What did you do to prep this week?

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Okay, let me see… what did I do to prep this week? Unfortunately, not a lot…

This week I spent most of my time and resources getting my truck worked on and repaired. Toyota trucks are some of the most reliable vehicles on the road, and mine has over 230,000 miles but like everything else parts do wear out, and need to be repaired. New brakes, valve pan gaskets, new hoses, front and rear differential fluid change, oil change and I’m out nearly $400 bucks.

But the old Toyota is my main form of transportation and hauls a lot of stuff, from hay, to building materials, and would serve as my “bug out vehicle” if needed, but I don’t plan on going anywhere, and the only way, that I’m leaving here is in a body bag – I’m making my stand here… no retreat, no surrender.

Besides the repairs and maintenance to my truck, I did the normal stuff around my place, i.e. gardening and yard work. I also ordered a copy of Ragnar Bensons new book Survival End Game for review. Ragnar has to be at least 90 years old, and to be honest I thought that he had stopped writing, then bam another book…

Well that’s it for me… How about you? What did you do to prep this week? Let us know in the comments below…

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  1. canadagal says:

    Wow what a few weeks in this world. Was busy worrying & praying for those 70,000 people that had to be evacuated from the fires in Colarado & now we had 70,000 evacuated in Calgary, Alberta due to flooding & now my DH tells me that has been raised to 100,000. The main center of the city is very deep in water and all the way down the system through Alberta,& into Saskatchewan right to the Manitoba Border along the Saskatchewan River system are preparing & evacuating as needed. I also hear a lot of towns in BC have floods & avalanches. I am praying for Snowden too.

    Preps 10 tarps @ 3 ea. lots of canning supplies, fabric on buy 1 m. get 2 free & some 1/2 price, gas grass edger, landscaping fabric & edging 2 shake flashlights, 10 solar lights 1/3 reg price. Garden is coming up well & weeding between rows is done once but it has rained a lot lately so can’t get to pick in rows. Been helping at the museum a far amount lately. I’ve learned a lot there about how pioneers did things so it is good for me as well as the museum.

    BC so glad for your good news. Prayer is powerful.

    My DH got metal in his eye. The nearest big hospital 70 miles away couldn’t remove it so sent us to a specialist another 3 hrs down the road. He was able with a spade & jack all to pry it out. He says he left quite a hole that should grow back in but could make his vision a bit like looking through crazed glass. Hopefully not. Doc. said he is also developing cataracts so he needs to quite driving until that gets them fixed. Please pray that his eyesight will return to normal & that he can get the other surgeries in a timely manner.

    Wish you all well and keep preparing for whatever comes our way.

    • Nice to hear from you, canadagal–will add your DH and the areas in harm’s way to our prayers.

  2. Schametti says:

    Sorry I haven’t been around much the last week guys. From gardening, to dehydrating, to helping my mom, and sleeping a lot in between.. I haven’t been much up for reading and posting, or anything else in my free time.

    Confession Time!! (Sort of).

    We recently had a meeting with our money people, and they had some pretty bleak news for us, the economy, our dwindling balance, blah blah blah.. I don’t know if any of you are familiar with the way Trust’s work, (where we were forced to put our money after DH’s accident, but if you ever have a choice to get one.. run screaming, far in the other direction, lol).. Because all they do is tell you how to live your life, by their rules, and then somehow make you feel like you should be thanking them for their generosity.

    ANYway.. I’m not sure what the game plan from here will be, but it definitely means cutting back on spending as much as possible for awhile, trying to find a way to do other things cheaper than before, doing without some things we were used to, etc.. so.. obviously THAT didn’t make me very happy. I have prepping to do, People!! *Sigh*

    I won’t rant on and on about it, though I probably could, no doubt, lol.. But suffice it to say I’ve been more than a little down the last week, and felt it best to not accidentally drag down any other moods with me. *Hugs* But I’ve missed you guys.

    My mother, for those still curious about how she’s doing.. is doing much better. It took her quite a while to get there.. but now that she’s had three weeks of her new lifestyle under her belt.. she’s noticeably improving. She’s not walking enough, and she’s not drinking enough, but she’s definitely sticking to her diet, (food wise), pretty good so far. Every week I make up her one ounce food cups for the whole week, so that all she has to do is heat them up, so it’s easy for her. She’s still having quite a bit of nausea that she’s hoping will pass.. soon, but so far, it’s being stubborn. Thank You for anyone who’s continuing to pray for her recovery. I appreciate it very much.

