What did you do to prep this week?

Before we start with this weeks “What did you do to Prep This Week” blog segment I would like to thank John C for his donation this week via PayPal and Marti for her donation via the U.S. Postal Service. Thank you both. :handshake:

If the Mayan Doomsday doesn’t wipe us out on 21 December 2012 then look for a complete archive of The Survivalist Blog.net to be made available sometime in early 2013. This will allow everyone to have the vast array of information here available to them even if the internet is no longer accessible.

BTW folks, the  Mayan Doomsday prediction is a bunch of hokum. Only our lord knows the date and time that the world will end. Mar 13:32 “No one knows, however, when that day or hour will come–neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son; only the Father knows.

Okay, now let me think… what did I do to prep this week ?:-)

Went shooting putting several hundred rounds (around 700 hundred) down range doing shoot and move and multiple attacker drills with my Glock 19 and Ar-15 while wearing III-A body armor. Sweat now… or bleed later. 😀

What else…

Oh ya, Curt from “180 Tack” sent me one of their camping stoves. Thank you.

I also received a copy of Brushfire Plague, The Weekend Homesteader and a copy of Black Monday.

Well that’s it for me this week… now over to YOU what did YOU do to prep this week? Let us know in the comments below… ?:-)


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  1. Alittle2late says:

    Funding is low so no buying this week, so I decided to go through more of my belongings (junk). The trash man is going to love me this week. Took some stuff to Goodwill. Its amazing how much crap gets accumulated. I did find a few items worth keeping and a few things to sell.
    It finally stopped raining here. Hope everyone in Sandy’s path fared OK.
    Keep your fingers crossed for Tuesday.

  2. I prepper for the hurricane, and while (thankfully) I didn’t lose power, I have reformulated my prep plans to include the NYC “worst case scenario.” which means two weeks of bugging in without power, and adding a bike to my bug out plans.

    • The bicycle is a really good idea. I have thought about that because we have bikes. Be sure to keep extra tubes on hand too.

      • Yeah we got a steal on some bikes at an auction the other day. Yes, they are a little worn but with very little TLC worth having!

        • I had one of my bikes refurbed this year. You can get used bikes pretty cheap. I’ve got a 1971 one-speed Schwinn with a kick brake and a 1980’s Murray 10 speed. Although the Schwinn is wobbly when I’m starting, it doesn’t click when I coast, which is good for if I had to use it for stealthy riding at night (I’d have to cover all the nice chrome though if I was being a Ninja Bicyclist).

  3. PreppingMomma5 says:

    I went on my first deer hunt ever and dropped a doe at 255 yards! (I had a range finder with) I was so excited minus the gut thing, that was a little tough at first!

  4. Canned more applesauce and apple slices. Made apple jelly from some apple cider … YUM!
    Got a few more grocery items – we’ve hit 365 days of food stored (calculating by calories) – we’re trying to fill in the “taste” gaps now – got things like liquid smoke, canned chiles, etc.
    Made a Sam’s run – bought rice, instant potatoes, canned veggies, canned tuna, some spices, etc.
    Most of the week was taken up with dealing with mother’s surgery – she came through fine. So did the hospital staff, they are all still alive! Amazingly, she hasn’t torn out the stitches on her eyelids either.
    Started work on planning the garden for next year – looking at seed varieties to try and figuring out where I can stuff a few more beds into the yard.
    Took time off to celebrate our anniversary Saturday night with a nice dinner out.
    Cut some herbs from the herb garden and got them in the drying thing.
    Got the onions from the garden sorted out and hung up in the storage space. A few were a bit soft so we chopped and froze them.
    Hubby has a few interviews for some other jobs (he is employed as a CDL driver) so let’s hope they come through, better pay and benefits!
    Put away some more medical and other stuff – including some ammo. Thought about purchasing a gun, but we’re actually not that bad off for what we can afford and don’t think it’s a good idea to go into debt to buy a “battle rifle”.
    Shot again at the pistol range’s “fun league”… great practice and a lot of fun. A good excuse to make sure I get to the range at least once a week to practice for the league too!

    • Copperhead says:

      Prayers that your hubby gets the job he wants,Victoria S.

    • Get an old SKS, they’re cheap and every bit as accurate as an AR. Or even if you want something even cheaper, how about a Mosin-Nagant? (although that’s bolt-action)

      • We’ve looked at SKSs and the M-Ns. We do have a .22 rifle, a 12ga shotgun, and three handguns, so we’re not without weapons. I think the next gun purchase is a nice hunting rifle – maybe a .30-06 or .308.

        When mother dies we plan to relocate to Wyoming – I have siblings there and our photography interests lie there, rather than the great American prairie we’re currently living ing – so we need something that can bring down bigger game than what currently lives near us.

    • Hey, congrats on hitting the year mark! It is a long haul, especially when times are tight, but such a good feeling when you get there. Keep up the practice with the weapons you have and the rest will come – if you can’t hit what you aim at it doesn’t matter if you have a battle rifle or not! Good luck!

  5. Been MIA for a few weeks! Looking forward to catching up a bit. Just wanted to quickly write because the last month of Weekend Homesteader that hasn’t been free before is today. It’ll only be free for a day or two. So for those who’ve got all the other e-books, quick get it and complete your year.

    I must say I am partial to the paper ones, and I see that MD you’ve already got the whole year in paper! On my wish list. 🙂 (BTW I had already put a link to it on my list, not trying to upstage yours. 🙂 )

    oh, and there’s also a back issue of Backwoods Home Magazine free today too. This magazine they only have free for one day, but they do occasionally repeat them, so if you miss this today, it may be there again in a couple of weeks.

    I hope to write another post here about what I’ve done to prep recently but I’ve already spent the morning doing the list and now have a busy day, so maybe tomorrow. Hope you all have a great day! Blessings to all

  6. riverrider says:

    well not much this week. just ordered some winter gear for our bugout clothes box. the storm made me realize that we had inadequate clothing in our get-home-bags to sustain us should we need to evac for fire or whatever. re-organized the ammo dump so its lined up by priority for evac. set some aside to cache. loaded a bugout weps bag with an m4, m6, ruger mk2, and a browning hp. that should get us thru about anything. made a bugout checklist for the dw. that’ll save time from her asking me “whats next.” going to order some more ruger 25 round mags, on sale at cdnn. figure they’ll be on tdl’s list. theres talk about them banning all mags over 10 rounds, even currently owned ones. might be a good idea to get a few 10’s for the ar15/ak, or what have you. bury the rest? power company sent a crew to cut the brush in their r.o.w. whick borders my entire north boundary, cleared my field of fire greatly. i planned on clearing that in a week or two myself, saved me a week or more of hard work, whoohoo! it opened up so much land that i may have to get some goats to keep it cleared. hmmm, looks like a lot on paper……beck is predicting a romney landslide like wisconsin. my brain says yes, but my gut has a sick feeling that tdl will get back in by hook or crook. hope theres reason to celebrate next week.get out and vote no matter what. REMEMBER BENGHAZI !

    • village idiot says:

      Good work, my friend. Tuesday will be the day that makes or breaks the Republic, and since I’ve already voted, I’ll be looking for ways to get out the Romney vote. I’ve offered to drive people to the polls after I get off work. A huge number of people have already voted here in Arkansas, and Obama is losing big time, but we don’t need to get cocky. I’m like you, I think Romney wins big, but I’m scared to death that Obama somehows cheats his way in. Regardless, the media will be reporting that Obama has had the election stolen, and some Obama supporters are threatening violence. Be vigilent, and take care.

    • I’ve been pushing Benghazi stuff all over the place. It could be the Watergate of our time.

      • riverrider says:

        p, i hope it is not swept under the rug like so much else during his reign. i’m sure if rom gets in the media will cry “sour grapes” if he even mentions it. i saw rosta goons at the early voting polls, trying to intimidate the voters. nothing will be done, but i can tell you i’m going to the polls with my pepperspray and baton and i will use them if the goons are trying that crap in my town. time to take back our freedom…..and i have “BENGHAZI” across my tailgate and will until they pay for their treason.

  7. nancy (Northwest) says:

    I read Black Monday. Interesting concept and probably possible. Enjoy.

  8. Mystery guest says:

    Well I was preturbed most of the week. I have been researching herbs. I want to grow them and make tinctures.
    I went back into the annuls of “The Survival Blog” and got irritated by one person’s reply as to using herbs one is a moron (well they didn’t quite use that term).
    But anyway I think they were overly indulgent in their thinking. If a true SHTF situation happens (?????) where is that prescription medicine (?????) that they are so dependant on (?????). And where are those doctors (?????).
    I know several M.D.’s (that is MEDICAL DOCTOR’S) that feel strongly that herbs help and have no qualms about you using them.
    And now by the looks of it (M.D. you may be very right it is leaning for Obamanation) doctors are leaving the field by the hundreds because of Obamacare.
    I wonder if this person has ever used Hall’s cough drops (?????). One of those patches for back pain etc. made from peppers (?????). Did they ever use a lavender bath for a baby (?????). And I know that they never, ever wore a piece of flannel with Vicks smeared on it, pinned to their slip when they were crouppy.
    And modern medicine has not been up to snuff here lately. Those extra-strength antibiotics are killers. Now they have strains of infections that nothing works on. San Quentin prison just had an outbreak of chicken pox. They shut down the place, which by and far is the best medicine, no one in or out but the staff. Why do these things still exist if modern medicine is so great. What about MRSA (?????), modern medicine sure hasn’t gotten a handle on that.
    Do not and I mean DO NOT get me wrong. There are things you cannot do. Medical attention is not to be ignored. FIND A DOCTOR when you need it. But when/and or if the SHTF you had better have your cunning and wits about you and have something other than an attitude.
    Because I don’t want to sing “Another one bites the dust”.
    (disclaimer: I am not sorry for the rant.)

    • Mystery Guest, Speaking the truth is never a rant. Facts are facts and anyone who takes time to do little research will quickly agree herbs and home remedies of years gone by are the meds of tomorrow. Look at the menegitis outbreak due to a dirty compounding pharmacy, drug maker in New England.
      Keep posting and don’t forget to vote

    • I like your rant. I’m in the process of learning more about herbs myself. I keep printing stuff about the uses of specific herbs and saving them in a notebook.

      BTW – for all of you who print things – do you also use sheet protectors? I do because I tend to spill stuff if I’m using it in the kitchen and to help the paper last better.

    • HomeINsteader says:

      mystery guest: that WAS a pretty good rant! Well done!

      You will learn, as do we all, not to take it personally when you get a negative post. There are literally THOUSANDS of people on this site every day, the majority of whom are just reading; and then you have the trolls – you know, those people who have nothing good to say about anybody or anything, just looking to start an online fight. After all, it’s so easy to be something you wouldn’t be in public when you are unidentified. Same principal as Mardi Gras (in case you’ve never experienced THAT mess!).

      As you spend more time here, you’ll find the troll posts. If it gets too off the wall, just post a “TROLL ALERT” ! ; )

      Say what you want to say; we may or may not agree with everything everyone says (not likely!), but that’s how we learn. And disregard the troll posts, as much as possible.

      A word to the trolls:

      “Better to keep the mouth closed and let people wonder if you are a fool than to open it and prove yourself.”

      • Nan in NC says:

        I only take one prescription med (thank the Lord) and that one I have stockpiled enough that I can wean myself off of if necessary. My doc is pretty cool and tole me to take 100 mg unless it made me feel too tired and then I could cut back to 50 mg (cut the pill in half on the score). No surprise what I did.

      • Mystery guest says:

        I didn’t take it personally. I just couldn’t understand the reasoning behind their thoughts. I do remember they mentioned something about Herbs couldn’t cure anything. Well modern medicine has come up short in that area lots.

        • HomeINsteader says:

          Leave them to their ignorance, MG. Big Pharma and all their medical prostitutes will love them!

        • Aspirin originally came from willow bark. That herbal scoffer is barking up the wrong tree, but cinnamon which is also a bark, can prevent infection if you eat a big spoonful of it in honey. That’s barking up the right tree!

          • HomeINsteader says:

            That struck me as pretty funny, PP! “herbals from bark” – “barking up the wrong tree”!!! Personally, I prefer real cinnamon (Ceylon) to the Vietnamese cinnamon common in most grocery stores. I honestly do not know whether there is a difference in their medicinal abilities. Any thoughts on the matter?

        • Encourager says:

          Mystery, go back and read the attacks on me for posting about homeopathy. Whew! Cured me of posting an article again!!

    • Sw't Tater says:

      You just spoke what we think…add to it that bacteria/fungus/ virus’ and parasites do not build immunity to natural elements.
      L- Lysine is a natural anti-viral.We both use it.daily to 2x daily as conditions dictate…(There are other natural anti-virals, selenium and oregano are two)..I urge research! Since my DH and I both have some nerve dysfunction we do not take any…anti-viral shots or avoidable vaccines.
      Those with neuropathies might want to consider avoiding..mercury, and other chemical preservative- laden vaccines – because of the chance of Guillian Barre’ syndrome…this is a horrible disease and we do not want to chance it. The odds are not too bad, UNLESS you are the ONe in 10 or 20 that does get it….then, Most time your death is rapidly progressive. LOOk it up!
      That is akin to the child next door who took a MMR or a DPT, ( I don’t remember which)vaccine, with an existing seizure disorder -giving her seizures so many, to have brain damage with permanent, profound disability.Not too bad odds until it is YOUR child.
      The problem with our society is that they have become sheeple and accept what ever the currents bring, …whether it is from political, medical, agricultural changes V/S thinking for ourselves and checking that reliable handbook for mankind. We know there is nothing new under the sun…and the sun still rises somewhere every day.Therefore we have the answers if we seek them.

    • Mystery Guest…I researched that Chicken Pox outbreak and found this:http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2012/10/30/chickenpox-outbreak-puts-san-quentin-state-prison-on-lockdown/

      This is something to be aware of. Lock down is good, but I think the staff could carry it out with them if they leave. Something else to consider.

      I have studied herbs and their uses for 30+ years (man does that make me feel old to use that number!), mostly focusing on the uses of what grows wherever I am living, but also studying the more commonly used herbs. What most people miss who poo-poo the use of herbs is that all meds are derived/refined/copied from natural substances. Foxglove (Digitalis purpuria) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digitalis), for instance, now used by the med profession for heart problems, has been used for 100s of years for the same and other issues.

      I ignore any who are not open-minded enough to consider the uses of all the things we have been given to use. “And he said unto them, He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.” Mark 4:9

      “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.” God speaks in Genesis 1:29.

      Some biblical herbal sites:


      Maybe this will calm your anxiousness at someone who is closed to herbal use. 🙂

      • HomeINsteader says:

        You are so right on so many points regarding the use of herbs as medicinals, MtWoman. In fact, last night I used a new tincture I recently made for pain; I slept for the first time in months without pain in my hips! The arthritis pain in my fingers disappeared; they still feel difficult to move, but they don’t hurt! For the first time in I don’t know how long! I felt no pain at all until around 4 p.m. today – and that only slight – all on just a few drops of this tincture. I’ll give everyone the recipe in a sec:

        I don’t know whether it is true, but I have read (and NOT on the internet, for all you wiseguys out there) that the pharmaceutical drugs today DO NOT contain the original herb extractives – they are mostly lab-created synthetics now, so, they are NOT the same compounds, at all.

        You probably have this recipe, but, just in case:

        In clean glass jar, combine:

        1 cup 100-proof vodka OR Everclear
        4 Tablespoons “Devil’s Claw” herb
        2 Tablespoons Skullcap herb
        3-4 slices fresh ginger

        Cover; let sit for six (6) weeks in a cool, dark place. Then, strain. Use by 2-3 drops under the tongue or in a tablespoon or two of liquid suspension (water, etc.) and drink.

        I was all happy to find several herbs growing on our BOL recently! Woo-hoo!

        Here’s to learning what we need to know before the SHTF!!!!

        • Encourager says:

          Thanks for the recipe. I copied it to my files and printed it out. I most definitely am going to get the ingredients to make this as OTC pain meds are not helping. Read that as 8 hour tylenol type product. I can’t take any NSAIDS, just can’t tolerate them since I got an ulcer after surgery last fall. I have even tried enteric aspirin with no help. Sure would like to sleep through the night and have less pain upon getting up.

          I have used the Rescue Remedy for sleep that works most of the time. Doesn’t relieve pain but helps me to stay asleep with no side effects.

      • I know a few people who work at sq. I hope that they do not get sick from that stuff,Adults getting the chicken pox is no fun. I also wonder if there will be a shingles outbreak also.

      • I find the chicken pox outbreak ironic. My girls were little when the vaccine was new and being pushed by doctors. I refused the vaccine because I didn’t want them to be 30 with children of their own and needing a booster shot – the vaccine isn’t good forever. I let my daughters get chicken pox and I had it right along with them. Even with exposure, I never got chicken pox as a child and even as an adult, my symptoms weren’t all that bad.

