What did YOU do to prep this week?

Good morning pack! I hope that you all are doing well today… Wow, another week has passed already. Were does the time go? It won’t be long until we’ll all be out and about dressed in our summer cloths, planting our gardens, collecting eggs, small-scale homesteading, building and yard work everyday. :sun:

Okay, before we get stated with this weeks segment, I would like to thank; Christy, CKRockett Enterprises, Mike H, Alden W, Debra P, Charles P, James P, Cheryl D, Hannah and Lee O for their generous donations this week via PayPal. Thank you all.

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Now let me see… What did I do to prep this week?

Well as bugs bunny would say, that’s all folks. What about YOU…? What did you do to prep this week? Please share with the rest of use in the comments below, so we can probe your mind for ideas for things we might have missed, skipped over or never thought of.

We all learn from each other here… After all 30,000 minds are better than one…

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  1. Backwoods Prepper says:

    Not much in the way of prepping this week , we are getting ready to kill our last hog this coming friday. Rabbits had two litters this week! 1 had 8 the other had 10 I fostered 1 so they both have 9. With all the nasty coldness I got some reading in this week. The book was Going Home by A. American this was some good reading. It had some foul language that I didn’t care for. The main character carried the ultimate get home bag with everything you could dream of. There is a free movie out I don’t know how long it will stay that way so watch it ASAP. It’s called AGENDA: GRINDING AMERICA DOWN.


    • Backwoods Prepper says:

      Another great book I started was 77 Days in September. Emp goes off while the character is 1500 miles from home. He has nothing but the cloths on his back. He loots a Walmart for food cloths and a backpack to make his journey home.

    • Mystery Guest says:

      I went and watched “AGENDA: GRINDING AMERICA DOWN and this is a full length version of what the link from Rawles site had on utube. EVERYONE WATCH THIS.
      I had written “Falling Down” before I had seen the u tube version and it legitimized my writtings for me.
      “It”, “Them” and “They” in my article isn’t really called anything, but has the name communism etc. in this movie but even though that is a known title we know it goes much deeper than that. Even capitalizing EVIL cannot give it the concern we need to give it.
      The tenacles of this agenda have practically engulfed us. It seems it indeed it is in the very air we breathe. I hate it, detest it, despise it.
      Thank you for the link, I for one appreciate it very much.

      • Grumpy Vermonter says:

        Mystery Guest,
        Thanks for the link to the video. I made my hubby watch it with me and then he said he had the video and showed it to me. I took down the names of the people interviewed and will be looking at their websites/orginizations to learn more about this. It was pretty darn depressing that people can dedicate a book meant to destroy America to Lucifer himself! These are sick, sick people. Hey, that means they shouldn’t have any guns, right?

    • ozhillbilly says:

      Backwoods Prepper, I actually bought this video to have my own copy. I think I got it on eBay for about $10.00. I also bought the book The Naked Truth by James C. Bowers. We must arm ourselves with this information. We have to educate ourselves to expose the adenda of the very progressive left. The things that are happening now in the United States didn’t just start overnight. The socialist have been quietly working on this for generations. I should say at first it was quietly, now it’s out in the open and in your face. Knowledge is power!

    • B Casparius says:

      Backwoods Prepper, I read Going Home after you recommended it. It was pretty good. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Bought more canned fruit, canned veggies, some staples, and fruit. Hubby did another batch of jerky.
    Visited the range twice. Ammo is really getting in short supply (well, not really for us, since I’m avoiding pulling from our stockpiles, but…). I’m shooting subsonic .22LR for practice – it jams a bit more but it’s still available and I’m trying to avoid dipping into our stockpile.
    Ordered some more books for the article I’m writing … it’s turning into another monster!
    Made some progress on cleaning up the storage areas and the basement. With two teenagers, it’s a never-ending struggle to stay ahead of the dirt and clutter.
    Bought some books at the monthly library book sale. Most are just general reading, although I did pick up a book on whittling.
    Got more canned soup. Got in the Paladin Press books I ordered last week.
    Because I can’t stop myself, began research on another article for MD. The good thing about this article is it’s also forcing me to take a very hard look at my assumptions on how much gardening space to have and how much seed is necessary to store to be self-suficient. Let’s just say that this research has been a bit eye-opening and I’m looking forward to sharing it with ya’ll.
    Should start seedlings this week for onions and celery. The great winter garden experiment is doing … okay. Some of the cabbage needed more mulching and has died, but others are struggling along. The broccoli definitely needed a cold frame and is long dead. The garlic is doing nicely under it’s big pile of straw (We’re using the netting from a round hay bale to keep the straw in place). I have the plan for the garden mostly settled, still a few spots that need something in them, but I’m sure I’ll find things to fill the space.

    • Millie in KY says:

      Victoria, I am looking forward to your article, I’ve been thinking about one I could contribute, too.

  3. is it me or are these weeks speeding up?….well lets see..i joined the va citizens defense league, a grassroots gun rights org that has been very successful in va. i joined the III patriots. i sent emails to all my congress critters and to a county board that was thinking about closing a public shooting range. so many people responded and/or showed up at the meeting that the board decided there had been “some kind of misunderstanding, that they didn’t intend on closing the range”. yeah, right…….i ordered a “patriot seed supply” from jebadiah fisher. mass quantity of non gmo heirloom seeds, not little 1/2 ounce envelopes. you can buy by the pound if you want, very reasonable. he said he got tired of the gmo “seed ho’s” ripping everybody off, lol…..got in the oats from ee. buried my little buddy, rudy the wonderdog. he will be sorely missed….did a bunch of much needed maintenance/repair on the tractor….thats about it this week. take care all. sic semper tyrannis.

    • Thomas T. Tinker says:

      RR… Had to put down ‘Clo’ the family fir ball last week…. kinda leaves a hole in the house don’t it.

      • I’m so sorry to hear about your loss guys – I think I’ll go hug my dog now…

      • Hunker-Down says:

        Several times a week I look at our dog and marvel at the creation of God. I am ashamed at 95% of humanity (including me) and delight in the other creachers he has given us. I recommend you get another fur ball to enjoy.

      • Sorry for your loss TTT.

      • I am so sorry – yes, it leaves a HUGE hole, in your house and in your heart.

        I had to put my angel down 12/28/2011, and I’m still at a loss. My 7 year old grandson has been saying lately “Grandma, Milo is there next to you, I can see him” or “Grandma, Milo is sitting on your lap”. Each time is both a blow and a hope that he really does see Milo there with me.

        • riverrider says:

          m, i believe your grandson.

        • ladyhawthorne says:

          I believe your grandson too, kids can see things we can’t because they aren’t old enough to ‘know better’. Sometimes I get a glimpse from the corner of my eye of the cat I had to put down years back. He was truly my baby and I still miss him even if I do have another cat. I believe he visits me.

        • HomeINsteader says:

          I’d believe him, too.

        • OregonMike says:

          It IS true that children see more in the higher (invisible to us) dimension. Believe your grandson and rejoice that Milo is still with you. You may even hear a familiar bark now and again.

          • Grumpy Vermonter says:

            Very sorry to hear of the sadness around the furbabies. My heart goes out to all who are sad about missing loved ones of whatever species right now. My best fur-buddy is battling CRF and Hyper-T, along with asthma. They do teach us to feel sorrow, don’t they?
            But the love is so special it’s worth it, in my opinion.
            I have heard of people who think people who see and sense or hear their furkids who’ve crossed over as somehow demonic or not quite right. I myself can hear my Siamese talk to me, and I often can communicate with other peoples’ pets-and do. My take is that it’s a gift from God which we all have and can develop. I extend it out to all creation and am trying to develop it for all it’s worth, as I often wonder about the possibility that God could help us through the eyes and ears of His creatures and creation if we are open enough to listen. It might be another weapon He has given us against evil. I find it is interesting to consider.

      • River Rider & TTT – very sorry to hear about the loss of your pets

      • HomeINsteader says:

        TTT, I’m so sorry for your loss. I know how precious our furbabies are to us. May I suggest a book you might enjoy? “Cold Noses At the Pearly Gates” by Gary Kurz. We know from the Word of G-d that there ARE animals in heaven; Kurz gives a compelling argument that we will see our furbabies again. You may or may not agree with his premise, but it does make for an interesting read.


        • HomeINsteader. Why do you write holy G -d ? I don`t see why you just say God? I do not know to be creeped out or offended.

          • HomeINsteader says:

            (1) Because I communicate with Jews and Judeo-Christians on a regular basis; a practicing Jew will not write the entire name of G-d out; His name is considered so holy, they do this as a form of worship – to demonstrate His holiness. I follow suit because I believe it is a good idea to always remember His holiness, and this helps remind me of His holiness, every time I commit it to the written word;
            (2) Because I’m not smart enough to remember to make the transition every time I write as to whether I’m writing to a Jewish audience, or Judeo-Christian audience, or an audience who simply won’t care if you spell G-d out in its entirety. Keeps me from offending my Jewish friends, and keeps me out of trouble!

            • I see. Well God is a title not a name. for instance people used to say that Clapton was god. Well Clapton is a god to many people though god is not a name. I always thought that gods name is Jehovah or whwh to the old testamet people. Thank you for the clarification though.

            • HomeINsteader says:

              You are right, axelsteve; G-d has many names, including Y’ahweh, which you are most likely to see. Jews do not (normally) refer to Him as “G-d”; but I am not Jewish; I am merely being sensitive to those who are Jewish as I communicate with them; meeting them “halfway” – as I said, it’s too much for me to “transition” back and forth, so, I simply have trained myself to write out His name in this manner, when I choose to write it out.

              But, then, Jesus’s name was never Jesus, either. It was Y’ahushua, then shortened in the Hebrew to Y’eshua, then anglicized to Jesus. The name “Jesus” does not appear in any form in the original texts, as there is no “J” in the Hebrew “alphabet”, nor is their a “J” sound in the Hebrew language.

          • Axelsteve, to add to HI’s comment, I’ve been told that observant Jews consider it desecration to throw away a book/paper/etc. with God’s name written out.

            Under their laws, a damaged or worn out, say, Torah is retired to a dedicated room in the synagog. Then once or twice a year, these items are buried with services, as if for a body.

            By not writing out the name of God completely, they avoid creating the possibility of a desecration (if the recipient throws it away) or the obligation to only dispose of the writing according to Jewish law (if the recipient is an observant Jew).

      • Millie in KY says:

        I am so very sorry about the loss of the furred family members. They are not human…they are better. And I do believe the little guy was sitting in Grandma’s lap. I actually saw this kind of thing myself a couple of years ago and it just stunned me. Hugs to you all. They are still with you, you just can’t see them.
        I have a house full of dogs, one is very elderly and is doing “all right” but I really don’t think she will make it to summer. Although this time last year I thought she had a couple of weeks left if I were lucky. She’s happy, though. She will be 18 in April. I’m ready but I will be a mess when she goes…..

      • TT, so sorry for the loss of Clo. God bless.

      • My cat Hemi will sometimes come and hold my hand, and sometimes it takes two paws.
        My condolences and Hemi’s on the loss of your furfriends.

    • Sorry for your loss RR. I feel in my heart that animals we loved will be waiting for us when it’s out time to cross over.

      • riverrider says:

        bc, i hope you’re right, and i hope i’m worthy of being there when that time comes.thanks

      • HomeINsteader says:

        I believe you are right on this, bc. Your furbabies sure are cute!

      • They’re waiting on The Rainbow Bridge for us and will cross over with us when we arrive. I believe that, and I will have a crowd waiting for me.

    • Sorry you lost your dog riverrider…that is always so hard to go through!

    • So sorry to hear about your loss, RR.

    • I feel your pain. My Bella died last month, I missed her so much. They keep telling me it will get better. You and I have to keep hoping they are right. Will keep you in may prayers. God bless, Linda Lou

      • Linda, We had a beloved pass in October. We just got 2 new pups last week – that was my prep for the week! Without knowing about your Bella, we have named one of ours Bella 🙂 It is so hard losing a loved creature – they are God’s blessing in this life. My prayers are with you, and all here that have lost their best friend(s)…………

    • Sorry to hear about both of your dogs lost. They don’t get nearly enough time on this earth.

    • Since I burried cheeto last month I feel the same.I never realized how much he shed since he is gone though I would gladly clean up after him if he was still around.I thought the seed ho was funny.

    • Sorry for loss as well rr. Maybe plant a tree or some kinda plant by your buddy.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Rr and TTT,
      It is like losing a child. I have gotten thru the grief remembering how much love our fur babies gave us.
      So sorry for your loss.

    • Petticoat Prepper says:

      Oh, tears for everyone’s lost pets this week! Here I was just chastising my little dog for getting the kitty’s toy and tearing a hole in it. No, he can’t have the toy but he’s on my lap as I type….

    • Sorry for your loss!

      • riverrider says:

        thanks guys. i feel like i let him down. he was one happy pup while he was here tho. can’t wait to see him again.

        • rr –
          You DIDN’T let him down!! If anyone did, it was that a***ole who hit him and didn’t stop!!!
          Was he the one you rescued from the dumpster?

          • k, no they all got adopted out in the first week. wish i’d kept one now. rudy was a pound pup tho, all my critters come from the pound. thanks.

            • Wow, pack, just got overwhelmed with grief for all who have lost their friends… I came close to losing my lab baby ( she’s ten) a few weeks ago. She had a massive uterine infection and the day that I realized something was wrong, hubby and I BOTH had a nasty stomach bug, so took her in next morning. Our vet is a friend and we have a great relationship with him (kennel full of hunting dogs) so when he says “surgery, NOW,” I agreed as well as hubby who was on speaker. I walked around the house wringing my hands until he called me personally to let me know she was ok. Having so many dogs, some, eh, they are tools for hunting… But there are others that worm their ways into your heart. God keeps them all waiting for us in Heaven.

            • HomeINsteader says:

              Dogs are never “tools”. They are living creatures with emotions, including hunting dogs. I doubt you meant to convey otherwise, but, considering you have a wide audience here, it’s important to be clear – dogs are very emotional creatures, and they count on us to care for them.

            • HiN, Not to say they are hammers, or nails, these guys are all loved and cared for, but the ones I referred to as tools are just that. They have no interest in snuggling, or any other human interaction with humans until they hear the truck being pulled up for loading. Then it’s “let’s go, boss!!!” and all they care about is running, running, running and POINT!! We have spent thousands on tracking equipment to find them because they will run for miles. Just one of the Garmin GPS locators with 2 dog capability is just under a thousand dollars. We found two Shorthairs on the highway yesterday, and are actively seeking their owners. They are all part of our family, but like the chickens, they have use and help provide for the family. Everybody pays their way. The proverb someone quoted about those who will not work shall not eat applies to our household, be it two legged, four legged, or winged. We do not let any critter other than the cats run loose, like so many. In fact we tend to get the animal control office stopping by to see if we know who strays might belong to. People ( PETA people) decry us keeping our dogs in kennels, other than the lab baby, it’s for the dogs protection. Piped in water to each, houses in each, septic tank for the waste, covered with pole barn, and summer will bring out the large fan. We have actually won a jury trial when the newish subdivision behind us tried to make us follow THIER rules.

            • HomeINsteader says:

              Well, I was sure I understood your intent here, Shai…as I pointed out, however, there are thousands of people registered, even more not registered who read this, and all kinds of “ideas” out there. As a dog rescuer, I can tell you, it’s important what messages we convey regarding our animals – I clean up the mess from wrong understandings about dogs on a regular basis – and dogs are very emotional creatures, as I said. Blessings,

    • Surviving in Ky. says:

      Sorry to hear about the “Wonderdog” river. I know when I lost mine a couple of years ago (coyotes I think) I was lost. I still have one pup from her but he is 11 years old and had a couple of run ins with cars, which he lost. He is like part of the family and goes everywhere with me. Its funny how you can get attached to an animal so much it hurts. Again sorry for your loss. Good job on the oats, be sure to add some sugar and butter to your preps, oats is kindly bland without a little pickme up. Have a great week and you’re in my prayers!
      P.S. Say hey to Tinfoil for me.

    • Riverrider, Thomas T. Tinker, and all, so sorry to hear of your loss. Our fur children are just as much members of our families as the two leggeds and are truly missed when they go. Prayers for all that need them (that must be the entire Wolf Pack and families). Take care, all.

    • Mystery Guest says:

      So sorry about rudy.
      When your dear pet goes it sure leave an empty place.

    • HomeINsteader says:

      I’m so sorry about your rudy, rr. Please see my note to TTT on the book. You might enjoy it, as well.

    • HomeINsteader says:

      rr and TTT, this is especially for you.

      I hope this will encourage your hearts today.

      A prepper friend of mine sent me a message early today – her collie, which had “disappeared” 8 months ago, showed up again this morning! We have no idea where she’s been. She was a bit disheveled and a little “scared” at first, but delighted to be reunited with her “pet mom”. And her “pet mom” is overjoyed today!

      I know you’ll rejoice that this prepper gal’s collie is returned to her rightful family, even amidst the sorrow of saying goodbye to your furbabies (for now).


    • RR, Terrible news about your wonderdog. God bless.

    • Linda in SoCal says:

      My condolences on the loss of the wonder dog. It is never easy to say goodby.

    • RR, I found his website and I have ordered the Patriot Seed Package, as well. This guy gives a LOT of seeds for the money. Thanks for the heads up, man!

    • Kind thoughts and prayers to RR on the loss of Rudy The Wonderdog and TTT on the loss of Clo. Also to those mourning a beloved furbaby (including Bella, Cheeto & Milo) and those caring for a sick or elderly four-legged family member.

    • bernie in texas says:

      how do i get heirloom seeds from jebadiah fisher thank you i am startering my garden now

  4. The only prepping I’ve done this week is trying to fall back into the routine of working 14 hour days plus an hour drive to work and back home. Please Lord! Let me win the lottery!!! I’ve also discovered that 3 of my 6 “hens” are in fact roosters. Time to start the adoption proceedings!

    • Backwoods Prepper says:

      Adobt to the potthat’s what I do.

    • Alittle2late says:

      just separate the Boys and get em to about 10 weeks or so and put um in the freezer.

    • New job BC? Hope it is something you will like to do!

    • ladyhawthorne says:

      I keep entering Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes……………………

      And maybe it’s time to add to the stewpot with those roosters?

    • Tactical G-Ma says:


    • Backwoods Prepper says:

      Are you back to driving bc

      • yes, i took a job in the big city hauling sulfuric acid. its lousy pay,long hours and the most dangerous job ive ever had,but it will give me some insurance for my wife and keep some groceries on the table. if i can make it five years,im done working for the man. ill have everything payed off then and my youtube income will keep my lights on.then i can have more chickens and a huge garden.

