What did you do to prep this week?

Before we start with this weeks “what did you do to prep this week” blog segment, I’d like to thank  Victoria S, Mike L, Keith G and Pete, the Windy City Viking for their generous donations this week. Thank you – this money will be used to pay for the blogs hosting fees that are coming due…

Before we get started I would also like to mention that Paladin Press is offering 25% off of all their products through 1/3/2013 with the promo code MAT12. This would be a great time to order my books “31 Days to Survival” and “Dirt Cheap Survival Retreat” if you’ve not already done so…

Now let me see… what did I do to prep this week?

Signed up ten of my family members and friends for their own NRA One Year Associate Membership membership at $10.00 each – you can join here.

Sent my “Vote NO on any new gun laws, restrictions or bans” letter to my congress people….

Watched the DVD “Behold A Pale Horse, America’s Last Chance” I doubt that you can watch this and not shed a tear for America…

Let me see… what else?

Bought this 50 person first-aid kit from http://www.campingsurvival.com/

Bought this 50 person first-aid kit from http://www.campingsurvival.com/


Bought these work gloves from Wal-Mart.

Well that’s it for me this week folks… what about you. What did you do to prep this week?

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  1. Did the Christmas gift thing with the kids – gave the son a nice fixed blade knife and we’re going to go get him a hunting rifle later this week. Stepdaughter isn’t really “prepperish” so she got other things – mainly art supplies.
    Started planning out the garden for next year. Increasing it by about 500 square feet. Taking what we learned from last year and incorporating it. More onions, more dry beans, more green beans, less eggplant and no okra.
    Ordered “Strategic Relocation” … I’ve already got it through interlibrary loan three times, that’s usually a sign that I just need to buy the dang book.
    Spent much of last weekend and the holiday fighting a nasty cold. I’m sorta better but not “good” yet.
    Went gun shopping – put a S&W 9mm model 39 on layaway while we keep looking. Found a really nice Beretta but it was a bit pricey for what I wanted. Ended up getting another Ruger .22 as a gift to myself/son and the S&W we put on layaway. Is it a bad sign that I’m getting really really good at filling out the ATF paperwork? Son got an “interest” in the pistols instead of another rifle.
    Ordered ammo from Lucky Gunner with my prize winnings – thanks again to MD and to LG for the prize! And it arrived within the week – very very fast shipping considering the holiday week!
    Am shopping for a grain mill – down to deciding between the Wonder Mill Jr and the Country Living mill. One reason for leaning to the Country Mill is that it’s all metal. I know MD recommends the Wonder Mill – does anyone have any suggestions?
    Joined the NRA (again – membership had lapsed from a few years ago).
    Made most of my seed orders for the coming year. Sorted out seeds to plant and figured out what I need to order. Just one company to order from that isn’t taking orders until after New Years.
    Food was mainly beans and sugars – bought a 50lb bag of white sugar to put into buckets as well as some brown sugar and other stuff. While we’re not perfect on food stores, we’re not too far off my goals, so we’re concentrating on other stuff mainly.
    Took advantage of Paladin Press’ sale – ordered six books, including a timely one on how to cache items.
    Bought a nice pair of winter boots for the son – rated to -40 degrees F. He’s finally quit outgrowing shoes every three weeks so it was worth it to get him a good pair of winter boots.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Victoria S.
      What is in your garden? Where do you get your seeds? What ag zone are you in? What do you start with seeds and what with seedlings? Please tell us more. Any tips?

      • Grumpy Vermonter says:

        Have you ever tried winter sowing, and if so, any tips on that? I’m going to be trying it for the first time this year. I put up a garden fence in our yard this year (hauled up sections that other folks had put down in the burn pile from their deck railings and painted them all black so they looked nice), then the park managers of this trailer park had the nerve to complain that “it’s been noted with great concern that there are more gardens going in”. Well, I’ve gotten so many compliments on that fence that it’s staying! What books did you get from Paladin Press?
        The only suggestion I have around mills is to make sure the auger isn’t a soft metal.

        • I’m trying garlic, cabbage and broccoli this winter and seeing what happens. The garlic’s doing great, the cabbage is okay, and I think I should have mulched the broccoli a bit more. Wanted to do carrots, turnips and rutabagas but just didn’t get to it in time.

          I picked up Advanced Tactical Marksman, Defensive Use of Firearms, Home Workshop Guns for Defense and Resistance, Vol. I, Homemade Guns and Homemade Ammo, How to Bury Your Goods, and Makeshift Workshop Skills For Survival and Self-Reliance. We’ll see how I like them (well, and how the hubby likes them… some are for him.) I’m a serious serious bibliophile – I’ve rarely met a book I didn’t like.

        • I’m growing winter veggies under row covers. I’ve got a variety of lettuces, herbs, cabbages, onions (slowly) growing at the moment. The trick is planting in the Fall and letting them get to a nice size before it gets really cold and their growth slows down. You don’t have to water or weed during the winter, so you still get a nice break from gardening. The beds a kinda like a giant refridgerator “crisper drawer”…you just go out and cut what you need. Then, come Springtime, the remaining plants take off and start growing. It gives you a real headstart in the Springtime.

      • I’m mainly planting tomatoes, beans (dried and snap), onions, cabbage, carrots, peppers, and cucumbers. We do a few eggplants, sunflowers (mainly as bean poles), broccoli, beets and some odd leaf veggies. I pretty much start most everything from seed – either inside and transplant or direct sow. Pretty much everything is heirloom/open pollinated – last year was the first year I tried broccoli so I did a hybrid, but this year I’ve got broccoli seed to start. We did a bunch of things last year we’re not doing this year. We’re in 5B – which I like a lot better than living in Houston where it was 8B!

        I also have herbs – gotta keep the hubby who is a basil fanatic happy!

        Living in the middle of the corn belt, I don’t grow sweet or dent corn – too hard to save seed and really kind of silly. I can get good quality sweet corn for $3 a dozen in non-drought years, and was only paying $5 a dozen in the horrid drought last year. With corn’s space requirements – I’m better off growing a bunch of other things.

        Tips? Heh. I read a lot of gardening books and weed a lot. (We use our horse manure as compost so I get a bit more weeds than most folks – but boy – it really is great to add to the soil!).

        • Oh, yeah, I get most of my seeds online – I did save seeds last year for the first time – tomatoes, beans and watermelon to start.

          I’ve used Baker Creek, SSE (i’m a member), Sustainable, Fedco and Horizon mainly, with a few others for small stuff and some stuff from our local garden centers.

          I do buy a few seedlings locally – local garden clubs and garden centers, but mainly rely on seeds rather than purchased seedlings.

          This year I’m going to save peppers and cukes on top of the others and see how that goes. Maybe beets and carrots also. Still trying to find a radish I like enough to save seed from!

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          Victoria S.
          Thanks for the info. Sounds like you have a handle on it.

          I moved to 8A five years ago. It is a learning experience.

          Do you compost your manure or add it straight to the soil? My neighbor has horses so I can probably get some from her.

          I’ve grown herbs for years. I love fresh herbs and make lots of pesto sauce. Besides deer don’t bother herbs.

          • We compost for at least a year. That’s a fancy way to say “we make a big pile in either the back fence line or the barnyard and let the stuff sit”.

            Have a lot less this year as last winter was so mild I didn’t have to stall the horses at all, which really cut down on my need to compost. Of course, that leaves two big huge piles still to use, but at least I didn’t ADD any more piles, right?

          • Compost it first, you’ll kill some of the weed seeds and you won’t burn the plants if you apply too much. I hope that I never see another load of horse manure after one of my gardens years ago wound up with trillions of weeds, many that I’d never ever seen before, especially all the deep-rooted ones that defied shovels

            If you know anyone with cows or sheep . . .

    • servantheart says:

      The Wonder Mill is now made in China. The Country Mill is still made in the U.S.A. It will last “forever”.

    • servantheart says:

      VS, I realized that my answer was “incomplete”. Perhaps you will find this info useful, as well?

      These grain mills are all still made in the USA:

      Grain Maker (red): http://www.grainmaker.com/ (Montana)

      Country Living (white): http://www.countrylivinggrainmills.com/ (Washington State)

      Retsel: http://www.retsel.com/ (12 colors available!)

      Here’s a statement from Retsel of interest:

      “This holiday season RETSEL prices and service will crush our competition. Please take a minute to review the offers we have available, you will not be disappointed. “

    • I understand about not buying “good” shoes until the kids quit outgrowing them. We bought the youngest a nice pair of boots for Christmas. She has worn them all but two or three days since she got them.

  2. This week I’m going to try pigeon. I have permission from a farmer to do a little pest control on their silos and a buddy and myself are going to harvest some of those flying rats. Apparently they are very good and I’ve found some nice recipes here: http://honest-food.net/wild-game/dove-pigeon-recipes/

    The more food options you have available to you, the better you’ll do.

    • They’re pretty good eating, all dark meat like a dove. And you can substitute one for the other.

      Dove Enchiladas

      Take about 10 dove, skin and remove breasts from bone. Brown in a skillet with 1/2 a chopped onion, about 2 tblsp of oil and 2 cloves of garlic. As soon as it’s browned, pour your favorite enchilada sauce into another skillet and warm. When the sauce is warm, put a corn tortilla in the sauce until the tortilla begins to soften a bit. Fill the tortilla with the dove/onion/garlic and some cheese, roll up and place in a greased baking pan. When you’ve used all the dove, coat all the enchilada’s with sauce and bake at 350deg for about 15-18 minutes. Then cover with cheese and bake for another 3 or 4 (or until all the cheese is melted).

      Dove Sausage Links

      ~ 1 lb dove meat (8 – 10 boned dove breasts)
      ~ 1/2 tsp salt
      ~ 1/4 tsp black pepper
      ~ 1/4 tsp ground thyme
      ~ 1/4 tsp ground sage
      ~ 1/2 tsp finely ground ginger

      Chill the meat in the freezer 15 minutes. Grind through the fine disk of a household meat grinder. Add remaining ingredients, mix well, and grind again.
      Wet your hands with cold water. Taking about a tablespoon of meat at a time, form little links by rolling the meat between your palms.Refrigerate the links until firm, about thirty minutes. To cook, saute until browned on all sides. Serve warm.

      They are also good in etouffee or creole sauce. Might also try them spit roasted, stuffed with jalapenos and wrapped in bacon.

    • If you want to be a snob, you can call pigeon squab.

  3. I picked up a schrade extreme for my 2nd fixed bladed knife. Also bought a few samples of Coleman’s camping food to ck. it out and for taste. I did get a new Molle pack from my kids for Christmas. I just have a few more things to get then I will start my 2nd bob for the car


  4. The Last American says:

    I’m writing this as a warning to the members of the pack. This weekend I experienced the worst event of my 60+ years. My DW and I went and viewed the movie Les Mes starring Hugh Jackman and Ann Hathaway.

    Was t bad? Well I would rather french kiss that fat liberal asshat Michael Moore than sit through it again and I’m a straight male. We left the theater with our ears bleeding gasping for air, while vomiting from the really bad acting, plot and music.

    Please, for your own good don’t see this really crappy movie. Save your money and buy Spam instead…..this is not a joke.

    • georgeislearning says:

      awe man that sucks . my wife loves Les Miserables. She took me to the live show in Philly . It was my first experience in a live show. I walked out of it changed forever. sad to hear the movie sucked 🙁

      • Sad. I saw it up in NYC and they had a lot going on with a rotating circular stage. What I saw of it very was good; I kept falling asleep simply out of sheer exhaustion.

      • The Last American says:

        I hear ya. There is some really great music in the score, trouble was all of the “Big Songs” were sung by people with “little voices”. Really too bad.

        I guess I’ll stick to watching “Justified” on TV. Love watching Sheriff Raylan Givens (White 10 gallon hat and all) shoot bad guys. Makes me yearn for the days of Marshall Matt Dillion.

      • Thomas T. Tinker says:

        Last… gonna take your word for It We’ve seen this staged as an A truck show in L.A. Columbus, Chicago and lil olde Toledo. I got to work tech for it twice. The staging and flow of it with the rotating stage is all the Difference. Saw it last year in it’s B truck mode and it had no energy at all. Walked out just after ‘Master of the House’ Sad…

    • For those interested, I saw Les Mis over the weekend as well and thought it was great. Best movie I have seen in a while and I am not a musical type guy.

      I had seen it twice on Broadway back in the day so I do have a fondness for the story and I am not a music afficianado so it could be that my tolerances are higher — to each his own, but if you are interested I think its worth a shot.

      My wife is seeing it a second time this week with friends so you could say she liked it as well.

  5. I have tried servreal time on here to post but it always comes up with an off the wall saying Like you have already posted that and I have not posted in over a year cause it always has something to say


  6. georgeislearning says:

    Sent the no to any new gun control laws emails off to my state and district congressmen.

    Went and downloaded all the pdf’s from this site http://www.pssurvival.com/
    theres 4000 of them. read the FAQ’s so you can download them easy in batches. WOW some awesome information. Going to need to spend some cash on ink for the printer and also pick up a few more flash drives as there is 14 gb of data.

    Picked up some powdered milk and bisquick for storage.

    raw garlic has many uses , one is a wide spectrum antibiotic. Chewed down a clove yesterday since im sick for a week now. Felt better today. Will continue on raw garlic for the next few days to knock out this cold.

    Some other things to but the best to share is this link http://www.pssurvival.com/
    the letter to your congressmen, thanks for making that easy MD

    Was thinking of ways gun confiscation may take place. First I would look for the internet to go down. Instant data transfer would need to stop. If that happens, look out. Best way I guess would be some kinda issue that would allow the internet kill switch to be turned on.

    Have a great week all and Happy New Year!!

    • I grow my own garlic and pickle it. Works the same as eating it raw and this way I have it year round without buying garlic from the grocery store. Plus the vinegar makes great salad dressing for when The Boss makes me eat rabbit food or for making meat marinades, which is my preferred use. You could even take it straight if you’re into that taking apple cider everyday thing.

      I’ve found that self rising flour (something I used to scoff at as a product for those too lazy to really cook) works as well or better than bisquick or jiffy mix and costs less.

      • georgeislearning says:

        hey tommy thanks for the tip on self rising flour. Something that costs less and works better is good stuff in my book 🙂

      • Sw't Tater says:

        If you are planning on storing it longer than 6-8 months get some baking powder, I use alum free baking powder.(I keep extra in freezer to extend it past date)..to add a teaspoon to 1 cup of flour after that time…

      • Alittle2late says:

        Could you please share your pickled garlic recipe? That sounds interesting.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Self-rising flour has baking powder and soda already added. It does not have shortening added but Bisquik does. I think that is why Bisquik ruins so quickly. Keep in mind that Self-rising flour is great for biscuits, scones, pancakes, even cakes and great when making a rue. But not good for pie crusts, dumplings, and yeast bread baking. Self-rising flour takes so much better than Bisquik. For corn bread use Self-rising flour, corn meal, egg, milk and shortening (melted). Bake in a cast iron skillet.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      George try Oil of Oregano as well, that and L-Lysine knocked out a virus for me…it is also anti- parasitic, anti-bacterial…and a bunch more stuff. It does help a toothache,(a drop or two on the tooth) not completely, but enuf, so I can sleep. Also, Works for me on the deep ear ache I get before a sinus flare-up, I am using four drops twice a day, I put it in a little warm coffee _a swaller- and then find something to chase it with.I got mine @GNC and it was 20$ a bottle, but already saved me much more than that in one month.

      • georgeislearning says:

        Thank you so much for the great tip. Sounds like good stuffs

      • The L-Lysine is great for people who are prone to cold sores or canker sores (herpes simplex). I take one tablet per day for about a month then cut back to a couple times a week. If I feel one coming one, I immediately take two then one a day until a week past that I know it is totally gone.

        Oil or Oregano is very potent…make sure it is diluted.

