What did you do to prep this week?

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Now let me see… what did I do to prep this week?

  • Worked in and organized my storage area.
  • Put out deer salt licks, apples and corn (yep bow season is going to be great)
  • Canned tomatoes and peppers from my garden
  • Been considering building a pillbox like this one on top of my hill. Yep, it’s extreme depending on how bad things get. In a WROL situation such a position could be very useful from a defensive stand point.

Well that’s it for me this week… what about you? What did you do to prep this week?

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  1. Bam Bam says:

    I made jerky this week. Unfortunately, I overcooked it—it turned out more like jerky powder. But my dh is still eating it. I am going to make another batch and this time I am only going to cook it for three or four hours—not five hours. LOL I really like the Claude’s Marinade.

    I have made the best dry skin salve. Here’s the recipe. Fill pint jar ¾ full with calendula flowers (dried). Then fill will olive oil. Let steep in crock pot for 8-12 hours on lowest setting. Don’t put the lid on. You want the temperature to be about 180 degrees. After the oil cools, strain. Then take half pint jars and fill about half full with the calendula infused olive oil. Add other oils (shea butter, sweet almond oil—whatever you have on hand) until the jars are almost full. Add 1 heaping tablespoon of beeswax. Then microwave until everything has melted. When the salve has cooled add your essential oils. I added lavender. Yum. This stuff is heavenly.

    In other news, I bought 2000 rounds 9 mm. We have been shooting for the past year and I haven’t replaced what we’ve shot up. I’ve been waiting for the prices to drop. I got an okay deal. I feel better with our stock pack up to acceptable levels.

    Folks around here have been talking about Miami being ground zero for the black on white race wars. Trayvon was from Miami. Folks in Sanford are concerned about protestors being trucked in. I am thinking we will get a verdict early next week.

    • hvaczach says:

      It is really sad isn’t it that they will bus in people to start trouble that didn’t know either party nor do they really care either way it is all about politicizing someone’s death. People will be hurt or killed over nothing in the name of hate. At the end of this trial one way or another justice will supposedly been served and like it or not that is the way this country was founded. I do think them allowing the manslaughter charge instead of murder is bunk the prosecution clearly does not like it’s case. after almost two years of calling this guy a murderer now they want to plea it down because they are afraid they can’t get a murder conviction.

      • Brad in South FL says:

        I live in South Florida and work in LE. Everyone is on alert and sheriff’s office had cancelled all days off and leave. They are on 12 hour shifts, 12 on, 12 off! They have a command post up and running 24/7The talk is that if it a not guilty verdict it will either be mass violence or nothing! I am on ready call and have been told no alcohol and have the phone on. Car is ready to roll! Also everyone has been told to shave facial hair (non-uniformed) so that the gas masks get a good seal!! LOL Will keep everyone posted!
        Stay Safe!!

        • Bam Bam says:


          My dh and I will keep you guys in our prayers. People on both sides of the fence are amassing outside the courthouse and from the video clip tensions are already high.

          My dh and just got back from Walmart and Sams. We picked up the normal weekly groceries–milk, eggs, fruit, veggies–and some scrips that just got filled. We plan on hunkering down for the weekend. My dh will drive me to work next week, if necessary.

        • worrisome says:

          Praying for you Brad! Stay safe and alert! The wolfpack cares!!!

        • Brad, Thank you for sharing that info…Ya’ll take care out there, I will be praying for your safety.

        • axelsteve says:

          In my area black people are so outnumbered that I highly doubt that there will be any trouble.If there is ,it may not go well for them.

      • A friend just called and said get ready–25 sheriff’s deputies from his department are being deployed to Sanford and the National Guard is in the armory gearing up.

        • hvaczach says:

          Rodney King all over again! The whole thing is just insane, I hope they arrest the real trouble makers and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. I always encourage the right to protest but criminal behavior which is sure to come needs to be dealt with. Keep your head down Bam Bam we will be prayin that this doesn’t get out of hand.

    • JeffintheWest says:

      I’m so glad the Claude’s worked for you.

      Of course, you could make something similar from scratch if you wanted to, but this is one of those cases where someone else already did the work for you, and it would be almost as expensive to do it yourself anyway as it is to buy it.

      • JeffintheWest,

        Oh, I will definitely learn to make this from scratch. I am really good at tasting stuff and then figuring out how to make it myself. I will post the recipe once I get it figured out.

    • Bam Bam says:

      Just to keep up with the Zimmerman trial, it has just come out that the prosecution withheld information from the defense. The IT Director for the State Attorney’s Office who testified to this end has been fired. Information withheld included thousands of photos from Trayvon’s cell phone–images of him purchasing a gun, images of pot, etc.

      This is enough for a mistrial, if Zimmerman is found guilty. So even if the jury reaches a verdict, this is not the end.

      • worrisome says:

        There is no p;ace and hardly anybody in this nation with any ethics anymore. If we returned to the Constitution, and followed the law, our jails would overflow………….

      • Lauri no e says:

        Bam Bam,

        I just read that also.

      • riverrider says:

        the judge ruled those in-admissable already, along with his previous record of drugs/burglary/assault charges. like i said, the fix was in.

    • KR Prepper says:

      Hey there,
      If the jerky came out powdery, simply make pemmican. Adding dried fruits to the mix. Good high cal protein trail food that lasts


      • worrisome says:

        Praying that cooler minds hold the line

        • hvaczach says:

          Unfortunatly the cooler heads are always outnumbered by the morons and I fear this could get ugly tonite and tommorrow, I hope I am wrong but there is alot of emotion out there on this one.

          • There are a lot of people, both black and white, who are just sick of the ugliness. Check out this segment by Chris Rock. This guy is funny because he is completely on the mark with his social commentary–and he tackles issues that are all too often avoided.

          • Hawthorne Prepping Inc says:

            Did see this http://www.nytimes.com/2013/07/15/us/george-zimmerman-verdict-trayvon-martin.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0 apparently the crowds died down shortly after the verdict so we can hope there is not much retaliation, however those in the area stay on alert anyway prayers go out to all out there

            • Hawthorne,

              I read the first paragraph and then realized the article was skewed. Zimmerman didn’t profile Martin “assuming” he was a criminal because he wore a hoodie. He observed that Martin acted as through he was on drugs–which toxicology reports confirmed. If the media reported the facts rather than making value laden statements, this trial would have never been on our radar. This is just another example of bias, like inventing the term “white Hispanic” when the media was informed Zimmerman was not white.

              There is a slim possibility that this trial may bring people together. The problem in America is not white on black crime. The problem is really that too many young black males are in prison. The media responds to this by discussing racial profiling. Instead we need to ask why so many young black males are breaking the law.

              • Unfortunately, certain media make a lot of money and “create” a lot of news and big mouths such as Al Sharpton remain popular and make a lot of money by playing the “poor me” racist card. And the gubmint throws lots of money for which only those who are supposed to get that money. It’s beyond sad.

              • The reason so many young black males are in prison is they have no law abiding role models to set the example for them. Most probably have a
                “baby Daddy” that has never lived with them, never actually been a part of their life at all. Most lived and were supported by welfare, food stamps etc. They have never actually been held accountable for their actions be that in school, at home, or anywhere else. The most significant influence on some of their lives are rap musicians, pro athletes, or criminals in the neighborhood.

                The main reason they are in prison is that their own FAMILIES have let them down and not set examples for them or given them skills to succeed in the actual real life that is not the one they aspire to as shown to them by their rap music, video games etc.

                Sorry for the rant but I used to have a job where I went into public housing and saw the examples of this fist hand, this is my opinion only but we as society can not be asked to raise these young men their own families must take responsibility for them and not blame Us when they go wrong and end up in prison or shot dead on the street.

                • Rider of Rohan says:

                  Well said, George. And not one freaking news show will have someone speaking on this case with half the wisdom you just displayed.

                  Of course, thousands of young black men and boys are killed in places like Detroit, Chicago and Oakland every year and all we hear is crickets chirping. Because they were murdered by other blacks, which doesn’t fit the political narrative, which is to rally support for getting rid of stand-your-ground laws and the right to self-defense.

                • Bam Bam says:


                  I was going to say much the same thing–but with significantly less tact than you displayed in your “rant”. Tact is not one of my strong suits.

                • hvaczach says:

                  I agree but at some point you have to be responsible for yourself. Most of the time it isn’t ignorance of the law or not knowing it isn’t acceptable it’s they just don’t care.

                  • Sw't Tater says:

                    Bam Bam and hvaczach, Exactly. The few that are rheared with positive role models and have been careful in their “buddy” choices have a better chance than those who do neither.They are a credit to our communities, and are shining beacons to those around them. The ones who “try to fit in”..and have no good role models end up receiving rewards which are permanent and final.

    • axelsteve says:

      I found some car parts and sold them to a guy that I know. The money will help with some preps.I forgotten that I had those parts and I found them while cleaning up some junk in my garage. Things are looking up. Bought a few things for later. Not much but I got some forward motion in the preps.

    • Bam Bam,
      Your beautiful skin salve is not good for dry skin. It is excellent for burns, eczema, and babies bottoms. For a more healing salve you could add aloe or some comfrey.
      I love hearing about your herbal discoveries!

  2. hvaczach says:

    Well been working as many hours as I can so preps have been small last couple of weeks. Did pick up 4 bottles of ketchup the local store had them for .49 cents for a 24 oz bottle. A pound and a half of anything edible for a half dollar is tough to pass up. Gotta work nights today so may stop and get another four. The hard cider is clearing up nicely almost time to try and freeze some off. Looked into taking some night classes to finish a degree I never completed and to maybe advance a little farther, not sure I want to be 55 and still standing on top of ladders and turning wrenches. Interesting thought on the pill box M.D. although Patton would argue never dig in, having an “Alamo” to make the stand in presents interesting possibilities. However much like the Texans in 1836 if help doesn’t come may end poorly!

  3. pjwilly says:

    Hi all I have been working in the garden . We are getting the lumber together to build a goat shed and an enclosure for 3 more rabbit cages. We have bought some more silver. Its still hard to find ammo around here.I have been thinking about a new shotgun 20g pump with 2 barrels.
    Not much else trying to keep cool and keep the chickens cool.

    • PJ,
      Lucky Gunner (link provided by MD)is a good place for ammo. It’s been slim pickin’s around here, but I have been able to get all that I wanted (read as,,,can afford) from them.
      Even if they don’t have what you need in stock keep checking, they restock quickly and never advertise if they don’t have it. Delivery is quick, usually about 48 hrs.

      I hate to leave a paper trail but sometimes you have to “bite the bullet” ( pun intended) to get what you need. And in the long run, I don’t mind paying the shipping since I’m not driving all over and not finding what I need anyway!

      • pjwilly says:

        I know but here in Ma, we cant be trusted with things like mail order ammo. Thanks anyway R-Me

        • JeffintheWest says:

          Same in California….

          • Jeff,

            I get mail order ammo all the time in Kalifornia. I just buy in small enough quantities that I can reasonably explain that “I shot it up at the range.” “Receipt? What receipt? Who keeps receipts that can’t be used for tax write offs?” Then just shake your fist and yell “Get off my lawn!”

  4. riverrider says:

    nice pillbox, md. since it rained ALL WEEK i have drawn up plans for one much like that one, along with bugout trailer mods, and about ten other “projects” to add to my list of undone projects. did i mention it rained ALL WEEK? i did order a set of class 3 armor plates this week. received the survival tabs, need to distribute them to the bags and kits….thats about it. watched too much “news”,very depressing. spent too much time on here again, because it RAINED ALL WEEK…granny said there would be days like this…..sic semper tyrannis. out.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      I wish you could send some rain our way, turned off dry as a bone now. I wish I had a place that I could get ready for what I see as a disaster coming. I just hope and pray it holds off a couple of years longer, but bottom line, the way things are right now a spark could start a conflagration. I’m carrying extra food for my hip buddy now, at least two additional packages.
      I’ll be leaving in about 2 hours or so to visit some relatives in Louisiana, and hope this Z verdict doesn’t come out while I’m gone. I won’t get home till later on tonight.

      • riverrider says:

        good luck brother, drive safely. as to location, god puts us where he wants us. it might be best you don’t have that retreat right now, it mightturn out to be ground zero for some cataclism.

      • SCPrepperPoppa says:

        Yes travelling mercies on you Rider. It was depressing to read about your toxic work environment. I am sorry for your troubles!
        Enjoy your trip. Be safe!

        • Rider of Rohan says:

          Made it home safely, friends. Was passing through the last of the larger towns when I heard the verdict, so was relieved when I rolled in the driveway. There is a disturbance in the neighborhood of some kind, and a shoe box sitting on a towel is under my carport. I’m not dealing with it in the dark. We will see what it is tomorrow.

          • riverrider says:

            let the po-po deal with it man! shocked i was wrong on this one. now i have to apologize to women everywhere for not thinking they had the courage.

            • Rider of Rohan says:

              Ok, I was just jumpy last night, I guess. The shoe box contained several die-cut miniature John Deere tractors and accessories for my grandson’s birthday, and what I thought was a disturbance was a bunch of teens gathered at a neighbor’s home down the street for a late-night swim party. Funny how the sounds carry in the night.

              And yes, even though I didn’t say it, I thought the same thing you did. And now that I think some more, I wonder if men would have had the courage to do the right thing in this case with all the ramifications. Ugly comments on social media are calling for these women to be harmed. The dirtbags making these statements had best be dealt with harshly.

              • riverrider says:

                not to mention the usual suspects calling for the feds to charge zim under “civil rights”. call it what they want, thats double jeopardy in my book.

                • CNN is still trying to fan the fires of the fantasy that Zim was a racist. Those people have no shame. Their supposed to be reporting the news, not making it up.

                • This is pathetic River Rider and others-The President actually had the Justice dept trying to help. Doubt there would have been help had it been two white people. I am praying for the family for the loss of their son but praying for Zimmerman and his family for their lives. Arlene

              • SCPrepperPoppa says:

                Rider I think a lot of folks are jumpy and on edge right now. I truly hope your work week coming improves!

  5. axelsteve says:

    Wallyworld had Ammo! I bought 50 rounds of 9mm for a friend as a gift and 100 rounds of 40 cal for a coworker.No 22 cal at the time though it had some other useful rounds. I just got kinda lucky.

    • Alexsteve,
      Would you mind sharing the price of the 50 round 9mm you got at Wallyworld? I haven’t bought ammo since November of last year and want to start pricing some.

      • JP in MT says:

        Mama J:

        Up here 9mm FMJ is running $16-$19 a box at the stores (when they get it in). Our Walmart is starting to catch up. Gun show ammo (more plentiful) is going for $20-25/box (because that is what people are willing to pay for it), but not in large quantities yet.

      • hvaczach says:

        MamaJ, My wife bought 100 rounds of 9mm ball ammo it was herters select grade around father’s day at Cabela’s I think she said it was $15.00 a box of fifty. It isn’t the elcheapo aluminum cased stuff it is brass casing’s so reloadable if you could actually get component’s.

      • axelsteve says:

        Mamma J it was thirteen dollars and a bit of change. I do not remember the exact amount.Per round the 40 was but it cost 39.50 for 100 after tax.

  6. Brad in South FL says:

    Actually came across a good deal at the gun show last sunday. Bought a roll of pre-64 (junk silver) dimes $5 face value for $74. Just about spot price for silver, never hurts to have a little around. I also bought 2 life straws with a gift card that I was given, so they were free! They are going in the bug out bags.

    Stay safe all!

  7. JP in MT says:

    This was the week where things I’d ordered cam in:

    We finished canning up the dehydrated chicken, got about 6 pints added to the larder. Went to the Harbor Freight store on our “over-nighter” last weekend. I even found a “short” 40mm ammo can for the 4 wheeler to use as tool storage. Just about got the layout of racks and boxes set up for it.

    The gun stuff was an order to Lone Wolf for Glock stuff. The magazines are a new brand so I order on of each 9mm/40/45 to try out.

    Hats w/wide brim for parking lot project: 2
    Vehicle mount for cooler
    Honing Oil, 4 oz: 2
    “Greenie” 8” skillet for camping
    Tarp, HD, blue, 5.5’ x 7.5: 2
    Tarp, HD, blue, 8 x 10: 2
    Grommet repair kits: 2
    LED flashlights, small: 4
    Ammo can, 40mm 18x10x6” (tool box for 4-wheeler)

    Dehydrated Chicken (15 serv/pt):

    Firearm Related Equipment:
    Hi-cap Magazine for G 17: 1
    Hi-cap Magazine for G 21: 1
    Hi-cap Magazine for G 22: 1
    Lightweight firing pin for G 21
    Slide Lock lever for G21
    CLP Oil, 4 oz: 1

    Probably won’t get much done prepping-wise this week as we will be in and out with a local church mission project. Why they want to do these outside projects in July is beyond me, but it should be fun.

    Glad to see Homeland Security is changing leadership. I’m sorry for Cali but she can do less damage to me there than in DC. Hope the next one is a patriot, but somehow I just don’t see TDL appointing one.

    Glad to see people taking prepping more seriously. And glad to see the new folks joining in; welcome! Things are not looking better. With changing the activation date of the employer mandate (except for Nancy), they appear to want to avoid the 2014 elections (I wonder why, if this is such a “good” thing for everybody, why not be out front with it? ;-> ).

    I would like to think that my prepping is for not. The DW and I we discussion it this week. Like it to, but don’t see it. So I think we’ll just keep on, keepin’ on!

    • axelsteve says:

      At least with her working at the university system she will have a job that does not effect me.

      • JPinMT & axelsteve;
        If Ca falls into the ocean it will be caused from all the baggage that old broad brings with her to this state. Notice she is running from those whom she can no longer escape from in DC to arrive here where Brown will make her welcomed. Yuk
        We have a friend who would just as soon put her in that row boat with PEAlsoi, babbles, & frankinstein, with one oar they could take turns going in circles, since that is what they have done to this state.

        • worrisome says:

          Becky, I so agree. The next thing ya know that. The next thing you know that crazy weirdoo will find a way to run for office here………….And if we are going to put them all in a row boar, I vote for placing that boat in Great White Shark territory…..the Farallons! They will all feel right at home there!

      • JeffintheWest says:

        Sure it does — she’ll be training up the next batch of “community organizers.” She should be in jail, not in California.

        • hvaczach says:

          Treason is a hanging offense, She and Eric Holder are both guilty of at the very least criminal obstruction and truly even far worse than that. California’s loss is America’s gain!

          • JeffintheWest says:

            Poor old California — can’t catch a break! Already saddled with Boxer, Pelosi and Feinstein, we now add the Fourth Horsewoman of the Apocalypse to the mix – Napolitano.

