What did you do to prep this week?

Before we start this morning I would like to thank Cookies By Heart, Robert R, Dean C, and Lynnkay B for their generous donations this week. If you wish to make a contribution you can do that here.

Okay, lets see… If you remember, I mentioned a couple of months ago that I was going to look into making an archive CD of this blog available to readers. Well guess what? It’s not as easy (for me) as I thought it would be, I’ve looked online and read everything that I could find on the subject, but still can’t figure out how to do it where the CD will have all the posts from the blog and be searchable.

It’s probably easy to do – once you know how.. and I’ll figure it out eventually, I always do. I’ll keep you updated and will let you know as soon as I have a CD ready for you.

Speaking of the blog… I hope you like the changes that I’ve made to the layout and headers… nothing drastic just a few small changes that I hope will make the site more “user-friendly” for you. Hay, if you have any suggestions let me know.

Okay, now what did I do to prep this week…

Unfortunately, not a lot to mention this week – I picked up two packages of “Bic Mini Lighters” three boxes of CCI MINI MAG .22 ammo, cleaned, hugged and oiled my guns and promised them that Obama was not going to take them.

I assured them that Obama loves guns, The Second Amendment and the U.S. Constitution – he must because, he is directly responsible for putting millions of semiautomatic firearms, plus hundreds of truck loads of ammo and full-capacity magazines into the hands of the American public. Because of him and his love for the Second Amendment the U.S. is far better armed than we would have ever been without him. We have enough guns, magazines and ammunition to last two life-times:-D.

I would also like to thank Mr. Obama’s left-hand man Joe “The Moe” Biden, and let’s not forget Dianne “Frankenstein” Feinstein, and Eric “the gun runner” Holder for their great work in promoting gun ownership and sells that resulted in hundreds of thousands of AR-15 rifles being sold and put into the hands of American citizens over the course of the last month. Thank you – you guys are great. :heh:

And let’s not for get the growing NRA membership – last reports that I read stated over 100,000 new members since the Sandy Hook murders. It’s like Obama and his gun loving buddies donated $3,500,000 to the NRA! Thank you all for helping the NRA and it’s members with financial support with which to defend the Second Amendment.

Sorry, folks I got a little excited there… but we do have some great folks in Washington, don’t we.

I do wish that I had more to report this week, after all I am supposed to set an example for everyone else, or so I’ve been told – but funds have been short, and preps have been small. I did make a short list of thinks that I want to get in the near future… Including…

Five-hundred more rounds of .308 ammo.

  • Taurus CIA revolver.
  • A decent ATV.
  • A larger garden area.
  • More dwarf fruit and nut trees planted on my property.

Well folks that is it for me… what about you? What did YOU do to prep this week?

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  1. Slow week this week – busy with ebaying.
    Did get to Sam’s for some basics. Also to the grocery store as usual. Added some soup, oils, cocoa, canned veggies, pasta, powdered drinks and some first aid stuff.
    Went to a local gun show and managed to get some .22LR ammo and reloading supplies. Writing up the experience now for MD as an article – it was … interesting.
    Walked some this week, finally.
    Took delivery on some more seeds for the garden. Just about to start the onion and leeks seeds by the end of the month. Need to make space for some corn… somehow…
    Canned potatoes. Dehydrated potatoes and lemons. Just getting started with dehydrating, this is a new fun skill to learn!
    Got the Country Living Mill – wow this thing is well made! Still need to find a spot to set it up (Hubby task)…
    Wrote to my legislators … AGAIN.

    • Lurker Judith says:

      Victoria S., because I am short on space, I attached mine to the top of the 36 in. high bookcase I keep all my cookbooks in. It is located next to my kitchen in the dining room. Not ideal, but didn’t want to grind in the garage or anyplace like that. Works for me.

      • I’m not sure what hubby is planning on doing with it. I passed that whole problem off to him, just told him that if he wanted home made bread from home ground grain he’d probably better get cracking on the problem…

        • georgeislearning says:

          thats one way to get us to move is tell us if we want some good eats we best get to working. My wife uses that method on me and it works every single time. I suspect , he’ll be eating some good homemade bread before to long. lol

        • I have a table, usually covered with a table cloth, made out of an old Singer Treddle sewing machine base, with a 24″ x 36″ solid wooden top, pre-drilled with holes to mount my Country Living Grain Mill. So about once a week, I pull it out and grind some wheat and/or rice for flower, when finished pull the bolts and put the mill back under the cabinet. A bit of a pain to mount but “ya make do with what you’ve got.” Table also is used for many things on a daily basis.

          • Hm… hubby is thinking that we can do something similar – we picked up a treadle base like that (no sewing machine, just the treadle and base) but hook it possibly to the mill itself… anyone tried anything like that?

            We happen to have a spare treadle base (what can I say, I’m a very odd type of pack rat)…

            • richard muszynski says:

              greetings. have a about complete collection of the original The Mother Earth News magazines and in them were a number of articles on the treadle sewing machines. including how to adapt a electric sewing machine to be used with the treadle drive so no electricity needed to run it. and as long as the machine is not computer controlled like many of the fancy ones are, you could still have a sewing machine and anything else that uses a rotary input, like a crank handle that you could replace with a pulley that could then be used to function the sewing machine. want to run the grinder on it? simply remove the sewing machine and mount the grinder on it. back in the early days of the mother earth news, that is up to about issue #100 at which point the magazine was sold out to a big corporation and was no longer focused on the do it yourself and survive projects. should be something on the net about the way to convert treadle base to do a lot of other duties.

  2. AZ Rookie Prepper says:

    M.D., you were preaching to the chior when you talked about “cleaned, hugged and oiled your guns”….LOL…me too. Spent a lot of time reflecting on the state this nation has devolved into. Wow, what a miserable thought. Spent a lot of time thinking on how to prevent confiscation and obtain even more, not sure how but I’m going to.
    As for preps this week, did a trip to Costco and picked up some additional food, hygiene and clothing items. The store (at least my local one) had a great deal on freeze dried strawberries from Augason Farms, #10 can for only $4.95 (I think that was the price, I am positive it was under $5). Will buy some more ammo this week, I would urge folks to get it now, it is getting mighty scarce to find. Will order some seeds and maybe some plants this week. Otherwise its been a slow week. Hope all are well in the pack and prayers for all who need them.

    • AZ….doing some reflection myself recently. Guess there is a lot of reasons for the devolved situation we find ourselves in. I’m 64 and I can’t tell you how it disturbs me that my grandson will have more problems than I did growing up and then having to handle the problems us olders have handed him (and them).This last week I wrote Obama, biden, Ried, Heller, all my state ppl… governor, state reps, nevada att. general…and our local sheriff….Hope it does some good. PS…hugged my little AR and Ranch rifle….Rusty

  3. Dean in Michigan says:

    Preps have been short here too lately.

    Managed to get my hands on two 30 round SKS mags. I felt lucky just to find those.

    Looks like Michigan is gonna try to add to the states that are trying to outflank the Obammination of gun laws. We’ll have to see.

    • How about modding a sks to use ak mags?

      • Rob in Ontario says:

        Axelsteve—– how do you modify the SKS to accept AK mags?

        • Dean in Michigan says:

          I do recall hearing of this awhile back, but don’t know anything about it. The 30 rnd SKS mags are a bit cumbersome, with the whole “duckbill” feature, but 30 is better than 10, and no modification to the rifle is needed.

        • Can’t remember where it was but about 20 years ago, I read an article about a small company making an adapter plate. It was designed to retrofit the SKS to use AK mags. Maybe a little research will turn it up. I could really use 1 too.

        • Don`t know. My son had a sks and I remember someone made a kit so you can use ak mags.I personally like the sks, They just got a bit spendy in Komradfornia.

          • IIRC those adapter plates (trigger guard assy) requires some woodworking to fit. The ones I worked on also eliminated the last round lock back for the bolt. BTW stripper clips are faster than duck bills in my experience, and much more affordable.

      • richard muszynski says:

        greetings. on ebay they have offered a booklet on “How to make your SKS use AK-47 Mags and drums” it is a PDF and is going for $5 plus $4 shipping. offered by danny29az it lists all of the changes that one has to make to get the required result.beauty of it is the ability of using AK magazines and the gained ability of being able to use AK drums as well.

  4. I like the new site layout. It’s easier to find the latest stories/posts and it looks neater. Way to go.

    Not much done in the prepping area again. Did get notice that my 75 ft, 30 amp, generator power cord has finally shipped and will arrive Monday. It had been backordered since December. This will allow me to move the gen to the backyard instead of being around the side of the house near the front.
    I’ve been so busy getting things ready for my retirement that food/supply storage has been put on the back burner. 38 days to go.

  5. riverrider says:

    md, you always told us baby steps. no fault in taking your own advice and i think we can all relate to short funds. hell obama says i might not get my check next month at all. i’ll leave it at that…..well, after much searching i found 45acp ammo and bought 500. got my pmags in from sg!!!! got my fal mags in. received two books by max velocity:contact!, and patriot dawn. read the first, not bad for a tactical manual. the second is a post shtf fiction, i’ll read it when the power goes out or we’re snowed in. wrote my state and fed congressmen, several times. rejoined gun owners association, thanks for the reminder MATT! oh yeah, ordered a sizable quantity of….THERMITE! …..and MD, as ojw would say: “the hell with them pilgrims. buzzards gotta eat, same as worms.”

    • riverrider says:

      keep in mind that tdl’s campaign machine illegally declared non-proffit status this week with the expressed mission of pushing gun control. unlimited money, media saturation to follow. look for them to twist arms, blackmail and use every dirty trick in the book on the senate democrats that try to uphold the constitution. they will likely try to outspend the nra. not a great fan of the nra, but they’re all we got, so i’ll be sending a few bucks their way. sic semper tyrannis.

      • Riverrider…don’t forget the GOA…gun owners of america…they do a pretty good job too….Rusty

    • No Longer a Sheep says:

      I just ordered Contact as well. Glad to know it fits into the “not bad” category. Ever thought about doing a write up to add you’re experience to that of the Contact book. Im sure we’d all appreciate the insight.

      • riverrider says:

        n, i said “okay” because its geared more toward combat than i’d have liked but it had good info for the insurgent, i mean prepper, too. it was a good refresher course for this old grunt. can’t say i’d add a lot to it, max is a highspeed jsoc trooper, way more experienced than i. it had a lot of GREAT stuff on bugout driving as well. i was hoping for more on hardening home defenses, but he and others are going the way of an outside mobile defense. i’m just not ready to accept that yet, even though i know it will come to that. it would require that i step up and get back in fighting shape. i was rather enjoying my vacation from pt 🙂

        • Alittle2late says:

          Amen to the vacation from PT. Man that’s gonna be rough. Think it’s time though..

        • richard muszynski says:

          greetings. why would you have to get back in shape? in the area of needing mobility running is not the best option no matter how in shape one is. back some years ago the Marines had what were then called something like fast reaction troops that rode motorcycles of about 185 cc I seem to recall. mount your high power rifle on a pivot mount between the hand grips like they did to some of the Harley Davidsons during ww2 on our side and the Germans mounted a MG 38 or 42 on their cycles. fast reaction force that could harrie a enemy force and drive them nuts. fast in-fast out. no massive teen age muscles to do either. keep the action away from your homebase. and not draw attention to it as would certainly be the case if you shot one of them from your home base.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      Our leader in Congress has said no budget/deficit reduction etc…NO Pay…we need to make sure that applies to every one of those who are at the top of gub’ermint.. .
      There are a few people who have returned portions of their salary to the treasury..Like $53,000…Those should be rewarded with regular checks because they have already showed they know who they work for…
      If all elected official in DC, followed that same percentage, it would go a long way to reducing the borrowing. Some Czars could be de-funded.( wonder how many would continue to work if tdl had to pay them from his salary?…after all, he has more than he needs, we already pay for every plane, car and helicopter trip and vacations for the entire family including seperate trips for the dog and his handler,)… we have no place for that in an elected democratic rebublic./ not for over 200 years, seemed to function just fine.. .and..If our tax laws were changed to some type of flat tax, so many to “help” those of us who get by on 20K,and less…pay their fair share…Cut those health benefit packages to be the same as our Veterans and aged…allow them to share their wealth, by paying the full 20% of their health care costs like everyone else has to do, because the O’care has made the other plans unaffordable, to the common retiree, and either Vet or disabled.

      • Warmongerel says:

        The Democrats are trying to say that not paying Congress would be unconstitutional.

        Funny how they just pick and choose which parts of the Constitution they like and which parts they don’t like.

        The sad part is, most people are so blissfully uninformed that they don’t even notice it.

        • TheOtherEllen says:

          I’d say beat them at their own game. Cut them checks… for exactly one dollar. That way they have been paid, but I’ll be willing to bet they won’t want to play around long enough to get a second paycheck at that amount.

      • How about making it an impeachable offense to not produce a budget?I guess tdl would veto it though.

    • Surviving in Ky. says:

      Good job on the .45. I ordered another 1,000 yesterday myself. Of course I ordered more 9mm as well along with some more .223 after I received my .223 yesterday. May never get it but what the hey. I do have a couple of p-mags on the way this week along with the rest of my spare parts. That should pretty well take care of the gun preps short term. Ammo on the other hand is always on the list, can’t have too much. I had a set amount I wanted on hand until the shelves emptied in a week. This past month has changed my way of thinking on a lot of things. I hope everyone has a chance to look at their local sporting goods store and take a moment of pause to think about worst case. Most suppliers are saying it may take a year to restock, I hope that’s not the case. But if this situation makes more people start preparing, then so much the better. Gave my sil some 9mm today because he couldn’t find any. I told him if things got back to normal to always remember how hard it was to find ammo. I believe he sees me in a new light now but is still young but growing up fast. Hope you have a great week old friend and watch your six.

      • riverrider says:

        sik, roger that. the 45acp was all i could find. i was looking for 308, but whats left is 50 bucks a box. like you said, never too much. only thing i’m “short” is 308. i have enough to last a spell, so i’m not paying much to get some. i’m switching off to optics, food, and accessories. it took better part of a year last time to restock and prices to fall. they’re trying to ban online sales and track bulk sales, behind the scenes. i wrote my critter on that one too. take care. hope to meet up this summer maybe.

        • Riverrider. Do you handload 308? I can see if I can find some brass if you do. I gave most of my 308 brass to a co worker. However I can keep digging.

          • riverrider says:

            axel, negative. until now it was cheaper to buy in bulk. if this keeps up i might start, though if it keeps up prices for components will skyrocket as well. thanks anyway, friend.

            • I understand rr. That is why I do not bother picking up 9mm and 40 cal brass.I only picked up 223 brass when there was nothing else to get.

        • Surviving in Ky. says:

          With you on the .308, I have enough for now and I’m not willing to “throw the baby out with the bath water” because everyone else is in panic mode. I work with a couple of guys who are literally panicing now. Same guys were told 2 years ago to buy ammo and mags and looked at me like I had 3 eyes or something. Oh well is all I can say. One really got pissed the other day when he offered $40 for a 25 rd. 10/22 mag and I ask $200. lol I wouldn’t have sold it anyway, just gave him something to think about and maybe look forward to. Like you, I’m thinking about reloading and talked to the local reloding guy today. Still on the fence but probably not for long, another month will push me in one direction or the other. 10-4 on this summer.

  6. Greetings Pack!
    This week we went to Costco and Giant to fill up the pantry and get extra food and supplies.Got some good deals and used the bonus points for gas in the truck.I wanted to get a couple more gas cans,but the prices are up there cuz in my state they hafta have the special vapor recovery magic non-spilling spouts,which don’t work,break easily, and cost as much as the gas cans themselves. So that means no surplus cans and no standard spouts allowed to be shipped here.What a pain in the butt. Did I mention that they don’t work? I’ve been working on cars for almost 30 years,and the laws,rules and regulations put in place with the emmisions program are riduculous.I loooove it when people tell me what I can and can’t do,and their reason is ‘cuz I said so ‘and pay us for the privilage of doing what we tell you.

    • Big D

      Don’t know if you are using metal cans or not but I just recently got away from trying to store gas in 5 gal plastic containers. I upgraded to metal and I found one online at Lowes that was the least expensive of all the cans I looked at and it doesn’t have the useless safety spout and it works great for me. It’s called the Eagle 5-Gallon Metal Gas Can, $42.98. If you can order it online maybe you can get around the regs.

