What did you do to prep this week?

Before we start with this weeks “what did you do to prep this week” blog segment, I’d like to thank  Victoria S, Mike L, Keith G and Pete, the Windy City Viking for their generous donations this week. Thank you – this money will be used to pay for the blogs hosting fees that are coming due…

Before we get started I would also like to mention that Paladin Press is offering 25% off of all their products through 1/3/2013 with the promo code MAT12. This would be a great time to order my books “31 Days to Survival” and “Dirt Cheap Survival Retreat” if you’ve not already done so…

Now let me see… what did I do to prep this week?

Signed up ten of my family members and friends for their own NRA One Year Associate Membership membership at $10.00 each – you can join here.

Sent my “Vote NO on any new gun laws, restrictions or bans” letter to my congress people….

Watched the DVD “Behold A Pale Horse, America’s Last Chance” I doubt that you can watch this and not shed a tear for America…

Let me see… what else?

Bought this 50 person first-aid kit from http://www.campingsurvival.com/

Bought this 50 person first-aid kit from http://www.campingsurvival.com/


Bought these work gloves from Wal-Mart.

Well that’s it for me this week folks… what about you. What did you do to prep this week?


  1. Surviving in Ky. says:

    Hello Pack, Hope everyone had a great Christmas! We had a wonderful time with the family, even my idiot BIL, who I haven’t seen in 2 years. Not my fault……I promise:)! Went to Lowe’s and purchased another heavy shelving system and rearranged the basement some more. We had outgrown the shelves and stuff was starting to pile up in the floor. You know how us preppers are, like to be organized. After I organized all the camping equipment, my better half didn’t realize we had some of the stuff. I came up with an idea to build some shelves under the stairs to finish up that section, not sure what’s under there. lol Just received an email from Sportsman Guide and informed me that one mag was on back order until 3/1. Not bad considering what was ordered, the UPS guy is going to luv me. I got online over the last several days and have been looking at repair/ replacement parts for the weapons. I plan on making an order just as soon as I figure out what bills come due in Jan. I took BcTruck’s advise on the 10/22, not nearly as expensive as I first thought. After this order, I should have the weapons preps squared away. Well except for springs and followers, non-exsistent right now. Tried some of the dehydrated squash and zucinni in a casserole. It wasn’t much, anyone have any recipes we can try, our’s was bad. Only during a shtf senerio, yea that bad. lol Looked online at LDS and for anyone just starting out, can’t beat the prices for the basics like beans, wheat and rice. I got another question for the pack, what is the cheapest way to cache guns and ammo for the long term? That’s about it from here, hope everyone has a great New Year!

    • Gonna take a stab at this… PVC pipe. It’s cheap and you can cut it to length to fit your needs.

    • riverrider says:

      sik, a good ole army ammo box is one way. i have some ammo from 30 years ago in one, still like new. taller mortar round boxes are floating around ebay that a disassembled weapon will fit in. grease it or google “solid film lubricant”. good stuff. have you thunk about a commercial storage unit? pricey but above ground. don’t forget 5 g buckets for small stuff. hope this helps. good luck. we’re gonna need it.

      • Surviving in Ky. says:

        Thank River, If storing outside, not necessarily under ground, do I need to add an O2 obsorber or dessicant pack? I’m worried about condensation or is it even a problem? I have ammo boxes and can get more at the container store I told you about, even the large mortar boxes.

        • riverrider says:

          sik, negative on the o2,i’m told its bad for ammo powder, but dessicant wouldn’t be a bad idea. might want to put some cloth or whatnot between the sides of the box and the items jic.

      • I wish someone would write up an article on how to store ammo. My adopted son was up for Christmas and said I needed ammo cans, so I ordered 3 50-cal cans. He mentioned something about oiling the cans but didn’t say anything about adding oxygen absorbers. Someone please explain.

        • bam, i’m told o2 absorbers are bad for the powder. maybe some of the gurus can elaborate…DON”T oil the inside of the cans. oil, wd40, etc will migrate and contaminate the powder. the army did tests on it. wd40 and liquid wrench were the worst offenders. clean dry cans and personally i leave the ammo in the original boxes. you can wipe a tad of grease or silicon lube on the gasket if you like. i don’t use dessicant but mine are stored indoors in the “store room”. that will change soon so look for dessicant to get scarce:) there are books about the subject. good luck.

          • Surviving in Ky. says:

            Thanks River, I’m going to order some now. I’m getting nervous about the amount stored and am going to cache some in other areas, weapons as well. I hate to do that but the ammo needs a new home, mags as well. It’s not in plain sight but given what’s in the wind, I don’t want to wait until the last minute either. Don’t want an empty safe but an old shotgun or two won’t hurt. Thanks again!

          • Backwoods Prepper says:

            Try USA Bluebook for all the types of dessicant you may need. I buy mine by the gallon jar. Pour it in a nylon stocking as much as needed. works great. If i ever dig up or add to the cache I always change Dessicant pouches. The type I use is white and turns blue when exposed to too much moisture. i can put mine in a pan in the oven till it turns back white.

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            I have used cat litter in a knee hi and it works for shoes clothing etc. I have always used clay but I bet the crystals would work well too.

