What did you do to prep this week?

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Let’s see what else before we get started…

Ah yah, I want everyone to checkout Michael Snyder’s new book “The Beginning Of The End” it’s $16.95 for a hard copy and only $3.99 for kindle. Recommended!

Now let me see what did I do to prep this week?

Built this fence.

Built this fence.

Received my new electric WonderMill Grain Mill. Note that I still have my Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill for backup.

Received my new electric WonderMill Grain Mill. Note that I still have my Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill for backup.



Been working with my new Garden Tower that the good folks at GardenTowerProject.com sent me for review.

Been working with my new Garden Tower that the good folks at GardenTowerProject.com sent me for review.


And some folks wanted to know how many prep / survival books that I have. Well I'm not sure, I started counting but lost count at 422. Sorry that I could not get them all in the shot.

And some folks wanted to know how many prep / survival books that I have. Well I’m not sure, I started counting but lost count at 422. Sorry that I could not get them all in the shot.

Well that is it for me this week – now it’s your turn… What did YOU do to prep this week? (Note: Please don’t use your real name – I’ve had a lot of folks doing that recently.)


  1. KR Prepper says:

    Planted turnips, squash, bak choi, and Asian cabbage,
    Made a new set of sprouts

    Put away a couple cases of 9, 12ga slugs and arrows
    Learned how to make a d loop. Sized my. Sister for a bow.
    Purchased my weekly half dozen of arrows.
    Also purchased Magnus stingers, and G5 small game heads

    Got health insurance this week. Getting all my preventatives out the way

    We had major storms last week. Bright side of it.. Several cords of Free split firewood. Been stacking Wood all week

  2. DH and I cleared out one of the rooms the granddaughters stay in, adding a bunk bed to the other room and turned the other into a prep pantry/radio room. We added shelves and a small desk area for the radios, etc. It is sure nice to have preps out where I can see them, instead of i boxes.

    Ordered books for DH to study to get his Technician Class Amateur Radio license, then we will both study together for General class. We intend to make a game of learning code and teaching the grandchildren code as well – even though it is no longer needed for radio licenses.

    He (with a little help from me) built a huge shelf for the garage to help clear it after I filled it up with my junk, so I can park the car in there in the winter, and he will be putting a half to one cord of wood in there during the winter so I don’t have to go out in the cold come winter.

    Today, had new daughter and granddaughters over to teach DD how to make jam, and talked to her about the importance of being prepared. I don’t know if she’s listening to me any better than she did her dad, but seemed to me that she was hearing what I was saying – and I was genuinely surprised that she listened to me about firearms – especially having a shotgun.

    DH bought 2 new ammo cans and we now have the ammo I brought into ammo cans, instead of boxes in a pile.

    After DD left, I canned 4 pints of cherries and 3 more pints of cherry jam.

  3. riverrider says:

    anybody else noticing a big lag between typing the post and the letters actually showing up? i noticed last week here and all over the net a huge amount of mispelled words as well, i mean huge. what gives? is my tinfoil hat too tight?

    • mountain lady says:

      I have the same problem. I doubt it is our tin foil hats. MDs site has become so big and full of stuff, that my landline just has a problem with it. I can live with it, as I have problems with a big downloads. It definitely teaches patience.

    • Rr, I have been having that issue as well.
      If any of my posts look like gibberish that is why.

    • Donna in MN says:

      I have had the same problem, only here does it lag. I am also getting security messages popping up every page I visit.

    • Encourager says:

      Same problem here…thanks for bringing it up because I thought it was my old, old desktop computer. I now think it has something to do with the ads, especially the google ads that have been added along the sides of the posts. How do we get rid of the google ads? M.D., are these ads sponsoring your site? Or just added by google??

      • Encourager.

        “Are these ads sponsoring your site?” Answer – Yes.

        But they are automatically generated depending on the page you’re on.

        • MD,
          The Google ads appear to be Flash based and if I have more than a few tabs open they slow my machine down to a crawl. The fact that they “float” when you scroll past them, and especially the ones that have movement in them, all cost CPU cycles and slow everything down. How I combat this personally is to never have more than 1 or 2 tabs open at a time on your site, and to delete the ads that allow deletion as soon as they pop up; unless, they actually contain information which is interesting to me, which does occasionally happen, just not often.
          I realize that they help provide funding for your site, but they do appear to be a burden on older machines. My home machine is a 2.6 GHz Core 2 Duo with 4 GB RAM and experiences the problem. My work machine, a 3.5GHz Core i7 with 16GB RAM works fine; but, has significantly more resources available to do the work.

      • I thought it was just my laptop having a mind of it’s own….or nanobots were inside spying on my so worldly (not) projects and searches.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      I’ve been having the same problem, riverrider, especially at Yahoo. Things have improved a bit here since last week, but yes, I have noticed it. I thought it was my computer, I know it’s not my internet, which is cable and lightening fast. And speaking of tinfoil hats, did you see where Verizon built a big fiber optic cable directly into spook HQ?

    • Riverrider,

      If the server is slow, or there are a large number of people on the site at the same time it can slow things down.

    • One word for ya…. PRISM!

    • I thought there was something wrong with my computer! LOL I am happy to know that it isn’t just me.

  4. Indiana joe says:

    Is this anew format or did my iPod change? Had the car in the shop this week so not much in terms of shopping. I did score a pressure canning machine from my mother in law. Has instructions and read the link on the post earlier on canning. Seems like times can get confusing. Idk but I am super physched about starting to can!!! I will update on my trials. Meanwhile happy prepping!!

    • Indiana joe,

      Everyone was complaining about an ad expanding over the content, when they enlarged the text in a mobile device, so I removed the adds when viewed in a mobile device, now folks are complaining about that too. I can’t win… LOL.