      • Oldokie,
        right now I have a couple metal surplus I bought over 12 years ago,6 others that are plastic 4 with the safety spouts that were bought in the last couple years.The regular spouts and surplus are not available here and can’t be shipped to an address in this state.So to get them I’d hafta smuggle them in….but I would never do that.

      • Oldokie,
        I just checked Lowes and a couple other sites for the Eagle…no good they have the spouts in this state,can’t get the other style,but thanx.

        • bernie in texas says:

          i go to greage sales and by them for a 1.00 3.00 at the most take care the shit is comming

          • bernie in texas,
            I’m always checking yard sales and flea markets most of the non-compliant ones were snatched up early.People were ordering 5 gallon water containers and putting fuel in them,but they wised up and now ship them with the new style spouts. Besides its never a good idea to put a different fluid in a container than whats marked on it. A mouth full of gas would suck!

    • Those “experts” usually don’t have a clue why or what they’re doing; and to top it off, they’ don’t know about unintended consequences or even if their alternative even works.

  7. #1. M.D.: I like the abreviated articles on the initial page. Much easier to see what new.

    Bail sealed “coffee” can, 4” dia x 7.5” tall
    Manual egg beater (these things are hard to find)
    French press, manual
    Knife Honing Oil

    Stock up on Prescription Meds
    Got needed oral surgery finished (phase 2 scheduled)

    8 x #10 cans of FD foods

    Guns & Stuff:
    500 Sm Rifle Primers

    1 x 100 rounds of 22 Short
    1 x 50 rounds of 308

    As I continue to search for things I need, I am finding some items that are on my list. I found the pistol powder I want for reloading magnum rounds. It was listed at $18.99/lb. After shipping and HazMat it was more like $33.50. So I’ll wait and see what my local source can get in, or if they get the rest of the powder I want. Since HazMat is by the case, shipping and handling on 12 shouldn’t be much more than the 4 I was looking at.

    My EE order should be on the way. My CC got charged Friday, late. Still no notice, but they don’t put a charge on the card until it is ready to ship.

    We’ve had our share of colds, etc. through the house, but no flu. Did loose an older, handicapped church member this week, but I think that was just a normal happening, not flu related.

    Still adjusting the meds with the diet. Pretty much down to a small 2 AM feeding. But it’s only been 2 weeks.

    Yesterday, it finally got above freezing, been about 2 weeks. Still have prenty of snow on the ground, but most roofs are clear and the streets are getting that way.

    Hope all is going well with the Pack. We’ve had some “lively” discussions this week. Just remember, we’re all in the same boat. We realize the ship has severe issues, but let’s not tear into each other. we are here to lift and support!

    M.D.: Thanks for publishing my article. Felt good to share.

  8. Hunker-Down says:

    The DW had 8 stitches removed from her left hand; this was her 3rd surgery in the last 6 months on her hands. It is a 124 mi. round trip to the hospital, so we stopped at the nearby Sam’s Club. For our long term storage we bought peanut butter, Prevacid for her and Ranitidine for me, Imodium, one 10 can package of tuna, brown gravy mix, olive oil as fuel for homemade wick-lamps and a package of 48 AA Members Mark batteries.

    Now I have another of those get-round-to-it jobs of incorporating everything into our OPSEC plan of hiding everything in plain sight. Over the last year there were plumbers and electricians working in the middle of our long term storage and never knew it.

    So, we are pleading with the Pack to send us hiding places to put in the basement as we are out of them.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      How about a metal file cabinet or clothes dresser or wardrobe.

    • OregonMike says:

      How about a false wall Finished like the rest? Hidden hinges?

    • If it’s a finished basement, how about a wall full of wood shelves, but there is a space behind the shelves for more shelves? Then you just take stuff off the first shelves and pop a panel. No need for hinges or any fancy woodwork that way, and you can hide the screws that hold the panel on behind the shelves. Also you can access just one section if you like instead of unloading all the shelves.

  9. MENTALMATT says:

    Well I joined the Gun Owners of America and I’m already a member of the NRA. I was unable to do much else as I had to fork out my savings for a new furnace as mine died. To top off the week my washing machine died yesterday, it is what it is.

  10. Backwoods Prepper says:

    I mentioned in December that I was going to take my M-1 carbine to the gun show and maybe trade for AR or AK-74 ammo. Well to tell you the truth I did like MD and hugged it one time too many and I couldn’t bear to part with it. So I orderd 500 rounds of .30 carbine fo 335.00 ouch! bought 2 50 rd boxes CCI mini mag .22lr. I also bought 300 rds of MFS .223 and 100 rds of JHP .40sw. I picked up 50lbs of rice and 30lbs of red beans. I bought a solar battery charger on Ebay it charges D,AA,AAA and 9 volt. this Week I am going to try to build a FEMA Gasifier to run my Generator so no more gas.

  11. MD:

    Great article on http://www.shtfplan.com you wrote. Comments are really interesting, too.

  12. I’ve done very little to prep this week. 🙁 I know some weeks are always like that. Unless of course you count 3-4 hours a day finding free ebooks to share with my prepping friends (and get one or two myself but I have so many now I have to be very disciplined 😉 ). I hate to think how many hours that adds up to so I’m going to try not to do the math!

    Pop over here http://preputilityvehicle.blogspot.ca/2013/01/free-books-available-jan-20-2013.html to see today’s free books, including another Weekend Homesteader, making a Survival Tin, making Probiotic Drinks, etc, etc Have fun and remember to check every day too as they’re usually only free for a day or two and I add new ones every day.

    All the best in all your preparations. Have a wonderful week. 🙂

    • Natalia
      I for one am always very grateful for the time and energy you spend locating all the free e-books for us. You are filling my library and it’s much appreciated.
      Thank you

    • Natalia, I really appreciate the work you do to supply us with links to the free e-books. I try and remember to check for new ones everyday. Now to find the time to read them all. Thanks again!!

    • I’ve only had my Kindle since Christmas and I’ve already “purchased” over 200 free books, most of which you have listed. I look forward to my new books every day and your time spent is very much appreciated.

    • Natalia,
      thanx for the info on the freebies,good stuff there.It shows that there is tons of info available for everyone that needs it.

    • Lynn, Nann, Patty, and Big D

      Thank you all SO MUCH for your kind messages. I’m so glad you are getting so much from it! 🙂

      (I wrote one thank you to save MD’s time; I hope you all still see it. )

  13. Kitchen Witch says:

    Canned 30 lbs of carrots that I paid $10.00 for
    Dehydrated 15 lbs of Lemons Free
    2 gallons of Relish for $4.00
    24 doz mini donuts for the Grandkids for $5.00
    24 bags of Sugar free Gummy Bears for the Grandkids for $5.00

    Overall savings was $130.00 and I only spent $24.00

    Need 30 lbs more of carrots and will have my years worth of carrots. Getting closer to it.
    Making plans for the garden and deciding if I really want to try starter seeds or just plant. Every time I have tried the starters have never made it. I have no South windows, DH is talking about getting me some grow lights so I might have better luck.
    Been reading new recipes to can and try.
    1 Daughter is training to use different weapons, she is having a blast Son in Law says she is progressing very well. Even my 4 year old Grandson is out there learning. 3 year old Grand daughter is more interested in food. just whisper food in her ear while asleep and she is awake immediately.
    Im afraid she will eat a person before raising a hand. My little zombie baby…lol
    Still have not found a dog we like to replace our big one that died a few months ago. We wont give up, need a protector we trust.
    Pantry has all the shelving we can fit now we just need to get it stocked. Doing fairly well considering the situation. Neighbors are now answering their doors with weapons we are all on our toes. Kinda scary considering this is a nice quiet community. Been hearing gunshots even at night, dont see anything hoping it is just someone poaching or getting a raccoon.
    Have half of the material needed to make me a large solar dehydrator this summer. so that is top on the list this year.

    • Lake Lili says:

      Hi KW – we have a chow chow. Highly recommend as a superb family/guard dog. You need a breeder who specialized in temperment – good temperment is for family not strangers. Most strangers will not get out of their trucks and we have even had calls saying they could not get down the drive. He is also good at running off the coyotes. Our chow was raised with my child and, as with all dogs, supervision was required of both when interacting together until both matured enough. But with good training there should be no concerns for your grandchildren. All of our chows have been superb with children but extremely protective with adults they don’t know – made keeping babysitters a bit of a challenge. Just as a side note chows are not a good dog to purchase from either backyard breeders or to get from the pound – an improperly socialized chow can be extremely dangerous (as can any other dog, but a bad tempered Yorkie is unlikely to kill you).

      • Sw't Tater says:

        Chows do better where the climate is cooler, heat and humidity they have trouble with…If you get a Chow, get the one that walks like he/she owns the ground they walk on, They develop this walk about 2 1/2 weeks,-3 weeks get at a very young age…5 weeks, if you can bring . it’s good. Train them where to go first day.The good mom’s train the babies where the “bathroom” is..so all you have to do is reinforce the training.

      • Pineslayer says:

        I had the honor of owning a Chow for a short period. Its owner was a a-hole, his sister came to me and begged I give him a home, he was huge. Never had a dog house, lived outside, neighbors and friends scared to death of him. Ewok was his name. Within one month of being spoiled he turned into the most amazing guard dog. Walked into the house, went room to room like a SWAT Team, went out back patrolled the perimeter, trails cut into the yard within a month or two, came back in and relaxed. I have pictures of him lounging in a chair with the kids of guys that wouldn’t come into the yard before. They are a little intense, but fabulous companions. He was a good dog.

        • We once had a babysitter who watched our kids. They had a pit that would growl at me but would smother my boys in kisses in the morning. She would do the same when I picked them up. She would kiss them before they would make it out the door. I felt that our kids were very safe.

      • I agree Chow’s are great dogs! I only have one right now, had one pass in October. Been looking for pups but they’re getting harder to find in my neck of the woods. If anyone knows of any I would love to find out more info.

        • Hi Meriah, if you want to send me a pm thru MD then I’ll help you find a good breeder.

          • M.D. I’m not sure how to ask you to send information to someone else. I would like to have you give Lake Lili my e-mail address so she can send me inoformation on Chow’s. Please let me know if I have to do something else for you to do this. THANKS

  14. Hello pack, I went to a gun show yesterday which resembled Christmas shopping on steroids. Pricing on ammo was outrageous to say the least, .223 was selling for $1 a pop for 1k rounds and $119 for a box of 100 rounds. Ammo vendors really cleaned up yesterday and people were buying what looked like really old ammo at high prices. Saw less than 5 AR’s in the entire place and they were $2k plus each! Did see some AR 30 round mags for $30 to $40 from a few vendors but they were low quality. I didn’t see many high quality handguns like Glocks, Springfields etc. but what was available was selling quickly. A shortage of quality firearms was evident, at least to me. I haven’t seen so many worn out junk guns at a gun show like what was available yesterday. It appears that the vendors are cashing in on the panic by the sheeple. I didn’t find much of anything that I was looking for and certainly not at the prices yesterday.
    I have a friend of mine who told me years ago that no president ever sold more guns than Bill Clinton, well that is no longer true:)

    • ozhillbilly says:

      Col. D, I went to our local (every two months) gun show yesterday and like yours it was crazy. I honestly expected to see the Fire Marshall show up as the place was shuffle room only. I arrived right at 9:00 a.m. when they opened and it took me 45 minutes to get in the door. I saw lots of AR’s for private sale. Prices ranged from $1,700.00 to $2,500.00. New P-Mags were $50.00 and new metal military style magazines were $30.00. I also priced some .223 ammo for a dollar a round. There was virtually no common caliber ammunition for sale compared to past shows. I noticed the reloading supply vendors were doing a brisk business. Popular brand and caliber handguns were basically sold out. One dealer had three Glock 26’s and said when those were gone he didn’t know when he would get restocked. That was the sediment I heard throughout the show. I heard one dealer tell a customer background checks were taking over two hours to complete. I could go on but you get the idea. Obummer certainly has helped this part of our economy out.

      • Rider of Rohan says:

        ozbilly, I went to all 4 gun shops in my County yesterday, and the best I could do was 240 rds. of overpriced .22lr and 2 low quality mags. I think I’m done until some normalcy comes back into the market.

  15. I have been doing excercising lately. I stocked up some 22 short for my son.I can`t afford to get him any 45 acp.I had to put down my springer Tuesday morning.That was kinda a hard thing to do but his pain is gone now.I sure miss him though.I bought some 3a and 2a and d cell batteries.My other dogs are now trying to figure out the new pack order,they have not been doing any fighting which is good.My vstar is making a nasty noise and I am worried about that. I am not sure why I just hope it is weather related sinces it has been freezing every night lately.

    • Axelsteve, so sorry to hear about your dog. It is tough, I know. You will be in my prayers.

    • terribly sorry for your loss steve. i had a dog that i put down over 7 years ago and i think about him every day.

      • worrisome says:

        Axelsteve, as you well know this blog loves their animals, I think we all hurt when we hear of one of us losing one. I am sorry that you had to do it, but where ever the pup is, he knew you did the right thing for him.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      Sorry about your loss, some dogs cant be replaced…the best ones are forever in our hearts.

    • Sorry to hear about your dog. Seems the other “members” of the household are upset, too.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      So sorry to hear about your Springer. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    • Encourager says:

      So sad to hear about your dog, Axelsteve. We have had to make that choice three times. It is never easy. But when they are suffering and in pain that won’t end, it is the kind and loving thing to do. Blessings.

      • Thank you everyone I put him down because I did not want it to end in a vets office,I wanted his last day out in the sun and grass and mountans.He had a good day he never saw it coming.His pain is over and I have the memories for the rest of my life.After I put my other springer down I told my kids that someday your mom will take me for a walk and I will come back in the trunk of the car.

        • Axelsteve – You did the right thing, it must have have been a hard and horrible moment for you. I lucked out with one of my beloved Chow’s, she went to sleep, in the sun, in her favorite spot in the yard, and didn’t wake up. My other Chow is heart broken, she has never known times without her.. Quote by Tom Brokaw – Life without dogs, is like eating without tasting.

    • Warmongerel says:


      Sorry about your dog. Mine annoys me a lot, but I’d miss her if she was gone. Unlike my ex-wife who just annoyed me.

      I have an ’03 Vstar, and it hates the cold. It barely starts when the temp drops below 65 or so. Let it warm up and see what happens. They’re good bikes.

    • Alittle2late says:

      I feel your pain I lost one of my girls recently, I miss her alot, time does heal. Just remember they aren’t suffering anymore and are in a better place waiting on you to get there too.

    • Millie in KY says:

      I’m so very sorry about your dog. It always hurts so badly.
      My very ancient corgi is still hanging in there. 17 years and 9 months tomorrow….we will miss her so much when she goes….every day is a blessing, just remember that.

      • Millie. My aunt and uncle has a corgi. They are nice people dogs. There dog got pretty fat. My uncle came down with althimers and whenever he saw the food dish empty he refilled it thinking that he did not get fed. My aunt trimmed it down after my uncle passed.

    • Sooo sorry about putting down your pup, that hast to be one of the hardest things to do. They love so unconditionably and they are such are part of the family…… just wish God had given them a longer life span!

  16. No Longer a Sheep says:

    Been a busy week for me since I am trying to play catchup. I’m afraid we don’t have as long as I would like, and I’m not ready yet. So I spent too much time and way too much money shopping these last couple days.

    36 rolls of TP (don’t cherish using leaves unless I have to)
    4 bottles of Toilet bowl cleaner
    40 scotch brite pads
    96 tea bags
    8 pounds of Gatorade powder
    5.6 quarts of dish soap
    3 pounds of coffee
    700 coffee filters
    8 pounds of Kool-aid powder
    7 pounds of Tang powder
    72 wooden pencils
    16 cans of corn
    10 pounds of egg noodles
    8 stick of deodorant
    2 pounds of beef bouillon cubes
    2 pounds of chicken bouillon cubes
    16 cans of baked beans
    4 pounds of strawberry jam
    8 pounds of salt
    1500 Ibuprofen
    400 Vitamin B12
    20 cans tuna
    5 pounds honey
    50 bars of soap
    4.5 pounds of country gravy mix
    20 pounds of Great Northern Beans
    20 pounds of Pinto Beans
    50 pounds of sugar
    150 pounds of rice
    12 cans of black olives
    12 boxes of Mac n Cheese
    625 rounds for M12
    240 rounds for R308

    • Sw't Tater says:

      Don’t leave out the tomato bullion..it’s good too, but I’ve not found it in large jars, either.