  2. Alittle2late says:

    Hi all,
    Been a busy week.This vacation went fast. A lot of home repairs I’ve been putting off are getting done.5 new windows, replacing the floor in the upstairs family room. new back door.and the list goes on. At least I already purchased these things along time ago.Would have made a lot more sense to do this when it was warm. oh well. Hopefully I can get this place sold before it’s too late. Hoping to be in the south on 18 acres come spring. This is probably one of the scariest decisions I’ve ever made, but I think its a necessary one to accomplish my goals and to ride out the storm that’s coming. This house is to big for just me and there’s not enough yard for critters AND a garden.I’ll be quitting a pretty good job but will be completely debt free and own the land free and clear. My camper is already set up for off grid living,been working on that instead of the house this year. Feel free to comment, I need all the input I can get before I dive in head first. I don’t have anyone to bounce these idea’s off of, my family already thinks I’m nuts. I know you did this M.D. but under different circumstances. Making a decision this late in the game… Am I crazy?

    • By following your dreams you are never crazy… and it really doesn’t matter if someone else thinks you are. To them I just turn my nose up an walk away.

    • Encourager says:

      Will you be safer moving? Will you have a bigger area for gardens and animals? Will you be more self reliant? Do you have a trade or can learn a trade so you can earn $$ without a full time job?

      If the answer is yes to all or most of the above, and you know in your heart it is a good thing to do ~~~~ GO FOR IT! And God bless you in your doing!

    • Backwoods Prepper says:

      I lived in a 26 foot camper for 3 years till I got my house built. If I had it to do over I would have a full basement hardened with a backyard cabin on top. http://www.backyardworld.net/images/Picture_182.jpg

      • Alittle2late says:

        I like that Idea. I do not require much visible space. An older man I know has a “basement under every building on his property. Chicken coop included. To look at some of them ya wonder how they are still standing.

  3. Mother Earth says:

    Hello Wolfpack! I’ve been off work for the holidays, so no paycheck to buy anything with. I did sign up for a cheesemaking class for next weekend. They had a special that I couldn’t pass up. As expensive as cheese is, I would like to start making my own as I do love cheese. Looking forward to the hands on experience. That’s it for me!

  4. Sw't Tater says:

    Free Range… You have my kind of luck…didn’t say anything about good luck..
    This week was all about family.
    We did get to travel to see three sets of our family on a short trip, and arrived home safely late last night……
    to find our One source heater we got two months ago , has went out..and our bedroom was still at 50 degrees this am, with two quartz space heaters going the rest of the night. When the north wind died today it has now come up to 67, and winter has not yet arrived, the big furnace is dead- have a plan, will try to get the structure in place to support it in next two weeks.
    We took a “food stretcher box” to my daughter and her husband, who have taken in a homeless friend. Bought some clothes @ Goodwill on half price( 50$ total.) for SIL and friend.(Holey shorts and t-shirts are not job interview worthy-for any profession and not warm enough for 40 degree daytime temps.)
    Gave planned pre-purchased foods and gift items, otherwise.(fitted sheets, candles,clothes)….using this as an opportunity to rotate more of our foods..All items appreciated and use-able, to those who received them. Parents received dish cloths and shaving towels,wooden turning fork.
    Dh got a tablet, almost got it ready for him to use it with his preferred Bible programs.
    .filled a few more water bottles.
    received monthly medication rx’s,Taking care of ongoing medicinal issues..
    Passed on food storage, medicinal options, info to sis (in law).
    Picked up raw materials, (freebies) for craft items…for part of a wedding gift.
    Started article on stretcher meals.. got it about half done and the computer quit on me,
    … DH added memory to computer so it is doing much better now.
    .,broke a tooth early in week, and can’t see dentist for several days yet… .using oil of oregano with good results for tooth ache. I tried the tooth patch dental kit from across the counter dental at wally world, my tooth is not accepting it,(the break is about one third of the crown of the tooth, and there is no way to keep the pressure off the edges of the repair material when I bite down.) tho I have used it successfully in the past. Priced denture repair/replacement options . That’s it, folks. Tie a knot in the rope!

  5. JoJo my beautiful wife and I picked up a Mossberg T-715 22LR semi auto. Started going thru boxes of stuff we had in storage. Found a few large decorative candles that the wife was going to toss till I reminder her that they were better then the rancid crisco emergency candles we had talked about the other day. That conversation came about because we recieved our order of Bega Cheese in the 1.8 oz cans. The plan was to reuse the cans as we eat the cheese. If we have wax that is even better.
    Finished off the left over canned ham with some northern beans. Tasty!
    Replaced some food items used from the stocks the last few weeks,

    • Never fails that after I burn candles there is always some left over. I just melt it and put it in a half pint canning jar with a new wick. I keep the jar in progress by the stove and when I get it filled up I’ll toss in a book of matches and put the lid on. Now I have an emergency candle complete with matches. Just grab and go. Best part is I don’t waste the wax that didn’t get used from the original candle.

  6. Crazy Stevo says:

    Still looking for preppers in Northern Mississippi moving there next month.

    • I am in northern Alabama and know no preppers here. Anyone? I am alone and need a partner of some sort.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      we are across the line in southern, western tn…doing what we can.

    • Crazy Stevo says:

      Moving to Columbus, MS.

