Bam Bam,
            Not sure oils will help since tinnitus is usually neurological like fibromyalgia. I suffered with multiple ailments after having 3 small strokes, all neurological. Been poked, prodded, seen by quacks and hacks. Truth is what works for me is low dose prozac in morning and low dose lyrica and 1mg Clonazepam at night. Oh, sweet peace. Been on same dosage for 10 years +. Periodically try new dosages, new meds, no meds. This works for me and I am not a zombie.
            PGCP, trial and error is about all you can do. A sleep study helped to establish a pattern of behavior for my malady. If you have ins. and resources, don’t give up or cut off your ear (Van Gogh). Just keep going to docs and trying different docs. A good concerned neurologist who is willing to work with you is priceless. Good luck.

            • Tactical G-Ma,

              I’ve actually read a few reports that this mixture was effective with ringing in the ears but I don’t have the condition myself so I’ve never tested it myself. For less than $20, it’s worth the try.

            • PGCPrepper says:

              BamBam and Tactical G-Ma,

              Yes, I’ve tried so much stuff it’s ridiculous including some oils. I just went back on Prozac and all the sinus/asthma meds. I did have asthma as a child.

              The prozac hopefully will help due to possible serotonin uptake issue from overtraining my body. I was riding my road bike or indoor cycle 25 to 50 miles per day and running; training for a duathlon (bike/run) and, well, at 54 maybe I just over did it a bit. LOL. Barely doing anything now. That bothers me a lot as I love that stuff.

              Regardless, I’m working on it ad experimenting. One as to due to so any causes and so many possible cures or relief.

              Thanks, all

            • Tactical G-Ma says:

              Bam Bam,
              Certainly worth a try.

            • PGCPrepper says:

              “Regardless, I’m working on it ad experimenting. One as to due to so any causes and so many possible cures or relief.”

              Wow. these tiny screens aren’t serving my eyes very well either. “Regardless, I’m working on it and experimenting. One has to due to so many causes and so many possible cures or possible relief.”

            • Tactical G-Ma says:

              If you can’t sleep you can’t function properly. The prozac took about 4 wks to adjust to. It and the clonazepam literally saved my life. Just don’t let them overdose you. I’ll be praying for you.

          • HomeINsteader says:

            I personally like doing business with The Bulk Herb Store: http://www.bulkherbstore.com/ or Mountain Rose Herbs: http://mountainroseherbs.com/

            • HomeINsteader says:

              Have you tried Valerian root powder? You can get it at the local whole foods store; it smells pretty bad (to me, anyway, but, then, I’m asthmatic and smells are intensified); but it does lose strength of odor in time. I bought gel caps at the same whole foods store, a dropper, and filled the gel caps. Now, when I need to calm down or avoid anxiety (we all have our stresses), I take two of these and they work wonders. Depending on your size and weight, 1, 2, or even 3 may be appropriate. This is not a drug; it is an herbal; however, like anything else, one should not take these in perpetuity. But to take them for a while, or, even “as needed”, may be beneficial. No known side effects, but DO NOT mix them with any other form of anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, etc., as they will definitely work in conjunction with them.

            • Tactical G-Ma says:

              I read that Valium is a pharmaceutical based on valerian or is pseudovalerian…something to that effect. But you are so right when you warn about mixing drugs. Just because something is natural doesn’t mean it can’t be dangerous, even lethal. There are a lot of plants my grandma has used that I know are dangerous.

            • HomeINsteader says:

              Hey, T-GMa!

              Unfortunately, many of the pharmaceuticals out there today are being manufactured from chemical (man-made) replacements for the natural herbs, so they are not the same compound. But why do I think YOU already know that?!

    • You and yours will be in my prayers (you have been since I first read about your tinnitus). Thank you for your service.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      Thanks for your service!
      How blessed , both you and Tina both are! …to have each other for love and support…and to have no debt. My DH and I also have that blessing, it sure brings a peace…reduces the pressure and the juggling act.
      You need to Know that you don’t have to ask for prayers…those who are in the PACK…that believe in the power of prayer, include those who are in need,in all areas of life, mentally, physically and spiritually…and we have faith that GOD knows each of us by both name and need.
      Try Oregano oil or oil of oregano,It has many properties,including anti-( parasitic,bacterial, viral,). I’ve been reading a lot about it lately, natural news has several links on the side of their news page, of course they are all selling something, but you can glean a lot of info by checking the uses of their products.I have to wait til next month to get mine, but it’s on my wish list.
      I was just diagnosed with TMJ myself, mine flared because of an existing low level sinus problem.. .the only thing that was giving me relief from the pain was essential peppermint oil, one drop applied with a fingertip to the inside of the gum and jaw…when anything interrupts my eating it is bad… so I know about that first hand….
      the ringing ears- my husband and brother both have, certain medications make both of them worse. we keep something on most nights at a low level, for cover noise.

      • Petnumber1 says:

        I love essential oils. I’m finding so many uses for them! Peppermint especially – I’ve got about 30 bottles of the stuff. I use it on sore muscles all the time (works sort of like BenGay or Icy-Hot, but a better smell). I also “whiff” it straight out of the bottle when my nose is stuffy – clears it right up! Put a few drops in a small bottle of water and use it as a pest repellent – bugs/insects hate it. I’ve even put a few drops in my dog’s shampoo, which keeps her flea-free. And for the ladies out there, put on lip balm, then rub one small drop over your lips – gives you that “pouty lips” look without paying $$$$ for lip plumpers (okay, so I’m vain; oh well 🙂 I use it in homemade cleaning solutions (it smells heavenly when mixed with rosemary), lotions, shampoo, etc. It’s also great for your skin, especially if you have oily skin (it has astringent properties), but mix it with some light, unscented lotion first. If you apply it “neat” (without mixing it with anything), it can make your skin feel hot/icy…which is nice for muscle pain, but not so nice on the more tender skin, like the face. A few drops (VERY few) in a glass of ice water soothes an upset tummy and helps digestion….I could go on and on. Amazing stuff. I keep massive quantities of it, oregano, lemon, and tea tree oils on hand at all times – solves a multitude of ills! 🙂

  13. I have been so busy with work that I haven’t done hardly a thing for preps. I did manage to pick up eight 12-packs of Scott’s toilet paper. It’s on sale this week for $7.49 at K-Mart. Anything below $8 is a stock up price for me. I also picked up 12 bottles of apple juice, and four large jars of apple sauce. The sales are getting fewer and fewer, and further and further a part.

    It is a bright and sunny day here in Florida, now that Hurricane Sandy has passed. We had two days of windy conditions and gray skies. But no rain.

    Prayers go out to those in the path of Sandy. This is going to be a real mess. The paper this morning said 1/3 of the country would be impacted.

  14. M.D.,

    I am glad you liked the soap. Happy Birthday.

  15. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Glad you had a good productive week. Thanks to Bam Bam you’ll be smelling good for the winter!
    DH and I are praying for all those in the path of Sandy. We are getting some wind and of course the cold air is being pulled down into the south but still no rain.
    The past week we continued working on setting up the interior of our new greenhouse. We moved our tropical plants in and set up tables and shelving, bought seed, soil, and planters for the winter container garden. Fall garden is still going strong.
    We got our flu shots Friday, scripts to get our shingles vaccine, and another 90 days of some essential meds.
    DS and I continue picking up pecans everyother day. I think we probably have 30 pounds each. Will start cracking them in about a week or so. Picked up a turkey at Wal-Mart for $.98 per lb. Hope to get another on the 1st. Also, bought more oil, gas,lubes, tranie fluid, and some seasonal food specials (instant potatos, soups, candy) and garbage bags. Want to go out early on the 1st to catch marked down candy. Both DD’s and nephew’s weddings are in Nov. So am pinching pennies right now.
    I think it was OHioPrepper who was talking about no grease monkey skills. Some might consider order the service/technical manual for your model car. Most tell how to read diagnostic codes and detailed how to on everything. They are usually expensive. Order directly thru your dealership for the most complete and accurate manual.
    Our biggest addition this week has been a new ally. The farm owners adjacent to us we discovered are preppers too. We knew they were conservative but a bit younger than us. Their home like ours will be family BOL. Is good for security and several other reasons. If they were to bug out, we would have been left more vulnerable on one side. It was a relief.
    I am greatly concerned about upcoming events, locally and globally, during the next 90 days. But I am in a good place mentally and physically with people I love and trust. Now am just continuing to replace consumables and ready to hunker down if need be.
    I continue to pray for all of us, the pack, the nation, the world.
    God bless and keep preppin.

    • Tactical G-Ma,

      You said you were already seeing some wind from Sandy. Do you live in North Carolina or Virginia? I hope you are not further north than that–folks from D.C. to Maine are going to get socked.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Bam bam,
        I live in Alabama not far from Fort Benning. All we are expecting are gusts but I think most of ours is from Sandy pulling the arctic cold deeper into the south. Looks like we will have about 30 mins. of autumn and go straight into winter. I am glad you didn’t have much weather.

        • Tactical G-Ma,

          Wow. I am surprised you are seeing windy conditions that far inland. But I did read that the storm was just over 1000 miles wide. Stay safe.

          We are going to get lows in the 40s for the next several nights–and that’s in North Central Florida.

  16. The Prepper says:

    Spent 8 – 10 hours this week prepping an area that will be used to grow blueberries, elderberries and several fruit trees. Most of this involved racking my yard and the neighbors and laying down 6″ of leaves on top of the existing clay soil. Then I threw in a bunch of worms from my worm bin, covered the top of that with 3″ of peat moss and topped that with a thick layer of pine straw. In 3-months I should have a nice home for my fruit bushes and trees, and I was able to save my leaves from going to a land fill. My back is killing me now, so I reckon I’ll use Sunday to relax and pray. Hope everyone in the pack has a great week!

  17. Encourager says:

    I sure didn’t do much to prep this week, unless you count the ammo cans we picked up in the boonies on our trip. We ended up buying two medium size for ourselves and after a quick phone call to son, picked two big and two medium for him, too. Also found a fold-up shovel cover in excellent shape at an antique store that DH has been looking for since ours disintegrated a few years ago.

    We took a break, one that was sorely needed, and drove through the mountains of OH, VA, WVA, TN and KY. We tried to do the entire Blue Ridge Parkway, but the pace was way too slow (average 25 mph) and some of the areas near the cities were plain boring. So we hopped on over to the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. Oh, I am in love. I am sure I could find a mountain valley there to live out the rest of my days! Do you Wolf Pack members who live in them thar’ hills know how blessed you are? Granted, there is little flat land for growing grain crops, but surely I could grow in raised beds and a hoop house. Left behind a bit of my heart there.

    Came home rested and raring to go to get the house/land in shape for winter. I have indoor planting to do, salad veggies. I am going over my lists of supplies still needed for prepping and will get that squared away this week. As we pulled up to the house, we found the yard completely raked. Our son had been working the last two Saturdays, getting all the leaves into the garden. What a blessing he is to give up his time to help without asking!!

    Son discovered the house was 90 degrees (40 outside). Seems our boiler and or thermostat is not functioning correctly. There went a huge amount of propane! We had set it at the minimum just to keep pipes from freezing. Instead, it cooked the house like it was August! One more thing to add to the to-do list.

    Praying for all those in the path of Hurricane Sandy. Looks like it could get nasty, not only on the coast but inland. They are warning us of possible high winds with SNOW by Thursday. I am not ready for snow . . .

    • riverrider says:

      shame on you, you drove right by my driveway and didn’t stop in and say hello 🙂

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      Encourager, glad to see you back and a good trip. Glad the house was still there!

      • Encourager says:

        Thanks Jarhead! It is good to be home. We got home just before the high winds hit the area we had just been in. Whew! No fun pulling a trailer in high winds.

        We came home a day early after coming upon a fatality accident about 5 minutes after it happened. Woman blew through a stop sign just as a semi came through. She tore out the bottom of his trailer, flipped a few times and was thrown out. Died at the scene. A 15 y.o. boy was seriously injured and air lifted to a hospital. We stayed with the truck driver for about 30 minutes as he was so upset and in shock. Poor guy, really felt for him. We decided to just head home after that instead of camping for one more night. Kinda sick at heart after that.

    • I TOTALLY understand your love of the area. The hubby and I have driven from the Smoky Mountains to just before Skyline Drive but not all in one trip. We broke it into two or three as I recall and still plan to do Skyline Drive but will need to plan for it differently. Did you get to the Cherohala Skyway? How about the Foothills Parkway? Tail of the Dragon? We love to head that way for day and/or overnight trips. Often times, we take the road less graveled, as I like to say. There are very few roads I won’t take in my car and I get LOTS of funny looks from those driving around in their pickup trucks and 4-wheel drive SUVs. This past weekend, we stayed in GA and on pavement though.

      • Encourager says:

        GA Red, we did the Shenandoah part a number of years ago, and the Blue Ridge up to Roanoke. I thought the Skyline Drive was much more beautiful than the Parkway (then and now). The Parkway needs some grooming ~~ you come up to a “scenic” pull-off only to find any view is blocked by overgrown bushes and/or trees. No view at all. And where there is a view to take a picture, there are no pull-offs. But people pull over anyhow blocking the road; hence, average speed about 25mph.

        I like your phrase “the road less graveled”. Perfect description of what we always look for!

        • I think the overgrown scenic pull-offs are because they aren’t allowed to cut anything. We rarely stop at them and just enjoy the scenery as we drive.

          The Natchez Trace has much different scenery and the speed limit is a little higher, but it is still pretty. It’s worth the drive and can be done in a few days. We went from south to north at the beginning of April and had snow flurries as we were crossing the mountains into Tennessee. The change in landscape from Mississippi to Tennessee is quite interesting.

  18. Encourager says:

    BTW, M.D. ~~~ Happy birthday!!!!!! May God bless you in the coming year and give you the desires of your heart.

  19. Now that I’m back home I can say I have had a wonderful week’s vacation out at my parent’s home. Small town of 5000, slow pace, no stress, just what I needed.

    Mom sent me home with all her empty canning jars, 18 paper sacks full of every size. Don’t think I will need to buy anymore! Now where to store them?

    Went thrift shopping with a friend and got a wonderful oil lamp for only $10! And a 10″ cast iron frying pan that’s deep for $15! Two more things off my list.

    My friend sent me home with loads of fresh basil which I will dry and store, a new recipe for homemade toothpaste made of baking soda and coconut oil and a new appreciation for firearms.

    My friend, my Dad and I went to the gun range and I learned to fire his 22 rifle and her 38 pistol. I have only shot a bb gun before. I actually hit the targets too. Will have to play with this idea some more.

    My friend and I do have a question for the pack. Does anyone know where we can get a spool or bulk package of wick for the oil lamps and at a decent price?

  20. i’d first like to say prayers are being said for anyone affected by “hurricane sandy” and to all who are ill or have family members feeling under the weather. m.d. i’m glad faith is getting better, hopefully she’ll keep on the mend.
    we had a busy week getting prepared for the cold. we winterized the pipes and windows (of course i fell off the ladder while doing the patio doors). no harm done because of where i landed. d.h. put in an order for a half of beer and pig so i guess i do some canning when it gets in. the neighbor’s home down the gravel road from us burned down last week and the police think arson is invovled. it’s a sorry state that this world is coming to.
    bctruck, i’ll be going through minden to pensacola to see my twin in a few weeks. i’ll be sure to honk and wave when i pass by. i’ll stop at your diner and grab a burger and give them your regards.
    i hope everyone has a safe week and take care.

  21. Did not have any money to prep, but did dehydrate 20 eggs and a bunch of peppers. Watched most of the suturing CD. Did some organizing of my preps so I can see a little more what I have, and made some plans for what I want to prep in the months ahead.

    For my friends on the East coast, I sent an email with instructions for preparing for 2-3 weeks of no power; such things as fill your gas tank, collect or buy water, non-perishable, and preferably not necessary to cook groceries for 2-3 weeks, pulling money out of the ATM and converting some of the $20’s to $10, $5 and $1s, adding bottles of water to the freezer NOW, to help keep it cold, the sort of stuff we all know without even thinking, but they might not. And, I guess I should have expected it, but didn’t, I’ve had 2 of my male friends argue with me about how it isn’t necessary. Whatever!

