What did you do to prep this week?

Before we get started today; I would like to give a loud shout out to Kelli M, Paul W, Troy B, Victoria S, Linda S, Nancy Q, Barbara V, Charles P, and Jeff H for their generous donations and support of this blog via PayPal this week. Thank you all.

Dang, it’s cold!

Current temperature reading at my place is 23 degrees, but according to the local news and weather channel it is supposed to be zero or below Monday night. Now to some of you folks up north a zero temperature reading might be seen as an innovation for an outdoor picnic, but down, here in TN it’s considered cold. And I don’t like it, my dog don’t like it (she stays in the house with me), my chickens don’t like it, and neither do the rabbits and goats!

This mornings NBC news headline reads:

Next storm will bring ‘mother lode’ of freezing temps : “Consider Friday’s big chill a mere warm-up act: This weekend will bring a deep freeze that could prove fatal for the ill-equipped. It’s the mother lode of cold air,” said Weather Channel coordinating
meteorologist Tom Moore. On the heels of what will be the coldest air of the season, will be dangerous, life-threatening winds.”

We are all very disappointed and can’t wait till Spring! The warm sunshine, spring showers, trees budding, flowers awakening and pushing up through the dirt to welcome the sunshine, birds singing and everything just coming alive after a long winters sleep.

What’s the temperature where you are? I hope that you have a backup heat source… I have a wall mounted propane heater for backup and supplemental heat when the temperature drops below normal. Spring can’t get here fast enough…

Okay, now let me see what did I do to prep this week…

I’ve been working on a follow-up article, or a part two if you will, to Thursdays article, “Experts warn that “it’s not a matter of if but when” a major pandemic will happen” this one will detail some of my preps and tips for surviving a pandemic virus… A few folks seemed to be disappointed that part one was not a how to piece, but it was never meant to be. It was meant to serve as a warning for the coming pandemic and to that end, I think it served the purpose well…

I’ve also been working on my next book for Paladin Press – unfortunately, it will probably be around August before it is in print and available for purchase, but it will be worth the wait. You are going to love it. I promise…

I’ve been burning brush piles – I have about 25 of those unsightly, piles of brush and limbs scattered around my property, a result of clearing away the underbrush on 5 1/2 acres.

Let’s see what else did I do to prep this week?

Bought two more gallon of Ken’l-Lan 12 – this is a disinfect that is effective against pathogenic bacteria. One gallon of this makes 128 gallons of disinfect cleaner. If you decide to use this stuff be sure to read and follow the directions for safe usage. I now have five gallon of this which should be enough to keep my place pathogenic free when the next pandemic hits…

Well folks that’s it for me – how about you? What did you do to prep this week? Let us know in the comments below…


  1. Patriot Farmer says:

    My son graduated from gun smithing school in Colorado last week and got caught in last week’s snow storm coming from Colorado to Michigan. All is well and he made it back after a day delay in Iowa. Since his return he has completed trigger jobs on all my rifles. All my rifles have very crisp and responsive triggers now. He also ordered a replacement trigger for my 1911 that he will install next week. Having a gun smith in the house is working out very well. Not much else was done last week due to the winter storms and we are hunkered down for the next round of storms and cold weather due to hit Michigan tonight. I don’t mind winters but this cold is getting out of hand. I would hate to think where we would be if w didn’t have “global warming”.

  2. Mother Earth says:

    Hi Pack, I haven’t posted much lately as I’ve been going through a rough patch. I lost my mother to cancer unexpectedly. She hid it and we didn’t know until it was too late and spread everywhere. I had just gutted my 45 year old kitchen when I had to fly across country, only to be too late.

    So now I have no kitchen and because I didn’t get cabinets ordered promptly, I have 3 more weeks without a kitchen. And I hate prepared or fast food!

    I guess there are some things you just can’t prepare for in life. Prayers for everyone suffering from the flu and I hope you all remain safe with this cold weather.

    • k. fields says:

      So sorry to hear about your Mom – take care.

    • worrisome says:

      So sorry to hear …

    • Babycatcher says:

      My condolences on the loss of your mother…hugs to you, and I pray for you to have strength to finish the kitchen…

    • Nebraska Woman says:

      I am sorry for your loss, ME. Blessings on you in this time of sorrow.

