What did you do to prep this week?

Before we get started with this weeks “what did you do to prep this week” blog segment, I would like to give a shout out and say thank you to  Millie W, Angela M and Mike R for their generous donations this week via PayPal. Thank you it is greatly appreciated…

Well folks it’s 54 days until spring! I’m so tired of the cold weather, and the up and down temperature spikes makes it even worse. For example tomorrow’s predicted high for my area is 45 degrees, with Tuesdays high predicted to be only 20 degrees. Up and down, my body feels like it’s on a temperature roller-coaster…

I’m so looking forward to the warm rays of the sun, the green leaves covering the trees, the flowers budding, the birds singing every morning, fishing, gardening, riding my ATV, and being able to get some work done without having to deal with below freezing temperatures.

Okay, enough of that let’s get back to what we did to prep this week… And again please don’t post with your read and full name – I try to change those when I see them but I probably miss a few, so please don’t do it.

This week I…

Added a package of Ramen Noodles to my food storage.

Added a package of Ramen Noodles to my food storage.

Assorted Items

Assorted Items

Three 50 round boxes of .45 ammo

Three 50 round boxes of .45 ammo

Well folks, that’s all that I could afford this week… what about you? What did you do to prep this week?

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  1. Well,I finally convinced the new rooster to stop attacking me. All has gone well with the birds this week.
    I recieved nearly all the items from the writing contest and I would like to thank all the sponsors of the blog and the contest. It was like Christmas in January when they started showing up at my door with one item after another. Thde bag and ammo I recieved from Lucky gunner will be put to immediate use. The shoulder holster (also from luck gunner) will be put to use as soon as i get my CCW permit. The bag is going to be my new get home bag and ill be able to incorporate more items into this bag than i could with my old bag. Blackhawk makes some great stuff. The wondermills first job will be grinding the pellets that my birds wont eat,into crumbles that they will eat. Its 100 pounds of feed that wont go to waste now.
    I’ve decicded to alter my henhouse a bit. The birds have been roosting/sleeping in the egg laying boxes and for the life of me,I couldnt figure a way to get them to just roost on the roosts that are in there. My wife suggested i build some nesting boxes on the outside of the henhouse under the roof of the run i have for them and just have nothing but roosts in the hen house. Perfect idea!!! Sometimes it takes someone looking at it from a differant angle to come up with the obvious solution.
    I recieved in the mail, a SILVERFIRE SCOUT woodgas stove that i will be doing a review of and submitting an article on, about midweek. Its a very robust,but small and collapseable little stove that i think will go perfectly in my get home bag and on the prepper meet up in march (prepperstock 2014). Ill be there for4 days starting march 14th at deerlick creek state park in Alabama.
    Benn a warm (74 degrees) and cold (snowing) week here at the poultry plantation. Freaky wierd weather for sure. Have a Great week everyone and once again ,thanks to all the blog sponsors and to MD for having the most realistic and comfy preparedness/survival blog on the net. BC

    • P.S. if you would like to have a look at the stove,type in silverfire scout in the search box of MD,s amazon link to the left, and you will see all the specs and pricing.

    • I want to repeat what BC, the Packs “Camión man de conducción” and report that the coffee beans and solo stove arrived this week Thanks to MD, the Blog Sponsors and the Pack. I was really surprised. Jojo went out and bought a really nifty coffee grinder so we will have to do some roasting and grinding here in the near future.

      Houston had an ice storm this week. Two nights with the water turned off in the RV park. We hadn’t replaced the water pump yet so had to use the milk jugs for water. We found that we used 3.5 gallons just for flushing the toilet each day. I think we will get that pump taken care of this week. No sense in having an on board 110 gallon water tank if we cant use it.

      We ordered a small can of FD Sausage and another one of FD Ham from Honeyville. We still have not found canned ham that didn’t taste like spam so we decided to try this.

      Picked up two cans of Sausage Gravy and 1 can each of beef and turkey gravy to add to our pantry.

      Over all a great week. And by the way, “Camión man de conducción” means Truck Driving Man.

    • Hey BC, have any more info about prepper stock? My internet is not fast enough to look at stuff on utube. Thanks.

      • susy, Prepperstock was the brainchild of a prepping youtuber named lowbuck prepper. This will be the 4th prepperstock. it is going to be the largest one so far with at least 40 confirmed campground reservations plus many family members. Its at deerlick creek state park about 25 miles north of tuscaloosa Al. It will be march 14,.15,16 coming up. there are dozens of motels in tuscaloosa for those that only wish to hang out during the day and sleep in a real bed at night. there will be a bunch of prizes and gifts given including the rocket stove i made as well as 5 woodgas stoves. There is also another youtuber named poprepper, that has made a large ,thick butcher block style cutting board that will be one of the off grid cooking prizes. Its gonna be a blast. Ill be in spot 32 with my little tent and my favorite dog breezy, cooking bacon and drinking coffee. Im reallyexcited. i havent gone camping in about 7 years and im really looking forward to being uncomfortable and stuck eating my own cooking.

  2. Nebraska Woman says:

    Good Morning!
    bc, I am glad that you are now the alpha rooster in the henhouse.

    Speaking of chickens, I have a quick, super easy recipe. MCormack’s makes a parmesan chicken topping in an envelope by the gravy mixes. Simply spread it over the chicken before baking and voila! Yummy.
    Also, armed with the article about dollar stores, I went the other day and found treasures too numerous to mention. I spent $34 for over $50 worth of stuff.
    Did you know that propane is now #3.99 per gallon? I have a 300 gallon tank that needs to be refilled. That’s $1,200 to fill it! Yikes.
    Usually I don’t need but $800 worth all winter. Spring, where art thou?
    Mom’s 94th birthday is today, so we will be gathering tonight for a good prepper meal.
    Keep praying for our country.

    • Thomas The Tinker says:

      Propane…. Nebraska! Last night I heard on FN that Propane was on the watch list in Alabama due to the Temps down there. Spring…. where art thou indeedy.

      Anybody got a line on safe long term storage of Propane?

      • TTT,

        I thought this was a pretty good article on long term storage of propane.


      • Thomas The Tinker, I have been storing propane for several years now. What i do is come across tanks for free or dirt cheap and trade them in at walmart or freds dollar store. I’m up to 200 gallons stored now. Mine is mostly for emergency cooking and lighting but i have a heater that would warm up a room if needed.

        • Thomas The Tinker says:

          BamBam: Great link! Thank You.,,,,,

        • I am doing the same thing. 7 tanks fairly quickly trading and customers at work dropping off tanks they no longer want (I get my manager’s permission to use those tanks on a Blue Rhino trade).

      • scooby doo says:

        propane dosen’t go bad i have extra tanks that i have filled in the summer when the price is low.got mine for a @1.05 a gallon and i have 3 tanks so i can go for two years without buying any you can buy tanks online and then buy your propane from whoever has the cheapest price

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        That was one of our preps last summer. We have numerous 20# tanks but we bought a used 250 gal. Tank and had it filled and piped to our redneck outdoor / canning kitchen. So far we are still paying $3.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      In our Wisconsin area folks who heat with propane are out of it and cant afford the over $4 per gallon. The Green Bay area T/V station did a story yesterday about many families shutting down their homes and moving in with relatives who use alternative heating methods. They hire plumbers to blow out the water pipes to avoid frozen, burst pipes, lock the door and leave. Six months ago propane was $1.64.

      • I just got an email from someone who has a house in Door County, WI, who was pretty glad they had signed a fixed price contract for the winter. The problem may be getting the stuff at all, though.

        He said they had been thinking about installing an extra tank, but hadn’t yet.

        Maybe that’ll teach a lesson.

        • Here is what i find perplexing. I live in the gas belt of Louisiana (formerly the oil belt) We have wells that have been cut down to produce just enough gas to keep the well in operation. When i ask those in the industry why, I get a dozen differant answers,mostly describing the price of gas being so low,that it isnt worth bringing it up out of the ground. When production goes up, the jobs around here are comeing up to peoples doors and knocking. I havent seen an increase in the saltwater trucks going up and down the road and that is the first indication that they are pulling more gas out of the ground.With the price of gas at its highest,I dont get why we are not increasing production. Its a simple matter of turn a few valves and allowing more to come out of the ground. Im not the tin foil hat type,and im not normally taken in by the latest conspiracy theory, but there has got to be a reason that the gas producers are not increasing production when it would be profit everyone,including those without jobs.

          • The answer here is money $$$$
            Supply and demand, they keep production low to keep prices high. They don’t care about jobs,, if they would just think that people w/o jobs have no money to buy the gas they might change things up a bit. But that isn’t the way they think sorry to say.

            • R-Me,
              You are so right. Henry Ford was the first to pay workers a living wage and he helped to create the middle class. His thinking was that if he wanted to sell more cars then more people needed to be able to buy them. He was right but now businesses seem to have forgotten that.

              • Not only a livable wage, he wanted the employees to be able to buy the product they made, a very admirable position to take. Its a pity that now we have corporations who have forgotten to consider a moral bottom line.

                • Actually it is is not greed so much as demand. Remember, your local supplier has to buy what he sells and he competes on a global market. He has to buy it before he can sell it.

                  In addition to the unexpected colder then normal winter weather, The propane shortage has its roots in the Midwest’s farm belt, where record high corn crops this fall led to higher propane use. Farmers use propane to dry crops and tapped more supplies than usual thanks to the huge harvest and above-average rainfall.

                  At the same time, U.S. exports of propane were booming, leading propane supplies to fall to the lowest level since 1996, according to the Energy Information Administration. According to the Census Bureau, 5% of around 115 million households, or nearly 6 million, use propane as home heating fuel.

          • Rider of Rohan says:

            As a resident of the Ark-La-Tex myself I’ve seen the nat gas boom over the past few years, bctruck. We have a lot of natural gas here. Now, saying that, one can’t just turn on gas wells and have useable natural gas. That gas has to be processed in a gas processing facility. And there is a shortage of processing facilities here given the amount of nat gas we have available. It does no good to produce gas that can’t be processed, so that is the main reason there is a short supply of natural gas, and we see prices increasing as a result.
            Now propane is slightly different, in that one, a large amount of propane is processed from crude oil, not natural gas; and two, some of it is exported. Raising natural gas production in and of itself may not help propane production that much as a lot of propane production depends on oil refinery capacity. And you should know what the problem is there, no new refineries have been built in what, 40 yrs. or so. And refineries are required to produce this type product now, and this blend then, and on and on. It’s not as easy as one might think for a refinery to change production of one product and start another. The gov’t has mandated refineries have huge amounts of fuel oil available for large cities in the Northeast, so lots of production goes into fuel oil. Propane is for rural areas, and production takes a backseat to urban centers.
            And so long as the EPA/US Gov’t continues to meddle in markets, we will have these problems. Now , I have no problem with the EPA doing the work it should be doing, which is holding industry’s feet to the fire on pollution. But regulating the refinery industry out of business seems to be their way to kill oil and gas. And propane production is a victim as well.

      • Hunker-Down

        This situation with LP is exactly why 2 years ago I got rid of my propane tank up at my retreat location in the Hurley area and went to a internal wood burning stove in my living room. A local logger sets me up with cut and ready to burn maple logs in the summer, full cord, which I then cut and split. The stove heats up most of the house and on the other end a small fireplace takes care of the other. Don’t have to rely on supply of propane and the ridiculous prices as now being seen countrywide. Tnis is what I hate about the power and utility suppliers. They have people by the You know whats and that is not how a prepper likes to feel.

        • patientmomma says:

          I have two propane tanks and I have a yearly contract. I filled both tanks this fall and I pay $1.40/gal this year. Next year I’m sure the price will go up but I get a contract price each year. I have a propane kitchen stove and a small propane heater which heats about 45% of the house. My standby generator runs on propane and has its own 250 gal tank. I have a wood stove which will heat the entire house to 66 degrees when the temperature is 20 outside. I know people using natural gas who are going to add propane as an alternate fuel source.

        • axelsteve says:

          Well I have been watching videos about the marlin 60 and 70. I bought some 1000 grit paper at work and I polished the bolt and feedramp on my 70.I cut a coil off the hammerspring. My 105 lb chocolate lab decided to tackle me and I lost 2 e clips and the hammer thingie that holds the spring in place.I put it back together and it feels much better. I need to order the missing parts and see how it runs now.Friday I might start doing that to my m60 and make sure Bronco is not in my way.

      • Texanadian says:

        There is lots of gas and oil. The business is booming. The problem is the EPA, the green loby and the federal government. There are very few pipelines and Warren Buffet controls the railways up in the Dakotas so he can control the flow. The other bottleneck is the inability to build plants to refine the crude or raw gas into useable form. Again this is the EPA and the government withholding permits.

        • yep and the epa is on there way to ban wood stoves by mandate. how is the he## can the government mandate you how to heat your house?Are they gonna buy your fuel?

    • Hence the adage One is none, Two is one etc….. Always good to have a back up /secondary source of heat. I have a propane gas log insert and it sure helps the electric heat pumps when the temps drop below 30. I buy my propane in the summer when it is cheap and get ready for the winter . I can also unplug the chimney and burn wood if I really had to .

      • OMG–we have a heat pump on the central heat/ac unit.
        I was told that by a maintenance guy when the temp. is below 32, the motor in the pump does double time!!
        We use the central heat for days, not nights, to keep under the house cozy ( our idea, no proof it works). Our cost for those 3 days was $60 when I read the meter.
        Guess what??? I let the water run aaaallll night when below 10°.
        I’ll pay a $100 water bill before I pay a $400 electric bill.
        It’s working!!

        • In other words, I stopped the central and use only the propane with the water running on cold nights.

    • Propane here in the UP of Michigan as of yesterday was $5.60 a gallon with a 200 gallon limit. However, Today both area suppliers are out. My nephew is a delivery driver and they sent him home. I live in town and have Natural Gas which is pretty pricey right now also.

    • You know what I got out of this whole string of conversation???? Is that some cold winter weather has pretty much shut down a supply chain. Food for thought and note to self:
      1. As always, make sure your propane tanks are topped off by fall.
      2. As always, make sure that you have other heat sources (wood in my case).
      3. Don’t ever depend on the supply chain to keep up. If it can’t do it for an extra cold winter in a region, you are going to be s out of luck in a big shtf.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        We are paying extra and keeping our house @ 66℉. But we get really hammered by 100°+ days. The big deal is that this is unusual and few were prepared. Hope all stay warm. They’re now predicting snow in the FL panhandle. Some folks haven’t seen this kind of wx in years.

    • NW I just paid $4.50 per gal for propane here in Minnesota and its still climbing.

  3. Well it has been a fruitful week. Shopped the sales at one of the big supermarket chains we have close by and did pretty well,
    10 lbs assorted dried pasta
    2 jars spaghetti sauce with meat
    10 cans tomato soup
    10 cans chicken noodle
    3 bags of shore-lunch dehydrated soups (creamy broccoli)
    6 more gravy packets
    6 fajita seasoning packets
    The whole lot was 41 bucks the pasta was a buck a pound not great but not bad but the canned soups were 2-for a buck and the season and gravies were 3 for a buck. I bought up to the limits was gonna go back but other things took priority. Would roughly guess that this 41 dollars probly extended my food stores by two weeks for a family of five if I add another 20 pounds of rice probly even longer.
    Well the FIL is gonna drop off a propane tank to me today but probly can’t afford to fill it at 4 bucks a gallon maybe just enough to run the new stove that’s waiting for delivery I think the old electric furnace probly bought itself at least thru spring. I hope everyone is well out there have a great week!

  4. Been sick for a couple of weeks, not much accomplished. Been back on track this week.

    Went to the bulk food store last Saturday and got oatmeal, some spices, and coconut oil. Also picked up some rice.

    Local Kroger is running canned goods sales, so stocking up and replacing some we’d used.

    Ordered a 9 tray Excalibur dehydrator. Should arrive next week. Next thing ebay sales are going to is a motor unit for our Country Living Mill.

    Cold again next week – so going to be busy keeping the animals behaving and not freezing.

    Major work on our mud room to turn it into a place for grow lights and seedling flats. Have finished up most of the seed ordering and will start some indoor seedlings today, I hope.

    Been researching effective and safe herbs that I can raise here for use as medicines. Will probably need to order a few books – I know you all are shocked at the idea of me buying books!

    • Buying books – you? You must be one of those weirdo prepper persons.

