What did you do prep this week?

Before we get started with this weeks super-duper, “what did you do prep this week” blog segment, (it is super-duper isn’t it) I would like to say thank you to Linda C, Linda S, Jana M, Brad C, Josh B, Kelli M, and Brenda C. Thank you all very much for your support of this blog and of what we are doing here. If you want to make a donation you can do that here.

I would also like to thank everyone that posted new reviews (and the older ones too) for my book “31 Days to Survival” on amazon.com. Thank you. Personally, I think it’s the best general prepping book every published, but then I am kind of biased toward the author… But then the book does cover everything that a prepper needs to know – food, water, weapons, tools, kits, and skills that are needed to survive the next disaster or total collapse.

Okay, now let me see what did I do to prep this week?

Added fresh straw to the chicken run and coop...

Added fresh straw to the chicken run and coop…

Added a heat lamp over the roost area for the nights when the temperature drops below freezing.

Added a heat lamp over the roost area for the nights when the temperature drops below freezing.

1,000 rounds of .308 from LuckyGunner. These have been put away in a secure location until the time of need.

1,000 rounds of .308 from LuckyGunner. These have been put away in a secure location until the time of need.

What else… I ordered Lab 257: The Disturbing Story of the Government’s Secret Germ Laboratory and The Coming Plague: Newly Emerging Diseases in a World Out of Balance.

Well folks that’s it for me this week… What about you – what did you do to prep this week?


  1. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Hey M.D. and cubbies. Still lurking but sometimes don’t read everything but this is my greatest source of info. Love you guys.
    Since last commenting I bought a motorhome and a jeep to tow behind, got my ham tech license and uhf/vhf radios, continued with general preps, and helped form a local group. This week I bought a Katadyn Vario water microfilter and some steripen pre-filters for my ghb.
    I am finally recovering from the flu while DH is deep in the throws of it. We got the flu shot but didn’t help much. So glad that @#$%! polar vortex has gone back north. This old girl don’t do so good in cold weather anymore.
    Love and pray for you all and am truly impressed with the articles still coming from this group.

  2. The CDC just released the latest figures on H1N1. The disease is widespread in 35 states, up from 25 states the week before and 10 the week before that. They are close to declaring an epidemic.


    • Nebraska Woman says:

      The headline in the city paper that is closest to me reads, “Influenza Returns but Activity Is Low.” Ha. According to my nurse friends who live there, people are falling more and more each day. It’s not critical but getting there.

  3. Wild Weasel says:

    On the list for the new Glock 42, but not much other than that slow week, funds are low with the beginning of new year.

  4. bernie in texas says:

    hello Bam Bam and M.D. been a long time wife was sick sons house burned down but now i am back plus i feed 7 famileys with bread and vegs like my wife sead we are blessed hope yall have a great year keep prepping

    • Curley "Bull" says:

      I’m in East Texas. If you are anywhere near the Marshall/Longview area, just let me know what I can do to help out.


      • Bull, im in marshall once aweek. My freind cant drive anymore so once a week i pick her up in waskom and take her to marshall to go makr groceries. I live past shreveport about 40 miles.

    • Bernie in Texas,

      It sounds like you’ve been through it. Prayers out to you and your family.

  5. Curley "Bull" says:

    What did I do this week? Well, I did what a gunsmith told me I could not do! I put a Moss 835 barrel (24”, ported, vent rib, changeable choke) on my Moss 88 Mav using Uncle Mike’s sling adaptor kit for a Moss 500. Made a spacer from 1” PVC and had to find the right flat washer (painted them black). Ops check great and now has a sling also. I can change the barrels in 2 minutes if need be.

    Made a gun show in Marshall last Saturday and picked up a few primers and some powder. No .22 ammo to be had.

    Stay warm and safe Pack,

  6. Hi Pack!
    This week I valiantly fought off a cold but it got me in the end. (hack cough). I’ve been drinking a lot of herbal tea to keep the phlegm loose.

    I also pushed through my general cold-related malaise to renovate some of my own space in my house, and advertised my rooms for rent. I had a bunch of clutter out of one room to paint it and I put it back but got rid of some of the clutter. You don’t realize how much clutter you have till you have to move it to paint or whatever.