            And this doesn’t even include that bad 1980’s redux, nightmare, Governor Moonbeam! All we need now is for Pat Benatar to start dating him again, and our cups will truly runneth over.

            • Hahahahaha!

              With any luck, she’ll confine her self to the campuses with the rest of the tree huggin, whale kissing, granola eatin’ nasty white dreadlocks wearing, pot smokin, welfare receivin, pinkos that make up the UC faculty.

              It was bad enough having Gray Davis’s signature on my diploma. I’m just glad I won’t be attend a UC school, ever.

              Maybe she’ll fall in love with a Women’s Studies professor and move into faculty housing at UC Davis and never leave campus.

              • Sirus;
                I so love the way your mind thinks………made my day a little bet better.

              • axelsteve says:

                Will be another reason to homeschool instead of gubmint education.

              • hvaczach says:

                Or better yet she and Pelosi could decide to go on a three hour tour and end up like Gilligan! Who am I kidding those two power hungry twits would never get out of port arguing over who should be the skipper.

                • hvaczach;
                  If they are not going to the island, does any one know if there is an water drill we can use to put holes into the bottom of the boat. No baling buckets allowed, a good captain always goes down with their ship……right.? In this case they would have 4 on board……

                  • hvaczach says:

                    Unfortunatly Becky scewing things up then bailing is precisly what they are good at so buckets or no they might make it to the island. However within six weeks they would run out of the natural inhabitants money to spend shut down camp fires due to “environmental concerns”, incited riot between the workers and the chieftains over ineqaulity in wages, forced them to stop hunting boar because it just isn’t nice. So they should be contacting Washington for bailout money by December.

        • worrisome says:


      • She still can, if she induces hordes of college aged people to vote progressive.

  8. Rider of Rohan says:

    Preparations this week included more sugar, salt and vinegar. I also bought a few different kinds of food seasonings like garlic powder, Tony’s Cajun-style, Cavender’s, Italian, and two different varieties of hot sauce.

    I also decided to spend some major bucks and bought a gun safe. A large one that is big enough to hold all my valuables, and one that is fire resistant. I’ve decided to abandon the safe deposit box concept altogether. Everyone here knows the reason.

    Work has been very stressful of late, as someone, culprit suspected but unproven as of yet, went into the computer system and sabotaged over a month of my work. We have a computer expert trying to recover it. The general manager has refused to take the action I think is necessary to weed out the culprit, so I’m reassessing my commitment to this company. I can’t work at a place like this, so maybe this is a blessing in disguise. Time will tell.

    The Zimmerman trial is now in deliberations, I have little doubt he will be convicted of manslaughter due to the last-minute machinations of the corrupt justice system in Florida. I noticed the lead prosecutor and the original prosecutor both colluded to use $342,000 in taxpayer’s money to enhance their retirements. They also fired the whistleblower in the case, which is what this story mainly covers, but the retirement corruption is also mentioned in the article.


    Be vigilant, Pack. The Z conviction(I pray I’m wrong on this) will turn the animals loose to prey on us, especially in Florida. About the only place you will be able to exercise your rights will be in your home. And they will take that away soon enough. God help us.

    • riverrider says:

      ror, they already are loose on us. mob violence in nearly every city never talked about. police don’t even make an attempt to stop them, yet they send two tanks and 20 swatties for one guy for loading his shotgun on youtube. thats why i ordered the rifle plates.

      • riverrider says:

        and it seems you must be making someone less competent nervous about his/her job. keep up the good work 🙂

        • Rider of Rohan says:

          Yeah, it’s amazing what a promotion over someone will do to the workplace. This particular person whom I suspect turned down the job over a year ago, now apparently has second thoughts on that decision. I’ll hang around just to get on their nerves if for no other reason. I’m gonna catch their butt, though. It’s easy enough to catch a skunk.

          You’re right about the mob violence in the cities, wasn’t thinking about that as I haven’t been to a big city lately, and don’t intend to go to one. We are, however, being overrun with Northerners bringing their silly ideas with them. People from up North and California, leave the crappy ideas that ruined your part of the country back where you came from, and do not come to Texas and ruin it as well, cause we’re starting to get upset. Thank you.

          • Bam Bam says:


            Presumably you are on a network and you have to log in to access the network. Ask the IT folks who logged in and messed with the files. (Everything leaves a trail.) And don’t worry–unless the culprit is very tech savvy, the files are sill there.

          • Your comment about Northerners and Californians made me laugh. Several years ago, a woman I worked with moved to my state from Colorado. She had a piece of property with no improvements on it but she had a house built. Once she got that first property tax statement with the improvements on it – her comment was basically “I wish we had a sales tax because then my property taxes would be a lot less”. My thought was move back to Colorado. In the end wisdom overcame my smart mouth and I didn’t say it. The state still doesn’t have a sales tax and apparently, she has adjusted since she still lives in the state – just not near me.

          • Amen

  9. Winomega says:

    I had a flash of premonition. I will be moving my preps without actually needing them. This doesn’t give me a timeframe because hubby’s constantly applying for better jobs and that might require us to move with little warning.

    I consider week-long natural disasters to be something different than SHTF. And I hate being forced to go to the store, or going to the store every month, so that is still going to direct my strategic and bulk buying. All that is really going to change is that I’ll feel good about focusing on skills instead of physical preps.

    I ate the first yellow squash from my garden… I thought the skin on those was supposed to be edible. It’s little matter because I actually don’t like the taste.

    I dehydrated cooked beans, brocoli, kale, and watermelon. Watermelon still has that same musk that I can’t stand in other melons, it’s only just noticeable when concentrated.

    I got distracted while emptying my water bottles to refill them for the freezer, so they’re a bit scuzzy. I decided I can reuse them anyway since I’m not going to need that water, it’s purely to stabilize the temperature and fill volume.

    I tried to look up recipes for worchestershire sauce, prompted by how spices would be hard to renew. It’s a little more complicated than fish sauce, which is basically throwing minced fish into salt with a bit of water and wait a few months for it to rot.

    • executing my bug out plan because I have to.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      Try the squash when they are very small. We like them in stir fry , made from yellow, zucchini and onions, and some people like to put sweet or spicy peppers with them, If you dip them in your favorite salad dressing, and allow them to drain a bit, it will mask some of the flavor you are referring to. We like them as veggie chips better than fried, and we’re both rheared in the south!

    • Try the yellow squash roasted: coat lightly with olive oil and sprinkle with kosher salt, freshly ground black pepper, and a bit of the herbs of your choice (dried rosemary is our favorite). Roast at 400 for about 15 -20 minutes. We usually add zucchini and mushrooms too.

    • Seeuncourt says:

      ahhhhhh, you just ruined fish sauce…i liked believing that it came from stores in a jar! hahaha

      Yellow squash is good, imho, if you slice it thin and saute it in a pan with onions until the onions are clear to just starting to brown. serve hot. yum…

    • Seeuncourt says:


      You can also deydrate the squash in slices, skin and all. Then pulse in a coffee grinder with dried onions, garlic, black pepper, carrots, egg plant, etc. I call it “magic veggie powder” and use it on meat, veggies, baked potatos, soups, etc. it basically becomes “prepper mrs. dash” and is great for using up veggies you don’t quite like (see eggplant) and you can add whatever you want for herbs too!

    • Winomega says:

      Hey, I noticed my corner store is stocking half-gallon jars. I’m trying to talk myself out of a tray, or figuring out the difference of how to haul it back on foot or if I’m going to actually drive to a place less than a half mile from my house.

    • Winomega, try making a cold salad with the summer squash, olive oil and cider vinegar, and some Italian herbs. Let it marinate for like 5 minutes or so. It’s pretty good. If you have to cut off the rind for taste then do that. The rind never bothered me much. I just dehydrated a summer squash and it shrank down to almost nothing.

  10. Preps this week were more of an eye opener variety.
    Read “one Second After” last w/e because the rain kept me in doors. I can only hope our humanity doesn’t come down to that, but in my heart I know it will,, and that’s why I prep.

    Also cleaned out a closet in DH’s game room and added 3 more shelves so I could move certain food stuffs into a climate controlled area and out of the shed. I moved sugar, pasta, coffee and some H’helper that hasn’t been packed in buckets yet,,,,, and I still have so much space left over I panicked I didn’t have as much as I had thought
    I had. Did some research on line and found out rolled oats for horses are OK for human use too, so this afternoon I’m off to TSC, they have a 50# bag for $16. I’ll stick it in the freezer when I get home and bag it during the week.

    The garden loves all the rain, but is slowly getting over run again with grass and weeds. Tomatoes and squash are coming in in abundance along with eggplant and cukes. Can’t wait till the corn is ready.

    • worrisome says:

      R-Me some people on this blog have talked about dent corn the same way as you just bought your oats. I don’t know a thing about it, but someone on here will for sure………….

      • I bought recleaned corn in 50 lbs bags at the feed store where I get chicken food for less than $20. You just have to wash it again to use it for people. I get that instead of wheat because we have celiac disease. You can grind it for tortillas and cornbread.

        • worrisome says:

          Thanks Patti! I know somebody would have the answer.

          • Worrisome & Patti,
            Thanks for the suggestion for the dent corn, I will p/u a bag when I’m at TSC next week.

        • MOST of my grains have been purchased from the feed store, and yes, I use them. They are fine for human consumption – just wash before cooking.

      • Here in NY State dent corn is corn that is left to dry on the stalk and then harvested to be used mostly for animal feed -its usually ground up.I would like to hear how others harvest and use it.
        Many years ago farmers had slatted outdoor corn cribs which allowed the air/wind to dry them. ( of course field mice had a fun time in them) Arlene

    • Mrs. K in MO says:

      I read “One Second After” a couple weeks ago. Yes, I agree, very much an eye opener! Great book!

      • Gypsy Dancer says:

        I agree. ‘Homeostasis Lost’ and ’77 Days in September’ are both excellent books about SHTF scenarios.

  11. Since cleaning out the med closet brought so much joy to to my life, I started on the rest of the house. Cleaned out a big closet used for home canned food storage. Half went to the chickens, half in the “eat now” pile.
    Cleaned the jars and ordered the Tattler lids for them. Gads, I love those lids.
    This closet will use as the SHTF Hard Luck Mercantile Project my son and I are undertaking. We already have shelf full.
    We are looking for a another enclosed trailer to set up a store in on craigslist. Ok if it is ugly. Ugly, sturdy and highly functional are good.

    Took a walk at the park, dead headed all the flowers and put the seeds in my pocket. That is not stealing is it? Pruning, A beneficial community service.

    I am enjoying not killing myself in a huge garden this year and I have very little weeding in my small garden. Not so much canning of veggies this year as normal, but the fruit will be in abundance. I have been rotating like crazy. I feel like it is an extended vacation. Well, it is. Next year, back at it.
    I highly highly recommend that folks look at buying commercial weed barrier for their gardens. Not the stuff from Walmart but the Dewitt or other brands like it. I have had some on the ground for 7 years and is still in great shape. It is UV rated for 20 years.
    Weeding a huge garden SHTF will wear a person out faster than anything. The weed barrier will also act as mulch to hold moisture.
    Cut some holes just big enough to get our plants in and you have just saved your back and knees a tremendous amount a of pain and suffering.
    I use it in areas where I grow tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower and crops that are not direct seed in sown in rows. I leave mine down for years and just replant. I use liquid fertilizer (manure tea) in the watering system. No more walking in the mud either.

    • MamaJ;
      Your doing your community service project by cleaning up all those nasty looking flowers. Just because you forgot to put them in the garbage pail on your way out…..oh well. Look at all the hours you just saved the park service from putting in, now they can use that time for something constructive. Good Lady.

      • Becky,
        “Just because you forgot to put them in the garbage pail on your way out”? She didn’t forget. Along with helping them with the labor, she was saving them from the cost of hauling the extra trash. Mama J is a true patriot, LOL.

      • Bam Bam says:

        Mama J.,

        Now you are truly “like the wind”.

    • It’s not stealing. It’s gleaning — a very traditional thing to do. You can even find mention of gleaning in the Bible.

    • Lauri no e says:

      Mama J,

      You had me LOL at the first sentence.

      I also worked on the meds this week and will explain later.

    • midnight1st says:

      Thanks for the tip on the Dewitt. I have killed myself weeding this year for not much reward. I am ordering it now and will put in for my fall garden.

      • Midnight1st,
        It can be pricy but shop around. I get it from the local conservation district 6×300 ft roll for 130.00. A box of landscape stapes $34.00. That will cover a lot of ground. Two rows of plants staggered will do big plants. I leave it down for years and it heats up the soil quickly in the spring. For some reason the frogs love to live under it.
        We I plant big row crops like sunflowers or corn (acres) I plant them far enough apart so I can drive the lawn mover through the rows. Sometimes I like to seed the isles with a green manure like hairy vetch or buckwheat.
        Then I only have to do some minor weeding between the plants. I usually only do this until it is hip high and then I forget about it. Let the weeds go. I am too busy canning.
        Before I started using the weed barrier I would have 6 ft tall piles of weeds I pulled and never keep up.

    • Love my WeedX. It doesn’t unravel like the cheap junk, and it has a light permeable fabric backing. I use it in my foundation plantings and cover it with cedar chips. Great in the garden and I cover with straw, which keeps it from direct sunlight. It can be left in the garden all year if covered or it can be taken up at end of season. 3′ x 100′ used to be $10, now I think it’s $13 at Wallyworld. Saves a lot of work.

    • I have used newspapers covered in grass clippings throughout the garden. In the areas where it went down early, it has done a great job with the weeds. Yesterday, I managed to mow the grass between my rows of corn, then used the grass with newspaper for weed control between the last row of green beans and the first row of corn. When it’s time to till the garden again, the newspaper will be tilled in with the grass clippings.

  12. midnight1st says:

    This week I have decided to just give up on my garden for the year. We had a solid month with no water, and now 6 weeks of nothing but water. My plants don’t know what to do. Even my okra is floating, and dh decided to weed eat the garden so we could use the Mantis to cultivate, and he chopped down most of the butter beans. The only part that is making it is the three sisters garden. I’m so glad I haven’t had to depend on it to eat this year. Ordered the book, The Self Sufficient Gardener.

    I have been making some medicine – healing herb salve and tinctures of blackberry root, licorice, and goldenrod. Picked out some herbal recipes to make this week, and ordered more herbs that I can’t grow here as well as some essential oils. Bought a toolkit at Big Lots that has lots of small compartments. I think that I can use it for my herbal medicine kit.

    Went to the farmers’ market and bought peas and beans to can this weed. Put up the last of the blueberries. Thank goodness they love the rain.

    Bought brackets and screws to put up a new gutter system on the shop for rain water collections. Bought a 12v pump as a part for a fast purification system. All I lack now is the 12v battery and switch. Bought a large tub for washing sheets and blankets, another pair of pruning shears, and a safety razor with lots of blades. Took the cats in for their shots. Does anyone know of a way to make dry cat food that will save for a long time or a way of saving dry cat food for a long time?

    I’m breaking out the Berkey to try. BC’s news really got me worried. I’m so grateful that he let us know about the problem.

    Have a good week, Pack!

    • Missy Taz says:

      I bought Gamma Vault stackable containers at Costco. 1 vault holds 3 20lb bags of dry cat food. It has an angled opening for easy access plus they are air tight so keeps the food fresh.

      • Sw't Tater says:

        Freezing the dog food helps it stay fresh much longer…like a year, it will not hurt the cat food, and should extend it’s life as well…even tho it is higher in fat and protein…

      • midnight1st says:


    • FarmerKin says:

      FYI: According to Engineer775 (one of the guys from Practical Preppers, who do the grading on Doomsday Preppers) claims that the food dye test is not valid due to the size of the dye particles. See his YouTube video.

      • Does anyone know why National Geog doesn’t have the Doomsday Preppers on anymore ? Arlene

        • FarmerKin says:

          I think it is just between seasons. But realistically, if they keep portraying preppers as kooks, they’re going to run out of people willing to be on the show.

  13. It’s been an exciting week for natural phenomena here in the Mojave desert. Several sudden downpours broke the heat wave, but lighting strikes set off a massive wildfire in the mountain valleys to the west of where I live. For couple of days the local Health Department was recommending people stay indoors because of the smoke drifting our way and one of those days all the mountains to the west and north of where I live were totally hidden by smoke. I’m glad I live in the Great Basin where it is hot as the blazes in summer rather than on the cool, lower mountain slopes — all those folks were told to evacuate their homes and the roads going in were closed by local law enforcement while firefighters were burning some scrub (according to the local news) to halt the approaching line of wildfires.

    I spent the time indoors, finishing the reorganizing and storing away of my 24 dozen or so vacuum-canned jars of food storage. Also dehydrated and vacuum canned more pasta sauce and cooked and then dehydrated Mayacoba beans from my food storage.

    My container gardens seem to be recovering under the slightly cooler temperatures and the summer squash seeds I planted last week have sprouted. My two pomegranate bushes continue to bloom and attract hummingbirds and have not lost any more of their ripening fruit since that first blossom-drop in late spring.

    • DesertDiva says:


      Take care down south with the fires. I live very north of you in the center of the state. We are rural and only can depend on our volunteer fire department. Yesterday, I joined. In our meeting we heard about the fire from a BLM speaker. I will NOT fight fires but will do my part in assistance. (help put up signs and speaking to people about defensive space, delivering water/ food, administration) We will get to view training and I hope to participate in a first aid class.

      Hang in and stay safe!

  14. I haven’t posted in a while, usually nothing to report except constant reading (learning), weeding out of non-needed stuff, planning for a huge garage sale, etc. I also prep by praying for our leaders, our country and those on this blog who have illnesses, job loss, etc.

    Yesterday a co-wkr reminded me of the gunownersofAmerica.com web site – can’t remember what he wanted me to check out…and I shared with him this blog. This morning I checked out the blog, and Lo and behold was the entire movie, Agenda: The Grinding down of America, for free.

    I can barely fathom it. I’ve seen all these pieces through my lifetime, but this lays all the pieces together. If you haven’t seen, it, do.

    The tears are falling, the prayers are going up – I see that I will be spending more time on my knees in the future…..it’s ok because the only way is UP, which is to up to God.

    Then it’s off to make a purchase (if it’s still on sale) that I need.

    Bless all of you, keep on prepping – and those of you in the southern areas, stay alert. I fear it’s going to be ugly.

    • grannyj,

      Is that URL correct? I get some advertisement to something when I go there.

      Did you mean: http://gunowners.org/ ?

