What did you do to prep this week?

Before we start today, I would like to thank Gregory G, Todd B, N SDavis , and Self Reliant Granny for their generous donations this week via PayPal. Thank you. :handshake:

And more great news this morning – the number of subscribers that read the via RSS or Email newsletter has officially, passed the 12,000 subscriber mark! While I can’t be curtain, I would venture to say that The Survivalist Blog.net has more subscribers than most survival blogs.

At any rate we certainly have the best community… The Wolf Pack is a great place to be, and I’m honored to be a part of it all. 🙂

Okay, let me see… what did I do to prep this week…?

Added this “homemade” organizer to my safe.I made this from a shoe organizer that I picked up at Wal-Mart.

Built this porch… while not a prep item it was a lesson in carpentry…

Put up a windmill… with a couple of pulleys, a belt, an alternator and a battery this thing could be used to produce power…

Put together another Shelf-Reliance food rotation shelf system.

Organized this shelf in my storage area…

Bought some matches.

Bought a few bottles of propane.

Well folks that is it for me this week… what about YOU? What did YOU do to prep this week?


  1. M.D. love the handiwork I’ll bet you’re glad to be done with winter coming on. I bought several items this week from a deceased prepper’s wife. She didn’t share his zeal for being prepared and is trying to get rid of all of his outdoor type items and priced them at bargain basement prices. Secured a brand new camp chef portable propane oven with built in burners still in the box for a great price! Also got a Coleman powerhouse lantern with reflector, an extra globe and hard case for a good price. She had many other items but she stored much of his stuff outdoors where it got rained on and exposed to the elements. I didn’t buy any of the trioxane tablets or cases of sterno since they have been stored outdoors for over 3 years and I didn’t trust them. Also obtained an almost new all american pressure canner for 1/3 the cost of a brand new one at a local surplus store which was still in the box. We were also fortunate to put away one deer into the freezer for winter. We don’t eat beef at all due to hormones, antibiotics and who knows what else they feed those poor critters and haven’t for 15 years now. I will do some more deer hunting later this month. M.D. did you have any success deer hunting this season?

  2. Hi everyone. Spent the last few weeks teaching canning to small groups in two states. It amazes me how many thirty and fourty somethings are starting to get busy putting food by. Have just received a call to go to New Mexico to teach a Prepper group. Wish I could be in everyones kitchen showing them how. Thank you all for getting me back out there helping others.

    • HomeINsteader says:

      Bless you! We, too, teach. Isn’t it wonderful to see people picking up the torch and running with it?!

  3. Sw't Tater says:

    I am so glad that Faith continues to heal and is able to be up and about.
    It appears that you passed on your carpentry exam! It is such a blessing, to have a roof and location without a debt..Congratulations on your long term achievements!….We know that it represents much sacrifice on your part, because what we have, we did the same. Some people will claim that there is a free lunch, but those who come here know that they are the ones sacrificing to pay for the lunches of those who believe they are free.

    ….We are in austerity mode, as someone else put it.
    ….I did add a couple small jars of sunflower kernels for the snack stash, and a small bottle of oil of Oregano., and replaced what we used over past month. … Filled some 2 liter bottles with water…Spent about 25$ total.( Someone else will have to make up our part of the 750$ that the budget guru’s say each person will spend on Christmas.) Most of our Christmas gifts will be handmade and or re-purposed from existing items….examples, DD has a air mattress type bed, I will take fitted sheets Already have) and add straps for secure set..for gift… SIL will get clothing, Purchased from a thrift somewhere this past year.approximate cost 5$ each, items bought in July and August.Mom will get useful crocheted item.
    Everyone just has to get used to it..we did the same last year.
    ….. Did a few winterizing chores to a water line, and began moving and preparing to tighten up the underpinning for winter that is coming .
    side note.. It was real pretty here today, High about 72, with a low (of a usual high) of 54 expected , but it will change soon.
    …Raked some more leaves,picked a few more winter herbs.
    …a little more research on native plants and their uses, and posted into an e-mail for future reference,
    …. began gathering scrap together to separate for later re-purpose projects or recycling
    ….made list of priorities for coming month, for chores, and other loose ends that must be taken care of….and began working on projects from that list…
    .. Went to cardiology appointment /pacer check with Mom, pacemaker is getting close to end of life,but heart rate is now present without it.She will need pacer replacement within 6 months, and they will not do it before the battery voltage gets to a certain number. .
    .. Health issues here as well, but at least no worse for the present.I have researched and set order for several products to attempt to address several issues, from anemia and bloat to he “willies”.I need back-ups for my back-ups,…since responses vary.
    Prayers continue for each member of the wolf-pack…I may not know names or needs but the Heavenly Father does..He knows how many hair each of us has, and each soul is important to Him..(Not said to offend the unbelievers,but one day all will believe. I pray that many will become believers before eternity and no time for repentance,)..our nation, the people, the leaders… as many continue to seek God, that they will find the truth that God promises…and that His will for us individually and as a nation be accomplished..Whatever that is. I know it will be righteous and Just.
    … I have been working on some education goals that I have set.
    …strengthening ties to those of like precious faith..my family and extended family.. I didn’t spend much money, but I didn’t think i’d accomplished anything until I started listing ..
    Thanks again MD!