    The garden is still blooming and blossoming. We harvested our potatoes this week. And I’ve been dehydrating herbs all darn week, so much cilantro, it’s ridiculous.. lol. The carrots are almost carrots.. 🙂 Another week for them, maaaaybe two, and they should be ready to come out of the ground. (Well, at least the first round of them anyway). I’ve been munching on strawberries, blueberries, and cherry tomatoes regularly, which always makes me happy. There are a couple big, fat red tomatoes alllllmost ripe out there, shouldn’t be long and I’ll be eating them too.

    We’ve harvested bags.. and bags.. and BAGS of mesclun, lettuce, romaine, and arugula.. We’re burried in the stuff. I took my neighbor a HUGE bag, who was delighted, and he gave me all his extra strawberries, which delighted ME. Good Trade. :):) Speaking of trade..

    My bestie and I had our first experience with bartering this week. Since I can’t use my homemade deodorant that I mad, (*insert sad face here*), I gave the two that I made for me to my friend, to give to HER friend.. who is a young living oils representative, and in return, she gave us a bottle of peppermint oil, so now I have the oil to do my soap in a couple weeks. Yay!

    And in other deodorant news, when my mood improves, and my skin heals.. I’m still hoping to make a batch of deodorant with a little less oil, and more starch instead of baking soda and see if that goes better. After the last ordeal, I hesitate to try anything new on my skin, but.. I guess I don’t know until I try it.. so I.mma try and be brave.

    My wrist bow STILL isn’t here. I ordered it TWO and a half weeks ago, AND paid the extra two bucks to move it to the front of the shipping line, but I guess everyone did that, because it’s still M.I.A. I’m getting impatient.. And I’m hoping that it’s not the last cool prepping thing I’ll be able to afford, haha. Oi.

    Oh! One day this week while Angie and I were harvesting, and replanting and spending long hours in the garden, we decided to test out my sport solar oven. We made “Hobo Stew” which aside from the butter and hamburger, everything else came from our garden.. spicy basil, rodemary, an onion, two adorable baby jalapenos, a few young carrots, and a handful of perfect little potatoes. It took about six hours to fully cook, and I think it could have used a little more seasoning, but it was amazing, that we got 80% of it from the ground, and it was cooked by the sun. We were very proud of ourselves. :):):)

    That’s about it for me. I’ll try to be more present here this week, but if I’m not, I’m probably still just stuck in my funk, so don’t worry about me. I always come through, a little stronger, and a little tougher. Life is mean, but I usually win in the end. 😉 Much Love to My Pack. ~ A.

    • Schametti, we were about to send out the search party for you. Don’t not check in on our account–we’ll be happy to give you encouragement, just like we’re happy to hear about your ‘good’ weeks.

      Glad to hear your mom is improving. Hopefully she’s turning the corner and each week will be better and better.

      Recently read about folks making good soups with lettuce. http://suite101.com/article/two-recipes-for-lettuce-soup-a36002 . If you’re drowning in it, you might want to give one of these recipes a try. If the first one is a success for you, it looks like it’d freeze well.

      Also, if you have neighbors with fruit trees or chickens, maybe you could try more ‘lettuce diplomacy’. Heck take an extra bag to everyone in the neighborhood, and see what comes of it. You could even write up an article about that for the contest–and maybe even win one of the prizes!

      • Schametti says:

        Lantana, thank you. *Squishes* I will not hide away again, I promise. (Unless it’s just a busy thing, and not a sad thing). And thank you for the recipes! I just might have to look into that.. we really are swimming in lettuce, and I don’t want any of it to go bad.. My hard work is precious now, every drop I sweat, haha.

        I don’t know what a lot of my neighbors have to be honest. Even my next door neighbor, whome I love.. (and I know he has strawberries, and tomatoes, cause he shares with me every summer), but I don’t know what else he or anyone else around here have. We all have giant privacy fences, and I’ve never been in any of their backyards. I’m totally bummed that we’re not supposed to have chickens.. I would love love love them some day though.. so I’m hoping the ordinances change, or.. the apocolypse happens, and no one cares, lol..