  5. Winomega says:

    Darnit, I can’t remember who was being concerned about spelling errors and monitoring…..

    I had such a perfectly garbled half-registered response to that, but my modem hiccup coincided with a bad enough system-crash that it was lost.

  6. Read that polyester from back in the day makes warm quilts. Found some at a local thrift store for a bargain. Also bought some oversized woolen out of date clothes from the bargain, bargain bin for $1 a piece and washed them on “normal” cycle and dried on medium. Will salvage the zippers and buttons and use the fabric for quilts. Had minimal shrinkage and fabric still looks good for quilting. Bring on the powder blue leisure suits!

    • LOL. I always thought the leisure suits are slippery.
      I make jean quilts lined with flannel but they weigh a thousand pounds. I have one I made for football games that I pull on a cart. But everyone within 20 ft loves me when it is 10 degrees.

      • Leisure suits weren’t slippery,, those were the ladies parachute pants suit with the zipper jacket. I remember swooshing with every step 😉

        • LMAO!!!
          I didn’t wear the parachute pants. I was more like the Madonna wannabe. Big hair, horrific clothes. torn nylons with leggings and heels. Lots of necklaces. OMG, barf, it hurts me to remember.

          • axelsteve says:

            I dress the same now as I did in the 70`s. Jeans t shirts and tennis shoes. I don`t wear led zeppelin t shirts anymore though.I would like to find a sox and martin shirt though.

      • Mama J, that quilt sounds wondeful. I prefer the heavy blankets, something about weight comforts me. Of course I also made myself one of those huge wrap around body pillow for the cocoon effect… lol

        For anyone who has or know someone who has autism, the heavy blankets are great for calming and soothing the anxiety attacks, and other sensory overloads.

    • Lauri no e says:

      My boyfriend when I was a Jr. in High School wore a powder blue leisure suit when we went to Homecoming Game that year. Wow does that bring back memories plus my Dad and brothers worn them also back in the day.

    • Lantana says:

      Marti, there will be more jewels in your crown for figuring out how to recycle those leisure suits. . . .

  7. mountain lady says:

    I actually got a little prepping done this month. My grocery store has some Auguson farms Morning moo, butter granules and honey granules. There were all reasonably priced and I have wanted them for a long time. Other than that, just maintaining the level I am comfortable with.

    • worrisome says:

      Good for you mountain lady! the morning moo………how is it? I am not fond of most of the powdered milk products…but I am not on a mission to find the honey granules. That sounds like a great idea!

  8. Indiana joe says:

    Got a pressure canner from in laws. Don’t really know how to use it bit excited to learn

    • axelsteve says:

      after the Boston bombing Sonoma williams pulled there pressure cookers from there sales. Kinda knee jerk to me.

      • seeuncourt says:

        My DH told me i couldn’t purchase one…without a concealed weapons permit….

    • Encourager says:

      IJ, first determine what type of pressure cooker it is. If it is a smaller pressure cooker for cooking meals, you cannot use it to can jars of food. Look up the model number on the internet and see if you can download the instruction manual.

    • DesertDiva says:

      Indiana Joe,
      I am with you! Bought one from a church rummage sale a few weeks ago. No clue? Did do an English mint sauce with a water bath for our lamb we picked up out at the ranch. Mint and lamb, yum!! I have a ton of mint and chocolate mint. Made my own extract, too. I got the Ball book on Canning. I wanted to start slow with the water bath instead of that VERY scary canner!

      Hit a garage sale last week and the lady who had it said she would give me a pressure canning lesson, that you needed to watch someone do it the first time. Yippee, I think she is doing green beans. Maybe ask you MIL for a lesson and we can compare notes?

      Picked up a live trap at the garage sale too along with a big knife and a kerosene lantern. The canner’s hubby is a trapper. Little bunnies eating my garden and I want to trap them and relocate. I hear they are good to eat, but ONLY after the first frost due to mites? Only have fished and don’t know if I could do a bunny. “Don’t move or the bunny gets it!!” Sorry, just watched “Con Air” again. 🙂 DH a big hunter and got an elk and deer tag this year. I only look AFTER it’s in the freezer. I NEED to learn.

      P.S. BC, you have a prayer warrior out west for your dear wife. (I miss your pic with the overalls! But I know you are getting skinning and maybe will surprise us with a new pic. Good for you, I am on my to get off 30 by Fall)

      • DesertDiva says:

        Sorry BC, I meant “skinny”. Loved the pic with the overalls and the little dog. Min Pin? I have a min pin cross I just rescued. Praying for your wife out here in the “Great Empty”.

  9. seeuncourt says:

    This week, 24 cans of veg-all and 24 cans carrots, maintained the gardens, built chicken coop #2 and started on the turkey pen. continued to fence the cow pasture. Yup, I agree with you all about the fencing! Seeuncourt, Phd (post hole digger).

  10. Well, the local deer did a number on my little garden – all the tomato plants, pepper plants, peas, beans and lettuce are stripped bare. The critters left their hoof prints in the well-tilled soil. After a full CSI forensics analysis, we have identified the perpetrators: Bambi “The Tooth” Virginianus and Ralph “The Buck” Whitetail. Their photos and profiles have been distributed to the local community watch. We are confident they will be brought to justice.

    We attended the gun show at the Fairgrounds and picked up some 9mm ammo ($16 for a box of 50), a metal 50m ammo can ($12) and a bunch of paracord ($7 for 100′). A good haul. Met a young fellow and his wife who have started a leathercraft business in a nearby town- He’s the business side and she’s the artist – great looking belts and super functional CCW holsters – handmade and customed to your tastes. Ordered a nifty convertable IWB/OWB leather holster for the Sig Sauer; should be ready in about 10 days.