    • Book what is that?? Is that a cousin to the now almost extinct newspaper??!!

    • JeffintheWest says:

      On the grow lights thing, you may want to consider talking to your local sheriff (if you know and trust local law enforcement) and asking him to come on over and see what you’re doing. The reason I suggest this is that the DEA and yahoos like them monitor electricity consumption to see sudden sharp rises as a “tip” that someone might be running a grow house for Marijuana. They also routinely fly helicopters using Infrared detectors looking for sudden increases in heat signatures. It might save you from a SWAT raid later on down the line. Mind you, only you can be the judge of what seems appropriate in these circumstances (based on the number of grow lights and your probable increase in electrical consumption and heat output, whether or not you’re even on the grid, etc., etc.), but based on my experience working with the DEA, they don’t always get their ducks in a row before going off half-cocked.

      • I’m only going to be using two lights (I have indoor greenhouse things for most of the plants) so it shouldn’t be that much of an increase.

        Given our usual consumption of electricity for the various computers and other teenaged gadgets, I think the light usage is going to get lost in the rest of our usage.

        I’m also running a space heater in the mud room this winter to combat the cold … have been since winter started … that should cover any infrared stuff … it started when we got cold ..

        Of course, the onions are a dangerous thing to grow, you know… bad breath or something, right?

      • axelsteve says:

        Jeff. I wonder if you insulate your attic if that would throw off the infa red helicopters? Personally I do not think that I need to have a note from my mom on file with the police dept to run another heat source.

        • on ‘this old house’ said insulating attic may not be good for roofing. i’m not sure. maybe research before doing.

          • Insulation in your attic is a good thing wasp, however, what they are talking about as relates to the roofing is that you must have good air circulation up there. So, you need plenty of vents and you must make sure that you leave plenty of air flow in and out of the vents.

      • JeffintheWest says:

        I’d say it depends entirely on how many grow lights you install, and whatnot, but those things do use quite a bit of electricity. I just offered the info because if you were thinking about building a bunch of them, you might pop up on the local LE screen, and in today’s SWAT-crazy world where they all have to have armored vehicles for the local town constable, and run around with grenade launchers and the like, that might not be the best idea.

        As far as insulating the attic goes, I think there are some issues there with heat dissipation and excess humidity that might come into play. If you wanted to go that route, improving the insulation in the room itself might be a better solution.

        As for not coordinating with the local sheriff (“asking mommy’s permission”) if you’re going to do something that might accidentally attract the wrong kind of attention from the powers that be, allow me to paraphrase something someone told me once; “You do what you think is best for your future, there boy-o!” Personally, I’ve always felt an ounce of prevention was worth a pound of cure, but what do I know?

        And finally, Bam Bam is exactly right. The average cop probably couldn’t tell the difference between basil and mj and couldn’t care less — his job is to throw stun grenades and beat up anyone who resists in that kind of situation, not take time out to identify plants…. Besides, you might be one of them “organic growers” or some other form of fundamentalist Christian, home-schooling, Rush-enjoying, racist terrorist! 😉

        • axelsteve says:

          You can`t win. you go off the grid and the swat team comes. You use too much juice and here they come again.

          • Do both. Run some of your grow lights off solar panels, but keep the power on. Use daylight during daylight hours and then turn the grow lights on after sunset. Have it all visible from the window but put something obviously not MJ in the window, like lettuce or a small fruit tree. In this way maybe you would a. not ramp up your energy too fast, b. not go off grid, c. they can just look in the window instead of break your door down.

    • I have been running an extra heater and grow lights this winter. I didn’t even think that the spike in the electric bill would cause law enforcement to consider us as possible ‘growers’.

      But as a matter of fact I am growing something new this year. I bought a vanilla plant in the fall when I went to FLA to visit family. I am trying to keep it alive during this super cold winter.
      I am hoping it will flower this year so I can make vanilla flavoring!

      If I am raided, the police will be disappointed!

      • I’ve got a pile of (boring) herbs to start this winter … I wonder if they’ll raid me because of my mustard and flax seedlings…

        Of course, given the amount of basil my spouse wants me to grow, I may be in trouble for those plants too!

        • ” I wonder if they’ll raid me because of my mustard and flax ”

          Well, if they, Victoria S., you’ll at least have an exciting post for WDYDTPTW!

          Assuming you survive the encounter, of course….

          Just keep repeating “We live in a Free Country. We live in a free…..”

      • Watch out guys. You will probably be held at gunpoint by SWAT because they can’t tell the difference between pot and basil.

      • Nah, They’ll find something to hang you with!

    • The drug task force in our area has used the infrared thermography from helicopters to find growing operations in the past. The first I heard of it was on the news. They had done an early morning, knock down the doors raid on a house in a very small town 30 miles to the north of me.

      The local news reported that they had found the grow lights using this method. I immediately went to the porch and unplugged the two grow lights I had on some seedlings.

      My boss, at that time, was a reserve officer for the county sheriff’s office. He told me that they did use infrared to find this kind of spots, but that was only part of it. They would then start watching the house for an unusual amount of traffic coming and going and other evidence of illegal activity before kicking down the doors.
      It’s very hard to get a drug conviction in our area, so they make sure they have enough for a federal warrant, not county or state, before they proceed.

      I don’t know if they do it this way everywhere, but my lights are plugged up again and I have never had a “knock” at my door. But…when fuel prices went up they stopped using helicopters unless they are on a manhunt.

  5. Picked up some more canned goods, ordered more pharmaceuticals,received re-loading supplies, cleaned a lot of brass, and did a major clean-up. I went through my store room and did a very serious “do I need this or not” and threw out a lot of garbage, old boxes, broken items, rusted,obsolete things. Sold some old office equipment to my wife’s boss, labeled and organized what was left. As soon as it is warm enough to work in the garage, will do the same there.I want to make a area for large water storage.

  6. After last week’s entry, I did some shopping and added more canned chicken to the rotation. I also ordered a #10 can of gluten-free milk alternative for storage. In an attempt to reduce spending last week, I pulled some shelf life soy milk out of the cabinet to use that just happened to expire last week. I know it’s not bad yet, but it’s good to use what you have.

    Finally, with some added inspiration from Penny Pincher’s article on de-cluttering, I have worked on some clutter in my kitchen this morning and have some spices set aside for the youngest DD to use at her new dorm – it has a real kitchen so she can now cook for herself. I plan to continue with a closet later today while doing some general cleaning. I know the article said to focus on just one thing but cleaning and de-cluttering go together for me.

    That’s about it this week. I’m keeping everyone in my prayers.

  7. Since we are all starting with chickens,, why break the chain. I had planned to order the Zaycon chicken but had to wait till pay day, when I went on the site last night all the delivery in my area were sold out,, so I added my name to the wait list, it’s the first time Im doing that so I’m not sure how it will work out. Hope I get lucky!
    Was not lucky when I woke up this AM,, we have a pipe frozen somewhere, so no water in the house! Trudged over to the shed for a few bottles of bottle water so I could at least have a cup of coffee. Also filed Bowls of water both in and outside the coop for chickens,, horses however, are SOL. I did break the ice and pull out the big chunks so they can drink from the trough,, it just isn’t warm.

    Still playing with the dehydrator, did up beef, potatoes and G’beans enough for two meals. Sealed it up separately in Mylar bags w/o2 absorbers,,,we have a meal saver but I couldn’t get it to work,, I’ve never had much luck with it.

    CWP came in the mail this week,,,only took 10 weeks. I have a Glock22 that I love just haven’t found a way to carry it. Next payday I plan to go to the Armory to try out some holsters, may have to find a smaller weapon just to carry. Not happy with that thought, will have to see how it plays out.

    Read ‘ Lights Out’ it was an easy read and learned things not to do, there is a second book to it, ‘On the Road’ but I haven’t been able to find it yet. 18degrees here, a good day to curl up with a book!

    • I didn’t think you could use a food dehydrator on meat then seal in mylar? If I am wrong please let me know because that changes everything! I thought freeze dried was the only safe way for room temp storage of meat or are you keeping this in a freezer? On the second note in regards to a carry weapon look into Taurus PT 111 12 rounds of 9mm fits in my wifes purse or my waistband easily and shoots well. Taurus also makes there 709 slim I do not own one but have checked them out reduced capacity but very concealable.

      • Thanks for the suggestion on carry weapons, will check them out when I go to the Armory.
        Now about storing meat,, this is the first time I’ve done dehydrated meat,, but in the store the jerky isn’t refrigerated! I’m sure some one in the pack can answer this question. If I have to repack it I will, but I’m trying to get away from the freezer

        I have canned meat,beef, chicken and ham,, and that stays at room temp. I bring it up to a rolling boil for a few minutes before I use it in a recipe.

        • Yes we can all that stuff too (actually probly gonna can up 20 or so pounds of deer this weekend) And I hope someone can answer the dehydrater question for us I always assumed the beef jerkey was safe because of the tremendous amout of curing and other preservatives chemicals added to the mix. Knowing that air is the enemy the idea seems sound but I can’t say for sure that it won’t spoil in a couple weeks.

      • Meat is great in the dehydrator. I make sure I dehydrate it as safe temps (155), so don’t get any stuff growing in it while it’s dehydrating. Funny how native peoples could dehydrate meat without all our fancy equipment – and live to tell the tale.

        Even though it’s now just DH and I, I still cook 22 lb turkeys – save out the dark meat for one or two meals (DH doesn’t like too many turkey left overs) and dehydrate all the white meat. I have a lot of it in my stores!

        Just make sure it’s really dry – crunchy/crumbly – and it well store just fine.

        • IndianaAli says:

          Thanks Michelle…I’m going to dehydrate some of my next turkey since there are really just 2 of us too.

        • axelsteve says:

          Michele. My wife uses left over turkey for enchiladas. They turn out great.

        • An suggestions on a time amount rough guess? My jerky dries for around six hours or so but certainly not able to storewithout refrigeration for more than a week or so, so for longer term storage without freeze drying how long would you suggest?

          • Depends on how much meat you have and the humidity in your home.

            Dehydrate it until it’s crunchy dry.

            • Tactical G-Ma says:

              Also make sure there are no greasy spots. It can simply be wiped off the meat. Any fat or grease will go rancid.

        • Michelle, Natives around the world are born into less than sanitary conditions. They start out drinking creek water, eating half cooked meat and just about anything else that crawls, flies or ducks into holes. Their immune system for their environment is tough. A little fungus and mold on dried meat is just seasoning to them 🙂

          • True, and if we were slowly exposed to it, I’m sure our immune systems would adapt as well.

            I used to tell everyone that kids didn’t grow up big and strong without eating a fair amount of dirt.

        • Michelle after reading this post and your replies I started doing some looking, It sounds like they suggest meat storage at room temp for 30 days to three month’s is that overly conservative? What has been your experience with shelf life? Sorry to ask so many questions but this may have opened a new door for me. Hope to hear some responses this could be a great article topic, maybe I was the only one that didn’t realize this but I doubt it. This goes to show you can always learn something from this blog!

          • I have learned SO much from this blog. I don’t go to any others, except very rarely (probably maybe once every 6 months when someone publishes a link for something of interest to me).

            You have to realize, ‘they’ have to say the meat can only be stored at room temp for 30 days to 3 months. “They” cannot see the quality of the product people are storing.

            As a Master Food Preserver, if someone called in and said their canned peaches had a little bit of mold on them, my response would be to tell them to “Throw it out”.

            If they brought it in, and the ONE little area of mold was the size of a dime or less, they could tell me how they canned it (did they add enough sugar? add any lemon? etc.), it was still sealed and the color of the peaches looked good, I might have told them they were probably OK to eat, just take off the mold and do it soon.

            Mold can decrease the acidity of food and make acid foods prone to botulism.

            Anyway, back to your meat question, I still have well dehydrated (crunchy) meats in mylar bags and a few in ziplock bags (because I just haven’t put them into mylar yet) and have some dating back several years. They are part of my long term storage.

            If your meats are fatty before dehydration, they WILL ONLY last a few months at most – the fats go rancid. Only dehydrate very lean meats for long term storage – thus me saving the dark meat for meals and dehydrating the breast meat..

      • Hvaczach

        I have a 709 Slim in 9mm. Very concealable as you noted and super reliable. It has fed all my reloads from 115gr to 147gr with no FTF or FTE. Finish is not super durable as I had a slight bit of surface rust when water got into my EDC but no biggie. Price was right at 299.00 from cabelas at the time.

        • I own three Taurus pistols and I agree finish wears badly but as for reliable ad accurate when you get used to them they compete with my glock hands down. And you can’t argue the price, The 1911 I bought was just a sketch over five hundred (selling for almost 700 now) and I love it.

      • Texanadian says:

        Keltech .380 very concealable and inexpensive. I had one until the boating accident.

        • Allright I'm Awake says:

          Sorry to go off topic but a few posts ago you mentioned a ten acre farm in the Houston area. Were you teasing or serious? Would love to know the price you are asking. MD i think you have my e-mail address if you could pass it on i would appreciate it. I mentioned it to some people and they may be interested.

    • R-Me
      Check Walmart. Here in Florida they regularly sell boneless, skinless, chicken breasts for 1.99 @.lb.

  8. Nothing this week. I am broke after replacing the refrigerator in the garage last week. I did catch some sort of 24-hour stomach bug this week. I had never experienced anything like it. I was feeling okay one minute and then about collapsed the next. My temperature went down to 93 degrees. Strange–it wasn’t anything I ate because my dh had eaten all the same stuff. I am feeling better now.

  9. Kinda thin this week again. We use a coffee press, and I keep picking up used spares at the swap. After seeing someone mention stainless steel presses last week I checked Amazon but was not interested at the prices. However, whilst stalking the wild treasure in TJ Maxx a few days ago I came across one and picked it up. Insulated, works well, and we never have to worry about breaking it. Thanks for the heads up!

    I’m planning on cleaning under our bed this weekend and storing crates of LDS food and some Mountain House cans underneath. Then maybe I’ll be able to creep carefully into the den/storeroom again.

    We had a bout of big winds out of the NW this week, accompanied with heavy rain but no damage that I see. Our carport/lanai roof makes a huge wing so I worry whenever the big winds come out of anywhere from NW to South, but we had hurricane clips added and a couple sleepers added to cracked rafters a couple years ago and all seems well.

  10. Didn’t do much this week just to cold and shop was slow. Ordered and received dairy thermometer and 96 more candle wicks . Ran a test with a crisco candle in an unheated out building. Took a 3 lbs. tub of shortening and put a piece of 1″ web belting in it . Light it that night ,setting in a metal pan for safety , had a 9 degree night night but inside building was around 40 degrees . Normally use 3 kerosene lamps in there to. Prevent freezing as can goods are stored in that building. Note the webbing used the whole tub of oil in about 14 hours.

    • Great idea Fixit. But just to clarify something, that was cotton belt webbing, right? I don’t think the new nylon would work but I could be wrong. 🙂

      • Yes picked this up years ago when a garment plant was closing. They had it priced at a dollar a roll.

        • Damn good deal. I’ll up an eye out for cotton webbing. Will give
          this a try, first chance I get.

  11. Thomas The Tinker says:

    1. Rotated all our food preps rear to front.
    2. Attended the local GS last week end and have decided to just ‘keep the stuff’.
    3. finished a simple ‘grab and go’ scabbard for the break open SG. 20 gauge with enough bird/buck/ball to stay out of the way for some fair time. (K) ept (I) t (S) imple (S) tupid.

  12. IndianaAli says:

    Not much as far as prepping… spending most of the time fighting the weather, snowmageddon this weekend, blizzard winds… oh joy.. but what can we do, must take care of the chickens. We did pare down our flock, gave away the older hens to family who could use the extra eggs and will reduce our feed to a more manageable level. Aside from shoveling snow and hauling in wood, etc, did manage to get to the store before the big snowfall… crazy, crazy. We did pick up some extra canned good for long term storage, some extra water and of course a few snacks. Ordered elderberries, elderberry syrup and also some licorice extract. Managing to keep my holy basil plants alive inside and did a cutting to prepare more tincture. This week will be spent keeping an eye on the crazy low temps we are expecting have
    (-13 predicted for Tues a.m. Brrrrr) elderly family to keep an eye on (please everyone remember to check on the elderly or infirmed and neighbors if you’ve got’em), trial run on the genny, added a bit more diesel for the tractor for plowing.. Oh Spring… when will you arrive?