        • Sw't Tater says:

          DH takes 500mg twice a day, if someone is sick we are in close contact with, we double the dose…for three days, then go back to maintainence dose.
          It is also effective on shingles. I gave it to a friend and her blisters began drying in five days at the 1000mg twice a day dose. she continued that dose until blisters were gone, takes daily for preventive @500mg a day.
          Oregano is super strong, and works so well! I dilute in warm coffee, but it could also be placed in tomato sauce,

  7. rider of rohan says:

    I”ve been watching the events of the past few weeks. Luckily I didn’t have to buy anything regarding firesticks as I anticipated TDL making this very move the day he was elected in 2008. Bought lots of MH food products the past two weeks.

  8. Hunker-Down says:

    My son gave me a spotting scope for christmas. Yea! No I can go to the range and zero-in my BB gun. Then we can keep the squirrels off the bird feeder.

    Vacuum packed 6 pints of semi-sweet chocholate chips that will replace the chips from long term storage that were used to make holiday cookies.

    My diet now consists of cookies and milk, and Tums.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      Get some generic rolaids to add calcium to that diet!

    • squirrel is very good. I get about 5 a week off the bird feeder & they go nicely as a chicken substitute in white chili or chicken & noodles.

  9. Annie Nonymous says:

    Well… we lost power for 3 1/2 days… no oven, no hot water, no electric heat, etc… we -could- have bugged out, but decided to treat it as an actual event and rode it out. It was a learning experience that no “drill” could have matched – it was truly make do with or do without.
    Some thoughts…
    One, its amazing how “hooked” one gets on “modern conveniences” – there was a definite withdrawl period as we realized the power wasn’t coming back any time soon.
    Two, my other half realized the value of being prepared… before it was my “hobby”, but now it’s become important. 🙂
    Three, we realized (glaringly) the holes in our preps… and how urgent they are.

    Fun times! Hope your holidays were Brighter! -grins-

    • Hunker-Down says:

      Annie Nonymous,

      How about letting us know what ‘fell through the cracks’? You might be telling a lot of us about things we forgot also.

    • Grumpy Vermonter says:

      Curious! Could you tell us what the holes were in your preps and how you filled them? It would help everyone, thanks.

    • Annie N.,

      I second H-D and Grumpy’s requests for more information on the glaring holes in your preps. The last time someone lost electricity for days at a time, I learned that I needed the appropriate gauge extension cords for my generator–thanks RR. We all learn when folks put their preps to the test.

      • Annie Nonymous says:

        Sorry for the delay, y’all – been tranporting stuff.

        Some of the GLARING holes –

        1 – Having a Generator (OK, 2), but not having a way to wire it into the house. Ended up tying into the house wiring (after killing the mains) but it took the better part of a day and a half to rig it. THEN realized that the circuit I tied into was a lighting circuit – so had to do some creative wiring to get the fridge back on. LESSON LEARNED – KNOW how your house is wired, and what circuits power what, so you’re not wasting power on unnecessary stuff.

        2 – Water – Probably the scariest part was finding out (again, after the power was out) that my well pump was 230… and both generators 110. We were damned LUCKY it was a winter snowstorm that whacked us, and that we had WOOD HEAT to melt said snow, otherwise we would have been SOL for water. Rule of 3 – 3 days without water means you lose. LESSON LEARNED – have a way to both store enough water for personal survival, and a way to get water, either through snowmelt (as we did), a nearby creek (1/2 mile away), or a BIG ENOUGH GENERATOR (see #1 above!)

        (3) Even using snow and coolers to replace the fridge, we still lost food. We were (again) damned lucky we had sufficient dry and canned goods to last out this SHORT event, but had it gone on weeks, we would have been in Bare Pantry mode – again, rule of 3s – no food for 3 weeks means the long-term dirt nap. EVEN SO… what we had was bland and got boring – in 3 DAYS!!! 3 weeks? Yiii! LESSON LEARNED – Have not just ENOUGH food to hold out for a couple months, but ENOUGH VARIETY so you can stand to eat what you have.

        4 – Boredom. OK, we had a boatload to do – clearing walkways of 4+ feet of thick, wet snow, digging out our car (twice), getting and keeping the woodstoves going, but at the end of the day – it was tedious. With boredom came apathy – we didn;t want to do much because, well, we were either in all out bustbuns mode or dog tired, but we actually had alternate pursuits we could have done – various board games, musical instruments, etc… and finally, on the last afternoon realized we had these, and it helped!!! LESSON LEARNED – Don’t go so far into survival mode you forget your humanity. Man (and woman!) does not live by Prepper stuff alone, but needeth a well rounded life to stay happy, healthy, and hale. We also learned why our great grandparents went to bed at Sunset – even when Sunset is at 6 PM. 😉

        Looking back – we did SURPRISINGLY well, and got lucky it was a 3 1/2 day event. Longer, and we would have had to bug out (and bugging out from your BOL… stinks!) but the one thing we got from this was NOHTING will get you prepped but to face a true SHTF moment. We did mock drills, I even did a weekend campout from my BOB, but none of that prepped us for REALITY.

        Want to see how your preps stack up? Go outside, RIGHT NOW, kill both your main breaker and water and gas main – serious, do it RIGHT NOW – and leave them off for 72 hours. DO NOT CHEAT! Don’t wait for the weekend, don’t wait until it’s convenient – you want to know how REALITY stacks up, and where you’re lacking stuff. I have a list of stuff – from a bigger genset to more lamp oil for inside to lanterns that DON’T LEAK for outside (there’s a sad one – lose a gallon of 1K because your 5 year old dietz lanterns have pinholes in the bottom – uggg-leee!!!) to “shunts” to power up the house from generator to circuits to cans of meat and jars of spices… anyway, there’s a lot (prolly enough for an article) more I could go on about, but the biggest one was to do a TRUE TEST of your preps.

        Because if you don’t… you may fail when testing the Rule of 3!

        Good luck, and good prepping…

        • ummm, i’m feeling a bit of deja vue here 🙂

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          A transfer switch and subpanel is what you need. It is easy enough to do.

          • Grumpy Vermonter says:

            Really helpful, thanks tons! I’m off to check those Dietz lanterns this week, as they’re in storage right now.

        • Encourager says:

          Annie! Great reply! Sounds like you need to take a few minutes and write up an article in detail…including how you interacted with those at home with you when problems popped up (who cleaned up all that leaked oil???) to a step-by-step plan of filling in the holes. I would love to see you you all functioned (physically, emotionally) in this emergency for that is important.

        • Annie N.,

          Thanks for the longer reply. One thing I am missing is a long term lighting solution. I would like to get my hands on one of those really nice Amish lamps.

  10. Well, we get to test our cold weather preps. Seems the heater/boiler went out last night. We had hints that there was a problem, but nothing firm until this morning. Usually the house is set for 72 degrees in the evening, when I went to bed it was 69. I did find it strange that the bathroom steamed up quickly when I took a shower last night. This morning it is 63. Not bad considering its 5 outside. Just shows that the winterizing we did on this old house (1910 vintage) worked.

    Since we still have gas to the house, we have hot water. And the electricity is on. So this is just a mini-exercise. Got out the electric space heaters, the “Big Buddy is ready”. I was just thinking last night that I need to get all of the Big Buddy parts together.

    Our other preps were restocking the shelves, made a Costco run for some bulk food items and some storage tubs, and a stop at the sporting goods store (22 LR ammo and powder). The powder was a no-go as they have been out here for several weeks and now in the larger towns. Seems after the “evil black rifles” went, then the mags, them bulk ammo, now components. I was just looking to restock what I had been using.

    Well, the repairman just left and our old, coal fired now converted to natural gas boiler, lost it’s pilot light. Nothing bad or expensive. Yeah! So, it’s off to church (a little scruffy, but God don’t care), then back here to put the space heaters and such away.

    I also found I need a new UPS for the computer. I thought I lost this entry when we popped the circuit breaker and my UPS lasted for only 60 seconds. If it ain’t one thing it’s another.

    That’s why we prep, so these thing are just annoying not a crisis!

    • georgeislearning says:

      Did you watch how the repairman relit the pilot light?

      • Yep, but we just got back from church and it’s out again so am calling the repairman.

        • georgeislearning says:

          you should re light it and check for some drafts. perhaps some kinda cover is off or it could be some adjustment is needed or even some dirt of some kind clogging . Good luck in your repair and for sure watch and learn. You could be a life saver to a neighbor someday with the knowledge 🙂

          • Well we are now the proud owner of a new thermal coupler. I did watch and will be getting another $20 spare so I don’t have to pay $60 to have another installed.

          • That is called a thermocouple and is a common maintenance replacement item on gas appliances that have a standing pilot light. Sits in the pilot flame and converts heat from the flame to around 75 millivolts which maintains the gas valve safety shut valve in the on position. Suggest you buy a spare for all of your appliances that have a standing pilot light. Last one to go out on me on the on space heater was around ten years ago and I had a spare long one in the tool box that I was able to make work by coiling excess capillary tube out of the way.

          • Harold:

            That’s what I found out. Spares will get bought this week.

          • I had a buddy that gathered and sold scrap. We used to scavenge all the thermal couplers from water heaters head to the recyclers. They are fairly universal. On Christmas 10 years ago our forced air furnace quit in the middle of the night, I replaced it with one recycled as a stop gap measure never did get around to putting a new one on it. Was still working when we sold the place.

  11. On my way to Costco to replenish stocks used up at Christmas and to buy more meat and canned goods. Placed an order for some items to make cheese with. Picked up some more soap supplies. Found an old hand wringer for clothes at the local antique store while I was there looking for some items for the BOL. Bought some new weather boots. Placed an big order with EE for the BOL.

    This week I will be buying even more big metal trash cans to store dog food in and buying more dog food. This rescue dog I have eats………a lot!

    I stopped by the bank and withdrew some cash, will get more today. And will fill up the car with gas on my way home. If these fools in Washington don’t get anything done there may be a run on the banks.

    MD, thanks for all you do.

    • Worrisome,

      Did you know that the CEO of Costco is a big Obama supporter and was a featured speaker at the Democratic convention? I had a Costco membership for the past few years but I found out a few weeks ago that the money they give to support the political process goes to the Democrats 81% vs 19% for Republicans. I have since cancelled my membership.

      I can’t support people who call me a terrorist because I am a veteran, a racist because I am white, and a weirdo because I am Mormon.

      • Kate, yes I heard it and am weaning myself off. I only buy there what I can’t get locally. And after this week end’s shopping trip I have to look hard at what I am getting there as it seems the prices are up a bunch. I am also weaning myself off Walmart because of their connections with Agenda 21 and because so much of their product is from China and such. What I am seriously having trouble with? Is why these businesses are supporting a party that is so intent on destroying business in this country. But in any case, thanks for the heads up. “Tis important to inform. :_)

        • worrisome,

          It’s all about profit…

          • worrisome says:

            Yes, it is, isn’t it? But at some point, it seems that there would be a shred of dignity, honesty and old fashioned guilt that would slow the lack of reason down. But then, I want to think the best of these guys, when truth be told, they have long given up on acting the best on any front.

  12. Got my 2-burner Camp Explorer propane stove, cast iron reversible grill / griddle, 10″ cast iron fry plan for Christmas. Yay for the dh. Then spent a lot of time trying to exchange the tops & sweaters that he got in the wrong size (as usual, that’s how I waste my precious vacation days).

    Only bought a couple of things: box of washing soda and bar of Fels Naptha.

    Made beef jerky from 3-1/2# of eye round. Weird, this time it only filled 3-1/2 trays in my Excaliber. My recipe was 1/2 cup each of soy sauce and Worcestershire and very small amount of garlic power, hot pepper flakes, and pepper. It’s way dry this time around, partly because I marinate it way too long which I think may have cooked it with all the salt. Oh well, every batch turns out a bit different.

    Emailed letters to our 2 senators and 1 rep. Working on new letter to the numbacorns at state level. Our region’s 3 are well to left of center, and 2 of them only do what the other one tells them to do (and it seems he only does what his handlers tell him to; 2-faced to boot). NJ politicians now screaming that they want to ban just about everything and change max of 15-rd mags down to 5. We’ll be down to bean shooters before long.

  13. Biggest week in a while for me. Started plans for building a 12×24 workshop in my back yard on a concrete crawl space. It will be brick and insulated with a fireplace and a loft. The biggest prepping side of this is that I am going to have it completely solar powered for my tools and that will include a well, though i am also wiring a secondary line to my house to switch to grid power.

    This next week I plan to finish all the plans and submit it to the county for a building permit, but probably wont start building it till March or April

  14. well the festivities and recovery took up most of the week. we had our first bit of snow, so i started/ran all the gas engines:truck, tractor, mower, etc. then tarped everything left exposed and the camper for the winter. cleaned up the shop so i can work in there now that its gotten cold.will camo paint a couple of rifles out there this afternoon. oh, cleaned up a couple of 12volt water pumps and a propane heater that i had neglected. conversations with former sheeple, sheeple no longer. watching the keystone cops in dc, idiots, they better look out, the sleeping giant is awakening. other than that, i’ve just been toying with the idea to cash in on the panic by selling a few of my stash. the cash could pay for a nice little slice of tennessee heaven 🙂 stack it high folks, especially food and ammo. don’t overlook the implications of the dockworkers strike. its 3 months til spring, three more til harvest. do you have enough? sic semper tyrannus.

  15. M.D. On the link you gave for NRA membership, I cannot find an option for associate members at $10 per year. Can you tell me how to get to that option?

    • On the page where it says “Please select a term” on the right hand side click the forth option down…

      • No fourth option on right side for me. I even did a search for NRA associate membership and the page linked to didn’t have it either.

        • tommy2rs,

          There was but apparently it has been removed as an option…

          • Nope, Md and all – it’s still there. I just checked –

            Click on MD’s link “here” – above the WDYDTPTW

            click on the button that says “Junior, Distinguished and Other Memberships” on the right hand side of the NRA page that is just above the $1,000 memberships.

            On the page you now see, scroll down the left hand column, the Associate membership is the last in the column – no 5.

            Hope it helps.

            I’ve always been afraid to be a member – though they send me information all the time in my email…laffing at self.

          • grannyj,

            Thank you – I have to ask, why are you afaid to be a member?

          • ah sweet, Thanks grannyj. The Boss couldn’t see the 35 bucks but she did the 10. At least she’s joined up. Now to baby step her towards a lifetime deal….lol.

          • I haven’t been a member since the first round of gun grabbing in the 60’s and I found out their membership lists could be compromised. I am on enough lists as it is. A simple donation will work the same purpose.

          • You’re welcome MD. Frankly, it’s because I don’t want to be “on the radar” any more than I am already. Same reason I haven’t purchased any whiz bangs tho I know that I need them. It’s a long story and case of mistaken identity in some ways – so let’s call it opsec.

            I wonder if it’s too late to still get couple of whiz bangers. I’m just afraid that even with training I won’t be competent and then it all becomes worthless. Sigh – decisions decisions –

            Happy New Year all – hope “cliff” has a nice soft spot for us to land.

  16. Ordered more powdered milk from EE since that may turn into the new gold shortly. Ordered a couple of other freeze dried items along with the milk. Since my wife and I have been sick since Christmas morning with a cold or flu we have really been down. Think I am over the worst of it but the wife is in the middle. Along with the cold/flu I can’t get over this gnawing, sickening feeling in my gut of something ugly and evil ready to hit us, soon.

    I know we are all preparing for who knows what and we are all attempting to be ready for it(whatever IT is) and I can’t help but feel IT is very, very close. Maybe it’s just my cold but my goodness this feeling is so strong like I can just reach out and touch whatever is coming and I don’t get the feeling there is any way to stop it. Sorry for the gloom, it’s just where I’m at right now.

    Like, worrisome, I need to fillup the car and get some cash and a few food items for the regular cupboard today.

    God bless and protect you all.

    • I’ve been feeling “it” for a few months now. So I totally understand how you feel.