        • Backwoods Prepper says:

          oh I hauld that for the gas well fracking. I didn’t like it at all.

        • Backwoods Prepper says:

          Next month I’ll be skate boarding again but not for long like you I’m ready to give it up. But until then I’ll be part of the left lane chain gang whoop whoop.

          • i was an owner operator for more than 20 years. 11 of those leased to forward air. then my wife starting having health issues and i came home and got a job in the oilfield hauling flowback from the fracing sights to a disposal. i was making 3 times more doing that than i am now. the gas industry shut down here and moved to north dakota and south texas to work the eagle ford shale. pulled skate board for many years. ahhhhh,,,,, the good old days.

            • Spent around 9 years OTR… pulled box, reefer, and tanker. Glad I got out when I did. I don’t miss being gone all the time.

            • Backwoods Prepper says:

              I know what you say’in driver. I hauled new furniture (Stick wagon) for the first 4 years and company went under. then I ran chicken wagon to shakey and back to hunts point for 2 years. leased me a truck at prime and thought I was going to starve to death. Started pulling medical out of VA and PA to Reno but still had to go through Shakey and pick up. that lasted 4 years and the last 4 I was on skateboard Running Roanoke VA to Houston TX, Alexandria LA, Ogalala NB. rail road parts.

        • Hi BC,
          If it helps you out for ‘Pack members to subscribe to your channel or lend you stuff to review let us know.

      • HomeINsteader says:

        I’m thinking that job came through. Congratus, bc! (I think?!)

    • Bc –
      I’m not sure. Should I congratulate you on the new job or should I send my condolences? Seems it could go either way …

  5. We definitely didn’t get as much done as we wanted, but I did manage to get a few things so…

    Ordered and received seeds for the garden (this just leaves the few things I want to pick up as seedlings.

    Ordered and am waiting on pantry organization racks for my pantry to make it more organized… yeah, I know, I do a lot or organizing…

    Ordered a year’s supply of contacts before my script expires (need to order another pair of glasses)

    Ordered 2 pairs of shoes

    Hit a great sale and stocked up on a few more packs of meat for the freezer

    Bought Legos

    Used a gift card to get the kiddo a couple pairs of jeans

    I know there’s more, but you know how it is… unless I write it down as I am doing it, I can’t remember a thing I did this week…

    Have a great week!

  6. Thomas T. Tinker says:

    Most of this week was spent connecting the dots. Our food preps have now filled all four sides of our 12′ x 20′ space floor to ceiling…. Water is our issue… still working that one. I don’t know what the ‘experts’ would grade us at………. Shelter is redundent, Meds reduntent, food is redundent, equipment is re-redundents, Security is to the point we are equiping the rest of the families. Water is our bugaboo….. short of installing a pool… aw… yeah.. no place to put it… we have an inflatable that we only hope to have up with some ‘warning’ of an event that would require it.

    Decided to start up an ‘Impact Weapons’ business…. I call them post ban open carry alternatives. Nothing ornate. Nothing artistic. Nothing Tactical looking. Will trot it out next month along with a 4 plus hour course on how to…… too. Looking for a nice acronim PBOCA dosen’t really sing…. does it. PTA… Personal Tactics Alternative… eh..

    • Thomas T. Tinker says:

      How about the ‘PITS’ yeah…. PITs P-ersonal I-mpact T-ool s ah hell…. skip it.

    • Good luck with tha >TTT Work around the apostate bastard system.I hope that you make lots of money at it as well. Still need to drive the point to tdl and his monkeys that we are not subjects.

    • riverrider says:

      how about “things that will get you shot taking them to a gunfight”?lol!

    • Surviving in Ky. says:

      Great job on the food preps Tinker! I need to get back to that myself but will have to install more shelving. To do that I am going to have to work on opsec and build a room in the basement to keep behind prying eyes. I know how you feel about the water situation and I’ve been going back and forth with it for some time. I would like to dig a well but worried about the expense and what if no water. Did check into tanks at tankdepot.com, reasonable rates. Good luck with you’re PBOCAPTA or what ever you call it. lol

  7. Alittle2late says:

    Hi all,
    Ordered a few more books on fruit trees and gardening. Replaced some supply’s that have been used. Ordered a crap load of seeds for the new place, when I get there. Did some minor PM (preventative maintenance) to the truck.
    Been sucking up all the overtime I can get (17hrs) this week. Thats about it.
    M.D. what fun is it to have a porch out in the sticks if ya can’t PEE off it?
    Is it me or are there crazies coming out of the wood work nowadays?

  8. I ordered 80 lbs. of chicken breast from Zaycon Foods for $1.99 lb. That’s a great price for hormone free and antibiotics free boneless, skinless chicken breast. My dh has learned not to ask, “Don’t you think that’s a little excessive?” This time he only asked, “Are you sure we have enough room in the freezer for all that?”

    I have found Ebay. I am addicted. I am cleaning out all the superfluous crap we have stuffed in closets and selling it. So far I have sold two things for $100, and I have a bid for a third sale for $75.

    • Bam Bam my stepmom used to sell stuff on ebay. She would buy books at thrift stores and resell it on ebay. She made some real good money at times.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Bam Bam,
      Teach me how to sell on eBay, please. I have a lot of objet d’art that needs to go. Limonge, c,Capodemonte, lladro, etc.

      • ladyhawthorne says:

        Running 2 ebay stores (for the place I work) is what I do for a living. Best thing I can say is excellent photos are a must!

      • Encourager says:

        Teach me, too! Could someone right an article for how to sell on Ebay? I have lots of stuff to sell, but am a bit scared to get started.

        And selling extra stuff so you have more money is prepping, right? More money to spend on prepping!

    • Ebay is great for getting rid of things. Unfortunately, you can also buy things there… so be careful!

    • Alittle2late says:

      Be very careful. Selling is good, buying can get even worse.

      • I hit two local swap meets three times a week. One of the other regulars prowls for CDs and like-new books which he then lists on Amazon a trifle below the cheapest other copy listed. I don’t think he makes a great living at it but he does make a living. As long as the books are new enough to have ISBNs he can sell them easily. He picks up the CDs usually for no more than a dollar a piece (pretty standard swap price around here) and sells them for several dollars on up.

        I didn’t do much to prep this week, but today I did get three of the small propane cylinders for Coleman lanterns/stoves for $5.00 at the swap meet. They usually run close to $5 here, anything under $4 is a fabulous deal. We usually use the big ones as they are a lot cheaper, but nice to have small back ups.

        Also added two bags of cat food to the supplies. One of our cats has special prescription food and it isn’t always available on demand, so we like a good stash. Oh, and some AAA batteries from CostCo .

    • Bam Bam –
      How’s about doing an article on eBay sales for dummies like me? I’ve got a lot of guitars I need to be getting rid of while I’m still able, but looking at the eBay site just leaves me clueless and my slow internet connection won’t allow me to download their “how to” videos …

      • Okay, I will write up an article. Basically, all you need to do is open a PayPal account, then register with Ebay. You take a picture of what you want to sell. Check out what similar things have sold for in the past and list it for a price. I like to have an auction price (starting bid) and a “buy now” price.

        I have purchased some real gems from Ebay–a set of picture frames for $6.99 that are worth $30 easy. (I have an identical frame.) The thing you need to be careful with is charging for shipping. Maybe I should write up an article–I’ve only been doing this for a week and a half, but I have learned a lot (particularly how not to get caught paying shipping costs when you sells stuff. I had to eat $13 on my first sale because I underestimated shipping.)

    • bam, zaycon is coming to my area soon. i’m assuming you endorse their product. have you tried their sausage links?

      • Riverrider,

        I ordered hamburger from them a few months ago on the recommendation of folks here–it was the best hamburger I have ever had. No off smell, grass fed, no antibiotics or hormones. The way they make their money is in not having a regular store (you pick up the meat from a local church and it’s kept in a refrigerated truck). You also have to buy a lot–40 lbs. per order for the chicken. You then have to divide up the chicken and package it yourself before you put it in the freezer.

        I wholeheartedly recommend Zaycon Foods.

  9. Greetings to the Pack!
    This week was sale shopping. Wal-Mart was clearing out watch caps and gloves so we picked up about 14 total items. They also had a pair of snow boots that would work for sidewalk detail for me for $15.

    Picked up about 30+ medical items at the Dollar Store.

    My order of 6 x #10 cans of pilot crackers came in. I also got 10 boxes of rice mixes for $1 each.

    My order of 5 oz of silver arrived.

    I met a guy at the Men’s Retreat who sells lead bullets for reloading. He was going to a show this weekend and traveling near me so we met up and I got 1300 various bullets.

    Still waiting on some other equipment that is on order (some won’t come until May).

    We sorted out and inventories my reloading supplies this week. I wanted to have a better idea of what I had and what I needed. So far we’ve finished the bullets, powder, and primers. And we are about half way through the brass. I will be very happy when the basket gets here for my sonic cleaner, so I can get more brass prepped. I’ve almost finished with what is done.

  10. I bought a book: The Gourmet Food Storage Handbook. It takes cooking with freezed-dried and other stored foods to a whole new level! I posted a review on my blog if anyone wants to see it.

    I also placed and receive my first order with Honeyville. They have great smoothie mixes I have been mixing with kefir milk. They are really good!

    Started my garden seeds, I am so ready for warm weather! It has been raining so much and the temps are in the 40’s & 50’s. Burrrrr!

    • Thanks for pointing out your blog. I love to read and take in all the info I can. I’ll read more of it later. You sound like you’re a great person , filled with a wealth of knowledge. can’t wait t oread more of it. I think I was born in the wrong century as well 🙂

      • GIL,

        Thank you for your sweet comments!

        About being born in the wrong century, I have gone so far as to wear the styles of yesteryear. I didn’t feel like I had a choice, the clothing styles of today are ugly and they never seem to fit right!

        I kept looking at pictures of skirts and dresses from 100 – 120 years ago and said, if I can’t buy them I will make them myself! (Women don’t wear dress pants on Sundays in my church.) In addition, corsets are so much more comfortable than bras. (I mentioned that on the bra post here a week or so ago – but it is SO true it is worth mentioning again!)

        • Schatzie Ohio says:

          Kate – I have a pattern for a very nice and very comfortable 1850’s dress. I have machine sewed one and hand sewed another. The pattern is called ” Isabella’s work dress” by Chile n’ Crackers. I think you can find it on google if you want to check it out.

          • Schatzie Ohio,

            Thank you for that information! This summer, my ward (congregation) is going to walk the Mormon trail (well, part of it). I will need that dress!

    • Alittle2late says:

      40’s & 50’s man I wish. That’s shorts and sandal’s weather. Try teens and 20’s. I can’t get the house above 61. Not complaining though. I don’t have 3 feet of snow to deal with…..yet.

      • Alittle2late,

        I grew up in New York, so I know what snow looks like – I shoveled enough of it when I was a kid! The older I get the less it seems I can tolerate the cold.

        My idea of getting dressed for cold weather now is to ditch the sandals and put on shoes and socks!

    • Kate

      40’s and 50’s, burr? All relative. Here in WI that would be a welcome warm up and call for breaking out the T-shirts!

      We like your winter weather, but would not so much welcome your summer weather. Stay warm.

      • I was out building fence at 36 degrees in a short sleeved tshirt last Thursday!

        • When it gets down to 38 degrees, I am dressed like the the puff-ball ninja–I’ve got on so many layers.

          • Haha Bam Bam. My sister lives in Florida and she starts to layer on the sweaters when it is 60. We have nights that get down tot he 40’s in July. She doesn’t visit often.

    • I enjoyed your “making firestarters” post and photos.

  11. Rider of Rohan says:

    Received 2 buckets of freeze-dried food from Mountain House, an order of Heirloom seed from the Baker seed company, bought several cases of canned goods at Sam’s, received a water filter from Katadyn, bought 2 boxes of .22lr cartridges(that’s all they would let me buy), and looked at more land for a BOL.
    I also was able to go through some of my supplies(I was supposed to do that in January), and rotate some of the products and medicines out and replace them with up-to-date supplies. I still have more of that to do when I get the time. Some of my supplies(vitamins and peroxide in this case) were closing in on the best buy dates, so it’s good that I checked them out. Be sure to rotate your supplies on a yearly basis if need be and use perishable items before they go bad. I did get a bonus in that I found a coffee can full of change that I will need to look through and then roll so I can turn it into useful supplies.

    One other item, I noticed that there were fake American Eagle silver coins that are now circulating, so be careful. It’s easy to tell if you have a fake. The fake has the the front and back of the coin facing the same direction(both up or both down) when the coin is turned on its axis whereas the real coin will have the front the reverse of the back. When one side of the coin faces up, the opposite side will face down in the real coins. I hope that didn’t confuse anyone.

    • Good point on being sure to check your stores. A couple of years ago, I was going through mine and found a bunch of #10 cans of nitrogen-packed winter wheat that I had purchased back in 1986!

    • Remember, a “Best By Date” is not an expiration date.
      We had freeze dried hash browns dated 2/2/2012 this morning. Sure were good! Washed it down with coffee that was dated for 2010.
      Use the older first but dont be over concerend with that date.

  12. It has been an interesting week!

    As some of you have read, my neighborhood (or most of it) decided to get together and do some extensive work for security around our neighborhood. We put in a exterior camera system, we put up regular fences (doubled) we strung electric wire fencing, we put up motion security lighting, etc. It was not cheap and we all worked hard. We dug trenches to bury wiring as needed, we climbed trees to put up “birdhouses” with cameras in them, we dug post holes, we hammered up the board fences, well by now I am sure you get the drill. Most of us have alarm systems in our houses. We went 3/4 of the way around the back sides of our houses. Two houses on the corner did not want to participate. The one on the very corner because it is a rental and faces another street and the next one……….a couple. This couple lives off disability checks, but go skiing once a month. He actively participates in golf and plays on a local baseball team every year and earns money “off the books” he says by painting houses and doing yardwork…………….and when we were putting up our security system, they whined that it would be nice to be included but they weren’t ready to spend any money. So now I have painted the picture I hope………….this week all 8 of us that DID spend the money were served with a lawsuit. It states that we are “excluding” them from a HOA functioned project and they want us to provide it for them free or get this, pay them $50,000 so they can take care it themselves. When I got back from the BOL on Friday, my neighbors were all nearly waiting on my door! We don’t have a HOA (Homeowners Association) They are charging that by doing this project, we created one and that they have the “right” to be included…………My next door neighbor, one of the ones with a german shepherd and has trained my monster was so livid I thought he was going to have a stroke. The old couple across the street, he was so mad he was shaking and she was in tears………… Now we have to hire an atty and take the money and time to deal with this. In this lawsuit they also complained that we do not include them in our “planning” meetings……….and expanded on that one to mean my once in a while wine and cheese get togethers……….This couple are absolutely on the side of the socialists, you KNOW how they voted, they want to be taken care of and do feel entitled. It is going to get rough. My neighbor says he is going to follow this guy around and catch him doing work that he isn’t supposed to be able to do and turn him in. We will see how that goes. ’tis a mess! I am soooo not happy!

    Other than that, I found some ammo and bought it. I took a load of “stuff” up to the BOL. Nephew and BIL have the floors sealed in the metal shop building, and have been busy building shelves and work tables and have started digging post holes for the garden fence and digging a trench to put in the water line to the garden area. I ordered cabinets for the shop and they are due in 2 weeks…..they will have to come back to Cali and get them, that I cannot deliver. They have also started to put up a loft in the shop that will in the near term be some extra storage and sleeping quarters. Mostly storage. BIL wants an old refrigerator of some kind to put out there……….it is beginning to sound like the beginnings of a man cave to me 🙂

    I did an inventory on what emergency food I want to send up to the BOL, found I had missed some items so have placed a couple of orders for that. And we all had a serious discussion on selling out both of my houses here and just retiring and moving on out of here………..giving that one serious thought!

    I will finish by telling that I am speechless at the things that this super majority of Democrats wants to pass as new legislation as regards guns here in California! They have will have no problem passing all of it. It will take forever to be challenged by the courts. They want gun owners to have separate liability policies. I need to explain this one a bit. Please understand this, if you have a home or rental policy in this state now, you already have liability insurance for any incidents with your guns. By demanding this, they are demanding that folks that have no assets buy the insurance…………the question is, will the biggest group of irresponsible gun users in this state, the gangs….care? HA! Needless to say all the crap about banning weapons, clips, and making you do background checks to buy ammo……….well it will pass………..folks, it is going to pass here in this state.

    Work hard to keep yourself safe wolf pack!

    • Save the money for an attorney and spend it on a detective to get videos of the man working. Is he physically able to golf, ski, and play baseball if he has a physical disability? If it is a mental disability, maybe that is why he is suing.

      Or, just make sure you get video and turn him in. I want to hear the results of all this.

      • It is his “back” don’t you see……..he has “spells” where he “gets down in his back………..” Her issue is her weight………and her knees are bad because of the weight.

    • Petticoat Prepper says:

      I completely agree with your neighbor about following those nit wits around with a camara. I’d get some friends to follow them as they’d probably notice any neighbor cars.

      So sorry you’re having to deal with this. IF you had a HOA they would have been required to pay into the ‘pot’ for any and all projects. Or at least the landlord would have which would then bump the rent. I’d get the landlord involved too.

      Scum like this should be relocated to some federal housing project….in Chicago maybe…..

    • Sounds like you need to get the [email protected] out of that neighohood and state. Maybe you “wonderful” socialist neighbors need to be invited to a blanket party if you know what I mean.. Good luck with getting them “outed” to the disability people , just makes me sick that people like them exist but ones I know that NEED disability help keep getting denied time and time again because the system is so corrupted by people like yours down the street.

    • mountain lady says:

      Worrisome: Just read your post for the second time. I am so sorry that you are having to deal with those low-lifes, but here in Cali, they seem to be everywhere. I was hoping that your new BOL was not it Cali, so my heart was lifted to hear that it is not here. I personally would get out of here ASAP. Things here are only going to get worse. The peoples of Cali will soon get what they voted for and it is not going to be pretty. Prayers to you and yours.

      • Come on Mountain lady, we will find a place in the hills of Nevada for ya……………Thanks

        • mountain lady says:

          Thank you so much for caring. I think I will be okay here, as I may be a little to old for that big a move. 3 of my 4 cats are also getting on, and I want them to be happy for their last years.

    • Definitely follow your problem neighbor around with a video camera. Get him on video and have is entitlements revoked. They will then go after him in a court of law for fraud. Whatever you do… don’t mention this to him until you have the proof and lots of it.