        As for Shingles, the chicken pox outbreak won’t cause it. You have to have had chicken pox to get it and have a compromised immune system – it is simply a revisit of the same virus. My youngest had it two years ago after some medical issues that ended with surgery – she is now 17 (really young for Shingles).

        On another vaccine note, I have also told my daughters that they can refuse the HPV vaccine too. The vaccine hasn’t been around long enough to see what the REAL long term effects are. In 20 years, if all these girls (and boys) who are getting it now are fine, I’ll recommend that my grandchildren get it. Until then, I don’t think so.

      • Encourager says:

        MtWoman, you ain’t old, you are wise. WOW (Wise Older Woman)!!

    • Surburban Housewife says:

      Well said – Rx wont be avaialbe, can’t get homeopathic meds, or essential oils through the mail. Knowing and using herbs is your best bet I think. I’ve been working on learning about them too. Went for a hike up in the neighboring hills to see if I could find anything recognizable – the only thing I learned is I don’t know squat yet – plus everything is dried up and dead! Tinder for wild fires. If we had to depend on wildcrafting or even foraging for food we’d be as dead as the tinder on the hills in a matter of days. I will not be able to forage around here at all – so now I’ll be dedicating a corner of the yard to some medicinal herbs.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Having grown up in the hills, we survived with teas, tonics, rubs, poltaces, creams, you name it. My Mother’s mother was a root doctor. She used a lot of leaves, barks, roots, and berries. Wish I had paid closer attention growing up but I just took it for granted. She did have spring and autumn tonics that were supposed to keep us better. One thing that we must do when TSHTF is isolate sick people. Very simple sore throats, cough, and sniffles could mean death to some and should not be spread.

    • Warmongerel says:

      One of the things that you don’t hear about regarding the illegal alien invasion, because it’s too politically incorrect, is that they are bringing in a lot of diseases and infestations that we had thought were cured in this country.

    • I’ve researched herbs as well as essential oils. I found an essential oil combination that stops my hot flashes in a minute. These alternative medicines are not just an emergency fill in for convential medicine. They can be used NOW, not wait for SHTF situations. I found a starter kit of essential oils on Amazon.com for less than $40, which I had in Discover points, so I only paid shipping. I researched each one on line, wrote down on a slip of paper what they were all used for, and it has become a permanent part of my medicine chest. there are lots of good research books out there for aromatherapy and herbal treatments. I even made my own carrier oil (you aren’t supposed to use essential oils straight on most cases) out of rose petals and olive oil. I have little 5 mm bottles of mixes for hot flashes, depression, pain and lung issues (I’m battling cancer in my lung right now and the fluid builds up).

      Keep up the research and don’t let nay-sayers bring you down.

      • I will add you to my prayer chain Loriann…….

      • Loriann,

        I would love to hear more about your use of essential oils. What combination do you use for hot flashes? What combination do you use for depression. I have quite a few essential oils on hand for soap making.

  9. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Sounds like you had a good week but I am going to remind you about opsec. As for the Mayan calendar, no one knows why it ended at the winter solstace. There is absolutely no evidence of a geological event. We do know however that there will be an astrological event with the alignment of planets but I have not heard of any scientific theories that supposes the earth will be effected in anyway. I am more concerned with December 16th.
    Wow! What a week! If you think it can never happen to you, think again.
    Earthquakes, tidal waves (remember Anchorage in the 60’s), volcanos, hurricanes, floods, fires, mud slides, avalanches, ice storms, droughts, freezes, tornados, sink holes, diseases (polio, bird flu, swine flu, west nile, hanta virus, lime disease) and these are just natural events that have occurred on U.S. soil in my life time. Now add to the mix our enemies foreign and domestic, thugs, theives, murders, druggies, and hoodlums: quite sobering isn’t it. Why do I prep? ‘Cause me and mine may be next.
    I am so sorry that people are suffering and am praying for all those in the path of Sandy. It tooks hours to destroy what took generations to build. And it won’t be fixed overnight. Since many people want/need to be back to normal now, it makes civility tenuous at best.
    But DH and I were saved from this event so we continued our preps this week.
    Bought another turkey, canned goods, flour, syrups, and drink mixes. Still picking up pecans, all are washed and drying. Will be ready to crack soon. Fall garden is still growing. Hope we can go a couple more weeks. Cleaned and reorganized shelves for better access.
    Bought more rubbing alcohol, mouthwash, shampoo, and body wash. Always try for the 2fers.
    We went to get our shingles vaccine but had flu shots last week and have to wait 4 weeks between. Will get them end of month. We both still need our tetanus boosters. Wish we had started sooner. Should we try to add tamiflu to our med chest?
    Bought more ammo, broadheads and honing oil.
    Middle DD’s BF’s home was broken into while he was at work Monday. All guns, bows, ammo, arrows, cami clothes, vests, and anything to do with hunting was taken, along with one TV. They left dvd player, dvds, game station and other valuables. What was taken shows us the scavenging has started. Am more determined to practice OPSEC now.
    Guess that’s all for the preps.
    God bless you and I keep all of the pack in my prayers.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      Dec 16th?

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        SwtTater, isn’t Dec. 16 when the electoral college votes and the next president is named?

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Sw’t Tater,
        It is December 17th. My bad. The official electoral vote is announced on the first Moday after the second Wednesday of December.

    • I have heard that elderberry syrup is more effective than tamiflu – check it out. Elderberry juice is so easy to make – 1/2 c dried berries, 3 c water – bring to boil then simmer for 20-30 minutes. Turn off the stove and add 1c honey or sugar.

      • That’s a good one! This week I received my copy of The Green Pharmacy which has great natural remedies and info in it. Decided to buy the actual book in case I couldn’t use my Kindle 🙂

        My standby that I’ve kept in the house since 1985 is L-Lysine and Zinc, taken together, 1 of each, 3x per day for any virus. In 24 hours, you’ll feel soooo much better. I personally have to take with food or it eats up the stomach, but it’s a great one given to me by my allergist years ago.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Great! i know not of elderberries. I mean do I need to grow them, hunt for them or buy them?

        • T you can grow elderberry bushes, supposedly the black something one is the best. Someplaces they grow wild and you can also buy elderberries from places like Mt. Rose Herbs. I make a tea with elderberries and willowbark when i catch a cold or the flu……….

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          What is the dosage of elderberry syrup? And this is used after one comes down with the flu, right?

          • I use it for both a preventative, about 1TBL in the morning (my grandsons call it morning whisky :-))

            If you start getting symptoms, every 4 – 6 hours or so.

            If you have black or blue elderberry bushes around, or grow your own, use double the amount for berries (1 cup fresh = 1/2 cup dried).

            Unlike pharmacuticals, dosage is not critical. You can use it on your pancakes instead of maple syrup.

        • HomeINsteader says:

          Here’s a good intro on elderberries, T-GMa. I’d like to find some, myself. I need them for a tincture – but, I don’t think they grow in our neck of the woods?


        • Encourager says:

          TGM, elderberries grow wild in many places in the world. Look for them in low areas, not in standing water but nearby. You can use the flowers and make a tonic in the spring, and elderberry jelly, syrup, cordial and wine in late summer. You can also dry the berries for later use.
          The wild ones around us in MI were all dried up this year (I mean the berries were); hopefully next year will be better. We did try and grow them but they died; the wild ones are better anyhoo.

      • Sw't Tater says:

        The birds and deer beat me to the elderberries this year…I have a small bottle I bought this year,we regularly have two or three anti-virals on hand. Have never bought any Tamiflu.

        • Sw’t Tater,

          Where did you get your elderberry syrup? I looked at our local natural store and didn’t find it.

          • Encourager says:

            I believe it is under the name Sambuco. Or Sambucus. There is a brand sold in most grocery stores or you can buy it in a health food store.

      • Surburban Housewife says:

        Michele – do you have an elderberry tree/shrub? – I am not sure they will grow in San Diego – and I read they are pollinated by flies and smell really bad. Makes me a little leery to plant one in my little yard – do you know? But it sounds like one of the most useful plants to grow.

        • Yes, I have two and will be planting another one this year. Western Garden book shows blue elderberry (a subspecies of black elderberry) is Native to CA, and grows in zones 1-7, 14-17. You can ONLY use black or blue elderberry – red is poisonous.

          If that is nor one of your zones, http://www.Mountainroseherbs.com has some elderberry powder (they are out of elderberries at the moment).

        • Encourager says:

          Actually, they don’t smell bad! The flowers smell wonderful. The berries smell a bit acidic, but not bad. Are you sure we are talking about the same plant?????

      • For those that are diabetic like myself, an elderberry tincture eliminates the sugar. To make a tincture from dried elderberries, weight 4 oz of berries to 20 ounces of 100 proof Volka or 80 proof Brandy and place in ball jar or any other glass jar with a tight lid. Place in dark cabinet or closet and shake daily. After 6 weeks, your tincture is finished. Strain and bottle. Use a full dropper of tincture 2 to 3 times daily on empty stomach ( between meals).

      • Petnumber1 says:

        Michele, good call! I’ve ben making that stuff for years. If the berries don’t grow near you, they can be ordered online.

      • Sambucol is the store bought variety, but the health food store had 2 or 3 off brand kinds as well. In case you missed the elderberry harvest.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          Thanks PP,
          Never used elderberry. Gonna work on that.

        • Last time I bought Sambuccol, it was $25.00 for a bottle. Made me a fan of mountain rose herbal, however they are currently out of the berries and only have powder (but it could still be used to make elderberry syrup). Lhasa Karnak, http://www.herb-inc.com has them in stock, but they are a bit more expensive – but a lot less than Samboccol, that’s for sure!

      • Warmongerel says:

        The only thing that I know on the subject is, “Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelled of elderberries!”

        One of the best lines…ever!

  10. Dehydrated 20 more eggs
    Cooked and dehydrated an 18 lb pumpkin – 2 more to go

    Bought for preps

    1 qt isoprophyl alcohol
    2 qts peroxide
    4-130 ct multi-vitamins
    large petroleum jelly (to make comfrey ointment)
    4 pkj canning lids
    box each of borax and washing soda and 4 more bars Felsnaptha
    6 packages cough drops
    2 bottles worchestershire sauce
    6 boxes matches
    1 Rumford baking soda
    3 lbs raisins
    2-20 lb cat food
    1-40 lb dog food
    25 lbs salt
    large box oxyclean
    1 gal mayo
    Queen size microfiber blanket
    13.5 lb bag of baking soda
    4 boxes heavy duty foil (I can make lots of hats now, Tin)

    Making 4 buckets with 1 weeks worth of food for four people for evacuation purposes. The buckets are about 10-12 gallon size with handles on the sides. I used the food storage calculator, set it for 4 people for one month and divided by 4. OMG, if this is how these food storage calculator breaks it down for one month, most would be nearly starving most of the time. I’m going to have to re-think the amounts of food I have.

    1 week for 4 – each sealed into 1 gallon mylar bags, then packed into the buckets
    7 lbs wheat
    7 lbs oat groats
    6.25 lbs black beans
    6c sugar (I think that is a LOT of sugar for one week)
    5c instant refried beans

    put into a daily amounts (remember, this amount is for 4 people)

    2-1/2 c wheat
    1-1/2 c beans
    1-1/4 c rice
    2-1/2 c oat groats
    3/4c refried beans
    ¾ c sugar

    I know most of that will swell to double it’s size, but that doesn’t look like a lot of food especially divided 4 ways, nor does it look very tasty, so I’m also adding to each bucket:
    1c powdered cheese
    1.5 lbs peanut butter
    small packets of salt and seasonings, dehydrated vegetables
    powdered egg
    some raisins and apple rings
    1.5 lbs ghee or coconut oil

    I’m thinking about another 7 lbs wheat and maybe some powdered milk, if there is room in the buckets. I will still have some room in the buckets, what else should I add?

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      I think I have asked before, but do you dehydrate eggs wet or dry?
      Do you cook w/ pwdrd eggs? Do have layers or do you buy the eggs?
      Have you tried the Mount House or other commercially prepared powdered eggs?

      • I’m not Michele but I found an excellent comparison of dehydrating raw or cooked (is that what you meant?) http://www.tacticalintelligence.net/blog/how-to-make-powdered-eggs.htm At the bottom they talk about the results of each method. Very interesting.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          Natalia, that is where I originally learned about dehydrating eggs. I wasn’t sure what temp to wet dehydrate them at (raw) so I lightly scrambled them then processed and canned them. I have yet to cook with them cause neighbors keep giving me fresh eggs. Thanks for sharing tho. That site has some good info.

      • I dehydrate the eggs wet, just beat them and dehydrate at 155 degrees (I’m being careful). They come out a light orange, but they turn back to yellow when you add the water back. It’s 1 TBL egg powder to 2TBL water.

        I have 22 chickens, 17 of them hens. I’m one of those truly crazy people who really like chickens (but not enough to have them in the house or my car – except when they are tiny babies and in a container under a light).

        I have one #10 can of dried egg in my food stores, but haven’t tried it yet. I know how my chickens are cared for, what my little girls eat, so their eggs will be my preference.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          Michele, thanks for answering. You’re my go to girl. i hope to get my first hens in February. So, having your own eggs makes it cost effficient to dehydrate the eggs. Do you bake with them and everything rises ok? I have used dry method but heard now they won’t fluff up or rise like fresh eggs.

          • I haven’t rehydrated them yet, I’m just dehydrating them – about 20 eggs every few days, but the numerous websites I researched said they work just like fresh eggs when you do them that way. Natalya’s link (above) was one of the websites I referenced.

        • Sw't Tater says:

          T Gma,
          I prefer to cook mine first, I primarily use mine in cooking.
          ..My daughter has rehydrated some and served them to her picky hubby, He had no clue they were dehydrated then re-constituted.
          I haven’t tried to do them without cooking because I only have one fruit leather tray…I usually have to buy mine/ take lots of at least 6 dozen from a local supplier..I just do them all the same for uniformity. I figgure if there are no fresh eggs- any eggs preserved will be just fine.

    • What about some jerky or survival bars to use for when you can’t cook for a bit? something to store and treat water? some tea bags and instant coffee, and/or koolaid for kids. hard candy.These would all go far toward making people feel less deprived. Dried or freeze dried meats? canned tuna? some Multivitamins, Vitamin C? a can of canned bacon to flavor the eggs?
      Hope this helps. Kitty

      • All great ideas! I got some hard candy today for them, and added tea bags already. I was looking for those bacon bits, and think I will dehydrate them just a bit more and package them to add to the eggs.

    • Hi Michelle,
      Are the instant refried beans gluten free? Where do you get them?

      • The are gluten free – because I made them. I soaked the beans over night, drained the water and added more, then cooked the beans for a couple hours. Once tender, I dehydrated them, and ground them up in the blender. The recipe said to rehydrate, 3/4 cup of the bean powder to 2-1/2 c water. Suggested spices were cumin, garlic powder, chili and dried onion.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      Most people may not know how to use the wheat…so if this is for gifting, use flour, baking soda, cinnamon…can be used to make pancakes, cinnamon will change flavor of pancakes or oats to give variety.
      Include recipe for pancakes, a basic drop biscuit..and variations..+ of recipes…My DH and I use 2cups oats for just the two of us, daily..but we have peanut butter later in the day typically.could tape them to sack of flour, or to inner lid.
      .instructions to use wheat via sprouting? Instructions to use the powdered eggs via eating after rehydrated or including them in recipes for pancakes. I would know how to use them but my DH, SIL, MIl would not.What if the prepper person in a family is not able to cook?
      Peanut butter excellent idea…Jelly or Jams, pancake syrup? Tang? or the equivalent..Hot cocoa mix(even a few packs)Hot tea mix or bags, salt. mini first aide kit w/bandaids(sealed) cinnamon as above, onion powder, garlic powder, pasta(maybe small shells or rotini 1 lb or a pound of spagetti., small can tomato sauce or paste,..maybe 2- 5oz cans of chicken, or tuna- these last two items will add several meal possibilities with the other supplies you have listed already.( chicken helper, chicken spagetti and tuna helper)

    • Some emergency pharmacy items like asprin, gauze and tape, antibiotic ointment, caldryl, ect. Don’t forget a deck of cards! 🙂

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Immodium D and tums. Maybe even a laxative. If your diet goes sideways and you aren’t getting the fluids you need, something like a glycerin suppository is good. I’ve read it is a problem in some survival stuations. Make sure all your preps include lots of gorilla or duct tape. It will repair shoes, a canoe, hold a compression pad in place. Repair a hose. And on and on. In Vietnam, the solders called it hundred mph tape and holes in helicopters were covered with it. The uses are countless.

    • Maybe fill in the space with toilet paper – it will be needed at some point. That way if the weight is already too much, it won’t be increased considerably. OR – Maybe some kind of hard candy or treats?