    My decluttering/prep-hiding adventures are probably fodder for an article, so I will stop here and write the article.

    • No kidding! We’ve done 2 – count ’em – 2 – 26′ trucks in this move so far, and we had mover helpers who packed those suckers to the ceiling – so tightly a few bags of sugar, oats, dog food, etc, got injured when we tried to get it out. We still have to go back next weekend with a 6×12′ trailer for the last of it.

      Not even half of my stuff is up here – most still in CA, and we have WAAAYYYY too much stuff. We’ve discussed making a list of the stuff we don’t want or need, and thought about doing a list of things we do want and need – and hanging it up in the Post Office/store/gas/bar/restaurant (all one building) here in town.

      As this is a farming community, I am hoping to be able to acquire goats and chickens that way.

      I also have way too many sets of fancy heels that I’ve either never worn or worn once or twice. Thought I’d offer them for free to the local teens here (and ruin their feet). I used to manage rock and roll bands in the DC area, so have the clothes and shoes to match that part time profession. The shoes are here, the clothes (several closets full) are in CA.

    • Try 8000 IU of vitamin D a day.

  7. Black Rose says:

    I went by bev n more for 100proof vodka, I did not realize it would be so hard to find. I only found 2 brands one was 23 a quart and one 28. Is that a normal price or is there cheaper 100 proof. Oh it for extract and not for drinking :0

    • Black Rose,

      I get store brand and pay $16 for a half gallon. That’s at ABC. I don’t know if this chain is national through.

      • Black Rose says:

        Bam Bam I haven’t seen an ABC out where I’m at. West coast. I’ve been googling elderberry extract receipies and have see anywhere from 2 weeks to months before you strain them and they are ready to use. How long do you leave them in vodka? Oh and they were dried organic elderberries so I did not wash them first. Should I have washed them?

        • Black Rose,

          Two weeks is fine. Assuming you are using the dried elderberries, you don’t have to wash them. Scrolls down a few posts back. I wrote a short article on elderberry tincture.

          • Bam Bam
            I made a batch of Elderberry & Sumac wine a couple of years ago but haven’t tried it yet, they say it takes a while to “age”. Do you think that will have any medicinal value – or just numb the pain?

      • Bam Bam & Michele:

        What would happen if you use 80 proof instead of 100?

    • I have the same problem, 80 but no 100.

  8. What did I do this week? Continued without running water: Thank goodness for a backup sump pump and a bucket from my below ground cistern. Pump problems almost solved-venturi tube is stuck open. THEN this freeze froze all straight PVC on the output side of the pump. I had a heater going but it did not keep the cement top of the cistern warm enough in this cold. My neighbor was going to replumb for me today but went to the ER with a possible hernia (was not). I learned by doing how to remove and then replumb everything on the output side to include the supply from the pump, to a stack holding t-s for the PVC going into the cistern and then to the house and the new frost-free pipe to the faucet on the outside of the pump house. I also had to replace the PVC to the two 35 gallon pressure tanks attached at the bottom of the stack. At 73, my hands were rebelling something awful, but I now know I can pumb the pump house as long as I have the fittings necessary (buy extras and store).

    If the venturi tube gets cleaned out tomorrow by my neighbor (yes I will be watching very closely), I may have running water again!!

    • docj, Sure hope that works out for you!

    • Donna in MN says:

      This cold snap has given us hell hasn’t it? I found out my septic tank froze up and it will be frozen till May. Strange as it seems it may be running clear while under 25 below 0, but when it warms up to 30 degrees, it freezes up. Yeah, I said “Huh?” too when people told me thats the way it is up here.

  9. JoJo, my beautiful bride, and I ordered a half case of mixed meats from Wearling. I check the prices every few months and they are consistently the lowest and their product is very good. This order was to replace what we have used and to round up a few to what I consider minimum levels. I wanted to order another half case but had to replace the alternator in my 98 pickup.
    Everyone, please be careful out there. I am concerned with this flu and a few other things going around. Please, pray as you prep.