  13. This week I fixed a frozen/busted pipe and reattached the drain hose of my furnace to the tube that leads it outside. I am blessed that I know how to solder plumbing but the last joint where it went back on the rest of the plumbing I had to do with a pressure fitting because water kept getting in my solder joint. Someone recommended Shark Bite couplings, but I ended up using a regular pressure fitting valve, so that the water can be stopped further up the line if desired.

    I also made good use of stored water until I had the pipe fixed. It took me an evening and a morning. Do store water, it’s almost free and you can store tap water in old 2 liter soda bottles, just add 4 or 5 drops of bleach before adding the water.

    I worked some extra hours, and I’m about to go do that again. It snowed like 5 inches here last night and I’m not looking forward to wallowing in it/digging the car and house out. It’s not much by northern standards but I hate winter.

    I was broke again this week so no acquisitions, save the plumbing parts. I bought a few extra copper couplings. They were hard to find because everyone’s got busted plumbing. I also got some insulation sleeves for those pipes that froze.

    I brought some 5 gal. buckets of dirt indoors in preparation for growing salad and taters indoors (and having dirt to start seeds in).

    • An old plumbers trick when you have a trickle that wont stop,preventing a solder joint, is to push white bread into the pipe until the water stops. When you are done soldering, the bread disintegrates when you turn the water on. It might take several minutes to flush the bread out ,but it will come out.

      • Done this several times and works pretty well but any more you can buy the compression fittings for these kinda of problems and they work REALLY well. A side note if u use the bread trick make sure you remove the aerator from the faucet or you will fight water pressure issues for a while.

      • Gosh, I love the pack. Thank you BCTruck for that little trick.

    • Rob in Ontario says:

      I use shark bites when I have water in the lines, they do make them with shut-offs also ,allows you to solder down line from there

  14. I learned the hard way what I would need in a vehicle for winter. I blew my head on the way to the store yesterday. Although only two miles from home, I had to stay with the van to wait on my husband. Luckily I had two small fleece blankets but I still froze. The electronic leash died because I left the house with five percent.

    As soon as I got back home I put two full size blankets, water and snacks in the car. I’ll be adding hand warmers, and a full set of sweats and wool socks for each of us as soon as I can get to the store. I’ll but a couple of sizes bigger to account for growth in the kids.

    I will never leave without almost a full charge on the phone and my Sig. I was very uneasy realizing I had no “security” with me I have a CCP and need to use it. The sad part is I know better than to leave without anything. Even if it is just three miles up the road. Lesson learned.

    On other preps, I added shelving to the store closet and moved some things to the attic for more room in there. I have learned to make bread from scratch and added 25lbs of flour and two pounds of yeast. I want to see how low I can cut our monthly expenses. My goal once we get a hunk if dirt paid off is 1000 a month for all five if us.

    I also made up a spread sheet as a goal tracker for a year supply of personal care and paper goods. For most things I’m already at three months.

    Hopefully more this coming week!

    • Okiebama,

      One of the biggest money savers for me is homemade laundry soap. I tell everyone I can that it costs only $5 to make a five gallon bucket of laundry soap. That’s money in the bank.

      • And it doesn’t have a bunch of nasty stuff in it. I love my homemade laundry soap – made a new batch last week. I know whats in it and it doesn’t bother my skin, which is very sensitive. I also make homemade fabric softner.

        The homemade laundry soap is good for HE washers as well, which is what we have.

        • kellieccc says:

          Will you “share” your laundry det. and fabric softener recipe? I have dabbled in prepping for a couple of years but have recently learned how important it is! Our family is in the midst of a personal SHTF and I really need to cut costs even more.

          • S'wt Tater says:

            Bam Bam posted one for liquid laundry detergent.. I prefer the powder, because I don’t like to shake it. I am still modifying our powder, as our needs have changed.
            ..I use one cup of Borax, one cup of laundry soda, one cup of finely grated soap of your choice and 1/2 cup of generic oxiclean. mix dry ingredients, the food processor mixes them best..Use about 1 tablespoon to normal clothes if heavily soiled you would want to add a little more…Ingredients cost less than 14$, and should be able to wash 250-300 loads easily… also I posted for the dryer sheets an alternative…buy small bottle of liquid softner and a 32 o spray bottle, put 4 oz of softner in spray bottle, add water top top, shake and spray on wet clothes in dryer, about 15 sprays is what I ususally use..a 32 oz bottle does us 2-3 months, with me doing 3-4 loads daily…
            ..if you want liquid you melt all ingredients, it becomes a sloppy goop that must be shaken each time you use it….and the oxiclean can’t be added to the liquid without it becoming ineffective because it degrades in water, however you can add tea tree oil to the liquid for a antibacterial

          • S’wt Tater gave you the powdered recipe. I use the liquid and it is very similar. I use 2 bars Fels Naptha soap – grated and added to about 1 gal of water boiling on the stove. In a 5 gallon bucket add 1 c laundry SODA, 1 Cup borax to about 2 gallons of water. When all the soap is melted in the pan, add the soap water to the water in the 5 gallon bucket and stir.

            You can then add more water to the level in the bucket you wish (I usually leave about 3 inches in the top of the bucket).

            Allow it to sit overnight. It will gel and you will need to stir it – I use a large paint stirrer I got free from Home Depot.

            If you don’t want to stir the gloop occasionally, you can add it to empty bottles – leaving a very generous free area at the top, and no lid on it, then allow it to sit over night. It is easier to shake this way.

            Use 1/2 c per load

            Fabric Softner recipe

            bottle of CHEAP hair conditioner that you like the smell of
            white vinegar – about half left in the bottle

            (don’t you just love the precise measurements?)

            Pour about 1/2 of a CHEAP hair conditioner (I like a few of the Suave ones) that you like the smell of into a vinegar bottle that is down to about half full of vinegar. Shake to distribute the hair conditioner then fill with water and shake again.

            Fill your fabric softner holder with the same amount as you would with the other fabric softners you were using.

          • I do almost exactly the same as Michele but instead of two bars Fels Naptha, I use one bar Fels Naptha and one bar ordinary bath soap.

            I don’t use fabric softener but I’ve read that some folks use vinegar.

            • Bam Bam,

              Don’t be modest – your “ordinary bath soap” is your homemade soap that is probably absolutely wonderful!

              I finally have all the soap making ingredients (except for the lye) and utensils, so will probably be experimenting with making my own soap following your directions in your article on this site (I printed it).

              I do have to admit, it did help for me to go to utube to see the process, it helps to SEE what ‘trace’ is, but your directions are fabulous.

              • Michele,

                I actually use store-bought soap that I bought before I started making my own soap. I tried making the laundry soap with my homemade soap, but it didn’t set as well. I really like Yardley lavender soap. I get that from the dollar store once in a while. But I have dozens of bars of Zest to use up.

                Finding lye is the hard part. If you have a Lowes, check there first. They keep the lye in the plumbing isle. My dh and I were at Tractor Supply yesterday to pick up a few things and dh asked if they carried lye and they said no.

                You can order it from Brambleberry but the shipping is a killer. But Brambleberry does have some very nice fragrance oils: sweet meyer lemon is great in oatmeal soap. And I really like the cranberry pomegranate. But my absolute favorite is violet; I add some poppy seeds to my violet soap and it is darling.

  15. ladyhawthorne says:

    Mom sprung for the topsoil and manure we need for the garden beds so now we have 24 bags of topsoil, 6 bags of manure and a large bag of lighter soil for the carrots I am going to try in pots. And they delivered it!

    Dad & I are going to finish the greenhouse today as the temps are going to be back up to 70 after being 17 day before yesterday.

    Received more seeds in mail this week. Guess I better quit ordering as I will have no place to plant them.

    Yesterday was spent organizing Mom’s home canned food shelves. Only found 1 jar with a popped lid. And now we know what she has, she is terrible at labeling. Please folks, if you can, label those jars in case you are not there to tell someone else what it is. Some things look like other things in a jar. What I thought might be seasoned hamburger turned out to be chow chow. Most pickles look the same whether they are sweet or dill and we do still have some mystery jellies.

    • Oh God , I love chow chow!!

      • Hobbitt of the Shire says:

        I only have 3 pints left from last year…..and opened one of those night before when i fixed some pintos for supper….thought about calling but said………..naah………

      • ladyhawthorne says:

        I made some once with green tomatoes and a family friend claimed it was better than is mother’s! I was duly thrilled.

      • seeuncourt says:

        I’m looking for a chow chow recipe from the red lick, f2f Texarkana area. The DH loves the stuff with purple hull peas… any help?

    • Hunker-Down says:

      I’ve had 2-3 occasions where I pick up a jar, could be something we canned, or an herb or spice we ‘Foodsavered” (that’s a verb) and asked, “what’s this?”. Its frustrating and embarrassing, knowing that jar represents money and labor and I don’t have a clue what to do with it.
      every package, jar, or can that contains anything to do with long term survival has at least the name of the item and the date it was put in the container. If we can find the manufactures ‘use by’ date, it is added to our label. We expect our extra packaging to keep the item way past the ‘use by’ date, but it gives us an indicator of how long the item may be safe to use. If the item is an ingredient in a recipe, for example; Star Anise (I never new it existed until a month ago), a printed recipe is stored in the container.

      Maybe that type of labeling will protect us from the “what’s this?” syndrome. It reminds me of when my mom had to write my name in my boots so the other kids at school would get them back to me. I’m not yet using Crayola’s to mark the jars, but am drifting in that direction.

      • I keep Sharpies in the kitches for that purpose. Canned stuff no problem, what I forget to do is stuff for the freezer. I try to lable the vacuum sealed bags before I load and seal them, but once frozen, it’s hard to tell just what it is. Oh, and at least ONE of those sharpies are labeled and a leash is hot glued to it so the welders of my family can’t swipe it out from the drawer. I also use some of those postit labels as well with a piece of tape over it.

        • I get my dh several packages of Sharpies in an assortment of sizes for his Christmas stocking every year.

          • Bam Bam, thats an awesome idea!!! The guys are always the hardest to find stocking stuffers for!! I always get them all a bale of new socks, and their favorite chocolate, but dang it, they say us girls are hard to shop for. Although, being closer to 60 now than 50, I will shoot him if I get anymore “satin and lace” undies.

        • Shai, I have given up labeling the freezer bags with a Sharpie, I can hardly ever figure out what is in them by the time I decide to use them…………..so I also keep a roll of old fashioned beige colored masking tape in the drawer and rip a strip to fasten to the outside of the bag. Then write on the strip……..that does work. Just sayin.

          • so, i was thinkin' says:

            Just picked up some grease pens – they work well for labelling plastic and paper headed for the freezer.

  16. This week, I decided that I would put together a flu kit. I got inspiration from a few online ready-made ones and then assembled things for myself. My kit contains (hopefully) enough supplies for my family of 7 plus extra (just in case). Here’s what I included…

    Safety goggles – enough pairs for all those in the family that would leave them in place
    N95 masks – 200 of the simple pleated ones and 20 with double shell construction
    2 bottles of rubbing alcohol
    1 large resealable package of baby wipes
    2 large boxes of tissues
    4 boxes of 100 disposible gloves
    50 small garbage bags
    2 large plastic drop sheets
    1 large roll of duct tape

    With my nursing background, I already have things like stethoscopes, thermometers, sphygmomanometer (blood pressure monitor), oximeter and other toys. These stay in my regular first aid/medical kit.

    My order of dried elderberries has also arrived and so I plan to make up sealed jars of the dry ingredients for Bam Bam’s cough syrup to keep in the box as well.

    I would like to make a box with supplies for specific emergencies that is complete with instructions on how to cope with that emergency. Just like the first aid kit in my van and the bug out bin in the garage, it would be good to have an infectious disease kit and perhaps a nuclear fall-out kit assembled as well.

    • B,

      You might consider stocking generic Mucinix. This flu that’s going around fills up the lungs quickly.

      • thanks Bam Bam, I’ll add it to my list

        • Texanadian says:

          I bought tablets today of the exectorant. They’re useless. I have used the liquid before and it worked well.

          • Don’t use the generic. The brand name is 12 hours, whereas the generic is only 4 hours per dose. Cost effectiveness in comparison is for the brand name. Doctor was the one that pointed it out to me. He also said to have both regular and the DM version and to take the DM at night.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Get the Doc to write you scripts for Tamiflu if possible.

    • Good morning Wolfpack!
      Well, I have my kids this weekend, so we decided to rotate all the goods in our BOB’s. They dumped everything out of their bags, and it was almost like Christmas morning for them all over again. We made a list of all the replacement items we needed, and headed off to the store. It was great to see the way their mind worked as they would take an item off-the-shelf, and ask “Would this be good for so-and-so?” I had them repack their own bags, so they knew where each item was. After we were finished with that, I had everybody box up their own flu kits. These consisted of Tyvek paper suits, safety glasses, N95 masks, antibacterial wipes, antibacterial soap, latex gloves, and tape to tape off the cuffs of the suit. Just wanted to post, before I headed off to work. I average 90 hours per week at my job, so it’s kind hard to find time to post every day. Hope everyone has a great week!

  17. grandma bear says:

    This week it was all about finishing getting in the paper products. TP, kleenx, paper cups,paper towles. Mainly getting some deep cleaning done and cleaning out the closets. It is amazing how much non used stuff gets thrown in there, feels good to perg. Planning out veggies for this springs planting. Putting a new raspberry patch in with 10 foot fence to keep the deer out. Take care pack and remember we are all in this together!

  18. Hi All! Slow week here. I am still fine tuning putting the house back together. Went to dr. about having a tummy ache and he said I must quit drinking diet sodas and I should feel better in about 3 weeks.

    I went by Costco and bought a few things: batteries, flour, sugar, rice, pickled artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, other dried fruit….wild blueberries being a personal favorite. Stocked up on paper products and put them in the pile to take up to the bol next week.

    BOL> Got in an order of vitamins and some gardening stuff and seeds for the bol. Also found my bil’s favorite coffee on sale and I think he is now stocked on that for two years. My nephew’s favorite coffee, Starbucks, well it is never really on sale, so his stash is behind. We have been storing the paper towels and toilet paper out in the shop, but it seems that the cats are NOT doing their job and some of the packages have been raided by critters of one kind or another. So the guys went through that stuff and all that was still good is now taking up new residence in bil’s cellar. And the cats have been locked in the shop nights for a week and now there are lots of mouse tails left here and there. Guess it helps if you don’t let the cats in the cabin at night so they can sleep on the foot of your bed………they are “supposed” to work.

    The drought is continuing with no rain in sight, so decided to start buying more 2.5 gallon jugs of water each time I stop in at the store. I also have been filling my empties up with double filtered water from the well. I cleaned out the hot water tank, that helps reduce the mineral build up and let it refill with fresh water and also bought a couple of 55 gallon water drums for just in case and filled them as well. I am thinking I will pick up a couple more of those. My well has never run dry but this year is the worst on record and so I am going to prepare a bit. I know full well I can close this place up and without the garden here all will be well if it gets to the point I must.

    Lots of politicians getting caught with their hands in cookie jars; retaliating; bending campaign rules, lying about their pasts and such. Yes, at the moment it is feeling like the Dems are wiping out the competition for a Hillary run, but it also seems to me that there is no end to the corruption on either side. When people compare what Christie may have done to what Obummer may have done, it is possible to say that one is worse than the other, but truthfully, wrong is just…………..wrong! And our elected officials are pretty much branding themselves a bunch of corrupt idiots no matter the party. There is no end in sight to those willing to bend and break the law for their “cause” which then makes their cause wicked and empty. Pretty much disgusted with them all.

    I am going to go watch Mike Thompson, a local illustrious (loosely stated) Congressman discuss ObamaCare this afternoon followed by dinner out afterward. I wouldn’t go except I was asked to attend by someone that seems to think I need to go out with him. Even after several years, I am not sure I am ready for the dating scene at my age. I was pretty happy with my husband and I am conflicted. Wish me luck…….

    • what should we call Christies faux paux? Off ramp gate? exit gate? I really dont care for christie. He is a Rino for sure. Go on girl. Put on a little black dress and go kick up your heels.You never know. He might be a great guy and a prepper!

      • I second Brad’s advise. You go girl.

      • BC:

        I think most of this “Christie thing” is smoke and hype. I don’t recall hearing anything about it until he fired the person who was responsible. Now how many of OB’s folks have gotten fired for their “mistakes”? It will be interesting to watch.

