What did you do to prep this week?

Before we start with this weeks “What did you do to Prep This Week” blog segment I would like to thank John C for his donation this week via PayPal and Marti for her donation via the U.S. Postal Service. Thank you both. :handshake:

If the Mayan Doomsday doesn’t wipe us out on 21 December 2012 then look for a complete archive of The Survivalist Blog.net to be made available sometime in early 2013. This will allow everyone to have the vast array of information here available to them even if the internet is no longer accessible.

BTW folks, the  Mayan Doomsday prediction is a bunch of hokum. Only our lord knows the date and time that the world will end. Mar 13:32 “No one knows, however, when that day or hour will come–neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son; only the Father knows.

Okay, now let me think… what did I do to prep this week ?:-)

Went shooting putting several hundred rounds (around 700 hundred) down range doing shoot and move and multiple attacker drills with my Glock 19 and Ar-15 while wearing III-A body armor. Sweat now… or bleed later. 😀

What else…

Oh ya, Curt from “180 Tack” sent me one of their camping stoves. Thank you.

I also received a copy of Brushfire Plague, The Weekend Homesteader and a copy of Black Monday.

Well that’s it for me this week… now over to YOU what did YOU do to prep this week? Let us know in the comments below… ?:-)



  1. Picked up some after Haloween candy at K-Mart. Met some local like minded people in my pre retirement class and plan to net work with them; finally washed some curtains I had been hauling around in my car from a yard sale this summer.

  2. Hi everyone
    Trip to Sams for bulk raisins, dried cranberries, Sams brand canned chicken, and canned beef, hard candy, more tea bags, 1 gal container of body wash and more.
    Decided to try something new when water is limited. Tried to use bar soap with a dry body in the shower. Didn’t work. Purchased liquid body wash, filled smaller container with 1/2 body wash and 1/2 water. Dry body in shower, was able to lather up completely with the body wash and water combination. Used shower water only to rinse off….thus saving lots of water along with a clean body.
    Ordered the generator fuel conversion kit for my generator, from USCarburetion.com not mispelled.. My model generator will accomodate gasoline, propane, and natural. Kit is back-ordered.
    My back yard is concrete. Raising veggies in containers is great for eat as you go, not food storage. Own a dehydrator. Compared dehydrating frozen veggies vs ordering dehydrated veggies online from various companies. Discovered in my area, with food prices as they are…purchasing the bulk dehydrated veggies and fruit was most cost savings. Received order of carrots, diced potatoes, onions, green beans, peas, tomato powder, pinto beans, great northern beans, and dried peas. Decided to try the dried cooked pintos. Three tablespoons of dried pintos to 1 cup water, cooked for 10 – 15 minutes…made enough for entree size meal along with cornbread and onions. Entree size for 1 adult.

    All the chatter re: Mayan issues on Dec. 17th. Ironic..Dec 17th is the date on which the winning slate of electors meet in each state capitol to cast their vote for the next president. Gonna be a very busy December.

    Downloaded more free Kindle books and couple more games on the Berry Playbook. Downloaded mp3’s on the micro SD card, to play on the smartphone. Games and books to entertain, music to serve the nerves and perhaps dance to, after the 17th. Also loaded thru Amazon 31 Days and Dirt Cheap. MD, I’m enjoying your writing style…Hope you write more books.
    Another excellent book everyone should read is Behind the Green Mask, by
    Rosa Fiore…about Agenda 21, how the UN is taking everything we own to spread the wealth to 3rd world. This includes any land we own, the new smart electric meters some of us have attached to our homes and more.
    Log onto http://www.icele.org a list of every country, state, county, and city/town involved in Agenda 21. As of Oct 2012, Alabama is the only state to totally ban Agenda21 in their state. Please educate yourself…no matter your political views..this will effect each of us.
    Rant over…
    Thank you MD and the Pack…I continue to learn everytime I read
    Pray for our military, America, those in the East and all the pack

    • BlueCaribDreams says:

      Lynn, I am having trouble viewing the “icele” website you mentioned. Is it spelled correctly? I am very interested in Agenda 21.


      • Blue, I think the correct spelling is iclei

        just type in agenda 21 – the blaze has an article from june 2011 with a small video re: a group of texans called TAG arguing against it.

        Soros is involved so that should tell us al something.

        Stay safe all.