      Is it possible that y’all could do a class action counter sue?

    • HomeINsteader says:

      I hope you ALL read worrisome’s post re: her Obamanationite neighbors. This is our world. This is what we’ve become.

      I’m sorry, worrisome; it makes me sick that there are even people like this in our world.

      2 Thessalonians 3:10
      If anyone will not work, neither shall he eat.

    • worrisome –
      Although I feel there is NO NEED for additional firearms legislation in CA, I do hope some of these proposed bills will cause gun owners to think a bit.

      Senate Bill 108 is a prime example. Even though I DON’T feel a law is necessary to REQUIRE owners to lock-up their weapons when they aren’t home, maybe discussion of it WILL get individuals to see how important it is to keep their firearms secured. So much crime occurs using stolen firearms, owners who neglect security are simply contributing ammunition to the rants of the “anti-gun” crowd.

      As for the liability insurance issue, again, I DON’T feel the legislation is warranted (or even legal), but folks really should protect themselves with an excess personal liability policy. The one offered through the NRA doesn’t cost much considering …

      p.s. – one piece of legislation I WOULD support would be putting a stop to frivolous lawsuits! CA law is just stupid to allow such actions as you described!

      • k fields, sometimes you seem like a real nice guy and sometimes you seem kinda like you don’t necessarily think things through so well. Any legislation passing now in Sacto has a super majority. There is no counter balance, this isn’t about getting “people to think..” this is about control over you and dumping the Second Amendment. And unless you are a hunter, you do not need the NRA insurance and why should the responsible have to pay “more” for those that are running around in downtown Oakland killing each other? If you feel the need to go buy more insurance, do so…………the rest of us may not want to be “forced” thanks. As far as locking up weapons, dear it is already a law…….
        As for myself, I don’t have any need for an AR 15, but I am not willing to tell you that you can’t have one…….

        • Worrisome –
          First off “dear”, there is currently no law in CA that requires you to lock up your firearms other than while transporting them in a vehicle.
          There IS a law that states you will be fined and/or face prison time IF A CHILD OBTAINS and IMPROPERLY USES your LOADED firearm – but that is all. The method you use to keep your loaded firearm away from kids is entirely up to you.

          Second, you state you are currently involved in a frivolous lawsuit, yet you feel a person living in CA shouldn’t bother with additional personal liability insurance if they own and use firearms?
          I personally have the NRA endorsed liability AND self-defense policies and here in CA, with the State’s history of allowing frivolous lawsuits, I would recommend every firearm owner get it.

          Third, I specifically stated, so many times that I thought it was perfectly clear to anyone, that I felt there was NO NEED FOR ANY ADDITION FIREARM LEGISLATION! Please point out to me where I stated that ANYTHING should be FORCED on ANYONE!!
          Somehow you seem to have missed it though, so I’ll state again that this legislation IS NOT necessary or wanted! Okay? Is that clear?

          My point was, SOME of the pending legislation does bring up points that all CA firearm owners should be aware of and be willing to discuss. I’m sorry that idea seems so reprehensible to you.

          • Reprehensible? The state is broke. I wonder what tax payer dollars are that goes into these new gun control legislation requirements they are looking at. What will be the cost for all of the entities that will push this fight to the courts. That is my point. The way you phrased your defense of all the impending legislation sounded as if it would be a “good exercise” to make people “think”……..there are ought to be less permanent and less expensive ways to get people to “think” than spend all the money they are going to be spending.

            Pasting here the rules right out off the Government website as to locking up weapons that is presently and already legislated….
            Safe Handling and Storage of Firearms
            Under the Children’s Firearm Accident Prevention Act of 1991, any person who keeps a loaded
            firearm where a child obtains and improperly uses it, may be fined or sent to prison. (Penal Code
            §§ 12035, 12036, 12071.)
            To prevent unnecessary injury or death caused by improper storage of firearms in the home where
            children (under age 18) are likely to be present, and to help prevent the possibility of criminal
            prosecution, all firearms should be unloaded, locked with a trigger locking device that renders the
            firearm inoperable, and stored in a locked container. Ammunition should be stored in a location
            separate from the firearm. Other means of safe storage include trigger locking devices, or locking
            firearm safes or cabinets. For information on obtaining firearm safety devices or how they operate,
            contact a firearms dealer, firearms club or association which promotes firearm safety training
            courses, the manufacturer of such devices, or visit the Department of Justice Bureau of Firearms
            website at http://www.ag.ca.gov/firearms/certlist.htm.

            “And again, you do not presently need personal liability insurance to have weapons or use them for self defense in your home if you have a homeowners insurance policy. I am done now, won’t bother to answer anything else from you.

            • Thanks for printing the info on the Children’s Firearm Accident Prevention Act of 1991, but, as I stated, I was already aware that there is NO CURRENT CALIFORNIA LAW mandating how you store firearms outside of your vehicle.

              I know I’ve stated this a number of times before on the blog, but, folks, it’s really important to ACTUALLY READ legislation before passing on information about it.

    • Good Grief Worrisome! Stupid entitled people!
      That is terrible about the lawsuit. Some people will never stop expecting something for nothing, will they?
      You can tell these folks are looking for the opportunity for another handout.
      Everything will work itself out and the karma stick will give them a good smacking.
      Sorry that is happening to you all.

    • worrisome:

      That’s quite a neighborhood you live in.

    • Hunker-Down says:


      Let them know your lawyer MIGHT turn them into the IRS, with a list of the people they did ‘off the books’ jobs to reduce his cost to your group.
      Ask them how much trouble they would have proving they didn’t do work for a couple names on that list. Guerrilla warfare is only fun when you don’t need it.

      • Grumpy Vermonter says:

        Worrisome, I agree with Hunker-Down – if you tell them you might have to turn them in for disability fraud, they might suddenly decide to drop the lawsuit. The nerve of those people. Makes my blood boil. This country’s communist/socialist/progressives at their “finest”, eh?

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      worrisome, California and New York are good examples of the hypocrisy of the gun grabbers. These Democrats say they believe in the 2nd Amendment and that they don’t want to confiscate firearms ,then the very first chance they get that’s exactly what they try to do. We were called conspiracy theorists when we said that is what they intended to do. What will they call us now? The hypocrisy of these people has no bounds. With the .gov buying 1.6 billion rounds of hollow point ammo that can’t be used overseas, and trying to disarm the populace, it doesn’t take a genius to see what is about to happen. Steady, folks, we are going to be in for a rough ride.

      As for your scumbag neighbors, I know what needs to be done. I’ll leave it at that.

    • Alittle2late says:

      HOA’s have monthly “dues” to pay for things. Charge them $50,000 as they are in the rears on dues, then put a lean on their home because they have not paid…your attorney will stop this quick. I’ll bet 8 people with jobs can afford a better attorney than one scum bag,and a slimy lawyer.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      So sorry about all your troubles with your neighbors. People are crazy everywhere but I must say California, as a whole, blows my mind. They have legislated passing gas. Maybe it is time to return it to Mexico. I rag on NYC and east coast nuts cause DH is a Long Islander and we lived there a while as adults and as a teen my family moved to Florida where every other person is from New York. I have spent time on both coasts and love to visit but they have problems not experienced by other areas. I say sell and run not walk to your BOL.

    • I am no lawyer, but aren’t homeowner associations deed restricted by law? You cannot create a homeowner’s association by fiat.

      • Bam Bam you are right………however, the “game” is to make it too expensive to hire the attys to fight this and just roll over and settle. Unfortunately for them, in this case, they have seriously underestimated what they have wrought. Settle in their case would be to continue the security system to their house and I “suppose” install it for them……….These homes have been here since the 80’s and there is no association. It is not going to happen. Their atty is on a spiritual quest to take care of the down trodden………well known area nut. We will win, but it will cost us $$ to do so, in the meantime, the neighbor is pursuing his desire to catch them doing things that according to their disability programs they can’t do. Just a whole lot of drama ………….. nobody needs it…….

        • Worriesome, So sorry to hear this awful story. I think I might do something I would really regret in a similar situation. I cannot believe the impact others can have on decent folks. It is absolutely maddening. I will keep you in my prayers. God bless.

        • Put a chicken foot on their doorstep. That’ll freak them out. They’ll think they were voodooed.

          Also, go to youtube and listen to the Jethro Tull song “Down at the End of Your Road” for some comic relief.

    • GeorgiaBoy says:

      I’m sorry to hear about the problem with those neighbors. I hope your group can get enough dirt on them to get them to back of. You magistrates also come up with an estimate of how much time and money you’ve all spent on your security system-tell them that once they contributed their Pro-rata share of the money and labor, they’ll be welcomed into the non-existent HOA.
      Best of luck with those jackasses.

  13. Didn’t do much this week. Yesterday I sighted in my scope for my .223. At 100 yards I can consistently hit the kill zone of a coyote sized animal. Which is good because I plan to take some out for my farmer friends.

    Also, I’ve never fired a handgun before in my life (hard to believe for you guys but this is Canada after all). Was at the range yesterday and an awesome guy let me shoot a .22lr revolver, a .357 mag revolver and a 9mm semi auto. Haven’t had a bigger smile on my face in a long time.

    Now just waiting for the appropriate licensing to come in so I can buy a handgun of my own. Should be there in a few months. Can’t shoot it anywhere but the range but heck, this is prepping after all, isn’t it.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      I really enjoy shooting my handguns, Mike, and my new favorite is the Ruger SR-22 I just bought a couple of weeks ago. It’s a dandy, and it’s pretty inexpensive to shoot although no one is using up ammo unnessarily these days. The range has been strangely empty compared to the past 3 years. What part of Canada are you in if I might ask?

      • Southern Ontario. Are you Canadian?

        • Rider of Rohan says:

          Well, no, but one needs options, and I wouldn’t rule out living in Canada if I could. I’ve been to Canada one time and liked it very well. It’s the only other place in the world I would consider living if they would have me. I’ve recently opened a bank account in Estevan and keep a small sum of Canadian money there just in case I ever need it.

          • Good plan Rider of Rohan!

            Canada is a good place IMHO in case TSHTF. Sure it’s cold in the winter in most places but most of the population lives within 100 miles of the american border so you have some really good bug out and homesteading options.

            • HomeINsteader says:

              LL, what’s the residency requirement? How long must one live in Canada in order to be considered a “resident’? And, if it’s like most places, once you are a resident, don’t the rules change – usually in your favor? Got a friend in Canada, y’all?!!!

          • Southwestern Ontario… and can’t wait to get out of this overpopulated area… gasp… can’t breath… way too many people…

            RR – make sure you check out the tax implications before looking up here for BOL. Your government has been doing some… lets call them interesting… tax things to those who are purchasing properties outside the US or trying to keep money outside the US.

            • You are in the London area? If so yea, insanity but just be glad you’re not in the GTA. There are still some decent bug out locations pretty close to you.

            • Not quite that far west but between there and the 400 and lets leave it at that for OPSEC. Lets just say that the village I am near is empty during the day as everyone commutes into the GTA – could fire a cannon down the main street and only hit a gravel truck. There are no good BOL close to here and it is a worry.

        • Rob in Ontario says:

          central ont here

  14. Kitchen Witch says:

    bought 50 lbs of rolled oats for $7.00
    20 lbs beans
    2 cases tuna
    11 bars fels napthea
    1 box super washing soda
    2cases corn
    2 cases spinach
    1 case peas
    1 case green beans

    finished moving 1 daughter her hubby and kids out. started cleaning and organizing. think it is never ending. I keep finding more of their stuff. Filled the dumpster now waiting for Monday to have it emptied. Stored a bunch of flour wheat and oats in their proper places. took inventory of all my buckets of food. Now have a yr supply of a bunch of stuff. Put in a small greenhouse and started some Celery, Broccoli, and cilantro. Everything is popping up already. We feel it is going to be an early spring again and want to get a head start on it. All my ladies are laying eggs right and left.

    • Millie in KY says:

      Where did you get 50 lbs of rolled oats? This is for grinding? Or making oatmeal? Thanks!

      • You can get large bags of oats at Honeyville Farms

        • Kitchen Witch says:

          I got it at a local food distributor, It was in their damaged goods, but upon closer look there was no holes or cuts in the bag. Apparently it was an overstock not damaged. they had a bunch of stuff returned but I was on limited funds. It is the quick rolled oats and then I add my dried fruit and spices to it for the grandbabes. They love it and will eat 1 box from walmart in 1 sitting where if I make it they will just eat 2 pkgs for like 10 cents.

  15. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Hey ya’ll,
    Hope the pack is all well.
    M.D. (Mad Dog),
    Love your sign. Does that apply to you or just guests?
    I see you ordered an herb book but you already live in an herbal paradise. So good luck with that.
    It has been a pretty good week for DH and me. We made the round of Drs. since we’re getting over the flu/p-monia. We still have no stamina but it is getting there.
    We got the irrigation pipes and sprinkler heads installed in the new garden. Hubby still has the touch!
    I was ready to start sowing spring garden but weather is not cooperating.
    Speaking of wx, hope all you cubbies in the Noreaster are safe and warm.
    Hit two Goodwill stores. Picked up some grill accessories, spice bottles, a griddle, meat trays.
    Made and packaged more venison jerky. Baked some bread.
    Been studying plants/seeds. With so many varieties and cultivars, I need a degree in botany to sow a garden. Did get some seeds in and the last for the season ordered.
    I received the book “MiniFARMING, Self Sufficiency on 1/4 acre” and ordered “Medicinal Plants of the Southern Appalachians”. TyTy nursery has a sale on now so I ordered two 6′ Filbert trees.
    Must share one year ago two grandsons gave me an orchid plant. Never grew one before but one year later and it has beautiful blooms. Isn’t God’s love evident everywhere? And our pears and apples are in full bloom.
    A doe is ready for pick up at the processors. That will be for next week preps.
    Listening to the news, we heard Dr. Benjamin Carson speak at the TDL’s prayer breakfast. WOW! You could see the POTUS wasn’t impressed but I was!
    March 10th in Chattanooga…depends on DH’s health and gas money but would love to be there.
    Pack, I pray for all of us daily. I love you and God loves you. Take care and keep prepping.

    • Tactical G-Ma,

      Just guests…LOL

    • riverrider says:

      i was impressed with the speaker as well. he was on fox this a.m. but got cut off. the hosts looked at each other and said, “well, i HOPE that was just a storm related cutoff”. i think they were thinking tdl cut them off. the male host says that was the most interesting interview he’s had in a long time. on the tube they say there are calls for himto run for office.

    • HomeINsteader says:

      G-d’s love IS evident everywhere, TGMa! And it is, indeed, a thing of great beauty!

      Romans 1:19-20

    • T G-Ma
      So glad to hear you guys are finally getting over those medical problems!

  16. I gave a customer a couple of couple of hundred rounds of 38 and 357 mag brass. He was very happy to get that. He asked me if I had a 357 and I told him no I just pick up brass when I can.I am an enviormentalist by the way lol! Yeah right.I picked up some food for later,not much. My hours at work was cut to 28 hours a week,the new normal under mr o . I got to figgure out a way to make some more money.I miss Jarhead and Nor cal Ray at times.

  17. Hunker-Down says:

    I did more research on the Hazelnut trees we ordered last week and discovered we can make nut butter, similar to peanut butter. That’s good because we live in zone 4 and peanuts will not grow here. I gotta have a PPJ sammich for lunch every day.

    One thing that is important to us is that hazelnuts will yield cooking oil. Since oil goes rancid after several months it’s important for us to have a way to annually replenish it after the trucks stop running.

    We are looking for a hand crank oil press and could use some recommendations from the Pack.

    I ordered a hand powered drill; it has a plastic body and won’t last as long as the wooden drill set my dad had, but may be needed after the electrons stop flowing.

    • Petticoat Prepper says:

      Add a bit of cocoa to the hazelnut butter…yummy!

      • Hunker-Down says:

        Petticoat Prepper,

        We have cocoa in our long term storage and are waiting for the nuts to grow and worrying about the squirrels. I looked at the air rifles M.D. reviewed but there are so many things on our wish list before one of those would make it to the top of the list.

        • peanut butter and a rat trap from WalMart will end a lot of squirrel problems and make a tasty meal!!! A whole lot cheaper than an airgun! I just bought 5 rat traps yesterday for 2 bucks a piece.

    • HomeINsteader says:

      You can buy a hand-crank oil press from Lehman’s for about $200 (I didn’t check shipping costs), or, here’s another for $145 http://handoilpress.com/
      here’s one for $120 http://www.easyoilpress.com/

      but, I’ll bet you could build your own!

      Or, maybe you could convince bc to make this his next “challenge”?

    • Hunker-Down,

      I have one! Santa gave me a Piteba Oil Press for Christmas. I show how to use it on my blog. Here is a link:


      • Hunker-Down says:

        Kate from GA,

        Thank you!
        Your blog is very professional, I learned a lot from your article and the embedded references in it. I printed it to have a guide when our trees start producing.
        If we get a couple extra bucks, I might get the oil press and buy some nuts.

        I wonder if the 25 lb bags of black sunflower seeds sold as bird food could be used to make cooking oil??

        • Hunker-Down,

          Thank you for your kind words about my blog!

          It is my understanding that you don’t get a lot of oil from each sunflower seed. So, it takes a lot to make a pint of oil.

          I have never tried sunflower seeds so I am not sure, it is just what I read. I do know there are specific varieties that are used to make the oil. I grew some a few years ago to see if they were any harder to grow than the average sunflower. They were just as easy to grow as any other sunflower but I do remember that I had an awful time keeping the birds away. I even covered them with insect fabric and the birds picked right through it!

          I have only tried making oil from peanuts, so far. I want to try walnuts soon!

          • Hi Kate! I just checked out your blog, and there is alot of wonderful, useful info there! Definitely going to try out some of your cooking without electricity idea.
            I love the name of your blog, and how it came to be. I am an inactive member of your church, and get promptings from my ancestors sometimes as well <3
            I hope you will document your journey along the pioneer trail this summer. I would love to see/ hear all about it.

    • H-D,

      You can pick up a hand-crank oil press on Ebay for $150.

  18. This week I worked in the garden.
    Canned some more tomatoes.
    Put some greens into the freezer.
    Moved some seedlings into the garden to take the space of the stuff I removed.
    Sent a letter to cheaperthandirt complaining about the 99$ for the 30 rnd mags. Greedy bastards. I have 10 would have purchased some more if it wernt for the greedy money grabbers. Wait maybe I’m greedy for wanting more then 10, naa!
    Some other stuff but not a whole lot.
    Start a new job tomorrow. Better pay , better company. Should be good all around.