  4. My Preps for week, I organised my bartier items in a plastic tote, ordered some mylar bags, got a case of MRE’s.

  5. HomeINsteader says:

    Well done, Sw’t Tater – you are such a blessing to me, thank you!

    • Sw't Tater says:

      In what re:.a blessing?
      …..however I can help, I am glad for my small part.It’s not necessary to have a lot to spend, to accomplish a few things each week. I have so much that needs doing it is often hard to relate it to preparedness directly…I have found if it gives you any amount of readiness in any area, it truly relates.
      This site has helped, and I have learned from many who posted in the past and those who continue to do so.Thanks PACK and PACK LEADER!

  6. Had a nuke stress test and artery dopler test for blockage this week. Some blockage but nothing they want to mess wirh yet. My heart muscles have improved (strangthend) almost back to normal.
    Decided on the S&W M&P 15-22 Semi Auto.
    Cashed in an old IRA, I’m Old enough to where there is no penalty and taxes will most likely be higher next year. We want to get a single axel utility trailor abd get some stuff out of storage. Save some money. If we need to bug out we can throw all that stuff out and pack in the important stuff. We also plan on paying off some debt and picking up that S&W I mentioned before.
    Replaced some canned items we have used the last few weeks.
    Be careful out there.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      Ron, Do research on R-ALA, Co Q 10, in some form- Krill oil is high in supplements to enhance eyesight…, and garlic.
      My Mom uses cod liver caps, vit E, ALA, and garlic to address her thick blood and balance her fats properly.It makes it easier for her heart to beat.and her heart function has improved since she began it a year and a half ago….then she had maybe 5 self initiated heart beats a min, now it is up to 58….The doctors had tried to do her in with warfarin. When she had a gastric bleed , they still did not want to take her off it.

      • I’ve been taking CoQ10 for a couple of years now. Don’t know if it works but I am sure it hasnt hurt and the doctors never questioned it.

  7. Good bit of wind and rain here this week, so mostly spent time in the greenhouse getting some plants started for the winter gardens. Had one of the hoop houses damaged by the winds so I worked on getting that repaired today. Nothing really exciting to speak of.

    I do have a question though. Due to some weight loss, my IWB holster isn’t as comfortable as it once was so I’m thinking of going to a shoulder holster. Any suggestions? I carry a full size 1911.

    • OregonMike says:

      You can also carry in a belly band. I have the regular type but also one with shoulder straps. Usually carry higher than the belly and it supports the weight of the Para really well. I wear it over a T-shirt and add an outer shirt usually buttoning or snapping the bottom two.
      If the band is black and gets exposed, it looks like a back lifting support. It’s my favorite cold weather carry mode. With weight loss, you can also wear a belly band inside your waist band.

      • OregonMike –
        Thanks for the suggestion, but I’ve tried one of those before (a friend really loves his and insisted I give it a go) but I’m afraid it made me look slightly pregnant even when worn inside my waist band. One of the problems with being tall and thin.
        I could get away with my IWB holster because the weather here makes wearing a light jacket reasonable, but buttoning that jacket to hide the front bulge looks suspicious and gets uncomfortable.

  8. Classic Arms has $249 Chinese SKS with milled receivers and chrome lined barrels. For that price you can outfit your fire team. I find these more accurate than the AK and just as up to punishing conditions. With 10 round fixed mags I think these are even legal in occupied Californika. Oh and it looks like Classic Arms finally got their act together.

    • village idiot says:

      Mexneck, do you have any experience with these SKSs? I’ve stayed away from the Chinese stuff for several years, but those are good prices.

      • VI,
        I own or have owned several of the Chinese model. I’ve never had a problem with them. I only feed them through tapco mags or the Korean drums. I find them more accurate than AK’s. This will be my first order from Classic Arms for this batch of SKS. Excited to see what I get. I don’t care about the stocks or the finish since I usually upgrade the finish and replace or refurbish the stocks.

        • village idiot says:

          Why don’t you do a post about replacing and refurbishing the stocks on an SKS? I know I would find it very interesting and useful.