      • Grumpy Vermonter says:

        Jeepers. And we’re in friggin VT. And we sound like it, you know the accent thing. MD, is it you that has a book out on where is good to go? I saw your post on where to go if you can’t go far, but really – we’re right smack in the middle of looneyville. And it doesn’t sound like many of you are in the upper west? Or are you? I don’t do well with heat – I’m a snow gal, and big snakes and spiders give me the heebeejeebees. I may be off-base with generalizations about the south being all just hot and humid, so if there’s a state that’s not too bad, lemme know, ok? But any ideas on states that would welcome really quiet transplants who like guns, gardening,cats, quilts, baking, food and all things related, computers and the tiny/small house movement? I know how many states feel about outsiders, lord knows VT is now almost all outsiders, so understand if no replies.

        For preps today, while grocery shopping I saw lamp oil so grabbed a jug of it, grabbed 4 large containers of ajax (is that not a good thing to use if you have to recycle your water, probably not, right?), 4 boxes of potscrubbers, and a jug of clear ammonia. Then we headed over to our local cheese and wine discount store, where they have discounted groceries, cheeses, wines, dairy stuff, you-name-it. I like to buy Cabot cheese-ends (I worked for a brief stint at Cabot – an I Love Lucy candy conveyer belt story for another time) at 3.99/lb., a fantastic italian shaved parmesan for .99c a tub, of which I bought several, some chocolate syrup just because for $1.95 (organic, so pricier, but non-gmo), some peanut-butter chips in bulk, some walnuts in bulk, some dried cranberries in bulk, some organic brown sugar in bulk (cheaper than Domino’s brown sugar in the grocery store and not out-dated!), and some kefir for drinking this week for all the probiotics in it to help keep the bad bugs away. All at fantastic prices. I put the cheese ends (bacon, horseradish and garlic-herb flavored, yum!) in ziploc freezer bags, but am wondering if anyone has ever tried dehydrating their own cheese? If so, any tips on this? Thanks and Happy New Year – I’m raising a bottle of Guiness Black Lager to all of you 🙂

        • Backwoods Prepper says:

          I was raised in southern Mississippi I now live in Southern West Virginia. We have a 10 acre homestead backed up against 6000 acres of land company land. Here in Southern West Virginia it is fairly easy to own a couple of acres and get the 6000 acre backyard. I have lived in nicer places but the people here are good folks.

          • Grumpy Vermonter says:

            Thanks for that, Backwoods. What is land company land? Just curious. Having good folks around you is worth a lot when things get ugly.

            • Backwoods Prepper says:

              Well here in southern wv we have the coal mines and the underground mines are mined out so a company buys it for the mineral rights which is now gas wells. You can hunt,atv, harvest downed trees. They will even let you fence portions of it for a small fee. I’m talking several acres for about 100.00 a year. I can build a barn, park a camper, garden just as long as I don’t try to live on it. You can camp on it.

        • Grumpy Vermonter, You might like our area in Northern Kentucky. I moved here in ’78 from the NE corner of IN. My dh moved from NH in ’88. We both love our 4 + acre farm with pond. Most people in this area are capable of providing for their families in hard times. The weather is very good also except for rare ice storms. The hills, sharp curves and lack of guard rails can be a problem then. We rarely get below freezing. The summers are not to hot as a rule. We planted hundreds of trees and shrubs from seeds and transplants friends didn’t want. It is always cooler at home thanks to all the shade.

          • Grumpy Vermonter says:

            Thanks for that, Cheyenne. Your dh moved from NH? We were practically neighbors, then! We’re sitting here weighing our options currently. Hubbs has an older sister who lived in TN for a bit before moving to VA, so he has at least been there a few times.

      • Harry the hat says:

        Was stationed at Columbus AFB 70 to 72. Been back a couple of times and the town has changed for the better.

        • Grumpy Vermonter says:

          Thanks M.D. and Harry, Now I have more questions than answers! Harry, I’ve been to Ohio in the summer and found it pretty darn humid. I’ve had heat stroke, so am pretty careful about that. I like to work outside in the warm weather and tend to get all involved in what I’m doing -ok I’m stubborn- and when it’s humid, I am in trouble before I know it. Landed me in the ER this year. With things going the way they are, I have to be careful. Dryer/arid or more temperate is what I need. I will see if I can get that book Strategic Reloacation from my library on an inter-library loan this week. Thanks for the links and suggestions!

          • Grumpy,

            Don’t come to Florida. We have 100 percent humidity for most of the year. We had the heat on some the past few days and it was so dry in the house I thought my nose was going to bleed.

            • Grumpy Vermonter says:

              Yeah, I know. I was down there one April and it was 80 degrees. I was helping my two sisters load up a moving van to move my mom back to VT and I was roasting. And that was pre heat stroke.
              And watch your local town government for “garden grab legislation”, posing as something like “view corridor” or “green spaces”. An online gardening watchdog group I came across one day had a petition up to help a young couple keep their front yard garden in a town where the mayor was touting as Green (an Agenda 21 codeword). They had pics of it and it was productive, tidy and attractive. The mayor rolled over and caved when he got flooded with a humongeous amount of signatures from all over the World! There’s lots of us out there, folks! That’s one of the things that keeps me going.
              And thanks for the heads-up, Bam-Bam. I love your avatar 🙂

      • Sw't Tater says:

        My aunt’s family is from there. It’s a nice area.

  7. At long last I finished my Mystery Tactical Sewing Project, and I sent MD an email with the sewing pattern. (MD, if it clogs up your email, and you didn’t get it or it’s just too big a file, let me know and I’ll break it up into smaller pieces for you. I’ll click the comment following box this time.)