    Yesterday, I was planning to run the wire for the underground dog fence. I have 1500 feet of wire, supposedly enough for 2.5 acres, but woke up and found the puppies had gotten out and were sitting in the front yard – panting. When I opened the gate to let them in, I discovered they had met a new friend – a very smelly one. So, my plans were changed a bit, and I made several trips to the store to buy bottles of peroxide. Although Jake thinks he’s a teacup Chihuahua lap puppy, he’s a 100 lbs now at 1 year old, and his sister 75 lbs, so they are not necessarily easy to thoroughly wash. Jack still has a little of his new friends perfume about him. So, although they are not supposed to jump on the furniture, I covered them with sheets that could be added to the rag bags if necessary. Further, I don’t have anywhere to wash them except my shower, so this morning that needs to be thoroughly washed, as the slight odor of skunk persists. Oh well, the joys of canine companions!

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      We always use tomatoe juice. Is peroxide better? Skunk spray and rolling in fish guts are 2 of my dog’s favorite things to surprise me with! Gotta love em!

      • Peroxide, dish soap and baking soda is supposed to be better than tomato juice, and what I used (although this is the first time I’ve had to use either one) , but I gotta tell you, I think the problem was mostly a dog who is 100 lbs and not liking his bath. Wonder what my grandson will think when he gets home from the weekend with grandpa.

        • Encourager says:

          You can also buy a commercial shampoo for pets just for skunk accidents. Can’t tell you if it works, as so far (cross fingers!) we have not had to use it.

    • Michele,

      Two words…TOMATO JUICE. I had a Samoyed that loved skunks. The juice works like a charm. He looked like someone murdered him with all juice in his beautiful white fur!

  22. School House says:

    Hello Everyone…

    This week I finished cleaning up the wiring on my BOV. Welded a Knack gang box to 3/8″ angle to the steel bed so I can use padlocks for removal if needed and welded 3/8″ angle and locked my generator to the bed. It looks like a construction vehicle. The gang box is 2x2x4ft. and it holds a lot. It works pretty good.

    Received the large Alice pack and frame that I ordered from Old Grouch Surplus.

    Bought a 6 tray dehydrator from
    Bass Pro Shop. Will be trying that out today.

    Went to an apple festival at a State Park yesterday. They have an orchard that was planted back in the 1890’s and is still producing fruit. The trees are huge and gnarly but produced a lot of fruit. The let us pick the apples, so we ended up with about a bushel for free. They will go into the dehydrator today sprinkled with cinnamon.

    Planted our fall/winter lettuce and snow peas this week.

    That’s about it for me this week… ADIOS

  23. Jarhead 03 says:

    Prayers sent out to the Pack and family in the affected areas of the storm and hurricane.

    I’ve noticed Chinamart is selling preparedness kits and items to where at ours they dedicated a section to it. We will see if it lasts a month.

    Water preps:
    Collected about 5 gallons of rain water with the rain catches and buckets total. Not a lot but going to use it later as I figure what I will plant.
    5 gallons filled in 2 liter bottles

    Zombie Preps:

    Food Preps:
    1 case chicken noodle soup
    1 case Roman noodles
    1 case condensed milk
    1 case canned chicken
    10 pounds rice frozen and stored
    16 oz coffee
    44 oz coffee creamer

    Garden Preps:
    Cleared out the garden to see what I can grow as winter approaches.

    Other preps:
    24 D batteries
    12 C batteries
    48 AA batteries
    24 AAA batteries
    LED lantern with a rechargeable hook up and AC/DC capable.
    Eton Red Cross  Microlink FR160 solar/hand crank radio with light and USB charger
    UK300 flashlight
    2 hand crank alarm clocks, no energy draining electricity or batteries.

    Barter Preps:
    Bartered some trash bags and duct tape for ten 20″ bolt/arrows.

    Book preps:
    “The art of Modern Gunfighting” The Pistol Volume 1 by Scott Reitz. I seen this man teach back when I was in the Marines we were sitting in on one of his classes as he taught LAPD SWAT, was LAPDs top instructors and a good man. When I found he wrote a book I ordered it immediately.
    I still use techniques he taught back in the 90s and teach others. Now I have a great reference book.

    Have a safe week Pack!

    • riverrider says:

      good week there j. stay safe out there, especially in the coming week or two. i think rom will win and you know what that means for the entitled crowd. i have appreciated your advice and support. drop me a line once in a while. semper fi.

      • riverrider, sorry, not the j you were looking for, but do you really think a Romney win will mean squat to the “entitled crowd”? Jeff

  24. KR Prepper says:

    Wow. Im greatful for life

    Dried and stored seeds from squash

    Made a PVC quiver
    I made several PVC bows
    Purchased a second bow
    Researched hi capacity mags for my mosin nagant

    Purchased a second first aid kit
    Purchased a second bag to replace my bulging bug out bag
    Secured a second and third garden plot

  25. Food prep:
    -Processed 2 gallons of Prickly Pear fruit into liquid and froze to make jelly later.
    -Canned 23 half-pints peach jam.
    -Re-inventoried my dehydrated food box, and as an experiment, I cooked up a small pot of mixed dehydrated fruit from this summer’s dehydrating adventures to see how it would do. It came out rather dark and bland, but was ok.
    -Sold some jam, so took the $ and bought more jars and pectin.

    Education/skills prep:
    -Went to the library and checked out “One Second After”, “Influenza 1918”, “A Handbook of Native American Herbs”, and “Victorian Pharmacy”. One Second After is good so far; making me think about several things.
    -Signed up for our local CERT CPR class next week.
    -Continued working on learning to use my lensatic compass.
    -downloaded a formula for home-made nasal spray. Kept the bottle from the last store-bought one, and will be trying the formula soon.

    Had to use my weather radio as we had a warning. When I got it out of the dry-bag I keep it in, I realized that I had left the batteries in it for the 2 months I haven’t used it. It was ok, but that’s a good thing to remember: take batteries OUT of anything that’s being stored. I now have the batts in a small bag that keeps them from contacting each other, and that’s in the dry-bag with the radio.

    Have tuned out all politics for now. I know who I’m voting for and why, so don’t need to hear all the rhetoric, “experts”, “consultants”, hyperbole, opinions, lies, etc.

    Am enjoying the cooler weather…I feel like COOKING!! Made the first batch of cookies since April! Can only eat one a day (I’m still on that cleanse, which is going well), but it will taste GOOD!!

    Sent some links to MD about all the drone activity lately. Some very strange things happening with that business these days. Police depts in some places are using them. There was also a shooting of supposed illegal alien drug runners…from a helicopter. But there were no drugs. Stuff like that concerns me.

    I’m finding being back at my father’s very challenging. He is slipping rapidly into deeper senility: saying things that don’t make sense; moving things to places that don’t make sense; spacing out and forgetting important things; and getting more and more testy. He chewed me out today….for cleaning his cat’s litter box…claiming he had a “routine” with it. Well, it was bad (so stinky you could smell it in the rest of the house), and that’s because he’s forgetting to clean it. But he doesn’t grasp that. The cat has been coming to my door at 5 AM, meowing to be let out because she doesn’t want to use the box! I took care of it. But it’s hard to be treated badly for doing a good thing. *sigh* It’s also hard to watch him degenerate. I’m dealing with it, but it’s hard. Some decisions will need to be made soon.

    Keeping an eye on Sandy, and hoping all the East Coast Pack members, and my other friends there stay safe. What a monster! Anyone in its path? Be sure to let us know you’re ok afterwards…..

    Keep on prepping, keep on prepping, and let’s keep love in our hearts.
    Thanks MD for the blog.

    • Need to add: was picking some pecans from a tree on open land, close to home (I could see my house from it) and a guy came driving down the road, parked and came out to the tree and asked me what I was doing. I hadn’t seen him before (I know most people in this small community), so was a tad nervous. I just said “picking pecans”, and he said “Oh…are they good to eat?”, then started picking some and putting them in his pocket. I said “Yes”, then picked up my bucket (which was almost full anyway) and said”Well, I’m done for the day” and started walking back to my truck. It was hard going as the bucket was heavy and I didn’t have my walking stick with me, but I made it. Just as I was starting my truck, he was walking back to his vehicle, so I wheeled on out of there, taking a round-about trip back to my house. I don’t think he was particularly dangerous, but I do think he was looking for anything he could get for the picking. I will not go picking again without my pepper spray (I don’t have a handgun…yet), my cell phone (which I also did not have) and my walking stick, which is heavy, solid wood and could be used against someone.

      This is an unusual happening here. Maybe it’s part of the current situation, I don’t know. I left the house without all those things, feeling safe in my own neighborhood. I guess that’s changing and I need to too.

      • MtWoman:

        Good luck getting through “One Second After” without choking up. Got to me. Also I enjoyed looking at the solutions they came up with. I have loaned my copy out to so many people, I only have the cover from my hard back. Had to replace the trade size paperback.

        My MIL had dementia. Fortunately for us she was in assisted living and 1800 miles away. But the last 4 years my DW got out to see her for a week every 3 months. It’s tough. You have my respect for doing what you are, and our prayers.

      • Warmongerel says:

        MT Woman: sorry to hear about your father. That can’t be easy.

        The guy in the pecan field sounds just, plain creepy. I can’t imagine anyone actually doing that without some ulterior motive. Beg, borrow or steal to get a handgun.

      • Myster guest says:

        You had the right feeling. What ding dong doesn’t know pecans are good for eating??????

    • Mt. Woman sorry to hear about your fathers progression, it takes a lot of patience to deal with someone with alzhiemers. One of the things you may want to prep for is where to take him when you can no longer handle him. With my mom we had visited all the nursing homes in advance to see where would want her to be and make sure they had good alzhiemers care wings. We really looked them over and talked with the Directors to learn about their care and make our needs known. Most had a waiting list to get placed so as we got closer to when the time came we put her on the list and the one place we wanted her to go when her name came up and we were not ready they just took the next person and kept her name at the top of the list. It was tough when we had to place her but we were ready when it happened and it really was for the best, just a tough decision to make. I wish you the best in your journey with your father, it helps to be ready so when that time does come it will lesson some of the stress of really stressful time.

      • George, thanks for the support. My father’s other kids won’t face the issue or work with me. The real kicker is that they have all the powers of attorney, and I have nothing legal to work with. I made the decision to be here with Dad in spite of all that, as he was not doing well and his quality of life was not good after my step mother died and I came to see him. It’s a catch-22 for me, but I made the decision out of love for my father. He needed someone here. I have friends that have told me to leave, but I haven’t been able to, because I know at least his quality of life is better for my being here. I keep the place clean, interact with him, cook good meals, and try to keep the place running.

        What’s happening now is that my own concerns are beginning to out-weigh my ability to be here, and some decisions have to be made. My greatest fear…and it is great…is that I will have to walk away and leave my father’s welfare in the hands of those other kids, who mostly just can’t be bothered. I will try and find some counseling on this soon.

        Thanks again for your support. It’s appreciated.

        • That’s gonna be tough if you do not have any power of attorney, maybe see if you half siblings will put you on theirs since you are essentialy the primary care giver now. Good luck with meals, my dad started to have real battles with trying to get my mother to eat and he would get really frustrated. I finally said what does it really matter if she eats well or just eats what ever she will eat. So she started to live on snickers bars , peanut butter crackers and jello pudding cups, but at least she was getting calories in and the battles over eating stopped. In dealing with her you had to pick your battles , food was not a big one anymore but medication was and that got harder over time also. I wish you the best in your journey with this and will pray for the best for you.

          • George…the kids will do nothing without Dad’s ok, and he won’t give it. When he started this family after he & my mother divorced (I was 6), he & his new wife basically shut me out. I went on a lived my own life, staying in touch as I could. What happened over the years was basically I became a no-body, especially as Dad’s mind began to wander. I continued to visit whenever I could, and stayed in touch through the mail and phone as often as possible. But the die was cast, and I could never penetrate the wall that had been created.

            I have worked at getting “legal” with both my father & his other kids, to no avail. I’ll be figuring out my next step very soon.

        • Be very careful. Don’t just walk away. In protecting yourself and dealing with your own situation you don’t need to potentially set yourself up for any legal action from the other kids. I know that they are not being helpful (and mostly hindering) but one never know when someone else might get a bee in their bonnet and take you to court for whatever reason.

          If you have to leave for your sanity get some legal advise and try to set up what support you can for your father. His doctors should be able to make recommendations on where he needs to go and the help he will need. You might have to fight for this but try to cover all your bases.

          Some in my family where pretty critical of decisions my father and I made (he didn’t have dementia but did have serious ailments and things that we had to watch for and seek medical attention on a varily regular basis). I do understand about family members not stepping up or only stepping up to a limited extent (doing only what they want and not necessarily what needs to be done).

          • I’ve thought on this sarahy, and will be getting some counseling/guidance before I make a move/take any action. Good advice. Thanks. 🙂

        • God bless you MtWoman. You have a tough row to hoe. You are in my prayers.

        • Best wishes to you and your father. Amazing how so often only one child really tries to do the right thing, while others just moan and groan and just try to cause more trouble.

          You’re doing the best you can, and you realize most of what’s going on. God bless.

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      MtWoman, looks like a good week. On a seperate note: Looks like that reoccurring pain is back to its old self.

    • Mt. Woman,

      You are in my prayers. Dementia has been a reoccuring condition with the older members of my family. I can’t imagine dealing with it on a day to day basis.

    • Thought you all might be interested in this: “Storm supplies flying off shelves”

      • MtWoman:

        This link to the zombie invasion prep gave me the giggles. Somebody with a big checkbook may have been reading too much SiFi.

    • Encourager says:

      Mt Woman, I sympathize with you about your Father. We were gone just two weeks and stopped to see my MIL today. What a horrible change. She looked bad, hair dirty (why the HE** don’t they insist on washing her hair?!?! Calling the director tomorrow, she will not be happy to hear from me!!!) She has red rims around her eyes, slumped in her chair. This is all new, in two weeks. She was making no sense, sitting there in the lobby folding a sheet of toilet paper in little pieces. She said there was a duplicate of her wandering around and ‘she’ was going to take over her apartment and kick her out and there was nothing she could do to stop this duplicate woman. She got all teary at that point. Explained to her that would never happen but she did not believe us. Really upset my DH. It is so hard (on both of us) to see her deteriorate so fast. She is almost 95 and is so miserable being alive, she wants to die, she can’t figure out why she hasn’t.

      • So sorry encourager. My dad is not that bad yet. But how he is is hard, so I can relate. Much love to you and your family. It’s a lot to deal with.

        • Mt Woman,
          Was your dad in the military? If so, contact the local VA…you may be entitled to monthly $$ for caring for a vet, immediate member of your family. This is a program every vet and their spouses are entitled to. Believe me vets earn this benefit.
          Take time for yourself, do something you enjoy once in a while. Being a caregiver is often worse than being the patient. Check with the dementia, Alzheimers assoc online, for local offices. They have volunteers who will care for your time, few hours week, to enable you to have time away. You”re in prayers.

          • Thanks Lynn. Been through all that. Because Dad is still “legally capable” I am not considered a “caregiver”. And as far as daily help, Dad won’t accept it, and as long as I have no legal recourse, and the other kids won’t get involved and continue to just let him have it his way, I’m stuck. It’s really not a good situation for me…I’m really getting that from this conversation. I think I need to stop talking about it.

            Thanks for your support Lynn. It’s appreciated.

            • MtWoman-
              Sounds like it’s time to sit the whole family down and have a real conversation on your and your father’s future.
              If everyone agrees that your help isn’t necessary or even wanted, then walk away!
              You’ve obviously done your best – feel good that you were more willing than most to help, but don’t forget that your own life is just as important as anyone else’s. Enjoy it while you have the chance!

            • k fields…thanks for the support. “They” won’t ‘sit down’ and discuss anything. So, really, I just have to make my own plans, which I am doing. Thanks for the encouragement. This is a hard thing…breaks my heart.