          • Thanks VI,
            I’ve been thinking about taking the YouTube plunge and making some vids. I need to learn to write because there’s one subject that I’ve been itching to tackle for a while.

            • HomeINsteader says:

              Let us know, Mexneck! Can’t wait!

            • Warmongerel says:

              Go for it, Mex. My SKS looks like it’s gone through a war. And it probably has. A guy at work wants to sell me a synthetic stock for it, but I’m kind of leery of taking it apart.

  9. Goatlover says:

    My big accomplishment was buying 100# of calcium hypocholorite (pool shock) for water treatment when SHTF. We have, or have access to, 4 Artesian wells (can anyone say POWER-FREE water source????) but needed a way to purify it in large quantities. Now to figure out my treatment system and holding tanks….

    Canned turkey stew, and lots of green beans from the garden. Met another local family of the same mindset. They’re buying one of my baby goats to provide stud service next year for their ladies…..I’ve found several preparedness folks through my goats.

    Bought more hens. Spouse’s chicken-killing dog escaped and murdered most of my laying flock. It almost became an object of target practice, but spouse relocated the animal to a shelter instead……

    Ain’t no room on a farm for a chicken-killin’ dawg….!

    • Hunker-Down says:


      Keep that calcium hypochlorite away from food stocks. It is potent and can reach out and spoil things near it.

      • I'm A Prep Kat says:

        What is the best way to store it. I’ve got some still in the bag it came in stored in canning jars with plastic screw top lids. I’ve got it in the pantry because I figured it couldn’t leach out of the glass jar, but should I store it in a different place?

        • Hunker-Down says:


          I like your setup, I just flopped ours in the original plastic bags on a shelf in the garage. One of the sites I read when researching how to purify drinking water said to keep it away from metals and that plastic storage was OK. Not so, according to the above, considering the fire hazard (currently in my garage).
          My UNEDUCATED guess is that your glass jars with a non-metallic top will keep it dry such that it will not decompose into oxygen and chlorine.
          I’m going to order some plastic canning jar lids and store the stuff in the original plastic bags, within glass jars, within a 5 gallon plastic bucket, stored outside.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      Test the water first…if it is artesian it is under pressure and may be coming from an aquifer..what a great resource. Keep papers from where you get it tested…and do not give location of wells, to testing company…label them source 1-2-3 or ABC etc.

    • Goatlover,
      Do you need to treat the artesian well water. We use well water (not artesian) and the only thing we treat for is some iron & calcium, although the raw well water is potable. Have you had the well water tested for bacteria by your local health department? It may be fine as is.

      • Sw't Tater says:

        don’t test thru health dept…all their results come back to add flouride…aka poison…to it. get independent test we use water without treatment, have for 54 years..ours came within 100 ft of surface from almost 400 ft depth…

        • Sw’t Tater,
          I don’t know where you live, but I live in a rural area, and all the health department did for me was check for possibble toxic chemicals (potential farm runoff) and harmful bacteria. Never a mention of chlorine or flourine. My raw water is fine and potable.

          • Sw't Tater says:

            rural also.our water was fine too,…just don’t trust single test-thru one “vendor” I prefer independent one,….but biggest problem is getting it out of 365 ft well…2″ pipe doesn’t get it. have alternative, but not easy way. trying to rig strong enuf power for existing pump.

  10. Prepping Preacher says:

    this was a light week again as i have been under the weather.. we were able to secure 3 doz more canning jars – 2 cs qts, 1 cs pts; we received the cheese wax we ordered… we both spent time researching different topics and reading… an otherwise uneventful week…

  11. HomeINsteader says:

    PP: uneventful is good! Enjoy it while you can.

    Sorry you’ve been under the weather..hope you will soon be well!

    Blessings to you, and all that is yours,

    • Prepping Preacher says:

      thank you, HI, and the same to you and yours… one thing that is rarely, if ever, mentioned in prepping is the need to take a few moments to step back, look things over, evaluate your progress in relation to your goals and make any course adjustments that may be needed – and that includes to goals as well… sometimes, what seemed good a year ago may have to give way to a new direction or at least new approaches… preppers must be flexible but i’m preaching to the chior… lol enjoy

      • I agree. Sometimes life throws things at you that can make you really re-evaluate your prepping. My brother has a son who was recently diagnosed with diabetes and his world was nearly turned upside down. Right now, he’s just doing his best to keep a month’s supply of insulin on hand and that has been difficult to obtain, but not impossible. He’s also been researching ways to make insulin if none is available by traditional means – it can be done but it’s not easy and not consistent. He’s had to completely re-evaluate his plans and focus.