    I finished constructing a secret compartment today. I have a number of them planned. Nothing too esoteric – but they’ll probably fool your average house burglars, which is the goal. As we slide into a worse economy, house burglars will be on the rise. (especially if they know we can’t shoot them). So I figure, hide the stuff.

    This week I tried grinding coffee in a pepper grinder, to see if it would be worth putting the grinder into the food BOB with some whole bean coffee. The one I used was all plastic, it screws on as the lid of a glass jar and there’s no crank, you have to keep turning the lid. I had to grind the beans twice, and it took an hour. So, not that great of an idea, but I just now had the bright idea of using a hand crank pencil sharpener as a grinder, and I’m wondering how I might do that. I’d have to put it sideways, and stick a funnel in it, but how not to grind the funnel along with the coffee or grain? Hmmm….

    I saw advertised online a newfangled animal snare that appears to be made out of a couple washers with a spacer between them so they’re like a yo-yo, and a keyring or something that holds the wire inside the yo-yo until you want to deploy it. I have been playing with some plaster washers and some other bits and pieces to try and make a knockoff, because these snares online are selling for $14 and it’s like a dollar or two worth of materials. I think my wire is too thick, maybe a guitar wire would work better, like a low E string or maybe an A string, and I need little wire crimps to finish the prototype. The cool thing about the design is that it’s got the form factor of a coin and you can carry several in your pocket without them getting all – um – snared up. The website also coyly hinted that their snare could also be used as a weapon.

    Bought some earth-toned fabric remnants at the fabric store. Mostly fleece which was on deep discount. And I bought an ammo can and a mag pouch, so I can sew up some copies of the pouch.

    Bought 3 chickens on sale at 98 cents a pound, and a few pounds of butter, because milk is going to go up to 8 dollars a gallon in January. They failed to pass the farm bill and the farm subsidies are all canceled, at least for now. I don’t drink enough milk to bother keeping it in anything but powdered form for the most part, for cooking. But cheese and butter are going to go up too, of course, so I got me some now while the price was still low.

    Because certain pages were yanked from Facebook this week, I’ve been converting some youtube videos that I think are historically important and persuasive, or useful, to a format that can be viewed on a DVD player. That way, even if they scrub the web and go so far as to remotely erase the videos from people’s computers or disable the video player software they won’t be able to suppress the information completely. Call me paranoid, I don’t care. I suggest people should at least store their favorite youtube gunsmithing how-to videos on hard media, in case the gun control nuts want to remove all gun knowledge as well as all guns (except theirs of course).

    I received my blood type in the mail from having given blood. Now I know what blood type I am. If I’m ever caught up in some kind of weirdness, I hope I have the time to write my blood type on my wrist with a pen. That way if I’m hurt, the medics can tell what blood type I am without taking the time to test for it. Or I could make a little bracelet or something to wear.

    I joined the NRA through MD’s link just now. Also this week I sent the obligatory don’t-vote-for-Feinstein’s-bill letters to my rep and senators.

    I think that was it. I had a bit of a break from cryptography for the holidays, but I have to get back on it. Two weeks of homework left and a final exam to do.

    Keep praying y’all. We need all the prayer we can muster.

    • That snare sounds interesting. How would I search for it?

    • I cant’t wait to see your project.
      I have my blood type tattoo’d on the inside of my left wrist because that is the arm they hit in an ambulance. Pretty scroll lettering. Helps to have a tattoo artist in the family. Just says B+ and its pretty obvious. I’ve had many people say. “Is that your blood type?”
      You can get home kits to do a blot test to see what you blood type is. I have everyones blood type in our family recorded.
      I had Facebook send me my FB records on email. My photos, messages, everything for a back up just in case I lose my account.
      I have youtube vidoes recorded also. My son downloaded a program to convert them for me. Nothing wrong with being cautious.

    • You’re not paranoid… you’re proactive 🙂

    • Grumpy Vermonter says:

      Penny Pincher,
      This sounds interesting! I would love to see this mystery tactical sewing project! I’ve seen hollowed out books, empty scouring powder containers, etc. used, but you’ve got me curious.
      Cryptography, huh? That is way cool. How long have you been studying that? That’s the kind of thing I can relate to, ’cause I love to see to look for patterns in things. That’s just awesomeness – good for you!
      And yes, I’m praying. And I’m also wondering if people are remembering BOB’s for their beloved pets. We have a big one with all their vax info and photos, water in pouches, lightweight bowls, small cans of food, dehydrated treats to use as food, can openers, medicine, colloidal silver, syringes, etc. Just thought of telling folks about that. Our kits are family!

      • Encourager says:

        Thanks for the reminder, Grumpy Vermonter! We bought our dog her own backpack last summer and it is amazing how it calms her down as soon as we put it on her.

        Note to self: tomorrow make a copy of her rabies certificate, meds she has taken, contact info, treats, small baggies of food and a bottle of water into backpack. Oh, and a tennis ball.

        • Grumpy Vermonter says:

          Encourager, good for you. I was reminding myself, really. I have to go through ours again and freshen it up for the new year. Lucky you that your pup can carry her own. Probably it acts like one of those popular thundershirts. The idea is that the closeness of them calms the dogs and helps with anxiety. Either that, or she is calmer knowing she’s not going to get left behind like many do. That’s one sin I”m going to try like hell not to be guilty of.