    • Donna in MN says:

      My sympathies go out for you in your time of loss. I lost my mother last spring, and lost a best friend in her. I pray you will get through your rough patches, as I go through mine.

      • Lauri no e says:

        Mother Earth,

        So sorry to hear about your mother please know you are in our prayers.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      Mother Earth,

      I’m sorry for your unexpected loss. Trust in God, take one day at a time, and relax, as in, take care of yourself. The kitchen can wait.

    • So sorry to hear about your mother. It’s so hard to lose your mom. Take care of yourself, remember to eat and sleep. As Hunker-Down said, the kitchen can wait. And until it gets done, slow cookers are great.

    • mom of three says:

      So sorry for your loss, mom’s are more then just mother’s they are our friends. I understand being without a kitchen, the more you gut the kitchen, it seems like the nightmare won’t go away fast enough.

    • My sympathies, Mother Earth.

    • What a terrible shock. I am so sorry for your loss Mother Earth.

  3. Feel sorry for all you folks that are having the minus weather. Here in Northern Calif we are in the 65 degree weather during the day and high 20s at night. I can live with this. ha

    Our problem is rain. Last year we had a total of 33.25 inches, this year a total of 4.35.

    Best wishes to all.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Bill D, are you in one of the Northern Ca. counties that want to secede from the mess to the south?

  4. Hmmm…

    Picked up an older century arms imported Romanian AK-47 with an underfolding stock. Came with two 30 round mags full of Tul-Ammo and an empty 50 round drum. Looks brand new even though its been laying around my uncle’s pawn shop for half a decade. He also had NEWCON DN 140 night vision scope laying around.
    Picked up a “Black Ops” BB gun. Looks like a Colt Python, has six cartridges that hold several BBS apiece and runs off CO2.
    20 rounds of .270 WIN.
    100 rounds of .22lr.
    40 rounds of 9mm Critical Defense.
    50 rounds of .45ACP FMJ.

    Also, I watched the Glock 42 you tube video before typing this.

  5. Babycatcher says:

    Our donkey discovered this week how to crawl on his knees to get into the girls’ pasture. He did it twice. 5 years of being next door he’s never figured it out, but now that he has, we went and bought 5 cattle panels to permanently divide the pastures. We’re hoping to wait til spring and better weather to do it, but oh, well. We,ll get it done. Prayers going out for all the sick folk, and the ones who have lost loved ones….hugs to you all, and those in the Midwest and northeast stay hunkered! Spring will be here before you know it!aren’t you glad you prep?

  6. Well actually temps tonite -25 with wind chills of -48 this morning it is a balmy -4. Well was finally able to fill three deer tags yesterday already skinned and boned gonna start processing today. roughly quessing around 80-100 pounds of meat which will help thru the year with grocery bill. I can already taste the chislic! Also bought a new pair of boots for winter I bought a set of Timberlands and not sure what I think yet. Loaned “One Second After” to a coworker and may have accidently created a prepper.

  7. It was 70 here in San Antonio yesterday but its already down to 45 this morning & supposed to get down to 22 Tuesday. I love South Texas.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      Oh, stop complaining 🙂

    • It’s 70 degrees here in sunny Florida. We’ve got all the windows open. When I change out of my pajamas I’ll put in shorts and flip flops–that is if I decided to change out of my pajamas. 🙂 But it is supposed to drop to 20 degrees Monday evening.

  8. Well today we are having a heat wave as the temp reached 32 degrees but tomorrow they are calling for wind chills as low as 45 below. We are fortunate that my hubby the Treeman has access to wood and we have been heating our home with a wood burner for years now. Yes we have a furnace but there is nothing like the heat a wood burner provides.

    I finally received my copy of 31 Days to Survival on Thursday. I have read through chapters 1-3 so far. (Read as fast as molasses in the winter time). Wow! I have really had to take a long look at my personal skills! Treeman has always provided in the hunting end of food provisions but I have never taken part in the actual processing of the meat. I only do the storage and cooking end. I have decided to make myself more involved with the processing part as listed as #1 on page 3. Never know when I may have to do this myself. I am also interested in any suggestions on books on foraging and edible (eatable) plants. Anyway I have a long way to go. I want to thank M.D. for the well written book; it gives me a lot to think about and a guide to go forward with. I am pretty new to the long term prepping and I feel like the rookie.