        • Hey JP a couple of weeks ago you asked about my down turned bolts for mosin, I was wondering if you had got one yet?

    • Nebraska Woman says:

      You may have the best time ever with him. Good luck!

    • Worrisome You can find out what kind of guy he is. If he is a tdl fan,well at least he paid for the evening or his ebt card did.

    • Lauri no e says:


      I quit diet coke a few weeks ago and I can already tell the difference in how I am feeling. What made me quit were the comments on here and what I kept hearing about them.

      No more leg cramps at night and I have lost about 5 pounds, also I feel I am not as hungry.

      I did slowly wing myself off of them and I admit I do have a regular coke about twice a week.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Hi worrisome, glad things are finally getting back to normal at your house. As for the dating, gosh, I’ve been married to the same woman for 33 years. I would be most uncomfortable with anyone else, I think. I certainly feel you on that one. Good luck.

      I mostly agree with your take on corrupt politicians, but one had best remember what happened in Colorado. Gun control was passed with every Democrat voting for and every Republican voting against. Two Democrats have been recalled, another resigned, but putting Republicans in office and not Democrats would have prevented the problems in the first place. Sorry to say, but the Democrat Party has gone full-on commie. So, I will NEVER vote for a Democrat, never ever, after what I saw happen in Colorado. And other places like NYC and NY State as well.

      And I would go out and do a rain dance, but it’s still a little chilly, should be great weather tomorrow(60s) before we get another blast of Arctic air on Monday. I’m so ready for spring.

      • worrisome says:

        Rider, rest assured I will never vote Dem, unless there is someone that begins a revolution on that side. Way too many followers and not enough independence going on. I register Independent…and pretty much vote that way…………….(not to be misconstrued as a member of the American Independent Party by the way).

  19. Frugalmom3 says:

    Added 12 new essential oils to my natural medicine cabinet and the hubby broke out his antique Coleman lantern and kerosene heater to clean and maintain incase we needed it for this snow storm we are getting here in Ohio. It’s also good he was able to get it out anyway to make sure it is all in working order.

  20. riverrider says:

    md- what’s the 45 pistola you got there? looks nice! hey, can somebody do a scientific study on ramen and settle the controversy? i’ve heard/read that they are useless/no nutrition and i have heard just the opposite. nothing better on a cold day ,but i don’t want to tote around empty calories………..lets see, i got two beofang ham radios this week(30 bucks each on amazon), ordered 30 millennium bars for the bags, tossed a bunch of old jerky(boohoo!), bought an ifak for the bob and one for the bov, a bandolier pouch for ar mags, some extra triangular bandages, scored a deal on a pair of woodland bdu pants, some army suspenders(hold up rain pants). i also sharpened a cheap e-tool that i had laying around and tested it out. it did better than i thought but i wouldn’t bet my life on it. the tip of the blade wrinkled a bit but it kept on taking the punishment. i’ll keep it for canoeing/camping i think. wish they made a light but strong e-tool….keep stacking folks, i read china might be coming off the hinges and you know who’s next if that happens.

    • riverrider,

      It’s a Ruger 1911.

    • RR,

      Ramen offers very little in the way of nutrition. But for the cost, they fill up your belly. And they work well when it’s cold outside and you want something hot. If you have the inclination, you could always add broccoli or carrots. That would up the nutritional value significantly.

      • riverrider says:

        bam, thanks. guess i’ll add a few to my winter kit then, just not rely on them for food value. i was hoping the report was wrong ’cause i love me some ramen on a cold day in the field. we used to brew up a batch before bedding down for the night. i believe it helped keep us warm longer. only problem was i had to get up to pee in the middle of the night from the soup, lol.

      • Don’t eat a lot of Ramen but when I did we would cut up whatever left overs we had and added it. Chopped up green onions, beef, pork, veggies other than potatoes, whatever. Never had left over shrimp but I am sure that would work too.

        • I don’t eat Ramens anymore but do eat a similar product that is gluten-free. I add chicken and zucchini most of the time. It’s a quick and easy meal.

    • Ramen are an excellent source of salt. At least the variety I used to eat was.

    • I agree with everyone else about the Ramens – good source of salt but add veggies for nutrition. I will add that they are good for carbs which is helpful when you’re expending a lot of calories.

    • so, i was thinkin' says:

      As for the ramen noodles- I read some time ago that the creator of Top Ramen ate a packet a day and lived into his ninties. Can’t be too bad…

  21. First of all, an answer to the question from fmwb. I talked to my herbal instructor yesterday and asking if my solution to storing graviola/sour sop in tincture form. Alcohol draws out other qualities from sour sop than does a decoction with water (which will only store in the refrigerator for a few days), and from my research, it looks as though the decoction is better for cancer.

    My suggestion, although I was not sure (and my teacher – who is a master herbalist – says it would work well) is If you can buy everclear (pure alcohol 195 proof) you might consider making a STRONG decoction of the leaves, then adding an equivalent amount of everclear to that to help preserve it. That should give you the same qualities of the decoction. ( Note: tea is steeped 1to 5 minutes – decoctions are simmered, or steeped for much longer – and that is what you should do with sour sop/gravila).

    Got my NRA bag for renewing my membership. DH says he’s never received one when he renewed – so for the past few nights I’ve teased him with the bag saying “Ha Ha, the NRA likes me better than you”.

    On Wednesday, I found on Craigslist a nearly brand new 3 rabbit cages with clean out trays for $10. It was just over an hour drive (fabulous scenery – along a river most of the way), so used about another $25 in gas – but well worth it. The 2 doe cages have about 4″ metal around the sides to keep babies from falling out, the buck cage does not. He threw in all the feeders, water bottles, one nesting box and a nearly new bag of organic rabbit pellets – I still can’t believe he gave them to me for $10. Now just need to find some unrelated rabbits.

    At Costco last Sunday found a 3 pack of boxes of Emergen-C for $18. A little cheaper than even the generic. I like having a growing pile of those for the emergency food stores.

    Got in my new order of herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs, and another 1,000 graviola/sour sop leaves from Amazon. Will ask around and see if anyone in the area has cancer but can’t afford the medical treatments.

    Talked to the local agricultural extension about Master Gardener and Master Food Preserver classes. Master Gardener started 2 weeks ago, and any one can join the classes – even just individual ones. They do not have a Master Food Preserver class because they have no one to teach it. I volunteered. Looks like I’ll be teaching a few canning classes fairly soon, open to the public, and we will plan a MFP program for later this year or next.

    Joined the local square dance club on Thursday. DH has never danced before, but said he’d at least look at it. Square dancers are always really nice people, and he really enjoyed watching. The club and caller are willing to spend some time every Thursday and teach him without starting a beginners class. They let me join in for one square and I had a blast. We felt very welcomed.

    Tonight, DH is going to join American Legion. He has always wanted to, but his former wife did not want him to do anything that took away her power over him. Just so happens there is also a crab feed tonight as well. Good timing as ever.

    Hope the pack are doing well. Please continue to add me to your prayers for finding a job. In the mean time, I will use my extra time to finish my Integrating Ayurveda and herbology.

    • Nebraska Woman says:

      I am so glad you have settled in! It sounds like a fantastic community.

    • JeffintheWest says:

      Yeah Michelle, I was hoping to join a Master Gardener class down here in your old stomping grounds, but found out they only offer it every other year — so maybe this coming winter I can finally get started!

      Still praying for you to find a new job! Heck, maybe teaching the canning classes will allow you to “network” a bit more and find something.

    • S'wt Tater says:

      Michele, I have not seen anyone say what the desired amount of the deconcotion would be on the graviola…either mixed with the alcohol or not. so help me understand…I don’t need it now, but…..If the graviola is heated and steeped/simmered for 15-20 min. and a like amount of pga, added cup for cup…what would a serving be, and that would be a daily serving ? right?

      • Bring 4 cups water to a boil then reduce heat to low. Add 5 crushed leaves and put on a lid, then simmer gently for about 5-10 minutes. Remove from heat, and allow to steep for another 10-20 minutes.

        As a preventative, drink 1 cup per day or every few days.

        If you have cancer, drink 2 cups per day (although, Don only had one cup per day and was totally cured of stage 4 lung cancer in about 8 months).

        Do not go hog wild with this tea. No more than 3 cups per day as some people on much higher doses experienced Parkinson type symptoms – and let’s not go there.

        • PGCPrepper says:

          “Do not go hog wild with this tea. No more than 3 cups per day as some people on much higher doses experienced Parkinson type symptoms – and let’s not go there.”


          I read about the Parkinson’s thingy on WebMD and freaked a bit. Basically said, stuff was dangerous and causes PD. Seemed exagerrated, of course.

          Anyway, I am on twitter often; Ted Cruz follows me LOL… and a guy named Noel Sheppard who is the Ass. Editor for Newsbusters. He has been tweeting from his hospital bed about his diagnosis of cancer that he found out about a few days ago…and making jokes about his room, the nurses, et al. Great guy; young, conservative. Anyway, I’m gonna pass along regardless w/disclaimer. I mean, at this point, what does it matter right?

          • That was EXACTLY the same way Don and Dee looked at it, since Don was dying anyway.

            You should see him now, he looks so healthy (for a man in his mid 70s anyway). The chemo was probably as bad on him as the cancer. He tears up and hugs me every time he sees me.

          • Rider of Rohan says:

            If you would like to, follow me @2AmendDefender(Texas Born), and I will follow you back. If not, no worries.

            • PGCPrepper says:

              Done. We have similar followers. Haven’t checked yet but you must follow @CharlieDaniels He’s a patriot. Ist tweet e’ry morning is a prayer, 2d inspirational and 3rd calling out Ovomit on Benghazi. Good man and quite smart.

              I don’t tweet often and don’t follow many since switching from equity trader feed to just a patriot sounding board but on board

    • Michele,
      Awhile back I think you posted a receipt for lobelia tincture for asthma. I can’t find it, can you repost it? Also can you post how you use it? I am trying to reduce my dependence on my inhalers.

      We had a run in with the flu and thanks to the elderberry tincture it cut down the severity and duration for myself and DS. So a win all around! Thank you to all who are posting natural remedies!

      • michele, you don’t need a job. write a recipe book .i want one.
        sell them at m.d.’s amazon link. thanks. had 4th stage cancer 20+ yrs ago and radiation was like going into jaws of hell!!
        i also want these books for friends. if it is done by Christmas it would be ideal. please give this idea consideration.
        of course, you have to put in the required fda b.s. about how it isn’t medical advice blah blah blah to cya.

        • What I might do, is create an herbal recipe book and give it to MD to sell as an ebook – with proceeds to The Survivalist Blog and MD. After I finish my Integrative Ayurvedic and Herbology class, I could work on that. If there is an interest, hopefully our other herbalists would chime in with some of their favorite ‘recipes’ as well.

          And I think it would be best to bring it out in the spring, as many herbs can be harvested locally (wildcrafted) by our family, rather than purchased so we can save money for the alcohol to preserve it in.

          In the meantime, there are MANY really good herb books out there, I’m sure the pack could give you a huge list you could choose from.

          • Michele,

            I would buy your book.

          • Black Rose says:

            I woul like your book. Please write it 🙂

          • your instructions are clear and simple, like a good recipe. i have herbal books thru which one has to wade knee-deep to get the nut, if it is there.
            also they are so afraid of the FDA they don’t tell you outright, just like herbal supplements you buy in the health food stores. the labels are often vague because of concerns about FDA regs.
            if you read British herbals the writers have no such restrictions.
            just want a simple recipe book with sources lists and specifics, such as the soursop and elderberry recipes.
            bam bam might like to do a similar project.
            would like it to include info about growing the plants and sources for seed also.

            to have it ready by spring might be too big an undertaking, but if you can do it we will all be grateful.
            many, many thanks.

      • Barbie,

        Put a 3/4 cup lobelia in a pint jar and fill with Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar. Let steep for two weeks. Shake every day. Strain spent plant material. This is one of the worst tasting tinctures I’ve ever made.

      • Bam Bam’s recipe is just fine. I make in larger jars, because I get asthma too.

        For a larger jar (and since I’m so precise in my measurements) I fill a quart jar 1/3 to 1/2 full of dried lobelia, the the rest of the jar with apple cider vinegar. After a day, when the lobelia has taken up some of the vinegar, I add more to top it off.

        While most tinctures are made with alcohol, lobelia needs the acid to take out the active ingredients. It should last just as long made with apple cider vinegar as it does with alcohol. Shake it daily to keep the vinegar all around the lobelia.

        You can certainly use it after two weeks, and I do if I’m out, but I usually leave the lobelia in there for about 6 weeks before straining it out. I do NOT know if that makes it better or not, and maybe I’m just being lazy.

        Bam Bam – Lobelia tincture is absolutely the nectar of the Gods compared to some – like elcampane root. THAT stuff is NASTY – but extremely effective as a decongestant and expectorant – so it is taken in a little tiny bit of apple juice, then followed with a glass of apple juice, and I at least survive the medicine. Wonder if Mary Poppins could make THAT go down easily with a spoonful of sugar???

        I usually take my lobelia in a tiny bit of apple juice as well – apple juice almost covers the taste entirely.

        It is taken in small amounts – but you will find that is sufficient. I use 1/2 a dropper which is about 20 drops. You will find you breathing is easing CONSIDERABLY in a few minutes.

        If possible, always use organic products to make your tinctures. I’m sure there are many places that sell organic products, but my favorite – because ALL of their products are organic is Mountain Rose Herbs (www.mountainroseherbs.com). No, I don’t have any financial interest in Mountain Rose Herbs – but they certainly have a financial interest in me! If possible, this summer grow your own and save at least one plant for seed for the following year.

    • Michelle, You are awesome! Thank you so much. If you remember, I bought the soursop just because of a feeling it would be good to store? I dropped by to see a friend I hadn’t seen in several months, she told me she is waiting to hear from her doctor. Lymphoma is suspected, results will be in this coming week. Your hard work may be put to use sooner than I planned. I’ll be sure to drop back by to request prayers…depending. Thank you again, Michelle. And please thank your instructor for me.

  22. Went up to get the BOV to do some cosmetic work on and put in a remote starter and satellite radio in and found the power steering was out and the brakes were real mushy. So into the shop it went. Ended up having them service it completely (as it is relatively new to me) and got the PS & PB working, flushed, refiltered, and cleaned out the transmission. plus worked on the tie rods (again). Runs great and the “mushy” is got from the steering and brakes. Next up is tires and new Ranch Hand bumpers. The good thing was we had an extra paycheck a couple of months ago that I was rotating through the checking account. Had $18 left over after the repairs!

    We also took the DW’s car in as the PS was squeaking. When we went to check the fluid it was basically black (usually clear). They said they had to flush it out with fluid, then use a flush kit, then refill it. It has 168,000+ miles on it. I’m sure it’s the first time it’s been done.

    Preps were pretty much more of the same. Beans & barley, along with 4 quarts of dehydrated chicken. Picked up some more ammo, including subsonic 9mm and 22 LR! Still having trouble with 357 Mag (any) and 45 ACP HP’s. But things will come around.

    Talked with another prepper friend last night who was looking for magazines, so went on line and ordered us both some of several different ones. Found some great deals on Mag-Pul’s and Korean G17 mags so stocked up for the upcoming Gun Show season.

    We did clean off 4 shelves of old fiction books and boxed them up for “redistribution”. Gives me a place for my binders now, so started on the printouts and labeling. Got so much stuff to print, not including all the small stuff – comments and short articles from this site, thanks again to all who have contributed!

    I also got the satellite radio mount installed in our primary traveling car. It’s one of those that you can move the unit from vehicle to vehicle. I like it better than regular radio although it is $15/mo. I have mounts for the BOV and our camper, along with a “boom box’ for it, so this is a much better setup for us than 3 different radios (each with it’s own subscription). Keeps me abreast of the news and I get more music and talk radio than normal. It’s also our primary news source at the house now, with no cable.

    Our “tutoring” program that they are starting at the church is almost ready to actually teach. I signed up as a “hall monitor” of sorts. You need a second adult around for litigation purposes. I don’t have any teaching responsibilities, just be seen and observe. I’ll let the smart ones teach (like the DW)!

    So our calendar is filling up pretty fast, things are getting done. We are going to concentrate on spending more time at the range starting in the spring. May even go back to our old range for some small group shoots. Should be fun, and we are getting out of practice.