    • Mystery Guest says:

      I have had the worst feelings for sometime now. Thank God they ebb and flow now but they are still there.
      It’s like that big dark thundercloud is hanging over your head and your waiting to see if it is thunder, lightnin’ , rain or hell (Hail) goin’ strike.
      But anyway it could put a feller in a depressed state.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Mystery Guest,
        Turn on the TV and you get terrible news about society, war, the economy, and politics. You go to the doctor and find out how much your insurance doesn’t cover. You creak when you walk and hair is growing where it never has before. You come on this blog and hear about prepping for disaster. The sun comes up after breakfast and goes down before supper. “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Believe in God, believe also in me.” John 14:1. Make a joyful noise, dance, plant an indoor herb garden, do something kind for someone else, spend a whole day or week,if possible, saying something nice to every one you meet. You must smell the roses or you have wasted the gift of life. Peace be with you.

        • Tactcal G-Ma,
          I agree with all you said….. except, “spend a day or week saying something nice to everyone you meet”? That’s a pretty tall order and one I don’t think anyone is capable of!
          Just kidding, of course you are right. Just wanted to let you know that yes that feeling is there and strong but it is not controlling my life or making me miss out on anything. I do believe in God and Jesus Christ and most certainly know they are in control no matter who is in the WH or whatever happens tomorrow. No matter what happens in the next days, weeks or months I and my wife have truly been blessed and well taken care of. Besides, I’m retiring at the end of Feb, life is good.
          Peace be with you also.

    • MountainSurvivor says:

      I sympathize. Yeah, something evil IS coming but, like they used to say, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We just have to keep on prepping, be watchful and not become complacent.

      • riverrider says:

        this is a peaceloving blog, so i had refrained from mentioning, but…..there are a great many good patriots out there arming, training, and preparing to do battle in your stead. its about time to choose up sides. the time is nigh, as the good book says. if you can’t fight, support those that do. sic semper tyrannis.

        • Those who sit on fences will get hit by both sides… and those who object to fighting by calling themselves conscientious objectors, are those who claim all the benefits of a society without being willing to do any dirty work and demand a halo for their refusal… I don’t have time for either…

      • Sw't Tater says:

        That light is the TRAIN!

    • Oki, I agree, the “feeling” is very tangible, very uncomfortable and I am walking around wondering if I have forgotten to do something that be really important! Hang in there!

    • Alittle2late says:

      Ya it’s that feeling that has me about to throw my whole life into complete turmoil. see my post below. when i was younger I used to ignore those feelings and got bit one the arse more than once. I don’t ignore them any more. It’s not the ‘what’s’ going to happen, it’s the ‘when’ is it going to happen that has me feeling like a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

    • Encourager says:

      Oldokie, I know that feeling. But I have begun to up my praying and asking for Divine protection in all areas of our lives. It has helped ease that feeling quite a bit. But I know what you mean…it is like waiting for the thunderstorm to strike as the sky turns a mean black and green and no wind is blowing…yet. You know something bad is coming and you are helpless to stop it. Praying helps.

      • Encourager says:

        For some encouragement, since that is my nickname, here ya go ~~

        1 Thess. 5:16-19 Rejoice evermore! Pray without ceasing! Give thanks! Don’t quench the Spirit….

  17. Good Morning Pack!

    Since I was out of school this week I spent a lot of time organizing and taking stock of what we had and trying to figure out how long it would last. As of right now, with no changes to our eating habits, we have 2+ months of food in our rotating stock. In all actuality, probably more, but I like to err on the side of caution.

    We picked up and tried some new food items for our Grab and Go’s and our food storage. (Our Grab and Go’s are modeled after –I think it’s Harold’s – containers with the lids and handles. We are working on 2 right now and they each have 2 full meals for each of us, a flashlight, fire making stuff, ect… in a hard side container with a handle on top so we can just grab as many as we can and head out if/when and not worry about grabbing the “right” one with certain items in it.) I worked on adding a few things to those Grab & Go’s and hope to have one fully complete one within a couple of weeks. I have also been experimenting more with the dehydrator to create meals for the G&G’s . I actually tried to and succeeded in dehydrating ham last night. It actually turned out good and tastes vary bacon like. I’m dehydrating some veggies right now and am going to try a ham/rice/veggie meal here in the next few days. If it turns out, we have another meal to “put up” and add to the rotation.

    For Christmas, “Santa” brought everyone a small, pocket sized LED flashlight and my fiancé some back-up hand tools.

    Using some of my gift cards, I ordered some oxygen absorbers and p-51 can openers. And I bought more candles and matches/lighters.

    We did our normal monthly shopping to replace what was used in our rotating storage and add a little to it- yes, the 2 months above was before the monthly shopping… I keep 2+ months right now and add to/rotate through what we have… so right now, we probably have closer to 4+ months on the food… not where I wanna be, but definitely not bad. By the end of January, we’ll be back down to 2 ½ to 3+ months. I focused on paper products for stock up when we hit the stores this month. As of right now, we have enough 12-roll packs of toilet paper strictly for storage purposes to last us about 6 months.

    Since we have visitors occasionally, I got up a curtain over the door to the laundry room/pantry so they can’t easily see what we have staged in there. I say staged, because it is my sorting/staging area before I repackage and put up things for our food storage. LOL I can claim couponing for a good portion of our stash, but seeing it all can bring out some questions by uninformed people that I don’t want asked.

    That’s about it for me this week… Have a blessed week!

    • I had mine set up as two containers an A and a B..A is the sealed tub with four days meals for two with other supplies for fire shelter.etc and the B container is a milk crate with four one gallon jugs of water. We actually used one when the power went out for a couple of days before Christmas.

  18. Brad in South FL says:

    Hello Pack,
    I have to say Christmas was good for me on the prep side. The wife got me a SOG Tomahawk, my mother got me 2 Glock 17 mags and one Glock 21 mag and on 12 Dec, I ordered 6 more P-Mags not knowing what was coming down the pike, they came in as well. I stopped with my wife at a garage sale and there were 3 filters for the Katadyn Base Camp filter for $1 each! I told the lady that they were very expensive and I didn’t feel right with the price. She looked at me and said thank you for being honest and sold them to me for $2 each! It pays to be nice! I pray that everyone has a Happy Healthy New Year and that 2013 is better than 2012!

  19. Prepping this week.

    For the last three weeks, I’ve been talking every night to a male prepper in Oregon that I ‘met’ on the prepper portion of Kwink. I was planning to go and meet him next week, but my check did not come in until Friday afternoon, and by then, all the train seats were sold out going from CA to OR. However, they were not sold out between OR and CA for the same dates, so he’s coming down here to meet me. We are planning to have breakfast when he arrives, walk around Old Sac until the Mormon Bishops Cannery opens, and I’m going to show him around and he’ll help me can some powdered milk. At least with him coming this way, my son will have some input as to what he thinks. I’ll be running a background check later today. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers, please.

    Bought 3 hams because they were on sale, cooked the first, had dinner then dehydrated the rest for my food storage. Also bought 4 – 1lb bags of non-fat dry milk (from the bulk section of Winco) and sealed each in a mylar bag and placed 1 each into the 1 week emergency buckets. Those will be complete once I add a few spices and dehydrated onion, bell pepper, carrot and celery.

    Ordered from Winco bulk department, 4- 10 lb boxes of non-gluten noodles and 2-25 lb bags of split peas for pick up this morning.

    Also got about $100 in other food storage from Winco, but they are already down with the other food, and I can’t find my receipt.

    Ordered $100 in foods and one of those plunger washers from Emergency Essentials, #10 cans of millet, quinoa and broccoli from Shelf Reliance, and a big medicinal herb order.

    Walmart in this area is no longer buying bullets since the shooting in CT. What is up with that, does anyone know?

    That’s it for now. Keep prepping and pray we never need it.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Your preps always blow me away! You are like the energizer bunny!
      I didn’t realize you were looking for a partner. Good luck with that.

      As for Walmart, everyone is afraid of either being sued, being boycotted, or being left with merchandise they can’t sell. Dick’s is dropping guns too.

      K-Mart used to have a huge gun/ sporting goods department. When they quit catering to sportsmen, they lost a lot of business. Couples decided to shop where both could check out their needs or wants.

      • Tactical G-Ma,

        I’m trying real hard to get several years worth of food for 30 or more people, family and neighbors, because I figure we are safer in a group. I’ve briefly mentioned to several neighbors that it might be prudent to have at least a few weeks worth of food for emergencies, but they blew me off, so I dropped it, and figure if I want a group, I’ll have to do it myself. I don’t want to tell them, because I don’t want them to tell their families and friends to come here if TSHTF – there is only so much I can do on one income.

        I almost never make New Year’s resolutions, unless it’s something I really want to do, but this year I’ve decided to make it a goal to have at least a full year’s worth of food, right now, I’m at roughly 6 months (if we all go on diets).

        I also went out today and found two wire shelving units that have 5 shelves and hold 250 lbs per shelf. It would be so cool to be able to see what I have, instead of mixed boxes and bags. I’m sometimes amazed at the stuff I have, and forgot because it is not where I can see it. I recently discovered two additional cases of chili, because it was in bags. The two shelves are not enough, but it might help me get a bit more organized.

        • riverrider says:

          miss m,are you availing yourself of rice,beans, and wheat in superpails? this is the fasted/cheapest route for multiple years of food. then just add the stuff that makes those edible. you can’t do it with cans in the volumne you require. the pails stack pretty good too.

          • Riverrider,

            Yes, sort of. I buy my grains and beans in 25 to 50 lb bags, then eventually put them buckets in 6-5 gal mylar bags, put in a 2000cc oxy absorber and seal it. Right now I have stacks of 50 lb bags waiting to be put into those buckets, but plenty of the bags and absorbers.

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            I worry about large quantities of the same date. I do keep sugar and wheat in larger batches because I use them more often but still we eat what we store and store what we eat. So by smaller quantities purchased and staggering the dates we shouldn’t have to pitch stuff. But there’s only DH and I at home.

          • tac, it stores for 30 years, i’ll be dead by then so no worries.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          I too have some friends and family (including a daughter) who either can’t or won’t take care of themselves. So plan on sharing if the time comes. In the mean time I really enjoy growing and creating things. I used to take it personally if bugs or deer or some other caused damage to my plants but that is part of gardening. Can’t wait to get my chickens and bunnies. I really plan on tapping your brains then.

          I put up some sturdy shelves before Thanksgiving and already have outgrown them. Now I need to convert another closet into a pantry. Seems like the more room I have the more I need!

          Just want you to know I think highly of you and your expertise.

      • Tactical G-Ma,Michele,
        Some of the walmarts around where I live sell hunting/plinking rifles and shotguns, some don’t. I was told it depends on each location.They do have good prices on some quality firearms and ammo. Dick’s,however is pulling their ‘assault weapons’ which includes some rather plain jane rifles.I have informed them that I will no longer be making purchases of any type in their stores.
        be sure to get fingerprints and social security number for the background check!

      • Encourager says:

        Dick’s is dropping guns???? Oh my goodness! So glad we bought our 20 gauge shotgun when we did a month ago from Dick’s!

        Hopefully, this awful storm of controversy will blow over in a few more months and we will be able to buy ammo again. Idiots.

        • I just bought my daughter a 10/22. When I went to get her a clip they told me that they no longer are carrying any guns period. Wow-glad I got it when I did.

    • Michele:

      You are wise enough to know that there are many dangers in “on-line” relationships. How all goes well for you.

      As far as Walmart and other retailers go, they are just being “politically correct”. The problem is in a down market, they are less worried about customer reactions by folks like us, than they are about bad press and loosing the lucrative sheeple market. That plus the pressure that politicians can put on large retailers. Look at how long it took for WalMart to start carrying “evil black rifles”.

      That’s one of the reason you prep, and buy when things are quite, and watch when things are hot.

    • Joined NRA, myself associate membership, but I paid for a full membership for my son.

    • Michele – I met my current hubby via online dating. We have been together nearly 12 years now. My thoughts and prayers are with you for finding a best friend and life partner.

  20. Hunker-Down says:

    I want to pass along a little ‘gotcha’ that happened this morning.
    I thought we had enough hand operated can openers; this morning I opened 6 cans of ‘stuff’ to make a pot of chili. (The wife is having another hand surgery tomorrow.) The can opener failed to cut the tops on two of the cans, with an uncut spot on each side of the can. I had to pry the lid up with a spoon to get the contents out. I guess those hand operated crank can opener cutting blades wear out.

    So, I am ordering a few of the tried and true GI P-38 and Large P-51 Can Openers for the kitchen and to add to long term storage. I know we have some somewhere, but OPSEC wont let me find them 🙂


    • riverrider says:

      hd, try the victorinox hand opener. best i’ve ever used, available off amazon. they are the makers of the original swiss army knife.

    • H-D:

      Have the same problem with some of my stuff. That’s why I now buy clear tubs to put stuff in AND label them.

    • That’s why I keep an old fashioned “church key” type opener in the same drawer as the can opener. It’s a quick and dirty rescue until I can resharpen the cutting wheel on the regular opener.

    • My newer hand crank opener was doing the same thing, discovered I was gripping it and squeezing the handles too tight. When I loosen up my grip it works fine. But I got some of those P-38 & P-51 openers too.

    • Hunker Down,

      My p-38 has been on my key chain for 30 years! It still works! My husband has one on his key chain too.

      We also have p-51’s in the kitchen drawer. Together are the only can openers we have now. All the others always break!

      • Hunker-Down says:

        Kate in GA,

        I was issued a p38 in 1961 and carried it on my key chain until I was called to jury duty in Cook county (Chicago) around 1990. There, the police confiscated it from me as I was processed in as a juror. Obviously it was categorized as a deadly weapon and a threat to the cops and judges.
        I’m still pissed about it but don’t hold grudges against individuals, just against STUPID policies.

        • Backwoods Prepper says:

          What was the old saying the army taught me 11 different ways to kill with the p38. They may have thought you were a p38 assasin lol

  21. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Hey Pack,
    Hope all are well, happy, and warm. I really enjoyed reading everyone’s thoughts and ideas about false flags and stuff. Their are some very powerful people in this world. Fraternities of a sort have always existed. Every human alive has his/her own agenda. Some are benevolent. Others are evil. Some have subtle effects while others are global.
    However, I spent so much time online I really didn’t accomplish a lot. DH is down with bronchitis and I don’t think it prudent to spend much time in crowds so no trips to stores except the pharmacy. Besides germs and flu going around, I am allergic to bullets and am concerned about copy cats.
    I did purchase more jerky spices and DH received 2 new knives he had previously ordered. We lost the top of a storage bin during the storms. The wind hit it just right and took it off at the hinges. More stuff to do next week. Sorry for all those who didn’t fare so well. I will admire the beauty of snow from afar.
    I am really happy to see so many people posting. Even the trolls add to the blog.
    Be sure to send donations to MD to maintain the blog. Send letters to your congressmen. And, join the NRA.
    God bless you. You and yours are in my prayers. Hope we all have a safe holiday and a happy and prosperous new year.

