What did you do to prep this week?

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Okay, let me think….. what did I do to prep this week?

Yesterday, I went to every firearms dealers in my county and one in KY, what I saw was no surprise… There were no AR-15 rifles on the shelf, no full-capacity 30 round magazines and very little .223 ammo. One dealer said that they had sold over 40 AR’s in one day, and were sold out and could not get anymore at this time.

Even my local Wal-Mart, that used to carry several different manufactures AR-15 rifles was sold out (they did not remove them from their store) I asked the guy working behind the counter and he said that they all had sold within two days…

I also noticed that the AK-47 look a likes  (real AK-47’s are capable of full-auto fire) were also sold out. Glock handguns were still available but I could not find any full capacity magazines available for those…

One thing that we can say about our fearless leader is that he is responsible for putting more guns “on the street” than any other president in U.S. history, could be why he needed to take an all expense paid vacation to Hawaii… nice pics of the prez relaxing btw… yes we can!…:sarcasm:

Now what did I do to prep this week…

This week I sent the NRA a donation – if you’re not a member of the NRA then join now – a one year associate membership is only $10.00 and and is payable via check, money order, credit card or via paypal.

I know some folks prefer “Gun Owners of America” and they are a good organization with good intentions, but there is a reason that you never hear them mentioned by the Anti-Second Amendment news media… it’s because they do not have as much clout as the NRA in Washington.

If you want to join “Gun Owners of America” that is great – do it!

But also join the NRA – even if you do not agree with everything they say all of the time (I don’t either), the simple fact is this, if it were not for the NRA the Second Amendment would have been repealed years ago.

What else…

I watched Joel M Skousen’s new DVD “Strategic Relocation” I have a lot of respect for Mr. Skousens advice when it comes to choosing retreat locations and this video has some good advice, but is essentially a promotion for his book Strategic Relocation – North American Guide to Safe Places.

My advice is to just get the book and skip the video… and don’t forget to read his exclusive article for The Survivalist Blog.net “The East Coast Retreat Dilemma” ;-).

Also, this week; Dorcy sent me one of their “Metal Gear XL-M Extreme 600 Lumen LED Flashlights” for review – this thing is super bright! It’s like having a spotlight in your hand…

Well folks… that is it for me this week. What about you? What have YOU done to prep this week?

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  1. My recent sickness and my first ever bout with pink eye led me to discover polysporin ear and eye – drops with antibiotics in them. Over the shelf antibiotics are good, I plan to get more.

  2. merry christmas m.d., and the pack…..not much this week. got my fal paratroop carbine back from the repair shop, whoohoo! while there i ran into a ruger 10/22 with redfield scope for private sale, merry christmas to me:) the gunsmith is hooked up with about all the levels of law enforcement in the area as they are the only class3 dealer around. he says le/ng is in no mood to be collecting guns from citizens. one quote was ” they might get them turned in on the capitol steps”. this was backed up by a personal visit with a fed in the family. as you can imagine, this is good news to me, yet watching the talking heads gives me pause. the shear ignorance about the subject is astonishing. one “lady” was on cnn blathering about how we can’t let veterans guard our kids because they might go all ptsd and crap. well we see how gunfree zones work, how do they think it’ll be when the whole country is a “gunfree” zone. mexico comes to mind….spent a few days with my sis in delaware, not as bad as i thought yankee wise:) glad to get home out of the traffic though. merry christmas yawl.

    • Tinfoil Hat says:


      Glad you got out of Occupied Territory safely. I honestly don’t spend much time thinking how LE or even the Military will react. I would love to think my Officer Corp would resign en masse or downright refuse the illegal orders, but I just don’t have that much confidence. I think the older NCOs (E8s and up) might do the right thing, but they’re far outnumbered. As far as LE, well, they’re an unknown in my scenarios. Let’s just say I don’t look for much help from that corner? If they help it’s a nice bonus.

      Still got that beer waitin on you friend…

      • riverrider says:

        tin, roger that on the beer. i’m hoping to take you up on it come spring….well, my fear after talking with my .mil friends was LE. this week calmed some of that apprehension at least. i think enlisted army is fed up with you-know-who. even o6’s are talking in the open. spec-ops is hating on tdl as well. the alphabets, well they are the wildcard. atf has said publicly they don’t want the lead on this. a face book investigator;) said he would not go quietly himself. of course there are suckups in every org that would try to follow the tdl off the cliff. i think when they start failing to return from the hinterlands the rest will get the message. still, i will continue to improve my position. i have the dw at least thinking about moving our postion out that away. merry christmas.

      • Nullification. 10th Amendment. Each state can nullify a federal law. Several states are busy nullifying the NDAA and Obamacare now.

        • riverrider says:

          frankly, i think its time for people to read the first line of the constitution again….”THESE united STATES.” not THE united states. see the difference? the states need to get their hand out of the fed’s wallet and assert their true authority. doing so would likely end up in the second war of northern aggression. so be it. i think we have western friends this time around.

          • OregonMike says:

            You’ve got PLENTY of Western friends this time. If it weren’t for the few major cities with occupants relying on freebies and handouts, Pac NW is conservative.

          • Alittle2late says:

            I’m defecting if it comes to that.

      • I don’t think the military is in love with how a general was taken down so quickly.

        • Mari,
          I believe the count is 4 Generals and 1 Admiral.

          • I lost track after the Admiral and 2 Generals. It’d be interesting to be a fly on the ceiling and listen in to some of the conversations that are undoubtedly taking place.

    • village idiot says:

      Hey, river, I turned the boob tube off the idiot networks, and have been giving some things a little thought. It is likely that NG folks from Virginia would be federalized and sent to NY, and NY to Virginia when it came time to do the work you speak of. It is highly unlikely that local NG would cooperate, but those in NY would love to stick it to you. Or me, as the case may be.

      • vi, agreed that they may be moved around just not sure they would leave the state. that might be even worse, as the eastern occuppied territory has no use for moral and looks down on the hill people. switching states would not be any more effective in my opinion, i have met many like minded ng troopers in my travels, pa. in particular. i suspect tdl would send army troops or failing that sign the treaty and bring in u.n. troops……i just saw a headline on msn that the debate is splitting sandy hook as well. maybe the hysteria is wearing off. merry christmas my friend to you and yours.

  3. bwright1553 says:

    We bought 3 hurricane lamps, lamp oil, and wicks. We found the lamps at our local Goodwill store. You might be surprised but you can find some useful things at very inexpensive prices. Of course, I bought more ammo, but no .233’s because those are gone! I stocked up on .30-.30 ammo for my Marlin lever rifle. My ignorant liberal friends have assured me that the lever rifle isn’t an “assault weapon”. So I’ve got that going for me. This afternoon I plan to organize and add to my prepper notebook. Merry Christmas!!

    • Swabbie Robbie says:

      I did something similar today. In fact I just got back. I also have a .30-30 lever action rifle (a good deer gun for the country I live in with the woods and hills). I never had reloading die’s for that round, so I went and bought a set and picked up a few other items to upgrade my reloading equipment (which is pretty basic – and i plan to keep it that way). Of course I also bought some .30-30 bullets, primers, and a pound of powder. I am looking forward to being able to target shoot more with that gun now without going broke.

  4. Got my part in from Dillon for my reloading press. Ordered on Friday received on Tuesday, and at no cost. With the holidays and car issues just haven’t installed it yet.

    Ordered and received a few small items, the received ones were for Christmas and the ones we ordered, we preps. Today, 1saleaday.com has some inexpensive prepper items in the “Flash” (no shipping” section.

    I too went out looking at the stock of guns and magazines in town here. All gone by Wednesday, even the $1600 Ruger 556. I did pick up a replacement 25 round mag for the 10/22 (friend bought it from me 2 weeks ago and I hadn’t gotten around to replacing it) and 2 for my S&W M&P 1522.

    Food preps were just replacing things we used. We did get some more plastic storage tubs to sort out a lot of little comfort and trade items.

    With school out I’ve got the grandsons about half the holiday season. Gifts are settled, this year we spent a little less and more were durable/practical. With was good.

    My DW and I wish all the Pack a Merry Christmas. Remember the real reason for the season and who’s truly in charge. It will greatly reduce your stress.

  5. NorCal Ray may not be leaving comments on this site anymore, but he is always thinking of us. I got a call on Friday from him. He told me there is a prepper site here in CA that we should be aware of: http://www.disasterstuff.com/

    It is actually located not far from me in Roseville, CA, but ships all over and THEY CARRY THE BERKEY WATER FILTERs!!!! Of course with California’s over the top laws, since Berkey has not yet complied with all the red tape to sell for human use in California, you have to download and sign a little form and agree that you are buying it for pets or livestock – or even 150 lb goldfish.

    They also have some stuff I haven’t seen on other sites to date, and the stuff I priced seems to be competative, including Tattler lids for $9.45 a dozen.

    • mountain lady says:

      Michele, thanks for the link. I have been wanting to get a Berkey for a long time, but could not do a workaround to get one here. Will also send a link to my friend in San Francisco, as she has had the same problem.

  6. Got a set of backup two-way radios for short distance communications; increased stock of canned veggies; got a USB/AC wall adapter and a USB charger adapter for my truck; and 2 mylar blankets.

    Going to check out OTC eye antibiotics too that Mike used. Great idea!

  7. Hunker-Down says:

    Merry Christmas to every Wolf Pack member. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

    I received a copy of Atlas Shrugged for my birthday, it’s 1168 pages. I asked for the book instead of the DVDs because I think the entire series is no yet released, and the book is a lot cheaper.

    My luck is normally bad. I won a box of 24 Hershey bars in the second grade (1945), then my luck changed. Until last week. I ordered 5 clip-thingees for the 22 and six for the 19th of glockster. They did not get back ordered, I have them in hand.

    Question for the Pack;
    I just discovered the group, “Oathkeepers”. I’m interested in your comments, both positive and negative about the organization. Looking at their website, it is curious that there is no mention of the NRA. Are they at odds with one another? Why?

    • Pete, the Windy City Viking says:

      Hunker Down:

      Hope you “rationed” some of those 1945 Hershey bars to store with your preps!


    • Hunker down: the book Atlas Shrugged is much better that the DVDs. They are OK but there isso much more knowledge to be gained from the book.

    • Warmongerel says:

      You are correct, Hunker-Down: Only the 1st two parts of the Atlas Shrugged movie have been made. The 1st one is on Netflix. They’re not bad, but the book is, of course, better.

      I see the Packers put the hurt on the Titans. Congrats. The Vikings beat up Houston, so don’t count us out, yet. We’ll see what happens next week. 😉

    • ozhillbilly says:

      Hunker-Down, I’m half through with Atlas Shrugged right now. For me it was slow starting but once I got into it I was hooked. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am.

    • Hunker-Down, the movie series barely lights a candle next to the book. Part II of the movie is done, but I haven’t seen it yet. Loved the book.

