What did you do to prep this week?

Before we get started with this weeks “what did you do to prep this week” blog segment, I would like to give a shout out and say thank you to  Millie W, Angela M and Mike R for their generous donations this week via PayPal. Thank you it is greatly appreciated…

Well folks it’s 54 days until spring! I’m so tired of the cold weather, and the up and down temperature spikes makes it even worse. For example tomorrow’s predicted high for my area is 45 degrees, with Tuesdays high predicted to be only 20 degrees. Up and down, my body feels like it’s on a temperature roller-coaster…

I’m so looking forward to the warm rays of the sun, the green leaves covering the trees, the flowers budding, the birds singing every morning, fishing, gardening, riding my ATV, and being able to get some work done without having to deal with below freezing temperatures.

Okay, enough of that let’s get back to what we did to prep this week… And again please don’t post with your read and full name – I try to change those when I see them but I probably miss a few, so please don’t do it.

This week I…

Added a package of Ramen Noodles to my food storage.

Added a package of Ramen Noodles to my food storage.

Assorted Items

Assorted Items

Three 50 round boxes of .45 ammo

Three 50 round boxes of .45 ammo

Well folks, that’s all that I could afford this week… what about you? What did you do to prep this week?

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  1. I just watched one of the best prepper movies ever–The Flu. It’s about an H7N9 outbreak in South Korea. This movie makes Contagion look like a made for TV movie.

    Here’s a link.


    I am thinking of writing a post on the top 10 prepper movies, documentaries and TV shows. What do you all think?

  2. Nsaneprepper says:

    On the issue of rising propane prices I live in western Oregon and I was in town tonight and saw it for $1.99 per gallon. Sounds like some places where temps are really cold might be taking advantage of things while the opportunity is there.

  3. For the folks with frozen water pipes that are on water wells.

    There is something one can do to diagnose and fix a “frozen” pipes condition if you are on a water well. Chances are you already have the pipes insulated, or have a heat source of some type in the well house. This usually works for you, but suddenly you wake up and the water is off. Try this cure first.
    Go to the well house. locate the pressure switch. It is the metal box mounted on the water pipe usually near the pressure tank. The pressure switch also has electrical cables connected to each side.

    The weak point for freezing is the 1/4 inch diameter pipe nipple that connects the pressure switch to the water pipe coming from the well. This pipe nipple is usually about the size of your little finger. it may be either brass or galvanized metal.

    This little pipe nipple is the most vulnerable to freezing because it is so thin. It can freeze, thus trapping the water in the pressure switch. In the mean time the water will still flow from the pressure tank until it is empty. Since the pressure switch has water under pressure trapped in it due to the frozen little pipe nipple, it thinks there is still water in the system and does not need to come on.

    The fix is to use a hair dryer to warm that little pipe nipple under the pressure switch. Your will here the switch click “on” when the nipple thaws.
    Check this first before calling the well service crew.

    Now, if it is warm weather and you have no water, do this first,
    Cut off the well electrical breakers. Remove the metal cover from the pressure switch. You will see 4 metal contactor points that make the connection when the switch activates. Look for fire ants smashed in between these contactor points. The ants act like an insulator preventing electricity from flowing causing the problem. Remove the ants, and clean the contact points with a finger nail file. For some reason fire ants are drawn to the ozone that is created when micro-arcing occurs as the contactor points open and close. Replace the switch cover, turn on the breakers, and see if this works.

    Many times this is all that is wrong, and you can fix it yourself and save money.
    Back in the late cretacious era, I used to work with a well drilling and repair company. Hope this will be useful to some of the pack.

  4. Not much here due to extreme cold, snow, ice, work, doctors. Managed to add some canned soups & veggies, small vac bag of cous cous, mostly-cotton cushioned socks, a velux blanket (not as nice as they used to be). Poking online at headlamps, flashlights, and such. Too bad the dp is so dead set against camping–I could really pick up some deals.

    Ladies especially, 100% cotton is really going away. I knew that was coming a couple of years ago. Men’s jeans, for example, can still be found in 100%, but most women’s stuff is getting massive % of polyester. The best I can do in socks (either gender) is 85% cotton. Wool is disappearing, too. Women’s clothing looks like major sizing re-do, i.e. XL is the new L. Lots more junk out there.