    Given Treeman’s occupation, we have always done a mild amount of prepping as winter is very skinny for us. I work year round but money for prepping is scarce this time of year. The last 5 years most of our prepping finances have gone to firearms, ammo and training. I had never picked up a firearm prior to that and took every class I could get into on safety and tactical training. Lots of range time as we have a friend with his own shooting range. I feel pretty good about my skills in that area now but never pass up a chance to practice.

    Aside from receiving my copy of 31 Days to Survival, we purchased about 200 yards of Paracord and it arrived Thursday as well. Treeman is learning how to make a rifle sling with it this week.

    • 200 feet of Paracord not yards. Fingers moving faster then the brain.

    • Angel,

      Welcome to the Wolf Pack. Check out some of the money saving ideas here, like making your own medicine and laundry soap. That will save you some money which you can then use for preps.

      • Thank you Bam Bam!
        I Have already added the elderberries to my list on my next trip to the area health food store (if they have them). I appreciate all the advise I can get..like I said I’m still a rookie. 🙂

        • angel,
          much info on laundry soap at the site
          mennonite girls can cook

          they are canadian.

          • You can make your own laundry soap. It’s easy and there are only four ingredients: borox, washing soda, bath soap, Fels Naptha soap. You can get all this in the laundry isle at China Mart.

            Just fill a spaghetti sized pot about half full with water and bring to a boil. Grate the bar of bath soap and the bar of Fels Naptha. Dump grated soap into boiling water. Stir gently until soap melts completely.

            Then pour soapy water into 5 gal. bucket. Add 1 C borox and 1 C washing soda. (If your laundry is really dirty, increase borox and washing soda to a cup and a half). Mix everything. Then add water. Mix. Add more water. Mix. Do this until the bucket is full.

            The laundry soap will be liquid at first. It will turn into a gel overnight.

            I did a cost analysis on this. If you by a box of borox and a box of washing soda and 4 bars bath soap, 4 bars Fels Naptha, you are out about $20. But this $20 in ingredients will make a year’s supply of laundry soap. And you can’t get a gallon of Tide for less than $20.

        • Angel,

          Look to see how much they want to charge you for a cup of elderberries at your local store. You can get 1 lb. which is 3 cups for $20 on Amazon and they are organic.

          I don’t know what part the country you live in. I am in Florida. We have a liquor store called ABC and they have store brand 100 proof vodka for $16 for a half gallon. Get the cheapest 100 proof vodka you can find.

          • Thank you so much! I will do some research on the Elderberries I live in Ohio. I am going to get the items together for the laundry soap too. I really appreciate the advice!

  9. Not much this week. bought some more silver quarters. A few more light bulbs (incandescent). The DW put my email on a site called ‘Rare Seeds’ so I’m hoping to get some emails about their products.That’s it for now.

  10. Old Alaskan says:

    Having moved from Eastern PA to Alaska 40 years ago my wife & I marvel at the preparations you people in the lower 48 go through when you get a little cold or snow. We just had 2 cold snaps here in Anchorage of 10 below, the biggest thing I did was plug my wife’s pickup truck in. It had a block heater to help keep it warm for starting. We had a series of snow falls over a 10 day period the biggest one was 17″ with a total of over 36″ in my front yard right now. It’s business as usual right now.
    For me I scored 100 – 30 RD AR magazines 3 Mini 14 Mags, 3- 92fs mags plus one of the local stores finally got some .22 ammo in I got 3 – 525rd boxes of HP.
    Put a little extra straw in your rabbit boxes and animal stalls, put out extra hay, bring your dogs in and when you go out side remember Loose and in Layers, Avoid overheating and you will survive the cold. For 30 years I worked outside here year round and for me winter was best, You don’t have to worry about the mosquitos.

  11. MentalMatt says:

    Happy New Year Pack
    Did pretty good with the preps this week, went to China mart and stocked up on some canned goods. I found that Keystone now has canned ground beef so I picked up a few cans of that. I was shocked that they had some 223. ammo in stock, however I could only buy 3 boxes, but it is what it is. Here in Michigan 4 deaths due to the H1N1 flu virus, and dozens more on life support. I bought a ton of the Emergen-C packs and take two packets a day myself. I will be ordering Elderberries from Amazon and making the vodka concoction. I am glad I got a flu shot.. I know a lot of people don’t believe in it but I do.. Take care

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Happy New Year, Matt, glad you made it through another year in the D. Getting closer to the magical date every day. Stay safe and warm, my friend.