    • worrisome says:

      Glad to hear you are ok, ya had us worried :_)

      • Schametti says:

        Do not worry… even though, it’s in your name, so I’M SURE it’s just like me.. it’s what you DO.. hehe. But I am doing a-okay. Thank You for worrying though. *Hugs*

    • Schameti, not to long ago, I seem to remember someone thinking that her garden was going to die. Sounds like you did, and are doing, an amazing job. I am glad it turned out so well for you.

      We all get into funks now and then, and when you have someone else micro managing it makes those funks justifiable in mho.

      As for the deoderant, dont feel bad, just try new recipes and new ingredients for it. But rather then make up whole batches, try working with teaspons instead. Then test a small amount of it on the inside of your elbow to make sure you have no reaction.
      Also make sure if you are using any essential oils (even ones you would think are safe) that you do a patch test. Put one or two drops in a tsp of oil and then apply a bit to the inside of your elbow. Wait 24 hours and if you have no reaction you are good to go.
      If you can, try shaving away from putting deodorant on. Or at least wait an hour or two. It may help prevent the hair follicles from getting infected again.

      I am going to put this out there, I dont want to offend anyone, but still feel the need to say it. Dont get sucked into young livong essential oils. I am super glad you were able to trade for it, and if you can again in the future great. But please dont let them convince you that ‘only’ their oils are the best. They charge an exuberant amount for pretty much the same quality you can find elsewhere. Ok stepping off my soap box, that no one asked me to step on……

      Glad you are ok and good to hear your mom is doing better.

      • Winomega says:

        Hmmm, underarm shaving. I had problems early on. I don’t shave often, but now I shave down the hairs when I do. (Basically chest to wrist when doing underarms.)

      • Schametti says:

        TG.. :):) You are so right.. a couple months ago, I was sure my garden was DOOMED, and that it was all over but the crying, but I learned, and made more mistakes, and learned, and made more mistakes, and LEARNED, and (Well, I’M STILL making mistakes, and still have much to learn), but things are looking pretty darn good, all things considered. I’m really, really pleased with how my first-ever summer gardening is turning out. Go me. 😛 Haha.

        I agree with you on the living oils. I’ve looked at them, and did note more than once, that the price looks ridiculous. I don’t think I could ever purchase their $150 set of teeny vials of oils, but trading a couple little jars of deodorant seemed like a great trade to me!! I will definitely heed your warning, against buying though, thanks!

        And as for the deodorant, yes.. I plan on making a deodorant batch with less oil, and NO baking powder, and more starch/root and see how that one does for me. I don’t want to give up on the idea entirely, but will definitely tread with much more skin-caution from here.. cause.. ouch!! LOL.

        And thank you for the encouragement, to not run off and hide my somber mood from the group. I will be sure to NOT do that next time. I just hate being all doom and gloom and sadness, and bringing anyone down with me, but I’m feeling better.. and the last week, have made active choices to start saving money when and where we could. It’s just the beginning, of course, and there is still a Trust to fight and bicker with, and an economy to lose to.. but I’ve got my head back on straight, and I know.. I’ll be all right. Thank you for the pep-talk. And I hope your antsy mood improves too!!

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Well, I was about to give you a whupping for not reporting your whereabouts, young lady. But then I remembered you were a grown up woman and made you own decisions. Hehehe. Just kidding, but I was worried something might have happened to your mom. I see you’ve been real busy.
      As for finances, we’ve all reached that boat. My money I saved for years is paying me next to nothing, and kids in college are expensive to say the least. I will wish you good luck and prosperity, and hope those goofs running your trust are smarter than the ones who are running our family farm trust. We had thousands of dollars of timber cut and didn’t get one red cent, but we did get a bill from the IRS. I know how these trusts work. Of course, the ones doling it out pay themselves very well. Sorry for the rant, you touched a nerve.
      Glad to see your garden producing so well, that’s pretty good gardening for a first-timer. Me proud of you. Take care and see you later, I’m hoping.

      • Schametti says:

        When I was a kid, RoR.. I was always chastised enough with a good verbal whupping, and even those were pretty scarce.. 🙂 So any time you feel like telling me like it is.. I couldn’t think of anyone else I’d rather learn from, so please go right ahead.

        It sounds like your trust people don’t know what they’re doing either. I empathise, my friend. I would like to tell you that your bank account would start earning again for you too, but these days.. goodness, I just don’t know. Scary times. *Hugs* But we’re all in it together.. (the pack, I mean). Not the corporate folks, and wall street bankers.. but.. us little folk, I mean, lol.