    Watch out for another round of package shrinkage in food. The buggers just dropped 6 oz yoghurt down to 5.3 oz. One clue is massive sales on brand items so they can clear out old stock, bring out the new with newly-designed labels. Half cans of veggies / half can of water. Getting worse and worse.

    • In response to your post, I looked for cotton undies today. The store I was at only had 75% cotton 25% poly mens undies. I did find 100% cotton mens undershirts and ladies undies. Bought some of both of thkse. I think I will check out some other store this week and stock on what I can find.

    • notice soap is being sold wetter, thus heavier. i always let it dry a lot more before using, so i certainly noticed the change.
      cat food is in same bag but keeps losing a few ounces off the former weight every so often. if you think they are eating more than usual check the weight on the bag. it is probably just that there is less food in the bag than used to be.

  5. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Hey ya’ll. This week DH and I are still recovering from the flu.
    Picked up dried beans at the dollar tree. A couple tools, a family medical diagnostics book, a fiction book, and some baskets from Goodwill. Ordered and received 4 more gamma lids from Amazon. Made some Ameretto for trade. Downloaded 2 free Kindle how-to books. Picked up some MH dehydrated meals in pouches. Cleaned house, cleaned the chicken coop. And tried to stay warm. My arthur doesn’t like cold. I always enjoy reading the entries when I have time. Love you guys and always keep the Pack in my prayers.

    • seeuncourt says:

      i have free range, wholesome turkey breasts, just butchered, trade time!

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        That’s a good trade! I get a lot of good stuff for my cordials. 190 proof Everclear has many uses but the most popular are my cordials!

  6. Busy weekend here. Dd and her boyfriend came home Friday evening from college for her 18th birthday. I miss my baby girl, but she has grown into a lovely young woman.

    Read lots this week: 77 Days in September, The Jakarta Pandemic and The Persaid (something). The first two were recommended last weekend here and the third is by the same author with the same main characters as The Jakarta Pandemic.

    Added several cans of soup and pasta this week. Also reorganized and inventoried the laundry room storage and the hall closet storage. I got the pantry reorganized too, but need to inventory it still. This week, I must clean out the freezers and defrost the garage freezer in preparation for the Zaycon chicken delivery a week from Monday.

    Two weeks ago I mentioned that DH had pneumonia. He appears to be fully recovered now. Thanks for thr prayers. He now swears by Bam bam’s cough syrup recipe with the star anise, cinnamon, cloves and elderberries (of course).

  7. 19Pinky67 says:

    This week, I’ve been watching as many of the presentations as I can on the Survival Summit, and taking massive quantities of notes. Drawing up plans for our root cellar. Constructed an herb dryer from some old framed screens. Added 2 boxes of 12 gauge shells. Visited some possible Bug-out rally point locations. Somehow managed to keep up my exercise plan, even when all I really wanted was a nap. That’s about it for this week.

  8. Well I had a good week, as far as weaponry and ammo that is. Got some surplus military gear as well.

    Traded my blue label Glock 17 and two of the mags for a Beretta 92F with two mags, then went and got another Glock 17.
    Got a M1A Socom, orderd a Korean 20 round mag from Centerfire Systems. if it works well I’ll order more. $60 for M1A mags is ridiculous.
    120 rounds of 7.62×39 and 2 TAPCO AK Mags.
    Bianchi ITWB holster for my Glock 26
    60 5.56 rounds
    30 00 12 Gauge shells
    60 Speer Gold Dot .380
    100 American Eagle .380
    75 9mm Critical Defense
    25 9mm Z-Max
    25 .40S&W Z-Max
    40 Surplus 7.62x54r
    2 OD Green Alice Packs
    2 Woodland LBV’s
    3 Woodland Ponchos
    2 ACU Camelbaks
    1 Glock 17 Pro Mag
    12 Large OD Green Cloth Pouches, originally for E-tools
    And I also added a case of Ramen noodles to my food stores

    I’m test driving a possible BOV Monday afternoon, a 1978 Ford F150 Ranger with the 460 V-8 engine.

  9. I put a can of spaghetti sauce in the little space I made and today I got some canned potatoes. I also put an unopened thing of salt in there.

  10. Haven’t been able to prep much for a couple weeks. Had some sort of stomach virus, work is insane, and I’m moving in with the SO before leaving the country for work for a few months. Whew. So tired. Did start some new tinctures, red raspberry, lemon balm, and feverfew. Anyone have thoughts on a good online herbal course? I’d like to learn more.