    • Matt,

      Think about making the syrup as well. That confers even more protection. I wrote up some instructions on how to make both the tincture and the syrup. I am hoping M.D. will post them Monday along with my H1N1 article.

    • axelsteve says:

      MentalMatt. I was able to get 3 boxes of 22 lr today. Unfortunatly they were only 50 round boxes. On the plus side they run well in my marlin and my sons 10/22.It helps since I have been burning up the remington golden smoke bullets lately.

  12. moonstone says:

    Mother Earth, Bless you in the loss of your Mama. She will always be there with you in Spirit.

  13. Wasp from last week’s rosemary ?), I’ve had trouble the last several years with the prostrate varieties as I guess they just can’t handle the cold. I usually grow the regular ole rosemary here is southern NJ which is zone 6-7 depending on weather in any given year. Some years it’ll keep its needles all winter; other years with severe arctic cold, I’ll get the needle drop. Mine just hates being potted up and brought inside, probably because it’s too warm. For named varieties, I’ve grown Arp and it was okay.

    • many thanks. mine have always been potted and always died.
      didn’t know it could weather the winter temps. we are zone 5 on the cusp of zone 4.

  14. Just after a few waves of rain, the north winds arrived in Houston about 9 am today. It’s been cloudy all day and right now it is about 40 degrees outside. When the sun goes down the temp is going to drop like a lead weight and by 6 am tomorrow we are expecting to be in the low 20’s or possibly high teens.

    The RV park will be shutting off the water in about 3 hours and it won’t be back on until the temps are above freezing again.

    Monday eve and Tuesday morning will be a repeat only without the precipitation.

    We took showers early, filled our fresh water tank with 110 gallons of water and just in case the pump doesn’t work we also have 4 gallon jugs as our backup. We also dumped the black water tank so we wont have to mess with it for awhile.

    Our LP level is 1 and 3/4 @ 30 pound tanks plus the 2 @ 20 pound grill tanks.

    We are ready. So what do we do next? We make soup! Mostly from our stores.

    I am fully aware that what we will be experiencing in Houston is nothing compared to what many of you have been going thru for a week now, but we are also in an RV in a place where no one knows what a freeze line is and Lowe’s does not carry snow shovels, and there is a reason we left Wisconsin and came back to Texas.

    BTW: The soup, Beef, Vegi, and Rice, is great!

    • JeffintheWest says:

      Been there and done that, my friend — full time RVers for six years! At least until we bought this place. Sounds like you did everything you possibly could, except maybe run an extra electrical line so you could run an electric heater! 😉 Enjoy the soup.

      • We run an electric heater as well as the LP. It keeps the “garage” area warm. (We have a 42 ft. toy hauler with a 14 ft. garage). We ran the partial 75% LP tank all last night and today. This evening we switched over to the full tank and will refill the still partial tomorrow. We don’t like having to switch over at 3:00 am. Turned out our water pump didn’t work and we could not get it replaced today so the water jugs came in handy and we filled an extra one for tonight.
        Tonight they shut off the water at sunset so we have already gotten things ready for the morning. Water for coffee is ready to pour. Right now we are reheating the soup!

  15. Rob Crawford says:

    Lost power very briefly Friday night — almost thought I imagined it, but the computers caught it — and didn’t want to get caught with no power in this cold, so FINALLY added a “Little Buddy” heater to my preps, along with some 1lb propane cans. Hopefully won’t have to use it, but…

  16. My dh and I went to Sams and Walmart today. It was really strange. Sams was almost completely out of fresh fruits and vegetables. There were empty boxes all over the place. Then we went to Walmart to pick up some OTC meds. It was the same thing–empty shelves. Even spices were empty.

    I am wondering if the storms out west and and up north delayed deliveries. I have never seen shelves that bare.

    I tell you, I am glad we have supplies set in.

    Oh, a major thing–my dh can strike up a conversation with anyone. While in Sam’s he saw a guy with a John Dear Tractor hat. So he asks, “Is that a John Dear Tractor hat?” They end up talking for 20 minutes. It turns out the guy is a “Pick You’re Own” farmer about 20 miles up the road. I can’t grow enough tomatoes for everything I want to can. They have a 10 acre vegetable garden. He and his wife put up. They sell the rest just to re-coup costs. We got his phone number and will call him in June when the tomatoes come in.

