What did you do to prep this week?

Before we get started with this weeks “what did you do to prep this week” (week #160 btw), I would like to thank – Self Reliant Granny, Glenn D, Randy S, Sherry S, Peter W, Kelli M, Vanessa M and Ron R for their generous donations this week. Thank you.

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Now, let me see – what did I do to prep this week?

Added 35 more cans of canned food to the larder.

Added 35 more cans of canned food to the larder.

Bought this "mini-vice" for $12 at a local thrift store. It's made in the U.S.A.

Bought this “mini-vice” for $12 at a local thrift store. It’s made in the U.S.A.

Also bought this Craftsman "garden fork" at the same thrift store for $10.

Also bought this Craftsman “garden fork” at the same thrift store for $10.

And I also ordered this Tuf-Tug Capacity Cable Hoist/Puller – 4000 Lbs. and this Lab 257: The Disturbing Story of the Government’s Secret Germ Laboratory and renewed my subscription to SecureAnywhere  AntiVirus.

Well that’s it for me this week – how about you… what did you do to prep this week?


  1. Dee Slade says:

    Hi, I live in central Kentucky and I just recently (last 3 months) found your website and I have gleemed so much information from it and really appreciate all you do. I started prepping about a year ago and I cannot find another woman anywhere who even comes close to being a prepper. I try to feel people out about the Dooms day prepper show just to see a reaction but just mentioning storing water & food most of my friends say they go to walmart/Kroger if needed. I go thru the whole thing about what if there wasn’t a walmart/Kroger open and then they just look at me as say “yeah that makes sense to store it” and then they change the subject, even my family members. I don’t obsess about it at all and try to do something each day no matter how small to prepare. You had a lady response to your “What did you do today to prepare” column named “Millie in KY” back in July 2013. I know this is a long shot but does she have an email address where I could converse with her on what she does. I am so desperate to find another lady to talk with. I once mentioned to one of my neighbor’s last year in my subdivision, she was walking and saw our extra storage of cases of water in our garage when my husband had door open and she mentioned it next time I saw her, (we have since covered it up) and I told her we always try to be prepared for any kind of a disaster. I recommended she might want to do the same and she laughed and said she knew where to come if she needed something. I told her “No” she had been warned (ln a light manner) go to walmart/Kroger and start her own preparing. Please help me get in contact with more ladies/men in my area if possible. Thank you so much!

  2. Bought my first AR-15, a Colt LE9620 and 200 rounds of ammo.

  3. Carolina Blue says:

    After six full weeks of retirement, my To-Do list keeps getting longer, not shorter. We built a new compost pile and got it started. Got a good tip from a friend – we use a paper shredder to chop up pretty much anything that has our address on it and have used the shredded paper for fire-starter and packing material, but my friend suggested using it as a component in our compost, should work fine. Planned out the expansion of our raised bed garden and deer fence (which is absolutely needed where we live; seems they love lettuce and peppers).

    We adopted a golden retriever from the local Rescue group, got her home on Wednesday evening and she’s settling in; still a bit anxious from the change, but she’s really adjusting well. She’ll be a great watchdog with keen hearing and a sharp eye.

    Getting more involved with our church now that we have the time and attended a rally for a true patriot who’s running for the Senate – we’ll be volunteering some of our time to his campaign.

    Be safe and be prepared…


    • riverrider says:

      blue, i feel ya. three years ago when i retired i thought i’d catch up on the honey-do list and get another job on a few months. my list is still just as long and i work at least part of every day but no luck catching up.

    • axelsteve says:

      We have a dog visiting with us. She is a black and white pit terier.I think that she is a staffiemight have a bit something else in her. She is sweet and very young we think that she is about a year old. A friend of ours rescued him at walmart it was tied up over 8 hours. We posted on lakes list about her but no response.He is going to take her to the spca monday morning.

    • axelsteve says:

      I took the truck on a test drive and it seemed to like the new grease.I plan on lubbing up the rest of the driveline when I can.I wish that I had a lathe so I could fab up a adapter for my grease gun so I could lube up the non zerk u joints. I just may get a drill bit and tap and put the zerk on a cap.I had to remind myself to get metric tools out since the truck is a 96.