  22. Oldokie, I know what you mean about reaching out and touching “it”. It’s right there. and coming. And hard to understand or grasp at all but it’s bad, really bad.
    MD figures they put your book on sale this week, just bought it off of Amazon. (sigh) And two others on cooking with the dehydrated stuff and all.
    I am pleased that I did a whole lot. I went to WalMart after Christmas and bought about 25 of the fat candles in a jar for half price (2.00). They had more the other day so got another half dozen. If there are any this week for grocery day on Friday, I’ll get a few more. They also had some 1 bulb solar lights with snowflakes painted on them for half price. 1.24, so I bought the 10 they had left for around the goat pen. If I have to I can collect them and use them up here at the house. I went to Gander Mountain and got some ammo for both rifles, a sling, cleaning kit and ear protection. Today it is sunny! So I have saved some tin cans and will go shoot some today. I went back and read the 10 things to do right now and picked up 3 containers of KoolAid and will get more this week. Also bought some 15 bean soup bags. I ordered some quart size mylar bags and O2 bags and will work on fixing all my beans and rice up today. Well, some of it anyhow. I bought three large containers of spices at Gordon food service. Told DH that he needed to go thru his fishing stuff and make sure we have two good set ups for fishing if we need it. I don’t know how long fishing line is good for and it’s been years since he’s fished. i would imagine it gets brittle. Then I went thru all the tubs I have food in, and organized it according to date. I put the 2013 stuff in my pantry to start using up and then arranged the others by date. This doesn’t mean that I can’t use the stuff with a longer expiration date but it will be easier to keep track of and not have anything wasted.
    OMGosh, there is just so much to DO. I figure we have enough to go 3 months. We need more ammo. We need some tarps, and some gas cans and more water containers. We need a filter and a grain mill. I need a book on snares, anyone have a suggestion on that? Guess I could google it.
    This spring, I will regrettably selling 4 of my horses and half of my milk goats. I need to get our numbers down. Two good big strong riding horses is all we need, to get us places or to carry stuff if need be. I can never sell my gelding….I only need about 6 goats, enough for milk and to trade, and a couple of bucks. I will be getting more chicks, though, for meat and eggs.
    I have also been looking for recipes and starting to assemble a “Book of Everything” for us to refer to if we need to. Somewhere around here I have a Reader’s Digest book on Indian Life, with specifics how to build a tee pee, clean game, etc., as I recall.
    I will write the fools in WA later on tonight. Thanks MD for the great letter to use. And thank you for this site. I read everything (tons more to go) and even have re read some postings.
    I will also go and order some milk, I was lying in bed listening to the news before I got up and thought it was a good idea. Thank you for the reminder.

  23. Patriot Farmer says:

    I made a trip to Sam’s Club and bought enough to fill my freezer, pantry, and two new areas I had to construct for the canned goods. I bought a lever action rifle in 357 mag. and a couple thousand rounds for it.

    I sold a few items and bought three new back packs and filled them for BOGs, and I repacked and updated my medical BOG.

  24. Jim in SoCal says:

    Hello Pack!

    This week was a bit slow on the preps side due to Christmas. I was able to work some more on the rainwater catchment system, and also on my homebrew system. #2 son received a nice fixed blade for Christmas and stored it right away in his BOB!

    Will be back at it strong in 2013. Hope everyone has a safe, happy & healthy New Year!

  25. MENTALMATT says:

    Hey pack, stocked up on canned goods this week, especially canned meats, for Keystone which are very good. Oh and yes I’m a member the the N.R.A. and have been for a number of years. I was thinking about joining the Gun Owners of America, just not sure if they have the political punch thats needed. I love how our president is attempting to blame the GOP for the dive over the fiscal cliff, just another red herring he’s throwing around.

    • riverrider says:

      stay safe bro. gun owners of america will represent you in court if you are involved in a gun issue if i remember correct. longtime member, but i let it slip. i will be renewing asap. hard to beat the keystone.

      • Amen on the Keystone meats. Use them all of the time and It is hard to keep them in the survival stuff since the DW is so good hearted, she will let the children have them to enjoy. I have to keep purchasing twice what I need. It is a blessing to have the wherewithall to cover it.

    • I thin that if tdl tries gun control by executive order he will be eligable for impeachment.

  26. Pineslayer says:

    Got a 6-pack of Bushman knives @ $13.33 each
    Ordered soft shell hoodies for the family, great layering
    Bought 2 practice swords, plastic, really fun
    Ordered my New Years present, Hand and a Half Bastard Sword
    2 Swedish Firesteels
    Roll of Rescue tape for the van
    Looking to order 22 shot shells, any suggestions?
    Sold some stuff on eBay to finance purchases, some vintage gear has a new home
    Framing in a bathroom downstairs and building more shelf space for the ever growing library
    Ordered Shemagh’s from LAPG, on sale $5.50
    Constantly searching for more Marlin 60’s
    Started an activity jar for my youngest. When we have an hour or two to fill, reach in and pull out a slip of paper, build a fire with ?, go shooting, play some basketball, etc. It helps to get things done without it being planned and adds some spontaneity.

    Happy New Year to all

    • Encourager says:

      Pineslayer, what a great idea with the activity jar. I am just going to start one for my hubby and me – I am tired of staring at the boob-tube watching reruns while he plays games on the computer EVERY NIGHT!!! I think we will use that jar at least 3 nights a week, sounds about right.

      Thanks for the great idea!!!

  27. Grumpy Vermonter says:

    M.D., I used to go to Walmart to save a few bucks, but now I refuse to go anymore. I won’t give my hubby’s hard-earned money to any corporations that fund Agenda 21. And surprise, surprise – the person or persons who own Walmart are doing just that. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!
    I’m enclosing a link (hope that’s ok?) of a site on another person’s blog that, in the seventh paragraph down has a link to a pdf download of a horrifying list of all the backers of this evil plan to control all of us. Anyone here contribute to the American Lung Association? Work with a realtor? Belong to the AFL-CIO? Can you believe that they all are contributing to this? I was blown away when I read this. Please folks take a gander at this and tell me what you think.
    For prepping this week, I got together our seed order for this year, and we’re trying to see how we can get out from under this trailer mortgage and into a tiny house that we can move out of VT. That’s ongoing, of course. I truly think it’s by the grace of God that I fell throught an attic hatch last January and onto a hardwood floor 8′ below, so I’d have the time to get us ready for what seems to be coming right at us. Time is just as valuable as money, no? Maybe even more so.

    • Alittle2late says:

      Very long list of extremely wealthy persons. kinda reminds me of the movie 2012, where they sell seats for a billion euro a piece to live after the sun heats the earths core to the point of massive plate shifting..end of the world stuff.

  28. Rob in Ontario says:

    Hello Wolfies— I picked up a second SKS- and 100 rounds was no Mags at the store – none til the New year they are back ordered- place was jumping on Sat. with people, its the only one around have to go to the big city for next gun store, and they only carry fancy city guns not what the average redneck would use. Also got a small sled that is designed to be pulled by hand to carry things was only $25 its even made it Canada . Been doing a lot of reading lately so much going on , I wish my Ameerican freinds good luck over the next few days

    • Hey Rob – where did you find the sled? Of course it would be nice to have enough snow to make it useful…

  29. Grumpy Vermonter says:

    Ah dang, Knew I’d forget something important! Make sure you go to the fourth, I think, subject down, THEN the seventh paragraph down. And make sure to click on the bold blue “Take a Look” and “Who funds the Smart Growth conferences”. There, that should help. Or really mess you up.

  30. Hi Wolf Pack!

    Santa brought me a nice compact Goal Zero, Guide10Plus Solar Charger which I will stash in a metal box with some of our other electronics. DH picked up 3 KA-BAR Zombie knives on sale at Cabelas. Neat little neck hangers that are lightweight but serious. DH and one kid got Kindle Fires and DH immediately set about downloading good prepping books.

    We went to several gun stores looking for spare parts for the AR’s. Crazy stuff going on there. Lots of busy sales, lots of panic buying. Guns we bought for $600. A piece one year ago are note $2000. Mags we picked up 2 months ago for $12 are now $20 if you can get them. We cannot find some needed Glock17 Mags at all. Will have to go to Internet for some of these parts. DH is suddenly getting some bites on a couple of items he had posted for sale at some very attractive prices…and now he wonders if he should just hold onto everything. I am suddenly glad we moved on our
    choices when we did, as it is becoming difficult out there to get the right items for good prices.

    We gifted my Dad back with organized binders full of prepping material he has printed over the past few years and had sitting in stacks around his house. He was beaming and thrilled to have it all back organized in topic
    chapters. He said he had more for me… It was a LOT of work to do, so I am encouraging him to organize it as he goes. It did stimulate a very good conversation. Of family matters and of making good plans for if the shit does hit the fan.

    Another Sister is now on board. She and our adult children very much appreciated their packed Get Home Bags that we gifted them with.
    Those gifts Stimulated some very interesting conversations, which were fruitful, and we were glad to hear the kid are thinking and planning now.

    I we are working on one firearm trade up this week. Getting rid of a hunting rifle we don’t want, and picking up a rifle that will use our 223 ammo. (thanks to someone here, for the idea)

    I put away some sugar, some canned goods, and most of the Christmas gifts of food, candles, candy and such. We became richer by about 20 candles this holiday. Oh, and a local auction yielded some quality firefighter heat shield blankets, some good jackets and some cold weather gear. All distributed to kid’s BOB’s. DH bid on some propane canisters and heaters and got those cheap.

    Considering it was Christmas, I guess we moved right along… Once you set your mind in the right place, pretty Christmas Jewelry takes a well deserved back seat to a good solar recharged. Lol! And at my age, I have all the jewelry I want anyway.

    Speaking of which, I need some thoughtful pack advice. I have some junk gold and gold jewelry I never use. Is it better to sell it now, or to have it melted into a small bar or a couple of coin necklaces, or what? I appreciate your thoughts on this matter, as I will never likely wear it again, and our priorities have definitely shifted. We still don’t have all our preps. We still need a good filter, a good grain mill, and a few other items.

    Hoping a safe, successful New Year for everyone. But I also feel some amount of dread. Hugs to all!

    • Pineslayer says:

      Mrs. M, As I am sure you know most gold jewelry is 14K or 18K putting into the category of “Junk” gold, like junk silver coins. Nothing junky about it, that is just the term. Companies that buy junk gold won’t give you near what it is really worth. I don’t know how to purify it with a smelting process, but I bet the net is full of info. I say keep it, weight it, and use it later down the road when greenbacks are worthless. Obviously if it were in ingot form it would be easier to trade or sell. I saw a small set up, home ingot mold, on TV that used a propane torch to melt down silver items into bars. Worth a little time to research maybe. I might have to spend some time reading about that myself. Being able to melt down such items in the New World might prove to be a valuable skill.

      • Alittle2late says:

        Basically the only two things you need is broken glass and borax.A proper heat source of course. As the gold,glass and borax melt the impurity’s stick to the glass, the borax is the binding agent. after it cools you knock off the glass and have pretty much pure gold. There is a few more steps to it but that’s the basic concept.

    • I would sell the junk gold and jewlery and buy junk silve coins or smaller gold coins or one ounce siver coins. That way if you ever have to use it for trade or barter the people you deal with will possibly know the value of it. Junk silver or one ounce silver coins will be reconizable as having value but no one may take your jewlery if they think it is fake.

      • Thank you for your answers. I have some 20 k from when we were overseas, but most is 14 or 18k. Will do a bit of research. A couple of pieces, I may sell for the artistic value, and spend that money on preps.

        Others are damaged, worn or just out of style, so I may consult with a craftsman I know to see if it can be melted down and fashioned into coin shaped or other stamped pendents for us to wear. I guess wearing it could save our lives in the right circumstances. It might be a fun project for me to attempt myself. Hmmm… Carve Mold, reverse mold… How hard could it be?

    • IMHO, the water filter, grain mill or just about any other prep holds much more value than the gold. Sell the gold and invest in your preps. The preps may be more difficult to get soon.

      • Exactly. I think either way, we can get the necessary prep items into the budget in the coming 3 months. We are fairly set now on the hardware end of things, so that money can be allocated for more mundane but necessary items.

        I was just trying to figure out whether to hold onto the gold or dump it now.

    • Just a short note for an idea that may work for you. Years ago I used to maintain loose leaf folders for the company I worked for and I bought prepunched paper by the ream. STill had some left over until a year ago when I converted everything to PDF and electronic storage. When you want to print out an article, just take out enough of the prepunched sheets and drop in the printer. Sure saves time and aggravation, especially if there are quite a number of sheets that have to be punched.

  31. Had family in from Texas this week, had 11 inches of snow and BIL was amazed that you could get out and drive the next day, told him that is what happens when you actually plow the roads.

    Not much on the prep front , just enjoyed the family but glad they are gone and home safe, getting old and set in my ways I guess.
    Did have a few round about discussions of things to come sister sees some of it but still sticks her head in the sand bacause she does not want to believe it will happen and the BIL is just sitiing around eating and waiting to die anyway so which ever way he goes he won’t care. It is a shame that he does not care about his family though.

    Just read on the internet that our wonderful Dear Leader snuck in a raise for congress and ol Joe overnight, I guess he figures he has a free reign now and will just do whatever he want’s ..

    Oh well I am going to enjoy the football this rest of the weekend and eat my hog jowls and black eye peas and cornbread on tuesday and hope for the best and get back to prepping double time.

    • georgeislearning says:

      Yeah can you believe they have the freakin nerve to give themselves a pay increase . How pissed does that make ya. They’re way outta control. Crooked soab’s

      • While I agree the powers that be don’t need a raise, the rest of the federal workforce has been hurting for 2 years because of a pay freeze, and the powers that be using us as their own personal ATM. Everything keeps going up and our pay isn’t keeping up. I’m not even sure I qualify as middle class anymore.

        • SW – the hubby recently compared private sector pay to government pay for similar jobs. Be thankful you aren’t private sector – it is very likely you make more as a government employee.

  32. Flower Child says:

    We had family in for Christmas that we haven’t seen in a couple years and it was good to visit. I closed my business down from Dec. 23 until Jan. 2. I am making plans to liquidate since we haven’t had a “real” purchaser come forward. I am now looking at every item in the shop with re-purposing in mind. I reorganized some supplies here at the house and I am really looking forward to having a garden this year. One of my employees has a phenomenal garden each year & he’s giving me pointers. We live in a covenant-controlled community within city limits, so anything we do is governed by homeowner’s rules and have to be approved, which includes the plants in your yard. It keeps the property values up, but it is a pain. I don’t think the rules apply to gardening, but I have to check. I am looking forward to learning to can once I don’t work 60+ hours a week. Have a great week all.

    • Anytime you give someone else control over what happens on your own property it’s not a good thing. You effectively gave someone else even more control over you life. I cant believe folks still buy into the “property value” ruse. It’s all about control.

    • That is why we bought an older house. All the covenants had expired long before we bought.

  33. riverrider says:

    m.d.- do you know anything about sneedville/hancock county? looking at a place up that way.

    • riverrider,

      Not a lot sorry…

      • riverrider says:

        thanks anyway. i saw a vid tour online, looks good. 20+ acres,big creek, well/septic/power at the end of the road. price is right. might have to make a run out there to check it out. it would be nice to be there when they come here for my guns:)

        • Mother Earth says:

          riverrider, that’s not too far from our VA property, pretty sure I’ve driven through there. We have property that borders the TN line. Wasn’t much there commercially, so not expecting there to be much in the way of jobs. Pretty part of the country and I wouldn’t expect very many visitors would bother you.

          • riverrider says:

            me, roger that on jobs. thanks! yeah,it looks to be rockthrowing distance from va. the dw’s main concern is hospital/doctors. i don’t know why, she never gets sick:) i never thought she would be willing to move, but theres too many people here now even for her, and we are on direct lines of drift from the big cities. the city folk would have to work pretty hard to get to the place out there.

  34. OregonMike says:

    Hello Packers,
    Christmas was good with Heritage seeds, 2 Kershaw knives and 5 tins of Mountain House. Purchased a 2 person MH meal to try. The beef terriyaki with rice was very flavorful, even spicy. Purchased two 55gal food grade water barrels from Craiglist for $35/pr. Made jerky out of meat found in the back of the freezer. Bought O2 absorbers from Winco and a pail lid with a rubber O ring to try on our buckets. Less than $1.50. Winco has a large bulk spice section so will be buying there. They also sell empty containers for the spices but will buy those elsewhere to get the larger ones. Tried to watch a little less Fox news to benefit my blood pressure.
    If the Bush tax cuts are allowed to end, figured we would have to find another $300/mo. Have no ideas for that.

    • Be careful of getting really large containers for spices. Spices tend to lose flavor over time (a relatively short period of time). Personally I have some of the small 4 oz jelly jars and store spices in those. Better to have more small jars and have the spices stay fresher longer than to have one or two large containers and the spices lose their flavor and become nasty tasting before you can use them up. But that’s just my thought.