  8. Added 2 more wholesalers to my list of resources. Now I can get knives , optics , grain mills and oh so much more for my storefront . Was interesting watching .22 lr hp go to $ 75 then to $ 100 and then to $ 150 a brick this weekend in middle Tn. No I don’t sell ammo but have friends that do.

  9. We’ll i didn’t get to much for prepping this week,
    For Christmas, i did recive a Gerber Multitool and the gator jr. machete.

    Went to the local pawnshop lucky to find some .223 rounds got a couple box’s, then i put a rifle on layaway, Then they informed me that i had the month of January to pay it off before the close shop because they are closing in Febuary.

    In this new month i’ll be try get my Rifle out of layaway and buy all the .223 and 7.62 i can before the shut the doors for good.


  10. Candy In Nebraska says:

    Dh received a $50 gift card for Menards so he went and bought us a food saver with it instead of stuff he wanted for his shop. Received several blankets. venison sausage. Bought our selves some knives, headlamps.

    Bought 50 lbs of breaded chicken for $20
    canned 2 turkeys
    decluttered 2 kitchen cupboards and that was 2 13- gal trashbags. Still have a ways to go but thats a start. Helped a friend butcher a deer and got 1/2 in return and was even given venison sausage with it. Was given a sample of the venison sausage and it was great found out it was made with beef tallow instead of pork. I will be checking now with the locals to see if I can’t get some. DH and I have both signed up with the NRA

  11. Not much going on this week with the parents here for Christmas. Worked 3 days and then off for 4 days again. I could get used to this, LOL.
    Today I did some canning
    4 pints turkey,
    1 quart and 2 pints broth
    2 pints chicken noodle/veg soup
    2 pints veg/beet broth for making borscht
    Tomorrow I am canning the rest of the cranberry relish and some fruit juice that won’t be used before it goes bad.
    A dear friend sent me 2 pounds of pecans.
    I used some coupons and have stocked up on extra dry cat food, will pick up some more after the paycheck deposits on Monday.

    After organizing all the home canned food and taking into consideration the other canned and dry foods, I seem to have accomplished my goal of at least 1 years food supply. I will be adding a larger variety of vegetables than I currently have but I feel good knowing I have that much put by. This is for one person and I have worked on it for a year.

    We used the Berkey this week as my parents were complaining about the amount of chlorine in the tap water. Now I have the best water! Extra filters are on my list.

    Unfortunately the cat is now spoiled by having someone here to play with him 24/7 and thinks I should just keep up the pace… 🙂

    • I bought three boxes of Tattler reuasble canning lids, and I really like them a lot. There’s a bit of a learning curve, but the trick seems to be tightening the rings down immediately after removing the jars from the pressure canner. I love that they’re reusable and dishwasher safe. I canned four quarts of meat broth and the jars sealed right up!

      I also purchased a wireless home security system online. It has door/window sensors. several motion detectors, and a battery backup if the electricity goes out.

      The main reason I wanted it is that my DH travels a lot for business, and I’m a deep sleeper. There have been a couple of times that he’s come home in the middle of the night and I didn’t wake up until he was in the bedroom checking on me. It kinda got me thinking “what if that wasn’t him”? Mild mental freak-out ensured…It’s kinda hard to fight/shoot an intruder if you don’t have some kind of early warning. Hence the security system (cheaper that a dog, which isn’t an option for me much as I love dogs).

  12. I took the leftover Christmas ham, made bean soup then canned it in the pressure cooker. It tastes better than frozen.

  13. Well, procrastinating about making the pumpkin butter paid off. The hubby bought me a nice stainless steel water bath canner and starter kit for Christmas, so I finally made the pumpkin butter the next day and every jar sealed. I used a large leftover pumpkin that my sister sent to me back at Thanksgiving. I made two batches and was still able to freeze 4 cups of purée. I have 16 cups of frozen purée from the other pumpkin she sent.

    Also for Christmas, the daughters and I each received small LED flashlights. There were 10 in the pack and originally divided between all 5 of us, but the hubby gave his away as he already has good flashlights in various places. Now the three daughters have one for the purse, one for the car and one extra. I kept one that I’ll probably add to my keychain.

    In the food department, we finally received our fruit trees, bushes and vines. All we have to do now is get them planted. Unfortunately, we seem to be on a three day rain cycle. Sun with cold and wind for two days, then a rainy day, then it repeats. We hope to get some in the ground today but it is after noon already and it’s cold with wind again. Brrrrr

    On a sad note, our local Ace Hardware burned to the ground. It was our go to place for anything you couldn’t find anywhere else. The hubby even bought my Christmas present there. I almost cried when we heard as we had been there earlier the day it burned. I even told my hubby as we were walking into the store, “My mama raised me right. It’s more fun to go shopping in a hardware store than at the mall.” We are praying they reopen from their warehouse stock.

  14. Don’t normally post on this type thread… but I just couldn’t pass up all the 1/2 priced pillar candles at wallyworld. Hard to beat one for a buck 48 so I bought them out since I burn candles year round. I might have enough on hand to last until next Christmas.