    • riverrider says:

      nice haul! consider it a savings account. m12?

      • No Longer a Sheep says:

        Ya know… Like an M60 but smaller 🙂

        Ok… I see you don’t believe that either. How bout a Mossberg 12ga

        • riverrider says:

          roger.thought it was like that but the 625 rds threw me. lot of 12g ammo:)

          • No Longer a Sheep says:

            If you need it and you don’t have it, you sing a different tune my friend. No such thing as too much ammo. I would have bought more but that’s all they had, and I didn’t want anything smaller than #4’s

            • riverrider says:

              roger that. a lot of folks get a bunch of 7 1/2 shot cause its cheap and think they’re good to go. hate to be them later.

    • Schametti says:

      Wow, NICE! I’m jealous 🙂

      Like you, (since I’ve only been ‘prepping’ for two months at this point), I’m worried that I started too late, and that whatever’s coming, will be here before I’m ready for it to be here.. I just try to reassure myself that, the pace I’m moving forward is ten times more beneficial to our future, than so many who are standing still.

    • Wow! Just, Wow!

    • Be sure to expand your over the counter pain meds. Just a little over a year ago I discovered I can no longer take aspirin or ibuprofen. It gives me hives so had to rethink over the counter pain meds. Never had had a problem before.

      Now I am stuck with things like Tylenol and prescription pain medications – what a pain that could be. Another trick is to learn what is contained in the over the counter medications – been told Pepto-bismal has aspirin in it. While we don’t like to read all the warnings it does pay to do so. We need to stay safe with our medications.

      • Sw't Tater says:

        The only thing I can currently take for pain is tramadol.I am going to try DLPA. and some natural things…to see if they help.

      • I agree sarahy. I take a couple of meds and will be kinda screwed after they run out. Hopefully not though. I figure that I can run out of the thyroid and be ok since I am on a small dose. The antiseizure may be a different story.

    • Millie in KY says:

      Nolongerasheep, wow, good haul! I see you are stocked up on olives but did you remember the martini fixin’s? Just sayin’. 🙂

      • WYO Ryder says:

        and don’t forget the gin 🙂 or any alcohol for that matter. My DF owns a liquor store so I have been stocking up on discounted 50ml shooters in case I need to trade. And of course, whiskey or vodka for medicinal purposes. And Everclear for tinctures 🙂

        AWESOME haul NoLongerASheep !!

        PS Axelsteve: someone told me that equine thyroid meds can be used for humans – smaller dosage of course….or hit up a friend taking a trip to Mexico – you can get as much as you want down there.

  17. Mystery Guest says:

    There was a spur of the minute rally called “Guns Across America”. It is on facebook if your interested in what went on.
    Then this was on the Yahoooooooo!!!!! News:
    Preps this week were slow, no non-existant.
    I tried to do the bucket-mylar routine with my oats. Found out you need a warehouse to work in. By the time I drug, dropped, bent over, moved, shoved everything, I could have cared less if bugs got to the stuff. I finally got the oats in the mylar that was in the bucket (yes, I was indeed smart enough to do that) and the oats in the thing along with the 02 packs, I wrestled the mylar to try to seal it with the foodsaver. Worked pretty fair. But being the person that I know has one brain cell that works went and got my trusty iron with the 20ft cord (naw its not quite that long) and plugged it in. That is when I realize I had nothing to iron the thing on. I was hotter than the iron, the cord to the iron was around my legs and though I wanted to sit down I didn’t want it to be on the floor. I got my yard stick and pressed it shut on it to further insure closure.
    Well found out after all of that I had not pushed the air out of the bag enough, why didn’t I use the contraption I made out of the sealer thing for the food saver. Probably didn’ t think of it in the confusion of all the exertion. But felt I had done a good job of it.
    But guess my 02’s are to small or there is a leak in the double cockeyed seal I did. That bag has more air in it than my lungs.
    So you know what that means, I’m going to bed.

    • worrisome says:

      Sorry Mystery Guest for chuckling…………

      • Mystery Guest says:

        Chuckle away.
        My space to do anything is limited. Plus the equipment is not handy dandy to use.
        I swear by the time I got all the stuff gathered up and ready to go, I swelled up and that made the area even smaller.
        Those mylar bags are tougher than I thought. But I had the bucket in a chair and the mylar didn’t co-operate. By the time I wrestled the mylar to the yard stick my arm was tired and I shook like a 7.5 on the ricter scale.
        Yep, by the time I finished that mylar bag was going by a new name. No, you can’t order it under it.

        • worrisome says:

          Ha, part of my drink just hit the keyboard Mystery Guest! You are a mylar bag full of humor if nothing else.

    • Schametti says:

      Oh NO, LOL. What a pain. I have buckets and bags on order, someone needs to tell me how to AVOID all of that, so I don’t end up equally frustrated, with buggy rice, haha. Soory you had such a time of it, MG, lol.

      • Mystery Guest says:

        Don’t worry you will probably slide through it like you have been doing it all your life.
        I am just thankful I didn’t start out with them ruff and tuff 7mil bags. If the 4.? mil bags are uncoopertive no telling what I would have done with the 7’s.
        But I am going to whoop those bags and get a system going or use them to make a solar oven.
        Really by the time I finished, I tried to figure out how long it would take me to eat the oats up so I wouldn’t have to worry about them. I don’t have enough brown sugar to make that a happy time.

      • Encourager says:

        Schametti, I was concerned with bugs and their eggs hatching in my rice/grain/beans. So I stuck the bags in the freezer for two weeks, let them come to room temperature then filled the bags and sealed them. I used Food Saver bags. Rice is tricky, as it is pokey. So I used some thicker bags I bought at Cabela’s. I used the Food Saver and sucked the air out before sealing them.

        I used the Mylar bags for beans, rice and wheat berries and tossed in two Oxygen absorbers, pushed out as much air as I could and then ironed them close. My son taught me to use a table with a 2×4 piece of wood clamped to the table ~ the bag full of whatever laid on the table with the edge to be ironed on the 2×4. That way I could get all the wrinkles out before I ironed it. If you can’t get all the wrinkles out, you have too much in the bag! Hope this helps.

        • Schametti says:

          Thank You so much for the advice! I’ll have to try that!! 😀 I’m nervous about it. But luckily, (I guess??), Emergency Essentials is taking their sweeeeeet time getting me my order, :/ lol.

          MG, hehe.. I doubt it. I’m such a clumsy thing!! But I AM usually pretty good at learning from other people’s errors, soooo, we’ll see. Its a good thing you posted about it, so I could ask BEFORE I jumped head first into trying my hand with them.

          • Encourager says:

            The problem with the oxygen absorbers is that you have to use them quickly. It is better to have at least two people doing this – that way the oxygen absorbers do not lay around absorbing the oxygen in the room.

            • Shades of Green says:

              I only do about 6 buckets at a time and make sure I have everything ready. I drop the O2 inthe buckes then resale what is left of them quickly so they are still good for future use. My foodsaver and iron are set prior to all this. Every bucket is ready to go and I work very fast to seal them. I do use a board I keep in my work space to iron them shut on. It fits across the bucket nicely and I just roll the mylar on it and keep out as much air as possible. I take brown sugar and powdered sugar out of the little boxes they come in ( they are still in a plastic bag ) and 10 of them fit nicely into the small buckets I get from Publix bakery.I don’t buy beans like everyone else does though. I buy them in the individual bags from the grocery store and put them in the mylar bags in abucket then seal it. I do it this way for three reasons 1: because I like variety , 2: even when I open the bucket each bag is still sealedand I just use what I need & 3: if I need to share I can just hand out the individual bags they came in. It might cost a bit more but when you factor in the cost of baggies if you shared them and the fact that you have a variety so food fatigue won’t set it it is a win-win for me at least.

            • Shades of Green says:

              Sorry for some of the typos. I was not looking at all of it when posting. I don’t usually write long posts or even post what I do for OP SPEC reason but what the heck. We all need to help each other outas much as we can.

  18. JR from AR says:

    Hello fellow wolfies from Arkansas, land of the pine stumps! Since I am a devoted follower of Obama’s hidden agenda to destroy life as we know it and since Im not a prepper, I have nothing to report on me (cough) but “my friend” says he picked up an SKS, homedefense 12 guage, a scoped .22 magnum marlin, 3 boxes of CCI .22 mag shells, an inside the pants holster for his carry gun, 3 boxes of 7.62 x 39 rounds, box of 12 guage #6’s, an old camping knife with all the things on it, and 3 boxes of 7mm .08 rifle ammo…that was my week….My DW, PrepperMint Patty may be in here today…she just joined the pack! She is an awesome DW and a great prepper…She is excited to be a member! God bless each of you!!

    • JR, You sure are lucky to have a “friend” who is getting so prepared. Congrats on getting the wife on board. Should lead to some good times and good preps!

      • Preppermint Patty says:

        Yes Patti Im enjoying prepping with my DH thats for sure !! Last week i made washing powers that should last for about 6 months ! I love being apart of the pack !! GBY All

  19. Does anyone else find it interesting that on Gun Appreciation day there were three separate accidents at gun shows?? Never really here about accidents at gun shows but just happens that in three separate shows five people get hurt by accidental discharge. Now this could be new owners unfamiliar with their guns or it could have been something else. But I have never heard of an accident at any of the gun shows around my area and there is at least one per month in a fifty mile area.

    • same here. ive been a vendor at shows for 30 years and ive never heard of a single accidental discharge.

      • BC:

        Of what I heard, one incident got 3 people when that gun was being checked at the door and went off as it was being taken from the case. One was loading his gun after leaving the show.

        The last one was stupid. I know because I’ve done the dame thing. Had a gun shipped in, took out a loaded magazine. Then I checked the trigger pull before checking the chamber. Good thing it was pointed ina safe direction so no one was hurt.

    • It is a good question. I have to admit to being more than a little suspicious these days. I really hope it was just people with no experience….

    • Petticoat Prepper says:

      Neither have I. At our gun shows any firearm has a zip tie prohibiting insertion of a round here.

    • I’ve never heard of one either. Unfortunately, this could become fodder for the media.

    • worrisome says:

      Perhaps they are sending in shills to create the drama or perhaps it is just that idiot congressman or senator that was slinging an ar around and had his stupid thumb on the trigger!

      • riverrider says:

        w, LOL! that was joe morrissey of va, and it was an AK47. he was like “what?, its unloaded.” he just about got tackled. he’s always been a theatrical lawyer. i used to like him for thumbing his nose at the stiff judges, but he’s gone too far. got disbarred and folks still voted for him.

    • Encourager says:

      Exactly who had the accidents??? I have only heard of one and that was years ago. Talk about ‘staging’.

  20. I have had a fun week–mostly spending my big paycheck on non-prepping things. I did receive four cases of oatmeal from the LDS Store and two ammo cans and 1000 rounds 9 mm from Cabelas. On the non-prepping front, I purchased some much needed furniture–a sofa and two club chairs in red leather for the family room and a beige chenille sofa for the living room. I want to declare that I am officially an artist. My dh and I got some of my photos framed to create a photo wall in the family room. I am just so excited. I am hoping the S doesn’t hit the fan for a while so I can enjoy our home. Let us pray for the dictator.

    • Tigerlily says:

      You know, sometimes you just have to spend your money on some pretty stuff to surround yourself with. There isn’t much point in surviving if there isn’t something beautiful to look at.

  21. Oh, M.D., what exactly do you want done with the CD? Do you just want to taker all the files on the website and put them on a CD in a searchable format? I have a web expert in the family and can ask.

  22. Not too much thanks (?) to workplace. It’ll be a few months before I can ramp up again. Did get a few foodstuffs & hygiene things to put into rotation. Managed to read Distant Eden III while hiding in the bathroom. Hee hee. Still awaiting NRA membership packet. I forgive them as I can certainly understand their backlog.

    Onward ho. Now I have something to report to the Pack. After debating whether to put it here or under the firearms EO spot, I decided to put it here where more folks will see it as a sign of possible things to come. If a Pack member is very liberal-minded, then stop if it becomes “uncomfortable.” It’s lengthy, and I apologize in advance.

    In early December, I applied for my NJ Firearms Permit. NJ is way up toward the top of the list (think CA and NY) with restrictions. I’m an honest person who doesn’t lie to law enforcement. It would be especially stupid in this state if I were to do so because they have had lists of certain things for many many many years. One such list is re mental health. Anyone held or committed for pretty much any length of time (including outpatient) at mental facilities is on that list, as is/was supposedly anyone who visited a psych provider (psychiatrist or psychologist). Evidence now, after certain things have come to pass, would indicate that at least some private office practices didn’t add everyone to that list. I knew that list existed two decades ago because someone well placed in the hierarchy and had no reason to fib about it told me directly.

    Rule #1 in applying to a firearm permit in NJ is don’t get caught in something false. The consequence is never ever getting a firearm permit. A lucky few with “oops, I forgot” who retained expensive attorneys managed eventually to get a permit.

    So, in addition to my application (for which I had to checkmark “yes” to having ever visited anyone in the mental health field), the approval for mental health search which is mandatory, and a short handwritten comment (while at the police dept and handing in the forms) a comment that I had not been treated or seen for anything mental-health related since that time (20 years ago). On the application form itself, I noted as requested the name of the psychologist, year, and the fact that the psychologist was deceased in early 2012.

    So ya’ll don’t think I’m a mental case, the psych visits were over 20 years ago and involved divorce from hubby #2 who was being a total pain in the a** thanks to his whackjob female attorney who was getting him to try to incite all kinds of craziness to which I was ignoring and they’d both have been better off just shutting up because I was simply giving him about 80% of everything just to get rid of him. By the way, he visited my psychologist a couple of time. On my next visit, the psychologist looked at me, started to laugh, and then proceded to ream me for every marrying that guy in the first place. His biggest comment was that at my absolute possible weakest and multiplied by 10, that I would still be 10 times as strong as the hubby at his absolute possible strongest. Not long afterward, the psych mentioned that my only real “diagnosis” was boredom. So after the insurance visits, I simply paid $25 for conversation with a real person (the psych), who was way into hunting, fishing, camping, canoeing, writing a book, vacations in Canada, and so on. I couldn’t have been insane or he never would have shown me his canoe and some of his equipment.

    As an aside. he was the psychologist in charge of all the mental health evaluations for the police & fire depts in several counties. As such, I got to see or hear about many of the questions on the lengthy written portion plus the essay questions. There were many trick questions for which there would be discussion, i.e. you’re a cop at a potential riot and told to not interfere in anything happening, but ten men are beating and raping a woman in the crowd – what do you do? I ran into his secretary several years ago and she told me he was mostly retired except for police/fire dept evaluations. And just before I did my firearm application, I discovered that he had passed away early last year.

    Well, Sandy Hook happened a week after handing in my application. Even with that backlog, everything came back at 6 weeks. The mental health research apparently turned up nothing. A nice Lt. called me and told me that because of my checking “yes”, that I would need to get a short letter from someone in the mental health field that I was considered safe to be alllowed to have a firearm. He couldn’t mention any such evaluators (I suspect it’s now done by evaluators at a major state-owned asylum). Now the fun begins!

    I called every local psychologist and psychiatrist in the phone book plus any more that I could find on-line or via insurance websites. Every person I spoke with said they don’t do any such evaluations. I gleaned that sneaking in the side door for a mental health check-up and then asking for a letter would probably get me ground into the floor. I did leave messages with one more psych and the county guidance center. Now then, remember that many psych people are extreme liberals. A local doctor friend gave me the name of someone he thought to be honest, but then said “oh s***, no” she vehemently hates with a vengeance anything military-related including firearms (and even fishing). Many years ago, when dh#1 was supposedly being treated for drugs and alcohol I heard things from the lips of the so-called professions that you wouldn’t believe, including it was all my fault because dh thought I was better than him. When I related some of that to my personal psychologist, he knew whereof I spoke and proceded to tell me a lot of what he had encountered over his 50 years in the field. Very little was good re the whole field. So if you’ve ever heard that shrinks need shrinks, it’s true overall.