    • I also started reading “The Flu” in my Kindle. Probably should have waited.

    • Rob Crawford says:

      My favorite channel on satellite is the “Radio Classics”. Old radio comedies, mysteries, westerns…

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Rob, Reminds of back in the day overseas. AFRTS had the old shows at night. That’s when I did my ironing. Mystery Theatre, Peter Gun, Fibber McGee and Molly, George and Gracy, etc. No English TV but loved my radio…I also love my satellite radio!

  23. Just dealing with the cold. Pipes froze again, but nothing broke. Spending my week watching the interviews on thesurvivalsummit.com.
    Several of the sessions have been very informative. Some do not like the format of slides and audio, but this is how inservices were conducted all those years as a teacher. Have 3 “warmer” days I want to cut and put together next boxes for the chicken coop. Then back to single digit night temperatures.

  24. Rob in Ontario says:

    I finished reading all three :”Going Home ” books – they are a good read – installed more shelves in pantry -picked up a Columbia coat at local discount store no liner inside thou finally found shoe laces for my boots-84″ they were out of 96″ (men’s ice skate) at local ice skate retailer-even the place that sells these boots (Original Swat) doesn’t sell the laces , we got high winds here last night and snow, still snowing- welcome to Canada

  25. Picked up a Mossberg 500, and some shells.

    Mossberg 500 JIC (Just In Case) Cruiser Kit, 12ga 18.5″

    • PGCPrepper says:

      Nice prep!

    • I have one, They are a handful with 00 Buckshot, Might I suggest a mechanics glove on the pistol grip hand really can dig into the web between your thumb and forfinger. But a lot of fun, and dare I say inside of 30 yards you want nothing to do with the buissness end.

      • riverrider says:

        LOL, yeah it kills on both ends! in a panic to shoot a rabid animal coming at me, i put mine up to my cheek like a stocked gun. ouch! i never saw where the rabid animal went after the shot, there were too many stars in my eyes and i had a busted jaw. good times, good times…

        • One of the wife’s brother’s when we skeet shoot will one- hand mine with trap loads, and is scary good at busting clay’s, I am a goliath of a man compared to him and not sure I think it to be all that fun! What do they say god loves fool’s!

  26. Greetings everyone from Canada. We too have been experiencing up & down temps. We’ve have a few thawing days & then back to -20’s C. At least the -30 to -40 we had around Christmas for 4 wks. has not returned. We filled our propane in the early fall after it started going up but not like now. We burn wood mostly but use the propane as backup. We used more than usual with the long cold spell. Hope it goes down next summer when we will fill again. I feel very bad for all of you who depend on it as a main source.

    Our local groc. store had juice, coffee, tinned salmon, all on sale for about 1/2 price so I stocked up. Also had to so to city again for DH’s last check for his cataract surgery on Thurs. Got a bunch of fabric @ Value Village. People donate left overs from their sewing & I’m glad to get it for oh so cheap. Also bought some baking flavourings, candy, vanilla pods & dried pineapple from a bulk store.

    DH bought a lg stong tub to haul in the maple sap. Last year he was wearing himself out walking through deep snow carrying it in by 2, 3 gal. pails. This year he wants to bring it in with ski-doo it he can get a trail made through the bush or by wheel barrow when snow goes. He turned 78 before Christmas & finding he plays out a lot quicker than when he was 30. He also bought some LED light to try out since we can’t get the reg. light here in Canada. We did stock up a bit last year but they won’t last forever.

    Next week I have an appointment in a big city about my hip & since we have to travel 240 miles to get there, we are going to make a holiday of it & visit some of the kids while we are out. While I write it has started to snow. Supposed to get 2″ today. We should have good spring moisture for spring seeding. I’ve been following your drought in Cal. & west & sure glad I grow most of my own veg. as things could get very pricey if they don’t get rain soon. God bless you all & keep you safe this week & may you all find both bargains & the cash to stock up wth this week.

    • One of the things I miss about living up north is the local maple syrup and maple sugar candy.

      • Me too Bctruck!

        My step mom still lives in NY (for 6 months a year anyway – she is a snowbird) and she sends me some every year for my birthday!

      • One of my work friends has 6 maple trees and just ordered the tap kit’s this week from I forget where, He tapped them years ago and finally decided to start again. We made a deal some of his syrup for some of my canned corned beef hash. I still think I got the better of the deal.

      • I’d be happy to put you in touch with the folks who’ve been providing maple syrup to my family since before my dad moved south. They even have a website where you can place your orders. http://www.sillowaymaple.com

    • Texanadian says:

      Are you in Northern Alberta? With a drive like that it would be my guess. That is my old and soon to be new stomping grounds.

  27. My wife scored two pair of work boots that have no wear on them at Goodwill this week. Received 500 rds of 22LR. We’ve been stocking up on matches, vinegar, canned meats, sugar (weekly extra buy with normal groceries). I’ve been watching all the presentations for the Survival Summit that’s been going on this week. A lot of good info and a lot of info selling also.
    Experimented with heating a room just using tea lights and flower pots. (Worked quite well in 20 degree temp) We used 3 sets in the center of the room) Also discovered that they make an oven that seems to cook quite well using 10 tea lights.

    • Brooklyn Prepper put it best concerning the survival summit. He said ” just tell us what .com to go to ,to buy your crap and we will cut out the hype and bs”. When I started getting 2-3 highly polished emails everyday telling me about the show,then a “special code” to enter to listen,I decided I didn’t want to be involved. Hope you got something from it but guard your wallet.

      • I didn’t spend a dime on anything. They did put out a lot of information though and some of it was very good. Most only plugged their own sites at the end of their videos. Though some did it throughout.

    • Babycatcher says:

      22LR is still nearly impossible to find in our neck of the woods( east tn) is this a local outage?

      • huckleberrylady says:

        I am not able to find any here either and I am out west. I asked one local store and they said they are lucky to get one box of 100 rounds each week.

      • The only way you can get them in Utah is when you buy a gun. they will sell you a bucket of 1500.

      • Kermit5575 says:

        can’t find them in W FLA..

  28. Met three new lady preppers this week from this site, so happy to converse with each one privately, two from KY, the other one considering a move here possibly. I have already learned things from them! I went to walmart yesterday and Kroger getting items on sale for storage. Getting ready today to can my pork loin that kroger has on sale this afternoon. I have been canning meat this past year and I feel much more secure having it. I also ordered from ebay some idiode potassium (spelling?) and another silver dollar. I can’t afford the gold but I figure I will do what I can with silver. I put some more items in mylar bags/and food saver bags and then into my 5 gallon buckets this morning. I try every day to do a little something. My husband and I’s next big purchase in a couple of months is a wood burning stove, really excited to be preparing for that. We got another couple of inches of snow this morning so it’s a good day to get more prepping done since I doubt I will going out in it. Everyone stay warm today and keep prepping.

  29. This week picked up a breeding pair of turkeys and ducks, added to my flock of 50 or so, for free. Worked on cleaning the roosting coop and added clean bedding. Put new straw in my nesting boxes.Put handles in some hatchets/hammers for future use. Made some venison summer sausage and that is it.

  30. JeffintheWest says:

    We had a pipe freeze here at the homestead last week — fortunately it was to an outside area and didn’t affect the house. Looks like this one has had problems before, but at least we know where the cutoff valve is for this now! Next year we’ll winterize before the cold really hits. Meanwhile, we suddenly went into spring a day or so later with temps near the 70’s during the day, and around 50 at night and warm breezes blowing! Not sure when spring normally comes here (being our first year in place and all), but this seems just a tad early!

    We are starting to get our “garden plan” together, and starting to prioritize work to be done on things now, so we’re feeling better about this spring’s coming workload. We have at least a general idea on what we want to go where on a permanent basis (greenhouses, fruit trees, chicken coop, all that stuff) and a game plan is starting to come together to get us there, along with yet another priority list on things we need to invest in first. High on the list is a couple of solar panels so we can run the well pump if power goes out — always an issue in a fire-prone area like this!

    On the personal health front, I got my kidney stent removed about a week ago and am pain free for the first time since mid-December! Yay! And many deeply felt thanks to the Wolfpack for the prayers and positive thoughts you sent my way. You guys/gals are GREAT! Gotta go back in Feb for an ultrasound to see what’s going on in there, but I feel good and am getting my strength back.

    • patientmomma says:

      Glad to hear you are pain free! Very important for continuing on. Pray your checkup in Feb goes well!

      • Glad your feeling better. I’m planning my garden too. I’ve decide to just grow a bunch of the stuff I love but is expensive to buy and buy the cheaper veggies. We got teased by some 70,s also. Spring isn’t far off for us since the blue birds have returned.

        • JeffintheWest says:

          Yeah, our bluebirds showed up a week or so ago. And our Anna hummingbird (who wintered over with us here) has been joined by two others now….

    • Jeff:

      Glad to hear the stent is out and you are on the mend!

      • JeffintheWest says:


        • look at backwoods home website for chicken coop/ garden idea.saw something similar in mother earth many longs ago before they changed their focus.
          does anyone get it now? saw it at the library and it seemed to have some decent articles in it.
          i get backwoods home and countryside. would mother earth be worth the price?

          • Nsaneprepper says:

            I have been a subscriber for several years. Started because my dad loved it back in its early years and I still have some of those issues. I can’t bring myself to cancel because I’m only paying $12 a year but truthfully I find very little that is of any value to me. Might be good for others. Wasn’t happy to see them promoting the first ladies book about the whitehouse garden with our govt being a supporter of Monsanto.

    • k. fields says:

      Jeff, glad to hear you’re feeling better and hopefully you’ll continue doing so. Your timing worked out well as the gardening season will be starting in earnest soon.
      This weather and a possible false spring is worrying though – I already have some trees starting to bud, although thankfully they are mearly ornamentals. If the fruit trees begin this early it will probably ruin the season for them.
      Good idea of getting a back-up power source for your well – are you thinking of using a low-voltage pump?
      Keep working on those garden plans, remember your new fruit trees should be planted around mid-February as well as your peas, potatoes, asparagus, etc.

      • JeffintheWest says:

        Yeah, I’m concerned about a false spring too — we used to get them quite frequently in NM, and every year we lost our apricot harvest because the trees would bloom, and then we’d get a snap freeze and/or snowstorm and loose every blossom.

        The existing fruit trees haven’t shown any sign of that yet, so I’m hoping it takes more than a couple of days to get ’em started.

        We have big plans for February, including extensive pruning and root inspections on the fruit trees (which have been growing wild for the past decade or more), pruning of the shade trees, raised bed builds, and planting new fruit, nut and berry trees and bushes, along with some fence work and hopefully some hedge planting in selected areas to begin “fortifying” the area against the deer. We also have some drainage work to do and some drip irrigation to take care of.

        We have a low-voltage pump in the well now, but it’s going to require replacement in the next three to five years according to the guy who did our water inspection when we bought the house, so I expect that will be something I’ll need to look into pretty soon.

        It’ll be interesting to see how it looks a year from now! 😉

    • seeuncourt says:

      The help offer for you and your family is still right around the corner. From our homestead to yours, glad that you are recovering well!

    • Nebraska Woman says:

      Isn’t it wonderful when you are feeling so much better? We’ll keep up the prayers.

      • JeffintheWest says:

        I tell you, that old joke about “it’s great to hit yourself in the head with a hammer because it feels so good when you stop” has a lot of similarity to what I went through this past month! 😉 I wouldn’t wish a kidney stone on my worst enemy. Thank you for your prayers and support!

    • Hey Jeff, glad to hear things are getting back to normal. Did the dr’s suggest a different diet for you in order to not have a repeat performance on the kidney stone?

      Hang in there!

  31. OwlCreekObserver says:

    The weather has kept us mostly indoors so didn’t get a lot accomplished except to replenish some food stocks and to order a security system from SimpliSafe Home Security Systems. It should be here by Monday or Tuesday. I like that the entire system is battery operated and the batteries are supposedly good for about five years before you need to change them. The price was right, the monthly monitoring cost is low and there’s no contract. Oh yeah, and M.D. recommends them.

  32. patientmomma says:

    Hello Wolf Pack! Well I have to confess Patientmomma had a major melt down and loss of patience this week. So I guess I’ll have to change my moniker. First we discovered we had a spy at work playing a lying tattletale with the big boss at work, which got all the folks upset, angry and pointing fingers. The next day the supervisors had an EEO complaint slapped on them by a disgruntled former employee. For those of you not familiar with EEO it is TONS of paperwork, depositions, supporting documentation and meetings with lawyers; a blinking nightmare and it can take years to complete.

    That same night, I get home from work, let the dogs out but two don’t come back. I found a hole dug under the fence where they escaped. I had to comb the area trying to find them because it was going to 12 degrees that night. I got one back but could not find the other one. Finally late in the evening I got a call from a neighbor about a mile away who found my poor dumb dog. So I had to get in the car and go get her. She was so cold and shivering I had to wrap her up in a blanket to get her warm.

    This morning I go off to do my Saturday errands and get back to find one of my sons had tried to help me out by washing to floor before he left for work. But, he left a 5 gallon bucket full of dirty water in the room and HIS dog knocked it over, putting two inches of dirty water in the room. I became unglued! After ranting and raving for 30 minutes, I decided to cook some comfort food… bacon and eggs… to calm down.

    So, what did I prep this week. I bought another set of basic tools because my sons took my tools out to the farm and left me with nothing in the house. Bought a new digital cypher lock for the garage door, some locking door knobs for bedrooms and security chains for the porch. Received an order of FD pork sausage from EE, which I split with some friends. Bought a set of 6 L E D puck lights to put under the kitchen cabinets. They are really cool; they have a master control switch which has a on/off, a dimmer, and a 30 minute button. Just punch the 30 minute button and all the lights come on and then go off in 30 minutes. Sam’s had them for $22.

    Thanks for letting me rant; God bless you all; I pray you have a great week!

    • Nope, you don’t have to change your moniker. I think the combination of fun you had this past week was good enough provocation.

    • Patientmomma:

      One of the things I do enjoy about not having a job is the office politics. Everybody knew that I didn’t play well, so they pretty much left me out of that drama.

      • patientmomma says:

        Jeff, I’ll be retiring in a couple of months, but I have not announced it. I only need to give 60 days notice to process my retirement and I have 30 days of leave on the books. I just need to get my city house on the market,,,quickly.

  33. For preps all we have been doing is to plan for when I start receiving my paychecks! What is the most important thing to pay/buy first?!
    DH and I have had only 1 vehicle for about 18 months now. He really wants to get a 2nd car but for the most part we do well with the one and I am trying to convince him to sell his F250 that costs so much to run and get a smaller truck (4 door). It would save us on insurance and gas! We will see what happens.

    I would like to ask for opinions from the pack and I know that many of you love to give your opinions! 🙂 jk! We live in a single wide mobile home. It is paid for and is about 14’x68′. Both of our bathrooms need a serious remodel, as in one of the toilets is doing a serious lean the floor is rotting from a leak from before we moved in. The bathtub in our master is never used. We use the shower in the other one. I do not want to add on to the home (DH keeps talking about knocking down walls and making it bigger. No thanks!) I have proposed that in order to enlarge the master closet (currently 4’x4′) that we do away with the tub and just have a sink and toilet. We would be able to have a large linen closet that way and a larger closet. What do you guys think? Pros? Cons? I am trying to think of all of the angles. We do not plan to move and we are thinking long term for use. My DH could very well end up in a wheelchair full time. Many of our interior doors are not wide enough for a wheelchair. We are planning for pocket doors for all of them as we get to them.

    • Nebraska Woman says:

      I see no problem with what you want to do. I did the same thing, but I put the washer/dryer into the bathroom and used the former spot for shelving; I now have a large, lovely pantry off the kitchen, and I do not miss the tub at all! Your ide of enlarging the closet and having a linen closet is great.
      As for the closet, I tend to pare down my stuff and use closet organizers. I find myself wearing only a few things per week (retired, no job), and the only time I dress up is for church or a special evening out. When the ex lived here, we used a double rod which worked just fine.
      When I lived in a mobile home about 30+ years ago I loved it. No clutter, easy cleaning, and cheap lot rent. I do not blame you for not wanting to leave.