  17. so, i was thinkin' says:

    Good morning all,
    Wanted to thank everybody for posting what they are doing to prep and their great ideas- it has been very helpful. This is my first post so, here it goes…

    This week I received our order from Amazon (gift cards for Christmas). Added 2 solar flashlights, a Steripen Sidewinder, rechargable batteries, an AM/FM/SW solar charged radio, assorted books for our library, mylar bags and Survivorman DVDs (family entertainment).

    I bought some Christmas LED lights at 50% off, cheap water purification tablets, found that the local Home Depot carries food grade buckets and Gamma Seal lids- bought a few of those, bought Christmas candy at 75% off and vacuum packed for later.

    Taught my youngest how to make beef jerky. Turned out on the dry side so we chopped some of it up, added some of the vegetables we dehydrated, herbs and seasonings and ended up with what my daughter calls “Dehydrated Soup”. Was surprisingly good. Have a few extra packs for later.

    Began incubating eggs from our flock of chickens.

    Lucked out at the Goodwill- found books on fishing, human anatomy, Krav Maga training, and a field guide to local wildlife.

    Introduced my husband to the 299 Days series. He who never reads is already into book 6- speed reader. Watched Survivorman DVDs for family movie night (always starts good conversations and ideas from the kids). Everybody is deep into a good book.

    My husband re-inventoried ammunition and added a few magazines to our supply.

    Finally, husband and I signed up for the Hunter’s Education course (mandatory in our state) and will be taking it all next weekend. Have been wanting to go hunting for years, but did not have anyone to teach me so it has been on the back burner until now. Not getting any younger. We love to go to the range, but this will be our first year hunting. I am very excited!

    Thanks for listening. Have a good week!

  18. Not much here. Had the flu over New Years, still clearing that up. Was 45 here yesterday, now it’s 23 with a stiff wind so the wind chill is probably -10 and I have to work on my car.

    Picked up a Mossberg 12 gauge from a customer of mine at the bar. He needed to fix his starter on his truck and didn’t have the cash. Anyone think $125 for a shotgun only shot twice good? He threw in a couple boxes of slugs and buckshot and a couple field loads in 7 1/2 too. One of the guys in my club got hold of one of the ammo hoarders and twisted his arm some, so I picked up a brick of WW .22LR for twenty-five bucks.
    While doing laundry, wandered over to the dollar store and found half a box of celery, lettuce, and radish seed in the half-price cart. Ten cents each, I bought them all as well as some US made screw-top plastic containers. Went to Sav-A-Lot and bought a flat of chicken soup two for a dollar, and another five pound bag of rice.
    Fired up my little 2-stroke generator, charged up my combo jump-start/power supply unit.
    Made some ‘ice-fishing heaters’ from a tip I read in Backwoodsman, they work great and are super cheap! Three bucks for a new can from the paint store, 89 cent four pack of TP from Save A Lot, and a couple bottles of dollar store rubbing alcohol and they make a nice warm flame.

  19. Encourager says:

    Gosh, it is c-o-l-d!!! Actual temp right now is -4, it is 5PM and dropping. The wind is rising; we are suppose to have a -35 wind chill tonight. We have so much snow, our poor dog cannot find a spot to do her business. She weighs in at about 62# and breaks through the snow. Adding it all up, we have about 22″ of fresh snow.

    We do have a back up heating plan, two wood stoves: one ancient 33 year old Vermont Castings Defiant and a Vermont Castings smaller one that is about 15 years old on the other end of the house. When the wind gusts up to 40 mph like it is out there, the big one back-blows smoke into the house and we have even had the damper blow open. So we try not to use it in high winds. We have a propane boiler that heats the first floor with under-the-floor heating. And a whole house auto generator.

    DH cleared the driveway 3 times and then gave up. You can’t tell he did it other than the mounds of snow along the edges. Just too dang cold to be out on the tractor clearing snow. So we have hunkered down to wait out this storm with plenty of fresh food so no worries.

    Actually, it has been at least 3 decades since we had a storm of this caliber. We were long overdue. So we have a few generations of folks who do not know the first thing about surviving it. This storm was on top of a major ice storm weekend before Christmas. Some people still do not have power due to that storm. And now this one.