    My way to get a letter? I’ve already emailed the NRA and I already know they at least have an NRS Business Alliance attorney way up in north NJ and I might be able to pay for the name of a psych who’s firearm friendly. In addition to that, our county guidance center gets gov’t funding in addition to accepting Medicare and Medicaid payments. With EOs, hmm, what are such providers to do until they get all the mandates from the gov’t. Are they going to refuse an evaluation if a person is upfront or tries the check-up routine and by the way I need a letter?

    This whole thing promises to get very ugly indeed. 1) One medical provider has already told me that his software has added the blurb about asking patients if they have a firearm in their home. He now no longer accepts Medicaid or Medicare and has had his computers scrubbed of all gov’t-related software plus firewalls to prevent insurance companies from spying. 2) NJ Assembly bringing forward absolutely loony bills, i.e. extensive mental evaluations and home inspections, one-shot only firearms, 5 cents or 5% tax on EACH round of ammo, etc etc. The tax would be dedicated for a few years for something totally unrelated and then go to the general fund. 3) The elitist psychs think that they will either refuse to do evaluations or (if forced) they will find that anyone who wants a firearm must have mental problems. 4) If the private psychs refuse, what will the Feds/left-wing States do but have their own evaluators. If State, my guess is that they would use the same or slightly modified evaluation as they use for police/fire depts, which is very expensive. If Fed, what kind of elitist left-wing loons, oops I mean psychiatrists, will be dragged in? Subject to additional tax to boot?

    As a sidebar, elitists flip out when they get smacked down like the little people. If you’ve ever read The Devil’s Advocate by Taylor Caldwell, you’ll know exactly what I mean. If you didn’t, the meaning is all the awful things that happen in a gov’t smackdown of the hoi poloi is fine & dandy, but all heck breaks out if the elitists get targeted. Kindly read into that and use your own logic skills.

    If folks don’t think this is going to affect them, I’d highly recommend they take a peek at their state’s legislative website. For those well over onto the left side of things, I have a question for you — what’s the next target?!

    • Harry the hat says:


      I have ben thinking of getting my Act 235 armed security guard License and we need a psychological exam. I found a Dr who is an NRA instructor that does the exams! Here is the link to his web site.

      He is located near Philly.

      Call and see if he can help with your paperwork.

      Hope this helps you.

      Harry the Hat

      • Thanks, Harry. Hmm, he’s PA not NJ, plus several hours away north of Philly. But he’s gotta have like-minded pals in NJ, meaning I could always call his office. Cool.

        • Harry the hat says:


          A DR is a DR so what state they are in should not matter. Plus he is a NRA member/instructor. He is not a gun hater!


          • Harry the Hat, you betcha he ain’t a gun hater! The doc and I just spoke after an email or two. He’s also licensed in NJ, which is also good, and he actually does many of these evals for NJ. Since the appt would be a Saturday early a.m. for test and talk, I gotta update the dh cause he’ll flip otherwise if I go driving out about about 5 in the morning. Hey, in for a penny / in for a pound. I cannot leave this undone at this point.

            For general info for the Pack, such full evals here on the great & wonderful expensive east coast will likely run $1200 – $1500. Our town’s police dept isn’t even looking for the full-blown test & eval, just a letter. I agree with the doc, he’s got a license and reputation to protect so he has to do the full eval.

    • Warmongerel says:


      I’ve never met a shrink that didn’t have severe psychological problems of their own. My theory is that they focus on other people’s problems so that they don’t have to deal with their own issues.

      And, yes, the vast majority of them are Liberals.

      I believe that those two things are related.

      • Warmongerel, I think those 2 things are related too. From anything I’ve encountered, they’re well left of simply Liberal. There’s one in the next town who hates the military and such so horribly, that she wants them gone (as in annihilated). Anyone who has to get an eval needs to watch out. Scary bunch.

  23. Petticoat Prepper says:

    Did a bit better this week on preps. I hauled all the beef from the freezer that I’d bought (BOGO) for canning ‘beef in red wine sauce’ from the Ball Blue Book. I managed to get dinner plus 22 pints. The next from the freezer project is the pork loins. I have to wait until we work through some of the jars. Although I did break down and buy one case to get the beef done. Seems the prices are just a bit better right now at Wally World than during summer for the jars by about $1. I’ve been canning for a long time and each year I add to the jars. I’m almost afraid to inventory them.

    Managed to get my eyes checked and ordered new glasses plus got contacts for ‘long range’, up close it’s the little cheater glasses. It’ll be nice come summer to not worry about losing glasses over board when on the boat.

    Stocked up on witch hazel and glycerin.

    I did pick up a few more seed packs. And I’m starting to think about the greenhouse. Too early here to do more than just think.

    Yesterday I went to the Guns Across America rally. We all spent 2 hours in 29 degree F temps try and make ourselves heard. There were easily 3,000 of us but my engineer DH thinks we were closer to 5,000. The local ‘news’ reported “hundreds” another said “over “1,200” and the local paper said 2,000. They put a story about a local resue of dogs all over the front page and buried us. Nice picture about 500 words and we placed next to several pic’s and about 5,000 words on a transplanted to here artist….

    The orginizers asked for open carry to help show we’re just regular folks. Down the street a restaurant’s sign said, “If you’ve got heat, we’ve got meat” and gave 10% off if you were packing. After lunch, I needed to go to the fabric store for more prep items. I didn’t want to leave mine in the car so I carried it in. I expected some left wing nut to confront me but instead, several people thanked me for carrying! One woman pointed out my wepon to her daughter and told her she felt better with me there.

    All in all it was in interesting day. My DP (dear pooch) will like the preps from the fabric store. As I bought fleece for winter coats for him.

    Hope several of you made it to the rally. We have to speak up and push back. Ok…off my soap box.

    Hope everyone has a great week. Never give up, never surrender.

    • No Longer a Sheep says:

      “The orginizers asked for open carry to help show we’re just regular folks. Down the street a restaurant’s sign said, “If you’ve got heat, we’ve got meat” and gave 10% off if you were packing. After lunch, I needed to go to the fabric store for more prep items. I didn’t want to leave mine in the car so I carried it in. I expected some left wing nut to confront me but instead, several people thanked me for carrying! One woman pointed out my weapon to her daughter and told her she felt better with me there.”

      Nice…. very nice. Gotta love restaurants and folks like that.

    • riverrider says:

      they had a nice rally in richmond. they said a few hundred. mostly military from the look of it and MANY women! one cuban refugee spoke about life in cuba without guns, very scary. not the usual “gun nuts” but like yours it got buried in the politics section of the paper while they had a fruitloop delegate go in the house floor with an ak47 swinging it all around making a fool of himself. he’s a gun grabber from a city district, making headlines for sheeple votes.

  24. This week we really didn’t get much done.

    My fiance put together the mini greenhouse I gave him for Christmas.
    I downloaded and real a couple books.
    Read this blog.

    Seriously, that’s it. Hope to get ideas I can implement next week.

    Y’all have a great week!

  25. Buuurr in Ohio says:

    Didn’t do much of any prepping this weekend… basically painting and sealing the house is about it.

    If you are thinking of an ATV I would love to weigh in on it. I have much, much experience with them having grown up in Northern Canada. I rode one as soon as I learned to sit. Kawasaki and Honda were the brand names we always used. We used my Kawasaki Bayou 220 for hauling wood and stones. That bike was used for 10 years hauling wood in the winter and hauling stone and dirt in the summer. And add me riding it like a lunatic to show off for the girls. We had no issues with it whatsoever. It was still in use when I let home in 2009. We purchased it used in 1993. We had Honda trikes with similar track records. My uncle bought a Suzuki King Quad and did nothing but swear at the thing. Too heavy, always breaking down and in short order died in less than four years doing little to nothing.

    My two cents…

    • Chilly Beaver says:

      Im with you Buuurr, if its an ATV you want, that will go for 10 years through anything, go Honda, our family’s owned 6 different Honda trikes and quads, all of them still ran like tops, even after they were sold or traded in. Grampa just bought a new John Deere 4×4 quad, and I dont like it at all compared to any of the Hondas.

  26. Money is tighter than normal but I did manage to get a little bit done.

    Canned 20 half pints of carrots, 4 pints of bean & ham soup and 3 pints of pinto beans.
    Picked up 6 cans of mini raviolis on sale at Walmart.
    Picked up a very sturdy real wood shelf unit for $15 at the thrift store along with a few more taper candles for pennies. This is the time of year to find good stuff at thrift stores as people are cleaning out and decluttering.

    I have hope for the dry goods I put in mylar bags last weekend. The rice bags and some of the other stuff totally shrunk down. Some other bags not very much but at least they are sealed in something to keep out light & bugs. The powdered milk is the one that is mostly not shrinking.

    The stink from the dead animal under my trailer is mostly gone. Sadly it has been the coldest 2 weeks we’ve had with down to 30 at night so not having the central heat running has made it a challenge to keep warm. Thankfully I live where it does not stay freezing all winter and the temps are coming back up again. Ceramic space heaters can only do so much.
    I tried looking for the dead thing but can’t see it and $200+ to have it removed is not in my budget. I’ll just let nature take it’s course.

    • many years ago, my wife and i put every dime we had down on a small cabin on dorcheat bayou. as luck would have it, the central heat went out at the begining of winter and since we put all our money on a down payment,we had to go through the whole winter using those space heaters. we really didnt suffer until the sub freezing weather came but i feel your pain and hope you get it fixed soon.

    • Millie in KY says:

      Why does the mylar shrink down, because of the lack of O2 from the little O2 remover packets? Thanks! will have to check mine when I get home, I didn’t know they should/would? do that….

    • Stay warm Lady…… I live in Norhtern New England and can feel the actual PAIN of being cold!

  27. john nault says:

    purchased 35# s of dry milk and Oats, a ACH kevlar helmet, the rest of my MARPAT gear I needed. Practiced with the .22

  28. i know this probably isnt the place to share this and MD,if you dont want this here i fully understand if you decide not to post this comment. the other day an article was written about what to do if you have to shoot somebody. the advice was to cooperate fully with the police and everything would go better for you. my lifes experience has taught me that the exact opposite is true. say nothing to police and demand a lawyer no matter what the circumstances. i’ve had a couple days to go back over the injustices and downright illegal acts ive been a victim of at the hands of those who have sworn an oath to protect my rights and safety.im not a cynic by nature but i feel that it is a far better chance that any cop you are dealing with is a dishonest thug with a badge than a peace keeper whose sole intention is to keep people safe and their rights protected. if you dont believe that cops en masse will glady follow any edicts their handlers ask of them,then this short video might serve to open your eyes what will happen overnight should gun confiscation be passed in our country. as a disclaimer,let me say this: ive driven at least 3 million miles ove rthe course of 30 plus years as a trucker. i NEVER get speeding tickets,ivenever been arrested for anything ever. i have no hidden agenda for trying to skew the public opinion of police,but i do believ that by and large people think the police dont wish them ill,and my countless encounters with law enforcement has taught me otherwise. if this video doesnt at least give you pause for thought,then i wish you well and good luck with trusting the powers that be.this happened city wide and actually extended in several surrounding counties (parishes) over 7 years ago,and the winds of gun control are blowing much stronger now than they were then.

    • I remember well a little dump called Golden Meadow on 308 that was astride the shortest way to Grand Isle back when I was a mud engineer. No matter what, oilfield vehicles were gonna get stopped and have to make a “donation”. After the first time I learned to carry some extra cash and to write it off on my expense report.

      And don’t get me started on Duval County under the Parr’s in Texas.

    • BC, Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • Natalia,
      thanx for the info on the freebies,good stuff there.It shows that there is tons of info available for everyone that needs it.

    • bctruck,
      very good advice… be polite,don’t say anthing on the record,request your lawyer! As soon as you get your rights read to you keep quite!Don’t argue or get heated up, just nicely decline to answer and ask for your lawyer.Don’t give them an excuse, you will not win an arguement on the street,they advance their careers by getting convictions,they are not your best buddies looking out to help you. That being said they are doing their job trying to catch a bad guy don’t give them a chance to make a mistake or a reason to want to bust you.

    • The scumbag who called the order for the confiscation should have been prosecuted to the hilt.That person should be in prison now for what he/she did.

    • Warmongerel says:

      Thanks, BC.

      As much as I’d like to support LEO’s, my past with them doesn’t allow me to put any faith in their interest in my well-being.

      The ones that didn’t seem to be power-hungry control freaks just seemed to want to do whatever made their job easiest and get out of there.

      The only thing that I think we have going for us is that, hopefully, they’re smart enough to realize that busting into armed people’s homes day after day is going to, eventually, get them killed.

      • these are the kind of thugs with badges that i encounter more often than not. it isnt a color thing,it isnt a region thing,ive met these types all over the country and of all races.

    • I learned this the hard way. I had my ex husband turn me in for abusing my kids. At the time my son was very little & the kids had just spent a week with the ex. The ex “noticed” a bruise on my sons back & turned me in for child abuse. No one was interested in the fact that the kids had been in his care for the few days previously or that my 2 year old liked to climb on things & jump off. My daughter was yanked out of school & interviewed about wether or not I beat (spanked) them. The local sheriff deputy came to interview me at work & ask me to come to their office to be interviewed. They didn’t take my kids away but I did have to go through an extensive interview, promise never to spank my kids, etc. No one was interested in hearing that my ex had tried to kill me & told me he would take revenge on me for divorcing him & taking custody of the kids. For weeks after this I would see unmarked cars on my street catty corner from my house watching me play with the kids & I had to have child welfare officers come see if my house was a safe environment. After this, I have never trusted the cops to look out for my best interest.

  29. Lost Bella last week. She was the best dog we had ever. She was 16 1/2 years young and was loved by anyone who met her. She developed cancer a year ago Christmas, never complained and was the joy of our old age. She died with both of us touching her and telling her how much we loved her. Just hope the same will happen for us when our time comes. Sorry to damp on the Pack but I consider all of you part of our family. Just wish I could stop crying, but … everything in our home reminds me of her.

    Bought a Bob water “thinggie” for our bath tub, 120 cans cansolitadors (2), replaced some used items on the pantry, my grandson gave my DH 2 boxes of 22 LR ammo for Christmas gift (used his own money to buy them), bought books on prepping and cooking for my library, and was given a tomahawk for Christmas by the same grandson. Good Boy!

    My next big buy will a dehydrator to dry veggies and fruits and store on the mylar bags I received over the end of the year. I am thinking of buying the Excallibur direct from their factory because it has a controlled thermostat. If I am making a bad decision suggestions are appreciated.

    Pray for our country and that better decisions are made by the new Congress. This gun ownership persecution by the White House has upset us now end. I hope our good free americans will not bend to tyranny.

    God bless the Pack and all the good people. Linda

    PS I might to have to change my name to Linda Lou since there are a lot of Lindas since I joined.

    • Linda,

      You brought tears to my eyes – so sorry to hear about your dog.

    • georgeislearning says:

      Sorry about your dog Bella, Linda. Shes still keeping an eye on you so take some comfort in that.

      • My bil had a bella that is a great dane. We have her sister grace. Losing a loved pet is a bad thing indeed.I have 4 dogs buried In our back yard. 3 springers and 1 mixed breed.I have a feeling that we may get a big pit from my bil next month. They are moving and can`t keep it.

    • good lord Linda! i just got done wishing steve well on his loss. its real hard to read this with out getting choked up. im truly sorry for your loss i lost one myself 7 years ago at 14 years old. i took me years to not ,,,,,,,,,, tear up when i thought about him to much. he was cremated and i carry him in the truck with me still. along with my other 4 legged kids.

    • Linda, So very sorry for your loss. Your story made me think of the loss of my 32 pound cat of 16 more than 10 years ago. He got me through some bad days. I feel your pain.

    • So sorry for your loss, Linda.

    • No Longer a Sheep says:

      I’ve got a 9 try Excalibur and love it.

      • Sw't Tater says:

        what ever you get make sure it is thermostat controlled…no thermostat= harder to duplicate results, due to surrounding factors like temp and humidity.

    • Linda, sorry you’ve lost Bella. You’ll no doubt have many fond memories. Beloved pets are family too!

      Excalibers are great. I’ve got the 5-tray model. Hope you’re lucky in the pricing on their website and that you get a couple of freebies. The sheets are nice too as parchment gets rather expensive.