    • mountain lady says:

      I have read the book twice in the last two years, and could not put it down even on the second read. It takes me about a week to get through it and that is reading 8 to 10 hours a day, and night, lol. The movies are good, but only if you have read the book, as most of the background info is missing in the movie.

    • HD,
      I’ve never heard of Oath Keepers and the NRA being “at odds”. They just have different agendas. NRA is specific to the 2nd Amendment and Oath Keepers is specific to addressing tyranny by the occupation of the United States through its armed forces by an illegitimate government. Both organizations are in hyper-overdrive given current events.

  8. And, Merry Christmas all!

  9. My preps mostly have to do with health and home and auto repair.I have been off meds for several months and I am on them again. I am dealing with side effects and dietary changes.I am weaning myself off of cafine and fatigue from my other drug.My nephew bought a mosberg Maverick. I hooked him up with a box of target loads.I gave a coworker some 308 cases . He is a army veteran and a target shooter. He is probably a prepper to some extent we are both just following op sec about itHe is building an ar15,he bought the upper a couple of weeks before the recent school shooting.I do not own a 308 the cases I gave him are range pickup cases I collected over time.

  10. Missed a week. I was away visiting a friend and his wife in a hospice. He has a glioblastoma multiforma and was given 3-5 months to live when it was first discovered 4 months ago. It’s really tough for him, besides the discomfort of being partially immobile and losing function, he also can’t speak properly. He’s a very literate teacher! I’m “the daughter they never had” as I lived with them for a year as a teenager and they only had boys. Their boys are not very present for them now so it is really hard to see. I stayed at the hospice most of the time to keep my friend company while his wife could go get some rest. I’ve been finding it hard being back and not able to be there. I feel much more needed and appreciated there than I do here, I’m afraid, at the moment.

    Some very interesting alternative treatments they are trying; one may well be working, another they have just started. Some time I’ll have a few minutes to tell more about them.

    Still continuing the book-finding for my friends here. Today’s list is here: http://preputilityvehicle.blogspot.ca/2012/12/free-books-available-dec-23-2012.html There should also be some still available from yesterday. There have been some wonderful finds the past couple weeks, with Jackie Clay books from Backwoods magazine (her books were recommended by readers here, so that was exciting!) Please take a look and tell your prepping friends if you haven’t already.

    All the best to all, and remember your inconvenience is little matter in your loved ones’ time of need! I worry about my own kids; these people were wonderful parents.

    • Warmongerel says:

      Thank you, Natalia. I try to check Prep Utility Vehicle every day for new books. It is much appreciated.

    • OregonMike says:

      Bless you Natalia for being unselfish with your time. What we’re prepping for is going to REQUIRE we care for each other, even if only small communities. You have the correct mindset. I hope the treatments are effective.

      • “We are accustomed to say, that the mass of men are unprepared; but improvement is slow, because the few are not as materially wiser or better than the many. It is not so important that many should be good as you, as that there be some absolute goodness somewhere; for that will leaven the whole lump.” Thoreau

  11. Grace Alone says:

    Printed out the article “Paul Harvey on Gun Control” for my survival notebook. (Well worth a read)

    1 John 4:14-15
    ” And we have seen and testify that the Father has sent the Son as Savior of the world. Whoever confesses that Jesus is the Son of God, God abides in him and he in God”.

    Merry Christmas and God bless everyone in the New Year.

  12. Mother Earth says:

    Happy Holidays to the Wolfpack! Finally, I have been able to add more preps. This driving 2 1/2 hours a day to work and back is killing the wallet.

    I added more herbs to my supply and created an Excel worksheet to keep track of what and how much I have. Hit the store and added several cans of chicken and beef broth, chili beans and crackers. Also, baking stuff that’s on sale, like flour, sugars, chocolate, etc.

    And what I’m most proud of…I just ordered antibiotics to add to my medical supplies. I’m not going to have to worry about my “fish”. I’ve also been ordering thyroid suppliment every paycheck as I’ve found no herbal remedy for thyroid malfunction.

    Funny thing happened last week, a family member asked me if I had any food stored in case something went down Dec. 21st. Have they not noticed how much was happening before that date? I just smiled and said we would be fine!

    • Mother Earth, I am dealing with Thyroid issues and will have half removed in a few weeks. NOT looking forward to that. What kind of suppliments are you ordering. I also was looking into herbal remedys and did not find anything.

      • Mother Earth says:

        pjo, sorry to hear you have to have surgery. It’s called “raw thyroid” by natural sources. I get it from amazon. Basically it’s from cows but I don’t care. If shtf and I can’t get synthroid, this may be my only option.

        • I am on thyroid meds right now.I am not surgical yet. Maybe in a few years down the road,kinda pisses me off about tdl care. They just might give me an asprin instead of an operation according to Barry.

          • I believe you are correct on this part as. I have been trying since June to have this MILD back operation so I can again enjoy life. When the doctor submitted the request to Medicare for me and six others, they wanted to negotiate. He tells me after ten years working with them and doing these operations which Medicare only paid forty percent of what is normally charged, now they want him to cut that in half and only accept twenty percent of normal charge which makes it half of what his reimbursement was normally. He says they are refusing to negotiate and here i am stuck, not able to hardly walk and the intense pain is interfering with my other functions to the point I had to reluctantly cancel my woods week-long camp out and survival course I intended to run during these Christmas holidays. Made several people unhappy as i had a lot of interest in the planned event. Did little to prepare, just replace some items that were used and relocated positions of some of my supplies to less observable areas. Hope you make out with the thyroid. My wife had a problem because they refused to continue using Armour thyroid since they could not guarantee the purity and sterility of it since it was from humans. She has to use a synthetic which does not do the same and requires other meds to adjust what it is doing to her system.

            • Harold, have your wife talk to the doctor or pharmacist about NatureThroid. I have to switch to that because of the problems of getting Armor Thyroid a few years ago. At that time, I had to go to at least 3 pharmacies to get one month’s worth. It was awful. The NatureThroid is a natural, not synthetic thyroid product. I have had no problems with it.

        • Mystery Guest says:

          I hope all have gone back to using salt with iodine. There was a report about thyroid problems reemerging and it was from the low salt use in the United States.
          I ran across an herb listed called Gipsywort do some research on it and see if it would be useful.
          Horizon Herbs have seed for it.

          • That could be part of my problem since I do not use salt with my food. My mom has been on thyroid meds since she was 18 it is partly genetics also.

            • I asked my doctor if my thyroid disease could be caused by lack of iodine (from not using table salt). He said that if you were eating anything like the typical American diet, you are getting plenty of sodium/iodine. One of the highest sources of sodium is lunch meat. Another is chips. Another is beef jerky.

            • PGCPrepper says:

              please do some research on sea salt. I use Selina Naturally.


            • PGCPrepper,

              I tell you this is why I like the Wolf Pack. Prepping involves learning to live simply and healthy, eating real food. I have two types of real sea salt, Pink Himalayan and French Gray. After reading the link you posted, I will use them more frequently and take the processed salt off my table. I appreciate the link.

          • Mystery Guest,

            I would sure be interested in your findings. I take a very high dose of Synthoid every day and if the SHTF, I will be in trouble. What do the rest of you do?

        • I take NatureThroid, a Rx drug that is derived from animal thyroid tissue. I did not know there was something OTC I could get! Exactly what is it called on Amazon?? Thanks!

    • charliebuck says:

      I was diagnosed with thyroid problems so I began taking manganese supplements.Within a month my thyoid was working fine.Just a thought?

  13. Dean in Michigan says:

    Merry XMass everyone………

    Not much this week. I found myself doing a couple last second things just in case of the whole 2012 thing. Never really believed anything would happen, but still made sure my two trucks were full of gas, and all my back up cans were full, as well as taking a chunk of money out of the bank to have on hand.

    Also, I took the opportunity to evaluate my preps, as if something did happen. I found several holes, and these are my new focus.

    Started researching properties on line, and plan to single some out and go walk them soon. I won’t buy a piece of land without walking it first.

    One day I will add my name to your donation list, but right now I just can’t. So for now, Happy Holidays sir, and know that I FULLY appreciate everything I have learned here.

    • Dean, I have 35 +/- acres near Wolverine, MI if you are interested. We have moved to KY about 2 1/2 years ago. I’m not planning on going back. It’s across the road from the Little Sturgeon river, has a well on it and electric, backs up to thousands of acres of state land, deer, lots of game, etc, rolling hills, very nice!

      • Dean in Michigan says:


        I would be very interested in following up on that.

        M.D………Please give Millie my email address so we can talk.=finders fee if actual contact.

        Millie…..You need to make a direct reference to this blog so I know it is a safe email to open.

    • Dean:

      Sometimes it’s not what the disaster is going to do to you, it’s the people who might cause things to get shut down. Nothing you did would hurt you, and except it seems the price of gas is dropping up here 5 cents/gal every 3 days, nothing you wouldn’t do anyway.

  14. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Hey MD and Cubbies,
    First off let me say that if you enjoy this blog and the Pack, please help support MD by making a contribution today. Revenue from the ads and his book sales cover only a portion of the costs. So get your Credit or debit card out right now and donate.
    Secondly, join the NRA. You can do it on line. The NRA has the strongest lobby for the 2nd Amendment rights of any organization.
    During the past few weeks I have been thinking, writing, and praying a lot about politics, the drama of doomsday prophecies, the mass shootings, and the Fiscal Cliff.
    Now it is time to put those thoughts aside for a while and be grateful for what I do have and time to celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ because I am a Christian.
    So to all of you I wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. If you are not Christian, please accept my wishing you Merry Christmas as a heartfelt blessing.
    My cousin Joey who stepped on the IED in Afghanistan, whom many of you have been praying for, has made a great recovery. He has had two more operations and yesterday had 47 stitches removed from his leg amputation site and should be back to walking in prosthetics inn a couple of weeks. Please don’t forget our wounded warriors and all the vets who are forever changed by the experience of war.
    DH and I have been making some significant progress with our preps.
    This past week we froze 70+ lbs. of white tail buck and turned 10 lbs. into some of the best jerkey ever.
    We cleared another strip of land that we are preparing for more vegies. We still have to put in a retaining wall, backfill, compost, and fence before spring.
    We replaced the vinyl liner in our in-ground salt water pool. We also have 2 ponds but they have critters in them and will be good for drinking but not for swimming.
    DH is building me a new composter which I hope he will complete this year!
    I went out and bought more soft tipped ammo for my .30-06. Thanks to Victoria S. for giving me nightmares!
    DH bought several more knives. Knives are his one true vice. Says a man can never have too many.
    I spent a lot of time with Christmas cards, shopping, and baking. Our big gathering will be Christmas Eve. Then skyping on Christmas Day to see what the grandkids got from Santa.
    I am still cracking and packaging pecans. Thank goodness for our Food Saver. Replaced used staples from the pantry.
    DH got his new orthopedic shoes and new eye exam and 3 pairs glasses. He has many special needs and we have to stay on top of stuff.
    He did get the flu but we had gotten the flu shot earlier and the flu was gone in about 4 days. It has been a rough year for him.
    He bought me a new ASUS tablet with dock for Christmas and I have been downloading free Kindle books on “How To’s”. Love it but of course, still prefer paper books.
    I have big plans for my preps in 2013 and am so excited.
    Oh and I also bought a new Mag light, the big one that can be used as a club complete w/ LED bulb. Man, do I like it!
    I miss a lot of the Pack who haven’t made entries for a while. You know who you are.
    God bless you all. You and yours and our nation are in my prayers.