    • Michele,

      The food storage calculator calculates the minimum calories needed to sustain life. If you only store what the calculator recommends, your family will still be hungry. Also, considering that in a crisis situation we will probably be doing a lot of physical labor, we are going to need even more calories.

      I stock at least the minimum amounts recommended. But I also have home canned soups, meats and beans. And I have lots of food in #10 cans besides the basics.

  11. Well decided to burn a tank of gas and go to the Get Perpared Expo in Springfield Mo on sat. So a lot of my time and money was spent on education sort of. Was suprised at the turnout, it was packed , maybe that is a good sign that people are getting prepped or learning how , or a bad sign that so many people are seeing the need , can’t hurt either way.

    Got there at 9:30 am a , they opened at 9 am and there was a line of about 75 people out the door. Did a quick count of cars when I walked in and estimated about 250 -300 cars and if you put 1.5 persons per car that was a low of 4-500 people just at opening, when I left and came back for lunch there was about twice as many cars.

    I went because they were holding 5 different seminars every hour from
    10-5 and it looked like there were about 40-60 people in each seminar.

    First one I went to was about herbal/natural healing(when there is no medicine) it was packed but after about 10 minutes it just trurned into a lecture that the reason eveyone is sick is they are not eating a vegan diet. Did not agree with the “expert” but I was stupid and sat in the middle of an ailse and got trapped for the the whole time since it was so packed. Did not really learn much about healing with herbs. But the “expert” did offer a discount of $300 on his dvd series so if you fell for his hocum you could spend $150 instead of $450!!!!!

    Went next to a solar power seminar and did learn a little more even though it was really a bragging session for the lecturer and business owner. As long as we kept asking questions he did give some pretty good answers. Next seminar on alternate power that I really wanted to see was cancled and so I went to lunch.

    Next was the Grow your own Groceries by Marjory Wildcraft , this one was real interesting since she has a lot of pratical experience. Since it was only about 45 min long you did not get an indepth knowledge but will definetly look into to her material more.

    It was fun day but not really any new earth shaking knowledge that I did not have before or have learned from M.D. or my fellow pack members.

    I was suprised by the amount of people there and the number that brought kids. Hopefully a good sign that more are getting prepped , wonder how many are new to prepping or came out because of the hurricane last weekend??

    • ozhillbilly says:

      george, glad you made it to the Expo. I was there Saturday also. I actually thought about making a sign to hang around my neck to see if you were there and might notice it. Thought better of it so not to attract unwanted attention to you or me. It would have been nice to meet you though. Hope you had a good time.

      • ozhillbilly says:

        P.S. Wonder if any other Wolf Pack folk made it?

      • Yeah that would have been great! Did you attend any of the seminars?? When I sell my house here I will be relocating to the Springfield/Branson area so maybe we can meet up then, would be good to get to know some of the pack in the area. Just hope this election and economy turn around so I can move the house, it has been on the market for over 2 years and no serious lookers yet.

        • ozhillbilly says:

          Bummer on the long wait to sell your house. It’s got to be very frustrating. Maybe after the election things will get turned around? I fear it’s too late though. It certainly won’t happen if the administration doesn’t change! I sure would like to welcome you to the Springfield area one of these days. I think I’m A Prep Kat had a great idea with the wolf paw lapel pin! I’d buy one in a heartbeat. I did go to the Rawles video seminar from 11:00 to 1:00 but it didn’t turn out too good because of technical difficulties. There have been four or five of these expos here in Springfield now and I think I’ve been to every one of them. I try to check out a seminar or two at each one. My experience with these is they are more or less for the beginner or novice prepper. I’m not saying there haven’t been some good ones but so far I haven’t been to one. Most of the information I’ve seen has been basic entry level stuff or just enough to get you to buy a book or CD or something the speaker is selling. If you are able to make it to the next expo in April maybe we can try to meet. I’ll treat you to a Mayday food bar and an emergency water packet.

          • Yeah it is frustrating but at least it is paid for. Yeah I bought one of the mayday bars to try to see if I want to get more for the GHB, have not tried it yet. Figured out after the second seminar that it look like they were not going to be in depth and after the herbal healing one turned into a pitch for a $450 dvd to vegan living I had to go to Mcalisters for a pastrami sandwich for lunch!!! At least if all the newbies at the seminars get geared up to prep it will be a good thing!! Will keep an eye out for the one in April and maybe make a whole weekend of it.

  12. Have not posted for awhile as we have been away for awhile. We spent 19 days hunting. During that time we tested alot of what we have been stocking up on. The generator was awesome! We also learned alot about how to use it as this was the first time we had taken one with us. We tested some of the dehydrated food I have been putting away and cooked them with the dutch oven. Although we hunt every year, this year was more of a test of what it would be like if we had to leave our home.
    My favorite was the solar shower! Awesome!!! Even though we did have to carry water in we had enough containers to last 3or 4 days depending on what we did during that time.
    We have two trailers that we will use if we needed to leave and learned a lot about both and have lists of issues we will be working on. I was also amazed at the list of things to look at if we would need to stay at home.
    It was a valuable learning experince as we were looking at it differently than we had in past years. It also made us feel more prepared as we have camping and hunting skills we have used for years but never thought about those skills with a prepper mind set. The end results was “We will be ok”.
    So now back to prepping:
    more canned veggies as they were on sale
    pasta, flour, sugar
    dehydrated more potatoes and carrots
    And as a results of Sandy, put a plea on facebook to all extended family to stock up. They are not of the same mind set as we are so worry about them. Disasters like Sandy could happen anywhere, even here.

    • vs do you use your dutch oven with charcoal or with wood? That’s my next purchase but everything I find about cooking with a dutch oven uses charcoal. I typically don’t buy charcoal when we go to deer camp & just use my other cast iron cookware over an open fire.

      • I’ve used all my dutch ovens (all cast iron) with mesquite, oak, hickory, pecan, hackberry, even driftwood off the beach for decades. They can handle any heat source you have.

      • HomeINsteader says:

        Charcoal? I cook with mine over an open fire, as well.

        Also, I get great prices on cast iron at yard sales – it is usually all rusted and/or gunked up with cooked oil, etc., and people don’t want to bother with cleaning it, or don’t know how. Here’s my secret: soak it overnight, covered up with Coca-Cola. Yeah. The red can stuff, “the real thing”. I would never drink it again, as it gave me stomach ulcers, which healed when I stopped drinking it. But it’s great for derusting and degreasing cast iron!

        Then just wash it, dry it on top of your heat source, and re-season it. You’re good to go!

        What to season it with? I prefer food-grade, natural flaxseed oil (any whole foods grocery will have it).

        • I have read that flaxseed oil can make you sick if heated. How does that work with the cast iron?

      • Both and even in the oven at home. The wonderfuly part is it can handle everything. Recently attend a dutch oven event and learned so much. Give it all a try, fun and the worst that can happen is you open a can of soup!!

        • Kate
          isn’t hunting a blast! Love the cooking, love the wood,I always plan the meals ahead of time and we even bbq with our little bbq! The sky is the limit out there. Thankfully the hunting group loves to try new things and they all jump in and help!!!I would just stay out there if I didn’t have to work!!!

          • Great ideas everyone. Yes I love hunting…deer hunting is my favorite…then squirrel. That & other wild game or fish that we catch is what we eat all year so it’s wonderful to see the freezer fill up. Plus, it’s great to get out there with the kids and enjoy God’s creations & listen to their take on things.

      • I have successfully used hot coals from the campfire for Dutch oven cooking for years. Another thing I find helpful is pre lining the Dutch oven in foil. Makes cleanup as easy as pulling the foil out and throwing it away. Sometimes a quick swipe at any drips and dust. At a recent campout, I made a super easy peach cobbler.

        Open a can of peaches in heavy syrup, stir in amix of cinnamon and sugar ( I keep a baggie of this in our camp kitchen box)
        Use bisquick, or similar mix, and also add some of the sugar/cinnamon to this. Add water to make a thick biscuit dough.
        Pour peaches and juice into foil lined Dutch oven, spoon drop the dough mixture onto top till it fills in. Cover and cook in campfire coals at edge, putting some coals onto top. You will smell it cooking and can tell when it is done. It will be bubbly hot, and the biscuits on top will be browned. Scoop out delicious gooey dessert.

        This is also an easy way to make chicken and dumplings. Enjoy!

        • I use both charcoal and coals from the fire for my dutch ovens, you have more control over temp with the charcoal than you do with coals, just have to be more careful with the coals from the fire. I usually cook in my ovens with a pan inside it just like a regular oven, no clean up on the heavy oven and just the pans I put in. Have a good asst of pans that will fit in my ovens. Put a litte grate or ring of rolled up foil on the bottom and it bakes just like a regular oven.
          To clean any new/old cast iron I get, if it is really crusty from years of use I just turn up the gas grill on high and put the peice in the grill, let it cook for 30 min or so then flip the other side, kind of works just like the self cleaning oven and then let it cool and scrub it good with a stiff wire brush then clean with some soap and water and then season like regular. One of the best ways I have found to season a pan is to fry some bacon in it and then let the grease sit for a few days and really soak in (feed the bacon to the dog since it will pick up that raw iron taste) and then heat up and wipe it out and cook like regular. I have a good collection from what I have bought myself , my moms, and my grandmas, have over 50 different peices, even a giant 18 inch pan that must weigh 50 pounds , and would not get rid of a single one.

        • Mrs.M
          The peach cobbler sounds awesome! Will put it on my camp menu

  13. Took a CPR & AES class and got a card good for 2 years.

    One of dad’s friends, a rancher, brought me a feed bag full of prickly pear fruit. Seems he has acres of them down south somewhere. He knew I made jelly. Funny how it works!

    Found a home for a pup that came around. Really wanted to keep it, but just can’t afford it right now. A nice Jack Russell Terrier…obviously from someone (but no collar), probably dropped off. We get that a lot out here. I found an elder woman who is alone and wanted a companion; the pup seems to like her.

    Helped a neighbor pick pecans. I’ll probably get a pecan pie out of it. I don’t care much for it, but Dad does.

    Stopped at a yard sale (haven’t done that in awhile), and got a sewing box with 40+/- spools of thread in it, as well as two scissors, some rubbermaid containers, a good can opener; and a storage box – all for $5. It’s all “extra” stuff, so qualifies for prep.

    Traded looking after a neighbor’s chickens for 2 days for some eggs.

    Finished reading “One Second After”. Some definite things to consider in there.

    I candied some Pumpkin. I had bought 2 pumpkins for dad and I to carve for Halloween, but he didn’t want to carve his. So, I candied it.
    Here’s the recipe:

    One 5# pumpkin
    5 cups sugar
    1 TBL baking soda

    Seed & peel pumpkin; cut into 2″ X 4″ strips.
    Stir baking soda into enough water to cover strips, and soak for 12 hours.
    Drain and wash strips in running water.
    Drop pumpkin into boiling water and cook until tender, but not soft.
    *Remove and crisp in ice cold water and drain well.
    **Mix sugar with one cup water and boil 10 minutes.
    ***Add pumpkin and simmer in covered pot until syrup is thick and strips are brittle.
    ****Spread strips to dry.

    Notes: * I put ice in a clean sink and fill with water. ** I’ve had to use more water, so I adjust the sugar accordingly. *** I generally do not wait until strips are “brittle”; I take them out when they are saturated with the sugar syrup. ****I put the strips on a cookie rack over a cookie sheet lined with parchment or wax paper to dry. Then, I put them in the dehydrator until they are somewhat stiff.

    The candy is quite unique and yummy.

    Unfortunately, I was barefoot while cooking the pumpkin, and dropped some boiling hot sugared pumpkin on my foot. I’ve got a burn about the size of 2 quarters beside each other on the top of my foot. While I feel really stupid for being barefoot, and the burn is a somewhat debilitating event, I AM learning some things. I’ve never dealt with a serious burn (mine is a 1st degree; the skin came off the top of my foot in that area). At first I thought to put some ice on it, but when I realized it was as bad as it was, and the skin was peeled back, I decided against that and immediately looked it up online. I found that the very first thing to do is run cool water over it…or soak in a tub of cool water…for 20 minutes, so I did that, and it really helped calm it down…and me. What I’ve been doing since (it’s been 2 days) is to just let it be, only rinsing it off and putting burn gel on it at night and if I have to cover it any other time. I had no burn gel in my first aid kit!!!!!!!! I had to ask someone to bring it to me. This will be rectified thus: I will be making packets of items needed for specific instances, like teeth problems, eye problem, burns, cuts, etc….so that I can just open my first aid kit (a large plastic toolbox) and grab the right bag for the job. I have aloe gel, but decided that using a standard sterile burn gel first was a better idea. I’ll use the aloe when it’s healed somewhat.

    Check out this shelf unit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pYqquG27pg

    I am refraining from any political or social comments this week. I am more moderate than many here on the blog, and really don’t want to argue or be judged. I will just say: exercise your right to vote.

    Keep on prepping and let’s keep love in our hearts…it’s just a good thing to do.

    Thanks for blog and your work on it MD.

    • BarbeeBunch says:

      MtWoman, Colloidal Silver or Silver Gel is really good for a burn! I’m sure you are well aware, but burns very easily get infected. Watch for redness, swelling, or oozing. Hope it heals soon!

    • MtWoman,
      Raw honey is also good for burns.

    • Stuck in CA says:

      In May I grabbed my curling iron,I mean really grabbed it not just a touch. Boy, did it hurt. It was my husband’s birthday, so the reason for doing it up. I didn’t want to ruin the day by having to take a trip to urgent care, so I grabbed one of my herb books and looked up burns. Lavender essential oil! I rubbed a few dropped on the area and rubbed it all over. In 5 minutes the pain was almost gone. In half an hour the redness started fading. I had one spot on my thumb that kept bothering. I knew I should go back and put more lavender on it. I didn’t because we were out and about. It was the only place that blistered. This incident sold me on herbs and essential oils.

      • Wow, that is fascinating. I kind of thought putting straight essential oil on a sensitive area would burn the skin in its own right. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          I grow aloe for burns.

        • I had a friend over telling me about essential oils a couple years back. My son cut his finger, and came running to me for a bandaid. It was still actively bleeding. she put one drop of lavendar oil on it, and the bleeding stopped immediately. He never got a scar either.

      • I would leave anything the skin had come off of liniment-free.

  14. Went duck hunting for the first time. Will rinse and repeat. Hunting is difficult and I need practice.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      I like to cook my duck (or goose) on a cedar plank til tender then throw away the duck and eat the plank! Heehee!

      I am not a fan of game bird.

      • HomeINsteader says:

        LOL, T G-Ma!

      • village idiot says:

        T G-Ma,

        Cut your duck breasts up in pieces about the size you need to wrap a slice of bacon around. Put a toothpick through them and grill, but be careful not to overcook them as they can get dry. Lovely and delicious. Or duck gumbo. Both of these methods are my favorite way to have duck.

  15. Off to Costco. Picking up everything I need so I don’t have to go back until January!

    I attempted to build a sun oven this week. My BIL watched in awe and amazement………and then pointed out the 50 flaws in my reasoning and has gone to work on something better. Seems to me we would be better off just breaking down and buying one……..

    The outside shower, plumbing and drain system are done, now onward to the solar water heater for the roof of the porch. All of it just in time for winter, rain, snow and many cloudy days, but it is still a good idea.

    DEA found two more gardens up on the mountain, found more guns (probably what we have been hearing for the last 2 weeks). We had some “visitors” on our camera system along the backs of our properties…a mama bear and her cub. They were just ambling around back there, never got close enough to get zapped by the electric fences. On the night we have film of her, none of the dogs were out, but over the last couple of weeks, some of them have been standing and looking in that direction with kind of frowns on their faces.

    I placed an order with Cheaper than Dirt this week. BIL and nephew have been up in the Sierra’s twice looking at the BOL and figuring things out. Now it is down to factoring improvements for the BOL and what they would cost. It is kind of nice to turn all that over to someone else to think about. We are talking about well improvements; septic improvements; building improvements, etc. Wish the lake house would sell.

    The storm………….my east coast family missed most of it, never lost their lights, no flooding, a bit of wind. But the cabin we set up last year which is 4 hours due west of DC…………was totally buried in snow. There was no electricity, no road crews, tree limbs down, etc. Just shows that ya just never know. So we have pretty pictures from the cabin of snow drifts and trees covered in white. Family took it as invitation for snow adventures and the kids had a great time. It is sad to see what is going on in NY and NJ however. FEMA is no better this time than they were in New Orleans! And donating to the Red Cross is sending money down a rat hold in my opinion. For every $ they use “helping” many more collect in their coffers. And the insanity about the marathon????????? Have they lost.their.minds?