            • HomeINsteader says:

              MtWoman: have you gone at this from an “Eldercare Law” perspective? Most states have stringent laws to protect elderly, and SOME of them (depending on the laws in your particular state) may also negate the fact that you don’t have legal documentation because the need of the elder supersedes such documents IF the elder is not being properly cared for by the person with the “legal right”, and particularly if that “legal right” was issued in some other state. Then there’s Federal law for Elders, which I believe you will find supersedes state laws. Call your local Council on Aging; internet search “ElderCare (or Senior Care) Law for XYZ State. Or, do you have a law school within a short drive? Contact someone there; they’ll put their law school students on it, perhaps; don’t be put off by the word “students”; these “kids” aren’t kids, generally, and they have EVERYTHING to prove by how well they fulfill such assignments (their very futures can hinge on their work here). Just some thoughts…hope it helps.

              Blessings to you,

        • Encourager says:

          Thanks Mt Woman.

  26. Started to reorganize my man cave/preps room. Repacked my and wifes go bags for a Michigan winter, adding cold weather gear and plenty of hand warmers and removed the bug nets and repellent. Finally, I bought my wife a new Army Sleep System (with the two bags and Gortex bivy cover) from our local surplus store. Have a great week folks and never stop training.

    • Encourager says:

      Thanks, Noblast! I forgot I had to revamp the BOB’s. On my 2-do list! Where are you in MI? No specifics, just a general section of the state.

  27. SickSkilz says:

    First productive week in a while.

    Bought a champion 3500 watt generator. More than I really wanted but it is on sale. Got 2 new 5 gallon jugs and cycled the gas that I have stored. Now up to 55 gallons of storage. It does look a little suspect from a non-prepper point of view

    • SickSkilz:

      I recommend you test and run a tank of fuel through you generator every quarter. 2 of the guys we camp with have owned that brand and had hard start/rough running issues with them, but we figured it was because all of us would run them 3-5 weekends in the summer then let them sit for the rest of the year. Others, that run theirs more and more often, have very few problems.

      Don’t forget spare parts. I didn’t check my newer generator. Got out to the woods and found the fuel line had broken. Glad a have a smaller 1k Honda to charge the batteries.

    • HomeINsteader says:

      It is my understanding that ALL gens need to be fired up once a month, more or less, to keep them running smoothly. We have a 12K and 3500, and we keep them both “fired up”; the 12K especially will “freeze up” if we don’t. We also put the 3500 on wheels, as it was too heavy to move without them. The 12K doesn’t get moved much!

      • Thanks JP in MT and HomeINsteader for the recommendation.
        I’ll make it a point to test it periodically.

        I can carry the 3500 (its about 115 lbs) but it did coem with wheels too so I promtly put them on.

        I’m debating adding a sub panel to my electric panel and connecting it to the utility + a connection to plug my generator. Saw a youtube video on how to do this for $200

    • Texanadian says:

      Make sure you put some fuel stabilizer in the gas. About 1 ounce per gallon will keep it for about a year. Without it it will mess up your fuel lines and foul carborators. It is cheap insurance.
      In related info. I travel lots and use electronics. I hate to lose batteries so I leave them in the equipment but put them in backwards so they don’t discharge.

  28. Nan in NC says:

    It has been a slow week for me as far as prepping goes. Not much beyond buying a few extra cans of food and some hygiene items. I did buy some Stove Top Stuffing mix (not usually part of my menu plan, since I do just about everything from scratch). I want to try the recipe for the canned chicken, Stove Top and dried cranberries that was in one of the guest posts last week. I’ll report back after I make it. My OH bought an over/under 12 Ga. shotgun that someone brought in for consignment. He plans to use it as a bird hunting gun. My grandson bought a Springfield Armory 1911, and they both went to the range to try them out. We also bought more ammo.

  29. Happy Birthday to you! That sounds like an amazing gift from Bam Bam.

    I am praying for the east coast and especially my son. He is at a diving school between Atlantic City & Philly and has never been away from home and exposed to weather like this before. Praying that everyone in the storms path is safe and secure.

    This last week has been really just adding more items to the pantry. We got the garden cleaned out but still need to get compost added. DH also got the generator out and ran it for a while to be sure it was still in good shape for winter.

    I have taken the pack’s advise and finally visited the dentist after a much to long wait. Got a good report and have one last cleaning visit and will be set!

    Everyone have a great week and stay safe!

  30. ozhillbilly says:

    Hi everyone. My prepping this week has been more planning than actual prepping. Next weekend I will attend a preparedness expo that will be held at the Empire Fair Grounds in Springfield, Missouri. I’ve been to just about every one of them since they started and they are getting bigger and better every time. I talked to the host/organizer recently and he said that this one will be the biggest yet. Those of you that have never been to one of these I highly recommend them. I believe they are being held just about everywhere now so it shouldn’t be hard to find one in your area.

    As I review my preps I see I’m weak in water purification, medical and long term food storage. These are the areas I will concentrate on next. I’m also (still) working on educating my two daughters and their significant others in regard to our uncertain future and the need to have “insurance” for worst case scenario situations. I hope I never give up on them. It’s my opinion most young people today in the United States have never really faced any kind of serious hardship. My two daughters are fine examples of that. They may not have had everything they ever wanted but my wife and I have always provided everything they needed. I, on the other hand, grew up kind of “dirt floor poor.” I am shameless in saying I’m a bent nail saver. My girls and I are worlds apart in our thinking about this stuff.

    With the hurricane and upcoming elections we have much to worry and pray about. Please be safe and don’t forget to vote. M.D. and Wolf Pack, thanks again for the therapy. God Bless you all.

    • Hey Ozhillbilly do you have a link for the expo?? That may make a good little weekend trip next weekend.

      • ozhillbilly says:

        Hi george. I sure hope you can make it. You should be able to find the site at http://www.usaprepares.com or any variation of usaprepares.com. I think the site offers a coupon for $8.00 admission. Good Luck on that.

        • Went over the seminar schedule and looks like some great topics covered thanks for the link. With gas prices so low now(ha) might as well burn a tank and drive over for the day. I am really interested in being able to set up a small combo solar/wind/batttery system that could be used for partial power when grid is up and then be able to run the fridge and frezzer and a few lights in off grid situations. Looks like a couple seminars on solar and a few vendors there to pick some brains over.

  31. Petticoat Prepper says:

    Well, happy birthday MD! Guess I’ll have to mark my calendar for next year. Hope you had a great day and with Bam Bam’s gift I know it was a great smelling day!

    I have done some prepping this week. I added more drinks to my preps. I have enough water to last for about three months for my entire family and given we’re in the PNW and the valley…that’s about all the longer we go without rain. I figure we’ll be tired of water, coffee and tea so I always try to pick up those drinks that have electrolites. Local chain store has them 10/$10 and when you buy 10 you get 5 free. Wish I had coupons but couldn’t find any. I bought 3 rounds as there’s no limit on them.

    Added more shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotions… BOGO and today I’m picking up (unless they’re already gone) gallon jugs of sweet tea for 50 cents each.

    Added more beans and rice 25 lbs. each for neighbors and family. You know just in case.

    I’ve managed to relocate my preps into one area AND inventory everything. What an effort! I’ve been two weeks on it, whew. Extremely happy with my new shelves. Once I had it all put together, DH came to look. The only thing he said as his eyes glazed over was, “Holy Smokies!” Between couponing and home canning it’s a lot.

    With the inventory I can see exactly where I need to fill in. It gives me the most comfort to sit and look at it all. Having had zero food in my home during the Carter recession of the 80’s I’ve always been a bit weird about having extra. I thought I had 6 months worth but this recession showed me I only had three months. I’ve been much more focused with my stores this time.

    My wine and ciders are bubbling away and I’ve bottled some of the best blackberry wine I’ve ever produced. Plus I’ve cleared out a nice area (formerly stock pile) for my bottles of ‘attitude adjusters’. Next up? Gonna have to ask my DH how I’m going to store them. Hint, hint…need some racks….

    I’ve managed to get half way through quilting one of my Christmas gift quilts and hope to have it finished by the end of the week. Second one is pieced and waiting. I’d like to turn one more for my DS step-son. Hoping I can stay on it. Best way to get things done is just NEVER sit down. Once you do, it’s all over. Although quilting lets me sit and watch TV… 😉

    Spent a bit of time reading MD’s 31 days. Next project is finally putting together my car survival kit, times 3. Me, DH and DD. I have most of it gathered and I’m going to try to get the rest this next week.

    Praying hard for the country. Praying for those in the path of Sandy. Prayers always for The Pack.

  32. livinglife says:

    I just got back from a week long vacation of driving across the country. dual purpose of visiting friends (all are preppers due to weather conditions but don’t consider themselves such) and scouted for a new place to live in a few years.
    The difference in wild game is negligible, the water is much cleaner, the land flatter and people act as a community instead of individuals. It would be easy enough to move and become one instead of seeking acceptance where I am.
    Now to work on planning a move, fall back routes to their location, food that I can plant there and the finances of it all.

  33. Candy In Nebrask says:

    What I did this week:

    10 qts chili
    14 Qts of Turkey
    21 Qts Taco meat
    saved seeds from:
    Acorn squash
    Blue Hubbard squash
    Peanut (delica) squash
    Buttercup squash

    Was given :
    30 Acorn squash
    25 Buttercup squash
    10 Delica squash
    10 Spaghetti squash
    75 pounds of potatoes
    20 pounds of beets

    10 kushie clothe diapers

    American Harvest Dehydrator $10.00
    solar battery charger for car batteries $20.00
    Small desk to turn into a kids kitchen set $1.00
    need something to keep the monsters busy. lol

    Son in law learned how to repair the hot water heater.

    There is prolly more, But cant remember everything.

  34. Well I had a great gunshow last weekend. I was able to buy my beretta 92fs and do some shooting. Boy o boy do I need practice! With nothing but 9mm to buy,now I can afford to! Bought some hogue finger groove grips in desert tan for it.is it possible for a pistol to look sexy? Those grips give it a whole different look. I’ve been working slowly on my chicken coop and hen house project. It’s coming along very nice for never having built anything even remotely similar to this and the fact that the only plan I have is in my head and it changes every day. Just bought 6×50 of chicken wire at tractor supply and ill be putting that up today. Next is some roofing tin and 5 sheets of plywood,Then some chickens. I may have to wait for spring if I can’t find some adult layers. Have a great week everybody.

    • Bctruck:

      BotachTactical.com has 17 round Factory mags for your Beretta for $21 ea w/no shipping.

      • whoaaaaaaaa!!!! and here i thought i had done enough research. looks like im stuck with the 15 rounders i already ordered and received. dangit!!! thanks any way.ill go and check them out for my next order.

  35. PJ Prepper says:


    Great blog you have here, lots of useful information for those of us who choose to be ready for uncertain times. As to your update, understandable about the security system, nobody wants to share that information.

    Personally I spent some time at the range shooting, reloaded some more 223 and inventoried some of my supplies. I’m looking at a rocket stove and water purification device which mates to it to compliment my other water purification methods.

    Finally I’ve dedicated a bit of time to writing about the impending storm (Hurricane Sandy) on the east coast. While I truly hope everyone comes out unscathed, I know for a fact those who prep will be much better off that those who decided to wait until yesterday to made a mad dash for candles and water bottles.



  36. rotated some canned food and worked on housewarming gift – including some prep items

  37. Sheeple_no_more says:

    Well… We are in the direct path of this “monster storm” so I reviewed our preps. Battened down the hatches and bought an extra gallon of milk. We filled up the cars and topped off our gas cans. Then sat down to watch the Eagles get beaten again. I can’t tell you how it felt to be ready for what may come. It’s not a disaster it’s an inconvenience. Generators, extra water pumps, everything is ready. I can think of a couple of things that would be nice to have but nothing is missing
    See you on the other side

    • We’ll keep you in our thoughts and prayers… hope everything is as good as possible!

    • Sheeple_no_more,

      Make sure you have the proper gauge extension cord for your generator. I live in hurricane alley and folks who use a generator for days at a time often have trouble with their extension cords burning out.

      Didn’t someone post a while back when that big storm hit Virginia–that an extension cord/AC window unit couldn’t be found for 100 miles.

      This storm is going to be huge. So maybe no supplies for 300 miles.

    • Copperhead says:

      Prayers for you and yours in the path of this storm. Hope you will not have too much destruction with it. Feels good to be prepared, doesn’t it?! Will look forward to hearing from you when it’s over.

    • PJ Prepper says:


      Great Post! I actually wrote about this very phenomenon on my website, I’m glad to see someone like yourself who epitomizes the spirit of being prepared….


      All the best and hope you are able to ride out the storm unscathed.



    • Sheeple_no_more, I know exactly how you feel. Now that the DH and I haveplenty of food, water, fuel, and alternative heat and light and cooking sources, I feel so secure. No weather reports worry me. It’s an awesome feeling.

  38. Buuurr in Ohio says:

    Dog training dog training… I am making a large purchase before this storm hits though… I am not exactly low on it but I need more of the big stuff… it for my (first name) Boom! and (last name) Stick… Prayers to all.

  39. The hubby and I went on trip to the mountains to explore some things like growing grapes. We stopped at three hardware stores where I found the items to make laundry detergent, a mortar and pestle, plus a few other items we’ve wanted and a few we didn’t know we wanted. 🙂 I
    We also found an organic herb shop and bought a couple of things (awesome place – the lady grows everything herself and has honey bees too). We also stopped at a few roadside stands where I bought honey and apple butter. I made sure to read labels, trying to make sure to get local items. One place we stopped was selling preserves from Maine. (They were a long way from home.)

    On Wednesday, I received my dwarf lemon tree and got it into its pot. It will live on my sun porch most of the year. I’m looking forward to fresh lemons in a year or two.

    Last night, we brought in all my plants. No frost yet but I’m prepared. I’ve never grown tomatoes through the winter. We shall see how it goes.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      Two years ago I did peppers all winter. they did great, just have to keep a sun lamp on them and water here…Lots of luck on the tomatoes!

      • GA Red, Can you share the name of the Herb Shop, it sounds like my kind of place.

        • The Herb Crib – herbcrib.com Awesome little place.

          Sw’t Tater – I’m looking at LED grow lamps as a possibility for the plants that like more light. On a regular day though, my sun porch gets LOTS of light and stays warm. Yesterday was overcast all day though, so it was kinda dark. Fortunately, it didn’t cool off too much, even with the winds we are having.

          • GA Red, Thank you for posting the address of The Herb Crib.
            Blairsville, Ga is only an hour from my daughter’s home and we enjoy the trip up from Dahlonega.

            • We were traipsing around up there Saturday – went up hwy 365 to Jaemor Farms, up to Hiawasee, over to Blairsville, then back across to Clayton, then home. If we’re ever able to afford a BOL, it will be up that way somewhere. The hubby has family up that way and my dad lived in Hiawassee after he retired. I’m very familiar with the area, but still find new things all the time.

            • Dahlonega, the land that time forgot, the mud is 18 inches deep and the sun is blazing hot. Airborne, Ranger
              Lol that just triggered some old memories. Thanks.

  40. Finn Mahone says:

    We have spent this week prepping for hurricane Sandy. We added to our canned goods from the stores. We added 14 quarts of home made pasta sauce, 2 quarts of home made chili and 2 1/2 quarts of home made soup. I have also added more water to our storage supply even though we do have city water, you never know if the town owned generators will fail and the water pumps go down.

    I also secured 10 gallons of kerosene for heating our living area. Yes I do have adequate ventilation for carbon monoxide. I also got 2, 20 pound propane cylinders for cooking.We have an electric stove so I have my BBQ grill and a camp stove.

    I have 2 propane camp lanterns ready as well as a couple LED lanterns and oil lamps. A generator is still on our wish list.

    I also have one of those propane instant hot water heaters for camping. It came in handy last year after Irine and the October snow storm.

    For OPSEC I have all my doors locked and windows closed. We plan on keeping a low profile until life in our area returns to normal.

    So for now we are trying to rest up and wait for the storm to pick up starting tonight. I hope that the shool district I work for closes. Work could be difficult to get to from downed trees and power lines.

  41. Hope everyone on Sandy’s path is safe. Being my namesake, I am getting a lot of gaff from my friends and family in NJ. I told them I’m sorry, but I had been praying for a way to show them the importance of preparedness. Now I am praying for their safety. It’ troubling me though all the bad press I am getting on national TV…”sandy is getting bigger!…Sandy is bearing down!…gee, no privacy at all!