  15. Pete, the Windy City Viking says:

    Merry Christmas and a Swedish God Jul to all of the pack out there! This week, had to balance prepping with holiday shoppping for my little ones in the house. Prepping this week included: adopting a new moniker for the board after a friend referred to me as “the Windy City Viking”; picked up six 64 ounce cans of peaches in light syrup at a cost of 3 cans for $5.00; paid down some credit card bills to pare down my debt; researched differences in cost and capability between Ruger and Taurus .357 handguns for a future purchase; thought of some ideas for greater security when we eventually remodel our basement in the next year. Can’t afford a bug-out location, so when the societal grid goes down, we’ll be bugging in here enjoying all of the accoutrements that urban societal unrest has to offer. That’s it for me this week. Have a great holiday everyone!

  16. Squeezing prepping in amongst Christmas preps has been a challenge! However, we managed to order ammo on-line; received my colloidal silver generator in the mail; purchased more canning jars; and bought more of the ingredients for homemade laundry soap. Merry Christmas, Ya’ll!

  17. Backwoods Prepper says:

    Been working extra hard on the homestead this week it’s almost hog killin time. We have two 300 pound hogs to butcher and one 50 pounder I am going to fix for New Years Eve. Whole hog on the smoker. The last of my meat Rabbits got butchered this week but we have a litter due Christmas Day. I have decided that I will trade or sell my 30 carbine at the gun show first weekend in January. I will be picking up more 5.45×39 ammo and mags for my AK 74 varient <-(that's fo you M.D. lol). If I can't find any I will certianly take 5.56×45 and the mags I may be able to sell the mags in a few months for a nice profit. I did replace my Taurus PT111 PRO that was stolen a couple months ago with another one with a stainless slide DW loved that gun. Other than the gun that I bartered with taxidermy work that's about it waiting to see what im getting for Christmas. Thank you Jesus you are the reason for the season. Merry Christmas everyone. God Bless You.

    • riverrider says:

      hold out for top dollar on the m1. they are getting scarce and with ar’s unavailable the m1 is in high demand. i think you missed the boat on the mags though, i can’t find one at any price. good luck to ya.

      • I agree m1 carbines are great guns. Don`t let it go cheap unless it is to a good friend.I won`t comment about the ar platform cause I am not into them.Kinda ford chevy dodge thing.I am into dodges and 30 caliber myself,nothing against chevy I mean ar folk.

        • In spite of all the hoopla about AR’s and .223’s, I too would stick with the carbine. I carried one (and had to use it several times in Korea) during my service years and it always performed up to expectations. My son still has two of them and just recently got his reloading dies and had some old ex GI give him five thousand cases so he is in hog heaven. He swears by it although he too possesses an AR. My health has gotten to the point that it is about the only big bore I can handle since weight and size are virtually identical with my Marlin 995.

  18. Wrote to my reps in congress to re enforce their stance on the 2nd amendment and to opposition to the NDAA bill. Voice your opinion or have it taken away.
    inventoried goods, rotated to use stock. Watching deals for Christmas food sales that I can store long term.

  19. Judy, another one says:

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Not much, well to be honest, not any physical prepping go on at our house. Still reading, learning and digesting information though. I’m thinking about trying hydroponics and homemade earth-boxes next year if we don’t get some rain. It’s been two years since we have had enough moisture to garden. So if it’s going to continue to be this dry I need to find a new way of gardening.

    Christmas dinner will come out of the larder for this Holiday meal. Got my Christmas quilts made and one delivered. I got ideas for at least a dozen more quilts waiting in the wings. ; >)

    Everyone have a blessed week!

  20. Merry Christmas Mr.Rawles! This week we did as most, picked up some extra mags and ammo due to the pending legislation that is around the corner. I am a life member of the NRA so instead of sending a donation I signed up my Dad to a two year membership. Seed catalogs began showing up in the mail, and this got me thinking about the gardening season and where I can plant more food. Began using the “Back to Eden technique” last year. I will update as time goes on. Working on a labor barter with a neighbor friend who is a builder. He is going to install a new glass free door in the rear of my home and two security storm doors. I will provide labor helping with a roof tear off. Lastly the local sportsman’s club we belong to has a small orchard started and we are going to expand this in the spring to about an acre.

  21. Heading for the Bay Area to have Christmas with family. SUV is loaded with presents. This week stopped by a new store and was able to pick up some nice sling shots. I got five of them. They are not going to be part of the presents as this is an activity that requires some space, which is not available down in the Bay area. But the family is due up here next week end, they will get used.

    Spent a rainy week cooking. Canned up more of my fav beans and ham soup; cut up ham into nice sandwich size pieces and vacuum bagged it and put in the freezer. Took the left over lamb from last week’s main dinner, made lamb stew and canned it up as well. Variety is good. Went to the range, but with all of the crap going on about ammo and guns, I decided to concentrate on quality of shooting vs quantity of shooting. It may be a while before things can be replaced. It has rained a lot here, had some wind and some lightning and thunder. Hit the store for things on sale, cost me $200, but got a lot of staples. Moved things around to put the newest stuff to the back of storage and brought the older stuff forward.

    A friend of my brother in law passed away. My BIL is the executor of his estate and the beneficiary. He had lots of guns and ammo, we have already moved the man’s safe to my garage, what a job! We will be going after the holidays to Sacramento, to go through his stuff and arrange for an estate sale. The man has only one relative left, a niece that is in a residential home for drug abuse. The man wanted to make sure that she could not access any assets to use for drugs. And so my BIL is the sole beneficiary and has decided to set up a trust in order to at least take care of the expenses she may create.

    This week end I want to say hope all is well with some that have left us. Mt. Woman, Conmaze, Jarhead, Lint Picker, Chloe and the others I failed to mention here, I miss you. I wish them well and hope they come back to see us sometime. As for all the wolfies present here these days………..bless you all, hope your Christmas is wonderful and that we will see you and more here in 2013. Keep prepping folks, 12/21 wasn’t going to happen………just make sure you are ready for the basics, fire, flood, earthquake, and financial catastrophes, ‘tis important!

  22. I’m happy to be alive.

    I’ve spent time with my family. I am greatful. My grandma is still alive.

    Its been about mobilizing family now.

    1. My family is putting gardens on every property that we own.
    My father and I planned gardens totaling 2 acres over 4 urban sites.
    2. I’ve been able to share with my dad info on square ft gardening and raised beds. I’m really happy
    3. Sourced a live poultry supplier for my b location
    4. Found a hunting property close to my b-location
    (I am developing a plan to be able transport freshly killed game discretly without a motorized vehicle or via a moped)
    1. Ordered AR Mags.
    2. Researched the hi-point carbine .40 s&w
    3. Purchased a dozen arrows (Easton gamegetter 300 with Zwickey Eskimo broadheads
    4. Selected crossbow (wicked ridge warrior)
    5. Sighted in bow.

    1. Switched to a predominantly vegetable & protein diet
    2. Got some biking in again

    5. Made seven arrows for my traditional arrows

  23. georgeislearning says:

    I’m starting to wonder if they wanted to put some cash in their pockets. I mean man them folks in washington know how to sell some guns. With one store selling 3 1/2 years worth of mags in 1 day. ar’s selling out holy crap them guys sold some guns, ammo, mags. well done washington! Not to worry more will be made soon enough. Greed is washington and lots of taxes are being paid by people getting guns and the prepper movement. Never forget everything is a business model. Never forget ol’e turbo tax timmy ” never let a good disaster goto waste”.

    im going to pick some of this coconut oil seems to be great item heres a link so we can read about it if its unknown to you


    Merry Christmas everyone

  24. Tinfoil Hat says:

    Through a great stroke of luck, I scored what I believe to be the last 2 pmags for AR15s that surplusammo.com had in stock, for 15.99 no less. Right after I submitted my order I checked back again and the site stated they were no longer available, but mine are showing shipped thank God. LI’m sure when/if they are re stocked, they’re prices will reflect the new political realities. Other than that, I’ve been searching with no luck for bulk 223, and also picked up some silver on the dip.

    For those that are interested, this afternoon will be the American Country Countdown on the radio in the shop, with cold beer and my tools, followed by chicken stew and fresh bread for dinner.

    • riverrider says:

      curses, why can’t they perfect the transporter beam by now?!

      • riverrider says:

        and i’ve been online all day looking for pmags. zero luck. even at 37.99 they were sold out. missed the boat on this one. got about a 100 mixed but everybody and my bil are calling me about mags/ammo. 100 is about bare minimum for the number of apple ringers stowed in the pantry 🙂 guess i should think about letting some of the apple ringers go, at a SUBSTANTIAL markup…i warned them.

        • Today I had to tell on of the guys I warned over the last 2 years about his AR and mags. He got a good deal on a Colt this year, but he didn’t buy any quantity of mags. Asked if I’d sell him, any. Said I had 3 and that I’d match Cheaper Than Dirt’s price, $59.95 ea plus $25 shipping and handling. His jaw just dropped. One on the guys my daughter works with sold 3 on e-bay for $190.
          I’ve already sold all my spare guns, and most of my spare mags and parts, so I really don’t have much to offer the “Johnny come lately’s”. Maybe next time they ask me for advise, they’ll take it.

          I did tell one friend on Monday to buy 4 mags for his pistol as Botach had them for $23 ea w/free shipping and everybody else was $33+ plus shipping. Found out on Friday he actually sat right down and ordered them; his partner didn’t. Oh well.

          • Tinfoil Hat says:


            I have none to sell. I bought several when prices were low earlier this year, and picked up those last two on Tuesday. I have more than most, but honestly, what’s “too many”, or even “enough”, magazines, especially when they won’t make anymore?

            • Tinfoil Hat:

              Trust me, I understand. If I knew what the “magic” number was, that’s were I’d be. After this last inventory, I’ve got a box or two missing (or counted twice) so if a was really honest I only had about 6-10 in my gun show box anyway. They just got a little more valuable. Although if I could sell 10 pmags at $60.00 each that would put money in the safe for my Glock 21 SF!

            • Surviving in Ky. says:

              I’m with you Tinfoil, I don’t know how many is enough but I believe we’ve seen the writing on the wall. I believe the so called high capacity mags window is about to close. I hope not but everyone believes they are the problem simply because they don’t want to deal with the real issues which cause these tragedies. I’ve got more on order but I’ve got more than the average person. Most guys I know have 3 or 4 at most. That ain’t nearly enough, especially if they aren’t being made anymore. I got a friend who actually sold an AR earlier in the year and I told him he should wait until after the election. He didn’t and now he’s kicking his self. I believe I will lock mine up tomorrow, wouldn’t do any good to still have the weapons locked up and all the mags get packed off.