  3. Greetings Pack!
    Spent this week riding out the storm then cleaning up and repairing damage to the house, relativly minor stuff…siding,shingles,skirting. Power was out only a minute or two, a couple times, most importantly no injuries. Some of our neighbors didn’t fair as well, trees down on cars and on homes, luckily no one was hurt. The storm left lots of damage around the area, some flooding but mostly trees down, even now the power is still out in some places. We were ready to go, but didn’t need to implement any plans or preps, except for using some tools and muscle to help neighbors clean up debris or do small repairs. Before the storm hit my orders from Amazon arrived…a couple books and some gear for the BOB’s.Little bits at a time, slowly building up gear and supplies. The TV and internet are showing scenea of total destruction and death from NJ, NY and other nearby states…thats why we do what we do,we wish we could do more to help but info is scetchy and the way the government is moving in it’s typical ways we would just be in the way. Some financial support can be done , just make sure to check where the money is going and what it’s used for. It’s frustrating to see that these people were so unprepared, unready for something so inevitable. Our prayers go out for all those that suffered losses from this storm.
    Have a SAFE and happy week!

    • HomeINsteader says:

      When things starts looking more like “day to day life” again, perhaps you could start a “Prep 101” in your community? Do free teachings of about 3 hours (no longer), with breaks and maybe even get a group to serve up a free lunch, if possible. We’ve done it through local churches, and been amazed at the responses. I think people in your area are now ready to hear. What do you think?

      • HomeINsteader
        We have spoken to several of our neighbors, some are interested mildly but nobody is too serious.Our situation is unique in that it’s a mobile home park, my mother and grandmother live two homes up from us, they’ve been there for 22 years. My brother rents an apt in an old house at the front of the park for the last 9 years, we’ve been here for 3, they do prep, just not as well as us.We know many of the neighbors very well and have been friends for many years.We do come together to help each other when needed, but some new people that have moved in over the last couple years just don’t get it. They don’t mind when we’re helping shovel snow, clean up storm damage, or fix they’re cars, or borrow everything from toilet paper to tools and flashlights, but they don’t pull their own weight. We don’t mind helping out.. too a point.They do help out with some things and it’s a good neighborhood for the kids, but in a real disaster they couldn’t be counted on for too much. People at church that we’ve spoken to are much more reseptive, but there again, serious preppers are few and far,although more and more are starting to listen and prep a little, extra food,water,meds,tools, and seems like everyone is buying firearms and ammo. So the interest is there, just not super intense and it fades everyday as the power is restored, the trees are cut up, and the debris is taken away. We will continue to talk to our friends and neighbors, without giving away too much info.

        • HomeINsteader says:

          If you change the future for ONE, Big D, that’s one more ready than the ONE would have been. Who knows how many they will reach?

          It will have been worth it! Keep doing what you’re doing; don’t be discouraged by fools; you know what is right – keep doing it! And keep teaching it, at every opportunity – just be careful (I know you will be!) for OpSec reasons.

          I also believe you will start to see more and more people “interested”, even if you have to be careful in your approach. Meet them where they are – intellectually and emotionally. You’ll get through, in a way they can understand and appreciate, and you WILL make a difference. A little readiness is better than no readiness, eh?! Ya’ gotta start somewhere.

          Blessings to you, and all that is yours,

          • HomeINsteader
            We won’t stop or give up. Our plan is to help when we can but also help them to help themselves keeping opsec in mind.If we can be teachers and leaders they may come to our defense if needed.Soldiers and workers will always be in demand.We will try to lead by example.

        • Be careful – those who barely pull their weight now will become a constant drain on (if not outright threat to) your preps when the shtf. I, too, live in a mobile home and their main problem is that they offer absolutely NO protection from any type of attack. Even the lowly .22 will go in one side and out the other (unless you build 4-5 foot tall barricades against the walls inside to ‘bunker behind, which can be done with tightly packed bundles of magazines/newsapapers of large container/boxes packed well with soil – if your floors will support it). Keep spreading the word but carfully and selectively – the main problem is that once you mention it to someone who knows where you live you will be the first they think of when they have their backs against the wall. Of course extra workers will always be needed IF you have the stores to feed them in exchange for the labor AND you can them under control. For a (relatively) short duration emergency with help coming you could share your stores, but if a true TEOTWAWKI those extra months could mean the difference between survival and not. Good luck!