      That’s what I got when I looked up Gun Owners of America.

    • Granny, Thanks for your prayers. We have a bunch of fine prayers on this site !!!
      I was shocked at how much spices cost (I haven’t bought any in one year) for making pickles-
      gasoline is also up-artificially inflated again. Arlene

      • Encourager says:

        Hello Arlene!
        Sometimes it is much cheaper to make your own combination for pickling. Recipes online.

  15. Its been a light week. I did buy another large jar of peanut butter and another can of coffee. Prices are definitely on the rise as so called “sales” are what used to be normal prices. I also purchased 4 – 1 gallon glass jars. One Ill use for a sun tea jar and the other three will be put to good use as storage containers. I was having a difficult time finding a source for pickle jars( say from a restuarant) so I gave in and bought these. We love iced tea and summer is slowly slipping by… gotta enjoy the little things while we can.

    I also made a large batch of homemade laundry soap. I love it and its pretty cheap. Id probably make it even if it wasnt just because of the simplicity of the ingredients.

    Daughter aged 21 made mention(discretely) to coworkers about our chickens and that we hang laundry out to dry and was made fun of. I know how that feels as Ive experienced the same thing with coworkers regarding hanging out laundry. God forbid someone see my husbands tighty whities, or a bra. I just dont get people at all. I spose its part of living in the city and city mentality. What runs through my mind is how many of these people dont stand a chance if the economy collapses or some other scenario occurs. After being ridiculed i doubt ill feel too sorry for them.


    • Lisa,
      Where did you get the jars? I’ve been looking for a 1 gallon glass jar specifically to make tea, but all I can find are plastic.

      • OP,
        When I need big jars (mostly for herbs) I call the schools. The get a lot of food the one gallon jars. Hospitals, jail? Anywhere they have a cafeteria or large kitchen. Good Luck.

        • Mama J,
          What a great idea. We have friends who work in the school kitchen and I never thought to ask them. Been mostly checking a Wally World, K-Mart, etc. A gallon glass and maybe even free. i like your style.

      • OhioPrepper:

        I ordered them from a company called Uline. They have a warehouse within a mile of where I live. If you go to uline.com and type in 1 gallon glass jars you should find what you are looking for. I just called in the order and then went directly to the warehouse to pick them up. Im not sure what shipping would be. They were a pleasure to work with. Minimum order was a case which was 4 jars. You can get either BPA free plastic lids or metal lids and jar mouth openings in either 3 or 4 inch sizes.


        • I ordered what I thought were very cheap 5 gallon buckets from Uline once and made a math mistake and ended up with 32 ounce buckets, which I used anyway! LOL!

        • Lisa,
          I’ve dealt with uLin in the past for some plastic things; but, didn’t know they also carried glass. Thanks.

    • Back in High School in the 70’s we made fun of a girl who mentioned in class that her family made their own cheese and had chickens , goats etc. In our little spoiled minds anything homemade like that had to be gross and not as a good as supermarket stuff. They were not hippies, preppers, back to nature people , just poor folks doing what they had to get by. I am sure both my parents grew up the same way on the farm in the 30’s and my dad would have kicked my ass if he knew what we did. Sure wish I could find a woman like that now…

      • ok single ladies -did you get that hint from George !! Smile-keep looking George-shes out there. Arlene

      • George,

        Women like that are all over this website.

        If you’re really looking, I’d suggest one of the survivalist dating sites. That’s where I found my new hubby.

        • Michele , My sister may be interested in one of those sites.I didn’t realize they existed. Can you give us a couple of sites or is that not allowed ? Thanks.Arlene

    • Shades of Green says:

      Lisa ,
      Don’t worry about what anyone says. I, too , hang out my cloths to dry and I still iron what I wear. Anything I can do to be one step closer to being off the grid I do. My cloths last longer and smell natural. I love it.

      • Lisa, Many people hang out their laundry where we live. I love the smell of the fresh on them-especially our sheets and the sunshine helps to make the whites brighter. Saving the earth by conserving energy is noble. Arlene

        • arlene,
          We’ve hung out the clothing to dry for decades; however, I’ve not bought into the saving the earth crowd. It does provably however, save money.

    • Encourager says:

      Lisa, I had to laugh about the tighty whites; with the way people dress today, or should I say, don’t dress…they are shocked because you have underwear hanging on the line??? What a double standard we have going here! lol

      But you are correct ~ there are going to be a lot of hurting people out there when SHTF.

  16. t42n24t2 says:

    This week I inventoried my food stores until boredom set in. At least, I did it and now have an idea of what I have. My gardens produced some cukes, bush green beans, strawberries, and the first tomato. It was wonderful. The produce was shared with neighbors and friends. I love growing things and sharing the wealth is great. Besides, if we ever have to band together, everyone knows I can grow food for us. One skill set out there. Also printed, read, and filed away a lot of articles from the Internet.

    Friends, stay safe wherever you are.

  17. ladyhawthorne says:

    My plans to purchase some vegetables to can and to replace some things that have been used fell through. My hours at work got cut. So I now will be bringing home enough to pay the bills and buy very minimal groceries only. Thank goodness for my food storage pantry.

    Getting a raise and paid insurance is no help if they cut your hours so you are bringing home less than you were before. And being single with no one else to help is hard. Thankfully I had the option to take 1 less day at work so starting next week I will only be working 4 days a week. I’ve been looking for a part time job because I’ve seen this would probably be coming, but so far nothing. I will have more time to clean out stuff in the house and hopefully sell off some of it. And work on my Etsy store to replenish it.

    Thankfully I had 2 large bags of cat food so I won’t need to buy that either for about 2 months. Maybe by then things will be more normal and I can have my hours back. If not I will move to plan B…or C.

    Hang in there everyone, we’re all in this together!

    • Southern Mama says:

      Know exactly what you mean Ladyhawthorne. Times are getting tough for a lot of us. Being a widow and having only the one income in the household really makes it tough. I like you am thankful that I have food storage to fall back on, I’ve had to do it a lot lately. I work 4 days a week and most all my pay goes to monthly bills. My employer pays 100% of my health insurance so for that I am VERY thankful. Hang in there! Hoping and praying for better times !

    • You could dehydrate the vegies – buy frozen ones and put them on a tray in the oven at 140 degrees for a day or 2. They take up less space and weigh less that way. Or do both.

      • ladyhawthorne says:

        I’ve got a lot of dehydrated veggies. I wanted to get some more tomatoes, potatoes and green beans, but I’ll use what I have and get through just fine.

  18. Picked up plastic containers to disguise food storage from prying eyes. Put items into fg buckets and coded them for storage in the shed which has a lock on the door. I like Mama J’s idea of a trailer with shelves and can be hooked up and taken a moments notice. Will have to check that out for the future.
    Still sorting nuts,bolts, screws in the garage. Putting buckets down there so it can be packed for a grab and go with tools. General sorting so we know what we are lacking, in all the outbuilding we have.

  19. Pack;
    I am going to ask you to send your prayers to my brother Dan. He was diagnosed yesterday with Leukemia, it has *not progressed* to acute Leukemia, but he is one sick puppy! They are just starting the testing of family members for bone marrow donation after he is through with chemo.
    He is retired Navy, and although many do not know the water systems were contaminated aboard those ships off the coast of Nam from the transportation of the chemical. So if you served, please file for the Agent Orange even if you have not shown any symptoms. It can hit you without much warning.
    As always I will keep you posted, thank you.

    • Papabear says:

      Prayers on the way.

    • JeffintheWest says:

      Doing so, Becky. And for you as well, since I know how tough this can be on the family too.

    • Becky,
      You and your family will be in my prayers, and thanks to your brother for his service, they have all paid a price for our freedom.

    • Southern Mama says:

      So very sorry! Praying for him and your family.

    • Lauri no e says:


      Prayers for your family.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Prayers for you and your brother Dan, Becky. I sincerely pray he responds well to his treatment, and regains his full health.

    • Dan,
      Many many healing blessings to you Many your recovery be swift and without pain.

    • worrisome says:

      Becky! So sorry to hear about your brother, you and he are on my prayer chain!

    • Mary Jane Sinkwich says:

      He is in my prayers. My son certainly benefitted from all the prayers sent his way from friends, family, and internet. He is currently in remission from stage 4, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. He had a particularly aggressive form. Miracles do happen!

    • worrisome says:

      Hello Wolfpack. Thanks to God for making it through another week.

      My house went from family and neighbors to so quiet it echoes this week! BIL and nephew have gone back up to the BOL and won’t be back until the second week of August when we have plans to move everything that is left to move out of the lake house as escrow closes. The family all packed up and went back to work, the little old couple who had been staying with me have moved back home as their a/c is finally fixed. We are making spaghetti sauce tomorrow so they will be entertaining me for a least one more day. The next door neighbor who has been so good as to train Hope along with his GS has been helping on our BOL project and is now home for a couple of weeks as he is selling his place. He found a nice little acreage about 1/4 of a mile from our BOL with 3 wells; a two bedroom 2 bath house; a small barn with a corral and a suitable place for a garden. We, of course, will help him with repairs and help him move when it is time. Hope is delighted he is home because his gs and her are the best of buddies……they have been tearing around our backyards have the best time!

      I bought another battery charger and a bunch of rechargeable batteries this week. Some more canning jars, lids, etc. Because Mexneck mentioned ghb’s, I got mine out and went through it and I am glad I did, my little stinky grandsons had gotten into it and eaten all the Datrex bars! So I have used that as an excuse to place an order to EE. While I was at it I also went through my bug out bag and restored it to some resemblance of organization. I also got all the paint colors figured out for the bunkhouse and sent the info all up to the BIL to take care of. The garden up at the BOL is doing pretty well, but the two of them are pretty much picking and eating everything we have in so there is no extra……….we will be doubling or tripling the size of that area next year.

      I may have mentioned that BIL built some beds that hoist up to the ceiling of the garage. The grandsons used them last week end and loved the idea that they got to sleep on “swings”. Guess you can imagine that they were swinging on them and jumping back and forth between the beds. Lots of laughter and silliness went on……..I asked them the next morning how they slept out there in the garage and all the lil darlin’s said was…….” ya know grandma? ya need to put a better air conditioner out there…gets a little warm when you are swinging the beds……..’ Yeah, like I am gonna take that up as a priority.
      The Zimmerman Trial:
      If any of you follow Joe the plumber, he posted something that I think is important to repeat on Facebook this morning. Joe the Plumber –
      “I don’t understand racism, it seems to me each race has its own share of assholes and punks. Judging an entire “race” by a few assholes is ignorant beyond measure… By the way, if you haven’t figured it out, current leadership and media perpetuates class and race warfare for power over us. Stop letting them “use” you”.

      I work with people of all skin colors and interact in business the same. We all respect each other, look out for each other and help each other all the time. I think Joe is right…..

      • worrisome says:

        Shucks! This is the second week in a row where I have managed to post under someone else’s post. I am so sorry!

    • Praying for God’s healing for Dan.

    • midnight1st says:

      So sorry about your brother. Prayers to you all.

    • My prayers for your brother and family.

    • Becky -prayers for your brother and you .Please read a book called The Billy Best story .Its true and the man fought leukemia
      a natural way.Sometimes the chemo treatments are too toxic.My husband was diagnosed with mesothelioma 6 years ago and given 5 months to live. He had a biopsy and refused any chemo.We went for healing prayer with Fr . Ralph DiOrio. and my husband is still with us. He was in the Navy .Fight for the gov. to be accountable . We wish you the best.Arlene

    • Praying for you, your brother and your family.

    • Encourager says:

      Praying for your family, Becky.

  20. Had the new freezer delivered from Home Depot. The last one lasted just over 30 years, I’m betting this one won’t last as long.
    Added another VHF/UHF radio to the communications gear, along with another (higher gain) antenna and another radio battery.
    Received my order of six 12 Volt 7 Amp Hours Sealed Lead Acid batteries to replace in a few of the UPS units, and for some other energy projects.
    That pretty much wraps up the week, so back to work.

    • hvaczach says:

      Don’t leave it in the garage unless you heat it. The new refrigerants don’t like low ambient air temp’s, it will not last long if left in say under 45 degree temps. unless they have a crank case heater and most won’t as cheaper is better from most box stores.

    • Our freezer was bought by my mother somewhere around 1970. It has had a few minor repairs, but it’s still going. (Knocking on wood now.) I also have her side-by-side that was bought around the same time. It’s only problem is a fan that sticks in the winter and the ice-maker needs a part replaced (and we have the part) because it froze. Since we don’t use that ice-maker, we won’t replace the part until we need it again.

      • JP in MT says:

        We have a guy who fixes appliances, so take it for what it’s worth, but he said you are better off buying an older appliance and having it fixed than buying new and only having it last 5 years.

  21. Mother Earth says:

    I started work this week so I will be in shape to hit Costco in a couple of weeks. Cucumbers are coming on so I made dill pickles and relish yesterday. I also had some Marconi peppers so I chopped them up and froze them for convenience in cooking. I will let the next batch go red so I can can roasted red peppers.

    Now I’m going through canning recipes to figure out what I want to make this season . That’s about it for me. I have major dental work this week so that’s going to be costly.

    • hvaczach says:

      If you have tons of peppers planted pepper jelly is one of our favorites takes advantage of hot chili’s and mild bells and is great with a little cream cheese and crackers or I like it on toast.

      • +100!!!!! My fav!

      • Mother Earth says:

        hvaczach, I do have tons planted…I went a little crazy! I planted green bell, red bell, Marconi, habanero and Serrano. I do use them when I can salsa but I think I’m going to have tons by the look of them. Will add pepper jelly to my list. Does anyone have a good recipe I could use?

        • hvaczach says:

          There is a descent one in the ball blue book of canning, I use a different one but am at work and can’t remember it. If you buy the Certo gellatin for making jam’s there is one in the package that turns out as well. I always add a little more hot chili’s and a little less bell I like it zesty.

          • Oooo, I like your style too OP!

          • hvaczach says:

            So the recipe is essentially 2 cups apple cider vinegar and 6 cups sugar to a pound of chopped peppers and the recipe calls for 2 pouches of pectin {6oz liquid} basically prepare and can like any other jam.

      • tommy2rs says:

        A jar of pepper jelly melted together with can of whole berry cranberry sauce and then allowed to reset in the fridge is one of my favorite alternatives for topping a toasted whole wheat bagel in the morning.

  22. Millie in KY says:

    I had a real learning experience this week. I had a baby goat (kid) come down with tetanus. We had re-disbudded him because he had really tough horns. All looked well then DH discovered him staggering about and then brought him to the house when he went down. DH thought someone else had rammed him (happens sometimes with babies and even adults). I got him to the vet first thing in the morning. The possibilities were tetanus, rabies, “goat polio” (a form of B deficiency) and something else. He was loaded up with a shot of B complex and antibiotics. I came home and did a lot of reading, turns out if it is tetanus then he should have the anti toxin, too. so I went in search of that.
    This is bad, bad stuff. I can’t tell you how important it is to get a tetanus shot and keep it updated. For most people it is supposed to protect for about 10 years. However, I was told that if you are a farmer, or gardener, mucking around in the dirt and other things, that it should be every five years. I put ophthalmologic cream in his eyes, he could not blink unless he was started. Put a diaper around his middle so he could pee in that (pee would run down and soak his side if I didn’t. Hospital pad just in case. Bedding under him. I folded a towel to elevate his head so he could breathe better. He had a rocking horse stance, front legs straight out (top leg was not touching the ground), back legs throw back (and same on the not touching). His head was thrown back almost to his spine. Touching him caused pain. I could not even pet and comfort the little guy, just did what I needed to do. He got shots morning and night and I ran an IV into him for fluids. I could get a bit of milk/yogurt down him. He was pooping and peeing. But this is like living rigor mortis. I’ve never seen anything like it. I gave him 3 days of nursing. I didn’t see one tiny smidge of change, if I had seen the tiniest bit of improvement, I would have kept trying. I called my farmer friend to come and take care of him for me.
    I’m sorry to be so graphic. PLEASE go and get your tetanus shots. I was told in school that 50% of the people who get it die. The germ causes a toxin that works on the nerves that then work on the muscles to put you in constant tonic seizures. I would turn him over, it was like turning a piece of plywood. This would be one of those post SHTF things that you could not even ask someone to shoot you, your jaw is locked. He could make a little braying noise but he didn’t want to, even that hurt him.
    Rest in Peace little goat. If nothing else, you have helped a lot of people by this story in your sweet and short life.
    Other than that: 12 cans of sweet corn, 2 jars of apple sauce. I am trying to get a new shower stall into our bathroom where the “garden tub” was that we took out. If we can get that in, the current shower over in the other corner can be taken out. And we will put a secret closet there for two things: One to keep guns/ammo and food in. The other reason is if I ever feel I must hide because someone is coming in, I will have a place that looks like a solid wall. I’m not sure we can do this but it’s a real possibility for that corner.

    • Southern Blonde says:


      Your story made me cry. You really took good care of him, and you tried your best.

      Take care of yourself too, Millie

    • Millie,
      I know this was hard on you, but thank you so much for sharing. As a nurse I’ve read about this but have never heard about a case first hand

    • Millie in KY,
      Tetanus is caused by a neurotoxin excreted by a spore born critter called clostridium tetani, which is in the same family as clostridium botulinum whose excretions cause botulism. There is often discussion about botulism on this forum, but you are correct in pointing out that tetanus is just as bad.

    • Lauri no e says:


      Prayers to you and you are such a sweet caring person.

    • Oh Millie, that is awful. So sorry you both had to go through it. You did right by him, though, so keep that in mind. Take care.

    • Seeuncourt says:

      When I banded my calves this year to castrate them, the vet tech suggested tetanus shots at the same time. We eat the animals and I’m not much for unnecesary injections of whatever, but I’m so glad I opted for the tetanus preventative after reading your experience. I’m thinking this is one vaccination they will all continue to get!

  23. JeffintheWest says:

    Mixed good news – bad news week here.

    We did the well and pest inspections last week on the new place.

    The well test was mixed. The well is a low producer — perhaps as little as one gallon a minute. That’s the bad news since it means we need to cut back on our plans a bit due to lack of water; but we are looking into aquaponics and low water irrigation techniques a LOT more seriously than before (to say nothing of water saver items in the house). Fortunately, we’re from NM, so none of this is actually a mystery to us…. The good news is that the well water is some of the purist water I’ve ever tasted. Yummm! The other good news is that according to the well guy, we should be seeing just about the lowest delivery rate for the well right now given that it’s been a couple of pretty dry years up here and it’s also the hottest part of the summer, so our well test should show us the absolute minimum water output of the well and we have no place to go but up! Here’s praying that some of the rain bedeviling the rest of you makes it out here for a change!