    • worrisome says:

      Sorry to hear you lost your pet Linda. It is always so sad to let go of them. As I write this the cremains of one of mine is on a shelf behind me, just to remind me always how little they ask and how much love they give…………

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      So sorry to hear about Bella. You were blessed with 16 1/2 years of unconditional love.

    • Schametti says:

      So sorry for your loss, Linda. 🙁 I have two ShihTzu boys, who are my whole world.. My husband was hit by a drunk driver five years ago, and has traumatic brain damage, and consequently, he doesn’t think he would be able to keep up with children, (bad balance, slow and rigid.. speech impedement, etc), so I have my fur-boys to fill the hole left by not being able to be a real mother. I know it’s not the same, but I love them just as much as if they were human, and even though they’re only three and two, respectively, I can’t even fathom the unbearable loss ahead for us one day. I am choosing to just, love them with all I’ve got until I can’t. I hope that I have my boys as long as your old girl, and that they go in just the same way, with love and comfort. Thank you for sharing your story, and again, so sorry for you loss. *hugs*

      • Amy, So sorry to hear of your dh’s injury. I have a girl friend whose husband suffered a similar injury as a fighter pilot. It is a tough road, and I will keep you in my prayers.

        • Schametti says:

          Aw thank you very much Patti. IT IS a mighty hard road some days. It’s just one of those things that.. never goes away. Some days are okay, some days are BAD, some days you think it’s getting better, sometimes you’re sure it’s getting worse, some days, you wonder.. what next?! But we count our blessings, because we know it could have been SO much worse. I won’t get too long winded about it here, and get off topic, but thank you for your thoughts and prayers. *hugs* I appreciate them.

    • Linda: We lost our 2 dogs in 2011, one in Feb and one in Aug. Yesterday my oldest daughter brought us in our Christmas present that didn’t get here on time. I was a “licence plate” with pictures of both dogs. My DW and I had just been talking about the oldest dog before they came over and immediately teared up (I manned up, and just got out “Thank You” without my voice breaking).

      After ll4 months we got “Coffee” from the pound. She has been a blessing for us ever since.

    • Encourager says:

      Linda, so sorry to hear about your Bella. 16 1/2 years is a LONG time to live a good life. You were blessed to have her for so long.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      19 years ago we lost our dog, she was 15. Now that we are nearly over it, we got a new puppy last summer! She almost has us trained 🙂
      I wish the same for you, just don’t wait so long.

    • MountainSurvivor says:

      I’m very sorry. I know your pain because I lost a 13 year old cat and an 11 year old cat, boyfriend and girlfriend, both to stomach cancers five and nine months ago. Every day they were with me and everything has a memory. Hug. And tears of sympathy.

    • Linda:

      Get the best quality dehydrator you can afford. A thermostat is really nice since you dehydrate at the correct temp for the item. A timer is nice but not required. If you can add additional trays great – it would allow you to dehdyrate more. Be sure to get a few accessory trays – this allows you to do even more things.

      You don’t necessarily have to get an Excaliber but get a good quality machine that does the things you want at a price you can afford.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        As per dehydrator, try to get the fruit rollup trays. They’re great for dehydrating eggs and other wet stuff.

    • Alittle2late says:

      Sorry about bella, she is in a better place now, waiting for you to come home. She will wait forever so take your time in getting there. I lost one of mine a short while ago also I know what your going through.

    • Millie in KY says:

      Linda, I am so very sorry about Bella. She is waiting for you on the other side and having fun, having shed her tired body. She will be a new dog when you see her again. Hugs to you and your family. There is nothing like a good dog….

    • So sorry to hear about Bella. ((((hugs))))

      • Thanks so much for caring about Bella. You are a lovely group of friends. Thanks also for the info on the dehydrator. Very helpful.

        God bless, Linda Lou

    • Linda, it appears there are a lot of dog lovers here – I feel the pain. Have been there many times, and am nursing an old dog now…..

  30. Lawrence Roberge says:

    I placed an order for a predator repeller for the garden-repells rabbits and other vemin that have been a problem to the garden. Ordered a lot of ferttilizer and other garden supplies.
    I also ordered doxycycline-news came out that there is building to be a shortage of this antibiotic with perhaps 2000% price increases. I have received ordered books: The dehydrator’s Bible and several books on food preservation.

    Best wishes to all.

  31. Surviving in Ky. says:

    Hello M.D and the Pack, Hope everyone had a good week. It was slow around here this week but I did get some good news in that some of my gun preps shipped. Many have been on back order for a month. 2 P-Mags are going to ship Monday along with a couple more parts. I should receive more next week and I will give an update next week. I did manage to receive 1,040 rds. of .223 yesterday which had been ordered in November. Yea:) Managed to pick up 100 rds. of .38 special, 100 rds. of 22 mag., and 100 .50 cal round balls for the old smoke pole. Since I received the backordered ammo I did what all preppers do, I put 1,000 9 mm, 1,000 .45 acp and 1,000 .223 on order. Lol May never see it but it doesn’t hurt to try. Work has been stressful with a lot of sickness going around. My guys have had it especially bad, most with small children and all being sick. I hope they all get over the flu and pneumonia without any long-term effects. I will be glad to try the upgrades to the 10/22 when I get them installed, thanks to bctruck. About it from here in the Commonwealth. God Bless Pack and as river would say, keep stacking it high!

    • if i can be of any help with the 10/22,please dont hesitate to ask. bctruck at gmail dot com. congrats on the acquisition,you wont be sorry.

      • Surviving in Ky. says:

        Thanks bctruck, I took your advise and ordered the following.
        Replacement Trigger Assembly
        Extended Bolt Release
        Extended Magazine Release
        I’m really looking forward to putting the release’s and and sights on it and try it out. I want to thank you for you’re advise because I believe I am going to love the new sights and release.

  32. ozhillbilly says:

    Hi M.D. and Wolf Pack. It’s difficult for me to post this week as it’s hard to see past my tears. M.D. mentioning that he hugged his guns made it worse. I first mentioned it yesterday on my Friday Poll Doomsday Preppers Survey post. What happened was with all of the nonsense going on about gun bans, etc. my wife insisted it was time to dispose of my guns as she didn’t want the government thugs coming to our house to take them. She said with the gun show this weekend, it was a perfect time to sell. She didn’t want me to keep a single one! Not one! Course, she said sell the ammunition too. No use having it around with nothing to shoot it. Everything sold fast and I don’t recall a single disappointed customer. As I mentioned yesterday, I imagine it was quite a sight seeing a grown man crying like a baby as he peddled his prized weapons. Sniffle. At least I have some spare money for my therapy now.

    • ozhillbilly,

      I would have gotten rid of the wife, but that’s just me… Wish you both the best of luck…

      • georgeislearning says:

        he would need something to give to the thugs when they break into the home. before he could have given them some lead, now all he has a barter wife 🙂

      • Yeah, I’m with MD. Getting rid of the guns is a dealmaker!

        • breaker. Oh I hate autocorrect!

          • ive left some very embarrassing comments with that stupid autocorrect. but on the other hand i would look even more stupid at some of my attempted spellings so i dont disable it.

          • Sw't Tater says:

            We all make bad choices,..we all live til we die…there are those who believe that not havin-g weapons will stop persons from coming to get the My guess is having one mal-functioning one to give them would be better, be less damage to your stuff as they search. There’s no way they will believe we own one. Hunting with a sling shot is truly difficult.

      • No Longer a Sheep says:

        No shit… she’d have to go

      • Sounds like its a perfect time to take that “spare” money made by selling those prized weapons – and buy NEW ones…

        Opportunity knocks when you least expect it!

      • M.D.: Sounds like my 1st.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:


    • Now Oz , why did you go and do something rash like that!! You could have stored them over at my house and I would have let you visit them any time you wanted to ….

    • Warmongerel says:

      I’m really hoping that this is one of those “boating accident” posts.

      If not, I’d suggest a divorce lawyer, pronto.

    • No Longer a Sheep says:

      This song was put out in 1992. Still fits for the crap going on today. Here is just a little of the lyrics.

      “The police, urge people, to keep their guns locked up and unloaded”
      “Congress today, seems on the verge of approving gun control”

      [Verse Three: Sir Mix-A-Lot]
      Hypothetical situation
      Gun control starts sweepin the nation
      Now you got a bunch of unarmed innocent victims
      Gettin *&% by the system
      Sittin at home with a butter knife, huh
      Any fool could rape your wife
      So what’s up when the criminals can’t be stopped?
      The only one with guns are the COPS
      But it’s hard for a brother to trust police
      Huh, so the shit don’t cease
      So I go downtown to buy a hot gun
      I hated criminals, and now I’m one
      Because I bought a gat to protect my house
      The cops wanna bust me out?
      So it’s illegal to protect yourself?
      Hell, you either get killed, or you in jail
      So when you vote
      You better think about what I just wrote
      And *&#$% writin a note to yo’ Congressman!
      You got the fool hired
      Now help get the fool fired
      A scary scenario
      And I put it in your stereo
      So when a fool tries to run up on my car
      R.I.P., no holds barred

      For the full song… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHtSSSLn9E8

      • Hunker-Down says:

        This is over the line.

      • No Longer a Sheep,

        We do not allow the “f” word or other profanity here, so please refrain from posting such in the future.

        Sorry folks, I just now noticed it.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          Thanks MD. We are bombarded with it everywhere else except church. So tired of hearing it but it was part of a song in this case.

          Also, this morning was watching on Fox News the crawl about a 15 yo boy who killed his family in Albuquerque. The final sentence read that several guns, including a military tactical style rifle, was found in the home. I had to wonder why that last sentence was included when they didn’t mention knives, etc. Has Fox News joined the gun ban crowd? Sure seems like they were adding a little fuel to the fire.

        • No Longer a Sheep says:

          Sorry MD and everyone else. I just copied and pasted the lyrics to the song. Wont happen again.

  33. PGCPrepper says:

    Both DW and I joined NRA. Pretty much it this week. .

    Speaking of pretty, wife’s son is taking estrogen shots and changed her name to Ashley. As the world turns. So, I’m the winner for the most interesting week.

    • georgeislearning says:

      you for sure won that contest all I had was a turd that was nearly two feet in total length without breaking into sections. 🙂 Good luck to ya

      • PGCPrepper says:

        Funny thing is, I already have a daughter named Ashley from MY first marriage. I can tell you that I was not “prepped” for this. My stories seem made up even to us but they are not. :-X

        • Sw't Tater says:

          reality seems to out do the fiction in our family too…thankfully the worst of our soap-opra’s have been over for a while…and they are part of history.

        • No Longer a Sheep says:

          And you call yourself a prepprer… sheesh LOL

      • ROFLMAO @ georgeislearning. TOO funny! Thanks for the laugh. I don’t get too many of those lately.

    • yep. no one else need apply for most interesting week. you have it won!

    • Ouch. I will pray for that child. God bless you.

    • No Longer a Sheep says:

      I keep having this Areosmith song playing in my head.

  34. Nan in NC says:

    I didn’t do much to prep this week either. We paid off my OH’s car and were a little short on cash this week, but it will be great to have no debt except the house from now on. I finished my 6 month rotation of canned goods and incorporated things that needed to be used into this week’s menu plan. Bought a few extra canned goods and split peas, bought more water. I’ve been thinking of what kind of grain mill to buy and will probably get it next month.

  35. MD, try Httrack. It’ll download and copy your whole website as long as you haven’t added the robots exclusion (“no robots” tag) in the header of your source code. Basically it makes a complete mirror image of the whole website in a folder on your hard drive. I used to use it a lot back when I wanted to read websites while offline. Gonna take a while to do it the first time though. A side benefit is that you can then use it to update the mirror you have created of your site easily, you know, for “just in case”.



  36. Hey MD, long-time lurker here but may be my first time writing in. 🙂

    First, I’d like to say I always appreciate your weekly reminders to keep moving forward in our preps. It’s easy to kind of let things slide unless you keep it front of mind, then before you know it a month went by and you’ve done nothing to move forward on self reliance.

    So this week, even though we’re 1,000 miles from our home in NH, we still made significant steps forward in our preps.

    Got some free personal instruction on stitching up a 7-year-old (no point not taking advantage of even smaller family emergencies) – can read about that interesting day on my blog here: http://preparedcopy.com/2013/01/daily-emergencies-teach-preparedness/

    Bought some 9mm hollow point ammo

    Attended the Preparedness Expo in Deland, FL yesterday – we hardly ever have these events up in northern New England where I live so I drove our whole family 2 hours across the state from Tampa to attend, and glad we did! Lots of great info in the classes and even more in the expo hall itself.

    Took advantage of some deals (and some freebies) at the expo to pick up several 2nd Amendment related books, some really cool American playing cards (www.constitutioncards.com – no, I’m not affiliated in any way, they’re just really cool), and got started with the the Family Herbalist course and picked up a couple more good herbal healing reference books at a great discount from David Christopher of The School of Natural Healing while there.

    Probably forgetting something but that’s what comes to mind right now. 🙂 Best wishes to all for peace, preparedness and prosperity!

    • georgeislearning says:

      congrats on deLurkin yourself and welcome.

    • Welcome to the Pack, Steve Coombes! Thanks for the link on the Constitution cards and for sharing your story. That’s good food for thought. Hope your boy is doing well.

      • Thanks guys! Jacob is doing well, will need the stitches in another 2-3 weeks Dr. said due to the gash being right on the crease of his palm and slow to heal (due to movement in that area). Pain is pretty much gone now, just some itching. And on the bright side he enjoyed getting a lot of attention and fun grossing out the girls at church today. 🙂

    • Welcome Steve,
      It’s great to hear a story about prepping,especially from a new guy.Little Jacob will be in our prayers for a speedy recovery.

  37. Pineslayer says:

    My week was filled with research, mostly monetary stuff. We are screwed, I know you are all shocked. I have done my best to not participate and I am going to continue to dig in. The bubble will burst. Money creation has been going on for a long time, we are wage slaves. Forced to play. Our leaders know this and know that it can’t be stopped. Every leader in our world who has tried to buck the system has been assassinated. It is no wonder that most people bury their heads in the sand. When the reset occurs we must be ready to look at a different way for society to exist, meaning money/profits needs to be pushed aside, for more important things. What is really important to you? How can we get there? Can we build a society not based on money? This is what the future holds, are we ready? All of the major systems of the world are based on controlling things/people/resources. Sorry to rant, feeling really pissed off this week. Watched some video’s on recent tragic events also, does my attitude no good.
    On a more positive note, got a free speed loader for one of my wheel guns and a bag of Star Wars stuff that I plan to sell and convert to precious metals.

    Good luck everyone and hold on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

    • georgeislearning says:

      Nothing worse then gettings screwed without even so much as a kiss. Whores in washington the lot of em.

  38. BorderPundit says:

    “I was going to look into making an archive CD of this blog available to readers. Well guess what? It’s not as easy (for me) as I thought it would be, I’ve looked online and read everything that I could find on the subject, but still can’t figure out how to do it where the CD will have all the posts from the blog and be searchable…”

    There are a couple of ways to do this… both of which do require some cut-and-paste legwork on the computer.

    One is to use a version of Microsoft Word. Input your content into a Word document and then save it as a .pdf (Adobe Acrobat) file and burn that to a CD.

    Another is to use the software provided by blurb.com. Input your content and format and publish a book that people can buy.

    The latter is more sophisticated; the former is quicker.

    I’ve done both ways with both applications, to good effect.

  39. Money is tight right now – but the Universe provides. The recent snowfall in the Appalachias put too much weight on one of our trees and it split. So we fell it and then stacked the wood to dry for next year.

  40. the only prep related thing i managed to accomplish this week was i traded my ruger airhawk pellet rifle for a nesco 5 tray dehydrator on craigslist.im going to try dehydrating bananas first.i was very disappointed in the accuracy of the rifle and ive decided to stick with my .22 rifle and shoot cci quiete. the actual report is nearly equal in db level but the .22 is far more repeatably accurate.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      Someone said to be sure to dip the banana’s in lemon juice..Mine stuck to the tray really bad. I had better results with Okra, zucchini,yellow squash, carrots and celery. None of these require blanching before dehydration, and rehydrate – tasting just as if you are eating them fresh. The fried Okra I made from dehydrated turned out fantastic.