    • S'wt Tater says:

      There is a fruit bar that is sugar free, in the frozen treats section at grocery. I used that when I had nausea- it helps get fluids in too. My bariatric surgeon gave us one half of a nytol crushed with a B-50 tablet, 50 mg..he said it was even safe to use in pregnant women. It worked well.place in 1/2- tsp of honey, and it will absorb and be effective very quickly.

      • Schametti says:

        Thank You so much Tater.. My mom is actually going to see her bariatric surgeon tomorrow, for her first post-surgery follow up, so I wrote this down, and texted it to her, and told her to ask about it tomorrow. Hopefully she will be feeling better in no time. Appreciate the advice.. :):):)

  3. Orwellian States says:

    Sort of a slow week. Took delivery of 14 silver maple leaf coins. Ordered a roll of fifty silver dimes. We are getting a good stash of silver/gold coins. I have found Gainesville Coins to be very reliable. I added a boom pole to the parts for the 8 n tractor and used it to lift some downed trees around the garden.. I am slowly into a farmer. This week I added a 120 rounds of .223 the the hoard. I waked into the shop and they had a card table set up with hundreds of round of .223 and 7.62×39. I buy a little of each every week. Of course, we added more basics to the food supplies: vinegar, salt, sugar, olive oil, etc. I met a neighbor from over the ridge — he is like minded about the times we live in. In this area of E TN there seems to be a lot of us. It’s always good to meet folks who have similar points of view.

  4. I’m in the middle of teaching an Appleseed. We have some good shooters this time. But it’s very hot this weekend. Otherwise, really all I’ve accomplished was gardening and to buy a 4 way industrial spigot key. This will allow me to operate one of those water spigots that has no handle, like they put on the outside of commercial buildings. In addition to needing it for a specific project, it’ll be a good urban survival tool; although someone told me I only need one of those 4 sizes generally, so I could get a smaller key in the future and pack lighter. So, now I’m thinking about a tool kit that includes that, a small pry bar, and lock picks. (Only to be used ethically, of course.) Well, again I can’t think of anything else I did, but perhaps I will think of it later.

    • PP,
      Take care with the lock picks. In some jurisdictions mere possession of them without being a license locksmith can be viewed as possession of criminal tools. Just take care.

  5. Oh, yeah, I did find some yarrow growing in the field near the shoot, so I dug one or two of them up for my garden. Yarrow is also known as Soldiers Woundwort, it’s nature’s Quik Clot.

  6. pjwilly says:

    Hi all not a lot this week. Bought some silver, and some replacement food stuff. Have been working in the gardens, the winter squash was flooded 3 times in a week. 2 plants out of 30 might make it its to late to replant now.I am really glad I went to raised beds for everything else. 10 inches of rain in New England in 2 weeks is way to much. All in all can’t complain. Well thats about it Take Care All.

  7. Kermit5575 says:

    Am trying to find the info on the water filter being used in africa by the missionariers, ( for around $50.00 ) that was written about on here, I know I saved the URL for the site but can not find it and I need to get my water filter system ready for the hurricane season. If anyone remembers where it is ( I searched the Bolg) pls let me know.

    • Sorry, I don’t have the URL. I think it was thru the USDA website.

    • tommy2rs says:
    • Hunker-Down says:

      We bought a couple from this place;


      The transaction occurred without incident.

      Since then we decided to go with the Berkey filter, using M/D’s method of 2 five gallon buckets instead of buying the expensive Berkey can. The filters have a much longer shelf life and M’D’s method is MUCH CHEAPER.

    • Kermit 5575

      Look up Sawyer Water Filters. The Sawyer PointONE filter runs about $ 50-60 and can filter around 150 gallons a day. I know people that do medical missionary work in East Africa that use these with good results. I use one of the smaller Sawyer filters and they do the job.

      Bite your tongue about hurricanes. We haven’t had one since 2005 and I am having positive thoughts that will hopefully keep them away.

      • Shades of Green says:


        You can also get a ceramic filter from Cheaperthandirt.com for around 30.00. It filters up to 2000 gals of water per filter. You attach it to two 5 gal buckets . sort of like what Hunker-Down mentioned above. This is what I have. I intend to get another one soon. I also have a water-bob that sits in your tub and holds 100 gals of water. It came with a hose for dispensing the water too. I got that from one of the vendors here.