          • Mactex
            Even new built’ real’ houses are not able to take even small caliber gunfire, we’ve done a few mods to increase survivability but it’s not a castle.We plan to help and share in the thought that they will help to defend and help us if needed.10 homes with 50 armed people is much more of a hassle for someone looking for trouble.If we can be good leaders and set an example then wen can come together. I already have a good idea who can be trusted and who has skills in various fields.Any type of long term disaster means we gotta bug out, we have various plans for different scenarios. Something that is a real concern of mine is the nuclear reactor just a few miles away,especialy since the problems in Japan.

            • Guess I was preachin’ to the choir – sounds like you have considered all options and have planned accordingly. No doubt an armed group of 50 trusted, dedicated and entrenched individuals would present a formidable deterent to most who happen by with less than honorable intentions. Would you attempt to bug out en masse or individually? Is there a common destination or rendevous?
              That ‘glow’ plant nearby would kind of give me itchy feet as well – so many variables. Either way you seem to have it covered – Good luck!

  4. Warmongerel says:

    I actually have to think about this now. Prepping has become so ingrained that I just do it. That’s a good thing.

    Picked up some more 7.62 ammo for the SKS. Never have enough but I’m getting there. Also picked up some more slugs for the 12 gauge.

    Added more food supplies to the pantry. Lots of Knorr flavored rice, canned meat, Mrs. Grass’ soup (mmmmm), mushrooms, honey, salt, sugar, etc. I figure that my daughter and I are good for about 3 months now. It’s a start.

    Also picked up some more rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.

    Going to renew my Costco membership tomorrow. Let it lapse a couple of years ago because I never used it and my employer quit paying for it.

    And, of course, read everything that I could and learned!

  5. I took my nephew shooting this afternoon. He recently bought a used savage 22 from a local dealer. I forget the model of it but it is a tube fed semi auto.Sometimes it does a 3 round burst. I think it is dirty or needs some looking into. Maybe the previous owner screwed with it and screwed it up.We will see.

  6. dehydrated some oranges, picked up as much cream of mushroom soup as I could (store had it on sale for 59 cents a can – limit of 4). Picked up a total of 12 by price matching it at one store and using store coupon at another plus had manufacturer’s coupons which resulted in some being as low as 34 cents a can. love it when coupons and sales come together to make really good deals.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      How do you dehydrate (prep and store) oranges. I used the zest for grand marnier then have too many oranges left over.

      • I'm A Prep Kat says:


        Please tell me how you make grand marnier?? I’ve made lemoncilla with vodka and lemon peels, is the process similar?

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          I’m A Prep Kat,
          Similar to limoncello.
          First off, I always double or triple this and try to start a jug every month because this is my favorite in Margueritas or as an aperitif.

          Peel the zest of 4 oranges (sans white) slice into small strips
          (I prefer naval but any un blemished zest will do)
          1 tsp. Real vanilla extract
          1 c. White Granulated Sugar
          1 tsp. Liquid Vegetable Glycerin
          Bring to a boil stirring regularly in a stainless steel pot. Set aside to cool. Once cool add:
          2 1/2 c. 80 proof Vodka (or 1 1/4 c. 190 proof neutral spirits)
          1 c. Brandy
          Seal in jar. Shake weekly while storing in a dark, cool location for 6 MONTHS. Strain and seal in fresh sterile jar. I taste the mix before and after adding alcohol. You want to make sure it tastes right before you put it up for 6 months. It is yummy. I use 190 proof everclear instead of vodka but put it thru a britta pitcher filter before addin it to the mix.

          • I'm A Prep Kat says:

            Thank you! I have all of that on hand and tonight is as good as any to start a batch. I usually buy the less expensive vodka and put it thru the britta filter. It helps smooth off the edges.

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            I’m a Prep Kat,
            This recipe is wrong. Was watching the news and eyes drifted to other recipe and I just was not thinking. I don’t bring anything to a boil. I mottle the zest while working in the sugar let rest til oil begins to rise then stir well. Then combine in large jar with other ingredients . Seal. Shake well. And shake weekly. Do not heat or boil anything. So sorry for error.

  7. Patriot Farmer says:

    I’ve been saving for a while to purchase a Springfield M1A. Springfield offes this gun in the standard length, squad/scout, and the SOCOM variences. Does anyone have any thoughts/suggestions on which would be the better model to pruchase?