    Hit the Farmer’s Market on the way back from the Gun Show and picked up peaches, tomatoes, green beans and new potatoes. Won’t be long before the tomatoes will be overflowing there and time for canning.

    Happy Father’s Day!

  11. TN Mommy says:

    Happy Father’s Day to all the dads on here!

    My prepping has slowed way down. Still searching for the perfect land in the middle of nowhere that I can actually afford. I really want to get the heck out of the city burbs 🙁

    I’m getting frustrated because everything looks good online, and then we drive out to check out the area and it’s not so good. Lots of property but houses all close to the road, neighbors appear to be quite poor etc…. I’m nervous about appearing to be the “rich” people in the neighborhood, could make us targets. I don’t want anyone to see my house from the road. Also, the property absolutely must have a water source which doesn’t come cheap.

    I’m about to give up and start researching city survival…

    • What area you looking in. I’m in southern middle Tn.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      Tn Mommy, would love to have someone new come into our poor neighborhood, and you would fit in well with ,most of them. Our poor neighborhood, I grew up in, and to a house all of them are preppers without even calling it that.Most of them have enough groceries to “do” them for several months every month of every year, they even have enough to assist others when needs/ emergencies arise. poor does not mean unprepared, but you really don’t want to be in the inner city areas… TENNESSEE TATER

      • TN Mommy says:

        Oh I wasn’t trying to say that I think the people are unprepared, but I know from experience from living in the city that if the SHTF the first people who are going to get raided are the ones that people think have more money/stuff than them. We aren’t rich at all, but we purposely bought a cheaper house in my neighborhood so we would have extra money for other things than just a house payment. The neighbors have already asked me repeatedly what I do for a living because we have nice cars and my husband doesn’t work. 🙁 I want to be completely off the radar, without having to sacrifice living in a pretty nice house.

    • patientmomma says:

      TN Mommy, I live in west/middle TN also and I’ve been looking for a year. I finally bought a property which is not perfect, but it is workable, meaning the things I like out number the things I don’t like. If it has sufficient acres, water source and some trees with an existing residence of some sort and is at least 60-90 minutes from any big city, think on it. My house is close to the road; that is the way country people live. BUT, it can be “hidden” by creating a berm, planting fast growing bushes and trees and putting up a fence behind the shrubs. You can put your chickens and small animals out of sight deeper into the property. There is no such thing as a perfect property or perfect husband or perfect kids. Better to be out in the country with a chance than in the city with no chance.

  12. Helped the young lady that moved in with us get a job this week. She’s very excited as it’s her first job. It’s a shame the person that moved off and left her took her birth certificate with her. We can’t get it for her and she can’t get a driver’s license without it. We have the paperwork to get it when she turns 18. We will be taking her to work, but it’s only about 6 miles down the road.

    No purchases this week for preps, mostly working in the garden. Harvested first round of broccoli this week. Yummy! Beets are about ready too.

    Happy Father’s Day to all the Father’s here. Prayers sent for those in need. Blessings to All!

  13. Southern Girl says:

    Greetings to all,

    Prayers went out this am in early service for all in need. BC, pray your dear wife’s surgery is a success & for a fast recovery.

    For SIK, sorry for loss of your good friend & his family.

    For prepping, reading new books when time. Busy week at work. A long 6 day week. Did receive Mylar bags to start on rice, flour, cornmeal, beans & dog food. i did not realize there were different grades of mylar bags & reordered the 5 mils. Haven’t found any local places giving away free food grade buckets. Will need to ordeR.
    Also, added sutures, other medicals & “The New Self-Sufficent Gardener”.

    Lost all the pole beans & cucumber plants to the heat & the bugs are munching away on tomato leaves. Not sure if it’s just heat or the soil mixture. I’m doing the square foot gardening & think my calculation was off with the peat moss & compost. The soil is losing moisture too fast.
    Also, have tried spraying with 3 different mixtures including the dish soap & water for the bugs. Worst was the onion, garlic, cayenne pepper & dish soap. The DH says that stuff could be marketed as a lethal weapon.LOL.
    The odor was pretty bad & deadly for eye contact. Any suggestions for either problem would be appreciated.

    However. I’m pulling out the beans & cucumbers today, mixing some fertilizer in & planting something else. This ís my first gardening adventure alone & I ain’t giving up! Not sure what to plant this late in June with these 95 degree temps. More research.

    There is something strange going on with this post. Taking forever to type this.

    Hope everyone has a good safe week & although I don’t voice my views on gov’t issues, I do agree with most comments regarding the poor leadership we are dealing with & the total ruin of our government as is. We are in need of a good house cleaning in our capital.


    • Tell us what youcome up with on the late June 95 degree temp planting. I’m having the same delima. The lettuce is done and now Ive got space in the garden but don’t know what to plant that will take the heat. Do you think it’s to late to start some beans?

      • Just a guess, but I hear Okra likes heat. Others might have better suggestions.

      • Les, get your tomatoes in for the fall, plant some squash, anything that has a long growing season. Replant beans, or spread some compost and cover the area and let it solarize. Kills off weeds, and a lot of the bugs that live in the soil. If you do it over winter’ soil temps will be warmer earlier and you can get stuff in February. Go talk to a local nursery, not big box store unless they have a master gardener. Check the Aggie website for hot weather varieties. Or go ask someone at the farmers markets what they’re planting. I just planted more summer squash, and about to do next progression of cukes for pickles, and I’m waaay further south than you are.

        • And GA is right, okra will keep on until it freezes as long as it gets water! Mine is beginning to bloom.