    I spent part of yesterday dumping all political email I have gotten in the last 6 months and sending all that may still be incoming to spam. I have reached my decisions and sent my ballot in. What with hearing about the UN “overseeing” our voting; the ACLU intimidating voters in Texas; union members stealing Romney signs out of front yards; folks voting 70-100 times each; blacks threatening Romney supporters, etc. it is hard to keep any faith in election results………..the deck is stacked, the shake out and shake up ugly. Take care of yourselves preppers. Stay safe and make sure any last minute things that you need to do are done before the end of the day on Tuesday. Gas in the cars, cash in your wallets, extras in the fridge, bullets in the guns, fresh batteries in things that need it and phones and such charged up.

    As for 12/21/2012……..I have scheduled a party for that evening. If it is going to be over, I am going to be in good company! Have a good week fellow Wolfies! Prayers!

    • HomeINsteader says:

      I’m afraid I have to agree with you on the American Red Cross, worrisome. I served as a volunteer with them for many years. They have MILLIONS in donated dollars in reserve, which they have no intention of using. Every time they have an incident, they scream for money and people throw it at them. More in reserve. Their Board runs the place like this. I could say a lot more, but I think that is enough!

  16. NorCal Ray says:

    I hope Faith and your Mom are doing well. I believe you are correct in saying nobody knows when Armageddon will come.

    That being said I am signing off as I have been burglarized for the second time this year and have lost all of my preps again. I am tired. I believe we
    are in for some very hard times ahead but, I am just so tired it’s not even funny.

    I have sincerely enjoyed interacting with the pack and will miss everyone very much. Everyone watch your backs and be safe.

    • recoveringidiot says:

      Ray, sorry about your loss. Do you think you were singled out for thievery because of your posts here? I hope that’s not the case, I have some fear of what I put out on the net for that very reason.

      • PJ Prepper says:

        That’s doubtful. Even if you could isolate someone’s IP address it would only give you their general location, not an address.

        I hope that NorCal Ray can get back on his feet and recoup his losses, it’s terrible to hear about events like this.



    • mountain lady says:

      Ray, so sorry to see you leave. I have always enjoyed reading your posts. I have not been posting very often, for OPSEC reasons. Now and then I really have to hold back. Wishing you only the best in the coming times. I think they are very close, now.

    • I wish we could team together and share ours with Ray. 🙁

      I’m so sorry to hear of this. Discouraging isn’t a strong enough word. 🙁

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Ray, hate to hear you were robbed again. I truly hope you will lurk and join us every now and then. You have a lot to offer the pack. But if you are really gone for good, you will be missed.

    • HomeINsteader says:

      Sounds like time to set the trap and catch a varmint (or, varmints).

    • Copperhead says:

      Nor Cal Ray, I am so sorry to hear about another burglary for you!
      We will miss you and hope you can come back someday.

      God bless and keep you in the days to come.

    • Norcal Ray, sorry to see you go and I wish you the best. Perhaps you will reconsider and check in periodically. Hopefully you can improve your situation and prevent future thefts.

    • Oh Ray, I am so sorry to hear that. You will be in my prayers.

    • NorCal Ray, so sorry to hear about the burglary! Sounds like you have been targeted. We will miss you. I hope you can still check in once in a while. You leaving and Jarhead leaving………..it leaves a sadness.

    • breadmomma says:

      sorry to see you go NorCal Ray…come up our way to the South Oregon coast..less hassles and people…done well for us up here..lots of good resources and not so many ass hats…take care pal..

    • village idiot says:

      Ray, I’m extremely sorry to hear that. I just recently returned to the work force, and that is one of my worries, even though I live in a good neighborhood.

      I hate to see you leave, you were always an inspiration and I looked forward to your posts. I pray you reconsider, and that the foul person who did this to you is caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. If not, I sincerely pray that everything turns out well for you, and that you prosper in whatever you choose to do. God Bless You and Yours, Ray.

    • Soggy Prepper says:

      Oh No! I am so sorry to hear that Ray. I enjoyed your posts and you will be notably missed.
      I sure hope they find whoever burglarized your home, that’s so hard!
      Best of luck to you.

    • GeorgiaBoy says:

      I am so sorry to hear about the burglary. Best of luck to you.

      • NorCal Ray says:

        Dear Wolfpack,
        I would like to take a few lines here to thank all of the members who expressed their sorrow by phone and email as well as here on the web.
        I am truly blessed as I have received several offers of help and I will not mention names as you all know who you are. I thank you for your offers but I can not in good concious accept them. I am debt free as of this month we make our final BOV payment and we paid off the house several months ago.
        I can not take any help that was offered as I would feel bad thinking I am taking away from you and yours. I will begin to build up my resources again and it will be fairly inexpensive for me because of my contacts.
        Thank You all again.

  17. At the gun show but things are surprisingly slow. Barely recouped my costs so far.

    Picked up a number of prep items this week, from food to tools then magazines.

    Glad to se that NY desired its citizens were more important that a race. The initial decision to save water, food, and tent age for runners vs your people is just stupid.

    Guess the election is going down to the wire again. Wednesday should be fun.

    • Traffic was high, but very little was purchased at the show.

      I picked up some primers and ammo, filters for my Berkey, and some accessories.

      Guns: sold one (my last AK) and traded one for equipment.

      Got my DW’S holsters and mag pouch from Botach.

      Ray – sorry to hear about your loss. Wish you were closer so we could help out.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      To be perfectly honest, between rushing to cover as many preps as possible before the election and youngest DD’s wedding two weeks from now, we are literally borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. Then I keep getting letters about costs going up in 2013 for insurance and services. If anyone else is getting that knot in their stomach like I have, could be why folks aren’t buying. Just too little, too late. Just got to let go and let God.

      • I understand the knot in the stomach. I have days at work when I get that knot – I’m stuck there when I want to be home doing things to prepare and get better organized.

      • Tactical G-Ma:

        I’m at the point where, short of finding a better place to live and paying off the last of the debt, I don’t get panicked any more. God’s in control and I’ve done what I can. I just keep plodding along now and do what I can, when I can.

        I’m actually glad people are concerned, that means they are thinking! Thinking/concerned people vote different. Look at the stock market for the last couple of days; no big swings or changes. People are waiting to see what the results are. To me that means that most believe there is a difference in the candidates.

        Well I’m off to make my small voice heard. Montana doesn’t count for much in the “great overall” picture, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some local yahoos that don’t need to get new jobs!

        • HomeINsteader says:

          EVERY vote is important, JP! Thanks for voting (I’ve done my job already).

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          I have to adopt your attitude too. Like Montana, Alabama doesn’t count a lot but I wanted my little vote to go into the mix. Exercised my right and now will strive to be a good citizen and good neighbor and if I can make a difference i will do my best.

  18. Stove looks really neat and useful. I like the locking self contained storage best of all.

  19. Pettycoat Prepper says:

    The first prep to mention wasn’t really a prep but more a ‘thoughts on prepping’, thanks to Hurricane Sandy. I was hearing about all the folks making runs to the stores and gave thought to what I’d be looking to pick up if we were being hit with some emergency. I had just bought milk and bread and might have given thought to picking up more bread but all in all, I think my food preps are ok. Definitely would have topped up all gas cans and rigs plus move the generator to an easier location.

    Oddly, my DH must have been thinking along the same lines. He asked me if I thought I had enough to make 6 months without any outside assistance. Told him no; don’t have enough water but could make 3 months. Maybe I’ll be able to pick up more 55 gal drums now? Another comment he’s made about my stock pile as I’m couponing to acquire things is that I don’t have a bunch of junk food. We’ve seen the extreme couponing shows and they do have a bunch of junk stuff. I’m really pleased to say that I’ve managed to get my inventory on my computer and it’s alphabetized! I had no idea ‘Word’ could do that! As I have my computer up all the time, it’ll be easy to keep on top of it. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

    I did manage to add more spray air fresheners (zombie stench wouldn’t be fun), 12 disposable 3 blade razors, 5 bottles of mouthwash, 3 bottles of dish soap, a couple more boxes of tin foil, a case of country pepper gravy mix (really good with home canned pork loin on biscuits!) 3 more bags of coffee, 4 boxes popcorn BOGO plus 4- 2 liter bottles of 7up free, 6 lbs of whole wheat pasta, 8 cans ready to eat soups and 6 gallons of free sweet tea plus a free dozen eggs. BOGO I added to the shampoo, conditioners, body washes, lotions, split peas, plus free hurt and can’t sleep pills, and free toothbrushes.

    I also picked up a year of cat litter. Don’t laugh; EMP would keep all the delivery trucks from bringing anything. If it took a long time to get back up and running I DON’T want to have litter box smell! I also added to my dog food and cat and dog treat supply.

    DH picked up some more tomatoes from a local farmer to add with mine that are ripening in the kitchen so I knocked out another batch of homemade V-8 juice; 16 pints.

    The comfort I find just sitting and looking at all my stores is incredible. While I don’t delude myself and think I can make it a year without help, I know I can make it at least 3 months with DH, DD and myself, still be able to help family and friends plus with outside help I can make it probably another 6 months so 9 all together.

    All my newly acquired shelves are filled and I must say the 5 shelf, holds up to 875 lbs resin/plastic are the very best! No sagging with the home canned items even when double stacked. I think I’d like more and add a second row in my office/pantry ;o)

    DH came in with 250 more rounds for the 9’s a couple days ago. I’m thinking of making a run for another 9mm gun before the election.

    I’m also looking to pick up some small shovels to add to the car emergency bags. Still trying to get those put together for the three of us.

    DH is having a melt down, I think. About a month ago he told me ‘we’re selling everything.’ This was out of the blue and freaked me out. Over the weekend we bought a new to us fishing boat. Seller let us basically steal it as he’d basically stolen it. 17 ft Arima with a newer trailer, 70 hp with 9 hp kicker. I’m excited…we’re going fishing next weekend. I’m trying to prepare for TDL to win come Tuesday as this probably means I’m hearing….”We’re selling everything.” 🙂 Either winner, I’m going fishing next weekend!

    Hope all is well for the pack and still praying for Sandy folks. Bam Bam, cute kitten!

  20. A great week for me prepwise.

    I found a working Foodsaver at the thrift store for $3!

    Went grocery shopping this morning early at Kroger and between their sales, loss leaders and coupons I saved $47 off a total of $177, brought it down to $130. And only the trash bags were not food.

    10 huge bell peppers to dehydrate
    2 bags cranberries to can
    2 half gallons of cider marked down to $1.99
    10 pounds Land o Lakes butter at $1.99 each to can
    6 cans chili
    4 cans evap milk on sale and had coupons so they were 14¢ each
    4 pounds sweet potato to can
    2 pkgs sausage links to can
    1 pound ground sausage to can
    1.5 pounds bacon to can
    2 pkgs beef marrow bones to make broth to can
    2 four pound bags of sugar on sale and with coupon $1.39 each
    4 bags pasta 48¢ each
    2 pound bag popcorn kernals $2.59 for storage
    1 pkg of Kraft singles for $1.99

    I have a busy week ahead canning and dehydrating because I also have carrots and potatoes in the fridge to do up.

    Also found on Ebay a British Berkfield for $184.99 with free shipping, saved in my watch list and that will come out of the next paycheck. It’s my gaping hole that I need to fill.

    Also considering a firearm. I shot my Dad’s 22 rifle with ease and tried my friend’s 38 pistol but it hurts my hand with it’s kick. I did hit targets most of the time and it was my first try with these guns, only shot a bb gun years ago before.
    A firearm would be to keep in the house only, needs to not be expensive, ammo needs to be reasonable. Opinions please on whether I should go for a rifle I could also hunt squirrel with or a handgun? Caliber size for an older woman who is a bit of a wimp? Anything else to consider? It’s all a bit new to me so I need “guns for dummies” type help.

    • Just my thoughts, but from all I’ve heard a 22 might not be heavy enough to use for protection. why not take a class and keep trying with the 38, or see if you can find someone to let you shoot their shot gun.

      A shot gun CAN kill, with the right ammo, is good for at least small game, and is scarier to most thinking people. won’t do a thing against body armor but neither would a 22. I did some research and got a 16 gauge. I didn’t want the 12 because of the kick, and did want something heavy enough to hunt a deer if necessary, so no 410 or 20 gauge for me. Hope this help, Kitty

      • If you shoot someone with a 22 and it does not the desired effect. Shoot them a few more times.

      • Backwoods Prepper says:

        I have posted on this very same topic on here quite a few times. So here goes again. In my younger days I would grocery shop nightly in the fields around my home. I have taken more deer (around 40) with a 410 shoutgun with triple O buck or slug than I have with all other guns combined. I have killed a few deer with a .22 while squirrel hunting (I thought it was a really large squirell and in my defence it did have a mouth full of acorns). But a eyeball shot is really the quickest way with the .22. A .270 is a fine deer rifle and i take a Black bear almost every year with mine.

    • Great find on the food saver! And great savings!

      • Warmongerel says:

        .22’s may not have the killing power of a .357 magnum, but living things do not react well to being hit by anything traveling at 1000 feet-per-second. I know that I’d probably back off if I was shot by a .22 unless my life depended on it (assuming it didn’t kill me outright). And, yeah, they’re perfect squirrel guns.

        That being said, for self-defense, you may have to deal with a little pain and get something bigger. When the adrenaline is flowing, you probably won’t even feel it. And it may have just been the gun. If it doesn’t fit your hand, it’s going to hurt. Check them out before you buy any.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          At one time wasn’t the .22 a preferred rifle of snipers? Besides it doesn’t matter what you have, if you cannot handle it with proficiency. If batteling man, I prefer a .22. If hunting bear or moose, I prefer a .30-06. But that’s just me. For home security, my 20 ga. Baby. But I am just a little old lady.

          • Warmongerel says:

            Don’t know about the .22 being a sniper rifle, but if you’re good enough to hit an enemy in the eye at 500 yards, I can see it. .22’s can travel for miles.

            And, as far as the 20 gauge: It’ll do a whole bunch of damage to anyone coming at you. Body armor? Probably not going to be an issue. Even if they do have body armor, being hit by a 20 gauge slug is (so I understand) like being hit by a baseball bat wielded by Andre the Giant. Hit them with a few of those and they won’t be fighting anymore.

    • ladyhawthorne
      There are many here that know more about guns then I, however I know a few things. It sounds to me that you are likely using a small frame 38. The smaller frame, the lighter the weight, the greater the recoil. (kick back) The larger the frame the heavier the gun and less recoil.
      I would recommend going to a respectable gun shop and talking to them. Your problem is not one of a kind.

    • Best caliber for a new shooter is the lowly .22. Why? Because the ammo is affordable enough to let a new shooter practice a lot and what new shooters (ok, all of us) need more than anything else is practice. Once you’re confident in your ability to hit what you aim at every time then move up in caliber. When you hit that point find a range that has a gun store attached so you can try out different models and calibers. And hopefully take a class or two at the same location.

      • Thank you so much for all your input everyone. I have a gun range near me and will have to check them out. I also have an acquaintance that may let me try out some of his weapons, though he tends toward higher powered stuff than I want. A class or 2 would certainly be a good thing for this newbie as well.

    • I use my .22LR for squirrel hunting & other varmit hunting. It would sure make a point (no pun intended) & would certainly make someone back off. BTW-if it hurts your hand (the .38) quit shooting it. Don’t keep trying cause then you’ll be wincing & it’s going to just keep hurting your hand & your shot isn’t going to improve. Find a gun that fits your hand & you like to shoot & you won’t be scared of shooting. Once you find that, you’ll love it.

    • You know when I was a kid used to go frog/snake/turtle shooting with hollow point 22’s and they would blow the crap out of stuff. I think for self defense a hollow point 22 make not take someone out with one shot but when it blows a baseball chunk out em it will make them think twice, and a head shot may just well put them down.

      • The weight of the 38 kind of surprised me for such a small pistol but my friend is smaller than me and handles it well, perhaps she is just used to it. The 22 seems to me more the way to go especially as it seems the more economical route as well. More research on my part coming up!

    • A 20 ga pump would suit you just fine. The only difficulty I would see encountering with the 16 is the rarity of the ammo. A 20 ga has a controllable recoil and can kill man or beast easily with the right ammo. I wouldn;t want to be shot in ‘body armor’ with a slug or buck shot from a 12 or 20 ga! IF it doesn’t penetrate, it will “move things over” enough to take you out of the fight! Both are capable of considerable velocities, yet both also have ‘low recoil’ rounds available that are also deadly. Look into it – it worked for my 76 year old mother. Good Luck!

  21. Only did some organizing last Sun & Mon. Still a ways to go, but at least I made a dent. On Mon evening, I simply lit a candle, held up a flashlight/lantern combo, and just smiled at the dh.

    We were well-prepared for Sandy, and we didn’t even lose power. Even if we had lost power, the only way we’d be majorly affected would be the lack of heat. Ho hum, oh when oh when will the dh spring for getting the fireplace chimney rebuilt. Big bucks, I guess.