  15. My son and I spent one evening rearranging our BOBs.
    Today finds us with a two-man, four weather tent set-up in a light snow to ensure it will work during all seasons and that we can do it while it snows.
    Bought a couple more 1 pound fuel canisters of fuel for lanterns and Coleman coffee pot.
    Resupplied a diminishing stock of canned goods for the pantry.
    Paid for the 71 pounds of venison we harvested earlier this month.
    Went to church Sunday as a family.
    Showed my three sons how to properly handle an axe to split small kindling. We live in town limits so there’s no fire starting, only the basics.
    All this in in less than the week I’ve been home for the holidays.
    Pray we don’t freeze tonight, supposed to be about 7-10 above with a few inches of snow on the ground.

  16. Encourager says:

    What we did this week:
    1. Had a new (to us) propane tank installed and filled by our new propane supplier.
    2. Enjoyed having our youngest son home! Had both sons here for Christmas day.
    3. Am in the process of converting my documents re prepping into hard copies. Already gone through one black ink refill…
    4. Started a “need/want to learn” list for 2013. I don’t do resolutions…because I rarely keep them then feel guilty. At the top of the list is to re-take Red Cross CPR class.
    5. I am also considering teaching a beginner prepping class. First thought I would go through local adult education but am leaning towards starting to attend a local church and go through them after we have been there a few months. More anonymity, I would think!
    6. Went to a bigger city near us to stock up on supplies. Found a store that sells regular pasteurized organic milk – the first I have ever seen. Most organic milk is ultra-pasteurized which makes it unusable for making cheese. I was surprised how much better it tasted! No cooked taste.
    7. I know I did more! Dang senior moments….

  17. Grumpy Vermonter says:

    Encourager, do you have any farmers down there who are bucking the powers that be and are selling raw milk? There is nothing like it for cheese. If you Google search the Weston Price Foundation, I think they have a place where you can find a state by state list of raw milk suppliers.

    • Grumpy,

      You can buy raw milk here in Florida but it has to be labeled “not for human consumption”. Farm eggs have to have the same label.

      • Same in Georgia for the raw milk. The key is finding someone who handles it in a very sanitary manner.

        • Grumpy Vermonter says:

          When I was very young, we lived in a very rural area of VT. Down the road either way were dairy farms, and we got our milk from the farm at the bottom of the hill. One of my earliest and fondest memories is of the smell of the milkhouse. The smell is clean and fresh and unique. On the extremely rare occasions I smell it nowadays, it brings back a flood of memories. All these laws and labeling aren’t about concerns for our well-being, but I’m certain you already know that. It’s just more of that control, squeezing us like a collar. Federal, state and local governments are starting to treat farmers like they are stupid peasants that don’t know how to be clean. It’s arrogant in the extreme, and makes my blood boil. I hate to sound like a broken record, but this is also a stated part of Agenda 21: to lessen our control over our own food supply, to weaken us by legislating away food supplements, gardens, healthful milk, meat and eggs and the like through ever-restrictive zoning and outrageous pressures on farmers. California is already “encouraging” people to forgo eating meat one day a week. Oh dear, those words are popping up in my head again, I’d better stop. Praise God for watching over us all.

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            You may remember a few years ago when there was a glut of dairy. Rather than dumping it on the ground we the govt bought tons of cheese and gave it to needy families. The day the dairy farmers took the federal dollar, they ceded control of their yindustry.
            If the industry does not accept the risk, then they do as they are told.
            I don’t know why any farmers get subsidized. If a carrot cost $6 then more folks would grow their own or not eat carrots. Same with milk, cheese, butter, and butter milk
            I still don’t know why the auto industry was bailed out.
            How can society evolve if we continue to perpetuate ways that don’t work.

      • Encourager says:

        Seriously? Eggs, too? Wow. We buy our eggs from some folks a few miles from us. There price is now up to $2 per dozen. We were paying $1.50 but with the rise in feed, they were forced to raise their prices. Never had a problem with their eggs other than a dirty spot occasionally; but then that is the nature of chickens!

    • Encourager says:

      GV, the way we do it in Michigan:

      The farmer sells shares in his cows. You get a form that says you are part owner of Daisy, Buttercup and Moola. You pay a fee (we paid $50) for a year after which you renew your lease (or ownership, depends on how it is worded). You then pay the farmer for the care of ‘your’ cows every time you go and get some milk. We paid $1.50 per gallon. How much milk you get each week is between you and the farmer.

      It works fairly well; however, YOU are responsible to make sure you have chosen a dairy well. We did this but ended up not buying milk after about 6 months. We had three incidences, two where manure ended up in our gallon container and was floating on top (it could have just been ‘dirt’ but hey…) the last time the milk was actually tinged pink from blood. These things should have been caught by the dairy but weren’t. We actually had to TELL the worker to please wash his hands first and change his poopy gloves (seriously). We also had to drive for 40 minutes one way to get to the dairy. We usually included the dairy stop when we were out shopping so we didn’t have to leave home just for a milk run. We used the milk for drinking, cheese, yogurt, and butter.

      I am looking for a local cow share now. I would rather buy from someone who only owns one or less than 5 cows. I think that gives more control, but you still must be careful. I wouldn’t mind helping the farmer with chores and want to learn how to hand milk a cow.