        • Sw't Tater says:

          Bitter melon has proven in some tests to re-vamp the isles of langerhans…what I read said use it 20 days, break for 10 and return to it.Author said to also use fenugreek, cinnamon,gymnea sylvestre, and three other things I can’t remember right now.

      • HomeINsteader says:

        Sounds like a good start for a post in the contests, PP!

  12. I am posting late but I will still post for this week. My usual prepardness routine is to replace what we use. But last month I planted two new apple trees and made vinegar. I finally poured the vinegar into containers for storate on Saturday!

    First time I ever made it and it was easy!

  13. Hunker-Down says:


    Thanks for the pictures, they tell us how hard (and talented) you work on your place.

    We bought a windmill from Harbor Freight (still in the box) and am very interested in learning how to add the pulleys, belt, alternator and battery
    as you described in the picture.
    Since I have a hard time operating a pair of pliers, instructions at the third grade level would be very appropriate.

    Our preps this week was to order iron-on patches from Amazon to fix the holes in the knees of the pants we use when gardening. Since I cant sew, this seems to be the only way to ‘keep my britches on’.

  14. I’m off work for the winter, so I’m using this time to work on skills and organizing my storage area. My step-son just gave me an early Christmas gift of a 5 shelf Muscle Rack, with each shelf capable of holding 1000 lbs. I plan to remove the 4-foot deep plywood shelves the ex built, and replace them with more of these racks.
    I’ve been doing some dehydrating this week, and was drooling over the expensive Excalibur online, when I hit an auction this weekend and got me an older dehydrator very similar to the Excalibur….for $35. I got it cleaned up, and it’s running great. With recent sales on fruits & veggies, this will come in handy. Plan to try my hand at making hash browns this week. Same auction also got me a very nice set of cast iron skillets.

    Also, with funds being very tight, especially with the holidays coming up…I plan to go through December without going to the grocery store. This will (hopefully) show me what I need to be buying more of, and just how sufficient my storage is for one person.

    I’ve been getting the “what do you want for Christmas?” from some family members. So I’ve made a list of things it wouldn’t hurt to have more of on hand….ammo, cases of water, water filters, coffee, etc.

    BTW…I LOVE the add-on the your safe, M.D.! Might have to add one of those to mine. I’m thinking I could put my cups of junk silver and various items in those pockets. Those shoe organizers come in handy for all sorts of things. My niece uses one to hold her cleaning products on the back of her basement door, since she has no under sink storage.

  15. SurvivorDan says:

    Prepping for my exit strategy. Gathering intel on various countries where I can keep a low profile (Happa Asian-American can blend in with locals in many third world countries) and where it is cheap enough to create a substantially better Retreat than I could here. So far – Philippines, Honduras, Belize look like potential. Checking travel options.
    Will still be a prepping maniac after I land somewhere.
    So in the meanwhile…..I got some led, aircraft-aluminum framed, handheld lights at a Home Depot sale. As well as some precision tool sets. Keeping my preps to small transportable items for trans-shipping. Did replace some rice and beans. Will keep current food stocks at 1 to 1/2 year levels until I know I am about to boogie away.

    • village idiot says:

      I will look forward to your posts seeking a new land for your adventures, Dan. Keep us informed. But if it were me, I would seek out Asia, I think. I believe that area of the world is on the upswing, but I’d stay well away from the Muslim areas like Indonesia.

    • riverrider says:

      sd, belize is having problems between the haves and have nots, philippines with muslims, honduras might be an option. there is a cia open source site online you can check whats going on in any country in the world. can’t find the link just now, but i found it thru google.good luck.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Check out the ABC Islands off Argentina. A friend moved to Curacao and loved it. Have lost track but know one of the islands is not as good for tourism and was dirt cheap. Also, the Islands are somehow protected from a lot of bad weather. Love you are staying with the pack.

        • SurvivorDan says:

          Hopefully the Netherlands can keep the islands as others have an eye on them. Be that as it may, I am not going home to Hawaii because I have little confidence that even I could survive a calamitous Collapse on any of the islands. So, going to any little island is out of the question (I was only kidding about longing for an island of gullible Amazon women…well….sort of kidding) as limited natural resources and restricted avenues of retreat do not appeal to me. Though, I imagine that Curacao is lovely with beautiful, brown-eyed, curvaceous, gullible….