  10. I have restarted my army exercise regime, with a couple of deletions (no Black Hat yelling and screaming at me to step it up; I miss that) I realized that I have let myself get completely out of shape (even though I have an excuse and that is a demon call cluster headaches) and it will do me no good if I cannot hump a BOB for more than a mile without collapse. I have also started eating a lot healthier… I have cut down on my meat intake for a while and increased my vegetable intake so that I can cut down on my weight before I start looking at adding muscle mass. I plan to be able to do a 12 mile hump by the end of March and a continuous 5 mile run at the same time. So this is my prep started yesterday for the foreseeable future.

    I have been ruminating over the Conflicted game since it came out… I am an avid reader and read about 1000 page a week (sometimes more). I read most of the responses for this weeks Conflicted scenario and caught the reference to the “Going Home” series. As the series takes place less than 35 miles away from my location I was hooked fast and have read all three books in two days…. well written and the characters and superbly fleshed out. That said:

    Scenarios like this are an excellent tool to make you stretch and build up your most important muscle: your brain. But for everyone who has a prep plan, a bug in/out plan and BOL site, what have you done to look outside the box in any scenario that are looked at in our community as set in stone. For example (and I will pirate A. American’s plot here): an emp or MC event that kills most complex electronics systems in the blast/event radius. We are aware that electronics will go down and that planes, trains and most automobiles will die and we have some idea what we should do in this situation. Prep food, water systems, shelter, defense systems and possibly be able to protect smaller electronic systems with homemade Faraday cages. Some of us in the community have prepping partners or extended family with whom we share responsibilities and reinforce each other with dissimilar skill sets to give depth to (lets call it) our “survival quotient”. We have our bug out routes and we dissect them as to time, traffic and terrain. We preposition caches along the way.

    What are we missing when we follow a preset plan and Murphy finds us. Some of us live at our BOL and know what is surrounding us (and the community) like the back of our hand, some of us might use the BOL as a vacation spot and be less familiar and lastly some of us are bugging in and/or don’t have a specific location. Plans are done. Bags packed. Weapons cleaned. Family around.

    I do not think I am paranoid just very imaginative. This is my out-of-the-box scenario brain exercise wherever I go:

    I am off on a trip. What do you see around you? The pretty sunsets, the river and the old semi rusted 5 blade plow that used to be pulled by a team of horses on the side of the road. The large stand of cane that is just exploding on a persons yard. The log transfer yard. The cement company… or the county sewage treatment plant. If I can see and recognize resources along my route or surrounding my BOL I will remember them and record them. These are important because after the first couple of weeks or months in a bad event we will need anything we can lay our hands on to increase our chances at survival.

    I have read and seen (and so have you) plenty about what we have done to prepare for large scale scenarios but most of what we have planned for will be for a smaller group. The only way that we will have covered all the bases in this scenario is with a fricking huge budget and enough people with the diverse skill set to implement it safely.

    The only problem that I have with “Going Home” is that there is so little trust in the protagonists’ community. It is a modern day problem in large cities, suburbs and communities around the country. I mention this because trust is such a huge issue that plays a major role in all of our scenarios. Our prep group has got to be trusted… without question. But what if that group is not large enough? In “Going Home” you get this lesson shoved in your face and it is a bitch slap. (French)

    I will ask you to read the book “The Last Centurion” by John Ringo… it has the most perfect section on trust that I have ever read or hope to read in my lifetime. We will have to grow our groups with people that have the skills or the resources we need to survive. Doctors, engineers, chemists or soldiers (both active and those called farmers) or even the nerd who can help you rewire a generator motor for your dammed stream. I mentioned in my first post that morality and civility are going to be essential in a post event society, well, trust is the strongest leg to hold it up.

    By thinking outside the box and accepting that we will not be able to survive alone (unless we choose to stay in a 19th century scenario), we not only short circuit a linear cause – effect plan, we make our overall situation more robust and have the ability to deal with Mr. Murphy if he visits.