      • Encourager says:

        On spices, ground spices lose their flavor in about a year even if kept sealed but not vacuum packed. Whole spices can last twice as long. You can use a Food Saver and vacuum pack the spices in small bags you make yourself by cutting the large 11″ rolls to size. Put as much as will fit in your regular spice jars in each small bag.

  35. Joined the NRA.

  36. Ms. M.

    as far as your gold jewlery, not sure what would be your best way to go, but from what I was told by my local jewlery store when I went to get some jewlery appraised for insurance purposes, they told me for gold purchasing, they will only pay about 10 – 25% of the actual insurable value of the item. For cosignment sales the pay back is a bit higher but not by a whole heap. Just something you might want to consider as you make your decision.

    • Thank you Marti. I will likely have to get creative to get the most use out of this non-performing asset.

  37. Harry the hat says:

    Had a great Christmas with family and friends. Everyone that received the battery powered lanterns loved them and said they needed one. Received word NH might get 12 to 18 inches if snow. So we left @ 1900 hrs and arrived @ 0400. Now with grandchildren and family. I am unable to find any .224 bullets for reloading at any of my usual on line retailers. I am looking for any deals for preps while in NH.

    Can any one recommend a rifle that uses 38/357?

    I wish the pack a save and Happy New Year.

    • Harry the Hat:

      Ruger makes a quality bolt action. My personal preference is a Rossi Trapper in stainless steel. The Trapper is my GHB gun with it’s 16″ barrel it is VERY handy; capable of getting me out of trouble, being avoided by those that see me 1st, and keeping me from feeling like Rambo and getting into a firefight that is best avoided.

    • I have a Legends Puma by Rossi a model 92 clone in stainless. I can’t speak highly enough about it. The later guns with the safety on the bolt are sometimes problematic.

  38. Enjoyed the holidays in FLA. Hubby is finally seeing the light and more supportive of some prepping – I think the economy/gun control/losing our freedoms is our biggest concerns. He got some ammo while there and took stock of what else he has and needs. Picked up 6 LED flashlights and 2 packs of batteries. Got a grain mill attachment for my mixer, so now to figure out how to use it. Going through the food pantry today to reorganize and rearrange to see what we have.
    Thank you for your site, its such a great resource for us newbies.

    • L,

      I haven’t seen you post before. Welcome to the Wolf Pack. If you have any questions, feel free to ask away.

    • Encourager says:

      L, welcome to the Wolf Pack. You can probably find everything you need to know on this site, or just ask away and many will help you.

      Put a plastic bag over the outlet of the grain mill mixer attachment or you will have flour EVERYWHERE.

  39. Had family here for Christmas so didn’t get much done. Gave SIL LED headlight and flashlight for present. He loved them which was a surprise since he is a city boy who doesn’t even know what prepping is. At least it is a step forward. Most of us gave and received useful things even if not prepping materials. Lots of warm clothes as none of us believe in setting the thermostat higher than 62. Got more bean soup mix as we like it and it keeps well (Think I’ll make some up now that I’ve reminded myself how much we like it!). Bought sweats the week before Christmas but hadn’t posted it. Also bought flour and sugar to replace what I would use over the holidays and extra dried fruit to keep on hand.

    • georgeislearning says:

      wooo there nelly. There’s plenty of us city boys that can out shoot any country bumpkin and are better prepped then lots of hillbillys. So don’t be surprised when a city boy knows his poop!

      🙂 <– that's an emote

      • Hunker-Down says:

        The country bumpkins I know have always walked the feet off you city boys who need a car or bus or train to get uptown or downtown. You cant shoot and move while tending to your blisters. Try walking (and hiding and shooting) a couple of miles in a foot of snow.
        Back in the day (way back) I walked the shoes off more than one drill sergeant simply because I was a kid from a farm. We handled guns at home when we were grade school age simply because there was a legitimate need. We didn’t need guns at school because our teachers had our backs. Meanwhile, the kids in town were busy learning the bus routes.

    • Bought a plastic tub to hold food and installed some food.Made it through the week ok.

  40. Hi M.D. And all the Wolf Pack! Been a really good week here. I also sent my “Vote NO” to ANY new gun laws email, and letter to my Congressman.
    On top of that, I have almost completed my Top Bar Bee Hive. I begin Beekeeping classes next Thursday. Recieved and am halfway through ” Beekeeping for Dummies”. Recieved the last bit of heirloom seeds I will need for the garden next year. Did not have to order too much, as Ai saved a lot of seed from last year. So, that was it for me for the week!

  41. Hello Wolf Pack,

    I haven’t posted in the weekly prep thread since last summer. I have been working double time trying to get projects finished. It was a long warm fall, so I kept working. I am enjoying the snow that finally arrived, it is nice to slow down at bit.

    We had the drama with the forest fires, drought. and now the erosion issues. The mountains are sliding into fields and creek bottoms clogging everything up.

    I am taking my pre req’s for Paramedic school. I don’t know what I was thinking. I don’t have time for it. It has been a struggle. I am not enjoying it at all, but I am getting through it. Becoming a First Responder is something I always wanted to do, but I haven’t been able to put enough other responsibilities aside to make that happen. I am still working on how to make the process easier. The only way to get through the last year is to not garden, or do any other preps except school.

    I dehydrated 75% of my 1 acre garden this year. Something I had never considered until I started reading this blog! I love the dehydrated veggies and fruits. I had the Excalibur and 3 others round dehydrators going non stop for 4 months. They taste great and cook nicely once you get the hang of it. The amount of space I saved is mind boggling.

    We butchered our pigs, steer, and broiler chickens. The boys hunted. I was a bit jealous, as I wanted to get out of the monotony of the harvest and food processing. Oh well. It is all good. I probably would have just sat and read my Kindle and called it hunting. Zombie hunting in a lawn chair.

    I spent a good amount of time canning meats to a total of 355 quarts of chicken, pork, beef, elk and venison. We have noticed a large population of dove in our poultry feeders, so we hit them hard and heavy this fall. I canned most of the meat. I was very happy to put the pressure cookers up for the season.

    I have been concerned about feeding my poultry in the winter since the price of grain has gone up, so I am sprouting wheat, and growing more greens in the non heated greenhouse. This year I will be added lots of other grains and seed plants to the gardens including millet, quinoa, and more sunflowers. I feed one to two heads of Mammoth Grey sunflower everyday. We tried to run corn (plant and all) through a wood chipper/mulcher for chicken feed. It didn’t work out as well as we had hoped. A hammer mill is just too expensive. Besides, we need feed that doesn’t have to be chopped or ground up.
    Feeding poultry through a long winter sustainably is something I have been putting off for a long time. Time to figure it out.

    We are almost finished with the pantry we started last year. It turned out much nicer than I thought it would. Even without heat and an outside temp of -5 zero, nothing has frozen. I have 10 cases of water out there, just to see. We have a small woodstove installed just in case. I think we should be fully stocking shelves by next month. I know you all are waiting patiently for the pantry porn photos.

    Christmas brought ALL the kids home with the girl friends and they took turns with the stomach bug. Everyday for a week we had someone (or two someones) puking and sitting on the pot. I can tell you without a doubt that whatever amounts of Imodium you have, you should go double that right now. Triple it. Don’t get caught with your pants down. Literally. Thank goodness for multiple bathrooms. Don’t get me started on the amount to toilet paper and baby wipes we went through. Merry Christmas.

    While the hordes were converging on the stores to purchase their fire sticks (that’s for that new fun name rider of rohan), mags, and ammo after the Sandy Hook tragedy I was sitting on a comfy chair with my laptop raising four levels of hell with everyone I could get an email address for.
    Heated debates about gun control on Facebook with a couple of very Liberal College Professors I know was the highlight of my month. One is getting her concealed permit after the New Year. We are pulling our children out of public schools until they can figure out what to do for security.

    Our 9 yr old daughter decided she liked shooting after a couple of years of coaxing her to the range. Her Dad bought her a SW .22 pistol to go along with her Ruger 10/22. She is a great shot with her compound bow also. Santa put a sling shot in her stocking. This little girl will not a be a victim. Since she is the last kid at home, her Daddy will lavish her with all the best at the gunshop.

    BTW, were are Jarhead 03, Bam Bam, Mt. Woman and Chloe?

    • I see Bam Bam’s post below. Still, I have been reading back and don’t see the others…….

      • Mama J.,

        It’s good to hear from you. I am afraid we’ve lost a couple of folks–Linty, Jar Head, Nor. Cal. Ray, and (I think) Ohio Prepper. I am hoping folks are laying low for a while. Some are probably still reading but not commenting for Op Sec reasons. Come to think of it, I haven’t heard from Chloe in a while. Mt. Woman posted not too long ago.

        My dh had the crud over Christmas. Lucky for him we had some of his antibiotics (fish style) in stock, as the doctor’s office had been closed since Dec. 22.

        • It is good to hear from you too! I hope everyone is fine. I worry about Chloe and think of her often becasue she had some serious health issues. She lives in Australia, so no way to really check up on her, I suppose. I didn’t ever get her direct email.
          I saw a post of Ohio Prepper a few weeks ago.

          Sorry to hear about your hubby. I had the crud too, but only for a day. It was a virus so I didn’t bother with the meds. The Doctors are never around when you need them the most. Like we are only supposed to be sick Monday thru Thursday 9-5.

    • Jarhead signed off for a while, Bam Bam is around and says she is working 4 jobs right now, Mt. Woman signed off – wasn’t too happy with the way the blog was going politically, wish she would come back, she was always doing something interesting……….and Chloe just isn’t here these days…………not sure why, p’haps someone else has heard something about her. Missing Lint Picker and Nor Cal Ray and Conmaze and a couple of others as well……..Wish them all well!

      • Worrisome,

        I will email Conmaze. I hadn’t realized she hasn’t posted in a while. Things have slowed down for me now that the Fall term is over. So I will be able to write a couple of posts.

        • Bam Bam good to hear that you are slowing down, ya write good posts and try new stuff, we all learn. There is another one out there that starts with a C that hasn’t posted in a while either, besides Chloe and Conmaze.

      • Anyone hear from HomeInsteader lately?

    • Sw't Tater says:

      Glad you are back Mama J, wondered what had happened to you, but you answered that! You have had a fruitful experience. Makes me tired just reading it.

      • Thank you Sw’t Tater,
        It has been exhausting. But, thats life. No matter how hard it is now, it will be harder later.

    • Oh, I forgot to mention that we renew all six adults NRA membership every Christmas. Also their gun range memberships.

  42. Grumpy Vermonter says:

    Well, for prepping, I also did NOT get a flu shot. I’m allergic, highly, to thimerosol which is 49.6% or something close to that mercury. Oh, guess what most of my fillings are made of, sheesh. Anyway, I was tooling around today while it was snowing again and found this video about the meds that kid Adam Lanza was on. Crikey. This lady has been in the business a very long time and never prescribed a med? It seems today they do it like handing out candy. This is interesting watching. M.D., please move to wherever suits you if not good here of course. Just sharing what I think is important, ‘sall.

    • georgeislearning says:

      They sure do. Its given out like candy. 60% of the worlds psycho meds are made in America and in America 1 out of 5 people is on a pill to keep em normal.

      Think about that next time your out shopping, or driving, or in a crowd. Scary stuff

      • I’m a nurse. I think that people with serious mental health problems (psychotic, suicidal, delusional) need and benefit from taking psychiatric medication. In these cases, meds can be literally life-saving.

        Psych sych meds are not without risk, and they are certainly vastly over-prescribed these days. I think that most people with mild-to-moderate mental health issues would be much better off first trying methods (under the guidance of a supportive healthcare provider) that don’t involve medication. Diet, excercise, talk-therapy, vitamins/herbs, and learning new coping/life skills can go a long way towards improving mental health.

        If these measures prove inadequate then psych medications can be used. And then only the minimum meds necessary to alleviate mental suffering.

        • However, if you need meds to keep your marbles in the drawer, you should be well supervised and kept away from things that will let you hurt others.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      There are several natural anti-virals…go into homeopathic med/remedy site…for info….we also are not taking the flu shot,..due to medical issues already present… So far our area has been hit pretty hard, but neither of us has had the flu, tho, I did fight some kind of virus for 24 hours..

      • Sw't Tater says:

        People who show no emotions, emotionally detached should be institutionalized- when they show any aggression of any sort, for the safety of themselves and others.

        • Stoicism is a philosophy that dates back to 300bc the adherents of this way of life attempt to qwell emotions with reason and logic. True believers a far less likely to be a danger than those that riot or panic when their sports idols or game show favorites disappoint. Take care whom you wish locked up, I find most political adherents unstable just as they seem to fear the prepared. Some even go as far as to suggest belief in any devine or supernatural to be signs of instability. If we do start locking up all the ‘strange’ why not rent space for them in Siberia, not only will it be cheaper they do have experience in such endeavours.

          • Amen to that.

          • Sw't Tater says:

            I was not referring to those who practice it as a way to handle unusual stress from a job..like handling emotions as a nurse, firefighter or policeman…but to those who are unable to express emotion , especially from a young age…they need to be taught coping skills to release stress safely. I worked in mental health for a while.There is a very small portion of the mentally ill who can not be safely treated long term in the community, However getting those the assistance they need has become almost impossible .

      • Grumpy Vermonter says:

        And lately, ever since I saw that video and a similar video interview on Dr. Mercola’s blog, I’ve suddenly noticed what’s been there in front of me all along. “Take you flu shot!” “Don’t spread the flu, get immunized!” And today in the bathroom of the grocery store “Wash your hands, get a flu shot!” I made a plan to put a sharpie marker in my purse and from now on when I see these things, I’m gonna cross them out and substitute “neurotoxin”, so it will read “wash your hands, get a neurotoxin!” Subversive old fart that I am, this rather pleases me.

  43. I ordered 1,000 rounds 9mm for my Glock from Cabelas. The 21,000 rounds of .22 LR and the ammo cans have not yet arrived. I will probably get them tomorrow. I got some cool stuff for Christmas. My mom got me some Shoot N C targets–you can actually see where your shot goes, pretty cool. I got a heavy goose down comforter. I cleaned out my mom’s attic and she gifted me with four cases of canning jars, her old sewing machine and a steam cleaner for the carpet, all stuff that she no longer uses. We steam cleaned the carpets today.

    It is super cold here. It’s 53 degrees outside and it is going down into the 30s tonight.

    My dh had the flu over Christmas and is recovering nicely. My dog got an intestinal bug and has been on antibiotics. He seems to be doing a lot better today.

    While visiting my folks in Georgia, my mom took my sister-in-law and I to the commissary. I stocked up on cat litter and dish detergent. I didn’t have room in my truck for anything else. I drove home yesterday with both the cab and the bed packed with stuff. My brother made me a new soap mold for Christmas. I am eager to get back to making soap, as I gave everyone soap for Christmas.

    That’s it for me.

    • Bam Bam:

      I’m glad to see that your doing good with the cold. I should get up to 24 today here.

      • Good night, JP. I do not see how you do it. Our high today was 53 and I went out in the garage momentarily (just to get the vacuum) and the cold weather was painful. I am laying in bed with three blankets, a goose down comforter and a heavy quilt and I am still cold.

        • Grumpy Vermonter says:

          We live in a trailer in Vermont (don’t ask why I thought that was a dandy idea) and we’re slated to have a real winter this year. Last year didn’t really count and that was our first winter in this trailer. Tonight is 12 degrees F., and tomorrow night is going down below zero. For big preps, one of the things we’re saving for is a Kimberley portable stove, plus the oven and electric generator attachments. Pricey, but no more expensive than a replacement furnace for this place, which will be needing one any time now. Our current furnace is over 30 years old. Hold together, baby!

          • Sw't Tater says:

            Our furnace in the trailer went out at 40 years old, first it blew the heater fan…be sure you have smoke detectors that work well, placed throughout the house…it’s first symptom was blowing smoke up the vents.It never worked quite right after that, if you haven’t replaced the thermostat I would urge you to do so.