  22. Grannytraveler says:

    Canned some more chili so I’m set for the year on that front. Replenished my canned food stockpile. Found a good deal on Carnation evaporated milk. Seems everyone has it on sale right now. Paid 0.68 per can. Don’t remember if I mentioned it before and too lazy to check but WinCo has great prices on canning jars and also a great selection. Stocked up on wide mouth quart and pint jars. Next week I am going to pick up some 1/2 gal jars for dry packing.

    I am looking for a tri-fuel generator. My sister got hit hard by Sandy and they are scrambling to find fuel for their gas generator. It will be a while before I can buy one both because of money and the fact that there are not any out there. Even locally here in SoCal they are telling me it won’t be available until the end of January. All stock has gone east. My sister was somewhat prepared but eventually you do run out of gas. Her natural gas is still running so they have hot water and can cook. They are almost out of wood for heat and have nothing else to use to stay warm. Their heat is electric or at least a component of it is. Earliest projection for their power to come back on is the 9th and maybe even later. They are thankful though that they were not hit harder. Everyone is safe which is the most important thing.

  23. After getting two months of food and water stored up, I finally purchased my first firearm. The Smith N Wesson M&P 9mm. I have shot this gun, along with many others, for the past few months in an attempt to find a gun in my price range that made me happy. I will say that I am pleased with the performance and my growing ability to hit center mass on a moving target at different distances.

    Let’s see what else, purchased a trauma/first aid kit from amazon and signed up for a first responders class through the local community college.

    Made plans for the future such as a buying list a schedule and time to do fun learning activities. A reward system I came up with is once I store two additional months of food/water I will buy myself something off a wish list. My next large purchase will be a rilfe and shooting classes for it. Can’t decide between .308 or .223. Where I currently live I have to deal with dear, bobcats and rabbits eating my garden. However, a rifle for defensive reasons during a shtf etc situation is my main goal. So any help or opinions on good choices for a rifle would be appreciated.

    Besides that studied for finals at the end of this month in college. Busy bee aking honey!

    • PJ Prepper says:


      Great job building your storage supplies up, and congrats on the new gun. Sounds like you have your priorities together and are still able to pursue higher education in the process. Most people your age (I’m assuming you are in your early 20’s) are worried about keggers and the bar scene.

      There are plenty of good choices out there for rifles in both 308 and 223. Both will allow for hunting and personal defense, but you say the latter is your main goal in a SHTF type situation. Again you really could choose 10 different types of rifles and not go wrong but personally I would recommend the AR15 platform. I wrote about it here:


      Good luck with your finals, I’m glad those days are long behind me!



    • You could, if you got an AR, get a conversion kit that lets you shoot .22 and then you could practice for cheaper and also hunt smaller game. As to the other 2 calibers, what do you think is going to be more plentiful after the SHTF? Probably .223 is my guess, and yet .308 is bigger, probably better for large game.

    • Now there is someone with great priorities – food before the guns to protect it.

      I’m sometimes amazed that people seem to think they need to purchase 15 thousand guns and not any food – unless they are like a guy I used to carpool with, who said he didn’t need guns, bullets stored just fine.

      I immediately went out and bought Mossy, my 12 gauge shotgun, then Bluebell the Glock 21 and then my Ruger .22 (who doesn’t have a name yet).

  24. BarbeeBunch says:

    Lowes Marketplace has canned dived tomatoes on sale 2/$1. That’s a really good price. Bought 48 cans, including diced tomatoes with green chilis, diced tomatoes with garlic, and diced tomatoes with garlic. They also have chicken noodles soup and tomatoes soup 2/$1 so I bought a dozen of each (all they had on shelf). Family Dollar has Angel Soft TP 24 “big” rolls on sale for $9.00. Bought 2. Should have enough TP for 5 months now. 🙂 Bought 2 large containers of Vaseline. Experimenting with different types of fire starters. Vaseline and dryer lint works well. Enjoyed a fire on the patio in the 55 gallon stove/heater my husband just finished making. Worked nicely. He’s working now on building a box on top of it so he can vent the heat inside the house without venting the smoke inside. Decided for Christmas I’m going to make my parents and each of my siblings a solar cooker out of those metallic windshield shades, and going to buy them a solar/hand crank flashlight. I made 2 crockpots of chili that I’m canning today. I have 21 chicken eggs in the incubator that should be hatching tomorrow, so I bought a cage, feeder, waterer, and chick starter. I’m really excited about them hatching. I’ve never hatched my own before. Keep your fingers crossed! That’s about it for my week. I really enjoy reading everyone’s posts. The pack has taught me so much!

  25. Simon Galt says:

    If the Mayans were so good at predicting the future, how come they didn’t predict their own demise and do something about it?

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Mayans didn’t die.

      • Yeah read a report on that the other day, there are still millions in south america they are now just called indeginous people, like our native americans. They did not go away just got assimilated by the new people on the block.

    • Warmongerel says:

      You must be John’s brother 😉

      And, yeah, I’ve thought the same thing.

  26. Lawrence R says:

    MD, well, purchased 400 rounds of 22 ammo. Also, completed set up of the generator . Thsi includes building shelter for the unit and heat ventilation fan system.

    Survived the Hurricane Sandy. sad state of affairs watching the people who could not or did not prep. The year ago’s storm damaged our area in Westert Massachusetts , so we learned (at least some of us)….So I wonder if NJ/NY/PA have learned their lesson this time. Perhaps more will invest in preps and generators and less on FEMA and blowhard policiticans (including the numbskull major who actually “thought” about having resources directed to a runners marathon just after a disaster). Politicans have a gene defect that tends to “stupidity”-regardless of political affiliation.

    Also, put into buckets (with oxygen scavenger) oats, rice, beans, and cornmeal.
    Also, ordered components for battery trickle recharger for the generator battery.
    I made compost.

    Will strive to recycle as much organic matter into the garden for next year’s planting.

    Best wishes to all.
    Pray…..we need it.

  27. Wild Weasel says:

    Purchased a BOV, don’t plan on using it but never know. It doubles as my daily driver, had the 308 hydra coated to something a little more suitable to to surrounding, bi-pod for same rifle. Wife is starting to see the light, taken a little over a year but hurricane Sandy helped. Actually talked about AR’s on they way to church. Saving the rest for big gun show this weekend.

  28. I baked and froze one big field pumpkin and two pie pumpkins. I’m going to dry the others. 10 pie pumpkins and 6 field pumpkins over the next week or so.
    Cleaned out the freezer and sorted the contents to allow me to access them all and know what’s there. I’m planning to dry all the older deer meat when the new one gets shot hopefully Monday after Thanksgiving, first day of buck season in PA. I’m starting on it though, as soon as the pumpkins are dried.
    Thanks for all the lists of what you’ve stored. it helps me to see how to go about organizing my storage.

  29. recoveringidiot says:

    Looking forward to hunting more, I still haven’t brought home any meat yet. We used up a bunch of canned vegetables I had that were close to the use by date in a large deer stew so now I’ll work on replacing those. Worked on my old mule so I can secure a rifle and haul a dead deer at the same time, helped a neighbor get one out of the woods and we had a hard time handling the rifles and a big deer at the same time. Still working on some health issues but I guess some that is just part of getting older. The job is not helping but at least I have one!
    Thanks MD for what you do here. Hope everyone has a great week and God bless.

  30. School House says:

    Hello Everyone…

    This has been a mixed week of working around the place and experimenting.
    About a month ago the wife had come on board to the prepping thing but hadn’t done anything.
    After Sandy bringing it’s destruction I finally see it effecting her. We have doubled our water storage to 500 gal via a cistern. Bought 3 Water Bobs for the bath tubs and 2 hoses that are made for drinking water purposes for the water heaters etc.
    While at the irrigation supply house buying the cistern I bought a 4 ft piece of 24 inch diameter culvert. We are on septic here so my plan is to dig down to the solid chamber of the septic for the back house and vertically install the culvert over the clean out lid then back fill against it and put a top on it for now. It will serve as a vault toilet in case we lose our domestic water supply. It will save us on toilet flushes and using up stored water. I will build walls, roof etc. if we actually need it for privacy.
    Finished my raised herb garden/broken concrete patio. So now all my gardens are ready for spring. Our weather is still in the 80’s here in the high desert so I haven’t planted the winter wheat crop yet. The Hessian Fly season should be over with so now all i need is some rain to come our way or irrigate and broadcast the seed.
    Picked up 2 gallons of lamp oil and 12 wicks along with more stick matches.
    Someone dumped a washer and dryer down the road from us ( I hate dumpers ). I picked them up and took the tub out of the washer and welded 3 legs to it. 3 inches down from the top I cut in a 6″x8″ hole to feed wood into it. Picked up a grate at home depot for the top. These things work great for heating or cooking. This is my second one and you can water can or pressure can with them also. They are great!!!
    My food dehydrator that I got from Bass Pro is not very good. It takes at least twice as long to dry things, which I can live with. But it leaves the taste of plastic in the food. I will be returning it. I will save my money for the Excalibur.

    Almost caught up around here. TIME TO GO FISHING FOR A FEW DAYS!!!

    That’s it for me… ADIOS…

  31. Made a run to sam’s for canned food and paper products. Fall garden is still going strong. DH and I are discussing getting rid of a large tree that is shading/sapping the garden at one end. We can’t do it ourselves so may have to save up the money to pay for someone to do. Costs more if the people are insured but would be a disaster if they did a poor job and WEREN’T insured.(Friends had part of one fall on a porch when it was cut, but the firm’s insurance paid for repair.) Did some straightening and found some things to get rid of and some to put to new uses.

  32. PJ Prepper says:

    This week….

    I loaded some more 223 Remington up on the Turret Press, and case prepped quite of few pieces of brass for the next rotation (I’ll probably start tomorrow). I’ve been kicking around the idea of a solar or wind system but need to do more research, what would we do without the internet and youtube?

    My wife was looking over the latest copy of Emergency Essentials catalog and said: “Is there anything in here you don’t already have?”

    Probably not 🙂



  33. I did my weekly Big Lots run on Friday evening. Added more Zote, rubbing alcohol, peroxide, deodorant, boxed milk, gluten-free bread mix and green beans to the shelves. We use a some of this stuff regularly so some of it was restocking. Also bought a few stocking stuffers for the girls for Christmas.

    Yesterday was yard day. The hubby and I worked for about four hours tilling where we plan to plant the grape vines and “vacuuming” leaves with the mower to add mulch to the garden and the newly tilled area. We also decided to get a crabapple tree and where to put it. Next we have to decide where to put a couple of apple trees. I know crabapples make good jelly and they are good for cross pollination of apple trees, but not how far apart the can be. We are also considering a dwarf almond tree. Almost forgot, I finally set up a real mulch pile for kitchen scraps, leaves and yard clippings.

    Earlier this week I planted more herb seeds that appear to be coming up already and one of my daughters made over a pint of seasoned salt for me. (We don’t buy the pre-made kind because of MSG and gluten issues.) I also discovered the lazy man’s ATM and converted some large bills we have put away into smaller bills.

    This week was also good for the hubby’s side of prepping. He found a place that is local and cheaper than Cheaper Than Dirt. They also had a lot of stuff in stock that other places either don’t have or don’t carry.

    • I forgot – also made a Kroger run and found lots of buy ten mix and match deals for stuff we use anyway, and it wasn’t all junk food.

      One thing on my to do list is to find a local place that sells coal. If we lose power during the winter, I’d like to have some on hand for heat.

    • The Prepper says:

      GA Red — which part of GA are you from? We just ordered dwarf pear, dwarf Apples, almond, walnut, apricot and pomegranate trees. IF you are looking for spacing info you can use the following site:


      Each fruit tree on their site lists the width and height of each tree. I’ve found it rather helpful when figuring out where to dig my holes to plant.

    • Plant Lady says:

      With fruit trees, spacing depends mostly on what type trees you buy. You can get most varieties in dwarf (8-10′), semi-dwarf (12-15′) and standard (15-30′). So the recommendations are to plant dwarf trees on 10′ centers, semi-dwarf on 15′ centers and standard on 20′ centers. But then you also need to think about moisture availability and soil. If you live in a drier area or are prone to drought, you will want to plant your trees further apart so there is less competition for moisture. And if your soil isn’t really good, plant the trees further apart so they aren’t competing for nutrients. Don’t plant too closely, as you need to be able to get all around the tree to pick and prune and the tree needs lots of sunlight to develop and color the fruit.
      You might want to look into planting large-fruited crabapples rather than the standard ornamental ones. The large-fruited varieties such as Whitney or Dwarf Firecracker produce fruit 2-3″…nicer for food production. And Dwarf Firecracker fruits look just like little Red Delicious apples and have red flesh.
      I got most of my new fruit trees (around 40) from our Soil Conservation Service Tree Sales over the past few years. Good selection and trees 5-6′ tall for $14, or if you buy 5 just $13 ea. Same height/caliber trees sell for $25-$35 at the big box stores. Our SCS also offers native trees and bushes, along with grapes, raspberries, blueberries, asparagus, etc. Each office decides what to offer, so if your county doesn’t offer what you want, check surrounding counties.
      Do your research when choosing fruit trees…most need a different variety to pollinate them. And not just any other variety will do…there are early, midseason and late flowerers and you need trees that flower at the same time for good pollination. A late flowerer will not pollinate an early flowerer and a midseason may or may not, or only partially, pollinate an early flowerer. Then there are the oddities, like Winesap, that have 3 sets of chromosomes instead of 2…and others that just aren’t as compatible with others. Even trees that are said to be self-fertile (can pollinate themselves) will produce more when a pollinator is near.
      And if you plan to make cider, be aware that there are specific varieties for cidermaking. Most “eating” apples make an insipid, bland cider. See grandpasorchard.com for more info on this and varieties. Also great pollination and ripening charts there, to help you get it right.

  34. XZombieMommyX says:

    Placed another herb & oil order, which includes mortar & pestle. Started organizing my medicine cabinet but there is so much in there that I need more tiered shelving. I guess that’s a good problem to have! Just need to get it organized since it drives me crazy trying to find anything.

    Got more medical tape, multi vitamins for adults & kids.

    Kind of took a prepping break after finishing “One Second After.”. Guess I needed a break! although I still kept up on the sites I read, this one too of course.

    I really need to get my dentist & derm apps done but don’t have anyone to watch the kiddo during the week. Might have to wait for the hubby to have some time off, which won’t be until Christmas vacation. I can hold out, just hate waiting! Plus who knows whether the docs will be a vacation themselves.

    Also checked to make sure my absentee ballot was received and it was. If you don’t vote, you can’t complain!

    Thats all around here.

  35. Nan in NC says:

    I made that recipe for chicken with Stove Top stuffing mix and dried cranberries. Well, actually, I was out of cranberries so I used cherries and bought more cranberries at Aldi when I went there. Everyone loved it, and I figure if I have to use canned chicken in a grid down situation they will cut me some slack just to have a good hot meal. Here’s what I did: Cut 1 lb chicken tenders (or whatever you have on hand, we like boneless thighs as well) into 1 inch pieces, mix with one can of Non-condensed cream of chicken soup (I used Pacific brand of the stuff that comes in a little box, like the shelf stable milk) put in a casserole and top with the Stove Top stuffing which has been prepared as directed on the box (with water), mix in a handful of dried cranberries or cherries and spread on top of the chicken mixture. Bake at 350 for about 30 mins, or until the chicken is cooked through. I’m sure it will be different with a Crisis Cooker, and I’ll try it again when I get it.

    Ordered my Volcano Stove Crisis Cooker – I’ll order the cover later, had to share funds with OH’s AR.

    Ordered the parts kit for the AR.

    Bought two more 5 – gallon gas cans and filled them, added Stabil.

    Found a great deal on an Auto Emergency Kit at Costco and bought 2. They make a good base for a get home bag, with some additions.

    Lots of activity in our store this week. I think everyone is antsy with the election coming up.

    Took by 24 Year old grandson to early voting. He wasn’t going to vote, but his mom said she’d break his legs if he didn’t, so we both went on Sat.

  36. Our prep this week was to fill the freezer. Both kids shot nice deer during the youth season this weekend. So, the freezer is filling up nicely. Other then that no preps as my job has gone down to only 1 day a week of work. But, at least I got paid (a week late but still) so I’m thankful for that & now for a fuller freezer. Hopefully, I’ll get another deer this weekend & that will take us through to next deer season. It’s so nice to sit in the woods with my DD & experience nature that God gave us. Such fun to see the birds & coyote, other deer & etc all going about their daily business oblivious to us. It was nice to use the things I’ve purchased as preps to help our deer season go smoothly…new cast iron pots, make with water food & etc.

  37. Glad to hear all that can post are safe! We played out a lot of “what if’s” because of Sandy, over the past week. Looked at holes in preps and start looking at ways to reinforce those holes.