  8. My only purchases were 2 boxes of 9’s at $29/bx plus 2 bottles of dish detergent on sale to add to rotation.

    Did some organizing of supplies. Good grief, it’s a lot of work, especially while dp sits around doing nothing and I try to work around him and his constantly rolling into town relatives. No wonder I can’t get to the range.

    Still concentrating on getting all medical appts done. I don’t really want to do it but I’ve decided to get infusions for RA for maybe a year. There’s just too much damage from only taking methotrexate. Speaking of which, I made it a point of telling the doc’s PA that if they want me to get infusions, they can darn well sell me a year’s supply of methotrexate. If SHTF, the infusions stop, and I must have a backup plan. Besides, the RA plus really really bad back and hips finally have me almost down and out. Disability, yeah right, not easy to get for the honest applicants.

    Previous employer wants me back for a brand-new position. Not one that I want and it’s totally out of my field, but I have to have insurance. I can’t afford $1100+/month for private plan. So I may be back to work within a few weeks. HR will hopefully agree to my game plan. Just hope I can work awhile yet before I totally fall on my a$$, get a new vehicle, and the SHTF.

    • Oh yeah, and I continued to email NJ assemblypersons re the big anti-gun junk including embedding FID info onto drivers’ licenses. Handy dandy for providing Obamacare more of what isn’t any of its business.
      Bills S2723/A4182 up today in Assembly (11:00) followed by possible changes by Senate (2:00). Whatever they do ain’t gonna be good, so hope Christie vetoes.

  9. DH bought me my first set of camo’s, pants, longsleeve shirt, a warm jacket and two belts – my son’s comment “Have him take a picture and send it to me”.

    Both pulled out our get home bags to see what we each had, and what we might need, mine significantly lighter than his because his get home from his work is 200 miles from home and mine was planned for a two to three day walk home. He did not have enough food, but enough ammo to wage a small war. We will be buying me a larger bag because now we both would potentially have the 200 mile walk home.

    Started working on converting the bicycle baby cart to a potential bug out ‘vehicle’.

    Bought a case each of canned beets, carrots and broth. Went to dinner last night at Red Robin before seeing Iron Man 3 (my choice of movie) and loved the Red Robin seasoning so much, bought two 16 oz bottles, one for home, one for preps. I’ll bet that stuff could make caca taste OK.

    DH bought ‘Patriots’ for some light reading 🙂

    Made a huge batch of hamburger stroganoff with white rice instead of noodles for homemade MRE’s (thank you all for the great ideas), and have it in the dehydrator now.

    Prayers of love, abundance and great health to all who need it (God knows who you are).

  10. Not a ton this week, used some of my prepping money to outfit our newest addition so she had the required scrubs for her job. I’m constantly amazed at her sunny attitude. And some of the bits and pieces I heard about her life, makes me want to hunt some ppl down.

    I renewed my CCL this week. Picked up a pocket saw for my GHB. Fired up the dehydrator for the extra parsley that we are getting. Harvested another round of broccoli, which is not in the dehydrator.

    Discussed with DH ways to harden our little beat up toyota truck.

    Biggest prep for me was my 3 month follow up from my lasix surgery. I’m happy to report that I’m released, barring any problems in the next nine months I’m not on regular eye check ups!

    Prayers for all that are in need. So glad to hear of good reports from surgeries, etc. Stack it high while you can prices continue to climb.

  11. Mrs.K in MO says:

    Not much prepping ,as in buying stuff, this week. To many other things I have had to spend $ on lately. So I’ve been prepping my mind (that’s free) by reading. On a suggestion from someone in the pack, I am reading the book “One Second After”. A novel about EMP. Pretty good so far. Also been tending the garden, chickens etc. Everyday stuff. Hubby put up a clothesline. Haven’t had one in years. Looking forward to saving on elec. bill. Prayers and Praises to everyone above. Have a great week Pack!

  12. Winomega says:

    Hey MD, all my subscriptions suddenly went pop again… not sure how to re-click the box when it isn’t there.

  13. Nancy V. says:

    The 2013 Super Moon occurred on June 22 – it was huge and beautiful in the night sky, which was a blessing because it has been a rough week for a lot of folks, including myself.

    But according to the cheerful, energetic little 5-year old boy I encountered with his dad at the gas pump this morning, all our worries are over.

    “Isn’t it great? All the zombies are dead, Super Moon killed them all last night. My Dad said so!”