    I am sorry if this ran on and it is a little disjointed… these headaches hurt.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      ChandlerX, I love the Going Home story. I grew up in Tampa in a modest middle class neghborhood. My neighbors were from all over the country and rarely got to really know one another. Same thing when I lived in San Antonio. Now where I live, I, the outsider, am the exception. Everybody knows everybody. Most are related and after almost 10 years and working my way into the community, have been accepted.
      During a crisis, I will not trust people I don’t know well or if I don’t know their kin who vouch for them. I think the amount of conflict or contention will be directly relative to the neighborhood.
      I will check out the The Last Centurion.

    • Nebraska Woman says:

      I thought your post was just fine, and I hope to read more from you, Chandler X. We were taught by my father, a military survivalist who grew up in West Texas, to always be alert to where you are and what is around you. He amazed me with his intuition and his knowledge.

    • ChandlerX, “If I can see and recognize resources along my route or surrounding my BOL I will remember them and record them.”

      Thanks for that. I recently went to Google maps and searched out the swimming pools in the neighborhood, printed out the map, marked the pools in walking distance, and threw it in our supplies. None of the pools are visible from the street, so we have to know ahead of time where they are.

      If a hurricane or other disaster knocks out the water system or the electric plants which power it, we will be highly dependent on stored water.

      We have stored water, but swimming pools are the biggest storage units around, and we hope to trade filtering service for water with the neighbors.

    • C X, About those cluster headaches, I read in the book “Grain Brain” that some people suffering from cluster headaches got relief from them by going gluten free. You might try that if you haven’t already.

  11. Well busy week ordered our new gas range just have to set up delivery after I pull gas line to it. After power outage last year we decided we are done with electric stove’s. Also bought 350 rounds of 9mm. Some one in last weeks post asked me what chislic was It is basically deep fried cubes of meat that you season right out of the oil with garlic salt and pepper. Traditionally done with sheep but deer is quite popular as well. It is a North and South Dakota thing.

  12. not this week but I did just recertify as a medical first responder in our rural area. I guess that is prepping too!

  13. Trying to remember if I did anything other than work, argue with the YTC and pay bills this week. We did send the oldest home with a bunch of food, laundry detergent and fabric softener as her second job hasn’t had work in three weeks and the first job reduced her hours so she’s having a bit of trouble making ends meet. She’ll be fine in a couple of weeks because job 2 will be back in full swing as long as schools aren’t closed due to any screwy weather. I’ll be headed to the store later to restock some of what went home with the oldest. I think that’s all for the week. Time to read what everyone else has been doing.

  14. 19Pinky67 says:

    This week we started constructing shelves to store jars of home-canned goods. We completely ran out of shelf space halfway through canning season 2013. Purchased 2 boxes of shells. Been perusing/drooling over some of the heirloom seed catalogs that have arrived, and are making plans. Trying to read and learn more about herbs and herbal remedies. That’s about the size of it for this week.