    • You can`t go wrong with a 308 springfield. You can go scout or socom or standard. It is a mans rifle built to be a mans rifle.I would go fullsize unless you are in an area that the shorter length would serve you better.I live in a place where there is deer elk bear and hogs so a 308 would serve me better then a 223/5.6 rifle. ymmv though.

    • I’m personally lusting after a SOCOM II. My place is all heavily wooded with many thickets and max open range is 100 yards and that in only 2 places. The country side around me is pretty much the same and with winding roads that limit open distances. So the maneuverability of the 16 inch barrel would work better for me in those circumstances.

  8. BlueCaribDreams says:

    Hello all! The big thing around here this week was little “S” coming home on Friday! Everything is doing good with her, too bad I wasn’t the one to drive her home 🙁 I had to drive to Kentucky to pick up her big sister(“B”). “B” & “S” had some good bonding time, which is important!
    Maybe I can get back to prepping as all of this hospital junk is behind us!


    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Woo Hoo Blue! Good news indeed!

      • BlueCaribDreams says:

        Thanks G-Ma! It has been a difficult week, but we are back on track. Heading to town now to get more ammo… got a feeling we are going to need it by tomorrow night.


  9. breadmomma says:

    dehydrated 2 boxes of apples from my tree..good fruit this year…amazing…
    organized stash, more flashlights in honor of old friend lint,
    ordered more exotic beans…green flageolets and black calypso from Indian harvest.
    got another stainless steel pressure cooker…saves some much time..
    just rotating and keeping all fresh and tasty…canned a whole lot of fruit and salsa…

  10. The days and weeks are running together. If some of this is a repeat of last week I apologize.

    I finally got the Tech-Sight put on my big boy rifle and was ringing steel with it at 200 yards pretty consistently. I think that was Tuesday but maybe it was last week.

    I finished a paid sewing project that was keeping me from my other more interesting sewing project. I did almost no PT except I did a buttload of pushups one day and went to karate twice. The knee I irritated running up a hill last Sunday is better, so I went jogging today for a half hour, then did triple pushups and double situps what I’m used to. And I wasn’t dead at the end of it, so I guess I didn’t fall too far behind waiting for my knee to simmer down.

    From not being able to do even one girlie pushup I’m now up to being able to do a whole mess of them. If I can do it so can you cause I’m a wimp. Just start slow and build on it slowly. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is strength. I was told it would take 6 months to reach my goal of being able to do 50 man pushups in a row. It has been 2 months so far.

    I harvested more tomatoes. I think I have about 5 gallons worth waiting to turn red now, and a gallon of red ones in the fridge waiting to be sliced and dehydrated.

    I made a rabbit soup using sunchokes and some misc. smaller sweet taters I had sitting around, then midweek made the other blog’s recipe for lentil/rice casserole minus the cheese, with the rabbit broth, and then mixed them together. Even though the sunchokes aged a week in the fridge, they still are rather farty. Maybe take Beano when you eat them. They have a lot of inulin in them. But they are tasty. I’m trying to get used to eating as many wild foods as I can, now, so it’s not some big shock if the store bought stuff runs out and if I also can’t garden for some reason.

    I think I could have eked more food out of my garden this year, but I was a bit overwhelmed and let a lot of greens just go. I composted turnip greens and radish greens, rather than can them; I did the same with sweet tater leaves. If I was not working a job or doing all these other extra activities maybe I’d have time for all that, or if there were no groceries I’d certainly MAKE time for all that.

    • Wow! Several really great accomplishments to your credit – the strength training AND learning to eat wild foods. That is one of my goals these next few months as CA is green in the winter and early spring. Just today I noticed the yellow dock is just coming up, so will be digging them out of areas I don’t want them, drying the roots, and eating the lemony tasting greens.

  11. Hi everyone….had a good prepper week. Met up with out local survivalists “meetup” leader for breakfast and I took her to her first gun show!!She bought everything!!! lol… Got some ammo and a new headlamp on sale and a pocket knife sharpener. Also, picked up 6 Conibear traps and metal wire snares. Learning how to us a sling shot for a slingbow, shoots arrows very well and is very powerful. Cleaned my pistols and got the serial numbers off all of them..just in case. Picking up some window alarm systems this week. Got a new Neck knife by Columbia River knife and Tool…love it. Put new slide ejector stop, lanyard plug and magazine drop button on my friends glock. And a new hogue grip for her. Went to our shooting park and shot up 300 rounds of 9mm and 200 rounds of .22.Talked to my brother and son and my friend and we’re all going to follow the GRAY MAN Directive and purchase 4 33rd Mags for our 9mm’s each. Have a great day ….Rusty

  12. Worked on shed for lawn tractors to free space in garage, planted pine trees across front of property, ordered more wheat and oats, ran around 500 rounds of Pistol, and Instructed members of group in handgun shooting.