      • Grumpy Vermonter says:

        We do similar to Encourager; there is a young couple fairly nearby that we support by buying their eggs. They are now $5.00 a dozen, but their chickens spend the winter in an unheated greenhouse and the summers in a protected pasture = really healthy eggs. Occasionally, I run out and have to send hubbs out to grab a dozen of the “regular” eggs. You can see the difference in the anemic yellow yolks, yech. Also, we buy lard, beef and suet from them. Really pricey, but since it’s grassfed, I trust it 100% more than anything in plastic at the store. We know them, we support them and it’s a win-win.
        Fortunately, they are rabidly clean about everything they do and I haven’t met up with any raw milk up here that isn’t, which is really nice. In all my years I’ve never ever found dirty milk – that whole deal with the gloves is just gross and sad. We pay a lot more, however!
        Tactical G-Ma, Many of the farmers up here are subsidized, but many more aren’t. Rather than toe the line, they are trying to figure out how to feed Vermont if push comes to shove, and how to stand out as well. They are seriously trying to do this, as many are in the secession movement. I’m not in that movement, but I think it’s nothing but good that they are succeeding in making a go by just being organic and “niche”. One farm makes fermented veggies like saurkrautood, a few of them make outrageously good yogurts and cheeses, etc. None of these farms are big as in agri-big.
        The auto industry was bailed out for the union vote, I believe.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          I don’t want to take food out of the farmer’s mouth. I just wanted to point out how govt got an inch but took a mile. I think the subsidies back fired when big business figured out how to make big money and essentially put the small farmer out of business.

          • Backwoods Prepper says:

            All of you guys need to watch farmageddon I seen it on Netflix really scary what the government thinks of our raw milk and bulk food buying and sharing

          • Grumpy Vermonter says:

            You bet they did, which is why I cheer for each farm that manages to dig in (no pun intended) and survive. Between D.C. and Monsanto, they’ve got a lot going against them, so we pay the higher prices and consider it our contribution until we have a bit of land of our own. I just tallied up our seed order and hubbs says we have to wait until next paycheck to send it in. Then it will take a few weeks to get here, as it’s a small company, but then I’m going to try WS’ing! I’ve been saving milk bottles for months to do this and am really excited to see how it pans out up in our zone 4b spot (probably more like zone 4, skip the ‘b’ as we’re in a valley!

        • Grumpy – ever heard of Silloway Farms? They are in Randolph Center.

          • Grumpy Vermonter says:

            Tactical, Neither. I’m going to be using plastic milk and water gallon jugs. I am going to be putting a hoop frame out in the garden this spring after I can put the lettuces in, but to use as shade cloth for them and then in the fall to cover with plastic to extend things like carrots, chard, kale and the like.

            GA Red, No, I’ve not heard of them. Of course, I had to go check them out on the web tho, and found this: http://youtu.be/OkEweGRjJhQ
            Their farm is a dandy! I’ve been down to that green (across from the church) many times. But for regular use, they’re a haul from us 🙂 We’re closer to Jericho and Jericho Settlers Farm. http://jerichosettlersfarm.com/aboutthefarm.html
            I swear I should’ve been a farmer. I tried reindeer for a bit, but the state is so god awfully afraid of the mad cow disease that they destroyed one family’s healthy sheep business (for no reason, it turned out, but they wouldn’t admit to it), and they kept having me vaccinate more and more and MORE. It got to be too costly. Which was what they wanted, I imagine.
            Randolph Center is near Vt. Tech. college, and they teach lots of farm stuff. They usually host a yearly agricultural expo at Vt Tech – lots of cutting edge stuff like hugelculture (sp). But I am not in it as a business so can’t write off the cost of attendance.

    • In TN West Wind Farms will sell raw milk for “pet use”. They are awesome and I know deliver all over the state… and I think into Georgia.


  18. Test fired my Christmas present Remmington 870 Super Mag. Came with a smooth 26″ and a slug-rifled 20″.
    Got some swamp walking boots for hunting. More shotshells.
    Took B-I-Law shooting at the range, pistols only.
    Ordered books on shelters and shanties, surviving teotwawki, salt and smoke curing meat, butchering livestock and game.
    That is all.

  19. PGCPrepper says:

    Being that we are somewhat new at this prepper/survivalist thing, my wife just got to an indoor range for the first time. We have purchased a Buckmark .22lr and a Ruger .38 LCR in the past two months. Had my eye on a Glock-19 but my fav. shop was out and another sold out the last two before we could get it. Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to pay for a lesson with a really awesome female trainer to get instruction from someone besides her DH. On a really cool side note, when she went to pay the bill, the owner remembered me when I went to check the place out and he remembered that I was retired Army and he said; “you’re good. Merry Christmas.” So cool.

    Also DW ordered a new range bag. She’s all caught up into shootin’ 🙂

    Still scouting for property w/land or just land. We really want to go underground and if I had not contracted some sort of parasite that also caused me a dose of candida we would already have done so. The candida had gotten in to my ear canal and caused the debilitating, very high dB tinnitus. I think it was contracted from a waterborne parasite from a kayaking trip on the James RIver (not sure how). Anywho, it has caused me a year’s worth of hospital and down time; therefore frustration on my part with the speed that I desire to get prepared. Happy New Year.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      I don’t know what candida is but does that mean there’s a cure? I know you have gone thru alot trying to get rid of tinnitus

      Glad your dw has become enthused. Happy New Year.

      • Encourager says:

        TGM, I had a doctor put me on a special anti-candida diet about 4 years ago. She also had me take two different anti-fungal Rx’s. It was the first time in my life I felt the candida was under control. It has not come back like it was since.