    So, in honor of Sandy I canned up 7 quarts of soup. (with tons left for dinner today and lunch tomorrow)
    6 pints of sausage
    12 pints of carrots
    Finished up my powdered and canned milk collection

    And I finally got and started waxing cheeses – Asiago, Swiss, and cheddar. Can’t quite figure how to do Feta, one of my favorite. Any ideas?

    Am praying hard about this election. I think we’re screwed either way. But, even before Benghazi I knew Obama was a liar and did not have the love of this country or it’s citizens in his heart. Hope Sandy doesn’t screw up the election, too.

    Blessings to all.

    • Oh Sandy, too funny! I’ve met a couple of ladies named Katrina and I think they’ll have to live with Katrina jokes the rest of their lives.

  42. I may sound synical here, but has anyone else thought of HAARP with this Frankenstorm – and then a 7.7 earthquake on the west coast – all the week before the election – during the time when everyone has said to have your senses heightened? False flag event? Just sayin.

    I pray that this storm isn’t as bad as they say it’s going to be. I know those in the pack are prepared, but I’ll be praying for your safety just the same.

    This week I canned 50 pounds of tomatoes into sauce and 18 pounds of bacon. I’m now making butternut soup to can – I love that stuff and can’t ever seem to get enough of it!

    I gave my three new hens to a friend who lost her flock and is in a financial need. I couldn’t get them merged with my original girls – bloody fights each time I tried. It was nice having all of the eggs, but a pain having to maintain two coops, so they have a great new home now, are very happy and my friend is very thankful for the three eggs a day.

    The weather has been beautiful and my garden is growing like gangbusters, which is a welcomed sight after having such a sad summer harvest. I love this time of year when it cools off so I have enough energy to get outside and actually get some work done. We are going down to 40 degrees tonight and it reminds me I need to get the PVC frames built on my raised beds to make them into hoop houses before it starts freezing. Fall never lasts long enough around here.

    All in the path of this monster storm, stay safe, dry and warm and I’ll be thinking of you and keeping you all in my prayers.

    • Where is spell check when I need it! *cynical*

      • Conmaze,

        Haarp is the first thing I thought of and my son the future engineer. What a coincidence with elections. I wouldnt put it past the b—ard.


    • Copperhead says:

      OK, dummy here, what is HAARP? Had not seen it before. But, yes, I had considered what all this stuff happening at once just before the elections. I keep prayin’.

      • Copperhead,

        Okay, here is HAARP’s website. This is what they want you to know about them. Now, google it and check out youtube videos to see what they’re really about. It can control the ionosphere. In other words, it can affect the jet stream, hurricanes, tornadoes, rain clouds, earthquakes, volcanos. Scary stuff. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0ucpy1WYXY

    • Conmaze,

      This storm is more than 1000 miles wide. I doubt folks up north have ever seen anything like this. The potential exists for this storm to stall out after it comes on shore. If that happens, rainfall totals will be off the chain.

      • PJ Prepper says:

        Yes, which could cause massive flooding and taint water supplies. I’m pretty sure boil advisories will be issued and bottled water will become non-existent (beyond what the Natl Guard can distribute). Those who are already prepared with water stored on site and ways to filter water will be so far ahead of the rest….



      • Bam Bam,

        I think you’re right on all accounts. I have two nieces in Boston area. I asked my sister if they were prepared. One is the other said they didn’t get bothered by Irene so they’re not going to do anything this time. She and her husband are extremely intelligent people. What’s that old saying? Book smart and common sense stupid. All I can do is pray for them.

        I have my brother and cousins and many friends in the Syracuse/Rochester NY area. They’re all buckled in and ready for the ride. This ain’t their first rodeo, but I bet it will be one of the wildest rides they’ve had. If I were still up there, I’d be praying for snow and not rain. With all the dangers the cold and snow can bring, if you stay inside and hunker in, at least you won’t get flooded out.

    • That was so nice of you to give your new hens away. I get tears in my eyes every time I think of my lost hens. I loved them as silly as it is to love chickens. Because of the dog attack & new city regulations my neighbors are giving up their hens. I don’t want them since they don’t lay anymore. I don’t have room for a geriatric chicken farm & a producing chicken farm. So, I will have to wait until the spring before I get new birds.

      • Kate,

        I truly understand your heartbreak. I love my girls and I would feel the same way. Could you get some pullets instead of chicks? Mine were 17 weeks old when I got them. Perfect because they were old enought to be hardy and over all the chick fussing they require but young enough to easily tame them and they started laying in three weeks. Just a thought. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with mine when they get to be seniors and stop laying.

    • Encourager says:

      conmaze, how about that recipe for the butternut squash soup??? Please share!! Sounds wonderful! I have this huge butternut squash sitting on my counter beggin’ me to use it…

      • Encourager,

        Butternut bisque

        3 tbsp butter or 2 tbsp olive oil
        1 carrot, shredded
        1/2 c diced onion
        1 clove of garlic, minced
        4 cups cubed butternut squash
        1/2 teaspoon chopped fresh thyme
        1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
        sprinkle of nutmeg
        sprinkle of ground red pepper
        1 can low-sodium chicken broth (14 1/2 oz)
        1 cup half-and-half (I used 2% milk)
        1 tbsp lemon juice

        (You can tweak any of these spices more or less to your individual tastes or add or delete any of them and it still turns out good.)

        Cube squash and boil or steam to soften. Heat butter (or oil) in a large soup pot. Add carrot, garlic and onion. Cook until vegetables have begun to soften and onion turns translucent, 3 to 4 minutes. Drain squash and add to pot along with veggies, spices, chicken broth, salt and pepper. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmers for 15 to 20 mins. Use an immersion blender or let the soup cool a bit and put it in the blender to puree. Add milk and heat up again and serve. I love this with a dallop of sour cream and a light sprinkle of chopped green onion and ground red pepper on top. Yum!

        • That sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing!

        • Encourager says:

          Sounds like a great recipe, Conmaze! Thank you for sharing!

          You said you were ‘canning up’ the soup. Does anything change when you can it? Doesn’t it get overcooked when pressure canning it? I have not ever canned soup in a pressure canner so not sure of this. Could you just add the raw ingredients to the canning jar and when opening it later to have for dinner, use the immersion blender and add the milk?


          • Encourager,

            I don’t know if you’re still following this thread, but I make the soup and if I’m canning it I don’t put the milk in until I’m ready to heat it up and serve. I don’t do dairy products when I can. Some do but I was taught not to. As far as overcooking, it’s the same as Campbell’s tomato soup and you add a can of milk when you heat it. You could certainly leave it “lumpy” and blend it later, but I see no need to do that extra work when it’s nice to just open the jar, heat and serve.

    • Conmaze, you amaze me! I wish I could work as hard you do!

      • DJV,
        How are you doing? I still pray for you and your DH each day. Did it wind up being an infection?

        • Thank you so much for the prayers, Conmaze. DH has some type of bone infection in part of the temporal bone in his skull. He has an appointment with an infectious disease specialist this week. I just can’t get over how slow the process is!
          And this past week I was diagnosed with Typer II diabetes. The doc thinks I will be able to manage it with oral meds and diet.
          How are you and yours?

  43. Sw't Tater says:

    This was my week for adding comfort things.
    I added to dehydrated fruit, cinnamon, cloves,poultry seasonings,onion powder, garlic powder,special teas.
    some ground nuts for making cookies. Got some of hubby’s favorite sweets for later use/ had to put them outta site..red vines…
    From sales, added basic veggies,string beans,beets, canned corn, canned fruit, and. some tomato products, few cans of ravoil,mackeral and tuna, pet milk, small tomato bullion.
    I did first attempts at dehydrating turkey, and pumpkin this week,and was amazed how much they shrank! Cut my hand,..didn’t do 1/2 job, so had two days of light duty,protecting injury,( bandaids worked well,for protection and stitches…pulled very tight!)..
    Filled a few more 2 liter water bottles. Rotated flour and sweeteners.
    first aid items, anti-prespirant, ace bandage,cough drops, vit c drops. some asprin and allergy stuff., gathered the last of vegetables, did get my seed back from tomatoes , squash, and okra found two blankets at good price. Was able to gather some herbs and prepare for use.
    Did some winterizing of under-pinning..Voted.Prayed for nation and leaders present and future, the PACK and all associated. that’s it, didn’t think I did much, but wrote out it seems like a lot…small steps…more than last week.

  44. Goatlover says:

    Sent my hubby on a mission to acquire ammo for our recent addition: the AR-15. He came back with 1,500 rounds for that, plus 200 more rounds for the S&W 500. GOOD Hubby! I canned another case of pints of ground chuck, and added more pasta, beans, sugar, peanut butter, jelly, and tomato sauce to the prepping pantry. Started reviewing “Putting Food By”; ordered white leghorns to start my meat-bird flock, along with 6 bantam hens to serve as egg setters. Planted more green beans in my fall garden (I’m in the South), and updated my food storage inventory spreadsheet. Not a bad week, considering we were dealing with the heavy winds of Sandy as she moved up the east coast. We even lost power for 16 hours and had to “practice” using our generator!

    • Georgeislearning says:

      Isn’t that a great feeling. Being prepared is, a great thing to be.
      yey you!

    • Goatlover,

      I love the name. I take it you have goats. Have you ever made goat cheese or soap from goat milk? (My dh won’t let me have a goat. He says they smell too bad.)

      Oh, and welcome to the Wolf Pack. I don’t believe I have seen you post before.

    • Schatzie Ohio says:

      White Leghorns are egg layers they are what commercial egg farms use. For meat chickens you want white rock crosses.

  45. conmaze, you’re not the only one with those thoughts… Ok, ended up planting a very small Fall garden. Lettuce, Cabbage, Garlic, and Onions. Picked up some lightweight frost cloth, since they are saying we could have our first frost after Sandy goes by.
    Been just chilly damp, and breezy here, so I’ve been harvesting Pecans from our 2 trees. Getting a nice pile of them. Lot of shelling to do, then into the freezer. Still a couple weeks of this work to go.
    Sent another Roo to freezer camp. Have one left and the 4 hens. Hens have been consistently been laying 3 to 4 eggs a day now. They make great bartering trades.
    That’s it for me this week.

    • Georgeislearning says:

      I gotta get me some hens goin. 3-4 a day sounds mighty nice.

      • I’m getting about 17 – 19 eggs every other day. So many I can afford to dehydrate them. Of course, they go through a lot of feed too. I have one little Silkie who started sitting on about 6 eggs a couple days ago, and I think only of them is hers. Why do these silly Silkies want to hatch chicks in November?

        • I take it that you have about 20 hens Michele? Do you free range them? Mine eat a whole lot less feed now that I fenced in the back yard and let them roam during the day. Hope to expand and add several more to the flock next spring, as long as TSHTF doesn’t happen in the next week…..

          • I have 22 chickens, of of which are roos – so 17 layers, 4 of them are astrolorps which have been known to lay every day.

            They have a 24′ long x 6′ wide coop and an 8′ x 4′ house, and I cannot free range them unless I sit out there with them, because last year, every time I let them out, something got one or more of them. My coop now has wire on all sides, including top and bottom.

            I’m getting ready to make a small 10′ x 4′ coop for the silkies and polish, with extra small wire, because they are my broody ones who will sit on and raise babies. The minute one of them starts sitting, I’ll grab eggs from the other hens and place them under the mommy-to-be. Right now one of my silkies is sitting on a bunch of eggs (most not hers), but I may have to wait to move her until they hatch, not sure if she’ll abandon them if I move her.

      • Keeping up with 4 hens is pretty easy George. Don’t need a huge amount of room. I chose Black Australorps as they are known to be top layers.

        • do either of you know…I’m thinking of replacing my flock with 1 of several kinds…not multiple birds of each kind. Has this been an issue with anyone? I can only have 4 so I’m thinking Black Australorp, Buff Orpington, Plymouth Barred Rock & Rhode Island Red…one of each. Any thoughts?

          • Don’t get Rhode Island reds. They can be mean. The others are known to have docile temperaments.

            • Thanks Michele-think it’ll be a problem with none of them looking like the other? My others tended to group together by species.

            • Tactical G-Ma says:

              Kate, Michele, and other chicken owners,
              I am hoping to start my chicken career about January. I am considering Brahmas. Does anyone know about these? They will be in an enclosed pen because of predators.

            • I’m sorry I don’t know anyone who has Brahmas.

          • HomeINsteader says:

            Hey, kate! I don’t know much about chickens…just learning myself. But some sites/publications that I think do a great job on the subject of chickens:

            Mother Earth News
            and, my personal favorite: Grit magazine

            both MEN and Grit are owned by Ogden Publications and have an online presence; they have great contests, as well. Hope you win something cool!

          • Encourager says:

            I love Black Australorps. They are a calm, beautiful bird that laid large brown eggs ~ all winter! We did have a light that came on about 5AM during the winter and went off just after daybreak.

            My second favorite were Partridge Rocks. They also were a calm breed and laid well, even in winter. They are the most beautiful birds!

            I also love bantam chickens. We had a mixture of them, mostly Partridge Rock banties, a few Plymouth Barred Rocks banties, and some I don’t remember; they would get broody and had no problem setting the large size eggs from the bigger breeds. They tend to fly up in trees though, so be warned; you can trim just one wing so they can’t fly that high.

            I tried Buff Orpingtons as I read they go broody. They never did and were nervous, flighty birds. Anything set them off and then the egg production went down.

            • Encourager says:

              And I have to confess that I kept one Barred Rock for over 8 years. Every time she would see me, she would come running to me to be picked up. I know, silly to love a chicken, but I never had the heart to turn her into stew even after she quit laying for years. She was killed by a weasel that got in the coop by chewing through the screening covering a vent. Dang critter went on a killing spree, biting off the heads of the chickens one after the other. Only one had most of her eaten, the rest were just killed. I cried for days over that Barred Rock, more than the other ones.

            • I'm a Prep Kat says:

              Just my 2 cents. . . I’ve love black austrolorps for layers, but the barred plymoth rocks come in close second. The BAs are a much more docile bird, but the BPRs are such easy keepers. Rhode Island Reds are great layers and I haven’t had any of them go mean on me. On the other hand, the buff orphingtons I had were pure mean to humans and the other birds. Had to get rid of them! Partridge rocks ARE beautiful birds. I have one named Stella (smile). She is an egg laying machine. I have 5 white plymoth rocks in my flock. Serious layers, these girls but not too personable. I raise Jersey Giants for meat. Slow growing, but sooooo tasty. I think if I could only have one breed to be used for eggs and meat, it would be either black austrolorps or Delawares. Delawares are very pretty white with black and lay a very nice egg, meaty and fairly quick to mature too.

            • Encourager,

              I know the feeling. Two weeks later & I still get teary thinking about my girls. One of the Plymouth Rocks would lay her head on your shoulder when you picked her up. They would follow my son & I around the yard & hop on our laps when we sat down. We are definately getting Plymouth Rocks again & Black Astralorps. Not so sure about other types yet.

            • Tactical G-Ma says:

              I want hens docile enough that grandsons can cuddle them. I heard the delwares were that way but still leaning toward brahma cause will have to be both layers and meat and pets.

  46. Hectic week here. Bought pain killers and a lot of things from Big Lots. Cooked up two gallons of beef vegetable soup from canned beef and vegetables that were close to expiration and froze it. It won’t last long as it is getting colder here, and there is nothing like a bowl of soup on a cold day. Had to cover the sensitive plants in the garden last night to protect from frost. Luckily no freeze as we don’t have enough things to save them if the temperature gets too cold. A real nuisance to get them uncovered before going to church. Have frozen pineapple and peaches to dehydrate to reduce the storage in the freezer. Love that dehydrated pineapple! Our area is belatedly having more people unemployed and needing food. Our church pantry is struggling to take care of them (they are screened by a hard-nosed lady who has heard every deceitful excuse from deadbeats and isn’t fooled easily) as very few of us have a lot of money to donate. Also the cold weather means more need for warm clothes and bedding for the ones who can’t afford to heat more that enough to keep the pipes from freezing when it gets colder. I saw a lot of warm bedding at Big Lots and will try to get some on the next trip. We have warm clothes, flannel sheets, bedding etc as we keep the house at 64 degrees in cold weather. Hurts my sinuses when I go from a hot house to the cold outside and vice versa so the summer time temperature is close to 80 degrees also. Saves money as well as saving me from sinus headaches.