  13. Just4rselves says:

    Still recovering from gallbladder surgery. DH cut up third deer of the season. I ordered two more for the canner. Planning small stock-up list for shopping the after Thanksgiving grocery sales.

  14. SurvivorDan says:

    Feels very strange but I did absolutely nothing to prep this week.
    I did splurge on 2.5 lbs of salmon for sushi. But I ate it all! So that doesn’t count.
    Have to redirect all extra funds for the next couple of months to pay my blood-thirsty, gouging (no pun intended), sadistic dentist. ‘Course, I suppose that is still prepping as one has to have good teeth in case of TEOTWAWKI.

    • SD:

      Bein’ an unsophisticated country boy, sushi = uncooked fish = bait.

      • HomeINsteader says:

        Well, just call me an unsophisticated country gal! Tried raw fish; definitely made better bait.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        That’s alright JP. That is how I feel about my mother’s favorite food …. squid {makes me shudder}. And she thinks that dried squid on a stick is the best kind of all day sucker. Ugh…..
        Had my hunting partner over the other day. Iowa farm boy. If I tried to serve him raw fish again he might shove it up my nose. I cooked his salmon.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Feel the same way bout my Dentist. But DH and I still have all our teeth and pretty smiles so that is a blessing. Keep flossin and brushin cause a toothache will be a big deal if TSHTF. Otherwise, good to fear you are doing well. I love smoked salmon but the expense! Like you tho, can’t stop once I start. It’s worse than chocolate. God bless and you and TFMrs,Dan stay safe.

  15. Buuurr in Ohio says:

    Brought my dog to a lure course Saturday to see if he would hunt… my dog hunts. He is only a puppy (5 months) but does he have an instinct to ‘get’. I thought he would have been distracted by all the other dogs that were qualifying but as soon as that lure moved he went for it. Was good to see.

    Bought some ammo. There are certain folk talking of rioting at the local grocery store where I live. You can never be too cautious.

    I hope everyone gets to be safe this week.

    Prayers for all.

  16. Soggy Prepper says:

    Didn’t do a whole lot this week. 12 cans each: spaghetti o’s, corn, peaches and green beans. Younger DD and my brother picked some of the neighbors apples (with permission). So I made an apple pie and got 9 pints of apple butter from it. Had DD take over a thank you apple butter and a fresh loaf of homemade french bread to the neighbor. Next year he said he’ll come over and get us to pick apples! lol
    Still haven’t quite got it through my head the diference between apple butter and apple sauce. My apple sauce is always thick so to me the two are nearly the same. The apple butter turned out a bit sweeter. Does taste good on waffles and warm bread. Oh, and putting it in 6-grain or 10 grain cereal is pretty good.
    Oldest DD boyfriend brought over the 2016: Obama’s America movie last night and we watched it. I now understand why he’s a douche! I couldn’t figure out why he was doing some things and the movie cleared that up. I also now understand a lot more clearly the meaning of anti-colonialism. It’s him to a t.
    Then we watched Walking Dead and I cried. Then watched the preview Doomsday Prepper episode and laughed. Watched more tv last night then I do in a week!

    I’m waiting for Tuesday like waiting for Christmas! I am so excited I can’t stand it! And I’m actually hopeful! Romney just could take this! He could. Praying God gives us a slower slide down then obummers pedal to the metal crash he’s intending. Pray, Pray, Pray!!!
    We find out tomorrow the rate at which America declines!

    Oh, and God is on his Throne! No matter what.

  17. no purchases, but put up frozen rice, and started putting up water. need prayers, i broke my arm yesterday, and now job is iffy. need help paying for meds, etc. thanks pack.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      How in the world did you manage to break your arm? Hope it is not a bad break. Usually arms heal pretty fast. It is a good excuse to not cook on Thanksgiving. Will keep you in my prayers.

    • Oh no, Sewist. Hope it’s not one of those real nasty breaks. My sympathies, and my prayer for speeding healing.