      • SurvivorDan says:

        Thanks rr. I spent a few years in Honduras and a neighboring banana republic (now once again a gloriously commie run sh*t hole) so I have some knowledge of that area albeit outdated. I have a former DOD comrade now living happily in the Philippines and trusted human intel is best. I know to stay out of the moslem areas. The problem with Honduras is that the drug cartels are trans-shipping through there now and the illicit drug industry related murder rate is sky high. Not to mention that the former (commie) prez and the right wingers are in the middle of an uneasy truce. Was a lovely peaceful place once.
        Maybe I can find a deserted island somewhere inhabited only by gullible Amazon woman……

        • SurvivorDan says:

          Oh and thank you for your input as well, VI. 🙂

        • riverrider says:

          sd, yeah i thought maybe the cartel was bleeding over into hondo. curacao is highly recommended. there is a large u.s. expat population there. you have to have “visible means of support” to get in, but i think you got that covered. just remember they’re on island time there, meaning nothing moves fast. think snail. they open the shops 10-ish, close at 1130-ish for a two hour lunch, open back up for a couple hours then close to prep for dinner which is usually a dress up affair. i’m told medical care is good but major stuff requires a trip to venuzuela. they get my vote.

          • SurvivorDan says:

            I lived in Melbourne, Australia for a year. I would call ahead to a shop to make certain they would be open when I arrived. Often enough I would arrive midday to find a sign on the door that read, “Back in a bit”. I would then proceed to search out the local bars for the shopkeeper! Aussie time!

      • riverrider –
        I think you’re referring to:
        Good source that I use all the time when traveling.

  16. No prepping this week. Death in the family & dealing with all that. Sad to say the death was probably the best thing that could have happened to this individual. He was a drug addict & running with a very bad set of people…there is a lot of dark side to this situation with drugs, overdose, stolen cars, id’s, credit cards, etc. Just a lot for DH to deal with. Makes you grateful for what you don’t have in your life. Very sad to see a young man die before his prime.

    With all that going on didn’t get to go deer hunting again. Maybe, next week things will calm down & I’ll get to get back out there.

    Blessings to the pack. Hug the ones you love & try to help the ones in need. You never know when tragedy could strike or the personal tragedy some people are going through & feel like they have no way out.

    • village idiot says:

      I hate to hear the story of that young man, kate. There are so many who fit in that same category these days. Crushed and ruined in what should be the prime of their lives. We are powerless to protect our borders, stop the dope, the pushers, every aspect of the drug culture. And our families suffer. God help us.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        There are people who suffer greatly in this life, some by their own hands. I pray he has found peace and that your family heals.

  17. Candy In Nebraska says:

    We had a busy week with sick Grandbabies. We still managed to dehydrate 20 lbs of onions and can 5 gallons of bbq sauce.
    Went shopping and bought the following:

    45 lbs of Top Cut Corn Beef @ $1.00 a lb
    30 lbs of Black Forest Ham @ $1.90 a lb
    15 lb Pork Roll @ $2.00 a lb
    24 bags of humas chips for Grandbabes for $2.00
    3 cases of Ludens honey cough drops @ $5.00 a case
    30 lbs of frozen diced carrots for $10.00

    I will have a lot of canning to do for the next few days.

    De-cluttered Dining room because Hubby has a Dining room Table Set coming for me along with a new stove.
    Hubby also bought a woodstove for $200.00 brand new never used still had price tag on it for $269.99 not much of a savings but it sure upset a lot of folks. No one was interested until I told them I would take it.
    Daughter is still going through boxes and getting rid of stuff she does not use. Kids bought me a 6 qt dutch oven day after I bought 1 for myself. So now I have 2. Told them I have a project for them for this spring I want a spit made not sure if correct term but it will be able to hold both ovens over a fire for me and that I will need hooks as well. Going to get it for my birthday.
    been collecting seeds from all the squash I received this fall, so I will have plenty of squash.

  18. mountain lady says:

    We also survived the winter storms. Lost power early Sunday, and got it back 2 hours ago. All went well. Just now finished reading all the posts. I did find a few “wish we hads” yesterday and last night, and will work on that in the near future.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Glad you survived with little damage.

      And to all those dealing with storms in the NW and Sandy and other disasters: Am praying for your safety.

    • mountain lady =
      Glad you came through it OK.
      Next round is just beginning here so you’ll probably get hit later tonight again.
      Hope you have plenty of champagne and brie stocked!

      • mountain lady says:

        I do have one bottle of champagne and one round of brie. Think that should get me through the week, lol. I am trying to save it for 12/21 party, just to celebrate the dawning of the age of Aquarius and making it to the Galactic center.