    The pest inspection was also mixed. Turns out every deck on the house (and there are a LOT of decks) has dry rot in the support joists. It means we’ll eventually have to replace every one of them, and that rather sooner than later. The good news is that there wasn’t a live pest of any description anywhere in the house or under it, and even the dry rot issues are just beginning, meaning we are not looking at any safety issues yet. But it does mean we have to start figuring out what to do about them fairly early on.

    We’ll actually get the final reports from both inspections next week, and that will be the official news, but based on the preliminary verbal reports…well, nothing is perfect, I guess.

    No deal-breakers on the house, yet, but our priorities and plans need to flex a bit, I suppose.

    • riverrider says:

      there are options on the well. it can be “blown”, injected with high pressure air to open the cavity the water rests in. it can be “counter bored” as well. this is drilling down a little further to make a longer water column to draw from. it won’t produce more but will store more. good luck.

      • JeffintheWest says:

        Yeah, we asked about options. Apparently well companies out here don’t like to redrill an existing well for various reasons (probably having to do with regulations here in CA). So most just won’t do it (including the guy who did our testing). The good news out of THAT discussion is that our well casing is in perfect condition, not cracks or problems that he could detect. Drilling a new well would be an option, but an expensive one — $6K for the first 200 feet, $30/per foot thereafter (I’m used to rates out in NM which run about $10-15 a foot with no minimum.) Plus, we’d have to get Becky to come over and dowse the location for us, and I wouldn’t ask her to do that for free! 😉 The other negative of trying to redrill the existing well is we’d have to tear down the well house (which is a large and very well built and insulated structure).

        Didn’t ask about blowing the well — but we’ll have the opportunity to talk to him some more, so I will then. Thanks for the tip!!!

        • worrisome says:

          Jeff, “blowing” the well is a good option and may increase the flow somewhat, If it were me with a well that produced so little, I would be buying some water tanks so that you can take advantage of the nice winter rains you get in Nor Cal to help out. Blowing the well will also help clear it of sand and rust.

          • JeffintheWest says:

            We are already talking about rain barrels/cisterns and guttering to harvest rainfall too — not only on the house, but also on the out buildings. That’s a common practice in NM (though apparently illegal in Colorado, believe it or not), so we are familiar with the concept.

            There is a run-off channel behind the house (about 50 yards down the hill) which, if it actually shows water at any time, might also give us an opportunity to collect/divert some to storage.

            • k. fields says:

              jeff, just for your information –
              Collecting rainwater is (currently) OK in CA but doing anything with that run-off channel would require a permit from the state water board which I doubt you would get.
              Basically, once rainwater hits the ground here, it “belongs” to the state and you must get a permit from them to utilize it.

        • JeffintheWest;
          After you close escrow, I want you to send me a copy of the parcel map or a facsimile of the property layout. Note where the house and septic are in on the land. You do not have to be exact, I can take it from there. Let me know when you are ready and I send you my mailing address to see what is going on with the live streams on that property. OK?? No strings attached.

    • JeffintheWest,
      I have friends who have a similar well that produces only about 2-3 gallons per minute, so once you drain the water column; it takes a while to recover. They installed a couple of 250 gallon poly tanks in the basement, along with a couple of mechanical timers, some float switches, and a small feed pump. They drained the column completely empty a few times to see how long it took and how many gallons were available. Then they timed how long it took to recover. They set the timer to a little longer than the recovery time, and have it run the pump for the time measured to empty the column; UNLESS, the float switches indicate that the tanks are full. Also, if the tanks fill (indicated by the float switches) while pumping water from the well, the pumping stops. They then feed the water from the tanks to the house plumbing with the feed pump, which I think senses water pressure and runs when below a certain setting. Some timers, switches, a pump, and no computers, and they have nearly all of the water they can use. In your case, even @ 1 GPM, that well can provide more than 1400 gallons per day.

      • JeffintheWest says:

        Yeah, there is a 2500 gallon holding tank in the well house itself to provide water to the house, and we talked about adding another tank (2500 to 5000) up on the hill which would also allow us to use gravity feed to water the garden/orchard areas, and that’s probably something we will do regardless.

        I did the math and at 1GPM it works out to roughly 10,000 gallons a week, which, after subtracting a rough 2800 for water to the house for a week (we could probably do with less, but this is a worst case calculation) leaves us with roughly 7200 gallons a week for irrigation. That means that we can effectively irrigate roughly a quarter of an acre (at one inch per square foot per week), which is the absolute minimum water required for most vegetable type plants. Even 7500 gallons of storage only buys us another month or so during the low-water season if we’re drawing less than 1GPM, and around here that may run as much as four months long. Which is why we hope for some nice long soaking rain showers around here, I guess…. 😉

        And none of those calculations includes any water for animals!

        • riverrider says:

          you could use a solar well pump. they pump a trickle all day so it wouldn’t likely drain your well completely. then a booster pump from tank to house or even 12volt rv pump….you might consider gardening in a hoophouse/greenhouse to conserve water.

        • JeffintheWest,
          Assuming you do occasionally get downpours, a rain catchment system might be in order.

    • JeffintheWest says:

      Well report is in — .71 gallons per minute. The pump can pump 15 GPM, but that doesn’t matter given the low recharge rate. We are doing our calculations now, but it appears that most of our garden will have to be either Aquaponics or nothing. We can still do some raised beds stuff (primarily for root crops and things like corn), but probably not more than a 10th of an acre max. And building an orchard will be a very slow process dependent on several things. Becky, I will definitely take you up on your offer!

      • JeffintheWest;
        Any time I can help someone in our area, I do this because I consider it my gift given to me to share. The gentleman who assisted us, when we were in dire need of water was my teacher/master dowser. He never charged me for his dowsing services,(I was just learning)he told me when I earned my advanced dowsing certificate I could pass it forward.
        Where we live now, if someone is in need I do it for free. When someone new comes into the area, I ask a minimal fee if I am locating a new well site.
        I look at water this way, we all need it, but not all can afford to pay the high prices some dowsers charge. If I can assist, I do my best to relieve one more monetary drain on a families budget.

  24. Millie in KY says:

    And, MD, are you aware that there is an ad for Hillary on the left side of this page? YUK! 🙂

    • Millie in KY,

      Those ads are auto generated depending on the content of the post – mention her and you might get an ad automatically.

      • Millie in KY says:

        Well then, dang. I can play that game.
        Sam Sheppard
        Tom Selleck
        Robert Duvall
        Tommy Lee Jones
        Harrison Ford
        Oh, and mustn’t forget my other true loves:
        Richard Chamberlain
        Roy Rogers
        I think I’m showing my age here…so I’ll stop. Let’s see if that will get rid of you know who. Ugh. It says “I want her for U.S. President. Ready for Hillary?”

        • TrailGuide says:

          LOL, Millie – I like your thinking! Good on you for ‘playing along’ 🙂
          I generally have some type of water ads…. since I’m obsessive / compulsive about WATER.

        • Seeuncourt says:


          Nice comprehensive list.
          Kevin Costner
          Hugh Jackman

          • All of the above plus Sean Connery….and mine is “aavoid the seven deadly sins of handgun accuracy”!!!

    • I have Flo from Progressive Ins. Hehe.
      I was hoping for the Geico guys because I just saved alot of money on car insurance.

      • Mama J, Millie in KY& TrailGuide;
        Is that why I keep getting clothing ads for Zulily……….Sorry I am tennis shoe, shorts, and tank tops until winter. Then it short sleeves, they have me pegged all wrong.
        Where are my muckie boots & straw hat for the pasture?

        • Now I am getting ads for tdl…………….ahhhhhhhh

          I need Clairol hair color!!!

    • tommy2rs says:

      Ad’s? What are these ad’s you speak of…;)

    • Lantana says:

      Millie, I’ll trade you–mine is soliciting donations for a month-long holiday we do not observe.

  25. Bought and stored first of 3 tons of wood pellet fuel for the coming winter.
    Continuing recovery from prostate surgery. So far test show no more cancer. PTL!

  26. Papabear says:

    No preps here again.

    To followup on the wife’s med tests. They took care of what they found on the colonoscopy. The other test showed that she has a tumor. Cancer runs in her family so it is a definite concern.

    The goobermint clinic where she goes says that our income is too high for her to get any free care. So the tests for the last 2 weeks are all out of pocket. However, this new doctor told her that there is a program that he will sign her up for that will completely cover the cost of surgery and all after care. Here’s hoping that it comes through.

  27. TomBodet says:

    I don’t do much posting on here at all,just read. But today I had to post this,I had gotten so overwhelm this past month that I was really down and out(really bad). But sitting here reading everyones post really helps! This is a great site with a bunch of great people on here! Just wanted to say thanks y’all, just reading what y’all post on prepping makes me know I’m doing the right thing. To get off my ass and not give up and too prep hard!!! THANKS EVERYBODY!!!!

    • Sw't Tater says:

      You are welcome…keep on keeping on! You and your family are worth it!

    • Tom, So glad to hear from you! Keep your chin up. God bless.

    • worrisome says:

      Tom…..what you get here is great support. We are glad you are hear…….if you have any questions, someone will know the answer…

    • Welcome Tom !
      “We’ll keep the light on for ya!”
      Are you the same guy with Motel 6? Big cheesy grin…..

    • Tom B;
      You have to give Mama J a special place at the table……she is so full of it, she makes you laugh no matter how down you are.

      • Becky,
        Love you girl!
        I figure if you aren’t at the table you must be on the menu!

        • MamaJ;
          😉 You made my day once again with laughter so hard, had to find akleenex to wipe away the tears of laughter…………
          We would not trade you in for all the world.

    • Encourager says:

      TomBodet, now that you have posted, you are officially a wolfie! Welcome to the Pack.

      We all get depressed and wonder if what we are doing is going to make any difference. Prepping can be a bit overwhelming at times.

      Just keep on keeping on. One step at a time.

  28. OregonMike says:

    Purchased a KelTec PLR16 .223 PISTOL. Takes standard 30 round AR15 magazines. With it’s short barrel, a laser sight and 30 rounds, makes a good house gun. Also have an AR style 12 guage on layaway. 10 round magazines coming. Still harvesting and canning. Time to plan the fall garden.

  29. JeffintheWest says:

    Apparently there is a problem with the blog not updating comments? Anyone else seeing this?

  30. OregonMike says:

    Oh yeah, made plans for an exploratory month in Mexico. Also put a condo up for sale at the coast. Getting ready. Will upgrade my home in the event a sale would be prudent for a move to Mexico. Current plan after a 1 month exploratory trip, is to keep and rent out my current house while renting for a year in Mexico. Then decide on whether to sell and buy there. Much influence will be the political scene here and the direction the country is going. Just trying to cover all bases.

  31. Got the DD officially married yesterday, so not much done this week. Just went out and picked the garden, so got some peppers to pickle and tomatoes.
    Weather forećast calling for temps in 90s this next week, so hopefully big tomatoes will set another round.
    Fund raising banquet for national organization this next week, so nothing this next week, but the garden.

  32. hvaczach says:

    Looked in the garden holy greenbeans filled a large container also cut some of the collards and already have them stewing with potatoes carrots and ham bones! Odd to have soup at 92 degrees but I love collard green’s “pot liquor” .

  33. Southern Mama says:

    Would like to thank you all for your prayers for me and my family after the tragic loss of my great niece. The Lord is laying peace on our hearts and definitely drawing us closer to him. Her dear parents are still so lost without her and I hope people will continue to pray for peace, strength and comfort for them. So I guess my major prep this week was growing closer to our Lord and Savior and growing closer to my family. THE greatest prep of my life! Other than that I did receive a few cans of long term food storage that I had ordered and a couple dozen of the reusable canning lids. Managed to do a inventory of food items I have stored and realized I have much more than I realized. I started out small, having a limited income to purchase things, but it all adds up over time and I am pleased with my progress. Times have been difficult lately and I have had to fall on my food storage to get by. so I understand now, not only preparing for disaster but preparing for life’s setbacks. Wish somehow we could relay to all people how important it is to prepare. You never know what could happen in your life. Hope ya’ll all have a good week. God bless you all.

    • SM, We depended on our storage when my husband was laid off and it made it so much easier to get through, so I know what you mean. Still so sorry for your loss. Hope things look up for you. Take care.

    • Continuing to keep you and your family in my prayers.

  34. Haven’t posted in a couple of weeks. Not much this week. DH went to our small local Wal-mart everyday this week, Monday-Thursday very few people there at opening time. On Friday he was 12th in line got 3 boxes of 22 ammo. We think one of the employees calls his buddies when there is ammo on the trucks. Lucky them!

    He traded his Beretta 92FS for a Rossi 7.62×39 single shot with a scope and a Ruger P95DC.

    Went to yard sales this morning picked up a Presto 4 quart pressure cooker with new gasket for .50 cents.

    I picked up 10 Cayuga ducks this week.

    Garden is providing plenty of varieties of squash, brussel sprouts peppers. Pulled the carrots and put them in the dehydrator. Finally getting some green beans.

  35. MD~

    I just want to express my appreciation for your website. I enjoy reading the information which lies within and especially look forward to Saturday morning when I can read what everyone else has been up to!


  36. Hunker-Down says:

    Based on last weeks discussion of charcoal being on sale at W/M, we bought 30 pounds. It never goes on sale here. I paid $15 for a 30 pound bag. It will be added to our 1/2 full 30 gallon metal can after I repackage it into gallon storage bags to keep it dry. The metal 30 gallon can may have condensation, so we re-bag the charcoal into smaller batches. The charcoal will be used for cooking on the Volcano stove, after we run out of propane.

    We have a lot of wheat, beans and rice packaged in Mylar bags with O2 absorbers. Because we live in a loooong winter area, having fresh greens when the garden is under 3 foot of snow is a problem. In one of last weeks posts Linda pointed out that storing grains in Mylar bags will cause seeds to fail to germinate. Since we would like to have some fresh sprouts to eat in December I now have another project. We need to learn what seeds can be safely sprouted (I have a sprouting book, unread) buy the seeds and vacuum seal them in quart jars. I think there will be enough oxygen left in the jar after vacuuming, so that the seeds will not die, and will germinate. We will store the new seed in the freezer for 3 days to kill any bug eggs as the first step. As usual, there is no money for this new project so don’t expect a progress report anytime soon.

    We bought some dehydrator sheets, getting ready to dehydrate pineapple as an additive to rolled oats.

    Its time to pick some sugar snap peas and add them to the freezer.

    • Lentils make nice sprouts.

    • If your wheat has a moisture content of 10% or less (that is it is not freshly harvested, but has dried in a grain silo or warehouse for a few months before you bought it) and you cold treat it to kill any insect eggs (I freeze mine for 72 hrs in my freezer but some people briefly put theirs in an air tight container with dry ice instead or leave it in their car trunk for a few days in winter), then you should be able to store the wheat in clean but oxygen-permeable food safe containers such as plastic food buckets or reused plastic juice bottles (cranberry juice bottles are nice because their rectangular shape packs tightly on shelves).

      Some people store their wheat for a few years on wire mesh shelving in the original 25 lb paper bags it was sold in (after cold treatment) but they must have a rodent-free pantry for this to work. I prefer using food buckets because they have a handle and are waterproof and break-resistant should I have to move my wheat in an emergency to a different location during rainy weather and travel on bumpy roads. I also store my pop corn, bulk dry plain pasta (cold treated first), dried beans, oat groats, rye berries and raw white rice this way too or in re-used plastic juice bottles and have had no problem with spoilage (and the lentil, oat and rye seeds have sprouted nicely after being stored this way).

      Admittedly a five gallon bucket of wheat is heavy (about 45 lbs) but filled 3 gallon food buckets are easy for most able-bodied women or older men to lift into a pickup truck bed. And just about any child over age 6 can lift a 64 fl oz juice bottle re-filled with grain.

      I prefer to reserve my glass canning jars for vacuum canning those types of grain products that do best in the absence of oxygen and humidity. So my canning jars hold old fashioned and instant oatmeal, muesli, cracked wild rice, grits, couscous, baking mixes, flavored rice mixes, instant rice and pre-cooked dehydrated pasta. These glass jars are heavy and brittle, so I store them in cardboard boxes (reinforced with tape) and usually with cardboard dividers. I know that to keep the boxes of jars dry, I would have to load (and unload) them in my truck inside the garage if it was raining or snowing.

  37. Sister’s in town this week, so no actual prepping done, but lots of good discussions with her as she’s the sibling that is on board with prepping.

    Will be out of town start of next week getting some stuff from a very good friend, so probably won’t accomplish much next week either.

    Did get the tomatoes caged up so the garden is into more maitenence. Should start getting ripe tomatoes in the next week or so.

    Hope all is well with the pack!

  38. Lake Lili says:

    Been a quiet week for us here North of your Border… except for two really big issues.

    The first and most horrific was the train explosion in Lac-Megantic in Quebec where somehow in the early hours of the morning 70 train cars carrying light crude came uncoupled from a train and rolled 7km back down the track and into the village where they derailed and exploded. The numbers of dead are not yet final but it was about 60 and central part of the village is gone… including the local bar, which was packed with patrons, the library and the community archives… past and present gone in a fire ball. More than 2000 people were out of their homes for most of the week. Having had to leave at 2am most were without anything… talk about needing BOBs!

    The other incident was the same day in Toronto where a storm front stalled out and more than 75mm of rain fell in a 3-hour period. This happened during rush hour… all major highways were under water, or access to them was… commuters were stuck on trains, and the lower levels of the trains were under water… the Japanese Consul General and his party were stuck in an elevator for 3-hours… the Mayor was on TV three days later talking about how fragile the electrical grid was and would everyone stop using air conditioning… now generally up here we are pretty dismissive of anything that happens in Toronto but it was scary. My sister had 2-1/2 feet of water in her basement. On one street all but one house had basements full of backed-up sewage and the one house that got off free had a 30-ft oak land on both cars in the driveway. We forget that in urban areas, there is so much pavement, that the water has nowhere to go… Anyways two families that I know lost all their food preps because they stored them all in the basement , so when the sewers backed up… yuck.

    Anyways… things on our minds North of your Border….

    • worrisome says:

      Lake Lili…I heard about the train thing. I had to wonder if it was terrorism but heard that they don’t think so. Awful so many are without homes, lives and or loved ones. There is some wisdom to be gleaned from the info on the flood you gave us. Thanks!