        • Thanks for the suggestions. we have pleanty of squash in right now and the okra is starting to bloom. Think I’ll go with beans later in the week when I get the letucce pulled up.

  14. Happy Fathers Day to all the great Dad’s out there!

  15. I’ve been getting kinda burned out lately so not much has been getting done.

    I just finished “one second after” and that nothing getting done is about to change.

    I’m gonna start by organizing everything so I know what I actually have, then I can decide where I need to focus my attention.

  16. Not much this week , had to replace a water heater and my 6 year old computer is acting up . Hope I don’t have to replace it so all extra funds will be held back for future calamities. Plus just getting some of the medical bills for the MRSA infection I had last month, can’t belive $145 just for the culture to see what it was!! That was more than the office visit and the meds combined.

    I am absolutley OUTRAGED that TDL will spend $60 to 100 million for a vacation for him and his family. Can’t we jsut pay somone over there the $100 milliion to just keep them!!!!

    Prayers to everyone who needs them…

    • The $100 million to keep him sounds like a good investment. Wouldn’t even notice it with the national debt at $13trillion.

    • My daughter went to the ER. We were there one hour. We thought she had meningitis.
      ER visit $2400
      IV $260
      Blood work $500
      Flu testing A & B $140.00
      Strep test $120.00 I could have done this at home for $1.25 but knew she didn’t have strep.
      The stupid doctor who had to listen to rant for 30 minutes about how you can’t fix stupid. (He forgot to put her orders in the computer.) Priceless.
      I will make them sweat over every penny.

      • Lauri no e says:

        Mama J,

        Praying for your daughter and my husband might be going to the ER but wants to wait and see Dr. in the morning. ( We think it might be gall bladder)

        Thanks, to everyone for prayers for my 2 aunts and FIL both my aunts are out of the hospital and they are treating FIL with steriods because to old for the surgery.

        • Lauri,
          Oh, my daughter is fine now. She was sick in Feb. Thank you though. I hope you DH is not in too much pain. So painful. Gaviscon helps. I have had gall bladder issues and they are not fun. I choose to cleanse my gall bladder and have a recipe if you need it. I haven’t had an attack in 5 years.
          Many blessings to your poor aunts…..and FIL. That is hard.

          • Lauri no e says:

            Mama J,

            Yes I would like the recipe. Thanks for your help.

            • I had to look for a website that had the same recipe because it is a lengthy description and process.
              The cleanse only takes a few days and the main part is overnight.
              Your DH should see the Doctor first anyway to see what is actually troubling him. The Doctor will want to take his gall bladder is he has stones.
              I am the only person in my family that still has her gall bladder. All my sisters, mother, aunts, grandmothers all had theirs removed. We also have issues with kidney stones.
              I had two severe attacks that were so bad I was ridged with pain. Could not walk, drive or even scream. An ambulance had to pick me up once. I wanted out of my body very badly. I had a cat scan of my gall bladder and had heavy sludge will stones. Surgery was scheduled. I am not OK with this. So I did this cleanse.
              It was not terrible. The juice is great. The salts will give you the runs which is good. The olive oil will make you wonder if you have lost your mind. Stay close to bathroom and have baby wipes handy. I did not do enemas. Some do. Follow the diet of no fat, fruits, greens.
              I have read that some people get nausea, vomiting, pain. I did not.

              I did a full Dr, Scholls colon cleanse, organ and parasite detox and ate clean organic whole food from then on. Graduate up to the fatty meats and dairy.
              I have become quite the food Nazi. I do not eat processed foods at all. I will eat some pasta that has a whole food ingredient list like flour, eggs, salt and milk.
              I still drink my tea (addicted to sweet tea), coffee, dairy, and have a normal clean diet. Grass fed meat, no GMO, no fake food. Real sugar only.
              I have not had an attack in 5 years. I do the cleanse at least once a year.
              My female family have also had other organs removed including hysterectomies. I bypassed that with a uterine ablation. I still have all my junk and the Doc is going broke!
              The site I found follows the same routine and recipe.

              • Lauri no e says:

                Mama J,

                Thanks, my husband is better this morning and went to work. He does get kidney stones and it does run in his family. Thanks again. L

          • Schatzie Ohio says:

            I could use that recipe!

  17. Well lets see. Read One Second After . Picked up 10 round box of 50 cal. And 50 rounds of 45 apc. Built more shelving for can good. Another 18 feet and I will almost have enough shelves to put everything up of the ,floor. Picked up another gal. of honey. Programmed the groups px888k radios . Put the last 3 freqs. to listens to the local weather radio stations.

  18. Sw't Tater says:

    Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s here! Prayers are continuing for all the Pack, their needs and those of family and friends.
    Finally got some quiona, and tried it as a breakfast ..I prepared it like oatmeal..once with splenda and cinnamon, once with almonds and dried apricots. It held me really well, with no blood sugar crash.I won’t want it every day, but nice for a change.
    I found a sale on qt of honey, bulk oats and steel cut oats, picked up quanities for two months.
    Have spent time catching up on chores.Picked up 6 buckets of various sizes with lids.
    .Dried some spearmint, prepared some garlic to grow bigger bulbs, strained out double strength tinctures, began plaintain in tincture (the plant for insect bites and poison ivy)picked up some gardening gloves.
    Ran a rescue run for DD( lives approx 4 hrs away, had recent illnesses..w/ expenses and employment impact… URI’s and eye infections.) all in the reason we prep!
    .Did elementary instructions on herbal preps and use of plants /herbs/ solutions available to her, for initial treatments/ intervention before emergency…..and counseling for issues/plans/needs/ wants…gave idea scramble..for additional (city)income streams.
    Spent time in spiritual renewal efforts with LMI’s.
    Noticed thread earlier re:quilting , Interesting.. Been considering those scrap materials I have in some boxes, so much so, I began dreaming about boxes of material…got to begin those quilts when I get the garden in.
    Worked on priority lists for household needs and dh is on the same page, Not a new thing, but so important and makes preps so much easier!
    Take care, keep on, keeping on.Stay alert.