    Recieved some canning supplies and two siphon hoses from amazon.
    SO picked us up a chest freezer in preparation for our first zaycon event. Can’t wait! Ordered lobelia and some premade herb blends from bulkherbstore.com. Been meaning to try the lobelia. My marshmallow root and red clover tinctures are almost ready(at three weeks). A couple of my friends have tested positive for cancer lately so I’m considering trying some graviola/sour sop. Need to read more about it.

  11. so, i was thinkin' says:

    This week the girls and i finished stacking wood in the woodshed while my husband did all the vehicle maintenance. I got a great deal on juice boxes so I added 15 – 8 pks to our supply, along with canned tomato sauce and canned salmon ( also on sale). Picked up 8 pkg of Bear Creek Soup Mix for BOGO. Went to a sportsmen’s show- was a little disappointed as they didn’t have a lot of products that i was hoping to see- mainly fishing gear. Did find a product named Gunzilla- supposed to be the “world’s best CLP”- will give it a try. Also picked up a dvd on field dressing and skinning since i haven’t dealt with anything larger than a chicken. Finished reading Lights Out as it was recommended here. Great book.

  12. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Some were talking about seeing the movie “The Flu”. I can’t find the entries but are you talking about the Korean subtitled movie or something else? Where did you see it?

  13. No preps on the home front. Working hours that were more weird than usual, and having wife’s car battery go out, took away time and spare cash.

    GS2 was released from the hospital Saturday night. He is having a little problem keeping food down. DIL is exhausted and ready for DS2 to get home from work.

  14. Allright I'm Awake says:

    Dear Pack,
    Can’t thank you all enough for all your posts… I have learned so much. However this time ya’all may have saved my life. At least I hope so. When reading about the propane posts i saw a link to an article on propane and went to it and was surprised to find out what a dummy I have been. I have stored two 4 packs of 1lb propane canisters (I think, may be more) to go with my volcano stove. The dummy part is I have packed them in a tote with a bunch of other stuff and put them in the bottom of my storage with a ton of stuff all around them… in my house. I have let my DD2 know what an idiot I have been and she agreed. (she is too honest sometimes) She will come and dig them out for me in the next few days. So as long as nothing goes boom in that amount of time all will be good. Don’t know what I was thinking should have known that was not a smart thing to do.

    Thanks again Pack


  15. I scored at 7 Dollar General stores. They were selling Christmas items for 25 cents. I bought all the toys I could find — some $20 for distributing next Christmas. I bought tons of Christmas decorations and ornaments, tissue paper, paper products, etc. to use for Love Gifts. (Gave out over 500 this year.) Bought large cans of pumpkin and glass jars of turkey gravy. Grabbed 35 bags of Toll House chocolate chips, marshmallow fluff. My basement is full! Need to sort and inventory. Getting items for presents is a big part of my prep. When times are tough, people need reminders that they are loved, special and appreciated. Anyone putting together give-away packets of food and basic necessities. I could use some suggestions. I use kraft bags for my homeless folk and stuff them with juice, breakfast bars, packets of oatmeal and grits. fruit and pudding cups and Vienna Sausage. Those are made for individuals, not families.

  16. 1MoreBoyScout says:

    Heya Wolfpack. Today me & the Mrs rotated some food stocks, started the process of going the our collective laundry & closet’s, and weeding out clothing that is no longer utilized by us. Perhaps someone else can, so were getting them ready to donate. This will actually free up space we sorely need, & will most likely be used for bulk items such as extra blankets, new sleeping bags, & the likes. Bought a new 3ft x 3ft x 3ft plastic bulk container for preps. That’s it for new purchases for me until next payday. Don’t forget to vote for for this website Wolfpack! Time for bed. Going out before sun up to TRY & get our freezer re-stocked. Deer, Turkey, Squirrel, Rabbit.. Anyone of those will do fine. Meats meat, & we got’s to eat!! I know some of those are “off season”. Before anyone asks,I hunt my own property, I don’t hunt for trophy or personal fulfillment. I hunt for survival. And right now, our freezer has 3packs of smokes, some tea bags, and 2 french bread pizza’s. Time to replenish. GOD bless. Nighty-nite Wolfpack. Peace to all.