      • Lake Lili says:

        The thing about this is that it is all a bit hickey. The media up here has been very careful about not speculating as to cause. They have determined that the breaks were correctly applied. But train cars do not magically come uncoupled and head off down the tracks. However the group that runs this rail line have a long, long history of safety violations and their president is a PR nightmare.

        One of the things most Canadians tend to forget is that most of the secondary lines stopped running in the 1970s and 800s. The lines were then taken up in the 1990s and handed over to community groups to create walking and bike paths. That means that all of our train lines now run through high density urban areas which make accidents that much more horrific when they occur. But unless people want to stop buying gasoline and petrochemical products all of these chemicals will continue to be transported through urban centres. When we bought our current place, one of the things I ensured was that we were more than 10 miles from a working line… a small bit of safety.

    • Lauri no e says:

      Lake Lili,

      So sad both situations and Canada has been in my prayers.

      • Lake Lili says:

        Thanks Lauri! I am sure that many of the communities that were hit by Sandy and the recent tornados have encountered similar issues. There is no place that is 100% safe and life does have a way of making its presence felt. Lac-Megantic is a largely Catholic community and Pope Francis advised that he had made special prayers for the deceased and survivors. All prayers help.

        • Rider of Rohan says:

          These oil trains are running from Canada down in the US as well, and I know for a fact that 15,000 barrels per day of tar sands oil is coming into the Lion/Delek Oil Refinery in El Dorado, Arkansas. Other even larger shipments(about 400,000 barrels a day) of light crude are coming out of No. Dakota as well. These trains are extremely dangerous, and we should build the Keystone Pipeline before we have more of these tragedies.

          • worrisome says:

            Rider, got a story that I heard a while back. When the economic problems were sitting on the banks’ front doors, B of A was getting ready to fold. The Feds’ FDIC was running out of money, Obama went to went to Warren Buffett and asked him to prop of B of A by buying a bunch of preferred stock… Buffet agreed but with a caveat………….to hold off on the pipeline as he had recently bought Burlington Northern……guess what Burlington Northern hauls????????????? I think I read this on the Blaze and Bloomberg but it has been a while ago.

            • worrisome & Rider;
              Sounds just like a sweetheart deal to scratch each others back while we all take the hit. No wonder BofA has had to disperse many of its home loans. We are highly rated loan yet we were sent to a bottom of the barrel company that has a crappy review and rating on the net. So I went looking for a new loan, and transferring out of the garbage heap they dumped us into.

            • Rider of Rohan says:

              I have no doubt you’re correct, worrisome. The corruption in this country is approaching 3rd World levels, which is what some desire, for whatever reasons. The middle class is being wiped out by the super rich like Buffet and the constant demands of the underclass and their political allies.

    • Prayers for my friends in Canada.

  39. As a newbie I added toilet paper, 12 tooth brushes, charcoal, water, grill lighters, peanut butter and 50+ very large commercial coffee filters to my stash. The tooth brushes, peanut butter and coffee filters were great buys at an auction. I also investigated the EcoZoom stove, making jerky and dehydrating food. Food is my weak point for now but I and my wife are starting to work on it.

    • riverrider says:

      welcome! don’t forget the ten things list on the sidebar. good place to start or help get organized. looks like you’re on the right track already.

    • Encourager says:

      Welcome to the Wolf Pack, GJ!

  40. Sw't Tater says:

    Found dog training video’s by doggie person @ yard sale,…
    and picked up clothing needed by a young mother for school uniforms,( very cheaply) will swap these for clothing for grandson.
    Picked-up 10 cans of assorted veggies, and 8 cans of tuna,
    After watering and re-discing garden put up four strand electric fence..DH cleaned out the passageway for the feeder line..and the fence areas cleared completely…
    Got entire summer garden planted and transplanted this week. Okra, cukes, pole beans, watermelon canteloupe,zucchini, yellow squash and potatoes. Seeds soaked before planting…for quicker harvest… Have watered transplants daily and they are surviving, It has went from too wet to plant to to dry to grow so watering is in the works…for the entire garden. We have a “small chance” of rain on monday…
    Also have seedlings for broccoli and cauliflower up, planted several herbs, basil- 3 kinds up and shared.. and cilantro, chives. gathered some more garlic and re-set the multiplier onions.
    Must go for now…Have a good week end and week, stay safe, stay close.Keep on doing what needs to be done. Those of the pack will not allow themselves to be mis-used by tptb…later

  41. Rob in Ontario says:

    not a lot to report this week – picked up a kayak at yard sale for $50 I can’t use with rotar cuff issues waiting for results from xrays and ultra sound- picked up a 2 litre insulted water bottle . A canning and preserving without sugar book . also picked up a old brass cooking stove and a solid alum perc coffee pot.
    found some .22 and 7.62X39 ammo

  42. worrisome says:

    MD, just a note on the pillbox. I am all girl so take this for what it is worth. At our local building supply center, people come in and buy lots and lots of sacks of concrete. They take them home line them up into the shape of whatever they decide they want, rectangle, square, round etc. Then they stack them up, making sure that they overlap the bag separations below. Then they put a hole or two in each bag and then water daily for a while. After a bit they take the paper off and voila, ya gotta pillbox………….or something similar to it.

    To ask me how I know this one is funny. I was in the store one day when a guy wanted the store to deliver a flatbed full of concrete bags and he was very willing to tell why. He is one of the biggest marijuana growers in the county. After he left, the store clerk shook his head and said that they had delivered septic tanks to his property the week before. HIs workers dig holes, put in their mj inventory, seal them and cover them up……..they also use septic tanks in the same way to hide cash……….

    Both concrete bags and extra septic tanks could be used for less illegal purposes……….so thought I would just say a word or two.

    • worrisome,
      Haha! I was thinking the same thing. Would it be cheaper to buy the quikcrete bags or get a concrete culvert delivered?
      At 4-5.oo a bag. Hmmmmm… And believe me you don’t have to put a hole in the bag for it to turn rock hard either!
      I don’t have a lot of weed or cash but I need something to protect my investments. Hmmmm….cough.
      Unfortunately all my weapons were lost in a tragic boating accident.
      I can’t imagine crawling in and out of the port hole of a septic tank. I would freeeeeeeak out. Brrrrrrr. Shiver.

      • worrisome says:

        Mama J, those crazy enough to grow big crops and risk both state and fed jail time are crazy enough to crawl through portholes………I cannot imagine living like that myself. I would have a case of the twitchies from constantly looking for other bad guys coming to rob me..

  43. This week I received the 3 books that I ordered. I read the 6th book of 299 Days. The last chapter leaves you hanging and it will probably be a couple of months before the next one comes out. I also got and read One Second After, all I can say is WOW……..it really makes you think! Some parts of it were hard to read and some things I had not even thought about like what happened at the nursing home, so sad.

    The third book was Canning, Freezing, Curing, and Smoking Meat, Fish and Game. A few weeks ago I had bought one on building a smoke house so now we need to get it built and get some meat to smoke. I learned that my DH helped his grandma make lard and homemade soap (he was about 9 yrs old). He said that she used some of the lard in her soap and sold it in a little store that she had. We started making a list of stuff that we need to buy in order to render fat for lard and to make soap. We have a friend that raises pigs and know that we can get one from him. I also want to get some beef.

    I hope to go to our local farmer’s market to pick up some stuff that I either didn’t plant or that did not do well for me. The tomatoes have just really started producing well so I hope to get some canned this week. I harvested some dill, oregano and chives to dry. Need to get busy and cut up some peppers to pickle. I will be digging up at least some of our potatoes to see how they are doing. With all of the rain that we have gotten for the last two weeks we are seriously behind on the lawn mowing, about the time it dries out a little we are getting more rain. I hope to get all of the dead squash plants pulled out today or tomorrow, trying to decide what to plant in that space. Is it too early to plant fall crops or too late for a summer crop?

    I got some extra’s at grocery store this week, flour, cornmeal, sugar, rice, dried beans and peas, pasta, canned corn and other misc items.

    • Brenda;
      The gardening books are advertising the winter vege’s going in now for the winter. I think it is to get them started with warm soil before the weather changes.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      It depends on your space and what you need…Some crops can be planted now, like zucchini/ some cukes and contender bush beans….and will bear in 30-40 days, but be 50-60 before peak production. If you plant things that are not frost resistant,..soak seed in very warm water for quicker sprouting.(Okra comes up in 3-5 days)..Granny used warm buttermilk… we need 70 days before avg. first frost date.

  44. KR Prepper says:

    This has been a good week
    Harvested beans. Weeded the Garden.. Plated another set of potatoes

    Took down a crossbow that I bought used. The sight mount broke. I need to buy a drill press to cut through the weaver mount that came with it.. Really hard metal.
    Practiced with my recurve bow. Added a better sight to it.
    Purchased 6 oak dowels I will fashion arrows
    Bought a bench grinder, wood rasp, and zip ties
    Built a new archery backstop from an old box spring

    New eating regiment. No food after 7

    Paid land taxes. Now, I got permits to pay for

  45. Lauri no e says:

    The only items I bought this week 2 big containers of Vaseline and 2 gray tote containers for pres meds and one container for vitamins and over the counter meds. We are still working on the house to get it ready to paint inside and then put it on the market. The realtor told me to hide all medications.

    One day this week I took all pres medications and separated them into categories and put them into zip lock baggies. They are all in their original bottles but they are all together by what they are for blood pressure, antibiotics and so on. I am going to go and look up the info on the internet and put it also in the bags. Last fall when I was so sick I had reach my out of pocket amount for prescriptions so anything that had a refill I filled it.

    DH transfer came through and he was only there 2 days and he had a tooth that went bad, the only time I have seen him in this much pain was with a kidney stone. This is a man that takes such good care of his teeth and he so good about flossing. Cracked tooth, temporary crown went back to work turned back and went back to the dentist the same day still in pain so bad he can’t work tooth infected long story root canal next week. Thank goodness he had vacation time and is embarrassed that he has had to miss work so soon starting at a new location. Our problems are so small compare to others.

    Becky thank you for your response last week about dss my first comment disappear and i will be praying for your family.

    Praying for all be safe and thank you MD for this site.

  46. Harry the hat says:

    To Pack,

    I do am doing better and have now been given the go ahead to go back to work. I am allowed to drive my school bus. My diabetes have better and had a A1C 6.7 on my last test. Thank you for your praying and now I am about 70% with my speech using.
    Thank you!

    I have been able to do some training, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

    I have been given the go to run with the Fire Police.

    Preps just making lists to work on working plans.


    Harry the hat

  47. Bought the Cold Steel Riflemans hawk and put it through some serious tests. I actually like it better than my Estwing axes. It holds an edge good, and is easy to sharpen. It is a little heavy and the handle is long but is an amazing axe. Bought 2 60 gallon barrels and filled them with soft red wheat for $70. Took the advanced riders course on my get home from work vehicle which is a 2011 KLR650. We learned evasive maneuvers and other techniques. I will be ordering the Ontario knive sp8 next.

  48. Larry D. says:

    The best thing I did was to find this site and start reading.
    Knowledge is power.

  49. Hello pack, the DW went to a church function that was teaching how to cook and use dried food storage staple items. She won a 5 gal. pail of red wheat as a prize! Work is going through gyrations due to the affordable care act and we lost a couple of hundred employees as a direct result a couple of weeks ago. I’m afraid this is the “new normal” in the healthcare and other industries. In TN it is predicted that many small hospitals (40 or so in number) will be out of business by year end due to government policies as a result of the affordable care act and other economic forces.
    I recommend those who are able continue preparing for their care. If you have not already started, begin contingency planning for “rationed” health care coming to a hospital near you soon.
    One number I heard last week translated into about 21,000 healthcare workers being fired, laid off or eliminated across the nation thus far and the number will climb. If big institutions have already begun cutting so deeply who will provide medical services to people?
    Take care of any lingering conditions or problems which can be corrected while you can, in the future it may be more difficult to see a provider let alone receive treatments.
    The information contained on this blog will continue to be essential for people to learn how to provide for themselves, and barter or trade for services in the future.
    M.D. keep up the great work of this blog and I recommend you please consider the development of a second who could help maintain the site should that ever become necessary.

  50. Off topic, but to answer Millie”s question from the other day… I keep a ‘soft’ 12-pack cooler in the trunk, loaded with food all year long. I also keep a plastic milk crate with 2 gallons of water in the trunk. Some of the things I have kept in the cooler are: small boxes of raisins,, lifesavers, gum, peanut butter, and the 2.6 oz. packets of tuna, trail mix, silverware, extra baggies, washcloth, and a plastic glass with a lid. During the summer I fill and freeze the 12 oz. pop bottles with water (this size fits in the cooler better than the larger sizes) Since most of the food contains so much salt (which I shouldn’t be eating) I also pack 2 Welch’s 100% grape juice cans (10 oz.) (the ones with the red heart symbol) and 2 cans of Dole pineapple juice (6 oz.) Last winter I put an apple in the cooler and it was still good after 2 weeks.( no freezing!) Every season, I change out the food and the gallons of water. Why the grape juice? Because it helps lower my blood pressure! And the pineapple juice has so many good vitamins in it and counteracts well with all the salty foods. I also put in fruit cups, applesauce, crackers and cheese.
    So far nothing has froze during the winter months or become un-usable during the summer…….I hope this helps!

  51. Oh, the grape juice is in bottles, not cans (sorry!) both the pineapple and grape juice I find at w-Mart and they come in 6-packs.

  52. Seeuncourt says:

    worked on the second chicken coop. treated one charlais steer calf for pneumonia, replanted parts of the garden that ‘didn’t take’, and celebrated losing Janet Napolitano to greener pastures! I’m waiting for the other shoe to fall….seems like a step backward to go from ruining…er running the most powerful federal agency bar none to running a university system.

    • worrisome says:

      Oh but the pay is three times more

      • seeuncourt says:

        Really? I thought Fed workers were the most overpaid bunch!

        • JeffintheWest says:

          She would have been overpaid at a dollar a year.

          But if you ever have the illusion that Federal workers are generally overpaid (and I mean, you know, people who work, as opposed to “managers” who sit around doing nothing to speak of), try living and feeding a family of four on a Staff Sergeant’s salary some day.

          • riverrider says:

            amen jeff! or gs5 salary, which is the real average rate. the reported excessive pay is from “managers” making gs14. there are far more gs5’s than gs14’s. of course theres no reason why a general should be getting over 10,000 a year for “entertaining” allowance, along with several other such allowances.

          • seeuncourt says:

            Been there, done that. I qualified for food stamps. Let’s say civilian federal workers. I can speak from experience that many are overpaid for the qualifications they present. And not all managers sit around doing nothing. Some are worth their salt.

        • worrisome says:

          Ah seeuncourt……….they may be overpaid at the Fed level, but when you get to Kalifornia……..’tis a whole new level of graft and greed…

  53. Here its illegal to put out food for bait for wildlife. Arlene

    • Arlen,

      Sadly, just about everything is illegal anymore. But in Tennessee you can set out bait but cannot hunt over it. To remain legal the “bait” must be completely removed 10 days prior to the hunting season.

      • Not in Texas. Only thing you can’t bait is migratory birds like dove, duck and geese. But ya know that patch of sunflowers that just came up next to the milo field over there by the stock tank, seems like the dove just love that area… Deer get food plots, protein/salt block all summer, and the corn goes out on timers twice a day bySeptember 1st. Bow seasons starts October. Now If they would just increase the limit on white wings…they are truly rats with wings.. They ring the deer feeders waiting for it to go offhand the deer just stand there and watch em…

        • hvaczach says:

          in South Dakota if you have a salt lick out there had better be a cow standing over it.

          • seeuncourt says:

            Same in Montana.

            • Same in Colorado

              • Geeze… We can even get our ag tax exemption switched over to wildlife protection with what we do just to keep the deer from starving…. You ought to see the deer standing under the feeders while the squirrels spin the feeder for them!!! My DH, who guides quail hunts in deep South Texas gets to bait the roads with milo for the bobwhites. We’ve got a former exotic ranch turned subdivision nearby and a lot of the nilgai, axis and antelope have escaped and are breeding. No restrictions or permits necessary for them.

                • We are big game country and our laws are super strict. We have never been able to bait. Anything.
                  On that same note, they have heavily restricted the sale of private land and resident deer tags. Personally I think it is because they want to sell them to out of state hunters that pay hundreds more dollars for the licenses.
                  The deer are so plentiful I keep a box of rubber bullets (given to me by the game warden) on the back deck and a box of Frisbees to throw at them.
                  It is not so bad since we put up a taller fence and got the big Pyrenees dogs, but they still drive me crazy.
                  A herd of them slammed into my new fence. Not once but three or four times each. One did a complete flip over the fence and landed on its back. I found a dead one later, in the drainage, that was probably it. To bad it didn’t outright so I could have ate it. You can’t fix stupid, but you can eat it sometimes.
                  You should see the amount of fur in the fence now. Also, the welded wire broke in three places and two t posts were bent.
                  It sucks the deer are starving where you are. Is it the drought?
                  I have a big dove problem now. We culled them pretty good last season.

                  • Yep, drought and the development nearby has caused an increase in the local herd, but those Houstonians who moved here are squeaking loudly about their high dollar landscaping being munched. There is still quite a bit of natural browse still with these bits of rain we’re getting, but most of the does have fawns nursing right now. Another month and they will all start looking like walking skeletons. We usually just harvest does, but every now and then an older buck shows up and well… I had to make sure everybody wakes me before they shoot out of the door in my bedroom. Nothing like a 30-06 with a muzzle brake going off in your bedroom at dawn…NOT!!

                • hvaczach says:

                  Just another reason we should have been the “United States of Texas” lol ;} In all seriousness the hunting in South Dakota is getting pretty commercial in a lot of places I am very fortunate to have some life long friends who own private ground I have access to. A lot of others are tied to overcrowded public land and road ditches.

                  • Zach, don’t get me started on the Texas thang!!! Lol we do have a whole state of mind going here and no stae income tax!!

      • MD,
        Here in Ohio quite a few years ago, we weren’t allowed to hunt deer over bait. Then we received some inadvertent help from the animal rights / anti-hunting groups. They started baiting areas where they saw hunters, and then called the game officer to turn in those hunters for hunting over bait. Once the officers caught on, the rules were eventually changed. We still cannot hunt over bait on public lands, but may do so on private lands, which make up something like 90% of the hunting in the state, all thanks to PETA, and their ilk.

  54. Pack;
    I told you when we had the news on my brother Dan, I would post those results. It turns out it far worse than we were given last evening, he was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. Since there are only two of us direct siblings they will be coming to us for a bone marrow donation. If we do not match they will go to our half sister, then his children, then the registry for a donors. We will know more by the end of next week, and go from there.