  15. Added about 80lbs of nilgai meat to freezer, that’s in addition to the axis deer and one whitetail buck.
    Canned tomato products were on sale, added stewed tomatoes and tomato puree to pantry.
    pollen counts have been sky high with the cedars so keeping indoors. The plants are so loaded down, when a gust of wind kicks up the pollen blowing off makes it looks like they’re on fire. Ugh!
    Figured out when draining pipes outside during freezing weather, once system is off, and drained, the individual cutoffs have to be opened back up to drain last little bit of water out because even just an inch of water in the pipe to freeze will blow apart 1″ PVC ball valves. That’s my new prep goal for the month.. Putting enough fittings by to redo kennels and horse pens twice over. I also put some of those cheap mylar blankets to cut into strips and wrapped other pipes underneath foam insulation.
    time to start getting the garden worked to think about planting.. If the polar vortex stays put, I can start planting the first round of tomatoes around Valentines day. I hear you all groaning out there, but with the temps getting into 90s and above in May, they earlier I start the better. I wrap the cages with saran or shrink wrap. By the time it disintegrates the freezes are gone. I start with a half dozen, and begin to add a couple every week. St Patricks day usually is when I get the beans and cukes planted. Peppers and summer squash are good about the middle of April. Ordered some medicinal herb seeds, including that desert parsley that someone mentioned earlier in the comments on Bam Bam’s excellent articles. Decided to make backyard landscaping mostly herbals, as it is protected from the brutal afternoon sun in the summer. Already have two variety of honeysuckle,one native in place and multitudes of plantain that I had no idea about until recently!! Have an area with large dry stacked rocks that has kept some chamomile, chile petins and a rose bush alive due to the heat sink property of the boulders.
    Tired of being sick, have had two stomach bugs and the flu since Thanksgiving, these immunosuppressive drugs for the RA have there disadvantages, including not working as well as they used to on their intended purpose.
    Took 4 old tshirts and cut them into 1″ wide strips to make tshirt yarn. Braided the strips together and now sewing an oval rug out of it. I am very pleased with the colors, green, blue and black. The 4 shirts is going to make a rug that’s easily washed, cushy and perfect size for in front of the kitchen sink!
    Our vet loaded us up on antibiotics (!) doxycycline, clindamycin, and metroconizole. He’s good like that. With 20+ dogs its a necessity. He said he’s been having trouble getting doxycycline, so it was pretty expensive, but having it handy for the times he’s off fishing or at a game at Texas A&M… We had a pointer get snake bit on the nose, and the snakebite vaccine works like a charm. His head swelled up like a volleyball, but he wasn’t dead!! The tiny bit of necrosis that came up on his muzzle was tiny little spots. Poor guy looked like a sharpei for a couple of days, but between the pennicillin injections and the dose of deximethisone, he looked normal with no infection after those two days. Btw, Tractor Supply has the pennicillin for sale, safeguard cattle worker is the same as the panacur wormer, and the heartworm meds are ivomec pig wormer. Doses are tiny in relation to larger animals, but very effective.
    off to laundry land… :-P. Stay well pack, this flu is just getting started, hopefully this will burn out soon. I had done some research on family history a while back, had a great aunt who was a nurse who died during the Spanish flu epidemic. My mother was named after her. That super bug is really scaring me. DD told me that there was a meeting at the nursing home she works at about it. She said they think there is little incubation on this bug. Shudder…
    Thank you everyone, for your care,for your knowledge, for being aware. Maybe whenever things in this world settle down, we can throw a gathering or something along those lines and actually meet! Oh,well..its a thought!

    • worrisome says:

      Could you tell us where you ordered the desert parsley seeds from? I was able to get some of it liquid form but would love to grow me own…?

      • I’ll post the link tomorrow, Worrisome. I didn’t bookmark it and I have to reconnect the desktop that just got repaired to pull up email. Already in bed, otherwise I would do it now. I’m hoping I can get it to grow here. Technically, my micro climate is at the convergence of the coastal plains, great plains and the desert. The altitude might be an issue, but if that desert parsley likes heat, I think I can manage to supply an abundance of that starting as soon as March, maybe… And yes, my tongue is firmly in cheek.

      • Seedstrust.com they’re out of Colorado. Evidently the desert parsley is a perennial. Major plus there. What I ordered was a medicinal package. Somewhere in the vicinity of $16 + shipping. Haven’t received it yet, but should soon.

    • Texanadian says:

      Are you near College Station or in the Houston area. I am in the woods near the Renaisance Festival.

  16. What I did I do to prep this week…not as much as I would have liked to. Living paycheck to paycheck right now and things are a little tight. I will however have a little wiggle room later in the month. I am trying to re-organize a spare bedroom to make room for prep items and I plan on ordering Elderberries next week from Amazon (Thank you BamBam for the article and all your help last week) I also did an assessment of my water situation after reading BCtruck’s article. We have (5) 55 gallon barrels in the yard for a project the Treeman has been working on for rain collection but not nearly enough for immediate drinking water storage so I decided to take over one of the barrels. I have owned a Berkey water system for several years and everything we drink goes through that. I decided to use some of these 2 liter pop bottles for water storage as well but finding the room for them is a challenge.
    On a personal note this week, I caught the local news on Wednesday and found out a man I showed a rental property to, was arrested for rape of two little girls ages 7 and 10. It was just another confirmation that getting my CCW was a smart move. Scary people and situations are everywhere. My heart goes out to them and their families. What a creep!
    I have made it to Chapter 6 in M.D.’s 31 Days to Survival. I will be giving a review of the book as soon as I finish it. I really like it so far and I love the fact that it is written in “realistic” terms. Everyone has been so great here and I am truly grateful for the advice to the rookie!