        • Surviving in Ky. says:

          Hey River, Check E-Bay, they have plenty if you have a fat wallet! I checked last night and they are up to $50 a piece and climbing. Hope this blows over, I started switching to P-Mags a few months ago, didn’t switch fast or hard enough, wish I had!

          • sik, i’m right there with you. i have about 10 mags per gun but was switching to pmags as funds permited. now i’m stuck with 10, and a bunch of metal ones. i did an inventory last night, but i can’t find a box that i know i ordered months ago. old age sucks almost as bad as the alt.

            • Surviving in Ky. says:

              River, You can still order a limit of 2 a piece from Midway but they are backordered. Only site I found were you could still order them. Hope it helps!

      • Tinfoil Hat says:

        Still waiting on you, the Mrs, and Rusty the wonder mutt to roll up. I could use a hand re-shelving the walls round the shop…

        Plenty of room at the dinner table…

        • when it gets warmer, situation/funds permitting. looked at land online out that way. found a perfect plot,good price but right off the interstate from yankeeville. will keep looking, but east tenn has more offerings that i can afford. merry christmas and have a happy new year.

        • Surviving in Ky. says:

          You have projects like me Tinfoil. I need to put up more shelving in the basement as well along with a wall to separate my storage area. I have managed to out grow the shelves I put up in the summer. Probably going to contact Michele on some shelving after the finances get lined out after the first of the year. Tinfoil, if you and river ever travel to the container store give me a holler and I’ll buy you a beer and lunch.

  25. Matt in MO says:

    Found a good deal on a two pack of magazines for my .22 rifle and one for the .22 pistol. Also bought some knives from cold steel, 3 bushman knives for $40 because they have cosmetically flawed handles (not perfectly rounded). Plan to order some more next week. Went to my local dollar tree and found aa bunch of emergency candles in 6 pack for $1 each so I got ten packs. Added to the food storage and water storage. In the process of making a care package for a friend who lost his job and is having a tough time. Hope he likes the Christmas present of survival items. That’s it for now. Happy holidays and congrats to the wolf pack and m.d. for surviving the Mayan “end of the world”. And thanks for all the advice

  26. I didn’t realize that the “what did you do this week” was a weekly feature, so I’ll just post quickly and get out of the way. I posted on the last thing about the rifle I got. That was a biggie for me. I’m going to order some ammo for it now, it’s .22 LR but is there anything else I need to know about the “kind” of ammo to get for it? I will order some for hubby’s rifle, too, heck, it’s a 30 something. 30-30? 30 0 6? I’m sorry to be such a girl, I just have no experience with this at all. I used to throw a mean baseball and could outspit any boy in the neighborhood. 🙂 Have to ask him to be clear on it. That pretty much blew my January budget. I have some credit with Cabela’s so thought I’d use the credit for the ammo. I got another clear plastic case to store food in, 4 bags of 15 bean soup, 6 cans of cream corn (the good kind with bacon in it) and 6 cans of candied yams. I try to slip in something extra every week. I have to add this to my fairly decent growing list, I try to get a dozen of “something” every week, and trying to catalog it a bit, write the dates on the cans and keep track on the computer so I can pull out 2013’s stuff and put it into the pantry and replace as I go. It’s a boring, crappy job. I should have been doing this from the first…but if I get a new container every week and just set myself the chore to fill it with stuff that needs to be cataloged it only takes about a half hour. I’m almost through it all but I hate, hate, hate doing it.
    I found rice at Wal Mart, 20 lbs for 10.00 and am trying to decide how to store it. I guess a mylar bag in a bucket would do the job and an oxygen remover thing? I need lots. I have a lot of dogs. DH and I were talking on the way home, right now I have about 15 bags of dog food which should last about four months. It has a shelf life of generally a year. I do have to keep it cool, the fat they spray it with could go rancid. I try to buy a new bag and use one of the old bags. There is part of me that prays “Lord, come soon” and part that prays “don’t let me have to kill my sweet pets because I don’t have food for them”. Does anyone else worry this way? It really upsets me so I try not to think about it….
    Oh, and I ordered a bottle of antibiotics, Cephalexin this week. I have one of Amoxillan, will build up the supply of this to maybe 4 bottles each. They are good for a ways beyond the expiration date but a useless waste of money if you don’t use them. These are the fish ones, same thing as you get in the pharmacy, but labeled for fish. You can also get penicillan, but it’s not as useful as the other two. Be sure and write down the dosages (you can get them off the internet). We tend to use this on our dogs, two of the boys got into a squabble a few weeks ago and had them both on it so used up one of the old bottles between them. Keep your antibiotics in a cool place and don’t use them for the average cold. If you are coughing up green stuff, there may be a secondary bacterial infection and the antibiotics would help that. But colds, flu, and that kind of thing are usually viral and you will waste your supply. Save the antibiotics for serious wounds or illness. I need to go thru the first aid kit, it’s pretty complete for humans, dogs, horses, goats. I know I have some outdated stuff that needs to be replaced and need to get some bandage material.
    It’s trying to rain so can’t go shoot the new rifle. I feel like a kid that got a sled for Christmas and no snow to use it in! Not fair! I think this will pass though, and will get in a little time later on. I’m very excited.
    Still looking at the Sig Sauer Mosquito and read that it is a 90% size of the SS P226. (insert blank look and twirl blonde hair) Now I have to find one of those to hold and to feel. Looks like it’s not much heavier but DH says it can do a 9 MM size bullet or…crum…two other kinds, I’m assuming that you buy a different gun for each bullet? Or do all three work in this particular gun? He showed me (this morning) a .22 bullet. Tiny. God, I didn’t realize how little they were. Then showed me a….35? That doesn’t sound right but maybe you know what it is. He said a 9MM was about the same size. No, it was a 45 bullet he showed me. this was 4 hours ago, don’t ask me what I had for breakfast, either. 🙂 So will try and find one of these bigger pistols at Gander Mountain tomorrow to hold and look at. Of course they are more expensive. I have blonde hair. I have taste, espensive tastes. Just can’t afford them right now.
    I said I’d make this quick. I lied. Have a good Christmas everyone and if anyone has comments, I’m always trying to learn! If I get to shoot today I’ll come back and tell you about it.

    • Millie:

      I had a Mosquito for a while. That 10% is quite a bit of difference. I really like the SiG 226 but it is just too big for my hand. I can’t quite reach the trigger when it is fully forward. I had a single stack (P225) 9mm and ended up sending it to SiG and having them put a short trigger and a short reactive trigger job and it was like they sent me back a different gun! If I could afford another SiG I would do the same to it. Plus they sent me a label when I ordered the work, the UPS guy picked it up from me at work on a Wednesday and the following Wednesday he gave it back! Great turn-around.

    • Borrow a canner from your local Mormon cannery, take it home, along with some cans, lids, and oxygen absorbers, and can that dog food! We do that periodically and the food keeps really well.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      Millie, go to one of the sites.. doom and bloom or the prepping nurse’s they have done some research on the expiration dates of medications…it’s on U tube.
      with proper storage many medications can be used well past the dates. that means moisture free , cool and oxygen free. cool means no higher than 59 degrees.
      Rice, freeze it before you do anything else to it, at least 3-5 days, to kill any larvae…
      Dog feed, I have a small dog, a 17 lb spoiled child, I was spending 14$ per month on the small sized kibbles, I have cut the amount I spend massively, by changing him to a small kibble put out by JOY…He gets the medium protein one in the green label, He loves it, but does not require as much to fill him. Cost is 24$ for 50 lbs.It will last him at least ,6 months at his present rate. I froze it, for the 5 days and separated it into three bags, stored in buckets. Next bag I will prepare for long term storage like cornmeal or flour and put in my cool space.

    • Warmongerel says:


      If it’s like the SS P250 that I’m looking at, you can just take the top part off, and put a different one on. I believe that they have mechanisms for 9mm, .357, .40 and .45, so if you buy them all, you can shoot almost any ammo out there.

      I’m looking at the .40 for now, but I definitely plan to get the others when possible.

  27. recoveringidiot says:

    Its a waste of time calling or writing my congress critter, he is in the bag for TDL, so I sent money to the NRA-ILA.
    Not much prepping going on here, all work this week. I’m glad I have a job so I should not complain with so many doing without.
    Merry Christmas to all. Celebrate the birth of Christ and enjoy family if you have any.

  28. Made the monthly stock up trip to Sams club. Picked up the 1 inch rough cut cypress that I ordered from my local mill. Now ready to build my Top Bar Beehive. Picked up the little bit of hardware I will need for it at Lowes. Recieved from Amazon, the book “Beekeeping for Dummies, and ordered another book, Keeping Top Bar Hives. Going to start with one hive this Spring, and see how it goes. That was pretty much it for me this week.

  29. Petticoat Prepper says:

    Merry Christmas MD, Wolfies and Lurkers.

    This week we managed to score one of only 4 Smith and Wesson M&P AR-15’s along with 3 extra 30 round mags. The whispered lust from the folks behind us at the counter confirmed the general desire for this rifle. We’d asked if we could be on a waiting list and they called when their shippment came in. The department was so swamped with people buying it took 5.5 hours to work through all the paper work. Also 2,000 rounds. As of Friday there were no mags or ammo to be found.

    I guess this is one way to boost the ecomony!

    I finished the last of the 3 Christmas quilts and wrapped everything. I’m still trying to get DH a Remora holster maybe Monday. I added to preps in a small way after the huge expense of the 15. Continue reading the prep books in MD’s ITEOTWAWKI CD.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful week with family and friends. For those of us with the ‘Far Side Family’….keep your humor and it’ll all be over soon 😉

  30. As a last minute nod to the Mayans I filled up all the empty 2 liter bottles I’d dragged home from work with water, and put them on a shelf I cleared for the purpose. There is this lady at work who just chugs diet pop all day long, she throws out 1 or 2 2-liter bottles per day.

    I’m looking for a big barrel to siphon my rain barrel off into in the basement. Then I need to get some powdered chlorine or potassium permanganate for it. I guess then the next issue would be getting a hand pump for it, so I can efficiently pump it back upstairs if I need to Or I will be dipping buckets.

    I’m now all done constructing my sewing project and now all I have to do is finish the side seams with seam binding tape, which I just cut out of another piece of fabric. I can’t believe how much thread I’ve used up and how much velcro and webbing. And I don’t even have any pouches yet. Not having a walking foot sewing machine made it so I had to hand sew a lot of it, and this is why it took so long. I hope the stitches hold up under the weight.

    I started trying to declutter the living room and it now looks like it exploded instead. I discovered a washtub I’d originally got as a soap sales display but now want to be able to use as a washtub has a hole in the side near the bottom. I’m thinking about caulking a small piece of tin over the hole. Something like that. And I’m trying to decide which wall to hang it on.