    Oh found some cool stuff on pinterest. Check out this barrel garden

    This thing looks awesome. 72 strawberry plants in 55 gal barrel. You could plant what ever you want. check youtube for barrel garden videos to get the low down. Just so happens I have an extra 55 gal barrel.

    You don’t have to register or give any information what so ever to go and get the ideas from pinterest. very cool site imo

    Have a great week all!

  19. Sorry to hear about all the packs losses on the four legged partners this week, are we losing a lot more or does the pack just have a lot of partners getting older.?? Anyway I know how tough it is , it has been 8 years since I lost one of my favorites and every time I pass her favorited snack in the pet ailse I get little sad come over me for a few seconds , sure miss the old girl won’t ever have one like her again , but may have one just as good in a different way. Prayers out to all of you.

    Thanks for the link to amazon M.D. placed a order with it this week, got a covers and a case for my new smartphone and ordered “Country Wisdom and Knowhow from Storey”, just hate that “free shipping” always have to order something extra to get over $25. My order probably wont add up to much for you but every little counts!!!

    Local store had whole pork loins on sale for $1.69 so I bought three and cut up into roasts, chops and ground up about 10lbs to use in meatloaf and use as “hamburger” in chilli , soup etc. can’t tell the difference much and cost a lot less than hamburger. Also chunked some up and canned a couple dozen half pints , they are the perfect size for a one person meal as a sandwich, tacos or add to rice, beans or pasta.

    Also packed up a couple buckets with 10lbs of rice and beans, and about 8 lbs of oatmeal, along with enough sugar, cinnamon, salt, pepper and spices for everything . I like to pack the stuff to cook with it in case you have to bug out and just grab a few buckets or if I hand one over to family or friends it is ready to go.

    Need to make some plans for something else to do than listen to the lies that will be coming out of TDL mouth on tuesday, guess I can take a nap or somthing.

  20. This week has been more mental than physical for me. Using my spreadsheet software I built a flow chart giving me a visual of my “Roadmap to Freedom”. It has two main sections that branch off from the title. Financial and Homestead. Then under Financial I have “Reduce Expenses” which branches off to… pay off credit cards, pay off home, and lower household bills. The next block down the flowchart is Increase Revenue which branches off into Photography and Farmers Market.

    Under the Homestead I have Farm Animals, Gardening and Home. Of course these three sections also branch off into more blocks. Like Gardening branches off into garden beds, garden shed, and greenhouse.

    One of the reasons I chose to use the spreadsheet software is because of the ability to have the tabs at the bottom. The main tab is the flowchart then I have other tabs for the main blocks. Let’s look at Gardening…. when you click on the gardening tab the sheet pops up with garden beds, garden shed, and greenhouse all in bold text in the first column. The second column spans the rest of the page. So under say garden beds I’ll have lines of ideas that get me to where I want to be when it comes to my garden beds.

    *Right now there is build 6 more raised beds
    **Possibly use cattle panels bowed over between the beds to create an arch for cucumbers, watermelon, and butternut squash to grow on.

    Each time I come up with an idea I can add in a new line easily by “inserting line” and then type in my new idea to help me get to where I ultimately want to be.

    I am still working on getting all my ideas down on paper (er computer screen) but when I do I’ll be able to see at a glance just what I need to be concentrating my time on to get to my goal of “freedom”. For me that is to be as self sufficient as possible and be able to walk away from a full time job and just work part time and work on my little homestead.

    • What kind of spreadsheet software are you using for this? That sounds exactly like something my OCD would love!

    • Woops… forgot I did do some physical stuff t his week. I bought my seeds for this years garden and a “new to me” 15 foot fishing boat, motor, and trailer. Now time for the weather to warm up so I can go wet a hook.

  21. Not much as really really busy for awhile at the workplace.
    Helped replaced 2 valves for outside faucet.
    Did a wee bit of boxing up of supplies. Gotta have the dh lug the vacuum downstairs so I can clean up the shelves before I do much more.
    Getting my seed orders compiled. It used to go much faster, but now it gets spread over 3 companies. OP and prices are big considerations. At least Johnny’s has hulless oats and real hyssop. Hoping my leg holds up long enough to get the garden cleaned up this spring. Probably be a good idea if I started putting in raised boxed beds, maybe a couple of 4×16.
    Considering moving the front line of garden posts about 4′ so I can better control crop rotation and have the lightweight deer fencing up around almost everything. It’s also a pain having the garden in the corner ’cause the neighbor’s woods block the sun until noon. Logistically, it’s the only place I can put a garden. That’s what happens with only a 100×200 lot & shed & hill & drainage & septic, etc. Jeesh. Can’t even move the herbs to the front because of trees shading the only place I could put them. Maybe we’ll get one of those trees taken down this spring. Next storm might put a branch down on the neighbor’s house or deck, anyway.

  22. Hi Pack we spent a couple of days getting ready for the snow. Got 28 inches and now digging out us and the chickens they hate the snow more than me.
    Other than topping of the fuel supply not much else for preps. Ahh the joys of living in NewEngland.

    • Grumpy Vermonter says:

      Hey pj, you got socked! We only got 9 inches up here in VT. Saw some photos on F.Book that showed someone’s house door open with snow all most all the way to the top from the blowing wind! Not that’s a nor’eastah!

      • Rider of Rohan says:

        Well, no, but one needs options, and I wouldn’t rule out living in Canada if I could. I’ve been to Canada one time and liked it very well. It’s the only other place in the world I would consider living if they would have me. I’ve recently opened a bank account in Estevan and keep a small sum of Canadian money there just in case I ever need it.

  23. Petticoat Prepper says:

    Odd ball week for us. Our dishwasher burned up-literally. Contacted the manufacturer and they are refunding us and sending a company to pick up, pack up and ship the unit back for the safety department to study.

    DD’s car continued to be a pain in the a$$ leaving her stranded several times. We finally found a new for us tow car for the fishing boat and bought it. Yeah, all wheel drive! We had her come to the house and traded our orginial car with her. The beast sits in the garage cleaned up and DH has been going through it. Once it’s fixed it’s outta here. Love, love, love my new for me car.

    Walgreens had a really good sale last week on contact solution (almost 50% off) and I had a $4 coupon so I stocked up on that at $1.99 each. I still have to order new glasses and I’m thinking about adding to the contact stash.

    Went to a hair dresser yesterday (first one in about 20 years!). It was nice to have my hair styled not just X inches off the bottom. She wasn’t overly chatty but about half way through she asked about the book I was reading. A 1917 war garden book put out by the US gov. OMG! she launched off on how she’s worried about what the gov’s doing and where the country is heading and how she doesn’t know what she should be doing. The rest of my cut, color and perm was very, very interesting! As I left she asked me to let her know if I think of anything else she should do….

    The only other thing I’ve done this week is dry more veggies. I’ve got a 10lb bag of potatoes to do this week. Sometimes my little dryer runs all week long.

    Prayers always for the pack.

    • PP I just got my hair cut this week also. It’s been years as I’m a cancer survivor & part of my hair never grew back, so I’ve been embarrassed to go to get it cut. I was at a class learning how to cut my sons hair & this nice lady cut my hair for free, styled it & offered to cut it on a regular basis if I will be her model. I was so excited. It sure is nice to go to a professional instead of sitting on the deck rail & having my daughter lop off a few inches! I know what you mean.

  24. B Casparius says:

    Has anyone used the Xantrex 802-1500 X Power 1500 watt portable Powerpack that is for sale on Amazon.com? After surviving Nemo this weekend in New England with no issues, I would like to get a back up source for heat/power other than the generator in my RV. Mr Buddy and Kerosene heaters are against the law in my state and I thought this might be an option. Any comments good or bad? Thanks.

    • riverrider says:

      it won’t run a heater very long.

    • Thomas T. Tinker says:

      “Mr. Buddy and Kerosene heaters are against the law in my state…” Where do you live B Casparius? I think…. opinion alert….. I’d just get a Mr. Buddy or a Jr. and let it sit, once I learned how to set it up. I have the Jr. and the adapter hose now. The March budget ‘may’ allow us to get a pair of 20 lb. bottles. These will be our forth way to ‘heat’.
      Redundent redundent redundent……….

      • B Casparius says:

        It runs on batteries instead of fuel and is on a wheeled cart.
        I live in Taxachusetts and they won’t ship a Mr Buddy to my address. The generator has worked well so far in the RV, and we have run a cord to the house to keep the refrigerator cold or the electric heater on, but it’s pretty cold to sit in the rv in the winter even with the heat on. The walls are just too thin. Still, I am grateful that I have it and thankfully, we didn’t lose our power this past weekend with Nemo, but I was ready to move out there if need be. Also, I was happy with my preps and didn’t need to run to the store like thousands of other people to get food, water and gas. I did, however, walk to work at 6:30 AM at the height of the storm and I stayed warm and dry, so I was happy about that too.

    • If you cant have the heaters… .Move! The states are trying to control too much of your life.

    • am i correct in thinking that this is a 12 volt deep cycle battery with an inverter all packaged up in a neat carry box?

      I was thinking of just making something like this but take 3 or 4 deep cycle 12 volt bats with an invrter and i’d have a back up power suppluy to. run a few lights small tv radio for a bit.

      For a heater i would think a generator would be your best back up, maybe one that can run on propane?

      Stay warm

    • Screw the state. Do what you need to do.

      Thank God I live in Texas. While it aint perfect it’s as close as I know.

      • Grumpy Vermonter says:

        B.C., you must live in New York, Mass. or CT? Just a hunch…

      • Nurse Jane says:

        Having lived in Texas and now Taxachusetts again, I so agree with you, Ron!

        • As an adult I have lived in Californicate, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Georgia, Ohio, Illinois and Wisconsin.
          I have 7 1/2 years overseas in Thailand, England, Saudi Arabia and Guam. I have visited many more places.
          When I say “Texas ain’t perfect but it’s as close as I know” I say it with some authority.

      • +1

  25. Surviving in Ky. says:

    Hope everyone is doing well! Nice sign M.D.! Not alot going on around here this week. Weather wasn’t the best and I had to work overtime this week, so I didn’t get much accomplished. I’ve about finished up most of the gun preps with a few orders yesterday on the tax money, just waiting for them to come in now.
    Recieved 2- 10 rd. magazines for a Marlin 22 magnum
    Purchased the following:
    50 rds. of 12 ga. 5 shot
    15 rds. of 12 ga. Slug
    Combo Tool for AR-15
    Ordered the following:
    Galco Dual Magazine Carrier 9 mm
    Python Double Mag Pouch .45
    Vertical Shoulder Holster, Brown
    Classic Old West Styles Ruger MK I, II or III Holster
    Guide Gear 1911 4 – position Holster
    Guide Gear Glock 17/19/22/23 4 – position Holster
    Nylon Speed Loader Case
    2 – HKS 7-shot Speed Loader – S&W .38 / .357 Mag
    I know the orders on holsters are a bit over the top but I needed extra to arm the rest of the family if need should arise. Hopefully there won’t be a need but you never know. I did manage to get the safety working properly on a Mossberg Model 500 shotgun I have owned for several years. I never liked the way the safety worked when I bought it new several years ago. Over the years with rabbit and squirrel hunting in got progressively harder to work. I attempted to fix it a couple of times and could never get it to work as smooth as it should. I ran across a military safety button the other day on Midway USA and ordered one. That was the ticket, works like a charm now! I would like to change the sights out of a couple of guns to hight sights but I haven’t made up my mind yet.

  26. My eldest son spent one day cutting down and burning the manzanita that is along the southern edge of the area I want for the new garden. He still couldn’t see how I could make a garden on the side of a hill, so I drove him over to the garden that gave me the idea, and suddenly, he’s excited about the garden. Unfortunately, manzanita dulls chain saws quickly, so both chains are at ACE hardware awaiting sharpening – should be back Tuesday.

    I haven’t done much else, except worry about the way things are going in the world right now. I’d like a few more years to prep, to have a few more years worth of food stored, but afraid I may not get it. Now is the time to forgo your daily Starbucks coffee and use the money for food preps people.

    • Michele –
      You need to find someone to show you and your son how to sharpen a saw chain! He should have been “touching up” that chain every time the saw output started changing from chips to dust.

      When you pick-up your chains, get whom ever sharpened them to get you set-up with the correct files and guide. M.D. once posted that he purchased a chain sharpening tool that sets the file angle, etc. for you – hopefully he will chime in here with his experiences with it. If it works, it would be a good starting point to use until you get more experience.

      There will still be times when your chains will require a professional grinding, but doing your own saw maintenance will extend those times a good ways.

    • Hey girl, Get a file and file guide and learn to sharpen those chains your self. It really is easy and when you can keep then sharp your saws can cut soooo much better.

      • for the price of a couple sharpenings,you could buy the electric sharpener from china (harbor) freight for about 40 bucks. its very easy to use and here is one more thing that might give you incentive to not let anyone touch your chains but you. they have so many to do that they throw the chain on the machine and sharpen half the life away because they cant take the time needed to set each tooth up correctly to be sharpened. a properly sharpened chain should last so long you have to take a link out to get it to fit the bar. let the hardware store or sharpening shop do it and you will get two maybe 3 sharpenings out of it. do it yourself and the life of the chain is at least quadrupled and each tooth sharpened correctly.

        • Completely agree, BC. Michele, those handheld, rotating file sharpeners are very easy to use. No question you could learn to do it and save time and money over taking it to someone else.

  27. Mother Earth says:

    Hi everyone, sorry to hear about the pet losses guys, I know that pain well.

    Did not buy much, saving for my seed/plant order. Did buy a very expensive pepper grinder. Evidently if you want one with metal grinder, not plastic and not made in china, it’s expensive.

    Something new…have a request from work ask me about herbs and bartering for some skills the DH has, electrical in nature in case you just had a dirty thought! Also, dd has a co-worker wanting to learn about canning. Maybe some sheeple are getting worried. Anyone else experiencing this?

    I didn’t weigh in on the herb arguing going on the other post because I don’t like to see the wolf pack attack each other. Whether we agree or not, it should be done in a kind way or not at all. I believe we set a standard at this site and hurtful comments are below us. MD has stated he is trying to help people be prepared and how each person does that should be respected. Sorry for the rant!

    • Judy, another one says:

      Why apologize for the rant? To me you are stating the obvious!

    • HomeINsteader says:

      Where did you find a pepper grinder like that, ME? I need one.

      • Mother Earth says:

        It’s a local kitchen specialty store, however, they are on amazon, i just didnt want to wait. Williams Bounds USA or Peugeot, made in France were the two made well with life time guarantee and not china crap.

    • I’ve got a brass Turkish coffee grinder that I’ve used as a pepper mill for almost 30 years. Goes from very coarse to very fine easy as pie and has never given me a moments trouble. Got mine from a brick and mortar back in Texas but Amazon sells them.

    • Mother Earth-I have noticed this as I’ve had several people ask for my help to show them how to can or if they could come observe me. I’ve been canning for 15 years & this is a first.

      • I detect an undercurrent of unease in some of the people I work with. Just little comments her and there about how costs are rising, or how much healthcare expenses and taxes are set to rise.

        People at work know I garden and have chickens (I sell extra eggs for pocket money). Several folks have approached me with questions about getting chickens of their own and/or gardening. These are professional who certainly don’t have to grow their own…

  28. Snow storm was really not too bad here – only about 2ft. Monkey and the dog are loving it. Did however make me look at the paucity of wool mitts, so will be heading to the Sally Ann to rectify that one. Also need to get some smaller shovels and lay in some road salt… Reorganized the pantry this week and sorted out the last of the boxes from last fall’s move. BOy we sure thought we needed to keep a lot of [email protected]!

    • Rob in Ontario says:

      Lili we got 1 foot here – had to shovel off my flat roof of a house first time since I moved here in 98

    • It was a balmy 75 degrees here in Florida–sunshine with only a slight breeze. It has been a little humid for February. But I can’t complain. 🙂

  29. Nothing special here. I found a ‘gun safe’ I liked at Menards. Bought it and put it in the basement. Loaded 1/2 of it. I have to do a bit or work to fill the other half. Still, most of the guns are now locked up instead of hidden around the house.
    My bucket order of whole wheat, milk and flour arrived. I also ordered some #10 can dehydrated fruits and vegetables for the stockpile.
    I received 500 rounds of 9mm ammo..finally. Only took over a month to get it. I found some large pistol primers for my re-loading of .45. Ordered 5k of them since I am running low.
    Practiced my .22, .45 and 9mm pistols again.
    Picked up some more nickels for the money storage.
    That’s about it…

  30. Ozark Flower Lady says:

    Read “Patriots” by J. W. Rawles this week. Received a letter from my Democratic Senator reassuring his position on gun laws. He wants to address other issues and not touch the 2nd amendment. Bought more fabric to reduce the need for paper products needed in bulk in storage. Look at the 1800’s at how people dealt with Kleenex, paper towels, ladies hygiene, diapers, etc. Learned how to make cat food and dog food. Very different ingredients. Picked up more wheat and cornmeal to add to present supply. The cornmeal will go into the deep freezer to entend storage time. Still have room for about 4 more oily grains or beans in the deep freeze. Started some vegetable seed for first planting in the raised beds.

  31. Mystery Guest says:

    I did a lot of nothing.
    Printed out some recipe’s.
    Read prep-survival blogs.
    Trying to keep my wits about me.
    Trying to figure out if there is enough money to do the month.
    Other than the world falling apart I am hunky-dooooooorie.
    Prep for inflation, prep for catastrophy, prep because you can.

  32. Hate hearing of all the pet pal losses this week. My furbaby is in her favorite place(on my lap) as I write. Don’t even want to think of the time that will come when she isn’t here.

    Love the new Blog Header M. D.

    Tended to the greenhouse this week. Onions are beginning to sprout that I planted from seed 2 weeks ago. Planted 2 flats of Tomato seeds. From the garden, I harvested the last of the lettuce, and had 3 heads of Cabbage that were ready to pick. Chopped them up, salted, and placed in my 2 gallon crock for homemade Saurkraut in a couple of weeks.

    Went through my gun safe, and pulled out the guns that I have not used in awhile. Did a quick teardown, and re-oiling of them, since oil tends to get gummy over time.

    And working on my old Nissan Truck, trying to get it running again. Really need a truck, and don’t want to go sink a fortune into another one.

    That was it here this week.

  33. Gave lambchop her nesting box as she is due anytime.
    Drove three hours round trip to pick up a new Cali doe.
    Found 9mm at Walmart. (Curse the three box limit) though I did try to convince the sales lady that my son (7) was going to buy three boxes too…
    Found a deal on a new mossberg 500.
    Turned in my CCHP papers.
    Found clearance priced chickens (.69 a pound) and canned them in pints. Finally bought a second pressure canner, so I can have two going at once.
    My DW found saltines for .99 a box at aldis and bought all of them. How am I supposed to preserve 40 boxes of saltines????