    Also, while some might not consider it prepping, we prepped for our future. Husband has decided to retire from his state job after 27 years. Lots of pluses to this change

    1) No longer on the road away from home, mostly in Earth quake country of the New Madrid fault.

    2) Access to his deferred comp. retirement money before the stock market tanks again, which will allow us to pay off our house.

    3) For the last 16 1/2 years he’s been inspecting Nursing home for the State.

    4) Discovered there in an opening at a Nursing home for and Administrator less that 20 miles from home and applied. Has and interview on Monday for that job.

    5) Funds from retirement monthly pay will allow us to replenish our funds from paying off the house in about 10 months.

    6) Hubby has been living off 1/2 of his pay for the last 10 months, without feeling the “hurt” of putting half of it away in coins or cash.

    7) He’s been helping me do the same while not near his amount we are doing well. And still prepping to boot.

    How grateful we both are that we are in this position!

    Sure how that all of us can get to this point and still do what we need to prep for the future.

    My Kids are FINALLY getting it!

    I hope I don’t sound like I’m bragging. Maybe I’ve listen to Dave Ramsey for too long! LOL

    Please be safe, VOTE, and PRAY!

  38. canadagal says:

    Hi Wolf Pack; Haven’t written in awhile but have been keeping track of you guys & gals. Spent time lately praying for the Sandy victums. So sad to see the destruction. It seems any area can have a disaster so that is why we keep extra on hand at all times.

    We’ve put our garden to bed, & canned, froze, root cellared & given away, the excess so now our canning shelves & deep freezes are full & the root cellar has plenty as well. I also stocked up at a case lot sale on rice, canned beans, canned milk etc. I also bought several bags of powdered milk which never seems to go on sale in our area. Dh & I have both been trying to stock up on meds in a stealthy manner so we are ahead on those as well.

    The last couple of days we have had our 1st real snow, about 4-5 inches so I guess winter is here & we can relax a bit soon. Tomorrow the cement truck will be here before 8:00 am to pour a new floor in a building whose floor had heaved & cracked. Dh wants to use it for an inside welding area. While we have enough wood under cover for 3 winters + some to sell, We still want to cut some more to clean up some storm flattened trees. Son & friend bought a bldg for their businesses so we may go help them fix some leaky windows & clean it up a bit after the deal is finalized. Seems like there is no rest for the wicked but who would just want to sit in front of a soap opera until they died. LOL We don’t even have TV any more so I guess that is not an option.

    Sandy has certainly opened my eyes. Sometimes we never think of all the possible outcomes of a storm or other disaster. With all that rain it never crossed my mind that whole areas could be burnt out. So now I will have to reassess what I thought I had covered. Have a good week everyone & God bless all of you who help us to be more self reliant & less of a burden on others.

  39. Hi all! I wanted to come in and post for the first time after lurking for about 4 months. Honestly, at first I was afraid of breaking OPSEC. But now, I realize if someone wants to find you, they will, so I might as well join in the fun.

    My DH and I are kind of natural Preppers. We are both outdoorsy, both came from a line of campers, hunters, fishermen and grew up on farms. My dad is a rancher/physician, his a farmer. We live in Idaho. Sadly, we are still in a large city, but that will change as soon as we locate the right land/farm to purchase. We are ready to quit the city and go to a farming, ranching community of about 8k. Which sounds just about right to us.

    DH is exmilitary. With some medical background too. My dad is a prep per or hoarder, according to how you want to look at it. (lol) His parents sold their farm, but live in the small town we are house hunting in.

    We always had camp gear and outdoors gear, and hunting gear. I always owned my own handgun. But more recently we both felt a shift…a desire or need to get serious about changing things and setting aside some food storage.

    I hit these types of sites, yours is the place I feel comfortable. We put together GHBs for everyone in the household, which is taken with us religiously when away from home. Then BOBs, then I read enough thwt realized we didn’t want to live like refugees hiding and moving and scrounging. (we aren’t young enough to do that long term) So I am completing our first goal of 3 Months of grab-and-go, have water figured out, and then plan to move on into long term 2 years worth of bulk storage. Just in case anything happens before we get settled into our final Homestead.

    You all look like rock stars compared to where we are, but we are taking this seriously. So seriously I might even go back to a previous profession to
    prep seriously with my paychecks. We shall see where this goes.

    DH has his Conceled Carry Permit, and I am going to get mine soon. We both are proficient and regularly practice. We have what we need, and most of what we want, but there may still be one or two items on the wish

    Anyway, we are learning fast, and making typical mistakes, then undoing them and moving on as fast as possible.

    This week we added:

    A couple of 10/22s with another thousand rounds. (don’t worry, not intended for defense, just for plinking and perhaps small critters)
    Picked up candy on sale after Halloween to add to the grab and go buckets.
    30 lbs rice.
    Case of chili
    I dried apples and pears from trees in our yard.
    We hunted, but haven’t scored yet. (is it bad that I am still secretly rooting for the deer?)
    Picked up more batteries
    Found solar lights on sale, bought some.
    Added winter clothes to our BOB’s and heavy gloves
    Read How To Survive The End Of The World As we Know It for the second time.
    Researched small Solar packs for recharging Cells, and iPad.

    I think that is about it for this week…oh! I also found a great hand crank Meat Grinder at a garage sale.

    Anyway, blessings to all of you, and a big thank you for all that you share. I am glad to finally come in and join in the conversations!


    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Hello Mrs.M,
      Welcome to the pack.

    • HomeINsteader says:

      Welcome to the Pack! I, too, root for the deer! ; )

      We had a workman on ourBOL recently putting in services and he commented there were “lots of deer around”, to which DH and I said, “yes, we know”. He then proceeded to remind us that it is hunting season. We pointed to the “No Hunting” signs. He said, “you know venison is good to eat?” and we responded, “of course we do! We just don’t want people shooting at us up here; we might have to return fire!”. Truth? We want the deer to view our BOL as a “safehaven” and proliferate…for when we have no choice! But I’m still rootin’ for the deer! You are not alone!

      • I think encouraging the wildlife to feel comfortable on your land is a perfect prepping attitude. Have you perhaps considered laying out an occasional salt block over the years just to help that along?

        I have never wanted to hunt before. But this year I have decided to join my husband when he hunts for a couple of reasons. First, we like hanging out together, second, I need to know how to hunt in case I have to provide for our family in a grid down situation. And Third, because I have his back. So many hunters get lost or hurt out in these mountains, and never come out. I want to know where he
        is, and be able to get help if he gets hurt.

        One thing I learned, is that it really isn’t that easy, and for those that expect you can just go out and kill dinner, and live off the land, I believe you will starve. It makes me even more focused on expanding our food preps to at least a year as fast as possible.

        Anyway, thanks for your welcome! I am glad there are others like us out there, and this seems like such a tight, and sane community to compare notes in.

        Hugs to all,

    • OregonMike says:

      Mrs M, don’t overlook the .22 for defense if needed. 10 rounds of .22 can cause a lot of discomfort, especially in the head area. The 10/22 is a great little semi. You may THINK you’re way behind in prepping but you do have a plan and are working on it. Look at those on the east coast without electricity for a week. They’re dumpster diving, according to the news. At least you would have the means to cook and enough food to keep you comfortable. I’m really surprised that with a week’s notification of the storm, so few people were actually prepared. That doesn’t apply to those who LOST their homes, obviously. So, good job so far and mainly, congratulations on your mindset. By the way, HI-POINT makes AR type rifles in 9mm, 40 & 45 calibers. They’re made in the U.S. and are VERY inexpensive.

      • Thanks Mike! I guess I should have just mentioned that I would use one of the AR’s, Glocks, subs, shot gun, or hunting rifle before picking up the 10/22. But hey, if that was all I had on me, they are really accurate and easy to handle. And a tight grouping would definitely work. 😉

        DH is into guns, and as a result, we really did have our preps there organized first. Now some of those funds need to be focused on bulk food storage. Our preps on defense are more oriented to practice, practice, and me trying to hunt at this point. And…we keep adding bullets as we find sales. One thing on our list is back up critical parts for the AR’s. Speaking of which, what do you experts think, should we keep assembled parts, as in adding more of the same, or just spare firing assembly’s and springs?

    • Sw't Tater says:

      Mrs. M, Glad you are doing what you deem necessary..welcome.enjoy the archives, they are full with info..

      • Thank you!

        My Dad is one of those who printed almost everything. I recently rescued a box full of printed material from his piles of interests, (remember he is a bit of a hoarder, especially of information) and I plan to organize them into binders for him. That is one of my fall projects, but while I am at it, I can also make copies for us of any critical stuff.

    • Texanadian says:

      WElcome Mrs. M
      LIke you I lurked for a long time until I felt I had something meaningful to contribute and then realized this is a conversation like a campfire gathering. Friendly folks with a common interest. I don’t post often because much of what I have to say, when I have time to visit, has been said. Stop by, put ya’lls feet and stay a while.

      • Texanadian says:

        ya’lls feet up

      • HomeINsteader says:

        That is an excellent analogy, Texanadian! MD: Perhaps this gives us a venue for a new post heading: “conversations around the campfire”!!! I like it, anyway!

      • Hi there, I may not post all the time either, but felt it was neighborly to come on in and say hi. And be able to ask questions when I have them instead of just pondering, lol!

    • Petticoat Prepper says:

      Welcome Mrs. M!

      Sounds like you’ve got a good start on your preps. I too root for the deer so nope, don’t think that’s bad at all!

      Glad you decided to post to WDYDTPTW.

      • One reason I wanted to start posting is that there are weeks we let things slip. Don’t add to our preps for whatever reason, but DH and I discuss this a lot. We have set goals, and I just want to keep it in the forefront till we reach a comfort level. We just are not there yet. It feels overwhelming, but I finally realized that if we just keep chipping away at it, we will get there.

        I pull goods from our pantry every week. So even if we didn’t specifically shop for preps, I still am making up the grab and go buckets with food for 4/1week in each bucket. Once I have enough of those, I will switch to bulk storage methods.

    • Welcome to the pack, Mrs. M!! So glad to have you!

    • Glad you are here! I can so relate to what you say about this site. It is the most friendly and homey one I have found. Everyone supports each other and truly cares and it shows.

  40. Sw't Tater says:

    Small but important prep week…was able to
    …. purchase emergency radio, water filter (pitcher) system with extra filters, supplementsX7 for 3 months.,and a few small solar lights,.
    …. Also filled 10 gallons (re-used food containers)with water.
    ….We secured a heater to cut costs from 40 year old furnace.
    …I also re-potted 2 zucchini plants, placed them in window sill under a plant light..(they’re blooming)..and brought in large container full of cooking herbs.
    ……Made recipes from stored supply items.again for determining amounts required/and to perfect seasoning amounts for our family, and to keep our blood sugars from the yo-yo symptoms….hamburger helper, tuna helper, dried butter beans, scratch pancakes.
    I have also been considering those fires, am looking at several possibilities to split up our food storage, to include areas that are naturally protected from fire, flood and earthquake.I have 3 possible solutions, may use all 3 to some extent…If the big one occurs in new Madrid, our current elevation might not be relevant.We could end up like Reelfoot Lake! (My Dad has felt 2 0r 3 of those little ones from over in AR) I refuse to loose sleep over the ‘what if’s’.. I have no control over. I do all I can prepping for now and the here-after..and God will make up the lack,.. Whatever happens.
    …. Packed some items from freezer in buckets.
    … Spent some real time each day this week..praying for the people in the northeast, our nation,our leaders, esp. our election process,and the hearts of those who will/have cast and tally the ballots.
    ….Take care Pack.Stay close.

  41. village idiot says:

    Well, I haven’t commented in a few weeks, frankly been to busy with a new job and DD’s volleyball tourney’s and college football games. All the play is now behind, so have ramped up prepping the past two weeks, can’t even say what all I’ve done. But will say I’ve bought gasoline in quantity, propane also, lots of freeze dried and canned food, water, etc.

    I’ve been out this afternoon at a private range, sighted in my deer rifle, etc., and spent 2 hours on tactical shooting. Added extended magazines and short barrels to things that need them, ready for whatever comes my way in the short term. Need another year to be completely ready to live the way I want to. Hope we get it, but will persevere if we don’t. God bless the Pack.

    • Good to see ya here Village, I was afraid we had lost you….some don’t seem to be posting very much anymore….

  42. The Prepper says:

    Spent most of the week prepping the “orchard” as well as various sites where I plan to plant figs, elderberries, goji berries, blueberries and various fruit and nut trees. Raked several lawns (my neighbors probably think I’m crazy) to get tons of extra leaves, which I’m planning to use to build soil in various locations around the property. Also started thinking through how I’m going to use all of our raised beds, how I’m going to utilize drop irrigation, and how to best tie in rain barrels to our gutters. I need to find some decent looking rain barrels and get them up and operational ASAP. Without water we are dead in the water (pun intended).

  43. ozhillbilly says:

    Howdy everyone! It was another busy week as it usually is for me. I did manage to attend the Get Prepared Expo that was in Springfield, Missouri this weekend. I was glad to read george was able to make it, too. If you have never been to one I highly recommend it. I was there the best part of the day Saturday and it was busy the whole time.

    I did actually do some prepping this week. I finally purchased the Royal Berkey I’ve been wanting for the longest time. Included in that purchase were two extra filters, a sport bottle and an extra spigot. Earlier in the week I added to my ammunition stock. I added another 100 rounds of .223, 100 – 12 gauge # 8 shot, 550 rounds of .22 hollow point and 100 rounds of 9 mm hollow point. My DW says I have way too much ammo. ???!!! I guess it’s just a matter of opinion. I confess I do have a bunch but how much is too much? Feedback is welcome on this.

    I’ll keep it short. Thanks M.D. for this site and keep on prepping Wolf Pack! God Bless you all!

  44. My beautiful bride JoJo re-organized our primary storage area today. Living in a RV, even one with a 14 foot garage, presents an additional challenge. I think we now have a good compromise between sheltering in place or a quick bug out. Bug Out Priorities are, 1. Camping Gear, 2. Weapons, 3. Water and Food. 4. Dog Food and Clothing, 5. Odds and Ends.

    • riverrider says:

      ron, i would suggest you move food/water to number one. camping/shelter gear can be improvised much easier than food/water. i have mine set up: f/w, weps, gear, etc….3days,3weeks,3months….jm2c.

  45. Hi Pack well we made it through Sandy lost power for 3 days.The gen. worked good and we did allright.Further south really got it bad. Our prepping worked out good it was a nice trial run and we were able to work out some bugs. It was very sad to see so many people not prepared and waiting for the govt to come to thier aid. As soon as there are some gas cans back in stores I will get a few more. The chickens fared well in the storm and now 4out of 7 are laying. Today was spent working outside. Also 8 boxes of fedaral slugs from dicks sporting goods $3 a box and now i will send for a $2rebate for each box net .98cents a box. Well thats about it. God Bless all

    • HomeINsteader says:

      Hey, pjwilly! When you go to buy your gas cans, compare styles! Seriously. We just bought a few and there are two we absolutely hate – just because of the design on the fill caps; I am not able to remove them without help, and I’ve never had THAT problem before! Don’t buy until you try!

    • pjwilly,

      I hope you will consider writing an article on how you fared and what you need to improve upon–such as adding more gas cans. There are some things you don’t think about until you need them.

  46. MENTALMATT says:

    Hey guys and gals whats up. Not to much in preps this week, bills, bills, bills, I’m planing on going to aldi’s this week and do some major stocking up on canned goods. I also am planning on buying more ammo for my 12 gauge. Also all of you in the pack please get out and vote, you to M.D. None of us can afford another four years of Obama. Oh and to NorCalRay, I’m so sorry about your break in. I hope you don’t sign off on us here in the pack as I have seen so many times here in the short time that I have spent on this site ( Lint Picker) and so many more. I wish you only the best, as being a Sergeant and serving with the City of Detroit for 24 years I am still upset at seeing the victims of crimes.. Good luck to you my brother.

    • HomeINsteader says:

      Do you have a Kroger’s grocery in your area? If so, you can get Green Giant brand canned veggies – good through 2016 by date stamp – at 49 cents per can – just buy at least 10 of the items on the list (and the 10 items can be any combination). I don’t recall the last time I was able to buy Green Giant canned veggies for that price. And they have the sweet peas in the deal, which, many times, they don’t. I have no idea why.

      • Kroger does have some good buy 10 deals this week. The only problem I have is that the don’t have enough in stock of some of them. Also, when I looked at the veggies shelf, they only carry Green Giant green beans and green peas. I didn’t see any other veggies in that brand.

        • HomeINsteader says:

          Look around, GA Red. They carry 3 different cuts of green beans, 2 kinds of corn, and green peas in the Green Giant brand; Kroger probably would give you a voucher if they don’t have it in stock right now. I also found them in something like 3 different locations – 2 end caps and one “usual shelf” location.