  47. well, finished splitting the 10 cord of wood for next yr and got it stacked ! my DW has been hauling wood inthe basement for this yr and stacking it. i finally after 58 yrs of hell with my teeth had the rest taken out and a bottom plate put in! so prepping and another personal goal accomplished in case TSHTF!
    we are ready for the storm and i’m ready for work 24 miles away in the morn. extra food, water,chainsaw, gas and oil,and tools to sharpen, a couple tow chains, a full tank of diesel,35 gallons of gasoline and 15 gals of diesel for my equipment
    my wifes really happy i took care of myself for a change

  48. Hi Pack spent the last few days getting ready for the storm. Tested the gen. picked up extra fuel and extra grill fuel. With our preps in place Ifeel pretty good.I most worry about the chickens. well thats about it will let the pack know how we fared.

  49. M.D.:

    Sorry I missed the comment about your birthday. Does this mean we can go out for a legal drink (vs. warm Thunderbird wine on a hot day)?

    We had a couple of birthday wishes go out at church today, for the next week, including my youngest grandson (his new gun – airsoft – is waiting for Thursday – his birthday).

  50. Soggy Prepper says:

    Prepping this week.
    I put together, sealed, o2’d 20 mylar meals. I just love those! So much cheaper then Mountain house and pretty much just the same, only cheaper!
    I do need to get dried zucchini though so the next time a do up a batch I can add pasta primavera. DH favorite is still the beef stroganoff. Looking at them all done up gives me a smile.
    Also picked up my 80lbs of Zaycon chicken and with family help processed it all in about 4 hours. Vacuum sealed and froze a bunch of it cut up and recipe ready, also froze some breast. We love parmasain chicken ~drool~. These are so huge they are perfect for it.
    Canned 21 pints. My old and very little Mirro weighted canner ran 5 pints. My new Presto dial canner ran 16 pints! Why the heck have I not bought a bigger canner sooner!!!!
    I thought I’d hate the dial, OMGosh! It’s so much easier then the weighted canner. And faster. My little canner took so long to can any quantity, the large one is a dream. Can you tell I love my dial canner?

    DH replaced the youngest DD bedroom window. It was a normal one paned window and we put in the energy efficient double paned one. The upper part of our house has storm windows and they are awesome. The downstairs doesn’t so we’ve been slowly replacing them. It does make a difference with noise and heat.

    After watching the last debate monday we grabbed our ballots and all 4 of the voting members of our household voted. Good luck Romney!!
    Not that WA state matters a whole lot (get me going on that subject!). But We have done our small part to right the sheeples vote of 08.

    Prayers to those in the path of the storm on the east coast. Prayers to those in the pack that need a healing touch and prayers to the entire pack to breathe and remember God is in charge. When this little world kingdom is done we get Gods kingdom that never ends! If that isn’t encouraging I don’t know what is! This world is winding down, but that just means Jesus is all the closer.

    Keep prepping, keep praying it isn’t going to get better anytime soon.

    • sounds like we are on the same side of the mountain
      everyone i talk to is for romney that was for TDL in 08

  51. Lurker Judith says:

    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday dear M.D.
    Happy Birthday to you.
    And many more.
    I tried but it was a little off key.

  52. Happy Birthday, MD. Many healthy years to come. Hope that Faith is all better. Doggie paryers her way.

    Ordered some somethings from JMB. Mentioned your blog. Hope you get credit.

    Very little prep done this week. Going to a wedding next week, my boy’s.

    God bless and keep safe all who are in Sandy’s path. This is a bad one.

    Prayers for the Pack and all who need. God bless. Linda

  53. Voted early because I am sure sure if we will back home in Florida by voting day. Please vote, Pack, our county need all good citizens help to save America.

    God bless America and all who loves her. Linda

  54. I meant we voted early because we are not sure if we will be back home to be able to vote on election day. My english had a senior moment.

    God bless. Linda

  55. Second day of early voting and the news is reporting over 1.1 millon Floridians have already voted. We will also vote early, a paper ballot thank goodness. I don’t trust the machines! People have been waiting in lines for up to 2 hours.

    Another Herbal book for those who are interested. I picked up a copy of Rosemary Gladstar’s “Herbal Healing for Women” for a dollar at the Friend’s Bookstore. I checked, Amazon still offers the book. This book covers, “From menstruation to menopause” with excellent advice for simple home remedies. I found information in this book that doesn’t appear in any of my other books.

    I’m hoping the GMO labeling passes in CA. That would impact all of us. I believe that before changing the labels, many companies would remove the GMO corn product from their ingredients especially if the food product only has a small amount. Yesterday, at Publix, I reached for their house brand of Sour Cream and found corn starch listed as part of the ingredients. What is corn starch doing in Sour Cream! I bought a name brand instead.

    We don’t celebrate Halloween and haven’t for over 20 years. So, I’m not faced with buying candy laced with High Fructose Corn Syrup. For those in the wolf pack that do celebrate, be careful opening your doors, a perfect time for a home invasion! We’ve had some problems of that sort just a few streets away.

    Florida sorta skips Autumn, no changes of color, but I’m in the mood like Mt. Woman for some of my Fall dishes, I, too, baked cookies today, Molasses Gingersnaps, and my dear Husband sampled warm cookies from each tray from the oven. His face lite up like a little boy!

    As far as prepping, I’ve been packing boxes on faith! I probably have over 40 boxes packed to move over 600 miles once God opens the door.

    I enjoy reading everyones’ post, please don’t give up posting, we learn from each other.

    • Marebear,

      I too obsess over finding a non GMO source to use as food preps. I’ve just finally quit eating out (except for a rare occasion) and we no longer eat processed foods of any type. It’s not as hard as I thought it would be making everything from scratch but we are going through my canned goods lickety split! Much faster then I planned on. I was counting on more green beans and it looks like I may have lost them (at least part) to frost even though they were well tucked in under a cover. They were flowering too so it’s an even sadder loss. That & the loss of my flock of chickens & the poor job prospects have me worried.

    • In my neighborhood we sit outside our houses in lawn chairs with the candy, dressed in warm clothes, and the kids all trick or treat before dark. That eliminates the having to open the door to whoever.

  56. Heads Up: Publix Sale on Canned Fruit

    If you live in the South, Publix has Libby canned fruit for $1 this week. My dh picked up five cans of pineapple rings. I am going to go back and stock up. I just have to do an inventory to see what I need first. (If you pay attention to prices, that’s almost half price.)

    • Encourager says:

      Check the label to see where that canned fruit comes from. We wanted to stock up on canned fruit but every dang can we picked up said it was packed in China. And I mean Dole fruits, Delmonte fruits and LIbby fruits and ALL the store brands. Disgusting!!!

      • hope its planted and canned in the Philippines! Where the biggest Dole and Del Monte plantations are in Mindanao!

      • Some brands of pineapple come from Indonesia or Thailand which is a little better. However NO mandarin oranges come from anywhere but China.

        • HomeINsteader says:

          True, Mary. And I don’t eat ANYTHING coming out of China. I don’t even want to wear – or for that matter – handle – anything coming out of China.

          Those cute little glass pot-like jars of fruit for $1 are coming out of China – DO NOT EAT THAT!

          I have a sweet rescue dog on a special diet; she nearly died from kidney failure a few years back because I UNKNOWINGLY fed her dry dog food out of China – it was “IAMS”, which I thought was STILL American made, and it is not. The company sold out about 10-12 years ago, it was bought out by a well-known brand for whom all pet food is coming out of China.

          DID YOU KNOW that the Chinese who can afford to do so buy AMERICAN-MADE pet foods? Yep. They do! Hmm……

          • worrisome says:

            I wonder if there is a list somewhere of dog food that is made in the United States. When you read the labels, most say “distributed by……… , US. Which means the “stuff” is coming from overseas and packaged and sold here………

  57. HomeINsteader says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, M.D.! You are such a blessing to so many; I pray you have many happy birthdays!

  58. Went to a Knight’s of Columbus quarterly flea market and racked up on some great buys with blankets $1 a piece, sheets, and some other goodies. Got my medical records together as part of my pending discharge physical – and now recovering from that mega task.

  59. M.D. this is the first post in a couple of weeks that you haven’t mentioned Faith. I hope that means she is doing better! And Happy Birthday!! Hope it was wonderful!

    No preps this week. The part time job has turned into a volunteer one as they couldn’t make payroll last week. Praying about what to do…stay & hope for it to get better, just quit since I need some sort of income?? If it’s not one thing it’s another job wise for me for the last 2 years.

    I guess we did prep a little. Getting ready for deer season & to (hopefully) fill the freezer so that’s some prepping I suppose. My DD is becoming quite a crack shot! I’m so proud of her. She outshoots everyone in the family on a very consistent basis no matter what gun she uses. So, hopefully, that will be at least one deer in the freezer.

    Prayers for everyone affected in the north east. I saw on the news tonight that the power outages could affect even the midwest. Don’t think they will reach as far as we are but hopefully we are prepared enough if they do.

  60. HomeINsteader says:

    Got water running (clean, clear mountain water from a new well!) and electrical poles installed, lines laid, and electricity on at BOL! WOO-HOO!!!!!!

    Guess what? Running a gen for days is NOT a good power plan! And some of you are going, “well, duh!”….hey! Some people take a little longer to learn than others…we’re gettin’ there… ; ) We ran ours for 2 weeks at about $37 a day in fuel (24 hr period). Definitely could not do that indefinitely.

    We actually thought the speakers were going out on the t.v. – yes! DH watches t.v., even in the woods! He IS a t.v.-aholic. Is there a group for that? If so, I need to sign him up. He worked like a crazy man all day, so, a hot shower; a good hot meal, and a violent movie are his idea of unwinding at the end of a hard day’s work. Anyway, he just watched DVD movies (I like old movies, i.e., “Sherlock Holmes”; he likes things with big explosions and lots of shooting), but we could barely hear them with gen running, even with door closed (it was close to front door of TT , but underneath). Then we got the electric on, and, miracle of miracles! We could hear! And the t.v. speakers are NOT going out. Amazing, ain’t it?!

    Made some wonderful new friends around our BOL. That’s always a good thing. Found an outstanding little restaurant in community that serves up fantastic home-cooking (rivals my own, said with some degree of humility! ; ) and excellent, friendly service. Fun!

    Picked up a good supply of EmergenC at half-price sale from local grocery. Score!

    Caught fall color at peak on mountain – lots of beautiful photos!

    It’s getting very cold on the mountain. Lots of winter preps to make. Must get back soon.

    Prayers to all who are battening down the hatches for Sandy.

  61. Being in NY and in the path of Sandy, I had a great opportunity to test my preps. I have a hard wired 10,000 watt generator that passed the field test with flying colors. It actually runs our entire house all day with one tank of gas (12 hours). Pretty impressive indeed. Also have 25 gallons fuel with stabil on hand. Recharged all the batteries I could find, shored up the outside area for massive water intake, brought in extra firewood for woodstove in case power goes off. Also filled up my three vehicles with gas just in case. Checked first aid kit, moved in outside plants/mums, double checked food stores including Wise buckets etc.

    I must say, whether we get hit a little or a lot by this storm. it was good to think about all these aspects of being prepared. While the sheeple waited in lines at grocery stores/BJs buying batteries and water, I just chuckled to myself knowing that I have been preparing for this for years! Even had my wife on board and for the first time I think she was actually proud of my prepping ways…! Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. Be safe and God bless.

  62. Stuck in CA says:

    MD Happy Birthday! I have been reading your blog for awhile, but never posted. My the Good Lord watch over and bless you with many more years to come.

  63. Greetings Pack!
    This week we were able to stock up on some more long term foods. Placed an order with Amazon for some books and gear. Renewed several magazines. Kept an eye on hurricane Sandy.Went early to the store to stock up on supplies. Began to get ready,neighbors were asking what I was doing,the next day they came from the stores and reported empty shelves, long lines, and general panicky grumpyness. As I write this the outer bands are overhead, rainy and windy but not to bad so far,waiting for the hammer to drop. State of emergency, evacuations, looks like this is,at least,gonna be a good test for our preps,at worst, a trigger for something huge.
    Good luck and God bless to everyone in the path of the ‘Frankenstorm’.
    Everyone have a SAFE and happy week!

  64. Jarhead 03 says:

    Members of the Pack I want to thank all that have contributed and helped me grow as a prepper. I’m thinking that it’s my time to leave the Pack and focus on other things at least for a while.

    I have been outspoken and passionate when it comes to members of the Pack and done all I can to help but considering earlier posts it is in my best interests to refrain from posting. I wish everyone the best and to take care. Others I have respected I will continue to respect and those I have reached out to I will continue contact.

    M.D., thank you for everything you have given to the Pack, I wish you well.

    Thanks, good luck and Godspeed!

    • Jarhead 03,

      Sorry to see you go – please feel free to come back at anytime. I hope you’re not leaving because of some of the recent comments here.

    • Jarhead,

      Please don’t leave us, I’ve enjoyed your posts.

    • Encourager says:

      Jarhead, we will most definitely miss you! Stop in now and again to let us know how you are doing. All the best to you and God bless!

    • Jarhead 03
      Sorry to see you step away, I looked foward to your posts. everyone needs a break to recharge the batteries, hope to see you back.

      • Jarhead, wish you wouldn’t go, it is good hearing about the things you are accomplishing down there! Hang in there……….

    • riverrider says:

      keep in touch j.

    • Jar…please change your mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You contribute so much, and have helped me learn many things. Please stay! Really!

    • Jarhead 03, you will be missed for sure. I have always admired your attitude. Take care, and maybe you will feel lead to return soon.

    • Well Jarhead hate to hear that but you have to do what you feel is best for you. I hope you change your mind, your level of experience and expertise is a valuable asset for the pack. I always look forward to your post on your preps and your views on what is happening in your part of the world. At least stay with us for a couple weeks after the election to keep us up to date on what is going on out there on the left coast.

    • Soggy Prepper says:

      Jarhead 03,
      I hope you check back in once in awhile! Even a monthly check in would be great. I know the gun info area will surely be lacking without your contribution.
      Also the passion and outspokenness is why most of us are here. Passion for prepping, family, country and God.

      Good luck in your continued prepping and I do hope you “visit” even if it’s brief.

    • Petnumber1 says:

      Jarhead, I do hope you change your mind after you read all the comments and realize how valuable and beloved you are to all of us.

      I have to say that the one thing we can’t do in life is withdraw from where we are needed because of other people. There is just too much at stake, and no matter what situation(s) we find ourselves in, there will always be others who rub us the wrong way or vice versa. That’s just part of the human condition, and each of us has to be strong enough to fight through it (hopefully with the help of others, but sometimes we do have to go it alone).

      Don’t leave, please. Ignore or laugh at or lash out at anyone you want, and everyone will manage one way or another. But your insight, experience, humor, love, guidance, and excitement are too valuable to be lost. Please rethink this!

      • HomeINsteader says:

        Well said, P1!

      • Encourager says:

        Agree!! Agree!! +10, Pet! No, +100!

        Don’t leave us Jarhead. We need your wisdom and experience here! Your leaving will leave a big hole in our Wolf Pack. Please stay.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      I really like what I know of you and respect your knowledge. I will miss you and will continue to include you in my prayers. Best of luck and if you get near Benning and want to visit some old country folk, just ask M.D. to pass along the info. As sailors always say, fair winds and following seas.

      • I’ll be driving through Benning after the great turkey day – going to visit family. That’s good country down there.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          GA Red,
          I wish we were going to be around but we will be up in the Smokies for DD’s wedding!

          • Bummer but on a certain level, I think I’d rather be in the Smokies too! If you want to e-mail me so we can talk that way, I’d love to hear from you. From what I’ve read, I think you can get my e-mail from MD if I give permission?

    • cosmolined says:

      Be talkin’ to you later Jarhead. God Bless, Cos

      • Jar, I understand completely…it takes much time out of our busy days to post etc, yet we all love it ’cause we can share/laugh and grow in knowledge all together in our weekly steps, and then trolls come along with their own agendas and spew their bad intentions all over us.

        When I saw the POS/CW/troll/ posting again, wondered if it was the same person – and have just sat back to see what would eventuate…leopards don’t change their spots it seems.