    • BC,

      Make sure you put a moisture absorber in with your dehydrated bananas when you store them–I didn’t and they molded.

    • riverrider says:

      bc, i got a bit of the ammo but haven’t shot it yet. glad to know its good to go. 22lr ammo has gotten outrageous, if you can find it.

  41. Heh-Heh!

    Just had 60+ MPH winds all last night here in Northen Ohio….and we awoke this morning to plenty of “firewood-in-the-making” with a whole lot of multiple trunk maple trees down all ’round us!

    Come one, come all to a chainsaw, hauling, and stacking party!

    Husquvarna Rules!

  42. OregonMike says:

    Hi Pack,
    Another good week. Dehydrated and canned 50lbs of apples. Dehydrated into hashbrowns, slices & dices, 40lbs of potatoes. Received a couple of prep items ordered via Amazon. Found a hidden nest from one of the free range girls with 3 eggs in it. Have to keep an eye on that. Waiting to receive the 3 solar lanterns ordered. Received an unexpected check so pan to go to Cash ‘n Carry tomorrow for some staples to put in buckets. Still need to order mylar bags.
    Have a good week!

  43. I have decided on my choice between two preps For a while I couldn’t decide if I wanted to buy a Berkey or go with some other choice to insure water(have some stored, but I’m thinking long term). I decided to get a manual well pump for my deep well. The water is really good, there was just not enough to support the house, using the washer,etc. I think it will be fine in a grid down situation, since demand would not be so high.

    • OregonMike says:

      Aunt B,
      I too have decided on a manual pump for my well. The estimate by the well folks is $2k. Rather than pump water into containers you have to carry, it pressurizes the tank so you simply turn your fawcetts on in the house as usual. Waiting to see if the IRS leaves us any change so we can have this done soon. Much cheaper than a solar or propane generator. Also, very easy to pump.
      Good luck.

  44. I decided that it’s better to have more “Durable Goods” than money in the bank. I probably spent more than I should have but broke down and bought a Gun Safe from a local Locksmith, according to him it is his one year old personal safe, replaced with a newer, larger one.

    Went to a local Gun Show and found mostly junk, a few nice pieces but the price was more than I was willing to pay. I did pick up a leather two magazine holder for the 45, 500 CCI 22LR (for more than it was worth) and 1,000 rounds of 22LR made in the Philippines. Visited a local gun shop and picked up 100 308 that they had just got it that day (the last two 50 round boxes they had).
    Spent most of Saturday reading the Lyman’s Pistol and Handgun reloading manual I picked up a while back. It’s pretty interesting reading but I’m still not sure that I’m ready to jump in and buy everything to reload just yet.

    Do any of you think that if TDL and his minions don’t move forward with anything on the “Ban” for a year or so, Will the Sheeple that are buying up guns and ammo now only because “Everyone else is doing it now” be trying to sell/pawn them off at reduced prices? Some will hold them forever but the Pawn shops seem busier than ever to me If things get worse financially speaking, Will they sell them off to pay for their Starbucks and Fast Food?

    • riverrider says:

      if it blows over, but it won’t. tdl’s campaign machine just got non-proffit status with the mission of pushing gun control. they are in it for the long haul. lies, media saturation, big bribes to come. they mistakenly think (i use that term loosely) that the nra represents a tiny minority of voters. it will be a fight though.

      • worrisome says:

        Oh yes! River Rider, the NRA and their members are “extremists”…..don’t ya just love it? Those that nothing can sure spew the crap can they not?

        • riverrider says:

          w, roger that. never thought nra would be called “extremists”, but here we are. i’ll leave it at that before my bp goes up again:)

    • I forgot to mention that I told the Locksmith that I bought the safe from that I would only pay what he was asking IF he included the combination change key and instructions to change the combo, or I would pay him $100 less if he didn’t, or of course the other option was I wouldn’t buy it. It has a manual S&G combination on it rather than an Electronic Lock. Never can tell when that EMP will happen and take out your ability to get to most of your weapons and ammo.

    • OregonMike says:

      There’s a good chance of that unless other current events point to the same need for a defense posture. If they’re able, they will be surprised perhaps, that the vaue has returned to normal. I’m staying away from ammo & magazine purchases now. When Spring hits, look for garage sales that mention ammo.

  45. Sw't Tater says:

    Another slow week for purchases.
    …. 4 lb Oats, 4 lbs of pasta,9 packs of Spaghetti sauce seasoning, and gravy mix ,4 lb white beans 2 lb baby lima’s added to storage.
    … Continuing with rotation of dried foods… Have begun using oldest (18 mo) beans with good results. Will definitely keep adding different varieties…and mix different varieties in one container.
    …. Did some research on supplies needed for several different methods of power production..goal to have ability to run 220 pump for at least short periods daily. Present well is greater than 350 feet,I haven’t found any other logical options.. Found several lists with costs from $500-$100- according to their costs…however many years ago. With goal: try to determine if supply list is truly available… at ” your local hardware store”.No need to obtain plans for what is not affordable.
    Has anyone else investigated or done any research into the stirling engine? BC?…supposed to have a solar powered one, with special solar method for concentrating solar..In the video info it gives “testimonials” of one unit replacing 45% of power needs…Would like to see one working.
    ….Got some more seed/plant catalogues as well…making decisions on veggies..to plant and which veggies I will plan to buy, because of various limitatios.
    …. Devoted more time to physical health issues and spiritual matters…
    health issues have been slow to resolve, but energy is returning.. and includes clinging to Bible..
    …Continue in the things you have been assured of…Know what you believe, and why you believe. Know where your authority lies, for those things you practice, physical and spiritual.
    …Prayers for those who are facing illness, loss’ of all types.. ..including those who have lost their best friends(weapons) due to decisions of those about them…. Keep on doing what you do well…and encourage and teach others.

  46. MD,
    Are you still affiliated with Amazon.com?
    I can’t seem to find the link and wanted to make sure you got the small percentage if I went to their site via your link. It doesn’t cost me any extra and if it will help you keep the lights on I’d be happy to help.


    • WireNut,

      Just click on my book in the top left side bar it will take you to Amazon.com and my affiliate link will be added to your order while you’re there… Thank you.

  47. Schametti says:

    Hi, my name is Amy, I’m 34 from Indiana, and yes Sirs and Madams, I am still prepping my little tail off. 🙂 I have a confession to make.. WDYDTPTW is rapidly becoming something I look forward to for days at a time, waiting for Sunday to come back around again, so I can do it again, lol. So BECAUSE of that, the first two things I checked off the to-do list this week, were:

    1) Make a donation to this blog site, (That’s me, Cookies By Heart, I really need to change it back to my name, lol), and,
    2) Bought 31 Days to Survival, to support MD, and hopefully, help keep this place here for my education and enjoyment. 🙂 Thanks MD.

    3) Bought four more 72 hour Beeswax candles.
    4) Purchased two Water Straws.. personal water filtration systems.

    5) Bought another four pack of EMP bags.
    6) Bought a Solar Battery Chargings system from C.Crane, and popped it directly into one of the new EMP bags.

    7) Bought the 40th Edition “Encyclopedia to Country Living,” and holy cow, this book is massive.
    8) Bought the “How to Make and Use Primitive Weapons” online report from Survival Life.

    9) Sold $175 worth of crap in my house to put into the Prep Fund.
    10) Bought TWO Augason Farms – 48 can “1 Month” kits, and OMG, these things are.. amazing. I want like.. ten more of these now. Such a great deal, for SO MUCH food. Thanks MD for telling us/me about them.

    11) Finished Pt II of my NRA Basic Pistol Training course today. I got a 98% on my exam, and hit my target all 18 rounds on a Beretta. 😀 I am very proud of my new qualification certificate. (My husband passed as well).
    12) Signed up for our next class. “Personal Protection in the Home.” It begins mid-March.

    That’s it for me, for this week. But every day is a new day to prep, and anything I add is more than I had!! Thanks for being here to encourage me wolf pack! You guys are great.

    PS: How do you get the nifty little profile pictures, and clickable names? Is it post amount related? 🙂

  48. Lake Lili says:

    HI all! Life is quiet north of your border. Those of you in Ontario with access to a Sobeys – spam and Habitant soup are on sale at great prices… load up there. Fresh Co has 40 packs of TP on for under $5… load up on that too. Also got 2 x 20kg bags of flour ($15/bag) and 2 x 20kg sugar ($29/bag) – broken down, bagged and stored in metal garbage cans – got to love mouse proof – they keep doing the run to steal the dog food. Who knew that chows could be good mousers! Monkey is learning his multiplication tables – who knew grade 2 math was so exciting. Reviewed the medical kit and checked dates on meds. Also having to find a new doctor – specialists are easy to find, GPs can be a challenge. And for something completely different and off topic, I am taking a cake decorating course. Monkey is all for eating well iced baking as is his grandfather. Off to cook Sunday night dinner. Keep well the road.

  49. worrisome says:

    Family came for the week end, so put off trip to the bol until mid week. Apparently that pleased bil and nephew who are there because they “were not done” with the surprise they have for me, but will with the added time……hmmm.

    After dinner last night, despite the cold weather, we put a fire together and sat around outside talking about guns. I filled them in on the coffee/lunch I had with some like minded folks including a gun dealer that I had this week. Glocks are presently not happening in Calif, something to do with a new factory and re registering with the State. AR’s for this owner are out at least 4 months to a small resupply. Gun dealer ordered 150 new hand guns from his source and was told, delivery will be when it happens……….He has no magazines, no shotguns except 410’s, he has one revolver and several 22’s. He has one righteous looking 1892 Winchester for $3200…………….Several in the group were planning on attending rallies over the week end. I thought that was a good idea. The gun dealer and one other person at this lunch have decided they are going to get “political” and see if they can form a group to rally often at Feinstein’s place in SFO. When she is in town, they plan on being in front of her office’s. They are going to hand her staff “pink slips” once a month. I told them that I would help design and get printed the pink slips and will design the posters so they would have the art when they need to get some printed.

    My family have all researched gun choices and have what they are comfortable with and felt they needed as well as a good supply of ammo. So we are basically just going to ride out the rush and watch the action. We did discuss the LE article written here in the blog and agreed with some of it. The family vote on whether LE in California would participate in gun confiscation, there was no doubt on anyone’s part that they would……and so we are going to be researching steps on that one.

    Preps were light this week, too busy at work and not feeling all that well. Other than getting some more dog food and canning up some orange juice because someone gave is a huge carton of oranges,picked to keep from freezing, it has been a quiet week.

    The family went over to check on the old couple and cut up some more kindling to ensure they are fine for the rest of the winter. My daughter made a great dinner last night using up some of my frozen salmon supply and they joined us for that and took some home for one more meal.

    MD, thanks for all you do, hope all is going well for you. Have a good week everyone. Keep your eye on what your government is doing and keep prepping!

    • Worrisome, That elderly couple across the street may be a wealth of information. Have you included them in any prep meetings or just picked their brains. Sometimes they may be reticent because they are not use to people valueing their opinions. Wish my mom was here. She was a real prepper (raised seven kids with very little todo with). She was soooo amazing!

      • worrisome says:

        Aunt B, when we have our neighbor watch security meetings they mostly listen. But when we are one on one they share quite a bit of stuff. He has stories about WWII and Korea. She has amazing mad skills at making a $ go very very far. And she liked to can. Finds it too labor intensive these days, but I invite her over to watch and keep me company when I am canning up things and she has had some really great tips to share. Retirement $$ aren’t where they would like to be these days, so they are going to drop their cable. After asking them about their fave shows, they are going to come over 3 days a week to watch OReilly and catch one earlier news broadcast they like………whatever 🙂

      • The elderly couple may have a few firearms laying around you can buy from them.They may not be healthy enough to shoot them anymore.Also being under the radar of tdl would be a bonus.

  50. Been rough week for dogs! We almost lost our new lab pup. Vomiting, refusal to eat or drink for 2 days. Fearing parvo, to the vet we went. Round worms! Vet did compliment us on keeping him hydrated. I made rehydration solution and dropper fed it every few minutes. Son took the nightshift & day shift. I just gave evening respite. Today he is almost back to the busy little Hoover vacuum I brought home.
    So other than that, not much on preps. Kinda scary how attached one can get to a pooping, noisy, stinky, hungry critter. The dog.
    Even my terrier likes him.

    Only real preps have been contacting elected officials. I even an acknowledgment from my senator. Sharing links with likeminded folks. Doesn’t require $$$$.
    Also testing meds. Got an ugly cold from work. Elderberry extract, mainly. Some aspirin & mucinex as needed. And my favorite, a toddy. Hot tea, honey, lemon & a generous glug (glug glug) of devils cut. God bless Jim beam. All in all, it helps. I’m exhausted doing nothing, but its passing quickly. Oh, I forgot—neti pot. Rinse my sinuses with saline & “alcolol” sinus wash. Strong stuff. Dissolves snot. Burns. Nice clear nose afterward with no rebound effect. All things I stocked & will continue to stock.

  51. The new pantry is slowly getting filled. Went from a smaller but full pantry to “geez, we’re out of everything!” with the new, larger one.

    On the medical prepping front, I put a suture, my first, in unbroken human skin (needlessly) as a test of a home-brewed local anesthetic. A very trusting cousin (and fellow survivalist) was the patient. He indicated no pain during the procedure, just pressure – at least until the numbing wore off anyway. I need more practice on knots/throws however. Except for the minor detail that the patient arrived with more blood than he left with, we both considered it a successful test. Guess it’s my turn to be the guinea pig, errr, patient next time.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      Home brewed local anesthetic? ..that works, I’d like to have that recipe.

    • Millie in KY says:

      Red, take a piece of foam rubber, cut a gash in it with a box cutter. Instant dummy to practice on. And reusable. And painless. Use the cheap suture stuff. And ALWAYS wear gloves when dealing with human bloodiness….

      • Thanks Millie. Been watching for pigs feet at the local butchers, hear that’s real close to human skin, but none found so far. Been using chicken legs for practice, think I was a bit freaked with a live person as I’ve done better throws for sure. Never tried foam rubber, but that makes sense. Yes Ma’am on the gloves – and boiled the needle holder and thoroughly cleaned the area first.

        Fuzzy pic of the suture and the mess leftover if anyone’s interested.


  52. Rider of Rohan says:

    Wow, I had a busy week, and haven’t been able to follow things here very well. First, JP, thanks for writing the article on reloading. I haven’t been able to read it yet, but will sit down this evening and read it. Really looking forward to it.
    As for preps, I did find some .22lr and bought 240 rds. of CCI velocitors. Pretty expensive, but you take what you can get. Also bought 2 mags and paid too much, but what the heck, that’s two I didn’t have.
    For other preps I bought extra toothpaste, shampoo, soap, toilet paper, disposable razor blades, peroxide, cotton balls, and rubbing alcohol.
    For food preps I got the Red Feather butter and cheese I ordered last week, and am anxious to try some of it. I also stocked up on flour, corn meal, salt, sugar, coffee, and replaced the canned goods we’ve used over the past few weeks.
    That’s about it other than some vandals shot my door with what must have been a high-powered pellet rifle as the dents are pretty deep in my door. It’s a pretty long shot from the road I live on, and if it happens again I hope to get the little devils as I put out a game camera.

  53. Hello Pack and MD

    Preps for this week:
    Bought 80 rnds of 7.62×39 for the dreaded, evil ( at least from the viewpoint of our DL and his cronies ) AK.
    Bought from Walgreen coupon 3-2lb Honey for 5.99 each. Honey has indefinite shelf life, or so I am told.
    From Menards 12 rechargeable AA batteries and 1 charger for them.
    tactical flashlight from the Gunshack, runs on 1 AA, surprisingly bright.

    It is interesting to note, as I am sure most of the Pack has observed and experienced, that .223, .22 LR and even .308 surplus, ball type ammo is very scarce at Cabelas, Fleet Farm and Gander Mtn around the Milwaukee area. Also I reload and you cannot find .308 or .223 brass at all, primers scarce, and some powders in short supply. It goes without saying all AR and AK/SKS type rifles and their attendant magazines are nowhere to be found.

    Good thing I followed MD advice and others and got the goods while the
    getting was good.

    God bless all and prep on.

  54. Harry the hat says:

    Hi MD and pack.

    Not much prepping as I have been studying for my ham test next month. However I did purchase a RCBS Charge master dispenser & scale for my reloading. As I have much brass to trim and reload.