  19. Hello ‘Pack,
    I hope you’re having a blessed week. Unfortunately the old homestead sprung a leak this week causing some serious damage to the ceiling. That would have been bad enough but with the help of a plumber I had to track down the leak. That meant tearing apart some walls. Not a good time. The leak turned out to be a pin hole in a very hard to access part of the line. In the interest of educating others I want to share my experience and what I learned.
    1. Know where the main water shutoff to your house is
    2. Take a look at your plumbing and try to map out as best you can how your pipes run and where wet walls are. Knowing if you have plumbing in the attic or basement is really important.
    3. Know the material and nomenclature of your plumbing fixtures and whether they are replaceable or repairable. The ‘Pack mantra of one is none and two is one applied here is important.
    4. Know when you’re out of your league with the problem and don’t be afraid to call in an expert.
    5. Send DW or DH to the pharmacy during demolition to acquire smelling salts and valerium which they will need to ingest on return and finding multiple walls and / or ceilings without sheetrock.
    6. Watch You Tube to acquire new sheet rock and carpentry skills.
    Hope that helps someone. It’s December and I’m still in shorts most of the time, hope y’all are keeping it on the sunny side too.

    • 7. Maintain your sense of humor about the situation.

      I think you succeeded there as evidenced in #5, even if it is necessary.

      • 8. Add valves.

        • Mari,
          valves on the pipes? Where?

          • Uh, no valves beyond the main? That was (and still is) a problem at our house. Helps to have a few valves, i.e. in the kitchen and bathroom so one doesn’t have to shut off the whole house to replace a sink faucet. Recommend that folks understand the difference between gate valves & ball valves.

            • Thanks Mari,
              I’m not a plumber but I play one in the house. I will look up installing said valves and hopefully not flood the house.

      • GA Red.
        Agreed. It is really part of my prepping as many “experts” say that it will be your frame of mind that will determine your survival.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      I don’t think there is a homeowner that cannot empathize with your grief. Hang in there . Just comes with the territory. We too have been having days in the 70s and nights in the 50s. It is heavenly for a change. Now that the leak is fixed why not wait til colder wx to do inside work. Just keep on doing what you’re doing.

      • Tac G-Ma,
        Lol I would love to wait but DW does not have any “wait” in her. I’m typing this as I wait for the primer on the under the sink patch to dry. Next up the ceiling. How is it that in all these projects she ends up as the supervisor pointing and enjoying a cup of tea while I’m upside down with water leaking into my face?

  20. Hey it's Dave says:

    Has anyhone found a use for all these extra canning jar rings? Wind chimes?

    • Candy In Nebraska says:

      My daughter is making a belt out of the old rings, and another daughter is helping the grandbabes make magnetic picture frames for thefridge with them as well

    • Take a wire coat hanger and open it up. Then stretch the triangular shape into a circle or an oval. Voila! Now you have a handy dandy jar ring holder. Just hang it by its original hook in your storage area and you can add and subtract rings to it when you’re canning. Easy peasy.

  21. HomeINsteader says:

    WHAT extra canning jar rings? I leave them on for storage. I know – some sites tell you to remove them; this is usually because people store canned foods in their damp basements, where they easily rust. Mine are stored in my house, where (for now, anyway) it is climate controlled. Don’t have a basement. The rings prevent damage to the caps if the jars get bumped for some reason, and they often do; a tiny bit of damage goes a long way for allowing in just enough air to cause spoilage, which may or may not be detectable before you eat it.

    If nothing else, save them where they won’t rust – all those folks who are NOT stocking up on these times for post-SHTF? They’ll be useful for bartering.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      I’m with you. Take good care of those rings cause you don’t need em til you need em.

  22. I hust got the notice….

    LPC Survival (The Berkey Guy), and advertiser her has announced that Berkey filters can now ship the California!

  23. Bit late to the forum this week–but there are some good free prepping books today and yesterday. Today there’s a good canning one put out by Backwoods home magazine, and a Sealing Yourself In book for newer preppers. (Also, one of the Weekend Homesteaders is on its third free day!)

    Please pop over and get some books, if you haven’t already! http://preputilityvehicle.blogspot.ca/2012/12/free-books-available-dec-4-2012.html

  24. Yesterday, totally by accident, discovered a small group of co-worker unhappy citizens / possible beginning peppers. Had a side talk with the one with the big mouth so that upper mgmnt doesn’t overhear her, which around here can be very dangerous due to “health & wellness” political correctness. Good thing. The “bloodletting” started here before 6 this morning, mostly due to the economy, probable higher taxes, and super increased cost of healthcare/dental/eye. Not surprised.

    Oh, and the scary panels of medical deciders that the left says doesn’t exist. Yes they do. Confirmed locally. Also fairly close by, doctors being let go from hospitals to save $ and prevent closure. Confirmed.

    • Mari,

      Home’r gives you sound advise. Make certain you can trust people before disclosing preps.

    • Warmongerel says:

      I agree. Watch out for people unless you “know their mind”.

      I have an old friend of mine that wants to meet and discuss TEOTWAWKI suddenly. I’d love to trust him, but I don’t know if I should.