          • I’ll look some more. My store is small and they have recently quit carrying a few things we use. I use the rain check vouchers regularly as they never carry enough caffeine free diet Pepsi for the hubby when it’s on sale. This week, it is part of the ten for ten deal and they had nine – not too bad when other ten for ten items are something we use but still annoying. I also try to go by the store multiple times when the Pepsi is as cheap as it is this week. They had one last night.

            I think I just had a slight rant but I like Kroger WAY better than the competitor.

    • riverrider says:

      matt, good luck brother. you’re gonna need it i’m afraid. prayers sent in your direction.

    • village idiot says:

      MATT, surviving 24 years in Detroit is something to brag about, and I can hardly imagine all the things you’ve seen. Let’s hope and pray Obama loses so we don’t see this stuff played out everywhere in the US. Watch your six, and stay safe.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Ditto, VI!
        Matt, hats off to you for your dedication to the people of Detroit. I suggest you get those shells tonight and try to hunker down (pardon the reference H-D) for next few days in case some fools act out. Whether unhappy or celebrating somebody always does something stupid.
        The scariest place in the world is San Antonio on New Years Eve. Fools still haven’t figured out that bullets that go up have to come down somewhere! (And I love San Antonio and the people ther.)

  47. livinglife says:

    I learned a few things, cows are highly destructive with their curiosity and desire to rub their sides on items you want left alone, IE hunting blinds, stacked wood, any T post, standing targets…
    Being a prior recon scout I was pretty good at stalking so I polished the old skills bowhunting, I had a deer within 30 feet. Stalked another to within 20 today, had one about 40 ft on Friday night. Since they hear and see better its quite a challenge. Branches were the real challenge.

  48. OregonMike says:

    Pulled out the tomato plants and ended up with about 40lbs of green tomatoes. Spent time looking for canning recipes. Now have many pints of green tomato salsa (some with tomatillos). Also purchased beets at the open air farmers market an have those in pints, as well. Planted cabbage, lettuce, celery and broccoli. Experimenting with straw bale gardening. That’s planting veggies IN a straw bale (straw ends facing up) followed by a little dirt/compost. That’s it. If successful, will have at least 24 bales for spring planting. REplanted a celery bottom after cutting off the stalks. Sliced a thin piece off the bottom then planted the bottom in a straw bale. Set up a compost bin for kitchen waste. Drilled holes in the bottom of a plastic trash bin with tight lid. layer waste with some dirt. If I figure out the how-to, I’ll include a photo of the bale garden.

  49. This week we added several canned hams from Walgreens.
    Found larger canned hams at Aldi’s for about .49 more per can than Walgreens sale price.
    We helped out a family friend by showing them how to grind their bulk wheat and my wife taught the Mrs. how to bake homemade bread. We gave them a bread machine we picked up second hand to help them get started as a gift and you would have thought it was a Cadillac based on their reaction. They already had a good heavy duty wheat grinder still in the box that they didn’t know how to use until I showed them. The lady told us today that the bread came out perfect and she is going to be baking her own more often. I wonder how many people we know have food storage items and equipment but don’t have a clue how to use them.

  50. well i have had a very busy week went through my shop and outbuildings and gathered all the things i’ve been to lazy to throw away,and put them in my 8×5 trailer. my wife went through the house and gathered things that she has been to lazy to throw away and put them in the trailer. went to out city wide yard sale and set out 3 tables plus my tailgate and the trailer and by the time we left for home at 5:30, we where 950 bucks richer! we are blown away that we had junk that was worth that much. while we were there a man stopped that was on his way to the pound with a momma dog and 8, 4 1/2 week old puppies. we knew what would happen to them once they got there so my wife snatched up the runt of the litter and we now have a new member of our family. she is laying in a plastic box on my desk as i type. (its my turn to nurse and poop her) in the mean time,between the yard sale efforts and the dog demands,i managed to build a henhouse and coop that im very proud of,using material (mostly) that i salvaged from taking down my rotting carport. im planning on 6 buff orpingtons to be my new tenants by thursday. have a great week everybody.

    • HomeINsteader says:

      What a great week! Well done, bc!

    • Please post about how your Buff Orpington’s do. I’m thinking of getting some in the spring. I love their look but also want docile, friendly birds that are good layers.

    • worrisome says:

      BC Congratulations on the new pup! Rescues bring great surprises, most of them good. I had no idea what I was getting when I picked up Hope off the road……….but she is turning into a great pal!

    • Your post caught my attention. We also just added a new puppy to our household. This one is small, but has big ears. I bought a mix breed to get a sturdier small alarm dog that is smart. Hopefully, I will be able to train her to do what we need, in additional to being my constant companion. She is sleeping across my shoulders as I type. We have other dogs, but this time around, I am attempting to also train with hand signals and other lower impact noises than voice. Will let you know how that goes… Lol.

      Also, we are thinking of raising some laying hens. We live in town and so I think we have a 3 chicken limit here, so a small hen house in our yard might work. With the prospect of finding our farm and moving soon… I still haven’t decided whether to start here or just wait. Either way, I look forward to hearing about your experience with your new flock.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      What a great week and a puppy too! Good luck with the nursing part! Didn’t know you were equiped! LOL!

    • BC,

      Congratulations on the yard sale and the puppy. That’s a fine week of preps.

    • Thank you for rescuing that little angel!

  51. Picked up some after Haloween candy at K-Mart. Met some local like minded people in my pre retirement class and plan to net work with them; finally washed some curtains I had been hauling around in my car from a yard sale this summer.

  52. Hi everyone
    Trip to Sams for bulk raisins, dried cranberries, Sams brand canned chicken, and canned beef, hard candy, more tea bags, 1 gal container of body wash and more.
    Decided to try something new when water is limited. Tried to use bar soap with a dry body in the shower. Didn’t work. Purchased liquid body wash, filled smaller container with 1/2 body wash and 1/2 water. Dry body in shower, was able to lather up completely with the body wash and water combination. Used shower water only to rinse off….thus saving lots of water along with a clean body.
    Ordered the generator fuel conversion kit for my generator, from USCarburetion.com not mispelled.. My model generator will accomodate gasoline, propane, and natural. Kit is back-ordered.
    My back yard is concrete. Raising veggies in containers is great for eat as you go, not food storage. Own a dehydrator. Compared dehydrating frozen veggies vs ordering dehydrated veggies online from various companies. Discovered in my area, with food prices as they are…purchasing the bulk dehydrated veggies and fruit was most cost savings. Received order of carrots, diced potatoes, onions, green beans, peas, tomato powder, pinto beans, great northern beans, and dried peas. Decided to try the dried cooked pintos. Three tablespoons of dried pintos to 1 cup water, cooked for 10 – 15 minutes…made enough for entree size meal along with cornbread and onions. Entree size for 1 adult.

    All the chatter re: Mayan issues on Dec. 17th. Ironic..Dec 17th is the date on which the winning slate of electors meet in each state capitol to cast their vote for the next president. Gonna be a very busy December.

    Downloaded more free Kindle books and couple more games on the Berry Playbook. Downloaded mp3’s on the micro SD card, to play on the smartphone. Games and books to entertain, music to serve the nerves and perhaps dance to, after the 17th. Also loaded thru Amazon 31 Days and Dirt Cheap. MD, I’m enjoying your writing style…Hope you write more books.
    Another excellent book everyone should read is Behind the Green Mask, by
    Rosa Fiore…about Agenda 21, how the UN is taking everything we own to spread the wealth to 3rd world. This includes any land we own, the new smart electric meters some of us have attached to our homes and more.
    Log onto http://www.icele.org a list of every country, state, county, and city/town involved in Agenda 21. As of Oct 2012, Alabama is the only state to totally ban Agenda21 in their state. Please educate yourself…no matter your political views..this will effect each of us.
    Rant over…
    Thank you MD and the Pack…I continue to learn everytime I read
    Pray for our military, America, those in the East and all the pack

    • BlueCaribDreams says:

      Lynn, I am having trouble viewing the “icele” website you mentioned. Is it spelled correctly? I am very interested in Agenda 21.


      • Blue, I think the correct spelling is iclei

        just type in agenda 21 – the blaze has an article from june 2011 with a small video re: a group of texans called TAG arguing against it.

        Soros is involved so that should tell us al something.

        Stay safe all.

  53. Greetings Pack!
    Spent this week riding out the storm then cleaning up and repairing damage to the house, relativly minor stuff…siding,shingles,skirting. Power was out only a minute or two, a couple times, most importantly no injuries. Some of our neighbors didn’t fair as well, trees down on cars and on homes, luckily no one was hurt. The storm left lots of damage around the area, some flooding but mostly trees down, even now the power is still out in some places. We were ready to go, but didn’t need to implement any plans or preps, except for using some tools and muscle to help neighbors clean up debris or do small repairs. Before the storm hit my orders from Amazon arrived…a couple books and some gear for the BOB’s.Little bits at a time, slowly building up gear and supplies. The TV and internet are showing scenea of total destruction and death from NJ, NY and other nearby states…thats why we do what we do,we wish we could do more to help but info is scetchy and the way the government is moving in it’s typical ways we would just be in the way. Some financial support can be done , just make sure to check where the money is going and what it’s used for. It’s frustrating to see that these people were so unprepared, unready for something so inevitable. Our prayers go out for all those that suffered losses from this storm.
    Have a SAFE and happy week!

    • HomeINsteader says:

      When things starts looking more like “day to day life” again, perhaps you could start a “Prep 101” in your community? Do free teachings of about 3 hours (no longer), with breaks and maybe even get a group to serve up a free lunch, if possible. We’ve done it through local churches, and been amazed at the responses. I think people in your area are now ready to hear. What do you think?

      • HomeINsteader
        We have spoken to several of our neighbors, some are interested mildly but nobody is too serious.Our situation is unique in that it’s a mobile home park, my mother and grandmother live two homes up from us, they’ve been there for 22 years. My brother rents an apt in an old house at the front of the park for the last 9 years, we’ve been here for 3, they do prep, just not as well as us.We know many of the neighbors very well and have been friends for many years.We do come together to help each other when needed, but some new people that have moved in over the last couple years just don’t get it. They don’t mind when we’re helping shovel snow, clean up storm damage, or fix they’re cars, or borrow everything from toilet paper to tools and flashlights, but they don’t pull their own weight. We don’t mind helping out.. too a point.They do help out with some things and it’s a good neighborhood for the kids, but in a real disaster they couldn’t be counted on for too much. People at church that we’ve spoken to are much more reseptive, but there again, serious preppers are few and far,although more and more are starting to listen and prep a little, extra food,water,meds,tools, and seems like everyone is buying firearms and ammo. So the interest is there, just not super intense and it fades everyday as the power is restored, the trees are cut up, and the debris is taken away. We will continue to talk to our friends and neighbors, without giving away too much info.

        • HomeINsteader says:

          If you change the future for ONE, Big D, that’s one more ready than the ONE would have been. Who knows how many they will reach?

          It will have been worth it! Keep doing what you’re doing; don’t be discouraged by fools; you know what is right – keep doing it! And keep teaching it, at every opportunity – just be careful (I know you will be!) for OpSec reasons.

          I also believe you will start to see more and more people “interested”, even if you have to be careful in your approach. Meet them where they are – intellectually and emotionally. You’ll get through, in a way they can understand and appreciate, and you WILL make a difference. A little readiness is better than no readiness, eh?! Ya’ gotta start somewhere.

          Blessings to you, and all that is yours,

          • HomeINsteader
            We won’t stop or give up. Our plan is to help when we can but also help them to help themselves keeping opsec in mind.If we can be teachers and leaders they may come to our defense if needed.Soldiers and workers will always be in demand.We will try to lead by example.

        • Be careful – those who barely pull their weight now will become a constant drain on (if not outright threat to) your preps when the shtf. I, too, live in a mobile home and their main problem is that they offer absolutely NO protection from any type of attack. Even the lowly .22 will go in one side and out the other (unless you build 4-5 foot tall barricades against the walls inside to ‘bunker behind, which can be done with tightly packed bundles of magazines/newsapapers of large container/boxes packed well with soil – if your floors will support it). Keep spreading the word but carfully and selectively – the main problem is that once you mention it to someone who knows where you live you will be the first they think of when they have their backs against the wall. Of course extra workers will always be needed IF you have the stores to feed them in exchange for the labor AND you can them under control. For a (relatively) short duration emergency with help coming you could share your stores, but if a true TEOTWAWKI those extra months could mean the difference between survival and not. Good luck!

          • Mactex
            Even new built’ real’ houses are not able to take even small caliber gunfire, we’ve done a few mods to increase survivability but it’s not a castle.We plan to help and share in the thought that they will help to defend and help us if needed.10 homes with 50 armed people is much more of a hassle for someone looking for trouble.If we can be good leaders and set an example then wen can come together. I already have a good idea who can be trusted and who has skills in various fields.Any type of long term disaster means we gotta bug out, we have various plans for different scenarios. Something that is a real concern of mine is the nuclear reactor just a few miles away,especialy since the problems in Japan.

            • Guess I was preachin’ to the choir – sounds like you have considered all options and have planned accordingly. No doubt an armed group of 50 trusted, dedicated and entrenched individuals would present a formidable deterent to most who happen by with less than honorable intentions. Would you attempt to bug out en masse or individually? Is there a common destination or rendevous?
              That ‘glow’ plant nearby would kind of give me itchy feet as well – so many variables. Either way you seem to have it covered – Good luck!

  54. Warmongerel says:

    I actually have to think about this now. Prepping has become so ingrained that I just do it. That’s a good thing.

    Picked up some more 7.62 ammo for the SKS. Never have enough but I’m getting there. Also picked up some more slugs for the 12 gauge.

    Added more food supplies to the pantry. Lots of Knorr flavored rice, canned meat, Mrs. Grass’ soup (mmmmm), mushrooms, honey, salt, sugar, etc. I figure that my daughter and I are good for about 3 months now. It’s a start.

    Also picked up some more rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.

    Going to renew my Costco membership tomorrow. Let it lapse a couple of years ago because I never used it and my employer quit paying for it.

    And, of course, read everything that I could and learned!

  55. I took my nephew shooting this afternoon. He recently bought a used savage 22 from a local dealer. I forget the model of it but it is a tube fed semi auto.Sometimes it does a 3 round burst. I think it is dirty or needs some looking into. Maybe the previous owner screwed with it and screwed it up.We will see.

  56. dehydrated some oranges, picked up as much cream of mushroom soup as I could (store had it on sale for 59 cents a can – limit of 4). Picked up a total of 12 by price matching it at one store and using store coupon at another plus had manufacturer’s coupons which resulted in some being as low as 34 cents a can. love it when coupons and sales come together to make really good deals.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      How do you dehydrate (prep and store) oranges. I used the zest for grand marnier then have too many oranges left over.

      • I'm A Prep Kat says:


        Please tell me how you make grand marnier?? I’ve made lemoncilla with vodka and lemon peels, is the process similar?

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          I’m A Prep Kat,
          Similar to limoncello.
          First off, I always double or triple this and try to start a jug every month because this is my favorite in Margueritas or as an aperitif.

          Peel the zest of 4 oranges (sans white) slice into small strips
          (I prefer naval but any un blemished zest will do)
          1 tsp. Real vanilla extract
          1 c. White Granulated Sugar
          1 tsp. Liquid Vegetable Glycerin
          Bring to a boil stirring regularly in a stainless steel pot. Set aside to cool. Once cool add:
          2 1/2 c. 80 proof Vodka (or 1 1/4 c. 190 proof neutral spirits)
          1 c. Brandy
          Seal in jar. Shake weekly while storing in a dark, cool location for 6 MONTHS. Strain and seal in fresh sterile jar. I taste the mix before and after adding alcohol. You want to make sure it tastes right before you put it up for 6 months. It is yummy. I use 190 proof everclear instead of vodka but put it thru a britta pitcher filter before addin it to the mix.

          • I'm A Prep Kat says:

            Thank you! I have all of that on hand and tonight is as good as any to start a batch. I usually buy the less expensive vodka and put it thru the britta filter. It helps smooth off the edges.

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            I’m a Prep Kat,
            This recipe is wrong. Was watching the news and eyes drifted to other recipe and I just was not thinking. I don’t bring anything to a boil. I mottle the zest while working in the sugar let rest til oil begins to rise then stir well. Then combine in large jar with other ingredients . Seal. Shake well. And shake weekly. Do not heat or boil anything. So sorry for error.

  57. Patriot Farmer says:

    I’ve been saving for a while to purchase a Springfield M1A. Springfield offes this gun in the standard length, squad/scout, and the SOCOM variences. Does anyone have any thoughts/suggestions on which would be the better model to pruchase?

    • You can`t go wrong with a 308 springfield. You can go scout or socom or standard. It is a mans rifle built to be a mans rifle.I would go fullsize unless you are in an area that the shorter length would serve you better.I live in a place where there is deer elk bear and hogs so a 308 would serve me better then a 223/5.6 rifle. ymmv though.