    Had to share 🙂

  14. Blueberries canned 5 gal.
    Chicken canned 14pints
    12 gauges 00 buck 25 rounds
    Saw someone mention vinegar we make our on apple cider vinegar every year. It’s super easy to make and very healthy. Started picking gooseberries and blackberries .

  15. Not much done this week. We spent 4 beautiful days in southwestern NC. We were attending a class on the new software program that we are going to be using at work.

    It had been raining here for 2 days before we left so I was already behind on the mowing and weeding. No rain while we were gone, the grass was kneehigh in some areas. I was weeding the blueberry patch this morning and heard a distinctive rattling about 5 feet away from me. Needless to say I went in the other direction!

    Manage to harvest some yellow squash, bell peppers, banana peppers, and jalapenos. I have several large green tomatoes, can’t wait for them to ripen.

  16. Our God is an awesome God isn’t He Brad! Looking forward to your wife’s quick recovery and having that cup of Joe with both of you at Cracker Barrel on Pines at I-20 soon.

    I’ve done almost nothing to prepp so far this year. After Mom passed in February I came down with respiratory infection that became severe bronchitis that became pneumonia. Just as I was getting over that, I had a heart attack. Got out of the hospital last week and am still very weak, but the Lord brought me through one more time.

    I have no garden this year (as yet) and little dough to spend on prepping. I did get two #10 cans of FD pork chops from a friend and picked up a few more medical supplies and some batteries.

    I have three groups want me to schedule disaster preparedness classes for them as soon as possible and four people wanting a wilderness survival class so soon as I’m a little stronger, I’ll be busy.

    Blessings to all and may you bathe in the Living Waters of God’s Grace until you stand before Him.

    I Timothy 5:8

    • Southern Mama says:

      Pines at I-20…..I do believe we are in the same part of the Country! That caught my eye when I was reading. Hope your health problems improve and you get to feeling better real soon. My prayers to you on the passing of your Mother. Mine passed on to our heavenly home 3 years ago, not a day that I don’t miss her.

  17. Millie in KY says:

    I finally gave up and got some buckets and planted the hazel nut trees and raspberries in them. I hope they make it. I will have to transplant them next year, I just don’t think I will get the garden in this year. The potatoes and sweet potatoes and herbs in pots are going to town, though, and the carrots that are in big planters. At least it is something. I still have to do the strawberries this week for sure. I will spend the rest of the summer building the darn raised beds and getting some dirt for them. There have been just too many projects to work on this as much as I wanted to.
    The bedroom is painted, the extra shelving unit is up, the Tupperware bins I had packed with food are up and on display! Pantry Porn for sure. Looks really nice, organized and plenty of more room for items. All that remains in that room is to paint the closet and put the shelves back in and then I can put buckets of grains in the bottom and the two shelves are big enough for #10 cans. Lastly, I will purchase a lock for the door so that when we have company, no one wanders in there to see what is there. I also need to whip up some curtains in there, we do have venetian blinds in there but do want it to look nice and finished. My two saddles are in there, too.
    I did buy some supplies, baby powder, some anti itch clear lotion, petroleum jelly, baby aspirin.
    This week I hope to begin to train one of my 3 year old fillies for riding, will take about 3 good months to get her like I want her. She’s a smart one and I think it will be really straightforward…..
    I hope to hear from the one state job this week. Thanks for the prayers!

  18. JeffintheWest says:

    Hi everyone. Normally I wouldn’t do this, but this looks like it might be a reasonably priced way to vacuum pack stuff using normal ziplock bags. It’s a “Kickstarter” and it looks like it already made it’s goal so its a “go,” meaning that if you back it, you’ll pay out, but you’ll also get the product, and the price for the product is only $20. Here’s the link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1066541019/thriftyvac?ref=category
    I’d be interested in people’s thoughts on it as well. It has 16 days left in the pledge period, so there’s time for comment.

    My thought on the whole thing is that even if it turns out to be really cheap and likely to break after a while, for $20 it gives you a good back-up plan and saves your really expensive vacuum packer some wear and tear…. Comments, anyone?

    • JeffintheWest says:

      Plus, I forgot to mention that it requires no electricity! 😉

      • No elec is the best part. The gadget is a high-faluttin’ version of the PumpNSeal, which I have and works on both lidded jars and locking-type bags.