    • SW Tater,
      You were busy! I love quinoa. I have a stack of jeans calling my name for another quilt when it gets too hot to go outside during the day.
      My mother is excellent at making fine quilts. All my kids have her quilted baby blankets. I am more of a utility quilt kinda gal.
      Staying organized is important.

  19. Patriot Farmer says:

    I completed my new chicken enclosure and began with 13 new laying hens. I also completed my outdoor cooking pit and finally I bought 2 boxes of 12ga bird shot and a few boxes of 12 ga slugs.

    • Love the idea of an outdoor cooking pit!

      We have a cheapo fire pit that’s about ready for the scrap heap – it’s rusty and doesn’t have a lot of use. We are contemplating a more permanent fire pit structure – something that would be able to be used for cooking if needed. Our space is small – only about 3’x3′, maybe 3’x4′ & we’re thinking about using brick or stone. Has anyone seen plans that would be good for something like that? Doesn’t have to be overly fancy. Thanks!

  20. Hello Pack;
    Yes, it another day at Hadis Half Acre, I did not give it that name a friend did years ago. He said we lived half way between heaven and hadis, he used the other word**. We call it another name, much nicer.

    My magazine Countryside came in the mail yesterday…it had great articles so please pay attention for those who are married to mules or sand box lovers, heads in first. Beg, borrow, or go to the library for this edition volume 97 #4 j/a 2013. It has preparing for emergencies (pg#36), it is written for those sandbox spouses. TG, I think they had your dh in mine when this was written. Even your dh will understand that you did not lose your mind or that aliens had replaced you with a look alike. Hope this works for your dh & you.

    There is an article on using a pressure canner, setting traps, lightening protection, “donkeys”. We had one, he was 55 yrs old +, and had to have him put down a year ago last April. Loved that little guy he was with us for over 20 years, minded better than the dogs! Still miss him.

    Preps…ordered the hamburger for ds, df, and us, plus ordered 3-2 gallon jars of honey from a local bee caretaker. Washed out 25 fg buckets, most of them 2 gallon size, believe my dh is happy to see the guest bathtub no longer looks like the recycle bin on garbage day.
    Painted more of the Tr*x decking, think I am up to 15 boards so far, I can only paint so much then wait for the stain to set and paint it again.
    Df & neighbor is coming over tomorrow with saw horses so may we can get more decking painted and in before Turkey day is upon us. This is about it from H’s half acre.
    Happy Fathers Day–gentlemen.

  21. DesertDiva says:

    Ordered and received the Harvest Can Rotating System! This thing is the bomb! Didn’t know where I would put all my preps. Live in a 900 foot Cabin. Moved to the great empty 8 years ago and had to get rid of so many things. Felt GREAT! Anyway, hubby put a wood top on it, I put it in a little cut out in my art studio and put up a “black out” curtain to hide it. It looks like part of the room. My son and grandson came out this weekend and never noticed it. I went to get a snack for my little one and they wondered where I was going to get it. Whew, close one. My son knows he is coming here when/if. Brought his Dad 500 rounds of 223 he bought from a friend getting a divorce and needed money.

    Waiting for delivery of a gun safe. My CD has matured and next trip to the BIG city it will be coming home with me to be safe. Worked 25 years in corporate America in mortgage lending. The banking system is so messed up. FDIC? Really? 6 back surgeries later and we left the big city. So worried about my DH 401K’s! Last time the market dumped I had just received a small inheritance and opened some accounts. Three months later I lost one third of my money. No where near the hit most people had, but I had the cash in my hot little hands! I feel it’s coming again. I would rather spend the money on preps and at least we can eat and defend it all.

    I am new to the pack but finally jumped in yesterday with all the great herbal ladies. I have been sitting on the side lines for three months now and wanted so much to be a part of this group. I have never commented on a blog in my life. Thank you all so much! Used a little jewelry making money to get an order from Mountain Rose and bought an excellent dehydrator. Thanks to the pack for all the suggestions and I love the CD, MD, and your book. Ordered book six of 299 days. Good week to all!

  22. Puttered around the garden. Weeded. Watched 2nd batch of radishes sprout (shady area). Peas are about done. Started harvesting lettuces & spinach. Slugs are having a heyday in there, though. Bought new shelving for food organization in the basement. Took a self defense class. Plan to take a “practical conceal carry” course soon for better training with CW. Picked wild berries — free food! Yummy jam! Reading an interesting book — “The Good Life Lab”. That’s all for now.

  23. Granny Em says:

    I finally got some of the garden planted, in between rain storms this week. . We stood on planks to get the corn in last Sunday, and it has broken ground tonight. The squash, cukes, broccalli and kale sets are happy to be out of their foam cups. Tomorrow, I hope to plant the tomatoes and peppers, the onions and sweet potatoes.

    Question for the Pack : What is ground ivy good for ? I’ve got a bumper crop of it all over the property.

    Have a great week. Prayers for all who need them.