  4. I forgot. I also ordered and received MD’s 31 Days to Survival. It came yesterday.

    Also, some one here said many canned goods from the store can last 1 or 2 years after expiration date. Last week I found in my pantry a can of pear halves BB March 2012. I opened it and it smelled good and tasted good too. So now I have first hand evidence of the truth of it.

    • Michigan Mike,

      Let me know what you think about my book – it was written to make prepping as easy (and cheap) as possible.

    • DUH— Those canned goods will last years. I have canned goods(yes, pears too) stored in 2008..people, stop throwing away those cans. The expiration date is for the manufacturer and grocery, not you!!!!

      Read!!! Research!!!

  5. Good morning my sweet family,

    Since we are a bit low on space at the new house, I’ve been asked by my sweetie not to do too much prepping except for herbs – so I called Mountain Rose herbs and made an order, that will come in next week. We are saving money to buy our own place out here, so prep money will be saved to add to our down payment.

    I also applied for my CCW permit, really nice people at the Sheriff’s office out here.

    We went Friday night and got the last of our stuff at the old house, and while DH took a load to the dump, then loaded the last of the stuff, I cleaned up the house. Of the 29 hours from Friday 4:30, we spent 14 of those in the car. Sure glad that is done at last.

    Got a phone call from my HR manager, my job has been eliminated as part of the 30,000 jobs being cut at HP. I have one more week to find another without a break, then 60 days for preferential hiring. I’ve been pretty spoiled working from home, so am hoping that can continue.

    Please add me to your prayer list, as we still have 2 mortgages and now rent on this house as well. We could use to sell DH’s house and for me to find a job – and preferably within this next week.

    • Lauri no e says:


      I will be praying for your job search and all you other needs.

    • Nebraska Woman says:

      Of course we will pray for you. You’re a special lady. Sorry about the job and the mortgages, but things will all work out in the end.
      Take care!

    • worrisome says:

      So sorry to hear Michelle. AND the economy is getting soooo much better according to the annointed one………..

      Good luck on the job hunt……….I have added you to the prayer list………….which is getting mighty long these days!

    • Michelle,
      So sorry to hear your work is ending, I will definitely pray about that situation. You are so wise and bright and kind…I bet you find something quickly. God will provide for your needs one way or another, I do know that. Take care, friend.

    • JeffintheWest says:

      Will pray hard for you guys! Keep up your spirits and good things will happen!

    • Michele, more prayers coming your way.

  6. Nothing really acquired this week except knowledge. I apprecieate everyone who shared about pressure canners and vacuum sealers. My husband is still recovering from pneumonia, so caring for him this week has been important. Kids have completed the first week of the new semester. Daughter has already been swamped with homework. We did manage to install in the attic an anttenea we purchased right after Christmas. We receive. Couple of local channels through it, so we can at least keep up wiith local news. Trying to plan this year’s garden, but every time I look at those seed catalogs, my wants are bigger than my space.

    Prayer for our pack.

    • Sorry for a second post so soon. I forgot that I was going to ask a question for my fellow southerns. I am having trouble deciding upon tomato varieties to grow. The only type of tomato I have successfulky grown in the past few years is Juliet grape. It is a hybrid. I would like to find a relible Roma type and a slicing/canning type. When I begin reading descriptions in seed catalogs, I get overwhelmed because there are so many tomato choices. What have you grown successfully? And please say if it was in the ground or a container

  7. Oh, and just for fun…

    Apparently Tim Donnelly is going to be running against Moonbeam for Governor of California. He has a very good commercial I think you will all love – one of the best/funniest commercials I’ve seen in a long time – and this is a commercial for Governor! Based on the commercial alone, I’d vote for him if I hadn’t escaped the nanny state about a year ago.

    Anyway – here it is:


    • JeffintheWest says:

      I’m going to vote for him. Hell, I’d vote for just about anyone to get Moonbeam out of office before he destroys what little remains of California.

  8. Well once again prepping this week has been skinny. I did manage to add to our water storage and acquired 5 more 5 gallon buckets and lids. One of these are going for the laundry detergent I plan on making soon. Trying to stay positive and do a lot of reading as we can’t spend much money right now. I am finally to chapter 26 in 31 Days to Survival. I am hoping to wrap it up this week. So thankful that it is written in a way that doesn’t make one think they are in adequate for not spending a bunch of money. It has made me feel like I have some realistic goals. Thank you again M D.