    Stay safe, and may your powder always be dry!

  34. JeffintheWest says:

    Got my order of heirloom, self-pollinating seeds in (from Seeds Now, if anyone is interested in another seed supply company). I also ordered several books from Amazon on useful topics — including 31 Days to Survival (thanks M.D.), and, among others, How to Farm on One Acre (More or Less), 60 Plans for Animal Housing, and a book on goats. So mostly, I just stocked up for the future with some of the hard-copy info we won’t be able to log onto our computers to get when N.K. and Iran EMP us and take down the grid and all our electronics. Oh, and I ordered ITEOTWAWKI, And I Feel Fine! (Thanks again, M.D.!) 😉

  35. Added 600 rounds of .223. Finally bought a dual band hand held Ham radio. Some more water and some freeze dried food. Things sure are spooky lately. The military/police “training” in Miami and Houston, the bid for 7000 AR’s, all the ammo. I dont get whats going on.

    • the ammo deal is freaky, but the 7k rifles are for border patrol. they are heavily outgunned by the cartel at this point, after F&F and the mexican military selling them weapons. they even have drones.

  36. It never seems like I’ve done enough when I sit down to type it all out and have to think about it. I did get some onions and peppers dehydrated and added some more toilet paper and manly smelling soaps and shampoos to our storage. When I’m the only female in the house, I have to make a real effort to keep the guys from getting too stinky!

    I also picked up most of the ingredients to make my own 12-18 month supply of HE powdered laundry detergent but our Walmart was completely sold out of washing powder and borax. It made me wonder how many other people were making the same stuff to try to save a few bucks.

    I also lucked out and found a car emergency kit stuck with the leftover Christmas gift sets at our bookstore for 75% off. It ended up being $3.50 at the register. I figure I couldn’t have bought the jumper cables for that, so it was a good deal.

    I started reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy last night and while I normally love me some post apocalyptic fiction and would have devoured a book that size in a couple hours, this one is giving me fits. I am one of those people that can spot a typo on a full page of a newspaper in about half a second, so the writing style of this is killing me. He uses very little punctuation and has tons of sentence fragments which I wouldn’t mind if those were used to show the characters thoughts, but it is almost every line in the book. I’m forcing myself to finish it because the actual story line seems to be good, but if you are in any way a stickler for correct English, stay away from this one!

  37. I didn’t BUY so much this week, but I feel like I’ve DONE a lot to prep this week.

    Of course, I STARTED with buying the toutedly-AWEsome “ITEOTWAWKI – And I Feel Fine” CD from MD. I can’t WAIT to receive my copy, and learn learn learn. Thanks MD, for making these available for all of us new cubs. 🙂

    I invited my two best friends over, (I’ve mentioned them before.. that they WANT to prep, but just talk about it, and say they can’t afford to). I had previously been compiling the necessary items to make Beef Stroganoff and Hawaiin Haystacks from the cookbook “Dinner Is In The Jar” by Kathy Clark.. and a Food Saver system, and jars, jar attachments, etc.. I decided I would invite them over, and make the jar meals with them, and then send them home with one of each, so that’s what I did. I also sent them home with my copy of Poverty Prepping, (a book I received and read toward the beginning of this week), and told them, no more excuses, get busy. I’m HOPING that they were just overwhelmed with knowing where or how to begin, and that now that I’ve given them a little nudge in the proactive direction, they’ll start their own preparations for the coming hard times I feel that we’re all in for.

    I bought, started, and finished reading “Agenda 21” by Harriet Parke this week, and oooooh my God. If this is even remotely possible, and a sinking suspicion tells me that it might be, this country is in big trouble. Let’s hope that you, and I, and the bulk of the pack.. will be in the woods, with the rest of the Shadow People. Amazing, but terrifying plot, but one that I enjoyed immensely. I promise to do my part, and encourage at least one friend.. or ten.. to read it.

    I am disturbingly NERDILY excited to have started a Sprouts Garden toward the middle of this last past week. I started with plain alfalfa, the seeds that I got with my Victorio 4-Tray Seed Sprouter. I started reading the book I got LAST week.. “The Sprouting Book” by Ann Wigmore.. I had NO IDEA that sprouts were SO darn good for you. It’s times like this that I wonder.. why I never did this before. I’m only four days in, but my little sprouts are sprouting, and wheee, I’m so excited about them, haha. I can’t wait to start adding them to my soups and salads from here on out. My plan is to stagger them, and get another four tray sprouter eventually, so I can always have fresh sprouts both now, and hopefully, ‘after doomsday’ lol. (Especially if I fail at out door gardening like I fear I might).

    Speaking of outdoor gardening. Two days ago, I made my first nose-dive into this little mine-field.. headed to Lowe’s and spent way more money than I expected too, on dirt, moss, a couple relatively inexpensive starter pots.. and some seeds. I’m starting small.. baby steps.. with cherry tomatoes, and strawberries. I have the seeds in their little watered pellets, and germinating. (In my kitchen, beside my sprouts, so now my kitchen table resembles a plant nursery.. lol. Ah we never eat there anyway). I’m hoping that I can read, glean, and learn from you guys, the books I’ve bought, etc.. and that I don’t mess this up. I’m currently reading “Small Space; Container Gardens” by Fern Richardson. So much to read and learn, my head is spinning. Hopefully, things go well, and I don’t kill my poor little seedlings, and that I can add more than just these two plants soon. Wish me luck. I’m gonna need it.

    Other small prepping purchases/activities of less noteworthy status.. A couple boxes of extra allergy medication to stash away. A navy issued emergency fishing kit. I don’t really know how to fish, I don’t know that I’ll ever NEED to fish, but through my subdivision, and across a small golf course is a pond. Maybe it’s stocked, maybe it’s not, but if I need to, one day, I aim to find out, lol. I received my first emergency essentials SUPERPAIL this week, of rolled quick oats. Put my first 50 pound bag of rice into the freezer for four days.. took it out, put my SECOND 50 pound bag of rice in the freezer, took it out. Now they’re.. resting, and condensing or whatever it needs to do before I attempt to put it in my mylar bags and buckets. (Still nervous about messing that up, but I will watch some youtube videos before tackling that. I made my very first Mountain House meal this week, to see if I liked it. Wow, add two cups of boiling water, zip pouch, open pouch, stir, eat.. Beef Stroganoff.. QUITE good, and super easy to do. I was impressed. I also ate a freeze dried ice cream sandwich, also surprisingly good, for not real ice cream. Bring on Doomsday. Haha. Just trying to keep a positive attitude in all of this doom and gloom. 🙂

    I go to bed at night now, knowing that I did, bought, or LEARNT something.. to make me one more baby step toward being ready for whatever is coming, and I feel good about it, (I mean, as good as one CAN feel about it, you know?). My Aunt, who is pretty much by closest relative/friend says she doesn’t even know me any more, and I’m starting to worry her, because she thought I would have passed through this ‘phase’ already by now. *Rolls Eyes* I told her that I’m the same, smart, young woman she’s always known, I’m just working toward bettering myself. Maybe it’s for a coming disaster, maybe it’s for no other reason than to make me feel like I’m accomplishing something worthwhile, but that it didn’t matter, that this was my new direction in life, and she should learn to deal with it now.. cause I’m only going to get better, smarter.. and more capable.. More.. self reliant. 🙂 Go Me!

    Stay safe, Wolf Pack!! And thanks again, for being here for me to talk to, share with, and learn from. *Hugs*

    • A thought for your Aunt and anyone else that comments on what you do. The way I look at it…. Im simply providing myself with insurance. Everyone pays someone else insurance for car, home, life… what have ya…. but I’m paying myself with insurance I can use and I don’t ever have to worry about it getting canceled because of a problem or a claim. This is truly insurance you can count on to be there when you need it.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Yep, Go You, Amy! You had a busy week, where did you find the time? LOL. Great job. But don’t tell the world you prep, or when something happens the world will show up to share your preps. It’s kinda funny how that works.

      • Very true… I was trying to teach a guy about canning and before he left he said something along the lines of… if the SHTF I know where Im coming. I made it known real quick that I had no problems repelling borders.

      • Oh yeah. I’m a lot more tight lipped than I started this journey out with. I talk to my mom and my aunt, because they’re all up in my business anyway, so if I became all secretive and evasive, they’d just try harder. You know how nosy family is, I’m sure, lol. And my two girlfriends and I started talking about prepping together. The difference is.. I started prepping, like I said I would, and they.. just kept talking about it, lol. Aside from my online friend, a fellow wolf packer, they’re the only ones I talk too now.

        • Rider of Rohan says:

          I’m fortunate that my immediate family are all preppers of some sort or another. My two sons prep and my daughter still lives with me so she has to endure it. LOL. But they all know to be discreet, and that’s the main thing. Loose lips sink ships and all that. Take care.

  38. Judy, another one says:

    Been playing with beans and rice over the week. I have a couple of more ideas to try out before I report back to ya’ll on my experiments.

    Did some shopping at the local big-box warehouse and I found a super-sized jar of Nutella (my shopping splurge). I still have it setting on the kitchen table admiring it and dreaming about all the wonderfulness that is inside. I’ve been good and haven’t opened it yet! I can eat that stuff off a spoon just like peanut butter. Who needs bread? : >)

    I hope everyone has a blessed week!

  39. ladyhawthorne says:

    Cute sign MD. In my old apartment I had to tell a young man once that peein’ off the porch was not allowed, especially since I was on the second floor over Main Street!

    Only one prep thing this week. I ordered and received a ‘secret compartment’ item off Ebay. Use that search term and you come up with all kinds of everyday items to store things in that no thief would look twice at. Some I passed by like the soda cans, what if he gets thirsty? I’m well pleased with my item and have ideas for making some of my own. I’ve spent part of today wrapping items in paper towel so they don’t rattle. Much more fun than figuring out taxes.

    Stress at work is continuing, no end in sight. Dreary rainy weather this weekend is not helping my mood much either but better rain than giant snowstorms.

    Just got my electric bill for January and it was 1/2 of what the one for December was. Same amount of cold days but the difference was in January I was only using 2 ceramic space heaters and not the central heat. Might save other folks some money too if you live in a mild winter area. Only heat the room you’re in and only while you’re home.

    Still not able to get any .22lr ammo locally (looking for my friend of course).

    • ladyhawthorne says:

      My Mom said the guy in Walmart in their town says they have plenty of .22 ammo in the stockroom but they are not selling it. WHY? The are waiting for the price to go up! I’m going to try Academy, Mom says the one they go to will only let you buy 1 box at a time but at least they let you buy it!

    • http://www.sgammo.com/
      Store to door in under ten days. Just can’t say enough good things about these guys. The warehouse has been slim lately but you can still get good prices in the popular calibers. It makes sense to buy in quantity.

  40. Greeting Pack!

    Hopefully if you are in upper Northeast USA you are making it through the snow and wind. Your preps should serve you well if snowed in. This type of storm is why one preps and makes ready for storms and the like.

    Stocked up at Walgreens For Honey. 4.99 for 32 oz. Great survival food that stores indefinitely and is uber healthy to boot.

    PU 200 unprimed 9mm brass at Cabelas. Was lucky cause it just came in. No primers, or 9mm bullets available though, along with any .233 or.308 brass. The stuff I’d just not there anywhere in the Milwaukee area, or around it.

    Awaiting arrival of solo stove.

    I am selling a Ithaca model 51 autoloading 12ga for 200.00 if anyone is interested. Contact me at this site and we can talk particulars. excellent cond just want money for other things as I already have 3 shotguns.

    Prep on and God Bless all who need it ( don’t we all need it, LOL )

    • HomeINsteader says:

      Greetings, Bwhntr57! Sounds like a fairly productive week. Well done.

      Here’s a suggestion: the rest of your honey stock should probably be only LOCALLY-PRODUCED, RAW honey. Locally-produced so that you get the benefits of the pollens collected by bees in your neck of the woods, which helps build your immunities for the things you’ll be attacked with in pollen season. Raw so that it is unfiltered and all-natural, with no heat applied.

      Honey has many medicinal benefits, including being an outstanding bactericidal. It never loses its potency. If it gets “thick” or “grainy”, just heat it in a pan of water or nuke it for a few seconds in your microwave to melt it, and it’s “good as new”.

      Hope you find this helpful.

      Welcome to the Pack.

      • And another plus of RAW honey. It helps stop bed wetting (a T at bedtime) & also helps with canker sores in the mouth. It’s well worth the few cents extra.

  41. OregonMike says:

    Indoor seed planting= tomatoes, cukes, pickling cukes, squash, bush beans, lettuce, peppers, bell pep, watermellon. Placed chicken wire over garden veggies to slow down the chicken offensive. Continued to clear oak and cedar for a dozen fruit trees. Did some mods on the coop to give the girls more natural roost spots. NOT adding to ammo/magazine feeding frenzy until it slows down some.
    The sun is finally out in Southern Oregon! Have a good week, Pack, Headin’ outdoors.

    • OregonMike,

      Are you planning on planting apple trees? Apple trees and cedar trees don’t mix. The cedar will kill the apple trees – apples get diseases from the cedars.

      Cedar trees should be at least 50 feet away from apple trees. Don’t hear that caution enough when gardeners talk. I learned that way back in Master Gardening school.

      • What a great tip. Thank you, what about other varieties of dwarf fruit trees? After reading about what MD was doing DW wants to do it too but we have limited space and cedar trees.

      • Do not plant fruit trees near walnut trees, especially black walnut trees. Something in the roots will kill off the fruit trees.

  42. Tinfoil Hat says:


    I seem to remember several months ago you saying that Paladin Press was going to be distributing a series of books by you, one specifically on home brew, but a number of other topics. Any update on when we can expect these additions to your portfolio???

  43. Prepping has been such a part of my life for so long that when I sit down to type it out I can’t think what I did. Right now I do a lot of research for myself and others about all the new “stuff” out there. Currently I’m looking into the Sawyer point 2 zero, or whatever the numbers are and comparing it to the Berkey filter system, and checking out wood-burning fireplace inserts for some people who want to get rid of their gas fireplaces. These are the zero clearance kind, not the kind that have been converted from real fireplaces, so they will have to build a flue. We are also thinking in terms of “hardening” our house with a steel grid system for the windows which can be stored in the shed until needed. The frame would already be in place and we’d just have to install the panels. The engineer (my OH) is working on it.

    We got more water, and another 5 gal gas can and filled/treated it. That’s getting harder to do with gas going up again. Bought sugar and oats in bulk and put in buckets, made up another bucket of dog food.

    Shelf Reliance has some solar/hand crank lanterns on sale this month, and I have a coupon for $10 off shipping, so I think I will get a couple.

  44. Millie in KY says:

    Not much this week. We got 100 shotgun shells in and will order more. Money is tight right now, just got back from the grocery store and spent $32.00, had to put it on my visa for just some bread, potatoes, couple of lbs of hambuger. I am working with 30 hours a week, have applied for three decent jobs (for this area) this week and would appreciate some prayers. DH also applied at two of these companies, we may end up being factory rats but we have to get our bills paid.
    I did do a little experimenting. A couple of weeks ago I rearranged the regular kitchen pantry and found a few things out of date. What the heck. I opened a can of peaches this afternoon from 2010, perfectly fine. I also made a box of some sort of hamburger helper stuff (off brand) and it was also perfectly fine. That was from 2009. So just some interesting information for you all.
    The big bookcase wood awaits for DH to not work on Saturdays, hopefully he can get started on it next Saturday.
    I did some worrying and some praying. Lots of praying. I did a lot of thanking God, too, because I’m so much further along than I was 3 months ago.
    I talked to a casual acquaintence whoalso does dog rescue, same breed as I have. She is in the area that was hit by the storm. She’s worried, doesn’t know what to do. I told her I’d help her, gave her this place to come to, told her to start reading, told her to do the 10 things you can do right now and said it would put her ahead of 95% of the people out there. She was extremely receptive. I’ve noticed our politics are in sync on Facebook. I hope she comes here and that she can learn and work on taking care of herself and her family.
    I have been fretting about my dogs. I will be buying a year’s worth of dog food in a few months, will have some extra money then. I also want to lay in a year’s worth of oatmeal for them to which I can add eggs or varmit kills for protein. Even birds. Whatever it takes to keep everyone fed. I sat down today and did some figuring, it is an awesome amount of oatmeal. I may have to rethink this. I will have to bring in more chickens than I’d counted on, too, probably.
    The next two weeks’ checks go to the housepayment. So it may be March before I can do much more. Although I do need to get some dirt to start seeds in, that won’t cost too much.
    I have begun to do a small yard project with what I do have. There is a lot of gravel around and some decorative block, so am expanding the graveled area just off our porch and putting up a small fence around it to keep the gang from the mud when it rains. Not really a prep project but one that keeps me busy and doesn’t cost anything while I wait for some more funds, either in the form of a new job or selling things, to come in.
    You can feel this thing coming. It is definitely a spiritual war, you feel it in your chest. It’s like the sword on a thread over your head.
    OH! Next Saturday, I do my CCDW class so will look forward to that and enjoy it. I know NOTHING, so I am a blank slate.
    Wish I could be more chipper, sorry. It is always so nice to come and visit you all on the weekend, though, and you all continue to give me great ideas and things to think about.

    • Hey Millie, You and your family will be in my prayers. Getting and keeping a job that is enough to live on is a problem sometimes. I’m glad you have a good attitude about it, that helps. Good luck this week!

    • “Not really a prep project but one that keeps me busy and doesn’t cost anything while I wait for some more funds, either in the form of a new job or selling things, to come in.”

      I think it is a prep project. It is something that you want/need to do for your long term goals. Thus you are prepping towards your goals. It just happens that this prep helps keep the dirt and mud out of your house from the critters.

    • Surviving in Ky. says:

      I’ll keep you in our prayers Millie. Hope you get one of the jobs, I know things are tough all over. The company had to let a few go last week , I hope they will be ok. I pray it’s not a sign of things to come. We were just getting lined back out from the 2008 mess. God Bless!

    • Grumpy Vermonter says:

      Praying for you two, Millie! I saw this on a link from Jim Garrow’s facebook page today and found it very comforting: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4428333320880&set=a.3135818088807.141272.1665480893&type=1&theater

      (hope you can use the link, I just copied and pasted it – it’s a lion with Joshua 1:9.

    • Millie, Will pray for you and your dh. God bless you both.