          • Grumpy Vermonter says:

            Thanks, St’t Tater, We’ve just had everything checked last month and we know the heat exchanger is developing some tiny, tiny cracks. But the guy looked it over really well, with me watching over his shoulder, and he said it didn’t look like it was ready to give in just yet. The thermostat seems to still be working fine – it responds to what we tell it to do, it’s digital, if that makes a difference.
            I’m praying it will limp along until we can scrape up the money for the Kimberley. Because when we move, the Kimberley can come with us, and it’s not too heavy to put into our trailer.

        • Bam Bam:

          Oh my. I like to visit where it about 80 from Apr to Sep but I really like not having to plan for bugs!

        • Hunker-Down says:

          Better through a blanket over your tomatoes 🙂

    • Bam Bam, was 24 degrees here in sunny northern California this morning! Thought I was in Alaska!

    • Bambam RE:dogs and antibiotics FYI and FWIW I read the article I link below when we had a puppy get a cough and suspected Valley Fever. The Vet put 8 month old pup on antibiotics to help as construction in my area is raising dust where in VF lurks. We (DD & I) decided to continue treatment but info was helpful. I believe in more input. Again FYI & FWIW

  44. Soggy Prepper says:

    Not a lot of preps with the holidays and the layoff.
    I did mylar and bucket up some flour, rice and beans I hadn’t done anything
    with yet.
    Have to protect those investments properly!

    Practiced with things that go “bang”. Know a few people who added to their zombie popper collection due to the Hitleresk tilt of the government.

    Hope everyone in the Pack is well and takes a breather from news to enjoy family and friends. 2013 is going to be interesting. Catch your breath.

    Keep praying, keep praying, it isn’t going to get better anytime soon.

  45. ozhillbilly says:

    Hi M.D and Pack. M.D., I like your letter and will use it as a template for letters to my congress people. I’m still in the organizing and planning mode for the next stage (level?) of my prepping. My DW is getting ready to take a three plus week vacation to Hawaii and I’ve already warned her that I plan on making some purchases while she’s gone. She sure knows how to make funny faces when she is under stress.

    I had an interesting experience today that I’d like to share. A group from my Sunday school class regularly goes out for lunch after church and sometimes my wife and I join them. Today my wife said we could go if I would behave. I have a tendency to say it like it is which sometimes embarrasses my wife. I did very well right up until the end when one of us (not me) decided to talk about gun control. This particular fellow is a four term Republican State Representative who is now retired due to term limits. It seems he believes the AR style weapons are unnecessary and should be made illegal. He looked me right in the eye and said, “What do you think of that, Gun Boy?” After I kinda got over my surprise I did my honest best to defend the 2nd Amendment and our (my) right to bear arms. The first thing I did was explain the difference between a semi-automatic AR and its full automatic military counterpart, which many (it seems) in the news media aaaand Congress do not seem to get. We discussed the failure of society and our country in turning our backs on God, etc., etc. I also mentioned that Chicago, as a city, has very restrictive gun laws but that hasn’t stopped them from setting a new murder record for 2012. I asked him of the murders committed with a gun how many of those guns were legal versus illegal? He asked me if teachers should be armed. I said with the proper training everyone should be armed. I mentioned when I was a kid half the pickup trucks in the high school parking lot had a weapon on a rack in the back window. Anyway, much more was said that I haven’t mentioned and what I have mentioned was not necessarily in this order. I don’t think I changed his mind but sure did get a couple of handshakes and a slap on the back or two from others in our group. My DW even said atta boy and she doesn’t pin them on me too often.

    I’m not telling you this story to pat myself on the back. Folks, if this Republican politician feels this way about the 2nd Amendment what chance do we have to enjoy this right much longer, especially with this president and our current congress. To me it’s not only a right to bear arms but our duty as citizens. I believe the 2nd Amendment is the only protection we have to protect ourselves from an oppressive and tyrannical government. It seems to me to be leaning toward that direction more and more these days. Noah Webster argued, “Before a standing army can rule the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any presence, raised in the United States”. To that I say, Amen.

    M.D., if my post does not meet your standards I totally understand and you may delete it. I sincerely thank you for allowing us all to post here and realize it is a privilege. God Bless you all and God Bless our country.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Kudos to you, sir! I believe you to be a true patriot.

    • Good post and this had me laughing… Today my wife said we could go if I would behave

      This would have probably been fighting words for me “What do you think of that, Gun Boy?” I really have a tendancy to speak what’s on my mind and after that… he wouldn’t have like it.

    • Surviving in Ky. says:

      atta Boy ozhillbilly!!!!!!!! Givem heck.

    • Hunker-Down says:


      We have to teach the ignorant. Good job. If I ever get the opportunity (I’d rather be a hermit), I hope to do as good a job as you did.

      Chicago is a glaring example; I would love to kick about 20 politicians in their jewels, get their attention and jamb the Chicago stats down their gullet.

    • georgeislearning says:

      Well done Sir.
      I would have stopped him right at “what do you think of that gun boy” With
      “I got your effing Boy hanging right here sunshine!”

      So you Sir get a high five!

  46. Southern Belle says:

    Hey everyone, we had family in for Christmas so we were pretty busy with them this past week. But, I was able to pick up some winter gear (hats, gloves, scarves, etc.) for over 75% off and some more barter items for our supply. I was able to find candles at wally world marked down as well. DH and I are going to tackle organizing the garage over the next few days. We are hoping to make more room for our preps as well as clear out unneeded items. Looks like we will be making a trip to Goodwill and the dump in our near future. Hoping that all of you have a productive week.

  47. Grumpy Vermonter says:


  48. I copied and shared the letter to congress. Dh, ds, & I can each send one. Clearing out stuff in rv. Too crowded & disorganized.
    Next step, join the NRA. I’ve been waffling on that one, but decided they already know who I am, might as well get on another “list”. Maybe my dollar will help. I feel an upwelling of resentment over being infringed upon constantly. This cold, and short days, makes me cranky, but I am tired of backing up.

  49. FreeRangePagan says:

    Hello Pack!

    This past bit has been pretty bad, so not so much prepping at the moment. My car was broke into, and I had to get the window replaced. Lady’s family dog was put down in time for christmas, a friend was in a car accident, my supervisor left for a better job and now I have to deal with our boss, and my computer was stolen.

    On the bright side, because you need to find it, my brother gifted my a pressure canner for the holiday, as well as a case of pint jars and another canning tool kit, and I received books on bee keeping and welding. Lady gave me a nifty flashlight in my stocking as well. And I found the external hard drive that I used to transfer my files back in march to the new computer and it has everything on it still. 🙂

    Hopefully, the new year will bring a bit more luck our way and to everyone else. 🙂

    • Encourager says:

      FreeRangePagan, wow, you had a rough week! Was the computer in your car? I think that is covered under your car insurance, isn’t it? Hopefully!!

      • FreeRangePagan says:

        Unfortunately, it is not. My car insurance leave much to be desired. Thanks tho, Encourager. 🙂

  50. Ozhillbilly,
    I would like to pat you on the back also SIr. Well said!

  51. Surviving in Ky. says:

    Hello Pack, Hope everyone had a great Christmas! We had a wonderful time with the family, even my idiot BIL, who I haven’t seen in 2 years. Not my fault……I promise:)! Went to Lowe’s and purchased another heavy shelving system and rearranged the basement some more. We had outgrown the shelves and stuff was starting to pile up in the floor. You know how us preppers are, like to be organized. After I organized all the camping equipment, my better half didn’t realize we had some of the stuff. I came up with an idea to build some shelves under the stairs to finish up that section, not sure what’s under there. lol Just received an email from Sportsman Guide and informed me that one mag was on back order until 3/1. Not bad considering what was ordered, the UPS guy is going to luv me. I got online over the last several days and have been looking at repair/ replacement parts for the weapons. I plan on making an order just as soon as I figure out what bills come due in Jan. I took BcTruck’s advise on the 10/22, not nearly as expensive as I first thought. After this order, I should have the weapons preps squared away. Well except for springs and followers, non-exsistent right now. Tried some of the dehydrated squash and zucinni in a casserole. It wasn’t much, anyone have any recipes we can try, our’s was bad. Only during a shtf senerio, yea that bad. lol Looked online at LDS and for anyone just starting out, can’t beat the prices for the basics like beans, wheat and rice. I got another question for the pack, what is the cheapest way to cache guns and ammo for the long term? That’s about it from here, hope everyone has a great New Year!

    • Gonna take a stab at this… PVC pipe. It’s cheap and you can cut it to length to fit your needs.

    • riverrider says:

      sik, a good ole army ammo box is one way. i have some ammo from 30 years ago in one, still like new. taller mortar round boxes are floating around ebay that a disassembled weapon will fit in. grease it or google “solid film lubricant”. good stuff. have you thunk about a commercial storage unit? pricey but above ground. don’t forget 5 g buckets for small stuff. hope this helps. good luck. we’re gonna need it.

      • Surviving in Ky. says:

        Thank River, If storing outside, not necessarily under ground, do I need to add an O2 obsorber or dessicant pack? I’m worried about condensation or is it even a problem? I have ammo boxes and can get more at the container store I told you about, even the large mortar boxes.

        • riverrider says:

          sik, negative on the o2,i’m told its bad for ammo powder, but dessicant wouldn’t be a bad idea. might want to put some cloth or whatnot between the sides of the box and the items jic.

      • I wish someone would write up an article on how to store ammo. My adopted son was up for Christmas and said I needed ammo cans, so I ordered 3 50-cal cans. He mentioned something about oiling the cans but didn’t say anything about adding oxygen absorbers. Someone please explain.

        • bam, i’m told o2 absorbers are bad for the powder. maybe some of the gurus can elaborate…DON”T oil the inside of the cans. oil, wd40, etc will migrate and contaminate the powder. the army did tests on it. wd40 and liquid wrench were the worst offenders. clean dry cans and personally i leave the ammo in the original boxes. you can wipe a tad of grease or silicon lube on the gasket if you like. i don’t use dessicant but mine are stored indoors in the “store room”. that will change soon so look for dessicant to get scarce:) there are books about the subject. good luck.

          • Surviving in Ky. says:

            Thanks River, I’m going to order some now. I’m getting nervous about the amount stored and am going to cache some in other areas, weapons as well. I hate to do that but the ammo needs a new home, mags as well. It’s not in plain sight but given what’s in the wind, I don’t want to wait until the last minute either. Don’t want an empty safe but an old shotgun or two won’t hurt. Thanks again!

          • Backwoods Prepper says:

            Try USA Bluebook for all the types of dessicant you may need. I buy mine by the gallon jar. Pour it in a nylon stocking as much as needed. works great. If i ever dig up or add to the cache I always change Dessicant pouches. The type I use is white and turns blue when exposed to too much moisture. i can put mine in a pan in the oven till it turns back white.

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            I have used cat litter in a knee hi and it works for shoes clothing etc. I have always used clay but I bet the crystals would work well too.

  52. Alittle2late says:

    Hi all,
    Been a busy week.This vacation went fast. A lot of home repairs I’ve been putting off are getting done.5 new windows, replacing the floor in the upstairs family room. new back door.and the list goes on. At least I already purchased these things along time ago.Would have made a lot more sense to do this when it was warm. oh well. Hopefully I can get this place sold before it’s too late. Hoping to be in the south on 18 acres come spring. This is probably one of the scariest decisions I’ve ever made, but I think its a necessary one to accomplish my goals and to ride out the storm that’s coming. This house is to big for just me and there’s not enough yard for critters AND a garden.I’ll be quitting a pretty good job but will be completely debt free and own the land free and clear. My camper is already set up for off grid living,been working on that instead of the house this year. Feel free to comment, I need all the input I can get before I dive in head first. I don’t have anyone to bounce these idea’s off of, my family already thinks I’m nuts. I know you did this M.D. but under different circumstances. Making a decision this late in the game… Am I crazy?

    • By following your dreams you are never crazy… and it really doesn’t matter if someone else thinks you are. To them I just turn my nose up an walk away.

    • Encourager says:

      Will you be safer moving? Will you have a bigger area for gardens and animals? Will you be more self reliant? Do you have a trade or can learn a trade so you can earn $$ without a full time job?

      If the answer is yes to all or most of the above, and you know in your heart it is a good thing to do ~~~~ GO FOR IT! And God bless you in your doing!

    • Backwoods Prepper says:

      I lived in a 26 foot camper for 3 years till I got my house built. If I had it to do over I would have a full basement hardened with a backyard cabin on top. http://www.backyardworld.net/images/Picture_182.jpg

      • Alittle2late says:

        I like that Idea. I do not require much visible space. An older man I know has a “basement under every building on his property. Chicken coop included. To look at some of them ya wonder how they are still standing.

  53. Mother Earth says:

    Hello Wolfpack! I’ve been off work for the holidays, so no paycheck to buy anything with. I did sign up for a cheesemaking class for next weekend. They had a special that I couldn’t pass up. As expensive as cheese is, I would like to start making my own as I do love cheese. Looking forward to the hands on experience. That’s it for me!

  54. Sw't Tater says:

    Free Range… You have my kind of luck…didn’t say anything about good luck..
    This week was all about family.
    We did get to travel to see three sets of our family on a short trip, and arrived home safely late last night……
    to find our One source heater we got two months ago , has went out..and our bedroom was still at 50 degrees this am, with two quartz space heaters going the rest of the night. When the north wind died today it has now come up to 67, and winter has not yet arrived, the big furnace is dead- have a plan, will try to get the structure in place to support it in next two weeks.
    We took a “food stretcher box” to my daughter and her husband, who have taken in a homeless friend. Bought some clothes @ Goodwill on half price( 50$ total.) for SIL and friend.(Holey shorts and t-shirts are not job interview worthy-for any profession and not warm enough for 40 degree daytime temps.)
    Gave planned pre-purchased foods and gift items, otherwise.(fitted sheets, candles,clothes)….using this as an opportunity to rotate more of our foods..All items appreciated and use-able, to those who received them. Parents received dish cloths and shaving towels,wooden turning fork.
    Dh got a tablet, almost got it ready for him to use it with his preferred Bible programs.
    .filled a few more water bottles.
    received monthly medication rx’s,Taking care of ongoing medicinal issues..
    Passed on food storage, medicinal options, info to sis (in law).
    Picked up raw materials, (freebies) for craft items…for part of a wedding gift.
    Started article on stretcher meals.. got it about half done and the computer quit on me,
    … DH added memory to computer so it is doing much better now.
    .,broke a tooth early in week, and can’t see dentist for several days yet… .using oil of oregano with good results for tooth ache. I tried the tooth patch dental kit from across the counter dental at wally world, my tooth is not accepting it,(the break is about one third of the crown of the tooth, and there is no way to keep the pressure off the edges of the repair material when I bite down.) tho I have used it successfully in the past. Priced denture repair/replacement options . That’s it, folks. Tie a knot in the rope!

  55. JoJo my beautiful wife and I picked up a Mossberg T-715 22LR semi auto. Started going thru boxes of stuff we had in storage. Found a few large decorative candles that the wife was going to toss till I reminder her that they were better then the rancid crisco emergency candles we had talked about the other day. That conversation came about because we recieved our order of Bega Cheese in the 1.8 oz cans. The plan was to reuse the cans as we eat the cheese. If we have wax that is even better.
    Finished off the left over canned ham with some northern beans. Tasty!
    Replaced some food items used from the stocks the last few weeks,

    • Never fails that after I burn candles there is always some left over. I just melt it and put it in a half pint canning jar with a new wick. I keep the jar in progress by the stove and when I get it filled up I’ll toss in a book of matches and put the lid on. Now I have an emergency candle complete with matches. Just grab and go. Best part is I don’t waste the wax that didn’t get used from the original candle.

  56. Crazy Stevo says:

    Still looking for preppers in Northern Mississippi moving there next month.

    • I am in northern Alabama and know no preppers here. Anyone? I am alone and need a partner of some sort.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      we are across the line in southern, western tn…doing what we can.

    • Crazy Stevo says:

      Moving to Columbus, MS.