    • worrisome says:

      Brenda, the first question is the age of the mobile home? The first thing you need to do is work on the the first bathroom. Get that floor up and see how much damage the toilet has caused. Then start there, new and solid floor in. Repair or replace toilet and make sure ingress and egress to the toilet is accessible with a wheel chair. Then remodel that door there so if that is the only toilet in the house, your husband, even in a wheel chair can get in. Also if your husband is potentially going to end up in a wheel chair, make sure that he can get in and out of that easily as well.

      Big tubs in most mobiles are a waste of space and take a lot of water to fill up. The good side is that it would provide water storage in an emergency, the rest of the time, space for storage is a better bet.

      Just my two cents. But candidly, anything you can do ahead of time to prepare that place for a wheel chair the better. If you wait until it becomes a necessity, you may have to do it with more professional and expensive help.

      Big tubs are a waste of space, you are right.

    • I have a lot of experience working on and repairing mobile homes,in fact,a freind recently had a stroke and is wheelchair dependent. I widened all the doorways in his mobile home,built a 68 foot long ramp and turned his garden tub into a step in shower with a bench he can sit on and bathe. My email is bctruck
      At gmail dot com if you need any advice or if I can help in any way,please feel free to contact me. Brad

      • patientmomma says:

        BC Truck, you are an awesome guy to volunteer to help. Plus, I watch your youtube videos and they are just what I can follow and understand; plus I love your humor!

    • Hi Brenda, Just some thoughts, no recommendations.

      My DW broke her knee several years ago and spent quite a while in a wheel chair. We discovered that none of the doorways were wide enough for her to get through easily unless I pushed. If she tried to do it herself, more often than not she would catch her knuckles between the wheels and the door frame and be in terrible pain. The wheelchair would not go through either bathroom door at all, so I had to help her get in and out.

      Also, we have eight stairs to get into the house through either door, so she had to get out of the wheelchair and go up or down on her rear. That is really difficult, and can be painful.

      So I would seriously consider getting the house wheelchair ready as a high priority. If you are reasonably sure you will not be moving, better to get it done early. That way you can spread out the costs and maybe get better prices if you are not in a hurry. If you wait, it may be a lot of Gotta Do It Right Now, and that can be very expensive.

      Not every door needs widening, but the entrance, bath, and bedroom are pretty much must dos. Also a ramp to the entrance.

      Grab bars in bath and anywhere else which seems appropriate.

      As far as the toilet goes, the sooner it’s fixed, the better, because the rot is only going to get worse. I had to replace one and found the wax gasket had failed long before and the floor rotted out.

      I was able to save a LOT of work by ripping out the rot, then laying 3/4″ plywood on top of what was left. That raised the toilet 3/4″, so required a double height gasket, but the extra height was well worth the savings in work. (The joists were under the adjoining tub and vanity, so the only alternative was get under the house and add sleepers. My way let me use the remaining solid floor to support the new plywood.)

      The Tub: That’s an interesting call. I’m inclined to think the tub is an asset worth keeping, if you can. How about temporarily turning it into a closet, without removing the tub or plumbing?

      Could you add a clothes rod running the length of the tub (if you need another), shelves directly on the tub floor or rim?

      One thing to consider is whether your DH would be better off using the shower, or showering in the tub if he is chair-bound. My DW found it possible to shower in our shower (our tub is in the other bath) but it was pretty tight. She used a plastic invalid chair and I installed grab bars. I think the tub would have been easier to get in and out of, but it was much further away from the door the chair wouldn’t go through than our shower is.

      Another thing to consider is building up the cash reserve. Unexpected expenses crop up- you may not be able to predict what they will be, but they will come along. Sometimes throwing money at a problem is the best option, but that only works when you have the money to throw.

      My Best to you both!

      • Penrod,
        We have already put in a new front door and added a ramp to the entrance. We remodeled the kitchen last year so he could get around in the kitchen and living room with no problems. The main bath we plan to make wheelchair accessible. The biggest problem will be the door which is why we plan to put in a pocket door. He has an older model hoveround which he mainly uses here at home to get around to check on the animals and the garden. The whole plan has been to enable him to get around and to be able to help.

    • Babycatcher says:

      I second everyone else’s comments on the repairs, but wanted to add- make sure you check all the joists under the bathroom floor after taking the plywood/OSB out…you may find the joists rotted far beyond where the toilet was, and those need to be replaced first, before new plywood goes in. Btdt. Also, check the floor under the washer and refrigerator. I’ve had to repair those, too, in another life…;) blessings to all, and stay warm! Spring is coming, eventually…

    • I knew that I would get some good ideas from the pack. We are planning to totally remodel both baths (one at a time). The one with the leaning toilet is in the master bath. We plan to take everything down to the studs and redoing the floors in the bedroom and bath. It is getting done first.
      Our home is 28 yrs old. I love the idea of putting the washer and dryer into the bathroom. I would love to have a larger pantry!
      I also keep my clothes weaned out. Of course my clothes were practically eliminated when the house burned and I have nowhere near what I had back then. Since I do work in a office 4 months out of the year I do need office attire. When we remodel I will reorganize the layout of the closet to make it more efficient.
      Thanks again Pack and any more suggestions will definitely be appreciated.

      • oh yeah I forgot to add that before DH became disabled he built and remodeled houses for a living. So we are well aware of what we need to do, we are just trying to figure out the best layout. I appreciate all of your comments.

      • S'wt Tater says:

        looking as similar modifications for parents home…and it’s topo late to do it early for us.If your washer and dryer are presently in the hall, and you can put them anywhere else it will help…we will have to add a room for this, and a pocket door in a mobile unit, will be no small feat….we are planning to place a storage closet in the space..that is 18 inches deep. from floor to ceiling…and the width of the washer and dryer…that will help with the limited storage of a trailer home…and still leave plenty of space for the hallway/passage.

    • As long as you have to do something about the toliet, install a tall one if you already have not. The toliets in my sister’s mobile home are very low. Before I had hip surgery, I had a very difficult time when visiting her. The taller toliets and grab bars were so very helpful both before the hip surgery and for the weeks following.

      • Great idea Susy, I have trouble with my hips and knees sometimes now. I am sure that my DH would like that too.

  34. Sing of the Time:

    The DW and I went out ot breakfast at a little cafe near here. They have stopped putting out the jelly baskets, you now have to ask for some. People were taking the jelly home.

    • I read an article about people waking up, looking in their backyards to find their woodpiles had been stolen in the night.

      • Cattle rustling has become a huge problem around here! It’s one of those offenses that will bring out the Texas Rangers in full force. It’s always fun to see news reports where people are urged to keep their livestock branded.

  35. Not much this week. Bought two boxes of Sambucol to put with my one box of Sambucus. They’re both made with black elderberries. Walmart didn’t have any Sambucol for awhile but a few days ago had six boxes on shelf so I got 2. They’re in tablet form and you’re supposed to let the tablet dissolve in your mouth not swallow it. I assume it needs to mix with your saliva.

    Added a few more canned goods from the store and two large jars of coconut oil to storage. That’s it for now.

  36. Still working on the rug…
    Picked up a bunch of seasonings that I don’t normally get, but with the sales on football food, I stocked up on marinade, chinese food seasonings, quart of soy sauce and found something different; concentrated broth in a squirt bottle. If its tasty as a broth, will get the chicken flavor too and it can go in GHB.
    Quarter inch of ice on Thursday night, Friday morning. Pitching out a handful of rock salt on step to back porch handled access to firewood. Which, like BC’s stack has really gotten used a bunch this year. All that nice live oak going into heat instead of bar-b-que is almost a serious crime… Temps to 60s today and 70s tomorrow, then back to chances of sleet and freezing rain again next Tuesday…. Yay. NOT!
    Picked up DH a pair of new cowboy hats, one summer straw and the other a black felt that he can get muddy or whatever. The old one he had fall apart on him had a hole in the crown where a quail hunter wasn’t using proper gun safety!
    Found at Hobby Lobby, a pair of terra cotta wine coolers for a dollar each. Basically, tall pots with no drain hole, perfect for making a zeer cooler out of to actually cool bottles of wine. Might be good for making some of those little heaters… Hmmmm.. Also found a small half gallon sized covered compost can, wish it was bigger, but it will work for everyday needs.
    Need to get outside to turn water back on at the barn and kennels…so I can clean the kennels…
    Stay warm, pack, and does anyone know what’s set off Alex Jones? Internet slow due to too many people using the bandwidth last few days…

    • And I’m about to do harm to a yellow lab puppy who just chewed up my little laurel tree….. Tinker belle!!!!! Comeback here!!!!

    • “half gallon sized covered compost can”

      We cook our rice in a rice cooker (EVERYBODY in Hawaii does- they’re great) and when one conked out we used the liner and cover for compost. It works fine. Maybe you can find a used one cheap somewhere. I don’t know how common they are on the Mainland.

      • worrisome says:

        Penrod, are you talking about bamboo rice cookers? Darn, I just threw one of those out…………

        • Nope. These are electric cook pots. They usually have a removable aluminum liner. As TTT (below) says, you just dump in as much rice as you want, add the appropriate amount of water, turn on, and forget about it.

          The great thing about them is that you can start the rice any time it’s convenient and not worry about the cooking time. They will cook white rice, brown rice, or a combination of the two- the cooker figures out how long to cook it. When it is done cooking, it flips over to Warm and will hold the rice for hours.

          I think you can cook other food in them, but we haven’t tried that.

          Ours is a Panasonic 5.5 cup model. As I recall it ran around $30. I just checked Amazon and they have a jillion varieties from around 20 clams up to…are you sitting down? Well medicated? $699.50.

          The $30 variety are just fine. They’ll free up a burner on the stove, and you don’t have to worry about under or overcooking.

          I doubt you could find a home in Japan or Hawaii without one. Maybe military folks here, but that would be about it.

          Of course, when you see somebody here buying rice in the dinky little 20 pound sack, you know they are single.

          • had one for 25 yrs never conked out yet. i cook quinoa in it, too.
            any chinese grocery store has them. you put rice in in the morning and it is ready when you come home from work. never burns. i leave it on all night ready for breakfast or lunch next day.
            sometimes dump in a bit of extra water if it gets a bit dry.

      • Thomas The Tinker says:

        Common? donoo but Mommasan and I keep a spare. 1 cup of rice… 2 cups o water… a lil more if you like sticky, push tab down and ya got 20 min to cook the rest of dinner… lunch. Lovethethngs Penrod.

    • Nebraska Woman says:

      A hole in your husband’s hat due to a quail hunter’s lack of safety? Was he wearing it? Yikes!
      Started my t-shirt rug. Thanks for the idea.

      • Yep, he was. Fortunately he was far enough away that the hat was the only casualty. He always gives a little “see this dog? You shoot it, you write me a check for $5000. See me? You shoot me, you’ll be writing my wife a much, much larger one when she gets done with you.” most of the people he guides for have more money than they know what do do with. Lots of time in offices and courtrooms, but not in the field.

  37. mom of three says:

    Went to big lots, they were having a 20% off today with the big lots card. I bought 2 gallons bleach, 2 bags laundry soap. Some canned chicken, a few little things. We are going to work on our property this long three day weekend, end of the semester for the kids. Until we get paid again not to much bought but every little thing will count.

    • mom of three says:

      I went to my favorite grocery store, I checked the cheap rack they had Amy’s canned tomato soup .30 a can I also picked up three cans of tomato sauce so 9 cans cost me $2.90 . Every little bit helps us.

  38. PGCPrepper says:

    Whelp, the Target thing/breach got me. Luckily I have USAA and they took care of it as I saw no issues and I check daily. DW loves her some Target. They are issuing me a new card number. I had my old Lowe’s card and Home Despot cards hacked last year. I tore up the cards years ago but never cancelled and forgot about them. Not fun. Just one card for me.

    Made my own sauerkraut for the first time for the probiotics. Four days in on the fermenting. Will likely purchase a fermenting crock soon or air lock jars or fido jars that keeps oxygen from entering ferment but allows the gasses to escape.

    • patientmomma says:

      PGCPrepper, I have an old german stoneware crock which I think was used to make sauerkraut. I faintly remember a wooden lid, which is long gone now. Would a wood lid to keep the oxygen out but let the gasses escape?

      • PGCPrepper says:

        Not sure with info given but the old Deutsch fermenting crocks had a water “moat” of water around the lids that allowed the gases to escape but kept the air out; thus not mold. I’ve spent several months researching. I am going to experiment with all proclaimed ways to make kraut as I have discovered and rediscovered several remedies for my parasitic illness. Sauerkraut is a mainstay.

        I’ve lost 25 lbs in one month and as some here prolly knows I had anger control issues and maybe have side bets on me maintaining emotional control. That is under control now. I will likely write an article on my recovery if it works. I thought I was dead meat a few month ago. A low carb and no gluten diet has worked wonders along with inflammatory control supplements. I think I will be OK now.

        As the Grain Brain author wrote, grains are not everyones friend. I was training for a bike/run race one day and sick the next day. I went from 180 lbs to 227 lbs, I have endured a case of tinnitus at such a high Db level that I wanted to die and prayed for it. I thought I needed to up the carbs for 50 mile bike rides and i used pizza, beer and whatever for the carbs. I was wrong. It went against everything I believed as a champion bodybuilder and powerlifter but yet I rationalized….carbs. Wrong for me.

        I am under a strict, low carb, non gluten, high fish oil diet with certain inflammatory supplements and have actually had days where I did not have to wear headphones with white noise to get through the day. Gluten sucks. IBS sucks. More later. As Dr. Perlmutter stated, your gut is your brain. A worthy read…Grain Brain

        • PGCPrepper:

          Glad the problem has finally been identified and is being dealt with. Congrats on the progress. And yes, we would like to here your story.

          • PGCPrepper says:

            Thanks sir,
            Not sure yet but the mood and outlook has changed dramatically. If you didn’t eat you would die so how can we not believe that the quality of consumption will not make a delta? I knew once that burning fuel from glucagon (pancreas dissemination) was far better than insulin release (also pancreas control) to control blood sugar. I’m published on early bodybuilding sites. Even a ketogenic state is better but not necessary. I could write a book. D. Adkins did not invent the high fat/no carb diet. Old school pre-steroid bodybuilders did. Keys to Progress

            Maybe I’ll submit an article regardless. I do believe that I may be a full blown celiac but have not been tested. DHA/EPA is your friend. Consuming a higher good fat diet with high carbs will make you fat. Ideally, if you eat higher carbs, 30 or more for a male, at a meal then your fats should be low. If you eat higher fats with protein at a meal then your carbs should remain lower. You can actually eat more food and maintain bodyweight if this simple principle were applied. Carbs with fat do not mix. I’ll leave it at that for now.

            • Nebraska Woman says:

              I am so glad you found out what was wrong. I agree; gluten can be icky stiff. Also when you give up bread, you give up GMO’s.

            • PGCPrepper,

              You’re raising my antennae here!

              My BF has suffered from IBS for years, and when his stomach would become upset at night, he would turn to comfort food (ice cream, or cereal with milk) to sooth it, and it would only be worse! He was addicted to carbs and sweets….he loved his breads, and pancakes, and cornbread, and pastries.

              After researching the primal diet for my dogs, one thing led to another and I ended up on Amazon reading the reviews for “Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Intestinal Health Through Diet” by Elaine Gottschall. The reviews are testimonials on how the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) has virtually saved people from lives of misery. I sent him the book. He read it and changed his diet on the spot. The very first day he was amazed that his gut was not in an uproar in the evening as usual and he was able to sleep through the night for the first time in over 6 years!

              On this diet, in a nutshell, you give up all prepared and packaged foods, all grain products, all starchy foods, all sugars except honey, and all milk products except hard cheeses, and yogurt you make yourself and cure for 24 hours.

              What you do eat is healthy oils, butter, eggs, nuts, fresh meat and fish, fresh fruits and veggies, and use almond and coconut flour for baking. And of course the yogurt you make….this changes the flora in your gut and eliminates the toxins from eating an overload of starchy carbs.

              He is a new man! I went on the same diet….I did not want to be eating his addictive foods in front of him, and was soooooo surprised that I felt so much better also… no more bloating and I dropped 15 lbs!

              This diet is designed to heal your gut, and over time, you can start adding in some of the foods you love. I have tried rice, corn, and potatoes as add-ins after 6 months, but any wheat products cause the bloating again, so I do without. I think I miss beer the most, but heck, I love red wine and it is allowed! 🙂

              Please check out the Amazon link for the book and read the reviews, and there are so many bloggers out there with great SCD recipes!

              It is good to read that you are doing so much better and I look forward to reading your upcoming article.