    • Encourager says:

      Millie, you should be able to buy oatmeal in a 50# bag at any food co-op. You can get regular oats or even Scottish oats.

      You are right about it being a spiritual war. There is such a heaviness, isn’t there?

    • Millie,

      If you wait until June on the dog food, you can expect some excellent sales–National Adopt a Dog Month. About the oatmeal–check out the price on the LDS website. We just opened our first can of oatmeal from them today and it was excellent. I had some oatmeal from Sams that I think had been stored for too long–it was mushy.

  45. Been a couple of weeks since last I posted. Finished cleaning and repairing the water tank I spoke of back then – ended up replacing the entire roof as well as installing 4 new bands – didn’t fall off or have any other problems.

    After that job was over though, I flew to Berlin to meet-up with some friends and attend the opening of an exhibition concerning the happenings there in 1933. Although the exhibits were interesting, it was speaking to others who attended (some who lived through that time) that really made the trip worthwhile.

    Picked up a couple of cases of some really nice wine while driving back from the airport (who can complain about a drive where you can stop and sample wine about every 20 miles of the normally – without stopping – 4 hour journey) and once I finally staggered in, found a friend had dropped off a couple pounds of Costa Rican Geisha coffee at the house while I was gone. Reminded me though that I need to get more chocolate! As mountain lady would say – you can never have enough coffee, chocolate and wine!

    Winter gardens are still going strong, cover-crops on the summer gardens are flourishing, livestock are all fit, healthy and happy, weather has been decent, water tank is once again full, and drinking wine while watching the sunset over the Pacific from the warmth of the hot tub is as enjoyable as ever. What can I say, life here is just great.

  46. Linda in SoCal says:

    I bought fire extinguishers at Costco while they were on sale (instant rebate). I plan on putting one in each car, one in the kitchen, and one in the bug out bag. The budget is about to be really tight for a while, DH has to do his student teaching which means 12 weeks without his paycheck. So, I have been preparing for this by stocking the freezer and pantry, as well as personal items such as soap & shampoo. While it isn’t a SHTF situation, I felt it was important to prep for this event.

  47. I filled out my USDA Agriculture Census form at the last minute as usual and they ask some pretty invasive questions. I lied the minimum to satisfy them and mailed it in. Freaked me out a little bit when I think of the government knowing EXACTLY where the all farms are and what they raise and grow. I almost didn’t fill it out, but when I didn’t participate in the last regular Census I was plagued with calls, visits at the door and letters for a year. Made me feel MORE under the microscope. I just want to be small and not noticable.

    Worked on some more boobie traps to store away. Finished 300 more feet of 6 ft fencing.
    Found 7 backpacks for charity packs for 1.00 each at the thrift store. A hand crank baby food grinder. A nice large heavy ceramic bowl perfect for bread making.

    Taught four little girls firearm safety this week and we shot up a couple boxes of 22lr ammo, which I need to replace now. We practiced “Fight like a Girl” escape techniques and they did a great job at both. I got hit in the nose by one of them and it hurt pretty bad, made my eyes water. Good job!
    They were very attentive, respectful and safe. We had ice cream afterwards. Guns, fighting, and ice cream. What else could a little girl want?

    I am really excited that the WALKING DEAD is back on tonight. It is snowing buckets so we are snuggled in watching the marathon. Love me some Zombies.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Mama J
      I too love zombies. Your talking about hand to hand for women took me back a few years. When I first started kickboxing I was afraid of being punched in the face. Once I had been clocked a few times and realized I could take blows to the face and body without severe damage I could grapple and box with the best of them. Just turn on the adrenaline and go to work. EVERYONE needs experience with close contact and direct contact assault. The more you practice the more you are able to act rather than react. Would be good to pick up some round gauze (like dentists use) and learn how to set a nose. Its much easier than rhinoplasty later on. Haha!

      • TGMa,
        Agree, agree, agree!
        I LOVE kick boxing and have taken self defense courses for years. I am not belted in any disipline, but have children and other family that are. I like to break a sweat and know to smash someones face in if I need to. LOL.
        You are so correct on being hit. Especially in the face. I hate it, but when I get a good hit in the face I can get into that offensive place. Not to be confused with a hard blow to the head. OR a slap to the ear. That is one of my favorites. Not!
        No one know how they will react until they have had hand to hand. Some (mostly women) have never had a violent encounter in their lives. It can be shocking, terrifying and liberating.
        I have set a nose. My sons after a trampoline accident. Fun stuff. I didn’t intend to, it just popped in. But, now I know how. I should get some the round guaze. Good thinkin!

        • I take karate and I am both terrified and exhilarated by kumite (sparring). What I think would be good addition to the usual karate class is just figuring out how to react to one kind of attack and do a counterattack, maybe 2 or 3 different ways and then practicing them like 1000 times. And get inside the opponent’s OODA loop (interrupt their decide/attack rhythm by doing yours faster). I just need a willing victim – er – partner…

          • PP,
            I have some UFC fighters/trainers in my family. I can’t mention names because of OPSEC, but they are great at the exercise you just described. I get to “attack” them as much as I want. I can really “try” to get some hits in. LOL, sometimes (rarely)I do. They don’t mind if I actually make contact and they don’t rough me up too bad. Most times I end up with bruises on the backs of my legs and forearms.
            You should see some of the women in UFC. Holy Criminy. I would just run for the hills if I had to spare with one of those chicks.
            Most bad guys out there are not trained fighters and after sparing with these (UFC) guys you could defend yourself to your best ability.
            I am confident that I could make the normal bad guy remember me for the rest of his life. I would know that if they got me, it wasn’t without a real fight.
            Although, I fully intend not to let anyone get that close to me, but I have it if I need it.

            I would look around for some of those trainers, because they have so many styles. In my experience, they are always willing to help teach women to spare and you can actually hit them. If you can.

            • Mama J,

              I used to love a good fight and have several years of martial arts training Karate and Western boxing, with a little Judo thrown in….But now that I’ve hit 40 I prefer not to fight unless I have to and then I will take any advantage that I can. For example using a weapon or crying and begging like a victim to make the attacker feel like he has it under control then POW a palm strike up and under the chin followed by being punched, kicked elbowed, gouged and whatever else is handy until he is no longer moving…

            • MD,
              The “fake out” is should always be on a womans list of defenses.
              Just make sure they don’t have the opportunity to restrain you.
              Thank you for reminding us that we have some vicious fingernails for clawing and gouging.
              Thumbs for eye sockets.
              A serious hard elbow or fist sandwich to the adams apple.
              Teeth. If you bite someone make sure you put the serious hurt to them, because they will pummel you for it.
              If it is life or death, I would personally go for the neck do my best to remove a section of jugular. If they have you in an arm/neck hold from behind, take out the veins in the wrist or elbow if you can. Blood disease is an issue only if you aren’t fighting for your life.
              Keys in between the fingers should be something a woman does everytime she walks anywhere with them in her hand.
              Four keys stabbing, raking and gouging can really do some damage. Go for the eyes.
              Scream bloody murder. Use the foulest language you can muster.
              I tell my little girls to use filthy language. A child abductor would be shocked if a little girl screamed in his face or in his earhole. “Get away from me you f**cking filthy b-stard! “Don’t touch me you f**cking perv”.
              A little girl was just transformed from an innocent girl victim to an unclean foul beezie.
              People within hearing distance might disregard a child screams as playing, but not that.

            • Tactical G-Ma says:

              Mama J,
              I studied for years. Women need to learn to grapple and to move into the grab if someone grabs their arm. Best thing is all women should contact their LE and find out if there are self defense classes available. And like you said keys make good weapons. I stress we must experience being attacked at least once (in practice) or we may not be able to act fast enough.

    • Grumpy Vermonter says:

      Mama J, where the hell were you when I was a kid? Oh, I wish I had someone around like you back then – way to go! What a good role model you are: guns, fighting and ice cream. 🙂
      The USDA form stuff is creepy. They are pinpointing farms and making it harder to grow food, that is certain. I wrote to one of our state senators, worried as I was about the increasing regulations of the farms and he wrote back that Vermont would never do that – yeah, right. I replied and told him my concerns and haven’t heard back. Then I found out this week he is a co-sponsor of two new excessive “gun control” bills in Vt. Senate. B-tard!

      • GV,
        I have three Girl Scout Troops. Even though we don’t do firearm sanctioned events, we will soon. Only archery. Then I can have all my girls participate.
        These 9 yr old girls have parents that allowed me to take the them to the range out of Girl Scouts.
        One of my more Liberal parents told me that they were not OK with their daughter learning firearm safety. I reminded them that we rappelled off of an 80 foot cliff the month before and they were OK with that. What is more dangerous? Your daughter may save your life one day.
        I can believe the questions they asked on the Census form! Our Congressmen are useless. My email is full of canned responses from them about school safety, gun control, and farming. I will continue to write though.

        • Grumpy Vermonter says:

          Mama J, Compare yourself with my daughter’s Girl Scout leader – who wanted to teach them how to do a “proper tea”. Words can’t even be said here that I said when I heard that! That was her last Girl Scout meeting. I wish I had known what I know now, because I would have been strong enough now to stand up to them and do Girl Scouts like they were meant to be originally. That is a fine, fine service you’re providing those young ladies.
          As to the increasingly-snoopy government: is answering census required by law? I wonder. I know what you mean by canned responses, I wrote one Peter Welch down in D.C. and got a reply that referenced a totally unrelated topic! Way to go, comrade Welch.

        • Am sorry I don’t have a daughter to send to one of your troops! I pulled my son out of Beavers (pre-Cub Scouts) because it was all about dragons and magic. Not a single useful skill learned. Perhaps the reticent parents might go for paintball…

        • MamaJ, I’ve heard that the Appleseed Project will provide speakers at schools or libraries about the first day of the Revolutionary War–if you think that might complement your troops’ activities, here’s a link:


    • Mama J-when we filled out our Agriculture Census form I was shocked at what all they asked and how the same question was asked a myriad of different ways to try to trick you into a different answer. After I got to the middle of it I wanted to just quit. I thought it was very invasive. Makes you a little scared that the government wants to know everything!

      • They do want to know everything!

      • Kate,
        I wanted to quit also, but we are listed as agricultural on our property taxes and it saves us a ton of money, so I just lied. I only put just enough to keep us listed as AG on the books.

        My intuition said to tear it up and say we quit farming. I think next year we just might pay the higher taxes. We could claim we became so distraught when our all our guns were stolen, we didn’t have the heart to farm anymore. Wink wink.

        I refused to answer all the questions on the regular census about our family and they hounding me without mercy. No matter what laws I quoted they never let up for a year. I started calling the Sheriff for harrassment and they finally quit. Finally.

  48. william pilgrim says:

    put together a small green house,planted greens,worked in rest of garden.bought water,vegtables for storage.

  49. ozhillbilly says:

    Hi Gang! This week was slow prepping. My wife just got back from a month in Hawaii and she spent the week reminding me everything I didn’t do she told me to do before she left. It’s very clear I’ve been a bad boy. I would like to solicit donations to send her back to Hawaii. My prepping has been finding solitude out back at the garden. It’s mostly involved working the compost piles, sifting out the small stuff and putting the larger compost back in the pile. I started some lettuce in the greenhouse and have generally just been planning my 2013 garden in my head. I plan on taking a raised bed gardening class from a local pro in the next month or so. I’ve also been gathering firewood for next winter. That’s the short list if things I’ve done this week. Thanks for the ear.

    • Encourager says:

      If you pay for it, I will personally escort her back to Hawaii. Make my return ticket at least 30 days out…. =oD

  50. MD

    How much solar panels does it take to run a well pump lets say?

    • Bwhntr57,

      It depends on the panels (wattage output) and the well pump itself… You might be better off with a small generator with a charging system…

    • Bwhntr57 –
      I’ve been “off-grid” for 40 years (well, actually longer because I grew-up without electricity, indoor plumbing, etc.) so I may be able to help but you need to provide a lot more information first.

      To start you need to figure:
      1. The total dynamic head needed for your site
      2. Your needed pumping rate in gallons per minute
      3. The peak sun hours per day at your proposed solar panel location

      Once you have that basic info, other questions will need answering – but all discussions must start with those 3 answers.

      Obviously, there’s no simple answer to the question, “How (many) solar panels does it take to run a well pump…”

  51. As usual, I spent a good 20 hours this week (actually more) looking for books to share with everyone–and thanks to you all for encouraging this! http://preputilityvehicle.blogspot.ca/ There have been lots of great prepping books this week. So don’t forget to check every day. For example, today there’s Making Primitive Weapons, and How To Build A Log Cabin (“A 30-year log home building pro tells how and shares tips most builders won’t share with DIYers.”) and of course more: http://preputilityvehicle.blogspot.ca/2013/02/free-books-available-feb-10-2013.html

    This week I also found a bunch of books at the thrift stores:
    Alternative Cures: The Most Effective Natural Home Remedies for 160 Health Problems: big and thick book
    Indian Herbology of North America: big and thick book also
    Ordinary Men – how a unit of average men became cold-blooded murderers…including “how they were transformed psychologically from the ordinary men … into active participants in the most monstrous crime in human history.” I think this would be very eye-opening as to how ordinary people can change into “monsters” and maybe even what to watch for in our acquaintances– and in ourselves.
    Robinson Crusoe
    Lovingly Yours, Nellie (letters of a woman who moved from Maine to the Canadian prairies and then to remote Ness Lake, B.C. in 1920)

    Children’s survival or pioneer books:
    Flight of the Fugitives: taken from true story of Gladys Aylward, “The Small Woman” who took nearly a hundred orphans across the Chinese mountains in dire conditions to save them from war and death.
    High Country Adventure: “City boy George Allen has a lot to learn about the danger and beautify of the great northern wilderness, and about survival. The lesson begins in the Canadian high country when George’s tiny bush plane crashes – 300 miles from nowhere!” 1967
    Trapped in the Ice. 1962
    By Secret Railway. Two boys help a slave escape via the underground railway.
    The Cabin Faced West.
    In Grandma’s Attic and Treasures From Grandma’s Attic—two true pioneer era story books

    Plus a bunch of Reminisce Magazines to add to the ones I already have. I thought I might start occasionally posting scans of interesting articles on the blog, that maybe have to do with the Great Depression, canning food, or other things that you guys might be interested it.

    So as you can tell I am much more of a researcher and reader than a do-er–but in this case that’s only because of family. When I read what all the rest of you are doing, it inspires me (and reminds me how “baby” I am! 😀 )

    I wanted to say a big thank you to those wonderful people who posted in response to my post last week. I hate it when I don’t reply in a timely way. I hope to go back there tomorrow morning and do that. So if you so kindly wrote me last week, please know I saw and will reply. Thank you so much.

  52. Oh, I forgot to mention my 4 year old had a mild bladder infection which the doctor prescribed antibiotics for, but thought she may well be able to deal with without them. So, good stocker-upper that I am, I got the prescription, with the thought to store it if not needed. Imagine my embarrassment when the medicine turned out as *liquid* and of course won’t store! I wish I could have got the powder in the bottle without them adding the water but I know they wouldn’t do that. Grrrrr!

    • The Pharm here will give the powder not mixed if you tell them it is for back up on the “vacation” you are taking.

  53. Myabe the Pack can help me clear my head. Gas has a short shelf life (at least from what I’ve been told) whereas Propane seems to store for a very long time.

    What would it take to convert a vehicle to run off Propane? … and would that not be a worthwile converstion to consider?

    Seems you could store 20lb bottles of propane for a lot longer than 5gal of gas and be much more secure with quality fuel for the long haul.

    • MountainSurvivor says:

      Check here http://alternativefuels.about.com/od/propan1/a/propaneconvert.htm because they have a few places where you may be able to get the kits for the various cylinders on the market, the cost of conversion, etc.
      AND:>:>:>THIS ONE http://www.propane-conversions.com/ is, in my personal opinion, better than the site just above.

    • I am not an expert by any means, but I would recommend a diesel instead. The fuel stores longer.
      They can be converted to be run with vegetable oils.
      Propane will be finite resource.
      I would love to have truck that was fueled by a wood gasifier.

      • I’ve got a ’95 Chevy 4×4 that eventually I will be rebuilding the motor. I’m wanting to put in a 383 Stroker, but I thought about modifying for propane. I know the rock buggies run off propane.

        • I only know three guys who have propane fueled trucks. Two of them welding trucks. It was way popular inthe 80’s.
          It is less expensive to run, but more inconvenient. You can’t get fuel on a Sunday unless you do it yourself from your own tank.
          How much propane can you store if SHTF?
          I will call my welder buddy and ask him about his truck.

          • Thanks. The thing with getting fuel on Sunday is you dip into your stash of cylinders. And since propane doesn’t go bad like gas does… I guess you’re limited to space and $$$ on how much you can store.

          • Mama J –
            Can you explain the no propane on Sunday? Is that a local law? First I’ve ever heard of that.

            • There was something on Tom Baugh’s site that mentioned the idea of fractional distillation to make gasoline from oil. The product might make your engine knock but it’s better than no gas. I have no idea of the chemistry involved, but since he thinks it’s possible… maybe it’s not the rocket science the industry wants us to think.

              Also one can run an engine on coal gas. I think the Germans had trucks that ran on that in WW2. Maybe someone could run on on gassified charcoal as well?

  54. Grumpy Vermonter says:

    For preps this week, I bought 9 lbs of apples, 3 bags of celery and 10 lbs of potatoes to dehydrate, some tuna in pouches, extra peanut butter (hubby loves his p.b.), a box of 22g needles for our oldest furbaby’s sub-q daily treatment, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and baking soda, extra t.paper and read M.D.’s book Dirt Cheap Survival Retreat (thanks, M.D.- great read). Had long conversation this am with hubbs about where to go from here. I just want to get the hey out of New England, and he wants to make sure we make a good decision. I feel time is getting short, and he says yes, but then again it may not be. We balance each other well 🙂 Looked at cheap used RV’s on Craigslist, printed off info about kitty care in case web goes down, reached out to a dear friend about what’s going on, as she was “feeling the darkness” but felt helpless. And worked on a wall quilt I’m making to get my self less upset. Doing something creative with my hands and heart helps me a great deal during this time!
    Prayers for all of you starting new jobs – for your safety and strength. And God bless you all!

    • ladyhawthorne says:

      I’ve been quilting too, putting a new backing on a quilt my grandma made me about 40 years ago. I too find crafting and especially sewing of any kind helps me de-stress. Maybe it’s the simple repetition, but it works.