  17. Hunker-Down says:

    Thanks for the nice pictures. Check the cord on the heat lamp; small birds (sparrows?) may try to build a nest near the cord or lamp and the lamp could catch that material on fire.

    We printed instructions for propagating aloe Vera plants. Our goal is to use them as a barter item after TSHTF. With an unusual burst of fighting procrastination we even set up a barter section in one of our survival manuals. We found a mail order source for the plants but are waiting for warmer weather to place an order.

    We searched the internet for rabbits in our area. If TSHTF, we would attempt to raise meat rabbits in our basement, but it would not be tolerated by the boss until after a cat-as-trophy. The internet was a big disappointment because the only bunnies we found were pet show rabbits. My worry is that buying a buck and does after TSHTF will be very expensive. We also need wire and lumber for cages. Bummer, I’ll have to read the classified ads and keep looking.

    Thanks to Bam Bam keeping the pack current on the flu situation, we ordered Kirkland Mucus Relief tablets, and received a few ingredients to make elderberry cough syrup We ordered the book ‘Herbal Antibiotics: Natural Alternatives for Treating Drug-resistant Bacteria’. Didn’t want to spend the money but good health is important.

    Our big box hardware store held an 11 percent off sale and we bought another 30 pound propane tank. Our goal two years ago was to get 4 of them and this is the fourth. Please send money so we can fill the tank 🙂

    I wonder what the next crisis will be? TDL needs another one to distract us from all the others.

    Don’t forget “Fast and Furious”; Eric Holder is still not in jail.

    Don’t forget Benghazi; Hillary will want your vote.

    • Texanadian says:

      Check at a feed store they can probably put you in contact with someone.

    • bunnies are said to need sunlight on their ears to process vitamin D. if you put them in the basement you might read up on this issue.

      • Hunker-Down says:


        Thanks for the heads up. The more I read the more I think the basement is not a good idea. It would protect the bunnies from being stolen, but I don’t want to bring hay into the basement, we cant seal off a room for them. We live pretty far north, so that means if they were outside I would have to take water to them twice a day in the winter and collect the frozen waterers to thaw.
        I had to do that on the farm around 1950-ish and stabbed myself in the hand many times with an ice pick trying to get the ice out of their frozen pound coffee can waterers. That was way before plastic and this time around I wont use an ice pick.
        Bunnies can handle cold weather to -20 but we just went through a few days around -35 so I’m looking for plans to build a shelter that can be closed off in the winter and opened up during hot summer days.
        We have so many prepper projects started, most of them involve a lot of learning and money. I hope we can get to the point of raising our own meat before we run out of time.

  18. I made our Elderberry syrup (sambucol). I found a cast iron Dutch oven with lid for free. My brother was going to throw it out because it has some rust on it, so I am going to sand and season it and count myself lucky. I have a good collection of cast iron cookware because more people are switching to glass top stoves and getting rid of the cast iron.
    Other than that I am working on crocheting my first blanket from scratch. I found about 40 skeins of yarn in the back of my MILs closet when we were cleaning up and she was going to donate it until I said I wanted it. Not colors I would choose if.I bought it, but free is free. This might sound silly but I never learned how to sharpen a knife until this week. Dear Hubby always did it, so I had him show me this week. Now we are taking the kids to the roller skating rink and going to relax. Yesterday was an insane day. Had a huge family gathering for a nephews BDay and while at my brothers we had a tornado and later a fire. Seriously a crazy day, but later a good opportunity to see how different people reacted in the very moment of crisis. The tornado missed the house, thank you God, but we had wind gusts that knocked my brother travel trailer about 5 feet and off its hitch blocks. It also blew over a wooden swing set. I got all the kids in the downstairs bathroom and was in the hallway watching 4 adult men (big guys) trying to keep a set of French doors closed while the wind shoved them back. (Stupid but lucky) luckily it was over in minutes. Later that night the grill which had just been turned off caught fire and was shooting flames up 6-8 feet to the side of the house. We had a deep freeze 3 days earlier and the hose was detached and not ready to go. Luckily he had a fire extinguisher but they are a one time use so the hose was a better option. I am not worth much during fire so I just stayed out of the way and grabbed the phone in case it spread to the house. Once that was over I was ready to scan the sky looking for locusts but instead sat down to the best barbeque chicken ever and made myself a drink.