  18. Sewist I’m sorry about your arm & your job situation. You are in my thoughts & prayers.

  19. HomeINsteader says:

    Terribly sorry you broke your arm, Sewist. Praying for swift and complete healing! Don’t preclude the idea of herbal/natural treatments rather than meds. Just, “do your homework” first.

    • village idiot says:

      Home, I couldn’t find a main post so I’ll comment here. I see you made it back from the BOL safe and sound. I’m glad to know that, and hope you got your work done. Stay safe, and God Bless.

  20. I'm A Prep Kat says:

    Oh My! keeping you in my prayers for quick healing. keep us updated.

  21. HomeINsteader says:

    Hey, vi! Thank you for your kind thoughts and words!

    No, we didn’t get the work done. We tried. Murphy’s Law was in full-force, all week. Poor DH had a breakdown at one point, and I had to FORCE him to step away from it for a while (I WAS helping him, as much as possible).

    Seems our $420 ditch can’t be used – not deep enough to bury electrical lines, and can’t go deeper due to rock layers. Now, we have to pay the guy to come back and fill in the $420 ditch that can’t be used – YAY! Can’t wait to shell out more money. Sounds like the Army, doesn’t it? Dig that hole. Fill it in. Now do it again…

    We’ll be back on the mountain soon – trying to finish up what was on the “to do” list last time and couldn’t get done – plus winterizing. It gets brutal up there! After today, we might need to move much faster – who knows?!! ; )

    Blessings to you, and all that is yours,

  22. Hello all.
    Made a trip to Sam’s to replace what had been used out of the pantry. Still down in finances. Hopefully that will be fixed soon.

    • HomeINsteader says:

      Hey, Papabear! Praying that your finances will be fully restored.

      • Thank you HomeINsteader. I’m stalking companies for a new job. It may not fix everything but certainly will change things.

  23. Pineslayer says:

    This week resembles the last 500 weeks, constant, relentless prepping. Some days I wish I could turn it off. How about a different term? We need an acronym that we can have fun with. My 22 obsession is becoming self aware and has taken over. Gear, food, fuel storage, and garden work are at the top of the list for this month. My awesome spousal unit, is finally fully vested, life is good. We watched “Zeitgiest: The Movie” and found the parts on 9-11, and who is really in control, very well laid out and everyone should watch this vid. The opening is weird and part 1 will not set well with some, but…

    My daughter is in a play at school about The Constitution. She has the opening lines and we had a great discussion about our government and how it is supposed to work and how it really works. She is destined to be a rebel.

    Got a big Faraday squared away and dug a hole up in the hills. Oh yea, check out Cold Steel’s sword seconds, got a Viking grade C and it was a deal. Our pumpkin got mulched up nicely with it and it sure was fun. Really for the price ( $75 plus $10 shipping ), 1055 Carbon Steel and well balanced. If you have any curiosity about swords, this is a great way to play around.

    Good luck to all.

    • HomeINsteader says:

      Pineslayer, I need some Farady advice – or, at least, point me in the right direction? What ACTUALLY WORKS in protecting your “stuff” from EMP surges, etc., re: Farady? Because I’ve read in a number of places that a Faraday cage, alone, may not ‘git ‘er done’. What can you tell us?

      Also, I hope you saved the seeds out of the pumpkin. They’re more than just tasty roasted; they are a great “dewormer” for humans and animals! Just grind them up a bit before giving them to a child or to your pet, as the sharp points may not digest and can tear little intestinal walls.

  24. Encourager says:

    Okay, the elections are over. We are depressed and outraged. Since we can’t change it, get over it.

    Get over it, and get prepping. Focus. Do the right thing. Ranting and raging does your blood pressure no good. Take care of yourselves! Don’t make yourselves sick.

    And for those Christians on this site, two verses to keep in mind:
    Romans 13:1 “Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.”

    and: I Tim 2:1-2 “I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people. Ask God to help them; intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them. Pray this way for kings [Presidents!] and all who are in authority so that we can live peaceful and quiet lives marked by godliness and dignity.”

    Keep focused. Do what you can, when you can. Do not get tunnel vision. Reach out and help others. Forgive one another.

    We do not know what the future may hold, but we know Who holds the future in His hands. Trust Him. Live in His peace and love. He knows what He is doing. We are in for hard times; it is not as if we are the first to suffer. Reach down inside of you and pull up your courage. And do the right thing. Keep on preppin’ !