              (in Norcal & TN)

              PS — My copy of Grain Brain arrived today!

              • PGCPrepper says:

                Oh yeah. I’ve been doing that diet since 1999 based on old school pre-steroid workouts and the first modern book I read somewhat on the subject, “The Blood Type Diet, in particular blood type O’s should never eat grains, in essence they should go paleo.

                I switched over to Jay Robb’s “The Fat Burning Diet” in 2002 and never felt better. It allowed a carb up meal twice per week in the evening so the insulin response from the pancreas would mess with you blood sugar at night and while sleeping. Sweet potatoes are good for that if desired. Some folks get a bit groggy full keto.

                I just got away from it when I started doing aerobic workouts such as hiking, biking (mountain and duathlons), running etc. Decided I could eat whatever because I was burning it off. WRONG!

                • Yes I read your comment on another thread about the blood type O diet. I am O also and found that very interesting! Sweet potatoes I do love, and eat them as well as some wild rice every now and then.
                  It’s live and learn for me what anyone can tolerate as far as foods, and even more, what foods we thrive on without side effects, and when and what to indulge in at certain times.
                  As far as prepping, it adds an entirely different slant as to what foods to prep with. i tend to store rice as a staple instead of pastas and wheat based foods.
                  Best of luck to you and glad you are back to doing what is healthy for you!

              • red bridge gluten free beer good stuff

            • I’m glad you’re making progress with the GF diet. Since you have already left it off, the blood test for Celiac will be pretty useless. Gluten has all kinds of strange side-effects that you would not think are related until you give it up. Some people just generally feel better while others see significant changes in issues like acid-reflux, plantar’s faciitus, ADHD, brain fog, etc.

              GF prepping offers challenges but once you get the hang of GF eating, you adapt – prep what you eat and eat what you prep is definitely important.

              Enjoy your returned good health!

        • got a dr. leonard’s catalog. has a little device for tinnitus, don’t know if it is any good.
          i have anger but it is a part of manic-depressive syndrome. i take saint john’s wort but side effect is skin reaction when sun exposure.
          it really works. also discovered whole family is gluten intolerant. has helped so much with bowels, joint pain and fatigue.
          found it on pbs tv with dr. john lapuma. see if you can get it on your computer.
          best to you.

          • PGCPrepper says:

            Thanks, My T is at a very high Db. I have to sleep and usually exist during the day wearing over ear headphones with my Ipod set to white noise apps. It has saved my life to use an over used word….literally. When listening to the radio/TV, I have one ear free. But recently I have had days where the T was there but at a pitch I could tolerate. There is hope and there is prayer.

        • PGCPrepper,
          Gluten issues can cause a short fuse. I learned that the hard way before my diagnosis. I would love to see you write an article about your journey. Take care.

      • PGCPrepper says:


        This is similar to the old Harsch crock that was the standard I’ve read. Rather expensive but you can see where the rim allows for water to be “moted” or whatever. If you have something similar then that might be what you have.


        People make kraut way less expense with air lock jars or Fido jars or even salsa jars.


        I’ve even seen some just squeeze out the brine, toss it in a mason jar, push the cabbage below the brine juice with a cabbage leaf, a comparable size lid for wide mouth jars or layer top of brine with olive oil since the gasses can permeate the oil whereas air cannot and wait the three or four weeks (you can often see the lids bulging from the gasses). Then they dip out the mold and white stuff and dive in. LOL.

        Some just put a rag over a jar and worry little about the air. Mold has “roots” and I wouldn’t do that. Pretty simple though and cheap once you have a the right vessel; green cabbage and sea salt.

    • Hunker-Down says:


      The Target thing/breach got us to.
      They sent us an email directing us to a site to get free credit card monitoring. The instructions in the Target email said we need to apply on line through that site AND SUPPLY OUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER!!!

      don’t those dummies at Target know that there is a thing called “on line hacking”???? They want us to put our SSN on line??? Dorks.

      • PGCPrepper says:


        I received nothing from Target. That sounds so suspicious anyway. Why would they even do that? Yep, here’s my SSN, no problem with that whatsoever /sarc

        I am overly paranoid I feel sometimes. I called up USAA who holds quite a bit of my cash and asked if they could flag my account somehow so that money can not be withdrawn unless me or the DW calls first and clears it. They did.

      • Question? Did you give your email address to Target? How do they know it? My DD thought the same thing when she got a similar email, then she actually called the number on their website, not the one on the email, but the,actual Target website. Nope, they aren’t sending out email. Always always double check.

  39. I`m just starting. I don’t remember when I made a list of everything I`ll need, but I did that and I`m still adding to it. Yesterday I cleaned out a cabinet in my kitchen for prepping stuff. I put a bag of noodles in it, and I was going to get some food from Walmart, but didn’t get a chance.

    • ladyhawthorne says:

      Everyone has to start somewhere. Good for you for getting those noodles and making a place to put them!

    • put noodle package in another bag with a bay leaf in it. keeps everything safe if infected with bugs from the store.
      had to throw out one package of noodles last year but others were uninfected, thank God.store here called ollie’s. got big containers of bay leaves cheap.

    • Thanks for all the ideas!

  40. Not a lot to report this week on the prepping end. I did finally manage to order a pound of elderberries. They should arrive late next week so I can start tincture over the weekend. The Treeman has been showing me how to tie different knots this week. I have been practicing that. I also finally finished 31 Days to Survival.
    We are finally getting a Costco in our area and it should be up and running at the end of the summer. I have always shopped at Sam’s Club and was wondering which do most prefer? I have never been in a Costco but I have heard prices are significantly lower. I have for the most part been happy with the items I purchase at Sam’s but not opposed to change.

    • patientmomma says:

      I have both a Sams and a Cosco within 5 miles. I currently belong to sams only because it is closer with less traffic than getting to cosco. I think it just depends on the city and the manager as to which one meets your needs. Prices and products are about the same.

      • Same here, patientmomma. We belong to both. Sam’s and their gas pumps are a little closer, but CostCo has some minor things we like which Sam’s doesn’t carry, and depending on where we run errands may be closer to the route. If we had no choice I would be delighted with either one.

        • Thank you for the input. My membership at Sam’s will need renewed in a few months and I was hesitant as to if I would continue with it. I think I will renew and just see what Costco has to offer too.

          • Angel, Costco will give you a guest pass for a couple of times to look around and try it before you sign up for a membership. A good way to determine whether it is worth it for you.

    • Our area only has a BJ’s. Personally, I think their prices are much too high, and I can usually do better at a regular ole Wally’s. Plz let us know what you think about Costco vs. Sam’s if you start shopping at Costco.

  41. S'wt Tater says:

    I haven’t posted anything for preps for several weeks…folks keeping me busy and internet/computer issues have limited my time as well. I have had time to go back and read most of then posts.. congratulations to all those who won in the last contests.
    For preps I have been picking up items we don’t use very often…gravy mixes, instant potatoes,seasoning mixes for beef stew and meatloaf,
    Then the items we use most often.., string beans and mixed vegetables, carrots…for quick soups….pasta in 16oz. for 1$..have to watch these, some are getting much smaller., canned tuna and chicken in oz , ,cheese sauces and dip sizes…peanut butter and sugar free jelly….a few cans of ravioli, 10 lbs sugar, 10 lbs cornmeal and flour..20 lbs of various beans and 10 lbs of white rice…. I have put up several more gallons of water as the jugs become available, either milk, vinegar, bleach or 2 liter soda bottles..
    Take care all, continue to do what you have to do to provide and care for your families and those nearby..What we do is not done in a corner, but neither do we broadcast it. It’s just the mindset to take care of those near, dear and close in proximity…
    So keep on Keeping ON!
    Keep those ill and sick in your prayers and those giving care as well…all have a hard job. My Mom has a slow recovery going at present. Many thanks for the prayers that have been offered on our behalf.

  42. Millie in KY says:

    Just a quick note, on my way to work today I did want to let everyone know that I tried the ginger for the acid reflux. I also added digestive enzymes. One of each just before a meal. Bingo! No more acid reflux! Thank you, everyone! I am amazed at how well this has worked, the hardest thing is to remember to take it.

  43. Fenland Prepper says:

    Well we just bought our first dehydrator, not too big a six tray one. Now its time to start making all those snack foods we have been buying. We will be doing things like banana chips and fruits to start with. Never having done this before Is it best to store them in jars or mylar bags, anyone have a view on this?

    • ladyhawthorne says:

      I’ve not done banana chips but other fruits I have stored in glass jars, not that they last very long, especially apple slices.

    • JeffintheWest says:

      I prefer jars — plastic sometimes leaches into stuff, or so I’ve been told, and I figure glass is just safer all around for storing food. Just save your old bottles from spaghetti sauce or whatever for this sort of thing. But it really isn’t a very long-term storage problem given how fast fruit snacks get eaten up….

      • Fenland Prepper says:

        Thanks for the advice, most of what we want it for is another way to store any excess, so we might store some in glass for everyday picking! Then put some in bags and store in the freezer.

  44. I have been reading about prepping for too long and decided to just get started (though SO thinks it’s dumb). Got four 50 gallon water barrels off Craigslist for $5 each, cleaned them out well, built 2×4 frame on floor, filled them using a little bleach.

    Money is really tight so I bought 4 cases of ramen for $2.70 each, 2lbs pintos and 25 lbs rice. Helped a neighbor clean out his mom’s house and he gave me about 150 quart bottles (full of old foods so I will have to clean them out). Hope to can some ham and beans next week.

    It’s not much, but I feel a lot better having started. I’ll be watching for bargains and let them direct future preps.

    • Fenland Prepper says:

      The simple fact you have started is the best bit! We have been prepping for about a year doing a little bit each week. You may surprise youself how quickly it becomes a part of your life.

    • Sounds like a great start. Especially if you SO is not on board.

      My advise is to do what you think is right, time will turn the So around.

    • I’m jealous of your barrels. We only have space for one, and had to pay retail. You got a great deal. And I would really hate to run out in UT in the summer!

    • Texanadian says:

      Ask SO about what would happen if the power went out for a week? What would we eat? What would we drink? An ice storm knocks lines down…

      Don’t push just play the what-if game. What is SO’s favorite food? What if we couldn’t get that for a month?

      Did you hear what happened in … That could happen here. What would it take to have some emergencies supplies? (As opposed to being a prepper)

      Just some thoughts.

      • ladyhawthorne says:

        I second what Texanadian said. My folks think preppers are crazy so I just use the what if emergency stories and keep on sailing!

        • I agree. Rather than call what I do prepping, I call it insurance . I ask those who raise their eyebrows how they plan to feed their family and keep them warm if we have a blizzard or ice storm or if something disrupts all the trucks that bring us fresh fruit and vegetables from California.

          • How about a drought that disrupts the trucks coming and bringing fresh fruit and vegies from California. If there isnt a change in the weather out here soon that will be playing on a news station near you soon..

            It all has been declared…….now the fight over who gets the water that is left has begun. LA already made one play for Nor Cal to send all that is left south to them…………and it fell on deaf ears in Sacto. Guess folks in LA will have to give up watering lawns and filling swimming pools……..

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        My sister said she didn’t need to prep because Jesus was returning and would take her away. Some people think preppers are all doomsday survivalists. What if there’s a tornado, tidal wave, snowmeggedon? What if….

        • worrisome says:

          Exactly Tact G-Ma. Fires, Floods, Droughts, Too much snow, not enough snow……….Earthquakes……..Getting fired from your job………………Get prepared, Be prepared and hope you have a decent chance of getting through it.

        • T. G-Ma,
          No offense to you… your sister is an idiot. I’ve read the Bible from one end to the other twice. I remember that Jesus said he would come again to take up the believers. I do not remember anywhere that said you did not have to take care of yourself and your family until it happens.

    • JeffintheWest says:

      That old Chinese proverb about long journeys and single steps still holds true. You’ve started on something that can (and probably will, the world being what it is) make your lives much better and more secure down the road. Don’t think of it as “prepping” since that seems to be a “dirty word” in some places, but rather as just being frugal and exercising some common sense! The same things your Grandparents did back in the depression when times were tough, really.

      • Hunker-Down says:

        Is prepping a dirty word? 😉 We don’t prep. We spend as much money and labor as possible pi$$ing in the wind against the consequences of TDL. That’s not prepping; that’s politicks (so I’m gonna claim it as a deduction on our taxes…not).

        I wonder how the IRS will interpret that double negative in the above sentence.

    • don’t know if you have animals wandering through or the state of the food in the jars, but you might mix the contents into your compost heap. won’t be wasted, if you think it is safe to do so.

  45. seeuncourt says:

    Just finished cleaning number 2 of three coops. I am pooped! (Pun intended) the DH is heading to Iraq in two weeks, so we are trying to get the two 300lb plus pigs butchered, just waiting on the moon! Paid attention to the dollar store article and picked up rice in two pound bags! For a dollar! Started building a hoop house green house. I’m taking pictures so I can post an article. Please pray for the DH safety in Iraq, he’ll be there awhile.

  46. seeuncourt says:

    The US mil has a base in erbil, however, the DH is civilian and works for a German company in mosul.

  47. huckleberrylady says:

    This week I worked on organizing and inventory of my preps. Had more of some items than what I thought I had and also made notes of areas I need to fill in. Cleaned out one freezer and have started defrosting it once it is defrosted I will work on organizing it better. I did notice I have quite a few hams, so I plan on canning most of them up. We also worked on painting our laundry room, hoping to be able to sell our place this year and get moved farther out!
    I hope everyone has a great week, and keep on prepping!

  48. cynthia rafler says:

    Slow week, again, due to low funds.
    Can’t say enough about .99 Cent store, how it gets me through tough times now and it helping me prep for our future.
    Found some cool furniture that you can hide weapons in it’s storage. I plan on buying them.

  49. nick flandrey says:

    HI Folks, I’m gonna include last week ’cause I had a ton of good stuff.

    I found a real nice used ham radio base station at a yard sale last week for 60% of the ebay price. I’ve been looking to step up from my chinese HT and this was perfect. Now I’ve got to get some antennas up.

    I scored more than a half dozen Glock factory mags at the State surplus outlet. I’ll keep 2 that match, and list or trade the others. They’ve been unobtainium around here, and they were only $20 each. I bought all they had.

    I found 4 made in USA cast iron skillets at a yard sale for $15 total. I cleaned up and seasoned 2 of them today, and will get to the others tomorrow. Another guy had a 2 burner colman stove, missing the gas tank but otherwise in good shape. I bought it for $3 and will substitute the tank from a smashed up (ugly but functional) stove that has been a backup at a secondary location.

    Got oil in a yard sale lamp and fired it up for the first time. Never used one before. I will try some other wick shapes to see if I get better light. I’d say it was about equivalent to a 10 watt bulb, and I thought it would be brighter. Burned a long time. I like it as backup for the backups (colman lanterns.)

    Added new mantles and sparkers to a couple of colmans. I buy them whenever I see them reasonably priced, so I have a few waiting for minor fixes.

    Bought 2 gallons of colman fuel at estate sales. No one else buys it, so I get it cheap. Like, 50c or $1 per gallon. Works great no matter how old it is.

    Bought some nice older pots and pans at yard sales for the secondary location. Seeing the Oklahoma twister footage really lit a fire under me to build up some stores away from my home.

    Added food to the home storage and the 2ndary. Hit an asian market and they had a ton of shelf stable pouch meals. I bought some in each flavor to try. DW and I both love indian food, and I expect it to be really good. We’ve tried some other brands of shelf stable indian and they are great.

    Added some paper goods to storage as well.

    Added 6 days of dog food, a spare leash, and collar to the dog’s carrier crate. Added the carrier to my 15 minute list. One less thing to worry about remembering.

    Bought my first pieces of metal. Waiting for them to get here. DW is FULLY on board with buying more, given world events. Argentina just dropped 14% against the dollar after instituting currency controls limiting their citizens to 2 foreign purchases per YEAR in an attempt to keep capital in the country. Looks like their going to lose control of their currency again, and real soon.

    I dropped out of a surplus auction for a pallet of just expired Mountain House. I wish I could afford to drop $1200 at a time, given that is about 1/6 of retail, but it’s still a big whack all at once. Anyone have any direct experience with MH that is past its ‘use by’? I’d expect it to be good for at least a couple of years more….

    I’ve got a couple of questions for the group.