  24. patientmomma says:

    16 Jun: Finished up my batch of elderberry tincture so we’re ready for cold and flu season. Did some yard sales and got some flannel sheets and some nice king size sheets to use for bandages. Found an L.L. Bean backpack for $1 and some bitter bandages for animals at half off regular price! Received my order of 20 baby holly bushes —the kind with the nasty points on the leaves—plan to plant them for security around the house; had to put them in nursery pots until I have time to do some digging. Found some hamburger on sale so I made meatballs and pressure canned them—I had to taste test them of course and they are yummy!
    Did not get to the garden this weekend so I’m feeling guilty; I need to take a day off of work and spend some time weeding and fertilizing. I mowed the yard and found the canvas clipping bag on the back of the mower had a ripped seam; like, how did that happen??? So next weekend I have to remove the bag from the frame and repair it.
    I finished reading Surviving Survivalism and made me realize I can do without a lot of things, but I want my refrigerator and running water! I need to get smart on solar power but I don’t know anyone who has solar in my area. Still working so it is hard to do everything myself.

  25. Mrs. M. says:

    We spent the last week moving to our homestead. 90%. Done. Got the garden shed I bought delivered, need to replace the siding so the new neighbors don’t hate us.

    We are exhausted. The muscles are talking. Being over 50 sucks. I am going to try to get a few plants in this summer, with the bulk of the bones of the garden going in this fall. We have over an acre to plan out. The hen house is on the way, as is a rabbit house.

    So not a bunch of gardening this yèar, but planning on a strong raised bed garden for next year. I am already arranging to have tree trimmings shredded and dumped on our space, ala back to Eden. I am looking for a local source for Elderberry and bluèberry bushes, and planning on fruit trees.

    We scored a sweet new firearm in a trade. So accurate and easy to handle! DH is great at keeping those preps up and moving.

    Our next major expense will likely be solar. To get the water out of the well without sucking power.

    Anyway, once we get settled in, we will be back into the prepping mode. One nice thing besides land near a small, safe community, we also got an extra storage room, heated and cooled, and separated from the rest of the the house. Perfect for storing things that are nobody’s business.

    I am still greiving… I guess that doesn’t end, but eventually I might
    Learn to deal with the loss. Hard to focus on surviving, with such a loss. But we must go on.

    Try explaining hundreds of cans of food to movers…. We chose not to, and so we had to move it all ourselves. Gah!

  26. Millie in KY says:

    Not much this week, really pathetic, I got some TP. When in doubt in the store, just get a package of TP. 🙂 I worked in the garden a bit, got some buckets and planted the raspberry canes and hazel nut trees in them for now. I may have to put them in the ground next year. They are bare root so cannot sit around long. Hopefully tomorrow I will get the strawberries partly in.
    I had my job interview on Tuesday, it went exceedingly well. It is a state job, pays just a bit more than the job I lost in February but incredible benefits and opens the door for me to some other positions, I hope. BUT HERE IS THE OTHER REALLY GOOD NEWS: I have another job interview for this Tuesday. This one I really, really want. It is working with someone who you all know the name of. I really can’t say any more than that because of Opsec. But trust me, you would all be very proud if I get this position. It’s for office work, probably very little contact with this person and that is all right. It’s someone I admire very much. The job isn’t open until September, I would like to see if I get the first state job and then hang on until September and take that one. Either one would be a decent enough job but the second one is more exciting to me!
    The bookcase project is nearing completion. Just a bit more painting in that room and rearranging. And have to paint the closet which will be harder because it’s kind of cramped in there, on the other hand, I’m not taping in there because who cares if you slop a bit of paint in a closet?
    Happy prepping everyone and would so appreciate the prayers that I get just the right job. At least I’m getting some interviews now. Thank you all!
    I am catching up for the past couple of days, can’t wait to see what you all have written in this column and the Advice column, too!

    • Millie, we’re proud of you simply because you’re you.

      Good luck to the prospective employers–may the best one win our Millie’s able assistance!

  27. To prep this week we planted more pumpkin seeds, weedwhacked the orchard,placed order for canning jars on sale from Lehmans(10% off),
    placed another small order from EE for freeze dried food,and replaced our sump pump (we had a second emergency pump on hand) when the old one quit and the cellar was flooding .We have had 9 plus inches of rain this month).( Bartered for repair of our lawnmower with honey)Read this blog and another thoroughly.
    Showed the grandchildren the does and fawns in the fields and one turkey setting on her nest..Continues reading They Fired the First Shot-very good book re: our countrys state of affairs and some solutions.
    Hope all you who are Dads had a good day.Arlene

  28. Southern Girl says:


    Just reading from the University of FL. IFAS extension web site info on June planting in this area. It lists a few vegetables that can be planted in June including Lima beans & sweet potatoes & some type of peas. Think I will try my hand at sweet potatoes. Love those things with brown sugar, cinnamon, butter & raisins. The site has great info on natural pest control also.

    Hope that helps. Kinda disheartening to loss all my beans after watching them grow from seed. They were so healthy looking too. I’ll just try again next year. Have plenty of seed left stored in frig.


    • Southern Girl

      I decided to go with putting in some beans. They are called Anasazi beans after the indian tribe. hopefully they will be heat tolerant and we’ll get some beans out of them. Got them in this am. Also, my late crop of sweet corn is coming up. Don’t think I’ll have a problem with it as along as I can keep it watered. If I had mors space, I would definatley do the sweet potatoes. Thanks.

  29. Audrey Druse says:

    Hi all,
    Must comment on how concerned the Pack is for each other. It is wonderful to find people who care about mostly strangers. For most the only connection is words on a computer screen. The help offered for problem simple or complex or a word of encouragement given in the time of need is more valuable than many outside this community would believe.

    Time is speeding up and getting short. We will need all this support sooner than we know. Hang in there all who are having illnesses and financial problems knowing prayers are being offered by your friends in the Pack.