    Finally getting my DW on board for laying in food. Whew!!! So I am putting together a list of canned goods to pick up case lots of veggies and canned meat and also pasta.

    DW helped with our County doing flu shots Sat. Over 1,000 showed up!

    Be safe and remember God is in control.


  55. Got in the Tactical Shotgun and Pistol books by Suarez. Sevin dusted the plants. We have some fungus problem with squash and tomatoes down here.
    Dried some ghost peppers, my gosh are they hot! They took the world record in 2009 at 1,000,000 scoville units,,,, jalapeno’s are about 8,000. It’s closest cousin is the Scotch Bonnet at 500,000.
    Cleaned and oiled the guns.
    Should have a fresh mess of green beans by Thursday.

  56. Mystery Guest says:

    I want to thank everyone that prayed for my nephew who was in that car wreck. The car he was in the front drivers side is all smashed in. He faired much better, his chest hurt from the air bag and he was off work for 5 days. So he is doing fine.
    I appreciate the prayers.

  57. M.D.:

    I was just at my favorite motorcycle/ATV dealer this weekend. I have a Honda Ruckus (49cc scooter) that just isn’t enough for what I wanted it for. So it is going on consignment. After we talked, most of the proceeds are going on account at the dealership (might as well be there as in the bank with interest rates where they are). This way I can put money toward a new-to-me ATV when one that fits my parameters comes in on a trade. They sell CFMoto’s (Chinese), Arctic Cat’s, and Suzuki’s. I asked him for what I want whether I should go with the Arctic Cat or the Suzuki, he said the Suzuki; I’d save money in the long run.

    Additionally, they spend a LOT of time cleaning and fixing small engines that have been left sit with “ethanol added” regular fuel. Based upon our discussions, I will no longer store anything by Supreme as it is the only one that does not contain ethanol in Montana. I don’t use my small engines (chainsaws, power washer, ATV’s, etc.) enough to store them with fuel in them (he said anything over 2 weeks) without using them so all my container fuel for them will be stabilized and no ethanol!

  58. NotAHusker says:

    I broke down and bought a Sig 2022 .40 S&W. I wanted one for a while and bought it on Jan 19th to make a statement on National Gun Appreciation Day.

    Of course I turned it in for a gift card to make Obama and Co. happy <,

  59. Millie in KY says:

    I always think I haven’t done much until I sit down to list what I have done. So this is a very good thing, to think out loud, to share, to get ideas and think “oh! I need to put that idea on my list!” I’m always thankful for everything you all share with me.
    So I took possession of the new pistol yesterday, DH picked it up on the way to work this morning. It’s a S & W 9mm model 59. I didn’t know that before. The ammo I bought appears to fit in it just fine, thankfully.
    Wal Mart trip for groceries, I found the big cans dated 2016 of Bruce’s yams for 1.00 each so got six and will get more if they have them next week. 6 cans of chicken (12 oz) and started out with 5 cans of mackeral for the dogs to mix with rice for them to eat. Damn, I have to buy a lot of mackeral. I figured with shooting crows or other vermin that this would be their protein sources, and some eggs from the hens. The hens are being picked off by a pair of foxes. They are beautiful. However, I think my first kill will be directed at them. I will be sick when this happens but I have to start somewhere….. I want to order another 50 hens laying and 50 roosters for eating this spring. If I can get 25 or 30 eggs a day, I won’t worry about protein for the dogs. They free range and I have no bugs and the weeds have dramatically reduced in the pasture.
    The three big cans of sliced dried potatoes that have been on back order forever were shipped this week so should be here next week.
    I bought seeds. Overwhelming. How do you choose? So many kinds, all heirloom. Some are just beautiful. Some will be for eating and some will be for making more seed. I got four different kinds of beans to plant for saving seeds only. They only had 50 or 100 to a bag. A cool watermelon called Sun, Stars, Moon with big splotches on the side. A little cantaloupe from Russia, single size serving and only a couple of months for maturity. I also found a small greenhouse for $20 from TSC, 19 x 24 inches and 63 inches tall. For $20 I’ll give it a try and get those seeds started a few weeks early. I had to get a rain check and think you can still do that thru today, but check the on line flyer. lI need to plant a lot of black eyed peas and maybe lima beans.
    I found ammo for the pistol (thank God, I wasn’t sure I would find it), ordered it, 50 rounds of the better quality and 950 rounds for the range and to kill tin cans with. Also found 500 rounds of 30-30 for DH, he turned in his change container and had enough to buy that. I signed up for a Conceal and Carry class on February 2nd but see there is a range just a couple of miles from us (I knew there was a gun shop but didn’t know there was a range) so will check there and see when theirs is. The one I signed up for is over an hour away. Dh will have to take one, too, but mine was first.
    I also got a book at the used book store for cooking beans and grains a million different ways. Another one about Solving Gardening problems.
    I think that is all. I have a spiral notebook, write down all kinds of things that I think I need to explore and look up and think about.
    I’ve pretty much blown this month’s extra money just on these things plus the pistol. So will just work on some extra food each week for the rest of the month. Next month I hope to order a good size amount of things from LDS. The well guy has not been out yet so if he doesn’t come on Wednesday, I will call and see if I can nail him down to a time.

    MD would love to see a once a week thing on questions or just discussion on whatever we like. I have so many questions that come up and don’t want to be a pest. And I’m reading the other posts here as fast as I can!

    Hope you all had a nice week and are looking ahead to our new challenges in the future.

  60. Tigerlily says:

    I didn’t get a lot done this week again. It’s hard to come up with extra when you are down to one income for the family, but I still did some, especially reading.

    I did manage to put away another 20 pounds of cat food, a big jug of hand soap, bleach, and several packets of seeds for $.20 each. I also joined a seeds of the month club and got my first delivery from them. I was pretty pleased with the package I received. They are all heirloom varieties.

  61. Bought your book, dear. “31 Days to Suvival is a gem and has helped my hubby with the lists. Purchased more V8 juice in cans. Will try using it as a soup base. Hubby loves it. Also purchased more lighters at a surplus store. Slow week.

    QUESTION: Does anyone have nuts in their food storage? Best way to store long-term so they won’t get rancid?

    • LyndaKay,
      Thank you – I’m glad that you like my book and found it helpful, I wrote it with the intent of making prepping easier.

    • midwest mrs says:

      I keep Hickory and Black walnuts. They are best kept in the shell and like other long term storage, out of sun and heat. I can tell you that I am still cracking good hickory nuts from our 2010 fall season-2 years of storage and really no special way except in a bucket w/lid in my side room after they are floated for bad ones and air dried before putting in the buckets. Good thing they keep too because the last 2 seasons were not very productive!

    • Encourager says:

      LyndaKay, I use V8 juice in my sloppy joes. It adds a little extra zing.

      As for nuts, freezing them is best. I have a book called Nourishing Traditions and in it is a recipe for nuts. Most nuts have an enzyme in them that is hard to digest. If you have ever eaten a LOT of nuts in one sitting and felt like there was a heavy lump in your gut, you know what I mean.

      Here is what I did with 4 cups of walnuts:
      Soak them with water to cover and added 2 tsp of salt. Soak overnight (12 hours). The next day drain them (I also rinsed them once) and dry in an oven set at no more than150 degrees for 8-12 hours until dry and crispy. My oven only goes down to 170 so I got out my food dryer and set it at 135 degrees. It took overnight to dry them. They taste wonderful. I will set aside some for snacking and freeze the rest. I use a Food Saver to suck out the air in the bags and seal them.

    • V8 sounds good as a base, will try it. Thanks.

  62. Encourager says:

    Most of last week was spent around my MIL – eye doctor appointment one day, physical checkup the next and that night we got a call at 1AM (no call in the wee hours is ever a good call…) that Mom had fallen after standing up on a chair. What?! I would sure love to know how she got up there as she can hardly lift her foot to get over the door edge and into a car. However, that is what she said she was doing and there was a chair on its side and root beer cans everywhere. So we spent most of the early morning hours in the ER with her. Nothing broken, just lots of bruises. We were surprised that she had on the same clothes she wore that afternoon for her doctor appointment; why didn’t the staff get her ready for bed? And why was she not checked on? Apparently she had been on the floor for quite a while. The next day, at 3:30AM, the phone rang again. It was Mom, just wanting to talk, and thinking it was about 8AM. Groan…I just can’t miss two nights of sleep in a row. The next day we chose a Hospice for her. They will help with special meds for when she gets so upset and starts hitting, kicking and shoving the staff, bring in a hospital bed so she will be more comfortable, supply her oxygen and many other things such as pull-ups we have been buying, sending in someone nearly every day and be on call 24/7. It is a relief. The only other option is moving her to a nursing home. No way.

    I did place a large order with our food buying club which will be here tomorrow. Bought 30# of organic flour, 6# of cheese, gluten free lasagna noodles and spaghetti, 5# gluten free flour, 6# of sea salt, 20# of rolled oats, and more that I can’t remember.

    I am trying to use up some of the food out of the big freezer as we can’t get anything else into it. Need to get out some soup bones and make beef broth so we can have French Onion Soup this week. Our soup bones are so meaty I don’t have to use any other beef with them. Will roast them first so the broth is nice and dark. I am trying to cook mostly from scratch; used to do this all the time when the boys were little but got out of the habit once they grew up and moved out. Good practice for when SHTF.

    Terrible winds yesterday and last night. Gusts way over 50mph. Have some dead branches down but not as much as I expected. On the way into town this morning we noticed a lot of dead trees down, some pushed to the side of the road. If it weren’t so darn cold we would be out and about gathering some of the downed wood for our woodstoves. That’s about it. Blessings to the Pack!. M.D., I like how all the posts are numbered!

    • Encourager, having experienced same as what you are going through with your MIL with my aunt, mom and dad in the last 5 years, I truly understand! Unbelievable shenanigans; whippy conversations, etc. When it got really bad, I would go get my albums from when they were much much younger and treating my own small child temper tantrums and it would remind me that I was now in pay it back mode. I know it is different with a mother in law because it wasn’t you she tolerated when you were young………..so bless you on being the great person you are to give a hand. Bless you.

      • Encourager says:

        Thanks for the encouraging words, Worrisome, I really appreciate it. Sometimes it is hard not to feel overwhelmed with the whole situation. Today we are suppose to pick up her bed so Hospice can deliver a hospital bed. It has been snowing all morning, a good 2″+ on the ground and pulling that trailer in this will be no picnic.

        On a funny note: On a particularly stressful day when my oldest son was present with his grandma, I walked out of the room and he followed. I pretended to scream silently, he laughed and I said “If I ever get like that, shoot me and bury me!” His quick reply: “How deep?”

  63. richard muszynski says:

    greetings. pretty well frozen in here in the great NorthEastern corner of the country. but i did get a new Bounty Hunter medal detector. and ordered a battery charger that will recharge the 9 volt batteries it uses. So don’t have to continue to buy Copper Top 9 volt any more. just recharge them when they go down. Ordered a fair amount of seeds from J.L. Hudson, seedsman in California. they handle a lot of really good non-genetically screwed with varietys like the corn that the native people used in the desert areas. also cabbage, missouri Wonder pole beans. holy Basil, which is a handy organic medication. sugar beet seeds. absinthium seeds for another medication use. some Hopi Blue corn, Oaxacan Green Corn. lot of stuff still to get. trying to get a variety. got info books on a variety of subjects that might come in handy. from the news lately sounds like our great leader is trying to destroy the world as we know it before the planet does the deed.

    • richard. It is good to see your post. I have not heard from you in a while.

      • richard muszynski says:

        greetings. yes it has been a while. at times i get the old isolation feeling. but then i am normally a lone wolf. coming out of a bout now. not easy when you are old and basically alone. that gives me some advantages that most people don’t have, but is not always comfortable. i must admit that i run into more interesting people lately. still so much to do and it seems not that much time to do it in. still have to overhaul the Slant 6 engine for my pick up so i can turn it into a LDV (long distance vehicle) that will run on wood smoke when there is no longer any gasoline to be had. keeps me occupied at least. plan on getting a new Hobart stick welder to help turn some ideas into steel. have fun, that is about all life is good for.

        • worrisome says:

          Richard? How much does that metal detector weigh?

        • The slant six is a great engine. If you rebuild it use a quality timing chain and a melling hi volume oil pump.You can use a rv cam in it and modern hyper tectutic spelling pistons and you will have a great rugged rig.

  64. Picked the remainder of the purple top turnips from the garden and am dehydrating the turnip part. Will probalby get about 3 batches. I find these, like dhydrated okra, are really good in soup. Just drop some in the mix about the last 30 minutes of cooking. Received garden seeds and went shopping for “items of security”.

  65. Warmongerel says:

    Not a great week in prepping, but not bad. Slow and steady. Hopefully that’s fast enough, but I’m beginning to wonder. This house of cards could come down in a hurry.

    – Got an e-mail from SportsmansGuide.com informing me that the 500 rounds of 7.62 that was supposed to ship tomorrow is now backordered until MAY 15th!

    I wasn’t surprised, but I don’t think that they were, either. Kinda sleazy business practice to sell product that you know you’re not going to have.

    I’ll leave it open and see what happens. In the meantime, just have to keep looking for local sources.

    – Got 100 rounds of .40S&W FMJ for my birthday. Gotta love the old man. Added another 100 rounds myself. Also 25 rounds of .40 HP. Stopped buying for my oddball 9mm’s for the time being. Now that I have something that shoots “common” ammo gonna stock up fast.

    On the plus side, my local Gander Mountain has plenty of .40 sitting on their shelves.

    – Put away a bunch more Tang, rice, beans, potato flakes, pasta and various seasonings. I’ll never have enough, of course, but I’m feeling better about the food stocks.

    – Put more water in stock, of course. I may live in “The Land of 10,000 Lakes”, but I want enough to get by for a while in a crisis.

    – Put away some more medical supplies. Bandages, antibiotic ointments, etc.

    Here’s a tip: My ex-wife brought my daughter to the doctor for her acne and she was prescribed antibiotics for her condition.

    My kid’s acne is far from severe, yet they give her refills on Cephalexin faster than she can use it.

    For any of you with teenagers, something to consider. 60 pills for a $10 co-pay can’t be beat.

    Off topic, but something that I was thinking about yesterday. When my dad died about a year and a half ago, there were cases and cases of canning jars in his garage. Must have been 500 of them. Think his girlfriend who had died the year before was planning to get into canning.

    And I gave them all away. Not that I know anything about canning yet, but kicking myself now. Shows how my mindset has changed since I started prepping.

    Think that’s about it for this week, folks. Thanks to all of you and to M.D. for all he does. Good luck and God bless.

    • riverrider says:

      w, know what you mean about sg. they still owe me 223 from last march. i’m about to invoke fcc section 435-439 and see how they like it.

  66. I just watched Doomsday Preppers, UK Edition. The show is so much better than the U.S. version. The people on the show are not extremists. They have common sense reasons for prepping. They are intelligent. The editors don’t belittle their reasons for prepping by saying there is a 1 in 5 million chance of this-and-that happening. The show features real skills. In the episode I watched there was an emphasis on skills, because regardless of how much you stockpile, it’s going to run out. They emphasized a renewable source of food, hunting sustainably and just how difficult it is to take down wild game.

    I recommend the British version.

  67. Wanted to help out with this info: If anyone is wanting a lifetime membership in the NRA for a great price, go to this forum:


    and the person has info on how to get the lifetime membership for $300. He explains how to get this price in easy steps. Not a trick or scam. Just have to have a life member as a sponsor and I joined using my DH as my sponsor. Now a life member myself in this fight against TDL and his goons. That was my prep!