  19. Thanks to BamBam’s article earlier this week, I started my elderberry tincture last Monday. We could only find 80 proof vodka, but will continue to explore the liquor stores in the area. Today I cooked up the syrup after going by the local health food store yesterday for the star anise. Husband has a cold with cough, so he is being my guinia pig. He says it tastes better than the store bought cough syrup and that it seemed to help calm his cough pretty quick. Money is tight this month due to tuition and books times two. Will be working on ways to cut our disposable income (ie, food and gas money). That $37/month food plan could be helpful. Have a good week pack. Prayers for the pack.

    • Husband took a nap this afternoon and woke up worse. So, off to the local walk in clinic he went. Seems he has pneumonia. Prayers are appreciated as he is insulin dependent diabetic and illnesses really mess with his blood sugar levels.

  20. It’s a beautiful 66 degree day in central Arkansas. I had a good productive week. Bought a few more cans for the pantry. Had to “fix” my HE clothes washer, all the freezing temps caused a lot of rust in the water pipes to turn loose and clog the filter screens in the back of the washer. So I pulled them out and cleaned them and flushed out the lines. It only took a few minutes, I don’t know why I dreaded doing it. Made some 15 bean soup out of “storage” and was not impressed. We like plain old beans a lot better. One less thing to stock.

  21. Hello Pack.
    The past couple of weeks some food has been put in the pantry to replace what was used. Also caught up on some old bills. My work schedule and that of DS2 usually don’t match up well. However I got to visit with DS2 and his family a couple of times. That was thrill, especially playing with the grandkids. The W. Va water problem has been motivation to add to our supply.

  22. mrsahotline.com/dd/WWAntibiotics.pdf

  23. Fenland Prepper says:

    Just ordered a three man inflatable fishing dinghy (has built in rod mounts), one, so I can go lake fishing in it and two, because we get a lot of floods here. The floods have been getting steadily worse over the last three years with each year getting closer to the house! Damn that global climate change!|
    It should help us to increase our natural food resources by giving us more fishing options.

  24. Seeds trust.com. Colorado

  25. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    Accidentally found out that Nutella has a pretty good storage life. I opened a 2007 sealed jar and the taste was virtually the same as the just bought. High calorie – high energy – tastes good food – nice to know. The only downside – not inexpensive, but for a pack food – not bad!

  26. so, i was thinkin' says:

    This week I stocked up beans, lentils, and split peas. Also bought loads of pancake mix, canned juice, pasta, and chili. Also added some supplies to our first aid gear.

    This weekend I took my (mandatory) hunter’s safety course. I was the oldest person in the class, but it was good. I learned quite a bit as we grew up without guns in the house. I have been shooting quite a bit at the range over the past few years, but am not very familiar with hunting rifles or hunting. I am excited to go hunting at the first chance I get… know it won’t bother me as i butcher my chickens. Might be another story with large game, though.

  27. Pack members, I am proud to report that the dh is now in a rehab hospital, he has jump two major hurdles(two emergency surgeries) within a week of each one. Yes, it was a very touch and go, so now I am hoping he will start to regain weight and health.
    All your prayers for our dear family have been greatly appreciated. I am happy to announce my brothers cord donor blood graft took and he is free of blast cancer cells from his AML. It has been a trying year for us and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your good wishes and prayers
    Mama J, you can almost blow out that candle you lit for my dh. It could be another 30-60days, when I have time I will let you all know. Bless each and everyone of you. I can not wait to be back on the pages sharing and arguing(nicely)with all of you. Have truly missed this posting site.

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