        Commend your integrity and stance – being a team player won’t let you stay silent when you see an/other team member/s being disrespected.

        I know that you will use your time wisely to continue prepping – can only speak for myself – however do know that many will miss your posts – as you have always been a font of knowledge and practicality.

        You will continue to do well, while the troll/s will no doubt continue to stir up a ruckus just like a fox in the hen house so to speak.

        Best wishes for your future…and God bless and keep you safe…cheers.

    • Waah, Jarhead, come back! If you can’t then ok, but, waah!

  65. This is the first comment on this blog. I enjoy reading all post and comments.
    Congratulation to the new papa, may nothing but good things come to you and your family.
    I have just started to prepp for the events that will engulf us in the years ahead. Though most of what I have done is in the form of getting healthier, going from 400+ pounds to 211 pounds. Next step is to increase muscle mass.
    I would like to say that I am proud to be part of the pack.

    • Wow! That’s a BIG thing to do. Congratulations on the weight loss, and welcome to the pack, little cub!

    • Suburban Housewife says:

      Wow – congrats on the weight loss! Probably the best prep of all !

    • Encourager says:

      Welcome to the Pack, Kikoman. Wow, I am impressed! That is a major weight loss. Congrats!

    • Kikoman
      Way to go! My wife and I have changed our lifestyle and lost quite a bit of weight and have gotten much healthier.Getting in shape is the most important prep of all. Staying healthy is another challenge, don’t fall into old bad habits.It took me several attempts to really get it right and stay on track. The determination and character it takes to lose 200 pounds shows you can do anything you put your mind to, a quality that will be needed in the coming times.
      Congrats and welcome!

    • Wow! Congrats on the weight loss – being healthy is a big part of being ready for whatever comes our way. I’m a newbie here too. Welcome.

    • School House says:

      Welcome KiKoman… Congratulations on the weight loss. That is huge (no pun intended). In my opinion being healthy is the first step in prepping. I had the “Widow Maker” heart attack 4 1/2 years ago and almost a second one a year latter. I lost 25% of my heart because of it. Being in a very stressful job, drinking beer like no tomorrow, smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day and eating nothing but fast food because I always traveled caught up with me.

      Now it is nothing but healthy things. No more of the above. I have a little 5 pound weight That I “do curls with” while I sit at the computer and after a month I can really tell the difference. I also walk a lot. I started with one mile and now it is up to 2 miles. I am hoping to start wearing my pack with 20pounds and increasing it over time to reach 60 pounds.

      The next best thing you can do is eat healthy. There is nothing more I would like to do than to buy the MRE stuff. But with the sodium and other unhealthy things in it I can’t or would end up back in the hospital. So all the food I stock I grow my self (except chicken & turkey) the fish I eat I catch. So needless to say I have & am in the process of teaching myself to can, dehydrate and dry whatever I can grow. To me it serves a couple of purposes. It keeps me healthy, it makes me more self sufficient and I know what I am eating.

      Well enough of my rambling. Good job on the weight loss & exercise and welcome to THE PACK !!!

      I look forward to reading your posts to see how you are getting along.

  66. FreeRangePagan says:

    Actually prepped this week, got extra canned goods, another 2 liters of water put up, dried two bunches of bananas, hit Sams Club, canned 2 pints of butter, 3 pints of applesauce, and 2 pints of apple butter, froze extra waffles, made an egg carton of lint fire starters, bought a lavender plant, and put lighters in the BOB, work pack and Lady’s bag.

    Finished moving the roommate out and set up our craft room. Organization moving forward. I’m going to make shelves for the closet this week to hold crafty things, and some preps in the back.

    Acquired a few additions to the apartment. They turn the pond in front of my work into a skating rink in winter, and someone thought it was a good idea to put goldfish into it this summer. When they drained and cleaned it, they had a garbage can full of 3-4 inch goldfish. They missed some, and my coworkers and I caught a bunch to take home.

    I now have 11 huge goldfish. Downside is spending the money for the tank, and upside is that Lady LOVES fish so points for me there and I can order that fish medicine that everyone talks about without raising suspicions. What is the medicine called again?

    Hurricane Sandy is coming our way in the next few days. I’ve got water put up, food at the ready, evac plan ready, laundry done, candles and flashlights ready, and I broke down and got a crank radio/flashlight and I love it. Also froze a gallon of water in case the power goes out to help keep things cold. Damages shouldn’t be much of an issue, we’re on a hill and pretty far north, but moving the breakables just in case.

    Best wishes to all this week!

  67. Happy Birthday MD!

  68. The strength of my prayers to all of you facing Sandy. May the Lord keep you and bless you with strong will and strong spirits. Remember “stuff” is replaceable, you are not. If you can please keep a diary of the events so that we can all learn. God bless.

  69. Warmongerel says:

    Happy B-day M.D. You’re not getting older you’re getting…nah…you’re getting older. 😉 Ain’t we all?

    Re-arranged my food stocks so that it’s easier to see what I’ve got and what’s needed. Same with my 1st aid/medical supplies, to which I added some blood-clotting packs and some bandages that are pre-infused with antibiotics.

    Added a small amount of food to the stockpile. More than we ate, so I guess that’s better than nothing. I also found a guy at work who sells pure honey. $14 for 10 lbs. Can’t pass that up.

    Bought some more lamp oil and wicks. If nothing else, I won’t be living in the dark for a few years.

    Figured out a way to discreetly vent any smoke outside in case I have to bug-in and light a fire indoors. It involves removing the fresh-air intake from the furnace and venting it through the sill plate of the wall instead of having a “smoke-beacon” on the roof for all to see. Need some flex-duct and a hood, but that’s easy to make.

    Got a 100 lb. LP tank (for free!) to add to my 33 lb. tank (also free!). I have a Dyna-Glo “chimney” type heater that puts out 250K BTU. It heats up my garage in about 5 minutes when it’s -10 Fahrenheit. In an enclosed, insulated area of my basement, 133 lbs. would last for quite awhile. Add my Volcano stove and an oil lamp or two and heat shouldn’t be a problem even here in Frostbite Falls.

    Got all of my cold-weather gear together in one spot. I have determined that I could comfortably nap on the peak of Mt. Everest and not get chilled.

    Went through Amazon and put a bunch of stuff on my “wish list”. Even if I don’t buy it through them, it’s a handy way to keep track of what you want and/or need.

    And, of course, studied, read and learned. I’m at least smart enough to know that I don’t know shit.

    Have a great week, people.

  70. I am pretty new to prepping, just started a few months ago. I just got our water situation sorted out so I am now turning my attention to food. This weekend I cleaned out a basement storage area and installed some shelves to use as a backup pantry. I then went out and bought 25 lbs of rice, 16 lbs of black beans (I prefer them over pinto beans) and a couple of cases of canned tomatoes and tomato sauce. I had decided to make a red sauce this weekend for dinner on Sunday so I figured I would buy extra to store. I also liquidated a small investment account so I could put that money into the safe as cash and silver. baby steps

    • Encourager says:

      Welcome to the Pack, Gator.

      We all started out with baby steps. Keep it up and pretty soon you can stand back and admire that pantry full of good stuff!!

    • Gator,

      Welcome to the Pack. Given the name I would ask if you lived in Florida (Go Gators!) but we don’t have basements here and the last two weeks hasn’t been good to the Gators.

      If you have any questions, feel free to ask. There are a lot of collective wisdom here.

    • HomeINsteader says:

      Welcome, Gator! Great start. Stack it high!

  71. I went to Home Depot to watch morons buying or tryin to buy batteries and flaslights at the last moment before the big storm hits back this way. Now while that may not seem like doing something to prep, it certainly was in that it helped to reassure me that being prepared – well ahead of time – is the way to go. That reassurance will only go toward having me keep on prepping – as I said – well ahead of time.

    All the best,

  72. You might add a pocket Constitution/Bill of Rights booklet to your hand-outs. Jeff

  73. Suburban Housewife says:

    Well crud! I just had my post with all my preps and everything all written up and accidentally deleted it – DARN!

    So Happy birthday M.D. – hope it was a good one for you. Glad Faith continues to improve, looking forward to that video of her.

    I am livid over the Bengazi fiasco! I could rant a long time – but it is just completely incomprehensible that this could happen – that help was denied. What kind of soulless, heartless, mentally deficient people make decisions like that??? Grrrr – I have to stop here. Unbelievable!!

    After being secretly jealous of all of you who find these great deals and fantastic buys I can finally claim one for myself! Walmart had bananas for $.10 each so I got 64 of them. Now my dehydrator is packed full, a bunch in the freezer and I still have about 20 left to figure out what to do with them.

    Got to go shoot our new Glock34 for the first time this week. I liked it a lot – more recoil than I was ready for but I’ll get used to it. DH out shot me – can’t be having that! I will try to practice daily with the snap caps this week and see how I do next time.

    Spent most of the week in the kitchen repackaging and vacuum sealing stuff I bought at Big Lots and Costco. Picked up some 6 gal metal trash cans for sugar = ant and rodent proof storage in the garage. Can’t really stack them but they will fit on the floor under a bottom shelf out there.

    Big disappointment this week. The edible landscape expert I hired came. Not much I can do with my yard. Don’t really get enough sun to be very successful with growing food, yard is small and not situated well. Probably won’t get enough sun even if we cut down a tree or two. Plus she was baffled by our soil and why it wont grow anything. Made me feel a little better in that everything isn’t ALL my fault! Asked her about a medicinal herb garden and she thought I might have a little more success with that – but they require more sun that we get too. (Sigh) – I want to move so bad. So she took a lot of pictures and I should here from here sometime this week, see if she can come up with any ideas or suggestion.

    So I continue to try to read about herbs and learn, but I feel like I am spinning my wheels there too.

    Goal for this week – BOBs – still don’t have them put together yet. Continue dehydrating and processing food, work on rearranging garage to improve storage.

  74. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Folks, I rarely say this but WTF. I just went on line and the first page that showed was Google displaying a search of Official Obama election sites. As the Lord is my witness, I have never done a search for dems or Obama or election sites. Is this a virus or is Google attempting to sway my vote? I am truly infuriated that anyone would try to manipulate me this way!

    • PGCPrepper says:

      I do not trust Google. Read too much. I went back to my old earthlink.net email addy. LOL.

      Actually, always kept it even from the early dial-up days. Don’t use my G-mail account for any online transactions or really nothing at all. I also am not on stalk-, errr, facebook. I use twitter professionally and rants about liberals though.

      Happy Birthday MDC.


  75. Hi, Am glad to be back here, after a long hiatus, work and been busy with our own active group “Filipino Survivalist; which we did an out of town immersion recently.
    This two weeks have been busy, but then i want to share what prepping we did here:
    1. Improved my kids (3) EDC kit, now in waterproof boxes, and had them trained by my son on FAK basics, including rope knots and the like. Now they have individual mini FAK, lights, lighters and small tools..my 13-year old son, a grade seven, has been trained and is a Red Cross volunteer at school, also an active Boys Scout (senior Patrol Leader) and my Prepping buddy…he will have his shooting (22LR) comes our group’s “Prepper Lab 2”
    2. Attended “Prepper Lab” by our group and learned some basic survivalist skill, gun skills, basic Tac Med, BOB critique (I was told to lighten my load! ha ha) and other local disasters and preparedness issues. Our coordinator are local NGO Emergency Response Group.
    3. Shared soda can alcohol stove making skills to the community we were camped in…these immersion to this community taught me more about “survival” in a day to day scenario by local impoverished folks…
    4. Organised prepping more in the house, identified tools we have, those that can be hauled in case we need to Bug out…also checked on our security and fixed some of the perimeter enclosure. We also made two more bug out bag, spreading the redundant tools between the two.
    5. Purchased three new local blades, local fabrications of machetes and knives…we have excellent smiths, and two are based on my designs.
    6. Augmented food stock, rice and canned goods, also purchased ready to eat food pouches, both for trial (been eating them for weeks now, to determine good tasting ones also) and acquire more for our BOB.
    7. Have all the cars checked and maintained/tuned up (2) for the coming rainy days forecast.

    So far that’s all, its holiday here, extre 5 days with the kids…regards and be safe everyone!

  76. Hats off to you sir jarhead 03!

  77. 1. Bought a half cord of firewood. Our North Texas winters have been mild the last couple of years but they can get iffy with ice storms and power outages.
    2. Six more boxes of .38 special and 2 bulk boxes of .22 ammo.
    3. More canned goods for the pantry
    4. Got a great deal on a Predator generator at Harbor Freight. Need a couple of good long extension cords to run both refrigerators and a couple of space heaters in case of power loss.
    5. Got a couple of Mora knives and Gerber Pocket Knife sharpeners for our bug out bags.
    6. Still working on convincing my three grown children that being prepared for “whatever” is extremely important.

    • George…maybe the “after” stories from Hurricane Sandy will lend weight to your suggestion.

    • Good luck with the children. I agree with MtWoman that some after stories might help. A little personal experience might too, but on a mild level – nothing dangerous.

      I remember enough Southern ice storms and our one and only blizzard well enough to know I want to be prepared. My problem is convincing my 17-year-old that I’m not crazy. 🙂 The hubby explained some things in economic terms (she’s taking AP Economics this year) and I think it helped.

  78. Hey Wolf Pack, just checking in. DH still sick, and still waiting on more tests. I have been sick as well, some strange respiratory illnes.. Doc said it isn’t the flu, GAve me 15 days of antibiotics to take. It’s the sickest I’ve been in a really long time, maybe EVER! I missed a whole week of work. I haven’t done any prepping, and have only felt like reading everyone else’s posts a couple of times.
    MD, that’s a cool idea about putting the New Testaments and 10 Commandments in the emergency gift bags. You will be blessed.
    I am praying for everyone on the east coast that may be in the storm’s path. I have relatives in Rhode Island.
    And my prayers are ongoing for all of the pack.

    • DJV…hope you are better soon. Please keep us informed of your healing. 🙂

      • Thank you MtWoman. After I posted yesterday, I received a clal from doc’s office, saying they have my blood work reports back and that I need to come in and have a “sit down discussion” (their words, not mine) with the doc. So, we’ll see. That’s WEdnesday, 10-31-12, at 8:15am.

    • Schatzie Ohio says:

      Has your house been tested for radon gas?

  79. Encourager says:

    Okay, this is just some observations during our 2 week vacation. As we drove through all the small towns along our route we started counting election signs. Here is how it broke down ~ These are per 10 signs.
    VA ~ Romney/Ryan signs (RR) – about 8 out of 10 signs; Obummer (O) – 2 or less.
    TN ~ RR – about 8 out of 10 signs; O – 2 or less.
    KY ~ RR – about the same as TN
    OH ~ here was the real surprise, RR 9 out of 10; O – 1 (SO DON’T BELIEVE THE MEDIA OR THE DEM0CRATIC PARTY THAT OBUMMER HAS THAT STATE!)

    Now this is no official pole, just what we observed. And of course we did not count EVERY sign. And these were just people who had signs; who knows about the ones who had no signs. Just found it interesting. We were trying to outdo each other yelling out “Romney-Ryan!!!” every time we saw a sign or we boo-ed when we saw an Obummer. Fun on the road, lol. ;p

    • HomeINsteader says:

      Dang! You kids DO know how to have fun! ; ) (Sorry I missed it!)

      • Encourager says:

        Homie, we get a little desperate and bored sometimes for after a week and a half on the roads so any game goes, even the alphabet one, which I hate… We finally decided to park it and take a break for a few days…and the campground had free WIFI. Not to mention we needed to do laundry.

    • I truly believe this will be shown on nov 6 to the shock of many. In my logical mind I truly believe that Obama will get 10-20 % less votes than he did in 2008. Now how many of those will vote for Romney or just not vote will be the key. Some will just not vote again since this is not the Historical election that 2008 was. If you take the 69 million votes in 2008 for Obama and take 10% away and give those to the Republican that would make it a 66milllion to 62 million contest with 52% for Romney and 48% for Obama if all votes were for those two candidates . I think it will be more of a 51-52% Romney win with Obama getting 46-47% and 2-3 % margin for independents , I don’t think Romney will win by as big a % as Obmama did in 2008 and but just the defeat will be a huge slap in TDL face for his attitiude and policies. Let’s just hope the electoral college follows and we don’t get the tie like some are predicting and have the house and senate choose.