  68. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Hey Pack,
    Hope all are staying well.
    MD, prepping has an ebb and flow. Just do as much as you can when you can and that’s all you can do.
    I have had a week of finishing up our retaining wall and having the 1st 8 yds. Of top soil delivered. Next week we will get the super soil and till.
    DH and I set up our outdoor kitchen and ordered a 250 gal. LP tank and piping. I still have to order my generator conversion kit but it will run off that tank also. Then I don’t have to store and rotate out so much gasoline.
    We received a lot of our seed this week. Still need to order a few more. Ordered a side of beef and replaced used goods.
    Went to Goodwill and bought a box of 24 long taper candles for $2 and a large metal canister for $1 to use as a faraday cage for the 2-ways and DH’s backup insulin pump.
    Also, made an alliance with one of the largest extended families in these parts.
    What’s that saying, God never closes a door without opening a window. But anything of value takes effort.
    Although I no longer own any firearms, I did stop in to see the biggest dealer in our area. It was Tuesday morning and the place was jumping. I had my eye on a popular long arm that was $600 in October. Now it is $2100. I just shook my head. He is still able to get common ammo but it is more expensive now. I haven’t been to Walmart in weeks so I don’t know what they have.
    I still have a to-do list about a mile long to get done while it is cool enough to not get heat stroke.
    Love you guys. You and yours are in my prayers. I don’t have faith in the Feds but I do have faith in you.

  69. Hello all.
    Spare change was very low this week so no purchases.

    The car’s alternator went out on the way to work. Left it parked at work while trying to find a way to take care of the problem. That was the bad part, now comes the good part.

    I’m thankful for how things turned out because:
    . DS2 picked up another alternator for me as he knew I was in a bind,
    . got a short visit with DS2, DIL and GS,
    . had the use of a company vehicle while mine was not working,
    . did the repairs Sat. morning at work and picked a little overtime,
    . the problem occured on a week when there was not a long weekend work trip.

  70. Hello everyone,
    Brand new prepper here. Only been prepping about six weeks.I try to prep a little everyday. This week I ordered some first aid supplies for my BOB. I dehydrate something everyday and I go to the gym to get in shape.And I’m reading and learning everything possible about being self sufficient. I have arifle that my late husband bought me so my son is taking me out to practice. I haven’t been shooting in over thee years so i guess it’s time. Good thing he keeps it clean for me. Lol Have a great week all and thanks for a great blog. You have taught me a lot.

    • NanaBlue,

      Welcome to the Wolf Pack. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. We’ve got answers. I recommend you go to “Popular Posts” (link below) and read the first two articles, “10 Things to Do Now” and “10 More Things to Do Now”. Those two posts helped me a lot when I first started.


    • Encourager says:

      NanaBlue, welcome to the Wolf Pack.

    • NanaBlue:

      Welcome. After you take BamBam’s advice, get M.D.’s book “31 days to survival”. It will give you a good step-by-step process to get you to where YOU want to be with your prepping.

  71. Thomas T. Tinker says:

    Welcome NanaBlue!!! I… we hope you enjoy your stay in here. Sounds as if you are starting just right…. slowly. If you haven’t read MD’s ‘ten things to do… and… ten more things to do’ take a look. I stop in here a few times a week and I never fail to get a new lead or pick up some new info. See you………

    • Thanks everyone for the warm welcome.
      I have read the ten things to do and the next ten things and most of his other posts. I feel like i’ m stalking!! LOL I’ll look into getting the other book mentioned. Have a great week!!

  72. RE: Putting the site on a CD

    The problem you’re probably running into is the fact that WordPress is a database driven website. You could probably make a backup and a user could install emulating software like XAMPP on their machines, then import your database from the CD, then import your back up files. But then you want it to be user friendly right, and that is not for the average user.

    Have you thought of re-formatting? Maybe not the entire site but say the top couple of hundred most useful articles copied and pasted into a word file, then imported into adobe acrobat (full version so you can create a TOC with the appropriate hyperlinks)? Maybe that would work?

  73. Thomas T. Tinker says:

    Oh yeah.. WIDTPTW.

    1. Put away some PMs in junk silver.
    2. Honey from Worley’s Outpost.
    3. 9 irons and old ball bats form GW and Savers. (post-ban open carry options)
    4. P90X stretch.
    5. Set up B&Sil with 2 weeks of Augasoun Farms.
    6. Ponchos for the trunks.
    7. Panga Jr. for the other GHB.
    8. 4 Life straws.
    9. Misc. pharmas.
    10. Gander Mt. is dropping Archery from their Toledo Store. Picked up field tips, broad heads, 32″ carbons, hard bow case, wax. -40%
    11. Wal-mart to hunt for cannon feed. Some SOB came in and actually bought out the shelves of 22 & 22mag,233,9,45,308,20ga… well he did leave behind 10 boxes of 22short. It was me. I feel…. I feel just…. fine.
    12. Cleaned out Clelands of p22 mags.
    13. Had iron sights put on a bull barrel TC.
    14. Went to the Lucas county center Gun Show. Found a fella with an ammo can load of 50cal. good stuff. I don’t own a 50. Bought 20 for the stash… incase I ever come up with the eyes to use a cannon like that.
    15. Practiced scratch baking bread. Steam the oven twice and ya get such a nice chewy crust.

    MEET UP Saturday, groundhog day, Feb 2nd. Rossford Ohio, I-75 exit Denny’s 08:oo a.m. No camo, No bombast, No rants, No sedition, just good casual conversation and a slam. Casual Saturday Dress. Feds and assorted LEO are welcome as long as you can resist the urge to copy down Lic plates or take photos of my bad side……… Owwwwch paranoia!

  74. Hubby locate 1969 Chevy C10 for a little under a $1,000! Drove it the 60 miles home. It does need a few rust places worked on but not in bad shape at all.

  75. This week I finally completed my cryptography class. I think I passed the exam. Now I have time for other stuff again.

    I got an army pistol belt, the wide kind with sets of two rivets and a giant click buckle. My idea is to use it coiled up with pouches attached as an EDC bag organizer, then if I had to walk a great distance I could put it on and roll up the bag and tie it to the belt, or use the bag to carry more stuff. I want this bag to look like a purse or book bag sort of but be thin enough to roll up easily. Maybe one of those “recycled” woven grocery bags. A more stealth version might be a canvas tool belt, but maybe you’d have to add velcro to keep stuff from falling out, and a loop or two.

    I am trying to figure out if I want to put a holster on this belt, or try to conceal carry with the belt on, and how I would do that without the belt over my clothes getting in the way of drawing. Perhaps stick an empty pouch on the belt to put the pistol in, and move the pistol there if I’m going to put on the belt.

    I bought some fabric to make bandannas,and bandannas are 16″ square. I made 15″ bandannas because you can get 3 out of a 45″ piece of fabric, and they were a little bit small. I thought it would be a good idea to carry a subdued color bandanna or two in the EDC. They fit but I have a small head.

    That psych eval story is harrowing to say the least. What a sneaky way to neutralize gun owners and preppers – reminds me of Stalin. Another possible ramification of some politicized shrink spuriously declaring a gun owner to be mentally unfit to bear arms might be that they automatically get declared mentally incompetent in general and lose their right to manage their own affairs. It could be a handy dandy way for the gov to rob people of their assets and freedom, and guardians ad litem could be the next class of parasites. Only a short distance from that to incarcerating dissidents in the loony bin.

    It is the 21st century version of witch trials.

    • Warmongerel says:


      That is exactly</i? what they did in the Soviet Union: if you didn't believe in Socialism, it proved that you were insane and they sent you to a "re-education" camp where you would probably die.

    • And here in NJ, the loonies are yelling for home inspections, too. Uhhh, preppers are already automatically “crazy.” This is gonna get uglier and uglier and uglier.

      • Encourager says:

        Home Inspections for weapons? Seriously??? Man, I would move so fast my neighbors would think I had been abducted by aliens.

        What an invasion of privacy. What is scary, is that anytime the liberal left wants to introduce something that everyone knows is wrong, they bring it up and let everyone steam about it, then let the subject die down. Then they have a few sitcoms on TV mention it, then incorporate it. Pretty soon it is no big deal. Some examples: being homosexual is perfectly normal; gay marriage is normal; gay couples adopting children is normal; couples having many children and home schooling them is soooo wrong, why the children will be social misfits; cheating on your spouse is okay (reality TV); lying, gossiping, trying to destroy someone’s marriage for whatever reason, stealing, using illegal drugs (sitcoms and reality TV) is okay – hey, don’t judge anyone, makes you a bigot!), and the worse – God does not belong in our schools, our courtrooms, on our public property, or even mentioned in public. And let us not forget guns…first, machine guns; then so-called assault rifles, next it will be handguns of any kind, shotguns, oh, why don’t we make people store their guns at the local police station and when they prove they have a hunting license, let them use it for 48 hours with two bullets (this is my projection,hopefully no idiot liberal has thought that up yet, but just wait). I could go on and on but I am sure by now you get the drift.

        Sorry for venting.

        • Encourager:

          Or you could do what I’ve spent the last 15 years doing…my neighbors don’t WANT to know what all I have. They’ve seen enough of them, know they are there and that I use them, and they know my beliefs on “forced surrender” of my property, to thieves regardless of what kind of “permission slip” they are packing.

  76. Jim in SoCal says:

    OK, so this week I was able to get off my formerly flu-ridden butt and get back to it.

    Ordered a bunch of reloading supplies for my muskets, including a new supply of brass. DW took advantage of some good sales to add to the pantry (rice, sugar, cereal, etc.) and freezer.
    The garden saw it’s first plantings for the season (broccoli, potato, onion, garlic, asperagus), and we harvested several bushels of citrus from the trees.
    The home forge/foundry is coming along, and I test fired my burners. Worked like a charm! This will be a great addition to our shop.
    Saw the Dr. and agreed that a new diet and exercise routine are in order, so physical preparedness is on the front burner.

    That’s about it for this week. Be well everyone!

    DW and I continue to purge useless items from our household. It is amazing how much junk you can aquire in nearly 20 years in the same place!

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      I heard you got some cold weather that way. What kind of loss have you seen from the freeze?

      • Warmongerel says:

        Cold weather? Our high temp today was -5F with a -35F wind chill.

        And my furnace went out. Luckily I was able to fix it.

        It’s now jumped up to a “tropical” 0F, although it’s expected to drop to -20 by morning.

        On the one hand, I hate living here. On the other, ain’t nobody going to want to come or stay here if TSHTF.

        • Lake Lili says:

          Oh brother… chilly here too! -22C this morning but the dog is loving it. Wish I could claim no one would come or stay but this is Southern Ontario and there are folks everywhere. Hope you come out of your freeze soon.

          Jim hope those plantings are coming along and congrats on the forge.

          • Warmongerel says:

            LOL, Lili.

            Only someone who lives in this crap calls -22C “chilly”.

            My dog can’t get back in the house fast enough after I let her out…and she’s part Husky.

            I was talking about after TSHTF and the grid’s down. Not many are going to stay and tough it out. But I figure that if my grandparents could do it 30 miles south your border (Cook, MN), it can be done.

        • It’s a chilly 64 degrees out right now. I am thinking about getting up and closing the windows. We are going down to 31 degrees tonight.

          • Lake Lili says:

            Hmmm… if my conversion chart serves me correctly 64F is about 17C or 18C… We should see that temperature again around about May… we had to put a space heater in the pantry today to keep the preps from freezing… okay, I’ll admit, I’m a tad envious of warmth today…

            • I just picked three tomatoes from my garden.

            • Hunker-Down says:

              Bam Bam,

              O Yeah…..? Our frost line just went 3 inches deeper!

              I think you’re jealous because you don’t have any snow.

            • H-D,

              What’s a frost line? Is that like when you pour a cold soda pop in a frosted mug, it gets an ice-line? (I know what snow is–that’s the stuff that comes in snow cones. Duhhh!)

      • Jim in SoCal says:

        T G-Ma,
        The only thing we lost was a basil plant that we forgot to bring in at night. Other than that we seem to be in good order. The long growing season will be sorely missed when we finally leave the People’s Republik of Kalifornia…

  77. Lili would it help if I said it was 81°f here today but last week it got down to 17°f.

  78. Chilly Beaver says:

    Hello WP

    Been awhile since I posted, always lurking, but for the last year preps have been small, living arrangements no longer condusive to packrat behavior after splitting with mama. Buuut, heading to hang out with Grampa in Arizona in Feb, looking forward to going to a nice big range with lots of options so that I can test every handgun known to man, and will purchase as soon as I get back home to Canada. Joined a local prepper group, some interesting peeps, some of whom Im sure I can learn alot from, some of them, not so much. lol And should be about 6 months away from the purchase of 5-10 acres for the BOL.

    Need an expert on tablets/readers, dont know wether to go with a kobo/kindle/i-pad/ whatever the heck else they make, looking for another backup to the laptop where I can store all of my pdfs for quick reference, figured there were a few people here who might just have an idea where to send me. lol

    Also got a line on a batch of 10 used rifles, we some really nice old winchesters that when sold should be able to pay for a few new toys.

    Oh yeah, and day 1o on the nicotine patch without a cigarette. Think Ive got it beat, but a little twitchy, so wouldnt suggest sneakin up on me. Other then that, down 50 pounds and free! lol Working on some of the bigger preps now that theres no mama to pay for, and no more bad habits, really ought to help speed things up this year.

    Thanks for allowing me to live vicariously through a few of you for the past few months.

    • Pineslayer says:

      Chilly Beaver, congrats on quitting those cancer sticks. My mom smoked for 42 years, quit cold turkey, no gum or patches. She didn’t tell anyone she was doing it and the reason why was that she was an angry old hen and didn’t want to be around anyone. It was a good idea 🙂

    • Warmongerel says:

      Chilly Beaver,

      Congrats on quitting smoking. I keep trying and keep failing. I’ve quit every bad drug known to mankind, but I can’t seem to kick this one. I bow to you.

      As far as tablets go, I love my Kindle Fire. It does everything that the bigger tablets do, but it’s much more compact. I carry it with me everywhere I go. I bought my daughter an Ipad, and I can’t even imagine carrying that thing around. It’s huge.

      All in all, there really isn’t much difference between them other than size. Not sure if the new Kindle Fires support 3G (cellphone) connection, but I have no use for that anyway.

      • Chilly Beaver says:

        Well perhaps Ill go and start a wishlist at amazon, do some priortitizing, and get a few pennies to MD. Problem with amazon is I turn into a kid in a candy store, then shut the site down and run away for fear that Ill spend the entire GDP of Lithuania in about 10 minutes 🙂

        • Warmongerel says:

          LOL, Chilly Beaver.

          I have the same problem: I buy a few things off my Amazon wish list and add 10 more.

          But I’m getting some good stuff for my preps, anyway.

  79. Hi everyone…M.D. like your choice of firestarters…I got 7 Scripto lighters at Walmart with adjustable flame for ?? I think I paid $1.98. But I gave them to my brother who came to visit me. I keep giving shtf stuff away as gifts or BD presents. When it really happens I will have to go live with a relative…they’ll have all my survivalist equipment……Thanks for all the good advise…Rusty

  80. AntiZombie says:

    I have never responded to this part of the blog before so most of the things I’m going to list have been done over the last 6 months. I’m fairly new to preparedness so I’m kind of scattershot with my endeavors. Please be patient.

    1) I have been gardening for the last 7 years with varied success. Some years better than others. My garden is 40 ft x 50ft and I’tried to improve the soil each year. The last two summers have produced multiple 100 or above consecutive days of heat and that has done the garden no good at all. I need to have the soil tested as it doesnt seem as rich as it has been. I plant tomatoes, potatoes, beans, ochra, peppers, zuchinni, and yellow squash. I purchased some hierlom seeds recently and sprouted them under grow lights. They did great till they hit the garden and the heat came on.

    2) I purchased a Remmington 700 30-06 from Wally World and all the reloading dies. I’ve been purchasing brass and a box of shells each month.

    3) I bought 2 head of red angus cattle and they should drop calfs in June.

    4) Purchased a tractor for the farm. (Tax man said to do it before the break went away – Thanks OBama)

    5) Ive bought 100 pounds of white rice and 75 pounds of brown beans and I’m getting together with a mormon friend at work to seal them in #10 cans. The Mormon church he belongs to has a canning machine to seal #10 cans like from the factory. It can be loaned out members and we’re waiting for him to stock up and then we’ll have a canning party.

    6) I’m doing everything I can on my 80 acre farm to make it as self sufficient as possible. There is alot of oilfield cativity in my area and you can get them to give you 20 ft sections of pipe from time to time. I plan on putting pipe fence around my 4 acre home site.

    7) Planted 2 pears, 2 apples, and 2 peach trees in July. Watering like crazy on any day that above freezing ( dry spell continues). Planted black berry bushes (13) but heat got all but 4 of em.

    Well, that’s about it and I hope as money allows I can continue to add to things as we go along. Thanks for reading.

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