    My mil’s residence was under quarantine at Christmas due to that new superbug Norovirus. Since alcohol does not kill that virus, you must use a bleach solution. And the virus lasts on hard surfaces over two weeks, or so the CDC spokesperson said. We also have a number of teens and adults (30 somethings) on life support at a major University Hospital due to H1N1.

    Me thinks it is a good time to stay home for a few weeks…or months…

    • k. fields says:

      Regarding the stove backdrafting, you should get your local sheet metal shop to make you a wind directional cap for your chimney. Since my place will at times get hit with winds off the ocean, that is what I’ve had to do. Basically, the cap will turn so that the opening is out of the wind and the configuration of the cap will, at the same time, increase the draft.
      I did a quick google search and didn’t see one exactly like mine but the pictures in this link are the closest.
      I think the design is pretty universal so your local shop probably has done them before.

    • when we lived in the middle of pennsylvania we had a thing installed on the chimney of the oil furnace. looks like a little round hat with vanes inside that whirl with the wind and carry away furnace effluent but prevents backblow. don’t know if they make one for woodstoves.

      • Encourager says:

        Thanks k.fields and wasp! We have that on the pipe for our smaller wood stove and have never had a back draft with it. I will talk to my dh about one for the big stove. Right now it has a cap on it with screening to keep critters out. It makes me sick to have to fish out dead bluebirds in the spring. Don’t know why they go down the stovepipe unless they fall down. Many times we have rescued them but they usually die since the fall is two stories down.

        Dh stayed in the living room all night dozing in between re-loading the stove. He didn’t want to load it up and come to bed in case the damper blew open.

  20. MD, my DW has a brush pile in our field that we add to every chance we get. I’ve seen that thing up to 20 feet tall. She calls it her habitat and will not burn it!! Recently I’ve been putting cane stalks upright in the ground along the habitat’s perimeter. The rats come out to feed on the peanut butter I have placed inside the cane. At about 40 yards I take off the heads of those vermin with my .17 HMR. Keeps the rat population under control, keeps me in practice with the rifle and ensures the rifle is ready when I go squirrel or rabbit hunting.

    • Survivor,
      Good for the DD. I have similar habitats around here also. Give the pile a kick in mid summber and you’ll likely have some rabbits on the run and easy to shoot.

  21. S'wt Tater says:

    little done this last two weeks,MOm sick, so few medical preps for maintainenc/ future needs.alcohol.peroxide.cotton balls,blister bandages,bandaids, steri strips,diarhea control, fever and pain control. began with prepping soap for DRY LAUNDRY detergent.(just grind soap,mix ingredients well,(essentially same as Bam Bam posted above) add oxiclean to mix..for bleach.it degrades in liquid,so is not effective in liquid detergents. I dont like shaking the liquid one to mix for each load.

  22. I’m a bit late checking in…
    Last week mostly all I did was continue to renovate. I spent three full days in the tenants’ apartment.
    And I’m still not totally done there, but I’m now working in my own apartment again fixing plaster.
    I did a little bit of PT.
    MD, I just noticed your howling wolf at the bottom of the blog. He’s cute!

  23. Ok, prepping. NOT a darn thing.
    Here is what has been going on and I know many of you are concerned…thank you.
    Dh had emergency surgery twice, it from old wounds from Vietnam. The 40lb charge of T&T that was command detonated under the 2 1/2 deuce truck, apparently damaged more than his back & legs. It damaged his internal organs, being physical fit it kept the problem from manifesting itself until recently. They are hoping that the repairs they made are going to work, it is up to mother nature to provide the blood flow to those organs.
    His body was going down hill since the car accident in 2007, the only saving grace was the antibiotics that they had him on over the years.
    The car accident caused small ruptures which lead to peritonitis, he is still not out of the woods. He has been the hospital since 22nd of December, so they are having to go really slow with the introduction of food.
    I hope makes sense, I have spent nights sleeping there for his peace of mind(recliner chairs are ok, but after two days the body hurts). Many long long hours, I get up between 5am-7am feed the animals, prep what I need for the day and leave, I am there all day I usually leave between 8-11pm to come home with is a 30-45 minute drive. So I am tired and the brain is running a fumes but that is ok. I do not whine as I think of all he has gone through and is still with me, the least I can do is be as strong. Hope this makes sense.