    • Nurse Jane says:

      Hi Grumpy, I am so with you on feeling the urgency to get out of New England! It is making me so anxious to stay here! But S.O.’s job is area specific,his children are here, and he doesnt feel the urgency to leave as I do. We live on Cape Cod, less than 1 mile from the ocean, and very few people prep here at all. It was amazing, going into this storm, folks had no food or water stored up, alot of them!
      I also think about the RV idea.
      I have been working on knitting. I find comfort and solace in creating as well!
      Best wishes, and may God bless and guide all of your decisions!

      • Grumpy Vermonter says:

        Bless you both – I think God gave us art and craft to give us an outlet for the light within us that he wants us to share with others. I feel best when I am using what gifts God gave me to share with my brothers and sisters.
        Nurse Jane, I am praying for all of us caught here in the East. I am considering M.D.’s way of getting to relative safety because we could just take the preps and things that are dear to us in a U-haul which I could drive, then rent a truck to drive the RV and leave. M.D. didn’t have a big job lined up and I fear time is getting short. I pray God will move our hubbies if it is His will that we are to move. Hubby says if Texas were to secede, then the fight would likely be in Oklahoma or Arkansas. He is worried about the Muslim population in TN, and so forth. But there is no perfect place. There are only relative degrees of safety, and I’m feeling like a stranger in a strange land up here. I never, ever thought I’d want to leave my beloved state – it’s so beautiful it makes me tear up to think of it. But Europe is beautiful as well, so isn’t Russia and I wouldn’t want to live in either place due to the politics rising. God bless you and keep you safe as well!

        • B Casparius says:

          Grumpy Vermonter – If I had the opportunity to leave Massachusetts, Vermont would be my first choice. You don’t feel safe there?

        • I grew up in VT. I find KY quite pleasant – same kind of rolling hills, only warmer. And we have Rand Paul. Come to KY!

          • I agree Penny Pincher. KY is Great! I moved here from IN and my hubby came from NH.

          • Devon M. Dougall says:

            Penny Pincher , B.Caspar and Cheyenne,
            Just seeing your notes, sorry if I’m late in replying. Penny P- you grew up in VT? Where were you when here? I grew up divided between Craftsbury, Richmond and Essex Jct. Craftsbury was my favorite place of all. If I could find some “junk land” around KY that could be re-made nice, I’d be pulling DH by the ears right now 🙂 We’re in central VT at the moment.
            B.Casparius, NO, I don’t recommend VT to anyone anymore. The flatlanders have come and taken over. It is most definitely not safe, as once the SHTF, all those whiney liberals will be expecting to be taken care of – or else. I’ve never seen people with such thin veneers of civility as libs, damn true. They have taken over the statehouse and local governments and things aren’t going so well. We just went last night to the state house to be in a “mixer” put on the the VT Federation of Sportsmen” and the state reps just kept talking about hunting and fishing, like that was our worry. The president of the Vt. Federation then got up and did his speech and the first thing he said was: “you say you hear us. We say you aren’t listening.”
            I wanted to jump up and applaud!! But it’s so true, they aren’t listening. They have an agenda and it’s going to go through, regardless of what we want. Sound familiar? Like D.C., maybe? Makes me so mad! So no, unless you like foul language, pushy people who think they’re special somehow, taxes up the wazoo and increasing regulations on everything – don’t count in Vermont as a possibility. It may very well become the next California, sad to say. It’s also very anti-business, so jobs are getting scarce as hen’s teeth.
            Looking like maybe KY or TX. Cool, because Paducah has the big quilt show and museum I could go visit if within a day’s drive, and TX – well, TX has balls!

            • Devon, With the interstates here in KY you can get from one side to the other in 5 to 6 hrs. Getting to the interstates in some areas take some time tho. We have a saying, “You can’t get there from here.” Because of the hills and hollars you have to go round and about to get there. Unless you are building a new house you do not need permits yet in our area. Taxes are low. You can find land cheap out side of towns. Not sure about the cities but they are bound to be expensive and have a lot of rules. Good luck and stay safe!!!

            • Grumpy Vermonter says:

              You might have no idea how helpful this is! Every scrap of information from a fellow prepper is much more trustworthy to me than reading a bunch of info from elsewhere. M.D. in his book said to visit the land and don’t buy sight unseen, but it’s nice to have a narrowed down area to check. We definitely do NOT want to be near a city, unless it’s very small like Burlington, Vt. And only if it’s mostly conservative, unlike Burlington, Vt 🙂 Am used to roundabout ways to get to places – it’s like that in VT as well. Being an artist who likes to do realistic cloth pictures of trees and hills, sky and water, I prefer the countryside always. I like quiet. Thanks again.

            • Devon, I loved how you put that. “thin veneers of civility”, quite the same in Massachusetts! My guy grew up in southern Vermont, Landgrove, and the Vermont he describes is nothing like you all dezcribe it now!
              Does anyone have any input on Northern Utah? That area attracts me, and prices dont seem too bad, compared to here in “Taxachusetts”. I have found a few places with some land, and wonder what the political climate is like. Im inactive member of the church, so that part doesnt bother me. Mostly good peeps, in my humble experience. . .

  55. FreeRangePagan says:

    Hello all!!! Was at work most of today, so extra hours this week. Not planning on getting many preps done, if at all. We’re loading in the new set starting tomorrow and its a big one.

    We restocked flour, sugar, TP, and some meat Lady’s cooking up in the slow cooker for the week. Also got new work gloves and cucumber, chives, and squash seeds to start up. We have to container garden, and we’re thinking of moving soon, so keeping it small to start.

    Built some more shelving and put together a table with storage in it. Plan on hiding some emergency cash and such in it. Have been using the oil lamps on and off to save some on the electric bill. Almost bought a book on chickens, but figured the internet would be cheaper and have the same information.

    My hands got pretty cut up at work this past week, so little else got done. I have two 2 liter bottles to clean and fill with water and Lady and I have begun a winter clean out. We already have a pile of things we no longer need and a bag of clothes to get gone. With less things we’ll be able to move around that much easier.

    Hope the week will be productive for everyone!!

  56. Hello All,
    This week i found a great buy on rain barrels. Food grade for only 12 bucks each. I’m gonna use them for rain to water the garden. I also learned to use my pressure canner. I canned chicken and chili. I dehydrated some more fruits and veggies and am teaching my oldest grandson (he’s 10) to make a solar oven and a rocket stove. Who knows, maybe he can use it for a science fair project. lol Hope everyone has a Blessed week.

    • Encourager says:

      NanaBlue, if you have a Menards near you, they have the kit for turning a barrel into a rain barrel. We bought two sets last year and they work great. If the barrel is full, the rain goes down the pipe like normal (you don’t cut it off).

      • Encourager,
        Thanks for the tip. I went to Lowes and they couldn’t help me. Then i went to my local True Value and they knew exactly what i wanted to do but didn’t have the kit. I’ll look around for the store you mentioned. Thanks again.

    • HomeINsteader says:

      NanaBlue – YOU GO GIRL!

  57. Not to break a thread, but have any of you watched the movie “For Greater Glory”? To me, this is us today.

  58. earlier this week i decided to try the cisco emergency candle . picked up 2 – 16 oz tubs (couple bucks ea.) and a pack of 9 in. candle wicks (2-3 bucks) the wicks have the little metal disc . you turn the disc so it is in line with the wick press into cisco until it bottom of can , trim wick – your done . have not tested it yet to see how long it will burn . but i’m thinking for about the same as you might pay for a 50 hr. candle in a can you get one that may burn twice as long

  59. My husband’s nephew brought us apples again. First time the horse got a big treat. This time we are using the apples for us. I use a crock pot(s) to cook the apples down, since I do not have the time to watch it on a stove. After they are cooled down I put the cooked apples through a Ninja blender, then into a pot to cook with spices and prepare them for canning jars. It cuts down on the preparing time table.
    I do not add spices when the apples are cooking down in the crock pot just a little water. The spices are added to the sauce during the 2nd cooking process , depending on the type of apples you use. Let the sauce set over night to can the next day, it will give the apple mix time to absorb the spice flavors.

    • Jim in SoCal says:

      Becky, do you reheat the sauce to can after letting it cool to absorb the spices?

      • Yes, by setting over night the sauce absorbs the flavors better.

        I bring the sauce to just under the boiling point so when I ladle it into the canning jars every thing is hot. The filled jars go into the water bath canner (water already heated just under the boiling point), when the water starts boiling I set the timer for 20 minutes.
        Spices were(2 Tbsps of cinnamon-1/2 tsp nutmeg-1/4 tsp allspice), you can add more to your liking while it is cooking.

        I am not sure which type of apple we were given, they have a great flavor. Close to a Jonathan, but not a Jonathan. In this area of N. Cal we have old varieties of trees that still produce. I would love to get a hold of the plum trees we had on the old ranch for jam…….sweet and tart mixed together. My mom did not have enough of each for jam so she mixed them..awesome!

    • Spices shouldn’t be overcooked anyway, so you’re doing it the right way as far as I know.

      • You are correct, if you add the spices before hand it distorts the flavor of the applesauce.
        2 buckets done, and three more to go. Not the small buckets, these are 10-15 gallon size full of apples.

  60. Nurse Jane says:

    This week, I made sure my car kit was complete, because I knew I would have to drive home here in all the snow from my job at the hospital. I updated my food in there, and also my guy added a sleeping bag to it. It was indeed white out conditions, for part of my ride home. It made me feel that much better to have a car that was prepared for emergencies (and 4 wheel drive!).
    I tried to make ice in the zipper type baggies by filling them with water, and putting them in a cooler, on the back porch. This was a fail! Turns out the water leaked out, and none of it froze. I thought these would be good to put in the fridge if we lost power, which we didnt! My S.O. said that the cooler will only keep cool what is in there. That the cooler actually prevented ice from forming. (I went into nursing back when it was mostly a “caring” profession. A scientist, I’m not!)
    I found out that we need to purchase a butane stove and a solar powered charger for communication devices like cellphones and such. I am looking also at those little stoves that are powered with twigs and brush and such. Also, I realize once again, how fragile a system we live in, and we need to shift to long term preparedness! I was amazed at the number of people at work that had a well as a water source, dependent on electricity, yet they had no alternate source. 130,000 homes in this community lost power! I feel we had a fairly good supply of water.
    A scary thing, when the “blizzard” was coming, not even here yet, the pharmacy just up and shut down! It happened to be the day for me to fill my 2 prescriptions, but, luckily, I have managed to be able to store up some medication, so I didnt need it then. But I got to thinking, What about all of the elderly and the diabetics and such, what if THEY were out of meds that day? It reopened on Sunday, and the tech told me, Oh, one of your medications is out, and wont be in until Monday, after 3 pm. Wow! It makes me want to try and store up more!
    T.T.T., I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your fur baby. I believe we will be reunited with our beloved pets in the next life!
    M.D., I am glad you put the Amazon button up! I use them alot, and will come through this site to purchase my reading materials and all supplies. God bless you for the work you do here!


  61. Hi guys, I just got back from out of town where I was visiting a friend who was recently injured in a car crash. I recommend that people get CB radios for their cars on long trips. You might just detect trouble further ahead on the road that way, or get alternate routes from truckers.

    This week I threw together a sort of Bat Utility Belt – it’s an army pistol belt (or equipment belt if you like) with a giant snap buckle, and I hung a bunch of pouches off it and a small stainless water bottle. I made a cloth sleeve for the water bottle. This, stuffed into a bag, is a good bag organizer, or I can wear it.

  62. AZ Rookie Prepper says:

    Hey Pack,

    Not a lot to report, got my additional raised beds materials in, then the weather hit so didnt get them built yet. Found 250 rds of .45 for 50 cents a rd, not terrible but not great. Continued my new exercise regime, feel better about it. Added some more groceries to the larder. Had a parent teacher conference, seems my new daughter is a “superstar” at math. Hope all are well, prayers to those that need em, best wishes to all.

  63. Bought off the books Russian SKS and 400 rounds of ammo, converted an 870 to pistol grip stock, and extended tube, ordered buckets, and picked 75 lbs of wheat

  64. Gary in Bama says:

    MD i have that same sign over the door of my teardrop camper. It gets a lot of laffs at camp grounds.Also have this one on the side.http://www.amazon.com/Rivers-Edge-Large-Enemies-H-Tin/dp/B004KNB1EM/ref=sr_1_112?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1360591045&sr=1-112 WAS true 3 years ago even more so now.

  65. Went to the gunshow and bought a small handgun and .22 rifle..that almost completes our home defense..ordered some herb seeds in preparation for our move out of Alaska to Idaho where we could actually have more of a garden..figured out that my TEOTWAWKI skill could be herb gardening and my husbands will be reloading. Other than that can’t do much more in the way of food preps until our move is finalized!

  66. Tactical G-Ma says:

    All the Pack,
    On this blog and many others I see Power4Patriots advertised.
    Has any purchased this?
    If so, is it worth the investment?

    Also, has anyone actually converted their gasoline powered portable generator to LP gas? Are you satisfied with the performance?

    • Hello T G-Ma
      We purchased a tri fuel generator in 2005 for our place, love the propane over the gasoline. We live in the idiot state of CA, our gasoline is terrible on combustion engines. This is our second generator that we have owned that runs on propane. This generator can use natural gas, propane or gasoline to run it. We live so far out that propane is our option of choice, and it never goes bad where gasoline breaks down over a period of time.
      Now running time on gas versus propane. If I remember correctly a gallon of gas was one hour of running time, where propane equals about four hours of running time. Propane is easier on the vital parts of the generator, the wear an tear is reduced quite a bit. We purchased ours through a business supply catalog, and our neighbor purchased his in Oregon via welding supply business. If you live in CA you have to order it and have it delivered to another address outside of CA. It it now against the law to have one delivered to our home(Nanny state).

      • HomeINsteader says:

        A gasoline-powered gen can be converted to propane. Anyone who wants to know how can use duckduckgo.com and search “convert gas generator to propane” and get the youtube instructions, etc. It may, in fact, be in the archives on this site.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          HI,Have you converted one?

          • HomeINsteader says:

            Not yet, TGma. On the list – gonna convert the one at the BOL, ASAP – which means after we build a roof over the TT on the BOL….long list! But we have the instructions! (DH and I always do this kind of ‘stuff’ together.)

            • Tactical G-Ma says:

              I would really like to know someone who has done it and if they are satisfied.

            • HomeINsteader says:

              I hear ya’; this is not something I’d take on without the DH”s help (he’s much more mechanically experienced than “moi”), but if I can get him moving on it (that’s always the kicker), hopefully, “one of these days”, I’ll have something to report. But I do know it will be a while; it’s been weeks since we’ve been to the BOL (waiting for spring thaw) and we have to get a roof system built, starting from support poles. We’re also talking about building a room onto the TT for “storage”, so that will take a little longer – using only materials we have on the BOL, which will take a little longer. We have lots of raw material, just gotta make it “usable”.

              So, yeah, it would be nice to hear from someone NOW who has already made the conversion, other than a you-tube poster.

            • Tactical G-Ma says:

              My budget is so tight, I would like to hear from someone from the pack if possible before taking the leap.

  67. Let’s see… this week I finished my garden plan for this year, and worked on clearing a new planting area. I planted snap peas (the rain started before I was able to plant the rest of the early spring garden). Transplanted a couple of young fruit trees before they break dormancy. Ordered several types of berry bushes and kiwi vines. Ordered potatoes and sweet potato starts. Started working on next year’s wood supply. Bought more rechargeable batteries (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0058N6JUE/ref=oh_details_o01_s01_i03) and another solar battery charger (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0042Z14FO/ref=oh_details_o01_s01_i02).
    I think that is about all, other than the normal day-to-day chicken-tending and homeschooling my little people. 🙂

    • I especially like that battery charger because it has a dual input/output setup…. you can use solar or your computer USB port to charge batteries, or you can use solar to charge any device that has a USB port…. pretty handy!

  68. This week I bought a five gallon cube-shaped water storage container with matching spigot, a 25-foot “drinking water safe” hose, and two dozen quart-size canning jars plus extra canning lids. I then “dry canned” enough instant oatmeal and instant enriched rice to fill up those 24 canning jars and packed them in the two boxes the jars originally came in after reinforcing the box bottoms with mover’s tape. I now have enough quick-to-prepare carbs to get me through the initial stages of a grid-down situation until I can set up my solar oven and gather enough fuel for my rocket stove for more traditional cooking with regular raw rice and other re3id grains and dried beans and lentils.

  69. Jim in SoCal says:

    Good morning Pack!
    This week was a slow prep week. Added some more to the pantry. Used the last of my mylar and O2 absorbers on 50lbs of rice. Found a new supply of food grade buckets, 4 & 5 gal.

    Purchased, assembled and tested out a new smoker. Pulled pork was great! This will be used for smoking meats to be preserved for longer term storage.
    Garage sales on Saturday yielded 2 brand new tarps, still wrapped, for $1 ea., and a servicable 20lb propane tank for $3.

    Started looking into some land in a more “friendly” state, as we feel that time is growing short here in CA. We will be sad to leave , but reality trumps nostalgia every time.

    Keep calm and carry on..

    • Encourager says:

      Jim, smoking is addictive! My son bought one and has smoked bacon (it was awesome!), chicken, hams, pork for pulled pork, spareribs; he even tried cold smoking cheese. He also smoked our turkey for Thanksgiving and it was the best turkey I ever ate. The broth from the carcass was so good (cooked in the crockpot). It seems every week when the weather lets him, he has something new in that smoker! He lives in an apartment and smokes on his balcony…drives the neighbors nuts with the smell.

  70. 7 Lean coming says:

    Hi all,
    I am stocking up in such small amounts compared to you 🙂 but i am keeping on keeping on.

    As a pep I read the book Beyond Collapse and it made my Husband rather aggravated :-). He does not like the ‘doom and gloom’ and sure are not impressed by my outlook on the highly likely and imminent economic collapse. He just wants his world to continue as it is now and to retire as planned. Well to say the least we talked about it, as we share great respect for each other’s views, and thus i am not forcing the issue.

    I will continue to stock up although he is absolutely not down with me having more than 3-6 wk food saved…..

    How do i, with the most tack and honesty, convince him that all will not be as it is for ever, and that a much as we may WANT it to be, he may not retire as planned. That in only a few months/year from now we may look at half or less of a 401K than he has worked for so very hard….

    I need to sit at the feet of the masters (You all) for some help here.

    My great Grandmother lived through the most horrific years in a concentration camp in South Africa during the late 1890’s Anglo Boere war, thus i am ‘bred’ with survival genes 🙂 I will not give up and will continue to put one foot in front of the other….