    Someone at work (not the pop lady) joked that she was coming to my house if the SHTF. She’s the boss’ daughter, it’s not like she’s hurting. I wonder if I should cache some of my crap off-site? I can’t afford to feed the whole world. It’s amazing how people think they’re automatically entitled to a prepper’s charity and they don’t even consider that this is my emergency fund so to speak, that I denied myself while they were watching cable and eating out, in order to save this stuff up. Would they raid my bank account as well, if they were broke? I make less than anyone else at work and she’s joking about coming to my house to feed her and her kids. I’m torn between trying to be a Christian and wanting to tell her to piss off. I did tell her I can’t feed everybody.

    I sure am glad I got that last batch of ammo when I did.

    The cryptography class grinds on. I have 2 weeks left on it. Then back to pushups.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      Penny Pincher,

      Work on your OPSEC! Why do the people at work know about your preps?

      You owe it to your family to make the folks at work think your preps are gone. Get creative.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Penny Pincher.
        Maybe it’s time to have a terrible incident of food contamination at your house and all your preps have to be thrown out. Or better yet, you feel so stupid that you planned for the Mayan doomsday and nothing happened so you donated all your preps to the local food bank for Christmas.
        Turn the tables and tell whats-her-face that if anything ever happens you’ll have to come stay with her. Act really depressed for a couple days and presto…spin. Then never mention prepping again to anyone except preppers. Good luck.

      • Sw't Tater says:

        My family member called and they didn’t have anything to eat, since He lost his job two months ago., just about took all my supplies, but we’ll make it to payday..kind of thing… and if you know someone who truly has that problem…and I do, help what you can with a measured response, but don’t display that at work…continue to talk about your remote family’s distress…with a I’ve done all I can mentality.

  31. Merry Christmas Wolf Pack!

    Sometimes I get lucky, recently twice in a row. I ordered some mags just before things went south. I got a confirmation email so it looks like I’ll actually get them. The same day I also ordered a case of 9mm 115 grain and it came yesterday. Man, I usually am the guy that gets the “We are so sorry about your order…” email. Whew!

    I was finally able to get a Glock 19 with Trijicon nite sites. Being a volunteer Fire Fighter qualified me for the LE edition (its the same thing except it comes with three mags and an $80 discount). I also got an Israeli Tactical Holster for it, which is quite comfortable for me. The Glock mag holder I bought stabs me in the side most of the day, so I’m looking for something more comfy that holds 2 mags.

    Things are moving along slowly at our new-to-us live in retreat, but we are making concrete maps and plans for better weather.

    Hunker-Down, I joined Oathkeepers when they were first getting started. Their focus is not guns, it is getting police, military and veterans to honor their oath of enlistment… which puts the Constitution above all other laws and orders. Read the right hand column of their website. If you spend time at oathkeepers.org reading the many articles there, you will see they support the same things as the NRA, but in a different way.

  32. Well, I managed to survive the last few days before Christmas Break at school… I consider this a major feat considering I did not use any duct tape to subdue the kids.

    I didn’t do a whole lot of prepping this week. I bought a couple extra bales of toilet paper and managed to start some organizing. That’s about it.

    Joyeux Noël, Wolf Pack!

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      I think duct tape should be an acceptable disciplinary tool. I have always kept a roll handy just in case and my grandsons are not sure yet if I’m kidding or not.
      As for preps, our friend Cos always says what you add is better than what you had. So good going.

    • Grannytraveler says:

      I’m with you on that! It had been a long 4 weeks since Thanksgiving Break. No one was more ready for Christmas Break then me. It’s been even more hectic since my oldest son just got diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma, a very aggressive form of it. He will need to be hospitalized for the chemo, 5 days in hospital-21 days out, for 6 months then followed by radiation. Prayers are greatly appreciated.

      Haven’t done a lot of prepping but did order from Vitacost Foods. They have organic canned food. Thought I would give it a try as the prices were good. The food arrived super fast and each can was wrapped like they were the crown jewels. Only problem is that about 75% of the cans were badly dented. Won’t be ordering from them again.

      I wish every member of the Wolfpack and their families a wonderful and blessed Christmas.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        What’s your son’s first name? I’ll add him and you to my prayers. I hope you both are able to find peace during this difficult time.

  33. Uncle Charlie says:

    Renewed my NRA membership. Like MD, I don’t agree with LaPierre’s approach all the time, but the organization is the best thing gun owners have going to protect their rights.

    Picked up some more 9mm ammo, regular for PF-9 and +P for carbines. After seeing that Glock 50 round drum, I’m tempted to buy a Kel-Tec Sub 2000 although I’ve run out of room to store what firearms I already have. I wish someone would make a drum like that for the Hi-Point carbines.

  34. Well its certainly getting crazy out there.I recieved my flashlight an OlightT20 digital and 2 dozen cr123 batteries from Battery junction. Its very bright on its top level and is small enough to fit into my pocket its a good fit with my G23 and S&W EtremeOps knife. I also picked up 100rnds 40s&w jhp from wallyworld 19.99 a box for 50. Our last chicken a plym barred rock started laying so now all seven are laying. Well thats about it.
    Merry Christmas to All in the Wolf Pack and Thanks to M.D. for running a first class operation.

  35. This week was just organizing for me. Parents are here for Christmas and brought me a super present. A S&W .22 pistol and a box of ammo. Dad’s been teaching me how to disassemble and clean it. We are going to the gun range today. He already tried it out so we know it works great. Never having had a gun before I needed something I could easily handle to learn and get comfortable with it.
    I’m in my mid 50’s so I guess it’s never too late to learn.

    Merry Christmas to everyone and I hope we all have a good 2013 no matter what it brings.

  36. Crazy Stevo says:

    Long Time Reader and also a poster in the past. I haven’t posted because of opsec. I am moving come the end of January to MIssissippi. I am looking for someone in Mississippi to prep with as a team and also to bounce ideas off of.

  37. PGCPrepper says:

    Wife got her CrossBreed SuperTuck concealed carry holster for her Ruger LCR .38. She could have just threw it in her pocket but she’s a bit spoiled like that. Got the black cowhide model. Also bought some silver on the pullback.. The rest would bore you.


  38. well for once im actually feeling a bit smug about my level of preparedness where it concerns my ammo/mags/ rifles. i have plenty. if there are no more,ill be fine. i had been only buying ammo to replace what i shot but ill cut back on target practice sessions. this week i spent most of it going through my canned food to be sure im eating the oldest,firstest.i moved a cord of wood over to the seasoned wood covered storage area and bought 2 more cords.every piece of gas powered equipment i own is now serviced,repaired and ready for another year of work. my tiller has more than payed for itself since i bought it a couple years ago.i put some land up for sale that im very tired of taking care of and with the proceeds,ill add on to my chicken run,repair a bunch of fence around my homestead and breath a little easier about my lack of employment. the Realtor i listed the land with owns several dozen rent house and i may be getting some work from her cleaning up after tenants move out. it would be nice to do something besides drive a truck.Merry Christmas everyone.

    • Hunker-Down says:


      Hahahaha (your picture). Our toy rat terrier sets in the exact same spot when I begin to think.

      I really liked your well project. Please teach us how to select DC small appliances for the home and how to power them. I have never had any and could use some guidance.

      • When I was over the road I used the following 12 volt appliances:lunch box type crock pot,standard 10 cup coffee maker,microwave. I later bought a new truck that came with a 3000 watt inverter and I brought a small George Forman grill and a hot plate. My wife and I ate like royalty while we were trucking. I bought all my 12 volt appliances at truck stops but they would be far less online. We also used a 12 volt fridge about 15 years ago. It was mediocre at best.

    • I hope the rental job works out! It will keep you closer to home and safer. Also better able to care for famiy. That would be a blessing!

  39. HoarseWhisper says:

    I reupped my NRA membership. Thanks for the reminder!

  40. To M.D. and the entire pack – Merry Christmas! Hope everyone has a safe, happy, and healthy New Year. 🙂

  41. 12/21/12 – Worst Apocalypse Ever! Bought a new Mayan long count calendar and started prepping for the next one. Kidding. My great Great Nephew was disappointed there weren’t any zombies. His bug-out plan in the event of a zombie attack is to convince his Mom/Dad to come here. It’s actually a pretty good plan, there might be some hope for that boy.

    Not much to report on skills/gear, local politics took center stage this past week. Funny, it’s probably something that JWR guy would love, but that we’re fully against. Can’t go into details, but bet 90% of homesteader/self-reliant folks would see it my way. As the last week proved, need to be prepared for the world not ending too.

    Anyway, winter is full on here and seems even more depressing than usual. Always feel like we slip backwards in the winter, using everything we stored, saved, and collected over the rest of the year. Can’t even get interested in the mini-greenhouse this year though for some reason. Maybe I’ll just grow some tomatoes and jalapenos on the windowsill and call it done. Did manage to add 90# of dog food and 50# feed corn (bait) for the winter. Hey MD, how about a poll on whether you’d feed your un-prepping neighbors or your dogs first if the SHTF?

    Merry Christmas to you and yours pack. If you’re traveling over the holidays be extra careful.

    • My dogs….

    • Sw't Tater says:


    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Tell your nephew not to give up on the zombies. Remember it was the end of the Mayan baktun. It may take a week or two for the zombie disease to reach the states. You know this will be the first zombie apocalypse in a long time.

      Keep the faith.

      As for the other thing, I hope I will always do what Jesus would do but I sure love my dog. I hope I never have to choose.

    • My dog and my cats

    • I hope the rental job works out! It will keep you closer to home and safer. Also better able to care for famiy. That would be a blessing!

    • Animals first but would try to help who ever I could

    • Well, I’ll put it this way – I wouldn’t let my neighbor’s kids starve just so I could keep my dog alive…

    • I hate to say it, but feeding my pets is one of my top priorities. They depend on me to provide for them,while my neighbors could plan for the future if they wanted.

      • Went shooting with my son this morning. He brought up his 10/22 and 06. It was light hail and snow at the range so we had it to ourselves.I found some 45 and 06 brass and I picked up some nwo 40 cal brass by mistake. I meant to pick up 45 brass..I sorted out some brass 45 cal and I picked out a combination of 38 and 357 brass.I think my buddy at work has a 357 so I will pass it on to him if he does. He is kinda worried about the ammo situation. Walmart is about picked clean unless you have something odd ball that no one wants.A family in a chevy taho showed up and we left them to thereselves at the range. They were happy that they had the run of the place.

  42. We recieved an order for FDried Okra and Cabbage. Canned cheese should be here tomorrow.
    We bought a used 6 X 10 covered trailer and got everything out of storage where its been for the past year. Now we can easily go thru it all, Give to the kids and friends who may want it and donate stuff we can no longer use or dont need. The plan is to prep it as a Bug Out Trailer pre stocked with items that do not need climate control and out of season clothing. If we think we can get out of Houston before the mass exodus begins we will pack the rest of the “good stuff” and go. If we cant GOOD then its just a large store room with wheels. Living in an RV we can always use extra room to keep the toilet paper.
    Last sunday we also picked up a Taurus Millenium Pro .40 S&W. I dont remember if I mentioned that last week or not.