  20. PGCPrepper says:

    Tactical G-Ma,

    The thinking amongst ENTs seems to be that there is no cure other than if the T was caused by earwax blockage or, for some, the wearing of a hearing aid that have hearing loss. They always suggest an MRI first just in case the T is caused by some tumor or whatever which could be removed. I’ve been to three ENTs and each believe that mine is caused by high frequency hearing loss. I disagree. I believe my T is caused by something else and the T is simply a symptom so I march on.

    For example, let’s say that you have, I don’t know, maybe some constriction in blood flow in your head or sinus issues and we know that I have hearing loss. Then we both contract a mold allergy, a parasite or candida simultaneously. My belief (hope) is that the allergy or whatever caused disruption in the body and due to my hearing loss it manifested as T and since you have constricted blood flow in your “noggin”, yours manifested as migraines or whatever. I’ve done enough research to believe that this is a possibility. My T has gone from a ten on a 1-10 scale to as low as 3 and it even varies sometimes during the day. Moreover, If I drink a certain amount of rum or vodka, mine will go away completely. That is a whole nuther problem because I don’t care for drinking much. A small percentage of folks find relief from alcohol (17%) and a small percentage find that it intensifies the T where the rest find no variance. This is what makes a cure so difficult; everyone gets a differing affect/effect from various inputs.

    Candida is simply a yeast infection where bad bacteria from the gut that we all have over runs the good bacteria and stomach walls and finds a home in places like the cavities in your head or wherever (ears, nose, eyes/floaters). For those with certain ailments, it is something worthwhile to search on the net. Candida can cause allergy like symptoms for instance. Some examples of folks who could have candida are those of us whom have gluten sensitivities, Blood Type O’s, sugar/glucose issues or carbohydrate intolerance, etc. Candida feeds off sugar. I know the Blood Type diet is controversial and I agree that it’s like anything else; you take what you can get from it and discard what you fail to benefit from. In 1999, I retired from the Army and helped open a GNC on the Army post. Soldiers happen to all know their blood type so I would randomly ask some if they were lactose intolerant(not allergic), if they tolerated red meat, if they felt bloated from wheat, etc. and most that had issues with wheat and milk products were type O’s. I’m a type O and I’ve known for years that I get bloat, gas, constipated or whatever from bread and pasta and that I cannot tolerate milk products. I knew about gluten issues before it became cool to go gluten free. Ha. My wife and I hardly ever eat the same meals even though we may eat at the same table time. She’s a Type A and does not eat meat. I eat hunter/gatherer.

    So, to make a short story even longer, when I started training for endurance type events three years ago I started to slip and fuel those 30 mile bike rides and 10 mile runs with BS I knew I shouldn’t be eating but was hoping I would simply burn it off. One day I sat down and I heard crickets and my six pack is now a watermelon. After taking the product Humaworm that I spoke about here awhile ago, I did see stuff that was crazy coming out of me (dead parasites) but I also saw stringy candida (Humaworm site says 90% of us have parasites and a lot of us have no obvious symptoms). So, I’m back to no carbs much except a bit of alcohol when my T is high dB. My wife took the Humaworm also just because and she has seen “stuff” too. :-X

    I’m not affiliated with Humaworm but found them through my research over the past nine months and saw lots of endorsements on places like CurezoneDotCom, et al

    Happy New Year to you too and everyone else.

    Candida > http://www.foodmatters.tv/articles-1/how-to-overcome-candida-naturally

    Humaworm > https://humaworm.com/welcome.html

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      what I gather from all this is you hope to manage the T, but there really is no cure. Between the thunder and the ringing I hear, sometimes I wish to hurry up and go deaf. Mine comes and goes. Some days a whisper is too loud but other times the louder the better. I have meds to tolerate it but I guess there are many causes and no real cure.
      At least you identified the cause and perhaps can learn a way to have a better quality of life.
      Thank you for the explanation and good luck.

      • Encourager says:

        When I was taking American Sign Language classes, we had to do a paper and were given a list of things to write about. I chose drugs that cause hearing loss and tinnitus. The research blew my mind. Even something as simple as Advil can cause hearing loss and T. I have T and it can make me miserable some days. It is always, always there. I can usually determine when my blood pressure is higher, the T is louder.

    • Encourager says:

      Thanks, PGCPrepper. I went to the Humaworm sight and did some research. Yeah, it was pretty gross at times but yet fascinating if you know what I mean. Ordered some for both my hubby and self. LOL, told hubby about what I was reading on the site and the look on his face was priceless. I told him I was ordering him some and he said “You first!!!”

      A gross subject, but one that actually needs to be talked about. When SHTF (no pun intended…okay, it was…) we will need de-worming stuff in our meds, both for animals and for humans.

  21. Sorry about the late entry. We have all had the crud. Santa was good to us this year. Got a new gun (that I’m really not too excited about-may be selling it & getting something different. Taurus Circuit Judge .45/410 combo). DD got her new gun & was excited to shoot it but then she got sick…so we’ll wait til a warmer day. My new years resolution was to track every penny spent this year…we’ll see how it goes. With me probably being laid off every winter this could help with the budgeting…and not having to break into my prepping supplies any more then I have to. Also, got a new dutch oven I’d been wanting. I gave some prepping supplies as gifts and they weren’t well received…which was disappointing. Happy New Year to all the readers.

  22. Posting late too as we were down but not out. It was a very trying last days of 2012 for us and we are just now getting back to things. God Bless ‘Pack