  9. Stocked up on isopropyl alcohol, anti-diarrheal pills, and antihistamine pills. I bought a lot of dog food, but I go through so much of it I can’t get much ahead. All four of my dogs have special places in my heart and there is no way I can part with any of them (Two are very, very old.), so I guess there is no help for it, I’ll just keep buying dog food and cutting back on other stuff. The dogs are family and family comes first. LOL

  10. k. fields says:

    Still no rain here in Northern CA, so I’m mostly just enjoying the beautiful sunny weather – still mid 70’s during the day.
    Livestock all doing fine and pastures are still holding their own for now due to the condensation from the sea fog that rolls in most afternoons – warm daytime air hitting cold ocean – but starting any new crops right now is still too chancy.
    Have been going through the irrigation lines to be sure everything is working correctly in case they are needed early this year and watching the well levels daily – no significant drop yet – though there are reports of businesses down the coast now having to purchase water.
    Hope everyone enjoys their holiday tomorrow.

  11. Kermit5575 says:

    Sitting around doing shots of Bam Bam’s Elderberry Tincture !!! Did I say shots?? I mean… Tables spoons. I kept yelling corpsman until The DW cut me off, said I wasn’t that sick. What kind of woman would cut off a mans meds in the middle of his recovery?? No wonder she has to make so much. This stuff really works (and taste Great), have been taking it for three days and am feeling better already. Had to start making another bottle, hope this one last until the new one is ready.

    Not much prep wise, looking to see which trees need to come down and where to put more hugelkultur beds. Got two more apple trees, two more plums, a pomegranate and a male and female Kiwi. need to get the ground ready for the trees.

    started two 1/2 gal jars of apple and one 1/2 gal jar of vinegar, will let you know in two weeks how they turn out.

    • Nebraska Woman says:

      What kind of woman would cut off a man’s meds in the middle of recovery? Well, the same kind of man who took away my laughing gas during labor because he was so embarrassed that I was so loud!!

    • OMG, Kermit. That is funny. My dh and I don’t drink but we’ve been hitting the elderberry tincture pretty hard. I’ve started making it in 1/2 gallon jars.

      • Hunker-Down says:

        My grandma had a habit like that. She said her home made ‘medicine’ helped her ‘sore chest’. When she couldn’t hit herself in the rump with either hand, she usually said her lungs felt better. Maybe that’s why all her kids were alcoholics. But, she ran a tight house; grandpa has to keep his ‘medicine’ in the barn.

  12. Question for you master herbalist ladies…Can I add star anise to my elderberry tincture for a little extra puch? I am going to make the syrup as well, but I got a lot of anise and I was thinking….

    • Yes. Or you could make a separate pint jar of the star anise tincture. And mix the two when you use them. When I make cough syrup I add elderberries, star anise, cinnamon stick and clove. I am going to start adding licorice root.

  13. huckleberrylady says:

    Hi everyone!
    This week I was able to stock up on 2 30 roll packs of toilet paper. That gives us a total of 370 rolls. I also bought 5 bars of Fels Naptha for making laundry soap, 2 replacement wicks for my oil lamps, a 2 lbs of lentils and 2 large boxes of feminine hygiene items.

    I enjoy reading everyone’s post on here! Have a great week everyone!

  14. Heads Up: Drawing Salve

    My dh had painful splinters in his foot last night. He stepped on something. I made up some Amish black drawing slave and the stuff worked like a charm. Here’s the recipe.


  15. Rob Crawford says:

    My preps this last week consist of a 1969 set of Encyclopedia Britannica, from e-Bay. Once I have a BOL, it’ll take up residence there along with the collected works of Shakespeare and Mark Twain. For now it’s going into my “home office”.

    • Rob in Ontario says:

      nice books to have I picked up free 1/2 a set of brittannica’s, from 1910 great reading in there

    • Rob:

      If you can find it, look for Annals of America by Britannica. These are copies of the founding documents. I got my set off ebay for about $100. I just saw a complete set at a used book store in OKC for $15! These are definitely in our BOL library.