  43. December..mainly enjoy the season and little bit of family. Thankful for my relationship with Jesus Christ, which no person or government can remove. America is still the best country in the world. Thankful for M.D. and the Wolf Pack. Thankful we are proactive and not reactive, as the
    US Govt is.
    Merry Christmas to all ….

  44. Holy Moly, the world did not end on friday I am so Happy, don’t have to worry about all this gun stuff since I lost all mine in that boat accident this summer, and since the world did not end just sold all my preps at the yard sale on sat(this in just in case the gubment men are listening)!!!!

    Not much this week just helped my 90 year old neighbor build a huge
    12 X 18 foot compost bin, will know where to get me some when I need it.

    Just waiting for family to get in so we can start the celebrations. Will wait to resume preps after x-mas will check out the sales and see if anything good is marked down. Have my eye on some solar christmas lights at target.

    Well MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL and let’s hope for the best next year, we all plan for the worst but you also have to plan and be ready for the GOOD stuff also!!!!

    • Warmongerel says:


      I just got the Sawyer PointTwo on Wednesday. It filters out more nasties than the PointOne. So far it seems to be a pretty good filter. Solid and easy to use.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      This is just a basic filter. It doesn’t take out the bacteria and virus or chemicals. Go to http://www.sawyer.com and compare the Point One to the ZeroTwo. I just don’t think this one is going to work in a SHTF environment. I bought the Point Zero Two purifier. It still doesn’t remove heavy metals and chemicals but removes a majority of bacteria and viruses.

  45. I donated more money to the NRA to defend OUR rights and even those of whom would seek to take them away from us. You can thank me later…

  46. Texas Nana says:

    This weeks preps:
    19 quarts crab apple jelly

    started on the outside kitchen
    scored a stainless steel sink at Habitat for Humanity $25, vs $190 a builders surplus

    test ran the gennie, and replaced diesel fuel used

    worked on & in the hoop house, 60 mile per hour winds were none to kind to the hoop house, but we only loss 1 broccoli, so far.

    bought so new hand gardening tools to replace worn out ones.

    add some misc. electrical parts to DH’s stash

    DH has cleaned up the burned and completed needed repairs, then we used the burned to can the crap apple jelly, sweet!!

    replaced food used.

    FIL will be taking over the hoop house care as we are headed to the big city due to pending death of my dad. Don’t know how long we will be there this time as my mom has been diagnosed with 80% blockages in both legs, main reason we are headed there. She is no longer able to cook, clean and care for herself, plus dad insist she be right by him.
    Will keep in as much as possible, but will have limited internet, and must remember opsec.
    Take care and keep on prepping!

    • Sw't Tater says:

      Can be A hard place to be, but very ful- filling when you are assured you have done all you can. Take care of yourself as you are serving their needs. Find someone to give you relief, if only for a few hours…a week.build a support system there if you don’t have one already.

  47. village idiot says:

    Preps for the week were slow, as work reached a peak. No time for prepping when one is working all the blessed time, but no matter, did get a few things accomplished. Ordered 1 case of cheese and 1 of butter, doubled my fish medicine(my fish doctor said I needed more), received 6 assistants for the M-1 my son owns, had already cleaned out Dick’s Sporting Goods a couple of weeks ago of some things everyone is out of, and looked into a land purchase. Wasn’t too bad after all. Have a great week everyone, and Merry Christmas to all, and God bless us, every one!

  48. OregonMike says:

    Hi All,
    We had a mini shakedown cruise when an unusually cold and hard storm hit Southern Oregon Thursday. Many of us just got power back today. Food and cooking wasn’t a problem at all. Used rainwater and melted snow to heat on the wood stove to sponge bathe and do dishes (no, not the same water). Though we had plenty of candles and LED flashlights, we were short in the wider lantern light department. the LED headlamps worked really well. Got a pkg of 3 from Costco for $10 that also included the 9 AAA batteries needed. Found my 2 burner camp stove has a problem but was able to use a single burner that screws onto a small propane bottle plus was able to cook on the wood stove. With no battery life left in the laptop or iphone, entertainment beyond reading by headlamp was missing. I’ll have to address that. 39 degrees has been the high since Thursday and the biggest danger has been broken and falling tree limbs. We’re surrounded by tall and many trees that can reach the house but I’m hesitant to take them down. 1 branch took out a section of fence but was able to shore that up with a temporary fix until the weather cooperates. DW doesn’t know yet but we have 5 #10 cans of Mountain House arriving tomorrow. Merry Christmas to all and I hope you get to unwrap something ‘preppy’ Tuesday. BTW, same as most places, AR15s flew off the shelf after the Connecticut madness.

    • Warmongerel says:


      I wrote a review of the GoalZero solar charging kit a couple of months ago. It will charge phones, I-pads, Kindles, batteries, etc. I love mine.

  49. Surviving in Ky. says:

    Hello Pack, Hope everyone had a good week! Well folks, the economy is doing well, at least when it comes to guns, ammo and mags. I have 9 different web sites saved in my favorites list just for ammo and the only .223 left is Speer Gold Dot for $25 a box. Mags are non-exsistent as well. Glad I started prepping 2 years ago or I would be in a world of hurt. I’m kindly like BcTruck, pretty good shape but not were I would like to be. My .223 is still showing to ship the first of next month. It has been back ordered for over 3 weeks though, before the tragedy in Newtown. I was able to order 6 mags and one other feel good item I don’t wish to mention right now. Lets just say they aren’t available anymore except for one on E-Bay. It was up to $300 and climbing last I checked. 30 rd. mags were up to $50 a piece last night with more bidders, CRAZY! I don’t know if I will recieve what I have ordered but I did recieve the 9mm and .45acp this week. The UPS guy said it was a smart move to order it when I did. These were 2 calibers I was a little low on, well lower than I wanted:). Finally found some powder for the old Hawken. I didn’t realize the regs. had changed in Ky. on that. Most shops have quit carring it because of the paper work. Found a new reloading store that hasn’t been open long and the guy is definitely on board with the state of our present situation. He doesn’t know it yet but I plan on giving him some business next year. About it on the preps for me. I want to wish everyone in the pack and our nation a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. God Bless!

    • sik, should change your handle to “lucky in kentucky”. i was tapped out due to xmas, was planning an order first of the year, oh well. i still have 3 cases on order from last MARCH. ship date of next week but i doubt i’ll ever see it.

  50. Warmongerel says:

    On “This Week with George Stephanopolous” this morning, there were 5 extreme left-wing liberals “debating” conservative Grover Norquist. And that’s how the propaganda on the subject of “gun control” works.

    Also, I heard that Walmart was out of AR-15’s. Not just my local walmart…ALL Walmarts!!!


    – Received a couple of 85% wool blankets that I ordered a week or two ago. Pretty happy with them. Well made and pretty heavy. Tried to sleep under one the first night, but ended up throwing it off because I was sweating.
    – Recieved the Sawyer PointTwo water filter that I ordered on Monday. It was sitting on my doorstep on Wednesday. Wow. Ran a gallon of tap water through it. Could definitely taste the difference. Only 999,999 gallons left in it now, though. 😉 This was probably the area where I was lacking most in my preps. Big relief.
    – Scheduled some dental work that I’ve been putting off.
    – Bought some food grade buckets at a home brewing store near me. Another thing that I was missing.
    – Made another batch of pickles. I can’t keep them in stock! Between me and the kid and her friends, a 1 gallon jar full of them is usually gone within a week. Took me 47 years, but I finally found my forte. 😉 Thinking of making them in a bucket next.
    – Got the ball rolling on the paperwork for my new piece of hardware. Should have it in a week or two, depending on how long it takes LE folks to OK the permit.
    – Went to a couple of stores looking at the above hardware. Cabela’s Sporting Goods still had pretty good stock of ammo, although there were large holes on the shelves. Fleet Farm’s shelves didn’t have too much stock on them compared to how much they usually have, although they did have the piece I’m looking for (Sig P250).
    – Talked to a friend about loading 100 more rounds for my deer rifle. They don’t make ammo for it anymore, so he’s good enough to help me out.
    – And I joined the NRA last night, coincidentally enough. In the past, I figured they were doing just fine without me. But now, the gun-grabbers see an opportunity unlike any they’ve had before, and they are serious about using the tragedy in CT to further their political agenda.

    Have a great Christmas, Pack!

  51. We celebrated Christmas on Friday–that was the only day everyone could come. My dh cooked a prime rib and we opened presents. I got some really cool stuff–a gun snake and a scope for my 10/22, and a ghost site for my Glock. I am up in Ga. visiting my folks. My mom and I went to Walmart here today and they were sold out of just about everything. They had a few shotguns left but they were off brand and .16 or .410. The ammo shelves were striped bare. The guy at the counter said they just few off the shelves.

    I did manage to order 2,100 rounds of Federal .22 and a couple of ammo cans from Cabelas. They have a special going on right now–if you buy $150 worth of stuff, they take off $20. And if you open a credit card with them, they take off $25. So I thought that was a good deal. I ended up getting the ammo and three ammo cans for just under $125.

    My adopted son showed up with a new toy. I had never seen anything like it–a semi-automatic 12 gauge set up on an AK with 30 round drums. That thing was so heavy I could barely hold it up (and I have quite a bit of muscle on me). We spent some time at the range. I really like the Rugar 10/22. Once we get the scope put on, I should be an excellent shot.

    That’s it for me. I want to wish the Pack a wonderful Christmas–may each of you have quality time with family.

    • recoveringidiot says:

      Bam Bam, I got one of these on the way.
      Found a nice 10-22 heavy barrel last week at a price I could not turn down. I thought I had a decent scope in my pile of stuff but its a older Burris that’s 14 inches long. This one will correct parallax for close up rimfire work but will adjust back out if you want/need to use it on a centerfire rifle. I’m a believer in good glass from a maker that stands behind their products. Santa has been good to me all year in the sporting arms department!

    • Ah, a Saiga-12. Nice weapon but why anyone would ever want a 30 round drum on a 12-gauge shotgun is really beyond me. Too bad he didn’t have a 5-round magazine for it – I think you would have liked it if you weren’t having to deal with all that extra weight.

      • K. Fields,

        Good to hear from you. He did have a five round magazine–and it was still to heavy for me to shoot comfortably. I put him in charge of fire arms and ammo. All he has to do is get out of Miami.

    • Hunker-Down says:

  52. Sw't Tater says:

    Merry Christmas to all! Enjoy your families and friends, hold them close, stay safe, keep your head down.
    Not much in the way of prepping this week, few more bottles of water filled…since we don’t routinely buy/drink cola’s and juices, food grade bottles are hard for us to come by.I guess I will have to resort to buying some more buckets and water containers…
    Worked on more things from my list , preparing house for winter, that has not arrived yet,..Not complaining, we got some much needed rain but are still 14″ to scant for the year..can use some nitrogen, so maybe we’ll get snow this year.
    Trying to plan garden with arrival of seed books…working on building a raised bed with plant residue in the bottom…
    bought and divided 10 lb of ground meat from a sale,
    made some laundry detergent for family member -from their supply.
    Finished with making and delivery of Christmas presents for Dr. that cares for us.
    Completed dehydration and storage of celery.
    Addressing health issues that are current and long term, I just hate taking any thing every day!