      • Grumpy Vermonter says:

        Jeepers. And we’re in friggin VT. And we sound like it, you know the accent thing. MD, is it you that has a book out on where is good to go? I saw your post on where to go if you can’t go far, but really – we’re right smack in the middle of looneyville. And it doesn’t sound like many of you are in the upper west? Or are you? I don’t do well with heat – I’m a snow gal, and big snakes and spiders give me the heebeejeebees. I may be off-base with generalizations about the south being all just hot and humid, so if there’s a state that’s not too bad, lemme know, ok? But any ideas on states that would welcome really quiet transplants who like guns, gardening,cats, quilts, baking, food and all things related, computers and the tiny/small house movement? I know how many states feel about outsiders, lord knows VT is now almost all outsiders, so understand if no replies.

        For preps today, while grocery shopping I saw lamp oil so grabbed a jug of it, grabbed 4 large containers of ajax (is that not a good thing to use if you have to recycle your water, probably not, right?), 4 boxes of potscrubbers, and a jug of clear ammonia. Then we headed over to our local cheese and wine discount store, where they have discounted groceries, cheeses, wines, dairy stuff, you-name-it. I like to buy Cabot cheese-ends (I worked for a brief stint at Cabot – an I Love Lucy candy conveyer belt story for another time) at 3.99/lb., a fantastic italian shaved parmesan for .99c a tub, of which I bought several, some chocolate syrup just because for $1.95 (organic, so pricier, but non-gmo), some peanut-butter chips in bulk, some walnuts in bulk, some dried cranberries in bulk, some organic brown sugar in bulk (cheaper than Domino’s brown sugar in the grocery store and not out-dated!), and some kefir for drinking this week for all the probiotics in it to help keep the bad bugs away. All at fantastic prices. I put the cheese ends (bacon, horseradish and garlic-herb flavored, yum!) in ziploc freezer bags, but am wondering if anyone has ever tried dehydrating their own cheese? If so, any tips on this? Thanks and Happy New Year – I’m raising a bottle of Guiness Black Lager to all of you 🙂

        • Backwoods Prepper says:

          I was raised in southern Mississippi I now live in Southern West Virginia. We have a 10 acre homestead backed up against 6000 acres of land company land. Here in Southern West Virginia it is fairly easy to own a couple of acres and get the 6000 acre backyard. I have lived in nicer places but the people here are good folks.

          • Grumpy Vermonter says:

            Thanks for that, Backwoods. What is land company land? Just curious. Having good folks around you is worth a lot when things get ugly.

          • Backwoods Prepper says:

            Well here in southern wv we have the coal mines and the underground mines are mined out so a company buys it for the mineral rights which is now gas wells. You can hunt,atv, harvest downed trees. They will even let you fence portions of it for a small fee. I’m talking several acres for about 100.00 a year. I can build a barn, park a camper, garden just as long as I don’t try to live on it. You can camp on it.

        • Grumpy Vermonter, You might like our area in Northern Kentucky. I moved here in ’78 from the NE corner of IN. My dh moved from NH in ’88. We both love our 4 + acre farm with pond. Most people in this area are capable of providing for their families in hard times. The weather is very good also except for rare ice storms. The hills, sharp curves and lack of guard rails can be a problem then. We rarely get below freezing. The summers are not to hot as a rule. We planted hundreds of trees and shrubs from seeds and transplants friends didn’t want. It is always cooler at home thanks to all the shade.

          • Grumpy Vermonter says:

            Thanks for that, Cheyenne. Your dh moved from NH? We were practically neighbors, then! We’re sitting here weighing our options currently. Hubbs has an older sister who lived in TN for a bit before moving to VA, so he has at least been there a few times.

      • Harry the hat says:

        Was stationed at Columbus AFB 70 to 72. Been back a couple of times and the town has changed for the better.

        • Grumpy Vermonter says:

          Thanks M.D. and Harry, Now I have more questions than answers! Harry, I’ve been to Ohio in the summer and found it pretty darn humid. I’ve had heat stroke, so am pretty careful about that. I like to work outside in the warm weather and tend to get all involved in what I’m doing -ok I’m stubborn- and when it’s humid, I am in trouble before I know it. Landed me in the ER this year. With things going the way they are, I have to be careful. Dryer/arid or more temperate is what I need. I will see if I can get that book Strategic Reloacation from my library on an inter-library loan this week. Thanks for the links and suggestions!

          • Grumpy,

            Don’t come to Florida. We have 100 percent humidity for most of the year. We had the heat on some the past few days and it was so dry in the house I thought my nose was going to bleed.

          • Grumpy Vermonter says:

            Yeah, I know. I was down there one April and it was 80 degrees. I was helping my two sisters load up a moving van to move my mom back to VT and I was roasting. And that was pre heat stroke.
            And watch your local town government for “garden grab legislation”, posing as something like “view corridor” or “green spaces”. An online gardening watchdog group I came across one day had a petition up to help a young couple keep their front yard garden in a town where the mayor was touting as Green (an Agenda 21 codeword). They had pics of it and it was productive, tidy and attractive. The mayor rolled over and caved when he got flooded with a humongeous amount of signatures from all over the World! There’s lots of us out there, folks! That’s one of the things that keeps me going.
            And thanks for the heads-up, Bam-Bam. I love your avatar 🙂

      • Sw't Tater says:

        My aunt’s family is from there. It’s a nice area.

  57. At long last I finished my Mystery Tactical Sewing Project, and I sent MD an email with the sewing pattern. (MD, if it clogs up your email, and you didn’t get it or it’s just too big a file, let me know and I’ll break it up into smaller pieces for you. I’ll click the comment following box this time.)

    I finished constructing a secret compartment today. I have a number of them planned. Nothing too esoteric – but they’ll probably fool your average house burglars, which is the goal. As we slide into a worse economy, house burglars will be on the rise. (especially if they know we can’t shoot them). So I figure, hide the stuff.

    This week I tried grinding coffee in a pepper grinder, to see if it would be worth putting the grinder into the food BOB with some whole bean coffee. The one I used was all plastic, it screws on as the lid of a glass jar and there’s no crank, you have to keep turning the lid. I had to grind the beans twice, and it took an hour. So, not that great of an idea, but I just now had the bright idea of using a hand crank pencil sharpener as a grinder, and I’m wondering how I might do that. I’d have to put it sideways, and stick a funnel in it, but how not to grind the funnel along with the coffee or grain? Hmmm….

    I saw advertised online a newfangled animal snare that appears to be made out of a couple washers with a spacer between them so they’re like a yo-yo, and a keyring or something that holds the wire inside the yo-yo until you want to deploy it. I have been playing with some plaster washers and some other bits and pieces to try and make a knockoff, because these snares online are selling for $14 and it’s like a dollar or two worth of materials. I think my wire is too thick, maybe a guitar wire would work better, like a low E string or maybe an A string, and I need little wire crimps to finish the prototype. The cool thing about the design is that it’s got the form factor of a coin and you can carry several in your pocket without them getting all – um – snared up. The website also coyly hinted that their snare could also be used as a weapon.

    Bought some earth-toned fabric remnants at the fabric store. Mostly fleece which was on deep discount. And I bought an ammo can and a mag pouch, so I can sew up some copies of the pouch.

    Bought 3 chickens on sale at 98 cents a pound, and a few pounds of butter, because milk is going to go up to 8 dollars a gallon in January. They failed to pass the farm bill and the farm subsidies are all canceled, at least for now. I don’t drink enough milk to bother keeping it in anything but powdered form for the most part, for cooking. But cheese and butter are going to go up too, of course, so I got me some now while the price was still low.

    Because certain pages were yanked from Facebook this week, I’ve been converting some youtube videos that I think are historically important and persuasive, or useful, to a format that can be viewed on a DVD player. That way, even if they scrub the web and go so far as to remotely erase the videos from people’s computers or disable the video player software they won’t be able to suppress the information completely. Call me paranoid, I don’t care. I suggest people should at least store their favorite youtube gunsmithing how-to videos on hard media, in case the gun control nuts want to remove all gun knowledge as well as all guns (except theirs of course).

    I received my blood type in the mail from having given blood. Now I know what blood type I am. If I’m ever caught up in some kind of weirdness, I hope I have the time to write my blood type on my wrist with a pen. That way if I’m hurt, the medics can tell what blood type I am without taking the time to test for it. Or I could make a little bracelet or something to wear.

    I joined the NRA through MD’s link just now. Also this week I sent the obligatory don’t-vote-for-Feinstein’s-bill letters to my rep and senators.

    I think that was it. I had a bit of a break from cryptography for the holidays, but I have to get back on it. Two weeks of homework left and a final exam to do.

    Keep praying y’all. We need all the prayer we can muster.

    • That snare sounds interesting. How would I search for it?

    • I cant’t wait to see your project.
      I have my blood type tattoo’d on the inside of my left wrist because that is the arm they hit in an ambulance. Pretty scroll lettering. Helps to have a tattoo artist in the family. Just says B+ and its pretty obvious. I’ve had many people say. “Is that your blood type?”
      You can get home kits to do a blot test to see what you blood type is. I have everyones blood type in our family recorded.
      I had Facebook send me my FB records on email. My photos, messages, everything for a back up just in case I lose my account.
      I have youtube vidoes recorded also. My son downloaded a program to convert them for me. Nothing wrong with being cautious.

    • You’re not paranoid… you’re proactive 🙂

    • Grumpy Vermonter says:

      Penny Pincher,
      This sounds interesting! I would love to see this mystery tactical sewing project! I’ve seen hollowed out books, empty scouring powder containers, etc. used, but you’ve got me curious.
      Cryptography, huh? That is way cool. How long have you been studying that? That’s the kind of thing I can relate to, ’cause I love to see to look for patterns in things. That’s just awesomeness – good for you!
      And yes, I’m praying. And I’m also wondering if people are remembering BOB’s for their beloved pets. We have a big one with all their vax info and photos, water in pouches, lightweight bowls, small cans of food, dehydrated treats to use as food, can openers, medicine, colloidal silver, syringes, etc. Just thought of telling folks about that. Our kits are family!

      • Encourager says:

        Thanks for the reminder, Grumpy Vermonter! We bought our dog her own backpack last summer and it is amazing how it calms her down as soon as we put it on her.

        Note to self: tomorrow make a copy of her rabies certificate, meds she has taken, contact info, treats, small baggies of food and a bottle of water into backpack. Oh, and a tennis ball.

        • Grumpy Vermonter says:

          Encourager, good for you. I was reminding myself, really. I have to go through ours again and freshen it up for the new year. Lucky you that your pup can carry her own. Probably it acts like one of those popular thundershirts. The idea is that the closeness of them calms the dogs and helps with anxiety. Either that, or she is calmer knowing she’s not going to get left behind like many do. That’s one sin I”m going to try like hell not to be guilty of.

  58. Added 2 more wholesalers to my list of resources. Now I can get knives , optics , grain mills and oh so much more for my storefront . Was interesting watching .22 lr hp go to $ 75 then to $ 100 and then to $ 150 a brick this weekend in middle Tn. No I don’t sell ammo but have friends that do.

  59. We’ll i didn’t get to much for prepping this week,
    For Christmas, i did recive a Gerber Multitool and the gator jr. machete.

    Went to the local pawnshop lucky to find some .223 rounds got a couple box’s, then i put a rifle on layaway, Then they informed me that i had the month of January to pay it off before the close shop because they are closing in Febuary.

    In this new month i’ll be try get my Rifle out of layaway and buy all the .223 and 7.62 i can before the shut the doors for good.


  60. Candy In Nebraska says:

    Dh received a $50 gift card for Menards so he went and bought us a food saver with it instead of stuff he wanted for his shop. Received several blankets. venison sausage. Bought our selves some knives, headlamps.

    Bought 50 lbs of breaded chicken for $20
    canned 2 turkeys
    decluttered 2 kitchen cupboards and that was 2 13- gal trashbags. Still have a ways to go but thats a start. Helped a friend butcher a deer and got 1/2 in return and was even given venison sausage with it. Was given a sample of the venison sausage and it was great found out it was made with beef tallow instead of pork. I will be checking now with the locals to see if I can’t get some. DH and I have both signed up with the NRA

  61. Not much going on this week with the parents here for Christmas. Worked 3 days and then off for 4 days again. I could get used to this, LOL.
    Today I did some canning
    4 pints turkey,
    1 quart and 2 pints broth
    2 pints chicken noodle/veg soup
    2 pints veg/beet broth for making borscht
    Tomorrow I am canning the rest of the cranberry relish and some fruit juice that won’t be used before it goes bad.
    A dear friend sent me 2 pounds of pecans.
    I used some coupons and have stocked up on extra dry cat food, will pick up some more after the paycheck deposits on Monday.

    After organizing all the home canned food and taking into consideration the other canned and dry foods, I seem to have accomplished my goal of at least 1 years food supply. I will be adding a larger variety of vegetables than I currently have but I feel good knowing I have that much put by. This is for one person and I have worked on it for a year.

    We used the Berkey this week as my parents were complaining about the amount of chlorine in the tap water. Now I have the best water! Extra filters are on my list.

    Unfortunately the cat is now spoiled by having someone here to play with him 24/7 and thinks I should just keep up the pace… 🙂

    • I bought three boxes of Tattler reuasble canning lids, and I really like them a lot. There’s a bit of a learning curve, but the trick seems to be tightening the rings down immediately after removing the jars from the pressure canner. I love that they’re reusable and dishwasher safe. I canned four quarts of meat broth and the jars sealed right up!

      I also purchased a wireless home security system online. It has door/window sensors. several motion detectors, and a battery backup if the electricity goes out.

      The main reason I wanted it is that my DH travels a lot for business, and I’m a deep sleeper. There have been a couple of times that he’s come home in the middle of the night and I didn’t wake up until he was in the bedroom checking on me. It kinda got me thinking “what if that wasn’t him”? Mild mental freak-out ensured…It’s kinda hard to fight/shoot an intruder if you don’t have some kind of early warning. Hence the security system (cheaper that a dog, which isn’t an option for me much as I love dogs).

  62. I took the leftover Christmas ham, made bean soup then canned it in the pressure cooker. It tastes better than frozen.

  63. Well, procrastinating about making the pumpkin butter paid off. The hubby bought me a nice stainless steel water bath canner and starter kit for Christmas, so I finally made the pumpkin butter the next day and every jar sealed. I used a large leftover pumpkin that my sister sent to me back at Thanksgiving. I made two batches and was still able to freeze 4 cups of purée. I have 16 cups of frozen purée from the other pumpkin she sent.

    Also for Christmas, the daughters and I each received small LED flashlights. There were 10 in the pack and originally divided between all 5 of us, but the hubby gave his away as he already has good flashlights in various places. Now the three daughters have one for the purse, one for the car and one extra. I kept one that I’ll probably add to my keychain.

    In the food department, we finally received our fruit trees, bushes and vines. All we have to do now is get them planted. Unfortunately, we seem to be on a three day rain cycle. Sun with cold and wind for two days, then a rainy day, then it repeats. We hope to get some in the ground today but it is after noon already and it’s cold with wind again. Brrrrr

    On a sad note, our local Ace Hardware burned to the ground. It was our go to place for anything you couldn’t find anywhere else. The hubby even bought my Christmas present there. I almost cried when we heard as we had been there earlier the day it burned. I even told my hubby as we were walking into the store, “My mama raised me right. It’s more fun to go shopping in a hardware store than at the mall.” We are praying they reopen from their warehouse stock.

  64. Don’t normally post on this type thread… but I just couldn’t pass up all the 1/2 priced pillar candles at wallyworld. Hard to beat one for a buck 48 so I bought them out since I burn candles year round. I might have enough on hand to last until next Christmas.

  65. My son and I spent one evening rearranging our BOBs.
    Today finds us with a two-man, four weather tent set-up in a light snow to ensure it will work during all seasons and that we can do it while it snows.
    Bought a couple more 1 pound fuel canisters of fuel for lanterns and Coleman coffee pot.
    Resupplied a diminishing stock of canned goods for the pantry.
    Paid for the 71 pounds of venison we harvested earlier this month.
    Went to church Sunday as a family.
    Showed my three sons how to properly handle an axe to split small kindling. We live in town limits so there’s no fire starting, only the basics.
    All this in in less than the week I’ve been home for the holidays.
    Pray we don’t freeze tonight, supposed to be about 7-10 above with a few inches of snow on the ground.