  16. It is good to have quality reading material.

  17. Just upgraded my Membership in USCCA, ( Concealed Carry insurance) to Planum Plus and got my wife a silver membership.
    Bought 4 cases of canned food for the larder.
    Started the Genorator and let it run half an hour to charge the battery, we are suposed to get snow tonighty so once i get off work make sure the tractor with snow plow will start.

  18. Wow, just figured out a major reuse… Heh, heh, I’m good, but I’m guessing someone else has already figured this out before…
    Was at Hobby Lobby in the embroidry section and came upon the sheets of plastic needlepoint canvas. Big old bell stared to bong in my head along with the incandescent bulb… These would be good for lining my dehydrator trays for all that stuff that falls thru once it dries! Omg it’s the perfect size to fit the trays, I even think that rice won’t even fall thru them!!!
    Had a package of clearance baby spinach that I tossed in there, not a leaf budged.
    The 5 sheets I got were on 40% off on sale so they were about 38 cents apiece.
    Yep, I am buffing my nails on the sweatshirt in smug self satisfaction.

  19. Got back from the doctor’s office and received the verdict. Pathology came back negative so will only have to be screened every 3 months for the next 3 years and then every 6 months for 2 – after which it will be once a year. Can’t return to work for another 4 weeks but there are things I can do workwise and at home to be better prepared. So am working on deep cleaning by sitting on a chair or the floor and bringing stuff to me – putting Penny Pincher’s ideas to work along with some of my own. Lots of ways to prep when one has little money or strength.

  20. so, i was thinkin' says:

    Probably the last post on this thread… have been under the weather.

    This week I bought gardening seeds at 40 – 60% off for my survival seed stash. Added a new area to stockpile dry goods and bought a nice supply of pasta and canned goods. Added more 9 mm to our supply. Went through all our books, DVDs, and CDs so that I can trade at Half Price books for more relevant skill related books. Our chicks finally hatched over the weekend- we ended up with 28. Not looking forward to it, but it is time to start thinning out our older flock.

    Hope everyone has a really good week. I have enjoyed all the posts.

  21. nope, you’re not the last “so, I was thinkin”. Thought I would put my 2 cents in here as well…

    This week, I decided that I would put together a flu kit. I got inspiration from a few online ready-made ones and then assembled things for myself. My kit contains (hopefully) enough supplies for my family of 7 plus extra (just in case). Here’s what I included…

    Safety goggles – enough pairs for all those in the family that would leave them in place
    N95 masks – 200 of the simple pleated ones and 20 with double shell construction
    2 bottles of rubbing alcohol
    1 large resealable package of baby wipes
    2 large boxes of tissues
    4 boxes of 100 disposible gloves
    50 small garbage bags
    2 large plastic drop sheets
    1 large roll of duct tape

    With my nursing background, I already have things like stethoscopes, thermometers, sphygmomanometer (blood pressure monitor), oximeter and other toys. These stay in my regular first aid/medical kit.

    My order of dried elderberries has also arrived and so I plan to make up sealed jars of the dry ingredients for Bam Bam’s cough syrup to keep in the box as well.

    I would like to make a box with supplies for specific emergencies that is complete with instructions on how to cope with that emergency. Just like the first aid kit in my van and the bug out bin in the garage, it would be good to have an infectious disease kit and perhaps a nuclear fall-out kit assembled as well.

    • 1MoreBoyScout says:

      That sounds like an awesome Idea. I’ve been thinking about an infectious disease kit / flu kit as well. Actually need a bigger container for that addition. We have a fairly large tough plastic tool box for first aid, & it’s FULL! I also want to add a suture kit to it, but we’ll need a bigger, or additional container for anything else.

  22. 1MoreBoyScout says:

    Heya Wolfpack!
    Haven’t been on pc for a while… Not been prepping much the last couple of month’s. Been taking it easy. Braving the Cold last sunday, built a rock & concrete block, meat/fish smoker out back of the house. Smoked (2) 3 1/2 lb. pork sirloins that night by lantern light.
    (They were AWESOME!!) It works great. Been dipping into the food supplies a little. Oatmeal & such…. Fix’n to go walk the frozen creek with .410 & see if I can’t scare up a Wild Turkey or two. Been noticing a lot more deer tracks lately. There were hardly any the past year for some reason. Hope everybody is keeping warm, and keeping your fresh water supplies flowing. Bit of a challenge when it’s this cold!!
    GOD bless all, Aho.