  53. ozhillbilly says:

    Hi M.D. and Wolf Pack. In terms of prepping lately it’s been more thinking and planning than material stuff for me. I read the post here regularly to keep in touch with everyone’s thoughts. I believe you folks have a better feel and understanding of daily events than one will ever get from any print or electronic media source, especially the national news. It seems I’ve been withdrawing from society more lately. I’m not going mental; I’m just weary of all of the folks out there that do not have a clue about the real mess we are in. It’s apparent every little thing that happens, the government tries to grab a little more power. It’s my opinion this president and his administration do not believe in the Constitution, it’s simply an obstacle in their way. Congress is an embarrassing two ring circus. Frankly, I don’t have the answers. I’m just digging in more getting ready for the bad times ahead. Will continue to teach my grandkids about the Lord and hopefully, some common sense and skills they can take with them in the future. God Bless you all and Merry Christmas!

    • Petticoat Prepper says:

      Well, TDL did say the Constitution wouldn’t let him do what he wants to….

      • And he doesn’t like the Constitution anyway so he’ll just do whatever he wants somehow or other. Maybe an EO or two or three just for fun.

  54. Alittle2late says:

    Merry Christmas to the Pack.
    Didn’t put much faith in the Mayan thing. If they are that good at predicting wouldn’t they still be here? anyways.. Have been receiving packages all week from orders placed in previous week. E.E is great even with the holidays they got my order here in 4 days. Sighted in SR22 today. 25rounds at 40yards covered hole with a 50cent piece. Winchester M 22 40G cycles flawlessly,just shy of 500rounds not a hick up. Ordered a custom mag release and larger charging handle for it when I got home. Finished wrapping presents last night. well have to rewrap a few, the cats thought the bows were for them. Ordered some essential oils to try a recipe for fabric softener. sweet orange , ylang ylang and patchouli. researched water filters, think I’m going to go with the katadyn ceradyn setup,and modify it with activated charcoal filtration. Picked up 2 65G black food grade barrels for the house rain water recycling program. Replaced the food stores that were used. The mail lady thanked me for putting in the gigantic mail box. Finally got around to winterizing all my gas powered equipment. Have a wonderful holiday. Don’t forget your furry family too.

  55. This week I added 4 cans of canned goods to storage and rotated some cans due to expire in the first 6 mos of 2013 to the active pantry. I bought 50 target rounds of reloads for my 38 revolver. Also got an early present of 100 more target rounds and 25 hpoint rounds. Stash is still small but growing. I also bought a sling shot at the local Walmart. It was the last one on the rack. I didn’t even know they were selling them. Also started adding coffee grounds to my storage. I discovered that I hadn’t stored any when I was rotating my supplies. It’s easier than I thought to completely overlook something you would really like to store. That’s it for this week. Merry Christmas to all.

  56. Rob in Ontario says:

    Merry Christmas everyone – hope all are well not alot done this week- did pick up an other SKS- hope to get some more mags for them after christmas — Nephew is heading out west he’s 19 good kid hope he stays safe out there—– Thank you MD for this site and the honest people that are here

  57. Finally got the courage and time to try out my All American pressure cooker/canner. The first batch of meat that actually made it to the canner seems to have turned out great. I just took the jars out of the canner and lids are popping all over the place. I purchased the bible of canning – the Ball Blue Book guide to Preserving but to me it was a waste. As a novice, I got more practical use from Canning and Preserving for Dummies book and the All American user’s guide that came with the canner.

    • Marti, Congrats on your first canning of meat! When canned, the cheapest cut of beef comes out tasty and tender, you will love it!!

  58. Surviving in Ky. says:

    M.D. and the rest of the Pack, The links below will give you an idea of what the CEO for Brownells and the rest of the country think about infringing on our 2nd Amendment rights. Take heart Pack, we are not alone!


  59. Hope everyone has an awesome and blessed Christmas. Hope we will never forget the reason we get to celebrate. If only we could get everyone else to catch on….. Be blessed in the new year!!

  60. SurvivorDan says:

    The Marines have landed! My youngest, Lance Corporal Michael SurvivorDan has returned from foreign parts for Christmas. Forgive me for no prepping!

    Merry Christmas! Mele Kalikimaka! Happy Holidays!
    God bless you all. God bless and keep safe MD Creekmore!
    And may the good Lord (it it’s His will) preserve and protect our Constitution.
    God bless America!!!

    • SurvivorDan,
      It’s great to hear your son made it home safe. I’m sure that makes the holiday that much more special. My daughter,Big K, just turned 18, when she finishes school she is seriously considering the Marine Corp.. I like the idea but it will be tough when she’s away from home and possibly in harms way.
      Bless you and your family…Merry Christmas.

  61. Had an interesting week but gave myself a break this weekend. Rented a kitchen with 2 stoves, 2 sinks and 2 dishwashers. So far it has been 13 jars apple jelly, 14 loaves of banana bread, 1 turkey, 19 jars of carrots. Still to do grape jelly and blackberry jam plus some chocolate chip cookies – maybe.

    We have had some wicked weather where I live and unfortunately this time it caught up with me. The wind caught the driver’s door sufficiently hard to spring the door. When you first closed the door it was off by about 12 inches by the time we were done working on it the door was at least closeable. Saw the body shop guy the next day and he fixed it a little better yet – but it won’t be cheap to fix since it also damaged the fender. What fun!

  62. Was a nice week around here – some rain, some sun. Big event was the solstice party; good turn out this year, probably all the Mayan stuff made more people aware of it.
    As I mentioned earlier, had a mountain lion in the yard (I suspect due to lingering odors of the pig killing) and then on Thursday had a black bear break into one of the bee hives, first time that has happened in the past 20 years. Luckily I scared him off before he destroyed all the brood, so I’m hoping what’s left will settle into a back-up hive. (tip for new bee keepers – ALWAYS have some empty hives available!).
    Spent one sunny day shooting up some targets so one rainy day was spent loading ammo into clips and refilling the ammo cans. Other than some christmas shopping and finally getting around to reading the 3 Stieg Larsson novels (very enjoyable by the way), that was about it.

  63. Merry Christmas Pack!
    We were able to stock up quite a bit of food this week,lotsa good sales and specials, also got to save over $150 on gas with the bonus points.
    Santa came a little early for me, a Streamlight Protac HL flashlight…very bright,small, and light weight, and Bushnell Trophy XLT 10X42 binoculars…really great,bright, clear,large sight picture, good eye releif.
    Renewed my NRA membership. I was very proud of Wayne LaPierre at the press conference,well spoken,good ideas,at just to confuse the media even more he used facts to make his points. Later on we hear the microphones picked up the press putting down the NRA and praising the protesters, what a surprise!
    We survived the 12/21/2012 event without any issues,wasn’t worried about the event, but people can be panicky,dumb, and dangerous when they think somethings gonna happen.
    Santa was looking to get me an AR , but they hard to find and expensive now, thanks Obama for being the greatest gun salesman in history, have fun in Hawaii.
    Everyone have a safe and happy holiday!

    • d, yeah i saw him get interupted by some screaming hag. she had the nerve to condemn him for even suggesting veterans as school guards. so we’re good enough to defend the nation, but not your kids? lovely… cnn was all too eager to interview her afterward. obviously they are more concerned with enslavement than kids safety.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        When Libs get excited they drop the pretense of being “For the troops!”
        They forget the facade they are supposed to hide their contempt behind. When I was vetted for the sheriff’s academy they liked that I was a vet who had been in the sh*t. Now, many departments look with less favor on the vet (especially a combat vet) because it might be a liability issue in the future. The vet might CRACK! I guess it would be better to hire a bunch of sissyfied, Merlot sipping, pencil pushing, yoga loving, tree huggers, huh?

        • SurvivorDan says:

          Before anyone gets their panties in a twist :
          I enjoy a good Merlot now and then.
          Yoga’s cool for some.
          And no shame in pushing a pencil for a living.

          I just get carried away…….literally. 😉

          • SurvivorDan says:

            See what you did rr, you thread hi-jacker!

            For prepping…cleaned out my boy’s bedroom which was nearly wall to wall preps. That’s prepping cuz I found soooooo many things I was missing. Including a cute little NAA 22 magnum and its ankle holster. Score!
            And I cycled a lot of things down to the pantry.
            {I was yelling at me}

            • riverrider says:

              ummm not sure what you mean survivor dan, but merry christmas to you anyway 🙂

            • riverrider says:

              oh, i get it now, LOL!

            • SurvivorDan says:

              It’s Ok river. I’m the one who didn’t even realize I was on the “What did you do to prep this week?” post. I am sometimes out of my gourd.

              Holiday madness!

              Merry Christmas river!

        • PGCPrepper says:

          Hey, I was a “pencil pushing” warrant officer in the Army before I retired. I never saw action in 20 years. Lucky me.

          But, I was also a 230 lb, lean, Drill Sergeant before I converted. I have a pic of me dead lifting 500 lbs. I hate wine and yoga but trees are cool. 🙂

          • SurvivorDan says:

            No offense intended to any large and powerful pencil pushers.

            And trees are indeed cool. Love the woods.

      • riverrider
        The first guy stood there with a sign blocking the whole screen for what seemed like 2 minutes before being asked to leave, noone did or said anything.
        The hot mic picked up one reporter saying the NRA chair was probably packing and no one would be stupid enough to pull a gun…kinda proves Waynes point!

  64. Canned veggies on sale – stocked up on a big pile.
    Bought oranges as they are starting to come on sale and started canning them.
    Today we went to the inlaws for the holiday dinner gathering. Friday and Saturday were lost to renter drama. (VERY long story – but I hate replacing doors).
    Am still listing/selling on ebay – doing pretty decent with it.
    Although we put up some stuff this week, it was mostly devoted to holiday prepping – which is important also, just not quite the same!
    Did get my prize for the writing contest but haven’t yet found the time to buy anything – hoping for this week.

  65. Merry CHRISTmas to all.

    Picked up some ammo. Then DS2 gave me a .22 mag that he didn’t need any more. Put a little food and cleaning supplies in storage. Also picked up a few needed tools.

    DS1 quit his job. That one is a long story but was also a long time coming. He has gone with me to the last 2 gun shows to work and found it is thoroughly tiring. He has been job hunting for months. Hoping he finds something soon.

  66. Just a Christmas day note…

    1saleaday.com has a lot of automotive stuff on the “Flash” today. I noticed, and ordered, the battery charger/conditioner for $14.99. These things are great for batteries on items you don’t use everyday, like motorcycles, lawn tractors, ATV’s, travel trailers, etc. I used to have to replace the batteries in these every other year at about $60-70 each. Now I haven’t replaced a battery in 3 years. And things start right up.