    What have i done this past week… not as much as I would like but that is the frustration of my life now. Went to the Lymphedema clinic at the insistence of my Diabetics doctor for the swelling in my ankles and feet. So now I am wearing very stylish ace bandages from my toes to my knees. As if I needed anything more to help tie me down…lol. We will see if it does anything… I think it will help temporarily… until I have to take them off.

    My DH heard me say I wanted to dehydrate some celery and tried to help by buy 3 bunches at our local “expensive” grocery store. So I will be dehydrating it… I will be lucky if it fills 3 trays… BUT, I am not saying a word. He is trying to help… Then he went out and bought a new Truck with all the bells and whistles and took our everything totally paid off status back to 5 yrs of payments… 2 steps forward 3 back. One good thing – Zaycon Foods is having their Hamburger event and my DD3 is going to come help me can 40 lb. She is getting 40 lb also but will freeze some of hers. I am looking forward to that. Also on a whirlwind trip to Wally World I managed to grab a big bottle of peroxide off a shelf before DD2 could stop me. A score for my first aid preps…. She hates to shop and takes me under protest… I have to tell her everything I need before we go so she can gauge how long it will take her…. I can sometimes stick stuff in my basket she doesn’t notice or if she does she doesn’t mention. When DD3 comes to town is when i can do most of my prepping. Other than that not much, just research on the computer. The things i am very “Thankful” for …. I still have my mind and my reason, and my computer skills I can play games with the best of them…lol

    My Prepping Prayer is that this community will live through what is coming and will be the start of good things to come for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren.

    Til later,

  30. radspecial says:

    Didn’t do much except get called in to work. Did spend Sunday AM picking green worms/caterpillars off the broccoli. Seems like overnight they turned the leaves into collanders! Also our onions eaten to the ground and jalapeños were eaten off the plant. Come payday i will get some chicken wire and a pellet gun and we ll be enjoying rabbit stew.
    We did pick up some vitamins on clearance at the grocery store. Food is great to stock up on but we all will really need the vitamins as MREs or hard wheat etc don’t have everything a body needs.

  31. Amusing thing I just found on DVR, or maybe not so funny…. Episode of Doomsday Preppers that aired at 1am last night… Italian Preppers, it’s in Italian, with subtitles….. Might give an insight to things in Europe.. Some of it was filmed prior to the end of last year.

  32. I received the order of bacon that I had ordered from Zaycon Foods. It is really good bacon. Plan to get some ground beef next month.

    Worked in garden. Getting the yard mowed is one of the main things that I am doing to help me to get into shape. Using a push mower on 1 acre is a lot of work! whew! At first I could not do much at one time, but now I am able to work for a longer period of time.

    Ordered some vitamins which should be delivered today. Tuesday we are going out of town for a few days. I will be taking some classes which will hopefully lead to me earning more $.

    DH and I have been brainstorming trying to come up with different ideas for: making more money, how to make the most use of the space we have, security, etc… You get the idea. We have come up with some different ideas, now we just have to put them into action. There might be a post or two in there somewhere! 🙂 We shall see.

    If it wasn’t for this blog and the wolf pack I do not think that we would be as prepared as we are. Thanks for all of the great ideas everyone!!

  33. I forgot to mention, my squash plants are getting HUGE and flowering but the squash is not getting big enough to pick. I found a few bugs but I squished all that I found. Does anyone know what I can do?! Also the cukes are not doing well at all. We have been getting enough rain.

    • Brenda, try feeding them with some Epsom salt. Mix a bit into the soil. Generally when there is great foliage, and no fruit, it’s too much nitrogen. The Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate and might help.

  34. Encourager says:

    I have been so stressed the past week that I can’t remember if I posted or not…

    Not much was done prepping as MIL was hospitalized. Seems the Hospice doc did not know how to treat her leg wounds and they progressed to near gangrene. She is much better after a week on IV antibiotics. Brought her back to her place last night.

    This morning, went to drop off some paperwork at her facility… and stopped to say hi. Found her struggling to walk with her walker across the living room to her chair…with her slacks around her ankles. Seems the aide had left her on the pot for over 30 minutes AFTER aide came in and Mom wasn’t done. I grabbed just as she started to trip (thank you, Jesus!) Pulled up her slacks and guided her to her chair, only to have her fall as she was trying to sit down. Her oxygen concentrator was turned off…don’t know how long Mom was without oxygen – this time. Found the nurse, and after telling her what happened her reaction was oh-well-so-what-no-harm-done.

    A real eye-opener for dh. He has resisted all suggestions of having to move her to a safer facility. Yes, I agree, it will be a nightmare. Now he is on board, he was so furious. Stopped at a newer facility that has an Alzheimer unit with private rooms/bathrooms. Was impressed with the resident to aide ratio. It was 4 residents to every aide and there are three aides there every night. There is a nurse there ALL the time, usually two but at least one for the Alzheimer unit. There are 17 residents right now with 3 openings. Last Sunday at her current place, there were 2 aides for the entire two story building (over 40 apartments). No nurse on weekends, ever.

    Have been harvesting salad greens, radishes and spinach from our raised bed. The cukes are doing very poorly…so stuck in a few new seeds between the poor plants. Ordered and received an EE order. Today we picked up 20 # of chicken necks and backs for bone broth. That is the extent of our prepping last week.

    • Encourager, ‘no harm done?’ I would be enraged. People like that have no business caring for anyone.

      Hopefully the new place will be better for her.

      • Encourager says:

        I am still trembling, I was so angry and upset. My ‘interview’ with the director of this newer place must have been pretty stressing for her. She took it in stride and told me she had just fired a woman for trying to force a resident to move where she wanted her, raising her voice and getting in the resident’s face. She fired her on the spot. She said they had ongoing training for all the staff, did not tolerate ANYTHING even close to abuse. She said they used distraction, re-focus and re-direction for the Alzheimer residents.