    • SickSkilz says:


      I 100% agree there is more support for Romney in Ohio (as thats where i live and travel through 5 ohio counties regularly.

      However, I don’t necessarily disagree with the polls that call people and state that its a dead heat either. There are more democrats in america but they are more likely to need to be motivated to vote. Republicans, however, are more likely to be the type that always votes. Locally, we see this often. If there is a special election that is not part of the general election, the Republican wins 60/40 or more.

      in 2008, democrates here were spurred by the “Change” movement and thus had motivation to buy signs and get out and vote. This time it wont be so.

      I predict that while no poll has Romney with over 51% support (Gallup had that and only for 1 day), he will end up with more than 55% of the state.

  80. It seems to me that everyone on this board is of like mind in one regard – we all want to be self-reliant and be prepared for whatever comes our way. That much we all have in common.

    As for our political leanings, I think each of us is less truly a Republican or Democrat, but have opted to side with one party or the other because a third party is not viable at this time and we know that voting for a third party is often a wasted vote. We don’t really vote for who we think will do the best job, but who we dislike the least or think will do the least harm. I also think that the Democrats (politicians) of today are NOTHING like the Democrats of my parents or my grandparents.

    There is much more I’d like to say but I don’t for two reasons. First, I don’t know that it is appropriate and second, I would have a hard time putting it into words.

    Finally, I will say this – thank you ALL for being here. Your insight and advice are greatly appreciated. Without MD and ALL of you, I’d still be having anxiety attacks about the future and not have a clue where to begin.

  81. Just taking a break from the clean-up, so thought I’d check in.

    This past weekend, I had a big party here at my place to celebrate 40 years of prepping! Lots of folks came by – even a few I hadn’t seen in years – and everyone I think had a good time. Best thing was a big display some of them put together of photos taken over the years – so strange to see how much this place has changed from an old travel trailer set among the redwoods to the homestead it is today. Also a bit sad though, that my family wasn’t able to share the whole journey with me.

    There were a lot of great discussions on the elections, the need for prepping, and the state of the world in general. Some got pretty heated but I’m glad to note that none disintegrated into name calling or personal attacks – at times it’s easy to forget that people can have differing opinions and still respect each other. Made my heart glad. Hopefully, some of the folks will join in here in the future.

    M.D. – Hope you have a great birthday and your little friend continues to improve. By the way, whatever happened to homestead kitty?

  82. well the storm is upon us in NH!! 6:42 pm and the wind is justa howlin’
    they let us out from work early and when i got home and checked the coleman lanterns i found the mantles broken and i was out of spares.
    just a reminder to those who use them to make sure you have spare mantles and fuel!

    • Bill W.,

      If you still have power/internet to read this . . . you can make a lamp out of a jar (preferably a canning jar–because it can take high heat), a piece of rope and some 10 gauge wire, and use cooking oil as fuel.

      Here’s the video:

  83. riverrider says:

    i didn’t believe the weatherfools but they were right. we’re getting hammered by derachio type winds for the last several hours. i half expect the big oak to crash through the roof any minute. made me wonder what would we do post tshtf if the house got crashed. i have skills but one needs supplies that would be unavailable like plywood, roofing etc. guess i could salvage and make do….. stay safe yawl.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Isn’t that why you bought that big blue tarp?

      • riverrider says:

        t, LOL, i HATE those things! i pay extra to get the brown or camo ones. but they won’t last forever. i’ll have to go hillbilly like i saw in bosnia. they could take a broke up pallet and make a fine door out of it that i couldn’t tell wasn’t solid wood. masters of making do and re-purposing. but they had to, they went thru teotwawki already….still gusting to 50mph here but gusts are farther apart. weird thing is my sis in delaware says they got next to nothing out of the storm. prayers to those affected.

  84. Tactical G-Ma says:

    At least I’m not alone.

  85. recoveringidiot says:

    Glad you gained another year MD. If I keep going to the doctors I’m not sure I’ll see another B-day. I surely won’t have two nickles to rub together after paying them off.

    Glad the little dog is getting better. I still miss my last one and want another but I just don’t see me having the time to get a puppy going, still thinking a stray will show up with some promise. Some of the best dogs I’ve had just showed up one day and stayed around until they became ours.

    Not much prepping for me still trying to get some health issues straightened out but I have been hunting some and enjoying the woods, its a great stress reliever when I get home from a nasty day at work. Some gun work has been showing up, the usual hunting rigs that were neglected last year and just put away without cleaning. First shot and the case is stuck in a rusty chamber is always a good one.

    Prayers for the folks dealing the storm, we only got the edge of it here thank God.

  86. Plant Lady says:

    Just in case this monster storm is ” the last straw”…been nice knowing everyone! Sure have appreciated everyone generously sharing their knowledge and time, and M.D.s heroic efforts to keep this wonderful site sane, focused and civil
    Did some pressure canning for the first time in 25 yrs – after accidentally ending up making about 5 gallons of chili (hehe). Got distracted with MIL and started with 4 lbs of beans rather than 4 cups. Had to get out the 8 gallon kettle – oh my! First 7 qts. are done, will do the rest tomorrow. Was correct to assume canning would be nearly impossible with mil to care for. But glad I got the chance to test drive the new canner…and use a few of my 87 doz jars!
    Picked up an eye of round on sale, so plan to attempt making jerky sometime this week

  87. I ordered 10 pack of AR-15 mags on sale, another 500 rounds of .223 on sale too. Bought 14 pieces of mixed Hardside storage cases, I was lucky on this deal. Researched some more on how to convert my digital safe to manual dial combination; however my local locksmiths quoted about $360 for the conversion, as I may try to convert it myself, after watching YouTube videos on how to do it, as the manual dial hardware is about $120. Before you buy a safe, please ensure you buy a good gun safe and do your research, as I did find a nice video on YouTube which educated me tremendously. Downloaded some books on survival/prepping on the kindle app on IPad & IPhone. Procured more long-term foods and hardware. Picked up some starting fluid too. Getting ready to do some reloading for the winter project and dusted off both the Dillon presses. Being winter is coming; I will probably begin rotating my fuel supply this week, as I do this time of year always. Most importantly, I mailed my ballot.

  88. Uncle Charlie says:

    Got in some practice with several hand guns: Ruger LCP; Charter Bulldog in .44 special; Ruger GP-100 in 327 mag.(7 shot), but forgot to bring ammo so shot .32 H&R special instead; Ruger GP-100 in .357 mag w/ 6″ bbl.; Glock 23; Rock Island 1911 .45ACP and a Hi-Point .45ACP. I might point out that the Hi-Point functioned flawlessly as usual contrary to what you might have read elsewhere. It also makes as good club when empty. I tried a couple of new long guns. The Rossi Circuit Judge in .45 LC with an 18.5″ bbl. It was the quietest of all the calibers and was quite accurate at 25 yards without a scope. Also I tried out a Rossi .44 mag/.44 special with a 24″ bbl. It was quite accurate within the short range we were shooting. Finally I brought out a scoped rifle, a Savage bolt action in .17 hmr. Needless to say, I shot most accurately with it do to the age of my eyes. 25 yards is probably is a unrealistic distance for me with hand guns (except for the above mentions Ruger revolvers), but that’s not I have them for. Everyone wanted to borrow the Circuit Judge due to its uniqueness and basic fun to shoot. Due to the new and improved self defense rounds rounds, this would make a more than adequate self-defense carbine in and around the house. Also, it is a real fun gun to shoot due to its compact size, light weight and little or no perceivable recoil.

    On another note, someone above said he purchased “Jefferson Lies.” I read some place that the book was yanked by the publisher do to historical discrepancies. While many critics were from the “left,” the deal breaker came after Warren Throckmorton, an associate professor of psychology, and Michael Coulter a political science professor, both at Grove City College, a “conservative” Christian school in Pennsylvania, were also conducting their own review. They published their own e-book that fact checked Barton called “Getting Jefferson Right.” I used quotation marks on liberal and conservative, because a history buff, I don’t believe in liberal and conservative points of view on historical facts. Just the facts as Detective Friday used to say. All you youngsters can Google (or go Duck) this historical reference. I think both books should probably be read together if one is a truth seeker rather than a point of view reinforcer. The word historian should not be preceded by an adjective unless it is accurate or scholarly. I believe David Barton refers to himself as Evangelical Historian and that is not a word I like to see in front of historian any more than liberal elite or revisionist. This just requires much more research on our part to find the truth. That’s why when I was younger, I would read the National Review and its liberal counterpoint magazine (which name now escapes me) to get both sides of the issues. Today I watch Fox and MSMBC for laughs and PBS (with a grain of salt) for news. The exception to the laughs comment would be Chris Wallace who I consider a fine journalist. I also enjoy Fareed Zakaria of CNN. While both of these gentlemen have their points of view, they seem more concerned with facts that the standard commentators on TV.

    • The comment on “the Jefferson Lies” was mine. I’m about 1/2 way through the book and I still plan to publish my review. David Barton is involved with Wallbuilders, who are listed at having the largest private collection of original founding documents. The notes section is 46 pages. I have had the pleasure of meeting both RIck Green and David and both welcome constrctive comments on their works.

    • Ack! Fareed Zakaria turns my stomach. He thinks we should do away w/the Constitution.

  89. All I bought was a few foodstuffs & water for rotation plus a hand-operated rotary beater (hey, they’re often hard to come by) and another pancake flipper.

    We’re in S Jersey, so I did some minor stuff like filling my gas tank on Friday (it was a payday), keeping extra cash from my paycheck, and got extra milk/bread/ice early Saturday morning. Got the dh to fill the gas cans, move the grill to the shed, empty & refill two of our 5-gallon water buckets (plus he even filled 3 smaller buckets ’cause the big ones are so heavy to hoss around). One of those big buckets plus an empty 1/2 gallon milk jug is for me so I can “shower.” Everything else we have aplenty. The dh showed his colors by mostly sitting in front of the TV for 2-1/2 days. Little Red Hen will remember that.

    We were very lucky here and only lost power a couple of times for a few seconds. The edge of Sandy’s eye went over us and there was a blank space of no rain just north of that eye. I don’t even think we got the 8″ of rain we were supposed to get; we couldn’t have since our basement didn’t get the couple inches of water we would have gotten. No trees down in our yard even tho the dh was plenty worried about the one he didn’t get taken down with the last batch. A few small limbs and branches came down, and I heard quite a few small things hit the roof but they must have blown off.

    I managed to get to the basement a couple of times Sun & Mon (workplace closed Mon & Tue) to wash my clothes as not much washed in the last few weeks and I also got quite a bit of supplies boxed up and organized. So much to do and so little time and so little physical ability, but I do what I can when I can.

    My sympathies and prayers for those suffering from Sandy. As bad as it was, it could have been far far worse.

    How did you fare, Pack?

  90. I'm a Prep Kat says:

    Whew! It’s been a long few days. I finally got back on-line after Sandy. I was all prepped and ready for the storm – had the generator all gassed up and ready, propane for the camp stove, batteries for the flash lights, hunkered down and comfy. I lost a few shingles, but came thru okay. I know you all were praying – I could feel it, and I thank you all for prayers for those in the path of Sandy.

  91. I’m real late posting, but I spent the whole weekend doing gun stuff and karate. Stuck a Tech-Sights rear peep sight on my rifle, and it really works good. I was ringing steel consistently at 200 yds and I thought I could only do that well with a scope. I really recommend them. Taught half of another Appleseed and some karate. It was a GOOD weekend. Since then I’ve been recovering (and sewing) and doing more karate. I also spread the compost bin on my garden, and made rabbit soup with hot peppers, sunchokes and sweet taters I grew myself. Yum!

    I have a friend who spent the hurricane in a tent for fun. I haven’t heard from him yet, hope a tree didn’t fall on him…

  92. Forgot, I also got certified in CPR and first aid this past week. One day I’ll remember all the preps in one comment. LOL

  93. Sandy sure did a number on us in PA. My heart goes out to those people who are not preppers or don’t know to prep, or who have been resisting prepping.

    • Encourager says:

      Watching the news this morning…the long lines of people waiting to buy gas, people complaining they had no food or water; sewage in the streets, not to mention the homes and businesses. I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. Seems tempers are starting to flare up. Praying for peace, self control and patience for everyone involved!

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Too many people competing for too few resources. We all know it takes about 4 days for the other shoe to drop. Can you imagine if there was no NG, Red Cross, FEMA, etc. Watching this having read the books I have, I can really see what the psychology of disaster is.
        And have you noticed how some who did not prep feel entitled? What is with that?

        • Tac-G-Ma: That is: Generations of folks being TRAINED to expect help. My son puts it very well: people who live their lives with only certain experiences are limited to what they experience. Unless something breaks into that box (like a big disaster maybe) they will not think or act out of it.

          I am lucky: I was raised by folks who stressed self-reliance and free-thinking, and chose to live my life as close to that as possible. But anyone who is raised dependent on certain things can only want those things, and their security is invested in those things continuing. Hence the “entitlement” atmosphere.

          Folks “expect” help…from the Gov, Red Cross, etc. in this case…because they’ve been trained to expect it. Frankly, I think the Gov prefers “dependent” citizens, and makes it easy for folks to become that way.

          I am immensely grateful I am not in New York right now (or any of the affected places), and I send prayers of safety and security and recovery to all who are. It’s getting worse & worse.

        • Encourager says:

          I was absolutely shocked when the mayor of NYC decided to go ahead with the marathon. What?!?!? Here he is, giving away food and water supplies to the marathoners, not to mention setting up tents and viewing stands and other things he is spending money on, instead of taking that food and water and the monies used for setup and helping those afflicted by Sandy. His hardheartedness has become apparent to all who watched. Sure, he backed down, but grumbled the whole time. Let the whole world see…

          • The very best thing about the marathon being canceled? Many of the folks who had come to NY (from all over the world) volunteered to help the stricken areas when the marathon was cancelled. Classy folks, them.

            • …”had come to NY (from all over the world) *to run the marathon*”….

            • HomeINsteader says:

              Made a LOT more sense to me, anyway, to having them help with recovery efforts – getting water, food, medicine, warm clothing, etc., to those areas not visited by anyone yet – than to have them setting up for a marathon, for heaven’s sake! And, somehow, I suspect most of them PREFERRED working in relief efforts to working the marathon. I know I would! Bloomberg blew this one.

            • Encourager says:

              I am glad to hear that is what they did, MtWoman. I only saw one interview with a whiney marathoner who was complaining he took vacation time to come to NYC and was mad they cancelled it. Couldn’t see past his nose.

              Yep, they are classy folk!!!

    • Disaster Survival Jane, everybody in your household okay? Much damage in your locale?

      Amazing how so many people did absolutely nothing to prepare. Truly scary. No gas in the vehicle, not a bottle of water in the house, about enough bread for one sandwich, electric can opener won’t work w/o electric, etc.

      • Encourager says:

        Mari, I had first hand evidence of that. I was on Facebook, and a young friend (single mom of 2 boys, widowed, DH a Marine killed overseas) asked me what she should do to prepare as the news was saying we were going to get hit with dropping temperatures and high winds and that the power was likely to go out. I told her the basics ~ shelter & warmth, water, food and a way to prepare the food. I told her to fill her bathtub so she could flush the toilet. I said to go fill her car up with gas, go to the store and get what she needed. She replied she had simple food to prepare and could use her grill to cook on outdoors, or set inside the garage near the propped open door and thanked me for the bathtub idea.

        A friend of hers posted that she was broke, her shelves were bare and it was too much trouble to fill her bathtub because what if she wanted to take a shower? Then she said if it got bad enough, she would go to a shelter…or could she come to my friend’s house? Wow…

  94. Well, folks, the verdict is in. My doctor has diagnosed me with diabetes! I am still in denial, but oh well. The good news is doc thinks I will be able to control it with oral diabetic medicine and diet.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Type 2 diabetes is nothing to mess around with. No eating after 8pm. No fruit juice, soft drinks, and artificial sweeteners. And remember the more body fat you have the less efficiently your body uses insulin. Just do yourself a big favior and get healthier!