    • Lake Lili says:

      Will add you and Dan to our prayer list, Becky.

    • Becky, I’ve been on the registry for several years… Hope for miracles!

      • Shai;
        Thank you, and I pray a match is found for you soon. I will put you in my prayers along with everyone else who has family or is ill them selves. Everyone needs a miracle, including you.

        • Oh, no, no, no….I am registered to donate!! Not sure that they could use mine though, i am taking so many drugs right now for immune system disorder (RA) that it might not be a good idea.

    • Lauri no e says:


      I don’t even know what to say, so sorry and I will be praying for your brother and all of your family.

    • worrisome says:

      OH Becky! I am so so sorry to hear this. Saying prayers as I write this!

    • Kat's Tale says:

      Just happened to catch your post. So sorry to hear about your brother. I will keep him and your family in my prayers. I have been on the donors list since 2000. I have never been a match. But my son has been….twice. To complete strangers. He gave twice to one young man. So he has been through it three times. It often happens that you are never a match. For someone to match once is pretty big odds. The second match happened just barely a year after he gave his second time to the first man. To match a second time is rare. His match was as close as a sibling. Really very rare. But it can happen. There is hope for your brother if you don’t match. I would encourage anyone to be on the donors list. You just fill out some forms & they swab the inside of your cheek. Due to crummy veins I can’t donate blood. But I could have my marrow harvested. There is an age limit to being on the list. They take you off once you reach 60. I’ve got a few years to go but not many. Oh and if you ask my son, he’ll tell you he’d do again….and again.

    • JeffintheWest says:

      Becky, I’m so sorry. We will keep praying for you. It ain’t over yet, and if he’s as much of a fighter as you are, he’s got a good chance!

    • Hunker-Down says:


      Offering prayers for you and Dan.

    • DesertDiva says:

      My thoughts and prayers for your family. I had to reply after reading your post. My BIL was just told he is in heart failure. A virus in the heart that is usually only seen in heavy drinkers and drug users. (my BIL is neither) However, he was also in Viet Nam. The VA doc told him it was caused by his exposure to Agent Orange. Also do to all the stress these young men went through. He is 65 and has been in perfect health up until now.

      They have given him meds and said he would feel really bad for 6 months. He had to retire from the Post Office after 30 years. They have given him a 50/50 chance. You are right!! This chemical can cause HUGE problems years later.

      Again, I will pray for your family and I am so sorry. God bless, Dan and please say an extra prayer for my BIL, Don.

      • Lauri no e says:


        Adding you to my prayer list. God knows are heart when we are praying. I appreciate your brother service to our country.

      • DesertDiva,
        So sorry for the news. Is this what we have to look forward to with all our vets? My step father did 2 tours to Viet Nam. He is the same age.

      • Lantana says:

        Adding prayers for Don, DesertDiva.

      • DesertDiva;
        I am so sorry to hear about your BIL, it is all coming home to roost for those who served this nation.
        DD did your BIL file for agent orange compensation via a VSO(veterans service officer)either with American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars they are the best right now getting these matters processed. It also needs to be fast tracked, not for just him but for his family. Tell your BIL, that we thank him for his service to our great nation, from one veterans family to another. Our prayers go out to all in your family.

        • DesertDiva says:

          Thank you so much for your reply. I will write down everything and tell my sister and BIL to see if they know about this compensation. He went to the V.A. hospital and also had a 2nd opinion with another doctor. The V.A. is so busy they can’t see him again for 6 weeks and he needs to be seen every 2-3 weeks. His heart is beating half of what it should be.

          I am so sorry for your brother and also thank him for his service. He, and your family, will be in my prayers. My BIL was a marine. My sister is a little older than me and her husband is 12 years older than her. I don’t know all the horror they went through. They have three daughters, one married to a marine as well. The second daughter was diagnosed as a high functioning autistic. They also said this was due to agent orange. How can they prove all this? Anyway, she now is 26 and works in computers and makes more than my sister and BIL put together!

          OK, I am going to call my sis now. Thank you so much Becky!!!

      • DesertDiva says:

        Still praying for Dan. Update on Don. He has seen another doctor and said the medication only gives him a 30% chance. May need a defibulator. (sp?) I told her what you said and he will get compensation from VA and more when then deem him fully disabled and show it was from Agent Orange.

        BYW, I read about your location on another post. My sister and BIL live in Sparks! Lived in your area 40 years and now live in the “Great Empty”, still in the same state. I think we are neighbors! Thank you so much for your concern and I pray for both men everyday.

        • DD;
          Actually, we have to go over the mtn to reach Reno.
          We have friends in Reno, we go over and visit, JW he always tells us to gamble to contribute to their economy. 🙂
          Have your BIL’s wife go to the VA site and look for agent orange, if you need help let me know. I will have MD send you my email address to assist the family. The sooner they find a local VFW or American Legion and contact their VSO(Veterans Service Officer), the better for getting a claim into the VA.
          Their are documents from his time in service he/family will need. Do not file for assistance via the VA hospital, they are not equipped for what your BIL will need and his family.

          • DesertDiva says:

            Becky, you are so sweet, thank you! They left for Tahoe for a few days and when they get back will get a chance to talk with her.

    • Lantana says:

      Praying for Dan, your family and the donor. . . .

      • DesertDiva says:

        Thank you all. No church here, but pray on my daily hikes along the creek. Lots of the Wolf Pack needs offerings this week, I better get going early tomorrow!

    • I started a written list today and added you to it.

  55. Hey, where’s our little energizer bunny of prepping, Schamwow?

    • Shai;
      Some people put out salt blocks, we could put our a charger for her to revitalize her batteries. Then throw out the net to catch her…. quick little rabbit. 😉

      • Lol, Becky! Maybe a new pair of pink flip flops would lure her in!

        • OK, I will buy the right side flipflop and you buy the left one. Now we just have to decide where to place the bait…….oh….. excuse the shoes so she will come a looking for them. Don’t forget the pink ear ribbons for those decorative ear flop bobbs(earrings).

  56. MentalMatt says:

    Ok getting phone calls, I think I may get mobilized, Zimmerman was let go as he should have never been charged. Can the “D” possibly get worse, I’ll let you know….. Stay frosty pack…

  57. MM, Stay safe, friend.

  58. Lauri no e says:


    Prayers for you, and be safe.

  59. Hawthorne Prepping Inc says:

    Hey all first off I would like to apologize for “steamrolling” y’all last week I had a lot on my mind and this is one of the few places I can have honest communication with people.

    Not much done this week. I did learn the DMV will let you practice on the course they put you through for the drivers test when their not open however securing the car I will be taking it has also been a issue as it is my aunts and she works.

    Been really bummed these last few weeks/month. I know what it is. I rarely get to escape the house and instead of going stir crazy im shutting down. Summers a bummer. The biggest issue is I had a chance to get out but I can’t seem to get all my ducks in a row to take this driving test, gotta have the car, get someone to go with me, actually get there and so on. As my time shrinks more and more on working this job my motivation is shrinking by the minute. Anyway prayers go out to all the Wolf Pack. I have come to the decision that I need to get my spiritual life in order before i proceed with anything else i have some issues to work through, but summer is killing all my gusto. However i will still be here and will continue to post anything I find hopefully one day soon I’ll get to post the wonder “Got my first prep” post .

    • Lantana says:

      Godspeed and God bless you, Hawthorne. Keep in touch as you can.

    • Encourager says:

      Hawthorne, you are on the right track. God first. Everything else will fall into place. Don’t be discouraged. We all have ‘seasons’ we need to wait through. Hugs!

  60. breadmomma says:

    Pickling: 2 TBLS. Sea or Kosher or Pickling Salt to 1 Quart Water..Boil and then cool…place over gherkins, OR Root Vegetables OR, Zucchini…in short any decent vegetable that you grew in your garden.I use the half gallon Ball jars, cleaned and then place the prepared peeled, sliced or quartered length wise…along with cloves of garlic, leaves from my grape plants, pickling spices of your choice, dill weed and seeds, a few dried hot peppers, and a bay leave…pour cooled brine over the veggies and screw on the seals and rings …not too tightly…have all sit on the counter …as the little bubbles form, every 8 hours or so release some of the bubbles..lactic acid forms and you have really great old fashioned pickled veggies and cuc’s…when they are tangy enough to your liking. put then in the refrigerator or in a cool spot..40 degrees or lower…in the old days, these were kept in the spring house in a crock…I use the jars as there is only the two of us…can only eat so many pickles in a day!
    Sandor Katz wrote a great book about fermentation…this is what I did for my preps this week…also put the potatoes in cages and covered them with straw..will be building these straw potato hills till they are 4 feet high…then harvest my clean potatoes in the straw…15 tomato plants …all with fruit…5 blue berries and 15 strawberries in ground now…inventoried dry goods..enough for the two of us to last 3 years I think…making cheese -goat cheese and mozzarella…will be trying blue cheese next month…
    dehydrated 20 lbs. of cherries, 20 lbs. of raspberries, and 20 lbs. of strawberries..and damn if they are so good..I doubt if they last the year…mmmmm

    • Two of our daughters and I love pickles – one daughter likes to marinate her own cucumbers. I’m going to send your pickle info to her. Thanks for sharing!

  61. Hello M.D. & Pack Members!
    This is my first post although I have been “gleaning” from y’all for quite some time. First off, M.D., I like the way you take care of business..the world is too full of BS already and there’s no need in letting certain folks add to it especially at your expense. Mama J. you crack me up! When you told that guy to put another layer of tinfoil on his hat I almost soiled myself! The rest of all you regulars are wonderful too..I can hardly wait to get on site to see what y’all have been up to and got done in the process. I’m pretty much on my own with my prepping..no dh to speak of and most others think I’m a charter member of the Tinfoil Hat Society as well. My 82 year old Mama is the only real support I have and she’d be in the thick of it with me if she was able. As it is she contributes a lot of wisdom and common sense (which I am lacking!) and makes a lot of great suggestions. Mama seems to think that things may get to be a lot like they were when she was growing up>>most things rationed or hard to come by before a total collapse or prior to a very sloooww recovery. I tend to agree with her on most points. Anyway, got a bunch of land here in the redoubt and no one to help me utilize it. Been thinking of leasing some of it or hiring someone to plant a huge garden so we can have fresh food and save $ for other preps. Lately I’ve been rotating/replacing preps and buying up useful and unique items when I find them. I only shop sales..never pay full price for anything unless it is an emergency and I rarely throw anything away since a lot of things can be re-purposed. I have made some recent deals on purchases:
    Kaito KA500 Voyager Emergency Radio>>>$39.95
    Aquamira Water Filter for EDC>>>>>>>>>>>$9.95
    Kingsford Portable Tabletop Charcoal Grill>>$19.99
    Toothache Kit x2 (old timey Red Cross with cotton pellets)>$6.79 each
    Nosebleed Kits x3>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>$5.99 each
    Medical supplies like ointments, creams, etc. and GOODYS powders! Gotta have my GOODYS!
    Aquafina Water, 24pks. x3>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>$2.99 each
    Distilled Water, 4 gallons (for my CPAP)>>>>>$4.00
    Dog food/treats for my babies!
    LIfe’s necessities>>>>TP and LYSOL !!
    Thank you M.D. for having such a wonderfully informative site and for caring enough to establish it in the first place. Also many thanks to all of the Pack for your contributions and encouragement to everyone. Many prayers going out to those that need them>>KJV>James 5:14-16. To quote the great Charlie Daniels, “Ain’t good to be alive and be in Tennessee!” Y’all take care.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      Mountain Mama,

      If I lived near you I would apply for a job as a “sharecropper gardener”.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      Mt. Mama, Planting a few things that you can maintain, now could be especially helpful..Think..Large pots/ and compact varieties for late summer garden..(.can be protected from early frost easier).. OR early fall crops, broccoli and cauliflower planted from plants now.. Mulch them very heavily(,5-8″)a solid circumference to the drip line in area that you can properly break up..flower bed? I had self blanching cauliflower one year that got as big as a large dinner plate.(.I mulched them with hardwood sawdust that was 1/2 rotted..) Welcome to the PACk!

    • Encourager says:

      Mountain Mama, welcome to the Wolf Pack. So many new folks coming here! That is awesome.

  62. Welcome Mountain Mama!

    Glad I could give you a chuckle….:)
    I think your Mama is right darling…We need to listen to wisdom of our elders. I never tire of listening to the stories of how some folks grew up. I could listen all day. I have no elder family but have “gleaned” (love that word) a lot by volunteering at nursing homes to get information about my area. My kids and go for activity days several times a year. We are actually going again next week. A couple hours of checkers and picking brains. Fun fun. My favorite resident can kick my butt so fast in checkers.
    Some grew up very poor, alone. Some rich in family, farm and community.

    I have allowed others onto my land to work and grow. Mostly college interns. But, if you do rent it out or find someone to grow with, make sure you do a background check of you do not know them well. References. Lots of references. I have been very selective and had a good experience.

  63. MentalMatt says:

    Hey thank all of you for your prayers, and thoughts so far all’s clear on the Eastern Front, please all of you be careful and mindful about payback crimes. Rumors are all over here… Thanx again..

  64. No additions to preps this week. In fact I’m probably losing some due to having to move a lot of them into the garage where the heat and humidity are taking their toll. I do have some progress to report on the home repairs front. The drywall has been completed and the inside and outside has been painted. We keep having to move furniture/stuff from one room to the next for repairs to be done but at least some progress is being made. I noticed yesterday that a home foundation was being poured and it does the heart good to see rebuilding in the midst of destruction.

    With all the people coming in and out of the house my opsec has really been done away with. You should have seen the look on the young man’s face when we had to move my stash of toilet paper yesterday. I figured I may as well tell him my views on how things are in our country and what I fear could be heading our way soon. I wish I could say I convinced him to prepare but noticing his eyes glazing over and the yawning I just ended with “be careful with my toilet paper”. I tried.

    • hvaczach says:

      Youth is wasted on the ignorant.

    • riverrider says:

      nice try 🙂 i’m glad the cleanup/repair is going well for you. take care.

    • Oh, wonderful! I was thinking of you yesterday and hoping all was well!! Still moving to Texas?

      • Oldokie says:

        Yep! Just as soon as we can get the home back together and get her sold.

        • Oldokie;
          Next time someone looks at your TP and they are young and brainless. Just tell them you have a TP fetish, you can’t live without it! Beats wasting your breath on two brain cells that are not working.

          • When people look at me funny when they see my ceiling high tp stashes, I tell them that I am indeed full of shite and I will be wiping my bum with the softness of this glorious tissue when they are using corn cobs (seriously who ever used corn cobs?), burdock leaves and their own socks.
            I tell them this with a dreamy happy smiley face. I use my best Vanna White arms to display the mountains of perfect fluffy softness.

            • DesertDiva says:

              Becky and Mama J,
              So funny!!!! Needed a laugh right about now. This is the ONLY prepper’s blog I am on and until now have NEVER made a comment anywhere on the net. You all have made me want to join in. Thanks!

            • I just tell people I am a child of the 70’s (supposedly there was going to be a toilet paper shortage) and my mother always made sure there was never a shortage in our house.

              • sarahy;
                I had totally forgot about the tp shortage in the 70’s the beginning of the spotted owl……. I made sure my mom always had extra tp in the house hold. I was not going to find leaves that give you the red bumms.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Glad to hear of your progress, Oldokie. My project has kind of fallen through, so I guess I will be in Texas as well. I say welcome back to you, sir, we need more of you. As for OPSEC, you won’t be there long enough for it to matter. Oh, here’s a Texas problem for you. I lost an antigue Texas star concho off my belt, and I was trying to explain what I wanted to a little gal from up North, and she never understood what I wanted. We have got to educate these people when they come to Texas. Let’s me and you come up with a Texas test before we let people in. lol. I believe we would get better quality folks that way.

      • Rider of Rohan, here are two things for the ‘transplanting to Texas’ test: make ’em spell ‘y’all’ and then have them walk through a neighborhood with a school or park.

        If they don’t make eye contact, smile and say hi to the folks they pass, they’re not ready.

      • Sorry about your concho. I say NOBODY gets let in, after I get back of course and we help a lot of folks get out!

        I just have to say this…. we are getting buckets of rain and no storms, just good old fashion rain. It doesn’t happen that often around here. I’m just so excited! Yes, old people can get excited! We just have to be sitting down when we do.

  65. Ozarkana says:

    Good morning, fellow Wolfies,
    This past few weeks have had me knee deep in “stuff”. I am clearing out and cleaning out 60 years of accumulated possessions. I am getting discouraged and second guessing myself. The necessary survival goods are not the problem. I just don’t know if I am getting rid of, or taking to charity shops, things that I could need for the future.

    How many ceramic cups do I really need to keep? What if every other cup gets broken and I desperately need 5 cups that say “I hate mornings” and has a picture of an old woman in her bathrobe with curlers in her hair and wearing fuzzy bunny slippers?

    What if someone comes to my door some day begging for food. Will they have their own Cool Whip container with the lid?

    Will there really be a shortage of orange and purple silk flowers, egg cartons and Wally World bags in the future?

    What about the 17 glass vases, 8 plastic vases, 46 “collectible” tins and 6 LARGE boxes of old Christmas decorations and bows?

    The line between prepping and hoarding has begun to blur. At least, I am putting things in black garbage bags so I can’t see the donations and take something back out on the way to the thrift stores.

    It is time to get back to the sorting. Prayers are with you all. Prep on, my friends.

    • Ozarkana,
      My motto. If you can’t use it as a prep, you haven’t used it or seen it in a year and it is isn’t a “family” thing. Git rid of it.
      I used to really do a big decorative Easter for the kids. Now no ones cares about the decorations. Gone. Donated to a kid rich family.
      I sold off 7 crates of nice Christmas stuff at Christmas time and made enough to buy a new firearm.
      Keep up the good work, purging is prepping too.

    • TrailGuide says:

      Ozarkana…. thank you! I very seriously need the chuckles. I too have that ‘blur’ thing in some areas. Fortunately DH keeps his mouth zipped tight because… well, he knows I knows he has stuff hoarded in his shop. LOL!
      Our poor son will have much ‘stuff’ to wonder about. Your post will probably mirror his thinking some day… especially egg cartons and WM bags…. and all those empty bread wrappers… ‘Why, Mom.. Why?’
      And to think I use to laugh at my granny – wiping off pieces of foil and neatly folding them for later use. I believe she was the original mold for re-purposing things until used completely up.

    • Winomega says:

      Ozarkana, by the time you need half of that crap, you’ll be able to tell a beggar what they can bring you in trade. Decorations and dishes will be the last things raided from dollar stores and storage lockers.