    • Jim in SoCal says:

      Hi 7LC,

      It took me a while to get DW on board too. I think the strongest case made was when I got her to think of preps as insurance. We have auto, homeowners, health, life, FDIC, etc., etc. Why not have “bad stuff might happen” insurance in the way of extra food and security, as well as a contingency plan? That was when I saw the light go on.

      Good luck and keep prepping. it may just mean the difference someday.

      • 7 Lean coming says:

        Jim in SoCal
        You gave me a great idea.
        Thanks for your feedback.

        • Encourager says:

          7Lean coming, if he will read it, the book One Second After is a good one. It is about a small college town in the mountains that survives after an EMP event. It was the book that got me prepping.

      • I agree with him. Another point on the insurance aspect. This insurance can never be canceled and you’re rates will only go up with prep prices 🙂 The best part about the insurance idea…. even though you’re spending money for this peace of mind… you’re not giving it to someone else… so you’ll never loose your money. The food can always be eaten when you rotate your stock.

        In this economy it’s always a possiblity that someone may loose their job and if you have a few months to a year of food stored up then that is one less stressor you have to deal with while looking for a job.

        • 7LC
          I understand where you are coming from, it is hard for one to be the prepper and have our spouse think we have lost our minds somewhere. Of my siblings, my youngest sister & I know that something is coming the other two (older)have their heads in the sand pit.
          If you can find an old movie titled “The Grapes of Wrath”, watch it (if you have never seen it before). It shows a time when American(and American’s) were not prepared for the devastation that happened from New York to the food production belt of the U. S. We do not like having our comfort zoned messed with, when someone wants to change that, they go into the withdrawal mode.
          If they see that a disaster has occurred here before, and we have been given a chance to be better prepared for such an thing. He should come around, it is not doom and gloom.

          Remind him our forefathers were self reliant and that is something most American’s have forgotten–to be independent. That is what you are trying to strive for. I wish you the best of luck from a daughter who parents survived the depression years here in the good old USA.

          • Thank you all for your words of wisdom. I will keep reading your posts and incorporate your ideas as much as I can.

    • 7LC,

      I didn’t try to convince my wife of anything. She has always ignored things of this nature, especially coming from me. Attempts to talk about it were and still are rejected.

      However, her friends have been talking about it. That has caused her to become somewhat aware. She has seen some of the food stash in the house and did not question any of it. She has even asked about a BOB/GHB.

      In your case maybe you know a prepper who can get through to your husband.

      • Papabear

        Funny thing is he has several friends at work that are also Preppers and he has discussed this with them in the past. While only mentioning that to me in passing he still think it is good for others to prep, just not for us….. mybe it is a bit of a ‘head in the sand’ situation i am dealing with. 🙂 got to love him.

        I will continue to stach in a non confrontational and honest way.

        Last night I suggested that we can reach a balance where we are both comforable. Knowing that I have done all I can to provide for my family and that we will have enough for some time. Respecting his opinion that there are some events that we just can really not prepare for :-).

    • 7LC,
      Jim and SW both touched on it, but in addition to being a form of insurance, any food you buy today will almost certainly be cheaper than it will be a year from now, and the increase will be way more than you’d earn in any kind of savings account or CD. In addition to “SHTF insurance”, food stores are a hedge against inflation. Food prices where I live have gone up way faster than the official inflation numbers, and I don’t see any end to that.

      • HomeINsteader says:

        The official gubment release tells us food inflation was at about 4% last year. My grocery receipts – which I actually DID tally – show numbers around 30%. When I buy food storage items, in particular, I use a black marker to mark the package or can or jar with the exp date AND the amount I paid for the item. That not only gives my an idea how much $$ to set aside for that one “line item” when it’s time for more (I do keep a tightly controlled budget, because we pay cash for everything), but helps me keep a close watch on “inflation”. Obamanomics.

        • Hunker-Down says:


          30%????? I was bummed out thinking it was around 15%. Apparently we don’t watch our money close enough, like you do.

          The government says 4%, reality is 30%. Is there ANYTHING published by our government that contains a thread of truth? Every congressman and representative needs to be reminded daily of the falsehoods they protect and support.
          Who is the real enemy?

          • Come on… surely you know that the real enemy is the people that make those dreaded Easter Cream Eggs… the damage they do each year is incalcuable.

            • Grumpy Vermonter says:

              LOL, ‘specially the maple cream eggs! And the coconut cream, and the vanilla cream.

            • Hunker-Down says:

              Lake Lili,

              Inflation at our house is measured by any chocolate candy that contains nuts. I’m nutz about nuts if their covered in chocolate. I weep over the inflation in c h o c oooo l a t e.

              • HomeINsteader says:

                HD, I get my best dark chocolate values in the baking section of the grocery stores.

                WallyWorld carries different semi-sweet brands; the best price I find is the Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate; stock up on these – vacuum pack them (still in original bag is fine – even though the bags will retain some air inside) and keep them in a cool, dark place; or mylar and OA them, if you want.

                Melt these in a double-boiler over low heat and dip your strawberries, mix with your favorite nuts, etc., to make inexpensive but VERY TASTY homemade candies and treats. If the chocolate separates, you’ve applied too much heat; take it off the heat and add about a teaspoon of Crisco, or coconut oil, if you have it (would be better).

                I also recently bought Baker’s dark chocolate in bars from the baking section, 1/2 lb blocks for 89 cents! Perfectly good; just marked down – I think it was after Christmas. You might want to check the markdown aisles every time you go in, but, particularly after big “candy” holidays, such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc.

                But you’re right – we can deal with The Potentate, EMPs, and even nuclear war, but – a world without chocolate is just too much to survive! ; )

          • According to Grandpappy, “Over the entire five year period beginning on January 9, 2008 and ending on January 2, 2013 the total combined impact of inflation on the One-Year Emergency Food Supply has been 39.4%”.
            .http://www.grandpappy.info/hfood1yr.htm for details.

        • Encourager says:

          HIS, great idea marking the cans, etc with the price! I never thought of that. It used to be there was a prices sticker on the item, but most stores no longer do that.

        • HomeINsteader,
          I trust your numbers more than Obama’s.

  71. Greetings Pack!
    This week we actually got some things done. Went to get our taxes filed, our tax prepper told us that we need health insurance by next year or we have to pay $300 each to Obamacare. Got an order from Amazon and Full Belly Ins. 800 feet of paracord in different colors, various connecters and hardware to make bracelets, necklaces, belts, and other neat stuff. Got a couple of books, The Modern Survival Retreat by Ragnar Benson, Building a Log Cabin in Alaska in Four Months by Charles E Underwood Jr and a manual for my Mossberg shotgun.Also recieved Rescue Tape silicone repair tape.
    Organized, cleaned, took inventory of supplies and made lists of what is needed. Practiced on getting ready for the big snowstorm, had a smaller one a few days before, then just got a few inches as’ Nemo’ passed to our north.
    Still working on filling in a few holes, but making progress.
    Have a safe and happy week!

  72. Hi MD and Pack: This week We plowed and shoveled snow. Decided to sell one of our dairy heifers.Knowing ones limits as we age is difficult. We need to downsize our farm production. I did order more bees and worked on hives
    for the spring expansion.
    Rotated stored food .
    Went sledding with the grandchildren -great for renewal and destressing. God bless . Arlene

  73. This week I started seeds for the spring garden: onions, swiss chard, spinach, parsley. I’ve ser up the guest bedroom closet with shelves and homemade grow lights (I don’t have many sunny windows). I also ordered more tomato, pepper, amaranth, and herb seeds.

    My winter garden is slowly growing. I have cabbages, lettuce, romaine, endive, oregano, and onions snuggly tucked under agribon cloth and hoops. Hopefully it will give me a headstart on production early in the Spring.

    I canned a bunch of meat this week (VERY convenient for quick meals!)

    The chickens are laying even more eggs, now that the days are slowly getting longer. I sell the extra eggs to friends at work ($4/dozen), which pays for chicken feed and straw. I need to make a few improvements to the chicken coop once the weather gets a little nicer.

    I’m planning on getting some electric fencing and a solar fence charger so that my chickens have a safe enclosed area to run around in. Has anyone else done this? I’m wonderign what I can do to cut down on the risk of hawk predation.

  74. Well, I pulled out my list of preps, but I think this mornings news has prompted me to blow off listing the scores I made this week and have decided to put together some prayer flags to put up outside. You’ve seen them in anything regarding Tibet fluttering rags all over the place. The ones that can be purchases are in sanscript, prayers for prosperity, peace, etc, but the premise is, that you hand them up and the wind and rain takes the prayers to wherever/whatever you believe in. Take some old rags, and write your prayers on the, attach to a length of, well, in my case, some handy paracord then tie to whatever you feel they will do the most good. I keep them on the garden fence, helps scare off deer. These will include my family, of course, DH is having really hrd time with back and will likely have his 5th surgery soon; for the Koreans, for Pope Benedict and his successor , for Chris Kyle who is being buried in the Texas state cemetery this morning, for the child who was shot in Minnesota this weekend, the leaders of our great country, for all the children in the world, for rain for all of us who are having drought, and I am sure I will think of more. Hang em up, and let the elements spread the prayers. You’re supposed to let them rot basically but each thread carries the full intent into nature. I will be glad to add any requests the Pack has for me! Have a great week, Pack, Spring is coming!!

  75. I’ve been working on a project for the past few weeks. I’m building a sawmill. It’s mostly complete…the bed is welded together, still have to insert two cross pieces. The carriage is about complete, working on the elevation control still, but have all the parts. I have the 13 HP Honda engine for power. My plan is to fell and slice up enough timber for my house, shop and barn. I have enough yellow pine on my property to build several houses. I’m not even gonna plane it, just dry it out and go to work. I also have thousands of western red cedar my DW wants sliced up and put in for interior walls.
    Next big purchase will be a Stihl 660 chainsaw witha 36″ bar. That happens the day the sawmill is complete. DW indicated if she bought it any sooner, I’d just start cutting down trees.
    DW has been supporting my efforts by taking over the prep shopping. Heck, I don’t even know what she’s bought so far 🙂

    • Survivor –
      Wow that sounds like a heck of a project! Hows about doing an article here so we can all learn from your work and experience.
      You’ll love the 660 – after you get used to the weight of course! You didn’t say what size timber you’re cutting, but from my experience, they balance really well running a 25″ bar. If you do need to be running the 36 full-time, you might want to talk to your Stihl dealer about installing a faster (bigger) chain oiler, just for safety’s sake. And be sure to have plenty of fuel on hand, they do like to drink.

      • K
        Thanks for the advice, man! I’ll take your suggestion concerning the article for action.
        I have 6 acres and I have several of my DW’s family with land all around mine. I have PLENTY of yellow pine that ranges up to 36″. The guy behind me has about 12 acres of yellow pine that’s about 30″ diameter. Those trees are packed in tight together so there are few limbs. Those pines are about 60 feet tall, I guesstimate.
        Since I have access to that much lumber I’m building a fortress…3″ thick steel reinforced doors and shutters, natural rock exterior, metal roof, a good well that produces some very sweet water… and all this 12 miles from the nearest town. Just wish I had gotten this far a long time ago 🙂

        • Survivor –
          Sounds like you’ve got a real dream of a place! I look forward to hearing more about it as you progress making it into a viable homestead.

          • Thanks! I hope everything works out. I have a plan and working towards my goal. Your idea of a journal, even a simple picture journal is very appealing. May have to invest in a tape recorder and some voice recognition software – I hate typing! With a smartphone I could snap pictures, record the caption/description of the picture and then marry up the type to the picture to go along with the rest of the story…I jumped several important steps in there – I hate typing! I would love to share that story with the Pack 🙂

            • HomeINsteader says:

              Wouldn’t it be easier to run a small camcorder and just keep changing out the media, as needed?

  76. HomeINsteader says:

    Survivor, have you been keeping notes? Would you be willing to post your directions on building the sawmill? We need one! Plenty of trees waiting to be processed…

    • Yes, yes I have. I will share my drawings and design. I have it in soft copy so can forward it on to you. I also took lots of pictures!
      The biggest issue I ran into is the bandsaw head. With much head scratching I finally broke down and bought the head. With protective shields and 20 extra blades the whole thing came to $2500 and some change. I saved up my perdiem money from the many company trips I make…. so much for my climbing tree stand and canoe I was saving up for 🙂

      • HomeINsteader says:

        OH, YAY! Thank you! And Bless You!

      • HomeINsteader says:

        Got it! THANK YOU! YOU ROCK!

        • As I scan the other documents I will forward them to you. These are my personal drawings that I drew up after studying other sawmills. If anyone might want a copy…you have but to ask!

          • Survivor: Having all wood in the house sounds wonderful. Just one word of advise for the interior – don’t leave those boards rough sawn. They collect dust and cobwebs and are very difficult to clean. If at some point in the future you decide that rough sawn is no longer something you want – it will be time consuming to sand those walls smooth.

            I have cleaned both types of houses – where they left the boards rough sawn and where they took the time to sand the boards smooth and put a finish oil on them. The second house was much easier to clean and to keep the spiders under control.

            • HomeINsteader says:

              Hmmm…I hadn’t thought about this, sarahy, but, you’re absolutely right! Rough boards do make for “rough” living, don’t they?!! Of course, if you’re a hermit, you weren’t planning to clean, anyway…

  77. Hey pack….I need food dehydrating 101 I ordered the 5 tray excliber but I am pretty clueless on what all to dehydrate…..how to store…..storage time and how to reconstitue and use ANY advice will be much appreciated 🙂 sorry I sound so clueless!!!!! Thanks in advance!

    • Hunker-Down says:

      Summer B,

      http://www.dehydrate2store.com/ will get you started.

    • You can check with your county extension service regarding pamphlets on dehydrating. Not everything dehydrates well and some things are best left to the professionals (i.e. Honeyvillle, etc) to dehydrate as they have the equipment to do things safely. For instance outfits like Dole, Skippy, etc. can preserve in the plastic jars but the home canner does not have the equipment to can in plastic safely. Does not do any good to preserve food only to find that our method of preserving makes the food unsafe.

      That being said we all use dehydrated foods weekly – pasta, most herbs and spices, flour, sugar, instant potatoes, instant milk, etc.

      Dehydrating opens up a whole new learning experience and can be fun and a valuable way to increase ones’ food supply while taking up very little space. Don’t over think it, but do learn the basics so that you will be around to tell us all your wonderful experiences.

  78. Millie in KY says:

    Checking on land in S. Central KY, if you need me to go see a look see and take some photos, etc, I can go from Bowling Green to Columbia down to the TN state line if you need someone to just check it out for you before you make a trip. I’d be happy to do that for you, gets me out on a little road trip. I can check barns, quality of fencing, etc. I didn’t have much time to look here when we moved (we had an unexpected offer on our house/business and needed to move FAST and got down here in 14 weeks which sounds like a lot until you factor in 3 horses, a dozen goats, a dozen dogs, and a household of 30 years in one place). We were lucky and this place had just been put on the internet the day before I saw it. I was down here and came to see the next day, walked the property and signed the papers at 5 that evening. I was relieved it was all over.
    Now I hope someone buys our other 35 acre property in Northern MIchigan so I can pay this place off…just north of Wolverine and backed up to a zillion acres of state land if anyone is interested.

  79. Grumpy Vermonter says:

    Millie, thank you so kindly! That is a very generous offer and I will surely bookmark this and ask again when we get down to it. I truly appreciate it!

    • Millie in KY says:

      Grumpy, just give a yell, M.D. can pass along my address to you…happy to take a look for you!

  80. Grumpy Vermonter says:

    Will do!

  81. We are going to a gun show today. I am excited. This is my first gun show.

  82. HomeINsteader says:

    Oh, goodness, BamBam! Try not to get carried away – as in “bought everything, I got so excited”!!!!

    • Oh, Home’r, the gun show was dreadful. There were 300 booths and no one had a 50 cal. ammo can or 9 mm ammo. The stuff they did have was way overpriced and it was junk, complete junk. I did get a paracord bracelet. We ran into a couple of friends who are gun collectors and they said if you came empty handed, you were going to leave empty handed. I was just really amazed. And annoyed because my dh kept getting into these long conversations with people and I wanted to get in and get out. Actually I think I am annoyed because I fear I am coming down with Strep–I’ve got big red bumps on the back of my tongue and throat and I feel like crap. (I’ve been on antibiotics for 10 days now too.)

      We did stop by Sams on the way back and picked up quite a few things we needed, paper supplies and canned foods. My dh noted the prices at both Sams and the gun show and remarked how wise I was to stock up.

      • Bam Bam, sorry to hear you’re ill. Are you familiar with heating compresses? Just read an interesting blog post on that topic, and thought you might want to consider it.

        Basically, you soak your feet in warm/hot water for 5-10 minutes til they flush, immediately put on wrung out ice-cold cotton socks and dry wool socks on top of that, then hit the sack.

        Apparently, the cold damp socks rev up your circulation as your body tries to warm your feet up. That boosts your immune system. Not sure whether that means there are more white blood cells attacking the infection site or that the existing white blood cells just keep getting cleaned up and back to work faster–but either one seems like it’d be helpful.

        More details here, if you’re interested: http://www.sustaincreateandflow.com/magic-socks-a-natural-remedy-for-cold-and-flu/

        • Lantana,

          I might have to try that. I do soak my feet in hot water and epson salts and essential oils when I am sick.

          • HomeINsteader says:

            And for those who don’t know WHY you do this, not only does it “feel good”, but it is one of the best ways to detox the body!

  83. HomeINsteader says:

    So sorry you’re not well, BamBam. I know you know what to do; sorry the gun show was a disappointment, as well – but at least you made the Sam’s run, so, it wasn’t a total bust!

    Take care of you. You are NOT replaceable – not here at the Pack, and not by your DH, I’m certain!

    • Grumpy Vermonter says:

      Can I ditto what HomeINsteader said? And we went to a gun show last weekend and didn’t get anything, either. The guns I was drawn to were too old to get ammo for – some sort of Spanish things. I know diddly squat about guns, but pretended to be looking at things while I listened to conversations. I got the feeling that people are worried and angry. Outside there were the usual twits protesting the gun show – if they only knew how close we all are to living in a police state, then they might be in there with us!
      Hope you fell better soon, Bam Bam!

      • Grumpy,

        Yes, jump in. I think your assessment is spot on. The people that were buying at the gun show were panic buying, and the people that were selling to them knew they were taking advantage of them.

    • Thanks, Home’r. I took a nap and I am feeling better now. I had been looking forward to this gun show for a month and a half–I had never been to one before. I sprang out of bed this morning ready to go have fun. And then the show turned out to be a bust. But like you said, at least we made a Sams run. Now I have to go play nice with my dh because I was so grumpy this morning. He’s fixing dinner right now.

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