  67. Merry Christmas to all!

    No prepping last week. Christmas gifts for the daughters took any available finances and am having problems from the tree limb incident. On the other hand, Santa brought me a nice stainless water bath canner with starter supplies. Now I need to actually can something. The pumpkin butter was put on hold after the tree limb and my doc is trying to figure out why I’m having tummy issues from it. First test was totally negative so I’m to have another run the first week of January. Getting better though.

    During the various family gatherings, the hubby and I have found some similarly-minded cousins in his family without breaking Opsec. They also live in an area where we have considered buying land. Good to know and can learn much from them as they can and raise chickens.

  68. I have a question or two for the Wolfpack. (If M.D. doesnt mind).

    Which canned hams taste the best? DAK or Celebrity or Primrose or other?
    We had a DAK tonight (with sweet taters) and it was not bad at all.

    Tommorrow we will be cooking up some ham and beans. How do you fix your canned ham?

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      The nice thing about canned ham is that it is already cooked. Someways I have prepared it are:
      Score, whole cloves, brown sugar, sliced pineapple, bake, slice, serve.
      Cube and use in fried rice, flavor vegetables, beans, soups.
      Slice, lightly brown in skillet and serve eggs and toast.
      Slice and make grilled ham and cheese sandwiches.
      There must be a gazillion ways to prepare canned ham. Enjoy.

    • Ron:

      I have only used the DAK. I like the taste but the are a little salty.

    • I was going to suggest T G-Ma’s first method – cloves, pineapple and brown sugar. Crushed pineapple works too.

  69. I am up in Georgia with my family. All the research on excema and essential oils paid off. I put my homemade lotion on my nephew and the itching stopped immediately. I also made my brother five gallons of homemade laundry soap–I read that store bought laundry detergent exacerbates excema. I made two kinds of lotion for excema. The first is a tea tree-peppermint with avocado oil and olive oil. This works to stop the itching and is recommended for when excema breaks the skin. The second lotion is lavender and is intended for when the skin is not broken. The more I research and use essential oils, the more I see they are important for preventative medicine.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      Bam Bam,

      Twenty seconds ago I completed an order for the ingredients in your dry skin lotion recipe you posted last week. THANKS!

      • H-D,

        You are welcome. I can’t believe how well this stuff works–and how inexpensive it is to make compared to buying it from a department store.

    • would love the eczema lotion recipes you mention! DD has had eczema since newborn (now 12)…have tried everything. I’ve also made batches of her own laundry soap (fels naptha, borax, washing soda) to wash her sheets/clothes. She can tell when I cheat and use Tide. Just found a lotion recipe with coconut oil and lavender oil…haven’t tried yet.

      • u2redneck,

        Take a half pint jar, fill with oil (coconut, avocado, olive or any mixture thereof), add 1 1/2 TBS beeswax pellets and place in microwave until wax is melted–about 75 seconds. Remove from microwave and add 15 drops tea tree oil and 10 drops peppermint essential oil. (You can use fewer drops of essential oil if you use high quality.) Let sit for a couple of hours to cool. It will form a salve. Use this for excema when the skin is broken or infected.

        To keep excema from coming back, use the oil mixture above but add 15 -20 drops of lavender essential oil. (This makes excellent massage oil.)

        • Thank you, thank you, BB! I’m on it! Searching for beeswax pellets tomorrow! DD’s arms thank you, too!

          • Michael’s sometimes has the pellets, but you should be able to find somewhere on the web. I generally just grate some beeswax off a big bar. Best if you can get pure beeswax from a beekeeper (often in little 1 oz rectangles that are very handy) and not the adulterated 1# bars that Michael’s carries. Try googling honey + your state. You might get a very pleasant surprise.

  70. PGCPrepper says:

    I have clove oil and oil of wild oregano in my arsenal. I use the oregano with oil to clean my teeth and gums. Many benefits from these two oils if one does a simple search. Also might want to search “oil pulling” with sesame oil. Amazing.

  71. About a dozen foodstuffs to put into rotation.

    Got my dd & sil a small collapsible lantern and a recharge unit with 4 AA batteries as a Christmas gift, along with 2 books (hiking in their state plus an adjoining state and a book about hiking preps).

    Got 2 collapsible eating utensils and a collapsible shovel (not the best in the world, but very very heavy).

    Still awaiting firearm permit. #1 person didn’t get the letter/form from LE; my guess is his dw thought it was the annual pitch for $ and simply threw the envelope away. #2 person promptly completed the form and mailed it back.

    Dick’s pulled anything remotely resembling assault-style. Local store also no longer sell firearms on a daily basis. Let them sell golf equipment only and see how they like it! I’m no longer a customer of theirs for anything.

    A doctor I know posted sign that no longer accepting Medicare or Medicaid (he didn’t get too many to begin with) due to 29% fee reduction. Others also doing this. Many I’ve run into plan to quit the field entirely. (But tdl plans to get lots of PAs, gee, the inexperienced will be able to tell us that we have colds.) Have heard that many are stocking up on medical supplies and antibiotics in addition to supplies of all types including food.

  72. Jim in SoCal says:

    Hi all, I’m a liitle late this week due to the holiday. I hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

    A little story to start with. This past weekend (Sunday 0200) I was awoken by DW saying that someone was trying to get into the window in my daughters room (daughter was staying at a friend’s that night). Quickly grabbed my 1911 and headed down the hall. Perp must have heard the slide rack on the .45, because just as I got to the door he was off and running! Second time in 18 years at this address that someone tried to enter unlawfully. The first time I was an unarmed sheeple, and it woke me up. This time, I was better prepared.

    On to preps. For years my Mom made a huge batch of beef jerky for all of the kids and grand kids at Christmastime. Well, Mom is 75 now and has decided that its too much work these days. So, I now have 6 dehydrators and made over 20lbs. of jerky last week. Some ended up in stockings, the rest was put back.

    We also added more med supplies, canned goods, batteries and propane to the stores. Christmas found us helping others in our family be more prepared, as we gave practical gifts along those lines.

    That’s it for now.

    • Jim,

      I sure wish you would consider writing an article on how to make jerky. I have a dehydrator and would love to learn how to make jerky. Putting up 20 lbs. That sounds like a lot of work.

      • Bam Bam, that oughta bring out the jerky makers. Yes, 20# would be a lot. No wonder Jim has lots of dehydrators. I’ve got an Excaliber 5-shelf, which 3 to 4# fills at startup.

        I like using eye round roast and have butcher slice it 1/8″ thick, then I use about 1/2 cup each worcesteshire & soy sauce (options are hot pepper flakes, liquid smoke, garlic powder) and marinate overnight. Usually takes me 5+ hours at 155 degrees. Just be sure that totally cooled before packing up. I use ziploc bags, then into glass jars, then I take the extra step of putting into glass jars and pulling out the air. Since I store for quite awhile, I often put the jar into a small paper bag (to keep out the light) and then put in fridge. Everybody has their own method.

        Teriyaki sauce for chicken slices is nice, too.

  73. Coming out of stalker mode…been reading for a while now, thought I’d chime in! What I did this week: Received 31 Days and the LDS printout and started plowing thru them both! Love how 31 days makes it all seem do-able, not so overwhelming and paralyzing! The LDS manual is going to be my go-to resource, I can tell! Started clearing out a corner in my basement so I can organize my loot. Baby steps…

    • Surviving in Ky. says:

      Welcome u2redneck, Might check out Emergency Essentials as well. They have the cheapest shipping rates other than LDS. Might begin with water as well, without it, everything else is a moot point. Water, food, security and opsec. Happy prepping!

  74. Thanks, SIKY! Have meager beginnings of water storage, but def need to add to it. I’ll check out that website..also going to see if there are any LDS stores nearby! Was hoping for a pressure canner for Christmas to start setting up some chli

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      I have been wondering if waterbed bladders might be a good way to store water when you have limited space. By sleeping on water beds we could be killing two birds. But would water stabilizer or chlorine be better to use?

      • TGM:

        Only if you have a way to filter it. It can get nasty.

      • Tactical G-Ma,

        I would be leery of using a waterbed bladder for water storage: (1) you will need a frame to support the water in the bladder, (2) you will need to check to see if the bladder is treated chemically to prevent algae, (3) it will be difficult to move, (4) it will be difficult to rotate the water.

      • Tactical G-Ma,
        Been sleeping on a water bed for 34 yrs. There is a conditioner to add periodically to prevent alge and condition the vinyl. After being on one all that time, would I drink the water? Not a chance. Doesn’t matter if you run it through a filter or reverse osmosis system. I’m not going to do it.

  75. To all of you candy horders (like me):

    I found M&M’s 10-12 oz packages for $1.39 at WalMart!

    • Hunker-Down says:

      I’m getting in the car RIGHT NOW. But, dang, it’s a 25 minute drive to WalMart and there will be none by the time we get there.

  76. Finally had to open my box from bookcloseouts.com ’cause I had to pull out 2 books for dh/sil gifts. Not a bad haul for $59 plus $11.50 freight. Not counting the 2 books for gifts, I got:

    The Breadman’s Health Bread Book
    The Ultimate Hiking Skills Manual
    Survival Cups and Hydration Manual
    Basic Essentials Camping
    Root Cellaring
    Ultimate Camp Cooking
    Country Wisdom and Know-How
    Fast, Fresh Garden Edibles
    Grillin’ and Chili’n
    The Backyard Homestead
    Homegrown Whole Grains
    The Beginner’s Guide to Hunting Deer for Food
    The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Country Living
    Candles (yes, I have at least 4# beeswax stashed away)
    Success with Seeds

    The above will go into quite a library. Plus I have tons of free and .99 stuff on my Kindle. I still like my ole Carla Emory book since there’s so much of everything in it.

    I also downloaded (at work) a couple of the Firefox pdf’s. But I’ve got a bad feeling from when I downloaded that they are really huge files and I may have trouble dumping them onto my flashdrive. We shall see next week.

  77. Didn’t get much prepping done but received some great Christmas presents geared towards prepping and that counts, right?

    Received two books I had reviewed from the library and wanted to buy: “Artisan Cheese Making at Home” by Karlin and “Herbal Antibiotics” by Buhner. I also received a Firefield Nightfall Monocular.

    Had a new propane tank and regulator installed this morning; fill up will be this afternoon. Had to plow the driveway as the gate could not push the 8+” of snow out of the way!

    We are just relaxing and enjoying having our youngest son home with us for a week. He is sleeping in every morning and enjoying his vacation. I am happy he at least agrees to have some survival gear in his vehicle because of the harsh MN winters. That is a start; he is a skeptic regarding any doomsday talk – but is willing to discuss it and is no sheeple (thank God!)

    A very blessed New Year for all the Wolf Pack! May the Peace that passes all understanding rule your hearts and minds in the coming year. May you receive wisdom and discernment from God just when you need it.

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