  19. I’m a bit behind this week, but I did get a few things done without spending too much money.

    I went to a small “farmer’s market” on Saturday and found starts of some herbs that I’ve been wanting – catnip, Greek oregano and mint. I also bought a quart jar of honey – $13. More than what I wanted to spend but considering that’s about a $3 savings for two pint jars elsewhere, I was happy.

    At Big Lots, I bought flower pots and potting soil for some other herbs that I started – parsley, cilantro and basil. I got those seeds started and re-potted the herbs I bought at the farmer’s market.

    Still thinking of herbs – I harvested basil, chives, marjoram and thyme. I washed them and set them in my oven to dry (safest place in the house). I’m also hoping to make some pesto this week.

    We also move two old azalea bushes from our front yard to the back yard. I’m hoping we continue to have a wet year, as that will aid in their ability to survive the move. They are also in a good place to benefit from extra rainwater and with a little tweaking, we will have our air conditioner drain line routed directly to them (that re-route will help with another problem).

    In other gardening news, I planted a row of potatoes in an unused part of the garden. Since they were kitchen volunteers, I’m not expecting much but am hopeful. The rest of the garden looks good but isn’t producing a lot. The zucchini plants are huge, but we’re only averaging two to three every other day from eight plants. The squash isn’t even doing that well. Both are covered in aphids, but I have seen lady bugs on them too (they will not go hungry). The green beans are making enough to eat about twice a week and the tomatoes are just now beginning to ripen. The Lima beans and black-eyed peas are starting to bloom, along with the very scarce okra. (By the way, why didn’t anyone tell me that black-eyed peas need poles to grow on? I’ve never grown them before and had no clue.) I do have a baby cantaloupe on my volunteer vines and my corn is showing tassels. While it worries me that we aren’t producing much (yet), I’m also worried that I’m going to have too much to handle soon. Oh well, whatever happens, I’m enjoying watching it all grow.

    Finally, in an effort to encourage others in the realm of self-reliance, I gave a neighbor a tour of our yard. She has show an interest in planting things in her yard that will produce food. I gave her a couple of freshly picked zucchini and offered to help her with ideas. She already has a couple of fig trees that another neighbor gave her.

    That’s it for the week. Time to try to read everyone’s posts.

  20. Last night the dh and I were talking. We need new tires on the truck, but they are not at the point that they need to be pushed to the top of the list. So here is our conversation:
    Dh, “we need new tires on tge truck”
    “Well if we need to get up and go I dont want to be worried”
    “Go? Go where?”
    “In case of a hurricane or something”
    My jaw hit the floor and I asked him to repeat himself. He said a few ‘choice’ things to me in spanish, then we were interrupted by the neighbors.
    I think all my work is starting to pay off. He is hard headed and stubborn, but my dh said something about being prepared!
    Its not the whole kaboodle, but I am still doing the victory dance.

  21. Lauri no e says:


    That is great. Little at a time.

  22. Seems my beautiful state is on fire again. I am tweaking my evac plans to meet me currant situation. I am in constant flux because my family comes and goes so often. Adapt, improvise and keep you sense of humor. Right?
    I need to take my son to college orientation decided to fly over the fires instead of trying to drive through and around them.
    We really do some monsoon moisture and the forecast is sunshine and dry breezes forever.
    The last rain dance we did I thought I was peed on by a bird. Bad news, my tree was infested with aphids and it was bug pee.
    I had to use a systemic poison for the first time in my life to save my tree. Bad bad bad.
    However it was not made by Monsanto.
    The last week has been stacking hay and cutting firewood. My son and I decided that we should go even more than we already do into areas. Especially if pandemic flu hits this fall/winter.
    We are also throwing around an idea to start a mercantile if SHTF. Someone will do it. The person with most security and the most stuff to sell will win the title. Just a matter of going into business at the right time and what SHTF scenario will unfold.
    We have had a lot of fun with this idea. Long discussions and list making. He had the idea to have a traveling store in an enclosed trailer so the inventory can be moved to safety. While it is not a new idea by any means, he is working on a design that will not allow anyone to steal it.
    My youngest boy is a business man at heart. Excellent bartering skills, tough but fair. He traded a car for cash, and some other items. He turned around, sold the items and made 500.00 more than what he was asking.
    He has not watched Jericho but he reminds me of the boy who took over Gracies store. What was his name?

  23. Lauri no e says:

    Mama J,

    Prayers to you about the fire and also sending your son off to college he sounds like a very smart and responsible young man and you and your husband have done a very good job in raising him.

    Be safe.