        Mom has had unexplained bruises on her arms and even her legs at times. We are told she bumped herself or fell. Mom says they yank on her arms and shove her. One aide, who was fired for hitting a male resident, said to us one time “Who are you going to believe? Your crazy demented mother or the staff?” I filed a complaint with the director but nothing was done…until she got fired a month later.

        My heart breaks for these elderly people. Many have NO family that comes to see them or even call them. All it takes is one abusive person to make them afraid and even more helpless.

        • I’m very glad you were there and are taking such an active interest with your MIL. Was primary caregiver for my father and co-primary with my mother before they both died. It was sad that when my father died so few of his friends came to see him even when I told them we should not expect a happy ending.

          I’ve seen people whose parents had strokes and could no longer communicate and those with alzheimers, retreat from visiting their parents saying their parents aren’t there any longer. My view is they may not recognize us or communicate with us – but those running the homes/hospice whatever know we are there and it helps ensure appropriate care of our loved ones – plus our children do learn from our examples.

          My hat’s off to you – this is a hard job but is very rewarding when you realize you have done your best.

          • Encourager says:

            Thank you, sarahy. I have become very protective of my MIL even though there were many times in the past when we did NOT get along at all.

            It doesn’t matter if she does not know who we are sometimes (I still giggle when I remember her introducing us – dh and me – as her mother and father to her tablemate…who looked very confused.) What matters is that we do what God expects us to do, take care of the widow who happens also to be our Mom.

            • Encourager says:

              But I should say it is not easy at all. Sometimes it is so painful for my dh to see his Mom in that state that he doesn’t want to go visit her. I push him to do it,and it seems it is those visits that she is in her right mind for a change. God is good.

        • When I was 17 I worked in a nursing home as a partime cook/housekeeper. Some of the things I seen still bug me. They played favoritism in that place, and if you werent one of the favorites then they ignored you.
          There was one gentleman in particular that I adored. He was one of the ignored. He didnt have very good control over his bladder and all out refused to wear an adult diaper. He couldnt talk all that good, but he was the sweetest guy. He use to have these stuffed animals that he would put under his shirt and go around saying he was pregnant. The staff would always take them away and hide them. One chriatmas I bought him a stuffed monkey, and after that he would all out battle anyone who tried to take it away. When he died it was hours, hours, before anyone noticed because he wasnt a favorite.
          It is truly sad to see what happens to so many of our elders. Hidden away because people wont deal with them.
          I am glad your mom has you to take care of her. It makes a huge difference, even if they dont remember you, they remember love, and they know when someone cares.

          • Encourager says:

            Thanks, TG. You brought a tear to my eye. I have some of the employees actually come up to me and tell me Mom is a stinker but they love her anyways. When the nurse said something similar, I looked her straight in the eye and said ‘You love her?? Then treat her with the respect and dignity she deserves! Put your love to action!” She got mad and walked off in a huff. Words, only words; no action.

    • JeffintheWest says:

      My God! I am so glad you guys are getting her out of there! If it had been me, I probably would have “lost it” on the nurse.

      • Encourager says:

        I used supreme self-control which gave me a stunning headache later. Why the self-control? She had a witness in the room… Otherwise…

        • JeffintheWest says:

          Well, you did the smart thing — especially the part where you’re getting her out of there!

          • Encourager, my DD is an aide who deals with the same thing you’ve seen and found. It infuriates her, that some of the others don’t give a crap, unlike her. She’s refused offers to go to higher paying jobs, because she won’t leave her patients. She is trying to get into nursing school, but is trying to figure out how to handle keeping the job, school and a young family!! The main reason she wants to go get her degree is to better help her patients. She would be in line in front of you at the state making a complaint if that had happened on her watch! But you’re doing the right thing, keeping up with your MIL, too many families don’t.

            • Shai, the nursing homes need more people like your dd. I just made a comment above about a nursing home I worked in. Some of the stuff I seen there… truly horrifying. And many people dont get it. They dont get the fact that one day they may be dependant on someone else for every little thing. How they treat people today will come back to them one day.

            • Encourager says:

              God bless your dd, Shai! I cannot understand why people go into the field of elder care if they have no compassion for the elderly. Unless they like to abuse or neglect on purpose – what, a power trip? Getting back at Grandma or Mom who you felt neglected you or didn’t love you best? Who knows.

              I pray that all the harmful things they do comes back on them when they are in that bed, needing others to take care of THEM. Some may call it karma, I call it justice. “Revenge is mine, says the Lord. I WILL repay!”

  35. Survivor says:

    Got an acre or so of sunflowers planted just hours befored a slow steady spring rain, so they should be coming along nicely. The old 8n is purring like a kitten. I got my new lift cylinder, piston and rings came in today so will be installing them next weekend.
    Built a new compost container out of some welded wire and t spikes. I lined the bottom with wet cardboard and dumped a pile of dead grass on top. While I was picking the wet cardboard off the ground to use in the compost pile I found quite a few red wiggler worms, so harvested those and put them in my worm bin. I also added some worms to the compost pile.
    Then, I built a worm bed and did the same as the compost pile… wet cardboard and dead grass. The worms were feeding off the cardboard so I used it in both areas.
    I have a raised half barrel in which I have several things planted. Every time it rains I catch the run off and use it to water the garden. That’s compost tea and it’s magic!!
    Fixed a lateral line off my septic tank. Bloody tree came down right on the line. It was smelly and nasty work digging below the line 2.5 feet down in hard packed, but but I did it!