    Anyone try the Sweet Sue brand of canned whole chicken? I’d like to add it, if it doesn’t taste funny. Canned meat is hard to find.

    Anyone know if the canned bacon I remember from the 70’s is still available somewhere? The interwebs seem to think it is no longer made? Our Costco has shredded bacon in a pouch, but it only has a 6 month shelf life, and it’s shredded 🙂 I love bacon and it adds flavor to so many things.

    For all you guys buying the #10 cans, do you have a plan/technique for preserving the bulk of the can when you open it? Or do you go thru a can all at once? I’ve been leery of buying #10s ’cause I can’t imagine eating that much at one time (unless it’s a ‘stone soup’ sort of situation, and I’ve got a lot of extra mouths around.)

    Anyone got good references for prepping with kids? Mine are 4 and 2 and young kids complicate every aspect of the planning. I’ve decided that any bugout will essentially be equivalent to a medevac in terms of added difficulty. A lot of preppers online seem to be ‘lone wolves’ or couples. Being unable to easily retreat because you have a 2 yo with you complicates everything from a random encounter, to WROL…

    Thanks to all who are sharing their info. It has been inspiring and very helpful.


    • seeuncourt says:

      Campingsurvival.com yoders canned bacon.

    • Pre cooked Yoders canned bacon is available from many sources. The price varies from $13 to $15 per can. We have used it for several years now and while thin cut it tastes good.

      • canning directions for bacon at ‘ask jackie’ at ‘backwoods home magazine’ and at ‘rural revolution’ patrice lewis’ website.

      • nick flandrey says:

        Thanks for the link, The Yoders and the Tactical bacon are both pre-cooked. The stuff I remember from camping as a kid was uncooked. It was saltier than normal bacon, but better than NO bacon!

        I’ll check out the home canning option.

        I have the shelf stable bacon in the cupboard as part of my preps, but it doesn’t store for 2 years. Bacon is such a good add on to almost anything that it makes sense to me to have some.


    • Hey Nick,

      I have 6 kids at home and one in university – my little homelings are 2,4,7,8,8, and 12. I agree with you that kids really do complicate things. Whatever I do, I have to keep in mind that the way things are today will be different 6 months from now and the needs of the kids will be different. I’m happy that we are leaving the diaper stage but know that feminine supplies will um …absorb that portion of the budget in the near future. If I am looking to prep for 2 years in advance, I must anticipate the clothing, emotional, educational, equipment and transportation needs of all those in my family. Because of this, we currently live at our BOL. Trying to stock and maintain 2 places far apart would be crazy-making for me.

      When I first really started prepping, I bought lots of packaged supplies. Now, I realize that the space to store what I would need in this way for 7 people is huge compared to storing the raw ingredients. For example, I made a big batch of homemade soap last fall. I grate a bar, add Borax and Washing Soda to make laundry detergent. On one shelf, I can store enough of those 3 ingredients to do laundry for at least 5 years – waaay more compact than boxes of Tide.

      In a SHTF scenario, there will be no garbage collection. If we have to live with 4200 used diapers, all those tin cans and tons of plastic wrap, AND all our neighbors stuff, it’s gonna get ugly. My point here is that now would be a good time to look into concepts like elimination communication, family bed, sewing, mending and altering clothes etc in order to reduce what your family “needs” to survive.

      Finding prepper activities that can be done as a family can be difficult…At $20/hour for a sitter for all the kids, I have no choice but to bring them all along. Fortunately, I’ve found the perfect activity for us all. We’ve joined a living history society. I get to learn new skills, make friends with other families, and the whole group helps to guide and teach my children. Because of this involvement, I’ve learned some basic black smithing, made leather footwear for the entire family, sewed historical clothing, brain tanned and smoked a deer hide, created shelters such as teepees and willow lodges, a dog cariole, ox cart, Metis cradleboard and countless other useful projects.

      Personally, I have tried to find a balance with my children when it comes to skill development. I focus not on what to think, but how to think. I have also done some research into brain development and try to chose activities that will enhance their ability to think for themselves. Some example are; choosing piano and violin lessons for my children because of how these things actually change the way the brain is being wired. We actively limit screen time to a couple of movies on the weekends. We live on a farm as access to the natural world has a calming effect on the brain. The children sing in a choir and get plenty of outdoor exercise- both great choices for maintaining optimal mental health.

      Prepping with kids in tow is certainly a challenge but certainly possible and actually kind of enjoyable. My kids are really good at cooking meals from scratch, they take care of many of our farm animals, they all know how to feed, bath, diaper and dress younger siblings, they share in the household chores. They are well on their way to understanding how to function as an indespensible member of the “team”.

    • Nicki, when you open those #10 cans have some quart size canning jars handy and a Food Save with the lid attachment. Use whatever you are going to use, Decant the rest into the canning jars and seal the lids. They won’t last forever like the #10 cans, but I always use up whatever I have opened within the next few months.

  50. Wild Weasel says:

    I received my Glock 42, great pocket gun and very concealable. Picked up a Thompson BP SS for $100. Stocked some more water and picked up a few boxes of ammo. Warm tomorrow but int the 20’s by Monday.

  51. I just watched one of the best prepper movies ever–The Flu. It’s about an H7N9 outbreak in South Korea. This movie makes Contagion look like a made for TV movie.

    Here’s a link.


    I am thinking of writing a post on the top 10 prepper movies, documentaries and TV shows. What do you all think?

  52. Nsaneprepper says:

    On the issue of rising propane prices I live in western Oregon and I was in town tonight and saw it for $1.99 per gallon. Sounds like some places where temps are really cold might be taking advantage of things while the opportunity is there.

  53. For the folks with frozen water pipes that are on water wells.

    There is something one can do to diagnose and fix a “frozen” pipes condition if you are on a water well. Chances are you already have the pipes insulated, or have a heat source of some type in the well house. This usually works for you, but suddenly you wake up and the water is off. Try this cure first.
    Go to the well house. locate the pressure switch. It is the metal box mounted on the water pipe usually near the pressure tank. The pressure switch also has electrical cables connected to each side.

    The weak point for freezing is the 1/4 inch diameter pipe nipple that connects the pressure switch to the water pipe coming from the well. This pipe nipple is usually about the size of your little finger. it may be either brass or galvanized metal.

    This little pipe nipple is the most vulnerable to freezing because it is so thin. It can freeze, thus trapping the water in the pressure switch. In the mean time the water will still flow from the pressure tank until it is empty. Since the pressure switch has water under pressure trapped in it due to the frozen little pipe nipple, it thinks there is still water in the system and does not need to come on.

    The fix is to use a hair dryer to warm that little pipe nipple under the pressure switch. Your will here the switch click “on” when the nipple thaws.
    Check this first before calling the well service crew.

    Now, if it is warm weather and you have no water, do this first,
    Cut off the well electrical breakers. Remove the metal cover from the pressure switch. You will see 4 metal contactor points that make the connection when the switch activates. Look for fire ants smashed in between these contactor points. The ants act like an insulator preventing electricity from flowing causing the problem. Remove the ants, and clean the contact points with a finger nail file. For some reason fire ants are drawn to the ozone that is created when micro-arcing occurs as the contactor points open and close. Replace the switch cover, turn on the breakers, and see if this works.

    Many times this is all that is wrong, and you can fix it yourself and save money.
    Back in the late cretacious era, I used to work with a well drilling and repair company. Hope this will be useful to some of the pack.

  54. Not much here due to extreme cold, snow, ice, work, doctors. Managed to add some canned soups & veggies, small vac bag of cous cous, mostly-cotton cushioned socks, a velux blanket (not as nice as they used to be). Poking online at headlamps, flashlights, and such. Too bad the dp is so dead set against camping–I could really pick up some deals.

    Ladies especially, 100% cotton is really going away. I knew that was coming a couple of years ago. Men’s jeans, for example, can still be found in 100%, but most women’s stuff is getting massive % of polyester. The best I can do in socks (either gender) is 85% cotton. Wool is disappearing, too. Women’s clothing looks like major sizing re-do, i.e. XL is the new L. Lots more junk out there.

    Watch out for another round of package shrinkage in food. The buggers just dropped 6 oz yoghurt down to 5.3 oz. One clue is massive sales on brand items so they can clear out old stock, bring out the new with newly-designed labels. Half cans of veggies / half can of water. Getting worse and worse.

    • In response to your post, I looked for cotton undies today. The store I was at only had 75% cotton 25% poly mens undies. I did find 100% cotton mens undershirts and ladies undies. Bought some of both of thkse. I think I will check out some other store this week and stock on what I can find.

    • notice soap is being sold wetter, thus heavier. i always let it dry a lot more before using, so i certainly noticed the change.
      cat food is in same bag but keeps losing a few ounces off the former weight every so often. if you think they are eating more than usual check the weight on the bag. it is probably just that there is less food in the bag than used to be.

  55. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Hey ya’ll. This week DH and I are still recovering from the flu.
    Picked up dried beans at the dollar tree. A couple tools, a family medical diagnostics book, a fiction book, and some baskets from Goodwill. Ordered and received 4 more gamma lids from Amazon. Made some Ameretto for trade. Downloaded 2 free Kindle how-to books. Picked up some MH dehydrated meals in pouches. Cleaned house, cleaned the chicken coop. And tried to stay warm. My arthur doesn’t like cold. I always enjoy reading the entries when I have time. Love you guys and always keep the Pack in my prayers.

    • seeuncourt says:

      i have free range, wholesome turkey breasts, just butchered, trade time!

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        That’s a good trade! I get a lot of good stuff for my cordials. 190 proof Everclear has many uses but the most popular are my cordials!

  56. Busy weekend here. Dd and her boyfriend came home Friday evening from college for her 18th birthday. I miss my baby girl, but she has grown into a lovely young woman.

    Read lots this week: 77 Days in September, The Jakarta Pandemic and The Persaid (something). The first two were recommended last weekend here and the third is by the same author with the same main characters as The Jakarta Pandemic.

    Added several cans of soup and pasta this week. Also reorganized and inventoried the laundry room storage and the hall closet storage. I got the pantry reorganized too, but need to inventory it still. This week, I must clean out the freezers and defrost the garage freezer in preparation for the Zaycon chicken delivery a week from Monday.

    Two weeks ago I mentioned that DH had pneumonia. He appears to be fully recovered now. Thanks for thr prayers. He now swears by Bam bam’s cough syrup recipe with the star anise, cinnamon, cloves and elderberries (of course).

  57. 19Pinky67 says:

    This week, I’ve been watching as many of the presentations as I can on the Survival Summit, and taking massive quantities of notes. Drawing up plans for our root cellar. Constructed an herb dryer from some old framed screens. Added 2 boxes of 12 gauge shells. Visited some possible Bug-out rally point locations. Somehow managed to keep up my exercise plan, even when all I really wanted was a nap. That’s about it for this week.

  58. Well I had a good week, as far as weaponry and ammo that is. Got some surplus military gear as well.

    Traded my blue label Glock 17 and two of the mags for a Beretta 92F with two mags, then went and got another Glock 17.
    Got a M1A Socom, orderd a Korean 20 round mag from Centerfire Systems. if it works well I’ll order more. $60 for M1A mags is ridiculous.
    120 rounds of 7.62×39 and 2 TAPCO AK Mags.
    Bianchi ITWB holster for my Glock 26
    60 5.56 rounds
    30 00 12 Gauge shells
    60 Speer Gold Dot .380
    100 American Eagle .380
    75 9mm Critical Defense
    25 9mm Z-Max
    25 .40S&W Z-Max
    40 Surplus 7.62x54r
    2 OD Green Alice Packs
    2 Woodland LBV’s
    3 Woodland Ponchos
    2 ACU Camelbaks
    1 Glock 17 Pro Mag
    12 Large OD Green Cloth Pouches, originally for E-tools
    And I also added a case of Ramen noodles to my food stores

    I’m test driving a possible BOV Monday afternoon, a 1978 Ford F150 Ranger with the 460 V-8 engine.

  59. I put a can of spaghetti sauce in the little space I made and today I got some canned potatoes. I also put an unopened thing of salt in there.

  60. Haven’t been able to prep much for a couple weeks. Had some sort of stomach virus, work is insane, and I’m moving in with the SO before leaving the country for work for a few months. Whew. So tired. Did start some new tinctures, red raspberry, lemon balm, and feverfew. Anyone have thoughts on a good online herbal course? I’d like to learn more.

    Recieved some canning supplies and two siphon hoses from amazon.
    SO picked us up a chest freezer in preparation for our first zaycon event. Can’t wait! Ordered lobelia and some premade herb blends from bulkherbstore.com. Been meaning to try the lobelia. My marshmallow root and red clover tinctures are almost ready(at three weeks). A couple of my friends have tested positive for cancer lately so I’m considering trying some graviola/sour sop. Need to read more about it.

  61. so, i was thinkin' says:

    This week the girls and i finished stacking wood in the woodshed while my husband did all the vehicle maintenance. I got a great deal on juice boxes so I added 15 – 8 pks to our supply, along with canned tomato sauce and canned salmon ( also on sale). Picked up 8 pkg of Bear Creek Soup Mix for BOGO. Went to a sportsmen’s show- was a little disappointed as they didn’t have a lot of products that i was hoping to see- mainly fishing gear. Did find a product named Gunzilla- supposed to be the “world’s best CLP”- will give it a try. Also picked up a dvd on field dressing and skinning since i haven’t dealt with anything larger than a chicken. Finished reading Lights Out as it was recommended here. Great book.

  62. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Some were talking about seeing the movie “The Flu”. I can’t find the entries but are you talking about the Korean subtitled movie or something else? Where did you see it?

  63. No preps on the home front. Working hours that were more weird than usual, and having wife’s car battery go out, took away time and spare cash.

    GS2 was released from the hospital Saturday night. He is having a little problem keeping food down. DIL is exhausted and ready for DS2 to get home from work.

  64. Allright I'm Awake says:

    Dear Pack,
    Can’t thank you all enough for all your posts… I have learned so much. However this time ya’all may have saved my life. At least I hope so. When reading about the propane posts i saw a link to an article on propane and went to it and was surprised to find out what a dummy I have been. I have stored two 4 packs of 1lb propane canisters (I think, may be more) to go with my volcano stove. The dummy part is I have packed them in a tote with a bunch of other stuff and put them in the bottom of my storage with a ton of stuff all around them… in my house. I have let my DD2 know what an idiot I have been and she agreed. (she is too honest sometimes) She will come and dig them out for me in the next few days. So as long as nothing goes boom in that amount of time all will be good. Don’t know what I was thinking should have known that was not a smart thing to do.

    Thanks again Pack


  65. I scored at 7 Dollar General stores. They were selling Christmas items for 25 cents. I bought all the toys I could find — some $20 for distributing next Christmas. I bought tons of Christmas decorations and ornaments, tissue paper, paper products, etc. to use for Love Gifts. (Gave out over 500 this year.) Bought large cans of pumpkin and glass jars of turkey gravy. Grabbed 35 bags of Toll House chocolate chips, marshmallow fluff. My basement is full! Need to sort and inventory. Getting items for presents is a big part of my prep. When times are tough, people need reminders that they are loved, special and appreciated. Anyone putting together give-away packets of food and basic necessities. I could use some suggestions. I use kraft bags for my homeless folk and stuff them with juice, breakfast bars, packets of oatmeal and grits. fruit and pudding cups and Vienna Sausage. Those are made for individuals, not families.

  66. 1MoreBoyScout says:

    Heya Wolfpack. Today me & the Mrs rotated some food stocks, started the process of going the our collective laundry & closet’s, and weeding out clothing that is no longer utilized by us. Perhaps someone else can, so were getting them ready to donate. This will actually free up space we sorely need, & will most likely be used for bulk items such as extra blankets, new sleeping bags, & the likes. Bought a new 3ft x 3ft x 3ft plastic bulk container for preps. That’s it for new purchases for me until next payday. Don’t forget to vote for for this website Wolfpack! Time for bed. Going out before sun up to TRY & get our freezer re-stocked. Deer, Turkey, Squirrel, Rabbit.. Anyone of those will do fine. Meats meat, & we got’s to eat!! I know some of those are “off season”. Before anyone asks,I hunt my own property, I don’t hunt for trophy or personal fulfillment. I hunt for survival. And right now, our freezer has 3packs of smokes, some tea bags, and 2 french bread pizza’s. Time to replenish. GOD bless. Nighty-nite Wolfpack. Peace to all.

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