      There are also glass blowers, potters, and tinsmiths today. With any luck, they will survive.

    • Use the tins to store medical supplies with a sticky note on the outside….or your dried herbs… I have the collectible food ones above my kitchen cabinets as decorations, but they will be used to store said food items when the pantry overflows. I have a cracker box, unc bens rice, Hershey’s cocoa, steel cut oats, and some others. I use the Christmas ones to keep the brown sugar and powdered sugar anyway!! The larger ones store paper plates and plastic cutlery for barbques and beach going. Sewing stuff can go in them as well!!

  66. Too much rain again and again and again to do much outside. Only managed to pot up one cherry tomato plant for the deck. Trip to the range cancelled due to rain.

    Saw WWZ. Not really worth the price of the ticket.

    Got two new pairs of shoes that actually have some arch support. The dp screamed about more shoes. Hey, I need them so that I can stand up and walk when I start my new job on Monday.

    Only did a little bit of organizing stuff. My back and leg just hurt too much.

    The dp’s shingles rash going away. He took a week’s worth of valacyclovir and he has a week to go with the prednisone. Amazingly, he continues to take 500mg L-Lysine twice a day but he won’t take the C with bioflavanoids. He must be in pain if he actually takes meds and a supplement (especially the supplement).

  67. Made a little progress this week, but at times I have trouble staying focused because I feel there is so much to do. I returned DD to college this week for second summer term. Rcvd a couple books ordered: 31 Days to Survival and The Encyclopedia of Country Living. Now I have even more to read. I have been practicing some skills such starting sourdough starter and bread baking and working in my “garden” ( several containers of herbs, tomatoes and jalapenos). My herbs and jalapenos are doing fine and we are enjoying using them regularly, but the tomatoes all up and shrivaled. I was able to find a couple of new plants this week, so I will be potting those up tomorrow. I have also been researching water bath anners and pressure canners. I would like to make jelly soon, so I am hoping to find a canner soon. The pressure canner can wait a little bit. That I do not know how to use, but I want to learn. Question: can I use a pressure canner as a pressure cooker, or do I need both?

    • I believe you can use a pressure canner as a pressure cooker, because the instructions for mine say you can. But they also say to avoid cooking things in it that might foam up and gum up the valve, and not to fill it to full while doing it. Just see what the directions say on the one you buy. I think certain kinds of beans are pretty “foamy” but I forget which ones.

      • Sw't Tater says:

        Soak beans in hot water, reheat in that water, remove from heat, sit pan in sink, pour in 2 tbsp of baking soda, allow to foam up, rinse with very hot water, until no longer salty…fill pan 1/2 full with very hot water and pressure cook/ I use 10 lbs wt for about 25-30 min at full pressure. Salt and season after fully cooked.

        • Sw’tTater;
          I keep forgetting to tell you, your knowledge is valuable. It is appreciated, even if we forget to complement you on your tips for solving problems…Thank you.

    • ladyhawthorne says:

      I use my pressure canner for cooking with no problems. Always clean it well after use and make sure nothing is clogged. My oven does not work so I use my canner to cook turkeys, it will hold a 15 lb turkey! And it’s not only juicy and falling off the bone but I have lots of beautiful broth too!

  68. This week I helped teach another Appleseed clinic. This time it was a one-day KD shoot (known distance) and we only had a couple students so a bunch of instructors went to shoot too. I got to shoot my SKS, which kept stovepiping. I’m hoping it’s the ammo or maybe not enough lube, and not some problem with the rifle. It also came and went with different boxes of ammo, it seemed. I was using Tul-Ammo. The FMJ was pretty bad and the HP were better. I wonder if I should have shaken my ammo a little since it was stored for a while, and if that would have made a difference. I would really like to make this rifle work; if I can’t find an ammo that it likes or get it to run smooth I’ll be looking to replace it. If I can find some I’m going to try Wolf next time, and I also have some brass ones to try.

    I think I will be joining the range that we were at. It has a 340 yard berm and it’s within 40 minutes drive of my house. A rich jerk moved next door to my favorite range and complained about the noise so much he got it closed down, even though there are no noise ordinances out there. So now I need a new outdoor range.

    I also sewed myself a belly band for my carry pistol. So far I like it, it’s pretty comfortable, it conceals the pistol and the extra mag very well, and it stays put. I made it out of 2 yards of 3″ elastic – just sewed it together to make it 6″ wide and then made a cylinder out of it. Had enough extra for a mag pocket. I needed a little more 3″ elastic for the gun pocket but I had a remnant. The gun pocket is a 6″ square, and then you sew the gun’s contour the way you want it to fit in there. Have the muzzle pointing down and leave the bottom open so you don’t get lint in the pocket. It’s better to start the pocket a little bigger than the gun, then sew inside the pocket in increments and keep trying the fit until you get the contours right. The extra lines of stitching will help strengthen the pocket.

    I realized I had cotton pants but not enough non-cotton ones for outdoors stuff for when I work up a sweat and then it gets cold. Cotton wicks heat from you which is ok in the summer but not good if you are hiking, you get lost, etc. The temperature on mountains in particular can vary a lot. So I’ve been looking and I lucked out and got a couple pairs at the thrift store’s half off sale. One is Underarmor leggings and the other is rip stop polyester OD capris with little ties at the bottom of the legs. I was thinking to get more fabric and lengthen them and maybe add some cargo pockets. They fit good, so I might also be making a pattern from them.

    It is hard to find cargo pants that fit a woman with curves. I can fit in men’s pants but the waistband gaps and they don’t look right. BDU’s fit a little better but sometimes I don’t want to wear “military” or “I’m tactical so shoot me first” pants. And it’s hard to find women’s pants that fit me – they’re all designed to ride too low, and my butt just isn’t shaped for them. I think I’m just going to start making my own pants. And maybe all this PT will eventually make me lose weight.

    I’ve laid off the running a bit because my arches hurt. I ran 2 miles once this week, and I did a little running back and forth to change 100 yard and 200 yard targets the other day.

    The garden is a total jungle. I’m about to be inundated with zucchini in a couple weeks.

  69. FreeRangePagan says:

    Hello Pack!

    I made my own toothpowder to replace toothpaste, just an experiment for now, but I think I like it. I bought a pickling book, a book on building your own home, and a fall jacket at a garage sale. Went to the farmer’s market and picked up carrots and peas.

    I’m in the middle of making plantain infused ACV for bug bites and stings, and started making things to sell online when I get home in August. I figure that by then I’ll have a stock to sell all at once.

    Lady’s cucumbers have become pickles! She made up a couple of brines to try out and the first few are in the fridge. I can’t wait to get home and try them.

    Good week to everyone!

  70. private idaho says:

    got a little done on my preps mostly garden stuff, harvested and vac sealed a bunch of green beans and zucchini. made 4 loaves of zucchini bread cut some of the pieces for my solar oven but like in a previous post i’m a procrastinator, maybe after this up coming heat wave I’ll get to building it. made a tin of dryer lint fire starters and tested to see how well it works I got over a minute burn out of one the size of a cherry. anybody else testing any home preps, ideas, would love to hear how they worked. love the pack you are an inspiration to keep going when I want to quit.

  71. Patriot Farmer says:

    I harvested a few tomatoes this week. I put a better scope on my rifle and hung a ladder stand near a good deer run. I can’t get ready for deer season soon enough.

  72. DesertDiva says:

    Went to the big city for my semi-monthly shopping and picked up more canned goods. Found these little packs of crumbled beef in a pack that have a long shelf. Not a great buy at $3.50 each with only about 8 oz. of product. I am crazy about getting enough protein put up. DH is a meat eater! I have dehydrated my own hamburger and put it in mylar with the oxygen absorbers. How long will this last? I read meat will only last 6 months??!!! I did a whole ham too and am afraid I need to toss it out. I hate to waste food.

    Received two #10 cans from EE of dried uncooked salmon. Not sure how to use this product, however it was on special of 58% off. Also, #10 cans of milk, butter, cheese, eggs and tomato powder.

    Grabbed a sack of books from the thrift store on alternative and herbal medicine. Received my books from Amazon on Country Living and a The Dehydrator Bible. Started #6 of 299 days. Is it just me or is this one more difficult to get through? I don’t know if I will continue the series. I guess I like to read about how they are surviving and not preparing for war. It is a possibility, God help us.

    Have jars and jars of tincture going as well as oils. Got a sore throat and took a shot of the elderberry syrup I made. Whew, made it with everclear and the next day I felt perfect! I don’t drink much so maybe my body needed a little booze JOLT.

    DH and DS practicing with their new muzzle loaders to get ready for hunting season. Deer (bleh) and Elk (yummy). I will go along with the hunting party and stay in the trailer and be the chief cook and bottle washer. (In other words, camp b**ch) Maybe I should get a hunting license but I don’t think I could kill Bambi. I do try to hit them with rocks when the come and eat my plants. I couldn’t hit one if I tried. They have been eating so many apples that people feed them, they just look at the ground and think it’s food. We have a dove problem too!!! Geez, wish they were bigger, like sage hen.

    Joined the volunteer fire department. Not fire fighting but support to them. Fire is my biggest concern out here in the high dessert. We are having our annual fund raiser and I will be a vendor to sell my jewelry art. Will give a % to the cause. They are raffling off an AR15 and a full body cougar mount. Gotta love the country!

    Blessings to the Wolf Pack, you are all in my prayers and thanks for the awesome support here!!!!!

    • DesertDiva says:

      One more thing, bought my first role of silver coins. M.D., used the ad you have so I hope you get credit! (JM) I buy silver for jewelry making and last time I bought (January) it was $10 more. This looks like the time to buy!

  73. Schametti says:

    Hey Wolf Pack! 😀 Just got back a couple days ago from two weeks with my aunt, in St. Louis. Since then I’ve been working to get my garden back in shape. I’ve missed everyone like crazy. I hope everyone is doing well!

    I was crushed a few days ago, we had a nasty storm with some pretty intense wind and rain, that laid my corn FLAT. I thought that it was all over but the crying and that I was left with only pulling it up out of the ground, and tossing it in the dumpster, but I gave it a chance, and within a couple days of sunshine, it started standing upright again.. albeit, with a comical little curve in the stalks. Here’s hoping we don’t have any more storms like that… but I fear we just might.

    I’ve been a dehydrating fool for the last two weeks. Even when I went to my aunt’s I drug both dehydrators along with me, lol. I’ve dehydrated several jars of mint, basil, potatoes and carrots. I don’t know what, if anything I can do with dried basil and mint, but I had it coming out of my ears, and I didn’t want to waste it.

    I’ve replanted potatoes and carrots and radishes and lettuce in rotating shifts, and the garden is really doing phenomenally. I’m really kind of shocked that everything has done.. SO.. well. I think I’ve amazed my family, and they’re starting to look at me as someone a little more capable than they thought, this time a couple months ago.

    My Fuji apple tree, despite not having any APPLES.. is starting to look a little healthier. My Hale Haven Peach is looking better, with a couple dozen peaches fattening up on her limbs. The Gala Apple, however, still looks absolutely dreadful. Poor thing. 🙁 I had a couple girlfriends from farm country here today, visiting.. and they said something that I thought was.. interesting. The Gala is the closest tree toward the back of our property, and the closest tree near a farmer’s cornfield.. My friend thinks that the blow off of harmful pesticides they spray.. might be killing my tree. I didn’t even consider something like that, but she might just be on to something. I don’t know what to DO about it, if it’s true, or if it’s worth relocating her, or what the game plan will be at this point, but it definitely made me think.

    My wrist bow FINALLY came in the mail, just yesterday, when I ordered it almost a month ago. I have no idea how to put it together, there are no (written) instructions with it, lol.. so it’s just sitting in it’s super cool eagle box. I imagine I’ll have to load up the CD that came with it, and figure out what the heck I’m doing with it.

    We made a huge prepping purchase this month. As part of Solutions from Science Independence Day sale, they offered their Solar Generator for half their selling price.. and since it’s been something our our list for awhile, we decided to go ahead and pull the trigger on it. I figure, we couldn’t pass up a deal like that. So we bought a $1600 dollar solar generator, but paid a little over eight hundred. We’re very excited to add this item to our coffers.

    It’s not much, but that’s been the last two weeks in prepping for me. Now I get to read back and see what YOU guys have been up too. 🙂 Much Love, ~A.

    • Schametti, could you plant something as a windbreak/pesticide buffer along your back fence line?

      • Schametti;
        That is where you have been……we were sending out the energizer bunny rabbit patrol to look for you. Darn girl…next time put it in big print for us ol folks we do see so well, and we won’t worry about you so much.

      • JeffintheWest says:

        That’s a pretty good idea — plant something THICK, like oleander or tall juniper back there to screen the air. It won’t stop everything, but it will help — and may also serve as a windscreen (since from the sound of it, the prevailing wind is from that direction) to help protect your cornfield.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Hey there, Amy, we were about to put a search party out for you, girl. And congrats on that solar generator, nice addition. How many watts is it?

      • Schametti says:

        The Generator is 1800 Watts, RoR. I do NOT know if this is good or bad or average though, you’ll have to tell me, haha.

        I HAD PLANNED to spend ONE week with the Aunt and Uncle, so I thought I wouldn’t be gone long enough to miss, but plans changed, and they begged me to stay longer. (They like having a little house elf around to help them with the dishes and cooking).. I’m planning to spend another week there in August, just a heads up if I go missing again, haha, It’s been soooo hot here lately, and tey have that giant pool, so it’s hard to stay away. 🙂

        I don’t know WHAT I’m going to do about the Gala.. I would have thought that the six foot tall privacy fence in between the apple tree, and the neighbor farmer’s corn, would have been enough of a break, but maybe not. I’m not positive that that’s what’s cauging the tree decay, but it sure did make a good point, as to why that’s the only tree of the three new ones, that seems to be suffering. Hrmmm. It’s annoying. I’m trying to decide if I want to try and return it and get a new one, or see if she does better next year? What do you guys think?

        Anything I can do to prevent worms in my corn? :/ I won’t cry if we lose it, we didn’t plant very much.. Just more of a trial learning experience for when we CAN’T buy six ears for a buck at the local store, ya know? I am in pre-apocalypse training here, lol.

        • Schametti,
          An 1800 watt unit is huge and by that I mean physically huge. If it doesn’t come with at least 20 solar panels, then it can not in my opinion produce anything near 1800 watts. An 1800 watt inverter is also rather large (I have several in that range) and to get 1800 watts from a battery for any length of time would require a bank of rather large automobile sized batteries. I bring all of this up for the primary reason, that the company “solutions from Science” has a less than stellar reputation, and its founder has run scams in other areas in the past. If you could list the parts that came with your product (what and how many) we could give you a general idea of what it is you have. Did you check out any reviews on the company or the product? If so, you will find numerous complaints. I’m not trying to rain on your parade, but its best you know now, so you can deal with it ASAP, one way or the other.

          As for your apple tree, I would do two things. First, I would contact the farmer and ask what is being planted, and what chemicals are being used. Make sure you let them know that you are not upset (which automatically puts anyone on the defensive); but, you are concerned with possible overspray. Once you have the list, you can check the chemicals online for what affects they have on what plants. It is also possible that you have a bad tree or bad conditions, so I would contact the tree provider with your symptoms (don’t include the farmer initially) and get their feedback. In any case, this establishes a contact with them registering a potential problem, and would perhaps make exchanging the tree with them next year, a bit easier.

          I’m not exactly sure what you wrist bow looks like, but it may very well be a version of the slint bow, which is made from a wrist rocket sling shot, and a few other inexpensive parts. If you look for “Dave Canterbury” and “sling bow” on YouTube, you will find numerous videos on construction and use.

          Welcome back & good luck.

        • Schametti, What is wrong with your Gala apple tree ? how old is it ? You mentioned going away .New young trees need to be watered at least an inch around its root base at least once a week- more in the really hot weather.
          Call your county cooperative ext, service and describe the problem and they will be able to help you.Arlene

    • Yep, corn will stand back up. Just keep an eye on the developing ears for little holes and feel if there are gaps.. Mine got worms and I was able to salvage a few ears.. Good news is that it’s 6 for a buck at the grocery store, so I’m just gonna drop a twenty and get some for the freezer. Don’t think I can grow it for that! And it’s locally grown too. Hey, Becky? Do you still have that other pink flip flop? Mine just blew out…

      • Shai;
        I have two buried somewhere in the back of my closet….oh, wait a minute I cleaned that closet out. Oh, yea, a complete set with flowers on them in dark brown. Pink for girls and brown so no one can see all the dirt we get on our feet playing outside…:-)

        • I seriously need to douse my feet in Bambam’s salve..maybe I should forego flip flops for the rest of the summer,,,,Not! I even knitted socks to wear with em when it’s cold! Hate wearing shoes, but boots in he winter is a different story… Just had my 29 year old python cowboy boots re-soled and the cobbler said they were worth a lot and he had a couple of offers to buy them before I picked them up…those are for nice and the cheap ropers get the mud… Rained 3″ today, think the okra plants grew another foot taller and cool enough for another set on the tomatoes!,

          • Shai,
            That’s another advantage of working from home. I pretty much live in flip flops and they are in fact the most comfortable shoes I own.

      • Encourager says:

        Have you tried putting a few drops of mineral oil on the tip of the corn as the tassles come out? I was told that keeps those darn earwigs out of the cob.

        • Encourager;
          If you run out of mineral oil, you do what my dad would do. He would borrow my mothers clear nail polish and paint the silk on the corn. Yes, he would stand for an hour or so just painting away. Need less to say my mom was never to happy with him, he would use it all up and forget to tell her she was out.;-)
          Oh, those funny days when you learned strange gardening habits from one’s parents. It did work btw.

  74. worrisome says:

    Wow, kept us busy today! Neighbor and I put up a dozen quarts of tomato sauce, 12 quarts of spaghetti sauce, 1 case of oranges was turned into 10 pints of orange juice and in the freezer. Elderberry tincture a pint each put up to soak for three households. Sorted out all my medicinal herbs I have gotten in from Mountain Rose, put them in small totes and labeled the totes with what is in them. Shared my white willow bark out with the same little old couple across the street and my next door neighbor who tried it by making up some tea and found some relief for the arthritis in his back. Also made up 4 quarts of citrus vinegar for cleaners out of the orange peels we used.