    • Encourager….
      Your right….it’ll take some time but I think I and my friends will come around. Thanks for the pep talk. Rusty

    • HomeINsteader says:

      Actually, Encourager, ranting and raging DO the blood pressure good. Keeping strong emotions bottled up inside is the culprit – releasing them is a steam valve. Science has proven the physiological value of releasing emotions, rather than “storing them up”. Many people have permanent diseases, such as IBS/Irritable Bowel Syndrome, spastic colon, high blood pressure, memory loss, and others have psychologically based illnesses, psychoses, etc., from having stuffed it all down for too long. Some people spend fortunes try to learn how to find that venue, on so-called “professionals” because they can’t release for a good rant or rage. They have perfected the art of “stuffing it down”, the necessity to put on a good front. These are the people who “go postal”, in my opinion. So, I personally think it best to patiently allow the ranting and raging, knowing that, in the final analysis, it is good, as long as it is held in check and puts no one at harm, for the sake of a healthier mind and body…and then we humans are better able to move on, because we have released our anger, fear, disappointment, disillusionment, whatever it may be. It is, unfortunately, part of the human condition to experience such feelings on a regular basis. Ranting and raging are necessary before we can move on. I did see some rather ugly posts from people who do not understand the importance of this release toward people who were “venting”, and I hate that lack of understanding. Hopefully, we’re all “good” now and we can move on!

      • Yet to rant and rage over something we have no control over does us no good. To be able to step back and see situations clearly is what we need to do. I understand about releasing the ‘valve’. However, I KNOW people who rant and rage all the time, over stuff they have no control over. It turns them into bitter, angry people who have no perspective.

        You cannot expect to go forward if you are forever looking at the past. Charles F. Kettering said it well ~”You can’t have a better tomorrow if you are thinking about yesterday all the time.”

        My point was, stand up, shake yourself off and go forward. Do what you can do. Don’t dwell on the past; it is gone, done with. Learn from the past so you don’t repeat the bad stuff. Remember the good you have learned and apply it.

  25. HomeINsteader says:

    And you are equally correct in your point.

  26. I used to be an angry person and I married an angry person. When I got so angry that I actually learned what “seeing red” meant, when I lost all vision because of my angry outburst, I realized that it wasn’t good to go on that way. I learned to let most stuff roll off my back and find I am much more optimistic since I DON’T Vent like that. And I am calmer as well. the old notion that it’s healthy to “Vent” Like that has recently been proven erroneous. It increases blood pressure and stress hormones especially for Habitual “venters”

  27. HomeINsteader says:

    KittyF: There is a vast difference between venting frustrations to let off the steam and move on, and having angry outbursts. They are NOT one and the same. Rattling off at the mouth over a frustration, then putting it behind, should be the norm. For some people, it is. But an angry outburst is a whole different animal. It has been said that we become angry over that which we desire to control and can not. It has also been said that the thing that angers us controls us. Both good points, IMHO.

    Like everything else, there have to be boundaries. The balanced person recognizes and remains within those boundaries; a person outside those boundaries is in out of balance, and in trouble.

    I am not an angry person, and would not like to have to carry that burden; however, if I could not vent my frustrations, I might become an angry person, sorry to say.

    What you describe goes way beyond simple “venting”, in my opinion. I’m happy for you that you’ve been able to get your temper under control. This is not an easy thing.

    I hope everyone reading this is clear on the difference.

    Please provide the source on your proof that this has been proven erroneous. Thank you.

  28. spent the week deer hunting. Where our farm is we have become surrounded by Mennonites that aren’t known to follow the hunting regulations. Unfortunately, between that & a disease that shows up in the drought we have a lot less large deer. Kinda making me worried about when TSHTF if there will be enough wild game for all the city folk that come out to our area to hunt. After sitting in the woods sunup to sundown & seeing & hearing the horse & buggies & other vehicles (road hunters?) that come up & down the dirt road it makes us wonder if this is the place we really want to have for our BOL. It’s gone from a dead end dirt road to a dirt road that leads to 5 new houses with aprox 10 Mennonites per house. I always thought they were nice & quiet folks until we’ve caught them tresspassing & they told us how each member of their family (babies included) shoots the limit of deer they are allotted (the dad or brothers shoot the deer and tag it under the babies allotment.