      He’s into the whole “Illuminati” conspiracy thing. I’ve told him that it’s much more basic than that, and that if the world crashes it will be because of nothing more than the Leftists spending money that we don’t have to buy votes, power and influence. He refuses to believe it.

      So far, I’ve told him to stock up on water, food and ammo but, quite frankly, he probably isn’t a guy that I want around if it comes down to it.

      I guess what I’m trying to say is that, if I don’t even trust an old friend, you should definitely not trust someone whom you’ve just “discovered” as a potential prepper.

      Is that cold? Maybe. But, when it comes down to the survival of my daughter and me, I’m prepared to be a lot colder than that.

      • HomeINsteader says:

        I hear you loud and clear, warmongerel – but don’t be too quick too close off the listening to your friend, either. The Illuminati is very, very real and has been around for many generations. It might surprise you to learn just “who” is on the roster!

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          I don’t know anything about the Illuminati except what I have seen in the movies. What are your sources? Are they priests or some fraternity?

          • HomeINsteader says:

            Neither priests nor some fraternity. I’m afraid I can not tell you more in this forum. Sorry. They have been around for a very long time, however, since the founding of our country, at a minimum. I don’t really watch t.v. or movies much, so, no, Hollywood or the media is not the source of my info, either.

            They are not fiction; they are not a figment of an active imagination. They are real, and their agenda is real. It ain’t good.

            Those who have reached “a certain level” in the Masons know. And, no – I am not nor shall I ever be associated with the Masons. But I did have family who were, sorry to say.

            • Tactical G-Ma says:

              I read the definition on Wikipedia. Sounds like Nazis, to me.

            • I don’t think there is a specific group known as the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, and other mythical power groups; however, the people that would make up these types of groups include some of the wealthiest families in the world. They have control of governments and politicians and their most public attempt at control of everything is the U.N. Agenda 21. You can go to the U.N. website and look at the goals and the process, all out in the open, in clear text. Many of these are progressives who think that they are so much smarter than the rest of us, and the fact that they managed to get TDL reelected in spite of the poor economy and economic outlook, should make us all aware of their potential and their plans. As for the Masons, I think they are a convenient boogie man to point at, like the magicians trick of watching my right hand, while the left hand performs the magic.

            • Sw't Tater says:

              They are very real. You have to have a certain IQ to get an invitation to join them. I know of two people who received such invitations..they did not agree with their agenda…

          • Hunker-Down says:

            Tactical G-Ma,

            Another conspiracy tale going back centuries: Half smog, half truth. It spans from the 15-16th century Franciscans to our current day federal reserve system with most boogeyman stories through that period loosely attached to and blamed on the Illuminati. Their purpose was redefined every time a new accuser added a new conspiracy story with another layer of spooky members.


            Click on the “more info below” to expand the text.

      • Cold? Yes! But very realistic! Mari, anybody flapping their mouths about their preps is just someone to listen very closely to. Say nothing, give nothing away! Just listen. What you will most probably hear is someone that has a very unbalanced view of prepping and in the process of their bragging, you will be able to figure out what they don’t have and won’t mind taking from you. Listen for what they are “willing to do” as in “why stock up groceries, I have a gun” mentalities. Don’t share! Don’t give advice! Ask questions, never answer any.l

        • Warmongerel says:

          I agree, OhioPrepper. That’s what I keep telling my friend. Yes, there is a group trying to usher in a “New World Order”, but it’s the “Progressives” as you call them. I just call them outright Communists. You can call them the “Illuminati” if you’d like.

          And you’re right: they’ve been openly plotting to take over the world for the past 200+ years. Most people think that Communism began with Karl Marx, but his ideas were just the version of Communism that became popular.

          A little known fact is that the first English settlers in America tried to implement a Communist system of governance. They almost starved to death – because everyone expected the others to provide for them – and quickly switched to a free-market system.

          • Warmongerel,
            Those first settlers “had” to have the communist system of share the work & the wealth, because that was in their contract from the company that sponsored them. It only took one winter of nearly starving to death to make each person responsible for himself, which ultimately worked. The mantra of “From each according to his ability and to each according to his needs” is a very alluring slogan and would work well if all man were angels and there was no slothfulness and greed; however, human nature being what it is, it only works in small groups where all who join the group have the right work ethic and morals, although over time, even these generally fail. In the second Atlas Shrugged movies they discuss this from a former employee of a company with this mission. As he put it, those with ability worked harder and harder and those with needs, only became more needy. That I think pretty much sums it up.

            The progressive movement was in full tilt in the early 1900’s USA. They are responsible for the 16th and 17th amendments (Income tax and direct election of senators) and the Federal Reserve. Eventually, the very term progressive became toxic, so they all became liberals. Now that liberal has become toxic, they are all once again progressives, trying yet again to hide their true elitist agenda.