    We took the dogs for a walk and found a snake. The neighbor’s gs showed Hope what to do with it. She caught on quite quickly. This is what they are “supposed to do”… Stop, and alert on the snake. Seek eye contact with their owner to see if it is a snake they can investigate or should back up and sit so we can take care of it. Since this snake was harmless, he was a pretty tired snake before we got done messing with him, but Hope is now well informed as to what she is supposed to do so she will not get bit by something dangerous. I have had all the vet bill on her I can take. 🙂

    Have to go now, neighbors are not out raiding their gardens and mine for more tomatoes……we are going to dehydrate and make tomato powder out of them.

    • Worrisome,
      You are amazing.

    • DesertDiva says:

      I just brought up White Willow Bark with my DH this morning on our walk. We have a ton of willows along our creek. Is this the same thing? Can we use this in an emergency?

      Thanks to all of you herbal experts here, I have been making tinctures and salves. I have received a few orders from Mountain Rose as well. Is it best to make tea with this or a tincture? Do they have different types or do I order just “White Willow Bark”?

      If you have a minute, I would appreciate it after you gather all those tomatoes! Geez, mine are still small and green. Just planted 6 weeks ago and we are almost at 7000 ft. elevation.

      • worrisome says:

        DesertDiva…I got the White Willow Bark from Mountain Rose…I don’t know the differences between types of willow so using that which is by your creek should be done with caution and perhaps after finding some really good resource to talk to.

        I am just starting with tinctures. In the winter when I catch a cold, I make willow bark and elderberry tea, steep it well as in for 5 minutes or more and drink it all day long. I also cut up lemon slices and drop in the tea as well.

        • DesertDiva says:

          I am with you on the ordering from Mountain Rose. They are experts and I am not!! I will find out what kind of willows we have, just in case….. I think I will order some to make tea for the winter. Thank you!

    • Sw't Tater says:

      Stock Benadryl for snake bite…esp for the dogs.General dose is one mg per pound up to a limit, and I don’t know what that limit is…. That is what my vet gives..unless the bite forms an abcess.. then they drain it.(Been there done that, for cottonmouth bite).. and then you really want them to do that, it is an awful steench…nose clips and all wound care would be helpful. You probably need to get her a cone, (to keep her from biting sensitive areas,

      • worrisome says:

        Thanks Swt Tater I keep children’s benadryl around just because, in Hope’s case she is about 120 pounds now, I should find the adult kind………

        She had a cone, it fit her when she was a puppy and we were getting her kidney healed from being stomped on by the creep that pitched her out the window of his truck…………I am sure that it won’t fit, so I will get on that……..THANKS!

      • If you can, next time you vaccinate the dogs, get the snake bite vaccine. We do up to 20 of our dogs every year and haven’t had issues with bites since. If a dog doesn’t die from the toxin right away (and we’ve had that happen..) it’s usually the necrotic tissue infection that will kill your dog. Also, bites that hit blood vessels usually are not good. Hunting in South Texas in the winter can mean snakes are out all winter in really mild years, and DH will catch a snake and do aversion therapy with the electronic collar as well. It’s called snake proofing. Works like a charm but there are some dogs that just don’t get it… They will stand there and point the snake and get bit on the nose. Dexamethozone administered via IV as well as antibiotics used to be our go to treatment. Now we take care of the wound and keep going. Also if a human is bitten, call 1-800-SNAKEBITE and they will alert authorities and locate the nearest antivenin. DH keeps that number on his phones (yes, plural…) as well as the Border Patrols number for reporting “trespassers”. He also wears snake boots as well as brush pants. He usually gets “hit” at least once a year and always scares the heck out of him, but nothing has ever gotten thru the codura and heavy leather. He also wears those boots when weed eating….so cute when he’s wearing shorts… 😉

        • worrisome says:

          Great info Shai, Thanks, I copied it all and printed it……..
          Hope and her neighbor Herman now know that no matter the snake, they are to back away about 20′ and alert. Then look at us, make eye contact, come if called so we can deal with it. If after we investigate to see if the snake is poisonous and do whatever we are going to do, they have to wait until what we want them to do next. In other words, they still until next command.

  75. Already 351 comments.

    I canned 15 pints of tomatoes yesterday and finally got enough sun today to cut the grass during light rain showers. The squash and zucchini have mold on the leaves and aren’t producing but the tomatoes are. I have green beans that need to be picked and a bunch in the fridge that need attention. Bought more peaches for making peach butter but didn’t get to it this weekend. They should be ok in the fridge until next weekend.

    Car tags due this month so not much in the way of other preps.

    Amazed and pleased with the verdict. I pray that people will use logic and reasoning to understand and accept the outcome.

    • Quick question on tomatoes – do you HAVE to remove the seeds? I couldn’t find anything that says either way but every canning recipe I read says to remove seeds. I don’t understand why since I eat them and the heat would likely kill any reproductive properties.

      • I think I just figured it out. If you can whole tomatoes, they still have seeds, so there shouldn’t be any problem canning diced tomatoes with seeds, right?

        • worrisome says:

          GA, Some folks cut the tomatoes in half, squeeze gently and get out as many seeds as they can. I don’t bother, I am not upset to see seeds in much of anything i make. In the case of my tomato sauce I use a processor that pretty much filters out the seeds……….

          • JeffintheWest says:

            I’m trying to think why the seeds would matter one way or another — unless they make them bitter or something. The only other reason I can think of would be to save the seeds for new tomato plants later on….

            • Thanks Jeff – The jars turned out with a really pretty color. The DH was watching TV while I was cutting tomatoes – he told someone later that he started watching something while I was cutting tomatoes and I was still cutting tomatoes when he woke up 2 hours later. It took a long time but I’m really pleased with how they look.

            • worrisome says:

              Jeff in most cases it is just aesthetics i believe…but yes, if you are interested in seed saving it is good to keep some…….

          • Thanks Worrisome – as you can see, I do a little worrying myself. Some days the brain just doesn’t wrap itself around the why but just “knows” it’s OK – I went ahead and canned my tomatoes with the seeds in them regardless of the directions. I think I subconsciously realized that canning whole tomatoes would mean “with seed” so it would be OK.

            • My Mom canned tomatoes for years with seeds and so have I . Arlene

              • Thanks Arlene. I went home last night and looked at the jars again. They are so pretty! Since I canned them Saturday, I have probably walked into my dining room (where they sit on the dining table) at least a half dozen times to look at them and get a big smile on my face every time. The color is awesome and they are beautiful! It makes me chuckle to think about it.

  76. Mountain Mama says:

    Thank you Mama J for the welcome & good advice..Sw’t Tater for more good advice. I’m concerned>>Anyone heard from NATE?!

  77. Didn’t get much done this week . Added 2 12v LEDs to my system. Started cutting fire wood for winter. Bottled up the apple cider vinegar that we started making last fall. 12 gal. with a ph of 3. What you get in the store has a ph of 5 so can delute it as I use it. Had plans for more last week but got sick ( fever of 102.2 ). Oh picked the last of the blackberries.

  78. Antizombie says:

    This week I stop by a garage sale (my favorite haunts) and picked up a 4′ by 6′ double pane window for $25. I don’t have a use for it now but I have plans for a small bunk house or guest house in the future. We had an old barn that was built in the 1800’s that I talked one of my nephews into tearing down (yes I saved the wood) and one side was a shed that had a 12″ thick slab for the farmer to park his truck in. That’ll be the foundation. (14′ by 25′)
    I also read an article about collecting old aluminum storm windows (getting rarer) to build a greenhouse out of. Thats something that I really would like to do. I’m always looking for tools (hand) at the sales too.

    • We were given several old windows that the DH and I have never quite figured out how to use. We have been considering a green house, but we’re not sure where to put it yet.

      • JeffintheWest says:

        Maybe an alternative for you to think about…. If a greenhouse seems too much, you could easily make them into cold frames that work pretty much the same and are a lot less hassle to build in the first place (and require a lot less glass).

        • I’ll have to keep that in mind. We do have the full windows with frames. I keep thinking about these little buildings I remember from when I was growing up. They were dug down into the ground about halfway so people could save plants over the winter. I remember there being several at homes in South Georgia and I think there is one at my brother’s. I have several plants I bring inside for the winter and my sun porch was overcrowded last year. I wonder…

          • I have grown greens in the winter in Colorado with straw bales placed into a rectangle and a window set over the top. You will need to open the window most days because it will be too hot.
            You could certainly do it in Georgia.

  79. Prepping Preacher says:

    we have canned 14 pts and 5 qts of carrots since Friday… after seeing a brief video online about solar-powered refrigeration, we bought a new Sears, double-door mini refrig/freezer for $150; it uses 30 watts of power once cool-down/freeze has been achieved and will fit perfectly in our trailer… i’m in the market now for a solar pkg that provides 150 – 200 watts power… the trailer set us back some financially as i had to replace the water heater and some piping…

    when prepping, be prepared for the times when not everything works like it should and/or things simply wear out/break down…

    pray for the best while prepping for the worst

    Prepping Preacher

  80. Encourager says:

    Not much in preps this past week other than making up some pickled beets. I am the only one that eats beets and I dearly love pickled beets. I also kept working on our prepping inventory sheets, put away all the pasta, veggies and other stuff that came in my food club order.

    Our cukes bit the dust; too hot, too something. It is stinkin’ hot out there today. DH put on the sprinkler on some grass seed he is trying to get to take; of course, 20 minutes later it rains. I thanked him! Unfortunately, it really raised the humidity. It will have to rain a lot harder than that straight down 10 minute gusher.

    Have to brag on my oldest. He was coming up to a light when it turned. A car a few cars in front of him turned at the intersection…but another car was running the red light. Three people were hurt – a front seat passenger in one car and a young mom with her two year old in the backseat. So what does the driver (the dad) do? He gets out of his car and gets in a screaming match with the other driver which led to a fist fight. Here his wife and daughter are screaming hysterically, bleeding from head wounds, and he is going toe to toe with the other driver, both screaming “it was YOUR fault!”

    My son calls 911,calmly gets out, goes to the back of his car and pulls out his extensive first aid kit. He puts on gloves, gets gauze and other stuff and proceeds to help the bleeding victims. He calms down the mom and child as the fight gets closer to the car where the injured were. He finally stands up, yells “HEY!” and puts his hand on his weapon. They instantly stop fighting and back off. Of course, when the ambulance arrives, they pull into a parking lot to wait for the police. It is policy that if there is fighting, they wait for the police. When the police arrive he gets out of the way, packs up his stuff, gets back in the car and gets the shakes. He goes and gets something to eat and is fine. I love that man! He said he needs to repack his first aid kit as that was the second injury accident that happened in front of him that week.

    • Now that’s a boy whose mama raised him right. Well done, Oldest Son of Encourager!

      • Encourager says:

        I have to admit, Lantana, that even tho’ I raised him right, he has taught himself and taken classes in emergency first aid. I do not think I can lift his first aid kit he keeps in his vehicle. He is ALWAYS looking for ways to improve his skills, in all areas. He has taught himself how to can, how to cook a meal then dehydrate it for backpacking, how to grow hydroponically, how to smoke just about anything. He has always been the type who, if he has an interest in something, exhaustively studies and practices until it is mastered.

        He needs a wife… who will compliment his skills and work beside him as a partner in all areas.

        • I wish my daughters would find someone at least half as skilled as he sounds. MI is a bit far though for these Southern Belle’s though and my only single one is too young for him. 🙂

          • Encourager says:


            LOL, I sure hope he isn’t one of those who just read this blog…I doubt he would post. He might think I am trying to marry him off……..roflol

    • JeffintheWest says:

      You SHOULD be proud of him! He did a great job.

    • You did a really good job raising him. I wish there were more young men (and women) in the world like him.

    • Encourager;
      That is one awesome young man, could you send him our way. I have two nieces that need to meet someone with ethics and a good heart not the idiots they are dating……..geeeez.

      They were not raised to date losers, I think aliens have removed their brains.. If you see brains rolling around let me know it could be theirs.

      • Encourager says:

        Yea Becky! He is single, in his 30’s, and cannot find the right woman. I think he rarely dates anymore. He wants a woman who knows her way around in a kitchen (rare), like the outdoors, shooting weapons, hiking and camping rough, has a sense of humor, high morality, and preps.

        How many states away are you from MI??? lol

        • Encourager;
          That would fit the baby, she is like me. Loved a dirt pile when she was younger, what is a little dirt-ha. I do not know if she can cook, think so. Her mom worried she would burn the house down, like every mother.
          Yep she can shoot, goes to the gym to work out, rides dirt bikes, motorcycles, has my sense of humor-wacky. She knows right from wrong………..the only problem we have a lot of states between us. I guess her uncle had better build a very very large catapult to get her back to you.
          We are just the other side of Reno NV, her uncle said we could take her to Reno and we can get them hitched……..I almost fell out of my chair laughing.

          • Encourager says:

            ROFLOL! Well, I know he goes to Vegas once in a while…maybe I should tell him to go to Reno instead…on this date…at this time…and there is a woman there who will be wearing ______. LOL!

            • Encourager;
              WE are just bad to the bone…..LMAO. I would say shame on us, but it is hard to find younger men and women who think along the same lines. I guess that is why they hired match makers in the old days.

  81. For the pill box make sure it is made slanted. If it ever takes fire it would be better for the rounds to hit it slanted like and skid off rather than penetrate the walls. Enough rounds into the walls will break it down.

  82. I stumbled into a canned food ‘score’…a neighbor & fellow prepper passed away recently. I befriended the out-of-state family early on just to let them know I was here to help if they ever needed anything. When they came in to clean up and finalize the estate details, I was asked to help with moving some furniture etc. During the process, the stash of canned goods was discovered (in various locations) and they were quite relieved when I offered to bag it all up and haul it off.

  83. CAT;
    You dirty “dog” you……..hauled off a gold mine is what you did. 😉
    Actually that was nice of them to offer it to you. Most folks do not realize what a bountiful harvest was there, for their taking, they were just to blind to see. At least it is not going to waste, good job! Could not pass up the teasing at the beginning.

    • LOL…it was truly a nice find but they were going to throw everything away because they didn’t want to bother with donating it. The 10/12 expiration dates got them but the cans are mint condition. Upon doing all the loading, it became evident my neighbor did not follow the FIFO rule of food storage and I did find older dates. I can use this right away or rest in knowing the chickens will appreciate the extras. Either way, it gets used, they don’t have to worry with it and there is less food bill money this month. They are still undecided about the first aid supplies but I am taking extra boxes to load it while I am there, in case they say yes.

      • CAT;
        Yes, take those boxes, every little bit helps reduce your self reliant storage.
        On the food cans, depending on what the item is, it can still be good even after the expiration date. Companies put it there to have the consumer toss out that food, which most of us know is still good. If the food was kept inside and the cans show no signs of bulging, rusting, dents, it most likely is still good. When doubt toss it out!
        The only thing I have found that changed is canned chili with meat in it. The meat started to have a change in the taste so I disposed of it.

        • Winomega says:

          Actually, Becky,
          the “best by” date is when there is a perceptible change in taste.

          SHTF will probably give rise to a study in the optimal aging of canned goods. I’m sure wine was discovered by some idiot who tried to save grapes in a jug.

          • Winomega & Becky,
            The best buy or expiration dates also have the cover your butt factor built in, and assume that the food will not be stored in optimum conditions (cool & Dry). It seems that the lawyers touch our lives everywhere.

          • JeffintheWest says:

            As a historian I ran across some interesting facts on canned goods a few years back. Someone found a store of canned goods from the 1870s in a storage room out west somewhere and did open them, test them chemically and actually sampled some of the food.

            The food was still edible, and while some of the tastes were “interesting,” to quote one of the people involved, the big issue was that almost all nutrition value was gone over a century later. You could fill your belly, but it would be like eating mud as far as nutritional value goes.

            They also determined the rate of nutritional decline and decided it was probably front-loaded toward the end with a steadily declining rate of nutrition loss over time (meaning the curve was geometrical or “curved” as opposed to arithmatical (or “straight line”). The upshot is that probably half the nutritional value was lost within five to twenty years, and the remainder was lost over the ensuing 80+ years.

            Would I bet my life on really old canned goods? Probably not. But at the same time, they probably wouldn’t kill you, they just wouldn’t do you much good either.

            • JeffintheWest;
              Saw that article also. I rotate our can goods so that we are rarely using pasted the use by date.
              The chili was one of those exception, we could not eat it up fast enough.

              • JeffintheWest says:

                Do you remember where you saw the article? I couldn’t find it, and it might make an entertaining link for folks here.

            • Winomega says:

              I could argue the nutritional value of HFCS, but I guess germ-free mud will do.

              • JeffintheWest says:

                I’m guessing people would find it hard to survive and thrive on eating mud, regardless of it’s “germ content,” but let it pass.

                • Lake Lili says:

                  Puts me in mind of the Black Adder episode 6 from series 4 on WWI (available on YouTube), where Baldrick admits that for the prior 13-months in the trench the tea has been made of mud… don’t ask what his cunning plan was for sugar and milk…

        • I am well aware on the effects of time on taste & nutritional value with canned goods. I normally avoid using tomato products more than 1 year old, maybe longer if storage conditions are optimal, but they seem to be the first that get than ‘tin can’ taste. I came across only a dozen or so cans that were questionable, were dented or had rust on them. They went into the garbage right away. Everything was kept inside and temperatures had some relative consistency over time. Nothing too hot or cold that might cause ill effects on the food itself. I have sampled a few things and so far, so good.

          I was even was able to secure all of the mason canning jars with sugar, salt and other basics in them. Oxygen absorbers added makes for an effective dry canning method. Free food and new jars to boot! It was only in the jars that the flour and dry goods stayed fresh. The every day food sealer bags of flour and corn meal smelled rancid and were tossed right away.

          First aid supplies are to be picked up later in the week. I believe they have two large garbage bags full of bandages, tape and such. I could have sworn I saw some IV sets in one of the kits they were emptying, which would be an excellent score. I must be patient and wait 2 more days to assess the new inventory. It would have been better if they had just left everything in the boxes but I certainly am not complaining!

  84. Winomega;
    Must be those little ol wineo’s in my family who have to a wine tasting party…….yuk. I know of one wine that I will drink an one sparkling wine. That is not very often. Loved the joke.

    • Winomega says:

      Becky, the only joke is in my name. I’m losing my fanaticism about the one-year limit on home-canned goods. I’ve suspected conspiracy on commercial goods.

  85. Winomega;
    Thought your translation was win-o-mega, as in you wanted to win the lottery big time. Now I see your meaning…..either way is cute and quirky.

    • Winomega says:

      actually, I consider my first meaning is win-omega as in top jester. I search for myself as wino, which makes ultimate drunkard.

      I was going to go Burromega, which might mean ultimate jackass at the same time as the final irritant, but Burr is still active and eventually claims predate.

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