      • Thanks, Tactical G-Ma, I hadn’t heard that about not eating after 8pm. And I didn’t know to stay away from artificial sweeteners, although I seldom have anything with them in it. I could stand to lose 10 pounds, and although that may not seem like alot, I think it will help. I think that from reading the diet info, the 10 pounds may come off without too much work. It’s going to be careful carb counting for sure. At least I like all vegetables!

        • Encourager says:

          Don’t forget to exercise, even if it is walking around your house twice at first. I am in the same boat as you, DJV, although my doctor has not declared me a diabetic, just ‘pre-diabetic’. My blood sugar has been going up and up lately. I need to follow my own advice…

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          My DH is longtime type 2 diabetic and is on an insulin pimp as well as metformin and acarbose. I have learned that artificial sweetners somehow effect the brown fat. The bad fat (white) is what impedes the body’s ability to use insulin. And eating late before bed time can cause the sugars to be metabolized slower than they should. It may be specific to certain people. My DH’s sugar goes up while he sleeps. I guess your best bet is to get with a good dietician and endocrinologist that can build you a personalized plan.

    • DJV…Diabetes treatment has really advanced. And what the doc thinks is good news indeed.

    • Copperhead says:

      Oh goodness, DJV, that’s a rough diagnosis. It is good news that your diet and medicine will control it. Don’t be in denial, friend, tackle it head on! My mother has had diabetes for 30 years and it is work to control it, but well worth the work to feel good.

      My prayers are with you!

      • Thanks, Copperhead. It’s just going to be an adjustment. I’m a sweets freak! But, I’m lucky that I like all kinds of vegetables too.

    • I was diagnosed with Type II more than 7 years ago (before I turned 40). I know you’ve likely heard it all already – eat healthy, exercise daily, lose weight, etc. My doctor says, mine isn’t that bad, so I control it with diet and exercise. I have watched my numbers get better since I lost weight and started exercising regularly. I still have my numbers checked regularly though because I don’t want to have to rely on any meds.

      On the other hand, I have a friend who didn’t take his seriously and is now blind in one eye (and not so great in the other). He also had to take medical disability from his job, but still drives (kinda scary). He is much better about it now, but it has had a major effect on his life.

      All that said, pay attention, take the recommended classes and read everything you can. You can eat and drink anything you want AS LONG AS it fits into your eating plan – it’s just easier to stay away from certain things.

      • Thanks, GA Red. I am sure I definitely need the exercise. I’m glad to hear you say that diet and exercise have made that much difference for you. That’s encouraging. And my doc did mention some classes. So I’ll be anxious to hear when and where to take one.

        • DJV – Several years ago my Dad was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. There were times when he ended up on insulin but he was able to get off it also. He might have a maple bar for a mid-morning break and a regular soda at dinner time. He ate oatmeal for breakfast and his lunches and dinners were alot of veggies with some protein. What I’m trying to say is – it will take some time and experimentation to find what works best for YOU.
          Work with your doctors and don’t be afraid to change doctors if you aren’t getting the support you need. But, like so many things in life constant vigilance and adjustment are part of the future. It can be a long and healthy future. Take good care.

  95. I had to put my 16 year old cat down today. My dh and I were with her though the process. She had kidney problems and we didn’t want her to suffer. Her name was L.L. Kool Kitty. I am really sad.

    • So sorry Bam Bam. (insert ‘heart’ here) This has given me some peace: http://www.petloss.com/poems/maingrp/rainbowb.htm

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Bam Bam,
      So sorry to hear about L.L. Kool Kitty. I do know the pain you are going thru. Have lost 2 to cancer (sisters) in 2 years. I cried for weeks with both but I couldn’t let them suffer. Now just have my old tom that still looks for his harem. (And of course, our chihuahua.) And no matter how many times I lose one, it never gets easier. God bless and you are in my prayers along with all the rest of the pack.

    • Bam Bam, I am so sorry for your loss! Pets are the best people we know!

    • HomeINsteader says:

      I am so sorry for your loss, Bam Bam. But I admire you for not allowing poor kitty to suffer.

      Have you read “Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates” by Gary Kurtz (I think that is the author’s name)? He makes a compelling (Biblically based) argument for our pets in heaven! I surely hope he’s right.

    • Copperhead says:

      I’m so sorry, Bam Bam. It is one of the hardest things to do–to put a beloved animal down. I have had to do it several times and it’s never easy. She was fortunate to have a loving family in you and dh. You were blessed to have each other.

    • Petnumber1 says:

      Oh Bam Bam, I’m so sorry this had to happen. 🙁 I wish I had words to comfort you, but I just can’t think of anything original…and to be honest, when this happens with my Jayden, I don’t think words will help. So please accept virtual hugs and prayers for you and LL Kool Kitty. 🙁

    • mountain lady says:

      Bam Bam, So sorry to hear this. I know exactly how you feel. The pain of losing a pet can be as bad as losing any other loved one. I am sure she is up there getting to know my Kitt T. Kat.

      • HomeINsteader says:

        mountain lady, between the name of your Kitt T. Kat and Bam Bam’s L.L. Kool Kitty; ya’ gotta love these names! I had a rescue last year, a little Siamese kitty that someone injured with a vehicle (accidentally) whom we were able to save; I gave her the name “Princess Katarina” (she was adopted by a little girl who adores her!) in honor of the wedding of William and Kate; no real point here, except I think these names are fun!

    • I am so sorry to hear that. I’m a major cat lover and lost the furr baby I was closest to last year after a serious illness. I was even giving him IV fluids myself. I stayed with him and laid on the floor with him through the night too. I still have a hard time thinking about him or looking at his pictures. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

      • Soggy Prepper says:

        I’m sorry for the loss of your cat. 16 years old is a ripe old age for a cat. You were definitely doing something right! And you did the right thing at the end too. I can’t imagine how difficult it was.

    • I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s so sad when a beloved pet goes. Know I’m sending good thoughts your way.

    • Oh Bam Bam, I am so sorrry. It is pain I know well. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    • I'm a Prep Kat says:

      I am so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      Bam Bam,

      It’s really hard to go through such a loss.
      You could distract yourself for a while by putting on your chicken boots, get in the tank and drive to a pet store and bring home a new kitty! You will love bringing together the canine and feline.

    • BamBam
      I lost my precious fur baby last Oct 6th, he would actually give me kisses when I asked. His name was Junior, I know it’s corny and sappy but I loved that cat dearly.
      I feel your pain and I am so very sorry for the loss of your baby.

    • Sorry to hear about your loss, Bam Bam. Kitties are friends and family too.

    • Thanks guys. My dh took me to St. Augustine today to do some Christmas shopping. The animal shelter was on the way home and we stopped in. I wasn’t quite ready to get a new cat. But it was fun to play with the kittens.

      To H-D: We took the truck. The tank just doesn’t get good gas mileage.

      • Bam Bam, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your feline friend. My cat Hemi will slip into my lap and hold my hand. I wish he could be there for you as he is for me. This is a picture of him holding my hand.

        • AZ,

          That’s a great photo. As things turn out, today is National Adopt a Pet day and my dh took me to Petsmart to adopt a kitten. I picked a six week Tabby. I am laying in bed with my head propped up on pillows. He is sleeping on my head. I need to come up with a name for him. Maybe M.D. will post a picture of him and the Pack can help name him. He has really big ears. He looks like a lemur.

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            Oh, Bam, how precious and comforting he must be. God bless.

            • Thanks Tactical G-Ma. My dh took me to Pet Smart last night and we picked him out. But we couldn’t get back there until after 1 p.m. today. We thought for sure someone would have adopted him by them. But he was still there. He is the cutest kitten. The first thing he did when we got him home and opened the crate is . . . he charged the 100 lb. GSD. LOL I think he is going to fit in around here just fine.

              I am really glad I spent extra time with L.L. Kool Kitty these last few months. She will be missed and honored. But it’s good to have a kitten in the house as well. Life happens.

          • HomeINsteader says:

            As a rescuer, THANK YOU! from the bottom of my heart for giving this baby a home, Bam Bam.

            • Homie,

              I have the greatest respect for people who rescue animals. That is such a tough job, especially when the pets have been neglected and/or abused. We got Max (our GSD) from a rescue organization. And he was a pure bred puppy. (We have a friend who keeps dogs at her house until they are adopted. She called us the minute she found out and we rode over after church on the motorcycle at 80 mph. and adopted him on the spot. He has turned out to be an excellent dog.)

    • Encourager says:

      My heart goes out to you, Bam Bam. We, too, had to have a kitty put down ~ She had cancer and it got to the point she couldn’t eat and panted in pain all the time. It was 20 years ago and I still miss her. Haven’t had a cat since, just dogs.

      • Encourager,

        Sorry to hear about your kitty. It’s amazing how attached we get to our pets.

  96. Mari,

    Thanks so much for your concern, and yes all is well in my household, mostly because I was so well prepared. I live in the Poconos of Pennsylvania, newly moved here from NYC, but I work in New Jersey. The truth is that we all had several days to prepare, but it is very hard to go from 0 to 100 implementing a survival plan. That really has to be somewhat in place before a disaster, so many, many people just were not ready. Then, put on top of that people not wanting to leave the path of danger (for whatever reasons). Also, most people think that all of these storms are unrelated and that they are “flukes” and will not happen again for another 300 years. I had a friend actually tell me that. I think this is why they did not learn from Hurricane Irene to put something in place. The other thing about NYC that is really disturbing when you live there is that you have a VERY short amount of time to get out of the city before all public transportation, all the bridges, and all the tunnels are closed down and you couldn’t get out even if you wanted to. It’s not good place to be in the face of disaster unless you have a very carefully planned out escape route and a place to go.

    • Disaster Survival Jane — Glad to hear you’re okay. Hope you didn’t have to go to work on Monday!!! (Wow, that’s some commute.) Oh yeah, just about a NY minute to get out of town. That’s a huge problem when surrounded by water.

      Must have been a busy time with moving and then getting preps organized. Good for you!

      Too bad so many people still continue to tear around with their blinders on. Storms can’t touch them. Unh hunh. I’ve got a sales manager in north Jersey who never even bothered to put gas in her car last week. No food, no water, no heat, no electric. So she ran her tank dry when she drove to her mom’s house for the duration. Now extremely upset that she can’t get gas. Go figure.

  97. . Encourager October 29, 2012 at 1:51 am

    Thanks Jarhead! It is good to be home. We got home just before the high winds hit the area we had just been in. Whew! No fun pulling a trailer in high winds.

    We came home a day early after coming upon a fatality accident about 5 minutes after it happened. Woman blew through a stop sign just as a semi came through. She tore out the bottom of his trailer, flipped a few times and was thrown out. Died at the scene. A 15 y.o. boy was seriously injured and air lifted to a hospital. We stayed with the truck driver for about 30 minutes as he was so upset and in shock. Poor guy, really felt for him. We decided to just head home after that instead of camping for one more night. Kinda sick at heart after that.

    . HomeINsteader October 29, 2012 at 9:30 am

    This is not an image you will soon forget, no doubt. Praying for your healing, as well as that young boy, and his family members.

    . Encourager October 29, 2012 at 12:24 pm

    Thanks, my homie (snicker…)

    . HomeINsteader October 29, 2012 at 2:26 pm

    U so funny! : )
    MD, What is so funny about a fatality accident and why did the poster find the response so? Jeff

    • Encourager says:

      Jeff, I will answer that question since it was part of my post. There is nothing funny about a fatality accident. I was there and my heart broke for the family of the deceased and hurt, and the truck driver, who through no fault of his, was part of the accident.

      It had nothing at all to do with the fatality. I was teasing HomeINsteader about her name, calling her my ‘homie’. I have done it in the past…so she replied ‘U so funny!’

      Geesh, lighten up a bit.

      • Encourager says:

        Jeff, do I have to yell “TROLL ALERT”?????

        Just askin’.

        • Where ‘dat troll? Did I tell ya’ll I got a Ruger 10/22 for my birthday. 🙂 Is it time to go trolling?

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            I guess I got confused somehow. I know about the inside joke between Encourager and HomeInsteader but who is the troll? And what exactly is a troll. I know you told me before but I am really lost here. Now Bam Bam is gettin her new 10/22 ready and I don’t know who we’re supposed to shoot! Help me, please!

            • Tactical G-Ma says:

              Pls disreguard previous entry. Should have read more before typing. I do understand trolling and guess I’ll keep my “baby” handy. Right after I finish my taste of recipe!

          • HomeINsteader says:

            Everyone send donations to Bam Bam for the troll fund! I mean, gas $$ to hunt the little critters down, ammo, they’re not cheap, you know! OH, and money for snacks – got to keep our strength up! ; )

            • Hunker-Down says:


              Stomping on a trolls hot buttons is fun. I like to keep poking at them until they either leave or foam at the mouth. When they get to that point, ignoring them is the best way to frustrate them. (We had one last week on another thread).
              My fear is, I will try it on a couple of Wolf Pack friends who are teasing one another and I am not aware of their friendship, so I usually throttle myself into silence.

    • HomeINsteader says:


      The fatality accident is not at all funny, and “the poster” did not find it so…perhaps you misread..or perhaps you did not read ALL the posts pertaining thereto? At any rate, you certainly misunderstood. “Encourager” is a “frequent flyer” here, and someone with whom I have an online “friendship” on this site, and that comment had nothing to do with the unfortunate incident above. It had to do with Encourager’s comic reference to ME. I am sorry you interpreted our exchange as you did, but I hope we have that straight.

      • Encourager says:

        Homie ~~~ Troll alert!!! I read back through all the posts by Jeff on this week’s WDYDTPTW. Many had a critcal, judgmental quality to them. We have a troll, or a very unhappy, critical human…

        Usually I can ignore such trash, but those comments about the accident where beyond the pale. And why did he ask M.D. why we said what?

        p.s. I like you too… :o)

        • Encourager says:

          geesh… “where”?? Should have typed were beyond the pale.

        • Encourager,

          I think he must have only read part of the conversation before jumping to conclusions about what was being said.

          But you can tell when someone is trolling the comments – they will disagree with everything said 90% of the time. I even had one guy several months ago send me a $100 donation before he started trolling and attacking other pack members. He is now on the blocked commenters list and no longer trolling here…

          • HomeINsteader says:

            I hope you cashed his check first. I would have. I’d probably book it as “troll tax”!

          • Encourager says:

            LOL M.D. ~~ I like the comment about it being a “troll tax”.

            My problem with these type of comments:
            1. If you are going to comment negatively on something someone else has said, at least READ what was posted first.

            2. My grandma used to say “If you cannot say something nice or helpful, shut up.” I have no problem with members stating their opinions especially if they are helpful; that is how we learn. And sometimes we all need some loving correction.

            3. Add to the discussion; don’t just attack. Yes, we are all under a great deal of stress right now but lets work together, okay? Getting slapped upside the head is not helpful.

            4. I feel we have little time left to prep so stop distracting us by stirring up the pot and purposely causing dissension!

            I feel better. Hate Monday mornings…

            • Encourager,

              Someone disagreeing with someone’s comment in a constructive way does not make a troll, but disagreeing with everyone’s comments, just for the sole purpose of disagreeing and starting trouble is my definition of a troll.

        • HomeINsteader says:

          Thanks, Pal! I have your back and you have mine…and M.D. will get in the middle IF SO FORCED, I am sure.

  98. Wow! I didn’t realize a simple (to me) remark would cause such a ruckus, and will keep my mouth shut from here on. So this troll, jerk, a-hole will keep my mouth shut from here on. Mr. Creekmore knows who I am, and my kid had to set up my email so you don’t have to worry that I’ll change it and come back to haunt you. Jeff (not the one that posts here occasionally) just the one that asked a question once in a while, so please don’t fault him)

    • HomeINsteader says:

      Jeff, I don’t think the point was that you need to be silent; I think the point was you need to read carefully before jumping to conclusions and posting a response – something WE ALL would do well to heed! Or, maybe just not respond at all sometimes, and wait to see what happens.

    • Encourager says:

      You just can’t quit can you Jeff?

      If your comments are:
      1. Helpful
      2. Uplifting
      3. Not full of self-pity
      4. Not attacking another member
      They are welcome.

      You have a very low opinion of yourself, calling yourself such names. No one here did that but you. Is that all you have to contribute??????

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