      • No, that’s not cold at all, at least not to my way of thinking. Myself, I can be colder than a mackeral when necessary. Big mouth has a very big mouth, particularly with her rants on “21.” She shares her huge concern with anyone who will listen (which was why I advised her to watch her back at work); however, I think her pals in the office, while concerned, are much smarter at keeping a low profile and thinking about things they need to do even if just relating to storm / power outage preps. They will never ever hear about what I have or do. I’m even leery of any pepper-related solicited suggestions as that info might be overheard by big mouth talking to anyone who sits close to a person whom I don’t trust at all for any reason. And that person is the only one at work who knows where I live. Desperate people are capable of doing incredibly stupid things.

        One, the absolute discreet one, is extremely knowledgeable about poultry, and I’ve no doubt that person will give me any info that I might need in that regard if I were to ask. No other pepper info is shared between us, but I’d venture to say we both intuitively know we’ve both got many aspects covered for a reasonable amount of time.

  25. HomeINsteader says:

    Be VERY CAREFUL, Mari; trust no one UNTIL THEY GIVE YOU A REASON TO TRUST THEM. And avoid “big mouth” like the plague she is. That smiling face today will come for what you prepped and he/she didn’t tomorrow, and they won’t care what they have to do to get it.

  26. Mari, yes as ObamaCare rolls out there will be lots of businesses taking what they hope will be survival measures to save their businesses. While a few, Red Lobster; Olive Garden; Walmart; McDonald’s are making their stands to hire mostly part time staff going forward, there are many more not willing to make broad statements and take the heat from the media, they are just gonna do it. Keep your eyes open, your mind open, take it all in, but be careful what you say and to whom you say it. Best advice I have.

  27. I don’t usually post twice in a week, but today there are quite a few specifically prepper-type books free that I’ve listed here. http://preputilityvehicle.blogspot.ca/2012/12/free-books-available-dec-6-2012.html Hopefully everyone interested in free prepping books already checks there every day but I know with the high regard for Op Sec in this community not very many actually subscribe and may forget, so here’s a reminder. Been quite a few lately, not just today. Enjoy!

    It seems like since the WDYDTPTW posts changed to Sundays, there have been a lot fewer comments on them. I’m sure you all have noticed that too. I wonder whether many people need the two weekend days of time just after it’s posted to really get into conversations and sitting down to post and read. Wondering, M.D., if Saturdays mornings are bad for you, whether posting sometime on Friday might encourage more contributions. Then more people have the whole weekend to read and post. Not really my business but just a thought. I’m sure you’ve already thought of it. Maybe the reduced posting is a blessing for you! 🙂

    • Natalia,

      I’ve been considering moving the post back to Saturday…

      • PGCPrepper says:

        I, for one, would rather you do what fits your life schedule the best. It seems that all other’s find some time to post somewhere during the following days other than HomeInsteader 😀 j/k HI. Hahaha

        I wouldn’t want to moderate all these comments myself and appreciate it. Please do what fits you best. BTW, send me the mailing address you use for a contribution. I will only send a personal check. TIA

        • PGCPrepper,

          Overall an average of 200-300 comments per day… but I feel good about it. I just hope this blog helps a lot of folks live better today and survive tomorrow.

  28. HomeINsteader says:

    You are amazing, M.D.! Thank you for all you do every day. And I still think you should bring on board a “helper”, no matter what some say. I totally trust you to find someone whom YOU trust implicitly, and that is good enough for me.

  29. Hey, Wolfpack, I have a question. I have been using the homemade laundry deterfent recipe for sveral months now. The only complaint I have is that it leaves a dingy ring at the water level (like a bathtub ring). Can anyoone tell me if there is a way to prevent this?

    • Sw't Tater says:

      Clean your washer by filling the tub completely full of water. preferably hot. add 2 oz of oxiclean allow to sit two hours and rinse tub… the detergent has super cleaned the tub…you might also try wiping the tub down with a cotton cloth dipped in vinegar after every few washes- after you have cleaned it.

  30. Picked up “Where There Is No Doctor”, and “Where There Is No Dentist”, filled a few empty cat litter bottles with non-potable water, bought some Calcium Hypochlorite, bought some of those mylar emergency blankets for emergency kits, dried some spinach, and added a few other things to the pantry.

    Love this blog. Fairly new to the prepping thing, and can’t do much as most of your readers as I am an urban condo dweller, but feeling like I could handle a few months of lack of services if some sort of disaster happened. Except for water. Still trying to figure out how to manage that for more than a couple of weeks.