    • I’m personally lusting after a SOCOM II. My place is all heavily wooded with many thickets and max open range is 100 yards and that in only 2 places. The country side around me is pretty much the same and with winding roads that limit open distances. So the maneuverability of the 16 inch barrel would work better for me in those circumstances.

  58. BlueCaribDreams says:

    Hello all! The big thing around here this week was little “S” coming home on Friday! Everything is doing good with her, too bad I wasn’t the one to drive her home 🙁 I had to drive to Kentucky to pick up her big sister(“B”). “B” & “S” had some good bonding time, which is important!
    Maybe I can get back to prepping as all of this hospital junk is behind us!


    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Woo Hoo Blue! Good news indeed!

      • BlueCaribDreams says:

        Thanks G-Ma! It has been a difficult week, but we are back on track. Heading to town now to get more ammo… got a feeling we are going to need it by tomorrow night.


  59. breadmomma says:

    dehydrated 2 boxes of apples from my tree..good fruit this year…amazing…
    organized stash, more flashlights in honor of old friend lint,
    ordered more exotic beans…green flageolets and black calypso from Indian harvest.
    got another stainless steel pressure cooker…saves some much time..
    just rotating and keeping all fresh and tasty…canned a whole lot of fruit and salsa…

  60. The days and weeks are running together. If some of this is a repeat of last week I apologize.

    I finally got the Tech-Sight put on my big boy rifle and was ringing steel with it at 200 yards pretty consistently. I think that was Tuesday but maybe it was last week.

    I finished a paid sewing project that was keeping me from my other more interesting sewing project. I did almost no PT except I did a buttload of pushups one day and went to karate twice. The knee I irritated running up a hill last Sunday is better, so I went jogging today for a half hour, then did triple pushups and double situps what I’m used to. And I wasn’t dead at the end of it, so I guess I didn’t fall too far behind waiting for my knee to simmer down.

    From not being able to do even one girlie pushup I’m now up to being able to do a whole mess of them. If I can do it so can you cause I’m a wimp. Just start slow and build on it slowly. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is strength. I was told it would take 6 months to reach my goal of being able to do 50 man pushups in a row. It has been 2 months so far.

    I harvested more tomatoes. I think I have about 5 gallons worth waiting to turn red now, and a gallon of red ones in the fridge waiting to be sliced and dehydrated.

    I made a rabbit soup using sunchokes and some misc. smaller sweet taters I had sitting around, then midweek made the other blog’s recipe for lentil/rice casserole minus the cheese, with the rabbit broth, and then mixed them together. Even though the sunchokes aged a week in the fridge, they still are rather farty. Maybe take Beano when you eat them. They have a lot of inulin in them. But they are tasty. I’m trying to get used to eating as many wild foods as I can, now, so it’s not some big shock if the store bought stuff runs out and if I also can’t garden for some reason.

    I think I could have eked more food out of my garden this year, but I was a bit overwhelmed and let a lot of greens just go. I composted turnip greens and radish greens, rather than can them; I did the same with sweet tater leaves. If I was not working a job or doing all these other extra activities maybe I’d have time for all that, or if there were no groceries I’d certainly MAKE time for all that.

    • Wow! Several really great accomplishments to your credit – the strength training AND learning to eat wild foods. That is one of my goals these next few months as CA is green in the winter and early spring. Just today I noticed the yellow dock is just coming up, so will be digging them out of areas I don’t want them, drying the roots, and eating the lemony tasting greens.

  61. Hi everyone….had a good prepper week. Met up with out local survivalists “meetup” leader for breakfast and I took her to her first gun show!!She bought everything!!! lol… Got some ammo and a new headlamp on sale and a pocket knife sharpener. Also, picked up 6 Conibear traps and metal wire snares. Learning how to us a sling shot for a slingbow, shoots arrows very well and is very powerful. Cleaned my pistols and got the serial numbers off all of them..just in case. Picking up some window alarm systems this week. Got a new Neck knife by Columbia River knife and Tool…love it. Put new slide ejector stop, lanyard plug and magazine drop button on my friends glock. And a new hogue grip for her. Went to our shooting park and shot up 300 rounds of 9mm and 200 rounds of .22.Talked to my brother and son and my friend and we’re all going to follow the GRAY MAN Directive and purchase 4 33rd Mags for our 9mm’s each. Have a great day ….Rusty

  62. Worked on shed for lawn tractors to free space in garage, planted pine trees across front of property, ordered more wheat and oats, ran around 500 rounds of Pistol, and Instructed members of group in handgun shooting.

  63. Just4rselves says:

    Still recovering from gallbladder surgery. DH cut up third deer of the season. I ordered two more for the canner. Planning small stock-up list for shopping the after Thanksgiving grocery sales.

  64. SurvivorDan says:

    Feels very strange but I did absolutely nothing to prep this week.
    I did splurge on 2.5 lbs of salmon for sushi. But I ate it all! So that doesn’t count.
    Have to redirect all extra funds for the next couple of months to pay my blood-thirsty, gouging (no pun intended), sadistic dentist. ‘Course, I suppose that is still prepping as one has to have good teeth in case of TEOTWAWKI.

    • SD:

      Bein’ an unsophisticated country boy, sushi = uncooked fish = bait.

      • HomeINsteader says:

        Well, just call me an unsophisticated country gal! Tried raw fish; definitely made better bait.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        That’s alright JP. That is how I feel about my mother’s favorite food …. squid {makes me shudder}. And she thinks that dried squid on a stick is the best kind of all day sucker. Ugh…..
        Had my hunting partner over the other day. Iowa farm boy. If I tried to serve him raw fish again he might shove it up my nose. I cooked his salmon.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Feel the same way bout my Dentist. But DH and I still have all our teeth and pretty smiles so that is a blessing. Keep flossin and brushin cause a toothache will be a big deal if TSHTF. Otherwise, good to fear you are doing well. I love smoked salmon but the expense! Like you tho, can’t stop once I start. It’s worse than chocolate. God bless and you and TFMrs,Dan stay safe.

  65. Buuurr in Ohio says:

    Brought my dog to a lure course Saturday to see if he would hunt… my dog hunts. He is only a puppy (5 months) but does he have an instinct to ‘get’. I thought he would have been distracted by all the other dogs that were qualifying but as soon as that lure moved he went for it. Was good to see.

    Bought some ammo. There are certain folk talking of rioting at the local grocery store where I live. You can never be too cautious.

    I hope everyone gets to be safe this week.

    Prayers for all.

  66. Soggy Prepper says:

    Didn’t do a whole lot this week. 12 cans each: spaghetti o’s, corn, peaches and green beans. Younger DD and my brother picked some of the neighbors apples (with permission). So I made an apple pie and got 9 pints of apple butter from it. Had DD take over a thank you apple butter and a fresh loaf of homemade french bread to the neighbor. Next year he said he’ll come over and get us to pick apples! lol
    Still haven’t quite got it through my head the diference between apple butter and apple sauce. My apple sauce is always thick so to me the two are nearly the same. The apple butter turned out a bit sweeter. Does taste good on waffles and warm bread. Oh, and putting it in 6-grain or 10 grain cereal is pretty good.
    Oldest DD boyfriend brought over the 2016: Obama’s America movie last night and we watched it. I now understand why he’s a douche! I couldn’t figure out why he was doing some things and the movie cleared that up. I also now understand a lot more clearly the meaning of anti-colonialism. It’s him to a t.
    Then we watched Walking Dead and I cried. Then watched the preview Doomsday Prepper episode and laughed. Watched more tv last night then I do in a week!

    I’m waiting for Tuesday like waiting for Christmas! I am so excited I can’t stand it! And I’m actually hopeful! Romney just could take this! He could. Praying God gives us a slower slide down then obummers pedal to the metal crash he’s intending. Pray, Pray, Pray!!!
    We find out tomorrow the rate at which America declines!

    Oh, and God is on his Throne! No matter what.

  67. no purchases, but put up frozen rice, and started putting up water. need prayers, i broke my arm yesterday, and now job is iffy. need help paying for meds, etc. thanks pack.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      How in the world did you manage to break your arm? Hope it is not a bad break. Usually arms heal pretty fast. It is a good excuse to not cook on Thanksgiving. Will keep you in my prayers.

    • Oh no, Sewist. Hope it’s not one of those real nasty breaks. My sympathies, and my prayer for speeding healing.

  68. Sewist I’m sorry about your arm & your job situation. You are in my thoughts & prayers.

  69. HomeINsteader says:

    Terribly sorry you broke your arm, Sewist. Praying for swift and complete healing! Don’t preclude the idea of herbal/natural treatments rather than meds. Just, “do your homework” first.

    • village idiot says:

      Home, I couldn’t find a main post so I’ll comment here. I see you made it back from the BOL safe and sound. I’m glad to know that, and hope you got your work done. Stay safe, and God Bless.

  70. I'm A Prep Kat says:

    Oh My! keeping you in my prayers for quick healing. keep us updated.

  71. HomeINsteader says:

    Hey, vi! Thank you for your kind thoughts and words!

    No, we didn’t get the work done. We tried. Murphy’s Law was in full-force, all week. Poor DH had a breakdown at one point, and I had to FORCE him to step away from it for a while (I WAS helping him, as much as possible).

    Seems our $420 ditch can’t be used – not deep enough to bury electrical lines, and can’t go deeper due to rock layers. Now, we have to pay the guy to come back and fill in the $420 ditch that can’t be used – YAY! Can’t wait to shell out more money. Sounds like the Army, doesn’t it? Dig that hole. Fill it in. Now do it again…

    We’ll be back on the mountain soon – trying to finish up what was on the “to do” list last time and couldn’t get done – plus winterizing. It gets brutal up there! After today, we might need to move much faster – who knows?!! ; )

    Blessings to you, and all that is yours,

  72. Hello all.
    Made a trip to Sam’s to replace what had been used out of the pantry. Still down in finances. Hopefully that will be fixed soon.

    • HomeINsteader says:

      Hey, Papabear! Praying that your finances will be fully restored.

      • Thank you HomeINsteader. I’m stalking companies for a new job. It may not fix everything but certainly will change things.

  73. Pineslayer says:

    This week resembles the last 500 weeks, constant, relentless prepping. Some days I wish I could turn it off. How about a different term? We need an acronym that we can have fun with. My 22 obsession is becoming self aware and has taken over. Gear, food, fuel storage, and garden work are at the top of the list for this month. My awesome spousal unit, is finally fully vested, life is good. We watched “Zeitgiest: The Movie” and found the parts on 9-11, and who is really in control, very well laid out and everyone should watch this vid. The opening is weird and part 1 will not set well with some, but…

    My daughter is in a play at school about The Constitution. She has the opening lines and we had a great discussion about our government and how it is supposed to work and how it really works. She is destined to be a rebel.

    Got a big Faraday squared away and dug a hole up in the hills. Oh yea, check out Cold Steel’s sword seconds, got a Viking grade C and it was a deal. Our pumpkin got mulched up nicely with it and it sure was fun. Really for the price ( $75 plus $10 shipping ), 1055 Carbon Steel and well balanced. If you have any curiosity about swords, this is a great way to play around.

    Good luck to all.

    • HomeINsteader says:

      Pineslayer, I need some Farady advice – or, at least, point me in the right direction? What ACTUALLY WORKS in protecting your “stuff” from EMP surges, etc., re: Farady? Because I’ve read in a number of places that a Faraday cage, alone, may not ‘git ‘er done’. What can you tell us?

      Also, I hope you saved the seeds out of the pumpkin. They’re more than just tasty roasted; they are a great “dewormer” for humans and animals! Just grind them up a bit before giving them to a child or to your pet, as the sharp points may not digest and can tear little intestinal walls.

  74. Encourager says:

    Okay, the elections are over. We are depressed and outraged. Since we can’t change it, get over it.

    Get over it, and get prepping. Focus. Do the right thing. Ranting and raging does your blood pressure no good. Take care of yourselves! Don’t make yourselves sick.

    And for those Christians on this site, two verses to keep in mind:
    Romans 13:1 “Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.”

    and: I Tim 2:1-2 “I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people. Ask God to help them; intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them. Pray this way for kings [Presidents!] and all who are in authority so that we can live peaceful and quiet lives marked by godliness and dignity.”

    Keep focused. Do what you can, when you can. Do not get tunnel vision. Reach out and help others. Forgive one another.

    We do not know what the future may hold, but we know Who holds the future in His hands. Trust Him. Live in His peace and love. He knows what He is doing. We are in for hard times; it is not as if we are the first to suffer. Reach down inside of you and pull up your courage. And do the right thing. Keep on preppin’ !

    • Encourager….
      Your right….it’ll take some time but I think I and my friends will come around. Thanks for the pep talk. Rusty

    • HomeINsteader says:

      Actually, Encourager, ranting and raging DO the blood pressure good. Keeping strong emotions bottled up inside is the culprit – releasing them is a steam valve. Science has proven the physiological value of releasing emotions, rather than “storing them up”. Many people have permanent diseases, such as IBS/Irritable Bowel Syndrome, spastic colon, high blood pressure, memory loss, and others have psychologically based illnesses, psychoses, etc., from having stuffed it all down for too long. Some people spend fortunes try to learn how to find that venue, on so-called “professionals” because they can’t release for a good rant or rage. They have perfected the art of “stuffing it down”, the necessity to put on a good front. These are the people who “go postal”, in my opinion. So, I personally think it best to patiently allow the ranting and raging, knowing that, in the final analysis, it is good, as long as it is held in check and puts no one at harm, for the sake of a healthier mind and body…and then we humans are better able to move on, because we have released our anger, fear, disappointment, disillusionment, whatever it may be. It is, unfortunately, part of the human condition to experience such feelings on a regular basis. Ranting and raging are necessary before we can move on. I did see some rather ugly posts from people who do not understand the importance of this release toward people who were “venting”, and I hate that lack of understanding. Hopefully, we’re all “good” now and we can move on!

      • Yet to rant and rage over something we have no control over does us no good. To be able to step back and see situations clearly is what we need to do. I understand about releasing the ‘valve’. However, I KNOW people who rant and rage all the time, over stuff they have no control over. It turns them into bitter, angry people who have no perspective.

        You cannot expect to go forward if you are forever looking at the past. Charles F. Kettering said it well ~”You can’t have a better tomorrow if you are thinking about yesterday all the time.”

        My point was, stand up, shake yourself off and go forward. Do what you can do. Don’t dwell on the past; it is gone, done with. Learn from the past so you don’t repeat the bad stuff. Remember the good you have learned and apply it.

  75. HomeINsteader says:

    And you are equally correct in your point.

  76. I used to be an angry person and I married an angry person. When I got so angry that I actually learned what “seeing red” meant, when I lost all vision because of my angry outburst, I realized that it wasn’t good to go on that way. I learned to let most stuff roll off my back and find I am much more optimistic since I DON’T Vent like that. And I am calmer as well. the old notion that it’s healthy to “Vent” Like that has recently been proven erroneous. It increases blood pressure and stress hormones especially for Habitual “venters”

  77. HomeINsteader says:

    KittyF: There is a vast difference between venting frustrations to let off the steam and move on, and having angry outbursts. They are NOT one and the same. Rattling off at the mouth over a frustration, then putting it behind, should be the norm. For some people, it is. But an angry outburst is a whole different animal. It has been said that we become angry over that which we desire to control and can not. It has also been said that the thing that angers us controls us. Both good points, IMHO.

    Like everything else, there have to be boundaries. The balanced person recognizes and remains within those boundaries; a person outside those boundaries is in out of balance, and in trouble.

    I am not an angry person, and would not like to have to carry that burden; however, if I could not vent my frustrations, I might become an angry person, sorry to say.

    What you describe goes way beyond simple “venting”, in my opinion. I’m happy for you that you’ve been able to get your temper under control. This is not an easy thing.

    I hope everyone reading this is clear on the difference.

    Please provide the source on your proof that this has been proven erroneous. Thank you.

  78. spent the week deer hunting. Where our farm is we have become surrounded by Mennonites that aren’t known to follow the hunting regulations. Unfortunately, between that & a disease that shows up in the drought we have a lot less large deer. Kinda making me worried about when TSHTF if there will be enough wild game for all the city folk that come out to our area to hunt. After sitting in the woods sunup to sundown & seeing & hearing the horse & buggies & other vehicles (road hunters?) that come up & down the dirt road it makes us wonder if this is the place we really want to have for our BOL. It’s gone from a dead end dirt road to a dirt road that leads to 5 new houses with aprox 10 Mennonites per house. I always thought they were nice & quiet folks until we’ve caught them tresspassing & they told us how each member of their family (babies included) shoots the limit of deer they are allotted (the dad or brothers shoot the deer and tag it under the babies allotment.

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