  66. Encourager says:

    What we did this week:
    1. Had a new (to us) propane tank installed and filled by our new propane supplier.
    2. Enjoyed having our youngest son home! Had both sons here for Christmas day.
    3. Am in the process of converting my documents re prepping into hard copies. Already gone through one black ink refill…
    4. Started a “need/want to learn” list for 2013. I don’t do resolutions…because I rarely keep them then feel guilty. At the top of the list is to re-take Red Cross CPR class.
    5. I am also considering teaching a beginner prepping class. First thought I would go through local adult education but am leaning towards starting to attend a local church and go through them after we have been there a few months. More anonymity, I would think!
    6. Went to a bigger city near us to stock up on supplies. Found a store that sells regular pasteurized organic milk – the first I have ever seen. Most organic milk is ultra-pasteurized which makes it unusable for making cheese. I was surprised how much better it tasted! No cooked taste.
    7. I know I did more! Dang senior moments….

  67. Grumpy Vermonter says:

    Encourager, do you have any farmers down there who are bucking the powers that be and are selling raw milk? There is nothing like it for cheese. If you Google search the Weston Price Foundation, I think they have a place where you can find a state by state list of raw milk suppliers.

    • Grumpy,

      You can buy raw milk here in Florida but it has to be labeled “not for human consumption”. Farm eggs have to have the same label.

      • Same in Georgia for the raw milk. The key is finding someone who handles it in a very sanitary manner.

        • Grumpy Vermonter says:

          When I was very young, we lived in a very rural area of VT. Down the road either way were dairy farms, and we got our milk from the farm at the bottom of the hill. One of my earliest and fondest memories is of the smell of the milkhouse. The smell is clean and fresh and unique. On the extremely rare occasions I smell it nowadays, it brings back a flood of memories. All these laws and labeling aren’t about concerns for our well-being, but I’m certain you already know that. It’s just more of that control, squeezing us like a collar. Federal, state and local governments are starting to treat farmers like they are stupid peasants that don’t know how to be clean. It’s arrogant in the extreme, and makes my blood boil. I hate to sound like a broken record, but this is also a stated part of Agenda 21: to lessen our control over our own food supply, to weaken us by legislating away food supplements, gardens, healthful milk, meat and eggs and the like through ever-restrictive zoning and outrageous pressures on farmers. California is already “encouraging” people to forgo eating meat one day a week. Oh dear, those words are popping up in my head again, I’d better stop. Praise God for watching over us all.

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            You may remember a few years ago when there was a glut of dairy. Rather than dumping it on the ground we the govt bought tons of cheese and gave it to needy families. The day the dairy farmers took the federal dollar, they ceded control of their yindustry.
            If the industry does not accept the risk, then they do as they are told.
            I don’t know why any farmers get subsidized. If a carrot cost $6 then more folks would grow their own or not eat carrots. Same with milk, cheese, butter, and butter milk
            I still don’t know why the auto industry was bailed out.
            How can society evolve if we continue to perpetuate ways that don’t work.

          • Hunker-Down says:

            Tactical G-Ma,

            “How can society evolve if we continue to perpetuate ways that don’t work”.

            Prime example; CONGRESS.

          • Tactical G-Ma says:


      • Encourager says:

        Seriously? Eggs, too? Wow. We buy our eggs from some folks a few miles from us. There price is now up to $2 per dozen. We were paying $1.50 but with the rise in feed, they were forced to raise their prices. Never had a problem with their eggs other than a dirty spot occasionally; but then that is the nature of chickens!

    • Encourager says:

      GV, the way we do it in Michigan:

      The farmer sells shares in his cows. You get a form that says you are part owner of Daisy, Buttercup and Moola. You pay a fee (we paid $50) for a year after which you renew your lease (or ownership, depends on how it is worded). You then pay the farmer for the care of ‘your’ cows every time you go and get some milk. We paid $1.50 per gallon. How much milk you get each week is between you and the farmer.

      It works fairly well; however, YOU are responsible to make sure you have chosen a dairy well. We did this but ended up not buying milk after about 6 months. We had three incidences, two where manure ended up in our gallon container and was floating on top (it could have just been ‘dirt’ but hey…) the last time the milk was actually tinged pink from blood. These things should have been caught by the dairy but weren’t. We actually had to TELL the worker to please wash his hands first and change his poopy gloves (seriously). We also had to drive for 40 minutes one way to get to the dairy. We usually included the dairy stop when we were out shopping so we didn’t have to leave home just for a milk run. We used the milk for drinking, cheese, yogurt, and butter.

      I am looking for a local cow share now. I would rather buy from someone who only owns one or less than 5 cows. I think that gives more control, but you still must be careful. I wouldn’t mind helping the farmer with chores and want to learn how to hand milk a cow.

      • Grumpy Vermonter says:

        We do similar to Encourager; there is a young couple fairly nearby that we support by buying their eggs. They are now $5.00 a dozen, but their chickens spend the winter in an unheated greenhouse and the summers in a protected pasture = really healthy eggs. Occasionally, I run out and have to send hubbs out to grab a dozen of the “regular” eggs. You can see the difference in the anemic yellow yolks, yech. Also, we buy lard, beef and suet from them. Really pricey, but since it’s grassfed, I trust it 100% more than anything in plastic at the store. We know them, we support them and it’s a win-win.
        Fortunately, they are rabidly clean about everything they do and I haven’t met up with any raw milk up here that isn’t, which is really nice. In all my years I’ve never ever found dirty milk – that whole deal with the gloves is just gross and sad. We pay a lot more, however!
        Tactical G-Ma, Many of the farmers up here are subsidized, but many more aren’t. Rather than toe the line, they are trying to figure out how to feed Vermont if push comes to shove, and how to stand out as well. They are seriously trying to do this, as many are in the secession movement. I’m not in that movement, but I think it’s nothing but good that they are succeeding in making a go by just being organic and “niche”. One farm makes fermented veggies like saurkrautood, a few of them make outrageously good yogurts and cheeses, etc. None of these farms are big as in agri-big.
        The auto industry was bailed out for the union vote, I believe.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          I don’t want to take food out of the farmer’s mouth. I just wanted to point out how govt got an inch but took a mile. I think the subsidies back fired when big business figured out how to make big money and essentially put the small farmer out of business.

          • Backwoods Prepper says:

            All of you guys need to watch farmageddon I seen it on Netflix really scary what the government thinks of our raw milk and bulk food buying and sharing

          • Grumpy Vermonter says:

            Let me guess what they think… 🙂 Thanks, Prepper I’ll check it out.

          • Grumpy Vermonter says:

            You bet they did, which is why I cheer for each farm that manages to dig in (no pun intended) and survive. Between D.C. and Monsanto, they’ve got a lot going against them, so we pay the higher prices and consider it our contribution until we have a bit of land of our own. I just tallied up our seed order and hubbs says we have to wait until next paycheck to send it in. Then it will take a few weeks to get here, as it’s a small company, but then I’m going to try WS’ing! I’ve been saving milk bottles for months to do this and am really excited to see how it pans out up in our zone 4b spot (probably more like zone 4, skip the ‘b’ as we’re in a valley!

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            Good luck with the crop. Do you use a hoop frame or a green house?

        • Grumpy – ever heard of Silloway Farms? They are in Randolph Center.

          • Grumpy Vermonter says:

            Tactical, Neither. I’m going to be using plastic milk and water gallon jugs. I am going to be putting a hoop frame out in the garden this spring after I can put the lettuces in, but to use as shade cloth for them and then in the fall to cover with plastic to extend things like carrots, chard, kale and the like.

            GA Red, No, I’ve not heard of them. Of course, I had to go check them out on the web tho, and found this: http://youtu.be/OkEweGRjJhQ
            Their farm is a dandy! I’ve been down to that green (across from the church) many times. But for regular use, they’re a haul from us 🙂 We’re closer to Jericho and Jericho Settlers Farm. http://jerichosettlersfarm.com/aboutthefarm.html
            I swear I should’ve been a farmer. I tried reindeer for a bit, but the state is so god awfully afraid of the mad cow disease that they destroyed one family’s healthy sheep business (for no reason, it turned out, but they wouldn’t admit to it), and they kept having me vaccinate more and more and MORE. It got to be too costly. Which was what they wanted, I imagine.
            Randolph Center is near Vt. Tech. college, and they teach lots of farm stuff. They usually host a yearly agricultural expo at Vt Tech – lots of cutting edge stuff like hugelculture (sp). But I am not in it as a business so can’t write off the cost of attendance.

    • In TN West Wind Farms will sell raw milk for “pet use”. They are awesome and I know deliver all over the state… and I think into Georgia.


  68. Test fired my Christmas present Remmington 870 Super Mag. Came with a smooth 26″ and a slug-rifled 20″.
    Got some swamp walking boots for hunting. More shotshells.
    Took B-I-Law shooting at the range, pistols only.
    Ordered books on shelters and shanties, surviving teotwawki, salt and smoke curing meat, butchering livestock and game.
    That is all.

  69. PGCPrepper says:

    Being that we are somewhat new at this prepper/survivalist thing, my wife just got to an indoor range for the first time. We have purchased a Buckmark .22lr and a Ruger .38 LCR in the past two months. Had my eye on a Glock-19 but my fav. shop was out and another sold out the last two before we could get it. Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to pay for a lesson with a really awesome female trainer to get instruction from someone besides her DH. On a really cool side note, when she went to pay the bill, the owner remembered me when I went to check the place out and he remembered that I was retired Army and he said; “you’re good. Merry Christmas.” So cool.

    Also DW ordered a new range bag. She’s all caught up into shootin’ 🙂

    Still scouting for property w/land or just land. We really want to go underground and if I had not contracted some sort of parasite that also caused me a dose of candida we would already have done so. The candida had gotten in to my ear canal and caused the debilitating, very high dB tinnitus. I think it was contracted from a waterborne parasite from a kayaking trip on the James RIver (not sure how). Anywho, it has caused me a year’s worth of hospital and down time; therefore frustration on my part with the speed that I desire to get prepared. Happy New Year.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      I don’t know what candida is but does that mean there’s a cure? I know you have gone thru alot trying to get rid of tinnitus

      Glad your dw has become enthused. Happy New Year.

      • Encourager says:

        TGM, I had a doctor put me on a special anti-candida diet about 4 years ago. She also had me take two different anti-fungal Rx’s. It was the first time in my life I felt the candida was under control. It has not come back like it was since.

  70. PGCPrepper says:

    Tactical G-Ma,

    The thinking amongst ENTs seems to be that there is no cure other than if the T was caused by earwax blockage or, for some, the wearing of a hearing aid that have hearing loss. They always suggest an MRI first just in case the T is caused by some tumor or whatever which could be removed. I’ve been to three ENTs and each believe that mine is caused by high frequency hearing loss. I disagree. I believe my T is caused by something else and the T is simply a symptom so I march on.

    For example, let’s say that you have, I don’t know, maybe some constriction in blood flow in your head or sinus issues and we know that I have hearing loss. Then we both contract a mold allergy, a parasite or candida simultaneously. My belief (hope) is that the allergy or whatever caused disruption in the body and due to my hearing loss it manifested as T and since you have constricted blood flow in your “noggin”, yours manifested as migraines or whatever. I’ve done enough research to believe that this is a possibility. My T has gone from a ten on a 1-10 scale to as low as 3 and it even varies sometimes during the day. Moreover, If I drink a certain amount of rum or vodka, mine will go away completely. That is a whole nuther problem because I don’t care for drinking much. A small percentage of folks find relief from alcohol (17%) and a small percentage find that it intensifies the T where the rest find no variance. This is what makes a cure so difficult; everyone gets a differing affect/effect from various inputs.

    Candida is simply a yeast infection where bad bacteria from the gut that we all have over runs the good bacteria and stomach walls and finds a home in places like the cavities in your head or wherever (ears, nose, eyes/floaters). For those with certain ailments, it is something worthwhile to search on the net. Candida can cause allergy like symptoms for instance. Some examples of folks who could have candida are those of us whom have gluten sensitivities, Blood Type O’s, sugar/glucose issues or carbohydrate intolerance, etc. Candida feeds off sugar. I know the Blood Type diet is controversial and I agree that it’s like anything else; you take what you can get from it and discard what you fail to benefit from. In 1999, I retired from the Army and helped open a GNC on the Army post. Soldiers happen to all know their blood type so I would randomly ask some if they were lactose intolerant(not allergic), if they tolerated red meat, if they felt bloated from wheat, etc. and most that had issues with wheat and milk products were type O’s. I’m a type O and I’ve known for years that I get bloat, gas, constipated or whatever from bread and pasta and that I cannot tolerate milk products. I knew about gluten issues before it became cool to go gluten free. Ha. My wife and I hardly ever eat the same meals even though we may eat at the same table time. She’s a Type A and does not eat meat. I eat hunter/gatherer.

    So, to make a short story even longer, when I started training for endurance type events three years ago I started to slip and fuel those 30 mile bike rides and 10 mile runs with BS I knew I shouldn’t be eating but was hoping I would simply burn it off. One day I sat down and I heard crickets and my six pack is now a watermelon. After taking the product Humaworm that I spoke about here awhile ago, I did see stuff that was crazy coming out of me (dead parasites) but I also saw stringy candida (Humaworm site says 90% of us have parasites and a lot of us have no obvious symptoms). So, I’m back to no carbs much except a bit of alcohol when my T is high dB. My wife took the Humaworm also just because and she has seen “stuff” too. :-X

    I’m not affiliated with Humaworm but found them through my research over the past nine months and saw lots of endorsements on places like CurezoneDotCom, et al

    Happy New Year to you too and everyone else.

    Candida > http://www.foodmatters.tv/articles-1/how-to-overcome-candida-naturally

    Humaworm > https://humaworm.com/welcome.html

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      what I gather from all this is you hope to manage the T, but there really is no cure. Between the thunder and the ringing I hear, sometimes I wish to hurry up and go deaf. Mine comes and goes. Some days a whisper is too loud but other times the louder the better. I have meds to tolerate it but I guess there are many causes and no real cure.
      At least you identified the cause and perhaps can learn a way to have a better quality of life.
      Thank you for the explanation and good luck.

      • Encourager says:

        When I was taking American Sign Language classes, we had to do a paper and were given a list of things to write about. I chose drugs that cause hearing loss and tinnitus. The research blew my mind. Even something as simple as Advil can cause hearing loss and T. I have T and it can make me miserable some days. It is always, always there. I can usually determine when my blood pressure is higher, the T is louder.

    • Encourager says:

      Thanks, PGCPrepper. I went to the Humaworm sight and did some research. Yeah, it was pretty gross at times but yet fascinating if you know what I mean. Ordered some for both my hubby and self. LOL, told hubby about what I was reading on the site and the look on his face was priceless. I told him I was ordering him some and he said “You first!!!”

      A gross subject, but one that actually needs to be talked about. When SHTF (no pun intended…okay, it was…) we will need de-worming stuff in our meds, both for animals and for humans.

  71. Sorry about the late entry. We have all had the crud. Santa was good to us this year. Got a new gun (that I’m really not too excited about-may be selling it & getting something different. Taurus Circuit Judge .45/410 combo). DD got her new gun & was excited to shoot it but then she got sick…so we’ll wait til a warmer day. My new years resolution was to track every penny spent this year…we’ll see how it goes. With me probably being laid off every winter this could help with the budgeting…and not having to break into my prepping supplies any more then I have to. Also, got a new dutch oven I’d been wanting. I gave some prepping supplies as gifts and they weren’t well received…which was disappointing. Happy New Year to all the readers.

  72. Posting late too as we were down but not out. It was a very trying last days of 2012 for us and we are just now getting back to things. God Bless ‘Pack

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